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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 2, 1924

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Angel food won't satisfy a keen appetite; jazz is a poor remedy for industrial and commercial stagnation
Spokane Concrete Pipe
Company Makes a Do-
Report for 1923
•*TetI tne what you Know Is tro*
' I can duoM *.**. well as you.*'
FRIDAY, MAY 2,   1924
Mayor Acres nnd Aid Lid iooat,
McDonald, Mclnnes and Miller were
present at the regular meeting ul
the city council on Monday evening.
A letter was read from the Spokane Concrete Pipe company, do
natiog a sufficient ..mount of large
concrete pipe required fnr tbe cesspit
at tbe Tourist pan. Tbe thanks of
council waB tendered tbe company
for tbe donation.
Tbe Qrand Forks hospital noli,
fied the council of tbe admittance of
Wm. Emard aa a pitient.
The medical health officer submitted a detailed report of the condition of the city during 1823' botb
as to sickness and the sanitary son-
dition, and thi Grand Forks hospi»
tal submitted an itemized statement
of its receipts and disbursements for
1923, whicb showed a slight loss
for ihe year.
A request by tbe Amputation association for the continuance of lbe
present rate of pension, was endorsed by the council, and a copy
of tbe resolution was ordered forwarded to our local member at Ottawa.
The chairman of the board of
works ieported tbat no bide had
been received for tbe Fourth street
bridge approach; also that tbe
etreet grader had arrived aod that
it appeared to be satisfactory. It
was decided to renew tbe plank
walk on Winnipeg avenue adjoining
block 12.
The chairman of the water and
light committee suggested tbat ae
tbere was plenty of water ooming
down the flume, tbe usual restrictions be not enforced until such
time as it becomes necessary to
operate tbe pump.
The  fire  committee   was given
power to remove the bath and toilet
from the Granby office snd to   in
stall the seme in tbe fire ball.
Tbe chairman of tbe parka committee reported that the buildings
in the Tourist park were nearing
completion; that tbe old Yale botel
site was being cleaned up and leveled, and tbat some trees had been
planted adjoining it, and tbat the
.. tre.?8 on Winnipeg avenue bad been
trimmed and dug around.
M. Brennan was appointed pound
Aid. Miller was anthorized to
stake out the land adjoining thc
reservoir site which is being ex
changed for tbe fllume right of way
The olerk was instructed to pro*
cure a list of the registered owners
of property in the extras-municipal
portion of the school district for tbe
purpose of voting on the school
money bylaw. Tbis bylaw waa
given its third reading and was
ordered printed in the usual form,
The vote on it will be taken May
several nf his amusing sallies. One
day Erskine met a verbose friend
and, perceiving that bis ankle was
tied up witb a sick handkerchief,
asked what had happened.
"Why, my dear sir," came the
answer, "I was taking a romantic
ramble in mv brother's grounds
wben. coming to a gate, I bad to
climb over it, by which I came in
cont ct wilb tbe first bar, and have
grazed the epidermis on my skin,
attended witb a slight extravasan
tion of blood."
"You may thank your lucky
stare," said Erskine, "lhat your
brother's gate was not so lofty as
your style, or you wouid bave
broken your neck."
Road Work
of Province
Hon. W. H. Sutherland, minister
of public works, in hie address at
Greenwood last Saturday evening,
referred to tbe better system of
road work wbich was being done at
the present time, whereby the vari.
ous sections were supervired by a
qualified engineer, and tbus roads
were constantly improved and put
on better giades. It was hoped to
do some oiling where permanent
construction had been carried out,
and thus tbe upkeep would be
much lighter. He also ;eferred to
the different class of traffic which
went over tbe roads now as com
pared with that of fifteen or twenty
years ago He stated that 16,000
miles of roads bad to be kept in
shape, wbich was no email undertaking, particularly as the popular
tion was at the present t me quite
scattered, while tbe nature of tbe
country makes tbe cost of road construction very costly.
Mr. Sutherland paid a high triba
ute to tbe werk at Victoria of the
sitting member for Grand Forks
lady playfully. "Do you know wbat
it means?"
"It means ten dollars," replfed
the little girl.
Manson Flays
Third Party
will notify its members as soou as
tbere is anything definite to report.
Reports from the different districts indicate tbat tbe canvass for
new members is meeting with good
success. Final results will not be
known until after tbe 30th inst.
Soon after that time tt is hoped that
arrangements can be concluded with
all shippers for a satisfactory unified
control.—Associated Growers of
British Columbia, Limited.
the Province
Minister Answers
Doukhobor Charge
Victoria, April 28.—Thf oharge
of Peter Veregin, head of the Doukhobor colonies of cential British
Columbia, that Ibe government is
doiug nothing to punish tbose re
sponsible for tbe burning of Doukhobors' schools, was answered by
Hon. J. D. MacLean, minister of
education, this afternoon,who stated
tbat the government was doing its
best to apprehend the incendiaries
and was getting no assistance from
the Doukhobors.
