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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Feb 8, 1924

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 If sailors gave up hope in a storm as easily as landsmen do when they meet with reverses the ocean's bed would be
strewn with wrecks
Important Changes Have
Been Made in the Per
sonnel of the Provincial
Kettle Valloy Orchardist
Tell me what you Know Ib tru**
I can guess as well at you."
Victoria, February 7.—British
Co'umbia, through Premier Oliver,
is seeking a tariff cut and is asking
lot preference in the lumber trade
with Australia. Following tbe re<
oeipt of word that Senator Wilson
of Australia will be in Ottuwa any
day in order to co-nplele - reciprocal tariff agreement, to be submitted
OODCUrrently to tbe parliaments of
Canada and Australia Premier
Oliver wired Hon T. A Lowe,
minister of trade and commerce,
pointing out that while the Australn
Mo-British preference rates oo a
number of British Columbin articles
would be satisfactory, it contains no
provision for lumber products Con»
■equently be pointed out that at
present Australia gets tbe greater
part of its box shooks, sashes and
doors from Sweden, but given pref
erential treatment, the British Col
umbia mille could easily care for
this trade.
Premier Oliver received tbe telegraphed assurance of Hon. Mr.
Lowe that he wonld do all in his
power to assist Pacific coast development.
Important changes in the personnel of tbe provincial police bave
been effected by Attorney General
Manson. Greater Vanoouver district has been divided into two districts, witb both under tbe supervision oi Sub Inspector Forbes
Cruickshanks. Samuel North will
be the new chief constable at Van
oouver, while J. McDonald will be
in charge at New Westminster.
Robert Owen will be chief inspector
in Victoria, while Colonel J. H.
McMullen, appointed head of the
government forces last year, will
have full direction of tbe provincial
police. No new regulations bave
been issued.
Another evidence of the value of
the provincial department of industries has come to light in the announcement of the minister in
charge, Hon. John Hart, relating to
the Barolay Sound Fisheries, one of
the industries initiated by the de.
partment. ThiB conoern has com
menced to cure herring according
to the Scotoh plan, and hopes are
bright for the building up of a per
manent industry on a large scale
It will be necessary to seoure plenty
of experienced workers from the old
country. The work must be done by
The Moral Financial Oh
ligation    Which    Con
fronts the Grand Forks
Irrigation District
Ths most difficult edmioistration
problem whioh any government can
face is the liquor question, but Attorney General Manson is laboring
day and night to effect a satisfactory
solution of the beer question. On
February 1 the new club regulations
went into effect, and while tbere are
those who protest sttongly against
any curtailment of wbat they term
their liberty, it is coucedtd tbut the
new regulations should do much
towards checking bootlegging and
tbe flagrant abuse of tbe statutes,
Wherever clubs applying for licenses
oomply with the regulations their
applications will be favorably conx
sidered, it is expected, but tbe most
drastic enforcement rules will have
to be lived up to, or else licenses will
be cancelled without question.
Mitor Orand Forks (km:
The following are afew facts wbicb
should interest all tbose wbo a.e in
terested in the success of the Grand
Forks irrigation district as a whole:
Tbe 1923 tax rate was set at $8 10
per acre on Grade A land in Unit
No. 1, levied for tbe purpose of
making a payment of $14,340.07
due ihe conservation board on February 15, 1924.
Tbrough concessions made by tbe
government tbis amount has been
reduced to $5,964.49, being relief
given in respect of repayment of
principal and interest to the couh
servation fund due February 15,
1924, and February 15, 1925, to tbe
following extent:
(a) Tbe sums paynble in respect
of monies borrowed for thn acquis!--
tioo of'permanent structures; and
(b) The sums payable in respect
of interest on tbe district total bor
Tbe amouot by wbich any payment due from tbe district iB deducted as aforesaid sball, together
with Interest tbereon, be amortized
and added to tbe sum by sucb dis
tiict during the succeeding thirty
years, commencing with the sums
payable on February 15, 1926.
This measure was granted by the
government to empower the tius-
tees to reduce the taxes from $8.10
to $3.00 per acre.
Of tbe amount due on February
15. 1924, via $5,694.29, only about
33 per cent has been paid. Of the
amount due for water tolls only!
about 50 percent has been paid.
It is generally admitted that
there are some landowners who can
not pay, but there are a great many
wbo could pay witb a little more
effort, As good citizens of the district, it is their moral duty to do so
to protect those who are paying up
and believe in irrigation to attain
their success. The governmenl has
done its part.   Let us do ours.
Tbe annual meeting of tbe electors
will be held in the G.W.V.A, rooms
on Wednesday evening, February
13,1924, at 8 o'olock. Nomination
day will be February 16; H. A.
Glaspell retiring. Tbe annual elec
tion of trustees will be held on
February 26; one trustee to be
elected, Irrigation Farmer.
Shows Character of Man
Who Claims Right to be
• Put in Charge of Publio
Creston Fruit Union Has
to Pay the Sum of $10,-
290 and Costs to Trustee
Squeezing Him Out
United States farmers are feeling keenly tbe competition from Cans,
adian grown wheat.
