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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 22, 1922

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 Legislative Library
the center of Grand Forks valley, the
premier fruit growing district of
Southern British Columbia. Mining
and lumbering are also important
industries in districts contiguous to
the city.
Kettle Valley Orchardist
THF CJf7]\I is 'be favorite news-
1 UU kJtJl" paper of the citizens
of tlie district. It is read by more
people in the city and valley tban any
other paper because it is fearless, reliable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
"Tell me what you Knowlstrue:
;lcao tfui-saas w.'ll an you.
81.00 PER YEAR
Social Statutes and the
Liquor Act Were Improved at Late Session.
. Provision for Exterminating Codling Moth
and lumbering possibilities in 'he
country contiguous tli the railway.
Hvor in the van as regards social
legislation, the government this
session brought down a law permitting women to serve on juries, Several members of tbe house opposed
tbe move, but the stand was taken
once women were permitted to vole
and hid tbe right to sit in parliaw
ment, it waa only just that tliey be
permitted to serve on juries. However, tbe fair sex will not Hnd tbe
privilege a compuleoay one and may
rei'Uoe to act by notifying the
Special Correspondence of The San.
Victoria, Deo. 21. — With the
passing into history of the third session of tbe liftei'iith legislature ol
British Columbia, one feature is
outstanding—the unsbakeable po
sition of tbe Oliver government.
One hundred bills were presented
and passed during tbe seven' weeks
the house was in session, and while
few important situotions arose, still
the government was never in danger
When the administrator, Chief Justice Macdonald, prorogued tbe legislature last Saturday the Liberals
seemed more firmly established in
the saddle than ever.
Several important amendments to
social statutts were passed, chief
among tbem being those alluding
the Workmen's Compensation Act.
In future injured workmen will receive 62J per cent of their regular
wages While off duty through acci-
de -.is. Burial alUwaDce has been
increased from sib to $100.
Amendments to the Forest Act
promise to provide additional safeguards against lire. Smoking will be
closely watched and citizens will be
obliged to report (ires whenever
Of ereat interest to the fruit districts is the legislation providing
funds for lighting the codling moth.
The government will assess tbose
benefited and provido for a compre
hensive campaign against this pest.
A homo for incurable will be established by the government, the
cost to be about $70,000 Munici
palilies will be asked to contribute
11.25 for every patient sent to tbe
Contrary to the predictions of the
pessimist, no increase in taxation
has been provided for, wbile there
is an actual decrease in the estimated expenditures for the next
fiscal year.
The hottest light of the session
was wagod over the beer question,
But the liquor laws in regard to the
favorite beverage are unchanged.
The regular. $5 permit has been
abolished- It will coBt (2 in future.
The single purchase and foreign
permits have beeu done away with,
while beer and wine permits will
cost ouly $1 instead of $2.
One drastic amendment to the
Government Liquor Act provides a
jail sentence for those found guilty
ot Belling beer. Several members
made a vain, attempt to have tbis
changed tp a substantial fine. Another amendment is expected to
wipe out the bonded warehouses;
licenses will cost $10,000 in future.
Now that the session of tbe legis.-
lature is over, the government will
turn its attention to the affairs of
the Pacific Great Eastern railway
once more. Premier Oliver, ex-
minister of railways, will take the
new minister, Hon. J, D. MacLean,
over the liue from Squauoish to
Quesnel, wben a thorough inspection will be made and tbe two will
consider what steps shall he followed
during the coming year in operating
the line. It is known that Hon.
Mr. MacLean favors a comprehensive colonization policy, and to that
end 'will have a complete survey
made   of   the agricultural,  mining
Boy Scout News
First Grand Forks Troop
Boy Scouts
Duties—December 23 to 29, Bull
Dug Patrol; next for duty, Panther.
Parades—Friday, 29tli, as usual
at H.Q. at 7:30 p.m.; Wednesday,
27th election (see below); Sunday,
31st; church,parade, meet at 7 p.m.
at H.Q. for parade to Methodist
church for evening service.
An Election—There will bu a se
cret ballot takeu to vote on au important matter whicb concerns every
member of tbe troop. This will be
held at tbe Scout headquarters on
Wednesday, December 27, between
Hand 11:30 in the moruiug and
from 2 to 3 in the afternoon. A
members of the troop wbo have
passed their Tendeifoot test are entitled to vote, including tboso members living at a distance wbo bave
been unable to attend the eveniog
parade during the severe weather.
Scoucmasier P. S. Thompson and
Assistant Scoutmaster C. Clarke are
appointed returning ollicers, aud
Troop Secretary D. MacArthur as
scrutineer. One returning officer
and the scrutineer will be present at
the opening of the ballot box.
The Scoutmaster wishes all Scouts
a Msrry Christmas.
A Rescuer Self-Chained
Put Knouyli Postage
on Overseas Letters;
uarge numbers of letters are being
1 posted at the local office short paid,
as u majority of the people are still
mailing at tbe old postal rate-. The
new letter rate to Great Britain
(England, Scotland, Ireland and
Wales), is 4 cents; post cards, 2
cents. Foreign letter rate, 10 ceuts;
post cards, G cuts.
News of Canada
i. i.,.t_o.—i.',s announced that Mr.
"' ■ I "'t, 0. 1'. R, city passengor
agent, under District Passenger
• ■ n1 William Fulton, lias been promoted to the post of assistant district passenger agent, Mr. Fulton
now has two assistants in his territory.
.Important and Definite
Announcement Made
by Minister of Public-
Works on Floor of Legislature
Medicine Hat, Alberta—An expenditure of abolit $i,(i,000 is represented by the extension to the
Canadian Paeific Railway roundhouse and the construction of the
Company's mechanical coaling plant,
and that sum is about, equally divined between these two improvements. In both instances the work
ha given much employment to local
men and there is still a eonsider-
nbk amount of inside work to be
done in connection with the extension to the roundhouse.
Minister of Public Works
Makes Gut of 5 PerCent
in Provincial Maintenance Estimates-'Grand
Forks' Quota $23,500
The following resolution was
adopted by the fruit growers' convention at Kelowna last week:
Whereas, the fruit growers of
British Columbia during the past
two years have been unable to obtain for their products sufficient to
cover the cost of production; und
Whereas, if this situation is allowed to contiuue for unotber year,
many growers will bo forced out of
business and those remaining will
bu unable tu give the lore to their
orchards that is necessary if the
present high quality of British Columbia fruit is to be maintained;
Whereas, it is the belief of this
convention lhat the chief cause of
tbe present deplorable condition is
to be found in the present competitive system of marketing; and
Whereas, it any action is to be
taken towards eneuriug reasonable
prices to the producer for his next
crop, it is imperative that quick action be taken immediately;
Be it resolved by this convention
of fruit growers of British Columbia
here assembled:
1. That immediate steps be taken
for the marketing of tho fruit and
vegetable crops of 1923 by tbe ortj
ganizaliou of a central board of control composed ol botb growers and
2. That each board ol control
shall consist of three growers and
two shippers, or such number us
may at some future date be determined upon, provided always that
the majority of such board shall bc
composed of growers;
3. Tbat tbe general function of
such   board   shall  be the absolute
Victoria, Dee. lli. —The provincial government plans to commence
tbe construction of tbe irausprovincial highway from Hope cast early
next year, it was announced in the
legislature on Wodnesday by Hon.
