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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 5, 1924

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Fortune comes to meet us not less often than we go to meet her
Vipioriu, I' •'. 'I. ■ A iri.ov*- along
the light lines Im* bi ru made hy
thc house committee "ii private bills
with regard t i contracts between
cooperative organizations ami individuals Tbe oommittee Its" up-
proved of the bill of the Associated
Growers and r commended it to the
I gi il iiure Whi n tin' hid ih pnssed
it, a III jn- sviMc that in future ull
contracts must he strictly adhered
to. This wilt prev in In- "bootleg"
ging'' nf fruit
The three divisions m the legisla-
turi' which li id nc< urred up to last
weeknenrl were all won liy tbe gov-
ernment with good majorities That
uf last Prid iv f'H id lit" n Con.
eervalives linii g up auaii t-t the
balance of the house. So far even
the Provincials have sshii til to ap.
prove of government policy und
then; appears little likelihood of any
isHUe arising before the eud ot the
session which will embarrass tbe
administra ion.
Attoruey Geueral ManBon in-
foimer' members of the legislature
tbat he bad dismiss d two justices
of the peace recently iu Saanich be«
cause Ihey hid committed great
wrong io dismissing an accused who
had debauched.girls without plac.
ing the man in  the   witness stand.
'•1 sball follow the same course
in futore, regardless of anyone's
politics,." he warned.
legislative Wbrarv
Tell mo whnt you K now ia tru*>
! oan*|UMfl s» well as you."
a rapidly growing industry of (•reat
profit to British Columbia growers,
Northern seed potatoes were found to
have greater vitality than southern
seeds and the south was constantly
replenishing its stock from tho north.
By giving government certification of
freedom from disea«e tbo department
ife establishing a market for the Brit,
ish Columbia product  he said.
A strong dels nee of the govern.
ment was made in the hgislature by
ll. G. Perry, Liberal, Fort George,
who i- also deputy speaker of the
house. He went fully into all phases
of administration, quoting exhaustive figures to piove his contention
that the administration of publio
business in British Columbia was
vastly ahead of tbat of other prov.
inces. Things for which the government was justly praised included
tbe gradual reduction of taxes, good
roads, grants fnr schools, travelling
libraries, correspondence school
ciur.-is and ro luctions on stumping
"l'lie most convincing argument
ever put ueioss tbe lloor nf Ihe
houne," was the way Mnjor R. J.
Burde, Independent, summed up
the speech ol Attorney General Man
son on the Janet Smith murder
mystery. The first law officer of tbe
crown went fully into details of the
action taken by his department to
run the trimiuul or criminals to
earth Keen criticism of the govern,
ment had couie from opposition
members, ending by their placing
on tbe order pu per a resolutjon fa«
voring the calling in of theCanadian
mounted police. Following Mr.
Maiison's speech the entire house
expressed approval and tbe resolux
Mod was withdrawn. Hon. Mr.
took occasion to praise the provincial police, a body, he declared,
second to none.
New York, Nov. 28 -Transatlantic broadcasting was termed a
"phenomenal success" following reports made by amateurs nfur tonight's foreign program by Radio
Broadcasting, the publication sponsoring tbe project.
Tbe magazine reported tbat before tbe foreign broadcasting bour,
from 11 o'clock to midnight, was
over, they were receiving reports
"by the hundred" of successful reception of programs fjom Aberdeen,
Scotland, Newcastle and Bournemouth, England,and Madrid,IS ain,
by amateurs throughout the eastern
One amateur received a piano recital broadcast at Aberdeen so
plainly that he transmitted the music by telephone lo tl a magazine's
office at Garden City, L I., where
it was plainly audible.
The Radio Broadcasting laboratory succeeded in picking up Aberdeen. Scores of -amateurs also got
Madrid and many reported getting
the Newcastle aid Bournemouth
Tonight was the second night of
the Week's transatlantic broadcasts
ing program. Last nigbt only mod
erate success was attained
From the middle west it was re.
ported tbat a few amateurs had succeeded last night in picking up
stations in Lyons, France; and Lnn-
doo, Plymouth, Birmingham and
Manchester, Eugland.
In tbe far west only four persons
reported success lasr night, saying
they had succeeded in getting English stations.
Bride:    "There, dear, now aren't you glad you married a  girl   who
was studying science?   See what iu attractive table I set."
He:    "Yes, very nice.    What bave you cooked?"
She:    "Oh, I never got tbat far."—London Opinian.
Avoid Damage By
Mailing Your Christmas Parcels Early
Every business man knows the exceptional amount of business that is
done during the Christmas soason.
This heavy business means not only a
rush at the stores but als-. an exceptionally busy time at the post office
It is important, therefore, that mail-
iugs which can he made in advance of
the rush season be cleared away; for
instance, there are calendars mailed
in large quantities in December which
if held unti the last minute so cone
gest the mails that delay results.
Moreover, during this busy t me,
there is always tho greater possibility
of damagebeing done to the calendars
themselves Business men are urged,
therefore, to post calendars as oarly
in the season as they possibly can
Tho calendars will not loso any of
their attractiveness or advertising
value if this is done, and a butter
postnl service will result
The government's determination
to figbt lbe freight rates case to a
finish has resulted in sending G. G.
McGeer, K.C , lo Ottawa to hold a
watching brief when the prairie
provinces fight for the restoration of
tbe Crow's Nest Pass agreement
rates. Sbould they succeed in winning tbeir point Mr McGeer will
protect, British Columbia's interests
by insisting >h'ii these rates apply
eastward as well as westward,
The legislature at Victoria on Mon
day votod all tho agricultural departs,
inent estimates, with little contentious
debate. Discussion of a vote of $5000
for potato certification elicited from
the minister that departmental officials are seeking to guarantee the
quality of seed potatoes, to stimulate
A dispatch from Hegina says tbat
between 150 and 200 Doukhobors
gathered from Yorkton, Kamsack,
Canora, Veregin, Blain Lake and
Langham aro leaving Saskatchewan
Thursday for Brilliant, B.C., to attend tbe convention whicb will be
hold there December 9 to appoint a
successor to the late Peter Veregin.
Nearly 300 others not traveling
with tHe main party are expected to
pass through Regina during the next
two days, also on their way to tbe
con ved tion.
