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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist May 23, 1924

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Array The Grand Forks irrigation system, the most modern and efficient plant for its size in Canada, was made possible only* through the policy of the Oliver
government, and was obtained through the efforts ofthe member for Grand Forks.   How should the people of this district vote on June 20th next?
Victoriu, May 21.— Gov<-roments
are invariably suhj-cted to abuse
and misunderstanding. Admitted,
no government is ever above critic
ism and most governments hive
fallen far short of whui tuiglrt imve
been expected of them But wbat
the electors of any country must
decide is whether or not tbe ruling
administration can be impioved
upon by making a change.
Today British Columbia is within
a month of a general election. A
complicated situation exists. Throe
parties are in tbe field, but only one
can win. Aod the one outstanding
question wbicb the voter muat answer is: Can we afford to displace
Premier Oliver?
There m\y be some questions
upon which this paper does not
agrae with Hon. John Oliver, but it
does not feel tbat he alone of tbe
party leaders seeking the endorsation of the electorate is capable of
carrying on the government of
British Columbia with fair efficiency
and economy, No olher government in Canada has made sucb rapid
strides along tbe line of beneficent
legislation as bas the Oliver administration. It leads in social nnd labor legislation, forestry protection,
the encouragemmt of agricultural
and mining development, and its
leader has kept a li in hold upon
»he eqchequer, with lbe result that
today tbe credit of tlie province is
the beat in the Dominion.
That record would permit of
pages of comment, but in tbis day
of speed and economy, even in newspaper reading, the vofer has had
ample opportunity to judge for
himself. Tbe province hns been
flooded with anti-governmentpropa-
ganda, wbich naturally bas necessitated the government's checkmate.
Qovernment literature is being circulated freely. Thp voter who stands
firmly behind Premier Oliver needs
no counsel aud probably would take
none. Tbat, too, may be true of lbe
voter who has yet to make his decision. His problem is again the
question—Can British Columbia af
ford to remove John Oliver?
Compilation of agricultural statistics of British Columbia .or the year
1923 has just besn completed by the
department of agriculture, under
Hon. E. D. Barrow. An increase in
value isshown of nearly $4,000,000
over 1922. Tbe value of all agricultural products for 1923 was $59,-
159,000. Livestock increased from
114,550 000 in 1922 to 115,920,000
last year. Dairy products increased
by over 91,250,000, being $9,234,-
000, as against «8,000,001 in  1922.
The total fruit production shows
an increase of $1,100,000, last
year's value being $6,034,000, as
oompared with $4,915,000 in 1922.
Vegetables showed a alight increase,
as did grata.
tscgislstiie Library    , J
•'Tell me what you Know Is tru--
I can-^uens as well as you."f7
FRIDAY, MAY 23,   1924
Premier Oliver Galling a
Conference to Determine New Assessment
in the Province
Vernon, May 21.—Premier Oliver
carried his election fight-into tbe
Okan gan fruit country today with
a clear cut intimation of taxation
relief for the farmers of British Col
umhia in spr-eches ut Armstrong in
the ufternoon.find here in the even»
ing be announoed tbat be was on li-
ing together officials in charge of the
assessment of farm lands throughout
the province lo confer wilh them on
more equitable assessment methods
so as to relieve the burden ol tbe
agricultural producer at the next
session of tbe legislature.
He added an emphatic, denial to
tbe charge that his government bad
reduced tbo taxation on agricultural
lands at the lust session of the legis
lature purely as a political maneuver with tbe intention of raising it
again after tbe election.
When British Columbia renews
its freight and express rate fights it
wifl bave tho solid support of Al»
berta and S«6katchewon, tbe press
mier stated in bis spee-sb in Armstrong this afternoon. The premiers
of the two otber western provinces,
he declared, had agreed to put tbe
full weight of their governments
behind the campaign for rate equalization. He analyzed rhe r-te situation at length and explained bow
tbe interior fruit industry is stifled
by high express schedules.
IPW-   *    **■•*   -V'WmmmY-
WW -*v «?3Kft
■    KjK     "•** -■••**•*«■#■»
1   I  -<•-.'?"
j-BI    -VP^t-Bfalk-r
... -*y^**trWmi
",'.::"U   H
1      sPP^'-iNrl
■>m 1
an         .   j>. .*,
**■                     .   ...*&*,
■      Hh
"By their works sball ye know
them," runs tbe proverb, and witb
the election due ob June 20, it may
not be out of place to recount some
of the accomplishments of the Oliver government.
Outstanding are mothers'pensions
and otber legislatiou benefiting
women and children—tbe deserted
wives' maintenance act, maternity
protection for working mothers, protection of women and girls in fa?-
tories, minimum wage for women,
equal guardianship] of children,
the proper care of neglected children, establishment of juvenile
The workmen's compensation act
and the eight-hour law are outstanding achievements. To these
are. coupled free government employment offices.
This ts to name but a few of tbe
things accomplished by the government. Mention must be made of the
reduction in freight rates, largely
the achievement of tbe preraier.who
will make a further determined fight
for the rrmoval of all discrimination.
Premier Oliver
who arrived iu tbe city this evening
and will address tbe electors of
Grand Forka Greenwood riding in
Grand Forks opera house tonight
Ramsay MacDonald—"Gome over here now, and
learn this lesson by heart!"
