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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Feb 27, 1925

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It is not enough to do good.   One must do it in a good way
Hon. Jobn Oliver, premier of
British Columbin, reached tbe city
00 tbe Saturday afternoon train on
a visit to bin daughter, Mrs. -F. E.
Run-ialls He is on a trip to Nelson, whioh constitnenoy he repre'
■ents io tbe legislature, and be left
for tbat poiot Sunday evening.
While the premier's Weil was
purely of a personal nature, he
attended an informal meeting of
local Liberals on Sarurday eveniog
and discussed matters of publio
interest with them. Sunday morning a Doukhobor deputation waited
pn the premier,and in tbe afternoon
people from the colony made a
demonstration in front of Bev.
Runnalls' residence.
Through an interpreter, Mr.
Oliver told tbem tbit tbey must
obey the laws of the land, and the
government of British Columbia
would see that they did. Wben they
protested tbat'they obeyed the 'aws
of God, tbe premier them that tbe
laws ofcivilized society were fouud-
ed on the laws of God, and tbat the
people and tbe government were as
capable of interpreting those laws
as the Doukhobors. The premier
further told them tbat the only con
dition on wbich tbey would be al
lowed to live in this province undisturbed would be for tbem to live
up to the laws of the province.
At the conclusion of Mr. Oliver's
talk lo the Doukhobor9 the citizens,
who lined both of the street, gave
him three rousing cheers.
,      •WMative library
. *•
-■—**    "Tell mc what you Know is tro»
:t  ■'.      I can Harm as welt at you."
10 YedW
Contest in Grand Forks-
Greenwood Riding Gan
Be Held With or Without a Speaker's Warrant
Vancouver, Feb. 25—"There is
no legal o5stacle to holding a by-
election in Grand Forks-Greenwood
witb or without a speaker's warrant," declared Premier Oliver to a
"Sun reporter while n the city yesterday on his way to Nelson and
other interior centers. "Mr. Pooley
in criticizing the speaker for failing
to file a warrant does not under*
stand tbe law. As a matter of fact
one of tbe other ministers and myself filed notice witb tbe speaker a
week ago of the death of John McKie, but tbat is not a material fact
anyway. ,  .,
"In regard to Dewdney, assuming
that Mr. Catherwood's appeal is unsuccessful and he remains unseated,
tbe law is very involved and I have
not yet satisfied myself whether or
not it is possible to bold a by-elec*
tion before tbe house sits again. The
Elections Act, wbicb bas been
amended from time to time, is ap*
pareatly in conflict witb tbe Con
stitution Act, wbich has not been
kept up to date, and.tbe require,
ments ol the case are far from
Speaking of tbe Kamloops situation, Premier Oliver said tbat so far
as be knew only oue writ had . been
issued against J. B. Colley, asking
tbat he be unseated because of hold.
Ing an alleged contract with tbe gov*
ernment. That is the iriendly writ
issued by Samuel Drake, a prominent Liberal jf Victoria.
"Tbat writ was served op Mr.
Colley yesternay," he Baid. Asked
ns. to tbe purpose of tbis writ, Mr.
Oliver smiled and said: '■'
"If there is going to be any $500
a day penalty a friend of the party
might as well have it as somebody
Much good work was done at the
annual convention of Kootenay
Presby erial. which was held in the
United cbunh in this city on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of
tbi- week. The meetings were well
attended by the local ladies, who
manifested a deep interest in the
Wednesday evening Miss McGregor, field seoretary,. delivered a
very interesting address, at which
.there was a large attendance of
townspeople. Miss O. White, dea-
oonese, was also one of the principal
speakers during the convention.
Tbe delegates) present at the convention were: Mrs. Littly, Fernie;
Mrs. MacKinnon, Mrs. McBurney,
Cranbrook; Mrs. James, Mrs. Boyd,
Ciestoa; Mrs.. Wredge, Mrs.- Brodie,
Mrs. Choate, Miss Forin, Nelson'
Mrs, Wilson, Mrs. Morton, Trail;
Mrs. B. D. Kerr, Ms. Romstad,
Miss McMynn, Midway; Mies Mc-
Greggor, field seoretary; Miss 0.
Wbyte, deaconess. Mrs. J. Little
and Mrs. Knowles were tbe Grand
Forks delegates.
Tbe officers elected for tbe ensue
ing   year  are:
President. Mrs. Brodie, Nelson.
First:   vibe-president,   Mrs.  M.
Gibbs, Nelson.
Second vice-president, Mrs. Run-
nails, Grund Forks.
Third vioe president, Mrs. McKay,
Recording secretary, Mrs. Wredge,
Kelson. ,. i., ,-..   i, |    -I
' Corresponding secretory, Mrs.Reid,
Nelson.     , . ,,
;, Treasurer, Mrs. Cboale, Nelson.
Young W. secretary, Mrs. Gray,
Mission board secretary, Mrs Carlyle, Cranbrook.
Home helpless secretary, Mrs.
Glaspell, Grand Forks.
Strangers seoretary, Mrs. Kingston, Grand Forks. -
Supply secretary, Mrs. R. D.
Kerr, Midway.
Messenger secretary, Mrs. Aria-
strong, Melson.
Social service secretary, Mrs.
Hales, Grand Forks.
Library secretary, Mrs. Fisher,
Literature seoretary, Mrs. Morton,
Press secretary, Miss Forin, Nel -
son.,.    ,,,       '       .1    ||
Tbe sessions closed - Thursday
evening after a most successful convention.
Estimates for Current
Year Were Presented
and Referred to Finance
With    Installed   Equipment,   the Wall Street
Journal Considers It to
Be Improved
Portland, Feb 25. The dock
commission is considering enlarge-
me t of its present cold storage
space for fruit on terminal No. 4.
During tbe rush which bas marked
tbe closing of the present apple
shipping season, not enough space
was available at terminal No. 4 to
Tbe regular meeting of tbe city
council was beld in the council
chamber on Monday evening. Tbe
mayor and all the aldermen1 except Aid. Mi|ler were present.
Only ooe tender was received for
the brick at tbe Granby smelter,
aod tbe council decided to extend
the time so March 31 and to advertise in tbe Trail and Nelson papers.
The license fee deposit for tbe
store in West Grand Fork was ordered refunded to Nick Poetnik'off,
he having complied witb tbe regulations.
The water and light committee reported a break in the, mains near
the Doukhobor warehouse, which
will necessitate the replacing of a
considerable amount of four-incb
The council approved of tbe
agreement for trading tbe Elmore
acreage in the West end forthe
acreage adjoining the City park
owned by S. Carruthers.
The matter of the safety of tbe old
steel water tank was, after being
discussed, referred to the water and
oommittee witb power to aot.
The olerk was instructed to forward to tbe Columbia <& Western
Railway company a list of all properties in plans 35, 83 and 1339.
Tbe estimates from the several
oommittees were presented and referred to tbe finance committee.
The temporary loan bylaw for
1925 was reconsidered and finally
New York, Feb. 25.—Dealing
with Granbv for 1924, the Wall
Street Journal says:
Granby Consolidated Mining,
Smelting & P.. wer company made n
creditable showing in 1924, producing 36,231,187 pounds of copper
from its Anyox property against
32,562,459 pounds in 1923. Itc'osed
tbe year with operating profit of
about $930,000 before depreciation
anu after bond interest, against
$777,326 the preceding period.
