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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 15, 1924

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a silk purse: does not increase: the: value of a gold coin
Kelowna, August 14.—Tbe formation of a body known as the British Columbia Railway Rates Adjustment association came into being bere yeBterdsy as a result of
meetings recently held in the interior.
Delegates from Salmon Arm,
Vernon, Kelowna, Pentioton ind
8ummerlaod decided an forming
this organization. Officers appointed, who are all from Kelowna, are as
follows: T. Bulman, president; L,
K. Taylor, vice-preeident; Grote
Slirl ng, secretary, They will form
an executive, the principal duties of
whicb will be to arrange for tbe
presentation of tbe rates case befote
tbe railway commission September
17, and to arrange for necessary
f 'f**fa'a«ve Library
-■il.  .    SSI   T
'Tell me what you Know is tru»
.1 canjsjuess as well as you."
FRIDAY, AUGUST 15,  1924
Ontario haying is practically completed and cutting of wheat is general in Maritime provinces and tbe
yield will be average. Grain prospects are very sitisfactory. In British Columbia haying bas been completed, witb yield below average.
Peaches, plums and early apples
are now being picked.
Itia estimated that 100,000 boxes
of apples will move tbrough  tbe
port of Vancouver from British Col
umbia for the United Kingdom thiB
Last year tbe railroads reduced
their rates eastbound aod captured
a large part of the business.
Only 49,000 boxes of apples
moved through the Pacificcoast port
laat year, but as tbe rail rates have
not been lowered the producers rre
preparing to market tbeir apples via
tbe Pacific gateway.
Heavy bookings have been made
by Washington and Oregon for apple space in tbe refrigerator boats
this summer.
It is expected ibat the Furness-
Withy line will book its entires-puce
in tbe southern ports, as tbe officials of tbe company believe that
tbe competition will be very keen in
British Coliimbiu forthe small offerings made, unii it id considered
better to book as much as the otber
porta will offer now.
Tbis will leave tbe Koyal Mail
Steam Packet m.ii the Blue Star
lines lo take the apples from tbis
The former company will have
two boats a month during tbe fall
aud eaily winter, and the Blue Star
will have one bout a moutb. The
ships of these two lines have refrigerator space ami are capable of tak*
ing large shipments of apples if tbey
are offered.
Visitors from this province at the
Wembley fair claim to have found
Bri ish Columbia apples muoh talked
about, but when they investigated
tbe system under wbicb tbese apples are sold in conjunction witb
tbe softer fruit of warmer climates,
they were enthusiastic about im.
proving tbe market
Pacific coast fruit on the whole is
well received io Great Britain, and
as British Columbia is not producing sufficient orchard fruits to care
for tbe iJnited Kingdom demand, it
is necessary tbat the boat take ships.
ments from Washington and Ore
Victoria, August 14.- Harmony
reigns in the Liberal camp in the
provincial capital,and this week will
see everything in readiness for the
premier's by-election. The choice
of R. P. Pooley, Conservative member elect for Esquimalt, as leader of
the opposition, in place of W, J.
Bowser, K.C, is received byth:
government witb satisfaction. Mr.
Pooley will not present as strenuous
oppo-ition io tbe legislature as ibe
veteran Tory.
Meanwhile, with poorer leadership, tbe cabinet does not anticipate
much difficulty in getting through
the next seseian. Wilh the support
of Maj R J. Burde and P. Harrison,
Independent-Liberals, tbe government will have twenty-five members
in the new house, and witb tbe an-
ticipoted aid of tbe tbree Labor
members should have easy sailing.
Crop Conditions
The report of crop conditions
throughout tbe Dominion generally,
as compiled at the bead office at the
Bank of Montreal from reports re*
ceived from tbe managers of its various branches,jsbows that heavy
rains have benefited all crops in
Manitoba and bave improved summer fallow in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Prospects generally are
fair to good, except in southern and
eastern Edmonton district, northeast Calgary district, northeast
Lethbridge district and in the Saskatoon district. Damage by hail
has been negl gible. In Ontario,
Quebec and the eastern provinces,
rains bave, been fairly geneial and
the results have been beneficial.   In
Thanks to tbe gensral efficiency
of the educational system of British
Columbia,  the long  sought educa
tional   survey, now  in   progress, is
disclosing few  weak   points.    Drs
Putman and Weir have held  public
meetings in Vicsoria, Vancouver aud
many   other   centers,   wbere   thty
have listened to com plaints and suggestions of all wbo cared   to appear
before tbem.   However, wbile tbere
will   probably   be   several    minor
changes   in   the system,  little im
provement can be made on the pres
ent policy without the expenditure
of   vast   stuns of   money, and even
then il is accepted tbat tbere is little
but praise due to tbespleodidschool
system in this western province.
Germany—"Now, Marianne, we are going to build a lasting peace.'
France—"But not wilh those tools."—L'Oeuv re, Paris.
Premier Oliver bas definitely decided to contest the Nelson seat,
and nomination day bas been fixed
for Wdnesday, August 20, with
tbe election on Saturday, August
23. The writ for the election bas
gone out, and Premier Oliver left
the coast yesterday for Nelson.
Kenneth Campbell, member-elect
for the constituency, has formally
banded in his resignation.
934,    Ontario's sinking funds  only
amount to 17,486,522.
For the first time harvesters, from
the Okanagan and central British
Columbia will enjoy a special rate
to the prairies this year. The labor
department, under Hon, A. M.
