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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Oct 23, 1925

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- ■ m
Every good Canadian citizen will exercise his franchise on Thursday, October .29
Realising thu ibs Liheral (.arty
■policy of western Canadian develop*
men! is tbo paramount ne d ol tbis
seotion of the Dominion today, tbe
electorate ia British Colombia is
lining up solidly for the govern
ment. Vancouver, which sent three
Conservatives to Ottawa four years
ado, bas obanged front and ao un
biased view of tbe situation gives
tbe government foui seats from tbe
Terminal city, inoluding the new
riding of North Vsnoouver, where
Msyor Dugald Donsgby, Liberal, is
conceded a certainty.
Eleotion day, October 29, will
mark the beginning of a new era of
prosperity in this province, ss well
ss in tbe prairie provinces. For
mauy years now tbe west has fought
for recognition, aod jt bss remained
for Premier Mackenzie King to
dominate- (he situation as bo other
Canadian prime * minister ever has.
The great wealtb^of natural resources
id; British Columbia has long been
tbe envy of the world., But it bas
required years of educutlonal propaganda to briog boms to tbe powers
that be the realisation that the Paciflo province must eventually
take her plaoe as tbe industrial and
'shipping center of Canada.
Tha brosd policy of the western
development which has been shaped
by Premie. King and the indefatiga.
ble efforts of Hon. J. H. King,
minister of publio works, will be
inaugurated immediately after the
election. Already millions pf dollara
hsve been appropriated for port
development and lbs improvement
of waterways. Nothing apparently
ts-tt retard tbe onward sweep of tbe
government's plans for British
"Tall tne what you Know Is era*
*    s as well aa roo.-r.
Successful marketing of boney
should mean satisfaction to both lbe
producer and the consumer. Bearing bis customer in mind, let the
producer put on the market the best
package of wbicb be it capable.
Let'him see" that'tiie honey is well
ripened and carefully straihed, tbat
no particles of wax be left If be
bottles his produot let the glass be
ol the best add the labels, whether
for bottles or pails, be attroctive
He should also keep his customer
in mind when preparing his sections
for tbe market, and do bis best to
put tbem up io tbe most attractive
style, for ht must realise that people
'.-boy.through tlieir eyes." Having
prepared his produot in the best
way, let him ask a fair prioe for it.
The publio will never begrudge giving an.honest price for a good article. Let bim not cut his price to
seoure a sale over bis negbbor, for
in so doing he damoges tbe iududtry
To iporease the nomber of bis
customers he should tske every' op.
portuoity to disseminate knowi ed e
of the uses to wbioh honey may be
Tbe public se a whole are inter*
eated in news, and news of the good
things tbat csn be made from honey
are doubly interesting. This is
evinced by the eagerness with which
up to-date housekeepers seek sucb
literature Distributed at exhibitions
Snd fairs.
Tbe consumer, in hie turn, sbould
be fair. Let I him oot buy cheap
honey snd tbea complain ol being
chested when be finds thst be bas
Beoured a low grade.
Let him not voice that absurd
statement tbat granulated boney is
adulterated—boney is too cbesp in
this country to wsrrant adulteration
and granulation takes nothing from
its food value.
Let him keep bis boney in a dry
place, not subjecting it to chance of
deterioration or. fermentation
through absorption of moisture,
when the consumer and producer
eaoh look for the best from one an*
otber we will be muob nearer sue
ceesful marketing.
quarter century British Columbia
will continue to be isolated from tbe
rest of Canada and British Columbians will besbut off from Canadian
If Premier King is permitted to
admit British Columbia into full
Canadian citiaenship by ironing out
rate discriminations, the fruit growers of tbis province will come into a
a new world of opportunity.—Vancouver Sun.
A Liberal member of the leriialative
assembly of Sjfekatoliewau « ho ie a
candidate   for   federal  honors from
NoUkeu constituency.
A New World for
the Fruit Farmer
Reports from Pentiction chow
tbat the local apple crop wiil he
double tbe origin I estimate of 216,
000 boxes Similar increased yields
are repor ed from Kelowna,Kaled-a,
Naramata and Summerland.
British Columbia is getting intn
the fruit growing busineps in a bit!
way. Aud British Columbia mtiet,
in a big way, go after tho *u>*rketiru
of that fruit.
Whether or not the great douse.
tic market between Vancouver snd
the bead of the Lakes will b:long
to the fruit growe-s of British Cols,
umbia depends entirely upoo the
freight rate situation,
If Meighen is permitted to shelve
tbe rates problem io the archives tjf
tbe railway commission for another
Memorable in the history of tbe
University of British Columbia was
the ceremony in Vanoouver on Friday last, when the honorsry deg.ee
of Doctor of Laws was cooferred on
seven men eminent in education and
public fervioe on this continent.
