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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Feb 20, 1914

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 *i Jir������������mii mmMMii tn  Kettle Valley Orchardist  v >.���������;���������  Ss  /'  J*  /!  1/  \  THIRTEENTH YEAR���������No. 17  GRAND FORKS, B. G, FRIDAY, FEBWARY 20, 1914,  $1.00 PER YEAR  As   was -predicted   lastv week ,in  these columns,of  the Grand-Forks  newspaper,   thei \board'   of   trade  "smoker" in the Davis hall on  Saturday   night   was  a , great'success.  ,-About1.'200.,people were present; an  ; excellent   program   wsis    rendered,"  and -everybody .had. an    enjoyable  " time' 'Up. till-  midnight, ' when the  gathering   dispersed   - "Among 'the  prominent , visitors   in    attendance  were    W"-G.   Foster," editor of./the  -Nelson Daily "News, and"Fred, Star-  " key,    of.Nelson,   pres den   .of     he  r Associated Boards of Trade.!  - President DeCew,- delegated   Dr.  Acres. August  Schnitter -and F. J.  Like to serve" the  refreshments  and  distribute   the   smoking - material.  He" theu " opened  the .program by  making a brief speech, in.which he  explained the objects of the board of  ,trade, which was an "essential  insti-  "flition in-advancing .the. interests ,of  , the city and in promoting  its commercial growth.    He   recounted the  immense agricultural, miueral  and  timber resources of which the  city  ��������� is  the center,  and  closed his   remarks by paying a neat compliment  - to the visitors.-  A song  by   Arnold   Carter   was  heartily encored.  . Fred Starkey was the next speaker. He gave a history of the board  of trade movement from ' its inception down to the present day. The  organization; he said, has now become world-wide, and it is important that every city should have a  live board of trade. He enumerated  alLthe public works -that had been  ��������� carried through by the government  through pressure brought to bear  upon it either by local boards or the  associated board. Thece.were many  other pnblic improvements that  should be brought to the attention of  the ��������� government. He closed by  urging those present who were not  members of the local board to join,  Mr. Ross rendered a violin solo,,  and in response to an encore played  a Highland reel,. to which R. A.  Brown furnished a spirited dance.  Sorfgs by Messrs. Donaldson and  ���������Varcoe were well received.  W. G. Foster spoke briefly, but to  the point. Rivalry between Koote-  nay and Boundary cities was a thing  of the past,: and they should^ get together and inaugurate a publicity  system to advertise the Boundary-  Koorenay'district in the east. The  completion of the Coast-Kootenay  railway would give a great, impetus  to the industrial development of  southern British Columbia. Regarding the matter of rural free delivery,  he was of tne opinion that if the  board of trade and the ranchers who  would benefit thereby went after it  vigorously they would get it.  Prof. "Ringlets" introduced his  wonderful performing mule, which  did everything but speak.  E. E. Henniger. spoke , at considerable length; .He.' recountad the  natural resources' tributary to Grand  Franklin camp, which he considered  one of the richest, if not the richest,  mining properties in"Canada.    ",  Messrs'. Harrison and Broad rendered a comic duet,and we're obliged  tq-respond to" an encore.  ." "Dr. 'Acres' -read a well prepared  paper on '.'Mixed, Farming , and  Dairying:'-'* -He -brought rout .the  fafct't'h'at-duriYig 19l'3;.$30,000 worth  of imported butter'.had ..been con'  sumed'in Gian'd Forks.  *J/F. Kraus sang a comic song,  aud had "to*/respond, to an  encore.  - F. M. rKerby proponed a Vote of  thanks'to the visitors, which was  heartily "civen, and the program  closed with the. singing : of "For  They Are Jolly/Good Fellows."  Mayor  G-iw   has been  spending  the past week in the coist cities,  TE LAYMEN'S  (Contributed.) ~  The movement among laymen in  Canada for an agg'rassive missionary  campaign is, in its policy, somewhat different from the movement  in the United States and other  countries. It includes the support  of work in eastern Canada, New  Ontario and other >'newly setiled  parts of the Dominion The move-  in-nt aims" to   reach   the   newcomer  to  our country;   meet  warm  welcome, and at  GOVERNMENT SPRING  Prepared by a Member of the British Columbia Horticul-  \   ��������� .   