Io spite of having lo treat ore in
a new concentrator not thoroughly
adjusted, operating cost of producing copper for the year was 10.11c
a pound sold in New York, includ
ing all charges and credits, against
11.80c in 1923.
The company improved its finan
accommodate all shipments desired
for movement through the terminal. I °ial   position   materially, reducing
  j bank loans from $1,060,537 to $1,»
Commenting on tbis dispatch, the
Vancouver Sua says: The above
item of news was cut out of the
newspaper and pasted over the desk
of Harbor Commissioner B. E.
Beattie yeBterday.
Portland's attempt to coax all tbe
fruit trade.of Oregon through tbat
port by building cold storage has
been successful to such an extent
tbat additional warehouse room is
now negessary to care for the fruit
seeking export.
^Following tbe example of Portland, the Vancouver harbor com
missioners bave been endeavoring
to secure an appropriation to erect
a cold storage here to care for
Okanagan fruit.
If tbe suggestions of Mr. Beattie
are followed, British Columbia will
erect a cold storge oot only here but
also at one of the leading ports of
Great Britain, wbere the fruit and
produce may be beld pending a
favorble market, aod not be all
thrown on tbe trade as soon as the
ship arrives, tbus depressing prices.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eacb
day during tbe post week, as recorded by the government tnoiuinm-
eter on E. F. Law's rancb:
Feb.20—Friday  36
21—Saturday  46
22—Sunday  43
23—Monday  47
24—Tnesday   49
25—Wednesday  35
26—Thursday  46
If you can't go to Europe to
study the grand manners, you can
observe floorwalkers.
Washington,Feb.24.— The Eeague
of American Inventors bas announced that one of its members
bas satisfactorily tested out a -'magic clotb," whicb, with the aid of
only a crystal detector, a ground
wire and a pair of ear pbo es,makes
a perfect radio receiving set. No
coils are needed in the new method,
it waa asserted. In tbe try out it
was claime J tbe car phones, coo
nected witb a fixed crystal near the
clotb, afforded perfect reception
without physical connection* No
aerial was used.
The Port of Montreal created a
aew world record in 1924 for the
amount of grain handled by any one
port In any one year, namely, 166,-
189,396 bushels, while from January
1 to November 80 she handled 94,-
866,508 bushels more than her nearest competitor and 17,832,709
bushels more than the seven next
busiest ports combined.
399,284,after expenditures in build
ing the concentrator, enlargement
of power plant and a few minor
capital expenditures aggregating
$300,000. Net quick assets were in
creased $200,000 totalling at the
end of the year something over
Gsanby as now completed and is
j.ust beginning to derive tho benefits
of its construction program put into
effect Bome two years ago, among
wbicb was the building of a large
dam. an extension of the hydros
electric installation, the further
equipment of the mine for increased
production and construction of
1000-ton concentrator which hae
developed capacity from 1200 to
1400 tons a day.
On reported ore reserves alone,
Anyox propert/ bas an assured life
of over ten years.
The property is equipped with
modern concentrator capable of
producing 20,000,000 pounds of cop
per a year. Since acquisition in
1923, this mine bas not been operated but it mn be placed in commission with little delay.
In its properties Granby hus po-
teutiul opnrutim- tupacity to return
a profit of if400,000 a ye-ir for each
cent a pound appieciatiun in copper
above production cost.
Qranby is tbe foremost copper
producer not only in Canada but
also in the Hritish empire. It is a
well dounded-out enterprise, with
its own coal mines, its two copper
properties, concentrators and smelt*
ing and convenor plants. It occupies an unique position in northern
British Columbia, where it ie surrounded by an extensive mineralized territory, tbe development of
wbicb is in its infancy.
Ottawa, Feb it, — Thn establish,
merit of a nation-wide grower owned
selling agaocy, which while -ibinii -
ing the boat price for growers, would
give tbom , maximum distribution
without overlappia 'J** recommend*
ed by Commissioner Lewis Duncan
of Toronto us a remedy for existiig
evils in connection with the marketing of fruit and vegetables
"Provided four tests are met- no
merchandising, no favoritism, lbe
itricted accounting and the employment ofjmen of probity." snys ibe
commissioner, "in that way lira
success "
Commissioner Lewie Duncan recommends:
1. That it be made unlawful for
any combine (V defined in the
Combines Act, 1923), operating or
controlling a chain of jobbing boun s
dealing in tbe products of tbe soil
to operate or in any wny control
tbe operation of the business of
broker or factor baodli g the pro*
ducts of the soil.
2. That it be made unlawful for
any sucb combine to require as a
condition in the purchase or hand-
ling of goods by any of its jobbing
houses', tbe payment to itsolf or any
of its companies or any other per*
son of it ommissioDjOr purchasing
fee or similar charge, provided tbat
nothing shall prevent tbe payment
to jobbers of the customary jobbers'
commission for handling goods on
3. That tie rendering of false or
deceptive accounts sales be made a
criminal offence, and that false or
-deceptive account salea be deh'ued as
account sales whicb do not truly
and precisely set out the trans.ction
in question.
4. That it be made a criminal offence for any broker or fictor handling, dealing in, or disposing of the
products of tbe soil, to make any
undisclosed "overage" or merchandising profit ou consignment shipments.
5. That brokers, factors, jobbers
aud otiiord handling, dealing in or
disposing of tbe products of the soil
be required to maintain for a period
of live years oomplste ot records of
goods handled ou consignment.
0. Tnat tbe minister of thu crown
be empowered to aueu to be examined rcalutivc io any transac
tions oomplaioed, tbe books, papers
and records of any broker, factor,
jobber or other person bundling the
produota of the soil
Japanese as a rule retire much ear*
Her than occidentals, even when a
tea-bouse celebration is g.iing in full
blast and the sake cups are circulating freely.
Described as the finest coastal
vessel in the world, the "Princess
Kathleen," recently launched by
Lady Mount Stephen, widow of the
late Lord Mount Stephen, a former
president of the Canadian Pacific
Railway, left Glasgow on January
15 on her ten theusand mile journey
through the Panama canal to join
the Canadian Pacific's fleet of
coastal steamships plying the seaboard of British Columbia.
That consideration be given to
the desirability of pissing legislation similar in principle to the antitrust logi-lation of tho United .States.
Federal control nf Dnlted States
railroads, adopted ns a war measure
during the period December 81, 1W17,
February 29,^020, cost the country
11,674,500,000, of which $1,128,500,.
000 was total loss, $.186,1)11(1,0110 estimated expenses nnd $1.1,1)00,000 wns
required to reimburse small deficit
roads, according to James C. Davis,
Director General of Railroads, who
has just submitted his annual report.
The Cbeoah River in the Smoky
mountains of Tennessee is to be di-
verti-d from its channel and forced
to pass under a mountain through b
tunnel threo miles iong so tbat ths
water of the rlvor may be utiliz-'d by
a hydro electric generating plant
which serves Kn'oxvills,
Vigilance is  the
rice of
Remarkable absence of timidity is
being shown by wild animals in tho
neighborhood of Banff, Alberta, it
is reported, as a result of kindly
treatment. Heavy snows recently
brought elk and deer into the main
part of the town, where a parade by
these animals is not an uncommon
sight. They make the rounds of tho
houses, looking for tit-bits, which
arc not denied them. One hig elk,
with a magnificent set of antlers, is
as regular on his schedule of calls
as tho milkman.