W, D. Sutherland, minister of public works, when the estimates were
brought up in the house lor the
public works department. It was
explained by Hon. Dr. Sutherland
thai survey gangs under Engineer
VV. K. (iwyer have been at work on
the western end ofthe Hope-Prinoss
ton route.
Hon. Mr. Sutherland recently
made a personal survey of the
routes, accompanied by Engineer
Gwyer. Thoy travelled over the
Cleveland survey for twenty-live to
thirty miles ou through the A'lison
pass at an altitude of 1100 feel, tlicn
striking the Dewdney trail and following it lotu Hope.
Ab to the probable route of the
highway, it is assumed from Dr.
Sutherland's Blulouu ut that fur
twenty live or thirty miles it will
follow the Dnwdiiey trail, take the
Allison pass and lliuu strike tho
Cleveland survey twenty'live miles
west of Princeton, Tbis vould involve the utilization of part of the
King route and ouu-third of each of
the other routes aod tbe lower altitude of Allison pass.
It was pointed out by W. A. McKenzie, member for Similkameen,
thut for the lirst twenty tiveto thirty
miles east of Hope is a good grade
well built and so well preserved that
a molar car can go over purl of it
Ths fobowing resolution was
adopted at tho fruitgrowers convention in Kelowna last week:
Be it resolved by tbe convention
of fruit growers of British  Coumbia:
1, That we approve of the formation of oue .central agency, undor
the growers, to control the distribution of all fruit and vegetables produced in commercial quantities in
tbe province.
2, That thiB convention instruct"!
that the committee of seven members, churged with the duty 'f forming a board of contjol for 1923,
formulate a plan for a central selling
3, That the duties of this committee shall be:
(a) To assemble d ita concerning
the fruit iudustry and fruit market
ing system in British Columbia and
prepare an impartial statement
covering all interests ail'ected by thu
proposed organiz 'tion;
(bj To submit the data to a competent expert, such as,A. Sapiro, foi
his analysis, with a request that he
draft a plan for organization, based
on tho fundamental principle adopted by this convention.
{.) To cull a convention of Iruit
and vegetables growers from each
district for the presentation of this
I. ll is expoctod thai tbe work
mentioned should be so far advanced that tho next convention
may bo hold within three months
from this date.
_ Renfrew, Ontario—-Mr. Eel. Williams, Canadian Pacific Railway
baggage master, who in addition to
his regular duties, takes care of tlie
flower gardetj which attracts so
much favorable conn,.ent from travellers over the line, nas secured another triumph. Mr. Williams has
just been notified that his plot has
been award d second prize in the
Quebec district, all of the depot gardens having been recently judged by
uu official of the road. During the
past few years Mr. Williams has
carried off a number of first pi izes
bui the competition is growing keener .war by yx.nr.
St. Thomas, Ontario—Work has
been commenced on the construction
of an extension to the present C.P.R.
yards iast of the city, in tht form
of an 800-foot repair track at an expenditure of approximately $15,000.
The grading work whicb is being
done by Irwin and -Son of thi? city,
was started recently. The extension
i.s necessary to cope with the increased business and aiso to facilitate the repairing of cars. It is
also understood that the addition of
the new tracks will result in several more employees being added to
the C.P.It. repair gang,
A small track aboui 80 feet long
will also be erected alongside the
new tracks to be used in case of an
emergency. The new track will hold
at least forty ears. Four t ams and
about twenty men are engaged in
rushing this work to completion.
Belfast,   Ireland
ti ii   on   record   a
steamer sailed tn r
conveying   ma Us   .
Northern  ca i
the Canad an Pa< il
-For the first
i Belfast Lough
irect from the
The vessel was
• Railway Corn-
control   of  price  and  distribution;
1 That a committee of seven
members be appointed by this convention to formulate a plan for such
a board of control, and having full
power to initiate the machinery for
its operation;
6, This committee to have power
toliil any vacancies that m y occur
among ita members;
.. This committee to have porter
to name the grower members of   the
Would Not lie Shuttled OH
Anl old Scotchman, David Gordon,
was seriously ill and thole was little
hope of his recovery. Relatives had
wheedled him into making, a will
and had gathered ut bis bedside to
watch him as he laboriously signed
it. He got as far as D a v-i and
then fell back exhausted.
"D, Uncle David, d," exhorted
a nephew.
"Dee!" exclaimed the old Scol
feebly but with indignation. "I'll
not dee uutil I'm ready, ye avaricious wretch "
panj' S.S. ' M ' igam i," which. Incidentally, waa built in Belfast. The
vessel anchored off Kilroot and 28
1 ge of mail, U;. thcr vith some
ti ' omig i I I om Ul r, were
, veyed to il by tli Harl or (lom
m    loners'  Iug      lusgiave."
' iii. , to it i ad dpi ii the practice
to send the mails to Liverpool and
,   i. H i..  : rom  ■ hli:.  i'. j   wi re
■ ;,i 'h I I ni acting on In true-
t i ns from tho si 111 .H \ ' he Post
Office In Londoi II n ent iyi-
li m  was Inhroduci d,
i i.n i.i tl i  ri was s five-
j. i old child, i'i 'ni Dublin, whose
pi i te ni* hi Can ida. The little
oiv   wa* in eliarg a ron who
hi .. li'! ii o*. i to the matron of the
"Mi tagnma."
\ Belfasl   "Teli     iph'   r preson-
■ .   ne wi      ' own ovi i   the  " Meta
I       i," and    nw somethil g of the
, ni    arrs  g      • I     made   for
thi  comfort of pass ng rs.
board of control, it being understood that the members of the committee shall be eligible for appointment on the board of control;
7. That this commiitoe, before
proceeding with the formation of a
board of control shall endeavor lo
arrange a conference with Dr. Macklin, Mr. Sapiro or any other recognized expert.
 Ion,     England   - Major    A.
F.wan Moon , Lond in ": . ager of
i C P.R. 1 " partm mt of Co i lil I
(..-iii. pment, i>2-fif>. Char-
ing Cr >ss, I a ived the follow-
ing ,i tb r from tii   r Brus   Is office:
 ir Sir,—I  beg  to advise that
a certain Mr. Martin, Av uue des
Co 'i les, Bruxelles, who hi formerly resided-in Canada, brouglit
c. r by our tine in April of this
year a shipment of Canadian potatoes. They were planted soon after
grrl -I at Boisfort, a suburb of
lin. c!s, where an exhibition of
li | products was held on Sunday
1,-e I. A certain Mr. Lemmens planted 2*r. acres with Mountain Green
and Irish Cobblers. Bis crop
amounted to over 300,000 lbs.; one
plant bore 0 lbs. 2 ozs., one potnto
weighing well over 2 lbs. This particular plant has been !< i.t to us for
window display and hai- atti ' . a
g eat deal of attention. Mr. 1\ Lin
hos 400.000 kilos of Canadian pota-
toea in rielginm. which are not to
be sold for immediate consul on
but only for reproduction.—Yeurf
vury i '< "ly»
(Signed) C. DE MEY, Agent,"
Victoria, Dec 16 —In ao effort
to eoonomize on in lintenance and
pr ivi le m ire Funds for the construe "
don of new roads and tbe extension
of hard-surfacing of 'ixisting roads,
Hon. W, H. Sutherland, minister
of publio works for llritish Columbia, has cat down tbi rudwirk ap-
propiiations in all districts of the
province bv approximately 5 per
cent, us oompared with the grants
made for the current year. The only
exception to the 0 per out cut is in
Revelstoke, the minister's own riding, where the out is lu percent.
