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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 8, 1925

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Array %f
A born leader is one who is not self-conscious as to how he may look from the back
•' r
Winnipeg, May "* —The biggest
fight which the trade of western
Canada baa witnessed to control the
wholesale fruit busmen ol lbe
prairies, has been io progrses here
since last Friday and still is pro.
ceeding, tbe Winnipeg Free Press
Tbe paper continues: "Representatives of the Associated Growers of
British Columbia, the Cooperative
Growers, witb headquarters at Ver
non, B. C., and tbe j ibbiog trade of
Wionipeg have been assembled.
"The Cooperative, wbicb claims
to control 80 per cent of the growers
in the interior of British Columbia,
decided some months ago to sell
direct to tbe retailer, tbrough their
owo agents and managers.
"Tbe figbt, according to tbe job
bing trade,centers around the desire
of tbe Winnipeg jobbers to preserve
their large organization, whicb. ex
tends throughout tbe west, and tbe
aim of the growers to secure for
their shareholders the highest price
for their produoe, whicb they claim
they bave not been receiving."
The meeting adjourned last night
to be reconvened next week in Van*
oouver. It was indicated that the
differences between the jobbers and
the growers' association has been
settled tentatively.
"Tell me whet you Kdow U tra»
. I cen fans tn well •■ roe."
FRIDAY, MAY 8, 1925
The following is the standing of the
pupils of the   Qrand Forks   Public
Sohool, in order of merit, as  deter
mined by tests and work done duriug
the months of March and April:
principal's class.
Qrade VIII — Marjorie Cook,
Edith Euerby, Arthur Bickerton,
Laird McCallum, Martha Otterbine,
Lilia Frechette, Aubrey Dinsmore
and Johu Graham equal, Alex Mc*
Dougall, Qeorge Biddiecome, Doro<
thy Heaven, Edna Wiseman, Mabel
Hobbins and Llewellyn Prioe equal,
Jessie Downey and John Santano,
Helen McKinnon, Joseph Lyden,
Jessie Allan, Qeorgina „Grey and
Elmer Scott equal, Alice Deporter,
Eugene Fitzpatrick, Alice Qeorge,
Jean Donaldson, Arthur Morrison,
Qlen Murray, Elmer Thompson, Ruby
Savage, Roth Savage and Dorothy
Qrey equal, John Kingston, Edmund
Euerby, Donald McKinnon, Fred
McKie, Qeorge Hadden, James
Hardy.    Fred Qalipeau not ranked.
Qrade VIII — Beulah Mitchell,
Freda Lyden, Jigi Maurelli, Peggy
Mudie, Louise McPherson. Eric
Clark, JimMiller.Lillian Poll,Gordon
Massie, Francise O'Keefe, Dorothy
Jones, Myrtle Fisher, Olive Huggins,
Not ranked: Agnes McKenzie.
Grade VII—Jean Love, Harold
Jackson, Lily McDonald, Fred Smith,
Betty McCallum, Charlotte Acres,
Josephine Davison, Mary Kingston,
Arta Montgomery, Elizabeth Mooy
boer, Winnifred Smith, Not ranked:
Catherine Gowans, Gladys Pearson,
Anna Van Marsbergen.
Qrade VII - Clarence Hardy,
Eugene McDougail, Harold Helmer,
Vilmer Holm and Zelma Larama
oqual, Jean Gray aud Marie Kidd
equal] Ralph Smyth, Rupert Helmer,
Walter Ronald, Wilhelmina DeWilde.
Ellen Hansen, Marvin Baiey, Roy
Waker, Walter Manson, Rosamund
Bi chan, Everts Biddiecome, Norman
Cook, Loui»,S.iutuno, Co'.iu Graham,
Raymond Dins more, Evira Colarch
and Catherine Llennigir 3quul,
Charles Robertson, Harry Thomas,
Fred Mason, Delbert Kirkpatrick,
Patnoia Cook, Robort Foote, Albert
Dodd, Marjorie Innes, Leo Gowans,
Irene Bailey, Carl Hansen
Those who missed seveka   exams:
Patsy Cook, Carl   Hanten, Leo Gow
ans,     Raymond     Dinsmore,   Grace
Grade VII, Junior—Gladys Smith,
Elsie Egg, Jack Acres, Sereta Hut
tin, Vyvyan Plant, Ernest Hutton,
Helen Beran,Mildred Patterson. Mike
Maurelli. Frank Thompson, Beverley
Bensoo, Marjorie Taylor, Earle Bick
erton, Ian Clark, Roy Cooper, Harry
Grade VI, Senior—Lora Frechette,
Effie Donaldson, Bernice Donaldson,
Peggv McCallum, Elsie Ogloff', AtW>
garet Kingston. Betty Massie, Madeline MacDougall, Edith Patterson,
Harry Anderson Ernest Crosby, Naa
than Clark, Evelyn Collins, Chester
Bonthron, Enphie MoCallum, Elaine
Burr, Ernest Danielson, Charles
Harkness, Lee Maurelli,Peter Jmayoff
(missed some examinations).
division v
Grade VI — Wihelmina Weber,
Winnifred Truax, Elsie Scott, Edna
Wenzel, Marjorie Otterbine, Peter
Vatkin, Agnes Winter, Dinald Ross,
Peter Halisheff. Billy Tutt.
Grade V—'Wiunifred Lightfoot,
Jessie Sweezey, Shoila Rylett, Doro
thy Liddicoat, Mazie Hendernon,
Richard Michener, Florence McDougail, Evelyn Cooper aid Daisy
Malm equal, Harold Bailey, Harry
Murray, Mildred Smith, Alma Frechette, Charlie Egg, Laura Maurelli,
Ernest Fitspatrick, Minnie McNevin,
Hazel Mason, Joe Lyden, Geerge
Savage, Mildred Anderson, Emu:a
Postnikoff, Clarence Henderson,
John McDonald, Fred Wenzel and
Charlie Dodd equal, Ronald McKinnon, George Thompson, Qeorge Bird,
Angelo Colarch,Tommie Mudie, Robert Carlson, Elsie Prudhomme,Charlie
division vi.
