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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jan 5, 1923

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 m    i   1923
is   situated   in
the center of Grand Forks valley, the
premier fruit growing district of
Southern British Columbia. Mining
and lumbering are also important
industries in districts contiguous to
the city.
Kettle VaHoy Orchard.st
THP QDISI is tlu3 favoritc news"
1 tlD \m*\j\\  paper of the citizens
of the district. It is read by more-
people in the city and valley than any
other paper ijceauKe_jt is fearless, reliable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
"Tell me what yon Knowis true:
;i cau goes! as well aa you.
$1.00 PER YKAR
Financial Condition of
Gity Shown to Be Good
at a Joint Meeting of
Gifey Gouncil, School
and PoliceGommission-
ers and Ratepayers This
Bills payable	
Deposits in trust
Pound fees	
Found costs	
Delegates expenses..
4,000.1 It)
I'olieo department       2,64.4.22
Police maintenance       3,141.97
Legal   98,68
Printing, stationery, etc. 992.73
Hank interest  130.15
Debenture interest       6,'876.68
Sinking fund     10,005 13
Assessment returns	
Elections and voters lists
Audit ^....
Donations and grants'...
Mayor's remuneration...
Aldermen's indemnity...
Cash   on   had   Dec .31,
241 75
290 60
219 75
*  120 50
300 00
700 00
"Can Any Good Come of a Bad
.892,910 82
At t.'e joint meeting in the city
ball thi:* evoning tif the eity council,
the school and lioense C\BXl|)J!ipion-
ere and the ratepayers tbe statement
was made tbat Grand Forks is today in better financial condition
than any other town iu British
Columbia, and the figures produced
bore out tbis assertion.
The chairman of the water and
light committee reported that a
bad leak had developed in the reservoir during the recent cold weatber.
He was authorized to bave it repaired. This was the only official
business transacted at the meeting
Mayor Hull gave an explanation
of the object of the meeting, and
stated that it was the intention of
the council to make it an annual
event. He also went fully into the
financial standing of the city.'
City Clerk Hutton submitted tho
following statement of thi receipt*
and disbursements during the year
RECEIPTS.      .
Cash on hand January 1,
1922 $ 689.55
Cash iu bank January 1,
1922  1,900 21
City taxes, 1922   22,876.58
Percentages  307.05
Arrears  4,382.79
Iuterest  253.46
Outside school taxes   6,484.87
Percentages  155.91
Arrears and iuterest... 4,512 50
Lightrates  17,275 21
Wator rates   10,953.96
Public school grants  6,018 15
High school grants  1,560.00
Electric supplies '.. 860.79
Licenses  1,814 00
The chairmen <>t (he various bom"
mitteee reviewed 'he expenditures
tnade by their respective depart*
nienlH during the year.
Mayor Hull Bpoke at length on
the Mill oreek pfnjeot, and hoped
that a bylaw covering the undertaking would soon be submitted to
the ratepayers.
News of the City
Effective Srnuary 1 bounties have
been enacted for coyotes, wolves and
cougars of $2, $25 aud $40, respectively, aod it will not be necessary
to surrender the pelt, provided it is
produced for identification.
The wholesale liquor stores in
Greenwood closed this week owing
to the license having beeu increased
from $3000 to 810,000.
live Depew's speech uarefully pre-
urek, with the applause aud laugher already in. 1 want yours" Of
course no reporter had been to see
ither of us.
It happened that Mr. Choate hid
a long piece of poetry iu his Bpeeoti,
which was au unusual oiicumslanee
for him. So when my turn came to
reply 1 said, "The reporter citne to
me, as Mr. Clioaie has said, and
made the remark, '1 already have
Choate's spei ch. It has a good deal
of poetry in it.' I asked the reporter:
'From what author is the poetry
taken?' lie answered, 'I do 'not
know the author, but the poetry   is
bad that   I
thtnk Choate   wrote   i'
Police court fines	
Cemetery.. .•	
Street sprinkling	
Pipe thawing 	
Sanitation. *	
Road tax	
Tax sale redemptions,.
Real estate tax sale...
Other Real estate	
The hockey match arranged between Grand Forks and Greenwood,
which was to have been played at
Greenwood this evening, -has been
cancelled owing to tho mild
Receipts of $10 or more must
uow be stamped with a 2«cent
stamp. There is a fine not exceeding $100 for anyone convicted of
issuing a receipt for this amount or
more without attaching the stamp,
34 20
279 70
Bills-payable       4,000.00
Deposits in trust  235.00
Tapping fees  20.00
Tax sale commission  35073
Pound fees  248.50
Light plaut  25 00
Coment sidewalks  113.00
Local  improvement  No.
182  95.50
Motor vehicle grant  746.98
Pari mutual grant  709.96
Liquor profits       1,787.15
Bank overdraft       1,151 73
Mrs. J, P. Griffith and children
left this week for Vancouver, where
the latter will attend tue University
of British Columbia, aod Mrs Griffith will remain with them until the
end of the term.
Total $92,910 32
Light construction ..$       343,69
Light maintenance     11,488.53
Water construction
Water maintenance	
Fire department plant..
Fire dept. maintenance..
Electric Supplies   	
Pipe thawing.
Mrs. W. C. Patterson was taken
ill this week und is now a patient
in the Grand Forks hospital.
C.   M.   Tobiasseu   left   Tuesday
night for a visit to Vancouvor.
Rev. Hillis Wright left ou Wednesday for a two weeks' vidit to
1,169 56
Streets ,.      3,218.70
Sidewalks maintenance,..      2,539.54
Bridges maintenance  40.90
Local improvement sidewalk..,  363.45
Sireet sprinkling   175.90
Board of health  289.85
Charity         1,496 52
Grants to hospital          880.10
Sanitation  227 00
Public school     20,486 17
High school       6,521.68
Cemetery and parks  608.50
Incidentals   93.42
Real estate tax sale      2,874 63
Bernard Lequime, of Midway,
was a visitor in tbe city ou Tues«
The Prophet in His Own
Country Again
Those who kuew us iu boyhood
are rarely impressed with our triumphs in mature years. Chauncey
M. Depew, in his recollections that
are printed in Scrib ler's Magazine,
tells nn amusing story about 1 Vie
late Melville E. Ingalls, who as a
railway president had combined and
rehabilited several bankrupt lines.