The Rossland Cascade highway
from Bossland to Christina Lake
and Grand Forks is now open for
the season, according to information
obtained from Road Foreman Prest
ley, says the Rossland Miner. The
highway has been closed for eome
months owing to the heavy snowfall
Work has been under way for the
past month clearing bad places in
the road by government road gangs.
Tbis wili be glad news to citizens
of Rossland and surrounding district, as the drive over the highway
is one of the prettiest to be found
in the Kootenays.
The highway is said to be in good
Mrs. Donald McCallnm and son
Laird left last night to spend a
couple of months with relatives
near Toionto.
The outlook for the marketing of
the interior fauit crop this year is
much more promising than it has
been for some time, according to
J. B. Dickey, a member of tbe sales
staff of the Associated Growers of
British Columbia, who acted for tbe
big cooperative in the middle west
last season.
He states tbat the organization is
in better shape and will receive
more united support than it received
lost year, They will be able to
profit by the experience they gathered then and, Mr. Dickey expects
will secure results that will be satisfactory.
The crop, he says, has been af
fected to a limited extent by the
irost, and though it is too early to
make an accurate estimate, it has
been stated that the apple crop will
not run more tban 85 per cent of
Many Names Were
Added to the List
A sitting of the court of revision
was held in Qreenwood on Monday
tor the purpose of revising the list
of voters for the Grand Forks-
Greenwood electoral district An
adjourned|sitting of the court was
held at the court bonee in tbis city
on Tuesday. Many names were
added to tbe list at botb sittings.
District Road Gngineer Gwyer,
of Penticton, is in the city today oo
professional duties.
The Irish of It
Kelly—If yez force me to pay that
note now, I can.t pay it.
O'Brien—Butif I wait till yez pay
it, I'll never get it.
Planted in Official Trial
Grounds With View of
Permanent Registration
The Golden Delicious apple, which
is favorably regarded by certain
local growere, is among a number
fruits and flowers which have been
passed for recording bv the plant
registration committee of the Canadian horticultural council.
A statement on tbesubject.issued
by tbe director of publicity of the
Dominion department of agriculture
ie as follows:
Tbe Canadian horticultural council reports that a number of fruits
and flowers have recently been
passed for recording by the plant
registration committee of tbe council. These include one variety each
of the apple, peach, raspberry, fern
and lily The apple, named Golden
Delicious, originated from a seedling in West Virginia many years
ago. The raspberry, named Newman, originated on the farm of C P.
Newmau at Villa La Salle, Que.,
and waB discovered in 1911. The
peacb, Sangster, is of large dimensions, measuring tbree inches in
three directions. The lily, named
George C. Creelman, is the product
of a cross between Liiium Sargentiae
and Regale, made at the Ontario
Agricultural Coliege by Miss I,
Preston, now of the Central experimental farm, Tbe fern, Lady
Atholstan, is a sport from N. Scotti
and resembles tbe Boston fern.
These varieties will be planted and
observed in tbe official trial grounds
with a view to their permanent
Vernon, May 20 —To correct nn
impression which appears to be pre-
valent among some of our groweis,
that the Associated Las closed the
do rs against further negotiations
with independent shippers for some
practical, organized effort to control distribution and stabilize prices,
we wish to say that this is not in
any sense tbe true situation
The plan uuder consideration ob.
viously required the support of all
independent shinpers to be a practical solution of the marketing problem. This to date has not been secured. The leported association
including 100 per cent of independents was not formed uolil (bey
bad reported to ub that full support
oould not be obtained for the pro.
posed board of control.
The Associated, being assured of
the necessary 80 per cent, tbe question of their functioning for 1924
was definitely decided irrespective
of the negotiations with ehippers,
but this dees (mot mean ibal the
Associated gives any hss recngni
tion to the importance of unifnd
control of 100 per ceut of the crop,
or at least of united action for securing tbe best possible distribution
and stabilization of prices.
With this in mind, the directors
of the Associated »t tbeir meeting
on May H appointed a standing
committee consisting of the president, the general managerand Thos.
Bulman to aet in any further negotiations witb tbe independent Bbip-
perB for a practical solution of the
difficulty, but no indication has
been received that they are open to
further negotiations std no reply
has been given to alternative suggestions put forward by us—Associated Growers of British Cu'umbia,
Granted Absolute Divorce
The application of Robert Simpson, of tbis city, for a divorce
from bis wife, Bertha Lucille
Simpson, wus heard before Mr,
Jnstice D. A. Macdonald on Mon.
day last. Defendant left bome in
1919 and hae been living in California for some years and the cane
was proven by affidavit evidence.
A decree of absolute divorce was
granted. F. B. Hetherington waB
counsel for petition r.
The damage caBe of Fracbe Ifjos.
vs. The Christian Community of
Universal Brotherhood Limited
was settled out of cours,
A Haughty Capitalist
The laboring man sovonty years
ago was pretty well satisfied. Labor
troubles in thia country were almost
unheard of then, though at infro
quent intervu Is an employee would
find a grievance against his employer,
That of the machinist whom A. B.
Farquhar tells of in his book, The
First Million tho Hardest, is certainly amusing, viewed at this date,
One afternoon, says Mr. Farquhar,
a machinist came to us in high
dudgeon from another shop and asked
for a job. We wanted to know, of
course, why he had loft his old place.
