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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Mar 2, 1917

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-Ke.ttle Vallsy Qrcharclist
GRAND FORKS,  tt   C., FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 1917
$1.00 PER YEAR
/, j-i-
Cost of Running City G-ov-
erDraent  During   Year
Placed at $62,359
Mayor Acres and all the aldermen
with the exception   of   Aid.   McCal-
were   present   at  the regular
l n m
meeting of tbe city council on Monday night..
A letter from Secretary Hull reported that the school board had
received the government grant of
$90 for the school gardens, and the
board turned the cheque over to the
city. An agreement, tbe secretary
stated, had also been reached with
townsite company whereby a site for
the proposed new high school,alongside the public school, consiting of
three and one-half acres, could be
secured for $2500, and he asked
that the sum of S500 be placed in
the supplementary estkna'tes for the
initial- payment of same.    The  re-
-port was accepted and -the amount
ordered placed in the estimates.
H letter was read from the Pen-
ticton board of ��� trade, acknowledg:
ing the receipt of the notification that
-Mayor Acres would be the delegate
from Grand Forks to attend the iu-
terprovincial highway convention to
be held at Victoria.
A letter from J. E. Thompson, M.
P.P., expressed pleasure at the appointment of Mayor Acres- as delegate to the iuterprovincial highway
Mayor Acres reported having- re
.ported having received a letter from
Hon. Martin Burrell, in which the
minister of agriculture ��� urged the
people to engage in market gardening on city lots. The mayor suggested ,the city offer its vacant lots
to the citizens who might wish to
use them for that purpose. The
matter was referred to the parks
: committee.
The financial statement for the
past year was read by Auditor McCallum. The assets for the past
year show an increase of 317,570
over those of the previous year.
The report, was ordered printed.
The chairman of tbe finance committee reported that his committee
had approved the following estimates:
Finance committee  S26,G-I1 GO
Board of works  3,000 00
Fire department .'  1,000.00
Water department  '2,475.00
Kloetiie department  S,500.00
Health and  relief \... 1,000.00
Police ifnd license coiii'n.. '2,100.00
Ometery committee  150.00
Sobools  17,133.01
���*��. ��� be placed in the supplementary es
limates for the initial payment on a
high school site. The report waa
adopten. ���  .. .
��� Tbe finance committee reported
that it could not see its way clear
at present to recommend a grant to
the patriotic fund, but hoped later
to be able to make a donation without increasing the taxation:
The council decided to defray tbe
expenses of the delegate to the inter;
provincial highway ��� convention  at
The chairman of the board of
works reported that the following
tenders had been received for lumber in carload��lots: Cascade Mills,
817.50 f.o.b. Grand Forks; liepub
lie Lumber Co., $10 rongh, $11 surfaced, f.o.b. Republic; Robert Gaw,
��15 f.o.b. Kettle Valley station; Allen .& Morris,' SI4.50 f.o.b. Kertle
Valley station. On motion of Aid.
Schnitter and Sheads, the tender of
Allen & Norris was accepted.
The chairman of the health- and
relief committee repeated a case of
destitution in the West end.,
Mayor Acres reported that the
police commissioners had decided
to ask the council to recommend to
the lieutenant-governor in council
that tbe salary of the police magistrate be reduced to a nominal sum.
On- motion of Aid. Schnitter and
Harkness, the council decided to
comply with-the request, and also to
suggest to the lieutenant-govnernor
that the salary be fixed at $25 per
mouth. ' '
The annual meeting of the Grand
Forks Liberal association, in the
board of trade rooms Wednesday
night, was very largely attended.-
Owing to the unavoidable absence
of President McCallum on account
of illness, Vice-President Bonthron
The election of officers resulted
as follows: President, E C. Henniger; vice president, John Donaldson; treasurer, John Wright; secretary, Frank Miller; executive, B
Lequime, Francis Miller, Frank Latham, Ed Hardy and P. H. Don
aldsori." ���"..'������'
Alter the election    brief speeches
wert made    by   the   newly   elected
officers.    President    Henniger   eu
logized the retiring officers. A short
business session   was also    held before adjournment. ���   ���
New Features Will Be Added to the School Garden-
'  ing This Year ���
This year the board of trustees
and the staff of- tbe public school
intend to enlarge -the usefulness of
the rural science studies, and in addition to the regular school gardening as carried on last year, they
are offering assistance and guidance
to the pupils in carrying out a few
of the supplementary home projects as suggested by the department of education.