Manson, has secured a general rate
of $10 to Edmonton or Calgary and
one-half cent per mile from there to
de?tination. The same ratee apply
westward alter parvest.
Comparison of figures show that
the entrance and high school examinations have been conducted in
tbis province much cheaper tban
elsewhere in Canada. Tbe cost per
capita is little more tban balf that
for the eastern province of Ontario.
Considering tbe scattered school
population and the mucb smaller
number of c ndidates, Ibis recordis
considered something to be proud of
by Hon. Dr MacLean, minister of
Hon T. D. Pattullo, minister of
lands, bas come out in a written
statement in support of tbe absentee
vote. While irregularities are always found at election time, he
claims a grave injustice would be
done thousands of voters in this
provinoe if tbe absentee vote were
done away with. The great amount
of seasonal employme: t in British
Columbia necessitotes many men
and even women being away from
tbeir own polling places on election
British Columbia's provincial
sinking funds are twice oa large as
those of Ontaiio, its nearest rival,
aod more than half ae large as tbose
oitbe federal government, according to figures issued by tbe Dominion Securities Corporation, of Toronto, one of Canada's chief financial firms. Tbis province has piled
up a sinking fund of 118,064,688,
while tbe Dominion government's
sinking funds are liated at #35,890,-
Glaims to Have Found
Copper  Secret Lost
Two Thousand Years
James Cummings, of East St
Louis, an obscure mechanic of little
education and practicall/ n: scientific knowledge, hae just succeeded
in achieving whst science bas been
trying t do for more tban two
thousand years, accordiug to a recent press dispatch from St. Louis.
He has rediscovered the process for
hardening and tempering copper, a
secret that was lost witb tbe passing
of the Egyptian civilization.
Up till a sbort time ago Cum.
tilings was out of a job and broke.
Because of lead poisoning he was
forced to give up his job as a railway switchman and was at the
point wheie he felt he would have to
appeal to bis friends for funds to
help him care for his wife and six
Today he is a millionaire tnrougb
the receipt of a cheque for $1,500,-
000 whicb a Detroit   copper   com*
pany willingly paid him for bis se
It was while cleaning a copper
gasket for his car, a low-priced
touring car of long service and disreputable aspect, that Cummings
tripped upon the secret.
"It was just luck," Cummin
said. "I was cleaning the gaskets
and dipped tbem into a chemical
mixture I bad figured out as tbe
b st for tbat purpose. One of tbe
gaskets was bent wben I dipped  it.
1 was surprised when I discovered
later that it would spring back to
its bent form wben I tried to
straighten it out. -
"I didn't think much about it at
tbe time, but later I was talking to
some of the boys and told of the
occurrence. One of them was surprised. 'Jim,' he said, 'if that's
true, your fortune is made.'
"I remembered the mixture I bad
in the basin aod set about experimenting till I found a mixture tbat
woult give the copper a certain de
gree of hardness. Tben I decided to
patent tbe formula. This almost
cleaned out all my money. You see,
I was out of work at the time.
"Then a copper company invited
me to Detroit to conduct some tests
there. All tbe tests were satisfactory, and 1 got a cheque that almost
knocked me cold, $1,600,000."
Here and Th
Port Alberni.August 14.- In support of Premier Oliver and tbe
eight bour day, Dick Burde, Independent member for Alberni, lefl
last nigbt for Nelson to take part in
the political campaign in connection
with the by election caused through
the resignation of Kenneth Campbell, Liberal member for Neison,
in favor   of  the premier.
"I am taking the platform for tbe
express purpose of laying before
lumber workers of Nelson and vicinity the vital importance of our retaining the balance of power, in
the interests ofthe eigbt-hour day
measute," Major Burde said, just
hefore leaving for tbe interior.
"My campaign funds bave been
subscribed by lumber workers of
Alberni, who are sending me on this
mission for the sole protection of
their interests, and I am under no
obligation to either Liberals, Con-
eervatiAes or Provincials, and intend
o have nothing to do with any of
these parties My constituents feel
that in the defeat of the premier,
the putting through of the measure
for shorter hours for lumber workers
would be retarded "
In Other Words, Pay in
Automobile "tourists are likely to
meet with amusing experiences in
their travels round tha country. The
Merris family drove into a small
western town stnie time ago, dog
"Let's go to a hotel tonight,'' said
Billy. "I'm too tired to get this tent
off and set it up!"
"Allright," Mrs. Morris replied.
Accordingly the party sought out
the one hotel in the town. "Can you
give us two adjoining rooms?" Mr.
Morris said to the proprietor.
"Yeah, I guess I can,"was the
reply. "They'll be two dollars apiece
or four dollars for the two."
A minute later, laden with luggage, Mr. Morris and Billy re-enteted
the hotel, followed by Mrs. Morris
and Alice, the little girl.
"Show us to our rooms now, will
you?" said Mr. Morris.
"Yes, sir. They'll be two dollars
apiece or four dollars for the two of
|them," the proprietor replied.
"Sure, I know," Mr. Morris agreed
"I've got my hands full now; I'll pay
you in the morning."
"All right," the proprietor answered nonchalantly. "I'll show you
to your rooms iu the morning then.'
Radio stations are to be established
near Montreal and Vancouver aa
links in the Empire wireless station
program as the result af arrangements just completed between tha
British Government, the Department
of Marine and Fisheries of Canada
and the affiliated Marconi companies.
