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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 18, 1922

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' ■'>■■;
the center of Grund forks valley, the
premier fruit growing district of
Southern British Columbia. Mining
and lumbering are also important
industries in districts contiguous to
the city.
Kettle Valley Orchardist
is the favorite news-
    paper of the citizens
of the district. It is read by more
people in the city and valley than any
other paper because it is fearless, reliable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
"Tell me what you Know is true:
II can guess as well as you."
$1.00 PER YEAR
Funds Are Now Available
for Retiring Maturing
Debentures to Amount
of $20,800
Canadian Apple Crop Will
Be Equal to Last Year
and High Prices Are
Not Anticipated
Mayor Hull and all the aldermen
were present at the regular meeting
of the city council ou Monday
A communication was recived
from C. F. 11. Pincott, enclosing
licenBe fee of $5, on the understand'
ing that if his contention in the
matter is upheld in the caBe now
pending before the sudreme court
the fee will be returnable. The clerk
was instructed to accept tbe cheque
and to ixsue a license to July 15
and submit a bill for the present
A letter whs received from Geo.
A. Wellwood in regard to tbe prop
rrty whieh hud revertod to tbe city
through tax sale and renin collected
by the city. A resolution wns passed
directing tbe clerk to inform Mr.
Wellwood that the offer submitted
by the city for the repurchase of
the property by him did not include
the return of the rentals collected by
the city and that tbe oSer wan good
only for thirty days.
On motion, lights will be granted
to tbe Agiicultural association free
by tbe city.
Miss C. McCallum, assistant city
clerk, was granted tbe usual leave
of absence when tbe work in tbe
office will permit of it.
The chairman of tbe finance committee reported tbat $10,250 had
been deposited lo the credit of the
sinking fund. This wil! enable the
city to retire maturing debentures
tb the amount of $20,800.
Tbe council decided to purchase
two new water meters. The rental of
onenhalf inch water meters was
placed at 25 ceuts.
Tbe pluuger pump was reported
as being put in good cooditiou, and
authority was given to have tbe fire
engine put in working order.
Enquiries were received regarding
the turbine and electric generator
stored at tbe smelter. Tbe water
and light committee was instructed
to look after tbe matter.
Tbe chairmsn of the board of
works reported tbat considerable
street grading was being done, and
tbat in future special attention
would be given to the repairing of
The board of works was instructed
to obtain prices on cement pipe for
culverts, and to bave the roof on
the city ball repaired,
Mayor Hull and Aid. Love and
McDonald were appointed a committee to interview the Oranby company iu reference to the negotiations relative to tbe Miil creek
water right, and the water and ligbt
committee was empowered to secure
further expert advice in connection
witb the proposed gravity water*
works system.
A list of arrears of water and
light was submitted to the council,
and tbe clerk was instructed to forward notices that unless payment
was made on account of same with
in ten days the seruice would be
cut off.
A  list   of disputed    sprinkling
charges was submitted to the coun
cil, the same being referred to  tbe
water and light committee for ion
: vestigation.
"The Canadian Pacific railway and
Kettle  Valley line agreement by-
Vernon, Aug. 17.—Prairie wholei
sulers, Okanagan fruit shippers and
growers are in session bere, discussing problems affecting this season's
apple crop. This is the first time
such a meeting has been beld where
open and frank discussion on tbe
apple deal has been held prior to
the movement of the crop.
Values, transportation, handling
and merchandising problems are
being gone into and threshed out
with considerable satisfaction to all
Judging from tbe different speakers, it is believed that apple prices
will be less than the opening quotations a year ago and tbat consumers
will be able to buy tbe seasonable
varieties at a price which will
greatly increase tbe consumption.
In reviewing conditions bearing
ou tbe marketing of tbis season's
crop, II. M. Winslow, manaSer of
the fi. C. Traffic and Credit association, said that the American apple
estimate showed a big increase over
a year ago. Nova Scotia Graven
steins would be heavy, wbile tbe
Canadian apple yield would be
about equal to a year ago. With the
continent harvesting a much greater
crop, more serious competition faces
tbe seller, while at present tbe unsettled state of tbe fruit business in
the United Slates, owing tj the rail
and coal strikes, all had au adverse
affect. Shippers were hoping for a
reduced rate from the Pacific coast
to tbe United Kingdom, wbicb
would belp greatly in moving the
box apples from uortbwesteru orchards.
Among tbose from a distance attending the meeting ars Chas. fi.
Balfour of A. P. Slade & Co., Vancouver; A. L Folkius, Scott Fruit
Co., Calgary; J. C.Stockton, Medi
cine Hat, and W. Derby, P. Burns
& Co., Calgary; J. fialmann, Scott
Fruit Co., Regina; L, J. Woods,Op-
penbeimer Bros., Vancouver, and
Mars—You look sick, old man.    What are the little black spots?
Earth—They're the cause of my sickness—all of tliem wrangling
over my cure. If tbey would only leave off saving me, and get to work,
I think 1 would recover.'