Ingalls had returned for a rest to
the little Maine village where he
was born and, at the "hot-stove
senate" in the general store an old
farmer said:
"Melville, they do tell thet ye're
gittin' a salary of n"h onto ten
thousand dollars every year."
Ingalls, who waH actually tlrawing
several times that sum, nodded;
whereon the old farmer observed:
"Well, thet jes' shows wbat luck
••n' cheek kin do fer a feller."
Honey is the nectar of flowers
gathered and modified by seviral
insects, especially the honey bee.
Chemically, boney consists of BUgar
about 75 per cent, water 15 per cent,
with small quantities of mineral
matter and substances such as protein, aeid and volatile oils. Very
little, ubout I to 2 per cent, of the
sugar contained in honey is sucrose
or cane sugar, tho ordinary sugir
of commerce; the rest of it is dextrose and levulose or invert sugars
produced in the first stage of digestion of sucrose. The two invert
sugars are present in about equ a
proportions, but may v fy slightly
according to the source of the honey
Sometimes the two sugars separate
and we find the dextrose granulated
in the bottom of tbe containers
while the levulose remains liquid on
top. Honey varies in color from the
different sources; thus we have a
water-white honey from the clovers
and fireweed; amber honey from
dandelion and frutt blossom, while
from buckwheat it is very dark,
almost blank.
Honey is usually marketed in
two forms: comb honey and extracted honey. Comb honey is a
fancy product and appeals to many
conrumers because of its natural
appearance. Sections tilled with the
while honeys are most desired. F,x-
traded honey is produced more
economically, as the honey is removed from the combs by centrifugal force aud the combs are again
used. Extracted honey is usually
put up fn half-pound and one-
pound bottles, or two and one-hall,
tive, ten, thirty and uixty pjund
tins. Practically all honey produced
in Canada granulates soon after extracting, but this doe.i not affect its
quality in the least but makes it
easier to handle. The idea that
granulated hooey is adulterated is
erroneous. Granulated honey cm
be hrought back to ils liquid state
by gently heating to 155 degrees
Farhenheit; a higher temperature
than this is likely to darken the
honey and affect its flavor,
Honey should be stored in a dry
place, as it readily absorbs moisture,
which in turn will cau.te -fermentation.
Honey is a food which produces
hea^ and energy. It is in concentrated form and ready for use at all
times. There is no waste, as well
ripened   honey   will  keep  in good
time provided it is stored in a suitable place. Honey is an excellent
food for children and adults and
should find a place in the daily
menu; it readily takes the place of
jams or preserves or as an sordinary
spread upon braad.
In cooking, honey can be used instead of sugar and has the advantage of keeping cakes, bread or
bisonits neshand mnist for a longer
time. Honey also gives satisfactory
results when used in making
cookies, candies, ice cream, etc-,
aud for sweetening fruit drinks such
as lemonade; it can also be used for
preserving certain fruits. An excellent vinegar can be made from
honey., aud it is also one of the chief
constituents of cough medicines and
other remedies.—C. B. Gooderham,
Domiuion Apiarist.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Max,    Min
Dec.   29—Friday    43 31
30—Saturday   34 31
31 - Sunday  38 34
Jan,    1—Monday  49 30
2—Tuesday  34 29
3—Wednesday.. 49 31
4- Thursday  .'iti lil
Rainfall ,  0 02
Snowfall      IN
A New Note From 'Omet's
Not a'l hook salesman, says a
contributor to the Atlantic Monthly,
profess to he literary. A customer
stepped into a London bookt-hop
;iud asked for Omar Khayyam. The
man. shook his intelligent looking
"No," he said. ' 'Is Iliad we
'ave, uud 'is Odyssey we 'ave, but
we 'ave not 'is Khayyam."
Returning" the Brick
It has never troubled Chauncey
M. Depew to find a clever repartee.
He is seldom at a loss for a reply
that would set his audience to
laughing with him at his opponent.
In Scribuer's Magazine he tells how
at   the   annual  dinner of the New
Tlie Hope Section ol
Transprovincial ltoad
li is reported that the p"rovic-
eial government plans to commence
the construction of tbe tn isprovin
eial highway from Hope east oarly
next year, it was announced in tin
legislature, on Wotlaesday^ bv II" .
W. D Sutherland, minister of public works, wheu thi- estimate-: were
brought up in tue house tor the
public works department. It was
explained by Hon. Dr. Sutherland
thai survey gangs under Engineer
W, K. Gwyer have been at work on
the western end of the Hope-I'rinc-
ton route.
Hon. Mr. Sutherland recerrtly
made a personal survey of the
routes, accompanied by Engineer
Gwyer. They travelled over the
Cleveland survey for twenty-live to
thirty miles on through the A'lison
pass art, cu altitude of 1100 feet, then
striking the Dewdney trail and following it into Hope.
As to the probable route ot the
highway, it is assumed Irom Dr.
Sutherland's statement that for
twenty-live or thirty miles it will
follow the Dowdnoy trail, take the
Allison pass and than strike tho
Cleveland survey twenty live miles
west of Princeton. This would in*
volve the utilization of part of tho
King route and one-third of each 0!
the other routes aod the lower altitude of Allison pass.
