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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Nov 24, 1922

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the center of Grand Forks valley, the
premier fruit growing district of
Southern British Columbia. Mining
and lumbering are also- important
industries in districts coW^-ious to
the city.
' ^WgUrAuhotV
Kettle Valley Orchardist
the favorite newspaper of the citizens
of the district. It is read by more
people in the city and valley than any
other paper because it is fearless, reliable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
"Tell me what you Know is true:
I cau guess as well as you.
81.00 PER YEAR
If Canadian Money Remain at a Premium, a
Huge Sum Will Be
Saved Before Maturity
of Loans Already Placed
will form   the   chief plank  in tbe
government scheme.
Little satisfaction bas been secured by the oppsitioo members in
probing the financial dealings of tbe
liquor control board before tbe public accounts committee. Despite the
constant criticism of the govern-
men* liquoi policy, no concrete suggestions for an improvement of the
act have been submitted as yet, and
Conservative members appear to be
unable to uneartb anything but
trivial mistakes before the committee
Prices have been reduced materially
and tbe government profit for the
coming fiscal year is expected to be
$500,000 smaller than last year.
Figures tabled recently show tbat
tbere are sixty-three liquor stores.
For tbe year they hand ed about
•12,000,000 worth of business, witb
Specud Corrc&pontlence of The Sun.        a proflt of nearly $^000,000.
Victoria, Nov. 22.—According to There is little prospect of the
statements contained in tbe annual Burde eight hour bill passing the
budget addreBS of Hon. John Hart,   house this year, although there is a
High Time
general feeling of support for the
principle. The stand is taken,
though, that industry would be
sadly handicapped at tbe present
time if British Columbia were asked
to compete with other provinces and
states where longer hours are the
John Bull—"Having finished with that, gentlemen, I can now give
you some attention.''
Export Trade—"And high time, too."
Banker Explains
Movement of Gold
Toronto, Nov. 21.—With reference to tbe large shipment of gold
from the United States to Canada,
Sir John Aird, vice-president and
general manager of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce, today said it
wbb only a temporary loan, tbe exi
planation of which was that Can*
dian funds were at premium. He
said it was cheaper foi the time being to send gold to Canada than to
Canadian exchanges in  New York.
Sir John intimated tbat it wae
probable that the gold movement
would be in the other direction before long, indicating tbat Canada
and the United States, at least, have
once again returned to normal.
As to Canadian money being
above par in tbe United States, Sir
John said it wrs probably due to the
sale of Canadian securities in tbe
United Slates and were the sale to
decrease this country might once
more return to the adverse exchange
minister of finance, British   Colum
bia is in a better financial condition
than any other province io Canada,
and this because of the careful sys«
tern   of borrowing wbicb bas been
followed during the past  few years.
With  Canadian   money now at a
premium, the minister declared tbat
tbe province would be saved seven
or eight million dollars before the
maturity  of  loans already plffiBB.
This was tbe most fitting reply   to
the Bowser prediction tbat the provincial treasury would  be virtually
bankrupt through tbe borrowings of
the finance minister, said  Hon. Mr.
A noticeable feature gf tbe budget
address was the announcement that
despite  the  heavy calls upon the
government there will be no increase
in taxation. Further, said the minister,   expenditures   in   practically
every department will be lower for
tbe next fiscal year tban  formerly,
and last year there was a reduction
of   11,162,757   from  the estimated
total.   Estimated   revenue   for  the
coming year is placed at $18,769,596
Last year's estimated revenue was
(18,882,391, but the actual  revenue
was $1,871,795 higher.
"The credit of tbe province is better than at <ny time since confederation," said Hon. Mr. Hart, "and
thiB is demonstrated   by  tbe ready
sale of  our   bonds, the prices we
have received, and the number of
financial   houses   bidding for   the
issues  The province is fortunate in
owning  great    natural    resources
within its bounds—timber, mines,
agricultural  lands  and    fisheries.
The'return of normal conditions and
the tnfiux of people we may  expect
io the next few yeara, combined
with tbe sound, sane policy of development of our natural resources,
must assure us of a bright and
prosperous future."
While nothing definite has been
announced by the Oliver government regarding its proposed plans
for colonization, it is known that a
definite, comprehensive policy is
being worked out apd will probably
be announced in the legislature
within two weeks. After two visits
to the old country, where he communicated witb the imperial authorities, Hon. T. D. Pattullo, minister of lands, has proposals wbicb
be maintains will mean the securing
of tbousans of the best type of British settlers for tbe vacant lands of
this province, Answering repeated
criticisms from labor and opposition members, regarding the provision of employment far those out
of work, rather tban the encouragement of newcomers, the government
lias pointed out that only agricul
turists are being sought. There are
several million acres of the best
lands on the continent in tbe valleys
of tbe central interior and the  fruit     J. B. DeLong,   high school   in
districts, aud the encouragement of epector, was in the   city this week
bona  fide settlers to take up land on an official visit.
Railways Are Giving Reduced Rates and a Big
Attendance From Outside Points Is Expected
Boy Scout News
First Grand Forks Troop
Boy Scouts*
Duties—November 25 to December 1, Eagle Patrol; next for duty,
Coyote Patrol.
Parades—Friday, December 1, at
headquarters at 7:30 p.m.
Awards—The following boys bave
passed the necessary test and are
awarded the Naturalists Badge:
P.L., D. HcArthur, P.L., H. Acres,
Scouts J. Clark, H. Clark, (I. Truax
and E. Woodland.
The annual provincial potato fair
will open in tbis city next Thursday, November 30, and continue on
Friday aud Saturday. The fair
will be beld in tbe Mcintosh block
oo First street Entries close on
Monday, November 27.
The railways are offering reduced
rates to the city, and as tbe fair is
a provincial undertaking, successful
potato growers from all sections of
the province will undoubtedly be
io aitendance with exhibits.