tural Staff  ' Why do we spray1? -     - :  In the first place to prevent spores of fungi within, the plaut cells entering other parts of the'plant.       " , "'.  Secondly-to kill fungi born upon the surface of the-plant tissues.i."  ^_  Then .again to kill biting and sucking insects" either-by contact, poison or;  suffocation. - .  Inds'rectly to check the "spread of the Fire Blight by doing away with  the larvae Aphids, adult Ants, Bees and Wasps, and the forms of any other  insects most easily.killed.. ���������        ,y        ��������� "'  Finally, it is a splendid spring tonic for the trees, given even, that nothing ".(fuhguouSj'-insecfror bacterium), affects,the tree..    . * --. ��������� ^    _/   When?"      - ���������<    .,    ".;     "'*      -��������� '" -v-v.  '.-��������� '-'-"   ". ~     "" "    .  "The following is a simple Spray Calendar:  (Preventive) For Tnsects.  For Fungi.  Scab  Black Rot  Canker  Plum Pockets  Mildew  Peach Leaf Curl  Silver Leaf  Peach Stone Split  Use a. contact spray for above, such as Home Made  Concentrated Lime  Sulphur, specific gravity 1.032 or 1.030, or Old Home Boiled Lime Sulphur,  Lime 20 lbs., Sulphur 15 lbs.. Water 40 gal.  Second Application.  ������������������   Fikst Application.  Kind of  ���������^  Tree.  .  'Apple  Shortly before the buds  Pear  burst.  Plum  .  Cherry  Before buds  begin to        j  swell.                                1  'Peach  Apricot  Bub Moth  Woolly Aphis  Eggs-  Tussock Moths  Peach Tree and  Fruit Borer  LeafBlisterMite  Just before the blossoms  open or at. blossomiug  time, for- ants, bees,  wasps (blight carriers)  Just before fruit is set.  J Apple  \Paar  Black Rot  Bitter Rot.  Balwin Spot  or any remain  ing fungi and  spores  [Plum  Cherry  Peach  .  ���������Apricot  ..    ;   ,,  Larvae���������  Tussock Moths  Aphids, Green  Aphids, Woolly  'Tent Catterpil-  lars  Canker Worms  Leaf Rollers  Slugs  Curcnlios     .  Red Spider_  - ,   " ��������� . other mites  Use Concentrated Lime-Sulphur, s. g. 1.009 or -1.008, and Arsenate of  Lead 4 lbs. or 2, to 3^lha.; or Bordeaux���������Lime 4 lbs., Bluestone i lbs.,  Water 40 gals.', and Paris Green 4 ounces.    '������������������.'."   . Borers���������1--.'  -''; '   ..'���������''.". Flat-Headed  :.'"'', Round-Headed  .       Peach Tree Borer  '       ' ���������.'���������'.-.'������������������''������������������ Grasshoppe-is  Katydids  - : . Leafhoppers  Lesser Apple Worm  Third Application  f Apple  \Pear  /Plum  -  \Cherry  If necessary for  Blight Carriers.  Aphids  Wasps  Ants  Immediately after the  ...petals fall.  About two weeks later  than second applicatinn. (Plum  '        J        -      . i\ Apricot  Use Concentrated Lime Sulphur, s, g. 1.008, Arsenate of Lead 2 to 3  lbs., or Bordeaux Mixture and Paris Greeu as for second application.  Preparation of Home Made Lime Sulphur  Intoa large tank or iron pan which holds about sixty gallons put in a  bag of flowers or flour of sulphur. This weighs about 110 lbs. Add about 40  to 50 gallons of water, hard or soft,and bring to a boil. Then add 55 lbs. of  stone lime nearly free -from magnesinm and other impurities, one half by  weight of sulphur, and continue to boil briskly for one hour. Stir constantly  ���������a hoe is convenient for the purpose���������keeping the sediment in suspension  and aiding all the sulphur to go into solution. When boiling is completed  ponr off the cleaifso'lution into a barrel. - This solution is the stock solution  which may bo diluted at will. '   . ,  For the winter wash   dilute   one part   with about six parts  of   water,  r,   , j      .  . j    ,   ��������� u     ��������� T  ~'or if a.hydrorneter'is used dilute until the specific gravity or   reading  thereon.  Forks, and painted a bright picture ������;m J^so, ,For fchc.suinmer washes' dilute oh'e part with from 20 to 25  of th.epQ8s;bi.ht^s;of;the' city. He^^f water;.until the hydrometer reading is from 1.009 to 1.003:1 Grow-  dwelt on the wonderful record ' be- 0rs can reduce the'cost of spraying considerably by clubbing together and  ing made by   the  Union   mine   in  making this concentrated wash at a central point.  