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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jan 23, 1925

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mm .an-wi m*m*****\ wa tht
Vernon Fruit Union Pays
Finals ort Mcintosh,
Cox Orange and Snow
"History may repeat herself, but we all like to stay on earth and see her do it ■=
■   *,-.     -.,■■    u *.*.:■.  in,.; ,;; 7: tt i ■ ,
fcJJL   M-.zwO*r3*V wulflBOjA.iie'ials  oils   ni
"Tell me what you Know la tn»
I oan luess at well as you."
Vernon, Jan. 23.—Fterther
payments have recently been
made on closed pools by the
Vernon Fruit Uuion, which
now bring the returns pretty
well up to winter varieties,
and these, as stated, may mn
on into March. The report of
recent pools follows:
Final acconnt sales and
payments ot Mcintosh Red,
Snows and Cox Orange were
mailed to growers by the
Vernon Fruit Union on the
24th of December.
Closing pool prices are as
Mcintosh—Extra Fancy,
large $1,50, medium $1.80,
small $1.55; Fancy, large,
$1.33, medium $1.53, small
$1.30; Combination F and C,
$1.30; 0 grade, $1.28; crates,
$1.18; O.K. crates, $1.33.
Cox Orange—ExtraFancy,
large, $1.81; Fancy, large;
$1.66; Fancy, medium, $1.86;
Fancy, small, $1.71; C grade,
$1.31; crates, $1.20.
Snow—Extra Fancy, medium, $1.70; Extra Fancy,
small, $1.50; Fancy, large,
$1.45; Fancy, medium,$1.50;
Fancy, small, $1.35; C grade,
$1.18;   crates,  $1.08.
The foregoing are Associated gross pool prices, all
charges, both local and central, to be deducted.
While it is expected that
certain of the smaller pools
may close before the end of
the present month, main win
ter varieties will not be fully
accounted for before the* latter
part of Febrnary or esrly in
Exemption-* tn tbe regulation* n
the new eieht-hour law have been
made by the government, through
tbe hoard of adjustment headed by
J. D McNiven, deputy minister of
labor and chairman ot the board.
In the interior of lbe province,
where lumbering is one of tbe chief
industries, some leeway bas been
allowed. Realizing that in many of
the camps where the season only
lasts from five to s ven months, tbe
hoard is permitting tbe lumber mill*
to operate for nine hours daily
where circumstances warrant. In
the baking business, where holidays
demand that an extra supply of
bread he furnished at short notice,
tbe bakeries Mill be permitted to
operate for longer than eight hours
daily. Tbe same applies .to tbe
case of engineers in various lineB of
industries and in otber cases whsre
a hardship would be worked upon
the businesses affected However,
Hon, Mr. Manson has announced
that, the full letter of tbe new eight-
hour law must be lived up to and
prosecutions will follow any infringement of the regulations.
Premier Oliver's recent return
from Ottawa, where he attended tbe
federal railway conference, bas been
received with mixed opinions of his
success with regard to the disposition of the Pacific Great Eastern
railway. Tbe Domiuion government
has decided to construct a railway
that will give the Peaoe river country an outlet to the ports of the
Canadian Pacific coast. Even though
the proposed line may not form a
direct line of commuoicitinn over
Pacific Great Eastern, it is felt here
tbat the opening up of tbe huge
empire of tbe north will benefit tbie
province to such a large extent that
the annual deficit and interest
charges on tbe Pacific Great Eastern
will be small i   comparison.
Great Increase in
Tea Consumption
The consumption of tea, it is esti
mated, increased in 1924 thirty nine
million pounds. Tbe price, us a result, may go to tl.00 per pound,
but even then, tea is the cheapest
beverage in the world—aside from
Passenger Man Appointed
to Railway Executive
Victoria.Jan. 22 —Tbe efficacy of
the provincial police, under direction of Attorney General Manson,
bu been fully demonstrated tbrough
the,remarkable apprehensions of
Am rican criminals during tbe past
two montha. Tbe Andiog of tbe
murderers of Capt. Oitlis and bis
son, owners and operators of tbe
Beryl G., has caused police officials
all over tbe continent to "take off
fctbeir bats" to the British Columbia
(oree. Added to tbat achievement
was the apprehension of tbe perpetrators of the Nanaimo bank robbery. While the attorney general
takes no particular credit to hims'lf
for tbe arrest of tbe criminals involved, it is only fair to ssy tbat be
baa shown ehiewdness and legal
judgment in the appointment of bis
law officers and tbe letter bave
"made a name tor themselves"
tbrough fheir clever work. Upwards
of a dozen hijackers and murderers
wi'l be brought back to Canada for
trial, and it is safe to say that the
almost inoredible skill shown by tbe
provincial police in tracking down
the felons will act as a strong doter
rent to other criminals from tbe
United States who think British Co*
lumbia is a "soft" place in wbich
to operate.
WB. Howard, whose appointment
s as General Executive Assistant
has been announced by E. W. Beatty,
Chairman and President of the Canadian PacUlo Railway. Ur. Howard,
who has been Assistant General
Passenger Agent, succeeds F. U
Wanklyn, whose retirement was announced at the end of-the year.
