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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 15, 1922

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the center of Graud Forks valley, the
premier fruit growing district of
Southern British Columbia. Mining
and lumbering are also important
industries in districts
the city.
contiguous to
Kettle Valley Orcha*rdist
THF   ^.sTTlM '8 tne favor'te news-
1 lMiJ •3KJL*   paper of the citizens
of' the district. It is read by more
people in the city and valley than any
other paper because it is fearless, re-
liable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
Attorney-General IsCom-
plimented for the Way
Work Has Been Speeded
Up Thia Session
Special Correspondence of The Sun,
Victoria, Dec.  14.—Attempts   of
tbe  opposition   to   embarrass   the
government through demanding an
enquiry into the administration of
Pacific Great Erstern  railway have
fallen flat before the public accounts i
committee.   When given the oppor
tuaity   ti   (hive into anything and
everything tbey wished  in  connec
tion with the Pacific Qreat Eastern
accounts, tbe Conservative member
for Rossland, backed by his  leader,
\V.   J.   Bowser,   K.C,   and   E.   H
Pooley,   Ksquimalt,°demanded   the
books of tbe Northern  Construction
company and asked tbat officials  of
tbat concern be subpoenaed. Liberal members of  the committee  said
tbey bad oo objection to culling any
witnesses necessary to clear up any
doubt, bnt until the committee exhausted tbe evidence on band in the
legislative   buildings tbere  was no
need of tbis.   Balked in tbeir plans,
tbe Conservatives beat a retreat, declaring   they   would   bave nothing
further to do with tbe matter.
Verbal bouquets bave  been  pre
sented to Hon.   A. M.  Manson,  attorney-general and minister of labor,
for the way tbe work  of tbe  bouse
bas   been speeded  up tbis session
Tbe bouse   bas not been  beld up
once for want of ready work to consider and all legislation bas been inn
troduced io plenty of time to afford
full consideration by members.   In
tbe past a flood of legislation bds at
times been brought down at   a late
bour, largely through lack of earlier
preparation.   This left the government   open to criticism, tbe claim
being made frequently tbat eleventh-
hour legislation sbould not be introduced, as many of the bills had to
be railroaded through without giv»
ing a cbance to opposition members
(o study them.   The new attorney-
general has corrected this.
Blockade tactics were attempted
in tbe legislature wben the govern*
ment sought the unanimous supn
port of tbe bouse for tbe Manson
resolution asking tbe federal govern
ment to grant British Calumbia the
sole right to import liquor. Last
year tbe Conservatives refused to
discuss tbe beer clause in tbe bouse,
walking out iu a body, but tbey favored tbe securing of government
control of importation. Tbe resolution of a year ago resulted in legis
lation being introduced at Ottawa,
whicb passed tbe bouse of commons
but was defeated in tbe senate. This
year's resolution passed by a ma-
orily of 30 to 14, all members supporting Hou. Mr. Manson with tbe
exception of tbe Canservatives.
Thc attorney-general made a spirited appeal for unanimous support,
pointing out lhat any member wbo
voted   against  tbe  resolution   was
working againat the best Interests of1
the province. He showed   tbat tbe
Conservative party platform of two
years ago included a plank   exactly
blaring  out   wbat the government
now   wishes  to do.    Tbe minister
maintained tbat government   con
trol aud private   importation   were
contemporaneously impossib'e   aud
unless bootlegging  was to  flourish
importation must be controlled by
tbe government.
As   predicted   by   The 8uu two
weeks   ago,  the  Burde eight-hour
oil!   was defeated in the legislature
when a vote was taken.   However,
the issue was   a close   one, twenty-
two members opposing the present
piwiog of 'he bill,   while  eighteen
oast their votes for it.   Many mem-
bers declared tbey were in favor  of
the principle but did not wish to see
industry stifled in British Columbia
at tbis time through the passing of
restrictive    legislation,    when   the
competition between the province
and the neighboringstatesand provinces would be such  as to cripple
local industry.    Premier Oliver   as-
sesied tbat in   this young province
U was absolutely necessity that production be kept at a high level.   In
time  it might be expedient to cut
down the hours of work in certain
industries, but that   time   was   not
the  present    Indications   are  tbat
next year there may be a different
story, as several of   those  who opposed   the  pa-siug of the bill this
year have   stated  that they would
oot withhold their support next session.
"Tell me whin ynu Know is true:
I can guess as wnll as you."
41.00 PER YEAR
Waking with a Bad Start
Boy Scout News
First Grand Forks Troop
Boy Scouts
Duties—December 16 to 22, Wolf
Patrol; next for duty, Bull Dog.
Parades—Sunday, December 17,
Scouts' Own Evening Service at 7
p.m., followed at 8 p.m. by monthly
Court of Honour, will be held by
kind invitation at tho home of Mr.
and Mrs. Robert Campbell. Friday,
22nd, usual parade at H Q. at 7:30
p.m. |
Awards—PL. Hy Reid and Scout
Wallace Huffman have passed tbe
tests necessary mid are « warded the
Naturalist's Badge.
Scouts are reminded tbat no specialist badge may be worn by any
rank juuior to 2nd Class Scout. Tbe
badges tbat bave recently been
awarded wi I not therefore be issued
to tbe boys concerned until the 2nd
Class Scout Test bas been passed.
Notice—There will be a church
parade on December 31st to evening service. Details will be published later.
Put Enough Postage
on Overseas Letters
uarge numbers ol letters are being
posted at tbe loeal oflice sbnrl paid,
as a majority of tiie people are still
mailing at the old postal rates, The
new letter rate to Greut Britain
(England, Scotland, Ireland and
Wales), is 4 cents; post cards, 2
cents, Foreign letter rate, 10 cents;
post cards, C cents.
News of Canada
tojoxevo.—Us*, announced thai Mr.
G. S. Beer, C. P. It. city passenger
agent, under District Passenger
Agent William Pulton, has been promoted to the post of assistant district passenger agent. Mr. Fulton
now hai two assistants in his territory.
Revised Edition of the
Melodrama Enacted at
Camp MeKinney in 1896
as Told by J. W. Grier
It Is Reported That an
American Syndicate Is
Trying to Buy the Much
Abused Railway Line
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by tbe government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
_,        „    _ .               Max. Min.