him with a  the outset  enlist his sympathetic co-operatiou  for the. cause of good citizenship  and the moral and spiritual uplift  of the community of which-he is to  form a part. In the other countries  this forward movement, aims to  man the foreign, non-Christian  countries with' evangelistic, educa-  ttonal and-jnedical workers. But it  is a notable fact that in the.sections  of the countries most- aggressive in  sending help to the destitute parts  of the ^world, home and foreign,  there is found a distinct- advance in  the growth and prosperity of the  home work.  The laymen seek to put into their  peculiar mission aud to link -it up  with their churches tbe same enterprise and the same aggressive;  business-like methods that successful manufacturing and commercial  concerns put into their affairs.  They claim that this is the only  way to advance successfully.  The inoieasing power and usefulness of the movement as_a factor in  the conserving of the nation and in  the uniting of the nations into one  great'biotherhood is beginning to  attract attention. .At the recent  laymen's movement convention,  J3uxton, ��������� England, .. striking- testimony was given to this feature of  the situalion from both the army  and navy officers. Lord Lemington  said: "We certair'y could-not hold  our ejnpire, together without the  help of Christian.*- missions?' Sir  Andrew Fraser, late of India, was  an enthusiastic supporter of this  .work, which he knew at first hand.  The world's big onward movements, especially of late, have received tremendous impulse from  both the laymen's movement' and  the student volunteer missionary  movement, which began twenty-five  years ago and today numbers over  ten thousand enrolled young people  in colleges and universities in this  and the old countries, and is represented already on the foreign field  by some 5880 graduates in active  service.  An anthority, Sherwood Eddy,  tells us that "it took nearly a century to win the first million Pro-  testaut Christians on the foreign  field. The second million were won  in about twelve years, and it. is taking'but six years to win the third  million. An average of nirie hundred Christians are being added  every day throughout the non-  Christian world. Today, with about  six million communicants and adherents abroad, at the present rate  of increase, we shall be adding  within a decade a million every  year to the foreign constituency."  A hundred years   ago there was  not a medical missionary and not  a  mission hospital in the whole world  and   more   than   two-thirds   of its  population was in utter ignorance of  medical science and  blessing.    To  day there are 675 mission   hospitals  and a hostof   dispensaries, treating  annually many millions of snfferers.  In the   same   time   the     mission  schools have increased from a mere  handful to nearly  thirty   thousand  mission colleges and schools.   Then  the   Bible   could   be   read in only  sixty-five languages; now it can  ba  read in over five  hundred.'tongues,  and  the whole  world is'wide open  to  the   gospel,    There   are today  more- than   twenty-four    thounand  missionaries and one  hundred -^and  twelve   thousand   native    workers,  where there weae only one  hundred  a centiuy ago.  Special .Ritualistic Services  Held Tuesday by the  Local Lodge  The special ritualistic services  which were held by Grand Forks  Lodge No. 30: of the Order of  Knights of Pythias in the Davis  hall on Tuesday evening, February  17, commemorative of the golden  jubilee of that great order, were an  unparalleled success, it being the  largest gathering of any fraternal  lodge ever held in this city. Close to  two hundred persons were present,  there being also visiting brothers  from Danville and Republic, Wash.  R. J. Gardner acied as chancellor  commander, H. A. LeRoy as vice-  chancellor, S. G. Kirk as prelate,  Walter E. Hadden as master of exchequer, and Frank J. Miller as  master at arms.  The ri'tual for this service had  been specially written for use on  this occasion throughout the whole  continent.  