VancouverHotelmen's Association Presents Memorial to the Victoria
"Tiger" of France
Will Not Visit Canada
. Georges Clemenceau, "Tiger" of
France, will not visit Canada.
During a morning newspaper interview in New York on Monday,
be was told tbat be would be exceedingly welcome in the Dominion
and was asked whether he could
make tbe ttip.
The "Tiger" repiied that his program had been so Jcarefully worked
out tbat it would be impossible to
stretch it to include even a brief
visit to the Dominion. He expressed
his pleasure at the invitation and
hiB regret that he could not accept.
Avoid Apple Congestion
By Doling System
Fear of-congesting the markets of
the United Kingdom with apples by
shipping a large quantity through
Vancouver on one steamer, is said
by prominent apple shippers to be
the reason for small shipments moving to Europe by that port tbis
Nearly 1,000,000 boxes of apples
have been booked by United Statea
Pacilic ports to be sold in tbe United
Kingdom, while shipments from
Vancouver up to the present have
been very light, coming under 20,-
000 boxes.
It is claimed that if a ship carrying 400,000 boxes of apples arrives
in London it will probably pressed
the market. On tbe otber band, tbe
shippers state tbat by timing their
shipments across Canada and via
tbe Atlantic, tbey can reach tbe
British markets a week to ten days
ahead of the shipments from Vancouver via the all-water route, and
in thie way catch tbe market wben
the supplies are running low and,
therefore, can command a good
To induce shipment by Vancouver
the Royal Mail Steam Packet company reduced the water rate to 10
cents a box and tbe Canadian Pacific railway lowered tbe freight
from tbe Okanagan to tbe coast 5
cents a hundred and also took off
tbe unloading charge-. A box of
apples can be landed in Liverpool
for f 1.15 via the water route, and
for very little more by rail and
water across Canada.
Victoria, November 20.—Io a
long memorial presented to the
provincial executive and private
members bere this morning, the
Vancouver Hotelmen's association,
representing fifty hotels, made a plea
to be allowed tbe right to sell beer.
Tbe document went into details
showing the money invested in these
hotels and of how it had proved
impossible to declare a dividend in
recent years.
No action bas been decided upon
by the government on the liquor
question although several caucuses
have been held to debate the all-
absorbing topic.
Freight traffic on the North Fork
branch of lhe Kettle Valley line is
at present confined to tbe hauling
of merchandise.
First Gar Over New
Transprovincial Road
The Rossland Miner of the 16th
inst. says: The first auto to make
the journey over tbe new link in tbe
transprovincial highway from this
city to Cascade arrived here at 4:30
yesterday afternoon.
The run from Cascade was made
in a comparatively sdort space of
time, considering tbe car was tbe
first vehicle to make the trip over
the new highway.
The auto, containing Engineer
Gwyer, George Tierney and Edward
Deschamps, left Casoade at 11 a.m.,
arriving bere as above stated at 4:30.
Little difficulty was experienced
in making the journey, At the Velvet mine the deepest snow was encountered, being about six inches
Engineer Gwyer is said to be
highly pleased with tbe work of tbe
contracting firm of Tierney A Co.
& DeschampB, whicb firm set November 15 as the time for completing tbe work, and will not exceed
that date very many days.
It is believed tbe official opening
of the 'ink will take place about
June 15,1923.
Tbe car in which the journey was
made was a McLaughlin, and it was
photographed today in front of the
offices of Messrs. Tierney.
The work on the connecting link
in this important highway is practically completed,and it will be only
a few days now until the scene of
operations wbere some of tbe dif
ficult rock cuts are being mai
be deserted.
Free Distribution
of Seed Grain
A free distribution of superior
sorts of grain will be made during
tbe coming winter to Canadian
farmers by the cereal division of the
experimental farms branch, Ottawa.
The samples will consist of spring
wheat, about five pounds; wbite
oats, about four pounds; barley,
about five pounds; field peas, not
garden peas, about five pounds;
field beans, abont two pounds; flax
for seed and flax for fibre about two
Tbe cereal division of the experimental farms branch bag im
proved many of the old varieties of
grain and introducad many new
varieties. Tbe best of them have
been multiplied and propagated under direct supervision of responsible
officers on the experimental farms
botb east and west. Tbis seed will
form the bulk stock from whicb the
various samples will be taken. Tbe
seed iB therefore tbe purest and best
that is obtainable. Of some of the
more recent introductions tbere is
only a limited supply, so it would
be advisable to apply as soon as
possible for tbese.
Among tbe grains for distribution
will be found the Liberty bplless
oat, an oat that is excellent for human use, and to a limited extent
for young livestock. Among the
wheats, the most outstanding for
distribution will be the Ruby wheat,
a wheat that ripens from eight to
ten days earlier tban Marquis and
is suitable for districts were Mar
quia is not early enougb This year
among the barleys will be found
Charlottetown No. 80. This is a
two-rowed barley that has a tendency to drop its a*ns. The supply
of this variety is very limited. We
hope also to distribute Himalayan
barley, a hulless variety which is a
good yielder and suitable for young
livestock. There will be only one
variety of peas for distribution,
namely, Mackay Ostawa 25, which
is a main crop pea and not suited1
districts where early frosts occur.
The object of tbe distribution is
twofold: first, that tbe farmer may
get a small sample of good seed to
start his seed plot; second, that the
cereal division may find out how
their improved grains will behave
under various conditions of soil and
climate. Therefore it is necessary
that all the information asked for on
tbe application form should be fully
answered. This also holds true with
the report forms whicb each man is
asked to fill outi
Applications must be made on a
printed form wbich will be supplied
by the cereal division, experimental
farm. No postage is required on
letters so addressed. No application
forms will be supplied after February 15, 1923. Farmers are advised
to send at once for forms in order
not to be discouraged, ae in some
cases the stock is limited. The allotment of samples will be made in
order of application. Only one
sample will be sent to a farm.