Dec.    9—Friday  12 5
9—Saturday   -.2 14
10- Sunday  32 22
11—Monday  12 _7
12-Tuesday     4 -23
13—Wednesday.. 10 -16
11- Thursday  11 -20
u        s ii Inches
snowfall     4 1
Death of a Pioneer
After a Long Illness
Thomas Newby, aged 57 years,
died at his home iu this city at 6
o'clock on Monday evening of cancer, after a long and painful illness.
He is survived by his wife and two
brother,, James and Len, the latter
arriving here from Keremeos a few
days before hie brother passed away.
Deceased and bis two brothers were
among tne first settlers in tbe valley
For a number of years tbey were
engaged in ranching bere, In recent
years tbe late Mr. Newby has been
developing a mining property in
Franklin camp. Tbe funeral was
beld on Wednesday afternoon, Rev.
C. P. Hayman conducting tbe service. Tbo attendance wae very
Victoria, Dec.   11 —A syndicate
of Americans is said to be negotiating witb tbe provincial government
for tbe purchase of tbe Pacific Great
Eastern  railway.   Their terms are
believed to include land grants and
other privileges an a fairly extensive
scale, according to a Vancouver Sun
staff correspondent.   The  ministers
decline to  make   any statement on
tbe matter, although Premier Oliver
bas more than once stated tbat any
reasonable offer would be welcomed.
The  scheme   of   the    syodicate
whicb bas approached   tbe government is believed to be based on   tbe
program carried out  by  tbe late J.
J.   Hill   io   building  up tbe Qreat
Nortbern railway  witb  tbe assistance  and   cooperation of tbe late
Lord Strathcona    That is to exert
every energy to colonize the country
tributary to the   line.    Old timers
state tbat   when J. J. Hill put bis
genius behind   tbe Great  Northern
it was in apparently quite as hopeless a condition as critics of tbe Pacific Great Eastern railway  depiot.
It is probable that the government
will be asked questions on tbe floor
of tbe bouse witbiu tbe next day or
two in regard to tbe pr iposed deal.
John A. Hutton Will Be
Returning Officer—Six
Deputies Are Also Appointed
Voters' List Adopted
by Court of Revision
as Prepared by Clerk
Tbe court of revision for tbe revision of the municipal voters'
ist, composed of Mayor Hull and
A1J    Manly  and   Scbnitter,    The
Discouragement is the worst misfortune that can befall a man. It ie
tbe death of bis strength.
voters' list for 1923 as compiled by
the city clerk was adopted without
auy alterations. The list contains a
total of 555 uames—202 in tbe East
ward, 243 iu tbe West ward, and
110 in lbe supplementary school
district list.
The Alaska Agricultural) College
and . School of Mines, which was
opened this fall at Fairbanks,speaks
of progress in a land that many
people still imagine to be a forbidding waste of ice and snow, The
Alaskan public schools are as well
equipped and well taught as any io
ihe states. Tbe salaries are good,
and every year tbere are hundreds
of applications from experienced
teachers from all over tbe Union.
Putting one truth in circulation
is a good day's work.
Mayor Hull and all the aldermen
were present al the regular meeting
of tbe city council on Monday even
A deputation from tbe city band
was present at tbe meeting and
showed the members of tbe council
an instrument wbich bad been repaired and put in first class condition, and requested a contribution
from the council to defray the cost
of putting tbe balance of the instruments in shape for practice. A grant
of $50 was made by tbe council.
The matter of insurance on tbe
pump station and contents was discussed at length, and one policy was
ordejed to be renewed in the same
company and the otber to be
changed to another company at a
A request was received from Mrs.
G. B. Ommanney for an extension
of the city waterworks system to
her place and for a hydrant for fire
protection. Tbe matter was laid over
for tbe incoming council to deal
A request was received from C. A.
S. Atwood for an agreement cover
ing a water supply from Mill creek.
Laid over for favorable considera
tion upon completion of the negotiai-
tions now pending betweon the city
aud tbe Granby company.
A letter was received from tbe
provincial librarycomuami > i requesting tbat the books at present
loaned to Grand Forks be returned.
On motion, it was decided to com
ply witb tbe request.
The past month's accounts were
ordered to be paid.
Tbe chairman of the water and
light committee reported tbat a new
impeller bad been inttalled in the
city pump, and that it was giving
good satisfaction.
A request by A. A. Frechette fur
electric ligbt was laid ovsr for
further consideration.
It was reported that new wate r
meters bad been installed in thu
Yale and Grand Forks hotels.
A street lamp will be installed on
Third street, opposite tbe C.P.U.
A resolution was passed naming
John A. Hutton as returning officerj
in   tbe  city election next month.:
Tbe following  deputies   were   ap
pointed:    Frank  Miller,  A.  G.  C. j
Mason,   A.   Baker,   J.   Berry,  J.
Aabley and G. Mattocks,
Medicine Hat, Alberta—An expenditure of about $60,000 is represented by the extension to the
Canadian Pacific Railway roundhouse and the construction of the
Company's mechanical coaling plant,
and that sum is about equally divided between these two improvements. In both instances the work
hii : given much employment to local
nicii and there is still a considerable amount of inside work to be
done in connection with the extension to the roundhouse.
_ Renfrew, Ontario—Mr. Ed. Williams, Canadian Pacific Railway
baggage master, who in addition to
his regu'at- duties, takes care of the
flower garden which attracts so
much favorable comment from travellers over the line, has secured another triumph— Mr. Williams has
just been notified that his plot has
been awarded second prize in the
Quebec district, all of the depot gardens having been recently judged by
an official of the road. Dui ing the
past few years Mr. Williams has
Carried off a number of first prizes
but the competition is growing keener year by year.
St. Thomas, Ontario—Work has
been commenced on the construction
of an extension to the pn si nt C.P.R.
yards east of the city, in the form
of an 800-foot repair track at an expenditure of approximately $16,000,
The grading work which" is being
done by Irwin and Son of this city,
was started recently. The extension
is necessary to cope with the increased business and als.i to facilitate the repairing of cars. It is
also understo >d that the addition of
the nev.' tracks will result in several more employees being added to
the C.P.K. repair ;.mig.
