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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Aug 1, 1924

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Home-made comforts are just as comfortable as the people make them
First Gar of Summer Apples Shipped Satur
day—Vegetables Are in
Good Demand
I-. ^islatjye *-,jwv|
"Tetl rae what you Know is truV
'J cttoVunss as well «:■ you."C
Vernon, Jnly 29.—The cherry
deal is practically over for the seas*
bod, but the r'vultH to the p-*rnwrr
will not be known until the many
clalins hive benn ndjn-Ued, Qener
ally speaking the miikd for black
swetts was reisonihly ■* 11 irffa :tnry,
aside from the fact that nn unusal
proportion arrived at ila-ttitiation
overripe, possibly Hue in a measure
to the extremely hoi weather that
prevailed during the peak of the
movement. Results wer-.- n it so satisfactory on Royal Aones. The
markets were unable lo abiorb these
ae fast as they were shipped and
eome peinta bacame overloaded.
Sour cherries brought much grief
everywhere and weie the cause of
maoy claims on acbount of poor
condition. Until these can he press
cooled and sent out in shape to arrive in saleable condition it is
doubtful if tbey will ever bring a
satisfactory return to the grower.
The movement of apricots is now
past tbe peak The crop would appear to be considerably less than
tbe original estimate and the grtater
part of the available supply has al
ready been shipped, all in mixed
cars. The early shipments met the
competition of Waabi gton apricots
on the prairies, but these were practically over by July 19 and the de<
maud has since been steady witb a
rising market. With tbe small sup
ply in sight the prospect is good for
a firm market lbe remiindar ol the
apricot season.
This week will see the peak of tbe
peaoh plum movement. At present
mixed cars containing as many as
300 of these have found ready sale.
Unless the crop is larger than appears at present it is possible tbe
builk of the peacn plum crop has
been moved iu thie way.
The first xtraight car of summer
•pples was shipped Saturday.
Cool weather has checked tbe
ripening of tomatoes aud limited
the supply of semi ripe much below
the demand. Wi b warmer weather
oarlot sbipmedts sbould begin this
The supply of new potatoes is a
most exhausted and early onions
have been entirely cleaned up. It
general the deui'ind fnr all vegetables is in excess of available supplies.—Associated Growers of Brit>
ieb Columbic, Limited.
Bowen of oily, and Bhe'faBB raised
in Grand Forks She was married to
Mr. Mr.Cnnnon about eighteen
months ago. She was a lndy of fine
womanly qualities, with a wide etr>
cle of (Herds nt d aeqn -inter-op, and
her untimely denth is mourned hy all
onr citizens. Tlie sympathy ;'.'ihe
people of thecommnnily is tendered
the bereaved husband and parents,
The funeral was held at 9:30
o'clock on Thursday morning frnm
the home ofthe parents of deceased,
in West Grand Forks, where services were field, and interment wss
made in Fraternal cemetery. The
attendance nt lhe funeral wan unusually large, and the floral offerings
were profuse and beautiful.
Markets Commissioner
Grant Says Growers
Will Get Good Returns
This Year
Alice Elizabeth MuCannon, aged
23 years nntl 1 month, wife of 11. li.
McCaiinon, Great Northern agent in
this city, died suddenly on Monday
1 st in tbe dentist's chair nfter have
ing bad an liberated tooth pulled,
It is said that Mrs. MoOinnon's
molbir adviced her daughter to
take chloroform while the tooth wns
being extracted. Dr, Kinestt n nas
present, and after an exaini .ation
of the woman stated that it would
besafe for h-r to like thi* anesthetic. Wbile Mrs. Mcdum-n wus
under chloiofortn her pulse heat
regularly until the tooth was bvit.g
extracted, when a pallor came over
her face and her features changed
entirely. Dr. Kingston started to
bring back artificial respiration, and
Dr Truix was summoned, who ar
rived immediately. Ttie two doctors
worked for a couple of hours to
bring back respiration, but tbe pa
tient never regained consciousness,
although sbe is said to hav; breathed
a few times after tbe change came
over her features. Tbe cause of
death is given as heart failure.
Tbe late Mrs. McCannoo was   the
daughter of Mr. and  Mrs.  Thomas
Tbere wili be a good prairie mar
ket for British Columbia fruit this
year, according to J. A. Grant, Do
minion markets commissioner.
The yield of tree fruit in Ontario,
Michigan and Wisconsin is for below
normal, declar s Mr. Grant. Easterners will not be nble to flood the
wheat provi ces witb early apples,
and this will leave the way open for
the later varieties of British Columbia apples.
^Mcintosh apples command a good
Bale on tbe prairies and tbe crop is
good as last year, in tbe opinion of
tbe markets commissioner. Wealthies, wbicb* bave formerly been a
drug upon the market, bave only a
&0 per cent crop thie year.
"You may therefore expect to sell
as many apples on the prairies as
last year and get a better price for
tbem,"says Mr. Grant,summarizing
tbe outlook.
PeBches will be scarce in British
Columbia this year, while the apricot crop will iitily liefairly good Lx
cept In tiie Kootenays cherries were
balf the 1923 crop. Crabapples me
a ^partial fnilutr. Plums «ill he
scarce ami ptunm will be about norn
Pears and peacheB will reach it
high price, n? there will be little
competition frutnC ilifornin, Virginia
or Florida Apples will be a DO per
cent crop, hut will command a much
more lucr itl ye crop
British Lion—"What are yju laughing at7"
Tbe Moon—'At your efforts  to  deal  with tbe Bolsheviks as witb
civilized people!"