Mr. Howard is one of the younger
of the Company's officials although
he entered Its service twenty-flve
years ago. Born in Chatham, N.B.,
be joined the Canadian Pacific forces
as junior clerk at St. John, N.B., in
1897, and two years later was promoted to the position of travelling
passenger agent Since that time
his promotion has been rapid and he
is well known throughout the east
as a very competent officer. On two
occasions Mr. Howard has been In
charge^ of the train placed at the
service'of the Prince of Wales by the
Canadian Pacific.
pride aod delight in 'e work. Tbe
very griodsteoe 'ull go on turning
a bit after you loose it.—G. Eliot.
Temporary Leader of the
Doukhobors 3ays They
Have No Intention of
Returning to Russia
Organization Meeting
of School Board
The new board of school trustees
met yesterday for organization purposes. E. F, Laws was res-elected
chairman. The chairman appointed
the following committees:
Finance- Trustees Kerman and
Management—Trustees Huffman
and Vant.
Buildings—Trustees Willis and
Grounds—Trustees Vant an d
"How mucb do you charge for a room per week, madam?"
"Twenty fivesbillings up."
'But madam, I am an actor."
"Then it's twenty-five shillings down!"—Passing Show.
British Columbia Fruit
Growers' Association in
Convention at Penticton This Week
The British Columbia Fruit Growers' association has been in annual
convention at Pentiction this week.
With more than SOOU members,
this establishes a membership record of more tban balf tbe possible
membership of all fruit growers in
the province. Victoria and Salmon
Arm tie with 266 members eacb for
leadership in districts. Eight districts have surpassed tbis year all
previous membership records.
Reeve J. Kirkpatrick, in bis welcome, expressed tbe belief that the
Oliver irrigated area would soon be
one of tbe leading fruit producing
districts in British Columbia,
President L. E» Tay Ior stressed the
extension of tbe tomato growing industry as an outstanding example
of tho value of united action by tbe
Discussion of a resolution witb
refereuce to closed packages for fruit
elicited from Mr. Tanner of Saanich
an emphatic opinion favoring the
grading of strawberries, He said
Gordon Head and Saanich growers
did grade, with the result that last
season they got 40c per crate more
for th ir berries tban anywhere else.
President E. J,- Chambers of the
Associated Growers said they would
webome the classing of crates for
apples as closed packages.
More than ordinary importance
attaches to this convention, because
of the extended policy of fruit merchandising during the past year.
Following tbe convention a meeting
of tae directors of the Associated
Growers will be beld.
Tbe program of addresses included
one on dehydration experiments, results ank recommendations, by C.
S. McGillivray, based, in part, upon
valuable aesults attained at the dehydration plant in Penticton.
President E. J. Chambers,  Asso
ciated Growers, spoke on "Coopers
tive Marketing."
The resolutions for discussion
covered the whole range of fruit
growers' problems from irrigation
of tbe orchard land to freight rates
by rail and ocean.
Tbe new agent general for British
Columbia in London, F. A. Pauline,
deliveied an address wbicb was of
more than ordinary interest in view
of his recent appointment aud tbe
importance of developing in Great
Britain a market for British Cylumr
bla fruit.
Resolutions endorsing imperial
preference and Dominion marketing
boards were consolidated at the con*
vention Thursday morning,and tbe
executive instructed to further these
questions, with power to appoint a
special committee to deal witb the
matter. The importance of the imperial preferenae question and thc
best method of furthering its consummation evoked considerable
discussion , F. A. Pauline pointed
out that such matters should be
taken up through theCanadian high
commissioner's office, on wbom be
would call immediately on his .arrival in London.
The resolution fathered by E.
Foley-Bennett of Penticton,requesting tbe federal government to estabi-
lish facilities in Britein for the storage of apples, so as to eliminate the
auotion system of selliug, waa
amended s.> as to ask for orderly
market conditions. It was pointed
out by Mr. Chambers that the storw
age question was being thoroughly
gone into by the Associated.
Thomas Bulman's resolution asking tbe C.P.R. to give improved
boat service on Okanagan lake for
the handling of fruit was passed.
Trahsportation companies will be
aeded to allow tbe commodity express rate to extend through tbe
year for eucb fresb fruits and veges
tables as are shipped between the
dates of November 30 and   May 15.
Working all night never makes
one feel half so worn out as frolicking all night.
A huge wooden, tar-paper lined
shell erected over the space provided for the structure and heated by
thousands of feet of steam coils
connected with 380-horse power
boilers, which provide a summer-like
atmosphere for the carrying on of
construction, is an interesting and
novel feature of the arrangements
made to combat the difficulty of
building the new wing of the Chateau Lake Louise, the Canadian
Pacific Railway's famous Rocky
Mountain hotel, under winter conditions. Thanks to this innovation,
the wing, despite frequent drops in
temperature to far below zero, is
progressing excellently and the company expects it to be ready for next
summer's tourist season.
The Doukhobors of Canada will
not leave this countr/ to go back to
Russia if Peter Veregin (Lordly)
Jr., son of the late leader, ddolines
t*> come to this country.
This was the very definite statement made to the Cioadiao press it
Calgary last Friday mHoing by VI.
W. Cizikoff, of Veregin, Sask.,
acting president and general mioa-
ger of the Christian Community of
Universal Brotherhood, Ltd., the
organization under which the Doukhobors carry on their commercia 1
Mr. Cazikoff Baid there was no
truth in the interview given out in
Toronto list week by Michael Veregin, a distant relation of the late
leader. In this interview he said
that if Peter Jr. did not decide to
come to Canada some eight th .us -
and of his followers in tbis country
would go back to Russia. He also
said that if Peter Jr. did come,
15,000 followeie would come with
bim from Russia.