Qrade V, Junior—Katie Dorner,
Alex Skhuratoff,Tony Santano, Helen
Pell, Clayton Patterson, Harold
Montgomery.Irene Bickerton,Edward
Thomas, May Jones, Genevieve
Mitchell, James Robertson, Laura
Sweezey, James Allan, Roy Clark,
Peter DeWilde.
Qrade IV, Senior—John Baker,
Edith Gray, Bru--e Harkness, Bruoe
Grey, Mary Dorner, Albert Euerby,
Isabel Huff-man, Chester Hutton,
Mary McKinnon.John McLeod,Harry
Hansen, Joe Nucich, Mae Waterman,
Windsor Miller, Albert Deporter.
division vii.
Grade IV,^Benior—Teresa Frankovich, Florence McDonald, Alberta
Biddiecome, Alex Woods, Polly Vat.
kin, Edna Scott, Eyrtle Kidd, Catherine Davis. Josephine Ruzicka.Stew-
art Ramsay, Dorothy Innes, Mary
Reiben, Peter Reiben (absent).
Grade iV, Junior—Dorothy Donaldson, Delwin Waterman. Dolores
Kirkpatrick, Gordon Wi kine, Elizabeth Peterson, Phyllis Simmons,
Barbara Love and Victor Rella equal
Grace McLeod, Gordon Mudie, Lola
Ogioff, Swanhilda Hemer, George
O'Keefe, Jack Love, Mowat Gowans
Winnifred O'Keefe.
Qrade III, Senior—Junie Daniel*
son and J ean McDonald eqnal,. Grace
McDonald, Willie Gowans, Nels An
derson, Lola Hutton, Mona Rylett,
Myrtle Mitchell and Alice Bird equal,
Janet Mason, Allan Huggins, Elsie
Grade III, Junior — Geraldine
Gowans, Mike Boyko, Jack McDonald, Norman Ross, Margaret baker,
Hei?n Harkoff, Erisest Heaven, Wilma Davis, Donald Massie, Angus
McKenzie, Margaret Robinson, Helmer Jacks'.n, Jiminy Graham, Lloyd
Bailey and Bonnie Rella equal, Roger
Thomas, Steve Boyko,Nellie Skhuratoff, Mary Colarch, Eunice Patterson,
Willie Tinsley, John Crisp, George
Grade It, Senior—Carl Wolfram,
Williamina Grky,Qeorge Kastrukoff,
Vt-ro'iiosTCuvrt. George Olson.Robert
Kidd and Freda Dorner equal, Lillian
H'ddis-ci-n-c, Fi-rn Henniger and John
Hlady oqua,lrei.u Hutton and Hai.el
Huggins eqnal, Irene Lightfoot,
Mabel Miller, Gearge Ruzicka, Aulay
Miller, Morris, Bailey, Nils Johnson,
Francis MoDongall. Not ranked.
Flor nee Helmer
GradeII, Junior—Nora Halisheff,
Audrey Markell, Teddy Wright'
Douglas Mac Arthur. Bernice Huggins,
Lois Dinsmore, Bertha Wolfram,
Winnifred Cooper, Doris Egg, Annie
Ogiloff, Lindsay Clarke, Hendrieka
and smiling w«x<*n m< n were
carried to the hell. On occasions
lifcp lhat, says the Loisdon Daily
Chronicle, cockney wit oomes into
ite own and reaches the heights.
There was a carter who, observing
tbe embarrassment of a shamefaced
youth struggling slong with a
dressmaker's life-size dummy in hit
arms, urged him to "'Urry up,
young man, 'er father's after youl"
ea. mineral, flsh and land resources of British Columbia will
again bs extensively advertised at
Wembley this year at a cost of $18,-
000 cr 119,000, according to a statement by Premier Oliver.
Ralph Eriekson, Wilma Miller, May
Thompson, Doris Mattocks, Beverly
Mehmal, Peter Harkoff, Howard
Bird, Mike Harkoff,
The Lazy Man's Calendar
The lazy man's view of the proper
relation between work snd leisure is
shown in this ingenious table tbat
a correspondent of the Boston
Herald contributes to that news*
Each year has  365 days
If y:u sleep 8 hours a day,
it equals 122 days
Leaving 243 days
Ifyou reat  8 hours a day,
it equals 122 days
Leavin- 121 days
There are 52 Snhdays  52 days
Leaving  69 days
If you have Saturday balf
holidays  26 days
Leaving   43 days
Allowance    for   luochep,
sickness and other things. 28 days
Leaving  15 days
Two weeks' vacation  14 days
This leaves     1 day
On which, since it is Labor day,
no one works.
A $15,000 WINDFALL
Summerland, May 4.—Summer-
land Cooperative Growers' association distributed $15,000 among its
members last week. This payment
was in tbe nature of a bonus, final
statements with cheques having
already been handed to members for
the 1924 fruit crop. This $15,000
was made up by economies effected
in tbe season's packing operations,
alo g witb some tag cuds of money
from the several variety pools. A
further sum of $5000 will be dis
tributed by decreasing the market
ing charges from 8 cents to 5 cents,
Press dispatch's fnf' rm us that
negotiations bave been consummated whereby the Canadian Pacific
railway will take over that portion
of tbe Great Northern liue between
Grand Forks and Princetou. B.
Langtry, assistant superintendent
of the Greot Northern for ibis division, is credited witb niakiog the
above statement.
Tbe deal was r ported as pending
some weeks ago, when H McLeod.
of Winnipeg, assistant chief engineer for the Canadian Pacific, made
an inspection of tbe line.
