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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Sep 11, 1914

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 il Ut.il -ti.-ij.'l* UuAjj �����>
Uk-koJLnJ JULJ"~J*JUlL*tJ��X.iti*l^t.lJ��ij^*.U*t ^/Un
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*"��� V
Kettle'' Valley Orchardisi
$1.00 PER YEAR
PresidentJ Woodrow. 'Wilson on
Tuesday signed a"proclamation calling' on "the people of the United
States to pray for peace' in Europe.
��� The -proclamation sets aside Sun-
> day. October 4, as; a day * of- prayer.
The proclamation follows: '��� *ii",rx \";
��� /'By the president of ..the United
States of America: '' ,
.'    "A yroclamation.    "
~ ."Whereas, great  nations of   the
world have taken up   arms ; against
- one another and war-now draws mil-
ions of men -into .battle whom the
- counsel of atatesmen have not been
' able'to^save from the  terrible sacri-
- rice; ���'        . ,; .
. ''And'whereas,' in this, as iu all
.things, .it is our-privilege and duty
to S6ek counsel and succor, of Almighty GodJ humbling ourselves before Him, confessing our .weakness
and our lack of any  wisdom   equal
��� to tbese things: \
"And whereas, ii is the   especial
wish and longing of the people of the
.United States, in prayer and counsel'
and  all   friendliness,   to serve the
cause of peace; :.      ~    ������   -
. "Therefore," I,. Woodrow   Wilson,
president''of   the United, States of
-America,"do designate Sunday," the.
- 4th day of October, .next,.a- day of
prayer and supplicatioq,-and^do^re-
quest all God-fearing persons to re-.
^ pair on that day to their places of
worship, there to unite their petitions to Almighty God, that overruling the counsel of men, setting,
straight the things ihey can not
govern or alter, taking pity, jn  the
, nations now in the , throes
of conflict, in his. mercy (and
goodness showing a way where men
ean see-none, he vouchsafe his children healing peace again and restore once more that concord among
men and nations without which
there can be neither happiness nor
true friendship nor any wholesome
fruit of toil or thought in the world;
praying also to this end that he forgive us our sins, our ignorance of
his holy will, our wilfulness and
many errors, and lead us in the
paths of obedience to places of vision
and to thoughts and counsels that
purge and make.wise.
"In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand���tmd caused the
the seal of the United States to   be
��� affixed.    -     \    ;
"Done at the city of Washington,
this eighth^day of September,-in the
year of our Lord, one thousand nine
hundred and fourteen and of the in-
depaiidence of the United States of
America the one hundaed and thirty-
ninth. Woodrow Wilson.
"By the president:
" William Jennings Bryan,
"Secretary of State."
Following President- Wilson's
proclamation on Tuesday designating Sunday, October 4, as a day of
prayer for peace in Europe, the
federal council of the Churches of
Christ in America issued a call to
the Prostestant Evangelical churches
federal council announces, was
issued .in response to a resolution
which the council submitted to hintr
August "20. This resolution was supported -by a letter on behalf of the
Jewish congregations, signed by
Rabbi H Periera Mendes.
A largely attended meeting of the
..Grand JTorks Poultry aesociaiion was
held' in--Secretary Hadden's office
last'Friday evening. The principal
business transacted was coufined to
arranging the details of the-poultry
exhibit at the forthcoming fall fair,
.which will be held in' fthis city_ on
the 29th and 30th inst.'"_The poul-
trymen':of ihe" valley are taking'a
great-deal of interest in this * section
of the fair this year, and it expected that the new departure of, changing no entry, fees will this year
bring out tbe. largest poultry -exhibit ever seen here.
- The- British navy thirsts for a" fair,
open-fight. ' -    ' - ,   ..      �� ,<"., '
The German people mourn the ' loss
.of a hundred thousand dead men.
British Columbia gives 1,200,000
pounds of tinned salmon to Britain.
Lioub. C. A. H. Brett, veterau
British officer, is among the killed in
The Russian troops storm  the Austrian city of Lemberg, and  the   route
is complete.    What is left of the  defeated army is said to be of   no   mili
tary value,
Announcement has  been  made   by j
the   Ottawa   government   that Lady
Strathcona has giveu .$50,000 as a contribution to the   maintenance of   the
cavalry   regiment   fouuded   by
David Lloyd George says Britain's
wealth will be a big factor in the war.
William the greatest tell his soldiers
that . he is the weapon of the Almighty.
A report .says that Francis Josspii,
emperor of Austria Hungary, died
twelve days ago. G.  A  Griffin, of  Kamloops,   has
Gen/Joftre   expresses   appreciation purchased-from   Sir   Richard   Mc-
of-the effective support of the British,
and Earl Kitchener replies. '
The Indian forces of the British
army are taking an active part in the
operations in France as indicated by
the casualty lists.
In Galicia the Russians continue
with considerable success their attempt to envelop the Austrian array
army of 400,000 men under Gen.
Bride the lot on the corner of Bridge
and Second streets, the deal having
been consummated by J. A. McCallum,
Mr. Griffin will commence at once
the erection of a brick business block
on this property, which is situate
in the center of the business district*    The building will   be  21x75
feet,   one   storey  in  height, with a
The German right wing is harrassed | concrete basement, -and will  be used
by the allies anS may be   pushed over i as a wholesale   liquor   store.    Ten-
the French border.   The kaiser's army, J ders   were   called  for  the building
with the
back   rapidly    toward Balgiun.   ,ast Mouday>
British   hard    pressing   its
A fire broke out in P. T. McCal-
lum's residence Sunday forenoon,
and before the department could
reach the scene and extinguish the
blaze'the roof of the building had
nearly been consumed. The amount
of the" loss has not yet been ascertained.  -      "' ���   .
In a collision Saturday .morning
near Holy Trinity church between
C. H. Niles' auto and the motorcycle .belonging .to. the-.agent of. the!
Trenton correspondence school, Mr.
Niles was., "slightly bruised ;and the
rider of the motorcycle received a
severe shaking up. The motorcycle
was badly damaged.
Judge J. R. Brown is presiding al
a sitting of the county court in
Greenwood this week. Last week
the judge, at a session of the county
court in Rossland, reduced the assessments on a-number of properties
in that city.
"' The twenty-first annual Spokane
Interstate Fair opens Saturday, Sep
tember 12, and will continue for
nine days, closing the evening of
September 20. The fair this year
is far ahead of any other exhibition
in the display lines and the entry
lists are nearly double those of any
previous year. The live stock section .th's year is particularly strong,,
hawing 884 head of cattle, swine,
sheep and horses listed for the exhibit. The has had to build two
new barns 50x50 each in order, to
accommodate the great influx, of
The advance of the foe is checked
underpressure by the left wing of the
allies on the ""French frontier. The
German movement now tends toward
the east and southeast in close proximity to Paris. Official reports say
the situation has not undergone much
change.       ~
. ���   jj
The labor situation in Great'Britain
is reported to"be good.       /*     "'-���>-���
���   Warlord   Williams'^'health is   reported to be weakening."' '   '
'   Great Britain has'sent her fifth bat-
talion~*to the'continent; -   -^v'- ----
The British battalions successfully
protected the whole *of the French
An American writer declares that
150,000 Russians have ^Cen* landed-
in France. '-,
Indian troops in their first battle
aid in a victory against the Germans
in Belgum.        ?
The British scout cmiser Path.,
finder is sunk by a mine in the North
sea. The Wilson liner Runo meets
the-same fate.
The British losses on the continent
to the. present time amount 15,000.
Brigadier General Scott Kerr among
the distinguished officers wounded.
The Russians repulse a desperate
attack and capture 5000 prisoners.
Disastrous results when the Austrians
attempt to break through the lines.
Seventy throusand prisonerf are taken
near Lemberg.
The French aud British compel the
her foe to give ground in ^he big battle on
the French frontier. The German
losses are so heavy that they plead for
time to bury their dead. The struggle
is regarded as favorable to the allies.
The heaviest fighting takes place near
the River .Marne.
. Wednesday
;*T The%_. people of all sects  in   India
unite-for the empire.
, .'King George V rejoices because the
empire is united to defend its   honor.
Ships from Australia will repair
the cable cut at Fanning island a few
days ago.
The first Russian aviator to loop
the loop charges at full speed into' an1
Austrian aeroplane      Both  fall to the
The activities of. the British Columbia Copper Co. at Princess camp
on Copper mouniain are in line with
what was reported some time ago.
Buildings of a permanent character
are being erected. The movements
of the company denote ore production on a large scale. From 700 to
800.acres of land have been bought
on which to put up buildings to be
used in the reduction of ore.���
Similkameen Star. ���...
The. official press bureau raps the
news agancy. The statement that the
Megan tic landed Candian troops in
Britain is called false.
' .'After a four days' fight, the Rus-
sians'gain a victorv in a battle in Galicia in which 200.000 Germans aid
the Austrians. Vienna may soon
plead for peace. The country is said
to be in a desperate plight.
The advantageof the opening rounds
of the big battle on the French frontier is still with the allies The reinforced Germans strike at the.left and
centre, but are pushed back. The foe
has to advance through a swamp
commanded bv the French The
titanic struggle between 3,000,000 men
may last a week longer. The British
Press Bureau announces that the
situation is very satisfactory.
Turkey has virtually declared war.
to  September 7
Road to Republic is Loser
���The total losses of the Spokane &
British Columbia railroad up to the
end of the last fiscal year had passed
$1*000,000, the company's annual
report to the public service commission shows.
During the last fiscal year this
line, running from Republic to Danville, took in 821,751. Operating
expenses were $38,679. Interest,
taxes and other charges made the
year's total loss $109,216, and tha
loss since the building of the line
Disarm Aliens in Canada
An Ottawa dispatch says that
aliens in Canada have been forbidden the possession of arms or explosives. Natives of countries at
war with England who have arms
or explosives must surrender them
to the authorities within ten days, a
government order dated September
5 provides. The sale of arms or explosives lo such aliens is forbidden
under penalty of $500 fine oj three
months' imprisonment.
The British losses
were 19,000 men.
The fall of the Meubnnge forts
not been confirmed.
It is  reported  in  mining circles
that the American smelters are contemplating sending buyers into this ! a front of one hundred miles on
urginga full observance of the day. 'field to make purchases of ore.   Not]French   frontier
iThecounoil, which represents thirty i much credence is placed in the story,! movement appears to have  been frus
denominations and, 120,000church- however.���Kaslo Kootenaian. , Mated   by   the allies.    The British
         :""" force annihilates the   Prussian guard
Mrs.   H.   Deane,  sister-in-law of under Grown Prince   William.    Gon
The Germans in Erst Africa arm to
attack the British.
The Russians are still victorious,
and surround Galicia's last strongly
fortified city.
Germany has rejected Austria's request for a loan and the bankers have
taken a similar action.
A Teuton officer's estimate oj the
German losses is up to 400,000. He
charges a wanton waste of life.
Over one million people have left
Paris since the war began. The
divine Sarah is among the refugees.
A British submarine slips Into
Rremerhaven harbor, and torpedoes
from her throw the Germans into a
Victories   of   the   British and the
French indicate that the battle tide is; base, which is thought to be
turning.    The Germans are compelled ject of the retreat,
to retreat in the struggle   raging over '
The    enveloping
Reinforcements are being rushed to
the aid of both sides
Great Britain may declare a blockade of the North Sea.
Germans cut oft the hands and feet
of an eight-year old boy.
Cardinal Mercier scores the Germans for cruelties in Belgium,
The Russians are said to have commenced the bombardment of Kouigs-
bugs in Eust Prussia.
