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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jun 19, 1925

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By Hortioallural Branch, Provincial
Department nf Agriculture.
Grand Forks—On the night oi
Muy.28 indJScontinuing up t the
present time this dittrict hs* experienced some very weloime rains,
whicli have greatly benefited all
Lite potatoes benefi'ed very much
by these mini- aod the fields are
looking vigorous snd even. ,
Alf ilia is ready for tbe firt*t cut.
ting, and the crop on the few fields
wbich escaped winter injury is very
Strawberries are ripening up, but
are beiug held back by Ihe wet
weather. The first picking is now
being made.
The June drop is now on. In
those orchards wbicb are vigorous
as a result of being well looked after
the drop will probibly be only
heavy eoongb to save thinning by
band Some thinning may be nee
essary bn Wealthy and Mcintosh,
aa the setting on these varieties was
fairly heavy.
Taking the district as a whole,the
June drop will likely cut dowu previous estimates of thin season's
Kelowna—Tbe weather during
tbe past week has been cool and
showery, and all crops are growing
There U still a big demand for
grasshopper bait, and the scarcity
of bran still exists.
At tbe p esent time tbe district is
freer from lira blight tban it bas
been for years. Tbe second codling
moth spray on the K.LO. bench ie
finished, and well advanced io otber
The sweet cherry crop io maoy
orchards is practically a failure.
Tbeie/are a few orchards,apparently
favorably situated,wbioh bave a fair
orop. The total orop will be lighter
thao for a great maoy years.
Penticton, Keremeos.Oliver
—The southern Okauagan and Similkameen districts have bad several
very good showers of rain during
tbe past week. Tbese rains waro particularly needed on tbe ranges,
which were begi ning to become
very dry.
The tomato crop ia botb the Rare--
meos and Oliver districts is looking
very favnrable, although tbere has
been some damage from wind.
The apple orop still promises to
be very heavy, and attbougb there
has been quite a heavy drop in some
instances a heavy crop still remains.
Eirly oberries are being offered in
tbe local stores snd tbere have been
some early Lamberts shipped from
tbe Osoyoos district.
Summerland—A most welcome rain fell last Thursday after,
nooo, most beneficial for theground
crops Cloudy, cool weather witb
iotermittent showers has prevailed
Tbe June drop in apples has been
severe in some orchards, Newtown
and Jonathan beiog tbe priooipal
varieties affected. Spies are light.
Early oherries are ripening fast.
Governor Wood variety will be ready
to pick dextweek, Sweet oherries at
Naramata were ready lo pick tbe
first of June.
Woolly aphis are showing up in
aome orchards now. Swabbing witb
coal oil emulsion will hold them io
check irom a more severe infestation
later on.
Kootenay and Arrow Lakes
—The weather during tbe past week
bas beea considerably - cooler, with
good rains on May 28, 429 and 30,
tbe total rainfall on those dates be
ing .70' oi an inch. The weather
has been cloudy over tbe weeks-end
and ligbt showers are occurring over
the district today. The rain hss
done a lot oi good at thiB time, particularly to the email iruit crops aod
field and garden vegetable crops.
Strawberries have passed the iull
bloom stage, and ooe grower reports
packing ripe berries irom the field
on June 1, Very lew, ii aay, straw.
(• L,,wr~b",y   ''■'■■*   **And KETTLE VALLEY ORCHARDIST
"Tell me whet you Know Is trur
I can taexx as well as you."C
FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 1925
berries in quantiea will be on the
market before the 10th of lune, and]
tbe cool weather mav delay the crop
until the 15th. However, the fruit
is growing fast aud, if good wentber
prevails during the picking season, j
the quality of Ihe fiuit should be
iood The stra vberry crop oo the
whole, other than the Slocan valley,
is looking much belter and many
growers are expecting a full crop
Raspberries are improving all the
time; the hearing ennes have produced a lot of new growth and at
this time indications are for nbout
75 per o-*nt of laa* ye r's crop T e
new canes sre miking excllr-ut
growih. 0-viDg to winter injuiy
killing tbe buds on the canes, the
new growth on tbe hearing cm e
wns much later coming oui, and as
a result the crop will be later than
usual. Tbe raspberries hav not n.
ytt quite reached tbe height of their
All tree fruits are making fine
growth, -and early apples such ae
Wealthy, Duchess, aod even Wagners, are ready for thinning. The
Wealthies should be thinned al
once. Qreen aphis are shjwing up
very bad oo the apple tree- at Craw-
forn Bay as well as in otber orchards
throughout the district, Black
cherry aphis are also starting lo gel
bad io many places. These peas are
likely o cnuse considerable damage
to the crop before the season is over
So far the orchards apper very free
from scab, aud the second scab
spray was completed in most all
sections uuder favorable weather
ine entire rro li - ol frlrice Howard Island an Jjacent Islands
have been leased ior oil prospecting
purposes to Henry L. Doherty a
Company, according to an announcement by the concern. The leaae haa
been taken on option.
Dear Old Soul (in gasfitter's shop):—"An indtceDt mantle, please-
one ol them perverted ones!"—The Humorist.
land, South Africa.while shipments
from N rth America continue to
arrive in unexpectedly large quantities.
A serioua congestion at Table Bay
docks, C:sp. t.iA-p, is i-aid to bave
caused fruit producers heavy losses
since the fir hi of the year. Approximately 2000 Ions of fruit have been
held up weekly since the first of
January because of the inability of
sh ppers to estimate accurately the
umount of storage tonnage required
and tbe early ripening of   tbefruit.
Citizens are reminded that
taxes must be paid on or before June 30th if they wish to
escape the 10 per cent penalty. This applies to all city
taxes as well as to outside
school taxes.