"Ii was thia way," he said, "the
boss waa out walking with a lady the
other night, and I passed him and
said, 'How do you do, Harry?' And
the next day he came around to me
end said,'When I am out walking
with a lady I don't want you to speak
to me.' I won't work for n man who
acta that way!"
It. A. Brown has laileu heir to
about$51)0, ttie amount being payment in full ior some poles which
shipped oiauy years ago and which
he had jut down in the profit and
loss column.
SKALLD TENDERS supers-cubed
"Tender for High School, Grand
Forks, li. Ot," will be received by
the uudoruigned up lo 12 o'clock
noon of Saturday, June 7th, 1924,
for the ereetlots ot a school building
ou Wiuuipeg Avenue, Grand Forks,
B, (J., forthe Board of Trustees of
the School Districi, Grand Forks,
B. 0.
Three of the classrooms must be
ready for occupation by September
1st, 1921; balance of building completed not later than October 16tb,
Intending tenderers may obtain
one copy of plans and specifications
by applyi g to the undersigned,
with ii deposit of iff25, which will be
refunded on theii return in good
liach proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque
made payable to the Board of Trustees |0i the School District, Grand
Forks, li. C, for a sum equal to 10
per cent of the tendei, wbieb will
he forfeited if ihe party tendering
declines to enter into contract when
called upon to do so, or if he fail to
complete the work contracted for.
The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will he returned to them on
the execution of the contract.
The successful tenderer will be
required to furnish a surely bond to
the value of 50 cent per of the
•mount of his contract.
Tenders will nnt be considered
nnlpss signed with the r.ctual signature of the tenderer.
The lowest or any tender not
necessarilv accepted.
Seerelarv School Board.
P. O. Box 220, Grand Forks, B. C. j   j   m.1   -        '   -     ,     _..
Ufa (&m\h Warm $mt
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)      1.50
Addi'esr • ■** ;cations to
Thk Gkanp Fobki Son
Phonb 101R Guano Forks, B. C.
FRIDAY, MAY  •!'.,, 1924
That is the question every voter must ask
himself before June 20.
Isolated out here behind the Rock mountains and three thousand miles from the political, linancial and population centres of
Canada, this province his struggled and
fought for thirty-five years for its very existence.
Omada's tariff' policy has prevented British
Columbia from eujoyhg commercial relations
witb our natural and adjacent trading markets
—■ Washington, Oregon and California. And
C na la's freight rate siructure is designed in
a manner which facilitates the movement of
western raw products eastward and eastern
manufactured products westward, disregarding altogther tin natural short haul in and out
to Pacilic tide-water. So that since joining
confederation, this provinceihas been the out
post, the tail-end of business Canada.
The Panama canal entirely changed all this
by dividing Canada into two transportation
slopes, and therefore into two trading areas,
the eastern area to be served from the Atlantic, and the western area to be served from
the Pacific.  «   •
But it is one thing to have a natural heritage or a moral right, aud it is another thing
to collect that heritage or enforce that right,
Notwithstanding British Columbia's claim
to greater recognition from Business Canada,
thc executives of every large financial, com
eial, political and transportation corporation
in Canada are personally inteiested and personally live in eastern Canada. Although Vancouver is the third city in Canada, there is not
a Vancouver director on theCanadiatiNatioual,
on the C.P.R., on the Canada Grain Board,
on the Dominiou liailway Board, or on any
one of the large institutions of Canada. Undor such conditions, what chance has B. C. to
get proper recognition—to even ge' a hearing?
The only chance we have of developing this
end of Canada within the next generation, is
to get out and fight for recognition, fight for
equalized freight rates, an equal charge for
equal service applying to other parts of (Canada, tight for free and unrestricted use of the
Panama canal, fight for representation 'on
financial and national directorates, and fignt
for the right of this province to develop ai)d
Whether one HUes or dislikes Premier Oliver; whether one agrees or disagrees with him
ou other questions (and the Vancouver Sun
disagrees with him on many things), it must
be admitted:
1. John Oliver's homely common sense and
dogged fighting qualities particularly adapt
him for a champion of equity and justice.
2. That he is lighting for conditions, which
are fundamental to the prosperity of British
Columbia. Without these conditions, we can
make no real progress.
,'3. That great, progress has already been
made by him in the case of grain rates, grain
elevators, and harbor improvements; and,
working with a sympathetic government at
Ottawa, there i.s every reason to look for and
expect even more favorable conditions in the
immediate future.
4. That lo replace Premier Oliver at this
particular time with either Mr. Bowser or
Gen. McRae would in effect say to official
Ottawa that we were not sincerely interested
in Premier Oliver's campaign. But this is not
ho; we are interested, vitally interested.
Disregarding petty issues, disregarding personal sentiment and disregarding political
sentiment, our provincial election gets down
to the simple economic question—Can this
province afford to repudiate Premier Oliver?
—Vancouver .Sunday Sun.
The soul of a newspaper is it editorial
Without the convictions of the editor expressed editorially in his paper the paper is as
dead as an engine without steam.
It doesn't make any difference, whether
readers of the editor's paper agree with his
conviction or not. That is not a question in
dispute. If ait editor is honest, sincere and
conscientious in his oonvictions you have no
right to impugn his motives just because you
can't agree with certain things he may write.