Tbe people of tbis dietriot were
pleased to iearu tbst Dr. J. D. Mao
Lean, minister of. education sod a
fo.mer citisen of Greenwood, was
one of tbe seven to reoeive tbe degree.
B  *rj       :■   l,*.;E'.l I       *"
and tbe addressees mny make ar
rangemeots with the trsnsporta|ion
company operating between White
Horse aod Dawson to convey the
parcels from White Horse to des.
Liberal prospects io tbe four constituencies in central southern
British Columbia are away above
par, aooording to speoisl reports received by J. 0. Turgeoo, Liberal
Botb East Kootenay aod West
Kootenay will stsy a, tbe ywer e by
isrge majorities, tbe reports indicate. Hon. Dr. J. H. King's reelection in Bast Kootenay bss never
bean in doubt, and W. O. Humphreys, Independent Progjess, en
dorsed by tbe Libersls, will bave no
trouble in disposing of the opposi*
tion of the new Conservative candidate, W. K. Esling, of Rossland.
In Yale, where Crote Sterling, of
Kelowna, won bis way into the
federal bouse last N vember in a
by-election, tbe situati on ie radically ohanged since tbe romination
of Col. C. E. Edgett on I he Liberal
tioket.   '
Mr. Sterling, tbe reports state, is
finding tbat tbere is truth in the old
saying that "chickens come .home
to roost," aod some of tbe Conservative arguments tbat. had much to
do witb big electioo a year ago are
comiog back like boomerangs.
Arguments used against the
Australian trade treaty last year
have been found by tbe Okanagan
fruit growers to bave been very wide
of tbeir actual experience since tbe
treaty came into effect. Similarly
tbey base found tbat Conservative
prediction laet year tbat tbe Cunadian National branch line would
not be built into Kelowna has been
confounded by the tact tbat tbe line
bas been built aod ie oow operating.
Tom McBride, tbe Progressive
wbo supported Mackenzie King
throughout is term for Cariboo,
and who seeks re-election 'with tbe
endorsation of tbe Libersls of tbat
constituency, ie ss good as elected,
tbe report from Kamloops declares.
'!McBride is an absolutely certain
winner," said another te'egraiu received from an independent e.urce
on Saturday.
According to the Dominion elec*
(ions act and amendments thereto,
every person shall be qualified to
vote who is a British subject of the
full age of 21 years and who has
ordinarily resided in Canada for at
least 12 months and in this electoral
district for at least two months im*
mediately preceding the issue of tbe
writ of eleotion (September 5th);
provided, however, that any sucb
person shall remain so qualified to
vote in tbis district notwithstanding
tbat be bas within tbe two montns
Immediately preceding tbe da e of
tbe issue ot the writ changed his
plaoe of residenoe from this electoral
distrlot to another.
If tbe name of soy voter is on tbe
voters' list of tbis district, and con*
ditious prevent him from haviog
bis name placed on tbe voters' list
in the district wherein he is resident
at tbe time of polling, he may cast
his vote io the constituency wbere
bis name is inscribed on tbe voters'
During the month of August 1,132
vessels, comprising 131 trans-Atlantic, 86 coasting and 966 inland
steamers, entered the port of Montreal, these having a total net registered tonnage of 1,936,946, while in
the same period 1,141 vessels went
eut, these representing 1,932,146 net
registered tons. Since the opening
ef navigation 767 ocean-going vessels, representing 3,468,966 net tons,
have entered the port, are compared
with only 649, representing 2,230,072
net tons last year; these figures
being up te the midnight of September 6th.
Tbe following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch,:
Oot. 16—Friday 68
17—Saturday  60
18—Sunday  68
19—Monday  64
20—Tuesday   62
21—Wednesday  53
22—Thursday  64
Hainfall 00
Conservative candidate for the constituency of Laval, Two Mountains,
During tbe season of closed navi.
galion oo tbe Yukou river, which
extends approximately from the 1st
of October to tbe 31st of May, pars.
el post to the Yukon will be suspended except for the post offices of
Cbarapsgoe, Ctraro*) sad White
Horae Postmasters bavs been instructed to be carelul to see tbat oil
and after tbe 22nd of September
matter prepaid at parcel post rates
is uot accepted at tbeir offices addressed to places io the Yukon otber
tban the above named offices. Matter prepaid at parcel post rates ion
tended for other points in tbe Yukon
may be addressed to White Horse,
F. F. Norcross, a well-known
Chicago lawyer, had an amazing experience recently while staying at
the Banff Springs Hotel and playing on the golf course there. Hia
approach te the ninth hole was disputed by a huge bull elk which tossed
its antlers aad stood pawing the
ground with evident hostility as ths
lawyer prepared te play his ball.
Mr. Norcross was about to observe
the better part of valor whe- the
bull's attention was distracted by the
appearance ef a cow elk which made
an effective substitute for the golfer
and both animals disappeared into
the neighboring bush.