Reports from tbe Okanagan distinct, wbile rather early for apples,
indicate tbat frosts damaged to some
ex ent tbe late apple trees snd tbere
is some question in the minds
of the growers about the tonnage
tbey will be able to ship this fall.
Last year the early apples were
from two to three weeks ahead of
time aod Dearly all moved by rail to
eastern shipping points on tbe Atlantic
It is not known yet bow tbe early
apples will develop, but growers
bave expressed ao op nion tbat the
early apple crop is above normal
and exports will be made as soon as
The custom hae been to ship most
of tbe early apples by the raii and
water route east, and tbe later apples by way of steamer from Vanoouver, but this year if the late
apples are short, the tonnage will be
With tbe North American apple
exporting season practioally ended,
exports from the United States aod
Canada up to May 2, amounted to
4,648,000 boxes and 2,612,000 barrels, representing a leduction of
738,000 boxes aod 075,000 barrels
from tbe exports of tbe previous
The United Kingdom, as usual,
took the bulk of the exports.
Shipments to both British aod
Scandinavian markets were lower
tban tbose of last se ison. Exports
to Germany, however, weie heavier.
Total exports of American aod Canadian apples to Germany do not ap.
peir in the available statistics, since
German markets purchase considerable quantities of apples through
Scandinavian, Netherlands and
British ports.
Tbe first successful shipment of
apples from Argentina arrived in
London recently, according to trade
reports. Ths fruit is reported to be
of first-class quality, we.I packed The most curious thing in
and graded. Supplies have been the world is a woman who has
abundant irom Australia, New Zeaa ao cariosity
The department oi agriculture at
Ottawa has issued s final order prohibiting tbe use of tbe old-style
raspberry box after July 30, 1926.
Even this year the old box must
show tbe number oi the growers and
the quantity 2 5 quart in letters not
less than ooe-baii inch and crates
muat also be stamped the same way.
Tbe department order was made,
it is claimed, to prevent growers
losing through having a surplus of
the old containers on hand after a
slack bsrry season laBt year.
The new contaioers will be CJ
inches by .*\ inches by 1£ inches
and will be used after July 30 of
tbis year.
The department oi agriculture at
Ottawa has also issued an order that
all cherries sold in the Cam.di d
imiket must be in boxes 9 inches by
18 by 4} inches, 9 inches by 18
inches by 2J inches or io four crate
Pearls consist of layers of
delicate material inclosing
some foreign particle, usually
a parasite.
Query: Is the poor man
who marries a rich grass
widow in clover?
At last the bugbear ot storage batteries and their attendant nnisances is laid low, according to an article in the
July number of Radio News
magazine of New York. No
longer will we have to wonder
whether the "A" battery is
charged to the hilt when company is expected, so that the
old set will perk pretty. The
only necessity is 110 volts
A type of tube operating
from thehouse circuit has been
experimented with for several
years. Research laboratory
workers have seen what possibilities an elactron tube
possessed which had its filament heated byllO volts and
what innumerable advantages
it had over the tube that depended on a storage or dry
battery for its filament heating. Alternating current was
chosen to operate the tube,
because its use is almost universal today. Only in certain
sections oi large cities is direct current found, so that
more than the majority of
radio fans will be able to use
this tube.
The internal construction of
the tube differs from the usual
type of tubes in that the filament is enclosed in a porcelain tube which, in turn, is in
a metal sleeve. This filament
construcrion is supported
from the top of the tube
instead of the bootom, as
has heretofore been the prac
tice. On the outside ofthe top
of the glass is an insulating
plug having two terminals for
the filament connections. The
metal sleeve which is around
the porcelain tube acts as the
cathode of the tube and is
connected to one of the usual
filament prongs of the  tube.
The operation of the tube
is far from complicated.
Indications are that 1926 will be
one of the best tourist seasons ever
experienced by Montreal. It is estimated that 750,000 people -from all
over the continent visited Montreal
last year, while this year the number
ia placed at a million.
It ia understood that a oontract
has been let for the laying of a submarine cable from Vancouver Island
to Suva, Fiji Islands, by the Pacific
Cable Board. This is part of the
"All-red" cable and wireless route
which is being established between
British possessions the world over.
In order to facilitate the work of
the air force patrol radio stations are
being erected at the Pas, Norway
House, Victoria Beach, and Fort
Osborne Barracks, Winnipeg. The
stations will be completed shortly
and will have, it is stated, a radius
of communication all over Canada.
"Judging from the amount of
sound business activity noticeable
here, British Columbia is launching
Into an era of constructive development which augurs well for her future prosperity,'' comments Grant
Hall, Vice-President of the Canadian
Pacific Railway, who recently spent
ton days on the Pacific Coast.
"So long as th« Canadian Paciflo
Railway has a dollar left in ita treasury, it will fight for the ideals, uphold the faith and maintain the precious heritage of confederation," said
E. W. Beatty, Chairman and President of the Canadian Pacific Railway, when addressing the Canadian
Manufacturers' Association at their
annual convention held at Hamilton
Eleven hundred pounds of speckled
trout, gray trout and pike were the
trophies taken back to New York
recently by seven members of the
Caughnawaga Hunting and Fishing
Club, private preserves near Montreal, after a two-week stay on tha
fishing grounds. The catch included
a 19-lb. gray trout and the average
weight worked out at around eight
Frank W. Ashby, secretary of the
Australian Manufacturers' Association, visiting here recently, said tha
impression in Australia was that
Canada was the back door to the
North Pole. People In the Antipodes
think that Herschell Island and Baffin's Bay are linked up municipally
with Montreal and Winnipeg, ha
said. Pie was surprised to find tha
Dominion had a delightful climate
und cities more modern than those
in Australia.