A portion of the line reported to
have been sold runs across tbe inter*
national boundary, linking, Curlew,
Repubiic, Molson and Oroville.
Wash, but tbe rail distance be
tween tbis city end Princeton is 57
miles shorter than the Canadian
Pacific and Kettle Valley route and
the grades are mucb easier.
It is understood tbat tbe line is
very attractive to the Canadi n Pacific with a view of its handling
concentrste shipments between
Copper Mountain mine and Princeton and Trail smelter; also shipments from the Consolidated company's plant at Trail to New West
minster for transshipment to Bel
gium and the Orient.
The Universal Film Company ia
perfecting its plans for filming the
Calgary Stampede this summer aa
part of a forthcoming production
in which Hoot Gibson will star.
This will involve an expenditure ef
about $100,000.
Canadian exports to France in
1924 were valued at 482,826,000
francs as against imports from that
country of 383,264,000 francs. There
has been a marked increase in trade
of late years which ia attributed
partly to the Treaty of Commerce
and the propaganda work of tha
Canadian Pacific Exhibition traia.
The following is tbe minimum
and maximum temperature for eacb
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on E, F. Law's ranch:
S. Frank Mussard of the South
African Irrigation Association, Johannesburg, who has just completed
an independent investigation of the
agricultural conditions throughout
Canada has stated that he is "perfectly satisfied with the possibilities Canada haa to offer tbe right
type of settler."
Berlin, May 6— President elect
Hindenburg favors a safety pact
among European nations, continued
fulfillment of tbe Dawes plan and
world-wide peace.
His views have been made known
by Chancellor Luther, witb whom
tbe field marshal conferred on
Luther, addressing a big Industrial convention, was recognized to
be acting ae Hindenburg'e mouthpiece aod to be expressing tbe policies of tbe president elect.
The chancellor expeessed hope for
peaceful understanding throuhout
Europe. Germany, be declared, is
entitled to protection against attacks. She *ili not and she can not
conduct a war.
Hope that a safety pact with
Frauce and others of the allies
would be consummated speedily and
that the Ruhr and Cologne areas
will be evacused soon was expressed
by the chancellor.
"Let us banish the uncertainty
and lack of clarity in the European
situation," Luther pleaded.
Without qualification, he announced continuance of Germany's
previous foreign policy.
Behind the words of tbe speaker
all Germany recognized the purpose
to convey Hindenburg'e policies ro
the world.
A "show down" with the allies
on the subject of German disarmament was demanded.
Fulfillment of tbe Da/ves plan
was promised.
"Mountie" the lead dog of tha
famous Chateau Frontenac husky
team realized $1,200 during tha
Humane Society tag-day at Toronto
recently. He collected on behalf of
this organization throughout the
city and the tag that waa sold waa
decorated with his portalt.
Broadcasting of copyright songa
in the United States is declared subject to copyright fees or royalties
just as much as publication by other
methods of performance. This decision, which has considerable bearing on the Canadian Copyright Bill
now under discussion in Ottawa was
reached as a result of a recent test
case in the United States.
Grade I, Seuior—Catherine MacDonald, Opal Luk.Velva Docksteader,
Bill Ogiloff, Irene Frechette, Crystal
Mason, Mary Kuva, Muriel Smith,
John Gowans, Shirley Docksteader,
Bernice Hull, Gladys Clark. Eva
Woods, Bernice Postnikoff, Norman
Hull Alex Ramsay Ralph Meakes,
Alister MacKenzie. Leonard Montgomery, Sadie MacDonad, Annie
Ronald, Joe Pohoda, Gordon Bryant,
Waltor Carpenter, Leana Kastrukoff.
Original Seven-League
A certain man of a past generation was famous tor the immense
size of bis feet. Ooe day be went to
a shoe store to buy himself a new
pair of boots. The proprietor, finding tbat he bad no boots in stock
large enough to fit his customer,
sent off to a shoe factory to have a
special pair made.
A week later the man called on
the shoe merchant and inbuired
when his boots would be ready.
The merchant, wbo was a good deal
of a wag, replied:
'•Well, sir, I have just had word
fr.'.m the manufacturers tbat (bey
have completed one boot, tbat they
have men out buping leather for the
otber, and tbat, if tbe weather holds
good so tbat tbey can continue to
work outside, they will bave the
second   boot completed  in another
..    65
.... 69
.    76
..   81
.. 84
..   .03
Poets are not of necessity either
modest or arrogant. There are ex-
examples oi both tempers. But a
poet who has a fixed conviction of
hiB own greatness can have few
rivals in the intensity of his selfe
satisfaction. In a criticaj, article on
the work of James Joyce, H. S
Gorman recalls Mr. Joyce's remark
when he was introduced to William
B.', Yeats, tbe Irish poet wbo bas
just received the Nobel prize for
literature. "We have met too late,"
said Joyce superbly. "You are too
old to be influenced by me."
Approximately five millions dollars will be spent in maintaining and
constructing new highways within
the Province of Quebec during the
present year. At present there are
2,686 miles of highway in the province stretching into all parts of
Quebec and linking up with main
roads in the U.S. and the sister
provinces to the East and West.
Toronto, May 6.—Premier Oliver
of Biitish Columbia, addressing the
Canadian club here yesterday, said
his government was prepared to
make a grant of land to either tbe
Canadian National railway or tbe
Canadian Pacific railway for colonization purposes on coo dition that a
lino is constructed into tbe Peace
River couutry.
He said be had been io Ottawa
for ten days, and bis missiou east
w«b to take up tbe question of Peace
River development.
Mr. Oliver does not favor cone
struction of tbe proposed line by
any g vernment.
Melvin Glaspell, Bruce   McDonald, < Grade I,   Junior—Ruby Wilkinson,  week."