It was pointed out hy W, A. Mc-
Kenzie, member for Similkameen,
that for the first twenty fiveto thirty
miles east of Hope is a good grade
well built and so veil preserved thnt
a motsr oar can go over part of it
Marketing   Expert    Wil
Make    Tour    oi!    Fruit
Growing  Districts  and
Confer With Organized
I-i ths in-" i- ■ its of the British Co I-
uuribi 1 i'i 'ii'. in lusti» Firm and
Home of Vancouver has arranged
foi Am 10 Soil 1 '■-, address, advise
and 0 in ; il: wilh :c >«' ih during a
1 hi..'"-.I iv tour. > iptrn is the famous
1 lalil 11 1 .■ ii 1, urul 01 i mizer who
. njoy 1 tre neud iu- repul ition on
accouni ol w in '■■ 1 '•"| work accompli .!,.■'! l.y him. II justly famed
1- tin- org tniz r ol tn- California
Fruit Growers, 1 li" organize) of the
Tobacco Growers of the Mintheast
•states, and at tb<j present lime he is
engaged upon the task oi organizing
thi-cotton growin'g industry in the
United .States, of whieh thf output
is 60 per cent of tbe entire world' 4
crop of cotton. Despite the fact ih!it
he is one of thi- busiest men in all
Ameriea, Mr. Sopiro has been pres
vailed upon to come to thisprovime
to assist our local fruit growers in
reorganizing and to inform them
upon many points of organization in
other parts of tl." continent.
Mr. Sapiro will arrive in Van-
ootrver 01. Wednesday afterno in,
and lie will In' io"i by representatives ut growers' organizations,
Later be will confer with the tneni-
bers ol the Vane mv r board ol Irade
and the Bame nigbt leave for Vernon
With the cooperation of Vernon,
Kelowna aud Penticton boards of
trade, growers and prominent bosis
ness men, gatluvi igs hive beeu ar
ranged for Vernon on Thursday
afternoon, Kelowna Thursday night
and Penticton Knday night, with
opportunity for consultations at
each of those centers Mr. Sapiro is
due at Denver on January Ul, hut
the fullest advantage possible is to
be taken of bis visit to British Columbia.
Boy Scout News
A Versatile Fruit
lo Forecast we read of a New
York sportsman who was spendii >;
his usual vacation in Im Moosebeh 1
country ami who had engaged the
serAioes of an old Fn- ich I lanadinn
as his guide. The sportsman liked lo
ask the old man questions aboui the
different obje 111 that all ractej bis
attention. Happening to notice .1
clump of cranher y vines 00 the
shore of tbe lake, be asked 1 e
man what ihey wen: and whether
they were good to eat
"Uood lo eat? Well, I should say
so. You take that little cranberry
and slew him, she makes just 118
good apple sauce as prunes."
A Keproof   That    Missed
The young wife entered lhe
kitchen rather nervously ami after
hesitating for a few seconds said to
tho cook, "Oh cook, must n- liy
speak to you. My husband is always
complaining about the cooking. One
day it is the soup, aiid the next   I ty
England   .Society   he-   turned   the
tables  on   Joseph H.   Choase, wko it is the fish, nntl the third day \, is
himself wus a clever speaker. J the roast; in fact, it's always   somei
Choate snd  I, says   Mr. Depew,  thing or other."
were both to tpeak,and Choete cumel    The   cook   replied   with   feeling,
first. Ab usual he "thew a brick" at   "Well, mum, I'm sor. >  tor yon.    It
me; he mentioned that a .reporter had.  must be awful to"live with a ,■■ ,.
oondttiou f or a reasonable length   of'come to him and said,"Mr. Choate.l man like tnat"
First Grand Forks Troop
I Joy Seo uls
Duties January h to 12, eagle
i    rolj      -.   ior duty,   iwl patrol.
Pnrad Friday, 12lb, at 7:30 p.
"i., usual meeting
Report A church parade to the
Methodist church Sunday evening
si i ice, Deceml r 31 was attended
by ahout twenty members of the
troop, Rev. W I'. Bu it gave an
appropriati      Iresi of great interests
lie   Liked   i<>   lie Lept in
The Sultan of Treugganu was an
adept at excusing himself for his
slight deviations from the paths of
righteousness At least so it would
appear from this story, which Charles
Mayor, his oldntime official adviser
anil good Iriend, tells in his recent
hooks an the Malay jungles.
Oo 'in'- of my visits to Freogganu,
he says, I spent several days with
tbe sultan and discussed his prob«
leins with lum. He owed a sura of
money, am! knowing that be hid
money in tiie treasury, I asked him
why he did not pay the debt.
He was thoughtful for a time.
'Well, I II trll you," he said at- hist.
"If I pay these people, they will
forget about the Sultan of Tteng-
autl. if 1 don't pay them, they
will uever forget me." , THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORES.   B. C.
3fte (grani. Jfarka Am
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) 81.00
One Year (in the United States)    1.50
Addresr -** —— ——;cations to
The Gkand Forks Son
Phonb 101R Gband Forks, B. CJ
Notes, Notions and Notables
The joint meeting of the city council and
the ratepayers in the council chamber this
evening was of considerable informative
value to the municipal .electors. The statistical matter produced by the city officials should
enable those who were present to cast their
ballots conscientiously next Thursday. It is
uuderstood these meetings are to an annual
preelection event in the future. The idea is
good and deserves to be perpetuated.
The only criticism that we happened tb
overhear at the close ofthe meeting was, that
it was too much of a love feast. Perhaps it
had a tendency to lean a little too strongly in
this direction. But then it i.s sometimes dif
ficnlt to attain perfection with the first attempt.
From among the mass of figures produced
there were two items that our citizens can
take pride in. The facts that Grand Forks'
bonded indebtedness is less than that of any
other city of similar size in the province,
and that our tax rate—at which we sometimes howl ourselves hoarse—is considerably
lower than in the majority of British Columbia cities, are matters of great potential advertising value. Anyone acquainted with the
financial standing of British Columbia municipalities can verify this statement.
Capital punishment is lawful. In the present state of society, most people believe it to
be necessary, reasonable and just. Sentimentalists, well meaning and sincere, but badly
misguided, are partly responsible for the rising murder rate in this country and tho United
States because they are giving most of their
attention to the murderer rather than to his
victim. Another reason why murders are becoming more numerous is that execution is
not inflictad in all cases of deliberate murder.
Let us illustrate. Illinois has a statute'provid-
ing capital punishment for murder. The same
statute also ['provides that the sentence may
iie from fourteen years to life imprisonment.