Go West, Young"  Woman
In the course of a lectnre on
economics, says the Tatler, the lecturer mentioned the fact in eome
parts of America tbe population
consisted almost entirely of men.
"I can therefore iecommend the
ladies to emigrate to those districts,"
he added jocularly.
At that a young lady in the audience rose in high dukgeon and
prepared to leave tbe hall. As she
was making a rather noisy exit the
lectur r remarked with a smile: "I
did not mean, however, that it
should be done io such a hurry "
He'd Stand Without
•Does your new clerk seem to-be
a steady fellow?' t sked tbe customer
of tbe proprietor of  the drug store.
"Steady?" repeated the proprietor I should say he was steady! If
he were any steadier, he'd be motionless."
The century plant   is   a  caae of
age before beauty.
The following pupils of tho  Grand
Forks Public School were neither lato
nor absent (luring November:
pkincipal's class.
Jessie Allen, George Biddiecome,
Marjorie Cook, Aubrey Dinsmore,
Jessie Downey, Edmund Euerby,
Edith Euerby, Eugene Fitzpatrick,
Fred Gallipeau, Alice George, John
Graham, Dorothy Grey, Joseph Lyden,
Alex McDougail, Martha Otterbine,
John Santano, Ruby Savage, Roth
Savage, Jean Donaldson, Mabel Hob
bins, Laird McCallum, Edna Wise
Eric Clark, Alice Deporter, Lillian
Dunn, Myrtle Fisher, Georgina Grey,
James Hardy, Dorothy Jones, John
Kingston, Freda Lyden, Gordon
Massie, Agnes McKenzte,Fred McKie,
Donald McKinnon, Helen McKinnon
LouiBe McPherson, Beulah Mitchell,
Arthur Morrison, Francis O'Keefe,
Elmer Scott.
Charlotte Acres, Irene Bailey,Marvin Bailey, Everts Biddiecome,Rosa,
mund Kt chart, Jean Clark, Elvira
Colarch, Patsey Cook, Josephine Davidson, Wilhelmina DeWilde, Eay.
mond Dinsmore, Robert Foote, Leo
Gowans, Colin Graham, Jean Groy,
Carl Hanson, Clarence Hardy, Rupert
Helmer, Harold Helmer Vilmer
Holm, Evelyn Innes, Harold Jackson
Marie Kidd, Mary Kingston, Dolhert
Kirkpatrick, Zelma Larama Betty
McCallum. Lily McDonald, Eugene
McDougail. Walter Manson, Fred
Mason, Arta Montgomery, Elizbeth
Mooyboer, Charles  Robertson, Lewis
.Santano, Fred   Smith   Ralph   .Smyth,
Winnie Smith, Roy Walker.
Jack Acres, Harry Anderson,
Beverley Benson, Helen Beran,Chester
Bonthron, Nathan Clark,Roy Oooper,
Ernest Crosby, Ernest Danielson,
Bernice Donaldson, Effie Donaldson,
Charles Harkness, Ernest Hutton,
Sereta Huttm, Margaret Kingston
Betty Massie, Madeline McDougail,
Peggy MoCallum, Bruce McDonald,
Lee Maurelli, Mike Maurelli, Edith
Patterson, Mildred Patterson, Vyvyan
Plant, Gladys Smith.
Mildred Anderson, Harold Bailey,
Angelo Colarch, Evelyn Cooper.
Charlie Egg, Ernest Fitzpatrick,
Clarence Henderson, rMa/.ie Hunder-
-on, Dorothv Liddicoat, Winnifred
Lightfoot, Joe Lyden, Hazel Mason,
Laura Maurelli, Tomniie Mudie.John
McDonald, Florence MoDougall,Ronald McKinnon, Charlie McLeod,
Minnie McNevin, Marjorie Otterbine
Elsie Prudhornme, D maid Ross,
George Savage, Elsie Scott, Winnifred Truax,  Peter  Vatkin.
James Allan, John Lakor, Roy
Clark, Albert Deporter, Peter DeWilde, Katie Dorner, Edith Gray,
Bruce Grey, Harry Hansen, Bru°e
Hail,'ness, Bessie Henderson, Isabel
Huffman, Chester Hutton, May Jones
Harold Montgomery, Mary McKinnon, John McLeod,Clayton Patterson
Helen Pell, James Robertson, Tony
Santano, Alex Skhuratoff.
Ernest Anglis, Alberta Biddiecome
Catherine Davis, Dorothy Donaldson,
Teresa Frankovich, Mowat Gowans,
Doiothy Innes, Eyrtle Kidd, Barbara
Love, Jack Love, Florence McDonald,
Grace McLeod, Gordon Mudie, Lola
Ogiloff, George O'Keefe, Winnifred
O'Keefe Elizabeth Peterson, Stewart
Ramsay, Victor Bella, Josephine
Ruzicka, Edna Scott, Polly, Fatkin,
A lex Woods.
Nels An-derson, Margaret Baker,
Lloyd Bailey, Alice Bird, Mik
Boyko, Mary Colarch, Wilma Davis,
Jimmy Graham, Helen Harkoff,
Ernest Heaven,Lola Hutton,Helmer
Jackson, Janet Mason,Donald Massie,
Myrtlo Mitchell, Angus McKenzie,
Eunice Patterson, Bonnie Bella,
Norman Ross, Nellie Skhuratoff.
Lillian Biddiecome Lois Dinsmore,
John Danshin, Doris Egg, Willinmina
Gray, reije Hutton, Nils Johnson,
Mabel Miller. George Ruzicka, Carl
Wolfram, Teddy Wright.
Gladys Clark, Shirley Docksteader,
Roger Dondule' Ralph Eriekson, Ber
nice Hull, Norman Hull, Mary Kuva,
Catherine MacDonald, Crystal Ma
son, Ralph Meakes, Leonard Montgomery, Joe Pohoda, Bernice Post
nikoff, Ruby Wilkinson, Eva Woods.
2Next to Yellowstone National
park, the most important geyser
region in tbe world is at Rotorua in
New Zealand.
The  following  is  the   minimum
innl maximum temperature for each
day   during  the   past   week, as re
corded by the government thermnm
eter 00 E. F. Law's ranch:
NoV.28— Friday   27
29—Saturday   38
30—Sunday   29
1—Monday  35
2—Tnesday  3D
3—Wednesday    -10
4—Thursday     .'ill
S ti 11 w f a 11
n. h.