Young Lochinvar on
For a recent exhibition at London
of the current fashions in dress,botb
for men and for women, lifelike
models—beautirul    waxen   women
According to a report prepared
by the Merchants Exchange of Vancouver, forty-two regular steamship
lines are now operating out of that
harbor, the gross tonnage for last
year being 14,473,616 which is over
a million tons in excess of the 1923
figures. The Canadian Pacific Railway is now erecting a new pier there
which will be one of the finest and
largest on the continent.
The Campbell River Company of
White Rock has purchased the entire holdings of the James Logging
Company of Vancouver which include 35,000 acres of timber lands,
containing over two billion feet of
logs, a saw mill with a capacity of
more than 60,000 feet of lumber
a day, three large tugs and a complete logging outfit. A sum of more
than five millions dollara is aaid
to be involved. >
Arrangements have been completed to ship 200 books by Canadian authors to be exhibited at
Wembley this year. A special grant
has beer made by the Provincial
Government of Quebec to provide
artistic bindings for thUM.books
many of which will be by French-
Canadian authors. (That this is to
be done Is largely due to the Initiative of the Arts. Science and Letters
Society of Quebec City in co-operation with tho provincial government.
The Social ^Condition ol
The Bugs
Ou the.long roll of the lord chan*
cellors of England stands tbe name
of Lord Chelmsford, who before be
was elev. ted to the woolsack bore
the name of Theeiger. In Sir Al m
gernou West's entertaining book be
tells bow young Thesiger first attracted to himself tbe notice of bis
He was engaged as junior counsel
io a case wbere tbe point in dispute
was whether a tenant might throw
up li i.s lease on lidding tbat tbere
were bugs in Ibe house tbat bo bad
taken. Counsel on tbe other bide
began bis statement by saying:
"Our contention, my lord, is that
when the defendant took over the
house tbere was uot a single bug
in it."
'Tnat is exactly tbe plaintiff's
case, my lord," said Theeiger, jumping np; 'they were all married and
had extremely lurge families."
Tbe Soo sincerely hopes tbat tbe
reported railway deal in the Boundary in not of sufficient magnitude
to make Grand Forko a non-com--
petiiive poiut.
The remains of the center span
.f tbe Fourth s-treM bridge were
blown out thi.- week
3ta> <£rmti> 3farka Bun
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) 81.00
One Year (in the United States)    i.50
Addresr ••" -"*• -'cations to
Thk Grand Forki Sun
Phonr 101R (jrRA*!- Forks, 15. C
FRIDAY, AAY 8, 1925
It is surprising how quickly the attitude
of the opposition press, and of the entire
Conservative party for that matter, toward the
Donkbobors in this province changed from
hatred and antagonism to solicitous love as
soon as the government commenced to enforce
the provincial school laws in the community
uear this city. The conversion was too sudden
to allay the suspieiou that there a good deal
of demagoguism about it. Either that, or it
was brought about by p liticai exigencies, But
whatever cause may have induced the change
of heart, we look for a recanting of the new
in the immediate future.
The Sun is free to admit that it is not entirely in accord with the measures taken by the
governmeut to enforce the laws against  these
misguided people.  It is of the opinion that lhe
means adopted are rather harsh and will work
a great hardship against an  industrious  portion of our population—we can not call  them
citizens,  because they   persistently refuse to
"become citizens of  the country.   However,
we are willing to watch events for a reasonable time, and if the action taken by  the administration  brings forth  the desired result,
we will gladly admit, as all  unbiased  people
will have to admit, that the means taken were
justified.   In  taking this stand  The Sun is
quite consistent.    While it has on one or two
occasions in the past taken the part of these
people, it has never condoned  their violation
of the laws ofthe land in which they live.
means unanimous even in this district, and
the recent seizures have gained them much
sympathy from people who were formerly
their enemies. Therefore we do not believe
that the government's action added a single
vote to the Liberal candidate's total.
Notes • Notions • Notables
Shortly after the close of the war we had
good reason to believe that an effort was be
ing made by a few agitators and self-interested
persons to incite the people to mob violence
against the colony. At that time this paper
raised its voice against such a proceeding It
was a thankless and unpopular task, but we
have reason to believe that our efforts averted
a disgraceful if not a tragic blot on the community.
Lucullus, famous Roman general and epicure, is said to have been the first to introduce
cherries into Italy about the beginning of the
preseut era. He is reported to have spen
fabulous sums on his table.
In the fourteenth century doctors' fees were
vory high, as,'apart from the sum paid down,
the patient contracted to allow the medical
man an annuity for as long as ho lived, or employed bim.
Woods found in certain parts of India are
likely to become rivals of the American hickory, long preferred for ax and hammer handles
The government in India is making exhaustive
tests of the Parrotia Jacqnemontiana with
particular reference to its ability to withstand
strain, and results to date show that it com-
dares favorably with hickory, and it is now
being cut on a commercial basis.
The National library (Bibliotheque National) of France, in Paris, is the largest in
the world. It was begun with a oollection of
books belonging to .John II in the fourteenth
century.   Napoleon I greatly enlarged it.
In more than thirty varieties about 25,000,-
000 feet of wood go every year to provide us
with skis and billiard cues, snowsnoes and
tennis racquets, candle pins, bows and arrows
and many other things. Wood does it bit to
keep us healthy, amused and lovers of sport
and the out of doors.
The National Geographic society tells us
that within tbe last few decades only two
Eskimos havo been overcome with heat—one
in Hollywood and the other in hades.
Hiss P. Carlisle, an English
authoress of repute, who recently
took up ranching near Calgary, has
become so enthusiastic about the
West that she is planning to bring
out girls from the Old Country to
follow her example. She found
plenty of them willing to try out
this plan. She herself harvested
7,000 bushels last year from the 250
acres under wheat on her 800 acre
By winning the New Brunswick
Provincial Trophy Competition of
the St. John Ambulance Association
in March last the Canadian Pacific
Railway First Aid team from McAdam, N.B., now have • chance to
compete this year for the Monti-
sambert Trophy emblematic of the
championship of Canada in First
Aid. The team has a record of four
championships to their credit since
Ust June.