Are those wbo perform grateful
enough to tbose who look on?
The most recent addition to tho
Canadian Pacific Railway 'a British
Columbia fleet of 28 passenger I,
freighters, barges, ferries and tugs
is the British Admiralty Rescue typo
tug, "St. Florence," which will leave
Glasgow at an early date to mako
the 8,500 mile journey to Victoria
under her own steam vin the Panama
Canal. Sho will be one of the
largest towing tugs in Pacific coast
waters and is c-.p'Md of towing tho
biggest liners making usa of porta
ir ty
/iTUrt   /H*»*itH?>    Iffitl-rfni   ft IIII      1"^—Tl '-•--••■■^•^'T-r-'-T**-*^^^
{ 4-fei-cM tflbtfs ne must forego money, hence a
famous London* \\viawWcfi^fiffrteirs
)00§ OD OJ flgU
One Tear (in Canada and Qreat Britain) .,,„
One Year (in the United Btates)	
Addrear -M
Pbowr 101R
office:  columhia avenue1 and lake street.
•——cations to . -m
Thk Guano Fonm Son
'-;  Qband Forks, B. CJ
-'  L
manufactured goods for palm oil, gold dust
cotton, gum and ^coffee^ witt*  nfti
a^wey status,
' mi *i
The people of tbe provincaiaiust 1^ ■»etti^i
tiied of seeing the British Columbia   government designated, by the opposition press, as a .
"booze peddling government."! *-j}jlii&;isUnojt
honest ciiticism.  Itis not criticism at all.   It
is villitication, pure and simple.   The government had a mandate from tfa«.peo"ple td'ettictr
a liquor control law.   The. government did
so.    In returning the government at the . last
geneial election, the people' apparently approved that law.   If the principle ofthe government handling the liquop traffic is wrong,
the elnctorate should be blamed for it, and
not the government.    While  pet-son^ ly  we
should like to see the traffic outlawed altogether, we recognize the fact thatywe are living in a democracy where it is the duty of
every good citizen to accept the mandates of
the majority.
^ pknt of\'6ur fields,
usually r^el:rt^^^^8i3fca -^ed," is really
a foreigner and ceTittme£flgr/wa*s used by the
Romans, who dipped its iffied italk^in-idetf
to, bam.f«--^fia*ndklq$t^ ~:
The GreokB fsaakqd its leaves in pit, to use as
wicks in.tbeir^acsful-lamps.   It is«Hd-, too;
that Spaniards in ancient times used the se
ofi^jjliail for stupefying fish.    So it sei
tftat Wiilleip is a plant globe-trotter.
With this issue The Sun inaugurates a cross
word puzzle department, Tatep. in moderate
doses, this feature possesses some educational
value, as it increases a person's vocabulary/
By diligeutly persevering in solving these rid
dies, people who now cuss the editor by using
a few vulgar words may eventually dp so in
classic English. If this hope should be real-
z-sd, we shall be amply repaid for the expense
we have gone to. But, seriously, The Sun is
one of the few rural newspapers in British
Columbia that pays for special features, . J?dr
years it has maintained, at j considerable; ex-.
ponse.an excellent cartoon service. Tips wili„be
continued. The Sun believes, that a I vast
majority of the public prefer these featuras!td
baseless rumors and.seq^eleis'gossip.1       -'::'■"'»;
Tlm]word score has sevf^i^eaninga.J^
music.'Full score has a-U,4he parts of a bofti*.
position. Instrumental score, for instruments
,9ply. rSJiqu-t score, generaB| applied to.a vocal
wij;h a pianp or organ accompaniment. Vocal
sdbre,'where each voice has aline to itself.
'Pfa'iW -score, where; th0: orchestral or weal
pari* ate cc rapressed into a piano pai^pf-***
Wives are not worse off today tharilihey
were 2000 years ago. Two thousand years ago
Rome led civilization, and in the, wppdjSip-f
Lecky, the pcientist and historian, "The Ro-
Batabliahed 1910    |
Real Estate and Insurance
Fanna     Oreharda    City Property
•ZmSa-aat* at Helaon, Calcarr, Wlhnlpce ami
atbar Pralrlo polnti. TanoouTariAgan* :
WUheil lamO. wo are in s. poilllou  to
*   .liable; sjnston    "
Write for frssa lltsiratiire
(ermallnis rouoarrslnsr this.
Prwii safe by millions and prescribed by physicians fyr
Headache '
fate •?-.<
Neuralgia [j
wa-s^o-rato-tttted "i^TifienSTi
j   /*       - ■ > ■ . . ■ r
of the abso ute authority|j|f ^tsl
a power pf life and J|afif piyfef
and his children,, and wbo.cquld.repudiate
former at w i|.]1 & JChfrtkoid|tniM{€'h:i6sobe|
thing to be tUUlilUW I U JUJJll      -J
Rheumatisri|:} j^euriti^
cept only "iSBaytr" packagfe
,w,hich contains proven directioni
"'ffiisKly "Bayer" boxeB of  12 tableti.
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggist*).
V ASMrln *U sUte Wsts'mart (*ei*gSt>tcJec\itB dklsUUot Bayer Mansifacturc or Uonracetli -
'*-   •5cfeter%rXlWoi^(AW7^cyllcT™KA. 8. A.").    While It l» -vs-ll knosv-h
thit Aspirin means Bayer manufacture, to assist tbe public against Imitations, lbe Table*
. °t^ig*;..gaMislsiy,J^ ■"•>. **<* '-'Ba**ar.-«»m"
popularly a Dplied to the pjd jail, tqiril dpW,B in   ProserveB  the arteries   and tissues.
1817, which, sfopfl inthe penter qf Edinburgh'/ " " ^ ""	
and"Middle tTfged
Yoathf uumsW, Eneriiy and
ness, retards mental and pby-jii
,.!    .     -, ■-■■      . ■';      „-..,,,. P       distressing aoeompanjini*,   ail
whioh is tpp capital of Midlothian oountft.< r-uiB^Do^'W^Mli-ttbiili
I i
Notes • Notions • Notables
..-■■    auiil-l  iu ■■   ■'■-■■-
The world contains at least four mountains
of almost solid iron ore. One is .thp^Jjrpn
mountain of Missouri, another ii, iVIexico, another in India, and a fourth in the: interior of
Africa. tw n-noni ■• s ^ m
Street noises in Paris have become so gi-eiit
... that a chemist has invented a tiny plastic ball
- that will fit any ear and shut' out sonnd. wit
benefit especially to "light s|leepers," nervous
persons and invalids.
Living plants and animals are radioactive,
giving ont rays like radium, according to Al
i bert Nodon, French scientist} Recently No
don exhibited three photographic plates on
each of which were unmistakable light impres
sions. Th,ese, he asserted, were caused 11 by
.tlie rays emitted by a radioacjtive mineral, an
insect and a green' leaf tliat had been' pla. ed
on the emulsion side of the plates in a dark
.- ■ i
■../)  H   .'