While the work is in no way compulsory for the pupils, many intermediate and senior students have
already expressed a desire to undertake such projects. ' Boys will un
dertake the care, feeding and management of chickens, laying hens^
young farm -animals,, and dairy
cows; the care of home lawns or
flower plots, and the collection of in
sects, plants and seed3. The. girls
also will undeatake some of these,
though many desire to follow the
canning, cooking and sevvingconrses.
Lessons in plain sewing' .will* be
given by" two of the staff once a week
to those pupils wishing to avail
themselves of the privilege.
Pupils will be required- to keep
records of their work, so that it may.
be carried on intelligently, and in
all of the projects the two aims���the
educational aud: the economical���
will be kept clearly.in mind.
In the autumn, when, the work js
completed, tbe best products in both
classrooms and rural science will
assembled for an exhibit.
divisiox. v.
Francis Crosby, Alphon.se. Galipeau
Horace Green, Hardy Griswold, Lem
John, Ruth Larama, Dorothy Latham, Vera Lyden, Anna Marovitcli,
Clarence Mason, Ethel Miller, Elsa
Morel la, Hilda   Smith, Clare  U'llen.
division vi. '
Herbert Clark, Gertrude Cook, Dorothy DeCew, Fred Galiueau. Lizzie
Gordon, Edna Lu scorn be, Kenneth
Massie, George Manson, Ivan Morrison, Lloyd Quinlivan, Waller Rash-
leigh, Emcr-son Reid, Bertie Scott,
Hazel Waldrou, Mildred Wetherell.
divisiox viz.
Janet Bonthron, Edith Eureby,
Frank Gordon, Fdna Hardy, Dorothy
McLauchlin, Pulina Mohler, Louis
OTveefc, Henry Reid, Peter Santano,
Elton Woodland, .Vera McAllister.
division viiit *
Newton Chapman, Dorothy Davidson, Edgar Galipeau, Dorothy Grey,
Paul Kingston, Francis Larama,
Blanche Mason, Marion McKie, John
Santano, Fay Walker, Kathleen Wilkinson.
Theodore Asismus, Emmet Baker,
Eugene Fitzpatriek, Frank Griswold,
Neville Kirk, Joyce Kirk, John
Kingston Marion Korby, Donald Mc-
Kinnon, Clarence Truax, Ellen
Walter Manson, Bonnie Chapman,
Eric Clark, Edmund Eureby,Clarence
ICstimatcd receipts    70,310.10
Kstirnated expenditures.. 02,050.70
The  following   is   the
mini m in u
TL following is the list'.of pupils
of the Grand Forks public school who
have beeri neither/ late nor absent during February. Measles is the chief
cause, of the poor showing: ..-     .
Hope JJenson, Wilfred Bro*v/i,
Dorothy Burns, Helen Campbell, Bernard Crosby, Merle Herr, . Mildred
Hutton, Cecelia Lyden, Loretta Ly
doti, Abram Mooyboer,Robert O'Con-
neil, Vernon Siddell, Frances .Sloan,
Mary Stocks
Teddy   Cooper,    Howard    DeCew,
A. shipment of ten tone of.ore from
the Voigt property, near Princeton,
was made last week to tbe Green
wood smelter. The ten tons were
made up of picked samples, and the
ore was shipped by express. It is
said that the $3,000,000 with New
York capitalists now pending hinges
largely upon the result of this smelter test '..    [
W. R. Henderson and Dr. Rutber
ord head the syulicate.' Emil Voigt
owns the property.
The Voigt property on Copper
mountain is among the-best known
non producing mineral claims in the
province. It is nearly fifteen years
since E.mil Voigt located his first .
claims ou that mountain, and since
that time he has gradually^ been
adding to his holdings until now
there are about fifty claims. Upwards of 850,000 has been spent iu
exploration work consisting of dia
mond drillidg, shafts, tunnels, open
cuts, pits, etc, so thai some large
bodies of low grade ore have been
feirly well proven. No shipments on
a large scale bavej been made, but
test shipments have been sent out
from time to time.
Many deals for the property have
Well  Known - Speakers  on
Farm Topics Here Next.
Thursday and Friday
The spring meetings of the Grand
Forks Farmers' Institute will be
held in this city on Thursday and
Friday, March S and 9. On the program as speakers for the first day,
at 8 p.m%are W. E McTaggart and
M. S. Middleton. The former will
speak on "Advertising and Marketing Fruit," and the latter will take
for his subject, "Control of Apple
Scab." On Friday, at 1:30 p.m.,
Dr.aA. Knight will speak on "Live
Stock Diseases" "and H. E. Upton
on "Poultry Raising."
