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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Jun 8, 1923

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the center of Grand Forks valley, the
premier fruit growing district of
Southern British Columbia. Mining
and lumbering are also important
industries in districts contiguous to
the eity.
Kettle Valloy Orchardist
THP "SFTIt *8 "le 'avor''e news-
1 IlU IJUli paper of the citizens
of the district. It is read by more
people in the city and valley than any
other paper because it is fearless, reliable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
"Tell me what you Know is true:
I can guess as well a, you.
Hon. John Oliver Will
Talk to the Citizens of
Grand Forks on the
Freight Rates Question
Hon. John Oliver, premier of
British Columbia, will visit Qrand
Forks on Friday, June 15, and in
evening at 8 o'clock he will add reed
a public meeting in tbe Empress
theater. Tbe premier will discuss
tbe important question, ' Freight
Rates," being a continuation of the
campaign he haa been making in
this province and in the prairie
provinces for an equalization of tbe
freight rates of the Dominion. Ab
tbis is a question tbat vitally affects
every citicen in the country, no one
abould fail to bear Mr. Oliver's version of tbe issue.
The following pupils of the Qrand
Forks public school were neithor late
nor absent during the months of
April and May:
principal's class.
Darwin Ahern, Annie Bowou, Wesley Clark, Lydia Colarch, Harry
Cooper, Earl Fitzpatrick, Marjorie
Fisher, Fred Qalipeau, Ernest Hadden, Arthur Hesse,James Innes, Jean
nette Kidd, Paul Kingston, Erma
Laing, Edith Matthews, Helen Mills,
Qearge MacArthur, Marion McKie*
Ellen McPherson, Louis O'Keefe,
Henry Reid, Winnie Savage, Joan
Smythe, Jack Stafford, Marguerite
Stevenson, Rupert Sullivan, Clarence
Truax, Oeorge Tutt, Alex Gumming.
Arthur Bickerton, Albert Colarch,
Marjorie Cook, Jessie Downey, Edith
Euerby, Dorothy Qrey, Alice Oeorge,
Edgar Qalipeau, Elvira Hansen,
Rosa Hansen, Marion Kerby, Francis
Larama, Margaret Luscombe, Joe
Lyden, Blanche Mason, Lawrence
O'Connor Francis Otterbine, Alice
Scott, Joe Simmons, Phyllis Smythe,
Harold  Warde, Qeorge   Biddiecome.
Mary Acres, Jessie Allen, Bruce
Brown, Parma Cooper,Edmund Cros
by, Edmund Euerby, Lilia Frechetse
Willie Henniger, Dorothy Kidd, Ar-
ihur Morrison, Alex McDougail,
Daniel MacDougall, Donald McKinnon, Helen McKinnon, Herbert Om-
inauney, Martha Otterbine, Buth
Pyrah, Ruth Savage, Ruby Savage,
Winnie Smith, John Santano, Walton
Vant, Edna Wiseman.
Eric Clark, Alice Deporter. Lillian
Dunn, Mabel Hobbins, Dorothy
Jones, John Kingston, Freda Lyden,
Laird McCallum, Eugene McDougail,
Fred McKie, Louise McPherson,Gordon Massie, Peggie Mudie, Francis
O'Keefe, Lillian Pell, Walter Ronald,
Elmer Scott.
Jean Clark, Norman Cooke, Hazel
Elliott, Albert Kinnie, Selma Laing,
Fred Mason, Betty McCallum, Lily
McDonald, Elizabeth Mooyboer,
Charlie Robertson, Ruth Webster,
Qeorge Prust, Thurlow Cummiogs,
Harry Anderson, Beverley Benson,
Ian Clark,Elvera Colarch,Roy Cooper
Raymond Dinsmore, Robert Foote,
Carl Hansen, Katherine Henniger,
May Hobbins, Ernest Hutton, Evelyn
Innes, Childo Pisacreta. -
Jack Acres, Helen Beran, Earl
Bickerton, Rosamond Buchan, Clarence Hardy, Sereta Hutton, Harold
Jtckson, Marie Kidd, Mary Kingston
•Delbert Kirkpatrick, Lee Maurelli,
JCuphy McCallum, Louis Santano,
Fred Smith, Gladys Smith, Marjorie
Taylor, Edward Wright, Vina Boots.
Chester Bonthron, Ruth Boyce,
Evelyn Collins, Ernest Crosby,
*L uise Dompier, Lora Frechette, Mel-
vin Glaspell, Margaret Kingston,
.Ethel  Siaaaie,  Margaret McCallum,
Bruce McDons-ald, Madeline McDougail, Ronald McKinnon, Marjorie
Otterbine, Elsie Scott, Winnifred
Truax, Edna Wenzel, Agnes Winter.
James Allan, Mildred Anderson,
George Bird, Angelo Colarch, Evelyn
Cooper, Mazie Henderson, Wiunifrtd
Lightfoot, Eleanor Lindley, James
Lyden,' Daisy Malm, Hazel Mason,
Laura Maurelli, Richard Michener,
Harry Murray, John McDonald, Marguerite McDonald, Helen Pell Sheila
Rylett, Mildred  Smith.
John Berry, Peter DeWilde, Mary
Dorner, Katie Dorner.Albert Enerby
Bessie Henderson, MayJones, Eyrtle
Kidd, Jack Love, Windsor Miller,
Clarence McDougail, Crawford McLennan, Mary McKinnon, George
O'Keefe, Andy Pisacreta,James Kobe
ert-son, losephino Ruzicka, Tony
Santano, Walter Sherstobetoff, Alex
Shkurtoff, Alex Woods, Magaret
Ernest Augliss, Shepherd Boyce,
Katherine Davis, Wilma Davis, Harry
Biil Harkoff, Chester Hutton, Dorothy Innes, Dolores Kirkpatrick, Florence MacDonald, Norman MacDonald
Wiunifred O'Keefe, Nick Pisacreta,
Felice Schaff, Phyllis sSimmons, Flor
ence Smith, Alberta Biddiecome.