Directors on New Board
of Associated Growers
Have Now Been Elected
Vernon, Feb. 7.—Throughout tbe
frnit district growers bave named
their 1924 representatives tJ tbe
directorate of the Associated Growers, ft. B, Homersham has been reelected at Kamloops, while Thos.
Bulman and G. A. Barrat,Kelowna;
C. E Huotley, Oliver, and Donald
McCallum, Keremeos, have been
named to the board. All tbe above
mentioned were members of the retiring directorate.
The first meeting of the new board
will be held today, when tbe president and other officers will be
Business witb tbe Associated dur
ing the past few weeks has heen
good, and it is expected that by the
end of Febraary tbe organization
will be all cleaned up. As pools are
being closed cheques are being
mailed to tbe growers by the different locals.
Douks to Sell Their
Holdings in Northwest
For $2,000,000
A $2,000,000 real estate deal is
pending between tbeindependent
Doukhobors of tbe Kamasack district and tbe City Mortgage and
Bond company of Chicago, -accord-
ing to a special dispatch to the Sas-
katook Phoenix from Chicago. The
Doukhobors' holdings are estimated
at between 55,000 and 60,000 acres.
Tierneys Complete Big
Road Contract at Golcen
Charles F. Baofield, a native son
of Victoria and a prominent printer,
hae been appointed king's printer
for British Columbia by the government, replacing W. H. Cullin, wbo
is being superannuated at tbe age of
65, after having held the position
•ince 1911.
*.*.■   ' ' '■*■
ft'    '
•s*-* Hi
dBBMsst   'tkii-wl
; sbb
* y$tgt
r   *  :fl
_*_i_ -:... :y -wm
sail       I  £
Manager of Hotals, Sleeping;  snd  Dlnlns
Csn, Canadian National Railways
Government to Supply
Data to All Farmers
Ottawa,Feb. 7.— Means by wbicb
Canadian farmers may be brought
into direct toucb with the Dominion
bureau of statistics and tap its information regarding markets and
crop production were discussed here
today in a conference between fed"
eral authorities and a delegation
comprising representatives of all
departments of agriculture in Canada, the bonrd of grain commissioners and the Northwestern Grain
Dealers' ass ciation. Tlie delegation
tonight met the prime minister in
informal conference.
An effort will be made to supply
to farmers data concerning crop
conditions, marketing ond otber
matters affecting them, to assure
profitable operation of firms and
marketing of farm produce.
Tbe Golden Star has this to say
of the road contracting firm of W.
P. Tierney & Co., which firm did
such an excellent piece of work in
the construction of the transprovincial highway between Cascade and
J. B. and G. O. Tierney, of the
contracting firm of W. P. Tierney
& Co., left Golden on Sunday after
completing tbecontract awarded on
the Golden-Yoho Park motor road.
Their material has been placed in
storage here pending award of a
further contract. It is understood
the engineers under H. C. Wbitaker
are now working on tbe highway in
ths vicinity of Glenogle.
Mr. Justice Murphy, of the supreme court, has given judgment in
favor of the O U.G. io baukruptcy,
against tbe Creston Fruit Union in
tne sum of $10,290 and costs, says a
dispatch from Summerland.
M. G. Wilson, trustee of the O.U.
G., reached here last week from
Vancouver, where the case bad just
been beard, and wben asked about
the euit stated tbat tbe judge had
given him all he had asked for. Justice Murphy was so satisfied of tbe
correctness of bis claim that be did
not hear the counsel for the defendant.
During the season of 1922 Ibe
CrestonFrui tUnion shipped through
the O.U G., and from time to time
moneys were advanced by tbe O.U.
G. to tbe Creston Union. Wben the
pools were closed it was found tbat
the union had been overpaid to the
extent of more than $10,090 aud it
was for tbe return of this money
that suit was entered. In the mean
time the Creston union bad virtue
ally been reorganised when its assets
were taken over by the Creston Fruit
Growers' Union, and at practically
the same time the Imperial bank
was given a mortgage by the .union.
Mr. Wilson stated on Tuesday
that he was fortunate enougb to
learn of these transactions in time to
enter protest wiibin the prescribed
sixty days and he bad notified tbe
Imperial bank that the Creston
Fruit Union was insolvent and that
former bad taken illegitimate preference in the way of mortgages after
it had been acquai ted witb the
claim of the O.U.G.
Mr. Wilson does not anticipate
any trouble in having this mortgage
set aside, and Bays il will be up to
the Creston growers and tbe Imperial bank to make a satisfactory
deal witb tbe O.U.G.
Couneel were A. Alexadder, Vans
oouver, and K. M. Elliott, Summer-
land, for the trustee of the O.U.G
in bankruptcy, and J. G.Gibson,
Vancouver, and G. B. Garland,
Creston, for tbe defendant union.
Victoria, February 5,—Premier
Jobn Oliver addressed a crowded
meeting tonight at Esquimalt,where
be bitterly attacked the record of
General A. D. McRae, leader ot tbe
Provincial party, refuted statements
published fn the Searchlight, and
defended the redistribution measure.