1 (1
American   astronomers in   an   nil
piano  will    raco tho   moon's sha low
traveling across nearly 400,000 mile
of the sun's surface during an eclipse
of  that solar body  on   January   2-1
1925.    Carrying a specially deslgnei
camera,   photographs   will   be taken
from the  plane of the sun's flaming
corona   as made  visible during the
eclipse.    The purposo of the experi
merit,  as  worked out by Dr   David
Todd, profesNor-omciitusof astronomy
of Amherst college, is  to pormit pho
tcgraphing for a longer   period   than
tho   approftniMp   two    minutes   for
which the eclipse will be visible  from
the earth.
Newark, N.J., Dec. 4.—A young
bobbed.haired modern flapper is co-
inventor of one of the moat revolutionary vacuum tube | rennets inthe
history of radio,
Hoiteiise ScbiCkerling is the girl.
Her father, Conrad Sobickerling, is
known through the radio and eleotrl
cal world as tlio leading vacuum tube
inventor and producer. Bnt Sollicker-
ling doesn't agree, entirely. For ho
attributes his fame, in part at least,
to the ideas aud cooperation Hortense
has given him
In their factory here theScbicker-
lings, father and (laughter, are working on the production of a tube that
will du away entirely with A anl B
battel ies, It will get its plate and
filament current direct from the house
electric lighting plug and, Schick er
ling adds, will ho fire of any alter,,
niitine current hum or aven  of static.
The new tube can bo plugged into
i direct current socket as well, and
get just as good results. Yet it is siid
to use up less current than any other
vacuum tube now in use.
For the last two years Hortense
Schiokerling has been working with
her father in their laboratory, pro
ducing test after test to find th;s .
ideal tube Hortense, says Schickel--
ing, is one of tho hest tube makers in
the country She can make the entire
tube from beginning to end, and does
it -wiftly and eWciently.
Outside of this she can speak four
anguages, English, German, Frencb
and Spanish,
'•Before I stumbled on this new
tube," explains .Schickel ling, "1   hud
tested 1500 different types, lhe secret of the finai product lies in the
fourth element—a tiny vacuum tube
wilhin tho actual vacuum tube itself.
"'I he small tnbe acts as a tnufller
against the A C. hum of the house
current, lt is actually a spark gap in
a completo vacuum."
The entire operation of rectification, filtering and elimination of hum
takes place outside the tube, so that
it can be set into a regular socket and
the house current wires run direct to
the ftlonient terminals, 'lhe plato
terminal runs into the positive filament terminal, so that both plate and
filament use the same current.
Besides this tube, Schickorling has
produced several other kinds if radio
tubes, among them a new type designed to create pov. er. One in his
laboratory has been used to run a
jeweler's lathe.
Prescribing for   tlie   Unwilling
Tbo soldiers marched to the
church and halted in the squure
outside. As one wing of tbe edifice
was undergoing repairs, there wns
room only for about half of tbe
"Sergeaut " ordered the captain,
'tell the men who dori'f want to  go
to church to fall out."
A large number did so at once.
"Now, sergeant," said the captain, 'Jdis.niHH all the men who did
00) fall OUt and march the others
in; tbey need it most. "
Christmas Mails
for   Oversea s
Mail i -iir letters ill plenty t f
tin.' Parcels and other mail mat
ii-i intended for delivery in European
cou trie, before Christmas t-bould
h •: I 'I it nf early a date as po=
silib, a - ; 'ii later than December 1
to connt-ct with the steamer Minne-
doea, Bailing from St. John on De-
ceuiber 10.
Worse than being bored is trying
to act as if one were having a good
lime when one isn'-.
It matters not how long you have
lived, but how well
There are two levers   for   moving
men—iuterest and fear. * THE SUN: GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
5Tte Qktrnb Sfarkis ^mt
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) SI.OO
One Yoar (in the United Statea)     1.50
fflAddrear *•**	
cations to
/Thk Grand Four i Sun
•'<u\vt■ Funics, ii  c,
grades; narrow road surfaces; steep crowns;
sharp curves at bridge and underpass ap
proaches; road crossings. The list was drawn
up in order that roads that are to be built
with federal aid can be mad 3 as safe as possible, aud of course does not take into account
the more important causes of accidents—careless driving, drunken driving and excessive
speed. Building "safe" roads is a good deal
easier than pursnading drivers to use them in
Notes • Notions • Rotables
In Belgium mining engineers have madt; use
of an ingenius plan for reaching rich coal beds
that, owing to marshland above them, tbey
could not mine in the ordinary way. By moans
refrigerating machines they froze parts of the
marsh inthe form of cylindrical columns[jand
then sank shafts in the ice. Thus two shafts
have been sink approximately twenty live.
hundred feet at a cost of more than one'thou-
sand dollars a foot. It sounds expensive, but
no doubt there is more than enough coal to
make jhe venture pay.
The Fita-Fitas, as the native soldiers of
Samoa are called, are the only American
troops who wear kilts. Their fatigue uniform
consists of a bright red turban and a .sort of
black kilt with a bright red stripe round the
border; a leather belt that carries a dagger on
the side holds the garment in placo. When
the Fita Fitts were first taken into the service
of the United States they wero provided with
more conventional dress, but, being unused to
much clothing, many of them caught oold.
The present uniform seems to be just .light: it
is light and cool and sufficiently gaudy.
Tobacco is grown in Ontario in the counties
along the shore of Lakv Erie; in Quebec in
the counties near Montreal, along the St. Law
rence; and in the Okanagau valley in British
S. T. HULL||
Established 1910
ReuIEstate and Insurance
Resident Acesit Grand Forka Towoiite
.. Conilsasi--, Usnlteil-
Farms      Orchards     City Proper! y
ZAmrstlH nt  Nelvin.  Oslyary. Wlhiilpce ns.il
i thus- Prnlrle points.   Viisirniiver Auenf :
BftpMlllheil In 11)10. WO sre
r-srntfli roMishls* iiiforiiia'ioti
dlntrld. '
IVpv for fr*... Ills'I is sii is,
t. I'o.llliin   In
inoernlnr, thli
Unless you see the "Bayer Cross" on tablets you are
not getting the genuine Buyer product proved safe
by millions and prescribed by physicians 24 years for
. Accept only  "Bayer"  package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin Is the trade mark (registered In Oaoada) of Bayer Manufacture of Monoacetle-
acldester or Ballcyllcacld (Acetyl Salicylic Acid, "A. 8. A."). Walle It Ib well known
that Aspirin means Bayer manufacture, to aaatat the public against Imitations, tbe Tablets
of Bayer Company will he atamped with their general trade mark, tbe "Bayer Ones."