The Germans will have to surmount
fireat difficulties to   establish   a   new
the  ob
County Court
His honor Judge Brown held a
sitting of the county court at the
court house in this city on Thursday, September 3. About twenty
applications for naturalizition were
dealt with. Tbe most important
cases that came before the ocurt
Moreau vs. Blades; judgment for
Rutledge vs. Fife Mines, Ltd.: adjourned.
Angus McDougall vs. McDonald
& Wilson; adjourned for fourteen
Angus. McDougall vs. F. Shaw
Baker; judgment reserved. J. If.
Ryley for plaintiff, W. B. Cochrane
for defendant.
The Russians again score victories
against the Austrians, who are hemmed
in between two forces of Moscovites
in the Lubin district.
es, is preparing, a  special   program
������^H^;?1:^ by her Joffre's plans are being   steadiiy   car
���churches^:"   "v,    ?. ;-v.   :. _ three   daughter.",   have   arrived   in ried, with the resnlt that  the  retire
The president's proclamation, the Phoenix from England. ment of the enemy commences.
Tho exhausted   German   armies  in
France continue to retreat before the
'offensive   movement   of    the.   allied
orccs, who have gained 37 miles,
of which were covered yesterday.
The following is the minimum
and maximum temperature for each
day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:
Sept. 4���Friday  58
5���Saturday  43
6���Sunday,  40
7���Monday  41
8���Tuesday  47
9���Wednesday... 45
10-Thursday  44
Inch en
The Oddfellows of Phoenix   will
12  erect a new building  for  hall   purposes. TTTT'^t^. nn.AVn FOTUCS; TlTUTISH COLUMBIA.-  Only Kidness Needed to Attract These  Birds to Suitable Situations  That wild geese are shrewd enough  to Know friend from foe, and Lliat.^if  you "throw :i handful of feed at'them  instead of a thimbleful of shot," they  will Jose their fear of man and make  rlieir home within it stone's throw of  human habitations, has been clearly  demonstrated by the experiments of  Mr. John T. Miner, of Kingsvillc, Essex county, Ontario.  The history of the growth of this  flock furnisher; an interesting example  of what can be done to tame Wild  birds. Jn 190' Mr. Miner obtained  seven wild geese, clipped their wings,  and placed them on his pond as decoys, but wild geese were so scarce  th.it it was four years before any  others joined them. In the spring of  1908 eleven came, the folio wingxyear  32, and in 1910 as many as 350. Since  that time they have been too numerous to give any exact estimate, but  probably about 1,000 may be found .ou  the premises at a time Since 1911 no  {.���������hooting whatever has been indulged  in within the reserve. By moving the  l'<-ed by degrees the geese have been  coaxed to come right up to the  house.  Wild ducks also frequent the pond,  nnd some of 0 ese have been identified by aluminum bands, bearing Mr.  Aimer's address- By means of these  lie lias established the fact that they  return to his place every spring, or,  if they fail to return, he has been able  to learn why,', has happened to them.  One was shot as far away as Paris,  Kentucky. Ihosc that return nest in  the neighborhood and bring up their  young before pgain migrating.  Mr. Miner'p experiments are a  stiiking illustration of how easy it  would be "to conserve the migrating  bird life of this continent if only  refuges were provided, where the  birds could : emain for a short time  unmolested, during their seasonal  Mights to their breeding grounds and  back again.  a������.  Trie Illustration below shows the new line of the Canadian Paciric,'^'"  fcailway westward from Weybum.  This line, when completed, will coft-  nect Weybum. and Lethbridge and opens one of the'best agncuitutAl��������� ������������������  districts in the whole west.   It is, in fact, an empire hitherto without/.,  railway facilities, but now in direct communication with a number |pi ���������  ���������wholesale centers as shown by the map.   In addition to regular freight.>  service this new line has a passenger train  daily, except Sunday, each way between -  Weybum and  Shaunavon,  making close' /.  connections each   way   with   Saskatoon,;- .  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' 1 can sec- the moon at  night without it."  Biggest Land Deal In London's History  The London Daily Mail learns that  the price paid for the Covent Gardens  estate was about $10,000,000. The purchase of this property in the heart of  London, and which includes the Co-  vent Garden Opera house, was effected by Sir Joseph Beecham, and is  said to be the biggest deal in the history of London. A deposit of $1,250,-  000 was paid to the Duke of Bedford,  the vendor.  .  "Call  off  vour  dog,  for    goodn.ss  take!"  ' No use, he's deaf."���������Le Rirc.  'Ell GIRL'S FACE  ������  Hands and Arms. Burning and Painful, Suffered Day and Night from  Itching. Cured by Cuticura Soap  and Cuticura Ointment.  St. Vcronlque,' Quo.���������"My little girl  got ringworm all over tho face, hands, and  arms. I was given a sort of whlto ointment  and like a phial of water to  wash with. After eight  days of this treatment the  ringworms Instead of healing becamo dark red and  wero spreading, then wero  burning and painful. Tho  child suffered day and night  from the great itching. I  was very disturbed.  "Ono evening I found a saniplo of Cuticura Soap and Ointment that X had requested the year before. So I eommonceu  a wash with tho small piece of Cuticura Soap,  then applying the Cuticura OIntmont and  at the end of threo days tho child was suffering less. Then wo wrote to some friends  In Montreal to get some Cuticura Soap anil  Ointment for us. After fifteen days' treatment tho ringworms wero crusted over and  whitish, then on the twenty-fifth day they  were all dry and cured." (Signed) Mrs.  Mario Loulso Rlou, May 20, 1013.  When you buy a fine toilet soap think of  the advantages Cuticura Soap possesses ovor  tho most expensive toilet soap over made.  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Alexander in his new sphere  at once found many ways of turning  his expert knowledge to account. On  most farms the workshop contains  simply a bench, a vice, and various  hand tools. Alexander installed a  comparatively complete machine  shop, equipped with anvil, forge, drilling machine, handsaw and steel, iron  and woodworking tools.  This' machine shop lias proved of  invaluable assistance in conducting  the farm. One of Alexander's most  ambitious undertakings is now ne&r-  ing completion. It is a farm steam  engine, with a nominal capacity of  two horsepower, but which actuaMy  will develop five or six. Mounttd oh  trucks it is easily transported from  one- part of the farm to another, attending to such operations as woodcutting and feed-grinding.  Alexander has not permitted his inclination toward mechanics to keep  him away from primary farm work  He has had splendid success in daiiy-  ingf, handling grade Jerseys exclusively. His field crops have been  uniformly successful and his potatoes  are always among the best in the district. The lattei he takes particular  pride in, declaring that Aldergrove is  adapted to spuds as few districts on  the American continent are.���������J. T. B-  in Montreal Star-  THE  KORAN  IN TURKISH  How the Sacred Tradition of Centuries  *     Has  Been   Broken  Nine out of ten foreigners usual i.*.  think of the Koran as being written  in the Turkish language, while, as a  matter of fact, it is written in Arabic  and in Arabic characters. The Turkish*  language, strange as it may seem, has  no characters of its own, and Turkish  A Suggestion in Economy  According to the "Railway Gazette/'  an American railwt.y recently sent a  tiain over its system to collect scrap  material .a; d odds und ends of every  kind, the traia carrying a divisional  superintendent and his staff. SciT.p  and obsolete material was collected  to the amount of 147 car loads, valued  at $-12,000, and after deducting the  cost of- labor. Train expenses, . etc.,  there was a net gain of 539,000. As  showing the conditions; twelve bottles  books are usually printed-with Arabic  or  Greek  characters;   hence   the  e.*r| ~f 7^^*;.;; }ound"aTa "slnaU station  citement m  religious .circles  in   fur-  where one bottle would auffice for a  key on the iippearance of the Koran  for the first time in the Turkish vernacular.  The translation has been done by  Ibrahim'Bey Hilmy, a learned Oriental, who by giving Turks an opportunity-, of expressing their religious sentiments in their own mother tongue,  will doiibtless by suitably rewarded by  both church end state.  The sheik ut^ Islam at Constantinople heretofore prohibited the publication of the Koran' in the vernacular  on the plea "that since no translator  could strictly conform to-the original  he would be{ sure to make mistakes  and those mistakes would be sacrilege.  In this the sheik has usually been supported by the prime minister and the  Young Turks, who, in spite of the libera] ideas on religion that some of  them are known to entertain, cannot  go against popular feeling on so important a matter. But'it seems that  lb,ahim Bey Hilmy, who is master of  both Arabic and Turkish, to say nothing of Persian, Heb-.ew and Greek, has  produced a translation which the lead-  eis of Islam by a. majority applaud.  Thus it is tha*- the'sacred tradition of  centuries is broken-���������Constantinople  Cor. New York Times.  year, and at a lotlier point fifty non-  insulated bridle rods were found at a  station on teiritory which was track-  circuited throughout. Useless at such  points, ;hc :e materials were serviceable elsewhere.  Deafness Cannot Be Cured  fcy local application*, as they cannotTeaeJi tha dlk.  ���������aetd portion of the ear. There ia only one way ta  aura dealnesa, and that la by constitutional remedies.  rJealncaa la caused l}y an Inflamed condition of tha  mucous llnloj of the Eustachian Tube. When thla  tube la Inflamed you have a rumbling found or Imperfect hearlnt, and when lt ta entirely closed. Deaf-  sea la tho result, and unlesa tha Inflammation can be  taken out and this tube restored to IU normal condition, hearlns Trill be destroyed forever; nine case*  out ot ten ara caused by Catarrh, which Is nothing  but an Inflamed condition ot the mucous surfaces.  We wm live One Hundred Doltara for any case ot  Deafness (eausad by catarrh) that cannot be cured  by Hall'a Cat&iTh euro.   Bentl for circulars, free.  7. J. CHENEY & CO..' Toledo. Cs.  Bold by Droxstota. 7Je.  Sake Hall's Family Fllla for eonatlpatlon.  The   Wrong   Man  Pat got -a job iri thc ironworks: Ho  got lodgings in- a bcarding-house���������  where his bedmato was a -'colored!  man.  After telling the landlady -:to v'caLH  him at six o'clock, he went-to, he'd-  His friend came home late that night  and ho thought he would have a joko  with Pat by blackening his ff.ee: '"Pat:  was a little late next, morning,-'and  wishing to be early at his work-'-tho  first morning, lie didn't stop to wash  his  face-  "I'm the man you gave the job:-to  yesterday," he said to the foreman.  . "No," said he, 'I gave It to-a-white  man."  After a hot discussion'the foreman  took Pat-into the office to look';-at?  himself in '.he mivror.  - Pat looked.'and - exclaimed,--'-Be  gorra! and it's the wrong man- she'?  wakened."  The Word "Obey" in Marriage Service  Queen Victoria, when asked whether she would cay "obey," in the marriage service, answered in the affirmative. She was being married "not  as a qujon, but as a woman," which  was strictly truo as she conferred  no rank upon her husband by marriage.  Today   the.-e  is    much     discussion  over this one word in the service of  matrimony.    There are even said to  be some clergymen who quietly omit  it, sometimes at the instance of the  bride,   but  generally  from    a   sense  that it is not quite fair.  !     To quote St.  Paul, the wife,    who  is  to  be  subject  to  her  husband  iu  everything has fcr husband one who  loves  his   wife   even  as   Christ  also  loved  the  chinch,  and  gave  himself  up  for it.    If the husband  promised  to   do  that,   there   would   be  no   injustice in the wire promising to obey.  