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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Feb 22, 1924

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 Good judgment and industry invariably win success; but a banana plantation at the north pole would not be profitable,
no matter how diligently you might cultivate it	
"Absolutely NoTangleEx-
oept in the Gobwebbed
Minds of Those Accustomed to Shooting Off
Their Mouths About
Victoria, Feb. 20— Emphatic denial is given by Premier Oliver to
statements of tbe oppositiou and
third party that tbere is a bad
tangle in tbe arrangements for tbe
coming court of revision.
"Tbere is absolutely no tangle
except in tbe cobwebbed minds of
those accustomed to shooting off
their mouths about nothing," he
declares "Tbere would be no mis.
understanding if people would read
the statutes Intelligently; but some
oan not, or wben they do read, tbey
oan not,understand wbat they have
read. If anyone says tbere is a
tangle let him take legal proceedings and find out."
Tbe suggestion that tbe government intends to dissolve the legis'
lature before tbe revision of tbe
voters'lists commences on April 7
is ridiculous and put down by members of tbe oabioet as "another attempt of the opposition to embarrass the goverument and mislead
the public."
Premier  Oliver   points out tbat
the voters'   lists are being revised
aooording to tbe law   of tbe  prov
iuceand the task wili be carried out
with fairness to all.
Kettle Valley Orchardist
"Tell me what you Know is tro-
I eeawaem m well ss yoa."
will be secured by tbe government
this summer through the sale of
building lots at Point Grey. The
government owns 3000 acres of land
in tbal locality, some of it considered the hest building property
available today in Greater Vancou.
ver. About 100 acres will be disposed of this vear, the area being
laid out according to the most
modern town planning rules. It is
expected tbat by the time the entire acreage bas been disposed of
the total cost of tbe institution will
probably bave been taken care of.
Delivery Gar
Goes Into the
North Fork
Harry Clifton, driver of McKinnon & Hayerty's delivery cat, had
an accident this (Saturday) morning in which he narrowly escaped
death by drowning. In turning out
for a team near Mr. Sprintball's
residence on Riverside avenue, one
of tbe axles of tbe car broke and it
turned over oo its side a <l went
over a six foot embankment and
into about six feet of water in tbe
North Fork. The car landed on top
of Mr. Clifton, and bad not the oc
cupants of tbe team hastily extii
cated bim from bis perilous position be would surely have drowned
As it was, he received wounds and
bruises tbat will keep in bed for a
few days.
Disoussing narcotic and liquor
problems before the Victoria Local
Council of Women, Attorney General Manson warned mothers against
the insidious campaign of the drug
vendor, who found many victims
among tbe girls and boys who in
dulge in too much dancing u -
"It might surprise you to find
out how many boys and girls are
addicts," he asserted. "In Van-
cjuver last year a notorious trafficker who had been arranging co-
oaine parties for boys and girls,
with the assistance of Vancouver
men, was convicted. Addicts are
more to be pitied tban punished.
But as to those who traffic in the
drug, I would add the lash to the
sentence of conviction."
Dealing with the liquor question,
Mr. Manson said tbat tbis wbb the
most difficult problem of ad minis
tration. The people had declared
for government control, and any
government, no matter wbat its
party, was bound to carry out tbe
the will of the electorate. He declared tbat the task of handling tbe
liquor question was enough to drive
anyone insane and be appealed for
the oooperation of atl in this undertaking.
The new game conservation board
regulations, passed at tbe last session of tbe legislature, wbioh were
expected to do much towards tbe
conservation of fur in this province,
are now in effect, and repoits from
game wardens show that the changes
have resulted in much improved
The board points out that British
Columbia is the chief source of fur
on the continent. Tbere are 100,000
square miles of territory where the
sound of the rifle is rarely heard
and where tbe fur-bearers require
only reasonable^protection to en
sure a goad "orop" for many years
to come. Every effort is being put
forth to conserve tbis valuable in'
dustry, wbioh prodnces several mil
lions of dollars of revenue annually.
"Lafayette, we are here!"
(The United States is again sending reminders to her debtors reminding tbem that she is waiting for a settlement.)—From L'Hunfanite,
MacDonald should terminate bis
work wltb tbe Associated Growers
on December 31 last, but as it was
felt to be altogether in the interests
of v*tbe Associated tbat bis services
should be retained at least to the
end of tbe present selling season,he
was asked by tbe Growers' executive to continue to serve, and for
tunately was able to accept tbe pro
posal, although at considerable
personal idconvenience. Mr. Mac-
Donald's services have been of
great value to tbe association, and
his work in tbe prairie provinces in
extending sales, and above all in
creating and fostering a spirit of
confidence and good will towards
tbe Associated on tbe part of the
jobbing trade, iB beyond praise.
F.O.B. Prices Have Been
Satisfactory Considering the Present Condition of the Market
Pacific Great
Eastern Probe
Starts Today
Enquiry Into Charges
Made by Gen. McRae
Not Likely to Develop
Into a Love Feast
Recent Amendments
to the Game Act
A recent amendment to the game
act, wbicb does not seem ti be gen
erally known, includes in the fur
bearing classification wolverine and
lynx, two animals which up to the
present time have not been classed
undci tbis head. Tbe result is tbat
these animals came under tbe close
season regulations, and it is unlawful to kill or trap them. A number
of tbese animals bave recently been
brought in, and to the disappointment of those who bad captured
tbem, tbey were confiscated. As tbe
change is not generally.known it is
not likely prosecutions will be
pressed, though warnings are being
sent out whenever occasion presents
itself. Another regulation provides
that ail deer whicb are killed must
have lbe heads left on tbe carcass
when being brought in.