A High Style
The ready wit of Henry Erskine,
at one time lord advocate of Eng.
land, has been preserved in many
laughable stories. Walter Jerrold in
▲ Book  of Famous Wits records
In Greenwood, last Saturday
nlgbt, Hon. Jobn Hart, minister of
finance, referred to the methods of
selling bonds by his predecessor in
office,, instancing a transaction where
tbe sum of $120,000 had been paid
to dispose of $3,000,000 worth of
bonds, whereas tbe Oliver government had done this through advertisement, without having paid corns-
mission to anyone. He also referred
to tbe provincial debt, and stated
tbat to merely take tbe total debt
was not fair. There wss on hand ample liquid assets to taka care of ma"
turities. He explained that interest
and sinking fund aro provided an-
Dually, so thnt while lhe tolnl debt
may seem high at $71,000 000,there
were funds and securities on hand
to tbe value of $33,000,000, whicb
would leave a net debt of about
$38,000,000. He insta-ced where
by watching financial conditions, he
was able lo save ahout 8480,000 en
a million dollar loan, whicb hid
first been bmrowed in the United
States and laur bud bs.en transferred to Canada, British Co'umbia
was practically tbe only province
having made nn effort to protect its
loan by proper and adequite sinking funds In closing he-urged a
more optimistic spirit on the part
of tbe British Columbia people,
stating that tnis province has every
cbance to go ahead and develop if
only tbe people will do tbeir part.
The natural resources are wonderful, and development has only just
Vernon, April 28, 1921.
Interest is centered this week on
tbe results of the canvass being
made through tbe various locals to
sign up an increased percentage of
rbe fruit production, and of the
negotiations undertaken with the
independent shippers with a view
to establishing some form of central
control of distribution.
Several items have appeared in
the newspapers purporting to give
the results of tbese negotiations. It
is unfortunate tbat thsse should
have taken the form of assuming
definite conclusions. The under-,
standing arrived at, as a result of
these negotiations, with a number
of tbe most prominent shippers, is
surely tentative and dependent od
endo sement by all shippers, and in
our opinion publication should have
been avoided until tbis becomes an
accomplished fact, as premature
statements may give rise to much
misunderstanding    The Associated
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Max.    Min.
April 25—Friday   66        21
26—Saturday  78 27
27-Sunday  77        32
28—Monday  71 53
29—Tuesday  78 35
30—Wednesday... 68        42
May     1- Thursday  77 35
Rainfall 04
Youthful Commercialism
"Is your father at home, dear?"
a lady asked when the doctor's little daughter answered the door bell.
"No, be isn't," answered the
child. "He is out giving af; anaesi-
"Oh, what a big word," cried the
In his speech at Greenwood last
Saturday nigbt, Attorney Genenal
Manson referred to conditions in
his constituency, where thousands
of aores of land bad been sold to
speculators, and then wben bona
fide settlers appeared to locate on
these lands, tbey found tbat tbey
vere in tbe bands of tbese speculators and tbat there was little land
available for preemption. He
criticized Gen. McRae in the very
strougest terms, as also tbe scurril-
ious publication called the Searchlight, wbicb had made statement
aud bad used language wbich wae
neither true nor fit to be read He
was convinced tbat tbe royal commission which was asked jor was the
last thing the Provincial party
wanted, for tbey were tbus confronted witb the necesity of proving
some of statements which tbey had
made, and wbich tbey knew tbey
could not substantiate, wbicb was
amply proven by the manner in
wbicb ail tbeir evidence re acted
against themselves, aud wbicb
showed tbat it was the Provineial
party which was doing the bribing
and which was guilty of corruption,
and not tbe two old r parties. He
mentioned Mr. RosBter, who had
purloined confidential records from
tbe government department of
whicb be bad been a trusted official,
aod bad offered to sell these to tbe
Conservatives. When they refnsed
to have anything to do witb tbem,
the Provincial party toek tbem up,
with lbe results as were shown by
the investigation.
Mr.   Manson  further   criticized
Gen.  McRae's  financial  deals   to
prove thar be was not quite a proper
man   to present himself   and   his
pajty as tbe   saviours of   tbe pjov-
vince. Many of bis deals would not
stand tbe light of day, aod could be
very severely criticized as being pro
motions of tbe very wildest   kind.
He urged all to read tbe findings of
the commissioner when it was presented, to see just what these |were.
Referring   to   the regims of Mr.
Bowser, tbe speaker was extremely
critical, aud  bad no  hesitation in
Btating that he was absolutely unfit
to lead  any government.   He referred to the very small  matters of
whicb Mr. Bowser   tried   to   make
mucb, and spoke in scutching terms
of bis handling of the  affairs of the
governmenl while  in control     He
st.ited that  Mr.   Bowser spent too
mucb time in carping criticism  instead of (Hilling any policy   of   im
provemenl.    lie  also pointed   out
that tbe  civil service expenditures
bnd   been   considerably reduced, in
proportion to tbe business done   He
also   referred   tn  the various very
tieneficial   t'l nclo-enls   wbich    the
Oliver   gaverumeDt   had   put into
effect, sucb as the  mothers' pension
act, wbich  bid  done so   much to
help  unfortunate  mothers in   the
reiring of their families.   He afso
mentioned the iocieased aid to municipalities, sod   stated   that  taxes
could Dot be reduced much  further
withont curtailing the effectiveness
of tbe government.   A very large
proportion of the revenue went towards the assisting of schools, bos-
pitale, etc.,   and   tbat support of
tbese institutions could not be  reduced.