£n 1921 there were 208 murders in Cook
county. During the same period 22u defend
ant were arraigned on murder charges. Thore
were fifty-five convictions. Forty six were
sentenced to tho penitentiary and to the reformatory and only six wero sentenced to
Liang. In other words, less than 'i [ier cont of
tlio murderers convictod ln Cook county last
yoar suffered capital punishment.
Properly developed, the cascara industry
should be worth millions of dollars to British
Columbia annually. The cascara troe furnishes
the bark from which is prepared the well-
known medicine cascara sagrada. The tree
belongs to the northwest coast of America,
and British Columbia is the only portion of
the British empire i which it is a nat-'ve. Owing to the rapid depletion of this troe in Ore
gon and Washington, manufacturing druggists
are looking to British Columbia for further
supplies of the bark.
Puppy love resulting in runaway . high
school boys and girls is not so much the fault
of the youngsters as it is of their parents. The
home is the place for teaching of sex matters,
not the public schools. Parents do not want
an old maid to teach their children sex hygiene.
In sex matters children must be treated as individuals. And they must be taught more by
example than by precept. Young people become obsessed with false notions of love  and
married life by meats of certain movies and
novels. The dances of society are so suggestive
that they affect their minds and habits of
thought. But who, primarily, are to blame for
the movies, the reading of the novels, and the
suggestive dances? Not the children, but the
parents who set the standards of society. The
sex movies are not staged at the theaters because of the demand made by the pupils of
the schoois, but by adults, that is, by the patents. The fallacy of teaching sex hygiene in
the public school, or in any place except to individuals by the parents or some one interested and competent, who has access to the confidence of tee child, is that the evils of our
day are not the result of ignorance so much as
tho lack of character.
Three Years of the  League of Nations
Have Now Fixed Its Character
The year of 1922 marks a period in the life
of tne League of \ ations, for it has shown
conclusively its desire to recognize the actual
state of affairs. Asa result it tries not to create but to shape. The league has found that it
can not force political growth; any action it
akes must be the result of common agreement
between all the members, big and little. So the
league is not so much an institution as a state
of mind. The people who, in the first enthusiasm of what they saw as the dawn of a new
era, wished to clothe the league with the
highest political power, soon saw that what
was essential was not so much a central "governing hand as international cooperation. So
they wisely started by following the lines of
least resistance, by establishing various techi-
cal bodies and, most important, the permanent
court of international justice, which had already been agreed to in principle by all the
powers, including the United States, at The
The three years through which the league
eas lived has now fixed its character. It attempts only wnat is brought to it and it works
by finding an atmosphere of mutual consent.
Today it is more than proved that it is not, in
any way or for any power, a super-state. It is
not a dictator, but it is a universal conscience.
The fact that what is sought in the league is
the equality of all has had a Jesuit of great
When one hasjbeen at two assembl es, as I
have, he can see the spirit clearly. It is a gathering without intrigue. The currents and undercurrents one finds at most international
conferences do not exist at Geneva. This is
because it has been recognized as the basic
principle of the league that it will not do to
drag a member unwillingly into a course of
action that he does not agree to gladly. As
each state is really sovereign, intrigue can not
produce a result and is not attempted.
As a South American I am most anxious
for the United States to join the league. But
it is a mistake to think that any power wants
the United States to join for the sake of its
riches or military strength. The league can not
use the resources of any nation unfairly or for
the others; it is for her moral strength that we
wish the United States to become. a partner.
If all the South American repubtics were in,
with the United States at tho head, our in-
Hueiice in the league would be overwhelming.
—Augustin Edwards, of Chile, President.
Your Heart's Desire
In the way of Jewelry can be easily
satisfied if you come here. Wo carry
an up-to-date stock of tho most pop'
ular novoltieB and tho nowest apd
mott artifltic designs in
Fine Jewelry
Come in  and  sou our display and
make selections.
Our prices are always moderate.
Jeweller and Optician
Bridge Street Orand Fork*
City   Real Estate  For
Applications ior immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Prices i—Front $25.00 per lot upwards.
Termsi—Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office.
City Clerk.
E.G, Henniger Go.
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and'Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Cooking Heating «
Wood Coal
Electric Gasoline
Complete Home Furnishers
Grand Forks, R. C.
Established 1910
RealEstate and Insurance I
Resident Agent arimd Forks Townsite
Coinpany, Umiteil
Farms     Orchards     City Property
Agents at Nelson,  Calgary, Winnipeg and I
otber Prairie points.  Vanoouver Agenta:
(established ln l'JIO, we are in a posi lion  to I
furnish reliable information eonoerufiig this |
Write f sr f r.s i 11 r ir i' 'i r.»
Transfer Company)
City Baggage and General |
A  Prompt   Answer  Improves
Everybody's Telephone Service
Sometimes when you make a telephone
call, you do not get the numbers promptly. When you tell the operator, she says,
"I will ring them again."
Finally when you get the party wanted,
do you feel that the operator has not
given you prompt service, or do you realize that the person you called may not
have answered the telephone at once?
It will help to provide prompt service
for all if every subscriber will answer the
telephone as soon as the bell rings.
Coal,  Wood and   Ice
for Sale
Tell The People ^
What/You   Have
to Sell
olncient History
Items Tsken From The Qrand Forks Sun for tbe Corresponding
'Week Twenty Years Ago
According to an act of tho legislature, passed at the
last session, the amalgamation of the cities of Grund
Forks and Columbia wont into force on the 1st. The two
councils will continue lo meet separately until after the
forthcoming municipal election.
George Fraser has moved his drug store from Bridge
street to more commodious quarters in the Chappie block
on First street, opposite the post office.
Capt. Disbrowe feels jubilant. He says his persistence
in advocating an improvement in the North Fork road is
about to blossom into a victory.
If the ore stands the test, a railway will be built to the
Seattle mine.
The Yale hotel has been leased by Al Traunweiser, of
this city. The papers consummating the deal were signed
last Saturday night. The lessee is an old and experienced
hotel manager, and, being well and favorably known by
tha traveling public, he should meet with marked succass
in his new business venture. He will take possession on
the 1st.