Governor-General and
Party Make an Hour's
Stay in Grand Forks
Their Excellencies Baron Byng of Vimy, governor-general
of Cauada, Lady Byng, and their party, consisting of  Miss
Sanford,  Major  P.  R.  Hodgson, Captain   the  Hon. F. W
Erskine and Capt. W. H. Curtis, arrived at  the  West  End
station  by  their private train promptly  at 10 o'clock this
morning as per schedule time, and
an hour's stop»over was madt, in
the city
At the station a large crowd of
citizens, mostly in utomohiles, hail
gathered to welcome the distinguish! d vislitors.
The membeis of lhe vice regal
were escorted to waiting motors curs
•iiid a procession was formed for the
Otitral school grounds, where a
hiii-f and unostentatious program
was carritd out.
Mayor Acrrs read an address of
welcome on behalf of ihe citizens of
Grand Fork0,to which Ihe governor-
get.eral made an apt and appropti-
ate reply Baron Byng then re-
vif.ved the Boy Scouts under command of Captain P. S Thomson
and the Wolf Cubs, commanded by
Kev. M Smythe After n short
time devoted to general hand-shaking, the party proceeded to the war
memorial ou Post Office square,
where a few minutes* stop was
made, aud then an automobile procession around the loop to the WeBt
Eotl station completed Graud
Forks' welcome to our governor-
general, and the train left for Hobs-
land on schedule time at 11 a.m.
Lady Byng was presented with a
beautiful bouquet of Kettle Valley
Bowers by tbe ladies of Grand
A large number of war veterans
were present on the Bcbools bouBe
grounds to shake hands with the
baron, but they were in civilian
clothes and took no official part in
tho program.
| The school children were also oui
in full force, but they were not out
for review and acted independently
of leaders or commanders.
The most frequently expressed
opinion of Baron Byng of Vimy by
Grand Forks people is, that he is
more democratic than the presidential candidate on tbe Democratic
ticket across the boundary line.
Premier Oliver Will Remain at Head of Government and May Seek
Re-election in Nelson
Thomas Wiseman, ogf.d 75 years
died at Danville, Wash ,   last Mon.
day after it lo  g illness.
Mr. Wiseman was one of lhe fust
peltl rs of Grand Forks, aid h> rt*
sided hetecon'ii it'in-ly up till about
Ave years ago, when he moved to
Dauville with his family, He is
survived by his wife and a large
family of growr-up sons aod
The funenl waJ held from tbe
family residence a! Dhnville on
Wednesday inte-mei t b>i*ig made
in tbe Danville cemetery.
Vicioria, July 31.—The annual
report of the department of labor
shows that throughout Britieh Columbia employers are paving female
workers considerably mote than tbe
legal minimum wage. The avetnge
weekly wage ie 817. 14, w hile the
miuimum under the law rune fioni
$12.75 to$15.50. The average weekly working hours for wouneD and
girls ie 43 31. Satisfaction is fx«
pressed by the minister of labor,
Hon. A. M Manson, over the letter
cooperation between employers aud
the mintmum wage board.
According to figures given out by
Hon' T. D. Pattullo, the timber iudustry is steadily developing in litis
province. For the first six months
of 1924 Ihere was an inert are of 15
per cent in the amom t <.l timbtr
scaled over that for the correspor d-
ing period laet year. The mtal for
tbe balf year ending Jut e 30 was
1,300,000,000 hoard feet.
The  sale  of   another $2,000,000
issue of British Columbia bonds has
been   effected by   Hou. John Hart,
minister of finance. This brings the
year's sales  up  to $8,000,000, and
the minister is receiving congratu!as<
tions   upon   tbe splendid  price ren
ceived.   Even  with $5,000,000 already placed through tbe Dominion
Securities Coipotalion   of  Toronlo,
the   market   was   eager  for   more
British  Columbia   bonds, r.rid   Ihe
best price received by at y Canadian
province has  been   secured fur tbe
provincial securities offered.    Hon.
Mr   Hart leaves offlct with a splendid tecord behind him.   Instead of
shattered credit, as an   undesirable
monument, the finance minister  re*
tireB to private business life witb the
knowledge that   his  administration
of a difficult department has stamp,
ed him as the   outstanding  finance
minister of the Pacific province.
Mayor and Mrs G. H Acres, who
were called to Victoria last week
owning lo thesirious illniss of Mrs.
Acres' fither, returned home ye-ters.
day. The aged gentleman passed
away befo-e Mr. end Mrs. Acres
reached the coast.
Smokeless Locomotive
Built of wood at the Angus Shops, this full sized model of one of the latest
type locomotives was designed originally as a feature of the dinner
decorations at the Chateau Frontenac on the occasion of the Quebec conference of tbe Canadian Pacific Railway officers. Equipped with bell,
.whistle and electric lights, not a bolt or bar is lacking to mar the illusion
which is that of a perfect engine coming through the wall against which
jt is placed. The headlight holds a portrait of E. W. Beatty, president of the
Canadian Pacific. At the Toronto Exhibition, August 23rd „o September
Ith, the model will be given a prominent position in the Company's exhibit.
The regular meeting of the cily
council was held in the council
chamber on Monday eveniog, Aid
Lid ic.ial M-Donald, Miliums and
Miller being present The session
wus brief, and in the absence of
Mayiif Acn p, Aid. LiddiCO't WBB
Cilled tn lhe uh -ir.
