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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Feb 13, 1925

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The average man's idea of a business is one in which he gets the best of the bargain
Sufficient Water Is Coming Down the Flume for
the City's Present Require'  ents
Legislative Library
"Tell me what you Know is tru-
I caa guess as well ta you."
" The regular meeting ol thc city
council wns held in the council
chamber on Monday evening. Thc
mayor aod all the aldermen were
Q. B.Garrett and VV. H. Kirkpatrick, on behalf ol "the Kettle
Valley Rille association, asked per*
mieHOD to use the present range ou
the Granby site. The request was
granted,    '
A proposition from Stewart Car-
rutbers for tbe exchange of hie
property^ adjoiniug the City park
for the Elmore properly adj lining
Mrs. Burron's land, was referred to
to the pajks committee to report.
Tbe clerk was instructed to agister a deed furnished T. Bowen for
propert/ purohased in 1912.
The water end ligbt committee
reported tbat the fluine was delivering sufficient water for the city's
need at Use present time.
The clerk was instructed to issue
license for the sale of meat at 15 for
' the term, and he was also instructed
to have lioense fee collected from the
Doukhobors for their* warehouse in
West Grand Forks.
The auditor's repdrt and financial
'statement   for   1924 was accepted
and it was   ordered printed in the
usual form.
Citizens Line the Streets
as the Body of the
Murdered Nurse Girl Is
Carried to the Depot
In tie speech from the. tfhrone at
•the opening of the Dominion parliament at Ottawa last Thursday
reference was made tb the desira'
bility- of equalized freight /rates
throughout Canada. It also stated
tbat steps would be taken to afford
government control of ocean, rates
and to equip ports . on the Atlantic
and Pacific to meet all navigation
requirements. Tbe colonization of
such large i<nd fertile areas as tbe
Peace river ***. refeired t , and the
intimation giveo in the speech sug'
geits tire possibility of railway con
nection witb that district tbis year.
The speech from the throne also
drew attention to tbe fact that this
year is offering every prospect of
growth and development in Canada.
Grote Sterling, member for Yale,
was introduced to the bouse.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as re
corded by the government thermometer on K F. Luw's ranch:
Max.    Min
Feb.  6—Friday  37        30
7—Saturday  .41 3!
8—Sunday  37 32
9—Monday  45 31
10—TneBday  33 IS
11— Wednesday  4(! 31
12—Thursday.'.  41 27
Kainfall 04
Snowfall .*..............\.-..........  -.01
An Ingenious "Alibi"
The people who are most Indolent
physically are often quick enougb
mentally. Such wa- the ense witb
tbe British workiAau of wbom the
Tatler tells. He was usually late in
coming to work, and one day the
foreman took bim to task.
"It's a funny thing, Jim," h
said, "yuu alius coming in a quarter
of an hour JbehinoVlhe time and  liv
ing next door to the works; while
Teddy is   alius on  time, and lives
three miles away I"
"There's nowt funny about it,"
retorted Jim. "If he's a bit late in
tbe morning, be can hurry: but if
I'm latj, I'm right here."
Ooe of the most horrifying things
wbich has ever happened in this
district, occurred n Trail last Friday morning at 11;05 o'clock, when
Patrick Hanley, a well known insurance mjn wbo ha? resided in tbe
district for a number of years, shot
lind almost iustautly killed Mies
Mildred Neilson, of Vancouver, a
nurse on tbe staff of the Trail hospital, according to tbe details of tbe
tragedy printed in the Rossland
Miner. „.
No motive other than insane jealousy is thought to have prompted
Hanley to commit tbe rash act. He
had been on a trip to tbe coast,
ostensibly to see Miss Neiison's parents, wbo reside at 1723 Napier
street, and from /vbom it is thought
little or no encouragement had been
given him, for it ia alleged the murdered girl, knowing of his mission,
had sent alettei to her parents advising them not to encourago Han
ley. It is believed also that not
receiving the reception he bad hoped
for tbat ne purchased the' revolver,
an automatic, at the coast.
The dead girl wan 25 years of age
and was very popular witb all who
enjoyed her ocquaintance, being
considered very competent in ber
work at tbe hospital.
Tbe shooting oe-eurred in the sitting room of the former Aldridge
hotel, almost opposite the hospital,
wbicb building is used also as offices
of Trail physiciaus. Drs, Coghlan,
Williams und Thorn.
Hanley, who is a veteran of the
Great War, returned last Thursduy
from Vancouver, wbere he received
tr atment for a recent nervous break
down, being a patient at tbe Hossland Sisters' hospital just before bis
departure. He appeared quite him-
nelf 'gain after arriving in Trail
and discussed business matters with
Trail business men just before leaving to commit the horrible deed
witb which he is charged,
While the doctors were attending
the dying young woman, Hanley,
in the same room in which be shot
Miss Neilson, turned the weapon
upon bimtelf, making a bad wound
in his right chest. .Then, walking
down the stuirs and to tbe lobby,
where there were patients whom tho
physicians were attending, he went
across the street, to the hospital and
informed the nurses on duty of
what he had done, staling he bad
shot Miss Neilson and himself, snd
asjiing theiu to prepare two bids,
Hantej'ti conditi.0,1 was reported
improved Thursday noon, a.*:d he
waB able to sil up on Wednesday for
a short time at the Sisters' hospital,
wbere he is under police guard.
