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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jun 15, 1923

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 ww§ &;hti^:        j   :rf*5
Southern British Columbia.    Mining
and  lumbering are   also   is
industries in  districts contig
the eity.
!■»■ IC sjs    fit     "■'■■'■■ ■■'■ |
.8*1119171 y«<i iv»*o*nj
Immigration Policy A irns
Conservation B^dmikQ
a Life Issue
.show yiii'tiK
oqjj leer/i
nji bejl'io i
......ii.i.v    -ri- ■-l-f'i
rr-rr "-^
Kettle Va
• ■■•■.
u'l • -<■'■>
'  rled out and at the summer schools
-f!fk«d[ia%£Ma47US|->*ft,£ol08 {'Hill
belaken up.   ,   .      .   • ,
Bees Masters iti <>r>
The Art of War
That the bee is a past-master in
the art of war, aDd that every bive
of beee is so thoroughly organised
that tto entirf |^p"l--*iTn irf fit)i"j-A
to IQOsOOp" reiyixiodj: almost ini
etaotlv to a call for * oanfl^cts  when-
Tife*i*¥i&^fp^ache8• '**
f#iJ(lJkrlyjB3ll&UW. Barred,
Boston'abee expert, internationally
bee king" and,bs-jj
puted.to be .one of the foremost bull
thoritie.s on btes, both from the
theoretical and practical staijdfj
^oif>H,--sjlH America;'" »i **-
>"*-Mr.-^bai¥s4tt'"''iTaB'|  been studying
IWI&iH^S bees n
iptly-fi:\*e yeer-s-^pyer since his btjy.
Victoria. June 13.—-Hob; W.
Suthe^y/'^niiUM r'of;, ;^'
workss^as^had.aq niajer jo cp^/}«ul|i')f)!?d*.^*VAiiiSI» wnelfo America
passed rescinding the regulation cut      ~ r""'" 'J "' "~ *"---* ■—■
ting  dOwD   the loads Dermitted on
lis.  rgBttlatiOn   covered tbespring
seasoD, but is not needed bow;   ''"'
interior addressing pu hiic  meetings
>"oirt*l8^relpV>ates queitfonT
oot accepting the challeng  of
A.  D, McRae, leader of   the **\i
party, at present, for the two to
pear together on the publio platform.
"There will be plenty of   time to
answer whatever MoRa-i bt^to' f   .
abouf Our government, faugningl/
remarked the premier before?.insiwH
Victoria.    "Meanwnile   business is lation of the approach of an invad
from Ireland at the age of 7 and has
since made his lwmiU%Bpt*jp  Fpr
and   Europe   with a "circus" com-,
p^ea-'dflthyre than 100,000 be#>.
p* BQS^iiyu®.i»m ^
.of/visitors. ~
■*-HKNext time you go near a beeb
Jodie closely and you will see sevi
es flying around iu a wide circl
says Mr. Barrett.    "If you made An
effort to approach closer to the hive
attack you and the rest would hurry
ive to warn its entire popn-
and ":      	
ley Orchar
a '(•■■ M
-,',in  filTO •' -
Ji  f.'llV/   .IVilll*)'/!   'il
THR ^FllV '8 t*le favor-te news-
1 IlU IJULl  pupe,. 0| the citizens
of the district. It is read by more
people in the city and valley than any
other paper because it is fearless, reliable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
C, FftlDAY,   -TUNE 15| 1923
"Tell me whnt you Km*Jj Uue:
81.00 PER YEAK
! <,'/ i:    BBOqlS III   ■-''■■■y]
■tvM     I '-■ ■
■■        8"'1     ; ""'■;;i''"       mlm.„m~'.,.'::\„
I BVo'lU : I I   "'V'^"-^*to:i'-vM'S
ilur. lain amia ]>   ■   >** '    -
"Signs are increasing that Qi
-EveDiBgl!|«)w¥,^6tiab8.i<1' s
many  ab not hang on much   longei."
[l.OJ   C8I    B»Vi    9307 ■•'! :. ":
I ; i'ii    iji-ini'iijjI'UJ^i.
The chairman of tbe parks corn-
mittee reported that a couple of
lights had been installed in the
tourist camp cabin, and also that
water pipes bad been ordered forthe
cemetery. He also called the attention of the coudcU to the fact
that burials in the cemetery had
been made od lots otber toan those
named in the permits, thus causing
considerable confusion. Instruc
tiops were issued to the oaretaker
to follow implicitly the orders con-
tained in the permits. ,
The city clerk was instructed to
forward a /circular letter dealing
with the care of plots in the ceme«
t'erv' '•>''
getting better and better and we are
entitled to a fair share o* the credit:"
A surtey of the iron ore resUrces
is   being   completed by Dr. Q. i A.
Young, of the DominioD geological
Survey.    Hon. Williaw Sloan, minister  of   mines, has undertaken to
lettle tbe question of whether or not
here is sufficient ore in British Columbia to warrant the establishment
!of an iron and steel industry.    ::
j   Of   particular interest to BportB-
ben   all   over British Dolumbia is
the appeal of  the chairman ot the
igame   conservation    board, 'under
ttorney-General Manson; for biter protection for game of all kinds,
•mailer  bags  are  necessary if the
io  be  conserved.  To this end it ie
irobable tj^V*-1-*^ '**!•! tM-^cK
ening up tne regulations at the next
hiBfli™"efth«ie|i8hrture.   "
Ths polioy of thiB departt.
lands regarding colonization, as ani
nouneed TBCBPtly—by   HBU."T.'PC
^•Are*win notatwmpf (6 Tiring a
great number of settlers in at once,''
he said, "but will be careful td inform the prospective citizens 6f conditions here. That number of new
settlers every ' yeftr would seem a
substantial increase in population
and the production of tLe' province."
Mr. Pattullo does not believe that
the population of British Columbia
is decreasing; rather, it Is inpreasn
ing. The' redent reports oil people
leaving the province need not' cause
any worry, he claimed,because those,
departing are mostly city dwellers,
The Brovit-aCf needsliwmera,,. ".-.tiB
HoW-sT. v. MacEe'an, p'rovincia.
secretary and minister of education,
as well as minister of railways, is a
bhsy man. •■ At present he is in the
east, where he will represent the
province at the good roads convent-
tion in Hamilton and endeavor to
continue federal aid for tradeprovio-
aial highways. The dootor will also
Attend tha usual health convention
al Dominion officials at Ottawa.
British Columbia is to have a
pottery industry, if the pU*.s of thc
depart men t* d'ib'd ustif fcno educaa
If you continued to walk toward ttie
hive An army of thousands of bees
would swarm out to attack you.