A small track abuut 80 feet long
will also be erected alongside the
new tracks to bo used in case of an
emergency. The new I ack will hold
at least forty cars. Four teams and
about twenty men are engaged in
rushing this work tu completion.
Belfast, Ireland—For tha first
time on record a Canadian-bound
steamer sailed from Belfast Lough
conveying mails direct from the
Northern capital. The vessel was
the Canadian Pacific Railway Company's S.S. "Metagama," which, incidentally, was built in Belfast. The
vessel anchored off Kiln.nl, and 2,'l
bags of mail, together with some
100 emigru U from Ulster, wore
conveyed to it by Lhe Harbor Commissioners' tug "Musgi-ave."
Hitherto it had been Iln practice
to send the mails to Liverpool and
other ports, from .vhici, they Mere
despatched, but. acting nn Instructions from tho seen tary ol the Post
Office in London, the pn sent system was int.n duci d.
One of the passi ngera was a five-
year-old child, fi ii Dui i, whose
parents an in < anada, Tht little
one was in charge nf a matron who
handed it over to the matron of the
A BelfHil "Telegraph" representative wa-- ihown ovei thi "Metagama," and law something of the
excellent arrangemi nts made fur
the comfort of passengers.
London,    England — Major    A.
| Ewan   Moon-.   London   ".'■   ao      of
the C.P.R. Department of Colonisa-
i tion and Development, G2-fi.ri, Charing Cross, has received  the  follow-
; ing letter from thi ir Brussels office:
"Hear Sir,—I be; to advise that
I a certain Mr. Martin, Av nue des
Courses, Bruxellcs, who ha formerly resided in Canada, brought
over by our Line in April of this
year a shipment of Canadian potatoes. They were planted soon after
arrival, at Boisfort, a -uburb of
Brussels, where an exhibition of
land products was held on Sunday
last. A certain Mr. Lemmens planted '.*/. acres with MouiUain Green
Rnd Irish Cobblers. His crop
amounted to over 300,000 lbs.; one
plant bore 9 lbs. 2 ozs., one potato
weighing well over 2 lbs This particular plant has been li nt to us for
W'i.rtow display and has attract d a
ereat deal of attention. Mr, Marl n
has 400,000 kilns of Canadian potatoes in Belgium, which are not to
be sold for immediate consumption
but only for reproduction.—Yours
•e\ti tl 'ly.
Ogned) C. DE MEY, Agent."
James W.  Grier,   now   editor  of
the  Now   Denver   Leaser,  who   is
probably the bent nuthority on  tbe
early  history of  the Boundary now
living, prints thefollowingaccount of
the Cariboo-Camp McKinney holdup
in 1n96, (pit of which  episode some
of tin pipers io this  neighborhood
attempted   to    weave   a   criminal
romani—of a rVimaflfte of crime—a
short lime ago:
"An 'amnsing story,  credited  to
the Grand   Korks  Gazette, regarding
the Cariboo Camp Mi-Kiuney   bold'
up in 1896   The writer was working
on the Midway Advance when Geo.
B   McAulay dropped in to   tell  tbe
editor about the  holdup.    He   bad
driven  2.   miles   tbrough a settled
district to give tbe  villnge editor a
scoop.   Considerate,   wasn't itl   It
was reported that Geo. B. retired a
note in ono of the Spokane banksfor
eight or nine thousand dollars a few
dnys after the holdup A man named
Roderick,  a  workman at the mine,
had gone lo Seattle for medioal treats
ment a few days before  the holdup.
He was tbe goat   On his return trip
an   Indian   rnnber  brought tbe information of his coming. There wtre
two   provincial constables at Camp
McKinney at tbe time, whose .duty
it was to arrest Roderick if necessary.
J.   P.   Keane  and  Hugh   Graham
went   out  to  meet Roderick oo the
trail—it   was  after dark—and shot
bim.  An information   was laid   ben
fore W. 11.   Norris,  J.P.,  by   Constable McMynn charging Keene with
murder.   An  attempt  was made to
amend   the   information   to one of
manslaughter, but the magistrate refused, ami wben he appeared at the
hour   set  for  the trial tbe case bad
heen adjourned without his consent,
Charley Lambly,  S M.,   and   Dick
Cawston, J.P.,arrived from Srmilka-
meen   the   next  day  and tried the
case, committing Keene on  a charge
of m inslaugbtet,    He   elected (or
speedy trial and  was   sentenced to
ono day by .Judge Spinks.
"PeiWbs looking for buried gold
bricks in tbe vicinity of Camp Mo-
Kinney sbould  lirst get a  line on
brioks teceived aod notes cancelled
in Spokane banks in  August, 1896.
"Tbe Grand Korks story is true
Iar as tm: murder of   Roderick is
concerned, Most of those connected
with   the  incident  are   now   dead.
W   H   Norris  is still  a  resident of
Midway, Wm. G. McMynn is  chief
of provinoial  police, Hick   Cawston
is   still   .i  resident of tbe Similkameen, Joe Keene is at Rock Creek,
Judge Spinks is running an hotel io
California with a probable side line
uf gam bl ing, G. li. McAulay dropped
dead in Scotland, Charley Lambly
died at Osoyoos, Constable Deane a
.Sumuierluud, tbe   other constable,
Hawtry, if  alive is probably in an
imbeoile  isylum.    The foregoing is
the  atory  of the alleged holdup of
McAulay and   tbe  murder of  Roderick  without uuy romance in it.
Sust cold facts."
Ice milking nt hoth tbe curling
snd skating (inks bus been in progress this week, and it is supposed
tbnt by Christmas these instituions
will blossom with icicles ns profusely
ae i be ii il Is m; d mad who floweia
in springtime THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
W*\t (&tmb 3teka §utt
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) 81.00
One Year (in the United States)     1.50
"Addreer -" -*-*-*—'cations to
Thk Ghand Fobka Sun
Phonb 101R Graud Forks, B. CJ
The beer and light wine question jumped
up in the house at Victoria this week and enlivened !jhe proceedings for a few hours, but
it seems to have subsided as quickly as it appeared on the scene. It is hoped that is the
last that will be heard of it, There is no necessity for the inclusion of a clause in the
present laws making it easier for the people
to obtain beer and light wines. They can get
all they need to drink now at the liquor sjores,
where these beverages, or intoxicants, can be
kept under control. The adoption of the
clause Advocated by the beer and-wine men
would uieaL that a lot of mushroom dating
"dumps,"—where the ratio of food anl beer
served would be 5 cents to $5 in favor of beer—
would spring up all over the province. The
people do not want such a condition. Their
last verdict, as expressed at the polls, was for
moderation, not a wide-open liquor policy.