F. S. Johnston, a farmer neir Morton,
Wash.*, has harvested a bumper crop of wheat
that he says came from seed taken from an
Egyptian tomb. Mr. Johnston says he got the
seeds four years ago and this year the increase
was enough to plant fifteen acres, He lias just
finished harvesiing the crop, which netted 729
bushels for an average of 48.0 bushels to the
acre. The grain is white and very hard; the
straw short, the heads prolific, and Mr. .Johnston says it is one of the best varieties of
spring wheat he has ever grown. It was not
learned from what tomb the wheat nas" obtained.
A New York woman gave the following
advice at a party in honor of her one hundred
and fourteenth birthday: "Love is the most
important thing in life. Happiness is not easy,
but for true contentment* 1J acfvlsu young
women to^narry^wisely and for iove alone.'
A bright, happy party it was with its many-
candled cake and its succession of guests. The
only touch of sadness was the regret ihat her
"boy," who is eighty-five j ears of age, could
not be present.
In meeting the need for winter feed for the
bulfalo aud other animals in the park at
Wainwright, Alberta, the Canadian National
Parks branch of the department ofthe interior
is experimenting with the growing of sun
flowers Good results have been obtained so
far, and it is likely that the tests will be ex
ere an
During the past season the Canadian Pacific Railway used oa all it*
lines approximately 6,500,000 ties,
according; to a report just issued.
The woods used include British
Columbia fir, hemlock, tamarac,
Jack pine, spruce, maplo and birch.
"Did the speaker electrify liisaiii
"No, he merely gassed it."
jjThis novel method of cleaning a sewer pipe
that had become clogged is said to have been
successfully worked in a western city. A cord
more than three hundred feet long was tied to
a snapping turtle's tail, and then the turtle
was placed in one end of the pipe. It started
off at a lively gait toward the other end three
blocks away. When it got there soma two
hours later the cord was still attached to its
tail. Men who were waiting at once fastened
a scraper to the cord, with which the pipe was
soon cleared.
Of a mother, a simple but charming woman,
who died and left several small children, a
friend wrote this touching tribute: "I never
knew a braver woman. To face life's little
things dauntlessly, to finish the day's job in
spite of weariness, to answer illness with a
jest and to fight back pain for the sake of
husband and children is the highest form of
oourage. Io certain moods common, everyday
work seems rather useless, but after all it is
the pushing and pulling of simple men and
women that make civilization."
The true optimist i.s not the man who from
the side lines smiles on disaster and insists
that all's right with the world. It is the man
who with cheery energy puts his shoulder to
th■:■■ wheel when it is bemired, and with unconquerable faith rallies the weary and despondent to fresh endeavor.—Youth's Companion.
Tourist traffic ia New Brunswick
during the past summer left nearly
13,000,000 in the province, as
amount almost equal to -the total
provincial revenue, according to an
estimate of the New Brunswick
Tourist Association. Approximately
70,000 tourists visited the province.
There* is no foundation for the belief that
phases ofthe moon have any effect on the ner
vous system or on the health of individuals
lt is only a silly superstition.
One thousand British Columbia
rose bushes are being shipped ta
Portland, Ore., "the Rose City."
Portland, famous aU over ths continent for its roses, buys the varieties
produced in British Columbia because they are the hardiest aad
best suited for growing ia North
Silver production in Ontario for
1921 will not vary materially from
that of 1923, judging by figures
available for the first nine months
of the year from the reports of
several operating companies, though
some increases will be shown. Production to date has amounted to
•bout $19,500 a day.
Caribou have been seen in very
large numbers this season in tha
not thorn part of Yukon territory.
Old-timers say that the main herd
must have numbered tens of thousands, while in some of the smaller
herds that had broken temporarily
from the main herd there were hundreds and sometimes thousands.
Boys who love to declaim Kipling's putjiri
above "Fuzzy Wuzzy" will be interested to
know that Fuzzy-Wuzzy himself has just, been
set at liberty after twenty-two years imprison'
ment at Wadi Haifa in Upper Egypt. His
real name is Usman Digna, and he was imprisoned for leading a serious but unsuccesful
revolt against the Hritish power in the Egyp
tion Soudan.   He is now a very old man.
The reports of the state of the antelope
herd in the antelope reserve maintained by
the Canadian National Park branch ,ar Norn is
karn, Alberta, continue most satisfactory.
There are now 180 of these animals in this
reserve, their numbers having increased by
fifty in the past year. The experiment has
demonstrated that antelope can be successfully
bred in semi-captivity.
M. tor accidents, says the American bureau
of public riads, result from the following
causes: Blind curves and intersections of
roads; sharp curves on embankments; unprotected embankments; narrow brfdgds] sharp
pnbanked curves; slippery road sui faces; steep
c>4ncient History"
[Taken From Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
Considerable amusement was caused yesterday by what might aptly be termed the
imitative genius of a canary. Early in the
morning the steam wood sawing machine
started operations at a residence not far from
The .Sun olliee, where a canary is one of the
pel animals. The peculiar buzzing sound
emitted by thc saw when a stick of hardwood
comes in contact with it had not been heard
long ere the bird, which had too lazy to sing
for two oi three months, resumed his old-time
sprightliness and started to imitate the jazzy
Samuel Young, the well known farmer and
contractor across the river, was kicked so
viciously by a horse yesterday morning that
he died after twenty-four hours of intense suffering.
A hunting party composed of C. K Lane,
W. N. Lane, A, E Savage and Gus Parker
left the city yesterday for the wildest section
of the North Fork country.
The Granby smelter will add two more 500-
ton furnaces to its plant iu this city this win
Nigbt work bas beeu started on the deep
cut in Phoenix on the Great Northern branch.