A le,lar from Dr Klngt-to re-
ported the admittance ul Mrs. Huw
to the Grand Korks hospital,   Filed.
'i'he chii nn in of tin- board of
winks reportid   that tovas of me
sidewalk COOSltUOliotl noik had
been flu lai) d, mil also that negotiations were pending fur seriiiing
some additiol ul laml lo enable the
board to widen lbe Winnipeg ave-
'iue till. The n itter of obtaining the
land was lefl i i   the hands of   the
The ch.n;ii.:iI, of the water aud
tii lit ci m tut I tee reported that some
.ne had dama'g-d the Mill creek
tlu une, evidently with lhe intention
if wateriiy s'tiuk, but lhat no one
i id yet been caught at this work.
I'he chairman of the parks com
uittee reported that the building;
in the L'nuiift park bad ncn paint
• I screen wi.h white trimmings;
md that he had nol jit lieen able
■ i give away the bay i.i the City
Charles McSpeiin, who his been
brakeman on the Great Ninth-in
passenger train on tbe M ircus*
Oroville run, died nt Sbeep Creek
last Saturday.
Despite opposition propaganda to
tbe effect thai Premier Oliver was
through with public life and I is
party through with him the announcement it- definitely made tbat
Honest John «ill remain head of
tbe government of British Columbia
Many seats Imve been offend hiin,
Liberal mem bers-elect being quite
ready to retire in the pitmier's favor. An early announcement ol a
■eat for thu government leader will
be made, indications nre that
Nelson will he chosen.
Now tha tne government is at-..
lured of a working majority in the
legislature, announcement of policies
to tie adopted ia ex pi c.u d at an eaily
date PerhapB the chief work io be
undertaken Is the lighting nl tie
freight rait s in ue iu a finish, Premier Oliver has rtceived the in
dorsal ion of bis On biliet in ihis n.
gard, Mid the battle for the com.
plete removal ol all discrimination
is already ou,    I'he pietnier   is out
for    I he removal ol   all   dieciiUiiia-
lory rales under ibe Crew's Nitt
Puss agreement on easfboui.e1
(night, a reduction of rales on
westbound grain sod lower express
An Ancient Though Not
Honorable Profession
The diner, says Punch, having fin.
ished his meal mid called i'oj his bill,
studied it with tare and apparent
disapproval, "Do you make any re.
duction to those in the suine line of
business)" ho nsked the waiter.
•■Certainly,' was the reply, ''Ara
vou u restaurant pr, prietor?"
"No,1'aaid the diner sourly, 'Tin
3fa (Sranb Storks ^mt
ll»N INDEPS.e'i.vr   (-JljPl«51
One Year (in Canada and Great Britain)  81.00
One Year (in the United States)    1.(50
Addresi- -" ~~*
PhonkIOIR Qbaito Fqbks, B-OJ
■'cations to
Thk Gband Fork? Sun
Guano Fqeks,
the ruins of a prehistoric tomb-   The cord is1
sixteen yards iong anrl contains one hundred
knots. Divided into ten unequal sections.these
knots represent the odd numbers from 1 to 19.
The sections are of different colors, including
red, brown, yellow, blue and green, and are
separated by silver beads, which represent the
even numbers from 2 to 20. By using this
simple way of counting, based on the decimal
system, rapid calculations caa be made.
fu*mpui ,mj,q v uo gfySippij}
Notes • Notions • Notables
The opposition press of the provinco is try
ing hard   to  oust Premier Oliver from the
leadership of the Liberal party of British Co
lumhia.    Their reasons for this action are ob
vious.    It is gratifying to learn, therefore, that
the members of Ids cabinet are united in their
desire to have Honest John remain at the head
of the  party.   There   are   some good reasons
for this decision ol the ministers.   It was Pre
mier Oliver's policy that won tbe election for
the government.   Mr. Oliver's personal defeat
was brought about by one constituency alone.
Probably three fourths of the electors throughout the province who voted the Liberal ticket
did  so  because  they wanted the premier to
fi"/ht  the freight rates issue to a finish.    To
discard the premier now and to sidetrack this
question, so vital to the people of British Columbia,  would   be a crime against the electorate
The first of the English orders of knight
hood is thc Order of the Bath, which is supposed to date to the period of the ancient
Franks, and to have been introduced into
Fngland by lhe .Saxons. The order as at present, constituted was instituted by George I,
who revived it 199 years ago, May 25, 1725,
aod fixed tht! number of knights at thirty-
sevi'ti. In 18lf> (he prince regent, afterwards
George IV, greatly increased the membership,
and on May 2.">, 1S47, new statutes were decreed, by wbich the order, hitherto exclu
sively military, was opened to civilians. The
Order of tin.' Hath gained its uame from the
fact that the ancient Franks and SaxoDS made
bathing an important part of the rites connect*
ed with the creation of knights. The order was
not formally constituted until 1839,
A relic of a voiy curious charity exists in
the giving of money tn the poor of certa'n
London parishes on Maundy Thursday. Originally the money was accompanied with gifts
of clothes and provisions, and, strangest of
all, by the washing of poor people's feet by
the king or queen in person. Another curious
point about this charity was that the numbei
of poor persons entitled to receive it was the
exact number of years which the reigning
monarch had lived.