There has grown up a tradition in the mo
tion picture field—a tradition that bars re
ligious pictures. Think of such a tradition, of
such   a principle,  in an  industry to  which
twenty million people  a week  pay tribute!
There are over forty million registered  members of various churches in the United States
and all of them Christian witli the exception
of the Jewish synagogues—1357,000 One. would
imagine that with a specific audience of forty
million church members a picture with  a   religious theme might be worth while even con
sidered as a business move. On the contrary^
religious picture—one with a religious  theme
—is taboo. "Not interested in a picture  with
a   religious   subject," says one  big motion-
picture producer. "No need to talk about the
the subject; we don't want it," says another.
"The public don't want a religious picture,"
explains a third—all leading producing organ
izations—"or with a religious theme." "Don't
you think an audience of forty million people
—all members of Christian churches—might
be interestad?" was asked.    "They come  to
our theaters anyway—we don't need to make
a picture for them," was the answer.   Is that
the answer?
any happier for being unspanked? Please observe that I do not support spanking qua
spanking. I merely ask, are wives happier
than they were when spanking was considered
respectable, homely, and decent?
Personally, I do not believe they are. It is
a horrible admission to make; but an indigenous honesty wrings it from me. Neurasthenia
among married wr:nien is alarmingly prevalent,
Hysterical symptoms are on the increase. In
short we have developed "tantrums."
"Tantrums'' are an unpleasant affliction:
Nobody having tantrums can be happy. That
is where the husband's responsibility comes in.
Didn't he promise to cherish her in tantrums
and in health? I consider it his positive duty
to put his toot down firmly on a tantrum
whenever it threatens to disturb his poor
wife's native serenity.
Oh! if husbands  would  only   realize   how
much happier we should be if on the  first ap
pearance of a tantrum they would quite kindly
and tenderly throw the furniture a. our heads!
—Kathleen O'Brien, in London Chronicle,
Your Heart's Desire
In the way of Jewelry can be easily
satislit'd if you cimnv'iienv Wo carry
an up tOsdate stork iif the most, popular novelties anil thc newest and
most artistic designs in
Fine Jewelry
our display ll"''l
Come   in   and
make selections.
Our prices are alway
Jeweller uud Optician
Bridge Street Grand Forks
City   Real Estate  For
Applications for immediate purekase uf Lots
nnd Acreage owned by the Oity, within tlio
Municipality, arc invited.*
Pricest—From $25.0!) per I nt up,; . -ds.
Terms:—Cash and approved payxm uts.
List of Lots and  prices may- bo so
City Office.
.Knits v. rtit-n
Cily Olerk.
The average wholesale prices of thirty-two
leading staple food  commodities during  the
month of November show an increase as com
pared wilh the general average during October
of .323 per ceut, or about one third of 1   per
cent, according to the Canadian Grocer.    The
outstanding feature in the markets during the
month of November was the steady  increase
in the price of flour, which showed an advance
of from  10c to 20c  every  week during the
month, the average price on  Manitoba hard
wheat flour being $7.05 per barrel, as against
the average of $6.75 for October. Cereals also
inclined upward, particularly rolled oats and
cornmeal, the average price of the former  being 15cper bag and on the latter 27£cper big
higher   than the average   price in Octol"
Eggs and butter were higher by 2c per poun
while cheese increased 4c per pounds.    Tlte
comparison of prices shows as well declines if
a few cents per dozen on canned tomatoes,
corn and peaches, while a shade reduction is
noted in shelied almonds, walnnts and rice.
There are today new opportunities for ingenuity and initiative in the operation of the
railways in this country,
The present difficulties in rail wuy service const tute only a temporary emergency condition.
While standardization of wages, agreement tm
working couditions and the decisions of the
labor board have restricted the initiative ofthe
railroads, there still is opportunities to find
new ways to make progress.
Railroad managements, while concentratiug
tlieir attention iargely upon efficiency in the
movement of traius, have not given sufficient
attention to the efficiency of labor 'employed
iu terminals and in the maintenance of trackage and equipment.
It is in the terminal and maintenance work
that the'increased labor c ist proves most burdensome. The belief can not be avoided that
great opportunities still exist for importa I improvements in the use ol' terminal Labor and nl'
maintenance labor.
. But thore remains an even greater field for
effort and initiative, which, in the opinion of
many railway men, never has been worked by
railroad managements as it ought to have beeu,
rand as it must°be£in the future; and that is the
field of the relationship between the management and the employees. At the present
time we believe many railway managements
are giving serious attention to this great
It is believed that a serious desire to promote the welfare of employees and a settled
policy to obtain throngh regular conferences
the views of the employees as to what their
welfare requires and to explain to the employees tha necessities of the management will
have a progressively beneficial effect upon the
efficiency of railroad labor.
E.C. Henniger Co.
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
L.ioiii'and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand  Forks', ... C.
Cooiiinji II ear* iuy
VV'qod i'oal
Kieclric Gasoline
Complete Ho.u? V i? is ihjs:
Enlablishdd 1910
Real Estate aad [iVsiminco
ni I'ni-U, I mm Hli'
Farms      Orchards     City Propert>
AtrBiits ai Nelauii. Culirui'Y. Winnipeg Hu
other l*riii,'i   points.   Vmiooiiver A^oiita:
i:.V''KNHUItY LAN03 I.i'!).