The St. Louis World's fair closed its doors
to thc public on Wednesday, November 30.
The very first aerial stowaway
ever known was discovered recently
aboard a plane in the Laurentids
Air Service, Limited, operating on
ils rtoiiyn go d fields service in association with tiie Canadian Pacific
Railway. Ihe serious effect of the
extra weight on the flying powers
of thc macnine was so noticeable
that it led to tho man's discovery.
As he had hidden himself with a
desire to see his siek wife and ehilt*l
he was not punished.
Tha enormous contribution to ths
wer. th of Canada made by the Canadian Pacific Railway was alluded to
by E. W. Beatty, K.C, Chairman
ami President of the Company,
when, speaking at Weiland, Ont., on
November 7th, at Uie celebration of
the 100th anniversary of the building of the first Weiland Canal, he
stated that the company in 1923 dis-
persed in the Dominion S202,OO0,*M
in wages and materials, and $7,000,.
000 in taxes of all kinds.
November 7th was the 80th anniversary of ths driving of ths laat
spike in the main line of ths Canadian Pacific Railway, an event
which completed the Dominion's
first transcontinental rail-road, fulfilled the terms of Coi-s-fodora-tioa
i.nd made Canada a nation. A stons
monument now marks ths snot at
Craigellachie, in the Rocky Mouts-
tnins, where Lord Strathcona (then
Sir Donald A. Smith) wioMed tho
hammer which united East aod
Corporation of the City of Grand Forks
A reward of from $10.00 to $25.00 will be
paid for information leading to the conviction
of any person or persons guilty of stealing
lumber, windows or other materials or of
doing serious damage to property within the
City Limits.
By Order.
Gity Clerk.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
"What,50cent8 to row me across|
Last time it was only a quarter."
"Yes, but the water has risen,"
Perhaps at at some distant point a friend or relative resides. Ordinarily you write letters to each other,
and they are very welcome, but at times they seem
hardly sufficient. You long for something more per
sonal, butavisltis quite out of the question. Then you
remember the long-distance telephone, at your service.
You place a call with a courteous, capable "Long
Distance," and soon—but_ what need for us to say
more?    Wouldn't you like to hear that voice again?
British Columbia Telephone
Company I u
International Dog-Sled Derby For February
In and around Csiclser.   Top lett—iTottlnft on iJihlbl-
tlon Grounds.   Right—Bail Brydftess huskies, winners of last
year's derby, nenrlnji lhe post.      Left—A fair skl-In(t enthusiast.
Below—The Chati-au Frontenac dog team  with  "Mountie," famoua
north-west husky leader Inset.
a guide to "The City of Quebec" one reads that
among other thinKs Quebec is celebrated tor its
horse races, which for more than a century were organized and kept going by tho wealthy officers ot the
British crack regiments stationed there on garrison
duty, and that tho organization of the' Quebec Turf
Olub dates back to 1789. Horse racing is still a seasonal attraction to the Ancient City. The Fall meet
brings horses and racing enthusiasts from practically
all over the continent, and has done for years, but tho
nativo Quebccer is inclined to enthuse more over the
trotting races that take place when the snow ts packed
hard on the course. Then there are horses ha knows
and really belong to him. Horses from ,4way back",
One has only to attend a trotting meet in Quebec
to know Just how much of the truo sporting spirit is
Inherent ln the French-Canadian. It Is not always the
one who has placed most money that is thc most voci-
'nrouB as tho trotting nags near the post. Racing is
In their blood. They excitedly shout their favourites
name, Rnd wave their arms for its encouragement, and
!f it wins,—all right. If not,—all right, It's a darn
rood horse, anyway.
ft ls perhaps the enthusiasm for the race shown by
the people of Quebec that is responsible for the con-
•Inuance of the Eastern International Do.r-Jl'.d Dolby,
held annually in that city. The Derby is supported
by winter sportsmen from all over tiie continent, and
entries are made from all parts of the continent upon
which anow falls to stay for the season; but without
tlio support of tlio people of Quebec the event couki
not bo the great success it is. On the three days for
which the Derby is scheduled, everyone who can declares a holiday and gets as close to the starters' stand _
as is possible for the crowd, and Vben the dogs come "
panting home, it is not so much the visitor, at the
Chateau as it is Jean Baptiste of Quebec *w,ho cheers
them in.
This season's Eastern International Dog-Sled Derby
has bcen definitely scheduled to take place February
19, 20 and 21st. As in former years the distance to be
covered will be 120 miles, at the rate of 40 miles more
nr less each day. Earl Brydges, winner ot last year's
Derby with the Ontario Paper Company's team, will
defend his honors in the face of much competition. An
American team won the gold trophy in 1922, and lt ls
expected that several teams will try to regain lt for
the United States. Possibly fifteen or more teams
will try to keep it from going across the border, in
eluding one of five Alaskan huskies which Is being
entered by two McGill students. This is headed by
"Dan Jo" which led three teams to victory In three
swoepstakes in the Yukon district last year.
Dr. Legard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to the Old^and Middle aged
Youtht'ulacss, Energy and Fit
ness, ret nils   mental   and physical
decay,    thus    promoting longevity,
Preserves   the arteries   and  tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying   ailments,
as Head noises, derive almost, imnie
diate beneflt.    Calm refreshing sleep
assured, (jlooui, \), pression  nd Nervousness  is banished under the inllu
, on., oi thesoj Life-givitif*    tablets
i Wrinkles, hard   lines and   blemishes
disappear.    The skin becomes clear,
I light and elastic ui.d the complexion
j bright and smooth.    Think    of   the
| blessings of  perfect   health, the pos-
| sesion of few; the joyof a clear Youth
j ful appearance and tingling blood, of
■ lustrous hair, bright eyes and health"
j tinted cheeks; the beauty of   radiant
life and tie realisation that Time has
been put back Ten yeai'H to the envy
and adiniration of your  friends, und
the unbounded satisfaction of   yourself.    Can you allow a golden oppor-
tunity like this  to pass?    Remiinber
there are no arduous tules to follow,
im restriction on diet, nol   are  there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives th<j entire system a fooling of
exha'tttt ion   with   increased  mental
and    bodilv   vigour.     Why not   look
and   foel 30  at 59?     Do not delay,
commence   tho   treatment   at once.
