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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Sep 26, 1924

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Before jumping at conclusions find out what is on the other side of the hurdle
Cement Walk on South
Side of Bridge Street,
Betweet Second and
Third, to Be Constructed at Once
The regular meeting ol the oity
council was held io the counoil
chamber on Tuesday eveniog, anadx
jourment having beep made on
Monday evening in order to give up
the council chamber to the educational survey meeting. Mayor Acres
■nd Aid. Lid ioat, Mclnnes and
Miller were preseut.
The clerk reported having received a oheque (or 11,139.36, tbe
■•me being the motor vehicle grant
(torn the government.
The counoil received an offer for
the repurchase of 14000 ol Orand
Forks bonds maturing in 1926 at
98. The treasurer waa instructed to
submit an offer ol 97 and accrued
interest lor tbem.
Aid. McDonald was granted leave
ol absence lor three months, and
Aid. Liddicoat will act as chairman
ol the board ol worka dating that
J iho Blasoff applied lor ■ retai-
store license. He informed the coun
oil that ss bis preeent.premises were
not suitable he ntended In erect a
new store building. He was instructed lo have tbe necessary plane
and specifications prepared and
filed in the city office, anr- to take
out a building permit.
A letter from F. A. McDiarmid in
connection with District Lot 495,
Oranby miitltci siie, was laid over
lor further information.
Tenders for tbe purchase ol the
warehouse at tbe Oranby smelter
site were not accepted, while en*
quiries regarding tbe slag piles were
laid over lor investigation.
Tbe water and- ligbt oommittee
reported tbat a starting transformer
at the pump house bad burned out
■nd a new one ha<1 been ordered to
replace il. The committee also rec-
ommt-nded thai a rate of 112 per
month be chared tbe West Koote-
nay Power & Ligbt company lor
water suppl ml at tbesubst tic n and
■t the residence. Tbe report aod
the recommendation were adopted
by tho couucil.
Tbe council decided to proceed
without deluy with the laying ol a
cement walk ou tbe south side ol
Bridge street, from Second street to
Third street, and tenders will be
called for at onoe
It was deoided to retain tbe eer
vices ol J. Pyrah as caretaker at the
City cemetery until October 15tb
Complaint   was  received by the]
oounci. regarding damage to buildings aod   handrails onsidewalks,
presumably done by juveniles
Vancouver, Sept 26.—Prospects
lor developing tbe demand for low
grsde apples of British Columbia
■ud concentrated apple juice are
seeo by a Winnipeg firm, which is
m.kiog enquiries for fruit and
ju ces for ■ British firm said to be
one of the largest manufacturers of
older in tbe world.
B. M Hill & Ci, of Winnipeg, in
a Utter to the BiiiishColumbia Products Bureau of the Vancouver
boerd ot trade, asking for prioes f.o.
b. Vancouver and samples for teet.
ing, states: "From' personal contact
witb them in England we I el confident tbat oan they (the Britilh
firm) secure British Columbia com-
centrated apple juice of a uniform
qnaiity there are almost unlimited
prospecta of developing this buei«
Mr. Milledge states that the op.
pottunity opening to the fruit  inn
YEAR—No. 47
1 Tell me what you Know ii ow
I cen'tuuM ss -mil tu yon."
dustry of the province, including
botb growers and crushers, is on
wbicb should not be disregarded.
He has forwarded tbe enquiry to
local firms interested.
"I believe tbat prices of our lower
grade fruit will allow our crushers
to enter profitably the British mar*
ket with tbeir juice," be said "It
will mean the building up of an important industry and would go a
long way toward-] stabilizing? conditions inthe apple country.
"Our apples in British Columbia
possess all the necessary qualities
which are desired by the connoisseur ol ciders and onr firms will no
doub- provide a high grade juice
wnich will give eatislaction. Should
this prove successful, it will give
considerable encouragement to the
apple growers, and a prosperous
■pple country and industry will con
tribute a great deal toward the gen
eral prosperity in British Columbia,'
The provincial educational survey
commission, under tbe direction of
of Dr. O. M Weir, Inspected tbe
Orand Forks schools last Monday,
aud in the evening a public meeting
was held in the city ball
About forty citizens attended tbe
evening meeting, and before ad-
ment al 11 o'clock tbey became intensely interested in school matters Dr Weir, to a brief address,
stated tbat anything he might say
touching tb school system wae not
for tbe purposejof influencing those
present, ss tbe eurvey was being
made solely with the aim of ascertaining the wishes of tbe people of
tbe province in regard to the educational system Tbe audience become quite interested in tbe subject,
and an informal discussion ensued,
in wbioh many opinions were advanced, of 'which due ' note was
made by the commission
Hon Dr J H King, minister of
publio works in the federal cabinet,
and District Road Engineer Qwyer,
of Penticton, arrived in tbe city at
6 o'clock Monday evening by motor
from Penticton.
After a basty meal at the Yale the
minister met a lew ol the members
ol the looal Liberal association in E
C Henniger's office, wbere an informal talk ol half an hour's dura,
tion was indulged in. Mr. King
expressed confidence in tbe election
ol tbe Liberal candidate in Yale
district in tbe pending contest.
The minister and Mr. Qwyer Ieit
for Rossi nd immediately after (be
consultation ,
D W Sutherland, Liberal candidate Yale in the federal by-election,
and Mr Fowler, of Kelowna, arrived
in tbe city yesterday morning and
will return to Kelowna tomorrow
Last nigbt Mr Sutherland met
■ few of be members of tbe Orand
Forks Liberal association in EC
Hennigei's office, where a short and
i ormol conference wss held Mr
Sutherland, as well as everybody
else present at the meeting, freely
expressed tbe opinion that Vale
would return a Liberal member this
-"Hold him, Jack.
What couldn't  we do
The British Workman
with that fifty millions?" sBBBssassBisssesssseaaBBBBaBsa-sB-sssssssssss*!
The proposed loan of £50,000,000 to Russia by tbe  British government is laising intense opposition among all parties.
Too Late to Classify
A. O. Cochrane,of Vernon,
Conservative, was elected   in
the North Okanagan by-election on Wednesday by a ma
jority of 180.
It has been estimated that
southern Alberta's sheep and
wool industry this year will
bring sheepmen and farmers
of the south new wealth to
the extent of $1,500,000.