BstabllsbOilln 11)10, wn,iro in a position ii
furnish rellublo Information L'Oiiooriiiilg thi
Wilts i ir '.-.I lltli it ii-1
Transfer Company
Put the massage in print today.for
row the thought is gone.
to mor-
The mind in greatest fault must lie
Which from itself can never Hy.—Horace
City Baggage and General |
A   Prompt   Answer  Iiftpr;o^:vs
Eveiry body's Telephone Service
Sometimes \Vhfcn you make :i Uflc/pliohe
call, you do uolIg I the'n'iiiiitters proi'npp
Iv. When you Cell ilie operator, She says,
"I u ni i ing tlu-ni as.;'n'm."
Finally wh9.11 y< irjfei (lie party wanted,
do you feel that ihe operator lias riot
given you prompt service, or'do vou realize that the person yon called mav riot
have answered the telephone al once?
It will help to provide prompt service
for all if every subscriber will answer the
telephone as soon as the bell rings.
Wood and
for Sale
Office  Mt  R.  F.  Petrie's Store
Phone 64
De world owes you a.livin',son; but you's got
to do somo work to get yohself identified as de
feller it's coming to.—Uncle Eben.
Are Wives Happier Now  Than   When
Spanking   Was   Thought
Husbands no longer, except in rare cases,
administer corporal chastisement. So far has
civilization advanced. Yet sometimes—sometimes I wonder   ....
Let us be plain with ourselves.    Are  wives
cAncient History
items Taken From Tbe Qrand Forks Sun for the Corresponding
•Week Twenty .Years Ago
\V. H. Covert's potato crop thia year amounted to 8000
bushels. Worth about 25 cents a bushel, they netted him
about «2000.
Siems : Shields have been awarded the contract for
extending the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern railway
from a connection with the branch near Curlew to the
Here is a partial list of (he meu who have thus far been
mentioned for mayoralty honors: Martin Burrell, J.
Hammar, Chas. Cnmmings, P. T. McCallum, Wm. Qra»
ham, H, A. Sheads If you don't see the candidate you
want, just mention his name mul we'll add it to  the list.
Mayor Holland is now the Jmanager of the News-
Gazette. Prom a great railway magnate, with a palatial
private car, to the menial position of dunning delinquent
subscribers in order to pay the printers— 'What a fall
was there, my countrymen!"
C.V. Meggitt
Ileal Estate and Insurance
Tell The People
What   You    Have
to Sell
Exoelleut facilities for selling your farms
Weliuve aueuti at nil Coait and Prnlrle
we entity aiiro.MoiiiLE insuhanck.
Reliable Information rosardin? tills distrct
cheerfully furnished. We solicit your inquiries.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in
Havana Cigars, Pipes
mperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, B. C.
Furniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly   Don
iAWisNiria avhDi
Check Books
We have secured the
agency for Grand
Forks of a large
Western Publishing
House which manufactures a superior
grade of Counter
Check Books—carbon back and carbon
leaf stvles.
Prices Are Right
Encourage Western
enterprises and keep
Western money in
the West.
Any Quantity
from 100 up to 2500
The Sun
Job Department
      ■ '•
Sun's Page,/People and Events of Passing News Interest
Not for Ducks
An English rider, coming
to a river that he was unfamiliar with, asked a young
ster who was playing on the
bank whether lhe water was
deep. "No," replied the boy,
and the rider started to cross.
But he soon found that he and
his   horse   had   to  swim for
their lives.
When he finally reached the
other side he turned and
shouted to the boy:''I thought
you said it wasn't deep."
"It aren't," was the reply.
"It only takes grandfather's
ducks up to their middles."
The man   who keeps  hie  word
dops not make glib promises.
But Not in Spelling
Punch quotes this extract
from a letter that a nine year-
old boy wrote toward the end
of his first term at a preparatory school: "I feale I have
lernt a lot sence I caime
It is 8nmetimae difficult to tell
who sacrificed at a sacrifice sale.
Don't be among those fools
who use all the first part of
their lives to make the latter
part miserable.
There are many things that
we think we believe merely
because we say them.
Furnnces  are like   husbands.   If
you don't watch them they t»o out.
New series NoJLl               B\a VEIERANS WEEKLY Lm          $6000 First Prize
■S3£§SffiSS3 FOOTBALL COMPETITION tinna *„„*-* p,.1TO
SffinSHY and °amW° St""t8' VA*      GAMES TO BE PLAYED SATURDAY, DEO. 23rd      «P«> WU deCOIMl ITriZe
Coupons may also lie deposited at any of tto                                             TOU CAM NOW HAZE                                             AOAAA  n-ri  ss      •    *»   <
s^JSg?'ST    *C0Urt68'" ten estimates with $i SUBSCEIPTION $2000 Third Prize
I enter Tbe B. O. Veterans Weekly Football Competition and agree to abide by tbe rules published ln Tbe B. O. Veterans Weekly.   ZBc enclosed for live weeks' subscription entitles competitor to ono estimate; 60c for tea woeks and two estiniatos; 7Bc for flfteon weeks and five estimates; *1 fot twenty-flve weeks a»a ton estimates.   Ill
STBUCTIONS FOR FILLING IM COUPONS:   Yea simply indicate whether tho HOME TEAM will ecore MOBB. LESS ot tbe SAKE NUMBER of goals tban tbey •cored In
tto corresponding game last yenr, by plficieg aa "X" in tbe column provided In tbo Coupon.
Figures sfter each team denoto last season's ecore.                                                  M ls MORE           L le LESS           8 ll SAMS
BOMB TEAM                   Tears
Away Team         Tears
Coupon Me. 1
M       L       8
Coupon Mo. 2
Coupon Ho. 3
Coupon Mo. 4
Coupon Mo. 0
BOLTON W.                1
BLACKBURN B.         1
!     1
1         1
1   .      1
EVERTON                   2
BIRMINGHAM           1
1     1
1          1
|          |
RUNDERLAND            1
1     1
1                    '           *
1          1
1          1
HULL OITY                2
  g. ..
BLACKPOOL               0
I     |
1          1
1          1
WEDNESDAY            2
BARNSLET                  8
|     |
1          1
|          |
ROTHERHAM C.         1
BURT                            1
1     1
1          1
LUTON TOWN           1
PORTSMOUTH           0
1     1
|          |
READING                     1
•1     1
1          1
I          1
LINCOLN  OITT         1
1          1
1          1
NELSON                    1
DARLINGTON             1
1     1
I          1
1         1
1          1
FALKIRK                   1
DUNDEE                     0
1     1
I         |
1         1
1         1
|       !