Monday Last Day
For Registering
February 25 will be the latest date
on which applicants who wish to
have their names on the new provincial voters' list may apply to the
registrar, according to notices in the
British Columbia Garotte thatapeoial
courts of tuvision for the voters' list
will be held on Apri 7 throughout
the province. It is not necessary for
those ou the last revised list to register again, as their names will auto
matically be transferred to tbe
list. The usual court of revision
be held on May 19.
Revenue to offset at least part of
tbe cost of tbe University of British
Columbia buildings at Point Grey
Miss Gaw Married
on Monday at Coast
Miss Ida VV. Gaw, daughter of
Mrs. Jessie Gaw and the late Robert
Gaw, of this city, was married in
Vancouver on Monday afternoon to
Roscoe T. Pedvin, who is an accountant witb the Granby Consolidated Mining company at Anyox.
Tbe ceremony waB performed by
Rev. J. R. Robertson, formerly
pastor of Knox Presbyterian church
in this city, at tbe home of tba
bride's sister, Mrs. Harry Mann.
After a sbort wedding tour to tbe
Sound cities, Mr. and Mrs. Pedvin
will take up tbeir residence in
Victoria, Feb. 21—All parties are
in readiness for the opening of tbe
Pacific Great Eastern enquiry tomorrow afternoon.
The prelimiuary sitting wiil be
for tbe purpose of discussing matters of procedure and to enable
counsel for all tbose interested to
put in tbeir requests tor subpoenas.
There is likely to be no little
sparring for advantage and fireworks are likely to develop almost
at once Rumor hae it tbat the
Provincial party representatives are
looking for a fight in the hope that
even if they fail to prove their
charge they will create some public
excitement about the issues.
The government and fts followers
are in a jubilant mood, ready to
iake on all comers in any kind of
catch-as catch can tussle that may
be started.
Tbe commissioner is expected to
inform counsel of the manner in
wbicb be proposes to bave tbe investigation proceed, whether the
Provincial darty as plaintiffs shall
call their witnesses first, or whether
the government counsel, who presumably represent tbe lieutenant
governor, sball have right of way,
leaving tbe door open to the Provincial party to supplement their
effort as ihey see fit.
Even in tbis kind   of   discussion
there iB ample room for legal   spar
ring  and   tbe   expectation of tbe
public is that it will  be war to the
knife from the first minute.
Representatives of all parties interested in tbe proceedings are
flocking to Victoria to take in the
biggest political show staged in the
province for a great many years,
and whether valuablr information
to the public is elicited or not there
is bound to be plenty of entertainment.
London, Feb. 16.—The circular
letter of F. C. Wade, agent general
for British Columbia, to all members of the house of lords and com
noons, is attracting mucb attention.
He deals particularly with the case
of Okanagan apples and canned
salmon from the coast.
Seventy five percent of the apples grown in British Columbia
come from tbe Okanagan valley,
against,wbich trade theTTnited States
market is practically closed, Mr.
Wade states. Hi asks if the British
parliament will complete the destruction of the Okanagan valley
apple trade by closing the British
market against it.
On the subject of canned salmon,
the circular states tbat tbe trade in
the beat Canadian salmon iB being
almost driven from tbe Britiso
market by a low grade Siberian
salmon which frequently is masqueraded under esrablisbed Cana<
dian labels. Mr. W. de asks for a
proper marking of all tinned salmon and presses for the granting
of a preference thereon as tbe only
means of retaining one of Canada's
most important industries."France,"
he says, "gives a preference on Canadian talmon; who not Great
The destruction of the Cauadian
salmon industry, he points out,
would mean a serious loss to the
Welsh tioplate trade aod to the
manufacture of flat nets, wbicb in
in normal times are made almost
exclusively in Great Britain.
Mr. Wade's memorandnm also re
produces large numbers of letters
from leading salmon importers in
Great Brftain, ranking tbe British
Columbia as superior to any otber
Pacific coast salmon.
These importers state tbat tne
British Columbia method of packs*
ing the salmon by hand is superior
to packing by machinery, as is done
in the United States.
Galliher Will
Preside Over
P.G.E. Enquiry
Victoria, Feb. 19.—Attorney
General Manson late today issued
to the press particulars of the Pacific Great Eastejn enquiry commission.
Mr. Justice Galliher of the court
of appeal is appointed to preside
over tbe investigation. Tbe first sitting will be held in the parliament
buildings on Thursday afternoon to
arrange for maiters of procedure.
The actual taking of evidence
will begin on Monday morning,
February 25.
A Vancouver daily a few days ago
printed tbe report tbat the Fraser
canyon route had been chosen for
tbe transprovincial highway, but
no official announcement from Vic
toria has yet been made to that
From  Everywhere
When the Canadian Pacifie HneT
"Empress of Canada" left New Y.rk
on January 30th for her great
round-the-world cruise, she was the
first Canadian vessel ever to commence such a voyage carrying a
regular bookstall in the charge of
experienced attendants, in addition
to a free library. The stock includes
many excellent recent books on
travel, which will enable passengers
to prepare themselves for the foreign lands they will visit, as well as
a large number at novels by the
best-known authors.
W. J. Bowser First
Man to Be Probed
W. J. Bowser, leader of the opposition, is slated as tbe first person to be probed by tbe Pacific
Great Eastern investigation commission, now commencing its sittings in Victoria.