The famous Clark-Seattle property on the North Fork
has been bonded by Rossland- parties for a sum close to
the $100,000 mark.
Office at R.  F.  Petrle'i Store!
Phone 64
Real Estate and Insurance
Excellent facilities fot lelllng your farms
We hats agsnts at all Coast and Prairie
Reliable information regarding this distrct
cheerfully furnished. We sollolt your inquiries.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grnnd Forks, B. C.
b. r. laws:
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly   Don
r. c.McCutcheon
uswumine if uoi
Check Books
We. have secured the
agency for Grand
Forks of a large
Western Publishing
House which manufactures a superior
grade of Counter
Check Books—carbon back and carbon
leaf styles.
Prices Are Right
Encourage Western
enterprises and keep
Western money in
the West.
Any Quantity
from 100 up to 2500
The Sun
Job Department :
Oonpstltion No. 14 Closes Friday
Midnight, January 12
at tbs Offics of ths
F. O. Drawer SSS
Cor.  Baitings  and  Cambis   Street!
$5000 - First Prize
$3000 Second Prize
$2000 - Third Prize
DON'T ARGUE" STORES, br eosirtssy of
Mr. Can Janes.
I enter Tbs B. C. Veterans Weekly Football Competition and agree to abide by tba rules published ln Tbe B. 0. Veterans Weekly. 26c anelsssd for Hts weeks' sob-
icriptlon entities competitor to ono estimate; 60c for ten weeks aad two estimates; 76c for fifteen wseks and Ste setlmatet; $1 for twenty-ire weeks aad tan estimates. W
STRUOTIONS FOB FILLING IN COUPONS: Tou simply indicsts whether ths HOME TEAM will ecora MORE, LESS or tha SAME NUMBER of (sals tban they scored la
tbs corresponding game last yaar, by placing an "X" in ths colusa provided in ths Coupon.
Figures after esch team denote laet^season's ecore._
BRIGHTON&H.  csheff. u.  oil
(W. DROM. A. 4) 2    ROTHERHAM C
LEICESTER C.     (clai-to.n o. o2 kulham
MANCHESTERC. iivrmnotn d3
NORWICH   C. (OARNSLKV      1) 1
NOTTS. FOREST  (Bristol c. d3  Sheffield u.
PLYMOUTH A.       ITVIMAlt        1) 1   NOTTS o,
SUNDERLAND      (Liverpool  i)1   burnley
SWINDON T. (LEEDS  U.       1)2   BARN8LEY
M ls MORE       L ls LESS       S is SAMB
Coupon No. 1
BRIGHTON &H. <shefp
.   V.
(W. BROM. A. 4) 2
HUDDERSFLDT. (burnley    »3
LEICESTER C.     <claptono. o>2
MANCHESTER C. (d-rlinot-n d3
(BARNSLEY     2)1
NOTTS. FOREST (Bristol c. i>3
PLYMOUTH A.    ifulham
PORTSMOUTH     cluton t.
QUEENS P. R. (ARSENAL        2) 1
SUNDERLAND      (Liverpool  i) 1 burnley
SWINDON T.      (leeds u.   »2
Coupon No. 6
M       L       g
Coupon No. 8    1
ML        ■    I
Coupon No. 7  1
Coupon No. 5
M       L       S    |
1    Coupon No. 4
|   M       L       ■
Coupon No. S
Coupon No. 9
'1    •
Coupon No. 5
Coupon No. 10
NOTE—All English Cup Tie Oames.   Mark whother HOME team will score more, less or same goals sgalnst this years opponents than
they did on eamo ground against last years opponents indicated after home team in brackets.
TO the many artistic, monuments
to be Men ia the city of Que-
hsc, out of whieh thote of Cham-
piei* oa the Terrace and Mgr. de
Laval itt front of the Pot) Office,
are not the laaat, another will. soon
ste added which will be of no ordinary iattreet, aa it will be erected
to the memoir of one of the greatest
personalities in the contemporary
history of French Canada. Car-
sshal Eladar Alexandre Taschereau,
iwe firat Canadian to become membor of the Holy College of Rome,
wfH shortly have his statue in hit
■aod old Quebec, the city he loved
aad eared for during his lifetime,
aad upon which was reflected so
much of the glory he gathered by his
rapid'ascent in the hierarchy of the
Catholic Charch. t Cardinal Tasch-
treau wu appointed to that high
Hata ia 1886 and he died in 1897. He
wan •aaetesaitsl by Mar. Begin who
wat later awarded tbe icarto robot
It had long been the earnest desire of the citizens of Quebec to have
the memory of their beloved cardinal
recalled in a more material fashion,
and for that purpose a public subscription < had been organiaed some
time ago to defray the cost of such
a memorial. When sufficient funds
had been collected, a conteit in
whieh many noted sculptors from
America and the old world participated, was held, and from the models
submitted by these artists, a committee selected the design of the
Statue which will later be unveiled
on the Place de la Basilique, in
front of the famous old temple of
Its author Is a French sculptor
of renown, Mr. Andre Vermare of
Paris, who has been engaged in
making many of France'* best known
monument* erected in recent years.
One of them recalling'the fame of
lthe "Blue Devils," the celebrated
I Alpn* regimen* of France, stands on
the summit of Guetwiller aad is much
Shortly after the decision of the
committee was made known, Mr.
Andre Vermare landed in Quebec
with Mr. Maxirae Roisin, the architect who Is going to design thc
pedestal of the Taachereau memorial
Mr. Roisin, alto, hat attained a great
reputation in his country as a master
of hit art. His last work of importance is probably the triumphal arch
whieh will soon be built on the road
from Bar-le-Duc to Verdun, to immortalise the glorious stand of the
"Poilu" on what wat then known as
the "Hell of Verdun."
The two French artitts, who left
Quebec for their own country a
short time ago to proceed with their
work on thc Taschereau memorial,
took the opportunity of their stay in
the old city of Champlain to collect
some valuable information regarding
the life, .warn and character of the
late cardinal, sue* ********¥*** being
indispensable lu give a true interpretation of his personality. The
location of the monument was also
discussed, and it was agreed that it
would stand in the little park
stretching in front of the Basilica, at
the end of the Rue dc la Fabrinue.