Mary Colarch, Lola Hutton, Ve<
ronica Kuva, Janet Mason, Donald
Massie. Grace McDonald, Jean McDonald, Jack McDonald, Mona Ry
lett, Alice. Schaff, Lindsay Clark,
Alice McDonough, Fern Henniger,
Helmer Jackson,Kathleen McDougail
Angus McKenzie, Qeorge Robertson,
George Ruzicka, Geraldine   Gowans.
Anyhow, He's Started to Fumble
in His Pocket
Minister Is
Satisfied Withj
Hon. W. H. Sutherland, minister
of. public works, and party made
the trip from this city to Rossland
lastSaturday over tbe new transpro
vincial highway,and tbe members of
tbe party left Rossland for Nelson io
tbe evening. Owing to the copious
rains fbat have been falling almost
continuously during the past two
weeks at the summit, the road at
this point is in a very soft condition
and almost impassible, and for the
good of both the road and the trav
eling pnblic it has been decided to
close it to traffic for a week or
ten days. But notwithstanding the
present condition of the road, the
midister and Chief Engineer Philips
expressed satisfaction at tbe manner
in whicb it bad been constructed.
District Engineer Gwyer and Gen
eral Foreman Donaldson returned
to this city, and Mr. Gwytft returned to his bome in Penticton on
Working a Word Hard
We do not always realize
how frequently we use the
same sound to express entirely different meanings. The
Frenchman who was making
a visit to a Yankee shipbuilding plant realized it,
however. He saw a man
working at a piece of timber
and asked him what he was
"A yard." was the laconic
"Is it nearly finished?" the
Frenchman asked.
•'All but a yard," said the
"Where do you get your
"From the yard."
Thereupon the Frenchman
gave up in despair.
Striking Indication of the
Heal thy Consi tion of In
dustry in Province--La
bor Scarce in Some In
The new Doukhobor school in
Columbia is still without pupils, it
Special Correspondence of The Sun.
Victoria, June 6.—A striking in«
dication of the healthy condition of
industry in British Columbia was
tbe incorporation of $11,000,000
worth of new companies last week.
Hon. John Hart,minister of finance,
declares that in practically every
department of industrial deve-op
ment British Columbia is making
great strides. Labor is at a premium
in some industries, and tha government labor bureaus are filling posi"
tions by tbe hundred every week.
Premier Oliver will leave shortly
for another speaking tour of the
province, when he will address tbe
electorate upon the freight rateg
question. Next month he and G. G ,
McGeer, counsel for tbe government, will go to Ottawa, when the
entire freight r-tes matter will be
fully considered by Premier Mackenzie King and bis cabinet. Premier Oliver is optimistic over the
probable outcome and maintains
that within a comparatively short
time this province, as well as Alberta and Saskatchewan, will enjoy
as loW rates as the eastern provinces.
So far tbis season 300 forest fires
have been reported to the government, and wbile none has assumed
ilnrmiog prodortions, still Hon. T.
D. Pattullo, minister of lands, is
sending out fresb warnings all over
ihe province for citizens and officials
to he more careful. If the magnificent forests of British Columbia are
to be conserved the public must cooperate to the fullest extent.
Col. Donald McCugan, O.B.E.,
M.C., has heen appointed acting supervisor of enforcement by the
liquor control board, replacing Geo.
C. McLeod, lately suspended because of charges pending against him
for alleged extortion in Vancouver.
Premier  Oliver   has   announced
of $61,000 for agricultural education will be divided* as usual tbis
year, $20,000 going to the pepart»
ment of education and $20,500
each to tbe department of agriculture and the University of British
Columbia. Every effort will be
made to prevent overlapping.
Atiention is being called by the
government to the regulation-! governing the keeping of dogs. In sbeep
protection districts all dogs must be
licensed and anyone may kill a dog
wbich is found wor ying sbeep. Tbe
owner of tbe dog is also liable to a
fine of #50 upon summary conviction. Hon. T. D. Pattullo states
tbat be is determined to increase
tbe number of sheep in the province, so that it will not be uecessary
to import millions of dollars worth
mutton annually.
Continued rumors tbat a general
election is pending in British Col
umbia bave been emphatically denied by Premier O'iver aod bis ministers. Persons familiar witb tb e
political situation agree tbat witb
the provinee in such splendid condition generally it would be poor
policy to bold an election and,
furthermore, the government still
has two more years oi life. During
its seven years of office it bas buiit
up an enviable record, despite oppo
sition criticism. -■
Regulations. embodying
many changes of the epen
seasons for big game, fur-
bearing animals and game
birds of British Columbia for
the ensuing year, have been
promulgated by the game con
servation board, of which M.
B. Jackson, K.C, M.L.A.,
is chairman.
Suggestions for further
changes are invited by the
board before June 15, otherwise the regulations will remain unaltered.
The important changes to
the open season in the eastern
district (in which Grand Forks
riding is situated), which includes the province east of
the summit of the Cascade
mountains and south of the
C.N.R., areas follows:
Mountain goat, in the eastern district south of the main line of tbe
C.P.R.. September 15 to Decern
ber 15.
Bear, throughout the eastern district, September 15 to June 15.
Calgary, June 5.—"Crop
prospects are beyond anything
we have had since I have
been in this country," re
marked Charles Murphy,general manager of the western
lines of theCanadian Pacific,
who arrived in the city on
Tuesday from the west.
"Every one I have talked to
say they have never seen anything like it."