The total road appropriations for
the comiug year aggregate $1,32G,n
The legisloture spent fully an
hour discussing the votes for roads
and trails at last Wednesday night'B
session. Complaots al the smallness
of the vote for their districts were
lodged by scraie of the up country
members. This led lion. Mr. Sutherland to explain tha' n mile or two
of new pavement in any one district
would increase the amount for that
section by tens of ihousuuds of
dollars. II" assured them, however, that the grants had been givtn
careful consideration by the govern*
ment and tbe road engineer nnd the
various amounts wero the best tbat
conld be done undor the circumstances.
Hy districts tho votes for road s
and trails.next year are: Alberui,
347,500; Atlin, 835,000; Cariboo,
871,000; Chilliwack, 834,500; Col-
umbia, 338,700; Comox", $08,500;
Cowichan, {10,500; Cranbrook,850,-
500; Delta, 821,500; Dewdney,
840,000; Esquimalt, $29,0007 Fer-
nie, 835,000; Fort George, 875,000;
Qrand Forks, 823,500; Qreenwood,
824,000; Islands, $88,000; Karn-
loops, 876.Q00; Kaulo, 8A000;
Lillooet, 865,800; Nanaimo, H3,«
000; Nelson, $-,500, Nowoastle,
821,500; New vViistminsti r, 3i,800,
North Okanagoo, JB^OOO; Norjb
Vancouver, 821,000; Omineca,877,"
000; Prince Rupert, 168,600; Revelstoke, 830,000; Richmond, S10.000;
Rosslnnd, 37,000; Suunieh, 86,000;
Similkameen, 841,000; s ooan,$38,«
OOOjSouth i 'kail ig io,$83,000;Sonth
Vancouver, 88,900;Trail, 837,500;
Vale 843,000; total, 81,820,500.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Max.    Min.
Doc.   10 -Friday      5        -20
lii -Saturday     7       -21
17- Sunday  17       -17
18 -Monday  13 -1
It)-Tuesday  30 14
20—Wednesday.. 30 21
21-  Thursday.".... 45        29
Snowfall      2.5
The skating rink   has been  open
to the public all week.
it promises io be warm enougb
on Christmas day so that the ladies
oan wear their furs. THE   SUN,   QRAND   FORKS.   B.C.
Ww\t f&vmb 3arka £mt
One Year (ia Canada and Qreat Britain) 81.00
One Year (in the United States)    1.50
Addresr *•** ■«—'cations to
The Qrand Forki Sun
Phonb 101B Grand Forks, B. CJ
While you are keeping yoursolf as warm as
you can with the various sorts of fuel that are
available it will interest you to know that the
United Mine Workers are sotting aside two
million dollars with which to finance the coal
strike Lhat they now expect to call next
spring. The agreement of last fall was only a
temporary one, and the miners have by no
means given up their determination to force
the unionization of all the soft-coal fields.
They have already informed President Harding's coal commission that upon no other
terms is any peaceful solution of the coal
problem possible.
It will astonish most people to learn that
the supreme court of California has decided
that the Bible can not be used in the public
schools of that state. The test was made on
the King James translation, which the court
finds to bea "sectarian" book, the Bible of the
Protestant churches, but uot accepted by Ro
man Catholics, Jews or agnostics. There appears to be no doubt that iu its attempt to
adapt public school education to the religious
scruples of various creeds, the constitution of
California, like that of many other states, has
succeeded in keeping out of the schools not
only religious instruction but what Americans
i a general regard as the word of God itself.
I'he condition would not be so lamentable if
so many families had not become indifferent
to the duty of religious instruction at home.
canstitution of the federation of states. And if
the supreme court of justice declares that they
are in violation of it, they are annulied, and do
not become law unless the constitution itself
is changed*
But ■"n Britain thare is no written constitution, and parliament can do exactly as it
pleases during the years it remains in office.
It could pass a law that every red-headed man
should be hanged, and tbe courts of law should
have to carry out its bidding, and hang every
man whose hair was proved to be red. It could
pass a law that overy man who now had no
property should receive the property of those
who had some, who heuceforth would havo
none. It could destroy a whole country by the
use of the army and navy, which are under its
control. It could eject great portions of the
British empire and hand them over to other
territories, or to govern themselves.—C. F. G.
Masterman, in "How England is Governed."
The Carnegie Institution and other organ-
iz itions expect soon to resume the work of
excavating and research in Yucatan. The rein tins of the Maya civilization, which Hour
is ied in Yucatan a tbousaud years ago, have
as yet been little explored. The cities and
temples were so numerous that remains are to
be seen nearly everywhere. So far as is now
k iown, the civilization of the Mayas is a
native grewth and had no connection eitner
w ith Europe or with Asia before the time of
C ilumbus. Their greatest achievements were
ni iking a calendar based on astronomical
st idy, building their temples and inventing a
complicated system of hieroglyphic Mriting.
The onterprising Oregon plumber who has
put a complete plumbing shop on wheels
should not have to travel far for jobs—and he
will always have his tools with him.
A feature common to the timber adminis-
•r.ition of the Dominion government and that
of tho provinces of British Columbia, Ontario,
l,) itbec and New B.muswick is tho system of
Li nbor licenses whereby legislation prevents
i lie permanent alienation of timber land. The
JoeDBes are granted only for the right to cut
imber, the title to the land remaining in the
] War for the Americans seems fairly remote
at 'this moment. Recently the commanding
officer of the district of Washington put on a
little demonstration of an infantry attack. It
was a good show witnessed by probably 20,
000 people. At its close the general was wait
ed on by two ladies who asked where the next
one would be held. They said they belonged
to a woman's peace organization, and he was
making war look so attractive that they wished
put on a a rival meeting next time, to counter
act its effect.
In July, a solemn demonstration with flaunting banners, music and speeches was held in
Washington, in the course of which the presi
dent was urged to set aside a "\o more way
day" for annual observance. War was to etd
The dove of peace was to take on immortality.
In September the war drums began to throb
in the Near East. There was a rush of troops
and warships to the crossroads of the world,
the city of the Golden Horn. Britain was at
the breach. The League of Nations scuttled
for the cyclone cellar. The cynical old woijld
diplomats smiled and began to pin on their
decorations preparatory 30 taking seats at the
council table.