Provincial Party Speakers
Are Being Thoroughly
Drilled in the "Principles" of the New Party
Victoria, May 1 - British Columbia timber revenue is rapidly
increasing, reports Hon. T. D. Pat.
tullo, minister of lands. For the
month of March tbe revenue collected through the foiest branch
was $280,000. The amount
received for scale and royalty was
$125,940, as compared with $112,-
174 in Marcb, 1923. The revenue
from tbe sile oj government timber
in March was $49,487, showing a
big increase over tbefiguie of $26,-
505 for the same mouth last year.
"The Provincial party leaders
bave organized a new institution—a
sort of 'school for scandal,'" re«
marked a wit recently, wben it was
announced tbat lbe McKae forces
were holding classes to train speakers for ihe coming election canm
paign. Tbe speakers sre being thoroughly drilled in the "principles"
of tbe new party and especially in
details of the Pacific Greet Eastern
enquiry. Apparently the McRae foi
lowers are hard up for something to
talk about and the rehashingof tbe
ancient railway question is about
all tbat is lefl.
Mr. Justice Galliher's report on
the Pacific Great Eastern railway
enquiry has been submitted to Hon.
Dr. MacLean, provincial secretary,
but the document will not be considered until Premier Oliver retuii s
from Ottawa, wheu it will be placed
before a full meeting of tbe executive council and theu published.
While no information can be gleaned
as to the nature of tbe finding, it is
generally understood that the gov*
ernment is well satisfitd. Tbe ger-
eral opinion fs that all tbe charges
of tbe McRae party have bsen found
to b» unfbunded by the commissioner.
Tbrough the expenditure of
$3700 on the fencing of thirty four
mudboles in tbe range country of
tbe interior, the minister of lands
computes that lbe lives of 272 cattle
worth at least $30 each, or $8160
are saved annually. Tbe yearly toll
of eacb daugerous lake is from ten
to fifteen bead. There are twenty-
three more mudholes to be protected.
Hon. E. D Barrow, minister of
agriculture, bas taken steps to see
tbat the cattle of British Columbia
are not affected by tbe toot and
mouth disease, which has wrought
such havoc in California One of the
first steps for protection was to urge
Ottawa to refuse to permit racehorses from California to enter tbis
province. Every precaution will be
Poincare witb bis stethoscope listening to tbe labored breathiog of
the French sranc, which sunk very low. On Aprii 21 the franc reached
• new high for this year when it rallied to over 6.36 oents.
Howard Smith,   of Westbridge,
was in the city oo Saturday.
An educational survey will be
held in British Columbia this yeur,
states Hon. Dr. MacLean, minister
of education. When Premier Oliver
return from Ottawa tho matter will
he taken up by the executive coun
oil and an announcement made of
tbe date and personnel of tbe commission.
The educational system in tbia
province has no superior in Canada,
ind in manv respeots is ahead ol
ihat of olbei provinces. Ttie department baa gathered a great deal of
data on educational matters wbicb
will be at the disposal of those who
conduct the enquiry.
Interest in freight rates throughout the western provinces is very
keen, and as a result of Premier
Oliver's visit to Ottawa, invitations
have been rcacbing bere for bim to
address prairie audiences. On Juno
25 he will address ibeSaskatcbewan
Bar association at Regioa, and is expected to place the latest developments in freight rates matters before
Ufa (Srattft Jteks ^«ti
AN lHOE**S.HDEHr   -)£ Him*, = .,l
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)      1.50
Address- -** ———'cations to
Thk Grand Pork? Sun
PhonkIOIR Graud Forks, B. C^
FRIDAY, MAY 2, 1924
Notes • Notions • Notables
"British Columbia is financially one of the
strongest and most prosperous provinces in
Canada today," asserted Henry Detchon,
general manager ofthe Canadian Credit Men's
Trust Bssociatiod, in addressing the British
Columbia raembar-j of the organization in
Vancouver this week. This is the statement
of a gentleman who knows what he is talking
about. And the Bowser and McRae calamity
howlers will expect an intelligent electorate
to believe them when they say that the prov
ince is on the brink of financial ruin. All that
British Columbia needs to make it the great
es, province, financially and progressively, is
a continuance in oflice of the Oliver govern
Northern. Then there is L. Gf. McPhillips, K.
0., for as long as anybody can remember counsel for the B. C. Electric railway.
"E. P. Davis, K.C, has been the counsel
for the C.P.R. ever since they came into this
province almost.
"These are the men backing McRae, and
he comes from the railway interests also. They
are all a railway crowd. Does that give any
cause for alarm?
"Did you ever see these big railway corporations working for the common citizen like
this before and telling him he is paying too
much taxes? Yet they tell you they are all
working for nothing.
U'You can take that with a grain of salt or
believe it as you like."
In reviewing the evidence at the Pacific
Great Eastern enquiry, the speaker said these
supposedly great lawyers had all "fallen for"
Mie story told them by E. J. Rossiter, a disgruntled former employee of the Pacific Great
Eastern who had tried to sell his "stuff" to the
Conservative party, but who after S. L. Lowe
and W. K. Esling, M.L. A., had looked him
over, was passed up by that party.       .  ,
The evidence at the enquiry, he said, had
"hurled their lies back in their teeth" and disclosed that if there was any criticism to be
made of Premier Oliver it was that he was
too prone to sit up all night trying to save
$10 of the paople's money.