If his writings do not carry the ring of honest
conviction; if he is merely writing to please the
popular fancy and selling his editorial influence
just to satisfy the money changer then, and
only then, have you a right to question his
usefulness as an editor.
The editor of the Windom citizen states the
case quite aptly when he says:
"The principal purpose of the editor'al column is to bring up something for his readers
to think about—something that they ought to
think about. The editorial page that achieves
that purpose is doing somethi.ig for its readers
that is a distinct benefit tc*-them. The writer
has had the experience a few times of having
subscribers come in and stop the paper because their views did not coincide with the
editor's opinion expressed in the editorial
page. People win read the'uewspapers in that
•lmnnr ire making a big mistake."
Another apt reference to edLors is herewith
reprinted from Northwestern Christian-'Advo-
"The editor is in the same citegory with the
teacher, the tniaister, the physician, the  politician.    For each of these named  to cater to
the desires and appetites of his patrons in the
school room or sanctuary or oliice or platform
without assuming responsibility to mould and
direct  the  public taste and desire, would be
counted   a gross  dereliction of a simple and
plain duty.   Imagine a  minister preaching a
gospel that his congregation   wished.    Wonld
there  be any denunciation of personal si   or
rebuke of unethical conduct? A politician who
builds his platform out of a popular sentiment
regardless of justice  might  win a campaign,
but would wreck a community or state.   The
business of 'giving the public what they want'
universally indulged, wouid  ditch  society  in
record time.    If editors would even  be con
jent with appeasing the perverted tastes of
the public, that were bad enough, but by glar
ing and profuse illustration they  actnally  develop  an  appetite  for more sensational and
salacious reading,    The press of the land can
become one of the greatest, if not the most
powerful single agency for  moral  uplift and
community betterment. The challenge is theirs
to accept.    Will    they?"—Sherburn  (Minn.)
Advance .Standard.
Sidelights on a Great Industry
Invested in .Sawmills and
Logging Equipment in
B. G. Interior—-Inland
Timber Industries Have
P yroll of $10,000,000
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in*
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Confectionery jjj
^Established 1910
RealEstate and Insurance
Resident Agent Grund Forks Towosite
Company, Limited     ,
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forks, B. C.
Transfer Company
APPROXIM ATELY $30,000,000
is inve?'.nd in lumber mills and
logging equipment in inland British
At a consoi vative estimate 8000
men are c ■• (aged iu the combined
timber industries in tbe interior,
with a payroll of close on $10,000,-
The standing timber of inland
British Coin ubia is reckoned at
150,000,000,000 feet, and 43 per
cent of the n-na is described as ab
solute forest I ind.
According ',■> the last official report publish id, there are about 150
sawmill* aod shingle mills operating
with a daily opacity of 4,000,000
Heavy Production in 1923
In 1923 the logging camps in the
iutenor produced 442,000,000 feet
if logs of all descriptions aod the
value of th a aawn lumber alone was
not less than $8,000,000.-In addi-
lion large quantities of pol-'s, fence
posts, railway ties, shingle bolts,
etc , would add many hundreds of
thousands of dollars to this total.
The pole and tie industry of Central and Northern B. C. is davelop-
ing into a most important branch of
loggiug. As yet the pulp and paper
industry has no plant operating in
the interior, although an enormous
quantity of the very finest pulpwood
on the continent is available.
These   facts   and figure demoo
strate tbe vital  importance of its
inland lumberinduetry tothe whole
province of British Columbia.
City Baggage and General
Coal,   Wood and   Ice
(or Sale
Farms     Orchards     City Property
-JAgenU at Nelson,  Calgary, WihsslpCB- aud
otber Prairie polnta. Vanoouver Ageus) :
Established In 1910. we are In a poilllon to
fnrnlfsh reliable information s-uucernlnr this
Write fur freo lltrsratstre
Office  at   R.   F.  Petrie's Store |
Phone 64
E.G. Henniger Go.
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, B. C.
E. C. Henniger is the first member who has
represented Grand Forks who has fulfilled
every pre-election promise to the letter and
obtained for the district everything that the
citizens have asked for. This is an enviable
record, and one that deserves reelection by
a rousing majority. To discard Mr, Henniger
on the 20th of June would be base ingratitude
on the part of tho-electors.
c4ncient History
Items Taken Prom Tbe Qrand Forks Sun for the Corresponding
"Week Twenty Yean Ago
Work on the Phoenix branch of the Great
■Northern will be commenced inside of thirty
The Japanese bottling works continue to
work overtime. Port Arthur is still being
bottled up seven times per week.
Some queer stories find their way into the
ilaily papers as press dispatehes these days.
Last week a special dispatch to the London
Times and the Podunk Pennant made the
startling announcement that W. R. Hearst,
of American yellow journalistic fame, intended to establish a first class newspaper in
People are so unreasonable. The Sun has
received numerous requests of late to "roast"
people and things in general. In order to
"roast" effectively, it is quite necessary that
the "roaster" should be hot. And it is only
two weeks'since The Snn man visited Phoe
nix! The old man is pretty swift sometimes,
but it is too much to expect bim to thaw out
in so short a time.
This series nf articles communicated
by tlie Timber Industries Council of
British Columbia.