0 The various stories (Input "the -prlnca •loom -
rilg*i*15'o^Bfl^fflli9 a'strong Yan Itlaewa^BW^'MkjH'i'
London Opinion, are of cckirse all  ribhsensei
1 didn't risk a waiery grave! ml*'$j$i^£^°SQ"i*M^
Closing solemnity at Wembly, but. I listt*i^ed
in from the depths of a c jinfortable armohair
to the prince's speech and he didn't emit even
a solitary "gee." i,
c! ii  I'
in   ania
Taking ti oubles oheferfally as they cbtiife is
to be commonded.'but still better is the h,abit
of seeing them coming and taking the nedes-
sary,,stepa to head them off.—Fort Wayne
Newa-tSeutinel.  ' > Bq«b*|.i4.oo?
■.,.;-.   ••■.,,.■•:■
i( Ring Rbt er^pjf Frano-** JjjL .eeiebrated ^ ti^
writer By id^ A.i>.),was the first to inteo-
i»M   ,000,0(568 .-'O-   ■']    r ' . .  ,      . „  vfl
duce rhyme into the Latin songs of the
I   !i : ■!■"'. l-Hiji'l   !-' *; oaai-i 10 1
Influence of the American fiirn is killing ihe
Romeo and Julie!;' style _ Wl.^o^tship.,^)*
doorstep to! balcony^ ^.jSpain^ atidiPmbrai \t\%
depicted in the pictures; are being, copied by
the younger generation.
; ',.i-i,.rl   ii. -jj'-iTiiiir1 atl'   a"1*■ :i'-''*™. !1r
Visiting iaSouth'^fricawn^
meut of the U'st pl^ctjp/ji.ifl.iingla.pd w>»8ma(8^,
A. A. Somei'yille, a candidate for parliame it,
kep^ !in touah with his constituency■'by"wirp-,
less as he hp-rried home. '*
ifttttiiiS I \i
[Taken i Faoji ^WP1^
, i; mtiiou .'i:-i.ii!i lis iwollol sin
■j.l ii,...|i' , iiii  n.'i, •■ip'.H'-. l>lop ii )oaso
U;    Onlll
' T'~W **' '    1
ml ~~ """* ""
a (provippial uri
The question of spcu^i
versity to uiopt the^reb^uirements'bi the groi?n
ing educational development of British Cc 1-
t-Vs. luirwion lutitoiaitti! '™t ■'■■ j-::Lr" sill ' »
umbia is noW b^ti^disquissed l^ythtJ,press pf
the province.! „ M \^,:,' jaaq   . h  nitnub   ■.> b
i -Graud Forks i^Beconii,nVt|ie center aa ■ Qi|ie
of tlte railway show districts for foreign railwaymen ott bpservafopn trips, ^bhl- 08 .«.t-.»'-i  '
The con ver # at t|'e. QM$jLJsfflSitS ag
had to cut 4^ the 'night s'hiftiouaedount
lack of powisri; the«water..iu'dhviiTej^ being
,w*.w*,t,,jf tim*t»J pah
six years.        ,-'-,   .  0r  *•
Buffi-j-rw* iroiaiBleaJhess iwitiiits many
diate benefit. Cajm refreshing s eep
assured. Gloorn',' -i3->pM-iftMWnd »erj*i
vouiines8 is banished under tbe it flu-
ence of these, liife giving Tab«ls'
Wrinkles, hard lines, and blemii lies
disappear.1 The Bstin nec'oineis cli i»p,
light and elastic and the ooriiplei^n
bright and smooth! Think of |the
blessings of perfept health, tlw-possesion offewj t^eioypf ap|«arYouth-
fiil appearance and tingling bW , of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and hea th-
tintetj cheeks; the beauty of ridi *»t}
lite and the realisation that Time litis
been putijbaelt Tany^ars to tbe e ivy
and ad|ni^t|o^o|l; yonf^,friepd,B, i n8
the unbounded satisfaction of., yo itn,
self. Oto you allow'a golden oppr-
tobHy tike'this to passl ReMemlber
there areina-'arduoasiiruliss to folliiw,
no restriction;pnidisjt,: mu j am . th sre
any ill effects after. On the, pqntn ,ry
it gives the entire system a feeling Of
1)i*klWti8ni,1•#ith1,in'oVesa8ea", men tali
and: ibodily vigAhr'.i ^WBjI'hk" It ok,
and feel iS0<at 50? Do-dotdeliy,
Cfljmmeflce tha, treatment,; at ion ;&.
iftu wil j never regreUlfe slfgjit obeli
Incurred ior such'incaiourable bene''
fits. The price of these Marvelk uei
Tablets including > Mail Chitrges \*
8 iDoUaw per bottle, dispatched in
pjajn Rfapper. pn roeeipl* of i:amoui i.
•/.liO   .Q.bWft*riblejk«?<ft
pf the City oi Grand Fork*
• ill bir« Blqosq
slili qua
Lenders wanted      .       '
Tenders will be rec^iv«d by the undersigned up
, .toiMwoh. 31stV!192S, for  the ,.purchase of all or any
„«f s*omft*50a,000 brieksin place in two stacks and flue-
chamber at Granb/awie ter site, i, lA
„ ,The highesfrior anyi lender »ot neeessanly : accepted.
N A. HtJTTON,'Clerk!
ibxtatl'.. bn
tiw Hisni
8!llll*l   Iii'-!
i i-i-vwJm q
iM   -jrririsivjp    ,«*<n<\ -A       J JUS". .
•  The'annual ta-x for 1925 pn , ma
'female -dogs^.SO is'ttQqr df
of Police «ir at the City! Wjsy   |.,.
,,j:-,V  0  nnrM    i»fip'-i(3«fi-«£it-
lr 'iti
e dogs $1.5p. .and
John a. hutton, cierk.
■■t.iiM'i  li
' London. Enftland.
i««j    iii Mm ,fUlVf    Fnn    "I'.'f-i-
iiii    y.ii.v   ii*n-*Tn-TJra(""—'»r-
Ut. Le^*tT4?ftiIi«boMtoiria»,
Boad, Bainabar-sj,
T,*-;7i   ill! n.t il'17'l'l
,}o« o.l lewoq dJiw tSrSiiw ""■'>
li-jOleflli: ■•*****%%
•iq Un tu tn.il i. ^naqiiioo '(awlfa^l
,6881 boa '•'.'■; ,38 unotq or uirim
1379a ■:'(!:'  oioil   aftiflmilan nil
i  bn.1'. li -ii "'•" ''i ■l'1'11'1 sWaHiBucoo
.•sl-tifljaiaa soaiinft Bd) ol beiiel
|   v-.-lyil   ni'il    viuTi'iiii'ii  orl'l
'»" ^&st*u,,ixE.
.,' We -afe iagents-; foil therwell known Massey-
' ,Hacris,Une of iarb   equipment.     Lei us
rii jBg«rt?,pn,ypu«iinewi*-' tutaviiOi     ■■■'*'■■■■•■ ■■■
A Complfete Iii te of -Garden Tools
U mUnsJ'^Hb.-tiiiiiiiMn      hnBOiiBloMol  vi-'i'  M.1   '*■■■■
\:w n\m m
SI  ri.'"-
■, ll'.