Asked if it was too early
yet to attempt to say what
the possible yield might be in
Alberta this year, Mr. Murphy said that the conditions
generally were so far in ad
vance of those of 1915, when
there was a big crop, that one
would be almost "scared" to
make an estimate.
"Some of the local grain
men say there will in all probability be a 100,000,000 bushel
crop of wheat," remarked the
Splitting Hairs
A bald-headed and a gray-
haired man, says G. B. Bnr-
gin in the Memoirs of a Clubman, once had a quarrel.
"My hair has at least stuck
to its post," the gray-haired
man said proudly.
"Mine preferred death to
dishonor," the bald-headed
man replied shortly.
He  might also, since   his
opponent   had  inadvertently
referred  to   his   head   as   a
"post,"   called   him a gray
haired blockhead.
Deer, bucks only, over   ooe year j newspaperman.  "Would that
old, throughout both districts, ex-|fjgUre appear a fairly conser-
cept white tail deer in North and
South Okanagan, Similkameen and
Greenwood electoral districts, September 15 to December 15, Bag
limit, three (bucks only.)
No game may be sold except
moose and cariboo in Atlin and
Omineca electoral districts from
October 1 to December 15; bear, in
the northern district, September 1
June 30, and in the eastern district,
September 15 to June 15.
Trapping.—No fur-bearing animals may be trapped south of the
main line of C.P.R., December 1 to
April 30, 1924.
Grouse and ptarmigan, except
prairie chicken and sharp tailed
grouse, in tbe northern district and
in those portions of Omineca, Fort
George and .Cariboo electoral districts in tbe eastern district, September 1 to November 15; in the
remainder of the eastern district,
September 15 to October 15. Bag
limit for grouse and ptarmigan, six
of one species or twelve of all species
in one day.
Pheasants, cocks only, in tbe
South Okanagan and Similkameen
electoral districts and Salmon Arm
municipality, October 20 to November 10.
Quail, in the Similkameen and
South Okanagan districts, October
20 to November 1|.
Ducks, geese, brant, coots, Wilson snipe, black-breasted and golden
plover andgreater and lesseryellow-
legs, in both districts, September 15
to December 30.
Well Matched
The nervous recruit about to take
his first lesson in horsemanship, says
the Los Angelesf Times, begged the
stable sergeant to bo kind enough to
pick out for him a nice, gontlo, peace-
loving horse.
"D'ja ever ride a horse befjrel"
growled the sergeant.
In Cat Language?
Little Alice was cuddled up iu a
big chair near the firoplaeo, reading
aloud te her kitten, which wus on her
lap. Mother, coming into the room,
smiled as she watched the two."What
on earth are you doing, Alice!" she
"Reading fairy stories to kitty,"
the little girl replied soberly.
"Whoever heard of such a thing?"
her mother exclaimed. "Why, don'l
you   know   your   kitty   can't under-
vative estimate?"
"On the basis of last season's crop I should think
there might be every reason
toexpactsuch a yield," said
Mr. Murphy.
Replying to another question the general manager said
that as the result of the present conditions, business generally would soon be on the
"jump." Undoubtedly the excellent prospects would in
themselves create business.
Rather Late
It is almost always a professor that
appears as the hero in stories of
absent mindeduess. Accordingly it
was a professor that^so we learn
from the London Sketch—came home
one day after a heavy storm in a very
bedraggied condition. His wife met
him at the door. As he greeted hor he
remaiked that ho had forgotten his
umbrella, and his wife, astonished
that he even remembered that he had
forgotten anything; as him when he
thought of it.
"Why, my dear," he said with a
smile of satisfaction,"when it stopped
raining, and  I went to shut it."
"Never," replied the rookie.
•'Ahl" replied the scigeant   with a I stand fairy tales?"
sour smile.    "Here's just the  animal       "Of course I do," Alice   admitted.
for you.   Ho's never been   ridden be-! "But I  stop  overy little   while   and
tbat the federal government grant'fore. You can start out together."      'explain them to her."
He Had Held His Own
Two middle aged gentlemen paused
on the bank of the pond to watch the
crowd of merry skaters circle round.
"I'd like to join them mighty well,",
said Mr. Rich to his companion. "I
haven't had a skate on my foot for
iuoio than twenty yoars, though, and
1 expect I'd look pretty silly."
"Well, I don't know," roplied Mr;
Little. "I haven't worn skates for
longer tnan that, but I bolieve I
could skate today just as well as I
could when 1 was twenty years old."
"Oh, come now," replied his friend.
"You are an active enough man, but
it's absurd to say that you could go
out there and skate as well us you
could when you were a boy."
' I think I could," persisted Mr.
Little mildly. "I couldn't skate at all
then, and I guess I could do quite as
well uow." THE   SUN.   QRAND   FORKS.   1. C.
Ufa (Sranb Jfarku §utt
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) f 1.00
One Year (in the United States)    1.50
Addresr ••" ——''cations to
jThk Gbakd Forki Sun
Phohu 101R Qbawd Forks, B. Cj
The Atlantic and Greenland right whales have
been slaughtered almost to the point of extermination, the sperm whale industry has practically disappeared, and little remains now but
whaling in the Antarctic. That region is virtually new to whalemen, as their invasion
dates from 1905, but so destructive is modem
whaling that the total catch in that area has
exceeded ten thousand whales in a single
year. Efforts sbould be made to restrict the
slaughter, since the whale is a mammal that
is too large for a game preserve or zoo.
FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 1923
Notes, Notions and Notables
Many deaf persons seem to be able more or
less distinctly to hear sounds that reach them
by wireless, so that some who have always
been deaf how enjoy music for the first time.