Mustapha Kemal, who is said to be a de
cent young man, trying to do for his country
what j you would for yours in a similar
situation, was represented to be sharpening
his scimitar on the tomb of Mahomet to slit
the throat of the infidel. Once more had been
raised the crescent against the cr^ss.
Thus the headliners got in their deadly
work, and the White House was overwhelmed
with demands that the United States inter,
ven in the Near Eastern situation, and if necessary join England in war against Turkey.
Resolutions were passed in all parts of the
States insisting that the Turk must be checked
at all cost.
Most of this insistence came from organizations apparently willing to invoke war without
giving the diplomats even a chance 10 settle
th ngs. The class which would disband the
army and scuttle the navy a year ago now
wanted a host and an armada to move against
the Turk.
Those who condemned tho niggardly appro
priations in 1921 now demanded war to a finish
regardless of cost. The supportejs of the
league in 1919 wore now howling for blood.
In the short space of thirty days the dove of
peace had grown spurs.
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otlier Prairie polnta. Vancouver Agenta:
Batabllatityl in 1910. we are in a poaillou to I
furnlab reliable Information concerning thia I
Write for frea literature
Transfer Company]
City Baggage and General |
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a gift of friendliness and of thoughtful-
ness for others. It's a gift of your happi.
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of days.
Why not make the most of your Christmas day and send your voice and smiles
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are far away?
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R. F. Petrle'i
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The persistency with whicli pictures in
the nude of alleged beauties appear in the Sun.
day supplements must be accepted as evidence
that advertising pays.
The British parliament can do no wrong.
No judge or higher Authority can challenge or
deny any decision, however absurd or monstrous those decisions may be even to the very
people who elected those members of parliament.
In America the laws as they are passed can
always be challenged as violating the written
cXncient History"
Itemi Taken Prom The Orand Porks Sun for tbe Corresponding
•Week Twenty Yeart Ago
W. H. Covert's potato orop this year amounted to 8000
bushels. Worth about 25 cents a bushel, they netted him
about 82000.
Siems ite Shields havo been awarded the contract for
extending the Vaucouver, Victoria & Eastern railway
from a connection with tho branch near Curlew to the
Here is a partial list of the men wbo have thus far been
mentioned for mayoralty honors: Martin Burrell, J
Hammar, Chas. Cummings, P. T. MoCallum, Wm. Gra*
ham, H, A. Sheads. If you don't see the candidate you
want, just mention his name und we'll add it to the list.
Mayor Holland is now the 'manager of the News-
Gazette. From a great railway magnate, with a palatial
private car, to the menial position of dunning delinquent
subscribers in order to pay the printers—'What a fall
was there, my countrymen I''
Tell The People
What  You   Have
to Sell
C.V. Meggitt
Beal Estate and Insurance
Excellenttacllltleafoi railing your farroa
We bare agenta at all Coatt and Prairie
Reliable Information regarding tills dlatrct
cheerfully fornlahed. We solicit your inquiries.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grnnd Forka, B. C.
omwn aaowisw szchanoi
PIPES        and     FLUMES
b. f. laws:
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly   Don
Check Books
We have secured the
agency for Grand
Forks of a large
Western Publishing
House which manufactures ,'a superior
grade of Counter
Check Books—carbon back and carbon
leaf stvles.
Prices Are Right
Encourage Western
enterprises and keep
Western money in
the West.
Any Quantity
from 100 up to 2500
The Sun
Job Department THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
r -*■»	
Competition Mo. IS OIoms Friday                                      B' C" VETBEA1
Midnigat, December 2Mb                          ***ta, *t*.*ama*A a ■  ■        a
at tba Omce of tht                              til          ThAI  I        1
B. V\ VETEBANS WEEKLY Limits*                 iUU 1 DHLL      \
1. 0. Drawer 838
Oor. Basting, aal Cambl. Stmt.            GAMES TO BE PLATED 1
I enter Tbs B. C. Veterans Weekly Football Competition and agree to abide b
acriptlon entitle! competitor to one estimate; 60c for ten weeks and two eitlmatesi 7
STETJCHONS FOB FELUXO IN 00UF0M8:   Tou simply indicate whether tha HC
tks correipondinf (ame last yesr, by placing an "X" In tbs column provided in t
y the ru
6c for 111
be Ooupt
EKLT LTD.                        .
ADCTITinM     *6500 Firrt Prize
!!?_!   *«>00 Second Prig.
i subscription   *2000 Third Prize
ea published in The B. C. Teterana Weekly.   26c enclosed for fire weeks' eub-
teen weeks and eve estimates; 11 fer twenty-are weeks aad ten estimates.   01
iM will score MOBE, LESB or tbs 8AME NUMBEB of goals tban tbey scored la
Ttnsiuui      I,,,,,, „,                                                             	
Fignne after each tram denote laat aeaaon'a ecore.
l MORE       L Is LESS       8 Is SAME
12 homb       *"***'*
■ •"                                              Re*-.
Away           Tear's
Coupon Hs. 1
K      It       8
Coupon No. 2
Coupon No. S
M       L       8
1    Coupon Ns. 4
|   M       L       8
Coupon Bb. S
■      LB
ASTON VILLA           2
BLACKBURN B.         2
BOLTON W.               1
CARDIFF CITT         2
SUNDERLAND           2
BIRMINGHAM            1
ROTHERHAM 0.         2
WEST HAM TJ.          0
LUTON TOWN           1
PORTSMOUTH           1
DARLINGTON             0
AYR UNITED            1
GLASGOW R.             1
ABERDEEN                0
| 2     HOME                Teat's
■ ****                                 Soots
Away              Tear's
Coupon No. 6
Coupon No. 7
Coupon Ho. 8
Coupon No. 9
Coupon No. 10
ASTON VILLA           2
BLACKBURN R.         2
W. BROMWICH A.     8
BOLTON W.               1
CARDIFF CITY          2
SUNDERLAND           2
BIRMINGHAM            1
ROTHERHAM C.       2
WBST HAM U.          0
LUTON TOWN           1
PORTSMOUTH           1
DARLINGTON            0
AYB UNITED            I
GLASGOW R.             1
ABERDEEN                0
Philadelphia.—Th. Canadian Pa-
•Mc Railway has opened ita new
offices her. m the Cross Building at
th. corner of Locust and 15th
Streets. Growth of the company's
business and the gradual movement
•f th. city's most important business institutions in this direction
were responsible for this move into
larger quarters in th. heart of the
hotel, theatre and business district.
The offices which hav. been handsomely fitted, accommodate both
freight aad passenger official, on
Canadian Pacific rail and ocean
lines, as well as representatives of
th. Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault
and th. Duluth, South Shor. and
Atlantic Railways.
London, Ont.—This y.ar th. Canadian Pacific Railway ha* arranged
to hold weekly Urst aid classes at
London throughout th. *ntir* year
•nd the instruction will b. furnished
by th. employees themselves, many
who have become vary proficient in
flrst aid werk.
By this m.aas those smploy.es
who hav. had previous instruction
ean drop int. th. class*, from time
to time and refresh th.ms.lves on
the instruction, whils th. naw employees, especially thos. in train
and engine service, whose duties
may require them to be absent from
the classes one week, will hav. th.
opportunity of taking th. instruction later on as th* classes will continue throughout the year. E. T.