The tenth annual convention of
tbe Prohibitioo Association of British Columbia will be beld in Van*
conver on Thursday and Friday,
November 6th and 6tb, commeno
iog at 2 o'clock Thursday.
All the world practices tbe art
' Travelling in a five-passenger
1926 improved model Ford touring
car from Halifax to Vancouver, J. L.
S. Scrymgeous and E. Flickinger are
performing a feat unique in the annals of motor travel in this country.
From Franz, near Sault Ste. Maria.
they travelled on the tracks of the
Algoma Railroad to Fort William,
having been granted the use of ths
lines by the Canadian Pacific Railway. The whole run cf about 4,603
miles took nearly eight weeks, and
a series of still and moving pict-**"
were taken en route to comr.-..
the rdventure.
Better   a   little
treat deai forgott
well kept, than a
Progressive candidate in  the forth. ■■
Ww (Sratti Jfarka Bun
One Year (in Canada and Croat Britain) .....11.00
One Yoar (in the United States)  1.50
Addresr -"	
Phonb 101R
cations to
|*Thi Grand Forki Suh
Orand Forks, B. CJ
Faced with tbe overwhelming tasks of po.st.
war national rehabilitation,the Liberal government under Premier Mackenzie King, has
given the people of Canada an accounting of
which any administration might well be proud
Election camaigns, from tbe government
side, are always comparable to al'manage-
ment's periodical report to its board of directors. During the federal campaign now draw
ing to a close it has been brought home to the
electorate ehat'Liberalism has wrought veri
table wonders for an overburdened Canada.
The national dollar is slightly above par in
New York. Production has increased greatly. Taxation has been held to a minimum.
The veterans of the great war have been cared
for better than in any other country Prudent
immigration has had every encouragement and
fir years it has been appaaent that a strong
nind was at the helm.
From all sections of Caneda come reports
tiat Premier King's past record and proposed
ulicies are approved by the voters, and it be
o >mes more and more evident that the Lib
rcral leader will be given a fair working ma-
j irity in the new house. Meighen and Toryism are not for Canada during these important
tion to Ottawa. Premier King's speaking tour
of the province was a veritable triumph. JMr.
Meighen's efforts to convert the electorate to
Toryism failed dismally, and even strong sap-
porters of tho opposition leader approve of
his plan to spend the rest of tbe campaign io
sections of tbe country more tolerant of his
principles than is the west.
Notes • Notions • Notables
Canada has a whole has accepted Premier
King's statement that only through the full
development of the west can the whole Dominion prosper. He has done more to unite
all sections of Canada tban any other prime
miaister. Even the eastern financial leaders,
s ) long ignorant of and blind to tbe needs and
o portunities of tbe west, are now wbole-
li  irtedly supporting the Liberal leader.
Hon. Mackenzie King on his recent trip to
th.- coast, realized, be saidt as never before the
part which the west is destined to play in tbe
unbuilding of the Dominion, ail hs has
brought home to tbe financiers of the east
tint only through fair treatment of the prairie
provinces and British Columbia can the western sections of Canada prosper.
Thus a new light has been thrown upon the
question of Canadian development. The prairie provinces will develop rapidly under a
p >licy of equal frieght rates, while the almost
i exhaustible resources of the Pacific province
will be found a source of wealth which will
I'laoe Canada in the forefront of natious.
Liberalism is fast working the change.
At a chateau where be was recently a guest
a certain Parisian who does not approve of
the boyish appearance of the modern young
girl was approached by a lady guest. "You
have two childaen, I believe, monsieur," said
she. "Are they boys or girls?" "Madame,"
said be earnestly. "I not know. In 19201 bad
a boy of twelve and a girl of fourteen. But.
now I am not sure. I believe tbey are botb
boys. At all events you that it is quite impossible for me tell which is the buy and -which
is the^girl."
Apiculture, of beekeeping, is one of the few
branches of agriculture that does not tend to
exhaust tbe soil.   Tbe account of the honey
therefore does not include the usual item,
"cost of fertilizer."   The nectar produced in
the flowers is wasted unless gathered by bees
or similar insects. It has been conservatively
estimated tbat not over one-tenth of all the
nectar produced is actually harvnsted.   The
study of the honey bee and beekeeping is becoming more popnlar, and to satisfy those desirous  of knowing more about this subjeot.
short courses are being offered in several of
the leading schools and colleges, among them
Columbia university.   Many people  in the
suburbs can not go in for poultry raising, gar
dening, etc., because of lack of space.   For
them a few hives of bees should afford an in
teresting and remunerative euterprise.
Vancouver Center—Q. Q.. McGeer.
Lib; fl. H. Stevens, Con.; W. W.
Lefaux, Lab.
Vancouver South—R. G. Maopher
son, Lib.; Leon J. Ladner, Con.; A.
Hurry, Lab.