What is slated to be the biggest
log jam in sixty years recently occurred on the Montreal River in a
gorge through which the river flows
into Lake Tcmiskaming. 800,000
logs were piled up to a height of 80
feet with a width of 260 yards, eholt-
ini? the river for 300 yards down at
tho point where tho jam took place.
An army of 100 men, working nigh*
and day for three days, at last succeeded in breaking tbe jam with
A f ree-week tour of Canada by
teachers and thoir friends, under tha
auspices of Dean S. Laird, of Macdonald College, will leave Toronto
July 20 on the Canadian Pacific Railway. The party will travel by train
to Vancouver and Victoria, and will
return by way of Southern British
Columbia, across the northern end
of the Prairie Provinces and by boat
from Fort William ea3t. Stops will
be mr.de at all thc principal pointa
of interest. . "
New York, June 18.—The
North America Newspaper
Alliauce, which financed the
north pole expedition, announced today that Roald
Amundsen,thenoted explorer,
has returned to Spitzbergen,
the point from which the
planes hopped off.
Washington, June 16.—Motion
pictures were transmitted by radio
for the first time Saturday, thrnuch
a hook up of naval broadcastingstax
tion NOF witb appartus in tbe laboratory of C. Francis Jenkins of thie
city, pioneer in radio-photography.
The moving pictures, taken at the
broadcasting station, were carried
across the city, a distanoe of five
miles, aud projected oo to a screen
in the laboratory, to the amazement
of the distinguished group of wit*
oesses there, including Secretary cl
the Navy Wilbur, Dr. George K.
Burgess, director U. 8. bureau cf
standards, aod Judge S. B. Davis,
acting secretary of commerce.
Bsrlin, June 16.—Upon the speed
of German broadcasting plants in
perfecting their tecbincal equipment
will depend tbe prospects of American listener being able to pick up
German Christmas carols in December. Arrangements were concluded
here yesterday between the Radio
Corporation of America and tbe
government for tbe regular exchange of radio programs.
(Prrssfdeist   Greer   College   of
Automotive Engineering)
How gasoline burns or explodes
ls what puts fear Into the average
man and makes him stand at what
he considers a safe distance while
he watches his car or truck go up
in smoke, if the fuel tank contained twenty, ten or even ona gallon of ordinary black gunpowder,
his fear would be exceedingly well
founded, since whenever fire reaches
any part ot a mass of gunpowder,
tt all explodes ln a small fraction
of a second. Fortunately gasoline
alone ls not only non-explosive bat
will not even burn unless It ls flrst
evaporated and the vapor ln contact with the oxygen of the air.
Even lt the gasoline tank ls under the cowl or under the front
seat, there ls little danger ot Ita
contents being ignited from a carburetor Are unless It Is allowed to
burn tor several minutes. If the
gas tank has Its screw cap is position, the walls of the tank must be
almost red hot above the liquid
surface line before the fuel Inside
the tank will be set on lira Hence
lt Is perfectly safe to fight the carburetor fire before lt hu had tlma
to heat up things too much.
The flrst thing to do. of course,
Is to close the valve In tbe pipe
line between tank and carburetor.
The next ls to smother tha lira.
[am  -**1
It always seems that if
enough people enjoyed grand
opera, it would be eesier to
pay for it.
There is a remedy for every
thing   except   some   of   the
Pouring on water ls worse than
useless because it will simply float
lbe lighter gasoline and oil to tha
surface and make lt burn better. A.
wetted cloth or bag, however, Is effective and may be used. Anything
that will not Itself burn very rapidly will do to shut off the air supply
from the burning gasoline. Wool
does not burn so fast as cotton,
hence a woolen coat, Overcoat,
laprobe, rug or blanket may be tha
handiest thing to push up tightly
around and over the burning fuel.
If wool is not at hand, cotton fabrlo
of any kind lf fairly thick will
answer. Road dust, sand, even
sugar, salt or flour, wheat, barley,
or other threshed grain, In fact
anything that will stop or greatly
slow down the flow of air will do
thc business. Usually a small carburetor Are, lf put out promptly,
will not do enough Injury to the
machine to prevent ready starting
after things have cooled down
enough to permit turning ou th/ /
®h* (Irani. 3farka Bun
were direct descendants of—whom do yon
suppose?   Mark Antony, soldier and states
man, friend of Caesar and of Cleopatra. As to
Washington, Lincoln and Boosevelt, Dr. Jordan is, if the newspapers quote him correctly
SUBSCRIPTION RATES—PAYABLE IN ADVANCE       j        .. ;.. m.       , jj      . .*
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) tl.oo| quite positive. The learned doctor tracea the
lines of most of the presidents back to the
WaJren family in Eugland six or seven bun
dred years ago, and adds tbat the Warrens
have been definitely proved to stem from tbe
man who disputed the rule of the world with
Caesar Augustus. Antony, if Shakespeare
did not misrepresent him, was a pretty clever
politician. Perhaps it was from bim that tbe
American presidents got their political gifts
tbat raised tbem to their high office.
One Year (in the United States) ....s  1.50
.Addresr -" **—•***'cations to
Thk Grand Forks Sun
; Grand Forks, B. CJ
Phonb 101R
FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 1925
Notes • Notions • Notables
Hon. John Oliver, premier of British Columbia, has discarded his historic beard and
he is now on his way to Ottawa to renew his
fight for equalized freight rates. It is yet too
early to predict with nny degree of certainty
what effect the change in his personal appearance may have on freight rates, but it should
be the means of quite a saving in passenger
rates Hereafter Hon. John should be able
to crowd into the twelve-year-old class.