This is from a French manual for the guidance of youth, first published in 1713, which
ran through 50 editions in the course of the
eighteen century: "For the sake of cleanliness
it is well to rub the face every morning with
a white towel in order to remove the dirt. It
is not advisable to wash with water, for this
exposes the face to the chills of winter and
the heats of summer." A similar work, published in 1067, warns children that "to wash
with water injures the eyesight, brings on
toothaches and colds and engenders pallor."
Progress of Province Due
to Maintenance of Huge
Purchasing Power
Vast    Developments    by
Land and Sea Due to
the   Initiative of
oincient History"
Items Taken From The Orand Forks San ior the Corresponding
Week Twenty Years Ago
The following pupils passed the high sohool
examinations: Florence Feeney, Ellen Miller,
I Herbert .Reid, Willis Woodhead, Sylvia Covert, Del M. Donnan, Harold W, Averill.
The biggest blast since construction work
on thc I'hoenix branch commenced was set oil
last Sunday morning in the big rock cut at
Coryell's. The echo from theexplosiou lasted
fully three minutes, It is said that about 200
kegs of powd' r were used for the blast.
James J. Hii'l has officially denied that he
owns a controlling interest, in the Granby
That the ancient Inca civilization of Peru
possessed an adding and calculating machine
has been revealed in the recent discovery by
excavators  of a knotted  cord, or "quipu," in
Thero are three grent H|-OD(Jiii<!
forcea in the Bi'tiuli Columbia finest,
industries with its purohasiug puwer
uf $100,000,000 per annum*
1. The Timburholder—the pioneer
investor in mw material.
2. The Logger—the   harvester of
the timl-ri crop
3   Tiie Manufacturer-— the buildei
up of markets,
Upon theuniii peileo functioning of
ihe.se branches depends tbo   fair  pro
gress of Hritish Columbia's vital   in
ilusti-y   A set- hick to one .spells dis
aster to all three
Tim timbei'ho ilers of the province,
faced witli lire nn 1 storm risks against
which there is no insurance, have
contributed ovc*i 845.000,000 to the
provincial treasury during tho last fifteen years. A woWd's record in
similar taxation.
The loggers spend annually very
large sums ou new and costly equipment to keep pace With modern science
and overcome tbe ever varying ob
sta.-les that nature puts in their paths.
Eight hundred miles of private rail-
ronds, now in actual oper .tion, is one
memorial of this energy.
Tbe manufacturers of lumber,
.shingles, puip and paper, boxes and
other forest produ-ts are also forced
to expend millions every year on new
machinery to maintain the efficiency
of t'leir plants In that. « ay alone can
lli y moot the keen world competition
an I justify their product The British
Columbia lumber manufacturers, by
dint of strenuous market extension
work, have increased their export
shipments twelvefold in ten years
Their efforts have indisputably boen
the main factor in building up tbe sea
ports of British Columbia
Keep Cool
Look Cool
and Feel
at little cost.    Just  buy
a couple of those nice
Dresses ^ $1.50
Established 1910
Real Estate and Insurance
Resident Atreiit Grsssirl Forks Town*its;
Company, Limited
Farms     Orchards ,. City Property
"Agenta at Nelion, Calgary, Wlhtilprg *<"!
other Prairie polnta. Vanoouver Agent* :
Us-tpbllnheil In 1910. we ars la a potillon to
lurnlih reliable Information c-iaoarnliig thli
Write lor free literature
and a pair of Sandals.
Then you may laugh at
the hot days.    •»
E.G. Henniger Co.
Phone 30
Grain, Hay
FJour and Feed
Lime and Salt
Cement and Piaster
Poultry Suoplics
Grand  Forks, IJ. C.
This series oj articles communicated
by the Timber Industries Council
of British Columbia.
The tax rale of Phoenix for 1904 has been
fixed at 12 mills.
A Kettle Valley railway surveying parly
consisting of i ine men under Engineer A. W.
Davis, went into the field a couple of days ago
to make a preliminary survey of the North
Fork extension to Franklin camp They arc
now working between the depot and the
Granby smelter.
General News
An agreement under wbicb fish-
em-en from the Hebrides islands
will ctne to the coast of British
Colombia probably will be com
pleti>d in the near future, according
to Don T. D Pattullo, mininisler
of lands, who has negotiations un
der way.
Visiting Sailors Tour Canadian Rockies
..    .***'**'*" "°m* ***.•*• •"■•*" ■» fc*» ***** st Btmtt a-TsniIM-d ai-ocwd the knee Canadian
Pacific on-biiisilT nr locomotl-n wklcls headed them thr-rair'i tlie —   - - -
balatlna- at It.-v. Isstoke.
Through the courtesy of the Dominion Government twenty-five officers anrl two hundred and twenty
men of the British Service Squadron
on tour were given a trip from Vancouver through the Rocky Mountains
a.s far as Calvary hy special Canadian
Pacific train, returning by way of
Edmonton. The men were selected
from the Flag Ship FT.M'.S. Hood,
H.M.S   Repulse and H.M.S. Adel
aide.  All through the mountains tho
train was given most enthusiastic receptions from people lining the sta
tions wherever it stopped and shout
ing their greetings from the smaller
ones as it passed.   During a stop of
two hours at Revelstoke the entire
crowd was taken to the top of Mount
Revelstoke i.n automobiles.  At Field
it seemed impossible to get the tr:
away, so anxious were the people
hoap flowers and congratulations on
the men. Banff citizens met them
'.ith automobiles and showed them
around at night on arrival and again
in he morning when they visited the
lathing pools. The reception at
Calgary was equal to fiat accorded
, the visiting sailors all along the line,
and all day they were entertained at
receptions and banquets, closing the
day with a ball at the Palliser Hotel
for the officers and • smoker at th-*
armoury for the men.