Ten Million Dollar Plant to Be
Built at Elko
Washington, Aug. 14.—The storm
period centering near August 26
will be more radical than that for
the middle of tbe month, and suggests a little more danger than was
expected to center about August 11.
Most rain uf August is expected for
last ten days, and its distribution
near the average of past tbree
Forecasts. — Northwest. Lowest
temperatures near August 12 and
20, hignest near 17, average above
normal; least severe storms and
least rain during week centering on
18, distributed about as for past
three months.
Northwest: Highest temperatures
near 13 and 18; hot wave near latter date and some spots may get hot
winds; lowest temperatures near 11
and 15; less than usual rain dur*
ing-week centering on 18, distribun
ted about as for past three months.
Pacific Slope:  Low temperatures
near 13 and 20, high near   17;  not
| much rain; storm moderate.   More
rain coming.
law was given its third reading  and
will be submitted to a vole of   the
electors on the 5th day of Septem
Penticton Liquor
Charges Lead
to Prison
Elected in East Kootenay
By a Majority ol* About
200 Over Government
Sheriff Taggart and Two
Companions Go Over a
Three Hundred Feet
Cranbrook, Aug, 12.—East Kootenay is going to have n large pulp
and paper mill, lt is said the project is largely promoted by the
Chicago Tribune and other papers.
They will take lbe greater bulk of
tbe newsprint.
The company, known as the Wigwam Pulp & Paper Company Ltd.,
will locate at Phillips Bridge, nine
miles south of Elko. It will take
twoye.irs to complete tbe plant,
wbich eventually will cost $10,000,-
000 aud employ about 1500  hands,
It is said that the industry will be
on u arger scale thn the Powell
River or Ocean Falls project*.
C. D. McNab, of Waldo, B, C,
president of the Baker Lumber cuiu»
pany, bas secured the contract for
supplying tbe company witb pulpwood. He has incorporated a company for thc carrying out of his part
of tbe coutract,which will be known
as tbe McNab Logging Coinpany
Chicago interests have thoroughly investigated t're pnlpwood of the
Wigwam valley .ind pronounced it
of an excellent nature for the manufacture of newsprint, tbe fiber being
longer than found elsewhere in British Columbia, permitting the manufacture of a high grade product.
The timber is ideally situated aud
free from fire hazard. There is said
to be sufficient timber available in
the Wigwam valley alone to last for
thirty years.
"If I were a youngster about to
start out for myself," mused the old
citizen, "I should try to remember
that it is always as important to
make sure where tbe train iB going
as it is to get a good seat. '
Penticton, H. (!, Aug. 12.—Prison senteuces were meted out here
in connection with the liquor drive.
J. T. Murphy and W. Hocbardson
of Osoyoos drew six months. Thos,
Wilson of Hedley was given a six-
montlis' suspended sentence Charges
against Fred McMann of Oliver and
Jack Robinson of Osoyoos were dismissed. H. Stokes, fouud guilty of
selling beer and admitting selling
liquor, got eight months. His wife,
Olive Stokes, drew six months for
selling liquor. The charge against
the woman of selling beer was withdrawn, J, H. Thompson of Oliver
pleaded guilty to selling Iquor but
was released on a six months' suspended sentence J. B, Deroaiter of
Osoyoos drew six mouths for selling
liquor. Charges against bim for selling beer ond keeping liquor for sale
were withdrawn.
Jim Chow, a Chinese hotelkeeper,
is on bail facing a charge of selling
D. C. Riordan, wealthy citizen
aud proprietor of the B. C. hotel, is
on bail on charges of selling liquor
and beer. This is the third charge.
He already had been lined $100 and
costs for dealing in beer.
J. Nichol, another prominent
man locally, is on new bail, having
been re arrested charged with keeping beer for sale.
Road Foreman Donaldson and a
crew of men will start work next
week on the trail to the Molly Gibson mine.
Cranbrook, Aug. 16.—The
government met with an unexpected defeat in thc by-
election here yesterday, when
N. A. Wallinger, Conservative candidate, was chosen
to represent the riding in the
provincial legislature. With
four remote polls to hear
from—and these can not possibly materially affect the result—Wallinger's majority
over John Taylor,the Liberal
candidate, i.s 225. He polled
1006 votes to Taylor's 781.
Up to tbe last week of the campaign it had been supposed tbat tbe
Conservative candidate had hardly
a chance of winniug. The seot was
rendered vacant by the promotion
of Hon. Dr. King to a position in
the federal cabinet, and the minister
of public works has n strong following in the district, in w.'ich be formerly lived. That they were able to
sc ire a victory under rather untoward circumstances is a source of
added jubilation among the adherents of the opposition who supported the winning candidate.
Mr. Wallinger's friends   here  declared   today   that   the   campaign
eould not have taken a mor1 favorable turn for them   than   when   the
personal   record   of   the man  was
rougbtinto the fight, together with
the   reasons   surrounding  his dismissal from his position as govern
ment agent. It will be recalled that
on the day Premier   Oliver a.rived
to open the campaign tbis feature of
the   battle  was  brought   into   the
limelight.    Nearly all the  members
of   tbe   cabinet  were here to speak
and   at   the  end  of last week they
were reported to be none   too   sanguine of   the   result, in view of the
personal turn wbich  the   campaign
had taken.  By that time  the   subject of Mr. Wallinger's   ubrupt  dismissal, after eighteen years  in  the
government service, was practically
the sole issue in the campaign.