Referring to Pacific Great Eastern
charges in the Searcbligbt, the premier said: "They tell you Bowser
promised to tell you wbat he knew
of the distribution of Pacific Great
Eastern funds to Liberals. He did
not say so. TIip ooly men wbo
could give tbe facts were out oi the
country. When Mr. Hauee aud Dr.
Mcintosh had moved to bring Mr.
Bowser before the bouse be (tbe
premier) had voted against it.
'There, iB nothing to show that
$500,000 wae paid to Conservative
campaign funds," be said. "D'Arcy
Tate's 'evidence' wae that be got
$500,000, out of wbicb he was to obtain a charter for the uoad and Uke
care of Conservative funds. Therejs
nothing to show that be paid even
$1000 to tbe Conservative funds. I
am not bere to Bay what the Conservatives got. But 1 am bere to
show you tbe character of tbe map
wbo claims the right to be put in
oharge of your affairs, General A.
D. McRae.
A   customer   offended
harder   to be won   than
strong city.
A merry heart doeth good
like medicine.
Recent Amendments
to the Game Act
A recent amendment to tbe game
act, which docs not seem to be gen
ernlly known, includes in the fur-
beuring classification wolverine and
lynx, two animals wbicb up to ths
present time have not been classed
undcj tbis head The result is tbat
these animals came under the close
season regulations, and it is unlaw
ful to kill or trap them. A number
of tbese animals bave recently been
brought in, and to the disappoint-*
ment of tbose who had captured
them, they were confiscated. As the
change is not generally known it is
not likely prosecutions will be
pressed, tbough warnings are being
sent out whenever occasion presents:
itself. Another regulation provides
that all deer whicb are killed must
bave tbe heads left on the carcass
when being brought in.
Constable W. B. Stewart,
of Midway, left on Tuesday
for lhe logger strike district
in East Kootenay.
Annual Meeting of the
B. C.  Division of the
Canadian Institute of
Mining and Metallurgy
Arrangements in connection wilh
the annual general meeting of the
British Colnmbia division of tbe
Canadian Institute of Mining and
Metallurgy,in tbe Hotel Vancouver,
Vancover, on February 13, 14 and
15, bave now been completed, and
an excellent program has been prepared. All tbe subjects to be dis»
cussed at tbe technical sessions are
of timely interest and involve considerations in wbicb tbe general
public is equally concerned with
tbose directly engaged in the mins
ing industry iu the province.
Tbe material welfare of British
Columbia is largely dependent on
tbe prosperity of the mining industry. All will agree that everything
poBsible sbould be done to ensure
tbat genera, conditions shall be aa
conducive as tbey can be made to
an uninterrupted and progressive
expansion of tbe industry. Certain
existing economic and Industrial
conditions are exerting a retarding
effect on our mining industry.
These unfavorable conditions may
be removed or at least ameliorated.
Ways and means in other directions
of stimulating progress need constantly lo be explored. The promo-
tioi of tbe welfare of tbe mining
industry is the principal purpose of
tbe Canadian Institute of Mining
and Metallurgy as set forth in its
General Manager, Weatem Region,
Canadian Natlsssal Railways
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Max.    Min.
Feb.     1—Friday   64 34
2—Saturday   54 33
3- Sunday  32 19
4—Monday  36 30
5—Tuesday  39 33
6—Wednesday... 41 31
7- Thursday  39 35
Snowfall    2.0
Ufa (&tmb If arks %\xn
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00
Ono Year (in the United Statea)    1.50
Addresr -1*
——''cations to
Thk Grand Fobki Son
Qka*«-d Forks, B. C
Notes, Notions and Notables
In these days when opposition  members in
the legislature see an election just around the
corner and are leaving no stone unturned  to
discredit the   government, a comparison   of
figures of Conservative and Liberal administrations is interesting and perhaps enlightening.    Salaries paid in   1915 10  by  the   Conservative government amounted to$2,239,954,
In 1918-19  this figure  had  been out by the
Oliver government  to $2,089,125,  according
to information furnished   by Hon. J. D. Mac-
Lean, provincial secretary.   For the last fiscal
year salaries amounted   to $3,132,232.    The
gross provincial revenue in 1915 16  was $6, -
291,000, as against $18,758,000 last year, so
that the ratio of salaries  for  1922-23 only
amounted to 16.7 per cent, as compared   with
the high figure of 35.6 per cent under the old
government. Expenditures in 1915-16 amount
ed to $10,085,000, and in 1922 23 to $20,799,-
000. The ratio of salaries to expenditure be
ing 22.2 per cent for tlie earlier fiscal year and
only 15 per cent last year.    Such figures give
emphatic enough denial to the repeated state
ments that the present cost of the civil service
is exorbitant.    The provincial secretary main
tains that considering the Bmount of work
handled by the present staff, the cost of administration is less  than  balf  that of  the
former government
Another demonstration of the possible
vaiue of radio under ground took place a short
time ago ninety feet below the surface of the
Hudson river and sixteen hundred feet from
an exit. A radio set installed in the farther
end of the uncompleted Jersey Manhattan
tube readily tuned in with all nearby stations
and also with Pittsburg. One of the great
electrical companies has designed a miniature
radio outfit for the use of miners, who, in case
of accident, may have no other means of com
munication with the outside world.
panion, has lived with him for thirty-seven
years. Saint Prix, who started his long life as
a painter, went into newspaper work when he
was 95 years old. He was an intimate of Dumas and Alfred de Musset, and was often a
painting companion of Corot. Eighteen years
of his life were spent in the Near East, in
Egypt, Libya and Syria, where he hunted
panthers and tigers. He has lived through
three revolutions and many wars.