Lots of Subjects of Pres-
ent-Day Ills Broached
But the Cure for Them
Is Withheld
A remarkably large audience
gathered in ibe Empress theater on
Wedn»sday evening to listen to
the lecture of Dr. Hindley, who
spoke under Ihe auspices of the
local retail merchauts' association,
aud was advertised to give a solution to the weighty problems that
confront the merchant, the firmer
nnd the 'workingman.
Mr. Uindley is an ejsy, fluent
speaker, and those who rime to tbe
meeting with the expectation of
being amused, went home reason*
ably well pleasedjwiib the resuitobtained; but those who were in search
of a remedy for tbeir economic ills
went away no wiser than they were
when they came.
The speaker touched on a great
many subjects iu a superficial way,
and recounted all the evils that are
gnawing at the vitals of society today, but whet) the time arrived for
him to tell the audience the cuie
for these evils he seemed to hesitate and lose interest in that particular theme and switch to a uew
subject. Tbis manner of changing
topics was maintained throughout
tbe evening.
The speaker made a splendid
beginning. "A divided community
cau not prosper nr make material
progress," he said. That is sound
logic. But the formula for uniting
a divided community was missing.
The people of Grand Forks are
not parti jularly interested in the
mariial troubles and eccentricities
of a foreign nation, and this mi,;ht
have been omitted. We huve
troubles aod idioByncracies of our
own. Too bright colors were also
used in the description of the average farmer's luxurious home.
The post oflice department advises that parcels or other mail
matter intended for delivery in European countries before Christmas
should be mailed at as early a dato
as possible, preferably within tbe
next two weeks, and at the very
latest in time to connect with the
steamer Melita, sailing from St.
Jobn on December 9.
Flies will not stay io a room
where there is tbe perfume of lavender.   An apartment sprayed slightly
T* "'.'., I with lavender water is quite exempt
.tie, will t
!from the pest.
Calgary Wholesale
Fruit Quotations
Apples—Mcintosh,   por     box,
No.  1 $1.90
Mcintosh, No. 3  1.25
Jonathan, per box, No. 1  2.00
Jonathans, No. 3   1,40
Wagner, No. 1, 11.85 to.  2.00
Winter Banana.No. 1   2.00
Delicious, No   1  2.75
Pears—Wash. D'Anjou, No. 1. 4.00
Winter Nellis, No. 1   3 50
D'Anjou, B. C, No. 1  3.75
8t. Lawrence, B.C., No. 1 ... 3 00
Grapes, Hed Emperor, per lug.. 3.00
Tomatoes, B. O  Hothouse,   per
case   5.00
Local, per Ih 22
Potatoes, B.C., Netted  Gems,
perton $28.00
Local, perton    25.00
Onions, perton  40.00
Spanish, per ease     8.55
Celery, B.C, pel lb 04
Parsnips, per lb 03
Turuips and carrots, per lb 02
Cabbage, Danish Railhead,  lb..   .02J
Local, per lb 02
Mrs. R. E Norris, of Kettle Valley, is visiting friends in the city,
Geo.   C.   Egg made  a   business
to Greenwood on Tuesday.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded hy the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Max.    Min.
Nov. 17 -Friday    40 33
18—Saturday   48 32
19- Sunday  40 28
20—Monday  46 28
21—Tuesday  45 32
22—Wednesday.. 39 2d
23   Thursday  30 25
Rainfall  0.18 THE   SUN,   GBAND   FORES
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)    1.50
Addresr -" «; :cations to
The Grand Forks Sun
Phone 101R Grand Forks, B. CJ
' A propaganda is said to have started among
the prohibitionists of this province to oppose
the selling of liquor by the government stores
in smaller containers than are at present used.
Of course a whisky-soak is perfectly satified
with the present size of the package, while
a moderationist might be contented with half
that quantity. But what size bottle do the
temperance people want?
Radio broadcasting is expected begin shortly in England. In order to avoid confusion
the government, profiting by the American
experience,has laid down definite requirements
for the broadcasting stations. One provision
of the British plan is that a part of the profits
of instrument makers and a percentage of the
licensing fees from receiving stations shall go
towards paying the cost of broadcasting.
An 87-year-old woman from Georga has
been named for the United States senate, and
an 86-year old woman from Iowa, being a
football enthusiast, chartered a special car
from her home to the Iowa-Yale game at New
Haven. A horse lover in Connecticut well
beyond 80 years of age drove his trotter at
the fair aud took a heat in 2:11^, ond Mr.
Gannon, aged 86, on leaving Washington to
travel the trail of the prairie schooner in which
lie went west as a small boy, said to his chaf-
fsur, "Step on the gas! I like the bumps; they
remind me of life."
For use in the police machine guns, the
Detroit police commissioner has ordered paper
billets instead of the usual steel-jacketed
kind. The paper bullets have just abont the
n icessary speed and hardness to make a victim hunt a doctor without delay, but they will
n it penetrate the flesh deep enough to do vital
and that no one has offered him the nomination, but he does not refuse outright. A German republic with Hindenburg at its head
would be a joke—though it might prove a
serious joke for Europe. It would of conrse
be meant as a stepping stone to a restored
monarchy. But monarchy could be restered at
Berlin only after something like a real civil
Commercial aviation suffers its discouragements. It is only American tourists, says an
English newspaper, that support the famous
London-Paris service, and the company that
has been making the engines for the planes
has decided to give up making them on account of the limited demand.
One way to get inexpensive dwellings is to
follow the plan that the cooperative societies
in Austria have adopted. A group of people
in similar circumstances organize a society,
hire an architect and a few master mechanics
and then go to work and bnild their settlement of ten or a dozen houses themselves.
Each member gives a certain number of hours
of labor. In the neighborhood of Vienna six
hundred houses have been completed in this
way during the past year.
Is there any namable limit to the speed of
the aeroplane? We used to open our eyes at
reports of eighty or ninety miles per hour.
Then one hundred and twenty miles became
commonplace, and one hundrsd and fifty miles
was the exploit of the day. Several months
ago a Frenchman "broke" two hundred miles.