The Manitoba Pulp and Paper
Company will, it is understood,
shortly establish a plant at St. Boniface, near Winnipeg, Man. The
company plans tc expend $3,600,000
of its $6,000,000 capital on immediate operations, and to build a 200-
ton newsprint mill, employing about
700 men.
Canada's trade Is growing at a
faster ratio than ever before, despite the war. She now sells to 100
and buys from 77 countries. Her
total foreign trade, in the calendar
year 1928, reached $1,918,204,789,
an increase of 16 per cent in one
year, and her interchange of commerce increased 70 per cent between
1913-14 and the past year.
John B. Thompson, nuted sportsman and writer on the out-of-doors,
widely and popularly known by his
pen name of "Ozark Ripley," is
visiting the Canadian  Pacific bun-
falow camps in Ontario, giving
emonstrations of his skill as a fly
and bait caster, as well as free
casting lessons to guests and informal talks on fishing and other outdoor subjects.
Creating a new record for the li
years it has bee., in business, tbo
Saskatchewan Co-operative El; va-
tor Company will havo handled 50,-
000,000 bushels of gram through its
•Bommission department in the 1923-
4 season, it is announced. The estimate of grail, handled through
terminal elevators for the 1923-4
season is 68,000,000 bushels.
The steel superstructure of the
new Ste. Anne de Beaupre Basilica,
which is to replace the destroyed
edifice at the famous shrine, has
now been completed and it is expected that by next July the exterior of the church will be nearly
finished. It is not anticipated, however, that the building will be entirely ready until July, 1926. In
the meantime, thousands of pilgrims continue to visit the shrine
and several miracles have been recently reported.
Figures issued by the Department
ef Agrieulutre for the Province of
Quebec show that there has been
a marked improvement in the condition of farmers of thc province
over last year, due to good crops, to
such an extent that, instead of distributing grain seeds to the value
of over $125,000 as was the case last
year, only $60,000 worth was necessary to meet this year's requirements. Hon. J. E. Caron, Minister
of Agriculture for the province,
basing his anticipations on present
crop prospects, expects a still further improvement in the near future.
"Never has the opportunity for
Canadian business fn the Orient
heen so good as it is today," said
Allan Cameron, Oriental Manager
of the Canadian Pacific Railway,
in Montreal recently. "It is true
that the general volume of business
in China and Japan is somewhat below normal owing to both local and
world conditions but if Canadian
manufacturers and producers now
fail to make an effort to secure the
large share of Oriental trade that
would naturally come to them, ths
opportunity will pass and someone
else will get the business."
Next year's convention of the
Western Canada Irrigation associate   will be beld at Kelowna.
British Columiiia cantaloupes are
in higb fav ,r ou the prairie in arket
Tbe regular meeting of the city
council was held in tbe council
chamber on Monday evening, Mayor
Acres and Aid Lid icoat, McDonald and Miller being  present
Ths higb school debentures were
ordered signed by the mayor and
the treasurer and tben forwarded
to tbe inspector of municipalities
for his signature.
The chairman of the board of
works reported having arranged for
tne purchase of a strip of land fiom
J. Pohoda for 825 for tbe purpose of
widening lhe Winnipeg avenue fill,
and that work on the Gil was prc»
gressing favorably. The council
sanctioned the purchase of tbe
The chairman of the water aDd
light committee reported tbe inslol-
lation of a drinking fountain on
Bridge street; also that pbout one
inch of water was coming down tbe
flume a-) tbe present time, and tbat
it was necessary to pump eleven
hours daily.
The matter of securing a c re sker
for the Tourist park, to be paid by
a collection of fees on tounste, was
discues--d and refoned back (o tbe
parks committee.
Mayor Acres reported tbat the
governor genetai bad expressed his
pleasure at lhe reception tendered
him by tbe citizens ol Grand Forks
on his visit to the cily lecently, sod
that he had commented on the fine
music furnished hy the band.
Tbe mayor aud the city clerk
were appointed delegates to alt nd
thc convention of the Uniou of
British Columbia Municipalities, to
be held in Penticton on September
3rd and 4th.
As the Pupils Would
Have It
These amusing blunders, perpetrated by girli aud boys iu various English schools, are listed in the  School
master,  an   English  journul   for the
edification of pedagogues:
What is tlio effect of lead on water?
It sinks.
What bird lays the biggest egg?
Tho biggest bird.
What discovery was duo to the
fulling of an apple? The wickeness
of Eve.
But perhaps tho most amusing w as
one girl's confident declaration that
tbe Roman numerals "LXX" stand
for "love and kisses,"
Expert's Work
A Scotswoman once applied to a
solicitor for advice. After sho had
detailed all the circumstances of the
case, the lawyer asked her if she had
stated the fact* exactly as they had
"Ou ay, sir," she replied. "1
thought it best to toll you the plain
truth; you can put the lees till't
you reel'."
The following iB the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the governmenl thermometer on E K Law's ranch:
Max.    Min.
Aug. t>—Friday  90 63
9—Saturday   90 b'l
10—Sunday  83 13
11—Monday  96 50
12—Tuesday  96 53
18—Wednesday  92        53
14— Thursday    74 61
Rainfall  0.U3
An estimate of 37,000 harvesters
for western Canada was arrived tit
by railway and employment officials
at a meeting beld a few days ago in
the Canadian National railways
offices in Winnipeg. It is estimated
tbat 19,000 men will be available
locally and from British CjIu rnbia
the remaining 18,000 to be brought
from eastern Canada.