MacDonald Still
Sales Manager
■£The Associated Growers of British
Columbia, Limited, report having
secured the services of Byron MacDonald until tbe end of the present
season.   It was intended that  Mr.
Of the total wheat exported from
Canada in November, amounting to
64,196,903 bushels, by far the greater
proportion went to the United Kingdom, which took 43,815,391 bushels.
Ths United States was second largest importer of Canadian wheat,
takiag 9,010,1 'I! bushels. Italy cams
aext, taking 4,013,152 bushels, and
Greece next, with 2,066,480 bushels.
The expor'.s of Canadian wheat to
France durin-» this period amounted
ts 1,323,36'' b shell and ts Belgium
1,075,216 bushels. Those to Germany tuUiiccJ 129,320 bushels.
In Ihe keenest competition, embracing entries from all important
agricultural districts of the North
American continent, Alberta farmers
woa 43 prizes at ths recent international stock and grain show at
Chicago. Two grand championships
—wheat, Major G. H. L. Strange
and oats, J. W. Biglands—-went to
the province. Major Strange was
also first with white field peas and
Nunemaker Brothers, sf Brooks,
first with red clover seed. Major
Strange's success is especially remarkable as he has enly been a
farmer four years.
Vernon, B.C., Feb. 20, 1924
President Howe and G. A. Barrat
of the advisory committee of tbe
Associated Growers left Vernon for
tbe coast on Saturday Ust to take
up with the Vancouver board of
trade matters relative to certain
lands in tbe Okanagan valley wbicb
are expected to come nnder tbe
control of tbe Associated. While
there tbey will discuss witb bankers
the question of finance for tbe coming year and look into the capabilities of oue or two prospects foi the
position of general manager
Colonel Scott left on Friday for
Kamloops to take up witb tbe directors of tbat local board the policy
of operation to be followed this -ea-
son. Tbe situation there is rather
unique in tbat the Chinese vegetable
growers appear lo dominate tbe
situhtion and are difficult to bandl->
from a cooperative point of view.
All theBe gentlemen were expected back in Vernon on Wednesday,
and tbetr reports will be considered
by tbe full committee.
Applications for tbe position of
general manag rare coming in from
all quarters, so tbere will be no lack
of material from wbicb to select a
man of sufficient ability and experience to lead the Associated to a
lull measure of success.
Fruit has been moving very freely
during the past tbree weeks, and
although the per diem output shows
signs of falling off now, tbe movement has been a pleasant surprise
to the sales force. During the week
ending February 2nd 82 cars were
sold; February 9th, 48 csrs; and
February 15th, 64 cars.
The following is a list of the daily
sales for tbe period February 11
to 19:
February 11—13 cars apples; 2
cars apples and onions.
Februbry 12—8 cars apples; 2
cars apples and onions; 1 car onions.
February 13-14 cars apples; 2
cars apples and onions.
February 14—7 cars apples; 3
cars apples and onions; 2 cars
February 15—7 cars apples.
February 16—5 cars apples.
February 18—7 cars apples.
February 19—4 cars apples.
The f.o.b. prices obtained bave
been satisfactory under the marketing conditions at present obtaining.
—Associated Growers of British
Columbia, Limited.
The latest statements of the earn-
-**gs and expenses of the Canadian
Pacific Railway show that the strong
position of that organization has
been well maintained, and that a
steady improvement has been
achieved, in spite of the difficulties
of the past few years. The figures
for December show gross earnings
of tl9,136,C74, working expenses of
$15,180,546, and a net profit of $3,-
956,127, an increase of $-101."22 over
that of December, 1922. The 1923
totals show gross earnings of $196,-
837,089, working expenses of $158,-
358,079 and a net profit of $37,479,-
010, an increase of $1,177,319 over the
total earnings of the road in 1P22.
Net earnings for this yrar were the
highest since 1917 and gross earnings  the  hi^he&r  -since   l'J20.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Feb.   15—Friday    43
16—Saturday    39
17- Sunday   45
18—Monday  47
19— Tuesday  47
20—Wednesday... 42
21    Thursday  35
Rainfa'l 04
Snowfall    2 6
At tbe annual meeting of the
property owners of tbe Grand Forks
Irrigation District in G.W.V.A.
ball tbe secretary presented a
lengthy and very comprehensive
statement of tbe operations of the
trustees during tbe past year. Tbe
report showed tbat No. 2 unit had
been installed within tho estimated
cost of 145,000. The cost of the
two units is about $265,000. This
modern concrete pipe system will
irrigate some 3000 acres of land. THE SUN: GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA
Ufa <8ratt& 3arks §im
AN INOEP-cNOENr  1£»ii'*£l
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
One Year (in the United States)     1.50
Address- -" ******—-cations to
Thb Grand Fork") Sun
Phonb 101R Grand Forks, B. C*
Notes, Notions and Notables
There is more ]sickness in winter than in
any other season, The chiel' cause is the quantity and quality of sunlight that reaches us.
When sunlight comes slantingly through miles
of foggy, dusty air most of the violet rays and
those beyond the violet are filtered out, and
those are the rays that kill bacteria. "Let the
blessed sunshine in," is a watchword that is
particularly appropriate for winter.
On the River Jordan, close by the pool that
is pointed out as the one in which John   baptized   Jesus,  a  power  plant  has been completed. Already theJordau isturningdynamos
that supply electric light to Jerusalem,  Jaffa,
Haifa, and Nazareth, A dam now building at
the outlet of Lake  Tiberias will control the
flow of water in the river all the year round.