Tbe member elect was given an
ovation oo the streets last night and
VV. J. Rowser, leader of the opposition, wbo had been in charge of the
campaign, wns also given aline reception by the voters whose choice
had been sustained.
Victoria, Aug. IU. —Nearly all
the cabinet being absent at the
Cranbrook contest, it was impossible to obtain any definite statement
today whether the by-election in
Vancouver will be held before tbe
ciimiug autumn session of tbe legislature. The matter will doubtless be
considersd by the cabinet next
week, with tne chances ratber iu
f 'vor of postponing the contest until a more opportune occasion.
Mucb surprise was felt here when
word came through on Monday tbat
there was a good chance of the opposition winning in Cranbrook.
Earlier reports had suggested that
the government candidate was practically safe, but tbe personal turn
which the campaign took is blamed
by friends of the government forthe
fact that the earlier prophesies were
knocked into a cocked hat.
While returning to this
city from Greenwood Tuesday evening Sheriff T. A.
Taggart and two companions,
H. H. Sawyer, of Carmi, and
a Mr. Wilson, a recent arrival
in the city, met with an accident that completely wrecked
the car and more or less injured two ofthe occupants.
A short distance on the
other side of Spencer, where
the embankment is between
two and three hundred feet
high, the party met a team,
and Mr. Taggart, who was
driving the car, got one wheel
over the bank, and the entire
car was pulled over. Mr.
Taggart headed the car
straight down the 75 percent
grade and set the brakes, but
althongh the two hind wheels
were dragging it is estimated
that a speed of over .sixty
miles per hour was attained.
When the car had rushed
down the embankment about
one hundred fifty feet it struck
a tree and the men were catapulted out of it. The car was
smashed into kindling wood,
and the men were stuuned
and bruised by the fall. In
this sondition they were found
by a car headed this way and
they were brought into the
On arrival here it was found
that one of Mr. Taggart's
ears had been so badly cut
that it required nine stitches
to sew it together. Mr, Sawyer received a severe shaking-
up and went to the hospital
Wednesday evening, while
Mr. Wilson escaped practically uninjured.
Dad Odell is the storekeeper,
postmaster and hotel keeper at
The following is tlie minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, us recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Max, Min.
Aug. 11 —Friday   72 54
•    12 -.Saturday   68 52
18   .Sunday  71 49
14-Monday  85 44
15-Tuesday  74 50
16 -Wednesday.. 88 44
17 Thursday  04 47
Rainfall    1.61
Wolverton and Oriswold are
operating a stump mill on the Molly
Gibson mine at Paulson with very
satisfa :lory results.
Ed Ttirzick, of Rossland, is opening up a very promising property
adjoining thc Inland mine at Paul-
Not   long   ago   we  saw  an   an-
_^,^_^_ nonncement on a hotel  lobby  buln
The rain  saved  many  kinds   of I letin which read:   "Creditors'meet-
crops in tbis valley. 'ing being beld in the Blue   Room." THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
m (SranJ. Jffurka ftm |THE go™™n SchEME
One Year (in Canada, and Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)   1.50
Addresr • " —»«•--''cations to
The Gband Forks Sun,
PhonkIOIR Grand Forks, B. C|
The vacation is the best device for enabling
a man to restore his individuality. Without it
modem industrial organization would be impossible. Man could not endure the confining,
inactive life of the shop for physical  reasons,
nor could he endure the  psyclrc robbery of
the large business enterprises. It is a psychic
relief from a too complicated existence to turn
to the woods.   Damp life puts drama into the
necessities of existence.  It makes breakfast a
gamble and the achievement of dining a masterpiece   of ingenuity, patience and physical
prowess. Man must be constantly achieving;
he must be eternally pitting his ability against
the   world and conquering it.    Now, what is
thereto mike a man proud of himself as he
eats bacon and eggs at home in the morning?
He did not find those eggs, nor cook them; he
will be lucky if he can pay for them, Contrast
this with the exultation of providing his  owj
breakfast in  camp—of outwitting  the cagy
trout in his pool, of leaping up the path shouting to his slothful campmates, of cooking the
beauties aud them hearing the sweet words of
praise which, if tliey be decent human beings,
his feilows cannot fail to shower upon him.
The attention of the holders of the five and
a half per cent war loan bonds maturing December 1, 1922, is directed to the offer of the
Minister of Finance to renew the loan on favorable terms. The last Canadian loan was
placed in New Rork at a satisfactory price.
The Minister is making his present financial
operation entirely a domestic one by offering
to exchange the maturing bonds for new
bonds bearing the same rate of interest, running for either five years or ten years as the
holder may prefer. A further inducement to
the investor is that he receives a bonus of one
month's interest. The terms offered are decidedly favorable to the investor and it is
probable that a large part of the maturing
loan will be renewed. Arrangement for the
exchange of the bonds can be made at any
branch of the chartered banks. Holders who
do not wish to reinvest will be paid in cash
on the 1st of December..