Specialists are puzzled to explain why some
deaf people are receptive to radio waves and
others not, but it is said that about 80 per
cent ofthe deaf cau hear radio-borne sounds
*o some extent.
The French aviator who in January re -
mained aloft more than eight hours and a half
in an aeroplane with the motors stopped recently took the air in a glider propelled by a
seven-horsepower motor and dew and landed
with ;>ut the aid of-m, wind. The motorized
glider that be used can make more than a
hundred miles on a gallon of gasoline.
The appalling delay that under present
rules of procedure marks the course of justice
in many law courts in the United States is
well shown by conditions in New York state.
An investigating committee found that there
are 26,000 cases awaiting trial in the supreme
court of the state and that it taks almost two
and one half years for a case to come to trial.
That one party to a suit is sure of so long a
delay is often the reason why men prefer go -
ing to court rather than making a settlement.
A recent American machine of the helicop
ter class for horizontal flight is tbe invention
Emlle Berliner, of Washington, D.C. It resembles an aeroplane without wings. On each
side of the fuselage is a fourteen foot propeller that * revolves in a horizontal plane, and
near the tail is a three foot propeller. All
three are geared to a 110-horsepower motor.
The machine has never risen more than twelve
feet from the ground, but at that height it
made a number of flights.
In spite of the activity of tho American
geological survey there seems to be an unexplored valley in Siskiyou county, Califcunia,
if a contributor to the Scientific American is
not mistaken. The discoverer bases his assertion on a view of it that he got from a
mountain peak through a high powered binocular. Mountain walls tower above it on
every side. To get into it ropes and scaling
ladders will be necessary. The discoverer estimates the area of the valley to be about
three hundred acres.
St. Louis, Mo., being one of the centers of
the livestock industry, was naturally astonished when some ond suggested that a sheep,
a cow and a pig be placed in the municipal zoo
so that school children might know what the
animals look like. Later a census of sixth-
grade pupils disclosed that 40 per cent had
never seen a sheep, that 17 per cent had never
seen a pig, and that 12 per cent knew what a
cow looks like only from pictures.
A British publication describes an inven
tion by which flies, rain, s. ow and cold air
can be kept from entering an open doorway,
A motor fan is installed under a grill in front
of the door. The fan sucks the air downward
from the upper part of thedoorway and forces it
through a duct to a hood at the top of the en
trance, where it is discharged downward and
completes the cycle. A quarter horsepower
motor driving a sixtoen inch fan provides a
current of air that is unnoticed by persons
standing in the dooway, but that it is most effective in keeping out insects and cold air. A
shop in which the invention was tried reports
that the door's standing open all the time so
attracted people that trade increased by one
■THE STRAIN of modern civil-
•*• ized life falls heaviest upon
the eye, the hardest worked, and
moat neglected of all the human
organs. The constant need of
close-range vision* the continual
exposure to the glare reflected
from pavement and buildings or
from high-powered eleectric
lights, all expose the eye to terrific strain. Many suffer from
eyestrain without being con
scious of it. Have your eyes examined and know. We are admirably equipped for this work.
JeweUer and Optfels**
Bridge Street Grand Forka
City   Real Estate For
Applications ior immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City* within the
Municipality, are invited*
Prices j--From $25.00 per lot upwards.
Terms t—-Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office.
City Clerk.
EsC, Henniger Co.
Grain, Hay
Flour .and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Garden Tools
And Other Spring Needs
We stock a complete line of Rakes, Hoes, Shovels
and all tools necessary.for the Spring work. •
Ferry's Package Seeds.
Get a Planet Jr. Seeder-wad Cultivator for the
farm this spring.   They are great labor savers.
Bapco Paints and Varnishes.   Try our Auto Paint
and Varnish and make the old oar took like new.
Massey-Harris Implements.   Let us quote you on
your needs.
Complete Home Furnishers
Grand Forks, B. C.
Baseball has no; ouly kept alive in France
since the American army went home but has
grown. In Paris there is an active city league
of eight clubs that play almost as well as the
professional league clubs in this country, and
in the north of France the cities of Turcoing,
Boubaix, Lille and Douai have teams; so do
Tours, Le Mans,.Saint-Nazaire and Bordeaux,
which were formerly American army head -
quarters. The French players are fast base
runners and often Held brilliantly, but at bat
they are still shy of fast balls.
The man without a job is a menace, whther
he sloops in a boxcar, on a bench in the park
or in a mansion.—Kansas City Star.
Established 1910
RealEstate and Insurance |
Kelsdeiit Agent Qrnnd Forka TowuaiM
Company, Limitsyl
Farms     Orchards    City Property
Aianta at Nalaon, Cala-ary, Wlhiilpcc and
other Prairie polnta. Vanoouver Agent*:
Batabllahecl In 1910. wear* In a poalllon to I
furnllb reliable information cnuoerniusr tlsla
Write (or free literature
It is not the spurt at the start, but the con -
tinued, unresting, unhasting advance that
wins the day.
Better late than before you've been invited.
If justice could read the heart, prisons
would open wide.
Only a good neighbor can appreciate
good neighbor.
Transfer Company
City Baggage and General
Wood and
(or Sale
When in 1911 the United States made a
fifteen-year treaty with Great Britain, Japa n
and Russia to prohibit pelagic sealing in the
North PBcific the estimated number of fur
seals was 196,000. An estimate this year
places the present number at (JOO.oOO. Before
white men depleted the herds in the nineteenth century it numbered perhaps 5,000,000
If the seals continue to be protected and only
the surplus males are killed, as at present,
they may in time become as numerous as they
ever were.
tn ten ofthe chief cities of France the number of births fell from 100,811 in 1921 to 93,-
891 in 1922. The cities had together a population not far short of the greater city of New
York, but in New York there were 134,241
births in 1921. That gives some idea of the
difficulty France has in maintaining" its popu
lation. The birth rate has been low for many
years; the war by its slaughter of the young
men of marriageable age has still further depressed it.