Everywhere one   hears, and   par-   .
ticularly the man on the, land,   that
greater production is necessary if we -
are to lower the cost of living.    The
Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George, in an
address a short time ago, asked   the
farmers  of the  empire to put forth
every   effort   to  produce increased
crops this year.    The Hon.  Martin .
Burrell  only  a   few days ago made
the same appeeal to the  farmers of
���  That the farmers of   British .Col-
umbio will do their share   there,  is
uo doubt, but perhaps some are not
a-   familiar   with   some   phases  of
farming and fruit growing   as, they
should like to be.   To   help farmers
and fruit growers to overcome their
difficulties, the department of agriculture, in working with the College
of Agriculture of   the University  of
British Columbia, has  arranged an
itinerary    of   meetings   throughout .
British Columbia where members of
the two staffs   will   talk on  agricultural matters.    The speakers are all
experts in their own particular lines
and are speakers of no mean degree.
W.'E. McTaggart, prairie markets commissioner, whose office is
in Calgary,- will tell of the prairie
markets for fruit. He will also talk-
on advertising and what was done in
1916 to advertise British Columbia
fruit throughout western Canada.
H..E. Upton, poultry instructor,
will talk* on poultry matters. Mr.
Upton has bad many years' experience and is an authority on this
phase of agriculture.
M, 8. Middleton, district horticulturist for the Kootenay, will .deal
with'  horticultural   questions   with
i ��� l     ���        .        a i    At red Downey, Hay   rorrestei-   .'liir- i . , .     .,     ,    . .. ,,,. x
and maximum tern pen, tu re   qr each ��� ���        ��� Alice Galipeau, Corona \ been re��,orU'd m the laat teW   } earbl   *l��"ui reference to apple scab.    Mr
day   during   the   past, week, as re.  j ��� ,  ��      M        ^, 8ome of these were started but bone j yiddiU)1;   u,m   b(i ,isU.necl to with
-jorded by the government thermom * .      ��    ,..."    ������       .^ ,1.,-���1,���.,.r(.-mIinFtini.itn(i  .iithoimh in   ��� ���    ���        >      '   .    i    .
,.o, ������ i^   i.'   r D< ,.,������i��� Mieiieiier, Jennie   Miller, Antoinette , *.\eie e\ei consummated, althougn in ; jntercsit  as he ls a close   student   ol
.,,        .Seliltehe, Muriel .Spniggett. ,.Uch succeedinj' deal more work was I f_,.u    _nC!fd   nn.i    u���M   ���;,.pn   much
Kstirnated surplus S 14,250,-10
The chairman reported that during the piiat year all the committees
had kept within their estimates with
the exception of the water and
commute'', which
a [/propria tion by
March 1 -Thursday    2 1
Feb.    2:3���Friday	
2-1��� Saturday   ..
' Max.
:. 3.0
.Sehliehe, Muriel Spniggett.
Oi villo Linker, Mary Beran, Randolph Davis, Marjoi-ii! Keron, Xellio
Mills, David McDonald, Flora McDonald, Gladys .McLauehlnh,William
each succeeding ueal more work wasifm|t   pes{g
done,    more oro proven aud   "J{->re j btnt*y to tlu-ir control.
value added   to   the   property.     At
given   much
Dr. A.    Knight,   chief provincial
times it was rumored that Mr. Voigt | veterinary jjispector, will tell  of the
had been bought or frozen   out, but j aiimenls 'V6   common   among   live
���     rv. ,   ,    v   -,    p.,      ,heiilwaya tuftiiagud") oinerge   with j   {    k      [}       Knight will   no doubt
*oson, l3oyd Nichols, Lmilo 1'ainton,    . ,      ,...  ,.,. .    ,. ,���ri  \ "
���   ,   11           1          ,,     1, v           the property still  tight in bin grasp. : lf.u    1 :���   ,,,,,] ,,nrp��� manv     th iil's
Liny   Peckiaui,   Joarrnette   Jvobuin, I         '     '       J              ��                        ..    lcn    "lh   auiin.ru.i.s many      luui^s
An output of ."3U00 tons daily from
the Copper mountain   properties  of
utJ   exceeded its ' the British Columbia   Copper  com-
81000.    The   tax   panyis planned when   a concentrat-
���lli-etions for 101G had been  disap-  ing   plant   has  been   erected, states
pointing,   only
laving^ been
.! percent   of   the  Oscar Lachmund,   general   manager
collected.    The   of the company.    Five millions tons
committee recommended thai, a   tax' of ore have been piovci
sale be held this year and that $500   drilling and tunnels.
Helen S'liiip-sou, William Sprinthall,
Jennie Staidield, France* U'llen,
Oswald Walker.