While in Quebec, Mr. Veroiare and
Mr Roison were the guests at a great
banquet given in Iheir honour at tin
Garrison Club, at which mosl of the
prominent people of the ancient capital attended In answer to various
speeches of welcome by Hon. L. A.
Taschereau. Mgr. Marois, Mr. Henlri
Gagnon, and ol+ers, Mr. Vermare
said how he and nis companion wert
pleased to bc In Quebec :<nd how
they bad been impressed by the wel
come extended to them He also
had eloquent words to express hie
admiration for the picturcsqtieness of
the city and for the congmial hospitality of its citizens. He satd V
hoped to come hacl< for the unvei!
ing of thc statue, which will tak-.
place on June 17th. 1911
Some persons seem to think tbat
life is a moving stairway; that all a
man bas to do is to step aboard and
be carried to tbe top.
The oid pedeBtrian who puts on
newehoeaat sunrise never   boasts ^
ho* many miles he will  go before |-gg j.#
"Week by  week,  in   every   way,
The  Suiv is  getting better and bet-
Are Not the
Only Things
These Days
\W Lots of other things
were scrapped before
the Washington Conference became even
a possibility—old prejudices—old grudges
—old methods of diplomacy had to be
discarded before it
was possible to ask
for bids from the junk
man for a few billion
dollars worth of "war
ffl If   you  are  to  make
the    most    of     your
opportunities selling
Merchandise,   it  will
pay you to take stock
of your   methods  of
doing   business    and
scrap  ruthlessly   the
old systems or prejudices that na-w conditions   have  rendered
obsolete.    And above
all  court  publicity-
secret diplomacy is 1 >
bad for your busin i
as  it is  for th:"* 1   i
ness of running a nation—
Advertise THE   SUN,   URAND   FORKS,
An Appeal to the
on the Finance Committee aa Alderman. Dr. Acres never served
as an Alderman.
In uonclution, I  again   earnestly
ask for your vote and support, as
suring you tbat your vote is wanted,
needed and will be appreciated.
To the Electors of tlie
West Ward
It being impossible for me to personally call on i\\\ the elector^ in
order to explain tny position und
the reas n why I am seeking the
iffice of Mayor for the third term,
I am taking this in ;an3 of addressing you.
Hairing served on tbe Council
since January,; 1919, iwo of those
years as your Mayor, 1 was reluctant to aspire for a third term and
only did so after sitisfying my-^lf
tbat tbe present Aldermen did not
intend seeking that honour.
Had any of thorn expressed a desire or intention of running I would
not have allowed my na::ie to be
considered, for 1 believe, in all fairness, tbat if you have an Alderman
who can fill tbe bill and seeks the
mayoralty, it should come to him as
a. reward for services rendered and
appreciation of the work done in
the humbler sphere as Aldermen.
Having satisfied myself that n jue
of the Aldermen were sueking the
position, I then declared my willingness to stand if it was reasonably
shewn that I was wanted, and it
was not until 1 received a petition
embodying the names of most of tbe
heaviest property holders and, naturally, taxpayers, tbat I declared my
intention of being a candidate.
I believe the public generally are
Batisiied witli the work done by the
Council during the year. An honest
effort has beeu made by tbe Alder*
.men in their various departments
to give you oue hundred per cent
value on every dollar expended;
they have at all time endeavored to
plan any work in a fair aud impartial manner, and have given willingly and generously of their time
ind energy in the conduct of the
iffairs of the city.
Ouriag the past four years it -has
been a hard grind,financially speaking. It ie no pleasure to be iu oflice
luring four years of forced econon
ny; many things had to ba done
vhich did not always meet with
your approval and whicb would not
bave been necessary had tbe debts
of the city beeu less pressing.
But the credit of the city was at
stake; even during tbe past year
some twenty tbomaud dollars bu-
came due and were paid off,
Having got over the hill of the
city's linancial difliculiies and wttb
daylight ahead, with a possibility
in in sight of being able to lighten
some of your burdens by a reduction in your taxes, i would ask not
only for myself but ulsoBfor any of
, the present Aldermen whu may
seek reflection, that -,- iu signify by
your vote and inll u noe a ,-:i <i|t. gp,
preoiation of the work already done
and thus permit a further opportunity to proceed aim.; the lines
already p*auned, that is,a reduction
of your taxes.
1 believe this can be done; 1 also
believe it will he douo. lt is with
this object iu view ihat I am asking
for your support and seeking reelection.
Dr. AoreB is oontestiag my election. Why is in: opposing my
seeking a third term? Your city is
in a belter financial condition than
it has ever been. There ia no question of especial controversy between the citizens. There is uolhr,
ing to gained by a change at tbe
present time.
Dr. Acres can not offer you nny
more than I can, having due regird
to sound finances or fair and equitable treatment.
I buve served you two years hb
Mayor; Dr. Acris. has had three
years in oflice. I earned my promotion by two years ol   hard   work
Ladies and Gentlemen:
At the request oi" many
ratepayers, I have decided to
again enter the contest for
Alderman in the West ward.
Thanking you for your support m pastyeajs, and solicit
ing yeur vote and influence in
the present election, I am,
Yours respectfully,
j.b. Mcdonald.
City Grocery^
We thank all our customers for their pajronage
in the past • aud request a continuance of the
same. The future will be just as bright as we
make it. Let us all endeavor to add our little
bit of brightness.
IT brings tbe whole country for miles around within easy reach,
Have you seen the now inodols? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as now coin! As weatherproof as aduek'f Automobile Steel
Boarings. Framo of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value.  Easy Terms. Wo are tbe poople'to mount you right.
J. R. MOOYBOER %^&m&£%%:
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
Phone 25 H. H. Henderson, Prop. |||| WouldNot Beshuffled on
honour to be your Mayor and
preside over the deliberations
ofthe Council- I trust that in
the event of an election a»d
contest  becoming  necessary,
I   may   receive   by your vote
and   influence  a   further   expression of the confidence you
so generously accorded me.