A Virginia gentleman of color
tells us tbat he doesn't hit his wife
any more since he got fined in police
court. "No, sah, from now oa when
that wife zaseperates me, I'se gwine
kick her good—den she can't show
it to the judge."
Are those wbo  perform  grateful
| enough to those wbo look on?
"Fifty Dollars and Cost,"
Said the Judge
By Erwin Greer, President Greer College of Automobile Engineering,
(Copyright 1925 by Erwin Greer.)
You who read this little colum n
of mine think that the fellow who
writes it is a pretty wise birJ. But
did you ever wonder why I am nble
to write wisoly? Well, this particular article cost me over $55, but you
get it for nothing.
Two months ago I bought a
straight eight, guaranteed to turn
up nearly a hundred miles ao hour.
After breaking it in running around
twenty-five miles an bour for ooe
tirousand miles—as every good
motorist does—I decided to take
friend wife on a trip through the
country. And when we came to a
long stretch of macadam I sampled
"If you desire excitement, try
beating a train to a crossing, or run
your car into a tree. Tbis will
bring you newspaper headlines and
it is quite possible that some movie
company will offer you a big salary
for becoming a stunt man. Always
vary your antics. To keep peopl e
guessing is the spice of life.
"Fifty dollars and costl Now get
out of here. If I ever cateh you
speeding again in tbis county I'll
send you up for life!"
And my poor wife drove poor
trembling me home with remarks
that would shrivel a sheet of steel.
"Now I don't get that new bat I
tlD COgf]
Lazy Men
I can't abide to sae men throw
away tbeir   tools   i' tbat way  the
minute the clock begins to strike, as
if   they   took  no pleasure i' their
work, aud was afraid   o'   doing   a
stroke too mucb.   ...   J  hate j toe-see people
to Bee a man's arms drop down as if down   ih   ' tt< ■.
he was shot, beforu tbe clock's fairly  befnp run ,i-> i      I'    i ,
struck, juet as i' he'd never a  bit   o'    ou aa welcome tie l  uj,i.u dug.
my bus to see what speed it really
could turn up. Yes, tbe car was as
fast as tbe manufacturers claimed.
The motorcycle cop who arrested
me proved it to tbe jndge
The judge—an old but experienced motorist—welcomed me witb
open arms, and bis advice ran
"Your first duty is to impress
upon the public the fa t tbat you
bave a Dew car. Always drive it as
fast as it will go. Thts gives people
ihe impression you could easily win
a race. When turning a comer always do it on two wheels. Everyone loves to be thrilled. Don't push
tbe horn button until you are in the
mids> of a crowd. It is great sport
knock   each   other
wanted. You an automotive ^expert, bah I You ought to be eogi«
neer of a peanut stand. If you ever
spe?d again I'll tell every automon
bile editor in tbe country and tnen
your reputation won't be worth a
wooden nickel. Hereafter, you drive
to the office via the elevated." |]
And so, reader, you see by the
foregoing tbat even I—whom you
think knows all about automobiles
--am only a human being after all.
Did I tell tbat judge my' right
name? I did not 1 I'd hava been
given ten years if he knew who I
was. |,
Be satisfied to drive slowly, using
all possible forethought and consideration. Don't speed when you
romp   to a   straight   <-trpt.rh.     Y"u
(5te (Srani 3farka Bun
One Year (in Canada and Qreat Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)   1.50
Addresr* -" -
Phonb 101I
—""'cations to
Thb Grand Forks Sun
Grand Forks, B, C£
Notes • Notions • Notables
John Phillips, of Los Angeles, CaL head
gardener for a big hotel, was troubled with
potato bugs, so he evolved a new bug to destroy them. This polygenetic creature has
tho disposition of a rattlesnake, a reservoir of
chemicals a little worse than carbolic acid,
and a hypodermic mechanism that fitted his
desire to use it. Besides all these things he has
an electric battery which apparently is connected with his transmission and ignition.
He has a headlight among other things, but
so far as recorded no tail lights. What he has
them for is unknown as he hunts thc potato
ugs in the daytime, but Alonzo Clackpool of
New Jersey is trying to sick him on to the
mosquito, and thinks he can use this ignition
for a flashlight in their pursuit.
it  also; and when  the Mohammedans conquered Palestine they in turn kept  the  spot
sacred.   In  the eleventh century the Crusa
ders built a castle like church over the cave,
and the Turks turned it into a mosque, which
is still standing. The Moslems regard the cave
as a holy place. Before the war the Christians
who   were permitted   to enter it could be
counted on the fingers of your hands.  One of
the last to enter was the late King Edward
wheu he visited the Holy Land as Prince of
Wales. The six places of sepulchre are marked
by monumental   tombs in separate chapels.
Entrance is gained to those of Abraham and
Sarah through silver gates.   Abraham's tomb
consists of a coffin like structure built up of
plastered stone or marble and covered with
three- green carpets embroidered with gold.
They are said to have been preseuted by Mo
hammed   IT, Selim I and the late Abdul-
Mejid.   The shrine of Sash the photographer
was not allowed to enter because it was  a
Thc speed of light was measured first by
timing ttie elipses of Jupiter's moons; light
takes about 1<3£ minutes to cross; the earth's
or it, so when the earth, is on the side of its
orbit away from Jupiter the eclipses will seem
to occur 16£ minutes later. Several other
methods of measuring the velocity of light
have been worked out.