E.G. Henniger Go.
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, B. C.
Established 1010
Real Estate and Insurance
Etoildout Agent Grnnd Forks Townsite
Company, Limited
There is always more or less discussion as
to the younger generation. As far as our experience goes, and it covers now not a fow
years, tho younger generation is always changing. It is changing now. Some of these
changes we would rather not have. Others
we are very glad to see. There is no reason
for believing, on the whole,  that  the  condi
tions are   materially  worse than  they have
been for a long time. No doubt the war un
settled society at large. Iu  this unsettlement
perhaps  our younger people share to some
extent. Uut mind you, it is only a sharing  of
what   goes with  the  entire community.   In
short, wc do not believe that society.especially
the younger part of it, is undergoing a radical
revolution oither ln morals or manners.   It is
passing through a condition of change   certainly in manners, perhaps to some extent in
morals, but we do not  believe that there is
any serious danger.    We need to do what we
have always needed to do—to  use the best
efforts for wise direction   and  proper   education. May we add thai; these efforts  belong
id thc home even more than to the schools?
Where the forestuclad slopes of the mountains grand,
Like waves of an emerald sea,
Frame pictures of beauty unpainted by hand,
Which Nature invites you to see;
Where the homeless and weary may rest from their  care,
And enjoy themselves "easy and free,"
Where the good and the bad join together in prayer,
'Round the shores of Christina Bee Sea1
Where the boys and their sweethearts may dance the night
'Neath the bright starry dome of the sky,
Or paddle their way in a bireh-bark canoe
To a seat where they moon gaze aud sigh ;
Where the soft, dreamy music floats out on the air
In a love soug of ecstacy,
Enjoyment is there for him who woutd dare
To camp by Christina Bee Sea.
There are swimmers and bathers and divers galore,
As busy as wild honey bees—
A picture that's restful for eyes ftiat are sore,
For they seem to dress just as they please.
They pose semi-nudely or scamper quite rudely
To let each gaping rubberneck see
That it might cost some money if a guy should get funny
'Round pretty Christina Bee Sea.
There is fishing and boating and ' 'eats" that are fine,
And a "thirst" is a thing of the past;
There are "Limousine" porties that are hard to define,
Where the pace is both torrid and fast.
You must banish your sorrow, nor think of the morrow-
Just screw up your nerve to high G,
And start blowing bubbles to drown your troubles
In the joy of Christina Bee Sea.
Farms     Orchards     City Property
Agents ut; Nelson, Calgary, Wlhnlpeg and
other Prairie points.   Vanoouver Agents :
Bstabltsbed ia 1910, we are In a position to
furnish reliable information concerning this
Write lor fro, Htirat'ire
Transfer Company
There are   girls   and  grass  widows and  mothers  and
And fathers and children and boys,
Who daily submerge in your clear crystal waters,
To wash off their avoirdupois.
If your health you're abusing and you feel you are losing
Your snrplus excess energy',
You don't have to wander, just camp right down yonder
By pretty Christina Bee Sea.
—D. E, Mblrosk Cascade, B. C.
cAncient History*
District Attorney Banton of New York has
issued  figures which he   said showed "the
tendency of the juvenile to imitate his elders"
w ho commit crimes. The figures  wero based
ii the ntiin ber of arraignment   in   children's
i: mrts in New York county. It seems strange
: hat nations are not yet sufficiently logical  to
h se  the economy  aud wisdom of preventing
rime by "lettii.g no man grow up a criniinol"
-attacking the problem  at its  source.    The
kindergarten cultivates riglit habits ol thought
and action in early  life.   The  most  effective
means   of   securing  mora   kindergartens   is
through the diiactment of laws providing for
their establishment upon petition of parents.
Items Taken Prom The Qrand Forks Sun for the Corresponding
Week Twenty Years Ago
R. A, Brown gave a recitation of a chapter from .the
New Arabian Nights at the banquet tendered Col. B. G.
Prior while in the city last week.
Arragements have been completed for the erection of a
lurge sawmill at Cascade,
Robert F. Petrie left yesterday morning for Spokane
on a business trip.
Bob Densler, un old time Boundary miner and locator
of tho Snowshoe and other important properties, was in
tho city a couple of days last week,
Hugh Swooney, who has been in the general morchau •
diso business at Kholt, for two years,has become a partner
W, R. Mogaw and is now manager of the local branch.
Tho Columhia electric light system is about completed.
All the poimary wires huve boon strung und csnnection
with the Grand Korks sy»tom can be made in a few minutes after tho arrival of the transformers.
Commencing next Monday, the Great Northern railway will receive and deliver freight at Grand Forks.
New Jersey, reputed to be the home of the
famous mosquito that flew off with thc iron
kettle, may be thefiist to banish the mosquito
entirely. The fight is on in earnest; the motto
is, "The mosqeito must go." The Mosquito
Manual, prepared for use in the schools, calls
attention to the necessity of ditching lowlands
and points out that no water should be allowed to stand in barrels, tubs or tin cans.