The question as to the origin of thc stock
exchange term "bulls and bears" has often
been asked, but never quite satisfactorily ex
plained. The use of these particular words
can be traced as far back as 1720, when Cib-
ber, the playwright, used them in one of his
comedies. It has been suggested that "bear"
is a reference to the selling of a bear's skin
before killing the bear, while a "bull' is sup
posed to be a speculator who buys stock for
future delivery in the hope that the price wil 1
rise so that he can sell out at profit without
taking up and paying for the stock. Contan
goes, which have been reintroduced, are the
percentage paid by the buyer of stock fo r
postponement of transfer day. the term being
derived from the Spanish word "cineago,"
meaning "I check."
Regret is expressed by Premier Oliver that
he is unable to conti; ue his fight at present for
equalized freight rates owing to the coming in
vestigation by a royal commission of Pacific
Great Eastern railway affairs. He had in
tended to devote January and February to
this needed task, but when the commission
has been disposed of the freight rates issue
will be taken up again. The premier will make
a speaking tour of the prairie provinces, later
proceeding to Ottawa to interview Premier
King and seek fair play for British Columbia
according to the terms of confederation.
E. C. Henniger Go.
Grain, Hay
Flour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Plaster
Poultry Supplies
Grand Forks, B. C.
City  Beal Estate For
Applications for immediate purchase of Lots
and Acreage owned by the City, within the
Municipality, are invited.
Pricesi—sFrora $25.00 per lot upwards.
Terms (--Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may be seen at the
City Oflice.
City Clerk.
JE-itablished 1910
RealEstu te and Insurance
Resident Af.-ont;Qrand Forks Townsite
Company. Umlted
Farms      Or .hards     City Property j
"Agents at Nelson, Calgary, Wihisl-.off and,
other Prairie points. Vanoouver Agents:
Ustabllsbed ist t'JIO. we are in a poslllou to
iurislsh rellablu information concerning this
Write lor freo 't'siature
The Chinese have long been the world's
leaders in the making of alloys, and what is
known as German silver is an imitation of
Chinese t'ong or white steel, which is obtained
by fusing red steel with arsenic. The Chinese
gong and tom-toms have long been the admiration ofthe world on account of their per
feet tone, which defies imitation Chemical
analysis has proved conclusively the composition ofthe tomtoms, but the details of their
manufacture, the tricks of the makers, remain
mysteries. It is the same with the bronze vases,
so treasured by collectors. A brass pagoda,
builr. on a hill near Tsing Kianfou, dates from
the twelfth century.
The famous old Incas of Peru were sun
worshippers and kings in their own right-
They ruled that country from 1020 A.D to
1531-32, when the Spaniards practically annihilated them. The first Inca, according to
students of Inca civilization, was Manco Ca-
pac, who with his wife, Mama Ocollo.founded
the Peruvian royal family. They claimed to be
childenof thesun,sent from heaven to instruct
the natives The government of the Incas was
a simple form of absolutism. The Chief Inca
made all the laws and imposed taxes. He was
also chief priest and presided at all religious
festivals. All the male descendants of the Inca
formed thc nobility and were the governors of
the subdivisions of the country. All classes
were compelled to work for a stipulated time
for the common welfare of the people.
Transfer Company'
We have a complete line of shot shells and
rifle ammunition. 16, 20, 12 and 10 ga. shot
shells. All sizes rifle ammunition. Let us
fill your requirements for the hunting season.
For the dark evening try an EVER-READY
FLASHLIGHT.    A full stock of batteries.
FRUIT LADDERS at reduced prices.
8 ft. $1.80        10 ft. $6.00       13 ft. $7.20
Hardware and Furniture
City Baggage and General |
Wood and   Ice I
for Sale
Office at  R.  F.  Petrie's Store
Phone 64
C.V. Meggitt
Beal Estate and Insurance
Aii instance of the inaccuracy of charges
made against the department of public works
by the -"hird party i.s shown in connection with
road work done in 1921. The .Searchlight
pointed out thatwork which thn engineers esti
mated would cost .$4000 has cost -$9698, an
overrun of 117 per cent. The minister of pub
lio works referred to his files and found that
the work would cost. $1000 per mile. The
work actually done for $9098 was three miles
of grading, two miles of gravelling and three
and a half miles cleared and stumped, so that
the job was away under the estimated cost.