Throughout the trip the sailor,-
were as busy photographing as being
photographed. All of them have
travelled far anl viewed the scenery
of many lands, but they are unanimous in the opinion that the beaut}
of the Rockies—Banff National Park..
Albert Canyon and so on, is superioi
and n-'-rs? grand by far than inything
else t . v have seen.
City   Real Estate  For
Applications for immediate purchase of Lata
and Acreage owned by the City, within thc
Municipality, are invited.
Prices:--From $35.00 per lot upwards.
Termsi«Cash and approved payments.
List of Lots and prices may he seen at <he
City Office.
City Clerk.
We aro agents for the well known -Massey-
Harris line of farm equipment. Let us
figure on your needs.
A Complete Line of Garden Tools
Furniture and Hardware
i mm
The Telephone Is a
Daylight Saver
Saving daylight is a big topic at this time of the
year. Everyone endeavors to make the most out of
the daylight hours. In these modern times, life each
day is fuller, and each hour must mean far more than
it did yesterkay.
There is no better aid to daylight saving than the
telephone. Nothing can help you more to make each
successive hour of greater value.
Whether you telephone one mile or one hundred
miles it is all the same to the telephone. The telephone
saves you hours. It lengthens your day, giving you
time for many things.
'm*-We*m*.*m      I jKaOUBEZ'.UM^I
A section of tht Inferior ol the Pavilion, showing
I flno model of the Canadian Pacific liner "Empress
Canada" In Uw foreground.
*. -f';»-»i
of   the
large   oil
r. a.
on   the
walla   of
n    with
arming   im   m
Representing Canada at Olympiad..
Eszai 11 Si ssw sill I ssssss»ssrfc&^i-^j«'.-^issj-,il^^yss«sssrisssssssossawt^.-g:*-.^.^-.i.i'=sr^: -,,~---ic\^mtew-x-^mW-mXm,-,mit ■ -mm-.r..-AK:m-*mmw**tmp  * — ^m-—-.. ,..*.***. -.'..?..- .:■. ... **    ff.  -   . -e-At:,   -   -•'.
to Rowing men and Swimmers sailing on the Canadian Pacific H.S. Minnedosa for the Oly,   ,sc games included, iriack rowfron lefl Lt right,
gston, manager of the rowing eight; K.S. Hunter, No. 5; V.'. Langford, No. 6; A.A. Bell, No. T; V. .T,.  Wallai ■■ Ptroko.  V.  ' . '■ hpi ip
* Walker, Turner Ghupman. Front row- M.W.Taylor, Bow; H.Ls. Little, No. 2; Mrs. Louden. \v*ho with U; - husband, Pi ■■■■■ T.F. !..:•■■   '
lity is accompauymt; thc rowing eight; J.D.S. Smith, No.U; W.B. Snyder, No. 4; i. Campbell, coxwaiu.
Toronto Bowing men i
King '
Tommy '..
■ aro.
-.;'. o
When a man loses
anything else   he
advertises   for   it,
but when he loses
his head he stops
Don't Lose
News of the City
The death of Kittie Helens Haw,
a widow of 46 years of age, occurred at the Grand Forks hospital
last Friday afternoon after a short
.illtiHss. Deceased made her home
io this oity fori* number nf yearn,
and she is survived by four children, two soon and twn daughters.
Ths funeral was held at 3 o'clock on
Wednesday afternoon from the
United church, where services were
held. Interment was mide in the
Fraternal cemetery.
ere an
On. C. Egg, Geo. O'Keefe and ,1.
-S McLiuchhiii and daughter returned yesterday from a Ashing
trip to Camp McKinney.
3Mrs. Percy VVright returned on
.Siturday from a two weeks' visit
with her sister at Omaek, Wut-h.
K, Sch-ier r'turned on Sunday
night from a short visit to Kimberley.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for eitch
day during the past week, as recorded hy the government thermometer on E. F. Law's ranch:
Max Min
July'25—Friday   97 49
215— Saturday 102 58
27—Sunday 100 61
28—Monday  82 57
29—Tnesday    92 48
30—Wednesday ...   94 .48
31—Thursday   93 48
Rainfall  0.00
Tne foliowiog students of the
Grand Forks public sohool were
successful in obtaining entrance certificates by recommendation, being
the highest 60 percent of the pupils. The names are in order of proficiency, based on   the  year's work;
Fr.ink Price (Bmk of Commerce
medal), Harvey Weber (houor roll),
liosa Hanson, Herbert Omraann<-y,
R'lth Helmer, Beth Huggins, Bruce
Brown, Henry Reid, Genevieve
Harkness, Peter Padgett, Grace
Glaspell, Edmund Crosby Dorothy
Kidd-, Orville VVinter,Gordon Clark,
Joseph Simmons, Albert Colarch,
Frank Larama, Jessie Ross, Edgar
Galipeau, Willie Henniger, Frincis
Oiierbine, M.iry Acres, Margaret
Luscombe, Phyllis Symth, Ruth
Pyrah, P.irraa Cooper, Walton Vant,
Helen Nystrom, Linden Benson.
The following were successful
on the exami .alions set hy tbe department; Anna Tofelt, Marion
Kerby Junes .Shannon, Alice Scott.
The results of -the high school
examinations, beld in June, were
announoed by tin' department of
education at Victoria on Saturday.