Wright, C. P. R. storekeeper at London, is chairman in charge of the
committee, which i. looking after th.
formation of flrst aid classes on the
London division.
Montreal—Judge Choquet'g warning issued som. time ago threatening to fine th. parents of boys causing damages in any part of the city
was put int. effect when h. condemned fifteen mothers of arrested
lads to pay 18.72 each for th. acts
ef their offspring.
For som. tint, there has been
daily reports from the C. P. R. of
destruction to cars and fixtures by
youngsters who run wild through
the yards and use the cars for playing hide and seek. Ths most seri-
*us accusations were laid* against
beyn who were caught throwing
stone* at passing trains, endangering the lives of travellers. Judge
Choquet gave a warning that he
would hold the parents responsible
fo. the acts of vandalism by children. When he had fifteen cases
prepared for court he carried out
his warning by making the parents
pay the costs of the damages incurred.
Montreal.—From Finland to Duluth, Minn., via Montreal, travelling
alone and tagged like a piece of
baggage, is the record of Veikko
Tuominen, aged eight, who stepped
•ff the Canadian Pacific train in
Duluth the other day, wearing a
smile of confidence and trust in the
strange world about him. He was
on his way to his uncle, Frank
Salini, at Virginia, Minn.
The lad  recently became an »r-
fihan, and his uncle wrote to friends
n Helsingfors tbat he would tak.
care of the boy. Salini was unable
to go to Finland for him, so little
Veikko was tagged and placed in
charge of the Canadian Pacific. H.
came from Helsingfors to England,
where he was placed on board the
E.S. Melita, and carefully looked
after until hfs arrival at Montreal.
Still a wurtl oi the company, he was
•aat en u> bis daatiuatiea.   '   ,i *"
I. Packing away the rugs after having had (heir turn nn the vacuum.
A FEW hours spent in the Winni-
^* peg, Montreal anrl Vancouver
vards of the Canadian Pacific Railway while thc dining and passenger
I rains are being cleaned Rives one the
ssurance that there is little need Iu.
'"".elicrs to worry a.s far as germs
:re concerned.
The yards are equipped wilh Iho
very latest devices for thc cleaning
and equipping of its trains. The
•-ame pattern of equipment is in use
ill Winnipeg, Montreal and Vancouver, and at these three terminals the
oaehes undergo a thorough cleaning
^proximately   110  cars are  cleaned
ii Winnipeg per day, and it costs
-18.00 to clean each car.
When a passenger train arrives at,
•-ay   Winnipeg   Terminal,   it   Is   run
Iown to the coach yard and everything moveable is taken out. Then
'•ommences the cleaning and germ
ousting process The heavier tapes-
iried cushions, pillows and hed blankets are placed under a vacuum
rleaner with 90 pounds pressure. This
is the first process of cleaning, then
follows the disinfecting. The carpets
aiw tjaaaj oa a wire netting, which
2. Cleaning the pillows on tbe vacuum cleaner invented by Canadian Pacific employees.
look" not unlike a bed spring only
tliat it moves on wheels. At nnc end
there is a huge roller to which is attached scores of leather straps, which
is referred to in the yards as the
"cat and 109 tails " This revolves at
a terrific force and after the carpet
has hecn twice beaten there is a poor
chance of any rlnst remaining. Carpets usually stand this treatment
from 18 months to two years. While
all this portable stuff is being cleaned, workers arc busy inside the car.
They do not spare disinfectant or
soap and water.
The kitchen tables and ice hoxes
are aluminum, and all the sauce pans
are of copper. When one considers
tbat several hundred meals a day.
arc prepared and served from one of
these small kitchens, it is no wonder the diner service is considered
one of the most remarkaMe features
in connection with passenger traffic.
There arc at present in the entire
system 155 dining cars in which approximately 8,000 meals per day are
served. Back in the Winnipeg coach
yards is tht Dining Car supply
building and linen department It
[is here tbat bread, roll*, cakes and
3. Th* train carpet beater in action.
Strap, attached to the roller
quicklv  loosen  all dust.
pastry are made each day to meet
the demand for the Buffet and Dining cars. There is a first-class artificial ice plant installed so that thc
supply of food on hand is kept in perfect condition Rvery room is well
stocked, with the exception of the
wine cellar, which boasts of nothing
more than soft drinks. Several
seamstresses are busy in the linen
room, where the bed and table linen
are kept In repair. The linen department of the railway is well stocked.
There are in the entire rail service
alone 245,25.3 sheets; 204,867 slips;
68,925 cloths; 201,93.1 table napkins;
and 373,267 face towels, as well as
many other pieces The laundry lists
when checked at the end of each year
show that approximately 33,000,000
pieces go through the wash tubs, at
the three big terminals and other
divisional points along the line. No
steward, cook, waiter, sleeping car
conductor or porter, is put on a Canadian Pacific train without having
graduated from the school of instruction. They attend lecture classes
every morning until fully qualified to
attend to the wants and heeds of
travellers over tha Caaadnui  Pauiast
Are Not the
Only Things
These Days
d Lots of other things
were scrapped before
the Washington Conference became even
a possibility—old prejudices—old grudges
--old methods of diplomacy had to be
discarded before it
was possible to ask
for bids from the junk
man for a few billion
dollars worth of "war
d If you are to make
the most of your
opportunities selling
Merchandise, it will
pay you to take stock
of your methods of
doing business and
scrap ruthlessly the
old systems or prejudices that new conditions have rendered
obsolete. And above
all court publicity-
secret diplomacy is as
bad for your business
as it is for the business of running a nation—
Advertise THE   SUN,   URAND   FORKS,   1. C.
Wilfnnl Brown returned from the
D-aiversity of British  Columbia  on;
Saturday to spend his Christmai-;
holidays with his parents in thin j
At a social gathering at the horae !
ol Mrs. li. E. Woodland last liight,
Miss  L   Huffman   was represented
with a traveling bag.
News of the Gity
Arthur Rush, of Ruck Creek, und
Miss Ikssie Jolniri, of Qreenwood,
were uiuriied in the latter place last
Friday. Mr. Hush is well known
io this city, where he resided foi a
number of years.
Geo. W. Gowland, formerly manager for P, Bums & Co. in this city,
died at Bremerton, Wash , on Wed
nesday,    the   13th   inst.,   after   a
week's illness.
R. Woithiogton and Geo. Akers,
of Rock Creek, were in tbe city
Wednesday evening.
Burn—lu Grand Korks, on Wednesday, December 20, to Rev uud
Mrs. W. P. Bunt, a sun.
The Presbyterian church Sunday
school Caristuaws tre; is being held
in the church this evening.
Mids Margaret Fowler, whu has
been atundiog Normal school at
Vancouver, returned home on Wednesday to spend lhe Christmas holidays with her parents.
Miss L, Huffman and her mother
will leave next Monday (or lidmon-
ton, Alta,, where they will remain
for a,couple of months.