The Duchess of Athol, M.j
P. for Kinross and western
Perth in the British house,
and Mrs. Philip Snowden,
wife of the chancellor of the
exchequer in the British cabinet, have accepted invitations
to visit Canada this fall under
the auspices of the national
council of education.
That the farmers of western Canada are now giving
increasing attention to the
improvement of their home
surrouudings is shown by the
fact that they have not only
planted 5,250,000 trees distributed from the Canadian
government stations at Indian
Head and Sutherland, Sask.,
this year, but have also purchased large quantities from
private nurseries.
Announcement at western
regional headquarters of the
Canadian National railways
that certain changes in station names will become effective with the next time card.
The station at milaage 71.5,
Brazeau subdivision, Alberta,
at present known as Norma,
will be shown as Prevo, to
avoid confusion with a station
of that name in the Minniota
■ubdivision, Manitoba. Holder, a station at mileage
104.6 in the Craik subdivision Saskatchewan, will in
future be shown as Smales,
on account of there being a
station by the name of Holden
in Alberta. At present thero
are two stations in British
Columbia by the name of
Mount Robson. The station
of this name inthe Tete Jaune
subdivision on the Jasper-
Prince Rupert line will be
changed to Alpland, while
the station in the Alberta subdivision on the Jasper*Vancouver line will continue to
be shown as Mount  Robson.
(All prices are for Monday nnd are
wholesale unless otherwise quoted
Vancouver—B.C. apples, box,
Mcintosh Red, extra fancv, 2 60;
fancy,2 25; cerates, 1 75; Wealthy,
fancy, boxes, 1 85; crates, 1 75;
Jeffery, boxes, extra fancv, 2 25
crates, 1 50     Hyslop,  box,  fancy,
1 75. Jonathan, extra fancy, 2 50;
crates. 1 85. Bartlett pears, faucy,
3 00; Flemish Beauty, fancy, 2 75.
Italian p.unes, 16.1b box, I 00
Vernon—Jobbing prices  Okan
agan points:   Macks,  extra   fancy,
2 00; fancy, 1 75; C grade, 1 50;
Wealthy, fancy, 1 50; caates, 125.
Pears, fancy, 2 50; C grade, 1 25
D'Anjous, fancy, 3 00; C grade,2 75
Hyslop crabs, fancy, 1.50; C grade,
1 25. Prunes, 90c. Assorted plums,
four-box crates, layered, 125;
jumble, 1.00. Potatoes, 30. Onions,
45 to 50 ton. Seou-ripe tomatoes,
crates, 75c to 90c; green, in pear
boxes,6Sc to 75c Marrow, pumpkin
and squash, 25 ton, Celery, 3c lb,
Jonathans sold at 1 75 fob, extra
fancy; 1 50 fancy, 1 25 crates. 15
carloads crates Mcintosh offered
Vancouver at 1 00 f o b.
Calgary—B.C. Macks, fancy,
Winter Banana, 2 25; St Lawrence,
C, 1 76; Wealtbv, fancy, 1 90; all
varieties, crates, 165 to 2 00. Hyss
lop, fancy; 200. Flemish, 3*25 To
matoes, medium and ripe, fours,
crate, 1 25; Ponds Seedling, 200;
Italian, No. 2, in peacb boxes, 1.25
Elbrrta, No. 2, 2.00; Onions, 3c
Alberta potatoes, 2c. Washington
ElbertaB, No, 2, 2.00; Italian, 1 25.
Car arrivals, 12th, 13th and 15th:
B.C., 5 mixed fruit and vegetables,
6 apples, 3 mixed fruit, 1 prunes
Calfornia, 1 grapes
Edmonton—B C. Wealthy,Wis
meJ, Cox, Kings, Mcintosh. 2.25 to
2.50; crates, 1.80 to 2 00; Mcintosh
2.10 to 2.25. Hyslop crabs, 2.00.
Qreen Gage, 1.50; Blue plums, 1.25.
Imported Elberta peaches, 2.50.
Rest of market no change. Arrivals,
12th to 15th: B.C., 1 apples. .
prunes, 4 tomatoes, 9 fruits, 2 vege
tables. Ontario, 1 plums. Washington, 2 fruits.
Regina—B.   C.   Apples,    box
Wealthy, fancy, 2.25 to 2.40; orates
MOUNT ROBSON, 13,068 feet
high and the queen of   the
Canadian Rockies, was scaled
several tines during the annual
camp of the Alpine Club at Berg
Lake. The Tumbling Glacier (left)
on the north side of Mt. Robson, ia
the only true tumbling glacier
known to exist in the Canadian
Rockies. On the right is seen a
party of climbers making their
way over the ice-field on their wuy
to Robson's towering summit.—
C.N.R. Photos.
i. G. McGeer, K.G., Says
That Ruin Is Facing
lia tes
Ottawa, Sept. 24.—ln view oj the
large profits made by tbe C.P.R. it
was absurd for tbat company to
come before tbe board of railway
commissioners and seek to maintain
high rates, G. G. McGeer, K.C,
counsel for British Columbia, declared in conculdtng bis argument
before the board tbis afternoon.
H>- ' iijjlidsized agaiu and again
the dinger of the present situation
to tbe fruit growers of his province.
Hu declared tbey were faced witb
complete rnin.
Tnat Brantford Oot, was in need
of im:i.filiate relief from tbe effect
of discriminatory railway rates wss
declared by City Solicitor W. T.
Henderson of Brantford. Hepleaded
more particularly for speedy action,
alleging tbat if tbe matter was al...
■owed to drag on through ibe coarts
Bransford iodustriet would be
ruined before a final decision was
In arguing tbe case for tbe Canadian Manufacturers' association,
Isaac Pitblado, K.C, Winnipeg, declared bis opinion tbat tbe board
had tbe power to remove all discrimination, and furthet should resi
move it. The Crow's Nest Pass rates
weos not •'enforced" rates. Both
parlies' tbe government and tbe
railways—went into it willingly.
The rates contained in the agreement were maximum rates and the
board's powers were limited by
them. It was not for the board to
suy whether tbe agreetntnt was good
or bad. It was for tbe board to be
guided by tbe agreement and immediately remove all discrimination.