The stock is complete in very
line, and up-to-date and of
superior quality.
GROCERIES —This department is well stocked
with everything needed
by the housewife in the
kitchen. The goods are
fresh and of high grade.
CLOTHING-Our clothing and dry goods department is betterstocked
with seasonable goods
than ever.
PRICES—It will pay you
to get our prices before
buying elsewhere.
:Phone 20
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
A. Z. PARE, ^Proprietor
Yam* Hotel, Fiust   iubkt>
Dear Sir:
The hours set by the City Council from this date for
Lawn and Garden Sprinkling are: from 6 a.m. to 9 a.
m. and trom 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and such sprinkling
shall be done only through sprays and nozzles exceeding not three-sixteenth inch in diameter. Consumers
are  requested in case of fire alarm tp turn off all taps.
I am instructed by the City Council to impress upon
you the necessity of strictly adhering to the above
regulations as any person guilty of infraction is liable
to prosecution.
Grand Forks, May 12th, 1924.   ..
City Clerk.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your neeids.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
iBH       Furniture and Hardware
Those magic boots of old—the seven-
league boots—were the work of an imaginative mind. Who would ever expect
to walk seven leagues in a single step?
The story of the seven-league boots
was written in the days long before the
present time with its possibilities. These
days there is no need for such wonderful
steppers. There is the telephone. It is
no effort now to talk a hundred times
seven leagues. The world is virtually at
one's door. This age of wonderment is
based, too, on imagination, but is imagination plus practical experiment and
great development.
Sun's Page if People and Events of Passing News Interest
British Empire Exhibition at Werohly.   From lift to rlcM (at buk).   The Stadium,
dian Pacific Building, Canada, Australia, The Ornamental Laics). Palace of Engineering, a
thc foreground entrance to Palace of India.
Advice From Cheap Seats
We have often wished we might
be present when one of the bright
remarks so oftto reported as utter
ed by some one in a bored audience
as actually uttered While we are
waiting for that to happen we copy
from the Taller this amusing ex*
For nearly ao hour the lecturer
had held forth prosily without getr
ting anywhere. At hst he stopped
and tben said in impressive iqih-s:
"I pauBO to aak myself a question."
"Better not," came a voice from
the back of the hall; "yovr'U only
get a foolish answer."
Canada is financially sound. On
April 14th the investors and savings
account holders of the country wern
offered twelve million dollars worth
of Canadians-Pacific Railway five
per oent bonds and by four o'clock
that afternoon the issue had been
over-subscribed and the books were
closed. Telegraph orders came from
all parts of the Dominion, a splendid evidence of the amount of money
available for sound investment and
the country's confidence in thc future of the big railway. Another
evidence is seen in the fact that
small investors are putting savings
into C.P.R. common stock which
pays ten per cent on par value of
$100,000. Since 1907, Canadian
holdings of this stock have increased
from 9.75 per cent to 21 per oent
at the present time and holdings in
the British Empire total about 7a
•ft tun*,
ere aud There
Stomach Trouble Vanishes And  Montreal Man
Gains    14
Lbs.   On   4
"Since I began taking this wonderful Tanlac I seem to he gelling
younger every day. I have gained
14 lbs. on I bottles and everybody
speaks about how well I look."
The above statement was made,
recently, by Eugene Lepnge, proprietor Prince of Wales Hotel barber shop, Montreal, Canada, one of
the most exclusive tonsorial parlors
in this city. Mr. Lepage farther
"Stomach tronble bad almost
completely wrecked my health. 1
was a mere shadow of my former
self and so run down and nervous I
thought I would have to give up
"Tanlac soon had me slating
everything, sleeping like a log at
night and feeling as fine as one
could ask to feel. My only regret
is that 1 did not learn about Tanlac
long before I did."
Tanlac is for sale by all good
druggists. Accept no substitute.
Over 40 million bottles sold.
Take-Tanlac Vegetable Pills for
constipation, made and recommended hy the manufacturers of
The Canadian Pacific steamer
Empress of Britain will arrive at
Quebec shortly on her first voyage
from Liverpool as a cabin-class
steamer under her new name Mont-
royal. "She is the fastest vessel sailing out of Liverpool and is scheduled to run from there to Quebec in
six and a half days,
British Columbia's payroll tot
1928 was $150,000,000, according
to the annual report of the Workman's Compensation Board. The
payroll for 1922 was $128,592,-
B02, and fer 1921, $130,099,373. Employing firms operating at the end
of last year numbered 6,524, an in-
crease of 145 over the previous year.
The 1924 season for the port of
Montreal was officially opened on
the morning of the 18th of April,
when the Government ice-breaker
Lady Qrey arrived in the harbor. A
big season is anticipated, especially
by the Canadian Pacific steamships,
whose vessels on the St. Lawrence
route this year will exceed 167,000
gross tons.
Vancouver this season has beatea
Portland, the great wheat port of
the Northwest and formerly the
great wheat port of the Pacific.
.Portland includes flour in its wheat
totals, Vancouver does not. Accord-
ir-.g to the Portland press thc American city ha-, moved over 29,000.000
bushels of wheat to date. Vancouver, in the same period, shipped .'>S,-
000,000 bushels, exclusive of a very
considerable quantity of flour.