In a course of one hundred  and  forty  miles
the Jordan falls more than five thousand feet,
and when  the  necessary power  plants have
been completed it can easily generate electric
ity enough to make   Palestine   an important
manufacturing center.
sons of this house, showed that the family
characteristics had perpectuated themselves
more than four centuries, and through intermarriages into Spanish, Portuguese, French
and Italian lines.
Daimonds of the finest water are pure
white, giving off flashing lights of red, green
and blue. Any thinge of yellow in a diamond
has always greatly reduced its value. Re
cently, however,a process has been discovered
whereby the color of the yellow diamond may
be changed aud its value enhanced. Treatment of the stone consist in placing the diamond over a small hole in a block of lead.
Rays from a tube containing radium are
directed into this hole, and slowly a change
takes place. The discolored stone loses its
yellow hue, and by degrees takes on a magnificent flashing green color, not unlike the
emerald. The length of time required to
complete the change varies.. Sometimes the
transformation is comparatively quick, often
it takes a year or more. The result is a jewel
of surpassing beauty.
A Swiss inventor announces that he has
made a machine that will typewrite directly
from the human voice, but, as he says nothing
about the abiiity of the contrivance to improve on the spelling and punctuation of the
person who dictates to it, there may still be a
place for the accomplished secretary.
The good St.- David is honored by the
Welsh as their patron saint, He lived in the
sixth century and is said to have been the son
of a prince of Cardiganshire; Wales He is
credited Mith the working of many miracles,
especially among poor folks. It was said that
when the saint, who was a giai t in stature,
first went into the fields to preach to his followers, the ground on which he stood began
to rise until it became high enough to form
his pulpit. On St. David's day (March 1st)
the Welsh wore sprigs of leek—a plant of the
onion variety with broad bluish green leaves
and yellow flower clusters—in their hats. In
explanation of the custom, the story goes,
that in a battle of the Welsh against their old
enemies the Saxons, in which the Welsh were
victorious, S\ David ordered all Welshmen to
go into battle wearing their native leek, both
to distinguish them from their enemies and to
bring them good luck.
Recent research by some French professor s
into the ways of women a hundred thousand
years ago, have given an unexpected jolt to
preconceived(ideas. Now the professors declare that woman, in the days of our cave-
dwelling ancestors, was regarded as the more
important sex. Men held a secondary position, tolerated for the sake of the food and
skins provided. Women ruled, and were the
inventors of the earliest arts and sciences. It
was tho women's ingenuity w'lich devised
snares for auimals aud made plans for storing
food againstjtimes of scarcity. Women taught
ways of making clothing from skins of animals,
and by the efforts of their brains improved the
lot of all the human race. Woman's cunning
and wit was the outcome of her lack of physical strength which obliged her to resort to
strategy rather than force. On the whole, the
prehistoric woman apparently held the same
position and ruled man in the same manner
that she does today, according to these gentlemen, who may however have a different
opinion for us tomorrow.
Every Osage Indian in Oklahoma now
gets $13,000 a year ns royalties on oil
hinds. As the lands belong to the tribe as a
whole, every membor shares equally in the
royalties, If art and literature are the
natural accompaniments of wealth and leisure,
the Osages should soon owo the world some -
Lovers of the fragrant weed will be aston -
ished to hear that tobacco is supposed by
Mohammedans to have originated with a venomous serpent. The legend says that a Mohammedan prophet once found a serpent,
lethargic and almost dead with cold. He
pressed it to his bosom and his own natural
heat restored the serpent to life. The serpent
stated that, according to the rules governing
the relations existing between snakes and
and man, he would be obliged to bite the
prophet. The prophet protested that if the
serpent were to do so it would show deepest
ingratitude. The serpent replied that he was
very sorry, but that he had sworn by
Allah to bite him. The prophet admitted that
an oath made to Allah must bo kept at all
costs. So he presented his hand to the snake,
who pierced it with his fangs. The wise and
merciful prophet sucked the poison from his
wound and spat it upon the ground. Immediately there sprang up in the place the tobacco
plant, which holds in it the poison of the
snake and the soothing mercy of the prophet.
E.G. Henniger Go.
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, B. C.
City   Real Estate For
Applications for immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Prices I—From $25.00 per lot upwards.
Terms :-•-Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Office.
City Clerk.
JBsUbluhed 1910
Real Estate and Insurance
Reildeut Aeent Oruisd Forki Towntlte
Company, Limited
Farms      Orchards     City Property
_lt\get,ti at Nel ou, Cala-ary, Wlhulpeg- and [
other Prairie points.  Vanoouver A-reiit*:
Bitabllshed in Vill), we are In a poilllon to
hirnlBti reliable information concerning this
Write for free 'iteratilre   „
Transfer Company
City Baggage and General |
Coal,  Wood and   Ice|
for Sale
Office  at  R.  F.  Petrie'i Store
Phone 64
C.V. Meggitt
Beal Estate and Insurance
Bxoellent facilities foi lelllng- yonr (arias
We hare agent, at all Coast and Prairie
Bailable Information regarding thli dlitret
obeerfully furnished. We aollolt your In*
Wholesale and Retail
Havana Cigars* Pipes
Confectionery |
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forks, B. C.