Joe   Cunningham, of Beaverdell,
was iu the city on Wednesday. fmeUN: OTANDPWKB, BRITISH COLUMBIA
(Site (gratti. Stork* §utt
Maninoepenoesi newspaper
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) 11.00
One Year (in the United States)     1.50
Addresr ***- ——-cations to
The Grand Fobki Sun
Phonk 101R Grand Forks. B. C'
Notes • Notions • Notables
There isn't a prominent member ofthe Conservative party of British Columhia who is not
advocating the retirement of Premier Oliver
from the leadership ofthe Liheral party This
unanimity from the enemy camp shows the
strength of the premier. There is no precedent of a leader of a successful party retiring,
even though he was defeated in his own constituency. If the Conservative party had been
victorous in the recent election, is there a per-
sou in British Columbia foolish enough to believe that a seat would not have boen found
for W. J. Bowser within twenty-four hours
after the result was announced?
The lost ar' of tempering copper has been
rediscovered by a St. Louis inventor. This
news should be approximately correct by this
time, because we have read it at regular intervals during the past sixty or seventy years.
able bond. We Canadians set 6000 forest
fires a year and nine-tenths of them through
human recklessness, but those beacon lights of
prodigality mean nothing if they do not tell us
that we have put the torch to the livelihood of
thousands of men; we have signed the unre
newable note lor our children and grand
children to pay. Let it be laid down as an
ugly and undisturbable factr-that in the present situation with fores idemand jammed hard
against dwindling forest supply, every forest
fire must be paid for. Every mile of spruce or
pine or fir given to the annual bonfire will
have to be bought back by the next genera
tion in higher costs of lumber and paper, in
forfeited industries, in dwindling public
revenues and a sacrifice of population.
East Africa, which has already yielded up
some most important fossils of dinossaurs, is
nmv regarded wilh much expectancy as afield
of research in natural history, and for several
years the trustees ofthe British museum have
been hoping to send out an expedition to this
territory. The difficulty, h" wever, has been
lack of funds; and the hopes of securing cooperation with museums overseas failed to be
realized. It has at last been possible to ar
range with W. E Cutler of the University of
Manitoba to sail for West Africa to explore
a number of the promising sites of former discoveries.
With, the claim that it is the first to use the
tides successfully in the generation of elec
tricity, a hydroelectric plant employing this
principle has been set up at East Saugus, near
Lynn, Mass. The plant, which is the invention
of Domencio Damiuno of Boston, was begun
two years ago and was completed and put in
operation early in the present year. It consists
of a small power house above a well on an arm
of the Saugus river, in which is a turbine set
in motion by the ebb and flow of the tide.
About 65 horsepower is generated by a dynamo rigged to the turbine. The plant was
financed largely by Italian residents of Massachusetts.
Nelson people are always united for Nel
son's best interests, and it is therefore not
likely that Premier Oliver will be opposed in
the by election in that constituency. But even
if an opposition candidate is placed in the
field, the leader of the government may be assured of an easy victory.
Sidelights on a Great
B.C. Forests Asked to Deliver 125 Pieces Scaling
a Million Feet
Costly Industrial Machinery Will Enable Filling
of   Outstanding
An interne in a hospital at Norfolk, Va.,
Dr. Benjamin Bailey, removed hisown tonsils.
The operation was performed with a set of
borrowed instruments between two.mirrors set
up at right angles. Veterans surgeon's at the
hospital urged Bailey to give up the notion,
and when he persisted they remained within
convenient calling distance in case the patient
made a failure of the job. After applying a
local anesthetic the interne performed the
operation with the How of only a few drops of
Politics make strange bed fellows, indeed.
According to a coast paper, the newly chosen
leader of the opposition will receive valuable
aid from the spirit world in his arduous duties.
A meteorologist who has been hunting for
a spot that has a greater aunual rainfall than
Cherrapunji in India, where it is 424 inches,
believes that he has found the place on the
island of Katai in HaA\aii. There the central
mountain peak is under a thick blanket of
clouds from one year's end to another, and
the govern me it's rain gauge- has recorded a
rainfall that a\ l rages 455 inches a year for the
past eleven years,
RKCENTLV an official •represent
ing dI.o Dj'Uiniou Government
came to British Columbin with
an order in his jiucl-et for 125 |)iecen
of squared timher nf unique stiengtli
und reoord dimension, to Hi I an extra
ordinary engtneoi ing specification.
To give soiini idea of the size of.
these timbers tl.r total hoard meass,
urement of thu X'i'i pieces approaelie
onemiilion fejt Thoy must a'so be
without defect.
A search of tin-ir limits for trees
to produce tlie< hu<*e sticks will lie
made by prun ment I C, lo<*f*ing
firms, and there ie nn do' bt but that
the "goods" will be fouud, and delivered.
'I lie incident i lustrates the won
derful quality of British Columbia's
timber stand. Only the Di.ngliis fir
a rea of the Pacifii Coast could IM an
order for tinibei s of such ifcnu'tl ,
size and .S'.iundncs-s.