But  the  marrirge  service  is  a   contract-  In  the   Ronan   order    of marriage  the   man   and   the   woman   say   precisely th������ same words.   In the Anglican service, wheie tho man says,    to  love  and   to   chedsh,"    the'   woman  says, "to love, cherish and to obey."  The question arises, who    inserted  the word "obe>'-' in the marriage service?    Where did ir. come  from? ' A  certain scholar has been set apart to  make   this   inquiry,   and   up   to   date  he. has got, so far as   the Thirteenth  Century,  but  has   found   no  mention  o~ obey in an> church order.  Some day we may find when the  word first made its appearance, and  who was respjnsible  W. N. U. 1012  "Tell me abmit your aunt, old Mrs-  Blank. She must be rather feeb'e  now."  "We buried her last year," said il.*e  other.  "Buried her? Dear me! Is the old  lady dead?"  "Viva: ti.at's why v.e buried her,"  lvas  the response--Tit-Bits.  A   Pre-Rcman   Wall  The Roman wall had a curious, but  little known, p.-edecessor.  Before doing the thing themselves,  the Romans counselled the Britons  to build a wall, witli^the result that���������  "The Britons, wanting masons,  built that wall, not of stone as they  were advised, but made it of turf,  and that so sender that it served  little or nothing at all for their defence and the army '. . . bore  down all that was before them."  The Romans w'ere again sent for,  and though they 'told the Britons  plainly that it- was not for their ease  or leisiue to take upon them any  more such-long and laborious jour-  r'eys for their defence," they built for  them a Avail of hard stone, "the Britons putting to their helping hands as  laborers." - .  Looked  Suspicious  Mayor Mitchell ot New York was  talking about an attack that had  been made upon him during* the  campaign.  ' My accuser," we learn from a  contemporary, "reminds me of Hi  Dcolittle. Hi was the champion liar  of his native village.  "One clay Hi was arrested and  brought before the local just'ee ' for  chicken stealing.  " '.ledge, yer honor,' lie said, 'I  plead guilty on the advice of my  lawyer.'  "Eut the local justice gazed at the  noted prevaricator and rubbed his  chin dubiously.  " 1 dunno��������� I'm afraid,' he stammered; 'I guess���������wal, Hiram, I guess  I'll have to hxve more evidence before I sentence you.'"  . Are the Poor Shiftless  It hurt" me to hear the lone in  which tlie poor arc condemned, as  "shiftless," or "having a pauper  spirit," jiu.t as it would if a crowd  mocked at a child for its weakness, or  laughed at a lame man because he  could not run, or a blind man because  he stumbled-  "Lazy!" Some of them are "born  tired," and enter into life without  their share 0.' \igor or vitality. Some  of their mothers were overworked  and under-nourished, perhaps scrofulous. Some cf them, themselves, are  over-worked and under-fed or have  lost their efficiency through illness or  exposure. And they breathe poisonous air, sleeping ir unventilatrd quarters, six cr twelve in a room. They  drink sewage-poisoned water that  makes people lethargic and dull. ���������Albion Follows Bacon in The Survey.  -    Value of Learning*  Teacher���������I wonder what your mother would say if she knew how back������  ward you are in geography?  Girl���������Oh,, mother says she nerer  learnt jogfry.and she's .married,van*  Aunt Sally says she never learnt-log-  fry and* she's married, and you..aid!  learn jogfry and ^ou-ain't married.  Warts o 1 tlrj hands is a disfigure*--  ment that troubles many ladies. Hollo-  way's Corn Cure will remove-..-.th������  blemishes without pain.  Drives Asthma Like Magic. Theim-  mediate help from Dr: J. D. Kellogg's  Asthma Remedy seems like magic  Nevertheless it it, only a natural remedy used ii. a natural way. The smoke  or vapor, reaching the most remote  passage of the affected tubes, brushes  aside the trouble and opens a way for  fresh air to enter. It is sold by deal-  ers-throughout the land.  Four Suits a Year -  Before foado are full-grown -the"y  often shed their skini;. After thatfoni  suits a year is th.j ,family custom-  When a toad wishes to change", hit  costume he humps i.p his back, prte  his head (low 1 and draws his :feet  under him Stiaightway his old eostf  splits through *'he middle of the back-  Nuxt he pulls iiis legs out, then^ nic  arms, draws his skin into his-mouth,  and by a great, effort.-i swallows it.- Although (he .swallowing process miisl  be unpleasant, it is soon over ".aiifS  the toad finds himself arrayed ir?  bright garments.  Minard's  theria.  Llnin'er.t     Cures     ZXiah  Stiff  Penknife  very   difficult- te  lle���������I love you with all my hea't.  Let me tell you of my devotion���������  my���������  She���������While you are on your knees  would you mind tying my shoe lace,  please?���������Philaddrhia Ledger.  Cautious, at morn, he lies about the  pool,  His rod and line a-swish;  Boldly, at eve, astride a tavern stool,  He lies about his flsh.  500,000,000 Sta.nps for Commonwealth  According to "Colonial Life" it is  the intention of the Australian postmaster-general that the new sixpenny  stamp, which is to bear a representation of a. bov-kaburra as a main feature, shall Ijj printed in ink which  will give nil near us possible the color  of the bird's plumage. It will probably  be a month or two before the stamp,  is available for general circulation.  It is estimated that for, the current  twelve monthp no fewer than 50,000,-  000 starnps w*'.l be required for the  Commonwealth, of which about 400,-  000,000 will te of thc penny denomination.���������Westminster Gazette.  How to Open r.  Sometimes it i"h  open the blr.dr-s of a new penknife. >r  those of one that has not been in-use  ft>r some time. The blades work very  stiffly, and ,ve -ire liable to hreak-our  finger-nails if .we try too hard to raise  the blade with !'. Tbcje is, however.,  a method of opaning a stiff blade that  Is very simple, and at the same time  seems very astonishing if we have  never tried it or seen it done. We  slip a piece of folded paper under* th������  blade, and tha.i, taking the two Haps  of thc paper, we can easily raise- th������  blade without thc blade cutting* the  paper, as we .should usppose it would,  do. Of course, the paper used must  not be thick. 0:ily a thin kind of paper can be worked under the blade, and  a narrow stri) is quite sufficient for  the purpose.  Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.  Once an Inland Sea  It is the contention of geologists  that the Mediterranean was once a  great inkuul sea and that the mountainous rocks separating it from tho  Atlantic were in the course of agei  worn aw.iy by the force of the wat^r.  She���������What in the world makes  broken-down widowers so anxious to  marry again?  He���������Possibly because (hey want to  get  repaired.���������Boston  TranKc::ipf.    '  "How do you like your new flat?"'  "It's .a little restricted," replied'the  patient man". "They won't allow ;yoa  tc raise tjlillclr 511 or pets. They even  complaii? if yo'i raise your voice-."���������  Washington Star;  "Mamma, am I made of dust's  "Yes, my child."  "Well, then, whai road did I come  off of?"  '/��������� \ \V  IK*  ?THE SUN, GRAND FOIIKS., BRITISH COLUMBIA.  rr.vmnmw  The "Omega"  watchmakers  of to-day are  born to their  trade. It is part  , of - their birthright  to ba able to pro-  duca the bent time  piece in tho world.  The. Watch of Matchless Merit."  For sale by-all jewelers.  I    WATERPROOF COLLARS AND CUFFS  I    Something   better   than   imen   nnd   biff  Caundry .btlls      Wast.   It   with   sonp   anil  water. .All  stores or direct.    State style  ond-aize.^. For 250  we will mail you  THE-* ARLINGTON  COlrfPANV   OF CANADA,  Limited  -1    58 Frasar Avenue, Toronto, Ontario  TEETHING  URS. WINSLOW'S  SOOTHING SYRUP  ySED.BY MILLIONS   OF  MOTHERS  FOR.THREE.GENERATIONS  Too Much For the Whale  The Sunday school teacher was making a* review of the  Bible  lesson.  -."Who was the wisest man, James?"  "Solomon.   -  "That's   right    Now,     Frank,   who  jra3-the strongest man'?"'  "Jonah."  "Wrong. What reason have you for  believing- Jonah.. to be the strongest  ���������j?an?"   .-���������  ' 'Causa the whale couldn't hold him  , jfter-it got hint down."���������Philadelphia  "North American.  THE   MYSTERY   EXPLAINED  A" safe and sure medicine for a  3hlM troubled with worms is Mother  Sraves'   Worm   Exterminator.  Punishment in Effigy  Punishment in effigy was legally  practiced- in "France and with great  "solemnity up to" the time of the first  revolution. If the man condemned  escaped a. dummy was put up in his  soil and-, the entire routine of the  iaw allowed to take its course. The  warrant-was read to it, and on the  Uay appointed it was conducted tJ  ihe scaffold in the presence of all  Ihe legal- functionaries and with all  ihe- circumstances of the law. Sometimes the same person was executed  !ki- effigy- simultaneously in several  iities, but tLat did not exempt him  3rom actual punishment should he  '3e afterward caught. The scaffold  was always ready.  Minard's Linirrrnt Cures  Garget in  Sows.      ������  The Chaperon���������Young man, you  iiave your ?jrm ground that young  3ady's waist.  The Young Man���������Thanks! I've been  Srying to-find the spot all evening, but  with these new gowns a fellow hardly  Snows where he's at.  An English scientist sa3's that kiss-  fog tends to alleviate the sense of  omell. Tho man who has had just  one- drink befo: < going home knows  [letter- ��������� -. >  Source  of .Unlirnted   Contributions  to  '     tre  Riches of Literature  He  came  timidly  into  the editor's  office.  .-"Pardon me,'sir, but would you like  an authoritative articlo on the immigration question?"  "That isu': quite in our line."  "How about feminism?"  "Afraid wo* cannot use it."  "Perhaps you would like to have  Wall street-shown up in an inimitably witty and yet dignified and  searching manner?"  "Sorry, but it does not interest bs."  . "Well, say a stirring article on Mexico, giving tlie inside facts-"  "Nothing en  Mexico today."  "Pcrlraps you would like a bunch of  wonderful   short  stories?"  "We are rather long on short  stories."  "Well, how about some prfetical masterpieces? Anything from four cantos  up. You know, they are quite fashionable now. Can let you have a metrical best seller in a couple of weeks."  "I am afraid not. Is there anything  you canno1-, furnish?"  "Nothing sir. Philosophy, histoiy,  poetry, humor���������how about a scries of  snappy articles on health? Perhaps  you 'would like to have your readers  diet by a new system just invented.  It makes no difference, there is-nothing in. the whole range of literature  that I cannot supply you with. Here's  my card. In ease you want anything  let me know."  He got up lo go- The editor smiled.  "May I ask whether you run an  agency or a syndicate?"  "Neither, sir. I am only the proud  father, of a .nineteen-year-old girl who  has' a "talent for literature and has  just been'graduated from an American college."���������Life.  V/. N. U. 1012  German Emperor Patron of Nurses  The versatility of the German emperor., has often been remarked, but  not the least interesting phase, of his  activities is the personal intereat  which he takes In music- This is the  more surprising the ��������� Morning Post  (London) says> for the strenuous life  of the modern monarch leaves but little for the cultivation 9f individual  tastes.  King David, Nero, and King Ludwig  of Bavaria were artists. Henry VIII.  loved music-makings, and played upon  the recorder. Queen Elizabeth encouraged the study - of music among her  people, and was herself an adept of  the concerd of sweet sounds," and  Frederick the Great sought solace  from the aaffirs of state by gathering  musicians around him, playing upon  the flute, and writiug military marches  and other pieces. Frederick, indeed,  stands out as the monarch of the  past who did most to foster a love of  the art. Pie took an active part in the  musical life cf his people, and exerted  a personal influence upon the operatic  performances of his day. His name, in  this connection, is inseparable from  that of Bach.  