It is remarkable for how many generations
and with what frequency charactirtic family
features will crop up. It is especially noticeable were there is a peculiarity of nose, lips
or profile. A striking example of this persistency is seen in the facial type ofthe Haps
burg dynasty, distinguished by a projecting
jaw, prominent nose, thick lower lip and
bulging eyes. The heavy jaw first appeared
with Rudolph I, the first monarch of the
Hapsburg line, who came to the throne in
1239. Hisdescenants, Ernest I, Leopold III,
Ferdinand II, and Maxmilian, showed the
same marked characteristic. When .Maxmilian
married Marie of Burgundy the other peculiarities were acquired. Comparisons made by
the   Scientist Galippe of 2G0 pictures of per-
c/incient History*
Items Taken From Tbs Qrand Porks Sun for ths Corresponding
'Weak Twenty Years Ago
Our old friend, Tracy W. Holland, one of
the maiu promoters of the Kettle Valley line
and formerly mayor of Grand Forks, passed
Bthrough the outskirts of the city last Saturday on his way from the coast to Republic.
H. S. Turner, one of the founders of The
Sun, will conduct the editorial department of
the Greenwood Times while Duncan Ross is
making his campaigning tour through the
Cariboo country.
A letter received in Ottawa a fews days ago
from a Gr*i nd Trunk engineer says that the
Baldwin Locomotive company is authorized
to offer men as high as $16 a day to work for
the Russian government on the Trans-Siberian
railway. Here is a chance for "high priced'
elements of Grand Forks.
Dr. Averill is having his store building on
the corner of Bridge and Second streets remodeled and thoroughly renovated.
We have a complete line of shot shells and
rifle ammunition. 16, 20, 12 and 10 ga. shot
shells. All sizes rifle ammunition. Let us
fill your requirements for the hunting season.
For the dark evening try an EVER-READY
FLASHLIGHT.    A   full stock of batteries.
FRUIT  LADDERS at reduced  prices.
8 ft. $1.80        10 ft. $6.00       12 ft. $7.20    ■
Hardware and Furniture
The Next Issue of the
Kootenay Telephone Directory
Closes jMarch 1st, 1924
If you are contemplatiug taking new service, or making any changes or additions
to your present service, you should send
notification, in writing, not later than the
adove date, in order that you may take
advantage ofthe new directory listings.
The Telephone Directory offers an attractive and effective medium for advertising purdoses. Advertisers should bear
the above date in mind, so that insertion
may be sure in the Directory.
Canadian   Blind   Babies'  Home
Nursery, Hospital aad Kindergarten
Dominion Charter,  Without Stook Subscription.
DIRECTORS—Hon. Martin Uurrell, Hon. President; Hon. J. Q. Turriff,
Pre-iiJent; A. 3, Pitnluinoai, Vine-President! Glwird (Jrand, Seoretary,
C. Blaokett Robinson, Cer. Secretary; J. F. McKinley, Treasurer; Lt.-Col.
Whiton, M.D., R. H. Campbell, Thomas Mulvey, K.C, A. K. Provost, W.
Lylo Reid, A. J. Froiinaa, Oliarles H. Pinhey, C. E, W. J. Cairns, and Tom
TRUSTEES--C. a. Pinhey, O.E, Thomas Mulvey. K.C, A. J. Preidman
LaAal Adviser Bankers
John I. MaoCnoken, K.C.    Royal Bank of Canada.
A. A. Crawley, C. A.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly   Don
{Winnipeg AVBNut
It's -he worst wheel tha,t
makes the most noise in the
Don't regret too mu'h yonr ups
and downs; after all the only man
who has none is in the cemetery.
The Objects of this Institution, for which Incorporation was reeently obtained, are: "To provide a Home and Refuge for Baby and Infant Blind; to
provide free Scientific Care, Training and Maintenance; to Save the Lives of
even a few of the mtny of such unfortunates, who, for the lack of suoh ser«
vice, perish every year; and to return these little ones to their parents, at
sohool age with nor.nal, healthy bodies and sound minds."
This is a large and greatly needed Child Welfare Service. Careful enquiry
at the Government offices in the verious provinoes reveals the fact that there
are at the presant time nearly 250 Infant Blind in the Dominion. Nothing
has yet been doue for those helpless little ones. In the United States, 16
years ago, the flrst home was opened in New York City; they have now homes
in 13 States, all doing excellent work. In England, some time ago, Sir Arthur Pearson organized "Sunshine House," Chorley Wood, for Blind Babies,
and he claims that it is the only one in the British Empire. Let us have the
SECOND in Canada. To reach this worthy end money is urgently required.
Fifty Thousand Dollars is the present objective of the BoaJd. While the
Home is to be located in Ottawa it will take in the Baby Blind from every
provinoe, so that this APPEAL for funds will be Dominion wide, and an
early and generous response is confidently expected. Cheques should be made
payable to the Canadian Blind Babies Home Association. All remittances
will be promptly acknowledged.