E. C. Henniger, M.P.P., and Mrs
Henniger returned on Monday from
Victoria, where Mr, Henniger attended tlm late session of the legi i-
Harold   Molnnes arrived in  tbi
,;ity on Saturday from   Victoria   to
>eud Christmas with  his parent,
i ere.
Miss Mude, of tlie  public aohool
iff, will leave tomorrow for K.ano-
ops to spend the Christmas hollH
i iys at her bome in that city.
Miss  Katbleeu   Kerby returned
im the University of British  Colli ubia  on   Saturday   to spend her
!i didays with  her parents in  this
Miss MaoEwao,   of   tba   pub
- mol staff, will leave tomorrow to
r md Christmas at her home in
• ^ncouver.
L'here seems to enough aldermanit
ididates in both wards to maki
ic election interestoe.
According lo  gossip  in   political
circles, it seeme certain  that  there
will   be   a   contest for  mayor   this
The   Electors Gity   of
Grand Forks, B.C.
In response to ;i petition
signed by several ofthe rale-
payers that I allow my name
to be placed before tlie Electors of Grand Forks for the
office of Mayor for the year
1923, I would take this opportunity of- publicly announcing that I have consented in do.so and will be a
candidate for Mayor for 1923.
(Signed) GEO. H.HULL.
SKAUiDTKNDKIts ,vii| |„. rooelved hv th.
Distrlot for.'<ior,  Nolsi ol later than
noon uu tlm Both day Duoember. 1922, tor the
pur' Ims'' of nir nut" 3C1612, iiear Pass Greek,
North Fork Kettle Biver. to cut 80,000 board
fo-l of Yellow Pino.
Olio yonr will bo allowed for removal ol
imin.T- i
Further particulars of tbe Distrlot tforostor
Nelson, 11. ''.
City Grocery"
cy4. Fresh Shipment ot
Labrador andHollandHerring
c Also a Complete Line of Christmas Goods
Phono 25 H.H. Henderson, Prop.
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seon the new models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as now coin! As weatherproof as a duck? Autoinobife Steel
Bearings, Frame of Knglish Seamless Stool Tubing. Hard Maple
llinis. Borculeu Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Roal
Value,   Easy Tonus.  Wo aro tbu peoplo'to mount y\)u right.
J. R. MOOYBOER .&^8&tr&
Opon Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
SB.1L&D TENDERS will ba waived hy the
District   forester, Nelson, not later thmi
noon theSOtli day of December, t'J22, for tbe
purohase  of Licence X4681, near Bholt ■ io
cut 1800 Hewn Ilea.
One  year  will be allowed for removal of
Further parti on 1 ars of the Distrlot   Pores*
ter, Nelaon, ii. 0.
1 Year $1.00
AH Spick
and Fresh
You will need them
for your Mince Meat,
Xmas Cakes and Plum
Phone 30 or call and ge t
the bsst qunlity at the
right prices
CBALEDTBNDB 88, addressed to tho Port'-
o matter General, will be reoolvedat Ottawa
until iiiiiiii nu ITililuy, 18tb .lainiiii'v, 1023, lor
tho ooiiviiyiiiiro nf His Majesty's Mull*, on 11
proposed Contract fop four years, twelve
times por wonk on tho route becwoen Grand
Korku anil Railway Station ((J.r.), from the 1st
April next.
Printed notices containing further information us tn conditions of proposed Cotitruct
muy be soen uud blank forms of Tender mny
be obtained nt the Post Ollices of Grand
Korks, It.C. District Supoi'iiitniideul of Postal
Service und nt tile office oi thu District Super,
iuleii'leul's Olliee, Vancouver ll C.
1st Dee., 1922.
Aciii] : District .Sii|ierliitendeiit,
PKALBD TENDBRS will bo received by the
Minister oi Lands at Victoria not inter than
noon on iho .list ilny of December, 1032. for
the purchase ol Licence S4602, to cut 300,000
feet of Tamarac, Plr nnd fellow Pine, <w feet
B.M.of fetledana imclted Tuni'irnc. Fir nud
Yellow Pine, nud 10,300 I-'ir uu I Tinnurac Tics,
on un ureu situated 2 miles North of Rook
Greek Station, K. V. Kly., Similkniiiooii band
Two (2) yenrs will lie ullowed for removal
of tirhber.
Kurther particulars of the Chief Forester
Viotorla, 11. 0„ or Distriet Forester, Nelson
B (J.
The niii pedestrian win puts on
new shoes at sunrise never boasts
how many milm lie will go before
•S mi - piirsoiia eeotn lo think lint
lite is a moving Stairway; ihat all n
nml baa to do ih to step aboard and
he carried to the top,
It is better to fail in the uext  at
tempt thau to fold your han da after
a great achievement.
In thU old world mjr« fesliogs
are butt by bad manners than by
bad intentions.
There are meu wbo gain nothing
from a fortune except the fear of
losing it.
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
onaioson s
Phone 30
Was a Fright!"
rpAICK NOTICK that Uobert ''umpboll, of
■*- cirand Knrks, B, <.:., i^'ouimtlun liovorn-
meut Liquor Vondor, intends to apply for
permission to purehasn the following described lan i:
<'oniiuei.cin£ at n post planted at the North
'Vest ooruor posi of but 988, iSimilktuiuet.
Lund District, thence N »rth 10 ohains, thence
Enst 40 chains, theuco South 40 chains,
tbence West 40 chains to Iho point of com-
mencciiiQiit, mul containing 1(>() acres, more
or less.
Dniod Novsmber 80th, -9Z*-.
"Nothing 1 Could Take Made Me Any Fatter:'
I'he delivery wicket of the posi
• ice  will   hi' open  on  Christmas
• i from lo ull 11 in the in irning
i   I from - nil 3 in   the  afternoon,
The best Christmas Gift
Cbristln ih fn   lhe Hoy!
i'bristmas fur ihe ciri!
Jbristujas for ihe Eathi re!
Cbrlstmas for the Mothers!
Christmas for one and all bound
n i in 52 weekly issues of The
Youth's Companion for  1923.    No
• her periodical oan take (be place
■i The Youth's Companion at the
. unily fireside no other reflects so
.ruiy lhe home spirit.
Tbe o2 issues of V,i\>'6 will contain
from cighl to a dozen soriul stories,
neurly two hundred priori stories,
besides sketches, special matter for
the boysj tbe girl, the domestic circle. The Children's Pago and the
Doctor's Corner will, us they have
for years; prove indispeusablo fed
turps of Ihe paper. [JSubscribe now
ami receive.
1. Tin.    Youth's   Companion  - 52
issues in 1923.
2. All tbe remaining i.-->ues ol IH22.
3. The Companion Home  Calendar
for 1922.
All for $2.50.
4. Ur   include McCall's Magazine,
tho monthly authority on fashions.   Hoth   publications,  only
The Youth's   Companion,   Com-
tuot) wealth   Ave.   and  Si. Paul 8t .
Hostan,   Mass,     Subscriptions   re»
eeived at tbis office.