Domestic economy is taught in the school
of matrimony.
No one is strictly neutral if he knows all
the facts.
Faint heart never gets in the divorce court.
Little tyranny always wears a big hat.
True charity has no strings.
Offloe at
R. F. Petrto'i
The Increasing Value of Your
Your telephone is of greater value as each
month goes by. With a steady increase in
the number of new telephones, you are constantly able to talk to a larger number of
people. This applies to different parts of the
It means to the business man that he is in
close toueh with more people. As every telephone is a long distance telephone, anyone
on the Lower Mainland or Vancouver Island
may be reached at a moment's notice. Thc
conversation is direct, the reply instant.
Don't overlook the cheaper night rates. Between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. you get three times
the day period at the same price.
Tell The People
What  You
to Sell
C.V. Meggitt
|Bm1 Rotate and Insnranee
According to Sir Sidney F.  Harmer, the
whale s fast nearing the point of extinction.
o4ncient History*
Item* Taken Prom The Orand Porks Sun for tba Corrcspondtng
* Week Twenty Yean Ago
The city council on Monday evening made an appro-.
priation of $500 for the Dominion^day eelebration.
The latest news from Victoria says that the Prior government has been dismissed Ity the lieutenant-governor;
that Richard McBride, member for Dewdney and leader
of the opposition, has been called upon to form a ministry.
F. W. Reid is erecting a handsome residence on First
street above Victoria avenue.
A. B. W. Hodgea has purohased a naptha launoh and
will place it in commission on Smelter lake.
A. A. Steeves, who has held the position of aoconntan t
in the local branch of the Royal Bank of Canada since
his arrival here eight months ago, has succeeded F. T.
Walker as manager of that institution.
Eloellont tnclUMot fot Miliar roar lata,
W ***,.-* agaat* **  all   Oout snd Pralrlo
Reliable Information tetgarilat tlrit dlstrot
 wil solicit your in-
Dominion Monumental Work*
Asbestos Products Co. RooHna
obMirfalls* farnkhed.
Wholesale and Retail
Havana Cigars, Pipe*
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grnnd Forks, B. C*
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly
Check Books
We have secured the
agency for Grand
Forks of a large
Western Publishing
House which manufactures a superior
grade of Counter
Check Books—carbon back and carbon
leaf stvles.
Prices Are Right
Encourage Western -
enterprises and keep
Western   money  in
the West.
Any Quantity
from 100 up to 2500
The Sun
Job Department THE  SUN,   GRAND   FORKA,   *. C.
Sun's Page if People and Events of Passing News Interest
Impossible For You to Get More
Tire Value—Needless to Get Less
Vancouver, June 4 —The West
Kooteuay Power bonds that were
authorized recently by the com*
pany, and which bear the guarantee
oi the Consolidated Smelting company, will be offered in a few days
by tbe National City company and
Hanson Brothers. The issue consists
of $1,750,000 of 6 percent 20-year
Consolidated Smeltiug is virtually
« CP.R. proposition, and this gives
■the new bond issue a good ranking
•from the start. The company serves
.a numbei of towns and industries
<in the British Columbia mining and
-fruit districts, and iB considered to
have very excellent prospects.
The issue will likely be offered at
par to yield 6  per cent to the in
An interesting feature concerning
this company is tbat its bonded in
debtednees ia the lowest per develn
oped horsepower—less than 152—of
any power company in Canada.
Whatja Thing to Say!
Emily, aged 8, bad been spend"
ing a fortnight with her aunt,a lady
who had small experience witb children and less patience. After the
little girl bad come home a letter art-
rived from auntie making a report
of the visit. Mother, says Punch,
read the letter over and then called
Emily to ber.
"Emily," sbe aaid. "I'm sorry to
eay your aunt gives a very poor ac
count of you. 'Naughty, untidy,
unpunctual, untruthful, inclined to
be imp—'"
"Does auntie really write all
tbat?" interrupted Emily.
"Yes, she doea."
Emily looked shocked. "What a
thing to say to the child's own
mother," she cried.
Any manicure artist will
draw the line at the finger
of scorn.
It's Lhe worst wheel that
makes the most noise in the
The fires that start each summer might have
come from YOUR cigarette-stub.
The Forest charred and butned might have been
the result ot YOUR camp-fire.
The wooded hillsides might have been blackened
by YOUR lighted matches.
The burned farms might be the wages paid h*)
YOUR thoughlessnesj;
Idle loggiug camps might be the result of YOUR
momentary carelessness.
If forest fires annually destroy* our natural wealth,
if money is to be spent in fighting fires instead
ot buildiug up the Province, then the loss is
YOURS and that of the generations to come.
Be careful.
Mahomet    could
have sold your
You know the old story of
Mahomet and the Mountain
--when the Mountain wouldn't come to him he like a
sensible man, grabbed his
Panama off the hall rack and
went to the Mountain—/^
wanted it badly enough io go
after it
That is precisely the situation today—the Mountain—
BUSINESS-will not come to
you—you will have to go after
it and go after it hard. You
have one big advantage over
the Prophet—he had to take
the going as he found it—you
can pave the way with advertising THE   SUN.   URAND   FORKS,   B. B,
News of the Gity
Ludy Frankovitch, of this city,
and Miss Nellie Johnson, of Cascade, were married at tbe home of
the bride's parents at tbe latter
place on . Wednesday morning,
Rev. Father Cocola performing the
ceremony. After a motorcar wedding tour to tbe coast cities via Spo •
kane, the young couple will make
tbeir home in this city.