Tbe jail ways, as well, in agreeing
to tbe Crow rates had agreed to tbe
clause forbidding dieciimination.
Origiunlly tbe rail ways put tbe Crow
rates into force from every station
in the east with the exception of .St.
Jobn, N B. Since July 7, however,
certain places were denied the lower
rates, a condition of affairs whicli,
be said, the government of Canada
never contemplated. Tbat ,vas the
reason, be believed, why parliament
bad not worried over the wording of
tbe agreement. Tbe railways bud
strengthened tbe broader interpie-
tation of the pact by granring tic
'Grow1!- rates to each line as lt w.-'s
built, so lhat now similar commodir
ties going into simi'ar territories
went ut iwo different rates.
He agreed with H. J. Symington,
K.C, counsel for the thiee prairie
provinces, that the board must be
bound hy its previous judgments
and precedents, The Crow'H Nest
Piss iignenient bad been interpreted in a judgment hy Chief Justice Kill mi in tbe cities' case and
tho ii ', illation was upon the
basis thai tbere must be no diss
2.00 to i. 10; Mcintosh, fancy, 2.40
o 2.75; crates, 2.10 to 2.80; Graven-
stein, cr ties, 2.05; Paragon, Kim*,
fancy. 2.25, Pears, box, Bartlett
fin3y,3.75; 0,3.4.0; Flemish Beauty,
Olairgaau, Duchess, fancy, 3.fi0; C,
.'I 40. '/'rabapples, box, Hyslop,
fiuey, 2.00. Plums, 4 basket, Ponds
Seedling, Burbank, Bradshaw, 1,80.
Italian prunes, 1.35 to 1.50; Ontario
Green (i igs>, red, blue, six-qunrl
bisk st, 70c to 90c. B C. tom-ttoi---,
four basket, 1.15 to 1.30; green,
box, 1 25 lo 1 50. Peaches, Elberta,
2.00 to 2.10. Celery, washed, 9c lb.
Canteloupes, peach box, 1.15. Apples, cr*tes,3.00to4.00. Cucumbers,
fancy, boXj 1.25; Ontario, eleven-
quart, 1 25. Onions, cwt, sample,
3.25; si mdard, 3.50, Imported
peaches, box, Siberia, 2 00. Piuoes,
3to (Srattii Jfarfca 3>mt
AN  IN3E»EN0 = N7   J 1
whicb  President  Wilson   himself was  most
I deeply interested.
One Year (in Canada and Great Hill iiii        '       I
One Year (in the United States)     I. r>0
Addresr • •** 'cations to
Thk Graud Fomu Son
Phonk 101 R I«a*-tb i'''.'.<. B <!
Notes • Notions • Notable;
The defeat of the government candid ite
in North Okanagan .seems to have been men*1
ly the result of political warfare, It carries
no signicance as to the strength or weakness
ofthe administration. The constituency is
naturally strongly Conservative,-and ia his
two previous victories Mr. MacDonald vis
very fortunate in having that vote split in -ill
directions of the compass. In Wedn sday's
by-election two mistakes urn apparently
make. In the first place, Mr. MacDonald
overestimated his personal popularity, and
secondly, the contest should not have lieen
staged until after the next session ofthe legis -
It is announced from Moscow that a Rus
sian archaelogist, Professor Kozloff, has discovered some remarkable tombs near Uiga in
Mongolia, whieh appear to be those of early
Chinese kings. The bodies were found fiftj
feet beneath the top of a hill, whieh apparently
is an artificial burial mound. The chambers
in which the dead kings were found were
hung with embroidered silk; and, as in Tut-
eiikhauiun'.i tomb, furniture, vessels of domestic and ornamental character and miniature
figures of men and animals had been buried
with the dead. According to the dispatch*,
Professor Ko/loli says that the tombs are
more than four thousand'Vears old.
'Bayer Aspirin
INSIST! Unless you sen ft:.
"Bayer Cross" on tablets yi ..
are not getting the genuine
Bayer Aspirin proved safe by
millions and prescribed by physicians for 24 years.
'Accept only a
Bayer p-i-'r1"!*
Iii the nomination of D   \V.  Sutherland, of
Kelowna, at the Penticton covention i is; F
day night as candidate for federal member for
Yale, the convention selected the ablesl   and
strongest man that could  hav, been futii  I in
tbe constituency, and  the Liberals of the district are justified  in  looking forward   to  a
grand victory on November!). The gr nntds on
which to base a Liberal victory are numerous.
Mr. Sutherland was defeated   by  small   majority in the last general   elections,   vvIkmi   he-
was opposed by the strongest Conservative in
the riding—the late J, A. MacKeJvie, h\  the
pending contest Mr.  Sutherland's opponent
does not seem to be very well known  outside
of his own neighborhood; Pentictmi's jealousy
of Kelowna has  been  neutralized by the selection of both candidates from the hi'OercTty;
and the speudid record of the fed :ral goAern-
ment, should all prave factors in swelling  the
Liberal majority.
It is possible to win temporary approbation
without deserving it, but you can only keep it
by merit.
A model of Niagara carrying an amount of
water directly proportional to that of^lie real
Niagara is helping ongineers to remedy an
evil that threatens to destroy the beauty of
the falls. As the limestone wears away under-
death the "throat" ofthe Horseshoe more and
more water i.s concentrating there and seems
likely before many yenrs to make the falls no
more thau a huge V shaped gully. Experiments with weirs and artificial stands, placed
in the stream above thc falls on the model,
.show how the water can be distributed so as
^ive the American falls a greater volume and
keep on the Banadian edge of the Horseshoe
water that the powei company on this side
now fears that it will lose.
which contains proven directions
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 Lnbleta
Al.-.o bottles of 24 nml 100—Druggists
Aspirin In- thp trade murk (regsStoresI lu
Cns-iulu) of Bayer Manufacturi; ol Mew
ucctuuciuester or Bflllcylicaelil
Wholesale! ami Iietail
Keep Cool
Look Cool
and Feel
at little  cost.    Just   buy
a couple of those nice
Dresses °nI* $1.50
and a pair of Sandals.
Then you may laugh at
the hot davs.