At a recent meeting of the Royal
Society of Canada a gold medal for
outstanding achievement in science
was awarded to Charles Saunder
for his discovery and development
of "Marquis" wheat. It is claimed
that this variety has raised the Dominion to its present position as
a wheat-growing country and has
added millions of dollars to the
pockets of farmers here and in the
United States.
Exiled from Hungary of which he
bad been president, after the Communist revolution of 1919, Count
Michael Karolyi toured the United
States in March and April but was
forbidden to address meetings or explain his political views in that country. He returned to London where
he now lives, with Countess Karolyi,
passing through Montreal'and sailing on the Canadian Pacific S.S.
"Montclare" from St. John. Interviewed in Montreal he expressed a
great admiration for Canada and
said he had once been on the point
of settling either in Montreal or
Our attitude on the Doukhobor question
is one of pat.ence, tolerance and conciliation.
If these people could be induced to-overcome
their aversion for our schools, and i ecome
naturalized Canadians, they would be a very
kes.rable class of citizens. They are industrious and probably the best husbandmen we
'a 'nkCanada-a "'ass of people greatly
needed here to develop our agricultural resources. Morally and religiously they are the
equal if not the peers of our own people, and
no effect objection to their communal mode
of living can be made as long as we advocate
cooperation for ourselves.
A few years ago the Doukhobors in the
colony near this city began to send their children to school, and the attendance gradually
increased until a teacher in one of their
schools gamed, justly or unjustly, their dis-
favor, and the attendance began to dwindle
until it reached zero. Had a little diplomacy
been used at time and a teacher to their lik
ing appointed, the odds are that the Doukhobor question would have been nearer to a
satisfactory settlement than it is today and
the rising generation in the colony would have
become highly desirable citizens. As the
Doukhobors   paid her salary, it  would seem
oAeaeheyrs''ere JU8tified '" Mking f°r Ghm%e
The charge ofthe opposition that the present actrnties of the government were prompt
ed for* political effect we put aside as uo/n-
able We rather prefer to believe that action
was taken from a desire to administerthe laws
of the-province impartially among the people.
The feeling against tbe Doukhobors is  by no
The White House at Washington with its
furnishings, servants, automoln'fes and other
appurtenances are furnished to the president
free of charge. Appropriations are made by
congress for these matters of expense. The
president, however, pays for all food con-
sumsd in the White House and in the event
of desiring any personal service not provided
for by the appropriation, would pay for them
also from his private funds.
o4ncient History"
[Taken From Twenty-Year Old Sun Files]
A petition for a midweek half-holiday was
signed by the following business firms: A. &
J. Waugh, Robert F. Petrie.Hunter-Kendrick
Co., P. Burns & Co., A. D. Morrison & Co,,
J. W Stewart, Jel! Davis & Co.,M. D.White,
Geo. E Massie, Wm. Dinsmore, A. Baum
gartner, E. A, Rainey, W. C. Chalmers, J. F.
Long, W. H. Dinsmore, John Donaldson, W.
H. Itter & Co., W. K. C. Manly, J. B. Tuttle, N. D. Mcintosh.
N. McLellan and E. Miller have purchased
the old McConnell estate, comprising some
1.J40 acres. They will subdivide the same and
put it on the market
Earl Grey, the present governor general of
Canada, has been pleased to increase the
number of medals which will be open for
competition among tbe scholars of British
Columbia. ^T
The Spokane & British Columbia contract
will be let to ooe man on June 1 for the entire
distance of 140 miles from Republic to Spokane. *
The probability of the North Fork road being built this year is not very bright.
The old school house is beidg repaired
and renovated for the high school scholars.
The McKinley mine, the well known property in Franklin camp, has been bonded by a
New York syndicate of capitalists. Tbe price
is $150,000 and the bond runs for eighteen
What is the largest gold brick evjr negotiated for? Has Emperor Nicholas of Russia
become the possessor of it?
Say "Bayer"-Insist!
Unless you see the "Bayer
Cross" on tablets you are not
getting the genuine Bayer product proved safe by millions and
prescribed by physicians for 25
Accept only a
Bayer package
which contains proven directions
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists
Aspirin Ir tbo trade mark (registered in
CnnadA) or linyor Mnnnfncture of Mono-
acettcaddester of Kallcyllcitc'd.
Dr. Letfard's New Life T   '■ -
Imparts to the Old aod  Middle aged
Youthf uliiess, Energy aod Fit-
ness, retards  mental and physical
decay,    thus    promoting longevity,
Preserves   the arteries   and  tissues,
•Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying   ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most imme
diate benefit.    Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression und Ner*
vousness is banished under the influence of theso   Life-giving   Tablets
Wrinkles, hard  lines and  blemishes
disappear.    The skin becomes olear,
light and elastic nml the complexion
bright and smooth.    Think   of   the
blessings of  perfect   health, the pos
sesion of few; the joyof a clear Youth
ful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health
tintod cheeks; the beauty of   radiant
life and the realisation that Time has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction of   yourself.    Can you allow a golden oppor
tunity like this to pass?   Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, not  are  there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
ex Imitation   with   increased  mental
and   bodily vigour.    Wby not look
and feel 30 at 50?   Do not delay,
commence   the   treatment   at onoe.
You will never regret tHe slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable   benefits.   The price of   these  Marvellous
Tablets including   Mail   Charges  is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched  in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard's Laboratories,
106, Iiv rpool Bond, Barnabury,
Loudon, Hn timid.
Prevent Forest Fires
A --plications for immediate purchase -»f Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, arc invited.
Pri .ea «--From $35.09 per lot upwards.