FuxnHwe [and, Haifdwore
ll  \,j ano
A i-writeps on the "Tory fffiSsf! m
ihis province nave a decidid advantagemovei;
Queen Elizabeth was the first English ruler
to date her coins. EdMard VI first used~'&
value mark when he put Rornkh nuriierals on
the 12 pence piece. Oliver Cromwell is. accredited with introducing inscriptions on tbe
edge of coins to prevent chipping off the silver
pieces of his day. .Since the gold stater of
Philip of Macedotv found universal acceptance
.(.'old Iims oeon king iu international exchange.
I'u; i lii-re arc [jlaccs in the world today where
primitive   currency     prevail^—ivory    tusks,
of subjects; -toffly WCM)
"better terms" puj[D|ft}:,
Thie  Great!
menced haul
to the smelterj in- this eity.
However u
l-.lt....      *-•■ ■        I
JtOSSt)   JWW   UU
Y.lli   ill;!,
ti-.ii '«!.")• ono <caE nl licict j *,
■   laud B88,88I i •
oA§ft -eoni-
•!o.;i ietimos
days may be with the ordinary citizen, they,
are   pleasant to tbe localimihing and'Sttielteir
men, as they meawatfinefeat^'^
needed water ^ iffl^vffi^K j-w'oM thai j
;Besides i I ei|ng>r a^capitAMa, 'W^ihTh^ %&
smelter operatoP artdr a 'tai'lwsly '^ro^dljer,'«|ay
P Graves is ajsF^^j^pifa^a^J^ip-rflnijw
supplying a fe^^fjlijs iSp-pkiftO.-.friend».j-wdtti
i milk, from his herd ofipure-bred oowsr■''■'■'   '*
I   -aes  u» tixitLn a-jWam-w^ ta-taaos
.j-idrauioO lisiis-iti iv bisod
v,' ix-.t'iiJ nS dguonn
ittTO IIWiWiisinPTT
loaliiK ,'i i*«
,i ,$iM ,u ii!.1'.']-.)!)'!
10 I
II III ridl
:,i v,;\! •:./, II '-■■!*• ..'.lli-'UB ;ii'{ tOtS
,0Hl*-yd ii bU.ii. ni nloiaaqq ni }i Joo
}dT .uiit'A'i sito ''''1J-,rl 3lii yn>h}'-' '■'i:'il
PriFs+biynyouvafelike nwstiprtplejyen^^ '>-*
-sQnversatioa:;itoi lett«*-*i'i"ri''n:i-11
iiiiiiwhlD *ef suggest: i
t«tween ifriends«++-Long
BtM ,vT£l;iiimn ini-'A* noi-miM
■m^mg-sV) ,\%hf%^'
HlW ,/-,!.0«f3e ip,s,jiiwhi4e
Speei J-rates after 8:30 p.m.
r.ij nii?u
e*. ,li.-'.i''i    •••> iti ,..-"••  ■   ,. is,-)'!'-*
Britisli  Coliiiiiibia felephone
- ,t.'mJ.'*,-etx*en    ^f.l    .:rn'  BttlJ 1<    L'-aiqlUq oC\l OS /
(Boen « is
•IT    Hi
0(1?.* v  -,  ■
ah ban i-.i-.id j
.-(laaii JjUi
.-rtailawioofi ovishcIo
-.,...-v.. H>an .. , me*
m Ms-raujoo Harrraa $mm amss .-me arar
MOMS  ai
years since Afeska
ir.dic*tsjd,n*«rltS   a    grandiloquent
ny ye
ifel^Bsfl  <#   M   'itrboS-avt-rTOlil^ne*!
t is not man
fl °,* J.
ose geographical location] was
been a land of mysitei
•roi-i-»artindT«dventiiiriBS W.\ has
rag poertis of northern bards.   But
even though the days of the ctyechi-lf;-
nko a*id the squrdough is dor
brief but active jspan of the
I Isl
ut active jipan of the Ratf ll^i^h^Prin-*1'
Dan Magrews and the JL&. .jSMLJfiE
.ou's, matters of historical rfcfaf-'
Kj,r, qnce, the lure of Alaska: has) njjt
W' WBnet'* Dut is as appealing asjevjh-
.I,   to the hearts of men and wimflri
•|i,;.i|-whBrein |:a bit nf romance lurkji,
'Sn! thatehwana to evei-iybne. IT]
Alaska is rib longer  a farM off
country.   It is a very near niitfh-
..     hor to Canada.     It wfll ba Wen
nearer thiishmnlci-.   ., Mr. J.ijE.
i !©alrymple, Traffic1'ViAe-Presldtnt
™,_„»^,f....t}w.^!aTlaritan   National   ntfl.
• ways,  has announced that    hdm-
mencinfe • on June 22nd, the kijin-
pahy will inaugurate    a    w-Tekly
.....   . steamship service, between  PWce
Rupert aha Alaska arid thatJ The
U il i i oil-burning ■ -steamships,' "PH-ice
George" and "Prince RupfetL"
which have already establish*-!, a
reputation as being among f the
. best-appointed vessels on tho sfapi-..
fie Coast, will be' engaged in this
new' service. '."      ' ]
oriday of sailing frceatiV-nicoi •
and tpiwiate, -arfll .Wi-fitant an
portunity to aaa aoinethint'of .„ .
new Pacific port, a* ths- steamer
'   '" iWM «««!i!l*ard tho- ahips ,
. 4| ...rfiaclS Pijaee, fiupfliti, at*10,3<
r-ii.. ifitiii  nil    ■-    ::-.:;   #milii! ■'
:-, syeo | .; ■.:,--... ■■•*■ -. I ■; tlJb1
■■ill' .-■ ■-:-' i. "-';' tiwtlSitH* i'-*l
:-.-.i.i-.il.!   n-i-   Oi   match**   W.tl   .a
Some of the scenes along this
magnificent    sea    voyage    are
Alaska, where visitors will be
given ample time to see this
-fsrmoim 'twm jfnst also to visit
White Horse and the Atlin Lake
JJtince (aeMlJlwill
their jotMeV into the
the Midnight Snn.
(3) .The  Xaku   61
. mile wide anl ninety
•ticaotifal ^IJIieft^Tn-tBe'Wtjr]
9(.i) The Prince Rupei,
which, with the Prince Georgl
will be used <in the Vancouvei
Prince Rofs^t-Alaska servi-
this summer. These boats ai
oil-burners and are among tl
finestrappointed' vessels in ti
hseTft^irlPthe  curioi
totem poles to be found_in tl
-Mme pro-
fcyithe Gal-
exMbition[lH-^ji.J|(a:.4ils ytar,
oWect  being  to ! cojwemoiiate
the; flftlett   aarirre«ary j of   tha
feundinit  sf *»r-c1tf"IHntlie 'old
Nerttr-Wiaat Ifoiinted Peife»ita 1875.
J"..Mites* jgwftJi" 4"
•Ja-^ifiWisflf.; haa grewta to! ba
an ! extremely kusy,modern city,
haxhag-.a;populaWen at .WJWO. ! A
stampede ] similar '**■ ******** held i in
ihniiwJ f-jrr,tbU eommer,
rtceritli. Lai
I pio-
ruary 1; Toronto, February 2; Nil
l.lXXip nm.\H H^MAD 1-ala/ifIUfcuary   3;   Calgsw,,
Februanr .(:  Banff,, February  7-8's
Van-We^TO-airV110-21, and slit
from  Sad iFrancisao  en the  25tih.