The guard has been incr^at-ed, one
man taking the day shift from 8 lo
4, aad tben two guards remain on
duty from 4 until midnight, wben
two more go on duty and relieve
tham. A Nelson report is to the
effect tbat Dawson has not decided
to aet for Hanley.
Trail'Feb. 9—H unci reds of peo-
pic wbo wore unable to gain admission to the Presbyterian here tonight
to pay tbeir last respects to the late
Nurse Miklred Neilson, who is alleged to have been murdered by Pal j
It's cost us dear to make it clear
Tbat England's credit's sound,
But anyhow, tbe dollar now
•Can't look down on tbe pound.
- Jobn Bull.
Haneev at the local hospital Friday
night, lined the streets from the
church to tbe C. P. It. station.
Accjmpanied by the father of tbe
dead girl, G. E. Neilson, of 1723
Napier street, Vancouver, the 'body
is on Its way way for interment at the
Terminal City. Tonight the chinch
was fillfd to overflowing by local
people anxious to show their re**
spurts to the young girl who had So
nohy renderepservice to the community in ber capacity as nurse.
Among the many wreaths tbat
almost hid tde casket from public
view were many sent by ex»patiente
who had benefited by the solicitous
care of the departed nurse. A
wreath sent by Drs. Tbom, Coghlin
and Williams, under whom tbe late
Miss Neilson h'sd served, was noticeable.
Tbe local branch of the GW.V.
A. is holding a special meeting ton
nigbt to decide its action in cons
motion witb tbis said affair. Han.
ley is a past president of tbe organ-
The court of revision and appeal
in respect of the Kettle River Assessment district will be held at 10
o'lock a.m. at the government oflice
iu this city on Thursday, February
19 h.
Cave City, Ky.. Feb. 13.—Possibility of reaching Floyd Collins in
bis nnderground trap within a short
time, strengthened tbe hopes of tbe
rescue squad today,, wben a "soft
spot," indicating perhaps a crevice
or tunnel, was located by a diamond
core drill four feet below the bottom
ol tbe rescue shalt.
Just above tbe fiftynfoot level is
a crevice in tbe side of the shalt
laige enougb for a small man to enter. It is possible to see ten or fifteen
feet back into tbis crevice, but the
engineers ere conoentrating their aU
tention on' tbe bottom of tbe shaft,
Although Collins nas been under-
ground nearly two weeks, Dr. William Hazlett and tbe lied Cross unit
near tbe mouth of the tunnel bave
prepared for every emergency in an
effort io save Collins' life if ho is
found living,
"He may b3 alive," the physicians say; and as long as theae is a
chance the ceaseless vi "il will be
Tells Story of Canadian Pacific
Railway and Building; of
Dominion    .
A facetious American once referred to the Canadian Pacific Railway ns "Canada
on Wheels." Groat
as it i3, the Canadian Pacific would
be the last to appropriate such an
appellation. It can
be truthfully said,
however, that to
understand the re-
c e n t history of
the Dominion ono
B. O. NacBBTH must know that
•f the Canadian Pacific. Now at
last comes a volume, well illustrated
with photographs, which presents
that history in its most palatable
form—that is, in a form emphasizing the human factor,—"The Romance of the Canadian Pacific Railway," by R. G. MacBeth (the Ryer-
son Press, Toronto, $2.50).
The author, who has a number of
historical works to his credit,- is
singularly well equipped. Apart
from his literary skill, he has tho
advantage of having lived in the
Canadian West all his life. He has
always been in close touch with the
Canadian Pacific, though he is
careful to point out that he has
never been connected with it and
has written ar.d published his book
Mr. MacBeth here traces the amazing story of the company's development into the world's greatest transportation system; of the steamships,
of the telegraph and express; colonization; irrigation; hotels and bungalow camps; of its war service
and of all its activities, with a wealth
of interesting detail which Illustrates
the brilliant administrative and organizing ability of its executive.
Canadians should be proud, as
Mr. MacBeth reminds them, that
their country approved the construction of this pioneer transcontinental
when the population was only 4,000,-
000, though the United States had
not dared to undertake a similar
road till she had ten times that number. The frightful difficulties, political, technical and financial, through
which thc company's sponsors and
founders fought their way to victory
are well summarized. For instance,
it is recalled that sections of thc line
north of Lake Superior cost $600,-
000 a mile to build, and a muskeg
east of Winnipeg swallowed seven
tracks before it was conquered. The
author shows that thc triumphant
accomplishment of the work was especially creditable because lt took
place in a period nf immense depression.