The much prized Wilder silver
medal, thc highest award of tha
American Pomoiogieal Society, the
oldest horticultural body in No**th
America, has been awarded to the
Central Experimental Farm at Ottawa for thc sixth time. The medal
on this occasion was given for the
Lobo apple, one of the many fine
varieties of Mcintosh Red parentage
originated at the Central Farm.
An estimate of $1,500,000 for firs
protection and management of forest reserves has been placed befor*
the Government for approval by ths
Minister of the Interior. The Minister stated that mere drastic measures of fire prevention would bs
tmluB this war and in, tbi*. j^m99r
fion-trfe nrimrLu.wi^ os. *xr* .........
proposes to utilize the Royal Canadian Air Force for the detection ol
fires. *■>
An appeal for increased pensions
for thc originals of the old Royal
North-West Mounted Police is now
before the Federal Parliament. Ths
present pensions are based on the
pay standards of 20 to 30 years ago
and are therefore quite inadequate.
the appeal claims, and lt is asked
that they be raised to the same level
as those granted members of the
present Royal Canadian Mounted
Police, on retirement.
"There ls not a single geological
reason why each and all of ths
world-famoas mining camps, such as
those of Kirkland Lake, Porcupine
and Sudbury, should not be duplicated almost anywhere in the 05(1,-
000 square miles of tbe Quebec Lau-
rentian Plateau, which stretches
from the Ottawa and St. Lawrence
Rivers to Hudson Strait," according
to a statement made by T. C. Denis,
Superintendent of Mines of the
Provinsje of Quebec, at a recent
meeting of the Quebec branch of ths
Mining Institute of Canada.     .
Furniture  Made  to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds,
Upholstering  Neatly   Doni
Province of llritish Columbia.
In thc Urand Forks-Greenwood
Electoral District!
To Wit;
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
to the Electors of tho Bleotaral Dis
trict aforesaid tliat I bavo received His
Majesty's Writ to me directed, and
bearing date the 1Utli day ol May,
l!)24, commanding me to cause tlio
following question, namely:—
Do you approve of the sale
of beer by the glass in
licensed premises without
a bar under Government
control and regulation.'
to bo submitte I according to law to
the Electors qualified to vote for the
election of a member of tbe Legislative Assembly for the Electoral District aforesaid; and, further, that in
obedience to the said Writ a poll
shall be opened at eight o'clock in the
forenoon and Bhall be closed at seven
o'clock in tbo afternoon on the 20th
day of June, 1924, for taking and receiving the votes of tlio said Electors
in each polling division of the Electoral District aforesaid at tlio respective places following:—
lioaverdell Fife   *
Boundary Falls Grand Forks
Bridesville Greenavood
Brown Creek      Midway
Carmi Paulson
Cascade Riverside
Christian Val ley Rock Creok
Eholt Westbridge
1*1 which all persons are hereby ro
quired to tako notice and to govern
ilieinselves accordingly.
Given    undor   my   band  at (Ireenwood, this lfitli day of Mav. 1924,
Returning Oiiioer.
Tho new Continental remetly called
"LARMAI.ENE" (Read.)
la a simple .armless home-treatment which
*iU*iulut''ly '.no-- daafiie-n, noises in tho head ,
rur this n. ■*■■ Ointment, instantly operates
upon the a.'fected parts with complete and
permanent .ooess. aOOBKS OP WONDBR-
Mrs. K. WHltlngon, of Slad Road, Stroud,
writes:-—"Plnas8 could trouble yon to send
me another buy. of tne Olntme it. it U not for
mysi-.f, hut Uit a Friend >t' mini' who ia as bad
us I wm,uml c wont got any ''o-it for tlio nul ,-es
Inthenoad, ! fi-til i new woman, and oan ,'o
tu i>ed now uud (wt a (roodI night's rott, wnioh
i had not beeu able to do ior many months,
li ii a wonderful remedy and i am most do-
lighted to rec tmtnend it."   :   .   .
Urs.B,Oi.-..ve,of Whlleborte Itoad, Oroy-
(Jou, writes,:- "1 um pleated to tell yon that
I ho I mai] tlu <>7  ointment you sunt to me ut
Wntnor,h-kiproved a oomplete miocois, my
hearing Uti iw quite normal, anl thehorrl-
Ui! h<-u<l uol oi havo eeasod. Thu aetiou of
*hls new lenedymusl Ik very remarkable,
for I havo heen troubled with theso oom
ptalnti fornearlv ten yeara- uml have had
some of 'he vory beal medioal advice together
with other expensive instruments all to no
purpose, i teed hardly sny how wry urate-
f ul lam, fn- my life has undergone au entire
ohaoge.  i
Try ono b< k to-day.which can ho forwarded
to any address on receipt of raotn-y order for
Address orders to:—:
Ni South View, WatUng St., Dartford,
Kent, England.
C.V. Meggitt
U-nl list ule nnd Insurance
Excellent faoilltlei for soiling your faitni
Wo have nKeiiti st all Coast nnd Prairie
Hoiiiihle iTiformafctoa ri}trar:li)s^ tlit. .II,-,**1'*
hiotrilly fai-iii'li" I We solicit your in-
There   is nothing   in    the
I world worth doing wrong for. THI SUN: ORAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Y*i3ir Health
you should buy- the beat.
was dioiog witb Lady A and was
in a particularly absent mood he
suddenly^ turned to his hostess and
"My dear Lady A, I really must
apologize to you for tbia extremely
nasty dinner. I oan not imagine
wbat has come over my cook. I
have never known her to disgrace
herself so before."
ie the purest and  most scientifically
prepared  tea, sold  today.   —   Try it.