The results in tbe It mndary schools
Grand Forks High School-
Normal Eentranoe—Jennie It,
"Allan (8), Irene F. Frankovitch (-S),
Grace Graham, Nellie F. Keir, Kuth
L Larama, Edna E Luscombe,
Mary O. Luscombe, Marion Hazel
Scotl (S), Nellie Irene Young.-
Junior Matrioulation—Harry Man
kenzie Boyce (8),Clifford M. Brown,
Robert K. Campbell, James F.
Clark, George R. Hodgson (8),Fran-
cis J. Miller (S), Daltou G. MacAr-
thur, Robina I Prendergast (S),
Completed Juoior Matriculation
—Clarence Henry Donaldsonjfhom-
as Williamson.
Greenwood SuperiorSchno —
Grade IX—Mil red  I   MoLtren.
If the publico! this province is
determined to have horse racing,
thefloanc) department is seein-.' to
it tiit the municipttlities shnll reap
a pr ifit f r the I irge expenditures.
For io- Best tin,.,. raoe i,H,p(H ,, .j,|
ibis summer, out of the ten weeks 'f
r.ioing in** sum of 81,(I.sl,.'i.i-) -van
wagered by th" publio, tin tbis sum
there Is a parl-mutual tax if 6 per
oont, l,*-,-- *2!t per cent of the tax for
oolleotion. The dix minimis to
#81,(100 so f,lr a,,,) f„r (,,, ,  »u||   ...r
fun is Bxpeoted to exoeed 8325,000,
al1 of winch ii divided inning the
muoiolp'ilitiee on -i per capita basis,
Taking Care of
the Honey Crop
Honey is a perishable article no
matter whether it is left in the comb
or extracted. With Care it cnn be
bc kept in good condition for long
pei iods, especi illy in the extrrcted
form, Nectar, as gathered by the
bees, contains a high percentage of
water, wlrch must be evaporated be.
fore the honey caa be extracted.
When the cells are filied and the
right amount of evaporation has taken
place, the honey is -ealed over and ls
ihen considered to be "ripe." It is
not advisable to extract honey until
at least three fourths of the cells are
capped, especially in regions where
rhe honey is inclined, to be rather
thin. Comb honey should be left on
the hives until all celis containing
honoy are sealed, hut should not be
loft on any longer, as the sections are
likely to become travel stained.
Tho honey should be extracted us
soon as possible after the supers aro
removed from the hives, and if done
while still warm, more honey will ha
taken from the combs. After- the
honey is extracted it must be strained
to remove all foreign matter Straining may be done through fine cheesecloth or by letting the honey stand in
tanks for two cr tbree daya, when all
foreign matter will havo risen lo the
surface. If the honey is well riponed,
it should be placid in the final con
tinners at onco, before it starts to
granulate, but if it, is too thin it,
should bo left in tlie luliks a short
time for further ripening. Honev
should be stored in a dry place, as it
readily absorbs moit lure from a damp
atmosphere Honey ripening in tanks
should stand in a wn in, dry room.
Ripened honey iu containers ready i ir
market ivil keep better in a cold dry
placo Seotion honoy should bo stored
in a well vent i ated    : i nn   wlu-iv  the
temperature is high and constant or
moisture will chmIii.su on the cap-
pings ami be absorbed    (',  B Good-
I'i'hain, Dominion Api.nist
The iii.ui who is wronger!
oan forcel it; tho man who
wronged liim never oan.
Up to the end of May, 1924, over
(79,000,000 fry of different kinds
were distributed throughout Can-
ida from the fish hatcheries oper-
»ted by the Department of Marine
and Fisheries, a recent despatch
from Ottawa declares.
A surplus of $363,011 is shown in
the annual report of the Vancouver
Board of Harbor Commissioners
for the year 1923. Receipts totalled
J726.&80. There was an increase of
$4,813,797 in the value of all export* and imports. The actual valu»
of aU freights was $40,693,924.
Among the passengers sailing for
England on the Canadian Pacific
st'..un ,iip "Marloch" July 3rd from
Montreal was a large party of
i«.i ill rs, who will join the tour of
the Ovei nas Educational League,
which this year i- covering Great
Britain, France and Belgium.
A se.. of 12 beautiful colored pictorial in nu cards I ustrative of the
history and i .  .,i' Canada haa
ili■'■'t been ; ■ . ,i in service by the
Canadian : i il'ic Railway on ita
crack Iran ontinental expresses,
Die Tun -Canada Limit . and thtt
Mountaineer. Especially interest"
ing are four reproducing authentic
photographs of prairie Indians, sa*
companies  by  descriptive  text.
The newsprint production in May
this year hoth for Canadian and
United States mills waa greater
than the previous months. Canadian mills made a ne*w high record,
the total for the month bjing 117,-
S33 tons, compared with a previous
high figure of 115,572 tons and
their production for the first five
months of the year exceeded that
of 11)23 by 56,087 tons or approximately 11 per cent.
"Canada is the country tot tha
Scotsman and I am going to bring
every opportunity t.iat Canada can
offer, especially in farming, before
my compatriots," declared the Rev,
William Dunlop, M.A., F.S.A., of
Buckhaven, Fifeshire, when in
Montreal recently, on • tour of the
Dominion investigating its agricultural possibilities. "But you are
radly in need of mora people and
we can supply chem."