Sir William Van Home, general
manager and later president, that
man of tireless energy, vision and
determination, is the central figure
in the volume and there are many
anecdotes illustrating his versatile
character. But all tho other great
men of tho company — Mount
Stephen, Shaughnessy, Beatty, Angus and a host of others—receive
their clue. Lord Shnughncssy's fin*
words: "The shareholders and directors of thc company havo always
been impressed with the idea that
tbe interests of the company arc intimately connected with those of the
Dominion and no effort or expense
has been spared to help in promoting
the development of the whole country" are amply backed by the company's deeds And thc author makes
a statement which is very a propos
when he says- "The country and the
railway, in such a case as this, must
stand 'or fall together. Each is
necessary to the prosperity of the
other. Hence for one to attempt the
destruction of thc other is practically
a roundabout but effective way for
that one to commit suicide,"
A Very Successful Year Is
Reported by Okanagan
E change; Hoot legging
in Fruit to Be Stopped
Kelowna, Feb. 12 —Kelowna
Growers Exchange, branch of the
Associated Growers of British Columbia, met in he theater here on
Monday Lionel K. Taylor, chairman of directors, presided aud about
.'i')0 growers were in attendance.
Mr 'fayl-ir.reported that the saving* on picking and handling
ibirgcs over previous years costs
were 4 aintj a box on wrapped ap.
pies, 5 ciots on crated apples and 4
oonU oo crabapples as a result of
t'eduosd coats of material and labor.
Inventories are reduced from over
805,000 a yeu ago to about $27,500
Tho interest account showod a debi t
of over $8000 last year, which has
been changed to a credit balance of
about $1000 on tbis.year's business.
Answering a question regarding
bootlegging in fruit by contract
holders, Mr. Taylor said he would
spare neither time nor money in
forcing members to live up to tbeir
contracts.        *-
Tbe meeting reduced tbe number
of directors from seven to five, elect •
ing the following: G. A. Barrat, A,
H. Harman, D. Leckie, J. N,
Thompson, K. Iwashita.
Kelowna representatives on tbe
control board are G. A. Hareat and
D. Leckie. The retiring president
was granted an houorarium of $500.
Next week The Sun will add a
cross words department—that is, we
intend to say a few cross words
about people and thing" that we
don't like.
A married man's conscience does
not worry him mucb until his wife
begins to sit up and take notice.
By Erwin Greer,President Greer College of Automobile Engineering.
Get acquainted with tbe inside of
your motor car. Study its character,
istics. Get into the habit of looking
after it personally as much as pos*
sible. By so doing you will get the
most out of your automoble and
you will find a new satisfaction in
owning a car.
Gasoline, oil and squaro treatment
is all tbat any car asks to give long
and satisfied service.
In this day of simplifiod mechanics tbe average owner is too
often in the habit of allowing the
car to take of itself. As a matter of
fact, tbere is necessity for mechanical knowledge In tbe actual operation, Expert engineers have so des
signed the car tbat women can drive
it as well as men. Nevertheless, tbe
owner who simply knows how to
start bis own car, regulate its speed
and then stop it, while he may
never be called on for further
knowledge concerning its working,
is losing a lot of pluusure wbicb be
could have ut no expense.
There are thousands of owners
who pay absolutely no attention to
thu inside of their car, and run it
until it stjps, no matter how great
a straia the machine Is operated
uniler. It is that class of owni-rB
Aho complain about the maintenance cost of their car.
They not only fail to get comfortable riding und they not only lose
time while their car is being reo
paired ut some garage, but they loie
the keen enjoyment which one
should get out of owning a perfect
piece of mechanism,
lf every owner studied his man
chine and learned the details of its
inside mechanism, he would soon
become attached to it as is the average sea captain lo his ship or the
railroad engineer to his engine.
Men never know as mnch
anything as women know
U\xt fawxb Jfarka Bun
The plane is 54 feet long, 20 feet high, and its
wing span is 88 feet.
Sometimes it's the things that we don't do
that we regret most.
f-SiwuBsommoN rates—payable in advanoe
One Year (ia Canada an I Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the TTnited States)   1.60
ions to
The Guano Forks Sun
; Graud Forks, B. CJ
Notes • Notions • Notables
Fluorspar is a very important prodnct, since
it is used in the manufacture of glass and of
enameled ware, in the electrolytic refining of
antimony and lead, in the production of
aluminum, in the manufacture of hydro-fluoric
acid and in the iron and steel ^industries.
One of the largest fluorspar properties in
Canada, owned by the Consolidated Mining &
Smelting company, is located a few miles fnm
Grand Forks-
The Sargasso sea was discovered by Columbus on his first voyage. He ecame involved in it for about a fortnight. The sea is
so named because of the large amount of seaweed, particularly in the form of Sargassum
bac ciferufti which it contains.