Calgary Is giving them a ball and
dance at the Palliser Hotel, they will
take part in the Banff winter carnival, and will play teamn frorn Vaii>''-|n
ceuver  and  Victoria  while ibn^ the
Itfrfytfao wi-i a/iibjittiiO -!'..i»jii A  Tl |
i'i. in
LfiuiiH A «l
'travel iislai-
does not continue on its northi
trip, ilmtili foamicrclbcb thatiaft.
noon.   After passing Old ail Ni
li^'-irfe'J'ilg'ftrftrt -Sinipson, an
Hifdson's Bay Post, calls will
Wrangejl, beautifully situatec
the *6oth ijf m ttfkfeeWeV and.
■ ■^ii,-|;il.        ji-li-i-i    ir'.il iii     ,H<Jill'3ll
..'I   iiu.ll |l
.\.-.-. ...v-»>.:
Wa^hmen Who Nem
Ji'.r-'g^'-'t II
'-Ijttt    ■;
CI*   Ul
possessing many aasmi-atliiva- *#itH':.'
ths period when Alaskai.mi^ a;'.,-
Russian possession., The-, next
point tottcfed' wflt'bB Jupe'iu,' thi1-
capital of Alaskfi,'i'«*l':i a"sWoderrl'-
city with goodiri-metot.'. roads-ind-
i?aa&f?^?' e*0> il^rt.:-WPludm-BI'
the Mendennall Glacier, .and mines:
which have made this co
ous.   On the way frtfin-V
Juneau thetar.will'.beilah' opportunity to see the gfiopdeuH .of ..Tak*';
Iflt-1-1        lUll'li,'-!        |:ll[l.|-llll4'l»-.       Il7l°'.|-
The ships will arrive afcSkagway
at  seven  o'clock  Friday  morning
and will remain there until seven    ,s
o'clock Saturdajl.triUliH «l«llgfvrmi,1'<'-i'
ample opportunity    to passengers
te- -rtasBli(is"'llirneu8- town"'and"iio"1 '''
,*srit(i|Whi« flp*ffleV:aj»d-iiitHe Atlmin'i*
lflr*l?i™;f^,fS'J PHithei^pntH-iboiind.,!..-!
.Ifturriey tiha uteamers ,wi|l   reach.!   ,,
'VWhc-fti^' Wt'hirie' ;6kclbc'!l' Weanes?   ,  '
,dny,triiwitihii*,'.iiiakMa'' •J"c6'mpl'eBt'',M'
.tfi!*r<d»y;-*ieu-»d irfpjii! i-rv.- rj-riil'W lliri***
fTiIv*'al*ition^'l»'irliii',Aia*iltirnl,trli(, "■''''
fth-j.Hittl-weeklByi i" se*Wice    betwt^en'     '
ZaW.XiWiWr*ln$rW<*>' Rnpeet -will».-i'
be maintained   and   also a semi-
art on the Portland Canal, which
>"iic«aikf s^eji i-j^ffeqt-jfoT amse\>
56l*»«aw: ^uiis|i»' KMiwi
thi •"-ftmands ot Tnftny
tourists, and will be a fitting climax to the' famous Triangle Four,
comprising Jasper National Park,
the Rockies, the Coast Range and
the water voyage through the
"Norway of *
Very heavy summer
ticipated by.; itikte ■■■ Canadiani -Paclfjb
Railway during 1925-iiespeoiillIy!
conventions on the Pacific c6ast:oi '
Canada and the United States, 0.
Foster, passenger tzaffie leninttk^r
of the company, jinnounbedireeeiiU
Canadian and American rallrbai
expect lBO^KK) persons to al
these conventions, l seme i ef I-
*sr\\\ be-very large. At least'tl
westward bound special trains, and
.as ;many,i eastward bound, will bis
provided by the Canadian Pacifte
Ito handle the delegates, Mr. .'Fbiteir
sUted, and Banff and Lake Louisjs
-axpeotl great i seaiohs, I as i-to-'. niaiijr'
of the travellers will step Off at
those famous mountain tesertg.
There will also be a very heavy
jBPX-mitimVlto^c^nventions in east-
n Canada and the eastern United
People take The Sun fA
because they believe M
it is worth the price we nj
charge* |f >r it. It is
therefore reasonable to
sup nose that they read
it* contents, including
advertismsnts.      This
e $
is  not always the case B
in i..... ■ -i .. i ■ €
w\(h n3W,spip9rs  that
\ ":.
as   prem
are offered
turns wi^h chromos or
lottery tickets
''ll.'-■   'I '. !
I [.«.i rs ri. -:   ...
•     I
A. E, IciJOlflt.
|  |i!-->-i/'-    j-fnu '<   .M  ifi-.il-ri)   «yfs-rsllrt
I fsi'ifn'iil'i hnr. • irr i   !    inrrii{|)»j ,--llaili
.. VjTim-i -mm, sAlfcPM    	
liuininion Moaumcntnl Works|
AabeftM;P-rodMc:8Ca. Rm&x**%
BOX 33?
asi^i lobnalfiiJ
iiriT  r111uw
.   >,-'■/     :,
*'-   Tep Issti—8kem hot* thtrjr aaaHKne "PI
'   Kelaey Huu Falai right, Use Dis««jsa«- threi
lUelf. and the P«UUer Tunnel jtHeljoirt)
"VVmparatively few of the tho-usanj-j*. of miles dflrifit^Bdi
AktoChhada artveIe.cWfl«a,, bui
organization'which does not rely
extent on electricity as an aid to i
.aervice. Electricity plays an impo
,; '.great Railrioad Shops through the
i and oars, are operated by power- di
Stored in batteries. Bridges are ope
and one electrical devices are in
beside being labor saving do awaylwth thi
'«ient wWcn niljgiht make; tor jnefflsjiency.
among these arc the automatic Block ^igns
■ .'m-U distributed along the line of thb Canadian,E»ciflc,
Ind notices particularly in tbe Rocky! MounUhrpasses
■ where they are more urgently required.
., I To the average layman an autoimatic signal is just a
signal, and the general public is bjsl^fi>ter,eated itf;«
because it gives added protection,; br^rather)eliminates
[here is no railway
a greater or wsMr-
lent operation and
it part in all ofthe
lonstant use which
th thflMi-aan^e-
ncy.   T4u*BM)ed
Ignals which one
possible danger from the portion of tf>(*Jcwltij)\iigayfitos.  The,
To the railroa"
to the railroad official It is more. ilt-^ets;-is waTclTniari
against broken rails, open switches, a fouled track or any
= f
A*\.m SC^IIK£It
ealer ia
Havana Cigars. Pipes
BWg Coafootionery
•I bi
1 BO-
that section
Through a circuit in the rail this Is
broken rail, washout or other obstruo-
ip approaching the signal may not pass.
its i
BPP1     ,r.   —
release them ijbtil the preceding train has passed from
the track which they desire to enter.
V  ,if.>  ifi
- »*in oj itovia 'it't.
luim i ri  ■-■•■'■ui'i:
)hU (i-i I
M\ Uttft    ■   ■
Imperial J^illiara ParU
i   i Qrand Forka. K. C.