Through the generosity of the
British Museum, the Fine Arts
School of the City of Quebec haa
been enriched by the donation of a
■precious collection of books on arts,
which contain over 3,000 reproductions of masterpieces. Among historic schools represented are the
English of the 14th Century, the
Ita'ian of the 16th Century, the German of the 15th Century and the
French and Danish of the 18th and
17 th Centuries respectively.
For the 12 months ending May
81, Canada had a favorable trade
balance of nearly $200,000,000. Exports during that period totalled
$1,069,715,880 and imports $;'73,-
367,752 in value. This represents
an increase in value over the exports of 1923 of $110,000,000 and
ef $32,000,000 over the imports of
tlmt year. The chief increases in
exports were noted in agriculture,
Wood and paper.
The hours set by the City Council for Ltiwn and
Garden Sprinkling are: from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from
5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and such sprinkling shall be done
only through sprays aud nozzles not exceeding- three-
sixteenth inch in diameter. Consumers are requested
in case ol" fire alarm to turn off all taps.
I am instructed by the City Council to impress
upon you the necessity of strictly adhering to the
above requirements as any person found using water in
manner contrary to above regulations will have service summarily discontinued and will be charged $1.00
to have water turned on again.
JOHN  A. HUTTON, City Clerk.
The first residence of the Jesuit
Fathers at Sillery, which was built
in 1639, has been presented to the
Province of Quebec by the sons of
the late Hon. R. R. Dobell, a minister in the Laurier cabinet of 18.16.
This house, which stands at the foot
of the path outside the City of Quebec up which Wolfe's army clim;> <1
to the Plains of Abraham, is the
oldest in Canada and the second
oldest in North America, the oldest
being situated in Florida.
Something new in the way of
"stunts" was staged at Montreal
on July 4th by the publicity association of that city, as a send-off
to Canadian and United States
delegates going to the annual convention of the Associated Advertising Clubs of the World, which
opened on July 12 at London, England. The 250 men of the party
tolled a huge ball made of Wood
and canvas through the principal
streets from a local hotel to tho
docks occupied by the Canadian Pa-
cific steamship "Montcalm," upon
which they  subsequently sailed'
• (Section 227.)
IN THE MATTES ol Application No. 87760F
ami In The Matter el Lots 17,18 and 19,
Block 18, Map 23, (lily of Grand Forks.
TAKE NOTICE thut the above application
■ ssiis been made to register Tbnnias Ahearu,
Ottawa, Ontai io, as the owner in fee of the
above lands aud for tbe issue to tha suid
Thomas Aheurn of a Certllleate of Indefeasible Title thereto, and that in support of such
npplieution thero appears iii the chain ol title
a mo'tffOjre dated 15th Nivember, 1900 from
,loscphKirk|intriuk Johnson lu John -M. Smith
of Lots 18 and 19, Block 19, Map 88, and an us-
:.iti'iiiiH,i i nf snid mortgage John M Smith
by his attorney, Kenneth K. .Macki-nziii. to 0,
1-.. Ni-ill, and there has been produced il conveyance dated 27th July, 1915, from the Dominion Permanent Loan Company under its
rnrii'ii'ateseal to Thomas Ahearn of Lots 18
and 19, liliuik 19, Map 28. under the power nf
sate contained in a certain mortgage dated
the 21st day of April, 1899. from Joseph K.
Johnson to Tin IVoVlnelal Building uud
Loan Assoillatiim, und which inin-lgage was
assigned by tlie I'rovineiu) Itulliliug and Loan
Company by assignment dated 30th June,
Ami Kuiitiikii T'.vkk Notiok that rceistm-
tinu will be effected in piirsiluucu of Ihe
above application ami a Oortlfloate of ludc-
fe 'sible 'litle to the suid lauds Issued to the
Mills] Thomas Aheurn after the lapse uf four-
teen days from the service upon you uf this
notice (which may be effected tisj herouudiT
directed) unless you shull tuke and prosecute
the proper proceedings to establish your
claim, if uuV, to thesaid lands, or to prevent
such proposed ai'tlnn ou isiy part.
Puled at the Laic! Kogislry Office, Knm-
loiips, B. C, this twenty-fourth day of June,
A.D. 1921.
Doputy Registrar of Tilles.
To John M. Smith.
r.To (J. E. Neill.
Hi direct service of ubove notice by publiea-
tion once a week for three Weeka in a newspaper clrculutlng ue irest the lauds.
Deputy Keglscrur of Title*.".
For waking perfect Jams, Jelliies and Marmalade. Retains the natural fruit flavor.
Sold at
SKALKD TENDERS will be received by the
Minister of Lauds nt Victoriu not inter than
noon on the 7th day of August, 1924, for the
purchase of Licence X4'i79, to cut 2.750.0011
feet of Yellow Plne.Oilar.Spruce. White Pine.
Flr and Tamarack mil 86(1,000 Lineal Keel of
Cedar Poles on an area adjoining Lot 2828s
about 7 miles south enst of Cuscade, Slmiika-
meen Distrlot.
Two (2) year* will he allowed for removal
of timber.
Further particular - of thc Chief Foreater,
Viotorla, B. C, or District Foreater, Nelson,
B C.
IT.SISTf Unless you see the
"jjayer Cross" on tablets you
aii? not getting the genuine
Bf yer Aspirin proved safe by
millions and prescribed by physicians for 24 years.