Terms:—-Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may bc seen at tbe
City Office. -
City Clerk.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
Your Voice
Can Travel Cheaply
For instance, under the new
long-distance night rates prevailing from 8t30 p.m. to 7 a.m. a four-
minute conversation between
Grand Forks and Greenwood oosts
only fifteen cents
British   Columbia  Telephone
The Sun Is The People's Paper iV
i ;■
Sun's P age «gf People and Events of Passing News Interest
Sun's Gross Word Puzzle
i   1
■ 19   1
■ 16
SO 1
m m
1 To fine
6 Chief officer ol a prison
12 Mounful sounds
14 A jewelled head dress
16 Cheat
16 Canadian piovinoe, ab
18 Food restrictions
19 Employ
20 In the future
21 Science, ab
22 Point of compaBS
24 A color
26 Toward
27 The sheltered side
29 A club
31 To depart
32 A light boat
34 Part of verb "to be
36 Perform
38 Officer commanding,
40 A number
42 Company, ab
43 A short sleep
45 The point on   which  something
46 Male sheep, singular
47 To leave out
49 Knsnsre
50 A truster stroke
51 To pay back
53 Hesitation
54 The European mole rat
55 A written challenge
1 Waylay
2 A small rodent
3 Comfort N
4 Royal navy transport, ab
5 Civii service, ab
7 A prepo.sition
8 Cleir of
9 A raised platform
10 To build
11 Arace'or tribe
I 13 To go in
10 Used for pi-opellir!* boat
I 17  lioj's name, all
I 2.) To giin knowledge
'i'i A I irge stook lurm
Cinnii g pnrt of day
l*-e bl"ut i I i sheep
30 -4-iiall child
33 Givers
35 Control rod
37 To force
39 An Asiatic animal
40 A white metallic element
41 A oegatian
42 Reason
44 A tube
46 Put to flight
48 A faucet
50 A vehicle
52 You
53 A parent, ab
| 28
The shield taken from the gates
of Quebec City whet •>the Ancient
Capital was taken in 1769 and which
was donated to tbe City of Hastings
by one of the conquerors, General
Murray, will be returned to Quebec
after an interval of 165 years. Lord
Willingdon, First Viscount Ratton,
will be the special emissary who will
bring the Shield back to Canada.
Salmon-fishing in the Eastern
Townships of Quebec will be one of
the attractions of that region when
the Gaspe salmon eggs brought to
the provincial government hatcheries
at Lake Memphremagog are developed. A number of trays packed
in ice and holding some thousands
of eggs recently passed through the
Canadian Pacific Railwaj-s^varehouse
on thc Montreal Windsor Station ftr
Rt  V uilin and Mont Tremulant
Solution to Last Week's
An Opportunity to Win S5,000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
The Grand Forks Sun hai nnDeluded an arrangement with The
Family Herald and W-jikly Stir of Minimal by which we can offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readers.
The offer in ilud >« a full year's subscription to both papers, an art cal;
endar with a mist beautiful pioture subject ready for framing, and an opportunity to win a priie ol $5,000 cash.
Tn tin- Fed sral K so'tlon of 1921 th ire were 3,119,306 votes cast out of
a total uf 1,435,310 nnmni on the voters list.
How many votes will bo pollod In ths next Federal Election)
The Hoinly Hara'd aud Wookly Stir are offering Ton Thousand Dollara
ini) I iiriz ii f >r r,Yi ii ir, uitirnitc anioir i-rmiprou it. with the publishers
of that great w -nkly gives every Orand B'orks Sun bu bawl ber ao opportunity
to make uu astim ite and perhaps win tho capital prize of 15,000. >Soiiie person
wi'i win.    Why Bhould it *iot be youl
Read Thii"* Bargain
The Grand Forks Sun Costs $1.00 per Year.
The Family Herald and  Weekly Star Costs $2.00
per Year.
We now offer a full year's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar an I the right  to make one estimate in <•
Tho Family Herald Bleotion Contest.
How to Solve a Cross Word Puzzle
When the correct letter is placed in the white spaces this puzzle wiil
spell words both .vertically and horizontally. The first letter in each word
is indicated by a number, which refers, to the definition listed below the
pnzzle. Thus No. 1 under the column headed "horizontal" defines a word
whieh will fill tbe white spaces up to the first black square to the right, and
a number under "vertical" defines a word which will fill tho white squares
in the next back one be ow. No letters go in the black spaces. All words
used aro dictionary words, except proper names. Abbreviation1", plane, in
itials, teehnical terms and obsolete forms aro indicated in the definitions
All for S2.00
Estimates must bo made at time of subscribing, and no changes will bt
permitted afterwards.
Order Now at This Office
Appearance of Tea Wo Guide
The only way to test tea Is to taste it.' Many
people have the idea that a finely rolled
and tippy tea is superior in flavour to a
large rough leaf. In reality this is not of
necessity the case. The altitude at which
the tea plant grows determines the amount
of essential oil and alkaloid theine in the
leaf. The essential oil gives tea its flavour;
the theine contributes the stimulating
value. The only way to insure always receiving a uniform quality is to insist: upon
a skilfully blended and scientifically sealed
tea like "SALADA" whose reliability, goodness and delicious flavour have become a
household word.
A lire broke out io the city pump
house last Monday, and before it
oould be extinguished considerable
damage was done. Tbe loss is cov
ered by insurance. 'As tbe city's
water supply at present comes from
the Mill creek flume, no inconx
venience was caused tbe householders by tbe fire.
G'orge C. Egg returned today
from a few days' visit to Beaverdell.
He states tbat that camp is quite
prospejous at present. A large
number of miners are working in the
higb grade mines and there is a
great deal of activity in the buildx
ing trade, two new hotels being in
course of construction.
Tbe auctiori sale of the goods and
chattels seized from  tbe Doukhobor
colony last week wa* held at Stan-
well Siding on Wednesday, and it
was fairly well attended.