%   Costly Equipment
At the samo time, ttu'y the cistly
mo Vrri equipment instilled by the
logcers will enab'e the 'ogs foi this
orti. r to be yardrel and transported
from the wo.ds, and on y tlm up to-
the minute machinery of the manufacturer will permit their sawing and
sqimring to the desired dimension,
Millions upon millii'ns of dollar-*
hau> bcen sunk in the equipment
netr-sniy to bandit- the harvesting of
Ps. (' \s timber crop, und millions
more i the tuachinery for its con vet
sioti into finished tin ber Put for this
industrial investment, not only the
cffici.-il from Ottawa, l,ut the buyers
of l hf world, w.iuld ask in vain for
the delivery of the big timbers from
British Columbia's foiests
Keep Cool
Look Gobi
ant} Feel
at little cost.    Just   buy
., a couple of those nice
Dresses onl>' $1.50
Established 1910
Real Estate and Insurance
Reilderst Aleut Grnnd Forka Townsite
Company, Limited
Farina     Orchards     City Property
""Asjentt at Nelton, Calgary, Wlbnlpc* and
other Prairie pointe. Vanoouver Agent- :
Bits.bllshed in 1910, we are In a JM-rillun to
furnlih reliable information '"moernlna- ttiii
Write trirfron literature
The modern city needs playgrounds as
mueh as it n*ods good streets, pure water,
sewers and a safe way of disposing of refuse.
Automobiles arc now so numerous that towns
with ample p'aygrounds stand high in the
esteem of parents
Knglish starlings, fifty of which were re
leased in Central park, New York, in 1890,
are now common in all the northeastern states;
but until the last two pr tbree years they have
not gone south in any considerable numbers.
They have spent their winters in the north, as
the English sparrows do. But last fall huge
flocks went south; so it may be that they have
learned to migrare in America as they usually
do in Europe.
his icri es of articles communicated
y the. Timber Industries Council
of British Columbia.
A world's record for his senior
two-year old Ilolstein Friesian
Hei'er, Williamsburg Pontiac, is
claimed by Dr. M. W. Locke, Williamsburg, Ont., as a result of a 30
day test showing production of
2,7t8.B pounds of milk and 113.82
lbs. butter fat, equivalent to 148.8
lbs. of butter.
Detectives in Canada are being tBught a
code by means of which they can communicate
with one a other by dropping, raising or other
movements of the eyes, and also how to "talk"
secretly by means of linger touches, by twist
ing of a cigar, fingering of a mustache and
twiddling fingers behind the back, This is being done so that they can transfer their
thoughts when in presence of criminals or
prisoners. It is declared that communication
with the eyelids can be as rapid the ordinary
man typewrites.
Forests are jobs.    Trees mean trade.   Logs
are the raw material, not of lumber or paper,
but of pay cheques. It is an incidental matter
that the forest gives us telephone poles.   It is
a very important matter that the forest gives
us 120,000 workmen, supporting a half million
of Canadian independents, and distributing 500
million dollars to maintain Canadian prosper
ity.   Conservaiion   would   never  bother itself
with trees if the trees were not the  substance
of human employment. The forest protection
ist would not sweat a drop for a square mile
of spruce if he not know that some vast indus
try, a thriving town and a thousand contented
homes are tier! to spruce trees by an  insepar-
c^ncient History"
Items raken Prom Tbe Qrand Porks Sun lor tbe Corresponding
Week Twenty Yean Ago
Chicago capitalists have acquired an interest in the Betts & Hesperus mine on Hardy
mountain, and Iji40,000 is available for plant
and development.
Franklin is lively and scores of prospectors
are going up to thejNorth Fork camp. The
Kettle Valley line surveyors have reached
Eagle City.
John Mcintosh and Andrew Hackett returned to the city on Sunday from Victoria.
They ^brought i>ack with them the fifty six
licenses permit ing the Grand Forks coal
barons to prosp; 'jt for coal and oil in South
east Kootenay. The licenses were deposited
in the Royal bank.
Aid. Frank Hutton returned last Wednesday from a mom h's visit to the World's fair
in St. Louis. While away Mr. Hutton formed
the acquaintance of an eastern coal braron,and
Frank immediately opened negotiations for
the sale of the Grand Forks group of claims
in Southeast Kootenay. Mr. Hutton says the
deal has pro pressed so far that the eastern
capitalist has made an offer of one million
dollars fnr the fifty-six claims, provided he
finds the property as represented.
The official Railway Guide, in
coir renting on the Air service
wh' h connects with the Canadian
Pacific Railway at Angliers says:
—"so far as we are aware this is
the first instance on this continent
where interchange of passenger
traffic between railways and air-
plants has been established.
In his address to the Associated
Advertising Clubs of the World, at
Wembley, July 17th, E. W. Beatty,
president of the Canadian Pacific
Railway stated that the amounts
spent on colonization by the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Canadian Government from the year
1K81 totalled, respectively $67,000,-
000 and $35,000,000.
Dtirin." the last four years the
Canadian Pacific Railway has
hand od soine 85.0P0 west-bound
harvesters, Last year this company
Inal'ruratPtl the lun.-li-cour.ter car,
whirl: afforded fnc'litie3 hitherto
unknown, and, although perhaps
not as a direct result of this inno-
vatii n, over 20,000 men travelled in
special trains over Canadian Pacific
The unveiling of a monument t«
Tom Wilson, earliest guide ln the
Canadian Rockies featured the first
day's meeting of the two hundred
end six members of the Tfail Rlderi
of the Canadian Rockies at Yoho
Camp. Mr. Wilson, who was present at the ceremony and, now aixty.
five years of age, resides at Enderby, B.C., discovered Lake Louise
and the Yoho in 1882.