The present emperor has done much  to maiutain that enthusiasm for good  music which has for so long characterized his people. It is strange to think  of the mar. whom Europe calls a war  lord exhibiting such, zealous interest in  the arts of peace. In his self-appointed role of protector of all..those influences which make the world mere  cultured the emperor reminds lis of  the pictures of j.ncieut warriors with  sword and harp-      ���������..  A. Crustacean Romance  The home instinct-in crabs is" illas-  trated in some cases recently reported  from .England. Several crabs from  Yorkshire, liberated at Skegness, in  Lincolnshire, walked home again: A  most remarkable'case Was that of a  pair of crabs, male and' female, which  were taken in the same trap off the  Yorkshire coast. They were carried to  Lincolnshire, marked, and returned to  the sea at different places along the  coast. In the course of time the  same pair, having found each other in  ihe sea, were captured together a sec;  ond time in a trap at their original  Iiome in Yorkshire.���������British Calforn-  ian.    .'-,'...  The afternoon was warm, holidays  were approaching, and the teacher  was almost worn out trying to drum  the elements of grammar into the  era ramus of her pupils.  "Now, Johnny," she said wearily,  "tell me���������would it be proper for you  to say: 'You can't learn me nothing?"  Johnny looked thoughtful for a  moment, and then replied in a tone of  conviction:  "Yes,  mum." -  The teacher sighed.  "Why, Johnny?" she asked. 'Tell  me why."  And the answer came quick and  pat:  "Cause yer can't."���������St. Paul Dispatch.  On an Ocean Liner  .Table Steward���������The man, who will  sit next to you is a bird doctor.  Old Sport���������Good! Are any of Us  patients  travelling  with  him.  There'* a Time Limit  '. "While  you   were  standing  in  the  doorway,     bidding  the  sweet  you.ig  thing  good   night,  did   it  ever  dawn  upon you���������"  "I see," said the sad young man,  "that Ermintrude has a new motorcar."  "Yes. ii'er papa gave her a dandy,"  gurgled the joyful youth.  . "And how does she like it?"  "She says she is madly in love with  it."  "Another case where mar. is displaced by machinery."  &L  is Clogged ~up  That'* Why  You're  Tired���������Out  of  Sorts���������Have no Appetite.  CARTER'S LITTLE  LIVER PILLS  will put you right  in a lev/ days.  They do  their duty,  Cure  Consti'  pation,  Biliousness, Indigestion, and Skk Headache.  Small Pill, Small Dose, Small Price.  Genuine must bear Signature  Earonet,   But   Never   Used   His   Titla  A curious fact has developed from  the news of the death a few days  ago of a quaint old gentleman known  as Samuel Peel of Middlesex, Eng.  It transpires that he was legally,  a baronet, by right of succession to  his brother, Sir Samuel Peel, Bait.,  who died a few years ago.  / Sir Samuel, who left a fortune of  3(150,000, aud dit-d childless, was the  tiead of the flixi of Peel Bros. &-.C0.,  worsted manufacturers, of Bradford,  Yorkshire, and one of tlie "Jubilee"  Baronets.  Mr. Samuel Peel's title to' the Baronetcy was probably only definitely  known to a comparatively few including the vicar and the stationmaster.  -The old gentleman lived in a semidetached house, with a garden, to  which.ho was passionately devoted.   .  He had a' gardener, an old man,  who lias memories of a kindly old  master, who was, "however, hard to  please; over his beloved garden. He  combined wich his affection for his  garden a last-* for theological study.  He never returned the greelings'of  :wo young men neVt door who wished  him "good morning" on seeing him  in his; garden. Nevertheless every  Christmas he would'invite them into  his house to tea.  Anyone who called to see him,  which was seldom, would be made  welcome, but he would not talk about  himself. ^ ���������'    , "'  Once a week until his health' began to fail he would go .to London,  presumably on business, and then he  would talk to' the station-master,  who occasionally visited him at his  house. On'���������:*. tradesman's account he  would demand or return a farthing as  it was due to.,"cr from-him.  Gossips had' it that-there was a  romantic episode connected with his  life, which had turn ad' out unhappily.  He was very fond of .cats, and kept  no less than seven.' It is said that-his  conversation was most interesting,  and he was a highly-educated man.  Ho was' generous to a degree, ;*.nd  gave freely to charities, and"also was  generous to' children.   ���������  TJie Highest Tunnef  Ever since the discovery of South  America the great Andean chain of  mountains, wh!2h runs from ond to  ���������end of the continent, has formed a  formidable barrier to intercourse between the Rations inhabiting it. Indeed, it has actually been simpler for  people living in tho Argentine to  make long sea voyr.ges in order to  reach their neighbors in Chile rather  than attempt to cross the natural  frontier dividing them. But the proud  Andes have now been subdued by ihe  burrowing through of a tunnel, Lhe  loftiest (of any considerable length)  in the world- This is to be found ou  the Transandine Railway, which runs  .from Buenos Ayres on the Atlantic.to  [Valparaiso, on the Pacific, a distance  of 88SS miles." In ascending the Andes  the track follows more or less closely  the old Andean trail till it reaches  the foot of the Cumbre Pass. He-e,  at an altitude of 10,500 feet above the  sea level, the yummit of the mighty  range of mountains is pierced by a  tunnel just over two miles in length.  It was at once a difficult and arduous ' feat, necessitating the toil of an  army of brave men for several yeu'-s  J iii a region of eternal snow and frightful blizzards. Indeed, this tunnel in  the Ancles lies 1,500 feet higher than  the highest carriage road in Europe  ������������������that over the Stlevio Pass���������and  more than 3,500 feet higher than the  Mount Cenis, St. Gothard and Simplon  Passes. With the opening of the Panama Canal thc commercial importance  of this tunnel can hardly be exaggerated.  OF THEIR HEALTH  Clean Stomach, Clear Mind.���������The  stomach is the workshop of the vital  functions and when it gets out of ur-  der the whole system clogs in sympathy: The spirits flag, tho mind  droops and work becomes impossible.  The first care should be to restore  healthful action of the stomach and  the best piepaartion for that purpose  is Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. General  use for years has Avon them a leading  place in medicine. A trial will attest  their value- -,'���������     -  A girl who saw the Atlantic ocean  for the first time; was standing on the  beach, gazing dreamily over the expanse of foaming water.  "So this is the first time you've ever  seen the ocean," said her escort.  "Yes, the-very-first time."  "And what do you think of it?"  "Ah!" she sighed in    ecstasy,    "it  smells  just  like    oysters."���������National  Food Magazine.  (Judge Lumley Smith, who 'recently  retired from the Bench, tells a story  of two eminent K.C.'s, who happened one day to see a street accident.  One of them seized the other by the  arms and hurried him away.  . "Come away, quick!" he exclaimed.  "We mustn't stop, or they'll make us  witnesses in the case instead or sending us briefs to conduct the action for  damages!"- -Answers.  Anaemia Unless   Checked   Passes   Into  Hopeless Decline  Anaemia is like a spectre that steals  on you unawares and drives all happiness out of existence. It is a thief  that robs you of your life and energy.  Thousands of women iu this country  are the victims of anaemia (that is,  bloodlessuess), '-which spares neither  rich nor poor, young or old. It robs  woman of her health, her vitality, her  beauty���������of everything that gives a  woman her charm. The chief symptoms "'of ��������� this trouble include a distaste-for food, prostrating headaches,  extreme langour, loss of weight, nervousness, pale cheeks, lips and gums,  heart palpitations, dizziness and a  constant feeling of wretchedness.  The only way to effect a cure is to  increase the blood supply���������to make it  pure, rich and red. Dr. Williams' Pink  Pills have saved thousands of young  girls and women from the early' fate  that threatened them through anaemia's ravages, for these pills enrich  the blood, stimulate the circulation,  nourish the nerves, and restore the  energy and perfect health that makfe  women attractive. If you are a victim of bloodlessness in any way, do  not let it run Into a hopeless decline,  but begin the use of Dr. Williams'  Pink Pills today- The following bit  of evidence proves the worth of (his  medicine. Mrs. Maurice Sims, Liverpool, - N-S.',' says: "Dr. Williams' Pink-  Pills -have been a blessing to me.  About two years ago I was so badly  run' down that I had to give up all  work andgc to bed. My husband ;������iid  , pareh'.s'Were much worried about ...me  i as they thougvti: I was going into consumption. The doctor who was attending me changed his medicine several times, but it;did..me no good and  I began to feel very much discouraged myself. One day. a friend advised  me to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills  and I decided to do so. In a few Weeks  I felt much better and I continued  taking the pills for a couple of months  until I was again iu perfect health- I  believe that if I had not taken Dr.  Williams' Pink Pills I would not have  survived, and I shall always be very  grateful for what they have done for  me."  You can get these pills from any  dealer in medicine or by mail at 50  cents a box or six Boxes for $2.50 from  The Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,  Brockville, Out.  "I'm afraid you may think we're giv.  ing you a lot of fish this week, old  man," said the genial host, as they sat  down to dinner. "Thc fact is my wife  lias got hold of what sounds like a.  re.Mly capital device for removing  a lishbone stuck in the throat, and we  want to ;-ee if it works."���������Tit-Bits.  Old Lady in Tram (who has been annoyed by men spitting)���������Conductor, is  It permitted to spit iu this tram?  Conductor���������Belter wait till you get  outside, mum.���������Tit-Bits.  Weedy-looking Youth (to well  known pugilist)--I want to learn the  art of self-defence; it's very difficult,  isn't it?  Pugilist���������Oh. no; quite easy to a  man of your physique. All you have to  do is to l.ecp a civil tongue in your  htad!  Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.  is every woman's right;  but;. many are troubled  with sallow complexions,  headaches, backaches, low  spirits���������until they learn that  sure relief may be found in  OUectiuoiol Special V������ln������t������Wamraw!t!i E������������t7 Bab  ia\i ������Ytrrwk*ro.   1* twnw, 21 cmU  ���������Lady���������N'ow, ���������-���������ubmau, f wish you to  be extremely careful. When you come  to a crossing you must wait until the  policeman tells you to go on; and if  the streets are slippery you must drive  very slowly.  Chauffeur���������All right, mum; I'll be  very careful, mum. And in case of a  haccideiil, mum, which 'ospital would  won like to he took to?  tlie  Paw  Knows  Everything  Willie.���������Paw.      was    Solonicu  smartest man?  Paw���������No, my son. The smartest  man was the fellow who started the  theory that tobacco smoke was good  for house plants���������Cincinnati Enquirer.  Small Roy (whs lms been playing  ball for alx hours)���������My legs ache.  Anxious Mamma���������What have you  been doing?  Small Boy���������I dimno. f did a example on the blackboard yesterday.  Co'ien���������Hands up, or I'll shoot.  Quick-witted   Burglar���������Fifty  dollars  fer de gun!  Colun���������S"\d !���������C.ir :vle.  Even the Laziest- Liver  and Bov/els respond to  the gentle action off  Effer-.  vescenr  At all Druggists and Storoa.  Take   Abbey     Vita     Tablets  for   Sick  Nerves  What Makes the Crest on the Wave?  