The Lance is a new weekly publication in
Victoria. It is not a free lance, however—it
costs $2.00 per year. Charles Harrison Gibbons, who commenced his journalistic career
in tbe island metropolis in the eighties, is
editor manager of the paper. He is .still
going strong, and The Lance, in spite of
the fact that it has omitted "Free" as part of
its name, may be depended upon to keep some Understood by all parties concerned to be only
Two thousand young buffalo from
the Wainwright herd will make a
700-mile trek northward thia -Runnier to the buffalo reserve on the
Slave River where they will be toned loose to mingle with tba wood
bison which roam tbat
A French organization, calling itself tbe
League for the Bights of Man and numbering,
we are told, one hundred and ten thousand
members, has proposed that the further occupation of Haiti by the American forces be
submitted to the League of Nations for its de
cision. There is no immediate prospect that
anything of the kind will occur. In in the first
place Haiti is itself a member of the league,
and until Haiti asks it the league weuld have
no excuse for interfering. In the second place
the United States is not a member of the
league and could not be obliged to abide by a
decision of tho league, even if it made one.
The United States is in Haiti not as an ag
gressor but in accordance with a treaty signed
in 1915 by which that couutry assumed responsibility for the finauciar solvency and orderly
government ofthe island. The occupation has
[bem of service to Haiti, but it is, of course,
'In all parti of Canada and flat
United States," according to Bob*.
G. Hodgson, editor of the For Trade
Journal of Canada, "Muskrat farms
are being established, mostly on a
large scale and they are rapidly
turning what waa once marabiand
of little value into the moat prodne-
tive part of the farm," Mr. Hodgson
The record established recently at
Acme when 114 horses worked ln
one field at one time seeding tha
crop of Mrs. C. W. King, haa bean
broken at Gadsby, Alberta. Whan
the neighbors of J. B. Ball who recently suffered a broken arm, pnt In
his 100-acre crop, 39 outfits ware
at work on one day and 176 horae*.
The crop was put in in a single day.
of the people of the Capital city awake during
business hours,
If a "master crook" and "super-bandit" can
only succeed in keeping out of prison five years
out of eighteen and comes to the gallows at
last, the way of the transgressor can not be
anything but very hard indeed for those of
less intelligence and daring. The best reason
for believing that crime is really an evidence
of insanity is the clear evidence that crime it
• aeyer a "success*" No one but a fool or a
crazy man would ever adopt it.
The first commercial aeroplane service in
the United States has been established by
Henry Ford. He is to send planes from his
plants in aud near Detroit to Chicago, Minneapolis and Iron Mountain, Michigan. For the
ptesent it will be a private affair, used to
transport Mr. Ford's own materials between
his factories aud his assembling plants. But
the usiness may develop into an agency for
transporting express parcels that require immediate delivery between some of the principal cities of the country. If Mr. Ford does
not undertake that service, someone else will,
and that very soon.
A favorite trick of the letter-box thief is to
fish through tbe slot with a piece of string, on
the end of which is a weight smeared with ad
hasive that sticks to the letters. To foil his
efforts there recently has been devised a screen
of steel prongs screwed inside the box just
above the slot. The prongs make it practically
impossible to pull a letter through the slot, al
though it is easy enough for the postman to
insert the letter.
Swedish scientists have succeeded  in pro
ducing a gas from charcoal, and it is being
used successfully as motor fuel and for rail
way trains.   It is said it can be manufactured
at a small fractfon ofthe cost of gasoline and
alchol, aud is expected te become popular.
The steamship Ethyl, which sailed recently
from Wilmington Delaware, is somewhore out
but in the ocean now, extracting bromine and
perhaps other chemicals from sea water. It is
R fact that bromine exists in considerable
amounts in salt water, and it is the theory of
the owners of the Ethyl that it can be recov
ered more cheaply by taking a floating laboratory out into the midst of the water than by
piping immense quantities of sea water into a
bromine plant on shore, and much more
cheaply than it is at present got from the
waters of mineral springs. If the experiment
is a success, we may find the sea as well as the
land obliged to pay tribute to our highly organized industrial system aud dotted with
fleets of sea going chemical piants.
A good and tactful man was Mr. Haslam,
a pastor of Norwich, England. Once, says the
Kev. W. S. Kainsford in his Story of a Varied
Life, a neghboring cleric asked the parson to
take a mission in his church for ten days. Mr.
Haslam filled the old church. When he was
going back his host said, "How it you get the
people? I work hard. I visit regularly. I
write my sermons carefully. And the people
go to sleep and stay asleep!' "I'll tell you,"
replied Mr. Haslam. -'Your pulpit stands at
the head if the aisle facing the entrance door.
You take yonr sermon; you go into the pulpit.
You read it out carefully, and it is like yourself, so straight and so orderly that it.goes
straight down the aisle and out the big door.
My poor sermons, well—they aren't like sermons at all. A sermon of mine is just like a
firecracker. It goes first in one direction and
in another. It fizzes and cracks in this pew
and jumps into that. No man tell when it
may hit him.   So they all stay awake!"
H. E. Morriss, whose horse
made a run away victory in the
English Derby, will visit Canada ia
the fall en route to China from
which country he halls. He will
sail on the Canadian Pacific S.S.
Minnedosa from Southampton on
October 8, stay a short time in the
Dominion, and sail from Vancouver
for China on the S.S. Empress of
Australia, October 29.
Rebuilt in nine months after the
fire that destroyed it last October,
the Chateau Lake Louise hotel
opened for tha current season on
Sunday, May 31 as the Trans-Can-
ada train arrived from its cross-
continent run. The hotel waa rebuilt under exceptionally difficult
conditions in temperatures aa low
as fifty degrees below zero daring
which a wooden wall heated by
stoves had to be erected about tha
construction works.