Then an American touched two hundred aod
six, and ou October 18 an aeroplane driven by
General Mitchell of the United States air service did two hundred and twenty-four. It is
even asserted that Lieutenant Maughan has
made two hundred and forty "unofficially."
What the "record" will be when this paragraph comes to be read we can not tell.
Successful roller bearings for trains, for a
lung time a dream of engineers, seem to have
been produced in England. One man pushed
with ease a 27-ton coach equipped with the
new bearings, whereas it had taken seven men
to push it without the bearings. It is expected
that the saving in fuel will be about 30 per
What is a menial? The donor of the headquarters of the National Woman's party in
Washington stipulated that no male should
bo employed about the place "except in a
menial capacity." Suppose the plumbing
springs a leak? Are there women plumbers
i i Washington or "menial" plumbers? Or are
ail males "menials"?
In England girls with bobbed hair are now
tryi; g to make their shorn locks grow. As a
result there is a demand for hats that will
conceal the growing ends. To meet it the milliners show in their shops a quaint poke bonnet that has a short pointed brim in front, and
that is cut away at either side to make room
for a curled ostrich feather, which gives the
effect of side curls.
"My son," said the old gentleman who was
giving his boy a little fatherly advice, "just
remember that there are no short cuts to
fame." "Yes, father." "Even the baseball star
who earns a reputation as a home-run king
has to touch all the bases."
When you have made your first home-brew
on the kitchen range, just pour a little of it
on the sink. If it takes enamel off, pour it all
in the sink.
Your Heart's Desire
In the way of Jewelry can be easily
satisfied if you come here. We carry
an up to-date stock of the most popular novelties and the newest and
most artistic designs in
Fine Jewelry
Come in and  see our display and
make selections.
Uur prices are always moderate.
Jeweller and Optician
Bridge Street Grand Forks
City   Real Estate   ror
Applications for immediate purchase of Lois
and Acreage owned by thc City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Prices:~From $25.00 per lot upwards.
Termst—Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office.
Cily Clerk.
Cooking Heating
Wood Coal
Electric Gasoline
Complete Home Furnishers
Established 1910
Real Estate and Insurance |
Raldent Agent Grnnd Fork* Townitte
Company, Limited
Farms     Orchards    City Property I
Agent* at Nebon, Calgary, Winnipeg and
other Pralrlo polnti. Vanoouver Agenta:
Bitabllshod In l'JIO, we are lu a position to I
furnlih reliable information concerning thli
district. '
Write Ior free literature
Transfer Company |
Archaeologists have found undor the vol
anic ash of San Cuicuilco Hill near Mexico
f Uty the ruins ef aa old pyramid, The struc
lure is built of coarse blocks of volcanic rock;
it i.s about one hundred feet high, and it was
buried by more than one eruption from the
neighboring cone of Ajusco. Dr. Cummings
of the Arizona S}ate Museum, who was one
of the discovers, says that the pyramid shows
that men capable of building masonry on a
on a huge scale inhabited this continent at
least two or three thousand years ago, and
perhaps even earlier, for Lhe last great lava
flow from Ajusco occurred more than twenty
centuries ago. The tools and pottery found in
the vicinity show that the builders were in a
very primitive stage of civilization; they were
"stone-age" men.
Mark Twain was called upon to speak at a
club dinner and took for his theme,"Honesty."
He said when he was a boy at home he one
day saw a cart full of melons. He was a boy
—and be was tempted; besides he liked melons. "I sneaked up the cart," said Maak, "and
I stole a melon. I went into an alley to devour
it. But—I had no sooner set my teeth into it
than I paused; a strange feeling came to me.
I came to a quick resolution. Firmly, I walked
up to that cart, placed the stolen melon where
I got it from, and took a ripe one."
City Baggage and General |
When your telephone is left accidentally off the hook, it registers the same
as a call at central. If the operator gets
no response to her "Number, Please,"
the number is handed over to the repairing forces as being out of order. All this
involves tests, reports and time. In the
meantime, no one gets you on your telephone.
"Off the hook, is a very common cause
of interruption to telephone service. By
the exercise of care in this connection
you will protect your service and avoid
inconvenience to yourself and others.
Coal.  Wood and   Ice
for Sale
Office at R.  t.  Petrio'i Store
Phone 64
Tell The People
What   You    Have
to Sell
Talking get a job but working holds it.
The hardest thing for a good talker is to be
a good listener.
l'lioy are talking about runing Marshal von
Hindenburg for president of the German republic as a "nonpartisan" candidate when
President Ebert's terra expires in 1925. The
old solder says that he does not mean   to  run
cAncient History*
Item* Taken Prom The Qrand Forks Sun for ths Corrcspondtng
•Week Twenty Years Ago
The Cascade power plant has been completed and the
machinery was tested on Tuesday.
The Qrand Forks Liberal association on Friday evening 'elected the following offiers: President, Dr. K. C.
McDonald; flrst vice-president, P. T. McCallum; second
vice president, D. I). Munro; treasurer, H. A. Sheads;
secretary, G. T. Park; executive, Quo. D. Clark, H. H,
Spink, Geo. Pattison, W. J. Cook, H. W. Gregory.
Harmony Lodge, W. D., A. F. & A. M., was instituted on Wednesday evening.
Aid. Kobert Wasson died on the 20th, aged 33 years.
He had been a resident of  the valley for fifteen years.
C.V. Meggitt
Real Batata and Insurance
Bxoellent facilities tot telling your farnn
We have agenta at   all   Coatt aad Prairie
Reliable information rof ardlntr thlt dlatrct
cheerfully furnished. We solloit your inquiries.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in
Havana Cigars, Pipe*
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, B. C.
orroarn aaowns ■xcrancw
PIPE!* and      FLUMES
B. f. laws:
sou DwraicT .aster
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly   Don
r. g. McCutcheon
u{wnuvao Anam
We have secured the
agency for Grand
Forks of a large
Western Publishing
House which manufactures .a superior
grade of Counter
Check Books—carbon back and carbon
leaf styles.