Investment Between
150 and 200
Million Dollars
Huge Investment Maintains 3600 Goncerns Exclusively Handling B.G
Forest Products — Annual Production of $70,-
000,000 Worth of Unique
ber iudustry stands today, ant* with
tbe encouragement of fresb capital
nnd a poliey of preservation of our
timber resources, tbe future years
should see an expansion of great
extent tending to tbe increrse in
population and wealth of tbe citi-
aenti of British Columbia.
JEstablished 1910
Real Estate and Insurance
Resident Agesst (irnnd Porka Townsite
Company, Limited
The man who is wronged
can forget it; the man who
wronged him never can.
A man s true wealth is the
good he does in the world.
There  is nothing   in    the
world worth doing wrong for.
Farina     Orchards     City Property
"Agents at Nelson, Calgary, Wibnlr-Cff ami
other Prairie points. Vanoouver Agents:
Established In 1910, we are In a post 11 on to
fnrisinls reliable information r.oiioernlng' this
Wrltp lor Iron lltninture
E.C. Henniger Go.
Hitherto it has been the early risers who
have most enjoyed the morning glory, for they
alone have seen it in the full freshness of its
beauty. Rece, tly, however, a new variety has
been discovered in China, and imported to
America. This species even the tardiest lie-
abeds may enjoy—after another fashion. The
plant is edible. Its leaves and hollow stem
orm a succulent spinach like food. The edible
morning glory not altogether new to this
country, for the common sweet potato is a
cultivated member of the morning glory family
and was a staple food among the Indians of
the region where it fourished.
The city man thinks himself better off than
the farmer, and the farmer thinks the city
man conceited. But on coming into a fortune,
they both move—the farmer to the city, the
city many to the country.
"Who are these people that out of sheer love
of the horny-handed son of toil freely give
their services and their tens of thousands of
dollars to relieve him of his appalling burden
of taxation?" asked a speaker at a political
meeting in Vancouver the other night. "They
say they did not charge a nickel for their valuable time and services at the Pacific Great
Eastern enquiry, but that they paid their own
hotel bills and transportation expenses.
"First, there is Gen. A. D. McRae, who has
all his life been associated with Mackenzie &
Mann in their exploitations of this country
from the one end to the other. Gen. McRae is
also one of the largest timber holders in li, C.
and we all know that legislation affecting timber taxation and export regulations is constantly coming before legislatuie.
"Gen. McRae talks about the evil of campaign funds, but he has given .*}(.>0,000 out of
his pocket to linance this party—he admits it
himself. What interests gave all the other se
cret contributions we do not know, but they
are spending the biggest campaign fund that
any party ever handled in the history of this
couutry. They are blowing their money all
over the province.
"Gen. McKae has bought the third party
body and soul. He has paid for it and he
owns it. If it ever gets into olliee the legislature of this province will be owned by one
millionaire. Have you ever heard of such a
thing? For one man with his own money to
create a party, pay for it, elect it to office and
own it? Is that your idea of democratic government?
"And who are the others? There is A. H.
MacNeill, K C, general counsel and one of
the executive of one of the greatest railway
corporations in the United States—the Great
Eighty per cent of the habitable area of
Canada is non-agricultnral. This does not
mean non profitable. Five thousand forest industries live in that great northern empire and
probably three and a half million Canadian
population are dependent for all or a substan
tial part of their living upon what the forest
areas produce. It is equally true that the riddance of the forests would rd the country of
a large part of its population. Sir Clifford
Sifton, writing to the Canadian Forestry association, said recently:
•'If the plague of forest fires is allowed to
continue the exodus of population from our
timber growing areas can not very well be
prevented, and it is only a question of a rela
tively few years until we force from our north
em areas the great body oj'population and all
municipalities subsisting on forest manufactures."
It has beei estimated that from 50 to 70 per
cent of tlie population of Quebec and New
Brunswick derive their living from the forest,
British Columbia shows even a larger percentage. A good many Canadians have er-
roneously identified population and immigration with farm lands exclusively, An examination of occupations and sources of income
shows the falsity of this view. The productive
forest is the only lure to population that 80
per cent of the area of Canada ever can have,
for no crop except forests can grow thereon.
The timber stock of present-day Canada is almost wholly growing on non-arable lands, so
that when a careless smoker or camper wipes
out a township of timber the area remains
useless and tenantless for upwaads of half a
c^ncient History*
Items Taken From Tbe Orand Porks Sun for tho Corresponding
'Weak Twenty Years Ago
The assessment of the city of Grand Forks
for lii04, as uompiled by the city assessor, is
as follows: Improvements, $552,015; lands,
$800,730; total, .151,352,745.
Mayor Hanimar and George Chappie went
up to Phoenix last Tuesday on business in
connection with the Knights of Pythas con •
vention, which will be held in this city on the
10th of next month.
Joe Manly' a Grand Forks pioneer and an
ex alderman of the city, arrived here last Tues
day from his home near Grand Rapids, Mich.
He will remain in the city for a short time
looking after some land and mining interests
Peter Pare spent three days at his mining
property on Lime creek this week. The nature of work now being carried on at this
property is open cuts, several of which have
disclosed small ledges of good ore.
E. Spraggett, who is in charge of the government road work in this district, has completed the repairs to the Hardy bridge on the
North Fork.