'"The bees constant y flying aboiit
the outside ofthe hive are sentinels,
or outposts. They are the exterior
unit of tbe bees' superior fighting
organisation. This organization, as
my research work has proved conclusively, has its vanguard of shook
troops, its regular fighting legions,
its chemists, engineers and a hun*
dred aud one other kinds of units
that go to make up its fighting force,
just the Same as a natioD of humans."   ■■  '"■-]   ■'.'" ,nJ
Investigation in the warfare oif
bees has convinced Mr. Barreit thai
i|o a|j[ti«f in|aij|liji|l||nall enougb
to enter the bive is a match for them
PrfltlH^Mle-WlE always
fights a losing brttle when he enters
B UBBhlVB.' If the animal remains in
ffbe,;M*-|*» f« f-f3^*' heA*»f[
odgh times to SillTBim." The boi
is tuo ue&vy fsnM bi*. to dr»fe oui
a mouse or otber small animal com-,
pletely sealed over with wax on the
floor of a bee box when the cover is
lifted," said Mr. Barrett.
In discussing the safeguards, th e
precautions bees take to protect
themselves and their home, Mr,
Barrett says:
"Tbey-arg not,satisfied with outside guards. Inside the entrance a
squad iB maiottiined constantly.
They are flanked by a squad of
fighting bees, prepared to give battle
-ii... , m t*M
oWBrful ldvader  ap.
pears, the wj^ole hive.joins in the
fight ugainst tfm.'v Eaoiliee has a
certain duty to:perform under such
conditions. Tljia tee knows instinctively vv*Mt j %ijr;;taBk ip and precisely wh|tf itahould be taken up."
aitary 'nasoni,
Forks school board was held in tha
city hall on Tuesday evening, all
tBe-ttMiBikstiei^'preiiibV;-''*    *.
A letter was received from the
Doukhobor community, asking fpr
the rebuilding of the Spencer school
house, destroyed liy fire a few
weeks ago, and for the replacing of
the present teacher with one!
who would be more in sympathy
with tbe Doukhobor children. Ac
tion on tbe request will betaken
during tbe summer holidays.
R. \y..^l*.wt-irtl}pn(| Miss Edna
Stuart were granted leave of absence
during the last fcdhool week to al-
l^&^tjMle aVt^'eyamina' -
l°*Jhm&.pM i&b !iod£ of
the high school staff, and of Miss
Bowen, of the public sohool staff,
fere aocepted. i A large number of
applications fpr positions on the
public school staff were laid over
for further consideration.
Miss Sarah JS. Carsley was ap-.
pointed t'o; the high school staff at a
salary of llfiQQ.^-yeat,' I
An insurance policy of S500 was
ordered to be placed on the Colum»
bia school building.
I—l~A is
forttmij ip order
.t-j   tihajjjshould
aoter, flaeonly  (rue
to  be  ini
rather see
source of
Sam eberjeatikoff, the Blojilfljobor
charged'with attempting to bnrn
the Outlook schoolhouse neat thle
city last March; Was sentenced to
three years in the penitentiary by
Mr. Justice Murphy at the* assizes
in Vernon laat week. ,
Mayor Hull and all the aldermen
were present at the regular meeting
of the city council on Monday even -
•ing.. .
A letter from tbe board of railway commissioners stated that the
members iwere starting ou their
western trip. A session of tbe board
will be held in this city to hear the
Qreat Northern1 case, but the date
of the Bitting could not yet be an*,
4 letter from C. A. 8. Atwood.ad
vocating a later date in tbe year in
which the. penalty Jor non«paymeut
Cf taxes sbould be imposed, was
read. 'Ag the Act provides that any
changes of this nature must be
made by bylaw previous to sending
out the tax notices, and as1 the notices, had, already been mailed, no
action could be taken by the coun -
cil this year. >
Charles F. Hunter was reappointed city auditor at a salary of
1250,   with  some   incidental   exa
hfl .-.i'i   -soi !
Victories June Hi-rlo order to
prpvide greater safety for pedestri'
ans and pnotorists in British Columbia, Attorbey General A. M. Manson
haB 'approved 6 regulation under the
motor vehicles aot wbicb standards
izes sigpals to be given by motorists
in hriving automobiles. Tbe accomt-
panying illusteations show graphically   what the  motorist iB   called
Col. J. T. Crabbs, President, Is Now at the
Coast to Inspect New
Mine Properties
 ~ iia
upon to do
isnis '   i >   •■'-  --,"
Perfect at Last I
As Margerie's s'-hpgl.r.QPftrta.wjre-
nTt entirely satisfactory, her father
said to her, "Tha first time you
ciiime' ;homo, with one hundrsd in
anything I'll give you a dollar."
Time went by, and still Margerie
could not claim the reward., Tben
one day the cbild was taken ill.
When the dootor had gone Bbe
asked, "Mamma, am I very sick?"
"No, dearj-yout temperature is a
hundred, but the dootor thinks you'll
be better tomorrow."	
Margarie's face lighted up. "Then,
mamma, I can have my dollar,oan't
I? Papa said he'd give it to me if I
g<|^hu|idr|d|n|ny^."  e /g
Thein-ai'vqus recruit about to take
his firsf lesson in horsemaaship, says
the Los Angeles] Times, begged the
stable sergeant to be kind enough to
pick out for him a nice, gentle, peace-
loving Jjprse. .'-•!•£'■  auBTatl
"D'ja ever ride' a > hbretj befjrel"
growled the sergeant.
"Never," replied the rookie.
"Ah I" replied the seigeant with a
soi*r pb*|s)<£? '|He(:e.'ilj;u9t th«3»'»niinal
for you. ~ He's never been ridden before. You can start out together."
The Meyer tr&ct in West Grand
Forks was (brown open to tbe pu b-
lie for pasture purposes.
The. chairman of the water and
and ligbt committee called the attention pf tbe council to the fact
that the city had no switch control
over the power lines within the c ity
limits, and recommended that an
oil switch be installed on Riverside
avenue. The matter was left witb
tbe chairman, to discuss it with the
electrician and to have the switch
installed if found necessary.
Authority was given the water
and light committee to engage a
man to trim the limbs of trees
wbich are interfering with the power
lines. The eame man will also
trim the lower branches of shade
trees that are in the habit of generouslygiving pedestrians free baths,
during'moist weather. *
Tbe matter of tbo annual checkup of water taps and service and
lawn sprinkling taps was left to tbe
water and light committee.