" Dr. J. H. Goodeve of Greenwood
was in tbe city on Tuesday.
A fire in tbe Burrell residence,
near Observation mountain, on
Tuesday did considerable damage
to tbe kitchen.
For Sale—A go od used  piano;
bargain.   Box 550, Tbe Sud.
D.    McPherson,    raember»elect,
visited Midway on Sunday.
Mrs. Holger Peterson and little
son left on Saturday for Point Grey,
wherejtbey will visit ibe former's
parents for two or three months.
C A. Mix has returned from a
trip to Vancouver.
Tbe Associated Growers of Brita
ish Columbia claim to bave control
of   35   per cent of  the entire fruit
crop of this province, and tbe or
ganizing of tbe sales department is
proceeding steadily, but definite
plans have not been completed yet.
It is expected, however, tbat more
tangible arrangements will be con
eluded within a few days, According to, ani.ounc-Dji-nlB made by
officinl? of thu new urt-tnizatioD, a
Biles force wiil Ue employed in Cal-
gary and in country points through
wbich the iruit handled by the as
sociation will ne Hold direct to re«
tail dealers. Th" wan house to be
opened iu Calguy will be used as a
distributing paint for the Calgary
Irresponsible Music
A young msn in a tight suit with
spring-bottom trousers was over
heard to sny to a cleik in a music
store: "What jjk tune ia that girl
playing lo the back of the store?'
"That isn't,aoy tune," the olerk
replied, ''it's ooe of the clerks dust
in' oif a piauo."
The first annual field day
of school sports in this city
will be held tomorrow. A
half dozen trophy cups, which
are now on exhibition at
Morrison's store, have been
hung up as prizes, as well as
a large number of other
prizes. The event should
stimulate interest in amateur
Advice to Mothers
Here is   a domestic receipt, pub-
ished   in   the Progressive Groce
that all mothers should try.   Those
who bave tried it report that the result is most satisfactory.
If you want to preserve children
follow these directions:
1 large grassy field
J dozen children
2 or 3 small dogs
A pinch of brook and pebbles
Mix children and dogs well to<
gether and put them in field.stirring
constantly. Pour brook Jver peb»
bles; sprinkle field witb flowersl
spread over a deep blue sky and
bake in tbe bur Wben brown re»
move and set to cool   in a bathtub,
Bringing the West to the East
—Empress Hotel, Victoria, with dome of Houses of Parliament on iii>,lit s 2—Airplane view of Lake Louise and Chateau,
S—CroMlntt the Wolverine Pate In the Rockiest 4-Trall Riders ln the Yoho Valley.
         S^iioMliij the Wolverine
ot the smallest part of the educa-1 Then on to Cnlgary where the last of
tion of a Canadian _ Teacher the prairie country is covered and
*""' the foot hillsof thc llnckies commence.
Passing next day through the Gap,
the gateway of the Rockies, where
the roadway is hewn through the
solid rock, Banff ia reached on thc
first Saturday of the trip.
At this point the traveller enters
fairyland. Banff is the headquarters
of the Rocky Mountains Park, a
region of 2,751 square miles, covering
rivers, lakes and mountain scenery
of unsurpassed grandeur. The weekend is spent in this district. Drives
and automobile trips here make
a pleasant contrast with the train
jotlrney and the wonderful sights
will live long in memory. There is
Lake Louise, an exquisitely colored
limpid mirror of glaciers and Bnow-
crowned peaks and the brilliant blue
of the Bky with its argosies of fleecy
clouds. Mounts Stephen, Chancellor
and Sir Donald rise into view as the
Great Divide is crossed and the
marvelous Yoho Park iB traversed.
Canyons, caves, valleys, deep gorges,
passeB twinkle past the tram in its
journey which is sometimes slowed up
to admit of a more lasting impression.
The scenery is so perfect that to avoid
missing any the train does not travel
at night and continues its journey at
dawn. For 250 miles it passes through
the Great Canyons of the Thompson
and Fraser Rivera and the long day of
fifteen hours is one unbroken pasture of delight. Vancouver is at last
reached and a short but interesting
boat trip ia made across the straits of
■hould be a knowledge of the Dominion, derived from personal contact
with its vast areas. When in addition
tbe West is brought home to the East
by a tour covering most of the
former's points of interest, commercial, agricultural and Bcenic, then a
very valuable addition to one's
knowledge of one's own country has
been consummated.
ThiB iB the object of the 21-day
tour of Canada which iB now being
arranged by the Canadian Teacher's
Federation In repetition of their very
successful similar trip last summer.
The party will leave Toronto westbound July 20 and will be back in
that city August 10. It will be under
the personal direction of Professor
Sinclair Laird, Dean of the School
for Teachers, MacDonald College,
Quebec. The journey out and return
will be over Canadian Pacific Railway
lines, motors and boats and stop-overs
will be arranged at points of interest.
Starting from Toronto in the afternoon, the train passes through a land
of beautiful lakes, the Muskoka
region, reaching Sudbury and continuing through the big game district
of Northern Ontario and akirting the
shoreB of Lake Superior for many
miles before arriving at Port Arthur
and Fort William,thetwin cities where
moat of the western grain is stored.
A ''day is Bpent in Winnipeg, the
ce? tre of the greatest grain marketing
and inspection point in the Bhnpir<.
Half a day ia :ipent in Regina und
Moose Jaw iB reached the Bame day.
view of beautiful islands, bays and
rocky headlands and the snowcapped mountains of the Coaat ranges
and the Olympics aa a background.