Tell The People
What   You   Hare
Sun's Page<§f People and Events of Passing News Interest
Farmers Needing Help      I
Gan Seoure Immigrants
Winnipeg, February 21—Prospec-
tive settlers from mnny countries
directed by tbe overseas organization of tbe Cunadian National rail
ways, will begin to reach Winnipeg
about Marcb 15, and ni .ny of these
newcomers will be anxious to secure
work on farms in order that they
may learn by actual experience tbe
Canadian methods of carrying on
farm work. In order to assist these
settlers and also the farmers who
require their services during the
spring summer ind fall, the Can-
adian National railways bave placed
application forms in the hands of
allage'ite on C.N.R. western lines,
which farmers can complete and
send in without financial obligation
of any kind. Officials of the colon»
atioo sod deval ipmen tdepartment
Graduate Nurse Finds
"The Perfect Remedy"
Graduate of National
Temperance Hospital,
Tells of Remarkable
Cases Where TANLAC
Has Proved, Effective
"From my long experience as a
professional nurse, I do cot hesitate
to aay I consider TANLAC the most
efficient and natural stomach medin
oine and tonic to be had. It is un
doubtedly Nature's most perfect
remedy," is the far reaching statement given out for public, ition recently by Mrs. I. A.; Bordt n,Seattle,
Wash , a graduate of tbe National
Temperance Hospital, of Chicago.
"I have used TANLAC often in
treatment of my patients and my
ezperfence has heen that for keeping the stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels functioning properly, and
for toning ap the system in general,
it baa no equal.
"About ii year ago I had a lady
patieut who could not keep a thing
oo her stomach fifteen minute!-, not
even water I prevailed on ber to
try TANLAC, and after the sixth
bottle -. he could eat absolutely anything sbe wanted without the
slightest bad after effects.
"I bad another patient wbo
simply could not eat. I got him
Btarted on TANLAC, and by the
time h-' finisned three bottles he was
eating ravenously and had regained
sufficient strength to return to work.
"Tb-ee two instances are typical
of my experience with TANLAC.
My coi.fidence in TANLAC is unlimited."
of tbe railway in Winnipeg will then
place tbe prospective worker in
touch with the prospective employer and thus get the settler away
to a good start.
It should not be overlooked that
tbe immigrant who iB most likely to
be of use to the western farmer is tbe
man wbo comes early in tbe spring,
prepared for a year's work, ruther
than tbe mau whucoines for a sbort
time, tempted by high wages wbicb
are paid during rush period, and it
is strongly recommended tbat, as
far as possible, help sbould be engaged by tbe year.
No charge is made for this ser
viceaiidtbu company assumes no
obligation ixcett lo biing tbe
worker and his prospective employer together for their mutual benefit.
Farmers who anticipate needing
belp duriug the coming year are
urged to make application early and
thus take steps to assist tbe vigorous immigraiion campaign being
carried out by the Canadian Na,
tional railways.
The aggressive immigration and
colonization plan being followed by
thc Canadian National railwayswill
result in,the bringing to Canada of
many thousands of good citizens
during the uext few muutbs. To
ensure tbese newcomers work is the
most practical way ot ensuring
tbeir success. By the method out
lined tbe employer of farm labor
can supply this cooperation and at
the same time secure belp for him-
■self forthe coming year.
The man who is wronged
can forget it; the man who
wronged him never can.
ere an
Manitoba Is perhaps ths most
marrying province in Canada. For
instance, in Ontario, there were 24,-
871 marriages in 1921, a rate of 8.6
per 1,000, while in Manitoba it was
8.7 per 1,000 of ita 610,000 oopiila-
Eastbonnd steamship travel from
Canadian ports via Canadian Pacific steamships ia heavier at the
present time than for several years
Mst at this season, a recent report
declares. Bookings in seme instances
hava ran aa high ai 70 per cent in-
waaaa over .those ef last winter.
Aaeording to a recent official compilation, out of every 100 people in
Canada 51 live on farms. The 70,-
000 farms in Canada represent a
(Tress worth of 9700,000,000 or about
110,000 per farm, and produce an
annual revenue at nearly $1,600,000,
an average income per tar** of 11,-
000 raarijr.
From tha apaalng ef the crop
year, September 1st, to the official
closing ef navigation, December
12th, the Canadian Pacific Rail-way
reported tbe heaviest marketing of
train since the inception ef thc read.
Cars loaded by the company alao
created a record for the season, having numbered 116,232. Grain marketed topped the 200,000,000 bushel
TMrty-aaven per eaat af all automobiles in Canada are owned by
farmers. Ownership «f the balance,
according to recent statistics, ia
made up ae follows: business men
aad brokers, 16 per cent; salesmen
and travellers, 16 per cent; professional men, 8 per cent; laborers, 4
per cent; contractor* and livery men,
8 per cent each, and miscellaneous
and no occupation stated, 18 per cent
From Germany comes the
story that the owner of a cir
cus, about to take ois show to
South America, advertised for
300 workmen. He got 60,000
responses, whieh is the rate
of 200 applicants for every
When a man loses
anything else he
advertises for it,
buf when he loses
his head he stops
Don't Lose
is the favorite news-
^^^^^^^^^^ paper of the citizens
of the district, it is read by more
people in the city and valley than any
other paper because it is fearless, re
liable, clean, bright and entertaining.
It is always independent but never
News of the Gity
E. J. Chambers, of Penticton,pre
sided ae judge over the provincial
court of revision iu tbe court bouse
yesterday, S. T. Larsen,of Penticton,
provtncial assessor, was also in at
tendance. There wae not a great
deal of business to transact.
C. Watson, of Penticton,
Valley line roadmaster, is
city today.
in tbe
critical, be underwent an operation
for intestinal trouble. Deceased
was a native of Quebec, and moved
to this city live years ago from Alberta. He is survived by his wife
and a large family, those living
here being tbree sons, Austin, Oscar
and Cyrus, and two daughters, Mrs.
K. Wood and Miss Marguerite Pennoyer. The funeral was held this
afternoon from Holy Trinity church,
wbere services were conducted by
Rev. Philip Hayman, and intern
ment was made in Evergreen cemex
Miss Alice Ryan, who is a nurse
in the Sacred Heart hospital, Spokane, and a daughter of Mrs. T. J.