When the wind blows over the sea  it forms waves that follow on in tlie  direction of the wind. Tho water in  the waves themselves moves really  up and down anj down and backwards  and forwards with a very slight ino*'e-  ment in a forward direction. The  stronger the wind that makes U19  waves, the higher will the crest on  the waves be, the deeper thc hollows  between them, the greater their iength  and the faster will they move forward. The crest is formed by the action of.the wind on the mass of tne'  wave wlie*\ tha wave ceases to move  forward. The movement or the wave  is quite.apart from the movement of  the whole mass of water, as w;e may  see on the surface of a river when tno  wind is blowing against the direction  of the stream. In that case the wind  will .form waves in its own direction.  The same thing may be noticed at  the mouth of a harbor, if the wind is  blowing on to the shore while th������  tide is going out.  There is an Old gentleman in Philadelphia approaching the ninety .mark  who still finds much zest in life, and,  having retained all of his faculties,  he- feels that a few of the physical  disabilities cf age are of small account.  His nephew is a man of small tact,  a fact wh'jch has always aroused the  ire of the old man-  A few weeks before the old gent's  eighty-ninth birthday this nephew,  who had been overweighted with business cares for years, started on a trip  to Europe tha': was to consume a  yea*.  "I have come to say good-bye," :m-  ncunced the nephew to the old man.  "I am starting abroad to be gone a  year���������perhaps longer. I thought I  might never���������wo'.l, you understand���������I  wanted to be sure to see you once  more-"  Whereupon tlie old man leaned forward, fixed his nephew with his beadlike eyes.  "Bill," he said, impressively, "do jou  mean tp tell me the doctor doesn't  think you'll live to get back?"  'fhe pompous judge glared sternly-  over his spectacles at tlie tatteied  prisoner who had been dragged before  the bar of justice on a charge of vagrancy.  "Have you ever earned1'a dollar in  your life?" he asked in .fine scorn-  "Yes, your honor," was .-the response  "I voted for you at tlie last election."  "That's a good idea, ma'am." said  the new servaut, "having thc soda and  water mixed in them bottles with  squirts. I dote the scullery floor in  half the time-, and there's three bottles left out.of tut dozen."���������Pall Mall  Gazette.  Skids���������It's not every one who can  stand prosperity.  Skittles- Particularly if it's so.xe  one else's.  GOOD   CHANGE  Tea and Coffee to Postum  The large arny of persons who ha\*  found relief from mai.y chroni'j ailments by changing from tea and cot-  fee to Postum as a daily beverage is  growing each Jay.  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Time is*,  very precious now, and a 'couple  of  weeks rigorous rifle   practice' before.'  leaving for Valcartier   would   prove  of incalculable value.    There should  be  a  recruiting  station   station   in  Greenwood, or if the  station   is  in  Giand Forks, then' free  transportation to and fro  should   be  allowed  all candidates ���������Pnoenix Pioneer.  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER   li,  1914  Labor conditions in Great Britain  are reported to be good. Both labor  and business conditions will be  good in Canada as soon as the people recover from the hysteria caused  by tbe outbreak of the war.  A city should be not only a  place  of residence, but an   inspiration   to  its inhabitants and a wonhy  object f ^^'^  of civic pride.  Kettle Valley Line  Speaking recently of railway construction in B. C, Premier McBiidr*  said.  ���������'The government has received  the nicPt reassuring reports from the  directing beads of railway lines now  st miction in the pro  vince.    Despite   the   unprecedented  _     .,     ,,     j.     ,-f.*       u      disturbed    conditions   -which    now  Considerable   dissatisfaction   ba*-.(  .                 .       , ���������    ,   ..    r,               ,   prevail everywhere,  J.   J.    Warren,  been occasioned in both  Greenwood!1 / .    ���������'   and Phoenix over  the  apathy  dis  played by the militia department  towards this district as a field for  recruiting soldiers 'for the overseas  expeditionary force. True the order  to bring up the Grand Forks militia'  to full strength has b������en obeyed,  but would it not have been better to  prpsident of.the Kettle Valley line,  ujis able to report to tne the other  day that work is being vigorously  pushed ahead. He an id pa tea that  railways will be. laul and contnet  made in ihe Hope mountains late  this. fall.  ''Steel   has   been    fabricated    for  Don't  wait  too long  to  have  that  reset.   Your diamond "set  while you wait. ll  We'have a.  . nice line of ,,_  - .' mounts infstock now  A, D, MORRISON i%r^otiZl%*cN  ���������., ,    , .        ,.     ...    the budges   over   the   i-iaser   liver,  fill up its ranks to war strength with ������  ....       L , ,   The work on the section of the   line  men   willing  to go  anywhere  and .  , , , .       running over the   none   mouutaiu.-*  everywhere in preference to  making  . " ..,,,,  . , ,    t , ��������� ,    is 80 i-er cent hrushed and the gra.il-  it a sort of home guard,   for   which   . e  ,..,,     -r ,'ing east and west 01   Midway is well  there is at present very little, it any,''    *> J  need,    A few weeks ago  these  two  towns possessed scores of  men  who '  only"awaited the opportunity to en-j  list, but who have now departed forj . .    __  lt 1   .1 1 P. lev,    IS    progres-ing    rapid I v  other towns to  avail   themselves   or |    ��������� ' ^   ������ *       '      ���������  ,,' ..        ,     ���������  j    ,, ���������    j short,    all the    plans    which   were  the   opportunity denied    them    inj ' ^  ,   . . . m 1 ! formulated in the sniing are malur-  their own cities. J bree weeks  ago ���������      ������  a number went to   Grand   Forks   to  I towards completion.  I     ''The   section   of. the    Victoria,  I Vancouver etEistern railway, which  runs from Princeton.to Nicola   V\il-  In  offer their services in   the  over-eas  force, but were told   by   the   nlfirer  ing in the most sa'isfa':torv wiv  The Sun gathers   and    prints   th'  new.*, first.     I' i** not a pirate.  "For All We Have and Are"  Rudyird   Kipling  contributes   the  following poerr to the Londun   Times*:  For rill we have and are,  For all 'our children's fate,  Stand up nnd meet the  wary  The Hun is at the* gate.  The. world has p.i****<0(l away    '  In wanton overt In ow;  There'-*, nothing left today  But steel and tire and woe.  Though-all we know depart,  /The old commandments   stand���������  In coinage keep your heart,-  In strength lift up your hand  Once more we hem- the w rd '  TIihI sickened earth of old.  ' No law except th" s.vonJ.  Unsheathed and urioontioMed.  Oi.ce, more it knits m iiikiud,  Once mote the .nations go  To meet and,break and bind  A crazed and driven foe.  Comfort, content, delight,  The ages' slow .bought aain  They shriveled in a nigh} ���������  Only ourselves remain.  To face the naked days  In silent fortitude.  Through perils and dismay**,  Renewed and renewed.  Though all we may depart,  The commandment**, stand,  In patience keep, your heart;  - In strength light up your hand.  No easy hopes or lies  Shall bring u*. to our goal,  But iron sacrifice  Of horly,.wiM and  vjuI.  -  There's but one.,task for all,  ��������� For each one^life to give.  Who stands if.Freedom fall?  Who dies if England live?  /.   '      W, J. GALIPEAU, MANAGER���������--"*;-.v-..'-/v  Contractors for   Cement   Sidewalk-",   Foundations   arid        '  '���������  _,  '   Basements. ,     .- '*'"' ' '   ��������� : ./:-  Manufacturers of Concrete Fence   Posts -and   Ooiu-iefe      <���������  Building Blocks of every description. .       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Plnintiir  iitfuiriat Juan Helen Miller, Defeiidiuit.��������� K. 2'2o, 1014.  NOTICE OF SALE BY SHERIFF, PURSUANT TO THE  Coti'-isi* Description of Property.  '^  \,  'EXECUTION ACT."  iVistriot, 'I own or  City.  (tiuikI I'Vji-Ics Townsitc,  North Addition.  Number of  Lot.  Lot 13.  Jilock 3.  Map 52.  Dwelling house ft ml  premises in Vlc'orin  Av.,GrnndI,-orks,fl.C  Kstnto or  Interest  I'"ee simple.  Wlintj to bo  .Sold.  1st Oetolinr,  Mill, S p.m.  Where to bo Sold.  .S1 i er i IV' h"0 f lien,  fVmrt'Hotno,  (Jiuiid Forks.H.C  IteKislercd Cliaruos.  .flilO.liO MortRiiKe to ItritimIi Coliirnbin I'm imifieiit  Lomi und SuvIiiks Co., il-itcil 27 Jnniitir.v, 1903, (believed  to havo boon paid olF, but no sa'isfttciion ontnrod).  ���������t-lOdOO Mortirn(re from Defendnnt to I'liiintitT, dated  20th March, 19015, on which Plftlntill' lios obtained  J11 (1 cin p n t,: ��������� - - ���������  -  Amount el  iiidtfipptir  -*82') 110  and   (jO*ts  Hei*()ivn.  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It is  m %&*&&i  the brightest paper in the Boundary country v ���������  I'  11  V  V  THE   SUN,    GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.  1    V������*r  OF THE GITY OF GRAND FORKS  Sale  of Land for  unpaid Delinquent Taxes and  subsequent Taxes -in abueaii  in the Municipality of the  City of Grand Fohks, Province of British Columbia.  T HEREBY GlVE NOTICE that in pursuance of the provisions of the-uMunicipal Clauses Act" and of  a  resolu  I    tion ot  thei Municipal Council of the Corporation of the City of Grand Forks passed on the 10th day of August  '   w nA'n-' \ I '   LWS' 0I\ Mondav- the 14fch daJ of September, a.d  1914,,at the hour of 12 o'clock noon, at the City  ��������� ���������.������ ^rsfc,?tre.eV Grand Forks> B.C., sell at public auction ,the lands,   improvements, -and   real   property  situate  within the Municipality of.the City of Grand Forks'and .hereinafter-set forth, for delinquent taxes and subsequent  ., taxes in -arrear remaining unpaid and payable to the Corporation of the,City  of Grand   Forks   by   the persons   or  assessed ownershereinafter respectively set forth, and for interest, costs, charges, and commission, if the total amount  due is pot sooner paid, for the purpose of levying such delinquent taxes and subsequent taxes in arrear, and interest  charges; and commissions. :  6Victrix English   Bicycles at |9C  Regular Price, S45 JSdfjJ  Each  Name of Assessed Persons.  Description of Property.  Si2_i **  3Q  *S ������ Co  S == Sol  a>tn.Zvt/]  Q  Chappie, George Lot 8, Block 3. Plan 23 '.     ..       S 8140  Cusson, Philip Lot 16, Block 1, Plan 35 ;....;. 6 55  Colonial Loan and Investment Co Lot 5, Block 9, Plan 35  : "��������� 19 35  Disarcy,-Philip -....Lot 25, Block 5, Plan 35 \'....'.'".'" 19 75  Desmazy, R ; ; :...Part Lot 17, Block 1, Plan 35  22.95  Emard, William..-; -. Lot 25, Block 2, Plan 35   22 95  Emard, William Lot 26, Block 2, Plan 35 '  6 55  Farmer, William ." Lot 12, Block.17, Plan 52  37 oo  Grand Forks'Steel Works ; .-..Parts Lots 1, 2, 3, Block 9, Plan 22 6 50  Grand ForksiSteel Works ; Lot 4, Block 9, Plan 22  9 95  Grand Forks Steel Works..."....' Lot 5, -Block 9, Plan 22.....-                ' 25 70  Grand Forks Steel Works ; Lot 6, Block 9, Plan 22...V  100 60  Grand Forks Steel Works..:; ".....Lot 7, Block 9, Plan 22;  " 10.70 ���������  Gendron, Oscar Lot 2, Block 2, Plan 35          '" 15 60  Hill, Geo. H Lot 3, Block 14, Plan 52  ^8 20  Hill, Geo. H:....; '..Lot 4, Block 14, Plan 52  o 20  Hill, Geo. H..- '.....- Lot'5, Block 14, Plan 52..! '. . 8 20  Haverty, Mrs., Estate ....Lot 4;"Block 4, Plan 35  36.95  Jim Yuen& Lira Singh Lot8,Block I, Plan 23  59.60  Lineman & Schmidt....! '...: Lot 33, Block 37, Plan 83  2 45  McArdle,- Jas.... '. Lot 2, Block 3; Plan 52  28 13  McDonald, Mrs., Estate Lot 15, Block 6, Plan 67  8 25  McDonald. ;Mra./ Estate....:    Lot 16, Block 6, Plan 67.:  8 35  McDonald,-Mrs, Estate  l.Lot 17, Block 6, Plan 67 .... 825  McNee, William Lot 23, Block 19, Plan 23  12.90  McNee, "William ...Lot 10, Block 3, Plan 22 '..    . 8 25  O'Donnell, B.......: Lot 2, Block 11, Plan 35  16 20  O'Donnell, B.���������....;. Lot 3, Block 11, Plan 35  10.65  Lane������ F- c Lot 1, Block 3, Plan 52  16 40  White, Henry ;..; .* Lot 6, Block 8, Plan 67  2 95  White, Henry -.; ......Lot 1, Block 13, Plan 35 -. - 9.75  mVfl J, ���������*������  So, 0 C-*.  O ui     S  "2 5"c*.  5*oS-g o  agS-**-*  tS s3~.2 5  o-S^u 3 ^  O  86.05"  2.30  2.95  ���������  3.00  3.15 '  3.15  2 30  3 90  2.3d  2.50  -3.30  7 00  3.50  2.75  2.40     -  2.40  2.40  3 85   -  5 00  2.10  3.40  2 40  2 40  2 40  2.65  2.40-  2.80  2.50  2.80  2.10  2.50  Dated at Grand Forks, B.C.,  this 20th day of August, 1914. "      .,  ~~" JOHN A. HUTTON, , \  ���������  , Collector of. Taxes for the Municipality of the City of Grand Fork,*;'B.C.  Killed on Track  The - first break in the ranks of  West Kootenay'a contribution to the  first'Canadian contingent came pud  denly���������hardly two hours after Cres:  ton's magnificent send:6ff���������arid under distressing.-, circumstances, on  Friday last,-fwben-VV. Lf.Reid,. aged  about-42, was-run., over byv-the westbound-passenger train' a'short -disV  tance'west of Kitchener station,..  The body was rushed to. Greston  and turned over to Capt. Forrester  and Coroner Henderson, who opened  an inquesrhere on Saturday morning, the jury being S. A. Speers,  foreman; S. McDonald, R. Walms-  Hey, James Compton, John P. Ham  ikon, H. Leonard.-'  .  The coroner and  Capt.   Forrester  visited the scene of .the tragedy ,that  evening, and the latter,  along  with  VWCrawford, C.P.R.   track   watchman at that point, Conductor Jackson, Engineer  Brock  and   Fireman  MoLean gave evidence at the inquest.  The deceased was employed  as  a  watchman about three years ago at  the mill at Goat river  crossing  and  was acquainted with Crawford. It is  surmised Reid had gone out on  the  platform  of   the rear car to wave a  farewell to Crawford, whose shack is  at Mile 50, and/sbprtly after passing  that point was jolted off the train.     j  "Beyond being badly stunned  and  shaken up internally he was apparently, not   much   the worse for bis  fall, for Crawford gave evidence that  he saw a man (who turned out to be  Reid) passing along the track while  be   was   busy   in  his shack at the  time, somewhat dusty in aspect but  making good headway and  walking  westward.  At about Mile 60 his dazed condition,; the heat and the exertion  proved too much for Reid and he  sank down with his head on the rail  in a down grade curve on the line,  where it was impossible for either  the engineer or the fireman to see  him until within fifty feet of tbe unfortunate, with the result that his  head was severed from his body,  death being instuntancoua.  Had  the.train been five  minutes  later , in -coming Jalong the" fatality  would have been avoided,- asWatch  man Crawford on his afternoon trip  of   inspection   had  almost-reached  the fatal curve when he had  to. get  off. the track to let the train pass.  '.-The coroner's jury  brought  in  ������  verdict .of: accidental d������?ath and the  body was sent on   to' Grand [ Forks  Saturday' afternoon.    The deceased  was well known there .and was huripd  with military honors "on Monday.���������.���������  Cresto'n, Review.  The Sun only costs-Si a year. - It  prints all the news: ���������.    *���������  woman  When a   woman .sends a tele������rara  she omits all but the "postscript."  FORSALE  WHITE WYANDOTTE J-  The meat breed that lays  persistently.  YEARLING HENS  FOE SALE.  S. G, R, I. RED  March Cockerels, from $2.00 up.  E.E.W* MILLS  GRAND FORKS  B. G.  HANSEN 8 CO  CITY BAGGAGE AND TRANSFER  Buy  Your  GaltC  oa  iOYf  Office 1  F. 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; Canada is Spending Fifty Million Dollars to' Improve Transportation
Facilities���To , Carry Trade From
East and West-
Today Canada is making geography,
not of the ephemeral sort, thai pusses
away in a generation, but of that permanent" and substantial character that
1 will endure tor a century and beyond.
Right in the heart of this North American continent���almost at the doors of
Toronto���Canada is engaged upon a
project magnificent in  its conception.
' revolutionary in its effect, national ��n
/   its  significance.  It  is  this  that  Canada  is. about in  the  building of  the
new \V,elland Ship Canal. -
The*>nppell��Uon,  Welland Canal, is
- pei haps throe-quarters of a century
old. Tho old folks talked of it, every
school child learns of it as part of
the daily curriculum. But, with all
this, how many know that right at
the-threshold of Toronto is geography-
In the making? A nation'is conveig-
ingits wealth, its brains, its muscle, to
overcome the natural obstacle to
navigation' presented in the Niagara
cataract���or 'better to improve the
facilities of the exist'ng gap; to .'n-
sure that the trade of Canada will
floAV east and \ve.:t, and that Canada
herself shall boeome one of the carrier-nations ol' the world.
These are some of the problems involved in -the proposal to build a
new "Weland Shi? Canal and it is to
their soluLion that the gigantic project is now under way-
lt is no idle boast to speak of i.he
construction of the' new canal across
the Niagara Peninsula as one of the
world's gvcatcr.L engineering tasks Indeed, the csi.ima.cd expenditure of
$50,000,000 would be sufficient to
warrant that olaim. But in these
days of groat engineering construction the new We.-iland Canal will rival
ir. its challenge to science the connecting waterway at Panama, where
two ocea.is arc joined, and in its com-
n.ei'cial effioncy to the prototype of
all big canals, at Suez.
There is i romance in the historj
of what  may  be  called  the  Welland
"Canals, and there is the - charm of
fiction in the story.of the .conception,
design and now the construction, of
the greater Welland. For its realization men have striven in the glare of
the nooday and tho quiet of the
night, in the halls of parliament and
in thc secluded purlieus of the council  chambc.
It is a ma'i i: work; it .is a work
for many men;, it is a worthy task for
a nation. The met..'., who ..build those
canals don't figure in digits. Th'-y
compound inciousr.uds.    The faith is
��� given to them to remove mountains
They pick up a railway here and deposit it bodily over there. They compute quantities an.: distances as if the
smallest thing to do was to lift a
great steamship with ten thousand
tons of cargo over a 300-foot hill, and
place  it  on  an   ev?n   keel   25  miles
,  away..' ��� -/ : -,
It is worthy to.note that the directing genius-of the new Welland Canal
' is a pure Canaclian product. Mr. John
Laing Weller '.i> engineer in charge of
survey, design and construction. He
is one cf the increasing .number of
graduates who now encircle the globe
in one branch of the imperial service
or another wh) have brought great
and lasting credit to their alma mater
���the Royal Military- College at Kingston. Mr. Weller was -born at Co-
bourg on February 13, 1862. At the
age of twenty-one he was assistant
engineer on the Trent Canal; from.
1888 to 1900 he; was connected with
the St.. Lawrence Canal system; and
from 1900 to 1912 superintendent of
the Welland Canal. When the serious break occurred in the Cornwall
Canal in 1908, Mr. Weller was called
' from St. Catharines to take charge of
the work. -
The first shovel started to work on
October 3, 1913. and the specifications
provide for the.completion of all contracts in time for the openin-.j of the
��� canal in 1918.
Fifty million dollars is, ��� rough'y
speaking, Mr. Weller's estimate of the
cost of. completing the canal. The
prices so far obtained from the contractors place the cost considerably
below his estimate, and one ambition
thc engineer lias  is    that the whole
��� undertaking may be completed and
handed over to the government within the original estimate.
All the work is being done by contract, except the building of the lock
gates, which are provided by the department to insure uniformity of qual
ily and a lower'price, in view of Ihe
number required. Guard iocks will
be put in at Fort Weller and Port Col-
borne.' Care has been taken to
provide ample safety factors to make
the canal secure against emergencies. Mr. Weller's experience with
canals has enabled him to introduce
into his design many improvements
that will facilitate the ease of operation. The locks, are all of the same
fcize, and the .parts are interchangeable. In the multitude of detail today lie has a vision of the completed
canal, with the products of the
prairies meeting the imports from the
old land; eastern Canada grasping
through its long stretches the hand of
the west in one great national purpose.���Toronto Globe.
Russian  Tailor  May   Not be  Allowed
to Land on Either Continents
-Whether Ike Willis," a Russian tall-
oi, aged 30, will permanently become
a passanger on liners travelling between'. America, England' and Russia
when "he cojies out of an English prison in a. year's time is a matter for
Willis is an undesirable alien, who
was charged at London sessions with
contfaventing' an expulsion order
which had followed his practice of a
confidence" trick. His -counsel, Mr.
Purcell, ��� tcld a curious story about
him. Born in. Russia, - Willis was
brought to England when 2 years old.
He spent eighteen years in this country and most of the remainder of Lis
life he had*been in America. He, had
a wife and two children.
On two occasions he had been sent
to Russia by boat but as he was unable to speak the language the authorities declined to allow, him to land.
The first time he was sent back here
and he had now-returned to see Hi
wife and children and to take tbtem
away. It was difficult to know what
would happen .to- him in the circumstances "and he might permanently become a passengev on liners travelling
between  the different countries.
The unwanted Willis was said to
have been twice rejected by the United States authorities and if the Russians refuse to have him back he
seems destined for a life on the rolling deep unless he obligingly seeks
a watery grave.'
Francis   Denounces    Majority
Teacners as Ignorant
Denunciation of the present school
system uttered by Dr. J. Ii. Francis,
superintendent of schools, Los Angeles, Cal... caused a stir among delegates present at a session of the.
National Education association held at
St. Paul.
"God .bless the girl who refuses to
study algebra, a study which causes
many girls to lose their souls," was
one^of Dr. Francis' statements.  ���
"The average literature teacher has
nb soul and little brain," he continued-
'It is a wicked waste of a child's
life to compel him to study with her.
"Most of cur teachers are selfish
egotists, would-be scholars, hiding behind the word 'conservatism,' afraid
of any new method because it would
show her ignorance.
"Progress, too, is blocked by the
great civic religious and political interests.
"I would rather send my child to a
teacher with a soul than one with
brains whose only object is'to have the
child reach the answer in the back of
the book. ' ,
"Nine-tenths of 'our immorality*is
due to damage done by teachers to
boys and girls before they reach high
Kamloops, B.C , Opens Public Market
The city of Kamloops, B.C., has
opened a public market. On the opening daj; a goodly crowd of citizens
were present early in the morning,
ready to receive "the vendors. But
the -farmers showed less earnestness
than the citizens; the earliest vehicle
was half an. Lour late, and only 16
more appeared in the course of the
day. The market conditions were
such that the demand largely exceeded the supply and the small amount
of produce offered was readily disposed of. This success should encourage more of the surrounding farmers
to take advantage of the market-
White farmers will not compete with
the Chiuese in peddling their produce
from door to door, but might reasonably be expected to meet their customers , at a central market. Kamloops
is to be congratulated on its efforts
to bring customers and producers into ���; direct, contact-with one another,
and this praiseworthy effort should
meet with the success it deserves..