A. colony for lame ducks has been discovered in California. According to annuncement
•of the state fish and game commission, thousands of ducks, crippled by hunters, have congregated in the sloughs of Victoria island in
the delta of the San Joaquin river. The cripples, unable to stand the pace set by the able-
bodied, have fallen I ehind and gradually
formed, a colony, where they obtain food by
cooperative efforts. An examination of the
ducks at the island failed to reveal one not
crippled, according to the game commission.
A kauri tree has recently been discovered
in the New Zealand bush which rises to a
height of 75 feet to the first branch and
measures twenty-two feet in diameter or about
sixty-six feet in girth. It is estimated to contain more than 195,000 superficial feet of
A hollow fir log, 22 feet long,and 8 feet in
diameter, mounted on a large truck, was in -
troduced to motordom by Mr, aud Mrs. C. F,
Cave of Longviev; Wash. They proposed to
show easterners what a real fir splinter from
the northwest woods looks like. Tho interior
of the log is divided into a combiuntion bedroom and parlor, kitchenette, breakfast nook,
brthroom with shower aud other conveniences,
such as electricity and running wajer.
Established 1910
Real Estate nnd Insurance
Ueliilenl Aussnt Grund Forks! ToWDiito
Company, Limited
Farms      Orchards     City Property
"Agentt at Nelloll,  Calgary. Wihnlr-ct? ti nil
other Prairie polnta. Vancouver Aerent :
BitplillHhPilln 1010. wcare in t. poiillon to
fiimlRh reliable sinforination r-oiioernlnir tills
Write for fr-s, literati) sc
E.C. Henniger Go,
Proved safe Dy millions and prescribed by physicians for
Colds Headache
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Accept  only   "Bayer"  package
which contains proven directions.
Handy  "Bayer" boxes  of  12  talilut.i.
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Dru^gista.
Aspirin la the trade mark Iref-Mered in Canada) of Bayer Mnmifnelnre of Monnacetie'.
ac'di-HUT nt Snlk'-licacid (Acetyl Salicylic Aeld, "A. S. A.").   Willie It Is well kmrtv
Ilmt Aapirln menus Buyer tnunnfiicture, to assist tlie public against imitations. Hie Table
of Buyer Company will be stumped ivltb their general trade mark, the "Bayer Orotw.
Grand Forks, B. C.
An inscription that is also a sort of dedication ornaments the outside af the new palatial
Home of Science recently opened in Washington, D, C, It reals: "To Science, Pilot of Industry, Conqueror of Disease, Multiplier of
the Harvest, Explorer of the Universe, Re-
vealer of Nature's L.w, Etornal   Guide to
Truth."   This house   of wonders is unique
among s.ientifie museums in that vistors to it
are urged to handle and use auy of the exhibits.    If you want to use a spectroscope, a
microscope or an X-ray machine, you may do
it. You can study germs or astronomy; the
most delicate and exact instruments are  at
your disposal. The object is to interest people
in the fundamentals of science.
Tho Soviel government has ordered that a
search be mado for certain subterranean chambers in rhe Kremlin at Moscow in which the
secret library of Czar Ivan IV, called Ivan
the Terrible, is supposed to be concealed.
Tliat versatile ruler ami cultivated book ljver
suffered from the mania of thinking that he
was constantly the object of persecution, and
so wherever ho lived for any length of time he
had secretsubten-aneaii chambers oon-structed
In th- Kremlin, tradition says, he concealed
his famous library of eight hundred original
mauuscripts, among them the priceless texts
that the Greek princess Sophia Paleologne
brought as, her dower to her husband, the
Czar Ivan III, in the fifteenth century.
As a rule, those who cherish sorrow haven't
a great deal of the real kind to cherish.
An English angler, says a London newspaper, asked a fellow sportsman whether he
could tell him of a good fishing ground.
"Yes," the man replied, pointing to a path
marked i'Private." "Go along there till you
come field marked 'No Road,' Cross it, and
on the other side you'll find a small wood
where there's a board that says 'Trespassers
Will Be Prosecuted.' In the middle of the
wood you will find a pond marked '\o Fishing Ailowed.' That's the spot."
There is too much "splendid .isolation" o f
About the year 2000, says an authority on
biometry and vital statistics, the population of
the United States will reach its greatest height
at 197,274,000. -Thereafter it will decline,
which is good news if the number of automobiles is going to increase in proportion to the
{Dr. Legard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to tbo Old aad  Middle aged
Youthful ness, Energy aad Fitness, retards  mental and physical
decay,    thus    promoting longevity,
Preserves   the arteries   and  tissues,
Sufferers irom Deafness with its many
distressing accompanying   ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most imme
diate benefit.    Calm refreshing sleep
assured. Gloom, Depression and Net*
vousness is banished under the influence of these   Life giving   Tablets
Wrinkles, hard   lines aud   blemishes
disappear.    The akin becomes clear,
light and elastic and the complexion
bright and smooth.    Think    of  the
blessings of perfect   health, the possesion of few; the joyof a clear Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health-
tinted cheeks; the beauty of   radiant
life and the realisation that Tima has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction of   yourself.    Oan you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass?   Remember,
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, not   are  there
any ill effeotsafter. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation   with   increased   mental
and   bodily  vigour.    Why not look
and feel 30 at 50?    Do not delay,
commence   the   treatment   at once.