The return journey lakes us
through the Cascade Mountains and
the Kelowna Valley to Nelaon, commercial centre of the Kootenay
district. An overnight journey ends
at Lake Windermere where after a
trip to the Camp there iB a motor run
of 104 miles over the newly completed Banff-Windermere Highway
through awe-inspiring scenery. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and TueBday—
four full days—are take*n up with
the above. Then commences the trip
acrosB the prairies to the head of the
lakes which is reached via Edmonton
and Saskatoon to Lake of the Woods
district. A full 24 hours is spent
among the Bights of thiB wonderful
Lake district and then the trip goes
on to Fort William. From this point
the journey is continued by boat
through Lakes Superior and Huron to
Port McNicoll whence Toronto is
reached four hours later, and the trip
It in difficult to conceive of a more
healthy or a more diversified holiday
than the one outlined above. In
addition it brings home to the participant the glory of Canada in a way
that .i unequalled in bo short a time.
No one can take such a trip and not
return from it bigger, wiser, mon
conscious of Canadian nationhood.
And such an experience must of
necessity be invaluable for thorn
whose profession it is to teBch tat
Kstablwhed 1910
Real Estate and Insui-mce
Bealdent Agent Griinil Forks Ton nsite
Coniunssy, Limited
Farina      Orchard*,     Cily Property
-'Agent* at NcNiin,  Calgary, Wihsiticsj ssisl
otber PralrU'paints.   Vnneonver As**,,   '
KitphllKhei! In l'.'IO, wears- sit s. -soslllusi to
rurnlsli reliable information csisoer-.int thli
Write lor free literature
I'll,It    IllJI   SB   IllaUb   t.i.1 .....     VUW   .M. wvw   ..   .         ,.	
Georgia to Victoria with a panoramic [next generation of Canadian*.
One good top buggy; or
will  exchange  for good
fresh, or to freshen short
ly. milch cow.
Christina Lake, B.C,
E.C. Henniger Go.
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, B. C.
Get the habit of
trading at our
We have exceptionally good bar*
gains in all our
Phone 10
till! HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.-GBO.   ARMSON
Wholesale and Retail
■Baler In
Havana Cigars, Pipes
bound in white oilcloth, which ha* made good
cooks of thousands of house-keepers, who previously could not cook at all, is yours if you
will call or 'phone us at once.
"Service and Quality"
Phone 25
IT brings the whole country (or mileB around within easy reach.
Have you seen tho new uiodelsl They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coin! As weatherproof as aduokf Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We aro tbe people to mount you right.
Open Saturday Evenin-fta Till 10 o'Cloek
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forks, R. C.
Furniture  Mado  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kind*
Upholstering  Neatly  Dom
r. g. McCutcheon
rpHE value oi well-
printed* neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has bcen amply
demonstrated. Consult un before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Vr'l-ng cards
Sh'    ing tags
Pamphlet i
Price lists
New Type
{Latest Style!
Col ait i bla Avenue and
i > take Street
Transfer Co.
City Baggage and General
Coal*  Wood and   Ice
for Sale
Office atfR. I. Petrte't Store
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
s-lJiWols-i 01
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
noma lands may be pre-empted by
Britlah subject* over 11 yeara at as*.
an* bf aliens to dst-daring Intention
to aetmat Britlah subject*, oondl-
tioaal apen residence, occupation,
-tut   baproTamant   for    agricultural
MB lafornatlen ooTsooratng regu-
atlaaa) -regarding p»-<t*nptlooa la
given k* Bulletin No. 1, Laad Beriea,
"How to Fra-ampt Lud," eoploe at
whioh aan bo obtained froo of oharge
by addreaslng tho DaportaMot of
t^indo, Viotorla, B.O, or to aar Osrr-
< foment Agent
RaoasrsU will bo granted oovertna
jnly land luttablo for agricultural
purpoota, aad which la not tlmber-
laasi, lee* carrying over M00 .board
foot par aoro waat of tne Ooaat Range
and MM foot por aoro oaat of that
AppUoatioaa far pro-omptlona aro
io ba aildrtml to tha Laad Com-
mlssloner of tho Land Recording Dlvlilon, ln whlah tha land appllad tor
ta sdtuatot, aad ara maHo on printed
forma, ooplaa af whioh oan be obtained fram tha Laad Commlaalonar.
Pro-omptlona muat bo oocupled for
five) fasts and taprevamenta mada
to value of 110 per acre, Inoludlng
olearlng aad cultivating at leaat tie*
aorea, batata a Crown Orant oan be
a*er mere detailed la-fern Ation aaa
the   Bulletin    "How    to    Fra-ampt
Ship Youi Cream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
We pay the highest price and assure
vou ths most accurate test. Give your
local creamery your trade.
It-ommion Mo.inmental Worka
Aabt*-dUM i'rodnc's Co. Hoofing
Applloatlona are reoelved for pis-
oaaae of vaoant and unroaarvad
Orawn landa, net being tlmberland,
far agricultural purposes; minimum
prioe of flrat-elaaa (arable) land la M
per acre, and laoond-olaaa (grailng)
laad $I.M per aore. Further Information regarding purohaaa or leaae
of Crown landa la given ln Bulletin
We. It, Land Set-lea, "Purohaaa aad
Leaae of Crown Landa."
htUl. factor)-, or Induatrial sites on
timber laad, aot exoeedlng 40 aorea,
mar ba purchased or leaaed, tha conditions      Inoludlng      payment      of
Unaarvoj-ed areaa, aat exceeding 10
iree, may be leased aa homealtea,
conditional upon a dwelling being
•rooted ln tbe first year, title being
obtainable after' residenoe and Improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
For graaing and Induatrial purposes areas not exosedlng 640 aores
may be leased by one person ar a
Under the Graslng Aot the Provinoe le divided Into grazing districts
and tbe range administered under a
Oraalng Commlasloner. Annual
graslng permits are Issued based on
numbers ranged, priority being given
o established owners. Stock-owners
Tiiy form   associations    for    rangn
lanagemeii*..    Free, or iiartlally freo.
"•rmlta  are  available   for    settlers,
impers and tr—fellers, up to tea
liosxsl ***


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