You will never -egret the slight  cost
Incurred for such incalculable   benefits    The price of   these   Marvellous*
Tablets  including   Mail   Charges is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched   in
plain wrapper on recoil)t of  amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard's  Laboratories,
100, Liv rpool tfo.rsl, H.irnsliiirv,
London, England.
A-Jcn t
I/.smiiii. il Mo.iusiioilt.il Works
Aslis-.fo.', Tl'rocluc's Co. Itsssslinii
Wholesale and Retail
Deulor in
Hava *i,*3 Cigars, PiP'-'g
Imperial Billiard Parlor
<i "'orltB. !$. c.
Three Rivers, Quebec, Hat New Station
Citizens of Three Rivers, Quebec, regard the recent inauguration of tbe new Canadian Pacific Railway Station
as marking » nt -.*/ epoch in the life of their city inasmuch aB it affords proof of the status already attained by
Troio-Rtvioros as an industrial centre and of the greater prominence it is expected to occupy in the future. The new
i ti'.tion building is the most up-to-date and magnificent of its kind in eastern Canada. Of its construction cost, not
less than $^00,000 represents the amount of money spent in Three Riven.
Som- Iden as to thu way Three Rivers has developed may he gathered from a few remarks made by E. J. Hebert, fint
uat-tislant general passenger agent, Canadian Pacific Railway, in proposing a toast at the banquet that marked the
official optsuing', "Until 1S75 navigation wsb the only transportation facility" he said. "Then the Northern Railway
<v •■■■■ built bcl -eei! Quebec, Three Rivers and Montreal, but it was not until 1906 that industries began to appear.
Vi■■ -. Lho -ipniii ■ if the St. Maurice Valley Railway trade developed rapidly. The towns of Shawinigan Falls,
Gi uu Moro, '■.'■„•: dc-la-Madeleine, La Gabelle, small hamlets in 1905, have become important industrial centres.,
wi ■>■ i > ii -.In H.-.vs respectively of 12,000,7,500 and 3,000 people, while Three Rivera itself has over 30,000 populatior
now ..,. iu ..',..','. growing."
Hockey Pictorial
A Masterpiece
The Sun editor has teceived a
copy "f 'h" H n'-ey Pictori-il which
has just fo-eii published; and which
is at once th" handsomest and most
complete publicali'it) ever produced
in the world for anv single sport
It is a marvel of good taste in artistry and industry oi achievement.
Itis impossible to speak too highly
of it.
The hook represents years of effort
typographically and pictorially, it
is a "masterpiece." From cover to
oover it is embellished with group
pictures of cbatnpiouBhip teams
Irom   1888   to   1924; in  fact,  the
history of Canada's  great  national
•miter sport is told in pictures.
Oldssttmers will be interested in
the handsome halftones of tbe
teams who were prominent a generation ago, while the younger enthn-
aitsats will enjoy the eproductions
of the mor? recent winners.
The book is oot only lavishly
illustrated, but iB literally crammed
with much interesting information
regarding individuals, clubs and
leagues throughout the country.
Local   hockey   funs   will   find a
very interesting group picture of the
Canadian   Olympic hockey  chain
pious on the fiont cover and also  a
complete history of the playert and
records right to the finals.
Tbe book sells for 82 and can be
secured by writing to the Hockey
Pictorial, 84 Victoria  St , Toronto.
A Life Job
"Your hardware dealer has em"
ployed me to collect the hill you
owe bim," -iaid the collector on be*
ing ushered ioto the customer's
"You are to be congratulated,"
said the customer, "on obtaining a
permanent position."
Till:, mill— Bring your booi
,and shoe repairs   to    my
shop  for  neal and prompt
work.    Look   for  the  big
boot,—'CSO.   AltMSOS
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinda,
Upholstering  Neatly Done
WiNNiPBn .ty-wii*
Toacquite knowled ft
you  are not  ashamed   to
your ignorance.
in; if
People take The Sun
because they believe
it is worth the price we
charge iSr it. It is
therefore reasonable to
suppose that they read
its contents, including
advertismen ts. This
is not always the case
wifh news papers that
are offered as premiums with chromos or
lottery tickets
Advertising "to help Pj
the editor." But we do ' JJJ
wantbusinessadveriis- Oj
ing by progressive busi- pj
less men who know Pj
that sensible advertis- jjj
ing brings results and JQ
pay. If you have some- PJ
thing to offer the pub- Pj
lie that will benefit PJ
them and you as well, Pj
the newspaper reaches Qj
more people than a bill ^Q
and if you have the PJ
goods you en do busi- fr/sj
ness with them LU
drawn from  the leaves of
jr,''-''::  f-H IK,
*lw'**\ Nl
$ Mm *,■?-*■*■ m
Has iron it -millions   of users.   Sold
by all grocers.   Buy a package today.
News of the City
Now ia the time to aee about th ise
Christinas presonts you are going to
send to your friends and relatives
The earlier you mail them the bi tter
eliaiieo your parcels have of reaching
their destination bofore Christmas
A great many people wait until the
last few days before Christmas, at a
time when the post office ih clinked up
with mail Consequently there i<
bound to be a certain amount of de-
Iuy to some parcels, ntnl yours maj be
am in-* the unlucky ones. So whon I he
postal authorities ask you to liuvn
your pnrcels mailed as early as pos
sible, ynu can see that it is for your
own good. Above all, bu sure to
have wrapped carefully, us a tremendous amount bf mail passes through
tho post offico during the Christmas
sooson, If you do this your parcels
will stand the strain of Christmas
mail condition and arrive in good
bout.dary line will probably have
cnongh moisture to calibrate New
Vrsr - in tlieliuttftl manner.
Q li. Halse, of Vancouver, presi-
■I ni of bhe British Columbia [Telephone company, was in the city this
week   n his annual tour of inspection,
Mrs, A Sater, of Greenwood, oatne
down m the oity on Saturday evening
to i I ii I i.iio Carlson Johnson wed-
The fanners' get together social
iti the Davis hall last Friday evening
was largely attended and proved to
bo an exceptionally enjoyable affair,
A splendid program was rendered by
local musical talent, and a substtm-
tial repast and dancing kept the
crowd wide-awake until a  late  li -ur.