Weather reports trom the weather bureau
at Washington are received by vessels of more
ttmi twenty nations scattered all over the
An important part of the eye is the circular
yellow spot called "macula lutea" and known,
after its discoverer, as "the yellow spot of
Sommerung,"is about one-twentieth of an inch
in diameter. The only mammals in which it
exists are man and monkey. It is the rea of
most distinct vision, a circumstance which
may partly be accounted for by the fact that
it is singularly free from blood vessels, which
curve around it and apparently avoid it
A peak of interest on the British Columbia-
Alaskan boundary is Mount Bagot with an
elevation of 7155 feet. It is in latitude 50
deg., longitude 135 deg. and is named,accord •
ing to the eighteenth report of the geographic
board of Canada, after Sir Charles Bagot,
British ambassador to Russia and plenipotentiary to Petrograd in 1882, in connection
with negotiations in regard to the Alaskan
As many as 80 ships mw receive news by
radio while at sea for use in their daily paper.
Thus passengers are kept informed on current
happenings between landings.
A motorist who was driving through a
small town in Canada one night was aston
ished to see a little red light dancing about
close to the ground on the road ahead. As he
drew nearer he saw that it was an electric
bulb fed from a dry-cell battery fastened on
the back of a little dog. Thr owner, a woman
who was walking near by, explained that the
dog refused to stay off the streets at night,and
that to keep him from being run over she had
contrived the canine red light, so to speak,
No doubt the dog will soon becoon familiar
with the rules of the road—will slow down
and bark at all crossings, keep always on the
proper side of the highway and never go more
than forty miles an hour except when he
sees a cat ahead.
The man who makes no mistakes does
usually make anything.
The astronomer royal of Great BrKain relates that one day his telescope was accidentally shifted downward, so that it commanded
a part of London. Straight in front of him he
saw a church steeple down which ran a crack
so wide that even the vibration of the organ
might have caused it to collapse. He telephoned at once to the vicar, who on being
told that his steeple might fall any minute
thought he was the victim of a practicaljoker.
Wheu he finally realized the serionsness of
warning he closed the church at once:
People who break into song are apt to have
cracked voices.
Proved safe by millions and prescribed by physicians fof
S. T. HULL i
EatabUahed 1910
RenlEstate and Insurance
RosrfdentAmnt Grand Forki Tawntlte
Con-PM--, United
Farms      Orclmril*     City Property
TSSeut* *t 'Helton, Cklmrr, WUsnlre« mil
other Prairie-ttoJisU.  VereoslTar A«en« :
'    BATniNrlUBYtAr*nsi.TI»i
Ritebllisheil In 1910. we ue la 4 pot-Ulan le
larnUh reliable Information roiieeralnsj thlt
Writs" Inrfrssss literals! rt>
Accept only "Bayer" package
which contains proven directions.
Handy "Bayer" boxes of  12  tablets.
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Alplsin ia the trade mark (rcKlKloml In Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of Honoacctlc-
acMcster of Sallcyllcaclil (Acetyl Salicylic Acid, "A. S. A."). While It la well *ccm*tt
that Aspirin meanB Mayer manufacture, to BfiBiat the public against ImiUtiona, tbe Tablet*
of Boyer Company will be stamped with tbelr fenssfal trade mirk, tlu "Bayer Croats."
The Britiah air ministry is said to be experimenting with rotating cylinders like those
used by Herr Flettnor's rotor ship. According
to the theory cylinders set horizontally instead of vertically can be nsed in place ol wings
with a distinct addition tb the flying power of
the machine The cylinders are revolved
clockwise relative to the forward motion of
the plane. The spinning accelerates the motion of the air over the top of the cylinder
and retards it below the cylinder. The accelerated air exercises a lifting force, and the retarded air tends to push the Cylinder upward,
so that the effect is doubled. That, at least,
is the theory. How the experiment works
we shall no doubt soon learn.
Charity sometimes begins at home and ends
in the almshouse.
The silver black fox indnstry.though carried
on in every province iu Cauada, is more intensively developed in the Maritime provinces
During the past fiscal year approximately
4000 live foxes were shipped out of the province of Prince Edward Island. Of these 3000
were exported, many going to ths United
States, where the industry is developing at a
rapid rate.
It takes a handsome young widow to make
a woman hater change his mind.
While America's new sky leviathans.the Los
Angeles and the .Shenandoah, have been amazing the world with their successful performance, England has been testing out her first
superdreadilaught of the air—a deadly new
coast defense aircraft, said to be the largest
single-engin-ed airplane in the world. This
mammoth machine, known as the Uubaroo
Blackburn Napier, recently complejed a successful flight near Hull, England. Driven by
a huge 16-cyliii(ier Napier motor of 100Q
horsepower, it can carry and launch from the
air at a attleship a full-sized naval torpedo
weighing 1000 pounds. Its armament also
includes great armor piercing bombs, as well
•<■   gu ia  iur  repelling air attacks.
Anybody would recover at least a little of
the romance of his youth if he ouly knew how.
To stop the girls they employ fjom talking,
an English hosiery factory is encouraging
them to sing. A gramophone has been in -
stalled in the workrooms, and when the machinery is running the gramophone is put on.