News of the Gity
Mrs. H. A. Glaspell laft on  Wed-
ne-il ty ev-iaiag i, > i". ill   'n   \V \l
S. c >iv3ation  of  ths   Pra-bytorun
ch'ir-b in M>v.n-il, u oaa of the
d il f^ttas fri*Q U.-iii'h CbluaabU.
Wna. li-athron and J. B. BpDo-1 ■
aii   its > I;   t   *) l lia HI   ■ rip i, > Tr all
tbis week.
F. 0. R. Piaom raturned yes1, r-
diy (nm a bUsraesB trip to K:3 8»
Mrs. F. Hivrty hn r.lurnad
from a visit with friends in Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. E, Keitley have
moved into the house which they
recently purchased from J. Pr
Mrs. John A. McLaren and Mrs.
Harry McLaren, of Vancouver, are
visitors at tbe home of the former's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. Spiaggett.
Mrs Percy Poulton and son
Purdy left lasi night for an extended visit to Mrs. Poulton's old home
in England.
A. A. F.oahetsa was in towo on
Monday from Trail, and left tbe following day for Seattle,
American dry officers made a raid
recently on a house near Curlew,
Wesh., and confiscated 91 cases of
liquor. Tbree men were arrested.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meakes wil1
leave tomorrow on a motor trip to
Vernon, wbero they will visit Mr.
Meakes' mother.
Mrs. Borland daughter Bettie, of
Vancouver, are visiting nt tbe home
of Mrs. Borland's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. C G. Heaven.
Ernest Bruno arrived in tbe city
on Wednesday from New York and
will spend the summer here with
bis parents, Mr. and Mrs V. Bruno,
E, C. Henniger, Liberal candidate, made a trip to the western end
of the riding this week.
Provincial Elections Act
Cautious John
A Chinaman, says the Argonaut,
was much alarmed by a vicious-
looking dog that always barked at
him loundly.
"Don't be f.fraid of him," said
tbe owner of tbe dog. "You know
the old proverb, 'A barking dot-
never bites."
"Ye?," said the Chinaman, ''you
know proverb; I know proAerb; but
does tbe dog know proverb?"
Youthful Commercialism
"Is your father at home, dear?"
a lady asked when the doctor's lit
tie daughter answered tbe door bell.
"No, be isn't," answered tbe
child. "He is out giving azj anaeen
"Oh, what a big word," cried the
lady playfully. "Do you know what
it meaDB?"
"It means ten dollars," replfed
be litt.e girl.
Sealed and marked applications will
be received by the undersigned up to
May 26th at 8 P. M. for the position
of Assistant in Ihe City Office, duties
to commence June 1st. Applicants
are asked to state qualifications, experience and salary expected.
Lady A Musi Have Gasped
Stories of absent-mindedness are
common, but one that Lord Ernest
Hamilton tells in Forty Years On
iB S3 extraordinary that it deserves
to be repeated he e
Lord Sirathnairn,says Lord Ham-
il on, was so absent minded thet he
sometimes forgot whether be was
dining in his own house or in another's.    On one occasion  when he
Say "Bayer Aspirin
INSISTl Unless you see the
"Bayer Cross" on tablets you
are not getting the genuine
Bayer Aspirin proved safe by
millions and prescribed by physicians for 24 years.
Accept only a
Bayer package
whichcontains proven directions
Handy "Baytr" boxes of 12 tablets
Also IiotUcs c: 24 and 100—Druggists
Aspirin It, (lie trade mart (regi-rtereil ta
Onift'ln) of E.*er MiimifHCture of Mono*
BCotK-aol'Joitor , . Saileyllcacld
A. E.
Bristling Sardines Fat Herring
ii Soused Mackerel Fresh Mackerel
Baby Mackerel
Something New.   Drop in Saturday and Try a
Phone 25        H. If. Henderson, Prop
1'uminion Monumental Works
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
-   - FREE -   -
To advertise aud introduce our goods, we will give away five of
our Special Je Lux long distance threj-tube seta, complete in every way
with aerial, phones, B battery and 'SO hour storage A-battery. All
guaranteed.    (Regular $175 outfit.)
Investigate This Offer—We Mean Business
We are out to sell 100 of these sou during the next two months, at
our special low price of jj$115, and will give away one set in every
twenty to the lucky man or woman who is^*j*<ll! interested in radio. All
we ask is the initial payment of $10 on one of the above sets; then as
soon as a block of twenty orders is completed a drawing will be mode for
tbe lucky set, which will be installed vithout farther cost. Pree demonstration.    Ask for details of drawing.
Winnipeg Ave., Grand Forks, It. C.
12 (Section -tl)
Province of British Columbia.
In the Grand Fords-Greenwood
Electoral District.
To Witt
PUHUU NOTIOEis hereby given
to tbe Voters of (irand Forks-Green
wood Electoral Diatr.ct that in obedi
once to His Majesty's Writ to me
directed, and bearing dato tbe Tenth
day of May, in lhe year of our Lord
one thousand nine liundre.i aud
twenly-four, 1 require tbe presence of
the said Voters at my oliice at Greenwood on the cJUth day of May, at
twelve o'oiook noon, for the purpose
oi nominating and electing a person
to represent tliem iu the Legislature
of thirl Province.