However, snch a small inaccuracy did not
seem to bother the conscience of the third
One hundred and three years old and still
practising as a journalist, i.s the proud record
of Meille Saint Prix, who lives near Paris,
France. He writes under the nom de plume
of Jean Dambly for a provincial French newspaper. His old valet, who is his constant com-
The town of Goshen, Mass., has just bene
fited to the extent $19,356 from an odd will
drawn up by John James over one hundred
years tfgo. He acted as moderator at the first
town meeting in 1783. He then drew up a
will, probated shortly after his death in 1804,
reading, "1 give to the town of Goshen the
sum of $100, the fund to remain untouched
for 100 years after my decease.the amount then
to be used for the support of the Congregational minister and for public building." In
1007 the selectmen of Goshen found the $100,
with interest compounded, had become $19,,
350. They have now built a handsome public
for $10,550 and appropriated the balance,
$8800 for the Congregational church of
. Excellent facilltlea for selling yoar farms
We have agenta at all Coast and Prairie
Bailable information roa-ardlntr this dlatrol
cheerfully tarnished. We sotlelt yoar ia-
Wholesale and Retail
Havana Cigars, Pipes
Confectionery $
are what one depends upon when placing
a Long Distance call. Iheseare factors
which our Long Distance staff exert
themselves to provide you with.
Are you making your telephone deliver
100 per cent useful service in your business or home life? At your disposal are
Long Distance lines to all principal
towns and villages within hundreds of
miles of your own Telephone, including
many United States points.
Call our "Rate Clerk" for charges. You
will find them reasonable.
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forks, B. C.
c4ncient History
Items Taken Prom The Orand Porks Sun for tbe Corresponding
'Week Twenty Yean Ago
It is reported that since leap year commenced marriages have been very plentiful in
Greenwood—so plentiful, in fact, that it is a
dull day that does not see from three to half
a dozen knots tied. The old bachelors of that
camp are beginning to get alarmed and are
flocking to the hills for safety.
The initi.-d steps were taken on Monday
evening for the organization of a free library
for Grand Forks.
W. H. Covert returned Sunday from Pullman, where he attended the annual convention of the Washington Fruit Growers asso -
The city team is receiving a great deol of
free advertising, but the council is yet undecided as to its final disposal.
Canadian   Blind    ifabies'  Home
Nursery, Hospital aaa Hinder garter*
Dominion  Charter,   Without Stook Subscription.
DlttECTORS-Hou. Martin llurrell, Hon. President; Hou. J. (i. Turriff,
Presi lent; A H. FitJiin mil, Vice Pi-jiidant; Klvn'l 'innl, -iucretary,
C. lilackett Robinson, 0>r SciCMtary; J. F. MoKinliy, Tron-iurer, Lt.-Col.
Whiton, M.D., tt. H Ovnpbell, Thomas Mulvey, K.C, A. ffi Provost, W.
Lylo Raid, A. J. Froin.u, diaries H Pinhey, C.B, VV. J. Ciinia.and Tom
TRUSTEES-«C. H. Piuhey, O.B, Thomas Mulvey K.C, A. J. Freidman
Legal AJviser
John I. MaoGracke i, K.C.
ft-iyal Hank of Canada.
A A. Orawloy, C. A.
Furniture Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds.
Upholstering Neatly   Don
Lhe worst wheel that
the most noise in the
Don't regret too mu in your upland downs; after all the only man
who haB none is in the cemetery.
The Objects of thn Institution, for which Incorporation was recently obtained, are: "To provide a Home and Refuge for Baby aud,Infant Blind; to
provide free Scientific Care, Training and Maintenance; to Save the Lives of
even nits'** of the maty of such (.-'--.fortunate*, who, for the lack of such service, perish every year; and to return these little ones to their parents, at
•bchool age witb nor ml, healthy bodies and sound minds."
Tbis is a large an i graatly needed Child Welfare Service. Careful enquiry
at the Government offices in the verious provinces reveals the fact that there
are at the presant time nearly 250 Infant Blind in the Dominion. Nothing
has yet been done for those helpless little ones. In the United States, 16
yoars ago, tbe flrst bome was opened in New York City; they have now homes
in 13 States, all doing excellent work. In England, some time ago, Sir Arthur Pearson organized "Sunshine House," Chorley Wood, for Blind Babies,
and he claim* that it is the only one in the British Empire. Let us have the
SECOND in Canada. To reach this worthy end money is urgently required.
Fifty Thousand Dollars is the present objective of the Boaad. While the
Home is to be located in Ottawa it will take in the Baby Blind from every
provinoe, so that this APPEAL for funds will be Dominion wide, and an
early and generous response is confidently expected. Cheques should be made
payable to the Canadian Blind Babies Home Association. All remittances
will be promptly acknowledged.
Tell The People
What   You   Have
to Sell mm
Sun's Page/People and Events of Passing News Interest
Taking the Roof of Canada
The glacial ruckles as a movie location.
said Otto Paul Schwan, of
a trip  ln  tiie
we    saw    a    huge
IIANU just tben,"
t\   Switzerland,   ln   describing
Canadian    -Pacific    Rockies,
-And did lt bark at jou r be waa aaked.     "Or
do they bleat T"
"Ach, no. A bergsohrund Is not a bird. It is a
huge crevasse where the ice has slipped down the
rock wall and cracked. The next stumbling blook
we came to was a chimney. This Is a hard business. It means bracing your back against one wall
and your feet against the other and doing what you
call on this side 'the shimmy' till you get to the top.
Icicles fifteen feet long hung above us."