VST. MIRREN              2
MOTHERWELL           1
!     1
1     !
When a man loses
anything else he
advertises for it,
but when he loses
his head he stops
Don't Lose
Your Head
J THE   SUM.   UftAND   FORKS,   1. C.
News of the Gity
The  Electors Gity  of
Grand Forks. B.C.
In response to a petition
signed by several of the ratepayers that I allow my name
to be placed before the Electors of Grand Forks for the
office of Mayor for the year
1923, I would take this opportunity of publicly announcing that I have consented to do so and will be a
candidate for Mayor for 1923.
(Signed) GEO. H.HULL.
Tbe delivery wicket of the poet
office will be opeu on Christmas
day from 10 till 11 iu tbe uioruiitg
aud from 2 till 3 iu tbe ufternoou.
Miss Myrtle Spraggett, wbo ie to
become a Christinas bride, was tbe
recipient of a number of showers
from her numerous lady friends io
this city this week.
Tqe pupils of Reignald Ash worth's
room at the public school had a
holiday today owing to tbe illness
of their teaoher.
City Grocery*"
<^A. Fresh Shipment ot
Labrador andHollandHerring
e Alao a Complete Line of Christmas Goods
Phone 25        H. H. Henderson, Prop.
i ************mm*****m*m********m************^^*^
Mrs. J.   R.   Brown,    Mrs.    Jeff
Davis.Mrs. Q. H. Acres and daughter
Mary, and Miss Myrtle   Spraggett,
who  visited Spokane   laat  week  on
BY  AUCTION   under   in
structions   from   the  Mortgagee,   on  21st   December,
1922,   at 2 P.M., at  Davis
Block, Grand  Forks, B. C,
and equipment in good running   order,    situated    near
Carmi, B. C.; also a good tie
contract goes with this.
Bailiff forthe Mortgagee.
SEALED TENDERS trill be received by the
District Forester, Nelson, not later thau
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coin! As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people,to mount you right.
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
The oid pedestrian who puts on
new shoes at sunrise never boasts,
how many miles he will go before
.   .   „__ ,    u..,m „ll  ,.„.„,.„,,,)   I c\ I noon ou tbe 38rd dsy Deoember, IBM. for thc
various errands, have all returned to EUr?h».e of jjoenoe   xieoo. .near Grand
their homes in this city.
The present cold snap may be a
blessing in disguise, after all. When
it does moderate, we'll be ahle to go
around in our shirt sleeves and save
our topcoats for next winter.
The ice harvest promises to be
abuudaut this winter. It will need
to be. Witb a market debacle staring tbe people in the face, the merchants will hive to put more articles
on ice from oow until further non
Born—Io Grand Forks, on December 4, to Dr. and Mrs. L. F.
Tepoorten, a son.
A story in the. Vancouver Province a couple of days ago depicting
life in (irand Forks in the pioneer
days when Mrs. H. C.  Hanington,
oow superintendent of tbe Victorian
Order of Murses at Ottawa, arrived
ia the oity, maintains all the tradi-
i ions of tbe method adopted by the
•lotion   picture  bouses of    treating western life.    Life may have.
iisen a little crude and   romantic
Mere some   twenty years ago, but
luite so etude as tbe authar uf .the
nuance endeavors to couvey to her
" How tbe cruel, biting wind must
luve whistled tbrough tbe young
I dies' Bilk hosiery duiing the past
Mr. and Mrs. A. Baum gartner left
v »terday fur a three mouths' visit
with their daughter and sonnin law,
Mr and Mis. W. J. Penrose, at Long
Bsach, Cal.
The deer bunting season closes
I'he Beat Christmas Gift
CbriHtuias fo. the Boy I
Christmas' for the Uirll
CbristuiisH fur the Fathers!
Christmas fur the Mothers!
Christmas for uue uud all bound
up in 52 weekly issues of The
Youth's Compauion lur 1928. No
'ither periodical cau take the place
if Tbe Youth's Coinpiuiuu al tbe
family tireside—-no otber reflects so
truly tbe borne spirit.
The 52 issues of 1923 will contain
from eight to a dozeu serial stories,
nearly two hundred short stories,
besides sketches, special matter for
tbe buys, the girl, lho domestic circle. Tbe Children's Page aud tbe
Doctor's Corner will, as tbey have
for years, prove indispensable features of tbe paper. ^Subscribe uow
and receive:
1. The   Youth's  Companion — 52
issues io 1923.
2. All the remaining issues of 1922
3   The Compauion Home  Calendar
for 1922.
All for $2.50.
i. Or   include McCall's Magazine,
the monthly authority on fashions.   Botb publications, only
> £i'fhe Youth's   Companion,   Commonwealth  Ave.  and St. Paul St,
Bu-Uo,   Mass.    Subscriptions   received at this office.
.'orkit to out 200 eorda eord wood.
. Two years will be allowed for removal o
timher. <
Further particular!of the District Forester.
Nelson, R.C.
$1.00 1 Year
All Spick
and Fresh
You will need them
for your Mince Meat,
Xmas Cakes and Plum
Phone 30 or- call and get
the best quality at the
right prices
CEALED TBNDEB8, addressed to the Pott-
O master General, will be reoelvod at Ottaw*
until noon on Friday, 12th Jantlarv, 1931, for
the conveyance of Hit Majesty's Mails, on a
proposed Gontraot for four years, twelve
timet per week on the route* between Oranil
Forks and Railway Station (O.P.), from the 1st
April next.
Printed notices containing further information as to conditions of proposed Contract
may be seen and blank forms of Tender may
be obtained at tbe Post Offices of Orand
Perks, B.C.. District Superintendent of Postal
Service and at tbe ofBee of the IMttrlct Superintendent's Office, Vanoouver fl C.
lstDcc., 1912.
Acting Distrlot Superintendent
Some persons seem to think that
life is a moving stairway; that all a
nan has to do is to step aboard and
be carried to tbe top.
It is better to fail in the next at
tempt than to fold your bands after
a great achievement.