"All mosquitoes," it says, "breed in water.
They do not breed in wet vines, trees or
brush, but in water only. To get rid of them
discover the breeding places and treat each
place effectively according to its needs."
City Baggage and General
Coal*   Wood and   Ice
for Sale
Office  at   R.   F.  Petrie's Store
Phone 64
C.V. Meggitt
Beal Estate and Insurance
Excellent facilities fot selling your farms
We have ageutt at   all   Coaat and  Prairie
Reliable Information regarding this distrct
cheerfully furnished. We solicit your inquiries.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, B. C.
MSk Mmm    bp nice-and
ThkSkSp' silver m
TMIE fact that moat plated and sterling flatware can be
*■ bought in open stock allows a family to purchase
different article for the dining table front time to time.
We suggest that this is a most excellent way of coming
into possession of the proper amount of household silver.
Will you inspect our stock and allow us to make suggestions and quote prices?
We will test your oyes and expertly advise you.   If yon
are uot in need of glasses we will tell you so.
RRIDGE STREET    f       ft      TlVlflR    JEWELRR
QRAND FORKS      • *    *****    -**-■*■ ****-*■***■        OPTICIAN
Dominion Monumental Works
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache       Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets—Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggist*.
Aspirin Is tho trade mark (registered In Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of Mono-
acetlcacldester of Sallcyllcacld. While It ls well known that Aspirin meant Bayer
manufacture, to assist the public against Imitations, the Tablets of Bayer Company
will be stamped with their general trade mark, tho "Bayer Cross."
City   Real  Estate  For
Applications for immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Prices»--From $25.00 per lot upwards.
Terms:—Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office.
City Clerk.
Rakes, Hoes, Spades, Shovels, Grass
Shears and Pruning Shears, Garden
Trowels and Forks. Wheel Barrows,
Lawn Mowers, Window Screen and
Screens, Screen Doors, etc.
Highest Quality Paint and Varnish
Complete Home Furnishers
The Next Issue
of the
Closes September 1st, 1922
If you are contemplating new service, or making any changes or additions to your present
service, you should send notification, in writing, not later than the above date, in order
that you may take advantage of the new directory listings.
The telenphone directory offers an attractive medium for advertising purposes. Advertisers should bear the above date in mind
so that insertion may be sure in the directory.
Tell The People
What   You    Have
to Sell THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
(1)    Thli photo tf th* beaatiful Four Court*, Dublin, one af th* finest bafMlnipt In that city of ftn« balMfngs,  wan taken daring tb*
■  by Fret SUU troone.
Here Is a tug-of-war picture taken at Sudbury, England, sports.
The lady la not aingtng, far fram lt.    Bhe haa stabbed her  toe  againnt  a  rock   while  bathing  In   New   York   flarbor,  and  t\%
hottpKal haa been eammoaed te j:ivc her flrst aid.    Nothing like having a hospital handy, even  If  yeu have to keep il
Ml * Motoi boat.    Tha lady would appear to have a good large voice.
by   A Wis   Lang,   of   Chicago.
Hla brother Antoine plays the part of Chrlatus In the Pa:»ion Play at Uberam morgan.
(4)    A wonderful weed carving ef the Last Supper of Christ and  the   Apostles,
UM faari* ef Li
Indiana in  their grandest array turned out to greet  Lord  Byng at  Banff, Alberta,
la tba lovely  r.ecky Mountain resort.
Lord  Byng, Governor-General of Canada, on the occasion of his   recent  visit  to  Banff,
Banfl   golf   course.
(T)    Lord Byng w.as much Interested in the Indians nt Banff.
•I Stoney Indians; Lord Byng; Mrs. Hector Crawler;  Lndy Byng.
Religious  art  ta  ta
Sights like thin are to l>p seen on nil festive
(•)   J<erd Byng, Governor-General of Canada, on the occasion of his  recent  visit  to  Banff,  Alberta, enjoyed   several  games at
Tlte photo i;hown Lady  Margaret Boscawea; Hector Crawler, head <
0)    Km, Peaeedt in action ia the tennis chai.iiMuui.huia held recently at Wimbledon, England,
Dad O'Shea and
The Speed Demon
Dad O'Shea owns an extensive ap
pie orchard, und he and hix five stalwart sons run it "to suit ourselves,1'
though not always with the hunt results. Across the wuy Raymond Barlow, an eastern college man and
"book fanner," owns an equally extensive orchard and somehow, much
to Dad's chagrin, succeeds in making
money out of it. Dad seems to take
it as a personal affront  that Barlow
actually makes a fluanciiil  success  of
Hut in spite of limited returns
from crops Dad bought a showy, six-
cylinder touring car. "Now I'm
warnin' ye," he said to his sons,
"she ain't fer you young fellers to
bat around the country! Recollect
she cost nigh us much as a house.
Tin milo an hour's enough over these
roads, and I'm ridin' wid ye to see
that it's kept."
One day when tliey wore driving
homeward a littlo horn squawed be
nind them on the narrow road.