You will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable   benefits.   The price of   these  Marvellous
Tablets including   Mail   Charges  is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched  in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Legard's Laboratories,
106, Liv rpool Road, Harnsbury,
London, England.
Corporation of the City of Grand Forks
A reward of from .$10.00 to $25.00 will be
paid for information leading to the conviction
of any person or persons guilty of stealing
lumber, windows or other materials or of
doing serious damage to property within the
City Limits.
By Order.
City Clerk.
Kvery failure may be step nearer to success
ere an
The interior of the Cave of Macphelah, in
southern Palestine, where are the tombs of
Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and liebecca,
Jacob and Leah, was photographed tor the
first time not long ago. This burial ground
of tht; old Bible patriarchs is the most famous
in the world. Its autheiicity has never boen
questioned.    The Jews kept it as a holy place
oincient History
[Taken Fbom Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
Local skaters are bemoaning the mild
weather, whioh is preventing them from enjoying their favorite pastime.
Strong influences are at work in the Dominion parliament to create two new provinces, embracing the territory between Manitoba and the easterd boundary of British Columbia. The more western of the two would
doubtless be called Alberta, while several
names are suggested as the proper title of the
The first Great Nirthern passenger train
arrived in Phoenix last Wednesday.
On Wednesday last N. McLellan & Co.,
the flour and feed merchants, disposed of
tlieir business to J. II. McNeil of Greenwood
and E. C. Henniger & Co.
The Kettle Valley railway is asking the
Dominion parliament for authority to build a
branch.,line from Quilchinato the boundary
and from*Fire VaHey w sterly.
There are 1000 men to every .561 women in
n  • ;.:j   q      -mlii
That Hollanders who have located ln Alberta are making good and
are satisfied is'-the statement of
Baron W. Van Heeckeren, of Rotterdam, after a recent tour of Investigation.
The forming of a mining bureau
as a branch of its activities is announced by the Winnipeg Board of
Trade. The bureau is to collect
data on the mining situation in the
province and will do everything possible to foster greater mineral production in Manitoba.
We are agents  for the well known Massey-
Harris line of   farm   equipment.     Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
Tourist traffic in Canada this
year is likely to constitute a new
record, in the opinion of the Commissioner of Parks. No estimate
has been compiled as yet but the. |
figures for 1923, which were carefully estimated at 1180,900,000, Indicate the value of this traffic to
the Dominion.
"I Wonder Who That
She waited only a moment to finish a
conversation with a neighbor before answering the telephone, but in the meantime the party calling had decided that
no one was at home and had hung np.
Who had telephoned? Was it an important call? The possibilities are endless. Prompt answering would have
saved worry.
Up to the end of October, 1924,
more than 1,000 circulating libraries
were in operation in Saskatchewan,
as compared with about 800 at the
same time in 1923. The average
number of families reading each
book 13 17. More than half a million volumes were circulated
thftse libraries during the year.
Marriage isn't a failure any often. |
er tban single blessed mess ib.
British  Columbia Telephone
Big Job in Housekeeping for Globe Circumnavigators.
•^.itttx-s-xa!,    efxem    eftt*mS
.**'•>   185000 ,X
'*f***A*'A'r   ' VECETABliS r   ")
*< ■*-A*n}cTi*:" */ .
~ tx,-*,.*t
People take
because    they
The  Sun
Above la aeon the "Empress of Francs," with Inaet, a corner of her dining aalon.    From the diagram  one gathers an  Impression  of the great
amount of supplies this vessel carries on hsr round-the-world cruise.
BOOT-BLACKING and polishing as a steady diet is to most people
more objectionable than dishwashing. Yet there are some who
take a pride and pleasure ln this occupation and actually shine in lt.
A little blacking goes a long way and gives a high polish, but knowing
even this, the bootblack on the Empress of Prance, now stocking up for
the round-the-world cruise she will commence on leaving New York January 15th did not quail when he saw a hundred-weight of boot polish
being run up the gang plank for him. Aa a matter of fact he beamed.
Each task ls but a means to an end and although he may be called
upon to seo that many square miles of shoes are shlned, he will have
an opportunity of wiping the dust of many lands from them, and seeing
something of these lands beside. His office was sought after, as were all
others on the ship.
But dealing with huge figures, one would think that at least the
chefs on this giant Canadian Pacific Steamship would be to some extent
awed by what is before them. Think, Madame Housewife, of having to
prepare 185,000 pounds of vegetables, of having to roast 53,000 pounds
of beef, 37,000 pounds of lamb, 27,200 pounds of other fresh meats and
2,750 potm-ls of sausagns. Would it not tend to take some of the joy
out of a tour month cruise? Yet this is the task of the stewards' de-
Itsrtmont of tlte cruising Empresn Supposing that with the necessary
asttW.-mee you hart to prepare 12.000 pounds of chickens, 7,000 of capons,
4.000 ■:' ductlings, 2,000 of goslings, 8,000 of turkeys, 2,300 of guinea
fowl,  pigeons, quail, etc., and innumerable game fowl for the table
en route; would you be so keen on your trip?