This was followed by the thirteenth annual roll-call, at which the  name of every member of the lodge  was read out,'"those "being away  from town having sent letters, and  many' excellent fraternal epistles  were read. One from Matt Miller,  an old-timer in this valley, was of  special interesl. Mr. Miller had  also sent to the lodge a boxful of  California rhubarb, and the same  had been made into thirty six pies,  and each and every person present  had the pleasure of eating rhubarb  pie.  One special feature of the evening  was the presentation to each and  every member of the order of a  special medal commemorative of  the occasion, and also of a K. of P.  watch fob. Refreshments and dancing wound up the evening.  METEOROLOGICAL  The   following  is  the   minimum  and maximum temperature for each  day   during  the   past   week, as re  corded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:  Max.  Mill.  Feb.  13���������Friday   .. 32  28  14���������Saturday. ...  . 32  39  15���������Sunday,....  . 28  37  16���������Monday   . 20  33  17���������Tuesday.....  .. 18  33  18���������Wednesday  . 13  32  19-Thursday  25  38  Inches  ..    0.0  R. Campbell last Monday inaugurated a strictly cash system in  his gentlemen's furnishing Ptore.  The system should prove popular  here, especially as we are assured  that it will have the effect of materially lowering prices.  Most of our citizens who read the  Greenwood Ledge this week have  formed the opinion that Grand  Forks has " paid too much for its  hockey whistle.  There will be a favorite hymn  seven-fifteen Sunday evening sailor  song service in the Baptist church  this, the 22nd, and the following  Sunday evening.  ^ ���������Mt������us.mwum*jrWtfMt������M,u tt������������.fii������wfoUrtiWE^.^i^..^;^w������������M/.lrt^^  t<ai^^h^irf^>BU<afc������UW>ul������^Uttt*iiJ.rt^wfcyw^^^w  ���������"**������.'  THE SUN, GllAND.FOR'KS. BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Bl������i1)W^ 1>*  i't'*  J W  I ^  Grjen Farming       ,\  Tho   prosperous   farming  from   the  agricultural  West was talking;. [  When 1 llrst wont at it, ho skid, I  was us green as a pumpkin. T had  not any money to speak of, either,  and as 1 thought the k-nd close to tlie  railway was too exports:.o, J rented  a place back in tho country. Bully  land it' was, loo; better than the  railroad land and not* ��������� a third the  cost. I put in corn, wheat and oats,  and raised a hummer of a crop. .1  had tho laugh on the chaps that raised a smaller crop on higher priced  rand, and was feeling might'' good,  though my money was all gone. But  it didn't pan out. I had to give my  wheat crop to a man for thrashing  the" oats, and another party got the  oats for cutting and husking the  corn, and by hock! a teamster took  all my corn for "hauling i; to the railroad. After that I qui. and moved  in  closer  to  transportation  facilities.  All thing's in Geason  A Boston business man, who lives  rather luxuriously whci at home, decided to make a hunting Jrip into the  woods recently, and on .the way to his  camp stopped at a so-called hotel in a  little town away up .in the Aroostook  region, where Ihe two "main crops are  " prohibition and potatoes. ,"���������  " He still wore the garments of civilization and was not yet i"-ady to begin  roughing it, so he asked tho table  waitress for a napkin, but asked in  vain. Finally he appealed to the proprietor.  Ain't got any, declared that gentleman.  Why, that man "at the table in the  corner has one! expostulated the  guest.  Hush, said the landlord. He's our  representative to the Legislature here  on a visit, and we borrowed that napkin for him this afternoon. You  come arou.id here after Legislature  has adjourned r.nd you'll sco him wiping his mouth on th^ tablecloth, same  as  tho rest of us.  Don't Persecute  your Bowels  -  ���������   Cut out cathartic* and purgatives.   They ar������  hrutal-harih-uniicccssary. Try  CARTER'S LITTLE  UVER PILLS  Purely vegetable. Act  trenily on the liver,  eliminate bile,and  soothe thcdcli-  catemembrane  of the bowel.  Care Constipation,  Bilious-  nets,  Sick Headache and Indigestion,-as millions Jbiour.  Small PHI, Small Dose, Small Price.  