The city clerk was instructed to
take up with District Superintendent
McDonald, of the B. C. Telephone
cpmpany, tbe matter of the cement
sidewalk in front of their exchange
here, which had settled owing to
excavations made by tbe company
on installing of a fire protection pipe
some few years ago.
Vancouver, June 13 —That the
Qranby Mining compnny ia not behind other large producers of metajs
on tbe North American continent,
was the statement of Col. J. T.
Crabbs, president of the company,
who arrived here Saturday from
New Y.ork to inspect the re' enlly
acquired copper properties. White
the Anaconda Copper company baa
expanded to the south, tbe Qranby
is gradully securing control of the
Copper producing areas of -Canada,
he said..
The production of Granby for
1922 was more tban 30,000,000
pounds of copper, 105,471 ounces Af
silver and 6996 ounces of gold. Tbie
average price obtained, for copper
was 13J cents, and tbe averaga cost
of operation was 9.15 cents per
pound of copper. Fine dust treated
at Tacoma from Anyox, returned
nearly 2,500,000 pound's pf copper
and 37,033 ounces of silver, according to Col. Crabbs' figures.
C 1. Crabbs said be was pleased
with the cooperation of the colliery
for tbe past year, as 220,012 tons of
coal were produced and either
marketed or consumed by tbe company. He also commented on the
fact tbat the operating department
had produced at the lowest cost per
ton in the history of lbe company,
The groBS profits from operations
amounted to81,519,936.67 for tha
year 1922.
Low cost of operation has placed
the Qranby company in competing
position, as many producers are not
willing to follow tbe market below
14 cents aud some even below 15
cents, be said, and expressed hope
that the copper maiket bas reached
bottom. I
' The restrictions on building have
had some effect on the consumption
of copper for fittings and roofing,"
said the president, "but aB this is'
only temporary, it is expected that
there will be an increased demand
for copper for construction tbis fall,"
When intending to turn to tbe
left the driver's left hand and bis
arm must be extended horizontally
from and beyond the left side of the
Vehicle. The intention to turn to the
right shall he indicated by extending the left hand from the left Bide
of tbe vehicle, with tbe hand and
arm pointing upward. When the
driver Intends to stop his (machine
machine or slow down quickly be
must extend the hand and arm
pointing in a downward direotion.
It is also provided tbat when sign
nals are given by a mechanical device, tbe .device sball have been approved by the lieutenant governor
in council.
The  regulation ] also requires   a
In Cat Language?
Little Alice  was cuddled up iu a
big chair near   the fireplace, reading
aloud te her kitten, which was on hur
lap.    Mother, coming into the room/'
smiled as she watched the two."Wliat
on earth  are you doing, Alice!" she
"Reading fairy stories to kitty,"
tho little girl replied soborly,
''Whoever heard of such a thing?""
hor mother oxclaimod. "Why, don't:
you know your kitty can't under- .
stand fairy tales?" *
"Of course I do," Alice admitted.
"But I stop every little while and
explain them to her." .
motorist before turning, stopping or,
changing his   course,   and    before
turning such vehicle when  starting .
the same, to ascertain whether there
is sufficient   space for such  move- '
ment, without endangering   pedes- *
trians   or   unreasonably    affecting 1
otber vehicles.
Tbe regulation, wbich goes into -
effect immediately, was prepared
aftef 'onsultation with provincial
automobile clubs and after informa*
tion had been obtained fr uu associations all over the continent. The :
system of signalling is practically
uniform all over America, THE   STJN,   Q1AND   fOBXB,   1. 0.
Ufa (Knuri. Barkis §mt
One Year (in Canada and Qreat Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)    1.50
Addresr •■'*■ -"-"—--'cations to
•Thk Grand Forks Sun
Phonb 101R Grand Forks, B. C J
FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 1923
Notes, Notions and Notables
When will people learn not to deal with
swindlers? The post office department at
Washington reports that within Ave years at
least $100,000,000 has been taken from 500,-
000 investors by dishonest venders of oil
stocks alone. State laws are often inadequate
to deal with that form of swindling, but the
promoters would soon find their business unprofitable if people would learn either ts put
their money only into enterprises of which
they have actual personal knowledge or else
to intrust it to persons or institutions -"hat
they know to be solvent and honest.
Ski-ing, toboganning, snowshoeing, skijoring, ice boating and skating followed by a
warm plunge in the ica fringed open air swimming pool, make Banff, in Ba; ff national park,
Alberta, in the opinion of many, the finest
winter playground on the continent.
Public office at Peking is not popular among
Chinamen who really want to be of service to
their country.   The central government is so
feeble and so much exposed to the danger of
being overterown that no one likes to be connected with it. In Peking they say that when
the post of foreign minister became vacant it
was offered to General Hwang fu and Doctors
Yen, Chen Ting wang and   Wellington Koo.
None of them wanted it, but they agreed to
play a game of Ma Jung together, with the
understanding tbat the man who had the lowest  score should accept the portfolio.   Dr.
Koo   "lost"  and   is   now  acting   minister.
Whether the story is apocryphal or uot,China
did not suffer by the choice; for in spite of his
comparative youth, Dr. Koo,  who has been
Chinese minister to Great Britain and to the
United States and who was a delegate to the
arms conference at Washington, is one of the
ablest of modern Chinamen.
cleaning, laundering, dressmaking, marketing
and simple nursing. The Swiss are of course
divided over the plan. Some cautons will
adopt it, and some will not. Some women op
pose it as an encreachment on their personal
liberty, just as some men oppose tho Swiss
law for compulsory military training. The
main -argument for the plan is this: if the
home is worth preserving, it is esssential to
see to it that the women, who alone can make
homes, shall be taught to do it economically
and intelligently.
The Swedish city of Gothenburg, whioh is
to have a tercentennial exhibition this summer, plans to use the old ocean liner La Tou -
raine as a floating hotel to accommodate its
visitors. The vessel will bo anchored close to
the shore and connected with it by a pontoon
bridge. The hotel facilities aboard such a ship
compare favorably with any to be obtained on
land. , Some enterprising hotel manager in
America should make a similar experiment
while ships can be had almost for the asking.
THE STRAIN of modern civil-
•** ized life falls heaviest upon
the eye, the hardest worked and
most neglected of all the human
organs. The constant need of.
close-range vision; the continual
exposure to the glare reflected
from pavement and buildings or
from high-powered eleectric
lights, all expose the eye to terrific strain. Many suffer from
eye-strain without being conscious of it. Have your eyes examined and know. We are admirably  equipped for this work.
Jeweller and Optician
Bridge Street Grand Forka
A crossing flagman in Ohio has quit his
job because it was too much for his nerves.