The (Irand Forks Liberal association will meet in the Liberal committee rooms next Friday evening to appoint delegates to the nominating
convention, which is to be held on the
16th inst.
Agda Carlson, daughter of C A,
Carlson, of Greenwood, and (lus
Johnson, of Eholt, were married in
the United church in this city last
. ■JTho roads uro in good condition for
automobile traffic, ami the "dry
belt"   south   of    tho   international
P, I! [freeland, of this city, goi»
eminent mining engineer, is examining    nine  properties around  Greens
Di. A. F Donnan, of Victoria,
will open a dental offico in Green
wood this mouth.
U , K, Esling, of Rossland, wus in
the city on \1 unlaw
An old fashioned sneak thief operated in the city the flrst of the weak.
The Conservatives met on Monday
eveming to lonsider a candidate for
lho forthcoming provincial by election.
.Scand.ii  is partly true, but  hardly
ever all,
A general meeting of the
Liberal Association of Grand
Forks and District will be
held at the Liberal Committee
Rooms, Grand Forks, on
Friday evening, December
I2th, at 8 p.m.
Business: The  election  of
election of delegates   to  the
Nominating Convention, De
cember 16th.
Here and I here
Rex Beach, the eminent American
author, was recently in New Brunswick as a guest of W. G. Mclntyre.
On leaving for his home in the
United States at the conclusion of
his visit, Mr. Beach expressed him-
ielf as a strong booster for the
hunting and fishing possibilities of
the province, charmed with its
scenic beauties, delighted with its
people and solemnly proposing to
return with his gang next'year.
The largest and one of the most
valuable shipments of foxes ever
to pass through Montreal, Que., by
Dominion Express Company, was
handled by that organization recently. There were 35 animals in
the shipment, valued at $17,000,
SO being silverblack foxes and the
rest black foxes. The former were
destined for exhibition at Minneapolis, while the latter went to different points in the Canadian West
The Eastern International Dog-
Sled Derby, which was so sweess-
ful last year, will again be held at
Quebec in 1925, the dates set being
February 19th, 20th and 2Ut. As
on former occasions, the distance to
be covered will be 120 miles, at an
•verage rate of 40 miles a day.
Earl Bridges, Le Pas, Manitoba,
now holds the handsome trophy
awarded for the race and is expected to defend his honors. Many
teams are already working out.
A decided acquisition to Trois Rivieres, Que., is the new Canadian
Pacific Railway station, which was
opened there on November 8th. The
building is Italian in design. Rose
and Macdonald, of Montreal, were
the architects. Remarkable speed
was made in the construction, as
the contract for the work was only
signed on June 2nd last. The opening ceremony was performed by
Grant Hall, vice-president of the
company, in the presence of many
Three moose and one deer was the
total bag of W. B. Leeds, jr.,
young American multi-millionaire,
and his friends, Nils Florman, Albert Hopkins, Paul Smith and Mortimer Davis, jr., as the result of
their recent hunting trip into the
Kipavva district. The leader of the
party expressed himself as delighted with the results, as he had not
hoped for such luck. Great quantities of game of all kinds were
A Bargain in Newspapers
An Opportunity to Win $5,000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
Tho.Grand Forks Sun has concluded an arrangement with Tne
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal by whicli we can offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readers
The offer includes a full year's subscription to both papers, an art cal
endar with a most beautiful picture subj -ct read) for framing, and an oppor
tuuity to win a prize of -$5,000 cash.
tn tlio Federal Election of ID'il there were -'1 I II) .'10'i votes cast out of
a total of 4,4.15,310 names on the voters list.
How many votes will be polled in the next Federal IC notion?
The Blum ly Herald and Week \ .-tu nr offering Ten Thousand Dollars
ini) i prizes for the best estimate, and uur at r mgetneut with tho publishers
of that great weekly gives every (irand Forks .Sun subscriber an opportunity
to make an estimate and perhaps win I In sapital prize of 8"),000. Somo person
will win.    Why should it nut be you?
Read Iiii  Bargain
The Grand Forks Sun Costs SI.OO per Year.
The Family Herald and   Weekly Star Costs $2.00
per Year.
We now offer a full year's su I scription to both papi is, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar and the righl to make one estimate iii
The Family Herald Election Conti st.
All for S2.00
Estimates must be made al lime of subscribing, and  no changes will bo
perinittorl afterwards.
Order Now at This Office
That the Land of Evangeline
(Nova Scotia) now ships over 2,-
000,000 bushels of apples abroad
annually was the recent statement
of F. G. J. Comeau, general freight
and passenger agent, Dominion Atlantic Railway. A number of British apple growers and buyers are
at present putting large tracts of
land under fruit. With the apple
growing industry increasing from
year to year, at the rate of two to
three hundred per cent per decade,
only twenty per cent of the orchard
land available in the province is
yet under fruit.
Perhaps the most remarkable,
certainly the first aerial stowaway
In history was discovered by Pilot
Caldwell of the Laurentide Air Service, operating in the neighborhood
of the Rouyn gold-fields, the other
day. Caldwell, on rising for a long
flight, found his machine so badly
balanced as to be almost unman-
agable. Cigarette butts and other
clues led to the uncovering of the
extra weight, which turned out to
be a miner. As the man had taken
this cheap but decidedly dangerous
way of reaching civilization in order to see his sick wife, he was not
detained or punished.
Appointed Director
Canadian Pacific
A hill stock of Baisins, Currants, Dates,Fig.?.
Everything to  make  your Christmas cakes and
puddings.    Prices riglit.    Give us a   trial   ordor.
Phone 25 -"Service and Quality"
,. ;*> UuMints-ttssi SlvftiiaiiU'i
The recent election of Mr. Rose
Huntington McMaster to be a director of the Canadian Pacific, filling
the vacancy created on the board
by the death of the late Lord
Shaughnessy, is a recognition on
the Company's part of his long-
proved ability. Mr. McMaster is
already vice-president and director
of the Steel Company of Canada
and director of the Northern Elec-
trn Company, as well as the Canadian Explosives Company. Born
in Montreal in 1880, he has lived
practically all his life in that city.