Burrard—B P. McLennan, Lib;
J. A. Clark, Con.; J. Sidaway, Lab.
Vancouver North—Dogald Dona-
ghy. Lib.; G. H. Morden, Con
Cariboo—Raymond Leigbton. Lib;
J. A. Fraser, Con.; T, G. McBride,
Comox - Atlin—T. D Ooldioutt,
Con.; A. W Neil I, Ind. Lab.
Fraser Valley- -E'**-in A Monro,
Lib.; H   Barber, Coo.
Kootenay Bast—Hon Dr J. H
King, Lib.; Dr. F. W. Rutledge,Con.
Kootenay West—W. K Balinj*;,
Con ; L. W. Humphrey, Par.-Leb,
Nanaimo—Tom Booth, Lib ; C. H.
Dickie, Con.
New Westminster—A. Wells Gray,
Lib.;W. G. McQuarrie, Con.; Mrs-
Rose Henderson, Lab   '
Viotoria—Hon. 8  F Tolmie, Con
Yae—C. E. Edgett, Lib.; Grote
Sterling, Con.
City Baggage and General
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians for
Headache   Colds Neuralgia   Lumbago
Pain Toothache • Neuritis      Rheumatism
Wood and   Ice
for Sale
Aspirin la tba mi* asark
••■Master   - - -   -
Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
"Bayer" boxes of  IS tablet*
-    of 24 and 100—Dra-pjiata.
Office  at[R.  F. Petrie'a Store
The celebration of the Liberal victory wiil
'•• incomplete if Col. Edgett, D.S.O., is not
i mong those who successfully made the race
While reports from all sections of Yale district, indicate that he will be elected by a good
in tjority, yet many a good cause has been lost
by the relaxation of work and vigilance at the
last moment, and it therefore behooves every
person wbo wants this district to have direct
representation at Ottawa to keep up the fight
uutil the last ballot is cast on Thursday next.
Oil. Edgett's varied activities in life eminently fits him tor-present the different industrial
encerpaises and interests of this district. During the campaign many nice things have beea
s ud about him. A thonsand more might be
t ild without exhausting the Ite,. It seems to be
|jjetty generally conceded that he is the type
of a man who is needed at Ottawa.
Political predictions garnered from the four
corners of British Columbia, Liberal, Conservative and Independent alike, foreshadow
a clean sweep of the province for the King
government. With fourteen seats under the
new redistribution bill, British Columbia
promises to send a solid Liberal representa-
One wbo is tempted and doesn't fall
greater than one who is never tempted.
Poems From Other Lands
Fly, lays of mine, bnt not to any clime
Whsre happiness and light and love prevail,
But seek the spots where woe aod ill and crime
Leave as they pass a noisome serpent-trail.
Fly, lays of mine, but not to the ether bine,
Where golden sparks illume the heavenly sphere,
But seek the depths where nothing that ie true
Relievos the eye nr glads a listening ear.
Fly, lays of mine, but not to fruitful ploins,
Where spring the harvests by God's benisou,
But seek the deserts wbere for needed rains
Both prayers and curses rise in unison.
Fly, lays of mine, but uot to riotous balls,
Where dancing sylphs supply veloptuous songs,
But seek the huts where pestilence appals,
And death completes tbe round of human wrongs.
Fly, lays of mine, but not to happy wives,
Whose days are one unending flow of bliss,
But seek the maidens whose unfruitfnl lives
Have known os yet no lover's passionate kiss.
Fly, luys of mine, but like the nightingales,
Whose liquid likings charm away the night,
Reveal iu song the sweets ef summer's gales,
Of lover's pleadings and of love's delight.
And tell my lady, when your quests are o'er,
That I, away from her, my heart's desire,
Long for the blissful hour when 1 shall pour
Down at her feet a love surcharged with Are.
—Mugurditch Beshettaihlain.
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yauc Hotkl,  First ibir
ShipYourCream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Co.
Wepay the highest price and assnre
you the most accurate test. Give your
local croamery your trade.
o4ncient Historjr
[Taken Fbom Twentyj-Ybab Old Son Files.]
The Toronto Globe correspondent says that
the Boundary, is tbe largest mining camp io
British Columbia.
Trafalgar day was celebrated on tbe 21st
in the Eagles' hall.
John Houston bas sent in his resignation
from Goldfieids,' Nev., as mayor of Nelson.
A. B. W. Hodges has been re-elected general superintendent of tbe Granby company.
The Granby employees have made a request
for an eight hour day.
F M. Kerby, P.L.S., is engaged in laying
out the cemetery into lots. If the persausive
ways of the chairman of the council committee count for anything other improvements
are likely to follow.
The entire battery of eight furnaces is now
in operation at the Granby smelter.