Wants to See the Masses Uplifted by
The Emperor of Germany, who has
shown a warm appreciation of all
kinds oi' sport, believes that the object should be :. physical upbuilding of
the masses rather than an effort to
set new records. In a speech at the
dinner at the Bruns-Buttel-Koog, following the Lower Elbe regatta, the
monarch said that he saw with joy
the earnest accomplishments of the
nation in sport, and continued: "I desire to direct attention to a matter
as to which I believe our nation is on
the right track This iss an endeavor to
confer the chief benefits .of sport upon
ihe whole people, to bring the masses
up to a high plane, and not to sort out
individual, first-class performances
from the dead level, which remains
generally lower."
The Rem-dy For the Many Evils Following   Jeforestatlon   Is  the  Carrying Out of a Policy of Conservation
Under Government Control.
A perpetual timber supply, resulting
from   systematic  methods  of  cutting-
is commonly, and correctly, supposed
to  be  tho  chief  purpose   of  making
forest reserves.
Another purpose, scarcely, if at ail
inferior, is that of regulating theI i*urich! from th water-sheds of rivers, on
which, on account of the fact that tlie
land is un-suitod for farming, through
its being. too poor In quality or too
rocky, or being at too high a level and
so. exposed to frosts, trees form the
most profitable crop.
Forests maintained for this latter
purpose are called 'protection forests.'
Possibly the best example of such a
forest, and certainly the largest protection forest in the world, is the
Rocky Mountains Forest Reserve in'
Alberta, which now has an area of 20,-
896 square miios.
Fortunately the Dominion government early recognized the value of
such , protection forests, and, by tne
creation of forest reserves in the
west, the great rivers of the plains
having, their source in these watersheds were saved from the disastrous
floods, the iOW-watei- stages, and the
filling-up of the river-beds "with eroded soil, so characteristic of the rivers
originating in the denuded water-sheds
of the eastern United States.
In this latter region many, areas in
the  Appalachian    mountains,    which
cover a large part of    Pennsylvania,
Virginia,  the    Carolinas    and    other
States  were van   severely  cut,    and
have been repeatedly swept by lire, so
that   the   forests  have   been  entirely
destroyed.    When rain  falls on such
an.area. tlie wuter runs off almost immediately;  if. on the other hand, the
area   were   covered  with7 forest,   the
soil would he more spongy  and able
to retain water, and the water would
be hindered in running off by the tree-
roots and the  debris on the ground.
Moreove.-, the water,'in its rapid runoff, gradually  takes with it  the soil,'
and where the soil covering the'-rocks
is thin, it is apt to be washed -away
entirely.   Hense there is lost'any possibility of growing a new forest on the
new bare rock. Tne sbi�� carried away
eventually found'.its way to the larger
rivers  and .harbours;'and  did actual
harm   by, silting  these  up.   -The   increased  Irregularity, of flow    in    the
streams���excessively, .-full    in  spring
and as scanty in midsummer���greatly
lessened the value-pf .'the water-power
situated on them., Accordingly an agitation'sprang tip to take.steps to re-
afforest such areas as !above referred
to; and aftor abme years the Weeks
Bill was finally passed in 1911, setting
aside  .Hl.POO.OOO  for  the purpose  of
conserving tlu navigability of, navag-
able streams, by buying up'(and ultimately   re-afforesting     thV-   'denuded
areas  on  imro.'tant water-sheds.-/ At
present over five and  a half million
acres  ih\ tha Apalachians  have vbeen
purchased or approved  for purchase.
The right of the    federal    government to expropriate suchJands by purchase hinged on the power of promoting navigation, given by the constitution.    In Canada the Dominon govern-
met was also &ven the regulation of
navigation by the British North America Act of,1SG7, and it has been suggested that, in those parts of eastern
Canada   where-     waste     water-sheds'5
clearly exert a detrimental influence
on the navigability of rivers, the Dominion government should co-operate
with  the  provincial  governments    in
there establishing and conserving forest growth. Such a water-shed is that
of the. Trent river, where, according to
a report lately issued by the sconimis-
sion of conservation, as the result of.
repeated fires, about 150,000 acres are
practically desert land. The Trent valley canal wbich  Rasses  through  this
region,  has -already  cost the  Dominion   government   upwards  of  $10,000,-
000, and, as above report points out,
the re-eslablishment of a forest cover]
on   the   deunded  water-shed    for  the
conservation of  water-supplies is one
of paramount importance to the canal.-
The remedy for thc many evils following    deforestation    as pointed, out in
this  report if  the  carrying out of a
policy  of  conservation  under  Dominion, provincial or municipal control.
Says Canadian  Soldiers Can  Readily
Adapt Themselves to Conditions ,
"The minister of militia should be
well satisfied with the manoeuvres
this year, for they have.been productive of many- Interesting lessons," declared Lord Brooke in an interview.
He commanded the Petewawa camp
and afterwards inspected the Maritime camps.
���"The /Canadina soldier," added
Brooke, "leads a more strenuous life
and'therefore can adapt 'himself more
quickly to the conditions of military
service than tlie European. I was
most favorably impressed with the
spirit of the troops and the genuine
hard work done during the time they
were in training.  '
''The mobilization of- thirteen thousand men at Petewawa in so short a
time could not have been possible
except for the complete harmony existing between the railways and the
mobilization staff. Col. Hughes is
doing his best by means- of cadet
movements, drill halls and personal
influence to keep in close touch with
the needs of the militia,- and thus
building up an efficient force.
"The system of interchange of
imeprial officers inaugurated by Col.
Hughes has proved most useful in
bringing about an exchange of ideas
and a co-operation that must result
beneficially to the empire as a whole.
The presence or H.R.H. the Duke of
Connaught and Sir Robert Borden
at Petewawa- did much to stimulate
the interest of the' troops in their
Alleged     Auto     Delivery  Scheme   For
Prairies   by   C.P.R.
The C.P.R. is repoited to be arranging for the adoption on a large scale
of a system of supplementary transportation by motor wagons in tho
prairie provinces which will practically bring tho railway to the barn doors
of every farmer in its territory. Every
freight station will be made a depot
for a "fleot of motor wagons, of a
type speci Hy Revised for this service, the nu'.'.iber varying according
to'the .size an:1 importance of the district served. It is expected that im'"
portant stations will have from 12 to
a score' of thocie cars in service.
The cars, which, owing to the nature
of the prairie-territory, will not have
to negotiate any r.eavy gradesvara designed to carry about one-sixth of a
railway-.carload of merchandise and
are particularly .-.dap.ted for the trau&-
port-bf grain- The chief importance
will,- of course be in connection with
the moving of graii-. harvested in autumn but the belief of the authorities
is that stiff icier-1 service can be made
of cars for Jclivsring supplies to farmers and so assisting in the establishing of homesteaders on their  .land pp
IWirelesi Service For Operating Trains
Is Now no Longer an Experiment���
Communicating  With  Moving Train
Will Prevent Wrecks.
Since   the 'first   wireless   telegraph
message from a moving train" to a fixed station was flashed from the fast
Lackawanna Limited to Scrautou.'Pa.,
the improvement of the wireless service between  trains and  stations for
commercial.-.a!)*-!-, operating    purposes
has  been   steadily  going  on-     L.  B.'
Foley, the Dackawauna's superintend-
er.-l of  telegraph,  who originated the
idea of the train "wireless system and
has  been' in   charge of the  tests, ia
making  satisfactory  experiments    in
fields hardly thought of when,the new
vse of wireless was first conceived
The latest accomplishment is the
setting of signals by wireless from a
moving train or from a'fixed wireless
station.' Foley says [hat there is no
longer any doubt that the -wireless
can be depended on for this signal
service.- If aa operator at a station,
he says, wants to set a signal for a
moving train not in communication
with him he can cause the semaphore
blade of the signal post to rise or fall
ac he wishes by simply'sounding the
proper dots and dashes on his key.
"Signals can be sent by wireless,"
said Foley, "as easily and as surely aa
they are now sent by electricity conducted by wires. We have'a selective
device by which an operator can get
a signal at any point if he has occasion
to Hag a train.
"This means that if any mistakes
are made in the orders issued to engineers and conductors, at stationsbr
in the case of an emergency in which
a train must be stopped to avert an
accident the station operator can signal the train as certainly as if he had
direct wire communication with some
cne on board.
"Another valuable use to which the
wireless controlled signals can be
put," said Foley, "is the handling of
freight trains on long runs. At present a through freight must make many-
stops between its starting point and '
destination, so that orders and % Instructions concerning right of way
can be deli/ered to the conductors,
but these frequent stops are a source
of. expense: and delay which will bo
abolished by the wireless telegraph.
"Keeping trains in motion for long
distances without stops will result in
great economy of operation," said
Foley. . "Railroad operating officials
know how expensive it Is to start and
.���0 ��� ..���..*...,..-���^.o uu limn   vi;ui-i he i stop beaw  freight trains, the.   add!
to justify keeping'them in service all .Winnai nnc*- ~f f..-.! *.-i��- "���--"-��� ��
the year round Otherwise it is evident that the *n.'estment would hardly
be' justified.
"What  is  proper to   serve   with   a
Club sandwich?"
"Oh, Komdthlng with a stick In  it
Sir William Osier Startles a Big
Audience   at   Leeds  Conference
Sir William Osier, Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford university,
startled the huge audience attending
the conference of the Association for
the Prevention of Consumption by telling them that they were practicaliy all
tuberculous.   He said:
"If with the aid of radiiim and a
microscope"I could look at the chests
of the audience I am addressing, in
00 per cent, cf you I should discover
a small focus or area of tuberculosis."
Sir William demanded, in the interests of the state, the establishment of ri;;id con'.rcl over consumptives.
Canada Sent J A Ruddick to Meeting
in Switzerland
Mr. .T. A. Ruddick, Dominion dairy
commissioner, has returned from attending the cessions of the International Dairy Congress at Berne, Switzerland- The congress is held there
tri-ennially and gathers together the
ir:ost eminent f.airy experts of all
parts of the wcrld.
The delegates were given a very
hearty welcome at the capital or Alpine republic . nd the addresses w~-re
replete with the latest and best of
scientific prepress in dairying. The
addresses wciv read chiefly in French
but some we>-<- giv-en in German and
other-; in English.
Soap Plant for Coast
. The Royal Crown Soap Works, Limited, said to be controlled by Lever
Brothers, proposes to spend $250,000
on a new soap n-aking plant on Bur-
rard Inlet In Bnrnaby, a distance cf
nbout live ncilcs frcm Vancouver.
Royal Commission Proposals Accepted by Department of Justice
Reforms in the administration of
the /Kingston penitentiary suggested
by"; the commission which made an extensive investigation into the subject
are beng put into effect by the department'of justice. Any system inaugurated 'with Kingston will, of
course,/be-'applied to the other penal j
institutions. '
-Convicts at Kingston who used to
have on Sundays their last meal of
the day in the r��arly afternoon are to
have an evening meal. While knives
are not to be allowed, a new kind of
spoon and fork will7 be furnished.