Connie Burden, Clara Drunner,
Arthur IJryenton, Kenneth Campbell,
Fred Cooper, Clarence Donaldson,
Ruth Kureby, Grace Green, Thelma
Hutton,Lawrence McKinuon, Alberta
McLeod, James Needham. Harold
Quinlivan,    Alice   llyan,'Jeh"   Rvan,
Finally he began to   negotifite   with ��aboul th(.jp-ropur uire and   attention
New   York   men who are 'operating j neet|etj w^eh ailments.and  diseases
in British Columbii   as   the    Pacific
Syndicate,    Limn-.-.!.    Thp  negolia-
tiouic have been going on   sinee   la.-l
affect the livestock.
diamond ' Dorothy Sehliehe,  Fieda" .Su.ck.-i
Waldrori, Lillian Brown.'.
Xovem bur.
Minister of Mint:.-- Sloan -ays that
no change-- in t:i\"ition on mine?: or
ores ha\ ��� \':-t l)-;i-:i (>,'i)-:iilered, and
that any report io th? contrary are
preiiuitur- and   un v,;U ranted,
Tho annual ripple packing school
opened-in the opera house la;-t Mon
day dimming under the supervision
uf E. C. Hunt, provincial assistant
horticulturist. Thin year there are
twelve    pupils,    male   and   female,
1 l
The   school
tomorrow THE   SUN,   SBAND   FORKS,   B. 0.  G. A.  EVANS. EDITOR AHD PUBLISHER  SUBSCRIPTION RATES-PAYABLE IN ADVANCE  One Year (in Canada and Great Britain)        ' <ti 'nn  Ono Year (in the United States)  ".V"; ,{ ^  Address all communications to    Tiik Gkand Forks Sun, '  PlION,2l0lR Ghaxd Fokks, B..C.  OFFICE:    COLUMBIA AVENUE AND LAKE STREET.  FRIDAY, MARCH 2, 1.917  tne wohdcifclly. I am sure we ha\e all profited by it.    We are glad tho  ministers are -taking such an interest in. temperance, and hope  others   will  follow  their  example  until it is  ; wiped out of our fair land."  THE  cheapest  thing .in   California is  sun-  1     -shine.    In Kentucky it's moonshine.  -i  V/fANY a man's   wife  dresses stylishly be-  J-tI    cause his creditors can' afford it.  THE first legislative session of British Col-  I umbia's first Liberal government opened  at Victoria yesterday. The people have not  yet become thoroughly accustomed to the po-  lftical change, and the proceedings of the  present session will therefore be closely scrutinized by citizens who in* past years have  taken no interest in such matters:  A^  NA many a girl  marries  the  wrong  man  because the right one failed to  propose.  <E  P  HERE are many' touching incidents in   the  l������o of a chronic borrower.  M EVER judge a uian by his  stylish clothes  **     ���������perhaps his-wife bought them.  IF the price of pork climbs much higher  1 there is no reason why a gentleman should  not feel highly complimented when he is referred to as a hog.  ANY a man walks, around on his  uppers  because he is unable to  run  into  debt.  Vf-EW- BRUNSWICK joined the Liberal  H column last Saturday. The Conservative  provinces in Canada can now be counted upon  two fingers. ,  1UT ARCH came in like a lion. 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This information was contained in the invitations issued  for the event. The average bartender  takes a drink, the banqueters said.  never  IN a country town, following the morning  sermon, the leading citizen stepped to the  platform and raised his hand for attention,  which was immediately given him. "Brothers  and sisters," he said, "we have listened to a  powerfully fine sermon' on prohibition this  morning by our beloved pastor.   It has moved  Lots 100 feet by 300 feet deep; chicken coops, etc. Will sell cheap for  quick sale. Will sell for less than  half what it cost owner; $1300 if sold  soon. ( Will give time if needed. Is  handy to school Gardes has good  soil, and enough potatoes and vegetables can be raised for a large fami-  We British Columbia  Nurseries Co., Ltd.  ������f Vancouver  dAretnow booking orders for spring, 1917,  delivery of their well-known, hardy  Fruit  and Ornamental  Stock  Prices include packing and delivery to  customer's nearest station. 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It it} just as easy for. a two year-  old boy to edit a newspaper as  it is  for a pompous, bewhiskered man of  forty'five.-   It doesn't, require any  ���������special- talent- aside   from knowing  how to spell Timbucktoo   and  then  setting   the stuff lip upside down,  collecting bills and exchanging subscriptions  for laundry.    One   nice  thing about running a   newspaper is  that,   in tbe event the genius who  aspires to undertake   the  job   can't  do it the  first shot put of  the box,  there ~are   generally   enough   who  think they can do it to  advice him  how it should be done.    