A, D. MacTier, vice-president of
the Canadian Pacific eastern line*,
who awarded to the McAdam team
lhe First Aid Challenge Cup, which
t.ey won in competition with teams
from North Bay, Toronto, Windsor
Station and Angus, stated that
since the Canadian Pacific Council
of the St. John Ambulance Association was inaugurated in 1909,
over twenty thousand employees of
the Company have received instruction in First Aid. The last annual
report of the St. John Ambulance
Association referred to the Canadian Pacific as the "premier tail*
Wis>   ceiuro." .   .
and a p-iir of S ind ils.
Then you mny laugh at
the hoi davs.
E.C. Henniger Co.
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
LI niica it J Salt
C.*i \cnt and Plaster
Putt lr,* Suoplies
rand  Forks,
al  Estate  For
Applications for immadintc purchase i>f Lois
and Acreage owned hy the C'dy, within the
Municipality, arc invited.
Prices:—From S2.>.0) per lot upwards.
Torms:«Cnshnn'l approved payments.
List of L
City Office.
>ts nnd   prices  'nay J>c seen at tl
.JOilN   *
-City Clerk.
We aro agents for thj well kno.vu M.tssey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
The Telephone Is a
Daylight Saver
Saving daylight is a big topic at this time of the
year. Everyone endeavors to make the most out of
the daylight hours. In these modern times, life each
day is fuller, and each hour must mean far more than
it did yesterkay.
There is no better aid to daylight saving than the
telephone. Nothing can help you more to make each
successive hour of greater value.
Whether you telephone one mile or one hundred
miles it is all the same to the telephone. The telephone
saves you hours. It lengthens your day, giving you
time for many things.
Sun's Page if People and Events of Passing News Interest
A masterpiece of architecture, the new Cathedral
at Liverpool was consecrated In the presence of tha
Kins- and Qaeen thia month.
Sweet Potatoes
From Peachland
H: H. Thompson, of Peachland,
furnished fresh evidence this week
that sweet potatoes of good quality
0»n be grown in British Columbia,
says the Markets Bulletin.
We must congratulate Mr. Thompson on the improvement he has made
in the selection of a market varietys
and would suggest that he discard all
other varieties and introdure only the
"Okanagan Queen" variety to his
pioneer friends in this new industry.
The tuber* are of the long pointed
cream colored sort, almost similar io
the variety imported from the Southern States. They are firm and fresh
looking and present a better tab e appearance than potatoes qhat are im-
ported thousands of miles, We are
informed tlmt about six acres are
planted to sweet potatoes in  the val
ley, from Oliver to Kelowna.and that
tho product will be handled by the
Associated Growers of British Columbia.
When the prairie cousumers get
ioformed-that the uncured sweet po
tatoes from British Columbia are
superior in flavor to the cured imported stuff, and contain all the na.
turai juice, a heavy keniand is sure to
"Thank you, Betty," he said.
"When you find the other guinea keep
it for your trouble."
Aristocratic Laborer
The  laboring  man   seventy yenrs
ago was pretty   well  satisfied.   Labor
troubles in this country   were  almost
unheard  of then,   though  at  infre«
It is   estimated   that   with   goodiquent  intorvuls  an  employee wuui-J I
cultivation   tho    Okanrgan     Queen | And a grievance against his employer. |
Harry Granfield Gives
Tanlac Full Credit
"My health bas undergone such
a wonderful improvement that I
muat say Tanlac ia an unusual
medicine and tonic," slates Harry
Granfield, 153 Havety St., Toronto,
"For two years past I have been
troub'ed witn iudigesiion to such an
extent that I felt unfitjfor Anything.
My nerves became ell undone and
my sleep was unsound. My energy
bad sbout all left me aod 1 would
tire out easily.
"Since taking Tanlac I have a
wonderful appetite aod my stomach
never troubles me any more. My
sleep is sound and restful and I get
up mornings with renewed energy
and really feel like active work for
the first time in two years. I am
strong for Tanlac."
Tanlac is for Sale by all good
druggists. Accept no substitute.
Over 40 million bottles sold.
for constipation, are recommended
by the manufacturers and distribu*-
tors of Tanlac.
sweet potato will produce 400 bushels
or about 16 tons to tho aere.
Poor Betty!
There are many stories about the
parsimony and niggardlsness of Lord ,a ni ichinist came
Eldon, a famous English judge of a
century ago. Whether they do him
injustice we not know, but eome of
them are in their way amusing.
It is said that once when Lord Eldon was entertaining a few friends at
dinner in a tavern he dropped a
guinea on the floor when about to pay
his bill. As ho couldn't find the piece,
he said to Betty, the waitress, "Btty,
I have dropped two guineas on the
floor and can't find them. See if you
can help me,"
Betty went to work and quickly
found the lost guinea.
Lord Eldon slipped it into his
That of the machinist whom A. B.
Farquhar tells of in his book, The
First Million the Hardest, is certain**
ly amusing, viewed at this date.
One afternoon, says Mr. Farquhar,
to  us  iu   high.
dudgeon from another shop and asked
for a job.     We   wanted to know,   of
course, wiiyhe had left his  old place
"Ii was this way," he said, "the
boss was out walking with a lady the
other night, and I passed him and
said, 'How do you do, Harry?' And
the next dty ho came around to me
and said, 'When I am out walking
with a lady I dun't want you to speak
to ine.' I won't work for a maa who
cts that way!"
The man who is wronged
can forget it; the man who
wronged him never can.