Prices Are Right
Encourage Western
enterprise and keep
Western   money   in
the West.
Any Quantity
from 100 up to 2500
The Sun
Job Department THE   8UN.   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
mS-S&X... - ".  **
x, ,.-, m .if"P*'****".**. ** ** .St****** •»•« the holiday travel from r.n.d. lo C
li ''fi'".".''^*)'' "!! ^J"**?*. ™ n,w Caaadlaa P.clfk- S.S "Montcalm" wfl e.
the lint Iood from 81. John  N.B.. on D.e. II.   A opocl.l tr.ln will nm.wJ„t
r* '*.'?**.*" f*1****! *"i ""'•' ,h"""* ********* ***** *** *•"*  oTwnJKil  V.e~.b,
lo etch other homo-tolng Cinodlon PscStje ittenjshlpo.  ' uitr*ta
III eorfr
The second annual provincial potato fair will be held in
Grand Forks from November
27 to December 2.
On account of the deep interest shown in the first annual potato fair held last year
in Chilliwack the department
has decided to give prizes for
table stock as weil as for seed
potatoes this year.
It is hoped that the various
agricultural organizations and
all ethers interested will cooperate with the department
to the fullest extent and help
make this fair a success.
We have a limited quantity of
Apples that we will sell at a
Bargain while they last
Phone 25
City Grocery
No. 8
In Prizes
I tntar the B. C. Veterans Weekly Football Competition and agree to abide by tbe rules as published, in the B. C. Veterans Weekly.   Twenty-flve cents enclosed for five
wash?' subscription entitles competitor to one estimate; 60c ten weeks and two estimates; 76c fifteen weeks and three estimates; SI.OO twenty-five weeks and five estimates.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR FILLING IN COUPONS—You simply Indicate whether the  HOME TEAM will score MOKE, LESS or the SAME NUMBER of Goals than they
ored in Ul* corresponding gam* of last year, by placing an "X" in tho column provided in the coupon.
Competition Ho. 8 Closes Friday
Midnight, December 1st
at tb* Office of tba
V. 0. Drawer 838
Oer. Baitings and Oamble  Strut*
Football Competition
Figures after each team denote last season's score.
M is MORE        L Is LESS        S is SAME
Away Team
Coupon No. 1
Coupon No. 2
ML        S
Coupon No. 3
Coupon No. 1
1    L
(Copyright applied for)
Coupon Mo. 6
1        1
1        I
1        1
|        |
1        1
|        |
When a man loses
anything else he
advertises for it,
but when he loses
his head he stops
Don't Lose
Your Head /
THE   SUN,   ORAND   FORES,   1. C.
News of the Gity
The federal administration is reported to have collected 148,000 in
liquor impirt duties in oue week
at tbis port. As Grand Porks is
small compared with some of the
coast and eastern ports of entry, we
expect to see the national deb t
wiped out before long.
There is much speculation among
the unsophisticated as to the cirrec t
meaning of "balloon dance." Soma
people seem to think that the
dancers have to be inflated witb ho t
air, wEile others Bay that it is only
the skirt Hae that has to be raised
a little higher,
ging thi-* winter, employing ten or
twelve men. The mill.it is expected,
will cut one and a h If million feet
of logs.
Major and Mrs. Glossop, Mr. and
Mrs. H. Douglas Hamilton and J.
Jacques, all of Kettle Valley, left
last Saturday for England, where
they will spend the winter.
J C. Taylor left last night for a
business trip to New Denver apd
other Slocan points.
Thos. Newby, who bas been conned to his home by illoesB for a
number of weeks, is reported to be
very low at present.
City Grocery
A choice line of Teas and Coffees and a complete
stock of Staple and Fancy Groceries at reasonable
prices. If yon are not already one of our customers, give us a trial order.
Phone 25        H. H. Henderson, Prop.
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models? They're as "-acoful as swallows! As
bright as new coin! As weatherproof.,.^ luck? Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamle*^*' . Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Heal Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people'to mount you right.
J. R. MOOYBOER \^$*%&t£%.
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
Dr. McKenzie, of Vancouver,
chief veterinary inspector, and Dr.
Acres, local veterinary surgeon, have
been making a tour of inspection
throughout the district this week .
The construstion of the two conn
crete pump foundations in Unit No.
2 of the irrigation system .lave been
completed under the supervision of
Kugiaeer D. A, Graham.
Two carloads of apples were
shipped from the Central packing
house last week for export to the old
country, and two more, it is stated,
will be sent out of her-; for the
same destination this week.
Charles Mix left yesterday morn-
iug for southern California, where
he intends to spend the winter
mouUis for the beneflt of bis health,
Frank Coryell returned from New
Denver this week. He is interested
in somep le contracts in the Slocan,
and will return to that place in a
few days.
Holy Trinity branch ot the Womn
an's Auxiliary will hold their srs*
nual sale of work on Saturday,
December 2.
R. G. Ritchie, of Cas ade, was in
the city on Saturday.
Tbe annual meeting of the British
Columbia Honey Producers' association will be held in Nelsom tomorrow.
E. <}. Daniels, public school in»
Bfieotor, is making one of his nstial
official vi-sits to the schools in this
city and tbe surrounding district.
C. J. McArthur is authortiy
the statement that the sawmil
Midway will  do   considerable
Railway News
Winnipeg, Man.—Since the commencement of the crop year up to
Oct. 1st, 86,695,074 bushels of wheat
have been marketed by the Cana-
dian Pacific Railway western linem,
it was announced at the local office
recently. During the same period
the company handled 12,22l),772
bushels of coarse grain and for tho
Jame period last year 56,164,115
oushels of wheat were marketed as
veil as 6,940,6X8 bushels of coarse
.Tain. Total cars loaded to date
imount to 62,773 as against last
year figures of 38,257.