'I no
Bring your boe t
anlflitMi repairs to mv
shop for neat and prompt
work.    Look   fpr the bi r
—■"■ -r,tt 13 •f'^.m j au j'
nbimlaO JtA I
r.i.'tr.ll n
company is able'
lot oniy is sabor saved, but th«
ensure absolute protection.
v, (iiu«tTU1.E FRAMING
rniture Made to (
Furniture Made to Orrler.
g of all Kind)   g -.
winnipbu kUmiit
*,■■'•■ ■-::
Advertising "to help
the editor." But we do
wantbusinessadvertis- fjl
ing by progressive busi- f B
■■--     »"''-i..'''
ness men who know fO
that sensible advertis- |jj
ing brings results and |],1
pay. If you have some- HJ
thing to offer the public that will benefit
them and you as well,
the newspaper reaches
more people than a bill
i -i .i
and if you have the R|
goods you cnn do busi- u*4
ness with them tJ
To Safeguard
quality and flavor
is always sold in an air-tight
aluminum packet* never in bulk.
News of the City
Tlie two Doukhnljors on whom
fineR were imposed in the police
eourf some weeks ngo far nut Bending their childien to school, o-*'iin
came before Magistrate McCallum
on Monday for not paying tlieir
fines. They were sentenced to fifteen
days in jail. They adherents of the
faith of the prisoners bave been
Bomeivhat turbulent since sbis sentence was imposed,
The higb school students gavo an
entertainment in the Empress on
Tuesday evening to raise fnnds for
a library. A longthy program waa
rendered in a meritoriouB manner,
the enjoyment of tliose present, All
the standing room in (lie house was
Tbe court of revision for the revision of the voters' list for the
forthcoming by-election in Qrand
Forksi-Greenwood district will be
beld at the government office in this
city on Tuesday, April 7.
A very interesting lecture was
given tbis evening by C. VV, Cut-
froth, of the lecture Btaff of the
International Bible Students association, in G.W.V.A. hall. Tho
subject of Mr. Cutforth's l ddress
was, "Life on Earth in tbe New
World," being one of a series on the
general subject of "Millions now
living will never die." There wasa
fair-sized audience present.
Officers on the reserve and retired
list, Cunadian militia, residing in
the province of British Columbia,
arc noslfled tbat they should report
in writing to the D.O.C., M.D. II,
Victoria, B.C., on or before the let
Apri' io each year, giving address
for tht current yaar, tbis in order
that their names be retained iu tbe
militia list. This also applies to
officers formerly R.O. andjR.L., C.
E.F., as those lists bave been ab*
eorheU into the R.O. and R.L..C.M.
The municipal court of revision
was held in the city office on Monday last, and the assessment roll for
1925, as prepared by the city ae»
sessor, was certified to. Na further
appeal from  the C.P.U. was  made
In the Davis Hall, Saturday
Evening, Feb. 28th, at
8 o'Cloek
Tlio Unionists are evidently getting scared, and ure resorting to all
nMiiiHT of political tactics.
ltuv. F. E. Ruuualls, and his re
(."in iy appointed Methodist members
of Session, havo refused P. T, Mc-
Callnm, a life-long Presbyterian, and
his associates the use of the Presbyterian Church for the purpose of
holding a public meeting on the
Church Union question. Mr. McCal"
lum has engaged the Davis Hall for
this purpose and has tnade arrange-
ments for VV. VV. Fraser, of the Pres-
byteriau Associaiion of British Col»
umbia, to address a public meeting
on the CHUKCH UNION question
in the Davis Hall, csnimencing at 8
o'olock P.M., this Saturday.
Everybody Weleome. No collec
tion, nor Methdist subscription list
presented for donations.
It is only fair to say that the Pres-
byteriah members of Session have
overruled Rev, Runnall's refusal and
have advised Mr. McCallum that he
could have the use of the church, but
arrangements had already teen made
for the Davis Hall.—Advertisement.
The Liberal women of Greenwood
have organized a ludiee' suxiliury,
wi^h the following officers: President, Mrs. R. G. Inglis; vice president, Mrs, George Clerf; secretary,
Mrs. Lester McKenzie; treasurer,
Mrs. Jack Keady; executive,Mrs.A.
Legault, Mrs. Georg Sutherland,
Mrs JameB Kerr aud Mrs. E. Lund.
Harry Armson arrived in the city
today from .Spokane for u few days'
visit with his parents,
Sheriff T. A Taggart returned on
Friday from a business trip to Midway.
A remarkable Btatue modelled entirely in ice is to be seen at Quebec
It represents one of the latest or
2300-type locomotives of the Canadian Pueific Railway, about one-
fourth full size and is perfect in
every detail. Ice statuary has been
brought to a fine art in the Ancient
Skaters from New York, Boston,
Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa will
compete with Quebec champions in
a (rrent international amateur figure skntinj** contest, to bc held in
Quebec city February 23-24, for
handsome trophies anil medals donated by the Frontenac Winter
Sports Clubs. A record attendance
of spectators is expected.
1 A long nosed animal
5 A dish
10 Destruction
12 Uncommon
13 A preposition
14 Proficient
17 A famous Canadian ranch (ab)
18 A small mark
20 Pari: of a grain
21 Article of clothing
22 Sanction
25 A birthstone
26 A fastener
28 Not sacred
31 Consiliarius (ab)
33 To decompose
34 Good to eat (sing)J
36 A conjunction
37 Ao opinion or doctrine held as 29 Loving, affectionate
true 30 Famous character of Dumas'
39 A north Eastern state in U.S.A. 32 By month
1 Commerce
2 Meaning oneself
3 Jumbled type
4 Girl's name
6 Practical skill applied to subjects
of taste
7 A syllabfe for a tone in the musical scale
8 Any surface
9 A measure of ponetrationn
11  To burn
15 To feel deep grief for
16 Prove legally
19 A bugle call
21 A girl's name
23 Eqnal
24 Prefix in German names
27 Space for action
40 A prefix from the Greek, meaoing
be?ido rr near
42 A North Eastern state in U.S A.
44 Select
45 Discolored places
35 A single thing
37 A kind of fancy work
38 The highest part
41 A New England state (ab)
43 An   exclamation   calling   atten
If- You Can Answer Ten Questions
Geography and History
Other prizes amounting to a total of
81,000 given in Educational contest,
open to everybody, anywhere. Send
stamp for list of questions, rules and
circular. Address—John W. Sheffield,
Chairman, Aurora, Illinois.
NOTICE is HEREBY GIVEN thnt I shall,
on TUKSUAY, tho Wi ilny of APRIL, WS,
ut llm hour of 10 o'oloosc in the iorenoon. at
the Court House, Grant] Porks, hold a Special
Sitting of the Court of Revision for the purpose of revising the List nf Voters for tho
salt] Klcct.iiiil llistrict. iiuil of hearing und
determining sissy uud nil objections to the
retention of nuy namo nu the snld Ust, or
to the Registration os a Voter of any applicant lor registration; uud for the other purposes sol forth In tho "Provincial Elections
Doted at Grand Porks. B, C„ this gird day
of I'olsrtiary. 1112.1.
Koglstrur of Voters for the
tlrund   I'orliB-Greonwool
Klo.-tnral Distrlot.
Skiin-*; parties over the week-end
pre being conducted by thc Lauren-
tian Winter Club in different points
in thc Laurentian Mountains, tho
tours beinjr superintended by a competent skier. To those remaining in
Montreal the big six-cliute toboggan
slide on Mount Koyal has an added
attraction in toboggan races every
Saturday, winners receiving prizes.