Genuine must bear Signature  Not t: be Caught  A certain patrol-wagon driver takes  great pride in his horses, and on a  mi'uber of annual inspects has won  the prize for the best-looking team.  As" the story goes, the inspector of  the district is in the '. ~.bi. of visiting  the barns and passing compliments on  tlie condition of tl-.e stables."  The particular man in question, during the last summer, was always certain of compliments, and his stable  left nothing to be desired in* the way  of cleanliness. One day, as the in:  specter was taking a last look at the  premises,. which -eemed spotlessly  neat and clean, he frowned. - ���������*,- -  His eye'chanced to fall on a cobweb in a'dim'corner of   on?   of   the  , stalls:- -The -Lsorse-lov or  sav  tie in-  specter's face change and' also    the  cause_ of it.  H'espoko up   mickly:  ' I keep that there web, Inspector, he  said,  to  catch  the   flies.      The  way  they torment that mare Ms something  terrible.  . He Knew all About it  The  counsel  for the  defence  in a  case of assault was questioning a witness for the prosecution.      Now, you  say you saw the quarrel between "the  two men?  Yes, replied the man who happened  to  be-a carpenter.       .' -  How far away from them were you?  Just four yards, two and one-half  inches.  What do you mean? shouted the  lawyer. You don't mean to say that  you can measure" distance, that accurately with your eye?  No, said the carpenter quietly, but  I knew some fool would ask me, so I  measured it.  A Jbhocker  A party of four, just returning from  the theatre, called in at a fashionable  restaurant. The trim old maid who  was the gliest of the evening was  charmed with everything���������especially  the music. ''  While the waiter was standing by  the table, she asked him to find out  .the title of the pice the orchestra  iwere playing. ��������� And the waiter willingly agreed.  But other' duties claimed him for a  time! and when- he returned the lady  had completely forgotten h.r request.  When he hent towards her- and softly  whispered something iu her car, she  recoiled in horror.       ��������� \~-  Then, recovering from the shock,  she turned cold, relentless fury upon  the hapless man who waited.  How dare you! she cried. How  dare you! and it took, the terrified  waiter quite a time .to explain why  he had merely breathed the title of  the piece so softly.  What can I do to make you love me?  It was the hour of the spelling lesson, and the teacher was pronouncing the words while the small persons  in front of her laboriously wrote them  down. According to the' usual custom, she callet'. for volunteers'to. define each word as it was written  down.  Lunch, she said. Now, who cau  tell me what lunch means?  There was a long period of silence  and then a hand went up.  Well, Johnny, you may tell us Avhat  lunch is.  A lunch, said Johiiny, is what you  have for ("inner when your father is  away.  Scared   Him  We are not surprised that a man  gets nervovs at his own wealing. It  is probably the first time Lhe ever  saw nil t:.e bride's kin lined up.  Bouncer���������Cm you tell mo when butter is like Irish chil ren?  Pcdger���������No, give it up.  Bouncer���������Why, when it is made into  littlo Pats, of course.  A' schoolboy .home for the holidays  wishing to inspire his little sister  with awe tor his learning, pointed to  a 3tar and said:  No, 'taint!  said his sister.  Do you see that little luminary? It  is bigger than this ,wide world.,  Yes, it is, returned the youthful seho  lar.  Then, why is it that it don't keep  off the rain?'was the triumphant r~  joinder.'  Native���������Blessings, on '"Mr. Carnegie  sir. He gave us that fine free public  library, sir.  Stranger���������I am glad you appreciate  i';. You don't look like a ' reading  man, either.  Native���������I ain't,, sir, hut I've got the  job of looking after the building, sir  ���������si  High Calling of Motherhood  mands the utmost precaution in maintaining health at high efficiency. f.  Dubly important and nothing in the world :is  needful as- Scott's Emulsion, good cheer, and  nshine.   ''   . Sccrtt's Emulsion makes the blood  rich and pure.    It contains-..the vital flesh-  building and bone-building properties  and .insures abundant nourish-;  ment.. It strengthens 'the nerves  and creates energy and vitality  during tins period.  