Ryan, of thfs city, was married in
Spokane this week to Floyd Benton
of that city
The Boy Scouts are having a
"beanfeast" tonight in the basement of the Presbyterian church.
Roy Ritchie, ofCascade, was gone
to Bonnington to accept a position
with the West Kootenay Power
Mrs. Graham, of Christina Lake,
is visiting friends in Colville,Wasb.
W. J. Cook is temporarily in
charge of his majesty's customs
office at Laurier.
Reginaldj J. Barber and Gladys
Jones, both of Trail, were married
in Holy Trinity church here on
Satnrday, Rev. Philip Hayman performing the ceremony.
Our Groceries are constantly moving,
and they are therefore always fresh and
in prime condition. We make a specialty
high grade Teas and Coffees.
Phone 25        H. H. Henderson, Prop.
At the nomination of a trustee
of the irrigation district, last Saturn
day, to take the place of H. A Glas<
pell, who has served for a number
of years on the board, Clinton 0 S.
Atwood was elected by acclamatioi
Tbe otber members of the board are
E. F. Laws, J. B. Maakel., H. C.
Kermau and E.J. Hughes.
[;An important meeting of fruit
growers will be held in G. W.V.A
ball on Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock
Engineer Joe Japp and Fi.eman
J. T. Carter were badly injurd oo
Monday when their Great Northern
freight train struck a rockslide east
of Marcus.
J. Henniger, of Chel 'o, Wash., is
visiting for a few days at tbe home
of bis cousin, our local member.
Mr. Henniger was a residnt of
Grand F'orks in pioneer days.
Mra. Harriett Berry, aged 76
years, died et tbe home of ber
daughter, Mrs. Stanley Davip, in
this city on Tuesday last. Mrs.
Berry made her home wfth the
Davis family here for a number of
years. The funeral was held at 2
o'clock yesterday afternoon frnm
the Methodist church, interment
being made in Evergreen  cemetery.
William F. Peunoyer, aged 76
yenrs, died in the Grand Forks hospital Weduesclay afternoon after a
short illness. On Monday afternoon,
when his condition was regarded as
The annual Road Tax of $2.00
levied under liy law 14.'5 on each person ret.--.eeri the aj-es of twenty one
unci siNty years who is nol tbe registered owner of property within tbe
City of (irand Forks or who is not
otherwise exempt), is now duo and
payable to tbo Chief of Police or at
tlm City Office.
A merry heart doeth good
like medicine.
■ That Canada waa gradually becoming more and more ef an indua-
trial country, and that Canadian*
themselves were not truly aware of
the fact, was the opinion cxpreased
before the Winnipeg Rotary Clufc by
Prof. R. C. Wallace, of tbe VaL*
-teralt-y of Manitoba. He etated tbal
during the past twenty-five yeara
the population of Canada had Increased 80 per cent., the rail-way
mileage 120 per cent., while tbe industrial life of the -country inr raxed
700 per oent.
St. Hyacinths, Que., has the dla-
tinction of having developed the
world's largest organ plant, and by
native invention aad Improvementa
evolved an instrument which receives praise from the world's first
artists. An organ recently shipped
by Casaavant Freres of that place
to Pwris, France, is absolutely tba
first to leave the American continent for Europe, tbe movement halving heretofore beea in tbe opposite
direction, and was so shipped because the purchaser desired the finest and most up-to-date instrumaas)
that could ba aeeuroa. '
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Colds Headache Rheumatism
Toothache       Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets—Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists.
Aspirin Is the trade mark (registered In Canada) ot Bayer Manufacture ol Mono-
acetlcaclucster of Sallcyllcacld. While lt In well known that Aiplrln mean! Bayer
manufacture, to ass-let tho public againat Imitations, the Tablets of Bayer Company
will bo stamped with their general trade mark, the "Bayer Cress."
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models) They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coin! As weatherproof as a duck) Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing, Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value.  Easy Terms. We are tbe people.to mount you right.      >
J* R. MOOYBOER ltA^i?roRra,Bfc!
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
There is nothing in the
world worth doing wrong for.
If you expect your customer's attention, you must
give him some of your own.
|The now Continental remedy smiled
"LAHMALKNK" (Hei*-.)
ls a simple harmless home-treatment whioh
absolutely cures deafness noises) in tho head,
for this new ointment, instantly operates
upon the affected parts with oomplete  and
srmeueiit success.   SCOBBS OF WONDER
Mrs.K. Wilkinson, of Slad Road. Stroud,
writes:—"Pleas';could trouble you to send
me another box of the Ointment. It Is not for
myse.f, but for a friend of mine who Is as bad
as I was,andoa»isotget any rest for tbe noises
ln the uead. I feel a new womau, and oan go
to bed now and tret a good night's rest, wnlch
lhad not been nble to do for many months.
It Is a wonderfsil remedy and I am most delighted to recommend it."   :   .   .
Mrs. E. Crowe, of Whitehorse Road, Croydon, writes:—"I am pleased to tell you that
the small tin of ointment you sent to me at
Tentnor, has proved a complete sueeess, my
hearing Is now'j ulte normal, and the horrible head noises have ceased. The action of
this uew remedy must be very remarkable,
for 1 have beei troubled with these oom-
plaints lor nearly ten years, and have had
some of the very best medioal advioe together
wltb other expensive instruments all to no
purpose. I need hardly say how very grateful I am, for my life has undergone an entire
Try one box to-day.whioh oan be forwarded
to any address on receipt of money order for
Address orders to:—
10,South View, Watling St., Dartford,
Kent, England.