That Canada Is on tlie verge of a
trade boom whieh may last until the
end of this year was the statement
mnde in Toronto recently by Richard
Conway, Vice-President of the Brook-
mire Forecasting Service of New
York. The main factor responsible
for the upswing of Canadian business, he said, is the opening of the
foreign markets to the grains of tlie
past year.
BIULBD TBNDERS will Is.- rei-olvod by thc
Minister ol Lands ut Viotorla not Inter than
noon on lhe I2tli ilu.v of March, IMS,for the
nurohnse ol Lloenoo X"l)"», to out i.sm.iriii
foi-toi Lurch, Homlook, Snmoe, White Pino.
I'I; uud t.'i-dur and Bfi,400 LIiipuI Fool of Cedar
Poles on no area sitiiutod between Paulson
and I'lii-iiiu. wost of the C.l'.K., Kssulellay
Lund llistrlct.
Two (21 J'euru will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Eurthor particulars of the Chief Korester,
Viotorla, ll. 0., or District Forester, Nelson,
11 C.
How to Solve a Cross Word Puzzle -   ,
When the correct letter is placed in the white spaces thia puzzle will
spell words both vertically and horizontally. The first letter in eacb. word
is indicated by a number, which refers to the definition listed below the
puzzle. Thus No. 1 under the column headed "horizontal" defines a word
which will fill tbe white spaces up to the first black square to the right, and
a number under "vertical" defines a word which will fill tbe white squares
to the next back one be ow. No letters go in the black spaces. All words
used are dictionaiy words, except proper names. Abbreviations, slang, initiate, technical terms and obsolete forms are indicated iri the definitions.
Special For This Week
Three doz. O He
Oranges    OO
Phone 25
"Service and Quality'
IT brings the whole country for miles around within eitsy roach.
Have you seen the new models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coinl As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Hearings Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing, Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Hrake, Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people to mount you right.
J. R. MOOYBOER SEfttii&im
Open Saturday Evening. Till 10 o'Cloek
ShipYourCream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Co.
We pay the highest price and assnre
you the most accurate tost, Give your
local creamery your trade.
An Opportunity to Win 15,000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
The Grand Forks Sun has concluded an arrangement with The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal by which we can offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readers,
Tbe offer includes a full year's subscription to both papers, an art calendar with a most beautiful picture subjeot ready for framing, and an opportunity to win a prize of $5,000 cash.
In tho Federal Election of 1921 there were 3,119,306 votes cast out of
a total of 4,435,310 names on the voters list.
How many votes will be polled in the next Federal Election?
The Esmly Herald and Weekly Star are offering Ten Thousand Dollars
in9-l prizes for the bast estimate, and our arrangement with the publishers
of that groat weekly gives every Orand Forks Sun subscriber an opportunity
to make an estimate and perhaps win the capital priie of $5,000. Some person
will win.    Why should it not be you?
Read This Bargain
CKALKDTBNTIlKK3i(irMroMeil to the Post-
yj master General, will bo received at Ottawa
until noon on Friday, the 27th tfarilh. 1925,
for tho conveyance of [ils Majesty's Mails, on
a proposed Contract for four years, twelve
(12) times per week each wav, between Orand
Forks and railway Station (0. P.), from the
1st April next.
Printed notice*containing fu rthi-r information as to conditions of proposed Contract
may bp nostl and blank forma of Tender may
bo obtained At tho Poat Office of Grand
Korks, tl.O., and al the offloe of tbo District
Superintnndenl of Postal Service.
J. K. Ml'KIUY,
District Superintendent
I Diatrloi Superintendent's Office,
Vauoouver, tt. O.
I l:ub Pebruary, 1926.
Tho Grand Forks Sun Costs $1.00 per Year.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star Costs $2.00
per Year.
We now offer a full year's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar aud tbe right to make one estimate in
The Family Herald Election Contest.
All for S2.00
Estimates must be made at time of subscribing, and no ehanges will be
permitted afterwards.
Order Now at Tbis Office
rpHfi value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a meansof getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Voting cards
Sh'pping tags
Prioe lists
Envelopes       . .
New Type
Latest Style
Colombia; Avenue and
-..^U'Ulti Street
Transfer Co.
City Baggage and General
Coal,  Wood and   Ice
for Sale
Office at JR.  F.  Petrie'* Store
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yale Hotel,  Fibst'-irbkt' ST"
mmm ,
Vacant, unr.g.rv.d, surveyed
rown land* may be pre-su-opted ky
irttlah subjects over ll yeara ot age,
ind btf al'jens en dieloring Intention
*.o beoemi Britlah aubjaota, conditional apart residence, eeoupation,
•ititt   tmprove-m.nt   for   agrtonltui-al
Full Information oonoerntAg regu-
.tSeam regarding pre-emptTeaa l»
■.-.van tn Bulletin No. 1, Und Series.
'How to Pre-empt Land," oopM at
vhleh ean bo obtained free ot obarg.
;y addressing tha Departmamt of
.undo, Viotorla, B.C, or ta any Oev-
nment Agent
Reoerds will be -.-rented coverlng
inly land eultable tar agricultural
purposes, and whioh le not timber-
land, Uk, carrying over 5,000 board
feat per aora weat of the Oeaat Range
and MM foot par acre eaat of thai
Application, tar pre-emptlona aro
o be irllreaaed to tho Laad Com-
nluloner at the Land Reoording Dlvlilon, In whioh tha land applied Iar
Is situate*, and aro ma*3e on printed
•orme, copies of whioh oan be obtained freaa tha Land Cs-smml.nloner.
Pre-eimttona must be occupied for
tt**s yeara aad Improvement, mada
to value of (10 per acre, Including
olearing aad cultivating at least are
aorea, before a Crown Grant ean be
Par mora detail*) lnfenr ation aaa
the   Bulletin    "How    to   Pre-empt
Applloatlon. ara reoelved tar pt-r-
shM* ot vaoant and un resorted
Orawn lands, not being tlmberlaad.
tar agricultural purposes; minimum
prloe of flr-it-olaee (arable) land Is fl
par aere, and asoond-olass (graaing)
land |t.M per aore. Further lofor-
matksn regarding purohase or lease
ot Crown lands Is given la Bulletin
We, lt, Land Series, "Purohaaa and.
of Crown Lands."
Wil, factory, or Industrial sitae oa'
timber laad, aat exceeding 4* acreo,
msy ba purohased or leased, tha eon.
dition.      Including      payment      of.
Unsurreyed areas, aat exceeding M
acres, may be leased ae homesltes,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected In Uie flrst year, title being
obtainable after realdence and Improvement conditions ai-e fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
For graaing and Industrial purposes areas not exoeedlng 640 aorea
may ba leaaed by one person sr a
Under the Orasing Aot tha Provinoe la divided Into graslng districts
and the range administered under a
Orasing       Commlesloner.      Annual
graaing permits are Issued based on
numbers ranged, priority being given
o ost*.bllsh->d owners. Stock-owners
mis*  form   associations     for    rang,
lanagcment.    Free, or partially free
•mils  nre  available   for    settlers,
in pern   and   travellers,   up   to   ten
ii.ad. t*
4 •
*   t:
a* I


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