The woods are yours
to enjoy, but only if
you keep them green
"Step on   her, Frank!"  urged   Al
"Speed her up!"
"Ye'll do nawthin' of the kind,"
declared Dad. "Ye know what I told
"Aw, it's ouly Hay Harlow; he cau
get by," said Jim, glancing through
the buck window.
"Ray Barlow!'' cried Dad. "Step
on 'er, Frank. Speed 'er up! Shake
overy bolt and nut af 'er, by crickets!
Let's seo what she'll do fer wanst!"
A Harsh Critic
Tho gentleman dining at the table
nearest to tho orchestra got up from
his chair and approached the orchestra
"Do you ever play by request?" ho
"Certainly, sir." replied the delighted musician.
"Then," said the diner, "1 wonder
if you and your men would be so good
us to play a game of dominoes until
I've finished my Iunoil?"
Historic Lies
Two of the most famous lies rolatu
Lo the last hours of Nelson. Everyone knows tliat Lhe real signal at Trafalgar which ho ordered was, "Nelson
expocts every man to do his dnty."
The other lie is about the coat ho
wore on his quarter deck. He is reported to have silenced the impor
tunity of his officers, entreating hiin
to conceal the stars on his breast, by
saying, "In honor I gained thorn,
und in honor I will die   with them."
This is great stylo, but it is untrue.
Dr. Arnold hoard the facts from Sir
Thomas Hardy Nelson woro on the
day of battle the same coat he had
worn for weeks,liaving the Order of the
Bath embroidered upon it, and whon
his friends expressed somo appreheii"
sion of the badge, he answered that
he was aware of the danger, buL that
■t was "too late then to shift his coat."
The fabricated saying is  magnificent;
why destroy it?
A Lazy Switchman's Invention
Few things are wholly bad. Laziness is not an admirable trait in any
man, but for all that it appears to
have been responsible for at least one
useful and important invention. In
1846, says Herbert Horwill in Discovery, a railway switchman who had
to attend to two station signals some
distauoo apart docided to save himself
the troublo of walking to and fro between them by fastening the two
lovors together with a long piece of
wire. lie used a broken chair as a
counterweight and run the wire on
into his hut. Eaoh night after thut
ho sat by his fireside and worked Lhe
two signals without setting foet nul
I'rcsanlly lhe railway authorities
found out what he had done, reprimanded him for his indolence, promoted und rewarded him for his in-
geuuily and then adopted his invention .
Beekeepers' Calendar
for British Columbia
Issued by the Department of  Agriculture, Victoria, B. 0.
AUGUST—Supers should be taken
off and extracting finished by tho
end of this month or early in next.
Colonies may be requeened now.
Replace old queens with young
vigorous ones. Contract entrances to
avoid robbing. Unite wouk colonics.
Paste for honey labels made of
starch or Hour will adhere to metal
if a little honey or sugar is added
at time of making. Under the
Apiaries Act, 1919, all noney
producod in the province and offered for sale must he labelled
"British Columbia Honey" and
the net weight stated.
Circumstances do not make a man;
(hey display him.
When a man loses
anything else he
advertises for it,
but when he loses
his head he stops
Don't Lose
Your Head (THE   SUN,   URAND   FORKS,   B. C.
News of the City
3 i in • il I ira md b mdholdere of
the Cai la Copper Company Limin
led nave itccived circulafs setting
forth a plan for tbe reorganization
of this company. The plan pro*
posed contemplates the foreclosure
of tbe first mortgage and tbe forma -
tion of a new company, to acquire
the properties covered by the mortgage. Tbe moneys raised by the new
-•company will be used to begin
operations and for working capital,
such moneys to be raised by tbe
sale of Stock at $5 per share. Stockholders of tbe Dominion company,
if they wish to participate in the
plan, must subscribe to u pro rata
of 100,000 shares of stock of the
new company ut $0 per share.
The provincial government is
calling for tenders for the rebuilding of the Carson bridge.
A letter from Mrs. E C. Henniger, who is uow iu the Mayo brothers hospital at Rochester, Minn.,
says that an examination disclosed
the fact tbat her ailment is not of
as serious a nature as was supposed
when Bhe left here. Mr. Henniger
has himself been in tbe hospital
aud had bis tonsils removed.
R. It. Gilgio bas rnturned to bis
duties at tbe customs office after a
week's indisposition.
Dan McDougail is a typhod fever
patient in tbe Qrand Forks hospital.
His condition is said to be improving.
Commencing this week, tbe Consolidated company will start sniping 100 tons of reject ore weekly
from the Lynch creek mill to the
Trail smelter.
Tbe heavy rains during tbe past
week put the Noith Fork forest tires
uut of commission.
Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Gilpin announce tbe engagement of their
daughter, Bsrtba May, to Jobn
Henry Harrison, of Trail, B. C,
son of Mr. and Mrs. A. IS. Harrison, of Nottingham, Englaud. The
wedding will take place early in
Fruits   and Vegetables
The time has now arrived for this season's
Fruits and Vegetables, and we have an abundant supply. Try our Teas, Coffees and
Staple Groceries.    They are all Fresh.