Here is the  way L. L'. LeBram, writing in  Successful Farming of the trials  of  the  office boy, sizes up the situation: .  Deer folks:    Now I know why editors go mad.    I been trying to run  this paper while the editor is on his  vakaehun.' For three days and nites !shivers' *l'B -t0������ ������P)d-  I beu-reading questions  and  trying!     9* I ancr40 years old, have a nice  to answer them, and if I don'i  quit little fami- an^ ^m chinking of tak-  I'll be going around talking to  my-j^ga wife- What would you advise?  ee'f.    I'm  goine   to  answer a few ���������Old Batch.     c.      '  4. Is it all rfgh'fc to-feed hogs corn  in the ear?���������G". K. -    .  No. Put,them in a trough and let  them.-herp' themselves.        .- -  .5. I am in love with a homely  "girl who works for, us, but she. does  not. seem to care for me, while a  pretty girl with Jots of money' wants  to .marry me. What shall I do?���������  Will M. "....���������_������������������  Marry,the one you lov.e, and send  -me* the ���������name and address of the  other one/ .  6. My hair is beginning to fall  out. What can J. get to keep it in?���������  H. P..-.  A sack.  7. Please tell me how to raise a  nice fat hog of about 500 pounds?���������  X. Y. Z.  Get a-derrick.  8. How can",I tell when the water  is the right temperature for bathing  the baby?���������-Young Mother.  If the kid gets red and hollers, the  water is too hot. If. he gets blue and  10 CENT "CASOARETS"  FOE LIVER AND BOWELS  353  Cure    Sick.  Headache,    Constipation,  .Biliousness,   Sour  Storn.--.ch,   Bad  ��������� Breath���������Candy Cathartic.  No odds how bad your liver, stomach or bowels; how much your head  aches, how miserable you are from  constipation, Indigestion, biliousness  and sluggish bowels���������you always get  relief ��������� with Cascarets. . They immediately .cleanse.and regulate the stomach, remove the sour, fermenting food  and foul gases; take the excess bile  from the liver* and carry off the constipated waste matter and poison  from the intestines and bowels.* A  10-c'ent - box from your .druggist ��������� will  keep your liver and bowels clean;  stomach sweet and head clear for  months.   They work while you sleep.-  NO RACE SUICIDE  IN THIS FAMILY  going   to  answer a  more and then go to the  ball  game.  ������������������Jimmie, the office'boy.  1.  What   is   a    limberneck?���������J.  Jones. i  I would advise you to be careful  about whose wife ypu ,take. .  .10. Our old  red   bull is chasing  me around a 40  acre  field.    What  ���������    A limberneck in the country is a st:ia11 * do?���������Mike F.  Btrange disease of fowls and chickens '    * doQ!t know, but  don't give up,  In the city it is a disease of human  persons caused by watching fowls���������  and chickens.  2.  Do small cows give condensed  milk?���������Mable B.  ��������� No, Mable. Condensed milk is  made -by . trying to get a quart of  milk in a quart milk bottle.  . 3. Please   tell   me  how   hash is  made?��������� W. M.  Hash is not made; it accumulates.  Mike; the editor will be  week.  back*, in  a  Several papers having reference to  the copper mining aud metallurgical  industries,, and others to mine  safety matters, will be read at the  24th geueral meeting of members of  the western branch of the Canadian  Mining Institute in Vancouver ��������� on  March-15.  Speaking Easily and  Directly Into the  Telephone  Even telephone men of long experience are  surprised at the greater voice distinctness when  speaking directly into the telephone. When  you speak directly into the telephone, a lower  tone of voice can be used, and your friend can  hear easily.     " - :  Moreover, when you speak lower the actual  tone qualities of your voice are transmitted.  When you speak loudly, you unconsciously  ��������� adopt an unnatural���������.tone of voice, with the result that much of that intimacy that should be  associated with face-to-face conversation is  lost. ' ...:/���������'���������  A close  position to  the  telephone means ;'  easy talking and easy hearing.  BRITISH COLUMBIA  TELEPHONE COMPANY, LTD.  