All joking apart, the unattached young ladies who figure on the
passenger list will be thrilled to know that the aggregate weight of
the nuts aboard totals 1600 pounds, and tbe unattached young men will
be equally pleased to learn that on all the ship there are only 40 cases
of lemons. But the little boys! It will indeed go hard with them. For
some hard hearted purchasing agent, with no little boys of his own, lias
ordered 16,650 tablets of toilet soap, 17,700 pounds of soft soap, 56 gallons of liquid salt water soap, and two tons of seourlng soap, and
soap powder! He thinks that 6,00(1 Polar Bars and Esquimaux Pies aro
going to compensate for all this!       '
It seems that Dad has been looked after very well. Canadian Pacific cruise officers tell us that for the round-the-world trip of the Empress of France, some 59,170 bottles of various shapes and sizes have
been taken aboard, and in addition 54,700 bottles of mineral waters.
A few other outstanding figures in connection with the four months
supplies for the 460 or 500 passengers are as follows: 750 cases nf
Canadian apples, 250 cases of grape fruit, 36 barrels of grapes, 500
pounds of dates, 890 lobsters and crabs, 20,000 pounds of fresh flsh,
3,804 pounds ot coffee, 30,160 pounds of sugar, 2,280 of tea, 250 gallons
of olives, 6,600 pounds of salt, 1,780 bottles of sauce, 120,000 pounds of
flour, 10,000 pounds of butter, 22,360 pounds of bacon and hams, 50,ooo
drinking straws, 43,000 menu cards—and so on. Fresh fruits, vegetables,
flsh, milk and eggs will be purchased in considerable quantities tn meet
requirements as the cruise progresses. Fifteen thousand, four hundred
tons of fuel oil will be used by tho cruising steamer.
it is worth the price we JYJ
charge for it. It is l)/
therefore reasonable to fX!
suppose that they read ^W
its contents, including
advertisments. This
is not -always the case
wifh newspapers thai
are offered as premiums with chromos or
lottery tickets
I'id I
Every district of British Columbia has a Peace River Country that only needs
development to become productive of wealth
An Opportunity to Win S5,000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
The Grand Forks Sun bas concluded an arrangement with The
Family Herald and Weekly Star of Mrmtreul by which we can offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readers
The offer includes a full year's subscription to both papers, an urt calendar with a most beautiful picture subject ready for framing, and an opportunity to win a prize of $5,000 cash,
In tho Federal Election of 1921 thoro were 3,119,306 votes cast out of
S total of 4,435,310 names on tho voters list.
How many votes will be polled in the next Fedoral Election?
The Eumly Herald and Weekly Star are olfuring Ten Thousand Dollars
in9 4 prizes for the best estimate, and our armnsomunt with the publishers
of that great weekly gives overy Grantl Forks Mun subscriber an opportunity
to mako an nstitnatoand perhaps win the capital prize of 85,000, >Some person
will win.    Why should it not be youl
bUfiUm AU BUILO'Ei) 1
Meat *
Dominion Monumental Works
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ril'J ffUB-Brinjryour boot
atiJ   shoe repairs    to     my
shop for neat and prompt
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boot.—.GSa.   ARMSON
The Grand Forks Sun Costs $1.00 per Year.
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We now offer a fnll year's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar and the right to make one estimate in
The Family Herald Election Contest.
AU for 52.00
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■  I
Advertising "to help
the editor." But we do
want business advertising by progressive business men who know flj
that sensible ad ver tis- pjj
ing brings results and fjQ
pay. If you have some- Rj
thing to offer the pub- jQ
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them and you as well, J/J
the newspaper reaches yj
more people than a bill J/J
the JP
and  if you   have
goods you can do business with them
, s-a* -■   f-p-"**-***. SM*«HM. •
True Economy
is not so much -what you pay for an
article as -what you get in return.
is incomparable in value. Try it today.
craps llioee poor little things bave
just as much right to live as ynu
By winningthe hookey game here
Wednesday night by a scoie of 4 to
3, Greenwood rauios the Boundary
intermediate championship.
The annual dinner of the Kettle
Valley Rifle association was held at
the Grand Forks hotel on Tuesday
evening. After a bountifu repast
had been accounted for, tbe bilauce
of the evening wasdevoted to the dis.
tribution of cups and prizes, eacb
prize being accompanied by a short
presentation address. Here is a
list of the prizes and tbe winuers ;
'First—Joe Willis winner, Henni»
ger cup and $10, presented by E. C.
Second—Neii MoCallum   winner,
Fripp   cup   and   85,   presented by1.
Mayor Acrea.
Third—10. A. St, G. .Smyth winner, Bank of Uomnifirce cup and $8,
presented by Geo. Kyle.
First—Clinton Atwood winner.
McKie cup aud $10, presented by
E C. Henniger.
Second—Wm H. Kirkpatrick
winner, Hot Air cup and $5, pre-
seuted hy Joe Willis.
Third—G. F. Killam winner, Gan
zeitecupand 83, presented by T.
A. Love,
Fourth—Ed Bailey winner, R.C.
M.P. cup, presented by Mayor
Fifth—William Gowans winner,
Spraggett cup, presented by Neil
FlveoBOore Rapid Fire—J. Willie
winner, $3.
Five-score Kneeling—Wm, Gow-
ens, 83.
Team Shoot—Clinton Atwoon and
W. Ciddicoat, hunting shield.
First Tyro—Shield and 8*2.50,
pjo3euted to Chas. Meek.
Second Tyro—Grant Chase. 12.
Third Tyro—Wm. Danshin, 81.
Good Sports Bup—Presented to
Wm. Liddicoat.