(Signed) GEO. H.HULL.
Election Notice
To tho  Electors of the East
In announcing my intention to be a candidate for election as Aldermen for the East
ward, I take this opportunity
of respectfully soliciting your
vote and good-will.
Should you honor me with
election, it will be my aim to
give my best services in the
interest of the ratepayers and
for the good of the city,
Mayoralty 1923
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
To  the   Electors   of   Grand
In announcing my intention
to bo a candidate for the office
of Mayor for 1923, I desire to
express my appreciation of
the goodwill and support extended toward me during the
two years that I havo had the
Nominations for mayor, aldermen
and other civic ollicers will be held
at the city office next Monday. The
poll will be taken at the same place
on Thursnay, the Uth inst.
It is better to fail in the next  at
tempt than to fold your hands after
a great achievement.
rpAKK NOTICE thai U.ihert Campboll,
i- liraud Porks, B, C. mioiipatirm Government Liquor Vendor, intends to apply for
permission to imrelinHe the following de-
toribc I land:
f oinmenoinir nt n post planted at tht North
We^-t oornor post of Lot 963. Similknin'.-on
I,and Oistrlet, thenoe N irth locimins, thenee
Knst lo ohains, theuce South in ohains,
theuce West 40 ohains to the point of coni-
meneoment, and containing 160 ncres,   tnoro
Dated NovsinberHUtli. 1928.
We Thank
for their liberal
patronage during
the past year. A
continuance of the
same in 1923 will
be highly appreciated.
An old Scotchman,David Gordon,
was seriously ill and theie was little
hope of his recovery. Relative* had
wheedled him into making a will
and had gathered at liis bedside to
watch him as he laboriously signed
it. He got as far as Da-v-i and
then fell back exhausted.
"D, Uncle David, d," exhorted
a nephew.
"Dee!" exclaimed the old Scot
feebly but with indignation. "I'll
not doe until I'm ready, ye avaricious wretch."
In this old world mor-* feelings
are hurt by bad manners than by
bad intentions.
There are meu who gain nothing
from a fortune excopt the fear of
losing it.
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty-
Accept only an "unbroken package'^of "Bayer Tablets oi
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions foi
Colds Headache Rheumatism
. Toothache        Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Handy "Haver" boxes of 12 tablets—Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggist*.
Aspirin ls the trade mark (registered In Canada) of liayer Moniifacturo of Mono-
aoetlcacidostor or Ballcylieactd. Whllo It hi well known that Aspirin moans nayor
manufacture, to assist the public against Imitations, the Tablets of liayer company
will bo stamped with their general .trude maris, the ''Bayer Cross.
A lien t
Dominion Monumental Works
Asbestos Products Co. Hoofing
"A Terrible Experience''
"I Recall My Experiences with the Burglar with
Feelings of Horror!"
"How would you feelifyoii-jdttened
in the middle of tlie iiiyli#witli a
fiaslilifjht shining in your *yes and
tbe gruff voice of aniau threatening
that, 'If you make the slightest noise,
I'll shoot?1 That was niy experience
the cinl of last March when my husband was away in the woods and I
was alone witli my throe children.
Even-time I think of this experience
a shudder pnsses over meant! afl long'
as I live I shall remember it. At the
time i really tliuught I would die.
It's a wonder my heart did not stop
beating I wns so weak that even if
I had any desire to move, I could not,
1. was bathed iu a cold, clammy perspiration liven to recall the shocking
details now makes me shudder. It
was a result of this shock tliat I
contracted a high fever and for hours
at a time I was delirious. I got ed
bad that the doctor finally gave up
hope oi my ever recovering, but by
careful nursing, i was finally pronounced out of danger The shock
had left nie. so weak, that, for no
reason whatever, 1 would suddenly
burst in io tears All the life seemed
to have beta taken out of me    t kept
getting weaker and weaker, ao much
so that my husband and children
were constantly worrying about me.
Doctors prescribed for uie and while
I willingly tried their medicines, only
very few of them did me any good,
but unfortunately the good was not
lasting. My family asked me if I
would try Carnol and I said, 'I was
willing to try anything,' but felt that
it would not do me any good. Fonr
bottles of Carnol taken regularly, hatt
completely restored my former health
aud strength and, whilel occasionally
recall my experience with the burglar
with feelingsof horror, I amollierwise
as well and strong as I have "ever
been. Carnol is the most wonderful
preparation I have ever used for
building aud restoring health and
Strength. Jt has done wonders for
several of mv friends to whom I have
recommended it."    Mrs. MoC. of....
Carnol is sold by your druggist,
and if you can conscientiously say,
alter you have tried it, that it hasn't
done you nuy good, return the empty
bot lie to him nud he will refund your
money, 4-tili-
'onaiason s
Phone 30
Canadian   Blind    Babies'  Home
Nursery, Hospital aud Kmder&urteii
Dominion   Cliartar,   Without  .Stock   Subscription.
DIRECTORS—Hon, Martin Burcell, Hou. President' Hou. J, Q, Turriff,
President; A.. H, Fitziiraaions, Vice President;   Edward  Grand,  Seoretary
C. Blaokett Robinson, Oor Secretary; J, Lf. VlcKiuloy,  Treasurer;  Lt.-Uol
Wliitou, M.D, R. H. Campbell, Chouaas Mulvey, K.C, A. E.  Provost, W.
Lylo Reid, X. J, Fi-oiia.iu, Charles IT. fmlioy, C. E., VV. J, Cairns, and Tom
TRUSTEBJ3—C. H, Pinhey, G,BJ„ Thomas Mulvey, K.C, A. J. Freiman.
Luiinl Advisor Bankers Auditor
John I, MacOraeken, K.C.    Royal Bank of Canada.     A. A. Crawley, C. A._
The Objects of this Institution, for which Incorporation was recently obtained, are: 'fo provi l.j a Some tn I Refuge for Baby and Infant Blind; to
provide froe Sei'intifie Uu'e, ["raining and Maintenance; to Save the Lives of
even a f'iw of tho many of sujh unfortunates, who, for the lack of such ser»
vice, perish every year; and to return .these iittle ones to their parents, at
sohool ago with normal, healthy bodios and sound minds."