Fra Torro McRaye relates that  while he was clerking in a shoe store  in Quebec, the following order''was  received from a worthy habitant:  "Monsieur,���������Please put some shoe  on my leetle family, like dip, and  send by Sam Jamison, de carrier:  '"One man, Jean St. Jean, thirty-  nine year, me; one woman, Sophie  St. Jean,-* thirty eight year, she;  He.rmedes and Leonore"' nineteen  year; Honore, eighteen year;.Celena,  seventeen year; Narcisse, Octavia  and Philias, sixteen; jBaptise, fifteen; Celeste, fourteen; Phillipa,  thirteen; Emile and George, twelve;  Babette, eleven; Madore, ten; Pierre,  nine; Eugene, we lose him; Paul,  seven; Alphonse, six; Gaston, five;  Armand, four; Maurice, three; Ed-  ouard, two; Muriel, one year; Hilare  he go barefoot. How much?"���������The  Fra  When a woman pounds the piano  she does it because she wants to, or  because her neighbor doesn't   want  her to. *  THICK, GLOSSY HAIR  FREE FROM DANDRUFF  Girls! Try it! Hair gets soft, fluffy and  beautiful���������Get a 25 cent bottle  of Danderine.  If you care for heavy hair that glistens with beauty and is radiant with  life; has an incomparable softness,and  is fluffy and lustrous, try Danderine.  Just one application- doubles the  beauty of your hair, besides it immediately dissolves every particle of  dandruff. You can not have nice  heavy, healthy hair if you have  dandruff. This destructive scurf robs  the hair of its lustre, its strength and  its verj--life, and if not overcome it  produces a feverishness and itching of  *he snalp; the hair root% famish,  'oosen and die; then the hair falls out  "ast Surely get a 25-cent bottle of  Unowltbn's Danderine from any drug  -.ore and just try it  P.BURNSC&CO.  Dealers in  Fresh and Salt Meats  Fisfi and Poultry  Our cTWotto: "Quality^ and Service  Markets in Nearly All the Boundary .  and Kootenay Towns  GRAND FORKS ASTONISHED  BY MERCHANT'S STORY  A merchant relates the following:  '���������For years I could not sleep without  turning each hour. Whatever. 1 ate  caused gas and sourness. Also had  stomach catarrh. ONE SPOONFUL  buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as  mixed in Adler-i-ka relieved me ���������INSTANTLY."- Because Adler i ka  flushes the ENTIRE alimentary tract  it relieves ANY CASE constipation,  sour stomach or gas and prevents appendicitis It has QUICKEST action  of anything we ever sold. Woodland  it Quinn, druggists.  ������  First Street Grand Forks  H. W. Breen. cManager  COSTS LITTLE  Accomplishes Much  A two cent stamp docs a lot (pt  very little money, but it would require thousands of two cent stamps  and personal letters to rhalcx your  wants known, to as many people ������  a 25c. investment in our Clwsificd  Want Ads.  ������>~ ������_  fmmK^amsmm  3=  ?(  E TO Yi  <$������  Isn't the news of your  store something like the  nsws of the whole city?  There is news every week  in * Grand Forks ��������� some  weeks more than others ���������  but every week there is  news.  ������* Isn't there news in your  store every week? Isn't  there something to advertise?  Your customers are shopping   every    week.    Aren't  you losing   many   of them  the weeks you  do not advertise?  It's the steady trade that  counts With a store���������it's  the steady advertising that  brings the steady trade.  RESOLVE���������To use news  paper space regularly, and  be sure it is in The Grand  Forks Sun.  40  ,vei*y THE   SUN.    GRAND    FORKS, ���������* B.: C.  Safety First  Nothing is more important to the Pur  Shipper than doing business with an  Honest���������Reliable���������Responsible��������� Safe  'Fur House.        - ���������  "Ship to Shubeit"  the largest house in the World dealing  exclusively in American Raw Furs,  where you will nlwayj receive, an Accurato  and Liberal Assortment, thelliphCBt Market  Prices and the usual "Shubert" Efficient,.  Speedy, Courteous service.  Write for tho latest edition of "(il)e  Sljubrrt &IiiUlicr'' containing valuable  Market information.you must have.  ATI     Oimir TO'"-'lO--r   * 25-27 WEST AUSTIN   AVE,  .   15.   boU13������.K I, InC. Dept.Cl 19. CHICAGO, U.S.A.  ;day afternoon. Deceased was an  old-timer of this district,but as far as  is known he^-left no relatives in this  part of the country.  DBM'T HESITATE!  PHONE 101R  FORFINE PRINTING  ni  t ii?  Eugene Herrick, one of   our  successful fruit  growers,   returned   on  Friday from  an  extended   vacation  trip to southern   Calfomia.     While  at Long Beach   Mr. Herrick   visited  \V.   J. Penrose,    formerly   of   this  city, who is now operating a poultry  and vegetable ranch   at  that  placp.  