""It Is a great life, this one of mountain climbing,
especially hlghei*"up where the glaciers are. * Imagine a river of Ice with a depth of something like
J.000 feet.     Qreat cravaaaaa reaeb down, lt seems,
to the bowels of the earth, peaks and minarets rise
from Its uneven surface and glisten ln the sun
which can never warm them; a giant green-white
foroe, Irresistible, stupendous, with an alluring
fascination whioh the lovers of the outdoors cannot
The picture above was taken on the "roof of
Canada" near Banff, and the huge glacier which
the party Is traversing will, in years, perhnps, help
to make fertile ths prairie plains. Travelling at, !ht
rate of about four inohes eaoh day. nothing can withhold It, but another generation of sightseers will
have come and gone before the Ice on which the
climbers stand will have found Its way down to the
warmer valleys where lt will melt; and In tl*Ai***-jan-
time, snow from the even higher peaks wjfflwss
and peek and bo, so far as the present drt'*?"'«iid
Is concerned, the life of this wonderful natnvVforco
is without end. "*•
From  Everywhere
The Klowlyke It In tiie threes of
another geld and silver rush. At
the head of the Beaver River, BO
miles west of Keno Hill, a silver
and gold discovery of unusual proportions has started a stampede
from Mayo, tho major mining settlement of the Yukon, to the new country, where it is said assays reveal
pay dirt nuining 1,100 ounces of
silver to the ton.
Rapid pro-Tress is being made in
preparing the Canadian section of
the British Empire Exhibition. The
giant pavilion was roofed in and
ready for exhibits in sixty days from
Hb commencement and will be rcajy
for opening on March 1st. Twu :r.ii-
lion feet of Canadian lumber, 7 mills
of roofing and 200 tons of nails,
nuts and boKs have already been
used In  the  buiMinf**.
It is reported that the Rothermere
iaterests   of   England,   whieh    recently acquired a large block of timber land in the  Mnnieouagan River
Basin,    have    headed   a   syndicate
which    will    spend    $16,000,000    in
I erecting pulp and newsprint manu-
i facturlng plants  near  Quebec  city.
With this news comes the announce-
; ment that the St. Regis Paper Cora-
1 pany   will   build   a   $4,000,000   plant
near the parish of St. Augustus, a
suburb of Quebec.
Records compiled by the Bureau
of Railway Statistics ln Chicago
•how how greatly the cost at railroad equipment in North America
has increased in the paat sixteen
years. Since 1907, these figures
show, thc cost of heavy freight locomotives has risen from $16,248 to
$",3,550 each; passenger locomotives
from $16,057 to $66,200 each; passenger coaches from $7,330 to $28,-
9o;> each; freight cars from $700 to
$2,301 each; and steel rails from
%U to $43 ner ton.
The provtnoi 1 police at Midway
have received instruciion to issue
summonses against tbe drivers of
autpmobilee who fail to display the
1924 motor markers.
When a man loses
anything else he
advertises for it,
but when he loses
his head he stops
Don't Lose
THR ^niNJ is t,ie fav,,rit''news
IUU IJ-U1.1 pa[)er 0f the citizens
of the district. It is read by more
people in the city and valley than an\
other paper because it is fearless, re
liable, clean, bright and entertaining
It is always independent but never
News of the Gity
A. McCotlocb, superintendent,
and A. Watson, roadmaster of the
Kettle Valley line, arrivsd iu the
city today from Penticton.
E. E Gibson, of tbe West Kooter
nay Power company, wilh beads
quarters at Peotictoo, is in the city
Jack Stafford is a pueumonia
patient in the Grand Forks hospital.
J. G. Murray  is couliued  to  his
home by illness.
Nominations for trustees of tbe
Grand Forks Irrigation District
will be held on Saturday, the 16th
A. A. Frechette arrived io tbo
city on Tuesday morning from
Trail, and left the same day for the
coast on business in connection with
his snap book company.
Considerable development is uuder way at the Providence mine
near Greenwood. Some bigb grade
ore is being takeu out from tbe 500
foot level. Twenty meu are now
employed at tbe property.
Mr?. John Halletrnm and son Roy,
of Qreenwood, spent a few days in
tbe city this yeek.
Sberifi Taggart made  a   business
trip to Midway last Friday
The hockey game at Greeawood
last Friday night between Grand
Forks and Greenwood resulted in a
victory for Grand Forks by a score
of 3 to 1.
F. M. Kerby bas beeu engaged in
snrveyiDg work at tbe Providence
mine near Greenwood this week.
Tbe meeting of the Grand Forks
Farmers' Institute in he G.W.V, A.
hall oo Wednesday alternoou was
well attended. The delegates to
the British Columbia Fruit Grewers'
association and to the British Columbia Poultry association conventions in Vancouver made exhaustive
reports of the proceedings at those
gatherings. A large volume of
routine business was also transacted.
A court of revision and appeal,
under the Taxation act and Public
School act, for the Kettle River Assessment district, respecting the
assessment for the year 1924, will be
beld ut the government olliee in this
city on Thursday, February 21, (it
10 o'clock in the forenoon.