Applications for immediate purchase oi Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Pricesi—From $25.00 per lot upwards.
Termss-—Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office.
Following the opening flatt hy
Their Majesties King George and
Queen M..ry to the Wembley Exhibition, the Duke and Duchess ef
York also went over the gronnds.
Their Majesties were especially delighted with Treasure Island, the
Paradise of children, and travelled
over the miniature Canadian Pacific train that runs aronnd the Island,
passing en route the replica of Banff
Station and the reproduction of tke
Canadian Pacific Rockies.
Canada will be well represented
at tbe New Zealand and South Seaa
International Exhibition to be held
at Dunedin between November, 1928
end April, 1926. Both the Dominion
Government and the Canadian Pacific Railway have announced their
intention to send well-appointed exhibits to the Exposition. It is probable t-irt the provincial governmenta
and maty Canadian .manufaoUrara
will follow suit.
The confidence  man's  income is a tax on ciedulity.
No man can brag so cleverly that it isn't
possible to discern he's bragging.
Geuealogy is certainly a fascinating subject.
The other day no less an authority than Dr.
David S. Jordan, formerly chancellor of Leland Stanford Jr, university, announced that
almost all the presidents of the United States,
[Taken From Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
The police-commissioners have decided to
cut down the police force to one man, but will
continue to feed the fiery steed of the remaining member of the force.
A. E. Kainey was dismissed from the board
of the Boundary creek license commissioners
by a telegram from Viotoria read at a meeting
of the board yesterday. Cutting off official
heads by wire seems to have become the latest
fad of the erratic provincial government.
F. M. Kerby is surveying a townsite con
sisting of 160 acres on the north  bank of
Gloucester creek,   in   Franklin   camp,    for
Frank and George Hutton.
P. A. Z. Pare will move his barber shop
from the Square hotel to his old stand in the
Victoria hotel next Monday.
E. Larsen has purchased the Province hotel
on Bridge street and will reopen that house in
a few days.
Mr, and Mrs. M. Burrell left yesterday for
the coast, where Mr. Burrell attend a meeting
of the Conservative association.
Dr. Letfard's New Life (Tablets
Imparts to the Old and Middle-aged
Youthf ulness, Energy aod Fit-
new, retards mental and physical
decay, thus promoting longevity,
Preserves the arteries and tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most imme
diate beneflt. Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression and Nervousness is banished under the influence of these! Life-giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines aud blemishes
disappear. The skin becomes clear,
light and elastic and the complexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the possesion of few; the joyof a clear Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous bair, bright eyes and health-
tinted cheeks; the beauty of radiant
life and the realisation that Time has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction of yourself. Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass? Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction oo diet, not are there
any ill effects after. On the oontrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at 50? Do not delay,
commence the treatment at onoe.
You will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable benefits. The price of these Marvellous
Tablets including Mail Charges is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard's Laboratories,
106, Liverpool Road,)Barosbury.
London, Knit land.
We aro u^iits for tl).: well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Lin a of Garden Tools
Furniture nnd Hardware
Before You Write
Be sure that a telephone message
would not be more satisfactory. The
convenient long distance service gives
you speed and voice-to voice contact; its
personal quality commends it. At night,
after 8:50 o'clock, there are special low
British   Columbia Telephone
An Opportunity to Win 45,000
A Beautiful Art GalenderjjFree
The Grand Fork* Sun has oonoluded an arrangemoot with The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal by whioh we can offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readers.
The offer includes a full year's subscription to both papers, an art calj
endar with a most beautiful picture subject ready for framing, and an opportunity to win a prize of $5,000 cash.
In the Federal Election of 1921 there were 3,119,306 votes east out of
a total of 4,435,310 names on tbe voters list.
How many votes will be polled in the next Federal Election)
The Evmly Herald and Weekly Star are offering Ten Thousand Dollars
in94 prises for the bait estimate, aod our arrangement with the publishers
of that great weekly gives every Qrand Forks Sun subsciiber an opportunity,
to make an estimate and perhaps win the capital prize of 15,000. Some person
will win.    Why should it not be you)
Read This Bargain
The Grand Forks Sun Costs $1.00 per Year.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star Costs $2.00
per Year.
We now offer a fnll year's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar and the right to make one estimate in
The Family Herald Election Contest.
Estimates must ba made at time of subscribing, and no changes will be
permitted afterwards.
Order Now at This Office
Sun's Page ^People and Events of Passing News Interest
■*% WK',1-.. -.i-sAW WW1
I'.ate   rleettsl   gl.te.tntt.ra   «p   <ls< >Es»prw.   •(
France," wearing mandarin cssau thar sVo.rht In Ptlslng.
Etch year seen a few more varieties added to Ihe long list of culti
vated fruits. In addition lo cbance
seedlings, wbich. are Lamed by tbe
man wbo happens to find them,
there ie a' Knowing number of introductions from plsnt breeding etas.
tions, Along witb thie ever increasing multiplicity uf novelties has
come a call for a reduction in the
number of the varieties grown om-
It is important tbat no new fruit
of promise should be discarded without an extensive trial. Most of our
commercial varieties ol today have
originated ae chance seedlings. Not
ooe of tbem is perfect, and now that
we havo so maoy plant breeders de-
voriog their energies to tbe develops
ment of varieties of merit no one
knows wben and wbere a new seeds-
ling superior to any known variety
will appear. Nevertheless, the commercial grower can not afford the
time, the labor or tbe land to test
out eacia novelty as it is introduced.