He was educated at the Montreal
High School and Collegiate Institute His business career began
with the Sherwin Williams Co.. of
which he became assistant to the
vice-president and general manager
in 1897 a post he held until 1908.
In the latter year he was made
assistant to the vice-president and
general manager of tht Montreal
Rilling Mills Company On *he
formation if the Steel Company of
friaila -n- was appointed manager
at Montreal.
IT brings tho whole country for miles around' within easy reach.
Have you seen the now models! They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as now coin! As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Itims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value   Easy Terms   We are tbe people to mount you right,
J. R. MOOYBOER gtf«a
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Ci. _k
'»<V.    . ,*-**mmwx.i*mMrm::.&.
Sdip lout Cream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
We pay the highest prioe and assnto
you ths most accurate tast. Give your
local creamery your trade.
A Gift That Is a Compliment
Id tbe gift you receive you can
sometimes see you.self as othars see
you, and the view is not always
flattering. It may be a jazz record,
or n gaudy tie, or a book that you
would bateto have found on you if
an auto bomped you into dreamland.'"And you can't really, blame
tbe giver. Knowing you 'well, be
concludes tbat you crave tbat sort
of think. Oo tbe other hand his gift
may convey a subtle compliment—
a gift of The Companion for instance. Itis a tribute to youi good
taste, to n certain idealism he has
perceived in your makeup, lo the
impression you give tbat life is real
and earnest and not merely a game
of skittles. You may be sure tbat
anybody who thinks slightingly of
Tbe Companion as a gift is himself
making life a game of skittles—aud
very little else.
Tbe 52 issues of 1925 will be
crowded with serial stories, short
tories, el it iri ids, pJJtry, fict3 and
un. Subscribe now.and receive:
1. The Youth's Compauion—52 is
sues in 1925,
2. All tbe remaining issues of 1924.
3. The Companion Home Caleudar
for 1925 (sent ..niy on request.)
All for 82 50.
4. Or include MeCall's Magazine,the
mon hly authority on fashions.
Both publications, only 83 00.
Commonwealth   and St. P ul St.,
Boston, Mass.
Subscriptions received at tbis office.
Very important changes i r. the
motor vehicle act are being put
tbrough the house by Attorney
General Manson. In future all
drivers of motor vehicles will be
asked to p y a license fee of one
dollar and must have tbeir licenses
on them at all times when in charge
of an automobile.
Automobile courts will be established for tbehandlingof a 1 offences
against the act, the attorney general
urging the prevention of accidents
through police action.
A plan similar to tbat in use in
the state of Washington will be inaugurated in tbis province. Motorists' licenses will be issued in tbe
form of white cards. Tbis is suspended after tbe first offence and a
blue card substituted. Following a
second uffence a red card wiii be
given the motorist. Aiter six
months, if tbe driver has ohown-
care and an intention to live up to
the law, tbe original white card will
be i*iven back ngain, thus starting
the driver off again witb a clean
Get the habit of
trading at our
We have exceptionally good bargains in all our
Phone SO
Transfer Co.
City I}*rts4»aj>e and General
■(Transfer; UlC Z3
■HPHE value of well-
pi-tilted, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holdiag desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult u . before going
elsewl- Lire*
Wedding invitations
Bail programs
Business cards
Vi:i' ing cards
Sh']"ing tags
Price lists
New Type
jLati- U Style
Colombia Avenue and
lake Street
Coal,   Wood  andjvlce
for Sale
Office  at  R.  F.   Petrie's Store
Plione 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
%5W~r"-\      **-,   -   -Ll ...
Hi fcii
%**r -P^  -n V
P. A, Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yai.k Hoi'ni,,   Pibbt  iiihkt''
wsisoi .
Vacant,       unreserves!,       surveyed
iown land, may be pre-empted by
irltlsh subjects over tl year* of ace,
ind by al'>eni an dealarlng Intention
to   sMct-snii   British   subjeots,   oundl-
lonal   upon   realdenoe,    occupation,
md   Improvement    for    agricultural
WU Informs tion  concerning  regu-
i tions   regarding    pre-emption*    ta
irtvan tn Bulletin No. 1, Ltuid Series.
How to Pre-empt Land," ooplee of
>'hloh can be obtained free of charge
y addressing   the    Department    ot
.iinde, Victoria, B.C, or to any Oov-
nmsnt Agent
liooords  will  be granted  covering
uly lnnd suitable  tor   agricultural
u.fiu*s», and which Is not tlmber-
land,  i.*.,   carrying  over 6,000  board
feet pa; aore weat of the. Coast Range
md 8,0r»f feet per acre eut of tbat
Appilc^tlo-as for  pre-emptions  are
i  be  u.i.l.oct-ed  to the Land Com-
lissloner ot the Land Recording Dl-
lalon, In whioh the land applied tor
« situate*, and are matte on printed
rme,  co-sUs of which  can  bo  ob-
..ined front the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emir-.lons must tie occupied for
lire rears aod improvements  made
to value  of (10  per. acre,  Including
clearing; and cultivating at least Ave
oofea.  before o Crown Grant oan be
*•*>■:■ mora detailed lnforn itlon see
'lie Bulletin "How to *fre-empt
Applications ure received for pi/-
chase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberland,
Por agrlculturnl purposes; minimum
prloe of first-class (arable) land Is |5
per aero, and second-olas.-i (grazing)
land |2.6u per acre. Further Information regarding purchase or lease
of .Crown binds Is given ln Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purohase and
r.eaee uf Crown Lando."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 aores,
may b* purchased or leased, the conditions Inoludlng payment of
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding so
acres, may be leased as homesltes,'
conditional upon a dwelling being
nreetod in tho llrBt year, title being
obtainable after rc-si donee and Improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
For e-ra-slni*- and   Industrial    pur-
pules areas net exceeding t>40 aores
may be leuced  by one  person  or a
Under the Orazlng Aet the Provinoe Is divided Into grazing district,
and the range administered under ci
Orating       Commissioner.       Annual
irrarlng penn Its aro Issued based on
lumbers ranged, priority being given
o establlsh-d, owners.  Stnck-ownerr
my  form   associations    .'or    rang-
i   ag  input.   Free, or partially free
irmlts   are  avallabu   ro;-     settlers.
imperii   and   travellers,   up   to   ten
iend. ••


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