Established 1910
Real Estate and Insurance
Ueslileiit Ajyesit Grond Forks Tsswiiiite
Company, Limited
Farms      Orchards     City l'rc-pcrly
"ZZigeatM at Nelson, Caltrarv, Wtltiiir eg; asisl
other Prairie point*-.   Vancouver Aireni   :
B»tpbHi-he<1 In lino, wo are .
fnrtiiah reliable information
Write for *'•*,* llteintnre
.. **Q|I|''(ISI   In
Mioerniiut 11.i-
E.G. Henniger Go.
loalor n*
Hava i.i  Cigars, Pipes
N i  one  who  does  riot  live  to the age
seventy five has had his fair share of life.
r,Professor David
has given appre-
■ I,
A distinguished astronom
Todd, of Amherst college,
hensive persons something to worry ■
sides politics and the economic problems of
Europe He says that the rock tbal nn !"i i:i s
New York city is of a joint I'd structure and
that under the tremendous weigh I of the great
buildings it way sometime or other crack and
slip and so cause a terrific earthquake, He
also fears that by withdrawing such vast
quantities of petroleum from the earth w< are
crealing great voids int- which the crust of
the earth may here and there c llapse. In the
nature of things he can make no prediction of
any sueh calamity, but he wonders whether it
may not be possible—and so do many un-
Tbree ofthe "white Indians' nf whom mention was made in these columns h few weeks
ago have been brought to New York and examined by distinguished anthropologists and
ethnologists. Although the men of science are
not entirely agreed on an explanation of tho
strange bloudness of these peo| '■, the weight
of opinion is that, they are prol ibly albinos—
or, as Mr. Marsh, who broughl th -m to New
York, puts it, pseudo albinos. Apari fr m
their color they are like the San Bias Indians
among whom they were found and show no
indication of any Caucasian I loi I That
blondness of the sort should be common in
Darien seems improbable, for al! inrSni i.s no
where common; but there is no other solution I
of the problem that seems so likely
Inflammation of the eyes as a result of exposure to heat, an ailment from whieh workers in many industries often suffer, is caused
by sweat. Investigators who have been studying the effects of high temperatures on men
have found that sweat dropped into a normal
eye almost, immediately causes conjunctivitis.
Workers who wear sweat bands on their foreheads have little trouble.
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Gira»4 Forlis* "• C*»
General News
l-ji'.r.i n advice has been received
at Vi; toria, B.C., that tho Japanese
twining squadron, consisting of
the "Kishima," "Asma" and
"A-*uma" will visit Victoria during
the winter. The squadron will
leave Japan early in December, following the annual fall manoeuvres.
Where children are, tliere is the golden age.
The English have increased their yield of
wheat during the past three hundred years at
the rate  of about eight  bushels to the acre
each one hundred years.
Without women this world would be
sheet of blauk paper—not even ruled .
ike a
Canada has one mile of railway to every
'220 people, a larger mileage in proportion to
population than any other country, with a
total mileage of nearly 40,000. The government owns or controls a mileage of 22,663—
Cauadiun National railways—making it the
largest public owned system in the world.
It's weather, not wear,
farm machinery.
that destroys  most
c>4ncient History
Friends and admirers of Wood
are thiuking of establishing a colh
be a memorial to him. Accord in
plans the college, which is to I
Valdosta, Georgia, is to begin with an endow
ment of .$2,500,000 aud will be i sped illy devoted to instruction in the humanities and   in
Items Taken From Tlie Qrand Forks Sun lor the Corresponding
Week Twenty Years Ago
Arthur O, Cochrane, of Vernon, formerly of
Grand Forks, has just been gazetted a notary
public for ihe province 6f British Columbia.
Thanksgiving day has been set for November 17 this year.
It is years since so dry a summer has  been
known all through the  northAvest, and in  al
most every section the shortage or weter has
become   so serious a question as  to greatly
hinder mining operations.
M. Burrell, of this city, will send a large
exhibit of fruit to the Arwstrong fair, which
is to be held on the 25th inst.
The Great, Northern tracklaying machine is
expected to arrive in the city almost any day
The laying of steel on the smelter spur will
probably  commence  before  the end  of the
• i preseul
placed at-j pr0Sent'week
Aid Neil McCallum left last week for Toronto, wheiehe will visit for about a month.
' Mrs. McCallum, who has bcen visiting her
such subjects as history, ecoi ond :s, gcver*. parents and friends in that city for sometime,
ment and international   relations- -n jects in wili return home with her husland
Approximately 60 per cent, or
1,252,10.1 of the population of
Western Canada live on occupied
farms. Of the balance, 474,516 live
in its 20 cities and towns of over
2 500 and 228,062 in 3,309 small
towns and villages of 2,500 or
The work of re-ballasting the
main line of the Canadian Pacific
between Montreal and Toronto (the
Lake Ontario shore line) has just
been completed. Nearly 2,000,000
tons of crushed rock, or about 35,-
000 carloads, were used in this operation. Officials state that the roadbed is now as excellent as it can be
made and second to none in the
Successful strawberry culture 300
miles north of the international
boundary has been proven possible
by. R. A. Gordon, of Edmonton,
Alta. One hundred plants brought
from Ontario wintered well, blossomed heavily and produced a prolific crop of _ well-formed, fine-flavored fruit with rich color and flavor. Mr. Gordon has likewise had
much success with cherries, wild
plums and crab appled.
Steady progress has been made
by the macaroni industry in Canada during the past decade. The
Bureau of Statistics reports that,
whereas the Dominion imported
nearly 7,000,000 pounds In pre-war
days, it imported only 1,096,000
pounds and exported 2,229,000
pounds in 1923. Nine factories,
with a capitalization of $873,000,
now operate in Canada, with an
aggregate output approximating
11,600,000 pounds,
Whaling operations off the coast
of British Columbin this senson
have been very successful. Pour
stations and six or seven whalers
are working. Some of the vessels
have secured 30 head so far this
year. Whale oil is selling well in
England, while whale meat, canned,
is an established commodity in West
Africa, the entire British Columbia
whale meat pack of last year having been sold there.