Phone 25 H. H. Henderson, Prop
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the uew models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coin! As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people'to mount you right.
J. R. MOOYBOER &£ft8iMSfc
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
The second raid in this city in
connection with tbe enforcement of
tbe liquor act was made on Saturday by officers of the control board
and the local provincial constable.
The only arrest mede was that of
W. Chalmers, wbo is now on bail
and will bave bis preliminary bearing on the 24th.
During the balance of the summer the Kettle Valley line will make
tri weekly trips to Lynch creek,
Repairs have been made
to tbe Carson bridge by putting a
couple of bents under it, and it bas
been opened to traffic temporarily
for tbe convenience of the fruit
growers in that end of the valley.
Tbe   rain during tbe past seven
days has made tbe ranchers happy.
A. O. Frache, of the Grand Forks
Greenhouses, left on Seturday for a
business trip to Lethbridge.
Mr. Norrington, of Kelowna, wbo
is connected with the provincial
water rights department, was in the
city on Wednesday.
A meeting of the directors of tbe
Molly Gibson Burnt Basin Mining
company was beld at the bome of
President John B. Singer in Ross-
jand last week. Business in connection with the work of developing
the mine was discussed, tbe outlook being considered excellent.
Tenders   for  Conveyance
School Pupils
Sealed uud marked tenders are invited for the conveyance to Central
and High Schools from each of the
following routes:
(1) Proceeding via Cooper Bridge,
and the ranches of G. W. Elliott, R.
Hughes, T. R. Powers, T. E. Kirkpatrick, W. F. Huffman, and via First
Street Bridge;
(2) From ranch of A. R. Mudie
via Yale Bridge.
The successful tenderer ln each
case will be required to make one trip
on the morning of each school day and
convey all school pupils who present
themselves along such route, to Central and High Schools,4)he conveyance to be made in a suitable and
satisfactory vehicle with full protection from the weather provided.
Each of the above routes shall be
tendered for separately at so much
per trip. The tenders addressed to
the undersigned will be received up
to Tuesday, August 22nd, 1922, at 5
.   Secretary of School Board.
Modern Rigs
Horses at All
and Good
Hours a^
Model Livery Barn
M. H. Barns, Prop.
Phone 68 Second Street
The Granby mine at Phoenix is
filled with water.
Mr. Carsley, of Merritt, has taken
over the legal business of tbe late
II. L. Mackenzie.
SEALED TENDERS, superscribed "Tender
for Ereotion of Curiou Bridge No. 11.5,"
will (be received by Vi. K. Owyer, Distrlot
Engineer, 1'entiotou, up t. noon of Thursday,
the ihlity-llrst day ol August, W2'J.\for the
erection only of u Howe Truss Span and approaches (including: the supply uf piles for
trestle bents), and for the supply of Materials
and erection of abutments.
Plans, Specifications, Contract and Forms
of Tender may bc seen at the office of the
General Foreman, Court House, Grand Forks,
Eaoh proposal must bc aocompaulod by an
accepted bank cheque on a chartered bank
of Canada, made payable to the Honourable
the Minister of Public Works, for an amount
equal to 10 per cent of tender.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily
Public Works Engineer.
Publio Works Department,
Vlotoria, B. 0„ 16th Aug., 1922.
SEALED RIDS are invited for
the purchase of 5 .acres, more or
less, of land in D. L. 536, with irrigation facilities. This land belongs
to the City of Grand Forks and used
in past years as a nuisance ground.
Sale will be conditional upon agreement by purchaser te clean up prop,
erty without delay.
City Clerk.
■ W. J. Galipeau left for a business
trip to Cranbrook on Tuesday even-
Thomas Symes, Dominion fruit
inspector, arrived in the oity on
Saturday from Vancouver and will
remain here until tbe end of the
shipping season,
We have secured the
agency for Grand
Forks of a large
Western Publishing
House which manufactures a superior
grade of Counter
Check Books—carbon back and carbon
leaf styles.
Prices Are Right
Encourage Western
enterprises and keep
Western money in
the West.
Any Quantity
from 100 up to 2500
The Sun
Job Department
To Holders of Five Year
51 per cent Canada's
Victory Bonds
Issued in 1917 and Maturing 1st December, 1922.
THE MINISTER OF FINANCE offers to holden
of these bonds who desire to continue their
investment in Dominion of Canada securities the
privilege of exchanging the maturing bonds for new
bonds bearing Si per cent interest, payable half yearly,
of either of the following classes:—
(a) Five year bonds, dated 1st November,
1922, to mature 1st November, 1927.
(b) Ten year bonds, dated 1st November,
1922, to mature 1st November, 1932.
While the maturing bonds will carry interest to tot
December, 1922, the new bonds will commence to earn
interest from 1st November, 1922, GIVING A BONUS
This offer is. made to holders of tht maturing bonds
and is not open to other investors. The bonds to be
issued under this proposal will be substantially of the
same character as those which an; maturing, except
that the exemption from taxation does-not apply to the
new issue.