Wholeaale aad Retail
Havana Cigars, Pipe*
Imperial Billiard Mor
Gland Forks, B. C
THE HUB—Bring1 your boot
and shoe repairs   to    my
shop for neat and prompt
i work.    Look  for the big
boot.— GEO.  ARM. ON
i_*mti. '
Applications for immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned hy the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Prices s--Frora $25.00 per lot upwards.
Terms j—Cash and approved payments.
lost of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office,
City Clerk.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Une bf Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
Furniture Made to Order.
Alao Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done
wanna aviso!
Getting Facts Quickly
When information is required from a
distant point, the long distance telephone
proves its worth as a speedy, personal,
direct service.
British  Columbia Telephone
Company f,
In 1915 Canada exported no wheat
to China. In 1918 the aent only eight
bushels to Japan. In 1924 China
import**! over 6,000,000 bushels of
Canadian wheat and over 1,500,000
barrels of floor, while Japan took
7,000,000 bushels of wheat and 110,-
000 barrels of floor. It is predicted
theae figures will be wall beaten for
the current year.
The Grand Challenge Cap, emblematic of the Firat Aid ChampKinship
of the entire system of the Canadian
Paclfir Railway, will be competed for
at th" Pine-  V   r    "     '    •
Plana-are already being laid to
m**l.   thp ll?", T,-"er-r\nlerr,**'l-*ti,l
ceas than ni any previous year, ttiiU
It la reported that the prizo money
■•••.-.i, WiU 5,1   ...jjoct of attracting
iiiro teams and niusliors* from the
West and the United States.
Fire Prevention Weak, October
4-10, waa observed, throughout the
Dominion, and to mark the sense of,
tha importance of the occasion Mr. I
Grant Hall, vice-president of the
Canadian Pacific Railway, broadcast
an appeal by wire to every officer
and employee of the ayatem."to cooperate as in the past and set a good
example by thoroughly cleaning np
all premises."
Canada's great outlook, aaya a recent issue of the London Outlook, la
that aha want* mora people, but of
the right type, namely, steady agricultural workers with enterprise,
initiative and endnranee. Bnthnaiaa-
, tie letters from emigrants onder the
Joint scheme of settling 8,000 famil-
lea in Canada ara bound to hava their
healthy affect on relativae and
friends dissatisfied with their lot to
BL F. L. Sturdee, garneral Passenger Agent for the Orient of the
C.P.R., with headquarters at Hong
Kong, has been appointed Assistant
Gensiral Pasaenger Agent ef tha ayatem at Montreal. Hla duties commenced here ln October. He waa relieved of hla other werk owing to
ill-health, bot tha climate of Canada
soon restored him to physical well-
being. He has a long record of service with tha C.P.R., dating back to
hia first appointment at Saint Joha
Sixty bushels af wheat at every
tick of the clock ls the rate at which
the Canadian Pacific Railway have
carried the grain into the elevators
this season. To keep op this unprecedented rash, it haa been necessary
to mora ona car-load of grain oat
of Winnipeg at every -tae minute
aad twenty-three seconds of the
twenty-four hoar day. Grain delivered at the head of the lakes by
tha Canadian Pacific in September
alon* would fill a fleet of .200 ships,
eaeh with a cargo of 200,000 bushels.
Back from an extended tour of
inspection over tha company's weet-
•rn lines, K. W. Beatty, chairman
and president of the Canadian Pacific Railway, found a vary marked
Improvement In tha Weat aa compared with that which had existed
whan he laat went across tha conn-
try. He thought the spirit of the
people was much mere optimistic
and with very good reason since ha
considered it safe to aay that MO,-
000,000 bushels waa net too high aa
estimate for tha total Canadiaa
wheat yield thia year.. Ha noticed
throughout the country a sustained
interest in immigration and a mon
-rencral realisation thgt therein lay
tha soundest remedy jfor moat of
Canada's difficulties. -.
E.G. Henniger Co.
Grain* Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, B. C.
P t Hon WL Mackenzie King
We wlllqive ihelfcsi
Equal Treatment
Put your trust in men who believe in the West's future—men
who in Canada's darkest hour held out hope—men who believed
in developing the West.
Under -almost insurmountable
difficulties, Canada faces the world
today on the wave of industrial prosperity. She has met every debt on its
due date to her foreign creditors--
her dollar is the highest in the world.
And the West flourishes. In the last
four years, since Mackenzie King
took die helm at Ottawa, the West's
port, Vancouver, has shown greater
industrial development than in all
her previous history.
- < i j-.- .■'
This in the face of the cries of ruination said; foreclosure from Meighen
and Stevens in 1921. This in the face
of the repudiation of Mr. Meighen
by Canada's strongest Conservative
journal, which styled his outlook at
that time, "the whisper of death."
And more than ever in the history of
the West does the Weft need friends
at Ottawa. Men who will stand in
the councils of the nation afraid of
no moneyed interests, no combines,
no, auction of their party or rival
clfy ot the Dominion-;
Such men are the Liberal Candidates. They know they will have the
support of the leader of Canada's
next Government, the Rt. Hon. W. L.