Arrangements for the re-building
of the old wing of the Chateau Lake
Louise, the Canadian Pacific's
charming hotel in the heart of the
Canadian Rockies, are already under way. The contract has been
•warded to Carter-Halls Aldinger,
of Winnipeg, and Barrot and Black-
nder are the architects, The building will have a greater number of
guest and public rooms than existed
in the one which preceded it, as the
hotel is now too small for the
crowds which visit it. The work is
to be completed in time for next
season.' It will be recalled that the
old wing of the Chateau was destroyed by fire some months ago,_
Phone 30
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cei lent and Plaster
Poultry Sunplies
Grand  Forks, 1$. C.
Corporation of the City of Grand Forks
Notice re Taxes
On October 1st, 1924, a penalty of 5 per cent
will be imposed ou all current year's taxes remaining
unpaid at that date.
Property upon which taxes for 1922 or previous
years remain unpaid, will be offered far Sale at Public
Auction in the City Office on Tuesday, September
30th, 1924, at 10 a.m. - '
Wednesday, October 1st, 1924, is the Last
Date upon which redemption can be made of property
sold for Delinquent Taxes on October 1st, 1923.
Collector of Taxes.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
.1 Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
Call By Number
Not By Name
In the interests ok good telephone service, subscribers are reqnested always to
give the telephone number and not the
name of lhe party being called. The
operators are instructed to ask for the
number if it is not given. ,
ere an
dTheVe ||
More than ono hundred and fifty
traders from the Far North arrived
in Edmonton, Alta., recently bringing with them fur sales to the value
of  approximately  $860,000.
Tarzan Second, the largest wooden scow in the world, was launched
recently at the Wallace shipyards,
Vancouver, B.C She is 1,000 tons
burden and has 300,000 feet of British Ci'umbia lumber in her makeup. The scow is to be used as •
carrier for a great pile-driver for
Syarc;*   D. Junkins Company.
T'./.i (!;n-)?ni!rs have been located
In th- tied Dei-r Valley, Alta., near
lhe*-Cnnadian Pu-iffc Railway line
this summn '■• the University of
Toronto •*:- ■■:. cion composed of
tt**ix *•■■'■ "f ' who prospected fot
s v-r' will: ::•• gorge and are
Hi '■ ':! up thi prehistoric monsters for shi: r.unt to the Koyal Ontario Museum; Another skeleton
has bc.«..n lov.-.-v! by the Geological
fiwvey of Can.", 'n
Cue ot the <"'.'**tanfling features
of Canii*, iv '• ''* with the Orient
during the ru .'.■ >**ar or so has been
the reniafkabk li-cn »,< in wheat
flour exports. in*.*iaft3 ol Canadian
wh:at flour inlo il m(j Kong in 1923
wer& thc la**geist :i record, showing
an increase of 1..J per cent in volume over ''-one ol 1!)2'2 The figures avi v ue, wore* t'J22, 79.585
barrel!! vsUcia at £120,060; 1923,
191;.r.:i  bafr&Is   nalued at £249,044.
Zans Groy, thr famous novelist,
recently catlght a r;'s p&und tuna
fish, bonpt'tLtit**? what is believed
to be a world's re ord. The sea
m-inster *,va.- successfully conquered after thro: hours and ten
minutes of grilling indeavor off th*
Nova Scotia coast and towed intoj
Liverpool harbor. Mr. Grey's prize!
is a species of the blue fin family.!
The reco: d before this catch waa
held by J. K. L. Ross, the well-j
known Montreal sportsman and financier, who caught a 710 pound
One of the most remarkable
achievements ir. art printing yet
produced in Canada and one which
finally disposes of the idea that
auch Work cannot be satisfactorily
handled by Canadian firms is found
in the new booklet issued by tha
Canadian Pacific Railway dealing
with the forthcoming 1925 Round
the World cruise of the company's
steamship "Empress of France."
The booklet contains 40 pages of
text and color illustrations, the latter exquisitely combining many
brilliant hues in a number of highly imaginative designs.
Canadian Pacific gross earnings
for July totalled ?14,883,677 as
against $15,t!77;S35 for the same
month last year, a decrease of
$794 159. But in order' to meet
this reduction, operating expenses
were reduced by 51,963,686, those
for the month being $12,544,115, as
compared with $13,007,802 for July,
1923. .Thus thc net earnings for
the month showed an increase of
$269,527 over those of the same
month a year ago. For the 7 months
of the year to July 30 gross earnings showrd an increase of $3,017,
265; operating expenses an increase
of $1,924 013 and net earnings an
Increase of $1,093,251. >
No I) iy iv■ i.i i- denied oollegp
tr-iuing can tbiuk up ao many ways*
to ask dad for money
.Oiiirity bi-j-iiif ist home, but   res
form heuine elsewhere.
In Unhurried Quebec
Old fashioned Quebec tugs at the heartstrings of
the summer visitor, because her appeal Is personal.
Without Intention, so to do, she has struck what the
advertising men work so hard to acquire.. .the human
Interest angle.
Quebec is natural, simple, lovable. In our race for a
living we of the cities have reduced life to a system
with every action in subordination to hours and minutes.
But ln Quebec the habitant rises above the leash.
He haB something in himself which holds him to old
ways. To family life, to the farm, to the horse and
band-plougb; to the scythe, to cows. Wives and daughters and boys of all ages lend a hand at everything. All
the changes of the seasons fit in to the scheme ot life.
And yet there seins to be no particular scheme, no
hurry, none of that driven feeling.    No friction.
And so when we get into Quebec we are sensible of a
"reedom of spirit The shackles of "the drive" fall
away as we come once more under the Denison of the
simple and the fundamental.
Here by the road are the wayside Crosses common in
Old France and once ln Old England. The Mower Is
abroad in the fields. The dogs drawing their little
carts still hold the road. ,
And nothing is more humanly appealing than these
dog carts of the Quebec highway. The "Dog of Flanders" has won his way to publicity on the screen, but
theBe "chlens" of Quebec have had no Jackie Coogan to
do them justice.
And yet what a part they play in the life of tbl3 great
Province, far larger in extent than Flanders. How the
dogs fill niches in the households, jobs long ago eliminated from our scheme of life, are performed by the
dog carts as a matter of course, in Quebec. Boys of
the family break their hand in from babyhood, harnessing, unharnessing, driving "le chlen."    The boy that as
soon as he is big enough will have the horses in hand.