.SEALED TBNDERS will bc received by thc
Minister of Lands at Viotorla not later tban
noon on the 21st day of December, 1922, for
tbe purchase of Licence X4802, to cut 800,000
feet of Tamarac, Fir and Yellow Pine, 10 feet
B.M. of felled and bucked Tamarac Flr and
Yellow Pine, and 10,800 Fir and Tamarac Ties,
on an area situated '. miles North of Rook
Creek Station, K. V. Rly„ Similkameen Land
Two (J) yeara will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester.
Victoria, 8. C, or District Forester, Nelson,
B O.
In tbis old world more feelings
are hurt by bad manners than by
bad intentions.
There are men who gain nothing
from a fortune except the fear of
losing it.
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty"
Phone SO
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Pain, Pain
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets—Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggitit".
Aspirin Is the trariv mark (registered ln Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of Mono-
ncotlcacitloator of salicylicacid. While lt Is well known that Aspirin mcanit Bayer
manufacture, to assist tho public against Imitations, tho Tablets of Bayer Company
will be stamped with their general trade mark, the "Bayer Croat."
Canadian   Blind    Babies9   Home
Nursery, Ho«i»Ual aud Kiuderiartvit
Dominion Charter,  Without. Stock Subscription.
DIKKCTOUS-Huu. Martin Burrell, Hou. President; Hou. J. (i. Turriff
PreBideut; A. H. Fitzsioiinoua, Vioe I'roaideiit;  Edward  Qrand,  Secretary
C. Blackett Robiuiju, Cor. Secretary.; J. F. McKinley,  Treasurer;  Lt.-Col'
Wliitou, M.D., R  U. (Jainpbell, I'lioman Mulvoy, K.C, A. E. Provost, W.
Lyle Beid, A. J. lA'eimaa, Charles H. Piuhey, C.B., W. J. Cairns, and Tom
TRUSTEBS—C. H. Pinhejr, C.E., Thomas- Mulvey, K.C, A. J. Freiman.
Loifcul Adviuer Bankers Auditor
John I. MUcCmcl; iu, K.C.    Royal Bank of Canada.     A. A. Crawley, C. A.
The Objects of this Institution, for which Incorporation was recently ob'
taiued, aro: "I'o provide a Hoiuj mid Rafugo for Baby aud Infant Blind; to
provide free Scientific Care, Training and Maintenance; to Save the Lives of
even a few of the nauy of suoh unfortunates, who, for tho lack of sucb aer«
vice, perish every yoar; aud to return theso little ones to their parents, at
sohool age with n irraal, healthy bodies aud sound minds."
This is a large aud greatly needed Child Wolfare Service. Careful enquiry
at the Government offices iu tho various provinces reveals the fact that there
are at the presaut time nearly 250 Infant Blind in the Dominion. Nothing
has yet been douo for those helpless little ones. In tbe United States, 16
years ago, the first home was opened in Now Vork City; they have uow homos
in 13 States, all doing excellent work. Iu England, some tiuu* ago, Sir Ar
ihur Poarsou organized "Sunshiue House," Chorley Wood, for Blind Babies.
and ho claims th.it it is tho ouly oue iu the British Empire. Let us have the
SECOND iu Canada. To reach this worthy ond money is urgently required
Fifty Thousand Dollara is the present objective of tbe Boajd. While the
Home is to be located in Ottawa it will take in the Baby Blind from every
province, so that this APPEAL for funds will be Dominion wide, and an
early and generous response is confidently expected. Cheques should ba made
payable to the Canadian Blind Babies Home Association. All remittances
will be promptly acknowledged
fAKE NOTICB that Robert ('anipboll, of
* Qrand Forks, B. C , occupation liovorn-
ment Liquor Vendor, (intends to applv for
permission to porohaae the following ,desorlbed land:
Commencing at a post planted at ths North
West aprner post or Lot 968, Similkameen
Land District, thenoe N nth 40chains, theuce
Bast 40 chains, theuce South 40 ohains,
thenee West 40 chains to the point of oom-
meneument, and containing 160 aeres, more
or less.
Date*. November noth. 1M2.
fAKE NOTICE that Clement Vaoher, whoso
-*- address is Boom 8, Davis Block, Orand
Forks, British Columbia, will apply Ior a
licence to take and use i500 gallon} per minute aud to store 50,000 gsllous ot water out of
(loose Moose Creek, which flows South Easterly and drains Into tbe Kettle Kiver, about
Smiles below Curlew, Washington, U.S.A.
The store™ dam will be located at North West
Corner of "New St. Maurice" Mineral Claim
and about tbe oentre of the "City of Denver"
Mineral Claim. The capacity of the reservoir
to be created is about 50,000 gallons. Tbe
water will be diverted from the str 'am at a
Bolut about 4000 feet Irom the United States
ounderyllne or where the stream crosses
the Northern Boundary of the "City of Den
ver" Mineral Claim, and wlU be used for mlu
log purposes npon the mine described as
"New St. Maurice" Mineral Claim. This notice
w«s posted on the ground on the Snd day of
Noreuiber, 182a,  A copy of thlt notice and an
application   pursuant thereto and to   tbe
"Water Aot, lSl4,r will bo filed ln tbe offloe ol
tbe Water Beoorder at Orand Forks, B. C.
Obleetlons to the applloatlon may be filed
with tbe said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ol   Water   Rights,   Parliament
Bulldiugs. Victoria, B, 0., within thirty davs
after the first appearance of this notice in a
local newspaper.  The date of the first pnbll •
oatlon of this notice is November 10th. 1B23.
Cms. F. B. Pihoott, Agent.
Dominion Monumental Worka
itfAabratoa Produota Co. BooSnit
APPLICATION for a licence'to take and
** use Water will be made under the
"Water Aot" of British Columbia, as follow:
1. The name of tbe applicant Is Orand Eorks
Irrigation District'
_ a. The, address of tho applicant is Grand
Forka, B. O.
3. The name of the stream I. Kettle River.
The stream has Its source between Okanagan
and Lower Arrow Lakes, flows iu a Southern
direotlon and empties into Columbia River
ahout Marcus.U.S.A..approximately 85miles
South-east of Orand Forks, B C.