'Chatteriug interferes with output more seriously than almost anything else,'" said a works
official, "but the gramophone, while it does
not distract their attention from their work,
encourages them to sing and stimulates them
The most comfortable way a woman can eat
her bread is to induce some man to earn it for
|Dr. Legard's New Life Tablets
Imparts to tlie Old and Middle aged
Youthf ulncss, Energy and Fit-
ness, rot ird* mental aud physical
decay, tbus pro-noting longevity,
Preserves tlie arteries and tissues,
Sufferers iron) Denf ness with its mauy
distressing accompanying ailments,
as Head noises, deriveal most imme
diate benefit. Calm refreshing sleep
assured Gloom, Depression ind Net-'
vousness is banished under the influence of thine Life giving Tablets
Wrinkles, hard lines aud blemishes
disappear. The skin becomes clear,
light and elastic and the complexion
bright and smooth. Think of the
blessings of perfect health, the pos
sesion of few; the joy of a clear Youthful appearance and tingling blood, of
lustrous hair, bright eyes and health
tinted cheekr- the beauty of radiant
life aud the realisation that Tima has
been put back Ten years to the envy
and admiration of your friends, and
the unbounded satisfaction of your.
Belt. Can you allow a golden opportunity like this to pass) Remember
there are no arduous rules to follow,
no restriction on diet, not are there
any ill effects after. On the contrary
it gives the entire system a feeling of
exhaltation with increased mental
and bodily vigour. Why not look
and feel 30 at SO? Do uot delay,
commence the treatment at once.
Tou will never regret the slight cost
Incurred for such incalculable benefits. The prioe of these Marvellous)
Tablets including Mail Charges is
3 Dollars per bottle, dispatched in
plain wrapper on receipt of amount.
Obtainable from
Dr. Lcftard's Laboratories*
106, Liv rpool Road, Bacnsbury,
London, Bnftland.
Get the habit of
trading at our
Iftnuinion Mo'iniitontnl Works1
AsAmtaatProdac ■ Co. RooGnft
We  have   exceptionally good bar
gains  in "all  our
A co-operative shipment of poultry to New York City, encouraged
and handled by the Dominion Poultry Service, Alberta branch,
brought good res-alt*-. The shipment consisted of two refrigerator
carloads of turkeys and the shippers received 25 cents a pound for
their birds, the New York selling
price being 41 centa a pound.
Hom SO
BOX 33? 6MH0 FORKS, B. C
Furniture  Mado to Order.
Alar/ Repairing of all Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly Done
wimnna atmui
olncient History*
[Taken From Twenty-Year Old Sun Files.]
The Grand Forks Pantheon club has been
organized and commodious and well furnished
clubrooms are being fitted up in the offices re
cently occupied by David Whiteside on First
street. The club, which was formed for social
purposes and to afford a place where business
men might meet to discuss topics of the day,
starts out with an initialjjmembership of one
Blackjack is looked upon by the police commissioners as an undesirable pastime and will
probably be banished from the city.
The board of trade has passed, a resolution
asking for provincial aid for the Kettle Valley
line, and has also decided to petition the railways for lower freight rates.
The Great Northern railway will commence
hauling ore from Phoenix to the Granby smelter on the 15th inst.
Among the interesting books of
the season ls "Canada's Great Highway; from the First Stake to the
Last Spike," by J. H. E. Secretan,
C.E., (published by Thorburn and
Abbott, Ottawa). Dealing with the
early history of the Canadian Pacific Railway, the volume contains
racy reminiscences of life in construction days as experienced by
the author, who was a member of
the company's engineering staff.
Sailing from New York on January 14, the "Empress of France,"
palatial Canadian Pacific steamship,"' began her 'round-the-world
cruise, which ie to last 180 days. The
vessel was gaily decked with flags
and filled with happy passengers
eager to enjoy the experience of a
lifetime. F. L. Wanklyn and Mrs.
Wanklyn, were anonf * those on
board. "Mr. Wanklyn recently re-
ired from his position as executive
assistant of the Canadian Pacific
Marriage isn't a failure any oftener than single blessedness is.
Corporation of the City of Grand Forks
Tenders will be received by the undersigned up
to February 23rd, 1925, for the purchase of all or any
of some 500,003 brieks in place in two stacks and flue-
chamber at Granby smelter site.
The highest or any tender not neeessarily accepted.
The annual tax for 1925 on male dogs $1.50 and
female dogs $2.50 is now due and payable to the Chief
of Police or at the City Office.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harrjs line of   farm   equipment.     Let us
figure 9n your needs.
A Complete line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
«s ■
Ml -
Sun's Page ^People and Events of Passing News Interest
the acme of loco,
motive constri
t|on In tp far
"i 1st
The Devil's Potholes
National Park, is one of the
natural wonders of the entire
Rocky Mountain region. A vast
deft in the solid rock, reaching a
depth of some 200 feet, and so narrow in places that one may step
•cross it easily, draws from the
tourist expressions of awe and
wonder at the power of accumulated forces ol water.