"Deep meaning oft lies hid in childish play" down in
And yet the dog cart ls not merely a means toward
an end. As farm life is arranged in Quebec, the dog
cart is no mere child's toy, but part and parcel of French
Boys sent an errand cover the miles ln the dog cart
Wood to be brought from the distant woodlot on the
mountainside ls loaded into the little cart. With the
aid of these "tiny horses and carts" small boys do this
work quite easily, releasing their fathers and big
brothers to men's Jobs at the plough or with the heavy
Textile workers in the big mill below Montmorency
Falls, living in Saint Oregolre and other Tillages nearby,
have their dinner-pails brought to them by their small
boys in dog carts, and if you happen along this road at
dinner-time lt ia to see perhaps as many aa thirty or
forty of these little chariots.
The speed attained of the dog Is surprising, especially
when homeward bound. Then, little M'sleu can hardly
hold him ln.
But you must not think tis only youth that these gay
dogs of Quebec serve, their tails wagging, flying along
with the baby in the cart and the family brood of boys
and girls running helter skelter gathering framboise in
their pails. What would the old.. • the oldcouples, the
old women, do without their old dog and his little cartT
But, I think perhaps one never realizes more, how
much a part of every day life the dog oart ia, until you
happen along by some wayside smithy and see the smith
hard at work turning, twisting, heating, hammering the
miniature axles and tires in the most matter of fact
manner, part of the day's work, as much aa shoeing tb
I horse.—Victoria Hayward.
Beauty Flies For Speckled Beauties
St. Jovite in the mountains of Northern Quebec is famous
as a summer and winter resort. Winter times they use a
wingless aeroplane for ski joring, but in summer they put tbe
wings and a body on and use it for fishing and swimming. Behind almost every mountain of the Laurentians there is a lake
or two — so the plane comes in handy for jumping over the
hills to chase the sporting bass and trout to their lairs. The
above pretty girl, one of a party of five, has just come in from a flying trip to a nearby lake and is justly proud ol
her string of speckled beauties. <-
Benefit From Tanlac
Lasting, He Asserts
Ontario Man Says It Put
Him In Such Fine Condition 2 Years Ago, He
Hasn't Needed Any
Medicine Since
"Well, sir, it Itfivked like I was go-
ing to bave to {ji' e up my job, but
Tmlac kept me on tbe payroll and,
of course, lam strong ior it," is tbe
striking statement of Wm. Cronker,
84 Louis St,, Brockviile, Ont., wbo
for 30 years past bas been employed by tbe Canadian National
"My stomach went wrong 10 years
and tben I gradually got out of fix
in lots of ways. I couldn't eat or
sleep to d.. auy good for nervousness
and indigestion and had got to
wbere I simply had to drag myself
to tbe railroad yards in thi- morning-*.
"I oould feel the good effects of
my v#ry first few doses of Tanlac
clean to my finger-tips. Tbis was
two years ago and three bottles put
me in sucb fine shape-bat I have
not had to spend a cent for medicine since. I eat and sleep fine,
never miss a day's work anymore
and feel fine. You jmt cin't beat
Tanlac is for sale by all good
druggists. Accept no substitute.
Over 40 million bottles sold.
Tanlac Vegetable Pills, for con
stipation, made ami recommended
by tbe imuufacturers of  TANLAC.
People take The Sun
because they believe
it is worth the price we
charge for it. It is
therefore reasonable to
suppose that they read
its contents, including
adver tis men i s. This
is not always the case
wifh newspapers that
are offered as premiums with chromos or
lottery tickets
"Why Girls Leave Home"
Advertising "to help
the editor." But we do
want businessadvertis-
ing by progressive business men who know
that sensible advertising brings results and
pays. If you have something to offer the public that will benefit
them and you as well,
the newspaper reaches
more people than a bill
and if you have the \k
goods you can do busi- [**
The Delicious Flavor
Has won it millions  of users.   Sold
by all grocers.   Buy a package today.
News of the Gity
Dr. C. M Kingston returned on
Tuesday from Toronto, wbere tie
placed his son Paul iu tbe St. Andrews boarding sc2ool. Tbe doctor
states tbat crops are good in On«
tario aud tbat th* province appears
to be prosperous at present. Similar
conditions, be says, prevail in many
sections of tbe prairie provinces.
P. T. McCallum, lo al iittmigra.
tion officer in cba ge, returned this
evening from a two weeks' vacation
trip to tbe coast cities. Mr. McCallum bad intended to take a tip
over the P.G.E., but was prevented
from doing s by some of the bridges
on tbat line being washed out
A radio report from Victoju this
evening said tbat W H Sutherland**^
minister of public works, had announced that the contracts for tbe
construction of tbe Hope section of
tne tranfprovincial highway would
be awarded in two weeks
ankid.   "Don't   you  like    turkey
sou*-? '
'Oli, yes,"answered the boy. "I when mother makes it. Sbe
loesn'l put the windpipes in like
you du."
YOU remember tbe story of tbe
Scotchman whu was not feeling as
well as usuai and called on his family doctor, wbo looked bim ove and
s>uvi him souk! pills to be taken at
bedtime. A b.ittle of whiskey was
also pn scribed for his stomach's
sake—a small glasBto be taken after
each mfai
Four days later Sandy called
again on tbe doctor and said that he
was feeling no better.
"H'a-ve you taken the medicine
exactly as I instru-!t:d?'! the doctor
"Well, doctor," said Sandy, "I
may be a' wee bit abind wi'tho
peels, hut I'm nbout six weeks ahead
wi' tbe whuskey."
Tbe sale of aity property upon
which taxes remain unpaid for 192'2
or previous years will be held in the
city office next Tuesday morning mt
10 o'clock.
Ji W and Walton returned from
Nelrion on Sunday They state that
they sold nine radio receiving sets
at the fair in competition with tbree
other demonstrators
Tbe government vendor reports
that two unsuccessful attempts bave
recently been made at night by bur.
glare to gain entranca through tbe
front door of the looal liquor store
At a meeting of the police  com
missioners thiB  week Chief Savage
was granted  a two weeks' leave of
absence, beginning October 15th
Elmer Rice arrived in  the city
this week from Kimberley to do assessment work on  his North  Fork
mineral claims
ere an
Moose hunting opened in the Prov
ince of Quebec on September 10th.