Mackenzie King. For he hats said
throughout the country that there
must be justice for every section.
The Liberal Candidates are pledged
to secure absolute equalization of
freights for the West. If it is necessary to make this a national issue in
the House of Commons at Ottawa,
they will do ita
G. G. McGeer, K.C., Liberal Candidate for Vancouver Centre, said
"There is one Court where we can
secure lasting and final justice, and
that is the GREAT COURT OF
PUBLIC OPINION, the Parliament
of Canada."
Vote Liberal, and you will bring
about Western development and
prosperity for all.
uOur Tariff must
hove due regard
for all parts of the
country in its present stage of development,** said
Mackenzie King
The Liberal tariff
is a tariff primarily imposed tor
revenue. This
tariff, which is a
tax, should he as
light as possible
on the people.
Premier King
says, "Especially
do we believe that
the instruments of
production essential to the development of our basic
industries and the
necessaries of life
should be taxed
as lightly as pos**
Vote tor
Get the habit of
trading at our
We have   exceptionally good bar
gains  in all our
Guaranteed Laundry Powder
Neutral Soap Pulverized
Will not injure any fabric. For washing woolens,
wool socks, lace curtains, dishes, and for all
household use. Washes clothes sweet and clean.
Phone 25
"Service and Quality'
British Colombia Iruit msy go to
the old country from the province
(or Christmas presents   An arrange
ment  has been made by the Aeso*
dated Growers of British  Columbia
to permit tbe publio to book apples
for delive y in Qreat Britain and
Ireland. Tbe prioe of 16 a box it set
for Mcintosh Rede, Jonathans or
Delicious applee, delivered to tbe
consignee, in tbe old land. A. A
ttil.edg-), manager of tbe B C. Pro
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models! They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coin! As weatherproof as aduckt Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamleei Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value.  Easy Terms. We are the people to mount you right.
Open Saturday Even'mfts Till 10 o'Cloek
ducts Bureau, wbo is assisting
tbe Associated Growers in (beir
plan, bas been informed that tbe
boxes will be packed with extra
fancy apples,tbat iced care will carry
the fruit to cold storage warehouses
or to steamers where they ax ill be
[ kept at proper temperatures so tbtt,
on reaching destination, the (-nit
will be as fresb and well flavored a»
on the day it wae picked in the
Boundary or Okanagan valley.
A cynical bachelor observes that
it man wbo has never married has
to excuse for being a pessimist. 7~
Always Buy
The little leaves and tips from HigH
mountain tea gardens, that are used
in SALADA are much finer in flavor
than any Gunpowder or Japan. Try it.
The Conservative meeting in tbe
Empress on Monday nigbt drew a
crowd that filled near y all the seat
in the bouse. The speakers were
W. J. Bowser, K.C, of Vancouver,
snd Grote Sterling, Conservative
candidate for Yale. Mr. Bowser hae
spkeo so often in Grand Forks that
the people here have bad an opportunity to memorize his speeches,
and tbis fact possibly accounted for
tba liarttid amjut of applause that
was aocorded him. Mr. ^Sterling
had nothing of a startling nature to
tell the elec ors. "He is not a very
voluminous speaker, anyway.
A number of bigb s-cboil students
left yesterday foi Trail, where tbey
will take part in tbe annual high
school sports.
Robert, Johnson, of  Rock Crerk.
waB a visitor in the oity yesterday.
Major Davis, of Kettle  Val*ey,
was in tbe city yesterdsp.
Arthur F. Crowe left on Tuesday
for a business trip tn Spokane.
Mrs. J. R. Brown and son  Wil
ford left on Wednesday by motor
car' for a ten days' visit with relatives in Wenatehee, Wash.
ince, despite a natural desire to con
centrate upon his personal campaign
in hisown riding "British Columbia First" is Hon. Dr. King's
slogan, and bis unceasing effoits in
every section of tbe province have
made him tbe strong man of tbe
Rev. James Youngson.M A..D.B..
of the Presbyterian Church of Can.
ada, arrived in the city this week
and intends tJ ^locate here permanently. Next Suhday, the 25th, he
will conduct services in the Grassick
building on Bridge street at 11 am.
and 7 p.m. Mr. Youngson obtained
his degrees in S sotland. For a year
past ha has bean stationed at Ta
miakamig. Que., and prior to that
time be was engaged io missionary
work in South Africa for six years.
He hae bad s.xne big game hunting
8BALED TBNDERS will ba raaalvad at tha
oBcs of tha Dlatriet Forester, Nelson, B.
C, at noon ol Ootober 18th, nazt. (or Iha
purohaaa of
sn Cedar Polta, 20', upaat prloe Ha par pole.