"Wild automobile drivers smash through
gates as if they were meant to be broken
down," he complains, "and the flagman himself has to be spry to avoid being hit."
Advocates of prohibition will be enco»*»J-n7d
by the news that a vote taken at the conference of the Independent Labor party in London declared against prohibition by tbe
smallest of majorities. The vote was 163 to
152. The British workingman has long been
represented as wedded to his beer, but it
looks as if he were beginning to find the union
not wholly happy and were considering the
idea of a divorce.
City   Real Estate For
Applications for immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Prices i--From $25.00 per lot upwards.
Terms i—Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office.
City Clerk.
The forests of the Canadian Rockias form
one of the most beautiful features of the landscape. For the most part they are coniferous
and their myriad tall, straight trunks and
pointing spires harmonize perfectly with the
towering peaks.
Everyone who has a vacuum bottle will be
iaterested to know that the inventor of it, Sir
James Dewar, one of the most eminent British men of science, died in one of the last
days of March. Sir James was one of the
men who reduced to liquid and then to solid
form such so called permanentSases as hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. The vacuum bottle
might be called an accidental invention, for
tbe idea originated from his contrivance' for
transporting without loss from place to place
the liquefied gases produced in his laboratory.
He put the liquid in the inner compartme nt
of a double receptable, the space between the
two parts of which was a vacuum, through
which heat can not pass. The bottle is merely
the result of that scientific principle put to
practical use.
Old newspapers from whicb the ink bas
been removed by processes lately discovered
make a good grade of book puper. In recent
months manufacturers have paid as high as
thirty dollars a ton for them, and they say
that tho supply is inadequate. Charities that
organize to collect old newspapers find they
have an excellent source of revenue. Incidentally they help the cause of forestry. It is said
that six tons of waste paper saves an acre of
E.C. Henniger Co.
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime andjSalt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Garden Tools
And Other Spring Needs
We stock a complete line of Rakes, Hoes, Shovels
and all tools necessary for the Spring work.
Ferry's Package Seeds.
Get a Planet Jr. Seeder and Cultivator for the
farm this spring.   They are great labor savers.
Bapco Paints and Varnishes.   Try our Auto Paint
and Varnish and make the old oar look like new.
Massey-Harris Implements.   Let us quote you on
your needs.
Complete Home Furnishers
Grand Forks, B. C.
While no hunting may be done in the Can
adian national parks, the areas adjacent to
their boundaries are among the best big game
districts on the continent.
Established 1910
RealEstate and Insurance |
Resident Agent drawl Forki Town-site
Company. Limited
Forme     Orchards     City Property
Agente at Nalton, Calgary, Wlhnlpeg and
otber Prairie polnta. Vanoouver Agenta:
Bitablished In 1910, we are In a poilllon to I
furntih reliable information conoerntng this
district. '
Write Ior free literature
One of the richest producing oil fields in the
United States belongs to the Osage Ind'ans
n Oklahoma. Every enrolled Osage Indian
shares equally in the royalties and bonuses,
irrespective of bis individual land holdings.
Every individual Indian received approximately ten thousand dollars last year, and
some families received as much as eighty
thousand dollars.
It is becoming harder and harder to get
women to help in the work of the household,
and when they can be had they cost so much
that few can afford to hire them. At the same
time girls at home do not learn housework and
household management as those of previous
generations did There is therefore a serious
and constantly increasing domestic problem.
We have long known that it exists in this
countrs, but we are perhaps a little astonished
to know that it exists in the European countries too. The Swiss, who are fairly willing
social experimenters, have begun to cast about
for an answer to the problem, and as a result
the various cantons have been asked to make
a year's training in housework universal and
compulsory. According to the plan proposed,
every girl must give up a year before she is
twenty to instruction in a public school of
housewifery,   where  she will learn cooking,
As a man grows older he ought to be glad
his head doesnt expand like his waistline.
The world could easily get along without
the man who never makes a mistake.
Transfer Company
City Baggage and General
Coal*  Wood and   Ice
for Sale
Office at R. F. Pctrle'i Store
Pliose 64
C.V. Meggitt
|Beal Estate and Insurance
The Imperial Fruit Show 1923 will be held
in Bellevue Gardens, ManchesteJ, England,
from October 26 to November 3, inclusive.
olncient History
Items Taken Prom Tbe Qrand Porks Sun for tbe Corrcipondtng
"Week Twenty Year* Ago
The entrance examinations for the high school are be.
mg.held in the Grand Forks publio school building this
week, June 10*12 inclusive, by Provinoial School In.
spector Wilson of Nelson.
There were 300 free miners' certificates renewed in the
Grand Forks mining recorder's office for the ensuing
year, and three companies' licen*es.
E. Spraggett cams down from the North Fork on Wed.
nesday, and reports that the recent high water has gen.
orally dilapidated the new bridge built last year at
Hardy's crossing.
Bxoell«ut facilities-for wiling yonr farmi
We hare agenta at all Comt and Prairie
Bailable Information rosrardlng tbli dlitrot
ebeerfullr furnished. We solicit your inquiries.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, B. C.
The Increasing Value of Your
Your telephone is of greater value as each
month goes by. With a steady increase in
'the number of new telephones, you are constantly able to talk to a larger number of
people. This applies to different parts of the
It means to the business man that he is in
close touch with more people. As every telephone is a long distance telephone, anyone
on the Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island
may be reached at a moment's notice. The
conversation is direct, the reply instant.
Don't overlook the cheaper night rates. Between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. you get three times
the day period at the same price.
Tell The People
What   You   Have
to Sell
Dominion Monumental Works
Asbestos Products Co. Hoofing
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly   Don
r. c. McCutcheon
Check Books
We have secured the
agency for Grand
Forks of a large
Western Publishing
House which manufactures a superior
grade of Counter
Check Books—carbon back and carbon
leaf styles.
Prices Are Right
Encourage Western
enterprises and keep
Western money in
the West.
Any Quantity
from 100 up to 2500
The Sun
Job Department THE   StflT .GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
Good even in the days when the
automobile iUelf was an experiment.
DUNLOP TIRES are in the
forefront to-day for
"Traction,"     "Clipper"
Any manicure artist will
draw the line at the finger
of scorn.
It's lhe worst wheel that
makes the most noise in the
TAe fires that start each summer might have
come from YOUR cigarette-stub.'
The Forest charred and burned might have been
the result ot YOUR camp-fire.
The wooded hillsides might have been blackened
by YOUR lighted matches.
The burned farms might be the wages paid by*
YOUR thoughlessnestf.
Idle loggiug camps might be the result of YOUR
momentary carelessness.