Tbe Liberal Ladies will hold their
second eoaial evening of tbe first
series, with cirds and refreshments,
iu the Liberal committee rooms,
Tuesday, January 27. Prizes will
be awarded.   Everybody   welcome.
summer reception.
Also, these high-power stations
will make it possible forthe farmer
to receive bis market aod weather
reports during the daylight hours.
Heretofore sucb reception bas been
extremely difficult, and tbis condition kept the farmer from buying
radio. At the present time probably
not more tban 15 per cent of all the
American and Canadian farmers
have receiving Beta. The farmers
have bad a very prosperous year
and I look for a large percentage of
tbem to begin buying radio within
tbe next few months.
Thousands of people also have
been waiting befoae buying seta in
the belief tbat tbere would be revolutionary changes in receiving sets.
The best engineers in tbe   industry
are of the opinion that there will b*
no such change. Development will
be gradual and there is no danger of
a person buying « good set today
and finding it obsolete a few weeks'
hence. |^T
Wholesale and Retail
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, B. C.
Sweeping changes in the Canadian
Pacific  Railway's  service  of  great
benefit to the communities concerned are scheduled  ior   January   11.
They include revision of the timetable of the Vancouver express (Toronto-Vancouver),   to    reach    Fort
William and Port Arthur between 10
and 11 p.m., instead of 2 and 3 a.m.,
and Winnipeg at 10 a.m., instead of
2..10  p.m., as heretofore.    The new
times  are  more  convenient   to    the
Twin Cities tlmn the old and a half-
day is gained tor business in Winnipeg.    Regina is to be reached by
the sum;' train at 11 p.m. instead of
^20 a.m., and Moose Jaw at midnight instead of 2.45 a.m., Regina-
Saslsatoon   connections   being   thus
radically improved, while arrival at
Calgary at 4 p.m. enables Edmonton
to be  reached thnt evening.    Vancouver is reached at 7 p.m. instead
of 9.30 p.m. as previously.   The Toronto Express  (Vancouver-Toronto)
reaches  Winnipeg more conveniently, while arrival at Toronto at 8.40
a.m. will make possible connections
with  early  morning  trains   Cor  Ontario points anil with day trains for
Americrm  cities,  thus  saving   more
time.   Gains on other trains between
Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Chicago
and Winnipeg   are-also   scheduled.
These arrangements* follow the cancellation of the recently iriaiifeursted
train   between   Winnipeg,   Montrenl
and Toronto, which is to come off
January 10.
Great   Bargain  Offer
4 Months $1.00
The same reliable family newspaper
Nothing cheapened bnt the price
Subscribers who paid in advance at the  50c  rate  will
be given advantage ot this offer.
News of the Gity
J. T: Lawrence roturnad home
this evening from Penticton, where
he attended the annual convention
of the British Columbia Fruit Growers association. Mr. Lawrence says
tbat there was more optimism at the
convention regurding the future of
tbe fruit industry than there has-
been for years.
Tbe first statutory meeting of the
new city council was held yesterday
moiniiig, wben the oath of olliee
was administered to the members
by Magistrate McCallum. Congratulatory addresses were made by
all the members of the board, but
□0 olllcial business wus trim-noted.
There was a fair attendance at the
annual general meeting of tbe
Grand Forks irrigation district in
the G.W.V.A. hall on Monday
Radio Manufacturers
Are Unable to Keep
Up With the Demand
The radio industry right now if>
running away beyond all estimmep
and expectations. The manufacturers who havo been longest in the
field had prepared for a record-
breaking season, but the season
started earlier than was anticipated
and few manufacturers are now able
to keep their production up to their
Radio apparatus is much better
than t ever was. More per-ons are
discovering that it does not require
a college course iu electrical engi
oeering to make it possible to build
their own radio receiving sets.
The most satisfactory feature of
the increase in business is that
probably wili be permanent. I do not
look for tbe usual drop next summer
Bays Major Hert II. Frost. By the
time the now higher power stations
authorized at the recent radio conference called in Washington by
Secretary Hoover, will be iu operation. With those highsspower stations it will be possible to cut
through the atmospheric disturbances which have tended to hamper
C. M
[ade ^^^^^
extended-vacation trip to  tho coast,
Tobiassen returned to Cas-
on   Monday  evening from an
H. E. Woodland is in KeloMua
attending a meeting ot representaw
lives of the various local? in the As-
sooiated Growers of British Column
H. U. Plucnmir 1ms succeeded
Valentine Quinn 113 manager of the
Vancouver olliee of the Granby
"Willie,"  said   his   mother,   "I
must insist that yon   stop shooting
APPLICATION-* ten permits lo ttrazt, livestock on tin; i'ruvvn rnu^o within oaoll
GrazlUK Distrlot "f the Province oi British
Columbia, must bc Hloa* with the Distrlot
Iforester at OraUbrook, Port Qeorge, Kaiu-
loops, Nelson. Pi-luce Rupert, Vanoouver,Vernon, mul Williams Luke on ur before Marcb
31st, 1026.
Hiiinli foi'iiis upon which to submit applications may lio oiitiiinijii irom tli'- District Foresters ut the above uumi'il places, or  from
tin' Hi ipartmetit oi Lands, Viot iria, U O,
<i. K. NADEN,
ll]'iit.v Minister of l.iunls.
Depnrlmontof Lands,
Victoria, U.C,
.January 0th,*WE6.