There is every indication that the
•olume of travel  to Europe during
lovember and December will this
.ear be heavy.   It i.s already appar-
nt that the number of those who
, itend spending Christmas in the
old Country will be unusually large,
i ad the Canadian Pacific Railway is
Making    special   arrangements     to
ecommodate the traffic.    A special
iirough train will be run from Win-
i ipeg  to  tke  steamer  "Montcalm",
riling from St. John, N.B., on De-
• :mber    12,    and    through    tourist
• eepers will run from Edmonton,
' algary, Saskatoon, Ri-gina and oth-
i ' western points to catch other C.
'. K.  sailings from  St. John,  thus
; iving a through service from these
'ties to the Old Country.
Bow Island.—The Canadian Pa-
Kfic Railway Company has a gang
' f men at work here on the improve-
i 'ents to their pumping plant and
'./hen completed there will be quite
i n improvement to thc volume of
'.•ater that can be pumped from the
. iver. The work includes the putting in of a new boiler and pump at
:ie river, so that they can use natural   gas  as  well  as  j;:;3oline,  and
hus be sure of fuel ; I all times for
pumping, and dues away with water
rouble and having engines run for
water. It also increases the service
liere and practically does away with
mpply at other points.
H. R. Miles, division engineer, hae
charge of the work and has a crew
of eighteen men working with him
under Foreman W. J. Oliver. It will
take at least three weeks for the
work to be completed. When finished they will be able to fill the
present water tank, which holds
16,000 barrels, in three hours. When
it is considered that there will be wt
least twelve to sixteen trains daily
taking water here it means there
must be a supply of it on hand at
all times. This new installation wiJl
meet  the  requirements.
Winnipeg.—Western Canada's export business in fruit, potatoes and
other lines of produce has developed
te such proportions that exporters
are now arranging to establish big
collecting warehouses in Winnipeg
a»d other cities of the prairie provinces. The Canadian Pacific has
granted special storage in transit
privileges at Winnipeg, Regina,
Moose Jaw, Lethbridge arid Calgary
en carload shipments of apples in
lysei originating in British Columbia.
Under Hie new arrangement the
shipper hae the privilege of holding this produce in Winnipeg er any
otf the other western cities named
fer a period of six months and then
on rcshipment he gets the advantage oi immt through raj**
Vancouver. — With every hotol
ajong the Canadian Pacific Railway
tteed to capacity, and with the
coastwise steamship offices reporting a greater volume of travel than
•ver before ia their history, Western
Canada is enjoying a tourist traffis
this year that haa nevor been
•quailed in past seasons. t
During the past few days it haa
been necessary for tha majority of
the hotel motor buses to make four
and five trips to tho hotels from tha
steamers in order to aooommodato
the incoming pwsMgwaa, and tha
trains both from the east and from
local points have bean similarly
well filled with visitors.
"Tourist traffic over C.P.E. western lines is far greater than it was
in 1921," said General Passenger
Agent H. W. Brodie on his return
from an inspection trip which canned him as far as Banff. "Travel
is now at its full height and many
Americans are seeing Canada. Trains
both east and westbound are well
Ailed, and Western Canada is enjoying a great summer season."
All the mountain resorts along
the main lino of tlio CP.R. an
being well patroniied, and the Arrow
Lakes and Okanagan scenic pointa
are also the Mecca for hundreds erf
tourists from the American side.
Boats bound for Alaskan ports
are being well filled every trip,
while the ferry steamers between
Vancouver Island and Seattle and
Vanoouver ara loaded to capacity
•very  trip.
The opening of the Banff-Lake
Louise road through the mountains
has done much to bring a large volume of auto tourist traffic to Canada this year, state O. P. R. officials,
snd when ths Banff-Windermere
highway is opened this fall H is ex.
pected that there will be another
large volume of tourist traffic diverted through British Columbia.
"'Many cars are coming from
Spokane and Seattle up through
Lethbridge into Banff and Lake
Louise," says Col. Clarence Lougheed
of Calgary, "and when the highway right through the mountains
is completed both Alberta and Brio,
ish Columbia will get a large volume
of auto traffic annually. Hundreds
of cars have come through Alberta
this year, and they would continue
on and return to the United States
by way of Vancouver if the roads
were open.'.. Alberta autoists are also
anxiously awaiting the completion of
th- roads through and it will undoubtedly moan n big thing ever/
year to British Columbia," s
Banff. — Although the offieU!
opening of the Banff Windermere
Automobile Road will not taltaaprace
till Dominion Day nest year, the
last stretch has just been laid, and
the chief engineer traversed the
whole 104 miles, from Banff to Lake
Windermere, for the first tlms ht a
motor car. Ths time taken was
seven hours. The new road provides
an important link oa the Ail-Canadian motor trail through ths Rookies,
and is expected to bring thousands
of motorists to Banff from ths United States, aa lt connects with the
great Columbia Highway through
Spokane to Portland. This season
the Canadian Pacific trains to and
from the Rockies were heavily laden
with tourists. The opening of the
Banff-Windermere road will if possible, make resorts ia the Canadian
Pacific Rockies more popular than
ever, and the number of tourist
visitors will be, largely JJMWaoed,
Youth's Companion for 1923. No
other periodical can take tbe place
of The Youth's Companion at the
family fireside—no other reflects so
truly the bome spirit.
The 52 issues of 1923 will contain
from eight to a dozen serial stories,
nearly two hundred sbort stories,
besides sketches, special matter for
the boys, the girl, tbe domestic circle. The Children's Page and the
Doctor's Corner will, as they have
for years, prove indispensable feaa
tures of the paper. ^Subscribe now
and receive:
1. The   Youth's  Companion — 52
issues in 1923.
2. All the remaining issues of 1922.
3. The Companion Home Calendar
for 1922.
All for 82.50.
4. Or  include McCall1s Magazine,
the monthly authority on fashions.   Both publications,  001/
The Youth's   Companion,   Coa>
monwealth Ave.  and St. Paul St.
Bostan,   Mass.    Subscriptions   re
ceived at tbis office.