Mrs James A. Harris, of Cascade ,
aged about 45 years, died ia Vau -
couver on Tuesday of cancer. The
remains arrived in tbis city last
night from the coast, and tbe funeral will be held at 2 o'clock Sunday afternoon, interment to be
made in Evergreen cemetery. Deceased is survived by ber husband.
Sbe was an old-timer of tbe district,
the family having lived in tbis city
for over twenty years. A few weeks
ago they moved to Cascade.
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Pell arrived
in the city from Idaho last Saturday and visited friends and relatives for a few days this week.
They are going back to farming on
the prairie.
L. Q. Fowler, of tbe Qranby com-.
pany, left on Sunday for Allenby ,
where .lis services will be required
in future. His family will continue
tbeir residence here for a couple of
months longer at least.
E. J. Fitzpatrick bas been award
ed   a  contract  for surfacing   fou r
miles    of    tbe    Ciscade-Roasland
transprovincial highway.
NOTICE is hereby irlven that, on MONDAY
tbe 18th (lily of JUNB, 1928, sit Ihe hour of
10 o'clock in the forenoon, ut the COURT
HOUSE In thectty of (iKANH FORKS. II. C, I
•hall holil a COURT OF REVISION for the
purpose of heating und determining nny nml
all OBJKCTIONS (oi which I shnll have had
due notice) to the PLACING or RETENTION
u( any name or uameO on the REGISTER OF
KiOated at  Grand Frits. II. C, Ihis 9th day
of May. lira.
Register of Voters
for thc
drand Forks Electoral District
Call at Donaldson's and
see the best buy id men's
work shoes on thc market today.
Also don't forget to look
at the new line of
These are real bargains.
ere an
Panama    canal    tolls    for   April
amounted to $1,878,987
About $2,300,000 is to be spent on
the construction of roads and bridge*
in the province of British Columbia
this year.
The Customs and Excise revenue
for April amounted to $20,500,000,
an increase of $5,000,000 over the
receipts of April of laat yasx.
Emigrants numbering 15,000 left
Scotland for Canada during the first
four months of the year, according
to consular estimates in Glasgow.
Canadian flour has at last been
placed on the Panama market. One
boat has just loaded the first consignment of any size, 1,000 barrels
being  taken.
Seventy-five per cent, of the copper produced in Canada in 1922 was
the output of British Columbia
mines. The Canadian production for
the year was 43,3i*i,402 pounds, of
which British Columbia accounted
for 32,432,521  pounds.
The famous Chateau Frontenac
husky dog team, remembered by
visitors during last winter's sports
season, is being perpetuated. One
of the dogs has just given birth to
three pups, and if the youngsters
turn out to be like their parents the
Chateau Frontenac team is likely to
continue winning dog derbys.
Fishing licenses in the Maritime
Provinces have been reduced. The
special fishery regulations for Nova
Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince
Edward Island have been amended
to provide that in many instances
where the license has been mote
than a dollar it will now be one
No limit will be set to the help
to be offered to new settlers ln the
agricultural sections of the province
of Quebec, according to Premier
Taschereau. The latest government
provision is to pay colonists at the
rate of $4.00 per acre for land
cleared on their colonization lot!
eince 1920. $7,000,000 have been
voted for provincial colonizatioa.
The decision of the Canadian Pacific Railway Company to scrap
agreements of sale with 30,000 Canadian farmers in the west and eater
into nsrw contracts with them, extending over 34 years on an amortization basis, will affect agreements of a value of approximately
$100,000,000, and relieve many tanners of heavy, pressing debts.
The new motor ferry operated between Victoria, B.C., and Boiling-
ham, Wash., develops a speed of 14
knots in adverse weather. Thia
motor driven vessel, recently launched, is the first of its class to be
used in this service and the fiiet
to be added to the Canadian Pacifie
fleet. It has a capacity for 60
Abraham Martin, first Sootoh setb*
tier in Canada, first King's Pilot on
the St. Lawrence and first farmer on
the Plains of Abraham, which were
named after him, has been honored
by the Canadian Pacific Steamships,
Ltd., at Quebec by the erection of •
granite shaft. Hon. Athanase David,
Provincial Treasurer of Quebec, officiated at the unveiling ceremony recently.
Two thousand Canadian Red Men
are expected to participate in the
Calgary stampede and to move on
to Banff for their celebrations and
pow-wow on the Indian Days, July
16th and 17th, during whioh the
citizens of Banff will act as hosts.
Pony racing, wrestling on horseback, shooting with the bow and
arrow, tent-pitching and camp mak.
|ng contests are among the features.
City Grocei^pip|E|
Just arrived, a shipment of
The Jelly with the pure fruit
Phone 25        H. H. Henderson, Prop.
News of the Gity
Public Sohool Inspector Daniels
haB been in the city during the past
two or tbree days, and be is at present busy inspecting tbe schools of
the district.
It is said tbat a party was looking
over the Morrison buildings this
week wifh a view opening another
drug store bere.
Constable Killam is attending
tbe spring assizes io Vernon this
The aggregation-of amateurs ended its engagement here Saturday
nigbt, and $1500 of tbe citizens'
money has gone to Calgary and
Winnipeg in order to enable a few
promoters, who are unwilling to
take an even risk witb the people,
to live in idleness. The guarantors
lost about $12 each. The principle
on wbich this concern does business
is wrong. It exacts a guarantee for
a certain amount of patronage, but
gives none in return as to the stan-*
dard of tbe shows. There was a
great deal of "kicking" this year
about tbe quality of the performs
ances. We do not feel like blaming
the performers for any shortcomings
tbere might have about the shows.
It is not likely that tbey receive
princely salaries; it is more probable
that a little cheap publicity satisfies
tbe majority.