When a man loses
anything else he
advertises   for   it,
but when he loses
his head he stops
Don't Lose
YOUR Head nmmw: •31andi,om»,bbitishoolumbu
News of the Gity
Stanley Davis, F. VV. Bus3ell and
E. Cdgnoo weal down to Ooristina
lake oa WedMd-iy on a "Gump"
fishing trip, i.e., they caught more
fish mfore they sUrted thin thev
brought back with them.
Last week burglars entered the
government liquor stare at Kelowna
and after forcing the eafe made
theirget-away with #600 in cash
and $200 in cheque?.
Monday evening ioon radionts
will have an opportunity lo listen
to a ihree hours' program from
Hastings, Neb , on the occasion of
the offinil notification of Governor
Bryan of his election as vice presidential candidate on the democratic
mark vour par.vi "Fragile;" then
the postal employ* - .'I k ow that
the contents are etirily damaged and
give it the neeessai;' care during its
transmission. 11 the case of parsers going overseas you should use
special care, as owi igto the conditions under wbich !'iey have to be
carried they otherwise run great risk
jf damage or ioss of contents, If a
pircel is worth mailing it is worth
proper packing. *
T. H, Hirne, of Vancouver,
manager uf the provincial liquor
warehouses, was in toe city yesterday.
■Sir H;nry W. Thornton, obairman and president of the Canadian
National railways, during his present tour of thi we'!, his predicted
that the prairies will produce it 275,*
000,000 bushel crop this year.
Tbree carloads of cattle were
shipped from Mid way to the coast
last Saturday.
It is expected that the Midway
school will have fifty pupi a at the
commencement of the fall term.
C   He .-linger returned WedrDes-
V'-ning from a few  days'  visit
to Victoria.
The hours set by the City Council for Lawn and.
Garden Sprinkling are: from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from
5 p.m. to 9 p.in. and such sprinkling shall be done
only through sprays aud nozzles not exceeding three-
sixteenth inch in diameter. Consumers are requested
in case of fire alarm to turn off all taps.
I am instructed by the City Council to impress
upon you the necessity of strictly adhering to the
above requirements as any person found using water in
manner contrary to above regulations will have service summarily discontinued and will be charged $1.00
to hilvo water turned oa again.
JOHN A. HUTTON, City Clerk.
For making perfect Jams, Jelliies and Marmalade. Retains the natural fruit flavor.
Sold at
Mayor Acres is showing city visi
tors   at   Christina   lake   where the
largest bass are located.
,. Oue way in wbich you can co
operate with tbe post office is in the
careful preparation of your letters
and parcels. You should never use
an ordinary shoe box when packing
your paiceln, as it is not strong
enough for a parcel going by post.
Use a heavy corrugatpd box or several layers of strong wrapping paper
and tie the parcel well with cord
If china, a hat or otber fragile artis
cle  is being fiest by post be sure to
Will lie a Good Prairie
Market for B.C. Fruit
There will be a good prairie market for llritish Columbia fruit this
year, according to J. A. Grant, Dominion markets commissioner.
Toe yield of tree fruit in Ontario.
Michigan and Wisconsin is for below
normal, declar.s .Mr. Grant. Easterners will not be able to flood tbe
p-heatprovi ces witb early apples,
and this wili leave the way open for
the later varieties of British Columbia apples.
Mointosb apples command a good
sale on the prairies and the crop is
good as last yoar, in the opinion of
tbe markets commissioner. Wealthn
ies, wbich have formerly been a
drug upon the market, have only a
50 par ceut crop this year.
"You may therefore expect to sell
as many apples on the prairies as
last year aud get a better price for
them,"says Mr, Grant,summarizing
lbe outlook.
Peaches will be scarce in British
Columbia this year, while the apricot crop will ouly be fairly good. Ex
cept in the Kootenays cherries were
half tbe 1923 crop. Crabapples are
a   partial   failure.    Plums   will be
scarce aud prunes will be about nor*-
Pears and peaches will reach a
high price, as tbere will be little
competition fromCalifornia, Virginia
or Florida Apples will bea 90 per
cent crop, but will command a mucb
more lucrative crop,,
Calgary Gar Arrivals
British Columbia—13 mixed fruit
and vegetables, 3 potatoes.
Washington—4 mixed fruit, 1
onions, 1 apples, 1 melons.
Califordia—2 mixed fruit, 2 cantaloupes, 1 grapes.
The Trail smelter has launohed
an eigteen months' construction
program. Tbe Consolidated Mining
& Smelting company will tbns add
130 tons additional capacity for the
lead refinery, a dressing and casting
plant for the lead furnaces and ad"
ditional Dwight and Lloyd roasters.
A substantial increase iu tbe zinc
refinery is taking place, and a,plant
installed in connection with it for
recovering antimony. When the
program iafinished thecompany will
be able to handle its products from
the Sullivan silver, lead aud zinc
mines at Kinkerley and ail custom
ores offering without having to ship
any zinc concentrates to Europe.
im-W'- * '
■ft^y jllf
heI   ^H
jf^^SS&OSs               %
^''S^^*.     :*v       , Vfl
WmX ■•**%?•■.*
fHilpFf: Jf!