If forest fires annually destroy* our natural wealth,
if money is to be spent in fighting fires instead
ot buildiug up the Province, then the loss is
YOURS and that ol the generations to come.
Be careful.
West Coast Motor Tour
1. The C. P. 8. 8. Motor Princess.   2. ChueluMtnt Drift*, a link In the Paeifle Highway.
8. Dance floor on the ferry.
NOT only bave Belllngham, Wash., and Viotorla,
B.C., been brought Into closer connection and more
friendly relations by the recent inauguration ot a
ferry motor transport serrlce by the new Canadian
Pacific "Motor Princess", but western tourists as a
whole have been provided with a new route to the
Capital City ot British Columbia, and one that has
the alluring charm and refreshing diversion ot a
three and a halt hours' water trip. The new watet
route for touring motorists from the mainland to
Vancouver Island forms the base of a triangle whioh
providee a circuit tour from Victoria through
Nanaimo and Vancouver and via the beautiful Pacific Highway through New Westminster and Belllngham to Oregon and Washington destinations. This
tour takes one through some of the most beautiful
scenery on the continent. Exhilarating sea breezes
are enjoyed along the whole route, which ls through
•JDuntry the climate   ot  which   is so   delightfully
equable, that the semi-tropical foliage is pleasing to
the eye and fragrant the year round.
In addition, the ferry links the wonderful roads
on Vancouver Island with tbe California Bee Line,
the western arc of the great 6,000 mile-circle tour
which embraces twelve national parks in the United
States and three ln Canada, and of which the Banff-
Wlndermere Highway through the Canadian Rockies
to be officially opened on June 80th, forms one of
the most delightful parts.
The ship which has made this Malnland-Island-
Clrole tour possible was specially designed for tbe
service and possesses many distinctive features. She
has parking space (or (SO automobiles on two decks
and accommodation for 250 passengers. A saloon,
smoking room, restaurant, dance floor and deck
spaoes for promenading have been fitted up for the
convenience of the travelling public, and the vessel
la equipped with twin dlesel engines whioh -ms1ir«
a meed ot 14 knots ti all weathers.
Alone From Uscilug to Milwaukee Via Canada
Fleven-year-old Polish Boy
TRAVELLING does not Ure or trouble this little fellow. Though he does not speak any English other
than tw.o or three words which .he picked up en-route,
he travelled alone from his home at Uscilug on the
Russia-Austrian boundary to Milwaukee, burdened only
with a small valise and a sheaf of tickets and Immigration documents. Kecth Herz ls hts name. Orphaned by
his mother's death three yehrs ago, he was going to
his father In Milwaukee, who had made arrangements
for his transportation
When Kecth arrived i\,  Warsaw  1st  was conducted
ht a**> ag*--* ot tlte canartjap facUic BaUwa* W AiiFtA
Makes Long Voyage Alone.
There hs was given a ticket almost as long as himself
which would carry him through to his destination.
Crossing to England he sailed on the "Metagama," being, from the time he left Warsaw, under the care of
the Canadian Pacific. The direct mileage from Milwaukee to Uscilug Is not by any means the full mileage
of his travels. The ship's officers estimate that he ran
at least twenty miles a day over the vessel, and the
port officials had an anxious time when he made surreptitious peregrinations ln search of someone who
spoke his own tongue. He waB glad, of course, to meet
his father, but what an adventure It ia te travel far aat
m».\ **
The shortest
Regulations,     embodying!
many changes  of   the   epen
seasons   for big game,   fur-
bearing  animals   and  game!
birds of British Columbia for
the ensuing year,  have  been |
promulgated by the game conservation board, of which M.
B.  Jackson,   K.C, M.L.A.,|
is chairman.
•   Suggestions     for    further!
changes   are   invited   by the
board before June  15,   otherwise the regulations  will re-l
main unaltered.
The important changes tol
the open season in the eastern
district (in which Grand Forks
riding is situated), which includes the province east of
the summit of the Cascade
mountains and south of thel
C.N.R., areas follows:
Mountain goat, in the eastern district south of the main  lioe of thel
C.P.R.. September   15  to   Decern-1
ber 15.
Bear, throughout the eastern dis*
trict, September 15 to June 15,
Deer, bucks only, over one year]
old, throughout both districts, except white tail deer in North and]
South Okanagan, Similkameen and
Qreenwood electoral districts, Sepss
tember 15 to December 15. Bag
limit, three (bucks only.)
No game may be sold exceptI
moose and cariboo in Atlin and
Omineca electoral districts from
October 1 to December 15; bear, in
tbe northern district, September 1
June 30, and in the eastern district,
September 15 to June 15,
Trapping.—No fur-bearing ani-l
mals may be trapped south of the
main line of C.P.R., December 1 to|
April 30, 1924.
Grouse and ptarmigan, except I
prairie chicken and sharp-tailed
grouse, in the northern district and
in those portions of Omineca, Fort|
Qeorge and .Cariboo electoral districts in the eastern district, September' 1 to November 15; in thel
remainder of the eastern district
September 15 to October 15. Bag
limit for grouse and ptarmigan, six
of one species or twelve of all species |
in one day.
Pheasants,   cocks  only,   in   thel
South Okanagan and Similkameen
electoral districts and Salmon  Arm|
municipality, October 20 to November 10.
Quail, in the Similkameen and]
South Okanagan districts, October|
20 to November 10.
Ducks, geese, brant,  coots,  Wil«
son snipe, black-breasted and golden |
plover andgreater and lesser yellow-
legs, in both districts, September I5|
to December 30.
thing in the
isn't a mosquito's eyelash or a gnat's
whisker, or any other part of any insect
whatsoever—IT IS THE MEMORY OF
If you doubt this ask thc first men
men you meet the following questions:
21 When did the R31 cross the Atlantic?
Who was her pilot? On What date was
Lord Kitchener drowned? What was
the name of thc ship tlv.it blew up and
almost wiped oat the city of Halifax?
What Barman submarine torpedoed
the Lusi|ania?
It is a safe bet thnt you would not
get one correct answer.
Now do you see the necessity of persistent advertising? When the details
of events of world wide importance are
so soon forgotten how do you expect
the public to remember you unless
YOU TELL'EM--and keep telling them?
One step won't take very far,
You've got to keep on walking;
One word won't tell folks who you arc,
'..ijYou've got to keep ou talking;
One inch won't make you very tall,
You've got to keep on growing;
One little ad. won't do it all,
You've got to keep them going.