Indications are that an unusually
largo number of hunters will invade the woods this fall and the
rush for licenses is well under way.
Edward A. Patterson, mining engineer of tondon, England, waiting
Nova Scotia, states that the mineral
resources of that province are prac-
. tically lying dormant and that with
proper development along scientific
lines, mining could be advanced ta
first place in the province's industries.
Calfrary, Alta., is planning an af«
tlflcial ice rink, because of the prevalence of< chinooks in the winter,;
but' thu firo.iret will not be carried
out in time for the coming season.
Calgary had to abandon its scheme
for an annual winter carnival because it could not count on weather
that was cold enough or on snow.
"Chickens sab," aaid tbe old   ne
gro eage, "is the usefullest animals
dere is. You can eat 'em befo' dey is
born and after dey is daid."
H E Woodland is attending a
Cooperative meeting in Vernon today
. Peta Thompson, of Cascade, wbh
io tho city yesterday.
The following is tbe minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Septl9—Friday  62
20—Saturday   59
21—Sunday  57
22—Monday  61
23—Tuesday  69
24 —Wednesday   61
25—Thursday   64
■   39
Rainfall   0.10
Thc mrmbers of the band of the
f.tnioii; Princess Patricia's Canadian L';,;iit Inf-r.iitry were among the
rasSong-rs sailing for England
n'i aid the , C-inarlian Pacific liner
"Empress of France" on September
J" h. Under the-direction of Lieut.
T. W, James, they are to play at the
British Empire Exhibition at Wem-
hley. ,   ,    I
The Duke de Alba, 17th of thai
nans* and 10th'Duke of Eerwick in
the British nobility, together with
the Duchess of Alba and several
other distinguished Spaniards, is
touring Canada over Canadian. Pacific lines. Their itinerary includes
Niagara Falls, Toronto, Banff,
Lak« Louise, Vancouver and Victoria.
Transformation for the better,
wrought among the Eskimos in^ha
last 25 years Is almost unbelievable;,
so Bishop I. O. Stringer, of "the
Anglican diocese of the Yukon, reported on a recent visit to Edmonton, Alta. The Bishop attributes
' this, iruprovement to the influence
of tho missii naries and the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police.
A Gourteous Comeback
The "Calgary process," the newest method of oil refining, was ex-
\ aniincd with interest by the mem-'
' bers of the British Association for
the Advancement of Science during
their recent visit to Calgary, Alta.
I This   procesa   haa .become   world-
1 famous ever since the experiments
Mrs. Cobb—Was the grocer's boy    conducted at the local Imperial oil
impudent  to you  again whan you j refinery proved so successful,
lel^phouf-d your order this morning?! ■ '       ■:. .. ■'■"■
Maid-Yes, Mrs.   Cobb,   he   wagr   Thousands of Belgians are wai*.
.u .. u. .. t a     i li      .l... .! 'nK to cross the Atlantic to Canada
tbat; but I fixed bim  tbis time.    1
Wbo  th    b—I  do vou think
sea, "Who  th     b—I   do you
you'ie talkin' to?    This is Mrs (\
at tbe phone talking."
Something New in Soup
J.imep, aged five, wageiting Sun
day dinner at hia aunt's house. The
first course  was  turkey  soup with'
macaroni in it.    Tbe anut noticed
James was not eating.
"Wliat is the matter, dear?" she
as soon as tke' Dominion Can assimilate them, it is'"reported by authorities in touch with the situation. Belgium's interest in Canada is further
evidenced by the visit to the Dominion of Louis Strauss, veteran
member of the diplomatic corps and
member of the Belgian Parliament
for Antwerp, who, as guest of E. W.
Beatty, Chairman and President of
the Cnnadian Pacific Railway, is
touring the country studying economic conditions with a view to stimulating Belgium immigration.
The following is the amended
game regulations relative to the
Qrand Fork8«Greenwood electoral
district, which is in the Eastern die«
Big Game and Game Bird*
Mountain Goat—September 15 to
December lf>, 1924,
Bear—September 15 to June 16,
Deer—(Mule, white-tail and
coast), bucks only, throughout the
northern and eastern districts (ex*
cept wbite-tail deer in that portion
of tbe Eastern district known as
North and South Okanagan and
Similkameen eleotoral districts, and
io the Grand Forks-Greenwood
electoral district west of the summit of tbe Midway mountains),
open season from September 16 to
December 15, 1924.
Fur Bearing Animals—In tbat
portion of the E-istern district south
of the main line of the C P.R. there
shall be a close season on all fur
bearing animals, except in regard to
muskratt-in the Columbia electoral
Ducks—(Except wood and eider
duck?), Wilson snipe, coots, blacks-
breasted and golden plover greater
and lesser yellowlegs, September 15
to December 30.
Geese and Brant—September 15
to December 30.
Grouse and Ptarmigan—(Except
prairie chicken and sharp-tailed
grouse), September 15 to October
Bag limits
In respect to big game no person
shall kill or take or have in his pos
session during the open season more
tban two deer, all of which must be
of the male sex; and no person shall
kill or take or hare in his possession
during the open'season more tban
tbree bear of any species otber thai-
grizzly, aud one of this species; and
no person shall at any time kill or
take or have in bis possession during the open season more than two
mountain goat.
Grouse and ptarmigan (except
prairie chicken in the Eastern district), 6 of one species or 12 of all
species in one day; total bag limit,
50 in tbe aggregate.
Ducks—Daily bag limit. 20; total
bag limit, 150.
Geese—Daily bag limit, 10; total
bag limit, 60.
Brant—Daily bag limit, 10; totai
bag limit, 60.
Black* breasted and Golden Plover
and Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs
—Daily bag limit, 15 in the aggre.
gate :f all kinds; total bag limit,
150 in the aggregate.
Wilson Snipe—Daily bag limit,
25; total bag limit, 150.
First Export Shipment
of B.C. Apples   WiU
Vancouver October 7
The first shipment of British Col.
umbia apples of the 1924 crop to
move through the port of Vancouver
has been booked by the Royal Mai
Steam Packet company to go on the
.Dutch motorahip Dintelfyk Octo
; The apples are going to European
ports and the shipment will be the
forerunner of a fair-sized export for
the season.