014 Cedar Poles,»'. upset prloe SOc par pole.
lt Cedar Poles.SO',uj.».t prtoe 1.00 per pole,
"o. ft.
 above material maybe seen at L
1700 Iln. ft. Piling, upset prloe 7oparllo....
.The above material may bo seen at Lynch
Highest or anv tendon not necessarily accepted.
•orfurther particulars apply to tha Forest
Ranger, Qrand Forks, or District Foreater,
Nelson, B. O.
•14 Cedar Poles 25', upset prlooSOc per pole.
895 Cedar Poles 20', upset prloe Wo per pole.
"  Merest prloe
lt Cedar Poles 80'
1700' of Piling
For further particulars apply to the Forest
Ranger, Grand Forks, or Dlatriet Foreater.
Nelaon, B. C.
Outstanding in tbe present elec-
tion campaign from Ibe British Columbia point of view, is the magnifi
cent work being carried on by Hon.
Dr. King. The only British Columbia minister in the Mackenzie
cabinet, tbe member for East Koote
uay has unselfishly given of his
time in carrying tbe banner of Lib-
ralism to every corner of the prov
Miss Helen Sloan, of tbe British
Columbia Telephone company,is visiting with friends in Greenwood for
a few dnys.
lfuminion Moan-mental Worka
(JAabrstoe Products Co. Roofing
BOX 332    8RAND FORKS, B. G
The Canedian Fisheries association bas deeigntted October 28 as
the Canadian national fish day for
tbe present year.
Miss Grace Baron visited Mrs. T
W.Clarke at Be <verdell on Saturday
To The Electors of Yal
Eotabliohed 1910
RealEstate and Insurance
Resident Agent Grnnd Forka Townsite
Coinpany, Limited
Forma    JOrehanla     City Property
Agenta at Nelaon, Calgary, Wlhnlpcg and
other Prairie points, Vanoouver Ae-an* :,
Edgett Banjh,
Vernon, B. C,
Oot. 10th, 1925.
crefully considered in new legitla-
I am offering myself as tbe Lib.
eral candidate in the Federal Election to be beld on October 29th.
This I am doing in tbe interests of
tbe people of Yale, so that they may
bave a direct Representative in tbe
Government, whioh will De Liberal.
I have, during my residence in
B. O, taken an active interest in
executive capacity in tbe following:
Farmers'  and Fruit Growers'
Boards of Trade.
Irrigation Matters.
Municipal and  School   Board
Representative   of   exnservice
men and dependents.
My responsibilities, in tbe above
capacities, bave brought me very
directly in contaot with the needs of
tbe district and   tbe welfare of tbe
people.   My record in tbe discharge
of these duties is open to all.   I am
oow  asking you, by  your vote, to
send me to Ottawa that  I my  ad
vaooe  and   protect  your interests
You need direct Government rep
reeentation for tbe following.reasons:
1. Should aby change be contemplated, you Bhould have a represent
taiive with a voice io tbe making of
tbat legislation, and not io opposi"
tion after it is made.
2. Witb the increased production
of farm products and tbe opening
up of new marketing channels, the
cold storage and other marketing
facilities provided by the Liberal
Government, should be encouraged
and not opposed.
3. Witb tbe increased activity in
the mining and metal trade, the in.
terests of the people in tbe Sjuthern
part of  Yale in particular must be
4. Tbat Labor, wbich ie fast be»
ooming a basic faotor as a result of
the increased activity in mining,
farming, railroading, etc., must have
its future interests safeguarded by
legislation by one known to be sympathetic.
5. The handicap under wbicb we
have been laboring as producers as a result of unfair railway
rates, will need every ounce of energy from the producers' representa
tive, in opposition to tbe large
financial interests.
6. Those wbo are suffering from
war disabilities and the dependents
of those who did not return, deserve
a champion of their interests in tbe
Parliament of Canada during their
shorteniug years.
7. Sectionalism, so rampant in
in Canada today, must be replaced
by tbat great Canadian spirit ot
Unity handed down to us by tbe
Fathers of Confederation. That
spirit, which so many of Canada's
best manhood gave heir lives for on
the fieldof battle, must' be perpetuated in Canada, as part of tbe British Commonwealth of Nations.
I am offering myself to do my
part in leading this great country to
its destined goal, where there sball
be no playing class upon class, no
race, no creed, no East, no West,but
Canada only, whose sons and daugh
ters sball live and work together, so
that peace and contentment may be
our lot at home and Honour and
Goodwill accompany us abroad.