O   &-***+* ilE0*!^ 25iZ a
1^0-]*^     Bayer package
which contains proven directions
Handy "Bayer" boxes of 12 tablets
Also bottles of 24 and 100—Druggists
Asp'rln Ib the trade mark (registered ln
Canada) of Bayer Manufacture ot Mooo-
-scetleacideater of Sallcyllcactd
Wn will handle your Fruit and
Vegetables for 10 per oent or
buy it outright Write us for full
IT brings tho whole country for niiles around within oasy reach.
Have you seen tho uew models? They're as graceful as swallows! As
bright as now coin! As weatherproof as a duck? Automobile Steel
Bearings BYaino of English Soamloss Steol Tubfng. Hard Maple
Itims. Seroules Ui'uke. Everything complete. Ileal Quality. Real
Valuo.   Biasy Terms.  Wo are tbo people to mount you right.
J. R. MOOYBOER 8fiSSlSr^Ksr«
Open Saturday Evenings Till 10 o'Cloek
Ship lour Cream to
Tbe Kettle Valley
Wo pay the highest price .and assnre
you the most accurate tast. Uifeyour
local oreamery your trade.
Speoial carahiin been taken by tbe
government and the game oooBeiva*
tion board in the drafting of lbe
big game laws for the 1924 season.
Within n few weeks these regulation! will bi> posted all over the
province. Tbere lias been a tendency to tighten tip, bo tbat the
wonderful game resource-* of Dritish
'olumbia may he conserve-], and at
'he same time tbe hunter is given
•very opportunity to secure a good
urniture  Made to Order.
Also Repairing of all Kinds,
Upholstering Neatly   Done
THU HUB—Bring your boot
and shoe repairs to my
shop for neat and prompt
work. Look for thc big
boot.-CEO.   ARMSON
Wholesale and Kctail
l>i-;il«r in !
?' Havana Cignrs, Pipes
WM if
Imperial Billiard Parlor
Grand Forka, It. C.
Ji iiiiiiiis.'ii Moamiientnl Worka
(!'jA*b<*stos I'roduc s Co. Roofing
■JMIE value of well-
printed, neat appearing stationery as
a means of getting and
holding desirable business has been amply
demonstrated. Consult us before going
Wedding invitations
Bail programs
Business cards
Voting cards
Sh'pping tags
Price lists
New Type
jLatest Style  *
Transfer Company
City Baggage and General
Coal,  Wood and   Ice
for Sale
Office  atj*R.  F.  Petrie'i Store
Phone 64
Yale Barber Shop
Razor Honing a Specialty"
P. A. Z. PARE, Proprietor
JYalb Hotel,   First- i rrrt|
isTiPs-sIS OF
Va-wnt, unru«rv*< svrrajai
i.'rtswn landi may ba att-tntsteS hy
Hrttlita lubjeou over U yetuo oi as*.
ant bf altoni tw daeUrtnt Intention
to Hi own > Britlih -m.bJ.ot-i, conditional upon i-Mldenoa, oooupatlon,
ind UnpravMDont tor- acHonltural
fall Information oonooroln-r r*a*u-
atlona rosai-tlnc pro-amptwaa 1»
■rlvan In Bull-jtln No. 1, Land Sarioi,
'How to Pre-unpt Land," ooplat •(
I'hloh oan bo obtalnod tree ot ohai-fo
■y aldreailng tb* Dopartmant of
I .iinda, Viotorla, B.C, or to any Oov-
uni.rit Acant
Rao-rda will ba -p-anted covering
only land auitabla tor agricultural
purport*, and which la not timber-
land, La, carrying ovar 6,000 board
(••I par acre weat of tha Cotut Rang*
and I.IM fact per acre eaat of that
As>f>llijiUo.-ia for pre-emption!) are
tu bo aMieaaed to the Land Com-
nlaaloner of the Land Recording Dl-
lalon, ln which the land applied far
9 altuata*. aad are nialTo on printed
'armg. eotsloi of which can be ob-
I'Unad from tha Land Commissioner.
Pra-emr-Uona muat be oooupted fnr
flra years, and Improvement* mad*
lo value cf (10 per acre, Including
ilearlng und cultivating at laaat Ave
n -re*, before a Crown Grant can ba
***or mora detailed lnfora itlou aa*
the Bulletin "How to f M-empt
Applications are feoelved for p' /
iihaae of vacant and unreann-vd
Crown lands, not belni: llmberland,
for agrli-nItiii-nl purposi-s; minimum
prlo* of fin 1-cluiiB (arable) land la |£
per aero, and nucond-clan-i (urailng)
land |2.60 pur ucru. Further information regarding purchaae or leoao
of Crown lands la given In Bulletin
Na. 10, Land Serlea, "Purchaae and
Leaae of Ciown Lands.1'
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
Umber land, not exceeding 40 acreii,
may be purchased or leased, tho condition* Including! payment of
Unmirvayed area*, not exceeding 10
acrea, may be leaaed aa homesltsi,
conditional upon a dwelling belni*
erected In tho flrst yonr, title being
obtainable after residence and Improvement condllloi-M are fulfilled
and land haa been surveyed.
Por a-raslng and   Industrial    pur-
poee* areac not exceeding r, -10  aorea
may ba lesaed   by  one  person  or a
Under the Grazing Act the Provinoe Ui divided into grazing dlatrlcta
and the range administered under *t
Graaing Commissioner. Annunl
srrulng permits are Issued based on
numbers ran-.-ed. priority being ulvc-i
to established owners. Stock-owner's
may form associations for rann»
"nanagomont. Free, or partially tree,
lurrnlts ,aie available /or settlers,
•■imperii and ti-vsillers, up tn ten
'-•.i*l. f


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