'Up to the lime I was seventeen
years old, I belii ve that I was the
most miserable and unhappy girl that
ever lived. Honestly, 1 Mas a sight.
I wns the most ungainly looking
creature yon ever saw, I was thin
ami scrawny straight up and down.
My height was five feet nine inches
and I weighed exactly nim ty-oneand
three quarter pounds. No matter
whatkfudol i lothesl put on I looked
like a fright I was clumsy and
awkward. I u^ixl tostand before the
glass and Study mv features. I found
I had a good lose, good eyes ami a
good moutb but my eh il:s were
sunken and Illy lace looked like a
Skull with a piece of parchment
stretched overit Bnl nothing I could
door take mad me any fatter. Men
rarely even gi need at me. When
they did they merely gave me a
en lal amui il or pitying look.—an
'   ' on v      iii     in  sure meant,
'why i a bci -y. like,that i lio ted at
lare I ;: ti U'- .make al tiij 111
fi ■ iu at a ii ie wonderii j ■■ ■•■
th re i ere so unii) beautiful girls in
tlie worid and 1 was so liidtous.    I
mcta friend of mineoncday, KlsieW.
and I hardly knew her. While she
had never been as thin as I was, a
year or more ago she ran me a close
second, but when I met her she had
taken on flesh and had develop! d
into a fine handsome girl with one of
the prettiest figures I had ever se,. ll
I asked her what had caused the big
change. She said Carnol, She told
ine she had been taking it regularly
for the last three months aiid that
from the first week of taking it she
had begun lo put on flesh. I was so
encouraged by what she said that I
couldn't get to the druggist fast
enough. I bought a bottle and since
then I have been taking it regularly.
!t has made the greatest change in
uie you ever saw. I now weigh 1(15
pounds and nil my friends tell me
what a wonderful figure I Imve and 1
know that 1 am admired"
Carnol is sold by your druggist,
and if you can conscientiously say,
after ; ou have tried it, that it hasn't
done you any good, return the empty
bottle to him and he will refund your
money. 3-6:3
Canadian    Blind    Babies'   Home
Nursery! Hospital and Kindergarten
Dominion  Ouarter,   Without  Stock  Subscription,
1)1 Itl'li.TOU-i -Hon. \luuin Burrell, Hon. President"; Hon. .1. Q, Turriff
President; A. il  K  ssionnjus, Vioe-Prenident;   Edward  Grant!,  Secretary
(..'. Bla'okett Robiusm, 0oi\ Secretary; J, K. MoKiuley,  Treasurer;  Lt.-Col
Wliffcon, M.D, It    1  C'unpball, riiomas Mulvey, K.C, A. E. Provost, VV.
Lylo Reid, A. .1. IfVeimaa, Charles H. Piuhoy, C.E., W.J, Cairns, and Tom
I'ltlTSriCho-C. II. Pinhev, O.E., Thomas Mulvoy, K,C,, A. J, Froiman.
Le4.1l Advisor Itiuikors Auditor
John I. MaoOniok m, K.C.     Koyal Bank of Canada.     A. A, Crawley, CA.
The Objects of tin's Institution, for which Incorporation was rocontly obtained, are: "To p.'jvide 1, Homo and Refuge for Baby and Infant Blind; to
provide free Scion ific Care, Training nnd Maintenance; to Save the Lives of
eveu a fow of the nany of iu,:h unfortunates, who, for tbe lack of sucb ser«
vice, perish even -'ear; and to return these little, ones to their parents, at
ohooj ago with 1  n'lnal, healthy bodies and sound minds."
This is a lurge and greatly needed Cbild Welfare Service. Careful enquiry
al tbo Governme olBuos in the verious provinces reveals the fact that there
are at tbe presan time nearly 250 Infant Blind in the Dominion, Nothing
haB yet been done for those helpless little ones. In the United States, 16
years ago, the (ir home was opened in New York City; they have now homes
in 13 States, all loing excellent work. In England, some time ago, Sir Arthur Pearson org mixed "Sunshine House," Chorley Wood, for Blind Babies,
and he claims tb it it is the only one in the British Empire. Let us have the
SECOND in Car ida. To reach this worthy end money is urgently required.
Fifty Thousand Dollars is tho present objective of the Boa.id. VVhile tho
Home is to be located in Ottawa it will take in tho Baby Blind from evory
province, so that ihis APPEAL for funds will bo Dominion wide, and an
early and generouB response is confidently expected. Cheques should be made
payable to the Canadian Blind Babies Home Association. All remittances
will be promptly acknowledged
I'SK AND iSrolt,V'IH.
'I'AKIi NOTICE tlmt. domain Vaoher, wlius,'
a- .eliiiess is Room 3, IMvU lllin'k, Qrand
Korks, Itriiisli Columbia, will ui'l'ly ior a
licence to take ami uie 600 tralloaj per minute ami to Hturo rrti.lHKl ealloiis of water out of
Ooe.-e M,lose Creel.*, wlli<'ll Hews  Solltll  tiast
erly ami tlmins Into th« Kettle Kiver, about
(smiles below Curlew, Washington, U.S.A.
The stomiro 'inn, will be iotiiilefi at Nortli Wont
Oorner of "Now St, Maurice" Miner, il Glaitn
and about thc oentre of the "Oity of Deliver"
Mineral Clnlni. The oaDaolty nf tlle reservoir
to lie oroated is about 5(1.001) trallotis. The
water will lie diverled from the sti'Mim at a
point nbnut 4000 feet iron, the United Stat
Boundary line or where lhe stream crosses
ihe Northern Boundary of the "Oity ot Denver" Mineral Cluim, ami will be used for mit,.
ine purposes upon the mine desorlbed as
"New St. Maurice" Mineral Claim. Tide notice
was posed on the ground on the Und day of
Nore"C<ei, lS-il, A copy of I his notice uud an
application pursuant thoreto and to the
"Water Acl, 1914,!' will be Hied in the oltlce of
the Waler Beoorder at Urand Forks, B. O.
Objections to the application may be tiled
with the said Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller of W'ntor Klu;hts, Parliament
Buildings. Vicioria, 11, C, within thirty days
after the Hrst appearance of this notice in a
local uewspaper. The dute of tiie first publication of this notioe is November 10th, 1922.
Ohas. If. K. Pincott, Agent.
Dominion Monumental Works
Asbestos Products Co. Kooliisii
A1TUCATION for u Uounoe'to  tulie   aud
uso Water will   be   made   uuder   the
"Water Act" of British Columbia, ai follow:
1. The immeof theapplh'unlis Grand Korks
Irriffation DhUriof
2. The n'ltlr-HSH uf the applioant ls<iraud
Corni, H. 0.
!). The name of the si roam U Kettle Klvor.
I in-strt'iim h«.n it.-. anurce botweeu Okauafrnu
and Lower Arrow Lakes, HoWa in a ^oUthet'i
direotlon and ompticB into «'<ilninhin Kivi r-
ahout M'lrmis.lJ.S.A ., approximately Hfi mill s
sSotith-ea«t nf (fraud \<\>vU ■-. It. 0.