Judge J. R. Brown held chambers
hereon Wednesday. An application
for diseoliition of injunction ih the
caBe of James Rear and G. S. Wallers
vs. Wm. Madden was heard. This is
a dispute as to the ownership of
certain rails in a mine, plaintiffs
having received an injunctiou
agairjBt defendant. Application was
made by C. F. R. Pincott, solicitor
for defendant, to have the injunction dissolved. I. H. Hallett appeared for plaintiff. After bearing
counsel and sworn affidavits Judge
Brown dissolved tbe injunction
The defendant is under obligation to
keep off the minaral claim and leave
rails and pipes untouched until tbe
case of M. F. Madden vs. It Lee has
been settled. The costs will be de-.
ciJed after tbe trial.—Greeu Wood
Mrs. E. Mellrud bas returned to
Greenwood after visiting for a couple
of days in tbis city.
The Doukhobors, it is said, intend to erect a cannery end a large
dwelling in tbe West ward tbis
Flags were flying at half
mast for three days this week
on all public buildings
throughout the Dominion as
a mark as respect to the memory of respect of the late
Woodrow Wilson, war president of the United States,
who died in Washington on
Sunday last.
Our Groceries are constantly moving,
and they are therefore always fresh and
in prime condition. We make a specialty
high grade Teas and Coffees.
Phone 25        H. H. Henderson, Prop, flj
The man who says he never
makes a mistake probably
doesn't know one when he
sees it.
Happiness is neither a vested right nor a self sustained
THE story of the Winnipeg
forts of the early fur-trading
days—Rouge and Gibraltar,
Douglas and Garry, is among the
most interesting that could be
found anywhere. When Verendrye
came to the junction of the Red
and Assiniboine Rivers in 1738 he
established Fort Rouge. The
Northwest Company, sixty years
later, established Fort Gibraltar,
and a few years later Fort Douglas, named after Thomas Douglas, the fifth Earl of Selkirk, was
constructed by the Hudson's Bay
Company. Many stories are told
of conflicts between the servants
of the Hudson's Bay and North-
West Comnanies, hut the feuds terminated with the amalgamation of
the two companies in 1821, and the
first Fort Garry was erected as a
trading post and   settlers' depot,
Thia waB an elaborate structure
with stone walls, bastions and portholes.
On 1831 the building of Lower
Fort Garry, 19 miles down the
river was commenced. This was for
a time the residence of the Go*»*-
ernor of Rupert's Land and the
seat of government. In 1835 Upper Fort Garry was begun at the
junction of the two rivers and thia
was the centre of business^ government, education and public affairs for more than 80 years, and
was the nucleus of the present city
of Winnipeg.
The Fort was sold ta 1882 and
the front gate, now owned by the
city and standing beside the new
Fort Garry, the hotel of the Canadian National Railways, is all that
remains of this historic group of
buildings. ,
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you
are not getting Aspirin at all
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tablets of
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked out by
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by millions for
Pain, Pain
Handy "Buyer" boxes of 12 tablets—Also bottles of 24 and 100—DrugglsttJ.
Aapirln la tlio trado mark (re-rlsferod In Canada) of Bayer Manufacture of Mono-
acctlcacldcKtor ol Hnllcyllcacld. Whllo It la woll known that Aapirln moana Barer
manufacture to mmirti thi, public againat Imitations, tho Tableta of Bayer Company
will be atampod with their genurul trade mark, the "Bayer Crow."
RADIO for 1924
The most up-to-date Radio sots today are our YELCO brand
of Receivers. One. prices are less, our products better. We
will install it for you and turn on the current the same day
you onler the phone.
If yon want your home to be the most attractive place in
town fur your boys and git-Is and for yonrself, put in a Radio,
phone (built with the new Myers tubes) iu your most cosy
ronni Not only attractive, it's wonderful! It costs but little;
it entai uins must.   Let Us Demonstrate to You.
P.S —Did you know that last week 60,000 people atood by
and listened to messages sent to citizens of Grand Forks (the
first time) out of the bine sky! But it will happen often hereafter.
|The new Continental remedy called
"LARMALENE" (Reftd.)
Ib a dimple harmlens home-treatment which
absolutely cures deaf DOM. noise* in the head,
for this new Ointment, instantly operate!
upon the affected parts with complete and
permanentiUCceiH. 8CORB3 OF WONDKK-
Mrs. K. Wilkinson, of Slad Road, Stroud,
writes:—"Please could trouble you to send
me another box uf the Ointment, lt is not for
myse.f, but for a friend, of mine who Is as bad
as I was,and oan iQtyetany rest for tho noises
in the head. I feel a new woman, and can no
to bed now and .ret a jjruoil night's reat. wnich
I had not been able to do for many months.
It is a wonderful remedy and I am most delighted to recommend it."   :   .   .
Mrs. K.Crowe. »i Whttehorse Roa<l, Croydon, writes:— "1 am pleased to tell you that
the small tin of  ointment you sent to me at
Teutnor, has proved a complete success, my
hearing is now quite normal, ami the horrible head noises have ceased. The action of
this new remedy must be very remarkable,
for I have bee i troubled with these complaints for near!..' ten years, and havo had
some of the very best medical advice together
with other expansive Instruments all to no
purpose. I need hardly say how very grateful lam. for my life has undergone an entire
change.' __	
Try one box t-t-day.wMoh can be forwarded
to any address o'i receipt of money order for
Address orders to:-—
10, South View, Watltng St., Dartford.