Brown started out without a cent;
lie's rich now and still rising;
Some say 'twas luck; some say 'twas
HE says 'twas advertising. (THE   SUN,   URAND   FORKS,   t. B*
PHONE 101 Rl
News of the Gity
Mr. and Mrs; F. 8. Morrison, who
have been touring thiB -Section of
the province in a moior car and who
stopped at the Hotel Rrovince for a
week, returned to their home in
Portland, Ore , on Saturday. They
were enthusiastic admirers of the
scenic beauty of the environs of this
city, and announced their intention
of returning here later in tbe season.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Max.    Min
June   8—Friday  84 56
9—'Saturday.....! 85 60
10- Sunday  82 62
11—Monday  76 51
12—Tuesday j 74 55
13—Wednesday.. 07 52
14    Thursday  C5 43
Rainfall  1.20
SEALED TENDERS will Ijb received by thc
Distrlot Forester. Nelson, not later thai,
noon oo the -■lei day i>f June, ]'.'-■-, for the
purohase of Lioence X518IJ, near Deep Creek,
Cascade, to cut 11,Him lineal feet of folim and
1000 Hewn Ties, , ,   1,
Two years will lie allowed  for removal of
Further particulars of tbe Distrlot Forester, Nelson.
8EALED TENDERS will be received by the
District Forester,   Nelson,   uot  later than
noon on   the 23rd day  of   I une, 1028, for tho
Surchase of Licence $0187. near Castle Crock,
atcade, to out 13,500 lineal feet of I'oles. *""
Une year will be allowed for removal of
Further purticulors of the   Distrlot Forester, Nelson.
SK.'.LED TENDERS will be  roceived by tlie
Distrlot   Forester, Nelsou, not later thau
noon ou the -3rd day of June,l928, for the
Rurchasc  of Licence XrrJll,  near  Neff Creek,
orth   Fork    Kettle   River,    to   out   11,000
lioeal feet of Poles and as is s.) Hewn Ties.
Two years  will be allowed for removal of
Further particulars of the Distrlot  Forester, Nelson, B. 0.
SSALED TBNDEK-i will be received by thc
Distrlot Forester, Nelson, not later than
noon  on   the 23rd   day  June, 1928,   far the
8archaise   of   Lloenoe    X.il'K,  .Southeust   of
Tan 1 Forks, to out 1500 lineal feet of  I'oles.
One  year will be allowed for removal of
Further particulars nf the Dlstriot Forester,
Helton, B. C.
SEALED TENDERS will be received by the
District Forester,  Nelson, not later than
noon on the 23rd  day of June, 1923, for the
Burchiise of Licence X.usi. near west shore
hristiuaLakcto eut  14,000 lineal  feet of
Poles and 3000 Hewn Ties.
One year will be allowed   fnr removal of
Further particulars of the District Fores-
tar, Nelson-
Call at Donaldson's and
see the best buy in men's
work shoes on the market today.
Also don't forget to look
at the new line of
These are real bargains.
•Smoking compartments are to bo
provided in the nev( woaden winged
monoplanes for use on the Londoi>
Amsterdam-Berlin   air   route,
301,980,268 feet of lumber Were
produced from mills in the Ottawa
Valley last season .-tejsSjflifSst 238,-
116,764 feet in the 1021-022 season.
Last season's' grain shipments
through the port of Montreal exceeded 163,000,000 bushels. Revenues reached $3,460,810 providing
• surplus of $266,362.
Forest rangers ot the Quebec land
New Brunswick forestry departments will co-operate to the extent
of covering fires on either sida iif
tbe provincial border. '. '''
■•■ - ■ ■ ft   »'■' '
Two thousand maples and one
thousand green ash Wees, native-) of
Saskatchewan, were shipped to the
Canadian War Memorial Park at
Poperinghe, Belgium, recently.
Vancouver is to have direct consular trade relations with Spain.
A vice-consulate has been established there which embraces the
prairie provinces and is the only
one west of Montreal.    .
During tbe year 1922 boring operations for the discovery of oil and
gas in Alberta were continued' to
thc extent of 230,000 feet, resulting in the discovery and development of a field with an output of
180,000,000 feet per day.
Despite reports of adverse conditions in the prairie provinces, Sas-
katchiwan officials estimate that
after j aying all expenses the farmers of that province last year had
$100,000,000 in net proceeds to apply on debts.
In 1906, in Iowa, a single head
of oats was selected fas being a desirable variety. In thirteen years
this single head had multiplied to
the extent that 1,600,000 acres were
sown to it and showed an increased
production of 6,600,000 bushels.
One of the largest timber sale*
that the Canadian Pacific Railway
has made in several months has just
been made on Vancouver Island. A
group of Seattle lumbermen have
acquired 12,000 acres of timber land
at Home Hill. The timber on thit
•tend exceeds 200,000,000 feet.
Part of the plans for keeping tht
St Lawrence open all winter submitted by Dimitry Jonavici, Roumanian engineer, to the Federal and
Provincial Governments would call
for the erection of a nine mile dam
at the eaat end of Belle Isle strait,
which would prevent the cold currents from thtj north entering tba
The Bungalow Camp* to be
opened this year by the Canadian
Pacific Railway in the Frencb
River, Nipigon and Lake of the
Woods districts of. Ontario will consist of a community house, containing a dining room with stone
fireplace, surrounded : by several
double and single bungalows comfortably furnished for the accommodation of from one to four per-1
eons. A number of canvas hoiwee
will also be used.
The official opening of the Baaff-1
Windermere Highway will take'
place: on June 30th at Kootenay!
crossing, B.C. Motorists from all
over Alberta, British Columbia aad
the Western States will be present
in large numbers. A luncb will be'
provided for several thousar.d peo-j
pie at Kootenay Crossing. Prominent representatives will be present
from the Canadian and United
States Governments and from pro-,'
vincial and state governments on
both sides of the line, The official
opening will be marktcr by the cut- -
ting of red white and blue ribbon*
ctretched across the roadway.        Ji
Death of a Pioneer
Daniel J. O'Ray, aged 65 years,
died nt tho Sacred Heart hospital
in Spnknne early .Saturday morning
following an operation for a tumor
on the lirain. The remains were
brought di this city on Monday, and
the funeral wag held on Wednesday,
interment being made in Evergreen
DmuhsuJ is survived by his widow
He wiim one of tbe oldest pioneers
of the cily, having resided here continuously Jot ^twenty Heven years.
Before' the advent of the railway
here he wa ' engaged in freighting
between the main liue and this
point, and ],•* followed the "occupation of teao.ingup to the time of bis
death. He had a wide circle of
friends in the community.