Dated at Ottawa, 8th August, 1913
Holders of the maturing bonds who wish to avail
themselves of this conversion privilege should take
LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 30th, to a Branch of
any Chartered Bank in Canada and receive in exchange
an official receipt for the bonds surrendered, containing
an undertaking to deliver the corresponding bonds of
the new issue.
Holders of maturing fully registered bonds, interest
payable by cheque from Ottawa, will receive their
December 1 interest cheque as usual. Holders of
coupon bonds will detach and retain the last unmatured
coupon before surrendering the bond Itself for conversion
The surrendered bonds will be forwarded by banks
to the Minister of Finance at Ottawa, where they will
be exchanged for bonds of the new issue, in fully
registered, or coupon registered or coupon bearer form
carrying interest payable 1st May and 1st November
of each year of the duration of the loan, the first interest
payment accruing and payable 1st May, 1933. Bonds
of the new issue will be sent to the banks for
delivery immediately after the receipt ofthe surrendered
The bonds of the maturing issue which are not
converted unde- this proposal will be paid off ia oath oa
the 1st December, 1922.
Minister of Ffai
r ot rma«M. i™
rpHE value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and.
holding desirable business has been amply
'demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Vir\< ;ng cards
Sh';   ing tags
Price lists
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to ■ my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
New Type
Latest Style
Columbia Avenue and ,
t-jike Street /
mm OMTBior aoknt
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly   Don
r. g. McCutcheon
:Witoune avuoi
•I*, "ltiiV.,1%'->. H "J
M\ Mim* I •■/•■>'
3S!!i.C5j\!'<.'. ■..;'-•-•   ■',-,-
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yalk Hotbi,, Fiust Stiikbt
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price of Arst-claaa land
reduced to |6 an acre; second-class to
IS.60 un aure.
Pre-emption now confined to surveyed landa only.
Records will be granted covering onto
land suitable ror agricultural purpose*
and which Ib non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptions abolished,
nut parties of not more than four may
aiTange for adjacent pre-emptlona
with Joint residence, but each making
m.cenuary improvements on respective
Pre-emptora must occupy elalma for
. reef* and make Improvements to
value of |10 per acre. Including clear-
Ing and cultivation of at least I ma
bo/ore receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor in occupation not
leu than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because of ill-health, or other cause, be
granted Intermediate certificate of improvement and transfer hla claim.
Records without permanent residence nay be Issued, provided applicant makes Improvements to extent*
*•** per annum and records same each
'rear. Failure to make improvements
or record same will operate as forfeiture.    Title cannot be obtained in
2?\.!?S? • ****** **** ennrovemenU
of S1S.M per acre, Including . acrea
cleared and cultivated, and realdence
of at least t years axe required.
Pre-emptor holding (Sown grant
may record another pre-emption, tf he
requires land In conjunction with bla
EK2l "J**0"' ectual occupation, provided   statutory   improvements   made
\\^J3'i\*'\™J**i*l*J-*k** *** <*""■
granted land. *}
Uiinurveyed areas, not urmillni IS
acre*  may  be leased as bomesAae;
at*iT,x\i\ *ilSb,t*ia'*a *fter ft^Olllng reel-
•euUel and Improvement conditions.
»or graaing and Industrial pumoeaa
•ww   exceeding   SIS   acres   maybe
Mill, factory or u^wUr^Tsifes OB
timber land not exceeding IS *****
may be purchased, conditions Include
payment of stumpage. ***-******
Natural hay faadowa Inaccessible
by •listing roads may be^urahased
oondUlonaTM construction**Tread
to them. Rebate of one-half of ooet ot
road, not exceeding half at ^
price. tamadeT^
The scene
Include all !
:ry \ rthJ&Ti^e.§!^Csr:5£
***** ******** wWob the heirs or devise*.
ss prs: rwswr jff"^
year after tho conclusion 5 the present
Me fees *e**atb-t* le if I 1—iilhMi an
**.**??*-?*• »*••<*****' I»e-«npaona.
interest on agreements te purchase
rmfdl?*7 *'•* *>M 2* -"SbSTS?
Allied Vtaees, or dependents, acquired
direct or indirect, retains? from ™
llstment to March tl7lMls7
1'rovlaloe    made   fer    Issmums   at
Crown grants te -n't imrnhssars S
Crown lAnda, acquiring rsrhts fram
P'lrehaMera who failed to complete
l-trctume. Involving forfeiture, on fal-
flllment of conditions of purchase. S»-
lei out and taxes. Wbere mil minimi
era do nut claim whole of original parcel, purchase prloe due and taxes Say
be distributed proportionately ever
whole area. Applications must ha
made by May 1. IMS.
Graaing Act. ISIS, for sillliiasllll
development at livestock Industry nro-
vide.H for graslng districts and range
administration nnder Comnlaeloner
Annual graaing permits Issued he ood
on numbers ranged: priority Inr established owners. Btock-Wnors may
form Associations tor range manajre-
ment.   Free, or partially free,
for settlers,         ■        J
to ten head.
I have opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
C. A, Crawford
Nasi T*a**i****** Offiaa


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