SEALED TBNDERS will bc received by the
Minister of Landa at Viotorla not later than
noon on the 80th day of November, 1922, for
the purohase of Licence X4I16, to out 113,000
feet nf Tamarac, Flr nnd White Pine, 77,200
lineal feet of Cedar Poles, nnd 8.200 Ties,
situate on Lot 1684-S, West shore of Christina
Lake, Similkameen Land District.
Two (i) years will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Victoria, H. C, or District Forester. Nelson,
B C.
SEALED TBNDERS will be reelved by the
Minister of Landa at Victoria not later than
noon on the 7th day of December, 1922, fnr
the purohase of Licenoe X10S2. to out 87,000
feet of Spruoeand White Pino, 182,900 lineal
feet of Cedar Poles, and 20000 Ties, situate on
an area 1 mile South of Wade, Similkameen
band Distrlot.
Three (I) years will be allowed for romoval
nf timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Viotorla, B. C. or District Forester, Nelson,
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.  ARMSON
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
The Best Christmas Gift
Christmas fo: the Boy!
Christmas for the Girl!
Christmas for the Fathers!
Christmas for the Mothers!
Christmas for one and all  bound
up   io   52   weekly issues  of   The
AU Spick
and Fresh
You will need them
for your Mince Meat,
Xmas Cakes and Plum
Phone 30 or call and get
the best quality at the
right prices
, B. C
Holders of unregistered deeds or
agreements of sale, who have not al
ready done so, are requested to furnish
the City Clerk with Statutory Declaration on or before November 30th in
order to have their names on Munici
pal List of Voters for 1923.
City Clerk.
Uea AND.SToRAoa.
rpAKE NOTICE that Clement Vaoher, whose
x address is Room 3, Davis Slock, Graud
Forks, British Columbia, will apply for a
licence to take and use 5O0 gallon] per minute and to store 50,000 nations of water out of
Goose Moose Creek, whioh flows South Bast -
crly and drains into the Kettle Kiver, about
5 miles below Curluw, Washington, U.S A.
Thn storage dam will be loomed at North West
Corner of "New St. Maurice" Mineral Claim
und about the oentre of the "Oity of Denver"
Mineral Claim. The oauncity of the reservoir
to be created Is about 80,000 gallons. The
water will be diverted from the str <am at a
point about 1000 feet Irom the United States
Boundary line or wbere the stream crosses
the Northern Boundary of the "City of Denver" Mineral Claim, and will be used for mining purposes upon the mine desorlbed as
"New St. Maurice" Mineral Claim. This notioe
was posted on tbe ground on the 2nd day of
Noreuiber, 1922, A oopy of this notioe and an
appltoatlon pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Aet, 1914,]' will be filed ln the offloe of
the Water Recorder at Grand Porks, B. C.
Objections to the applloatlon may be filed
with the said Water Beoorder or wilh the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings. Viotorla, B, c, within thirty days
after the first appearance of this notice ln a
local newspaper. Tha date of the flrst publl
cation of this notioe is November 10th, 1922.
CH4H. P. R. Pihoott, Agent.
Dominion Monumental Works
Asbestos Products Co. Roofing
BOX 332    S6RAND FORKS, B. C.
onaiason s
Phone 30
"I Was Run Down"
"Body was completely covered with Boils"
"If you have ever had boils, you
know how paislul aud annoying
even one or two i an be. But imagine
Iiciving your wli jle body almost entirely covered v.ith them I I am a
watchmaker by trade, making a specialty of repairing the highest grade
movements. T..is is probably Ihe
most trying of any mechanical work,
particularly for i nervous individual
iikeiue. Worl ig under great strain
both day ond n 'lit for three months,
Droughtmealim. ltoastateofc.nllapse.
I was Boirrltabl andnervousthatthe
■lightest thing v.ould 'seudnie up in
the air.' If I ) uiaged to get a f«w
hours of <?Ieep : ' night I Was lucky,
I had no appetil forfood, Icertainly
was miserable During tliis time
boils began to appear ou different parts
of niy hotly aid thc pain from them
made life a misery. II y s'ufferlllgwas
so great at times that I felt there was
nothing lefl for me to tlo hut to end it
all. I consulted doctors bnt they all
told ma thai if I didn t give up my
work and live out of doors, I would
goi ' indecliue fl,S I had no money
if couldn't do tli!:'.. Ill fact paying
doctors' bilis aud buying medicines
used up all the money I made. Finally
in desperation, I decided that I would
either\ill or cure myself, so I began
to study my case. I realized that I
w.asascompletelyrun down as anyone
could possibly be witb a bad case of
nerves. What I needed was building
up. After reading descriptions of
different preparations, the one whicli
appeared to be the best for me was
Carnol. It has simply performed
miracles for me. Four bottles have
done more than months of travel
abroad. I feel like a two-year old.
I sleep eight hours every night and
eat three good meals a day. My skin
is like a baby's, free from blemishes
of any kind and I have now almost
forgotten that I have ever had such
tilings as nerves. I want everybody
who is ailing to know about Carnol,
because I bave such faith in it I believe it will cure any human ill."
Mr. J. H. Mc, C.
Carnol is sold by your druggist,
and ii you can conscientiously say,
alter you have tried it, that it hasn't
done you any good, return the empty
bottle to him and be will refund your
APPLICATION for a Licence to take and
c* use Water will be mode under the
"Water Act" of British Columbia, as follow:
1. The name of the applicant is Qrand Eorks
Irrigation Distrlot'
2. The address of tho applioant ls Orand
Porka, B. O.
I. The name of the stream 1. Kettle River.
Tho stream has its source between Okanagan
and Lower Arrow Lakos, flows in a Southern
direction and empties Into Columbia River
ahout Mareus.U.S.A..approximately Similes
South-east of Grand Forks, B. C.
4. Thc water is to be pumped from tho
stream nn tho south side about 1'4 miles South
east from Grand Forks. II.C,In north-east
corner Lot 581.