A prominent lumber importer
standing on tbe floor of the London
Timber Exchange—tbe greateet
wood buying centre in the world—
said: "Them are no substitutes for
tbe timber ol British Columbia."
The present magnitude and vast
possibilities of the great lumber in.
dustry of British Columbia is a
matter of priie and interest to each
and every one of its citizens.
It sbould I) * acclaimed by tbem
as no less priceless an asset tban
tbis province's wonderful climate
and nnrivall.-d scenery; indeed,even
in tbese tn* > possessions British
Columbia's forest glory is an all
important adjunct.
The statue of an industry is un
derstood by tbe supply  of the raw
material, thc capital invested  in its
manufacture and  tbe value of tbe
product to tbe public.
Demand Is lor 80 Per Cent Soft
This province hasXdday between
$150,000,000 and 8200,000,000 hard
cash actually sunk in tbe conversion
of one of earth's most unique nn*-
tural resources iuto world-wide
necessities of the highest grade.
The truly fortunate position of
British Columbia as a fores are • is
better realized when two comparar.
tively unknown facts are brought
forward and empbasizad. Firstly,
tbat less tban one-third of tbe
world's lumber suppiy is soft'wood,
and secondly, tbat tbe demand for
soft wood is four times as great as
that for hard wood.
Between a fifth and a quarter of
tbe whole area of British Columbia
is forest land—to be more precise,
50 million out of 226 million acr:s.
This huge territory contains half tbe
soft wood in the Dominion—one-
third of tbe British Empire's total
supply and about one-ninth of all
soft wood on the surfsree of the
It must be borne in mind tbat tbe
species indigenous to British Col
umbia are not tbe smaller and common conifers of Europe and Eastern
Canada, but woods of outstanding
properties sucb as tbe imperishable
Red Cedar, tbe unique aeroplane
spruce and tbat kind of all .soft
woods, Douglas Fir.
All these trees represent tbe most
desirable qualities tbat soft wood
can possess.
Continuous Supply Assured
We are assured on tbe authority
of our Forest authorities that the
annual growth of our timber exceeds tbe nut, aod witb proper care
it is safe to assert that a continuous
supply of our forest products will
be available to our posterity. Wbat
Sweden has done for a thousand
year in maintaining her timber
lands British Colvmbia can do also.
So much for tbe raw material and
its valuable properties, Tbe enormous investment referred to above
maintains no less tban 3620 firms,
lurge and small, directly engaged in
the manufacture and distribution of
forest products of tbe annual value
of $70,000,000. These concerns are
numbered as under:
442 sawmills, bos mills, sash and
door plants, etc.
95 shingle mills.
6 pulp and paper mills.
2640 logging camps (including
post and tis).
208 lumber wholesale exporters,
dealers and timber brokers.
13 forest manufacturing companies.
205 wood yards, making a total
of 3609 firms handling British Col.
umbia forest products exclusively.
Tbese figures show wbere the
British Columbio logging and lum
Transfer Company |
City Baggage and General |
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Wood and
(or Sale
Offloe  at  R.  F. Petrie's Store
Phone 64
Grand Porks, B. C.
City   Real Estate  For
Applications tor immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Prices t—From $25.00 per lot upwards.
Terms:—-Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office.
City Clerk.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete' Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
Do you get the fullest use of yourtele-
phone? Of course, you use it to call up
a friend, or place an order with a tradesman, but do you always thiuk of it when
you need to do something personally?
How many times would the telephone
save you time? If a business man, how
much money would a telephone save you?
How many trips could be saved, if the
telephone were used instead?
The telephone gives direct and prompt
communication with that personal touch
which brings both parties to a conversation close jogether. That is why it has
become one of the greatest factors of
business and social life.
Sun's Page«gf People and Events of Passing News Interest
Cautious John
ACbinaman, says the Argonaut,
was much alarmed by a vicious-
looking dog tbat always barked at
him loundly.
"Don't be ; fraid of bim," said,
the owner of tbe dog. "You know
tbe   old   proverb, 'A barking dog
never bites."
"Yef>," said the Chinamao, *'you
know proverb; I know proAerb; but
does the dog know proverb?"
A customer offended is
harder to be won than a
strong city.
Liberty can not exist except with
public order.
You  are cordially invited to
attend a series of
Free Demonstrations of Baking
conducted by practical and
experienced Domestic Science
experts, and members of the
Educational Department of
£. W. Gillett Company Limited,
manufacturers of
Magic Baking Powder,
under whose, auspices these
demonstrations are held.
At tbe following store from May 5th to Nay 10th
ere an
Commencing April lath, ths Canadian Pacific Railway, having ia
piind the expressed wishes of the
majority of its patrons, has decided
to revert to the custom of permitting no smoking in observation can
Of its transcontinental trains.
The production of steel ingots and
easting? in Canada during the month
of February amounted to 70,95S
tons, an advance of 72 per cent over
the 41,309 tons produced in January.
The increase was almost wholly accounted for by ihe rite in the quantity of open-hearth basic steel i»«
gots made for the use of producers.
Canadian farm products exported
to the United States during February totalled $2,440,208, an increase
of 9961,679 over February last year,
according to a report published by
the Bureau of Statistics. Wiieat exports to t! 0 United States were
valued nt $101,714 in February, as
against $26,157 in February of ths
previous yoar.