You oan show your faith in' Canada by electing on October 29th ao
Empire defender and an Empire
Yours respectfully,
Bst>Wished In 1910, we are io t. poslllsm to
furnish reliable Information s-oneernlng this
. Write (or free literature
Vaeant, Bnreeerveo*, swayed
-'rowa landa may bo ata-emftat by
Britlah suhjoota over ll Tears of a«e,
not tf attorn ea dwlarlny Intention
to kaaasat British aubjaota. conditional «rod realdence, occupation,
J.n4 bBprovaanant for turrleulturnl
Tall lafomaUois ooaoernlng resru-
Htla—' rsjcarsUnc pr.-etnptlona* la
frivoa a* Bulletin No. 1, Lsand Bet-iea,
'How to Pre-empt Load," copied ef
.vhieh aan bo obtained froo of charee
iiy addr.aaing tho Dopartmont oi
laia-la, Viotorla, B.O, ar to aay Oov-
roBUOt AstssDt
RsMorda will bo -rrau-sted coverlni
•niy land suitable fat- aaricuitur.il
i-ur-M-M**, and wbioh ia not timber-
and, Ui, oarryins over M00 board
taot Bar aoro want of tho Coaat Banc<
ant Maa foot per' acre eaat of that
AMUoaUoao for pro-omptlona ara
to be addriaaid to tho laud Com-
mlairtonar at tho Land Recording Di
vision, la -arhloh tho land applied tor
Is sHasHsS. aad aro made on printed
(.rata, oopbaa at wbioh oan be ob-
tiload tram tho Laad Commissioner
r-m-a-mp-Uona must ba occupied for
ttva poore aad Improvtsaonta mado
to value of |1S per acre, including
olaarlna; and eulUvatlna* at leaat Ave
a wee, Mora a Crown Orant ean be
•Tor moro detailed laforn .Hon ***
the   Bulletin    "How    to    ft*-*ttt\tr
AppUoaUona aro rooolvod for p< /
000*0 of vaoant and unreaervs.il
Crown lands, not bolna timber-land.
(sr agricultural purposes; minimum
prloo of firat-oload (arable) land la tl
par acre, ond aeoond-olsua (f razing)
laad 11.80 per acre. Further Infor-
mattae regarding purchaae or leasa
of Grown landa Is given ln Bulletin
No. M, Land Series, "Purohaaa anJ
* —— ot Crown Lands."
Kill, factory, or Induatrial sitae on
timber laad, aot exoeedlng «♦ acrea,
mo/ be purohased or leaaed, the con-
tUtttas      Including      payment      of
Uaoarvoywtl aroaa, not exceeding m
■rea, may be leased as homeeltee.
ooadltlonal upon a dwelling being
erected* In the lirst yoar, title being
obtainable after residence and lm-
provoment conditions aro fulfilled
and laad haa boen aurveyed.
For -passing and   Industrial    pur
poses araaa not exoeedlng 640 aores
may bo losoed by one jtereon or .
Uador the Oraalng Aot tho Prov-
laat la divided Into graslng dlatrlcU
aad tho range administered undor a
9i<aang Commissioner. Annual
graslng permits aro Iaaued baaed on
numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Block-owners
may form aasoclatlona for range
management,   free, or partially free,
•rmlta are available for eettlera
:rrnp*»rsi   and   tr-v.llera.   up   to   t ■*
i.i. »
Read the following excerpt from! an unsolicited letter to the
Liberal Candidate for Yale, Col. C. E. Edgett, D.S.O.I
"Was pleased to see that you were given the Liberal nomination for
Yale, more especially for the sole reason that you are of the character
and calibre of a man that we require at Ottawa. It is unfortnnate that
all parties have a certain following of the species known as 'barnacles,'
who ai-e either Liberals or Conservatives simply for what theyjean secure
from the party which may be in power during the time of his or hef
promotion of their own particular interests. With them Canada is their
last thought—it is all self. While the cabiuet of any party are high
class men, they are besieged and worried from every angle by those
seeking financial and political prestige at the expense of the state.
This will have to stop In the remaking of Cauada in a new and virile
Liberal party. I Jiave the utmost confidence that you will be a first
olass officer who will take charge of an advance party and put the
enemy to confusion.
-'•Please understand that 1 am not criticizing those who are now in
control, but Parliament must be strengthened through the addition
of strong and fearless men who are not afraid to call a spade a spade
and tell the truth to the people of Canada. Men who will s'tand or fall
upon a principle are needed.    Good luck to you!"
This letter contained a generous contribution to Col. C. E.
EdVett's campaign fund.
Yale and Canada need men in politics of Col. Edgett's type.
Col. Edgett Has Been and Is
Working for You
on the executive boards of  *
Farmers and Fruit Organizations
_ 0      .
Boards of Trade
Irrigation Associations
School Boards
And as The Representative of Handicapped
ex-Service Men and Their Dependents.
Let Him Work for You
and Canada  at
■ ,r.-.      ■■;■■.;,    ,
iff, , ■ *-r ■"' ■ '*,
'■ Ij. ',<<• *'•' -1
•  - '.   1   .   ■ ■. ■     ,    .....i.
Liberal Candidate


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