4. The water is to be pumped from the
stream on the south side about I1; miles South
east from Grand Forks. B.C.,In north-east
corner Lot 584.
5. the purpose for whioh the water will lie
used is Irrigation.
6. The land on whlob the water is to be
used Is desorlbed as follows: District Lot 152
and 111 aores lu North-east corner Lot SM.
. 7. The quantity of water applied for Ik at
follow": 240 aere feet.
8. This notice was pouted on thc ground on
tbe Uth dav of October. 1W2.
t. A copy ol this nolloeand an application
fiurtuant thereto and to tbe requirements of
be "Water Act'' will bc filed at the oflice of
the Water Beoorder at Orand Forks. R. C.
Objections may be filed with tbe said water
Recorder, or with ths Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria. B. C.
By D. A. Obabah, Agent
A PFLICATION fo/ a Licence to take and use
**■ Water will be made uuder the "Water
Aet" of British Columbia, ss follows:
1, Tbe name of the applicant It Orand Forks
Irrigation District.
1. The adnrets of tbe applicant Is Orand
Forks. B.C.
I. Tho name ol tho bo.ly of wator ls Ruskle
Slough, ln Clstriot Lot 584. Grand Forks. I
4. Tbe water Is to bc pumped from the
Slough on the south side, about % mile from
Orand Folks.
5. The purpose for which the water will be
used Is irrigation.
8. Tbe land on which the water ls to be used
Is desorlbed as follows: Northern portion of
District Lot 614.
7. Tbe quantity of water' applied for ls as
follows: 80 aere feet.
8. Tills notice was posted oo tbe ground on
the lath day of October, 1933.
0. A oopy of tbls notice and an application
{pursuant thereto and to the requirements of
he "Water Act" will be filed fn tbe office of
the Watsr Recorder at Grand Forks. B. C.
Objections may be filed wltb the said Water
Reoorder. or with the Comptroller of Water
Bights. Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. O,
By U. A. •is.ts.x.xt. Agent
Now is the proper time
to subscribe ior The Sun.
rW*UE value of well-
printeds neat appearing stationery as
a meansof getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Viriting cards
Sh'p"ing tags
Price lists
Billheads        f
New Type
Latest Style
Columbia Avenue and
take Street
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yale Hotel, First Strbbt
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price et firet-etaae lead
reduced to Wan acre; second-clana to
UN an acre.
Pre-emption now oottflagfi to etsr-
reyed landa only.
Records will ke granted covering ouly
land suitable for agricultural purpoeas
snd which Is non-Umber land.       ^^
Partnership pre-emptions abnrlssssd,
but parties of not more than four soar
arrange for adjaoent pre-emptlona
with Joint residence, but eaoh making
n«ce.ianry Improvements oo reepeetive
claim gg
Prs emptors moat occupy claims tar
ore rear* and make improvementa to
value of |l« per aere. Including clearing and cultivation of at least 1 acrea,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor ln occupation set
lesa thau I years, and haa made pro-
porttanate improvements, be may. be-
eauaeef Ill-health, or otber esujM. be
granted Intermediate oarUAcale of tm-
pr n leases il and transfer Ue claim.
Beoorde without permanent real-
•»■•» tags* be tented, provided anpll-
oant makes Improvements to exteatTetf
PAS per annum and records same eacb
year. Failure to make Improvementa
or record same will operate aa forfeiture.    Title cannot be obtained la
"tTmalr* * ■*****• •t*1 u»provameat»
efltxtSM per acre. Including | acres
•Jsared and cultivated, aud residence
of at least i years are reoatred.
Pre-emptor   holding   drown
amy record another i
m~ .   *****   grant
■other pre-emption, tf be
--,——.-— to conjunction with bis
farm, without actual ocoapaUan, provided   statutory   ImproemSeau  ngd.
;s?n.2>rts,Bfe-,B*tau,,,— «■ *******
■ranted lead. A
Onsnrveyed areas, mat smstilhia s*
urea, may be leased as bomadtea
title to be obtained after falfilllng residential and improvement ooodlUons.
Umber land not  esoeedlng   41  acres
may be purchased; oondlf— '--   ■
wment of stniupture.
Natural bay esse dow s
by eileting roads may be „
esmduioitfW* ***TtmsttmSTi**.
ta them. Rebate of sets balf of coat af
roa4 not exceeding half of puFiTsss
prion. Is mada. s—«——
PRE.CMirrom.     FIWM     OJtAMTa
is* tats Aat I
S^\rILxTx**l**Mmm •*•
able sty oosejero ea    are*
xwded after team tt. tut
*-****2*J- J** yi-W
av retam ef atoneye ac-
Inehide adpsreoas Jotefag and*ssV*-
>•« wlU. HsTllaJeetTeTrorces. The
of*a 1d'thlB Wh*^"'*l>*j? °* "*******
for'tlti? u^*tbh!^y>2rten3ea:
from for one yesr from the death of
euch person, as formerly, until one
year s/tor the oom uston af tbe i
•ar. This iwrvliege Is ah* i
t reactive.
Ke fees refattlnf
Joe or payable
•motions words- _
Tuts are remitted
Provision far ratal	
fSk*" ******** t*sb» ataoe
4, laid, on account of
or taxes on soldiers' pr 	
t-iSmj? mtF**l*T*iL\ to """■*-■''
m*taM or eity lots bold by miteilm of
Allied Forces, or itepeodiota. aecjvjred
direct or Indirect, remittedI froaiSB-
Ustmsnt to March mTmSi    ^^
Provision made tar hatsanea of
Crown paule te suh niitishssms of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed ts eemSkte
purchase, Involving forfeiture, ea fal
Ailment of condition, of n m lisesi^ fc
lerest and tana.   Where
era do not claim whole ot original aar
made by May i,
Orazlng Act, uu, tar sietssaalli
ili'velopment of livestock hetoetry nro-
vldea for graslng diatrlaU and range
admlnistratlonnm*— «--^^ J1*"*'
Annual graaing pa
on numbers ranged: us Unity
lished owners. Moek-ovn.
form Associations for range
ment.   Free, or parttaJty free,
for settlers, — —  -
•o ten bead
-owners   may
I have opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
C. A. Crawford


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