A trial ground ia needed where
tbese new'in'roductione ean serve a
term of probation, ind where tlieir
characteristics can be faithfully and
impartially recorded. It is to fill this
want lint tbs t-Ju-nmerknd ax peri
ment il station is carrying nn such
ext usivo variety lists, .Several un*
tlrnl vuriotii'b of fruits are uow un.
der observation and the list is being
added lo each year. A few of Ibese
new varieties of fruit ive promise
Ol attaining commercial importance
iu tee British Columbia dry belt.
Tbe Melba apple originated at tbe
Central experimental farm, Ottywa,
and tbe Rochester peacu, of New
York origin, have been described in
the 1922 report of the Summerland
station. Three new varieties of
yellow flesh, free-stone peaches iu-
troduced by tbe Viueland exp;ri-
ineutal station, Ontario, promise to
advance the season of the Elberta
by as mucb as three weeks. Tbe
Giant. Hinton and Nobel varieties
of swett cherry are claimed by tbe
originators to be as good in quality
as the Bing and to extsnd the season
of tbal standard variety for several
Tbe staff of tbe .Summerland experimental station invite correspondence witb regard to the variety test
work which is being carried on, and
will do all iu Iheir power lo supply
reliable iotormation concerning tbe
m-sihle commercial value of the
new varieties of fruit which bave
be«n introduced duri g the past few
is the time to market the
lf tbere is a market for
tbese young cockerels see about supplying it. It pays better to sell now,
rather than later, all chicks inten Jed
for tbe table, and as for breeds such
bb the Leghorn, o.f can not affort to
keep tbem until fall and tben sell
ior the price of roasters.
£|lf a market is not already ar
rauged, it would be well to see
about it at once. Usually the broiler
market should not be too fur away.
The best places to look for customers are as follows (named in order
of highest prices): Private families,
clubs, higb class hotels, summer
hotels, higb clast boarding houses,
dealers, eto.
The best time to sell the broilers
is when they weigh from on: to two
pounds eacb. The earlier in tbe season, tbe smaller tbe weight tbat will
b? taken, and the larger tbe price.
Tbe most satisfactory way to
market  ia to kill aad dress before
shipment (all but dealers require
them dressed), but for longer distances, and in warm weather espen
eially, if sold lo dealers, tbey may
go altve.
Beiore selling Ihe broilers it will
pay to give them special feeding for
t;*n to fiiteen days In experiments
conducted at tbe Dominion experimental farm, Ottawa, it was shown
that a good feed was made up of
equal parts of corn meal, feed flour
and m ddlings. To this was added
15 per cent of tankage (or beef
scrap), and the whole mixed with
buttermilk. One part of the dry
masb to two parts of the milk by
weight is the right proportion. Thi-
mixture proved better than pre
pared commercial mixtures and fed
three times a day to broilers weigh
ing at tbe start lesB than two pounds
eacb, gave in fourteen days an average gain of a little over Uiree-
fourtbs pound at a cost for f ed of
less than 5 cents. At tbe price sold
(50 cents per pound) tbere was a
profit of 29} cents on tbe feeding
The feeding in ordinary fattening
crates gave slightly better returne
tbau he feeding in pens, aod tbe
heavy breeds gave better returns
tr-ao the li-jht breeds.
Broilers above all classes should
be fleshy. Do not market iu a tbin
The late chief justice   of   British
Columbia, Sir Matthew lliillie Beg-
ble, combined   with  more notable
qualities uncouiuiou shrewdness und
humor in tbo emisll afiuirs   iu   life.
At a  time   when   many  campaints
were beard of tbe theft of umbrellas
from public places a   friend  asked
him bow he managed  to  keep possession   uf   his—u   very handsome
umbrella   with a chased silver handle.
Tbe judge evaded tbe question,
but a week later tbey met again in
tbe cloak room of a court. Tbe
judge called his friend's attention to
umbrella ruck,"which contained
half a dozen umbrellas of all sorts
aud conditions, and osked win-h ol
them was least likely to taken "by
mistake." Tbe friend pointed to one
that, although of fair quality, bad
no handle.
'That's mine," said the judge
and, taking a beautiful silver handle
from his pocket and screwing it on
to the cripple, added. "Now you
know bow I keep my umbrella."
In a certain published book there
appeared as an example of "brilliancy" the following problem and
A small boy who wanted a pair ol
skates said to his father one night,
-'Father, will you get me a pair of
skates if I can prove to you that a
dog has ten tails?"
Tbe father smiled and nodded,
and tbe boy began: "Well, one (log
bas more tails than no dog, hasn't
"Well, then, if oo dog has nine
tails a'ud one dog bas one more tail
t Ij ii ii no dog, tben one dog must
have ten tails."
Tbe small boy got the skates.
It is equally hard to decide
vvhether Mars is inhabited or
i outlawed.
Some friendliness arises
from setting too high a standard for fiiendship.
There are more than   7000
hospitals in Canada and  the
United   States   and    nearly
2000 orphanges  for depend
The Sun Presses have twice the
speed of any oilier presses in the
Boundary. We can save you money
j oi bot li long aod short uds of commercial printing and give you a superior class of work. TEE SUN: GBAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Have You Tasted
Those who have used Japan,, Young
Hyson or Gunpowder Tea will appreciate the superiority of this delicious
blend, always so pure and rich. Try it.
J, C. Boyce, a former resident of
Qrand Forks, arrived io this oity
from Vancouver this week for tbe
purpose of doing assessment work
on his mineral claims io this district,
Harold Uclnnes and Dr. Mnir, of
Trail, wbile on their way home
Sunday, broke the drive shaft of
their car on the west grade of tbe
Rossland highway, and had to return to thia oity for another car.
Mr. Olson of Billings split hiB
left hand thumb witb an axe wqile
manufacturing poles, and came up
to tbe city yeBterday to bave Di.