Tumbling headlong down the
narrow gorge goes . the Maligna
River, mysterious as to its source
and for part of its length a subterranean stream, on its way to
Join the quieter * waters of the
Athabasca far below. At times on
its passage through the narrow
gorge, it tumbles more than one
hundred feet in a sheer drop, its
eddies being churned to foam as
the waters beat a tattoo  against
Entrance to Cave, Maligne Canyon
the rocky sides of the canyon on
their downward leap.
From the footbridges which span
the narrow gash in the solid rock,
tourists watch entranced the effect of the waters on the rocky
sides. Here and there, seemingly
tired of the effort to stand upright
through the centuries, the sides of
the gorge appear to have leaned
toward one another, until an intervening rock cast itself into the narrow space and held the walls apart.
Trunks of trees and jutting rocks
form footbridges across the chasm
a hundred feet below the tourists'
feet, as they stand admiring the
glint of the noon-day sun upon the
falling water.
Maligne Canyon is a mecca for
visitors to Jasper Park Lodge, the
splendid log-cabin hostelry of the
Canadian National Railways, and
rightly so, for tbere are few na
tural rock formations to equal in
interest those found in the canyon
The Devil's Potholes, curious indentations in the solid rock over
which the Maligne River flowed before the Canyon was worn to its
present depth, arc holes worn deep
in the surface rock by the action
of swirling flood waters, when a
largo stone has been whirled round
and round in an untiring circle
until the stone itself was worn
small and round, and deep circular
holes have been ground into thc
surface of' the rock, remaining as
mute testimony to the power of
rusl ing waters.
Maligne Canyon, while one of the
most wonderful formations to be
found in the Rocky Mountains, is
but one of the many natural attractions of Jasper National Park
In addition there are thc snowcapped peaks on every side; the
«Iaciers of Mount Edith Cavell and
The Canyon in Winter
the mountains surrounding Maligne Lake, the Hoodoos of the
Cavell motor highway and hundreds of others. Wild animal life
is abundant, and the calm peace of
the out-of-doors is assured to the
tired holidayrseeker.
And in addition to thc natural
beauties of the Park, a commodious
log cabin bungalow hotel; with excellent cuisine and all the comforts
of the modern city hotel, provides
a starting point from which parties
may radiate by motor or pack-
horse or afoot to travel by motor
road or pack trail into the very
heart of the wilderness. It was
the ddition of the comforts and
conveniences of Jasper Park Lodge
to the beauties of Jasper National
Park which caused one noted
American traveller to exclaim: "At
last. I have found the place, whore
God and man go fifty-fifty to
produce perfection."
An Opportunity to Win &5.000
A Beautiful Art Calender Free
Tho Grand Forks Sun lias lonoluded an arrangement with Tlio
Family ll'irald and Wu'-kly Star ni Montreal liy wliieh wn can offer the
greatest bargain ever given to newspaper readot-s
The onor includes a full yon's subscription to both papers, an art calendar with a most beautiful pioture s ibjeot read-' (or framing, und an opportunity to win a prize of $5,000 cash,
[h tin- Federal Election uf \..\ there were 3,119,306 votes cast out of
a total of 1,435,310 names on tlm voters li^t.
How many votes will be polled in Tlie next Federal Election!
The Eumly Herald and Weekly Sim are offering Ten Thouaand Dollars
in!) I prims f jr tlu out pitinovte, i■ ■ 1 nir irrangemttnt with the publishers
of that great wookly givesovery Grand Korks .Sun subscriber an opportunity
to mak.: an estimate and perhaps win the capital prize of 85,1)00. Some porson
will win.    Why should it not be you!
Read Thi- Bargain
The (irand Forks Sun Costs SI.OO per Year.
The Family Herald and   Weekly Star Costs $2.00
per Year.
We now offer a full year's subscription to both papers, including a copy
of The Family Herald Art Calendar and the right to make one estimate in
The Family Herald Elootion Contest.
All for S2.00
Estimates must bu made at time, oil subscribing, and no changes will be
permitted afterwards.
Order Now at This Office
'.   i fresh'Flavor
reflect?.-the absolute purity of fhe blend.
Delicious to the last drop.   -•  Try it.
News of the City
About Chriitnjao a coyote waa
phot -•> thisi city and Dr Aarep,
Dominion vflterinarj* surgeon, sent
the .iiiirri'ii 6 He-id to the patbologi.-t
ut \v ,. > few days ago tbe
dootor  i- letter  from the
p  tho that  the  head
was ini ted with r,bis and advipr
ing him      I ie on the  lookout
fot any 'i c tions among the
Btock in i Ier to iso itain if tber.
were iii ifec    .   coyotes  iu  this
A number ol ! (Oil  Liberals  went
up to the  Greenwood  meeting this
week, when a li?trict Liberal association   was  formed for Grand Forks-
Greenwood     riding    The    officers
elected wire: President, E. 0. Hen-J
niger; vice president, T. M.   Gul!ey;
secretary, J   A. McCallum; executive
oommittee, J. C, Dale, Cirtni; Mrs.