A Ticklish Customer
An English tourist driving through
the Irish back country in a jaunting
car passed a man in ragged clothing
"It must be awful to be in such i
state of poverty as that!" exclaimed
the Englishman in a sympathetic
"Poverty, yer honor?" ..aid tbe
driver "It's not poverty that has
caused him to wear rags. The fact is,
that man is so ticklish there* is not a
tailor in the country that ean take
his measure!"
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coin! As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people^to mount you right.
J. R. mooyboer Sraisr-SkKsri*:
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
The Scouts Say.'Be Prepared'
Tommy had been forbidden by his
mother to go swimming. But when
he came home his hair was1 wet, and
he had a wet bathing suit under his
arm. Of course he received a severe
"But I was tempted so badly,
mother," the boy protested. "I could
n't help it."
"That is all very well," his mother
replied, "but how did you happen to
have your bathing suit with you?"
"Wel^ mother, I took my bathing
suit with me, thinking I might be
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
There is a story of a chemist wbo
was lecturing before a European
sovereign wbo had professed a curious interest in that branch of
science. At the critical moment in
an experiment the chemist announced wiili u low bow to the
"Sire, tbese two gases will trow
have tbe distinguished bonor of
combining in tbe presence of your
Whicb they accordingly did!
If you n'e amused a ,ltengue«
twisters," try this recommended by
the Chicago Tribune: "Seeshy slow
Sue show slv Sioux snowshoes,"
Phone 30
The Foi ice Commissioners having
issued inductions to the Chief of
Police to prosecute any anrl all per
sons not having a City Licence who
are found soliciting orders for the
sale of goods or books or canrasaing
subscriptions for papers,the PUBLIC
is requested to ascertain if such solicitor has a City Licence, and if not,
kindly notify either the Chi.*fof Po-
lice or the City Office.
By Order of the Board.
■pAKE NOTICK that tha Cascade Develop-
■*■ ment Co. (foreign), whose addreii l>
t'aicnde. B. C .will apply for a llcenie to
take and use ten minora Inohes of water out
ol Moody Oreek, whioh Sowt Easterly and
drains Into Christina Lake one-half mile from
the foot of I'lirlatiua Lake. Tho water will be
diverted from tbe str»am at a point nbout
one half mile sVeetol LotslS, Group One. and
will be ueed for Irrigation purpoies upon
tho Und desorlbed as Parts of Lots 269 and
28». This notlee was potted on the ground on
the 28th day of Hay, 1KB. A oopy of this notioe and an application pursuant thereto
and to the "Water Aot, mt," will be filed
In ttie olBoe ol the Water Beoorder at Urand
Forka, B. O. Objections to the applloatlon
may be filed with the said Water Ueoorder
or with the Comptroller ol Water Rights,
Parliament Buildluga, Viotorla, B, C within
thirty day* after the firat appearauoe of tbla
notice ln a loeal newspaper. The date of the
firat publication ol this notioe ia June lat,
„   „ ., „     .   APPHo«nt.
By George K. Stoeker, Agent.
rPAKE NOTICB tbat the Cascade Develop-
*■ ment Co. (foreign), whose ad areas is Cascade, B.C., will apply for a Lloence to uke
and use Ten cubic feet of water out of Kettle
Hirer, which Hows Easterly and Southerly
aud drains luto tbe Columbia River near
Marcus, Washington, U.S.A. The water will
be diverted from the stream at a point about
the head of the canyon and close by the Dam
on Lot 314, Group One, Similkameen Division.
Yale District, and will be u.cd for Irrigation
purpose upon the lands described as Lota 268,
269. 312 and 113. This notlee waa potted
ou the ground on the 28th day of
May. 1923. A oopy of thia notlee aud An
applloatlon purauant thereto and to the
"Water Aot, 1914," will he filed ln the office of
the Water Recorder at Urand Forka, B. C.
Objections to the application may be filed
with the said Water Beoorder or with the
Comptroller of Water Bights, Parliament
Buildings, Viotorla, B. C, within thirty days
after the fit stappearanoe of thia notioe in a
local newspaper. Tho date of tho firat publication of tbia notice Is June Ist, 1918.
By George K. Stoeker, Agent.
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache       Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Handy "Bayer" boiea of 12 tablets—Also bottles of 24 and 100—Draft-tots.
Aspirin Is the trado mark (registered in Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of Mono-
aeetleacldester of Sallcyllcacid. While It la woll known that Aspirin means Bayer
manufacture, to aaalat the public against Imitations, the Tableta of Bayer Company
will be stamped with their gencrol trade mark, the "Bayer Croat."
Canadian   Bli id   Sfabies'  Home
Nursery, Hospital and Kindergarten
Dominion  Charter,   Without Stock Subscription.
DIRECTORS—Hon. Martin Uuiiell, Hon. President; Hou. J. G. Turriff,
President; A. li. Pitziiuinjii', Vieo-President; Bdwu'l Grnnd, Seoretary,
C. Blackett Robinson, Cn*. Sjcretiry; J, V. MoKinloy, Treisurer; Lt.-Col
Whiton, M.D., R. H. Campbell, Thomas Mulvey, K.C, A. E. Provost, W.
Lyle Reid, A. J. EYeiuaau, Charles H. Pinhey, 0. Hi, W.J. Cairns, and Tom
TRUSTEES—C. Ii. Pinhey, O.E., Thomas Mulvey, K.C, A. J. Freiman.