The system of. tubbing and hosirg
is to be abolished or be very sparingly resovted to, and in addition to
the resident physician a visiting
physician is likely to be engaged for
the different institutions. There
have also ber-n a number of changes
in the staff at Kingston. '
The commission suggest more outside work for (he convicts, such as
farm labor and particularly recommends that the manufacturing operations be extended so as to include
manufacture of things such as furniture, etc., required in government departments. This is recognized as a
large question- which would require
very careful consideration before being made effective.
Switzerland   Produces   More   of   Drink
Than Any Other Country���
Ravages in Morocco
A craze for absinthe is spreading
ali over the continent nnd to England. The sal > of absinthe is rigorously forbidden in Switzerland. The
curious thing is that Switzerland is
the largest producer of absinthe in
Europe, and every drop is exporied
under fuil official control. The absinthe to be procured surreptitiously
in the Swiss cafes is smuggled through
from France.
In Morocco )hr- absinthe craze has
become so bad that the Sultan has
prohibited its manufacture, sale or
importation- This decree was made
at the request of General Lyautey, the
Frtmch president in Fez. All travellers
agree that the effects of drinking absinthe in Morocco are appalling. Caravans have been described as laden
with absinthe, carrying it from the
coast to the interior.
tional cost of fuel with the attendant
pulling out of drawheads and the wear
and tear of the equipment being no
inconsiderable items - in themselves.
With direct communication with a
train and the ability to set and release
signals by wireless, dispatchers can
keep in touch with conductors and
make the stops needless- The wireless
permits the dispatcher to board every
train and deliver his instructions as
surely as if he handed them to ihe
conductor in a sealed envelope.   '
"That the wireless service for ordinary operating: purposes is no longer
an experiment is proved by the fact
that the Lackawanna has already depended upon it when wire communication was cut off. Recently, when a severe storm put all telephone and telegraph lines out of commission in the
mountain division of the Lackawanna
railroad, all train orders were handled
by wireless between Scranton and.
Binghampton for two hours during'
which fifty-four orders were transmitted." ���   -.-.-���-.���
"Communication by wireless teie-^
graph to and f.'om fixed stations "with
moving trains is no longer an uncertainty," Foley said. "Railroads . can
now go ahead and install the service
without any fear of failure. The service can be put into operation without
increasing the train crews."
Commercial telegrams have already
been sent from the Lackawanna Limited and a set of regular toll rates i��
now being prepared by the railroad
and telegraph compa-nies.
Lord  Wlmborne  Sells  Estate
Lord Wlmborne, who brought back
the polo cup from America, has sold
bis Cardiff estate In South Wales for
Remain Member for East St. Pancra9
Joe Martin stated that he sails on
the Aquitania .soo:i to reside permant-
ly in Canada. He will remain the
member for Eust St. Pancras, however, until the general election A certain amount of friction has existed for
some time between Martin and his
political chiefs and his section supporters Li the constituency over the
independent attitude he adopted over
certain questions, notably when he
voted against the government over the
.Marconi   revelations.
Must Not Drink
Mayor McVeity of Ottawa has ,'s-
sii.L-d an order to the heads of the
civic departments instructing them to
notify their various staffs that drink-
ins will not hereafter be counteiiaced
among employ-.-ec of the corporator
His worship's mandate states that any
employee or head of department who
enters a public drinking place or,barroom will be penalized. The order it
[in effect whether tlie employee is oo
or off duty.
Capital Crimes and Foreigners
The dr*gree to which foreigners are
responsible for capital crimes in the
Dominion is indicated by the fact that
of 11 df-ath sentences recently befor*
the Justice department, there was not
a Canadian or British subject In 1d��
JSuL THE   SUN, -GRAND -FORKS,   B.C.  IEWS OF THE CITY  L. Waland, of Greenwood; E.  Echaperd,of Carmi,and R. Demasse,  of Westbridge, all French reservists,  left Grand Forks Monday noon for  the front. They travelled via Montreal. All three are property owners  in the Boundary, and one of them is  married and has a wife and two  children.  Tuesday from England. The weight i exhibition  of the entire elock, boxed, is 2960 show this  pounds, the bell" atone weighing  800 pounds. The clock is now being assembled, and in a few days it  will be in place ready to announce  the correct time of day to 'our citizens.  'grounds! ; The night  year at the" fair will be  t'ikeh-care of by the,Irwin Bros.,  of Cheyenne/ Wyoming, who for  years have put on the famous frontier days show in the middle.west.  The clock for the clock tower in  the new federal public building in  this city arrived   in Grand Forks on'! front  Real wild west will be given the  visitors to the Spokane Interstate  Fair, September 12 to 20, when the  150 cowboys and hoises and 200  head of steers, buffalo and other  animals direct from the plains of  Wyoming begin pulling stunts in  of   the big grandstand on the  eaver JSoard *xt Time  Tt will save all the - muss and litter of Lath, Piaster and  Wall Paper. Ifc permits more~beautifuI interior designing  in the most modern style. It never cracks or deteriorates,  and needs-no repairs.  BEAVER BOARD  For Walls     >.  and  Ceilings  Braver Board is very quickly and easily put up; makes a  house warmer in winter, cooler in summer; is painted, doing  away with unsanitary wall paper, and has many other advantages.   Let us show you .samples and tell you all about it.  MANLFS HARDWARE  The  "BRIGHTEN-.UP"  Store  NEW  HARNESS   SHOP  I have re-opened a harness. shop at my  old  stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture  Mpw H^rn^cc and  do a11 ^inds of  l^ew Helm CbS harness.repairing. All  work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.     - .  /\������       f\  ecne  Here We Are !  Your Six Friends,  Robin Hood Family^  Robin Hood Flour  <t  tt  tt  tt  Oats  Porridge Oats  Ferina  Graham  Whole Wheat  Let Us Lighten  Your Household Duties  For Sale bjl  JOHN DONALDSON  PHONE 30  Everything to Eat and Wear  Real Estate Investments  and Business Sites  Insurance in  cy4.ll Its Branches  Boundary Trust ������&  Investment Co., Ltd.  Established 1901  First Street  The department of agriculture at  Washington announces that the  sprinklingof a small amount of ordinary borax every day on household and stable refuse effectually  prevents the breeding therein of the  common housefly. The remedy is  cheap and easy enough to be used  by everyone.  Jamps Kempson, of Phoenix,  spent a few days in the city the first  of the week, tbe guest of Mr. and  Mrs. Percy Andrews. Mr. Kemp-  son, who has seen actioe service ,ih  the Soudan and South African wars,  may join the Grand Forks' Sharpshooters.  If You Wjsfa'to Help tklW Buy  . '-Earrtera Milt.  ,  If you wish'.to; BUILD JJP -BRITISH  COLUMBIA buy B.C. MILK.' B.C. Milk  has the NATURAL FLAVOR. 'Use it in  cooking and baking in place of raw milk���������  you will be delighted with the.results.  Try this recipe for Cream Salad Dressing:  Two eggs, ������ cup B.C. Milk, ������ teaspoon salt,  a little cayenne pepper, \ teaspoon powdered  mustard, \ cup vinegar; mix in bowl, place  bowl in hot water andf cook until creamy.  A demonstration of how to properly fill a silo will be given by a government expert at the Riverside  Nurseries on Tuesday, September  15. All ranchers are invited to attend the demonstration.  Nearly everybody refrained from  engaging in laborious work on  Labor day, but. that was the - only  manner in which the day was celebrated in the Boundary. Everyone  made it a rest day.  Here is a story which occurred in  a Greenwood home,and it is original  as it^is true. A mother while -serving dinner to the family remarked  that the-meal was fit for the king.  Whereupon one of the children immediately exclaimed, "God save the  king."���������Greenwood Lfdge.      ���������. "    .  The localorganization of W.C.T.U.  is sending out' letters to numerous  ratepayers urging them to use their  influence -with the commissioners  against the issuance of a wholesale  liquor license.  vThe. beneficent ��������� rains 'during the  past \veek have aided materially in  extinguishing the forest fires in this  vicinity, a"it-d a number of fire  era have returned to the city.  grain, dor would he feed" them on  grain and then.turn them' suddenly  out to green clover or alfalfa. - Stock ,.���������  must become accustomed to "changes.  It is advisable for every stockman  using tne-range to study the various  types.of forage within'.his allotment,  and in particular the effect upon the  sheep-of a change from one-' kind oT  Relative to the 400 sheep grazing foraSe to another. J. By careful graz-  on the national forest near'Or'ent j"gt������ prevent thesp.sudden changes,  that were found dead one morninjj ln88e.8 F^cn as thafupoh the Colville  not Ions ago, after a careful investi forest may be avoided,  gationby the forest service,- ��������� reveal.*  the'fact that'death was due to a aud-     . Highest' cash prices paid  for .old,  den   change   of   forage and 'not to ^ve8,a.nd ,R^es-  E.-^ Peck ham,  ,        ,        -     ,      ���������              Second hand Store,  poisoned weeds, says  the   Republic     -    Journal. These sheep had Been graz-'    Take your repairs to Arinson> .shoe  ing.for three weeks on soft  feed   on  repairer.    The Hub.     Look   for the  higher altitudes, and were suddenly Big Boot.      - '  turned   into a portion of the range      ������*   , , ,A ���������������    ���������    ..     *. ���������..    *  ,..'.,. ,   .      ������        Model 10 Remington typewriter for  covered with ripe lupine and   aatra-  SilIe. machi���������eonly used a. short time,  galus,    the   latter a  species,of loco  Enquire Sun office.  weed. No stock man or farmer would    think of taking stock   off   of.green      The Sun  is  tbe  best newspaper  clover and feeding them -heavily- on   value in the Boundary country.  fight  M P. Weiherell, who ba*< been  connected with^'the. Empress theater  in this city for'over a. year, left on  Monday for Rossland, where he will  operate the Rex theater.   -  Eugene'Fferrick, the fruit grower,  left the latter partof last week" for a  trip to the prairie provinces to investigate the fruit market.-  The bank at Marcus was robbed  of 86000 on Saturday night last, the  thieves making a clean get-away  with the money.  The floors are now being laid in  Dr. Kingston's new concrete block  hospital on Winnipeg avenue.  urnitore  F. J. Lake is building a neat one-  storey residence in the rear of his  studio on Winnipeg avenue. -  Dan McKinnon made a business  trip to Orient the first of the week,  returning home Tuesday.  <I When in need, of an odd piece of Furniture for any. room in the house, you can  save money by purchasing from us.  ffl We carry the most up-to-date stock of  . House Furnishings in the Boundary, and  you are assured of the same careful consideration at our store if your purchase  is small as you would receive if you were  buying a large order.  ���������M We vvould^like to call your attention  especially to our Floor Covering Department. Our stock is new and up-to-date  and the range of patterns and desit is is  second to none.  Woodland & Quinn this...week re  ceived a large shipment of toys and  other Christmas goods.  Al. Traunweiser has completed a  S600 concrete silo on his ranch a  mile south of the city. ���������"'   ; .,  Judge    Brown's    new   $6000 resi  dence nn Winnipeg  avenue   is   now  being plastered.  The new post office building in  Greenwood will be completed in a  few da vs. -  Harry Eiireby returned on Saturday from a vacition trip to Eng  land,  C. H. Kerman returned on Saturday from a business trip to Spokane.  Business   is   said   to . be good in  Rock Creek and Midway.  The  military   tacticians   are   increasing in the.city.  J. L  Manly, of  Myncaster,   was]  in the yesterday.  Cf] n     If the Cash on- Delivery System is in use In your aoAntry, then you need  i Ui Ub   send 10|- for cither two Kings you select, nnd pay balance whori you receive  Kiiiirs. MASTERS, LTD., RYE, ENG.  riot  the  mtammmsmm  fflm^EEBIBBBBMBBMBB&M


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