Jaro.3* Dru n, Baaverdellj   Mrs. Jjs.
ChrUiim, Coristi in Valley;  Camille
Saunier, Westbridge; W.Hanrihan,
Rock Creek; 0. Wnoeler, Riverside;
H   T.   Letts, Bridesv lie; H. Eriekson,   Midway;   E. Lund, Boundary
Fall.-; 8. W  Auger, Kholt; Antonio
Ferraro,   Fife;   li.   G. Uitchie, Casn
cade; W. A. Glover,   Brown  Creek;
J.   H    Goodeve, Greenwood; John
Donaldson, H   11. Henderson,Grand
Ollicers on the reserve and retired
list, Canadian militia, residing in
the province of British Columbia,
are Dosified tliat tbey should report
in writing to the D.O.C., M.D. 11,
Victoria, B.C., on or before the 1st
Apri; iu each year, giving address
lor tin; current yaar, this in order
that their names be retained in the
milttia list, This also applies to
officers formerly R.O. and E L., C.
E.F,, as those lists have been absorbed into tbe R.O. and R L.C.M,
Tlie Canadian Girls iu Training
will hold a social in the store build"
ing on Bridge sireet formerly occupied by John Grassick tomorrow
It i- claimed that a pack of bus h
wolves beve adopted thiB neighbor -
hood as their bome aod tbat they
are living on venison.
H. VV". Young is installing radio
receiving.sets at Kimberlty.
Are those  who perform grateful
enough to tbose who look on?
(fver two million dollars will be
spent on further construction work
on tbe Kamloops-Kes-owna branch
line of the Canadian National rails-
way this year,according to estimates
in the department of railways report
ableJ in tbe 1 i leral house. The
gstimated expenditure for this line
is£2J68,000, which is a big share
of thc 88,766,585 which is expected
to be snenton aii branch line construction in 1925.
Wealb i co diti ms during the
pasa two week ippear to indicate
that : be    irrived.   The  warm
wind* from l. ^outh are rapidly
removing ail ie now trom the district
Tbe old 1 OO.F, buikli g on
Biid»ii street e been razed this
week, j was ii I i.idmark of pioneer
days. A new ie storey building
wi 1 bi i ted in thc site as soon us
wu ali i c   idi i nt will permit.
The Liberal Ladies
Will hold a Social in the
Liberal committee rooms
on Bridge street on
Friday Evening, Feb. 20
Everybody Welcome
If you baveu't anything else to
do, you can paj j our dog lax. It is
now du .
Geo. U I£gg . Bt display oi nice
looking 'i ii in local properties in
bis r> a        r      Iiii ,   window
Ed mart I week received from
Los Angel tl rlificate oi August 8 inittei ■ tub. The remains
bave •!   i    nipped to deceased pld
bume ni I IH i i ll  oui'ial,
R. a. Bi iwn b ij entered an action ■-,-■'■ lloukhnbur Com-
mum ■ i i ■ images, alleging
tbat I . v: i ii pansible for the
(ire th..i burni ii ...;u out last year.
Tne case b is b ■ u set for the Kith ol
March in .ue c lunty court
MO'l'ICE IS HEKKUY GIVEN, in accordauce
* * with tho Statutes, that all assessed taxea,
assessed ami levied under the "Taxation Act'"
uml "Public iuhisol Aot". arc due and payable
un -February loth, lUi5.
All taxes collectable for the Kettle River
Assessment District are due and payable at
i.iy olliee, Oovorumcnt 1'iiililiiiir, I'enttoton,
11. C
This notice, in terms of law, Is equivalent
tn it personal ilemaadby me upon all persons
liable for taxes.
Ii.neil ut 1'i-utii ion, B.C.. this Oth day of
February, 1925.
• .'"Hector, Kettle River Assessment Distrlot
Wholesale and Retail
enlor in
Havana Ci liars, Pipes
iM,WSSm:-.■: ■        ■■■ >->^~-:,^*?^^^-'-imm*
Imperial Billiard Parlor|
liraud Fork*, It. C.
Won ;i in i. attempts toseive
two opposing parties he must necessarily be a traitor io oue of ihem.
CUE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
J. M. Coatello, superintendent of
the western division, James D.iyle
aud oiner offl si ii; of tbo Great
Northern railway, aio in the city tori .iy.
li m, a iiii im Sloan, provincial
minimi i ol mini s, was a visitor iu
the clt) . n i M inday.
K (J. fctauniger returned onTues«
dsy from .i busi i is trip to Spokane.
KJ" ..    tiwii/Y' ■;■*■>.*■ *xsjs5rf ■   -:    '-- ■ • +<■ ■■■*^&&$*-*'-J,**ifte^M
\  .     A,.*..l,.^hll.**itfmW.mMi.*K'-m*.*  '      !    . st'-.
r^gkb^   .A*'MkeW'-&^
S**> *■',   -■;'•'-"'.-   -.";.-,**    .'■'--
Adds Sunday Edition
High Grade Magazine Section.