5. Ehe purpose for whioh tbe water will be
used l» irrigation.
6. The land on whioh the water Is to be
used It described aa follows: District Lot 112
and lOaores ln North-east oorner Lot 584.
1. The quantity of water applied for ls at
follows: 240 aore feet.
8. This notioe was posted on tho grouud on
the 12th dav of Octobor, 1922.
9. A oopy of this notioe and an application
pursuant thereto and to the requirements of
the "Water Aot'' will be filed at the office of
the Water Recorder at Orand ForkSjR.O.
Objectioni may be filed with the said Water
Recorder, or with the Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Viotorla, B. C.
By D. A. Graham, Agent
'TUtt. value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply'
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Bail programs
Business cards
Vi iMng cards
Sh'r'ing tags
Price lists
APPLICATION for a Lieance to take and uie
Water will be made  under the "Water
Aot" of British Columbia, ts follows:
1. The name of the applioant ts Orand Forks
Irrigation District.
2. The adnress of the applioant is Orand
Forka, B.C.
I. The name of the body of water la Ruokle
Slouch, In Clstriot Lot 514, Grand Forks.!
4. The water Is to be pumped from the
Slouch on the south side, about % mile from
Orand Folks.
5. The purpose for which the water will be
used la Irrigation.
6. The land on whioh the water la to be used
is desorlbed as follows: Northern portion of
Distrlot Lot 514.
7. The quantity of water applied for It at
follows: 80 aore feet.
8. Tills notioe waa posted'on thc ground on
tha Uth day of Ootober, 1922.
9. A eopyofthls notice and an applloatlon
fiartuant thereto and to the requirements ot
ha''Water Aat" will be filed fn the offloe of
tbe Watsr Recorder at Grand Forks. B. 0.
Objections may be filed with the laid Water
Reoorder. or wttb the Comptroller of Water
Sichts. Parliament Buildings, Viotoria, B. C,
By D. A. Osamam, Ageat
New Type
Latest Style
Colombia Avenue and
\*mVe> Street
A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yalk Hotel, First Sthkkt
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum Brio* of firat-otaaa laat
reduced to (S am acre: eooond-otaae ta
♦160 an acre.
Pre-emption now confined to ******
veyod landa only.
Becord* will be (ranted covering only
land suitable for agricultural purpose*
and which la non-Umber land.
Partnership pre-emptlotus abolished,
but parties of not more than four may
arranse for adjaosnt pre-emptlona
with Joint realdence, but each tnaktaf
nt-caesary Improvementa on respective
claim*. ,9
Pre-amptora muat occupy etalms nr
A** yeart and make Improvements to
value of $10 par aero, itwiinH^. clearing- and cultivation of at leaat I sores,
before receiving Crown Grant.
Where pre-emptor In """Mpitlun sat
lass than I years, and has mada prs-
portlsnate Improvements, ha may, be-
causa ef ul-health. or otbsr casus, ba
striated Intermediate certificate of ha-
I tsnaiit and transfer bla claim.
Records   without   permanent   rasa.
. ba Issued, provided applicant inakss Improvements to extent of
UW par annum and records aame each
yenr. Failure to make Improvementa
or record same will operate aa forfeiture. TlUe cannot be obtained la
»*» U>an i years, and Improvements
of 119 »o par acrs. »—''»*'iMr t acres
cleared and cultivated, and residence
of at leust 1 yearn ara required.
Pre-emptor holding (Warn ■not
may record another pre-emption. If ba
requires land ln conjunction wltb Ala
farm, without actual occupation, provided NtAtutory Iihiii ii mistiilt mada
and residence "n-'ntalnad an Crowe
grantril land. 9
I in surveyed areas, net saniitillnt It
acr.-H, mny bo leased aa bonsesitss
title to be obtained after fnlOlllng residential and Improvement conditions.
For (ruins; and Industrial 1
areas   exceeding   ttt   „
leased by one person or Trw"
Mill, factory or ln4sjatrlal rttaa ea
timber land  not   mi aaillni
may be purchased; eonditi
payment of stumpage.
Nature! hay ineailnes
by existing roads nay be purchased
conditional upon construction of a roast
to thnn. Rebate of une btlf of cost ef
K&d, not exceeding balf of
price. Is made.
PRE.EMPTOR*)'      n*a»
Tha 1
in( with     _   „ 	
time within wbich the boars or devisee*
of a deceased pre-essnter
for title  under tbis Aet
t afl peruons Jtaate*^sad*ssB-T.
ri;lUlTlUJejtPr^roree.  Tw,
..... _». m ^ deyii#-1
taa death of
until  one
or payable ty enitttre en    ars-
ss are remitted far Ore raara.
from for one ya
such  person,
year alter tho conclusion at the nresani
•rar    Thu [srtrllege to aaw aaaaTra-
No feea 1 ita I Ins to \
l>ovlalon tar retarn ef
crued, due aad " _	
4, 1914, on account of payments, less
or taxes on eoidicrs' pri anetsana
Interest on agreements to purohase
town or city Um* held by lasnilieittf
Allied rorees. or dependente, acquired
direct or Indirect, remitted fraaVaU
Ustment to Marcb alTinti    ^^
Provision    aaade   far   to
Crown  pants  to sub-pa	
Crown  Lands,  acquiring rights "from
purchasers who failed    to
purchase. Involving forfef
Ailment of conditions of
torest and taxes.
ers do not alalia whole of <__ .
eel. purchase price due and taxes iastT
be distributed proportionately ever
whole area. Applications must be
made by May 1, Ult.
Graaing Act,  lMt, for
development of Uvestook tt	
vldea for graaing {strict* and 'range
administration    '    *      " *--*
Annual grazing
on numbers rani
lished    owners.
form Association* fer rang*
ment.   Free, or sssrtatBy free.
for settlers.	
to ten to eaa.
I i.ave opened a new har-
ner s shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
C. A. Crawford
<Nau TsmttffUa*** Offiee


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