Under the agreement with ths
Imperial Government under tho Empire Settlement Act, Canada, spent
$39,057 in assisted passages for
some 2}',. ■;) llritish immigrants in
thc fiscal year just closed. In the
past four years the Dominion Government has spent nearly $1,600,-
000 in promoting immigration from
Great Britain to Canada.
By arrangements made by Hon.
George Head'ey, Minister of Agriculture, a trial shipment of cows and
steers will be made in the near future to Japan for the purpose of
testing out the possibilities of a
market for Alberta's livestock in
that country. It is also the purpose
of the department to send with ths
shipment a qualified investigato?
who will look into the potentialities
Of a market for all Albertan farm
For the first time in the past^tws
or three years the Saskatchewan Cooperative Creameries Limited it
snipping butter in carload lots direct to the cities of tbs United
States. A carload shipmoat was
recently made from Saskatoon to
Philadelphia. Two ^carloads wer*
also shipped to Chicly \ where they
realized good prices. Eaeh car contained between 26,000 and 80,000
yeunda of Sankat-clMwan kutSsi.
What must constitute a record in
the rapid handling of an important
consignment from the Orient was
established.recontly by the Canadian
Pacific Railway when shipping a
quantity of siik from Yokohama to
New York. The consignment, whioh
was the largest forwarded from Asia
since the recent slump in the silk
market, left Yokohama on March
22nd on thc Canadian Pacific steamer "Empress of Asia." Specially
stowed for prompt discharge on arrival at Vancouver, the shipment
was so rapidly transferred to the
waiting train thit only 13M> minutes
per car lapsed between the docking
of tho ship and thc departure of
the fast fro!' ht and delivery was
made at Nev York at midnight
April 4th, tl lhro"gh time from
Yokohama to '.'■ IV York bung but
13 days, « h • m and 13 minutes,
calendar timj.
The now Continental retnti'ly oislloil
".UKMALKNK" (Kefr!.)
Isatlinple nannleus hotm-treatm rit whu h
absolutely cure* deaf U0M, tiotseriiii th<- Imml,
fur tbla n«i-•¥ Ointment, nutautiy opera'ati
Upon the infected parts with oomplete an I
permanent ucobhh. .sCORtiS •>■■' WONDKIt-
Mrs. K. W ilcliwon, of Slad Iload, Stroud,
writes:—"Pleasecould trouble you to send
me another box of the Ointment, it Is not for
mjSL'if, but for a friend of mine who Is as bail
as I was,and cun not get any rest for tho noises
in the head. I feel a new woman, and oan no
to bed now and get a good night's rest, wnlch
I had not been able to do for many months.
It is a wonderful remedy and I am most delighted to recommend it."   :   .   .
Mrs. E.Crowe, of Whltehorse Road, Croy-
dun, writes: -"I am pleased to tell yn<i that
thc small tin of ointment you sent to me at
Ventnor. hai proved a oomplete success, ray
hearing la now quite normal, and tbe horrible head noites have ceased. The action of
this new remedy must be very remarkable,
for I have been troubled witb these complaints for nearly ten years, and have had
some of lhe vory best medioal advice together
with other expensive instruments all to no
purpose. I need hardly say how very «fateful lam. to-, my life has undergone an entire
Try one b< x to-daj.whioh oan beforwarded
to any addre -s on receipt of money order for
Address orders to:—
lO.Suul.i View, Watllni; St., Dartford,
Rent, Kugluiid.
The stock is complete in very
line, and up to-date and of
superior quality.
GROCERIES — This department is well stocked
with everything needed
by the housewife in the
kitchen. The goods are
fresh  and of high grade.
CLOTHING—Our clothing and dry goods department is betterstocked
with seasonable goods
than ever.
PRICES-It will pay you
to get our prices beiore
buying elsewhere.
Phone 30
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yalk Hotki., First    ihkkt
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer .in"
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Confectionery jj
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forks, B. C.
Furniture  IVfada  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done
r. c. McCutcheon
C. V. Meggitt
Beal Estate nnd Insurance
Enuellent facilities for -selling your fstsss
We hnve at*eistt st .11 Coait and Pratrl.
Rnit.'iiiio Information ranrdinxtbls dlttrce
chee-full-* fui'iilthod. We xollolt your t*\*
When You Try
you will realize the difference
between "Salada'and "just tea."
News of the Gity
The regular monthly meeting of
the Grand Forks school hoard was
held in the city office on Wednesday evening, all the raemhers be-
in;* present. The secretary was instructed lo get all the information
ha possibly could in regard to the
heating boiler at the Granby office
with a view of u.siug it iu tbe high
school. A motion to hold a public
meeting in the GW.V. A. hall on
Wednesday evening, May 7, for tha
discussion of tbe proposed new high
schhol question, wus also made and
A sitting of the court of revision
will be held in Greenwood on Monday, May 19th, .or the purpose of
revising the list of voters for the
Graud Forks Greenwood electoral
district An adjourned sitting of
the caurt will be held at the court
honee in this city on Tuesday, May
20th, when new names mny be
added to the list.
A large number of members of
the Greenwood K. of P. lodge came
down to Grand Forks Wednesday
night to meet Grand Chancellor
Hooper and Grand K. of B. <md S.,
E.S.H. Winn.