Legal Adviser Bunkers Auditor
John I. MauCrackon, K.C.    Royal Bank of Canada.     A. A. Crawley, C. A,
The Objects of this Institution, for which Incorporation was recently obtained, are: "To provide a Home and Refuge for Baby and Infant Blind; to
provide free Scientific Ctre, Traiiiim- and Maintenance; to Save the Lives of
even a few of the many of such i r fortunates, who, for the lack of such service, perish every year; and to return these little ones to their parents, at
sohool age with normal, healthy bodies and sound minds."
This is a large and greatly needed Child Welfare Service. Careful enquiry
at the Government offices in the verious provinces reveals the fact that there
are at the presant time nearly 250 Infant Blind in the Dominion. Nothing
has yet been done for those helpless little ones. In the United States, 16
years ago, the first home was opened in New York City; they have now homes
in 13 States, all doing-excellent work. In England, some time ago, Sir Arthur Pearson organized "Sunshine House," Chorley Wood, for Blind Babies,
and he claims that it is the only one iu the British Empire. Let us have the
SECOND in Canada. To reach this worthy end money is urgently required
Fifty Thousand Dollars is the present objective of the Boajd. While the
Home is to be located in Ottawa it will take in the Baby Blind from every
province, so that this APPEAL for funds will be Dominion wide, and an
early and ^onerous response is confidently expected. Cheques should be made
payable to tho Canadian Blind Babim Home Association. All remittances
will be promptly acknowledged.
*T4i£ value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Bail programs
Business cards
Vi:iting cards
Sh'p-ing tags
Price lists
New Type
1 Latest Style
Columbia Avenue and
**ake> Street
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
Yale Barber Shop*
Razor Honing a Specialty
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yale Hotbl, Fibst Street
Synopsis of
Land Act Amendments
Minimum prloe ol Urat-clua ladd reduosd
to f 5 au aore; aecond-class to W.60 an aero..
Pre-emption uow couUued to surveyed
lands ouly.
Keoords will be granted ooverlug oui-* laud
suitable (or agricultural purposes aud whioh
ia non-timber laud.
Partnership pre-emptlona abolished, bnt
parties ol not more than four may arrange
lor adjacent pre-emptlona with joint real-
Seuce, but eaoh making neoessary improvementa ou respective claims,
Pre-emptora muat occupy clalma (or five
years eud make improvements to value ol tlu
per aore, including olearing aud cultivation
of ut leaat b aorot. beiore receiving Grown
Where pre-emptor iu ujoupatiou not less
than i yeara, aud haa made proportionate
improvements, he may, because of ill-health,
or other cause, bc grauted intermediate oer-
tilieato of improvement aud transfer hia
Kecords without permanent realdence may
bc issued, provided applioant multes improvementa to extent of *fm per annum and
reoorda aame eaob year. Failure to muke improvement* or reoord aame will operate aa
forfeiture. Title eaunot be obtained iu lcaa
thau 5 years, aud improvements of $10.U0 per
acre, Iueludlng 5 aores eleared aud cultivated,
aud retldeno of at leaat two yeara are required.
Pre-omptor holding Crown grant may r«.
oord another pre-emption, lf he reuuirea land
iu conjunction with hia farm, without actua
occupation, provided atatutory improvementa.
aud residence maintained ou Crowu grauted"
Uueurveyed areaa, not exceeding 20 aerea,
may be leased as homesitea; title to be obtained after fulfilling residential aud im -
proveiueat condilioua.
For gnu-fug aud Industrial purposes areaa
exceeding 640 aeres may be iaaued by one person or^oompany.
Mill, factory or industrial sites on tlmbe i
land exoeediug 10 aeres may be parohaacd •
conditions fuolude payment of atumage.
Natural hay meadows luaoceaalble by existing roada may be purchased conditional upon
construction of a road .to them. Rebate of
one-hail o( coat ol rood, uot exceeding half
of purehaae prloe. is made.
The scope of Ihis Act ia enlarged to incluge
all dersoua joining or lervlug with ilia
Mttjeaty'a Forces. The time within which the
heira or devisees of a deceased pre-emptor
may apply for title uuder this Vet is extended
(rum (or one year Iriuu the .'calls o( such
perton, us formerly, until oue vear alter the
conclusion of the present war. Thia privilege
la alao made retroactive.
No fees rclatlug to pre-emptions an due or
AVSSlllM hV .WMIaM nn   m..m-mm....l.. 1 .
..    .*,   .       *"Va      s«=-»sus»s.susss are uue or
payable by soldiers ou pre-emptlona recorded
 J.  Taxes are remitted for
rmmmmmm m.   nwm. W.
arter June 28, 1918.
Provialou.Ior return ol moneys accrued, due
till   nMII   'nuln    .,.,,.     A .,—....    A      an.. *       -
and beeu -paid since August «, f»w,on **•
oountol payments, feet <>r tuxes on soldiers'
.f**\****} 9? "arreemeuts to purehaa* town or
oity lots held by members of Allied ForosM,
«* dependents, acquired direct or indirect,
remitted Irom enlistment to Maroh 11,1W0.
Provision mode (or issuance ol Grown
grants to Sub-purchasers of Grown Landa,
who (ailed to oomplete purehaae, involving
forleiture, on fulfillment of oondltlnna of
Purchaae, Interest aad taxes. When sub-
purohaaea do not olaim whole o( orlgnal par-
oel. purchaae prloe due audtexes may ba dla-
trlbuted proportionately over whole area.
Apportions must be made by Hay 1,1030.
Graaing Act, 1910. for tystematlc (development o( Uvea took luduatry provides (or graaing dietrlcta and range admlulatratlon under
Commleeloner. Annual prating permtts
iaaued baaed on numbere ranged; priority (or
establiehed owners, Stock-owners may form
Associations for ranga management. Free,
or partially (ree.permltt for settlers, oampera
or travellers, up to ten head.
I have opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
C. A. Crawford
Nan TWIephMM OffiM


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