■1. The wnter islo be i ninpetl from tho
stream un iln-soiidi side aboUtlJ^ miles South
nitst from Graud I''orks. B.C.iltl north-on-1
oorner l>ot fiM.
■>. Khepuip'isefor which tin- witor wilt hn
used li irritfiitioti
it. T'le land On whieh thi" wnter is to Im
used is dotoribed 'is follows: DlBtrlot i-ot irv
and liianres In North-east oorner Lot r»H4.
7. The quantity of wator applied for is ns
foliowN; ,.-)u nore feel.
H. Thi-- notion was p-f 'oil on tho trmuiid on
the lath dav of Oetober, 19:7.
9. A oopy ot this notioe and nn application
pursuant thereto and to the requirements of
Ihe "Water Aot'1 will he filed at thn otfiee uf
tlie Walor Keeoi'der al (irand Porks, K.C.
nbjei-tiuiis mny ho Uied with tho said Water
Unooider, or with the Comptroller of Water
Rights. I'niliaiiinnt tWiil.lin^.s, Viotorla, H. C.
Hy D. A. (Juaham, Agent
AIM'I,(CATION for a Lieence to take and use
Water will be made   under tho "Water
Aot" of British Columbia, as follows:
1. The name of the applioant ls Grand Forkn
Irrigation District.
2. The adnress of the applioant is Orand
Korks, B.C.
8. The niuneof the bodv of wator la Ettlokle
SlougbtinOistrlottotSM, Grand Korks.;
4. The water is to be pnmped from the
Slough on Hi" south side, about ' *, tulle i'r"ni
Grand Koiks.
ii. The ptirpoMp ior whieh tho waler will be
used is Irrigation,
H. The laud on whioh tlie water is to he used
Is desofihed as follows: Northern portion of
District Lot m.
1. rhO quantity of water applied for if as
follows: 80 aero feet.
8. Tnls notioe was posted on the ground on
the lath day of October. 192'2.
9. A copy of tills notice and an application
pursuant thereto and to the requirements ol
the'1 Water Ant" will be Uied fn the otfioe of
tho Wntsr Recorder at (irand Forks. B. ().
Objections muy he Hied with the said Water
Recorder, or with the Comptroller of Water
Rights. I'arliaraent Buildings, Viotorla, B. O,
By D. A* Gba.ba.TmT, Agent
Now is the proper time
to subscribe ior The Sun.
'JpiiJi value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means oi getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ba'.l programs
Business cards
Vi 'iHng cards
Sh'| ' ing tags
Lotto rhein Is
Price lists
A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yalk Hotel, First Stbkbt
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
New Type
Latest Style
Columbia Avenue and
T,uUe Street
Minimum prlcss of flrst-cl&sa tend
rssduood to ?5 an acre,; wsoontt-olsjuM S*
IS iO un aero.
I re-«mptlon now oonflnad to em-
■■..yeil lajids only.
lleoordd vrlll be in-anted coverlnc oulr
i- -J uuitaii)« for agricultural purpoaai
;. ii which In non-Umber land.
i'-. •'i!«T;iii,i> pre-emptlone abolWMi.
bui ■ ■ c'.lu* of not more than four may
juratiBO far adjacent nre-emptlona
»",, joint residence, bat eaoh making
ntewserr luiurovemente oo respeetlT*
claims. a
>':o-;i2i,(jtorn must occupr claims fOT
, i > years and m.ikc- Improvements to
• '•• itD pur iivrc, including i
Ine M.d cultivation oi nt least b i
',- ■■■i-; receiving Crown Grant.
ivi nr ■ pre-emptor lu occupation not
l*as than 3 yours, and hast made pro-
; trt:»Tat« ImprovementH, he may, lia-
c. -nt ot ill-health, or other caase, ba
trrantod intermediate certllleate of lm-
;•'•',■.,aent and transfer atl claim.
'.">** without permanent resl-
o*nce may be iasued, provided appll-
'•ant makes Improvements to extent of
}»M o«r annum and records same each
.,.-.,• 1,-suiure to tnuke lmprwements
cr record i.ime will operate as (er.
feiture. Title cannot be obtained In
iJi"-..^1tn 6 yeara. »»« improramento
« 410.00 per acre. Including- i acres
cloared and cultivated, and realdence
uf at least 2 yeara are reonlred.
1''.-emptor Holding Crown grant
maj reoord another pre-emption, if ha
requires land in conjunction with bis
farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements loads
end residence maintained ea Crown
framed land. 9
l-m m-voyeU areas, aot sumillns M
acres, may bo leased as homesTtes'
title to bo obtained after faUUlins rest-
dent lal and Improvement conditions.
For (raxing and Industrial purposes
ureas exceeding 640 acres mar be
leased by one person or company.
Mill,  factory or Industrial sites ea
timber land   not   exceeding   49
may be purchased; conditions '
payment of sturapaga.
Natural   bay   meadows   Im   ns—il
by existing roads may be immliaaail
conditional upon construction of a road
to them.   Rebate of one-balf of coat af
rood,  not exceeding baa* ef
price, Is mode.
pfi.=. emptors'    mat
Thc scope of this Att* A, enlarged to
IncJiidsi all Bartons Joining and serv-
Ing with HtTU*4*mSxTsa%*^*l 1&
1 lino within wbioh the hairs or devisees
nf ,1 dtx-oased pre-eoaptor may uunly
for title under thlTIet is «tonded
rrrnn for one yenr fram tha death of
uuch person, ae formerly, until one
yoar att-i- the couc'tiaton af the present
war. Tills privilOMe Is aaw aside re
Ko fore rclatina to pre emotions are
lue or payable Tsy soldiers ea pre-
, uptloas recorded attar too* ** fiu
lures are remitted fer Ore yearn.
1'iostainn for return of mootm ac-
crued l,»o ond been paid since lussast
4. 1911, ou account nf payments, n*a
or taxaa on unldiers' pra-ampUons.
Interesu on agreemaata to nuroaasee
Wr».»«l«y lots bold by ■saSarTof
Allied JTssrees, or dependents, acquired
direct or Indirect, ramlttaTfroaa. an^
llnlmn.it to March 11. 1»H.
1'rovlulon made far samaaoe sf
1 Town grants to >iub-purokassrs of
I'rown Lunds, acquiring rights tram
purchasers wbo failed to oompleta
piinhuse, Involving forfeiture, an ful
nilmcnt of conditions of purchase, m-
li rest and taxes. Where sub-psjrehas-
era do not claim whole of original parcel, purchase price due and taaaa ssaa
be distributed proportlonataly owexr
whole area. Applications mast ba
u.aue by May 1, 1»M.
Grazing Act, Ult, tor list seas I'll
ilevolopment of livestock Industry pro-
viilts for sraxing dtetricts and ranga
udmlnistt'atlon under Commissioner
Annual graslng permits issued based
on numbers ranged: priority for estab-
ih.hcil owners. Stock-owners
form '
 —   may
■'..,, latioiw for range manage-
IV.o, or partially free, permits
for settlers, campera ar lissalhaa  *P
I havo opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
C. A. Crawford
N«U TeakplMaM Ol&M


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