The mode of n munition of candidates shall bo as follows: —
rhe candidate shall be nominated
in writing* tho writing shall be sub-
M.'i'ihed by two registered voters of
the district as proposer and seconder,
and by ten other voters of the said
district as assenting to the notnina
tion, and shall be delivered to the
Returning Officer at anytime between
lhe date of this Proolumation and one
p.m. of the day of nomination, hi tbe
event of a poll being necessary, such
poll will open the 20th day of June
Beaverdell Fife
Boundary Falls (irand Forks
Bridesville Greenwood
Brown Creek      Midway
Carmi Paulson
Cascade Riverside
Christian Valley Rock Creek
Kholt Westbridge
of which overy person is hereby required to take notice and govern him-
so:f accordingly.
Given under my hand at Qreen
wood, thie llitli day of May, one
thousand nine hundred and twenty-
Returning Officer.
V>r Bright Lights
Powerful Starts
«>d Snappy Ignition
A battery has a definite job to do—it supplies the power to turn
over thc engine, makes hot fat sparks to ignite gasoline and feeds electrical current to lights and horn. Ready at touch of finger or toe, Prest-
O-Lite batteries snap into action a hundred times a day and night. They
are ruggedly built for strenuous service. Long life is built into Prest-O-
Lites at the factory. Check over the most popular makes of Canadian-
built cars and you'll find the majority equipped with Prest-O-Lite batteries. Watch for Prest-O-Lite service stations—you'll find them everywhere you go. Prest-O-Lite is the first choice of motor car builders, battery service shops and experienced car owners.
, Battery
-right far every ca*r
Grand Forks. B. C.
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen tho new models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coinl As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value.  Easy Terms. We are tbe poople^to mount you right.
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
VlMant, unreserved, sarveyed
town lands may bt> n-wM by
irltleb subject* over 11 years ai *a%
ind by al'.ens an dselarlnsj Intention
o bsw-uni BrltUh subjeots, oondl-
ional upon residence, oooupation,
mi   Improvement   fer   ajr-rtonltural
ream to
Full Info, 'nation concerning **eora-
UIoub   regarding    pre-emptions!    ■
-riven lb Bulletin No. 1, Lend Series.
How to Pre-empt Lands'* ooplee at
■ Moll ean be obtained free of abarfe
...  addressing   the    Department    of
Hide, Victoria, B.C, or to any fltov-
nraent Agent.
Reot-trds will be treated covering
niy tend suitable for agricultural
uipoMa, and whioh la not tlmber-
and, lee* carrying over M00  board
feet per acre west of the Ooaet Range
and i.tab feet per acre eait of that
ApplloBttoaa fer pre-emptlona are
i  be addressed to the Land Com-
iilsuloner of the Land Recording Division, ln -Nshloh the land applied ter
Is situates*, and are made on printed
oi-ms ooplee of whioh oan be ob-
. lined fi-OM the Land Commissioner.
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
We pay the highest price and assure
you tho most accurate test. Give your
local creamery your trade.
Pre-emptions must be ocoupled for
flr* year* nod improvements mad*
to value of $10 per aore, lnoludlng
clearlng and cultivating at leaat Ave
aores, before a Crown Grant oan be
For more detailed Information se*
ue Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
I .iind."
Applications are received for par-
nose    of   vacant   and   unrenfred
Ci*Qwn  lands,  not being tlmberland,
i'-.ir at .'Icultui il  purposes;   minimum
irloe i.i first olass (arable) land la $8
: -it ai .'ro, and second-olass (graslng)
■ m1  {3.50 per acre.    Further lnfor-
Hiitlon  regarding  purohase  or leaae
Crown lards Is given ln Bulletin
'>'■*•.  10. Lund Series, "Purchase and
-;.*,■ ot Crown Lands."
.Mill, feotory, or Industrial sites on
n:bur land, net exceeding 41 aorea,
iiay be purohat ■;] or leased, the oon-
iillons      Intruding      payment       of
.mm page,
l ii surveyed areaa, not exceeding; M
icros, may be leaaed as homesltee,
onUltlonal upon a dwelling being
uacted ln the first year, title being
btaln.ible aft*-" residenoe and lm-
■ovement conditions are fulfilled
u'l land bee been surveyed.
For graaing and Industrial pur-
•«0B8s areaa not exseedlng 640 aorea
may be leaaed by one person ar a
Under tbe Oraalng Act tha Provinoe le divided Into graslng dMtrleta
and the range administered under a
Graslng       Commissioner.      Annual
,-razlng permits are Issued based on
numbers ranged, priority being given
i established owners. Stock-owners
nay form   associations    for   range
nnagoment   Free, or partially free,
:mlts  are available   for    settlers,
impers   and   travellers,   up   to   ten
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neal and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.  ARMSON
I have opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern ni ichinery. All work
•"■TUii! value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
^Wedding invitations
£ Bail programs
Business cards
Vi. I! 'ng cards
Sh'*-- ing tags
Price lists
New Type
, Latest Style
Columbia Avenue and
lake Street


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