Mr. Herrick   is   very    enthusiastic  over   the   beauties  of   sub tropical  America,   and   states   that  if  first-1  class apples could be grown in  that!  climate  he would , like to live there \  . permanently. i  Mrs. W, E. Lavender and Miss  Pearl Phillip?, of Cascade, who have  been confined to the Grand Forlo  hospital for some time by illness,  have recovered sufficiently to return  to their homes.  The twenty-seven scholars of the  Cascade school nave a self denial  fund for patriotic purposes.  W. M.   DeCsw   made   a   business  trip to .Nelson on Saturday.  A letter received in this city from  Sergt.    Kay    McDonald,   lately   arrived   in   England, stales that   the  battalion to which he is. attached is  quartered at Seaford,  W. Glanville, dairymen, has pur  chased the dairy business of Atwood  Bros.  ���������  Aid.   Neil   McCUlum,   who   has  been suffering more or less   severely  from la grippe all winter, was  taken |  to the Grand Fork? hospital on Sun-'  day   night,   the   disease   having de- j  veloped into a case of erysipelas. Pie j  was quite low during the  first  part  of the week, put is now   reported to.  be gradually improving.  At the annual meeting of the Pen  ticton  board of trade   the   secretary  again   brought   up the   matter of a  mail car for the Kettle   Valley   rail  way.    The  secretary   stated   that.a  copv of a resolution passed by    the  Nelson board of trade had   been   received, asking that still further stepn  be taken by   the Pentiolon board to  secure this service   if  possible     Hr  had therefore again written to   Hon  Martin Burrell, who replied that he  had brought the  whole   matter   be  fore ������the  post office authorities and  had asked for its  favorable  consideration.  Charles Lovell, aged about SO^  years, died at the Grand Forks hos-j  pital on Sunday night after a 'short;  illness.    The funeral was held Mon-!  Tbe two year-old'daughter of Mr  and Mrs. Gabriel Paleck, Columbia,  who died on Tuesday, was buried  Wednesday afternoon.  Prepare for Cold  Weather  by buying your  Winter's Supply oi  Clothing  from us  We have a large stock to select from, and  our prices places them within the reach  of all.  PHONE 30  EVERYTHING TO EAT AND WEAR  Butter Wrap ers  Neatly printed with special Butter Wrapper  Ink. Also nil printed wrappers. Our prices  are riidit.  e SUN PRINT SHOP  OurtBQaQmtt*Q*****1..  I  I  the Fingers!  Says Corns Lift Out  Without Any Pain  Sore corns, hard corns, soft corns or  any kind of a corn can shortly bo  lifted right out with the fingers if you  ���������will apply directly upon the corn a few  drops of freezone, says a Cincinnati  authority.  It is.claimed that at small cost one  can get a quarter of an ounce of freezone at any drug store, which is sufficient to rid one's feet of every corn  or callus without pain or soreness or  the danger of -infection.  This now drug is an ether compound,  and while sticky, dries tlie moment it  is applied and does not inflame or even  irritate the surrounding tissue.  This announcement will interest  many women here, for it is said that  the present high-heel footwear is putting corns on practically every  woman's feet,  The funeral of the-infant son of  Mr. it* id Mrs. Ed Shannon, Col urn-  oia, who died on Tuesday, was Ueld  Wednesday afternoon.  W.-S. Phillips and  family   have  moved from Gilpin .to Cascade.  Tbe hockey game tonight at the  local rink between the ladies' clubs  ot this city and liossland was won  the home team" by a score of two  goals to one. It was a very good  game. All the goals were made in  .the last, period, liossland .scoring  three minutes before bell raug.   ���������  ���������A meeting of the B. .C. Fruit  Growers' association will be held in  the board, of irade rooms on Saturday, March 3, at 3 p.m , for the  purpose of hearing a report from .J.  T. Luwr-pnee,- delegate to the annual  convention at Victoria. - Other matters will also be taken up. Every  oody interested in the welfare of  the valley should altend.  At the recent convention of the  B. C. Fruit Growers' association at  Victoria H. W. Collins, of this city,  was elected director for the Kettle  Valley district.  The funeral of the late George  Weoater, four-year-old son of Mr  and Mrs. A..H. Webster, who died  yesterday niorning, was held from  the family residence at 2:30 this  afternoon, interment being made in  Evergreen cemetery.  ���������It is still loo cold in this district  to commence to set out tomato  plants.   .  END STOMACH TROUBLE,  GASES OR DYSPEPSIA  "Pape's Diapepsin" makes Sick, Sour,  Gassy Stomachs surely feel fine  in five minutes.      .  If what you just ate is souring on  ' your stomach or lies like a lump of  ; lead, refusing to digest, or you belch  : gas - and   eructate   sour,   undigested  food, or have a feeling of dizziness,  heartburn, fullness, nausea, bad taste  in mouth and stomach-headache, you  I can get blessed relief in five minutes.  ��������� Put an end to stomach trouble forever  j by getting a large fifty-cent case of  i Pape's Diapepsin from any drug store.  . You realize in live minutes how need-  ' less it is to suffer from indigestion,  dyspepsia  or  any  stomach  disorder.  It's the quickest, surest stomach doctor   in   the   world.     It's   wonderful.  Square  Man���������I want your opinion in a  matter Would you advise me to  borrow $10 to help me out of a tight  place?  L<gal Friend ��������� By all means  NURSERY   STOCK   ��������� nI.AN'TER3-I!E VUKVA KED. St.-1 id tuilny  I T for vour copv of IU.IKIKaTKJ) .SPUING  Pf'tCE'iMST of ROSES, TUBUS. SH Kl'HS mill  ISKEOS. Kuduced I'riou*. Sl'l'CfAL, Ol'ThR,  ; Local Asont W.mtud. Dominion Nursery Com-  i puny, Vancouver.  BOOT    REPAIRING  TAKE   your   repairs   to   Amison, eboe   ro  puller.    Tin;   Hub.    Look   for  the   Mir  Boot.  SECOND-HAND   GOODS  r  For  Up-to-Date Jewellery  :-.���������! ���������������������������. ���������   Go to Timber lake, <Ton dr*. C o.  ���������   ���������; ��������� ���������,.V*'-f ,>V .       '   ," ,  Newest Styled1       ' Choicest Patterns  v ���������,.. . Lowest Prices  \e vJuatity jewellers  Bridge Street, Next Telephone Exchange, Grand Forks  ^  Man���������Very good.   Lend me-ten!  Legal Friend���������That's all right.  My fee for legal agvica is $10, and  we'll just oall it square.  GIVE "SYRUP OF PIGS"   '  ���������������  TO CONSTIPATED CHILD  Delicious "Fruit Laxative" can't harm  tender little Stomach, liver  and bowels.  Look at the tongue, mother! If  coated, your little one's stomach, liver  and bowels need cleansing at once.  When peevish, ��������� cross, listless, doesn't  sleep, eat .or act naturally, or is feverish, stomach, 'sour, breath bad; has  sore throat, 'diarrhoea, full of cold, give  a teaspoonful':of "California Syrup of  Figs," and in a few hours all the foul,  constipated waste, Wdigested food  and sour bile gently moves out of its  little bowels without griping, and you  have a well, playful child again. Ask  your druggist for a 50-cent bottle of  "California Syrup of Figs," which contains full directions for babies, children of all ages and for grown-ups.  The Sun,'fit SI a year, is superior  to any.'������2 a year paper printed in the  Boundary. This is the reason why  we do not have to resort to {rambling  schemes to gain new subscribers or to  hold those "we already have.  IMPRESS THEATRE  A   New   Revival   of    These  Noted Swiss Bellringers  THERE'S A REASON  Our prices arc  moderate, because we employ  compctcntwork-  men who have  mastered their  trade, and;we do  have tOjj charge  for the "service",  of hunting up  samples in specimen books.  PRICES  25������ 50������ AND 75<  Yale  Barber  Shop  Razor Honing a Specialty"  P. A.  Z,   PARE,   Proprietor  Yale Hotel,- First Street  WE PRINT  Letterheads  Noteheads  Billheads  Statements-  Envelopes  Business cards  Visiting cards  Posters  Dodgers a  'Shipping-tags  Menus  Ball programs  Wed ding invitations  Price lists  Pamphlets  Circulars .  And commercial  and society'print  ing of every .description.      (V-C-.V  Let us  quote  our prices.  HKillEST CASH I������f!Ii;KS paid for old Smvp.s  niwl    Uhiijjcs.    K. C.  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Cfttnlogue of a tlioueaiid other useful novelties post. free.  31 WAR SOUVENip BROOCH  m A now Wur deign, tlieido! of our  ' English Ladies, thegreat new popular.  fashion, Naval Anchor design engraved with  any wording not execfding 12 letters, such  as��������� "Loir from Text," "Joe to Ainy,"  ''Tom lo Mother." Hull-marked Silver, 3/-.  Colli,. 15/-. Post-free lo any part of the world  / Established \  ��������� ii  MASTERS, Ltd., Watchmakers, RYE, Enb.  1869


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