Death of
Phone 30
James Clarey, a superannuated
Canadian I'dciilc railway employee,
died at tbe Grand Forks hospital
jresterday afternoon after' a short
The late Mr. Clarey was about
75 years of age, and bad lived in
this city ive or six years. He is survived by a number of eons and
daughters, among tbem being Mre,
T. K. Needham and Mrs W. S. McPherson of this1 city. His wife predeceased bim about a year ago.
Tbe funeral will be held at 2
o'clock on Sudday afternoon,
:- Just arrivildv^i!fii*ii^rae^t of
The Jelly with the pure, fruit,.
u v',    \f\'*rt*i     a *'- '-''''       - '
Phone 25
H.H Henderson, Prop.
Saskatchewan now stands first in
the world in regard to the number
of rural telephones per capita, with
a telephone for every nine of the
The Canadian Pacific Railway hu
a survey party in the Rouyn gold-
field, plotting a route in ease it
should be decided to push farther
northward the line now being built
from Mattawa to Quinie.
Construction work on a 88 mUe
extension of the Acme-Empress Use.
running from Drumheller to the
Bull Pond will be commenced thia
year according to statement nad*
by D. C. Coleman, vice-president ill
the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Organization of the Okanagan
fruit growers into a co-operative association has now beei) accomplished. Among the main difficulties which faced the co-operative
advocates was the raising of adequate credit to finance the whole
scheme.   This has been overcome
The United States bought Canadian produce during February to
the value of $26,710,206 in compart.
son with $20,116,856, Canada's exports to the United States in 1988.
Exports of Canadian produce to the
United Kingdom were $17374,260
in February 1923, and 115,816,265
In February 1922.,
Here Gomes Eddie!
"Eddie," said   tbe. father to   a
young  son found coasting in the
street, "-do you look out for the au-
! "No," replied Eddie cheeriiilly,
heye have to look out for themselves."   ml      e   - finiiJi na
A Ticklish Customer  \
Au English tourist driving through
the Irish back couutry in a jaunting
car passed a inan in ragged clothing.
"It must be awful to be in hucIi a
state of poverty as that!" exclaimed
the Englishman in a sympathetic
"Poverty^ yer honor?" .aid the
driver, "It's not poverty that has
caused him to wear rags. The fact is,
that man is so ticklish there, is not a
tailor in the country that ean take
M9 measure!"
The Scouts Say.'Bc Prepared'
Tommy had been 'forbidden by His
mother to go swimming. But when
ho came home his hair was wet, and
he had* a wet bathing suit under his
arm. Of oourse he received a severe
"But I was tempted so badly,
mother," the boy protested. ''I could
n't help it."
"That is all very well," his mother
replied, "but how did you happen to
have your bathing suit with'yitraf""'
'■Well, mother, I took my bathing
suit with me, thinking I might be
Let the young lady who would be
"pretty as a picture" beware of an
ugly frame of mind.
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
I sit!
■..■'■• .:'
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of.
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Pain, Pain
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets—Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin Is the trmln mark (registered In Canada) of Bayer Manufacture ot Mono-
acctlcacldester of Sallcyllcacld. While It Is well known that Aspirin means Bayer
manufacture, to assist the public against Imitations, tho Tablets of Bayer Compass
will be stamped wltb tbelr general trado mark, tb* "Bayer Cross."
Canadian   Bli id   Babies' Home
Nursery, Hospital aad Kinder-Jarten
Dominion  Charter,   Without Stock Subscription.
DIRECTORS—Hon. Mart!.** Ilunell, Hon. President; Hou, J. Q. Turriff,
President; A. H, Fire-Hal n mi, Vii;i)-[-'rd«dent;,.E!dwir I (irand, Seoretary,
C. Blaokett Ltibi-H'-ii, C>r. SiorljWy' J. fl\ McKinley, Troisurer; Lt.-Col
Whiton, M.D., R. H. Campbell, Thomas.Mulvey, K.C, A. BJ. Provost, W.
Lyle Reid, A. J. Freimitu, Charles H. Pinhoy, C. B., VV. J. Cairns, an'd Tom
TRUSTEIS3-C, ll Pinhey, C.E., Thomas Mulvey, K.C, A. J. Preiman.
Legal Adviser Hunkers Auditor
John I. MacCracken, K.C.    Royal Bank of Caaada.     A. A. Crawley, CA.
The Objects of thia Institution, for which Incorporation was recently obtained, are: "To provide a Home and Refuge for Baby and Infant Blind; to
provide free Scientific Care, Training and Maintenance; to Save the Lives of
even a few of the many of suoh ivfortunates, who, for the lack ofsuch service, perish every year; and to return these little ones to their parents, at
sohool age with normal, healthy bodies and sound minds."
j JThis is a large and greatly needed Child Welfare Service. Careful enquiry
at the Government offices in the various provinces reveals the fact that there
are at the presant time nearly 250 Infant Blind in the-Dominion. Nothing
nas yet been done for those helpless little) ones.t Jn the United States, 16
years ago, the first home was opened in New York City; they have now homes
in 13 States, all doing excellent work. In England, some time ago, Sir Arthur Pearson organised "Sunshine House, Chorley Wood, for Blind Babies,
and he claims that it is the only one in the British Empire. Let us have tbe
SECOND in Canada. To reach this worthy end money is urgently required.
Fifty' Thousand Dollars is the present objective of the Bourj. While tbe
Home is td be located in Ottawa it will take in the Baby Blind from every
province, so that this APPEAL for funds will be Dominion wide, and an
early and generous response is confidently expected. Cheques should be made
payable to the Canadian Blind Babies Home Association. All remittances
will be promptly acknowledged.
IT brings the whole country for miles, around within easy reach.
Have jpu seen the new models? They're ni graceful as swallows! As
bright as new eoinl As weatherproof as adut%? Automobile Steel
Bearings. VFrame of English Seamless;Steel Tubing; Hard Maple
Rims, s Hercules Brake. ^Everything complete. Rea| Quality, Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe peoplejtjQ mount youiright.
J. R. MOOYROWfes^'5
Open Saturday Evening* Till 10 o'Cloek
JT-AKE NOTICB that th* Casonde Develop-
**•*■   ment   Co.  (foreign), whose address It
cascade. B. C. will apply lor •  licence to
skc anil tux ten miner's Inches of water out
(Moody Creek, whioh flows Easterly and
Iralrss ltstoflhrlKtli*#1ss<lt**one-,*»Tf mile from
lhe foot of Christina Lake. The Water will lie
liveried from the str-am at a point about
me half lulls) nasur LotflS, Group one. and
Vill be Used for Irrigation purposes upon
he land described ns i'arts ol Lots 26S and.