They that forsake the law
praise the wicked. But such
as keep the law contend with
A man's true wealth is the
good he does in the (world.
Men's all] wool   underwear,
j-JStanfields   and  Wool nap
Brand, at $5*00 per suit.
ShipYour Cream to
The Kettle Valley
Creamery Go.
We pay the highest price and assure
you the most accurate test. Qive your
ocal creamery your trade.
THE HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.  ARMSON
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty
Men's all-wool Winter
at $5.00 per pair.
Men's Mackinaws, the very
best, at $12.68 each.
Also full lines of Men's Heavy
^Rubbers, ranging in price
from $3.25 to $6.00.
Call and see our stock before
purchasing. We think it
will pay you.
We are agents for the well known Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture und Hardware
The annuul Tax of 81.50 on each
male dog and $2.50 on eaoh female
dot*; levied under By law 142 i.s now
due and payable! to the Chief of Police
or at the City Office.
"ft *& P9
^^^^^^^    ■■i"-*'*****-**-
-.SHALE*) TENDERS will be received by thu
Minister of Lands at Victoria not later than
noon on the 6th day of March, 1924,for thc
purchase ol Llcenoe X'»S2, to cut 58,7*10
lineal feet o( Cedar Poles, atid I,.''HI Ties, ,_
an area situated neur Christina,' Kooteuay
Two (2) years will be allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particulars of the Chief Forester,
Vioturia, II. 0„ or Distrlot Foreater, Nelson,
li C.
RADIO for 1924
The most up-to-date Radio sets today are our YELCO brand
of Receivers. Onr prices are less, our products better. We
will install it for you and turn on the current the same day
you order the phone.
If yon want your home to be the most attractive place in
town for your boys and girls and for yonrself, put in a Radio,
phone (built with the inw Myers tubes) in your most cosy
ronm. Not only attractive, it's wonderful! It costs but little;
it entartains must.   Let Us Demonstrate to You.
P.S.—Did you know that last week 50,000 people stood by
and listened to messages sent to citizens of Grand Forks (the
first time) out of the bine skyl But it will happen often hereafter.
Phone 20
IIDominion Monumental Works
(•JjAabratoa Products Co. BooBnft
BOX 332
Check Books
We have secured the
agency for Grand
Forks^ of a large
Western Publishing
House which manufactures a superior
grade of Counter
Check Books—carbon back and carbon
leaf styles.
Prices Are Right
Encourage Western
enterprises and keep
Western money in
the West.    —
Any Quantity
from 100 up to 2500
The Sun
Job Department
nPHE value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting .and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Visiting cards
Shipping tags
Price lists
New Type
{Latest Style
Columbia Arenue and
Uke Street
A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Yalb Hotel, First Stukkt
Vacant, unreserved, aurveyed
iown land* may be pre-empted by
irltlsh subjects over it r**x* of *****
nd by aliens on declaring InUntlon
> become Britlah subjects, oondl-
i.nal upon residence, occupation,
id Improvement (or agrtaultural
Full Information oono*rnlng regu-
stlona regarding- pro-sumption* la
iven In Bulletin No. 1, Land Series,
How to Pre-empt Land," oopla* of
hlch can be obtained free of chart*
v addressing the Department of
;inds, Victoria, B.C, or to any Qov-
iimcnt Agent
Uecords  will  be granted  covering
uly  land suitable   tor    agricultural
m-posea, and whioh 1* not tlmber-
md,  I.e., carrying over M00 board
'ant per acre we*t of the Coaat Ban*-*
md 8,000 feet per aore eaat of that
Application* for pre-emption* ar*
i  be addressed  to th* Land Com-
lissloner of the Land Recording Dl-
Islon, In whioh tho land applied lor
ia situated, and ar* made on :
Urns,  copies of whioh oan
lined from the Land Commissioner.
Pre-emption* muat be occupied for
five years and  Improvement*  made
lo value of $10 per acre,  Inoludlng
clearing and cultivating at leaat Ave
aorea, before a Crown Grant oan be.
For more detailed Information ee*
die Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Application* are received for purchaae of vacant and unreserved
Crown land*, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
prloe of flrst-olaia (arable) land 1* IS
per acre, and aecond-olaaa (graaing)
land |2.60 per acre. Further Information regarding purohaae or lease
of Crown lands le given In Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purohase and
Lease of Crown Land*."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sltee on
Umber land, not exceeding 40 aore*,
may be purchased or leased, the condition* Including payment of
Unsurveyed area*, not exceeding M
sore*, may be leased as homaeites,
conditional upon a dwelling being
ereoted In the Drat year, title being
obtainable after residence and lm-
provtunent conditions ar* fulfilled
and land haa been surveyed.
For graaing and Industrial purposo* areas not exoeedlng 640 aar**
may bo leased by on* person at a
Under th* erasing Aot th* Prov-
lno* is divided Into graslng districts
aad the range administered under a
Graaing Commissioner. Annual
graaing permit* ar* Issued based on
number* ranged, priority being given
to established owner*. Stock-owners
may form associations for range
management. Free, or partially free,
'ormlts are available for aettlera,
ampere and traveller*, up to ten
I have opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
C. A. Crawford']
N«mu T«U*>h«MM Offit*


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