Although the apple crop in the
Okanagan valley is not as heavy in
general this year, tbe export grades
are not far under those of last year;
and as prices are better on the European markets than those prevailing in
the early part of the 1923 season, a
larger movement of apples is ex.
Tluee steamer lines will operate
boats in the refrigerator service out
of Vancouver this fall.
Boats of the Blue Star line will not
be in Vancouver until late October,
but a good service will be given after
■that, whiie the Furness Withy line
will commence to carry apples out
about the middle of October if press*
ent plans are carried out. Only 49..
000 boxes of apples moved from Vancouver last season against more than
1,000,000 boxes from ports to the
We will handle your Fruit and
Vegetables for 10 per cent or
buy it outright. Write us for full
Sealed and marked tenders will be
received by tbe undersigned up to
Monday1 October 6th, 1924. at 6 P.
M., for the famishing of suitable
materials aod laying of a cement
sidewalk 12 feet wide (including
curb) on South side of Bridge St.,
adjoining Blook 10, Map 23.
For specifications and further information apply ai City Office or to
Aid. W. Liddicoat, Acting Chair*
man of Board of Works. The lowest
or sny otber tender not necessarily
o^lways Fresh
Our stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries is
constantly moving from our shelves to the consumers. It therefore has no time to become
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models! They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright aa new ooinl As weatherproof aa aduokt Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything oomplete. Ileal Quality. Real
Value.  Easy Terms. We are tbe people to mount yon right.
J. R. MOOYBOER gL^8i&Jtt
Open Saturday Evening Till 10 o'Cloek
There is more than one way of an<
s wer ing a question so as to give people
an impression of your fundamental
intelligence. The boy referred to in
this story from the Argonaut knew it;
we are confident his answer got him
the job that ho wanted.
After a ruthless sifting there were
five applicants for the post of errand
boy left for thh head of the firm him«
self to interview. It was one of his
flippant mornings, and he sought to
amuse himself by asking the eager
boys puzzling and irrelevant questions
to teat tbeir knowledge.
"How far away from the earth is
the North Start" was the question he
fired at the third shiny-faced youngster.
"I'm sorry I oan not give you thn
exact figure, sir," was the reply,"but
on a rough estimate I should say it is
far enough away not to interfere with
my rnnning errands."
Ship lour Cream lo
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
We pay the highest price and assure
you thc most accurate test. Give your
local croamery your trade.
Intminion Monumental Work*
A*beot<>< Products Co. Roofinii
THE HUR—Bring your boot
£fgand shoe repairs   to    my
. *shop for neat and prompt
work.    Look   for the big
boot.—GEO.  ARMSON
Transfer Co.
City Baggage and General
Wood and^Ice
for Sale
Offloe at JR.  F.  Petrie's Store
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly Done
minima Avnoi
The man who is wronged
can forget it; the man who
wronged him never oan.
npHE value oi well-
printed* neat appearing Stationery as
a meansof getting and
holding desirable business ihas been amply
demonstrated. Consult us beiore going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs'
Business cards
Viriting cards
Sh'p^ing tags
Prioe lists
P. A. Z. PARE,- Proprietor
Tali Hotkl,  First*-i BisirrBJ
•erwrt ****** tattr he »*-*%***.	
B**Mtoh suhleot* sear 11 sat** at as*.
■tat bsr ***** en t,*S*rit*j Ibmbu-m
to bibsss* Milan wMnta
it   fer   *a******x***b
New Type*
JLatest Style
PU -MMf-Blnc ram-
tlvea ** Balletln nJ^ UuCri-M.
'Hew to Pro owpt but," mitt ef
*-htok ten ke ebtalnad tree at eh-nt*
iy tddretslng lhe t**t*-r*ms** st
rands, Viotorla, sXO, ete to say *******
. rnats-at Agsat
wlU be gnated oeveHag
lead suitable far a-ntot-dtw-al
purposes, sad which le Mt timber-
laad. Us eerrytaf ever MM boord
feet pes* sma west o< the Qotst Heme
and MM teas. »*r aetra east at that
Appllt-stioat tor pre-emption* are
'i be s****mtm to tke *Und Com-
nlMlonsjr at th* Laad Rs-soordlng Dl-
vtston, la whtoh the laad appUai tor
.« altaettd, aad sta maa* en priated
r-irauL nopiu of whtoh oan ba *b-
i-Uaed Mi the Lead Coaunlulonar.
Pre-sMBpMeai moot bo ooouplod for
flee rear* Ml UaproroBMola mad*
te value of 110 por aore, Including
(•leering aad ealttvaUag at leaat Sre
tores, before a Orewa Great oan bo
Per more -totalled totem Won aee
tho   Bulletin   "How   to   Pre-empt
Applloatlon* aro reoelved for p'.T-
s-sstoie of raeaat and unroetrrod
drown land*, not belnc tlmborland,
fer asrloultural; minimum
prlo* of flrst-olaae (arable) land le II
por aero, and ■•oond-olaa* (graaing)
lead |l £0 por aore. Further later-
■nation regarding purohaa* or leato
of Crown land* 1* given la Belittle
We. le, band Sorieo. "Ferebeae aad
l.*aae of Crown Landa."
Wil, tootorjr, er Induttrlal sttaa en
Umber laad, aet ocootdleg *• aorea,
msxr be parostootd er lotted, tho ooa-
dtttoao Inolndlng payment of
Unourvoyod ar***, aet aaooodlng M
Mre*. may bo totted u homttltte,
ooadltlonal upon a dwelling bong
•rooted In tho Bret yoar, tltl* bolag
obtainable aftor residenoe aad Improvement conditions aro fulfilled
tad lead haa boen surveyed.
Per graaing aad Industrial par-
poeoe areaa not ozooedlng Ml aorta
may be leased by ono person er a
divided late granag i
the range administered under a
trader the Oraalng Aet
. range
Oraatag -Commlsslonor. Aaaaai
•n-aslag permits are Issued based ea
numbers ranged, priority being given
to established owners. Stook-owntrt
may form   tstoclsitloni    for
nsuiagement   Pree, or partially fro*.
•*rmlts  are available   tor    Mttlers,
amper*   aad   travellers,   up  to   taa


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