Kent, England.
IT brings the whole country for miles around within easy reach.
Have you seen the new models? They're aa graceful as swallows! As
bright as new coinl As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings. Frame of English Seamless Steel Tubing. Hard Maple
Rims. Hercules Brake. Everything complete. Real Quality. Real
Value. Easy Terms. We are tbe people.to mount you right.
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
There is nothing in the
world worth doing wrong for.
If you expect your customer's attention, you must
give him some of your own.
They that forsake the law
praise the wicked. But such
as keep the law contend with
A mans true wealth is the
good he does in the|world.
SEALED TENDERS will be reeeivsil by tbe
Dlatriot Forester, Nelson, not later than
mien on the 16th day of February 1924,
or the purchase of Lioence X48(K), Baker
Creek, near Fife, to cut MOO H-wn Ties.
One year will be allowed for removal of
Further particular, of the Dlatriet Foreater, Nelaon.
Ship Your Cream to
The Kettle Valley
THK HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for the big
boot.—GEO.   ARMSON
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty*
Men's all wool underwear,
Stanfields and Wool nap
Brand, at $5.00 per suit.
Men's all wool Winter Pants
at $5.00 per pair.
Men's Mackinaws, the very
best, at $12.68 each.
Also full lines of Men's Heavy
^Rubbers, ranging in price
from $3.35 to $6.00.
Call and see our stock before
purchasing. We think it
will pay you.
.Phone 20
t) Dominion Monumental Worka
(JjXsbestos Products Co. Boofinft
BOX 332     *      6RAND FORKS, B. G,
Check Books
We have secured the
agency for Grand
ForkSj of a large
Western Publishing
House which manufactures a superior
grade of Counter
Check Books—carbon back and carbon
leaf styles.
Prices Are Right
Encourage Western
enterprises and keep.
Western   money   in
the West.
Any Quantity
from 100 up to 2500
books. r       *
The Sun
Job Department
We pay the highest price and assure
you the most accurate tast. Qive your
ocal creamory your trade.
> piIE value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Ball programs
Business cards
Visiting cards
Sh'pning tags
Price lists
New Type
JLatest Style
Columbia Arenac and
T^ake Street
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
Vaoant, unnaerved,
Jrown landa may be p*r*--smpt*d by
iiritlih Bubjoota ovot 11 yeara at aa*,
ind by alien* on declaring tntanUon
o become BrltUh subject**, oondl-
lonel upon residenoe, oooupatlon,
nd improvement tor agricultural
Pall Information oonoaminf rssgu-
aUona regarding pre-emption* la
riven ln Bulletin No. 1. Land
How to Pre-empt Land," eoptea
.hlch can be obtained free of obsui,
>y addressing the Department Of
and*. Victoria, B.O, or te any t**rr-
nment Agent
Records  will  be  granted  oovertna
uly land suitable   for   a»-*Tloultu*reJ
urposes, and i--hlah li not timbering,  i.e., carrying over MOO  board
feet par acre went of the Coaat Range
>nd 8,000 feet por aore eaat of that
Applications for pre-emptions ara
>   be  addressed  to th* Land Oom-
ilssloner of the Land Recording Dl-
Ision, ln whioh th* land applied tor
's situated, and ar* made on printed
•rma,   copies of whioh oan  D*  ob-
Uned from the Land Commlaalooer.
Pre-emptions must be occupied for
five years and  Improvement*  matte
to value  of $10  per acre,  lnoludlng
clearing and cultivating at laaot BT*
acres, before a Crown Grant can be
For more detailed Information aa*
ihe Bulletin "How to Pre-empt
Applications are received for purchase of vacant and unreserved
Crown lands, not being tlmberland,
for agricultural purposes; minimum
price of first-olaa* (arable) land lo |(
per acre, and seoond-olass (graaing)
land $2.60 per acre. Further Information regarding purchase or lease
of Crown lands ls given ln Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purohaae. and
Leaae of Crown Land*."
Mill, factory, or Industrial olteo on
limber land, not succeeding bts aorea,
may be purchased or leased, the conditions including payment of
Unaurveyed areaa, not exceeding 10
acre*, may be leased a* homealt**,
conditional upon a dwelling betas
orected ln the tint year, title being
obtainable aftor residenoe and improvement conditions art fulfilled
and land haa been surveyed.
Por graaing and Industrial pur-
poae* area* not exceeding (40 aere*
may be leased by on* person er a
Under tbe Oraalng Aet the Prev-
Ino* I* divided Into graaing district*
and the range administered under a
Graaing Commissioner. Annual
graaing permits ar* Issued baaed on
number* ranged, priority being given
>o established owners. Stock-owner*
may form associations for rang*
-nanagement Free, or partially free,
•ormlts are available for settler*,
impers   and   travellers,   up   to   ten
I have opened a new harness shop and am prepared
to make harness to order
and do all kinds of repair
work. Shop equipped with
modern machinery. All work
C. A. Crawford']
Nau T*)U*-»Imb« OffisM


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