Jack Canuck
AjWEEKLY MUiVZINK ol what the
people think, say and do
Grand Subscription
Free to Subscribers
liow many words in the English language can ynu
make from the words:—
N1 proper mmei are to ba used. Webster's English dictionary will
(leoide.    [n tha avi-ntof ties, prizes will be divided pro rata,
With your help we are going to make Jack Canuck the greatest of all
OihvlUn migazines, a inigazine fearless in criticism, untrammelled
by the big interests, devoted to the common peopler
Our Objective is 100*000 New Subscribers
Out out the form below, llll in your name and address, attach
it to your list of words, enclose the regular subscription price of S3.50
par annum aud mail it to Circulation Department, Jack Cannck Publishing Oo,, Limited, 319 Bay Street, Toronto, and your litsle investment may make you a fortune.
Marl your envelope "Cash Prizes.'J'
Tiie aiuiuiitof money to be divided will be based on the  number of
subioi'ibers received, in the proportion of 50 cents for each new subscription received. Thus, if the objective of 100,000 new subscribers
is 1-eax.hed, the amount will ba $50,000.00, divided as follows—
To the first subscriber sanding in the largest correct list...120,000.00
"     second ss .1
"     third " "
"     fourth " "
'•     fifth *        " "
"     sixth " "
'•     seventh " "
"     eighth " "
I  "     ninth " "
E ,-hty prizes of 1100.00 each      "
Tol       ^^^^^^^^^^
Eighty-Nine Prizes    -    89 - Eighty-Nine
Cn npt-tition closes on the first day Of March, 1925, at 12 o'clock p.m
Rush your entry and get a place among the big winners.
     1,000 00
Special For This We^k
Three doz. O He
Oranges    OO-
Phone 23 "Service and Qu.ality"
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Hnve you seen the new models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
brirht as new coin! As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Be-.rings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing, Hard Maple
Rims, Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Ileal Quality. Real
Va!ue.   Kasy Terms. We are tbe people to mount you right.
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
Ship Your Cream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Co.
We pav the highest price and assure
you ths most accurate tast. Give vour
local creamery your trade.
Circulation Department, Jack Canuftk, 319 Bay Street, Toronto.
Members of the
.Staff not all wed
to compete.
Number i
City Baggage and General
Coal,   Wood and   Ice
for Sale
Office at |R.  F.  Petrie's Store
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
if words as per attached list,
npHE value of well-
printed* neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and'
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Busin sss cards
Virifing cards
Sh'pri'ig tags
Price lists
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yale Hotpx,   First  iuket
uk'NUtilS IK .
Vacant. unreservtd, rarvayed
Jrewn landi may b* ar*-*n-inted by
Brlttah subject* ov*r li yean at MT*.
tttm by aliens an deelaring Intention
to bacons Britlah subJeoU, conditional opon rMldssno*. occupation,
ana   Improvement   for    esrrts-rattural
New Type
ILatest Style
jj; .Faces
Colombia Avenue and
(  Cake Street
fall latormstton concerning regulation* regarding pre-emption* t*
given In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
"How to Pre-empt tetat," ******* at
which can be obtained ttae at objure
by addressing the Department at
iMiti*. Victoria, B.C. er te aar tter-
rnmeat Agent
Record* will be granted covering
inly laud suitable tar agricultural
[lurpoaia, aad whioh la not tlmbsr-
Iaa4 La, carrying ever MM board
feet per aore weat at the Oeaat Bingo
and MM feet per acre eaat ef that
AppUoartsn* Iar pre — pa— aro
to be iMrail te tho Laad Com-
mlMlonw of tho Land Recording Dl-
vlalon, la whieh the land applied ter
ia .situated, and are maa* on printed
forma cop*** at Whioh oan be obtained from tho Lund Coaunlnloner.
Pno-emp-Mena muat be occupied for
(tea' roan nnd Improvementa made
to valu* of flO por aore. Including
clearing aat cultivating at leaat It*
aorea, before a Crown Grant oan b*
For mon detailed Intern ation oao
th*    Bulletin    "How    to    T*r*-«mi>l
Application* are r*o*lv*d for pt j*
chaae of vacant and unr**erv.d
Crown land*, not b*lng tlmb»rl»n<1.
(or agricultural purpo«es; minimum
prlo* of flrst-olaat (arable) land I* li
por aere, and ■•cond-olaaa (grailng)
land IS.60 per acr*. Further Information regarding purohaa* er leaae
of Crown lands I* given ln Balletla
No. II, Land Sorloa, "Purohaaa and
Leaae of Crown Land*."
Mill, factory, er Induatrial alta* an
timber land, not exceeding ** aar**,
mar be purehaaed or leaaed, th* condition*      Including      payment      of
Unrarveystd area*, not exceeding N
aorea, may be leaaed aa homeelte*,
conditional npon a dwelling being
erected ln th* flnt year, titles being
obtainable after' reildenoe and Improvement conditions ar* falfllsod
and land haa been surveyed.
For graaing and Induatrial pur-
po.es areas not exceeding (140 acres
may be leeaed by on* person er •
company. ,
Under th* Oraalng Aet tha Provinoe ta divided into grailng dlatriet*
and the rang* edmlnlatered under u
di-ailng Commissioner. Annual
-■racing permits are Issued baaed on
numbers ranged, priority being given
-o established owners. Stock-owners
■nay  form    associations     for    range
iiisgi-meiit.    Free, or partially free.
'•mlu are available for settlers,
ampers   and   tr-vellers.   ur   to   tea


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