Both Grand Forks and the rurnl
district bave pound bylaws, but
the residents of Ihe West end are
still aillicteil with stock ruiuiii g at
Frank Coryell left this week for
New Denver, where he is interested
in the pole industry.
Attorney General A. M. Manson
spent Saturday night aud Sunday
iu the cjty.
Evidently the weather mau has
come to tbe conclusion that our ir
rigation system can Bupply all the
moisture that is requiied bere.
The government registrar of joint
stock companies gives out the
gratifying information tbat during
last week twenty eight new com-,
panies were incorporated in British
Columbia. Incorporatioit* in this
province have been numerous for
months, an indication of tbe steady
idustrial growth being made.
B. Spt'ggett returned toKimbei>
ley yesterday. He is in the employ
of the Consolidated company at that
place and will remain tbert indefinitely. He was one of the pioneer
sawmill men of Grand Fork,
Public Meeting
A Public Meeting to discuss mat
ters in connection wfth the proposed
new Higb School will be held in the
G.W.V.A. Hail, First [Street, on
Wednesday, May 7th, at 8 P.M., at
which tbe freest discussion of the
matter is invited.
By order of the School Board.,
JOHN A. HUTTON, Seoretary.
NiTICK is IIKRKIIV OIVKN tlmt. I nhali.
ci" MONDAY, lho IDtls ilisy of MAV, WU, at
ths hour of lu o'clook iii tho lorenooD, ist lhe
Court House, Greenwood, hold a Sitting
of thn Court of Revision for tho purpose
of ruvlllllt Uie [sill of VotiTH lur the liraud
Forks-Qreenwood Bleotoral Dlltrlot. ana of
hearing and determining any und all objections to the retention of uuy name on tbe
s'liil List, or to the Etsfristratlon m u Voter of
uny ii , Iir-.siis for reglatratlon; and lor the
utlim purposes sei forth in the "Provincial
mentions Jot".
Dated al  Qreenwood, 11. <:., this ills  dny
uf Aiis-ii. 1VM.
Registrar of Voters
for thn
liruiul Lrorks-Qroenwoo I Bleotoral District.
"*****  i
I).= |
1TICE IS HEIII'BY OIVBNthat thn reserve covering Lots :11111s uud 2012s,
Itkemeen Diviilpn of Vain District, is
{jelled and toe sold Lands will I,,- open to
■\ii,*ei only under tin.' provisions of the
nd Act."
ff. R. NADBN,
Deputy Minister of Lands,
artment of Lands,
Viotorla, H.(.'..
February 21, lllM,
Advice From Gheap Seats
We have often svisbed we might
be present when one of the bright
remarks so often reported as uttered by some one in a bored audience
as actually uttered. While we are
waiting for tbat to happen we copy
from the Tatler this amusing example:
For nearly an hour the lecturer
had held forth prosily without gets,
ting anywhere. At last he stopped
and then said in impressive tones:
"I pause to ask myself a question."
"Better not," came a voice fr m
the hick of the hall; "you'll only
get a foolish answer."
It is believed in Victoria tbat
Hon. John Oliver, soon after bis return from Ottawa, will announce
the date for the forthcoming
electior. It ia almost certain the
vote on sale of beer in licensed
premises will be held at tbe same
same. The pramier is expected to
arrive in Victoria on Thursday, and
all the cabinet ministers touring the
province have been notified to return
to the capital for a conference on
The Canadian Pacific Railway announces that it will resume ita winter cruises in 192S, ona round the
world and the other to thc Mediterranean. The 22,000-toa Empress of
Franct has been selected for the
former cruise, which will laat four
months and will completely encircle the globa. She will start from
New YoTk on January 27th. The
ship has been recently converted Into an oil-burner and entirely renovated. The Empreas of Scotland,
42,500 tons will make the Mediterranean crulso, lasting four montha
and Including; all pointa st interest
on that sea.
The Trans-Canada Limited, the
crack daily train of the Canadian
Pacific between Montreal and Vancouver, and the longest distance and
fastest long-distance express in tha
world, will resume service May 18th
at both ends of the route. The
running time between Montreal and
Vancouver, formerly 92 hours, haa
been cut by two hours and the
running time between Toronto and
Vancouver, formerly 85 hours and
60 minutes, by one hour and 15
minutes. These cuts will benefit
those going to Europe and tha Orient
Say "Bayer"-Insist!
For Pain     Headache
Neuralgia    Rheumatism
Lumbago    Colds
Q A^» Accept only a
l_/**^7 Bayer package
which contains proven directions
Dandy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists
Aspirin Is the trade mark (registered la
CniiH'U) of Buyer Msnufscture et Mooo-
scetkui'ldcbter (.* Sallcyllcucld
Isisisiiiiion Monumental Works
Asbestos Products Co. Hoofing
BOX 332     GRAND FORKS, B. C.
-   -  FREE  -   -
To advertise and introduce our goods, we will give away five of
our Special de Lux long distance three-tube sets, complete in every way
with aerial, phones, B battery and 90 hour storage A-battery. All
guaranteed.    (Regular $175 outfit.)
Investigate This Offer—Wc Mean Business
We are out to sell 100 of theae .sets during the next two months, at
our special low price of |$115( and will give away one set in every
twenty to the lucky man or woman who is at all interested in radio. All
we ask is the initial payment of flij on one of the above S9ts; then as
soon as a block of twenty orders is completed a drawing will be made for
the lucky set, which will be installed /ithout farther cost. Pree demonstration.    Ask for details of drawing.