IN the re-arrangement consequent
upon the retirement   on   account
of   ill   health   of H. H. Brewer,
Assistant General Manager of the
Western Region, Canadian National
Railways, A. Wilcox  has  been  ap-
I pointed  General Superintendent   of
Transportation for the region.   The
position formerly held by Mr. Wilcox
of   General   Superintendent   of the
Manitoba district is now taken by
I N. B. Walton, who has been Assist-
I ant Superintendent at Prince Rupert
I since the amalgamation.   I. A. Mac-
iPherson, General Superintendent nt
R< -bi, now assumes the work ef
Superintendent at Prince Rupert,
an I his recent poeition la taken over
bj B. Crawford, formerly Superin-
tendent of Car Service for the Weat-
em Region, Winnipeg. T. P. White,
late Superintendent of Transportation for the Manitoba district, has
been appointed Regional Superin-
tend-at of Car Service, and M. Hel-
sion becomes Superintendent of
Transportation, Manitoba District.
Mr. Helston was formerly chief dispatcher at Fort Rouge, Winnipeg.
Say "Bayer Aspirin"
INSIST! Unless you see the
"Bayer Cross" on tablets you
are not getting the genuine
Bayer Aspirin proved safe by
millions and prescribed by physicians for 24 years.
Accept only a
Bayer package
which contains proven directions
Handy "Bayer'*" boxes of 12 tabletB
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists
Aflp'. In Is the trade mark (registered la
Cnn -la) of Bayer Manufacture of Mono-
aceii.acidester of Sfllicylicacld
We will handle your Fruit and
Vegetables for 10 per cent or
buy it outright. Write us for full
ri*ij ViVM—Bring* vour boot
aivj shoe repairs to mv
sli 'p for neat and protnpl
w ik. Look for the big
bo.n. < ;«),   AKMSON
Vi'5-io'e! n!t« md H^tnil
.    'f-ni? .*.CCONIST
»<•!,; •• is:
i   :■'• ;-.   '■   -   ■   '*. '::**■:,   (  1"W )i
Imperial Billiard Parlor
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you aeen the new models? They're as graceful an swallows! As
bright as oow coinl As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value.   Easy Terms. We are tbe people |to mount you right.
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
Ship Your Cream lo
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
We pay tbe highest prioe and assnre
you tha most accurate tast. Give your
local creamery your trade.
C   M?MM
lll'ssiiiini is Mo.iun-untnl Works
fiJAsli-stos I'lsxiiic s Co. ■tooling
Furniture  Mado  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly Done
| HE vahii of Mcli-
printi'd, nonI appearing stationery as
a iitcansof getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Con-
suit us before going
VVcddiug invitations
1-Sea.il progi'.-unsi
Vi ",:ng cards
iSb'r'iog 1 .*>!_js
Letterhead '•*
Price lists
New  Type
ILatest Style
Columbia Avenue and
•bike Street
Transfer Company
•City Baggage and General
Coal,  Wood and   Ice
for Sale
Office at JR. F.  Petrie'a Store
Phone 64
Yale Barber~Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yale Hotkl,  Fiiwr s rkrtJ |"
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
iown land* may ba pra-empted by
Ultlsh subject* over ll yeara ef ac*.
in* by al'.ena an dsalarlnc Intention
|) baeoni Britlah lubjeou, oondl-
ioneJ upon residence, oooupe-tlon,
tnd   Improrement   (or    aarlraltural
Fall InToL-metlon concemlna reati-
ittleoa   resatillna   pre-emptiooa   ia
»-lven la Bulletin No. 1, Isand Boriea.
Uow to Pre-empt Land," ooplee •(
/blob can bc obtained free of obarfe
■y addreselnii   the   Oepartmeot   ot
ar.de, Victoria, B.O, or te any Oov-
tnment Agent.
Il-K»t-d8  will  be  (ranted  ooverlna
m!)- land «uliable   for    asrlcultural
.iurpoaia, and wbiob ls not Umber-
.ii'.iS,  Ltt\ cairylnf over 5,000  board
feet Mr aoro weat of the Coast B*n*-e
md 8,»*S feet per acre eaat of that
Hanae.     -
Apjilin'tio-u for pre-emptions are
i  bs  aiSilressed  to the Land Com-
!ilts«lons>i' of the Lsuid Recording OI-
lilon, in whioh the land applied tor
:s sltuate-l, and are made on printed
' rms,  cotitiss of which  can  be  ob-
itied iron-, the Land Commissioner.
!*re-emF;lons muet be occupied fnr
title years and Improvements made
to  value  of $10  per acre,  Including
■.■'.-■Bring and cultivating at least Ave
■us-os, before a Crown Qrant can be
STor more detailed lnforn jtlon see
(he Bulletin "How to Fre-empt
Applications are reoelved for pi t
I'm-tme of vaoant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
prloe of first-class (arable) land la It
per acre, and socond-cla'.o (grazing)
and |2.£0 per acre. Further Information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lunds ls given ln Bulletin
No. 10, Lti.ml Series, "Purchase and
[.ease of down Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
imber land, not exceeding tt aores,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions      Including      payment      of
Unaurveyed areas, not exceeding 10
acres, may be leased as homesltes,
conditional upon a dwelling being
.-rected ln tha first year, title being
obtainable after residence and Improvement conditions are fulfilled
and land has been surveyed.
Por graslng and   Industrial    purposes areas not exceeding 640 aorea
may-be leseed  by ono person er a
Under the Grazing Aot the Provinoe Is divided Into graslng districts
and the range administered under a
Grmilng        Commissioner.       Annua!
irrazlng permits are issued based on
numbers ratised, priority being given
i  establish'd  owners.  Stock-owners
nay  form   Associations    for    range
.inurement.    Free, or partially free,
■-.rr.'.ls.  are   available   for     settlers,
lmjicrs   and   tr-vellers,   up   to   lea
■■■nd. »


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