This is a large aud jjrjatly nooded Child Welfare Service. Careful enquiry
at the Government ofBcos in tho verioua provinces reveals the fact that there
are at tlio preaant time nearly 250 Infant Blind in the Dominion. Nothing
has yet boon done for those helpless little ones. In the United States, 16
years ago, the flrst home. wt»s opened in New York City; they have now homes
in 13 States, all doing excolletit work. In England, some time ago, Sir Arthur Pearson organized "Sunshine House," Chorley Wood, for Blind Babins,
and he claims that it is the only one in the British Empire. Let us have the
SECOND in Canada. To roach this worthy end money is urgently required.
Fifty Thousand Dollara is the present objective of the Boaid, While the
Home is to be looatod in Ottawa it will take in tho Baby Blind from overy
province, ao that this APPEAL for funds will be Dominion wide, and an
early and generous response is confidently expected. Cheques should bo made
payable to the Canadian Blind Babies Home Association. All .remittances
I will be promptly acknowledged. I
rpHfi value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Bail programs
Business cards
Visiting cards
Slipping tags
Price lists
New Type
Latest Style
Columbia Avenue nml
f jikc Street
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yalk Hotku, Fntsr Stkkkt
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum price ot! first-class ausd
reduced lo ,5 an aore; second-class to
J?.60 art acre.
Pro-emptlon   now  confined  to sur-
' -yeu lands only.
itecords will be granted covering only
.and suitable for agricultural purposes
end which Ih non-timber land.
Partnership pre-emptlona abolished,
> ut parties of not more than four may
arrange for adjacent pre-emptlona
villi Joint residence, but each making
'. 'canary improvementa on respective
claims.. m^
Pro-etnptors must oceupr claims for
Qts years, r.nu make Improvementa to
value ot $10 nor acm, including elear-
•! cultivation nt at least 6 acres,
receiving Cro-.ira Grant.
w here pre-dmptor In occupation not
■'"■ 1 than 3 yearn, und lias made pro-
;■ '.'-ijr.atc Improvement*1, ho may, because a* ill-health, or otlier cause, bo
tcruntes Intermediate certificate of Im-
"mvoment anil transfer hts claim.
ileoo^da wit 1mm permanent resi-
ience may be lanued, provided appli-
.1 t.i-ksii Improvementa to extant of
• -fi r-ar annum and records same each
I --. Failure to make improvements
of record same will operate aa forfeiture. Title cannot to obtained In
it Ot thui I years, and Improvements
.( Jio.l'J per acre. Including i acres
.■■-? 0. mul cultivated, and realdence
-ii at ieac-.t z years aro required.
Pre-emptor holding Crown grant
may record another pre-emption, If ho
rsqutrea land In conjunction with his
'arm, without actual occupation, pro-
,vlded statutory tmurovesTMnta made
.■•ci residence maintain*! su Crown
s-.tntcil land  9
Uinmrvuyed areas, not exceeding it
acrea, m:iy be leased as homwJuea;
title to he obtained after falflll! g resi-
(t«.ntl«J a:.d Improvement conditions*!
r or graslng and industrial purposes
ir, aa decoding UD acres may be
ie;?.tc'l by one person or company.
Mil, fnetory or Industrial sites on
1 t.-.ter laud not exceeding 40 acres
u y bo purchtuiodj conditions Include
payment of stumpage.
* Jturai hay meadows Inaccessible
-y «*b»*.lng raids may be purchased
cOMIlllonnl upon conouroetion of a road
t» ih.-.n. Rebate of one-half of coat of
road,   not  exceeding, half of purchase
-\,1'.C*,     lli    IXlmAti.
The .;copt cf this Aet 1st enlarged te
"cuds all iier..,on» Joining and sorv-
... wii.ii His Majesty** Forces Th*
i.me within which the heirs or devisee*
•if a deceased pre-empter may aimly
Mi UUO under this i5t ti extended
rrom f.ir one year from the denth of
such BOTKON, as f.irmsrty, unm one
year a;t'r lb ,r. 'anion of Ibe present
war. Thu ni-ivlluge is also mints re-
Mo fees relating to sre-emptlons ars
. ,e >r : ijahlo l-y soldiers on nra-
eiujiilona leoorded after Ab* ML On
faJ.vj ore remitted fer Ave ysZns
r nivlalon for return of moneys ao-
crued, da* and been paid slnoeAuguKt
1, mt. on account of pssymenta, lee*
or t*2eii on unidlcrs' pre-emptions.
interest on .iKXcetnent* to parches*
town or dty lota bold by meSmorTof
Anted *orcoH, or dependents, acquired
direct or Indirect, remitted Ina en-
llstment to March 11. IM*.
I'm vision made tor i—iisiius of
Crown grants to Bub-purahaaore of
Crown Lands, acquiring rights from
purchasers who failed te *-**-.,-,.
purchase, Involving forfeiture,Ten ful-
nilmenUof conditions of purchase*, |n-
1 crest and toxee. Where Bub-pssn-eitas-
ers do nut claim whole of origlnss parcel, purchase price doe and tax** may
be distributed psroDortionestssly over
e, hole area. Applicatlone seessst hss
made by May lTlBt^   "™"   "
i.-razing   Act,   lilt,   tor    -r-.—.*.*.
h .velopment of livestock lixtmstry pro-
/ides for grazing districts and range
administration under Con>zsuesh>uer
Annual uraaing permits leased based
nn numbers ranged: priorItysfur eetab-
lii bed ..tviiera. 8tock-orwn*s» may
furiii Association* far rang* *—•*■**--
ment. I'Yee, or putaally free, sst lulu
fur settlers, campers er tram******, ea
io teii >iead. '   **
I have opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
,and do all kinds of repair
work. JShop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
C. A. Crawford


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