Winnipeg Aye., Gtu nd Forks, B. C.
Bristling Sardines Fat Herring
Soused Mackerel Fresh Mackerel
Baby Mackerel
Something New.   Drop in Saturday .and Try a
Phone 25        H. H. Henderson, Prop.
PrestOLitekeeps good company
The majority of Canadian-built motor cars carry Prest-O-
Lite Storage Batteries as original equipment installed at the factory. The judgment of the Automotive Engineers, who are responsible for the reputation of their products, in selecting Prest-
O-Lite batteries, is a strong endorsement of Prest-O-Lite quality
and stamina. The owners of these cars are assured of constant
efficient operation of the battery by the nation-wide Prest-O-Lite
service organization. Wherever you go there is a Prest-O-Lite
service station ready to give efficient, courteous service. When
buying a car see that it is Prest-O-Lite equipped or put a Prest-O-
Lite in your present car and get rid of battery troubles.
$,\ -- -
VOTICK IS HEKKIIY l.lVHN tlmt tlio res'1' servecovering certain lands in tho vicinit**
of Ke-iln Itiver. surveyed aa Lou min, 1488s,
2l)iUs uml »lllsi, MinilkaiiieoH Division ot Vnle
District, is ' isiici'll'il.  mill  Ihu  lands  will Isd
opeu ior purctiiue only, under the provisions
ol the "Land Act."
0. R. NADEN,
Deputy Minister oi Lunds.
l'ol'iirluiL'iit of Lands,
Viotorla, 11. C,
February21, imi.
Qnzac Truck
Chandlpr  ,
Checker Cabs
Ford ___.
Graham Truck
<H# tv Hudson
J\7 /      Km International Truck
n I       IV IK  Isotta Fraschitu
National Truck
. Battery
Rolls Royce
Kuqqles Truck
Samson Truck
Selden Truck
Grand Forks, B. C.
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen tho new models! They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as now coin! As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Kims. Hercules liraku. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value.   Easy Terms. We are tbe pooplo to mount you right.
J. R. MOOYBOER 8Efr&5^
Open Saturday Evenuifta Till 10 o'Cloek
SYNOPSIS OF      ISlnipIourCream to
VsMut,       unreserves],       sorre-rea
iown lands may bs ore-empted br
irltlsh subjects aver li y*ex* ot eft,
nd by al'.ens *n declaring lnUntlon
o   bsKxnni   British   subjeots,   oondl-
ional   upon    residence,    oooupntion,
nd   Improvement   fer    »sjrloultural
Fun Informs; tion concerning re(U-
nlona   regarding*    pre-emptions    ia
ilven In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series.
How to Pre-empt Land," ooples et
hlch ean bo obtained free of charge
■v addressing;   the    Department    of
.anda, Victoria, B.C., or to any dov-
nment Agent.
Records will be granted covering
niy land suitable for agricultural
lurposoa, and whioh la not tlmber-
:and, La, carrying over 6,000 board
feet per aore wast of the Coast Rant**
.ind l,0M feet per acre east of that
Applications far pre-emptions are
0 be addressed to tha Land Oom-
nisaloner of the Land Recording Division, ln whioh tho land applied tor
is situated, and are made on printed
'onus,  copies of which  oan  be  ob-
ilned from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five raara and Improvements made
lo value of $ 10 per acre, Including
leering and cultivating at leaat five
teres, before a Crown Grant oan be
For more detailed information aee
lie    Bulletin    "How    to    Pre-empt
1 and."
Applications are received for pur-
i.iie    ot    vacant    and    unreserved
Crown  lands,  not being llmberland,
:,*r agricultural purposes;   minimum
-Ice of first-clans (arable) land la ti
ot" acre, and second-class (graslng)
nnd  $2.50 per acre.    Further Information  regarding purchase or lease
t Crown lands la given in Bulletin
'■'■■>■  10. Land Series, "Purchase end
■--*;•■ of Crown Lands."
Mill, faotory, or industrial sites on
inber land, not exceeding 40 aorea,
my be purchat vd or leased, the conations      Including      payment      of
:*tirurveye<*. a-eaa, not exceeding 10
"ten, may be leased as homesltes.
omlltloiial upon a dwelling being
'tectod in the first year, title being
blainnble afle- residence and lm-
tovement conditions are fulfilled
id land has been surveyed.
l'*or graaing  and   Industrial    pur-
-jobss areas not exceeding 640 aeres
may be leased by one person er a
■ rrnpany.
Under the Oraalng Act the Province ls divided Into graslng districts
and the range administered under 4
1 rasing       Commissioner.       Annual
gating permits are Issued based on
lumbers ranged, priority being given
i established owners.  Stock-owners
■lay  form   associations    for    range
.<.-ligament.   Free, or partially free,
imlts   are available   for    settlers,
irpcr'i   nnd   trmvilltrs,   lip   to   ten
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
I have opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
We pay the highest price and assure
you tho most accurate test. Give your
local creamery your trade.
'jPilJi value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a meansof getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Vi;i!ing cards
Sb/ping tags
Price lists
New Type
, Latest Style
Columbia Avenue and
lake Street


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