Oc'ored Comic Section.
Numerous Special Features.
any address in B-iitish Columbia outside Greater
Yearly subscriptions not accepted at this rate.
Rate trom Agents, 25c per month.*
Sunday Edition 5c per copy.
Through Local Agent or Postmaster.
Special Note—AM  regular subscribers  will  receive
Sunday edition with no extra charge.    If subecriptions
were paid  in advance at 50c per month, proper credit
will be applied to their- account in due course.
Go Visiting By
Lo-g Distance
In the comfort of your home you can use the longdistance telephone to talk to friends or relatives at distant points. Letters cannot equal the "-enjoyment
which such conversations bring.
Somewhere there is someone whose voice you
would like to hear again. Perhaps Long Distance
can unite you. Long-distance telephoning is-cheapest
after 8:30 o'clock at night.
"Once in awhile between friends
--Long Distance"
Special For This Week
Three doz. O C c
_   Oranges    OO
Phone 25 "Service and Quality"
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have yini seen the new models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as now coin.! As weatherproof as aducid Automobile Steel
Bearings Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Ileal Quality. Real
Value.  Easy Terms.  We are tbo poople to mount yon right.
J. R. MOOYBOER %^_**^£S&
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
ShipIourCream to
Tbe Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
We pay the highest price and assnro
you ths most accurate tast. Give your
local croamery your trade.
British   Columbia Telephone
npllE value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Bail programs
i   Business cards
VLiting cards
Sh'pping tags
Letterheads   .
Price lists
Transfer Co.
City Baggage and General
'Coal,   Wood and   Ice
for Sale
Office at [R. t. Petrie's Store
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yalk Hotrl,  First* iurkt^ jj1!
VMsut. n&r-M«n-«4l «BTr*»r<*4
'iown lansja may b* ss* MJJUtl *jr
Britlah -mbJ-scU aver li -fas** at aaa,
in* hfr aHens *m **t*mfarum* InUnOtn
to sMcsmpi Britlah auhjaata, aamdl-
tlooal uvea >-*»l-taKM, sMaoaaUan,
.it*   ImproTsnuHst   far    atfrtattltaral
rail lBtorawtion oaaaaralnf rapi-..
latlaoa ratarsllnc pra-amatlafa la
glvan la BuUaUn Ne. l, Lahd ********.
'Haw to Pra-ampt le*a**" aoplaa af*
vhlsjh aan ba obUlnas) trae ot oaasg*
by a-Uraaalna tha DaparOaaMt af
tinto, Viotorla, B.O, ar to hay *-***>-
■ rnmaat Asaat
Raoardi  will ba araatad tsavarlna
mly land auitabla  far   acrtoultaral
purpoaia, aad whieh la not tlmbar-
*   , earrylnc ever liOOO board
aora waat of tha Ceaat Baaga
land, ****, carrying ever liOOO board
feet par aore waat of tha Coeat Baaga
and MM feet par aora eaat of that
New Type
JLatest Style
Colombia stfenue and        /
..=,  ;  UkaStr-set /
/VppUcaH-MM far pr.-suuptloni are .
ii be aaWtMai to the Land Cobi-
mlMtoner of the Land Reoordlnc Dlvlilon. tn whtoh the land aspUel Mr
la altuated, aad are nuoto on arlatad
forau, ooptaa ef whtoh oaa be eb-
lalaed freaa tha Laad Oammlaaloear.
Pra-amptton* muat ba ooeuplad for
fraa year* and hapravamaata made
to -ralu* of $10 par aore, Inoludlng
(-soaring aad ouiuvatlng at leaat flya
aorea. before a Crown Grant ean ba
Cor mora detailed lafonx ation aee
'he Bulletin "How to Fn-cmpt
Applluatlona are reoelved for pi /■
clune of vacant and unreeerved
Orawn landa, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
prloe of fln-t-olaia (arable) land la IB
par aore, and aeoond-olaes (graaing)
land |2.to pet- acre. Further Information regarding purohase or laaao
of Crown lands ls given ln Bulletin
No. lb, Land Series, "Puroliaee aad
Leaae of Ciown Landa."
IUU, factory, or Industrial sites on
Umber land, not exoeedlng it aorea,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions Inoludlng payment of
Unsurveyed areaa, aat exceeding 10
aorea, may be leaaed aa homealtes,
conditional upon a dwelling being
erected In the first year, title being
obtainable after residence and improvement conditions ara fulfilled
and laad haa been surveyed.
For graaing and Industrial pur-.
poaaa areaa not exoeedlng 640 ear so
may ha laaaed by one person ar a
oompany. ,
Under tbe Oraalng Aot the Prev-
lnee ia divided Into graaing districts
and the range administered under a
Oraalng        Commissioner.       Annual
graaing permits, are leeued baaed on
numbers ranged; priority being given
o established owners.  Stock-owners
iay form   associations    for    range I
management.   Free, or partially free.
irmlts   are  available   for    settlers,
umpers   and   tr—vellers.   up   to   tea


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