Kingston sew it together.
There is a report abroad that Rev.
Hillis Wright, formeily ot tbis city,
und Miss Kingston, matron of the
Grand Forka hospital some years
ago, were married in tbe east recently.
Dr, R. D. Lainson, chiropractor,
has sold his practice in tbis city to
Dr. Ellis Harding and moved to
Trail, having purchased the business
of tbe chiropractor in tbat city.
Mrs. Dan O'Ray left on Monday
for Trail and Nelson.
Canadians who left Canada hoping to better them-s lives are return*
ing in larger numbers than ever and
without exception tbey are reporting
that opportunities in Canada are at
least equal, and in many cases mucb
belter, tban in distant parts tbey
sought. This is tbe report of officials of the department of immigration and colonization, Ottawa, and
tbey aite a number of individual
The Canadian gr-Aernment immigration ollicer at Detroit gives the
details of 25 Canadian families who
have returned to take up farms in
Canada, most of whom hsd been
farming in diS re:.t parts of Canada
before leaving for ihe United States.
Tbeir bopes of fortune there did not
materialize, and tbey are back quite
certain tbat they can   do better in
tbeir own country.
A similar report comes from the
immigration agent at Fargo, North
Dakota, and be tells particulorly of
tbe case of C. F. Koepnick, who
left Fargo for. tbe McLeod district in
1913; farmed tbere for five years-
returned to North Dakota, but after
another struggle tbere hae gone back
to tbe scene of his former success in
Alberta. He is but one of a Lumber
of former immigrants from tbe
United Stales wbo went back but
are again in Canada bee-us they
know opportunities are greater here,
SEALED and marked tenders will
be received by tbe undersigned
up to Monday, June 22, at 6 P. M.,
for 50 Cedar Poles, 30 feet long with
8-inch tops, to be delivered as and
where required in the City of Grand
Forks, and to pass inspection of the
Water and Light Committee of the
Git/ Council.
City Clerk,
Mr. and MrB. S. H. Logan and
daughter left on Tuesdey to visit
the Rose Festival in Vortland, Ore.
They will spend about a mouth in
the Rose City.
During tbe next six weeks all
growers will be asked to supply
their locals with estimates of their
various crops, and following tbe
histoiy of past years, some of these
will be very accurate some fairly bo
and.many entirely unreliable. Most
of ihem will be banded in before the
specified date, but there will be
enougb laggards tn prevent summing up the tot I prospective crop
nt tbe proper time.
Tlie Associated feels sure that, if
all growers understood bow important it is to tbe sales department to
bave is accurate a knowledge as pos-
sible of tbe volume of each commodity tbey will bave to Bell, much
more careful att-nti'-n wouid be
given to this very   necessary  work.
In preparing for a marketing campaign car ful study must be made of
every condition that will affecr tbe
market demand and tend to raise or
lower tbe maximum price at wbicb
our fruit oan be sold, and no one
thing will have so great a bearing
on this question as the quanity we
have lo sell. Without accurate information the naming of prices and
planning for distrihuti ,n are merely
ghfc-.swork, trusting to luck for good
Overestimating aud underestimating are equally bad—both are liable
to cms- loss and failure to get best
results. An uuexpicled surplus
appearing after thc estimated crop
is sold inevitably brings u slump at
the end of tbe season with ruinous
tff.Uou pool prices. On the other
lju:d,au overestimate cirrus witb
ii ihe Jioger of overselling and
tends to namit-g tco low a price in
order to move a surplus that does
not exist.
Absolute Lccuracy is, of course,
inip.v-ilile, but it is Furpiising how
closely tbe crop can be predictud
when care and systematic i-ffort has
bsen made. Each local has its own
eystem for collecting tbis Informs-
•i<m, s.-nne depending entirely on
Ihe erower, others checking up a
separate survey or by employing a
fl^lrl   man for this purpose.
Monster Tuna Taken in Canadian
A■ a writer of stirring taleB of tho
Border and the mid-westurn
states in tho curly days, Zune Grey
has m-ido un onviabio record for himself, but now along he comes with
another—n fish Btory—and bettor
still, presents the proof in photograph,
so that liis yarn docs not luko on
thn Bomblunco of a druam or a good
bit of story-tolling.
Tuna, wei'diing nearly half a ton,
are the roward of ambitious anglers
who lish in Novu Sootian waters.
particularly in Bt. Ann's Buy, ofl
Cape Broton. Tlirue mammoth tuna
have boon taken from tliiM luinliiy,
each holding tho world's reoord in
turn. Captain Laurio D. Mitchell's
710 pound tuna held a record for n
number of years, till along came
J. K. L. Ross of Montroiil, well known
ai an owner of racing horses, director
of the Canadian Pacific Railway and
his skill as a fisherman. He landed a
tuna after a .'A hours' fight, that
measured 9 ft. and 2 in. in length, nnd
6 ft. in girth, and tipped the scales at
7,12 lbs. thus winning tho honour of
record tuna fishing from Captain
Mitchcl by 2 lbs.
His record Beemed secure, when
along in August, 1924, cumo Zuno
Grey and his brother, II. C. Grey,
eager to catch big tuna. Thoy used a
Nova Soolian-liuilt schooner, n
Haunch little craft admirably adapted
to their plans and needs.   They got
three tuna, weighing respectively*.
C:i8, 684, and then as a climax, the
biggest tuna over landed, weighing
7I>8 pounds. Had they gone in for
anything larger, it would have required a C. P. R. freight car to haul
it to tho cannery at St. Andrews. The
time taken to land the first was 0
hours and 10 minutes, for the second!