269. This notto*} was posted on the: ground oo
She 28th dar of May, UM.' *a oopy of this no-
tice and an application pursuant thereto
and to _Jhe "Water Aot, 1914," will be filed
intheoiloeofthe Watet Recorder »t Qratsd
I'orks, B. O. Objections to the application
may be lied with tbe said Water Reoorder
or with the Comptroller o( Water Kiglitt,
Parliament Buildings, Viotorla, B, C, within
thirty days a' ior tbe flrst appearance of thlt
notice In-a local newspaper. The date of the
first publico ion of this notioe Is June 1st,
By Oeorge K. Stoeker, Agent.
JAKE NUTI.'B that tbe Cascade Development Co. (foreign), whose adurets ls Cascade. B.C., will apply for a Lidence to uke
aud use Ten eublc feet of water out of Kettle
Kiver, which flows Easterly and Southerly
and drains into the Columbia River near
Marcus, Washington, U.S.A. The water will
be diverted from Use stream at a point about
the heuil of tho cauvon and close by ilie Dam
on Lot 1114, (iroup Uue, .Simllkainceii Division.
Vale Di triot,and will be u.od for irrigation
pui'pd.c upon the lands described as Lots 268,
269. 312 and 313. Tbis notice wai potted
on - the ground ou the 29th day of
May, 1923. A oopy of this notlee aud an
application pursuant thereto and to the
■'Water Aat, 1914," will tie filed lu the olflcc of
the Water Becorder at Orand Form, B. C.
°J,tetim,lit?.*feP' aPPllsaWoa may bellied:
with'His) aaid Wtter Bfootder or with tha
Comptroller of Wslter Bights, Parliament
Building!, Viotorla, B. O., within thirty days
after tlie flist appearanoe ot thlt notioe in *
local newspaper. The data of the flrtt publication of this notice is June Ist, ltM.
» Applicant..
■i By Oeorge K. Stoeker, Agent
and shoe repairs   to
shop for neat and pn
work. • Look   for the
boot.SrT GEO.  AR
--'.''        _^s.
Yale barber S:
Razor Honing a Sped
is   '
^pHE value of well-
printed, neat ap-
pearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business bias been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Visiting cards
Sh'fning tags
Price lists
Dodgers ,
New Type
JLatest Style
Columbia Avenue and
Wee Street
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yalb Hotel, Fibst Stbbkt
_   Synopsis of
and Act Amendments
Minimum price oi flnt-elaa* land reduoeel
to tb an acre; ttoond-claM toW.Wsu, aero..
Pre-einptioo now confined to surveyed
lands oui/.
lt*iordt will be granted covering only laud
iWltaUefs'ir agrkoltaralpurjiotet i«ud whioh
It non-Umber land,      ,      * „
Pat-tnerthip pre-emptions abollthed, bnt
parties of nol more tfaun four met arrange
lor tdjaueut pre-emptions with'Joint resl-
Stnce. bat eaoh waking ueoessar jr improve -
meats on respective claims,
Fre-emptors mutt occupy claims for five
years Bud make Improvemeutt to value ol tlu
Ptracre, including otearing and cultivation
of ut least a aeres. before receiving Crown
it-ranl. A"
Where iiro-emptor iu swoupation not lost
than il yeart, aud hat made proportionate
improvements, ha may, beoauso of Ill-health,
or other causa, bo granted intermediate certllleate of Improvement aud transfer hit
olulin. .   ■.
m-eeotds without permanent residenoe may
be issued,; provided applioant makes improvements to extent ol |3i» per annum aud
rouoruasmmo eaoh year, failure to make improvements or reoord tame will operate at
forftitiire. Titlii ounuot be obtained in lest
thsisn 5 yeart, aud improvements of $10.00 per
aore, Includlag { acres tlearad and cultivated,
and ratideuo uf at iaasl two yeart are required:      I
l're-ompter holding Grown graut may rtl-
cord another pre-emption, if he requires land
Inooujuuotiou with hie farm, without actua
oooupatlon, provided statutory iiuproveuieuts
and residence maintained ou Crown grauted
Uueurveyed aroat, uot exceeding 20 acret,
nay be looted as hometttei; title to be ob.
tallied after fulfilling residential aud improvement conditions
Hot grating and tndustrial purposes areat
exoaediug MO aores may be issued by one perton or oompauy.
Mill, factory or industrial site* on timbe r
land exceeding It) aeres maybeparehated:
oouditious Include payment oi ttumage.
Natural hoy meadows iuaccettlble by existing roods may be Purohased conditional upon
construction of a rood to thorn. Babate of
one-bail of oott oi road, not exoeedlng boll
of purohase prloe. iti made.
The scope ol lhit Aot is enlarged to incluge
all dortont jolulng or  servlhtf   with   Ilia
Mujotty't Foroet.  The time within whioh ths
heirs or devisees oi a deceased pre-emptor
may apply for title uuder thlt Vet It extended
from for one yaar from the death of such
person, at formerly, until ono roar alter tha
conclusion of the present war. .Thlt privilege
It alto made retrouotlve.   ,! A
n.lSi'Jut^'iKV*t0 P^snaptiont are due or
payable by soldiers on pre-emptioni recorded
stirmn* * m Wan[J**^Stms%p
Provltlou.lor return of moneys accrued, duo
aad been paid time August t, f»M,oo ae-
count of paymcutt, foot or taxes on soldiers'
pro smpttont. \
•iSrSV -fi1 Airesneutt to purchase town pr
City lott held hy members of AlUod Forooa,
JI_*irf0*i,,.,1**,,,,> lv?«,1»'«l «!»ao» •' Indlraot.
rsmitled from cnllttmeut to Harob 11,1MO.
Provision made for issuance   ot   Crown
grantt to *iib-Purohasen of drown Lands,
Rho failed to oomplate purehaw. lnTolviof
irlolture, on fulfillment of eondltiont of
purckate, Interest and taxes. Whore tttk-
purehooet do not olaim whole of orlgnnl par-
eoL purchaae price due and taxes mar be distributed proportionately over whole area.
Apportions mutt bo made by Hay 1, len.
Grating Aot, Kit. tit systematic (development of livestock industry provides tor graslng districts and range administration under
Committioner. Annual graslng permits
issued bated ou numbers ranged; priority for
established ownert, Stoek-ownert may forls
Associations for range management; Frost,
or partially free.permttt lor tottlert, oampen
ortravellers, up to ten head.
I have opened a new har*
ness shop and am prepared ' V
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work . ..
C. A. Crawford'


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