38 min. which was caught by R. Ct
Groy, and 3 hours and 10 min. wert
spent to conquer the record breaker
wilh whioh Zano Grey is said to have
wrested tlio palm from .the C.P.R.
director and won tho title of champion
tuna llshorman.
Other big fish of various species
taken in various Canadian waters,
include a record pike caught in Big
Lac Nominlngue in the Laurentians
of Quebec, weighing 68 lbs.: a 38H
lb. muskollunge caught in 1924 in
French River, Ontario, by Samuel
W. Franklin of Now York City; the
world's record speckled trout, weighing WA lbs., taken from Nipigon
River by Dr. J. W. Cook of Fort
William; and a great Northern pike,
4 ft. long with a weight of 21 lbs.
which gave Harold Sweester of New
York a 45 minute fight on the
Canada's infinitude of rivers and
lakes aro filled with a vast wealth of
lish, many of thorn of record measurements and weight. The foregoing are
sportsmen's records.
Established 1910
Real Estate and Insuiance |
Realdeot Agent Grunsl Forka Tow n«lte
m. Company, Limited
Farms    JOrcbards     City Property
~Aireiita at Nelaon. Calgary, Wlhuli eg and
other Prairie polnta. Vanoouver Atfs.ni* :
SatfbllnhsMlIn 1910, wcare iu a, poallluo lo
lurnlah reliable Information fouoariliitf this.
Write lor free literature
,W'Xv      t—*^'. :■■■•»■ Wfh.
bound in white oilcloth, which haa made good
cooks of thousands of house-keepers, who previously could not cook at all, ia youra if you
will call or 'phone ua at once.
Phone 25 "Service and Quality*'
One good top buggy; or
will exchange for good
fresh, or to freshen shortly, milch cow.
Christina Lake, B.C.
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coin! As weatherproof as a duckf Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing, Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything oomplete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people to mount you right.
J. R. MOOYBOER gISSd'tobk^b."*!
Open Saturday Evening UU 10 o'Cloek
I Hobby
Get the habit of
trading at our
We have exceptionally good bar*
gains in all our
PfcoM  10
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
Wholesale and Retail
Havana Cigars* Piped
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, B. C.
rpHE value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult un before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Vir:''ng cards
Sh'    ing tags
Price lists
New Type
JLatest StyleJ
Transfer Co.
City Baggage and General
Coal,  Wood and   Ice
for Sale
Offloe at 'JR.  F.  Petrie'i Store
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yam Hotel,  FnurrM rrkt
«SB0F .
Vacant,      aaraoanrid,      eon-ered
crewa landa mar be are amftat ky
Bit** euhjeeta ore* iT-reara at wa,
*s*\ ta- ****** est **as*sri-t laUnUon
tobeeenu Britlah auajoela, oeedl
firm m Balk-tin No. 1, Us* I
"Bav ta Ma .-put Laat*," ****** st
whieh aaa ba obtained ttae at-barge
br M.tra-adaa toa Dipai taunt st
*-*-*% Viotorla, EA, ar ta aar Oar*
-irnment Afeat
Columbia Areoue and
•a^Clake Street
SfiipYourCream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
We pay the highest prioe and assnre
you the most accurate tast. Give your
local creamery your trade.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly Done
r. g. McCutcheon
buminion Monuwental Worka
Aabrstoa Producta Co. Roofing
will ba created MY-ulna
only Ian4 eultable tar agricultural
pur-Mate, nad whieh la aot tlmber-
lana. La, aarrjrlaf orar MM board
ore *w*aiatthoOoaatBanfO
aora out ot that
aaar aore waat of tha OoaotBante
MM foot aor i
for pre-emptions are
" to tha Laad Com-
mlorioner of tho Load Recording Dl-
virion, la Wbioh tho land applied tat
Is .situated, aad are maae on -printed
forma ooplee of wbioh oan bo ob-
talaod fNM tha Laad OommUalonor.
moat bo oooupled for
. __ aad ImnroTomsmU mada
ta ralue of fit por aoro, lnoludlnc
oMaring- aad oulttratlna- at leaat are
ao-Na, Mare a Crown Grant eaa bo
ation aw
Bulletin    "How    to
AapUoaaoaa are roootrod for pig-
ohaae of res-ant aad unrsoorrod
Grown landa, aat balne* tlmbarlaad,
far agricultural purposes; minimum
prioe of flret-olaaa (arable) land la II
par aora aad oeoond-olan (erasing)
wad M-10 por aore. runner Informal-lea -warding purohaaa or leaae
of Grown landa la (Iron ln Bulletin
Me, M, Land Berloa, Tnrohaaa aad
\osae at Crown Landa."
HUI, faotorjr, or Induatrial attoa on
limber laad, aet sntooodlng *» i
mar bo pvrehaood er leased, tho
dttMH     Inoludlng      payment
Oaeaiiejod areaa, aat exceeding M
aorea, mar ao loaood ae homeeiteo,
oeadltlonal upon a dwelling being
ereoted ln the ant roar, title bolna
obtainable after realdenoe and tm-
ooadltlono   are   fulfilled
p**o**-ement oo
and laaefhaa
Tat uraalng and  laduetrlal
pooao areaa not oanoodlnr lit	
mar ha leaaed br one perooa ar e
Under the Greatac Aat the Prer-
■00 is dlflded late araaui* ilotrleta
aad tho rant* admlnlitered undor a
Graatac Commlaeloner. Annual
a-matat permlU ara Iaaued baaed on
numbera ranced, priority being irlren
to eotabllahed owner*. Stook-ownera
mar form aaaoolatlone for ranee
management. Free, or partially froo,
: jrmtta are available for aettlcn.
i-amporo  aad   tr^-r-alls-sre.   up   to   txa


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