Expectant Mid nursing mothers  always need Scott's Emulsion.' .  'YOUR' DRUGGIST HAS IT ��������� 13-81  Minard's Liniment   Cures  ,  " Cows  Garget   in  Also on Neck. Big Bare Spot on  Crown of Head. Cuticura Soap  and Ointment Cured.  408 Chapleau St., Montreal, Que.���������  "When my brother and I went to school  wo got ringworms from tho other children  and our hair all fell out. Wo had tlicm on  our heads and on our necks. For mom lis J.  had a big bare spot on tho crown of my head  1 ho sizo of a flfty-ccnt piece. Mother tried  everything, ah ldnda-of ointments, to cure  tis but everything seemed no good until ono  day she saw an advertisement for Cuticura  Soap and Ointment. It was Cuticura Soap  and Ointment that cured us." (Signed)  Mrs. M. Blake, May 31,1913.  ITCHY RASH ON HANDS  TTcreus, Ont.���������"Cuticura Soap and Oint-  i.icnt completely cured me of a rash on my  hands. Tho rash was rod like water blisters,  very itchy and sore. Scratching rnado tlicm  sorer. Tho irritation was bad at night. I  tried many remedies which did not do any  pood. I -used .Cuticura- Soap as a wash in  warm water nlgiit and morning with Cuticura Ointmentand in less than a-week it was  all gone." (Signed) Mrs. Isabella Gibson,  May J22." 1013.        .... ,  Tho regular use of Cuticura Soap for toilet  and bath not only tends to prcservo, purify  and beautify tho skin, scalp, hair and hands,  but assets in preventing inflammation, irritation and clogging of tho pores, tho common  cau.so of pimples, blackheads and other tin-  wholesomo conditions of (ho Bkln. Cuticura Soap &nd Ointment aro sold by  druggists and dealers everywhere. For a  liberal free sample of each, with 32-p. book,-  tend post-card to Potter Drug tc Chcm.  Corp., Dopfc. D, Boston, V. S. A.  W. N. U. S&4  Kerosene as a Drudgery Lightener  Few housekeepers really appreciate  the cleaning^ properties of kerosene.  A' rag saturated with It will clean stationary washstands, bathtubs and kitchen sinks." A little used in cold water for -wiping up floors will remove  the dirt anjrieave'a nico polish'. It is  good for floors made of southern pine,"  and"it" keepgjthem_m fjood condition^  Proportion, a'tabrespoonful to halfpail  of cold water.J: Tt("is also excellent for  cleaning'linoleums and cau ; be used  either with or without water and in the  water for cleaning woodwork.  If it is once tried by a housekeeper  she will never be without a bottle or  can of it kept where it is accessible.  A- butcher vhose business had been  steadily declining, owi:.g chiefly to a  rival having sot up on the opposite  side of the street, confided to his min-_  ister that he saw nothing for it but to  close his shop and leave the town.  The clergyman suggested that perhaps he had not nic.de any serious effort to retain the trade; but the butcher replied that I e had done all he  knew without success.  But, said the minister, have you  tried the effect rf prayer?  No, he had not 'hough- of trying  prayer, but he would do so before putting up tlie"shutt3rs.  A week elapsed, when the minister,  chancing to pass the butcher's shop,  found him radiant with delight.  Well, tho cleric ���������keel," did you try  tlie .lower of prayer?  Oh, yes, was the reply, and I only  wish I had tried it before. ��������� I prayed the'very night you left me, and on  the following morning the beggar over  the road broke his neck.  A Pill that Proves It? Value.���������Those  of weak stomach will find strength  in ? nelee'n Vegetable Pills, be"  cause they serve tc maintain -the  healthful action of the stomach and  the livor '��������� ���������tgularit'.e-s !r. which are  raos. distressing. Dyspeptics are  well acquainted with them and value  them at their proper worth. They  have affordeJ relief when other preparations have failed, and have effected cures in ailments- of long  standing where, other medicines were  found unavailing.  Fancy you,grumbling -about your  food!"-""I .'thought you said that your  liouKeket-DCT c&oked so-well?  ,Yes,^but,r married her aDd now wo  " l'hV:thi farnly doctor. -  But I thoight you were a veterinary surgeon?  So I am. i But t'-ien. you see. their  family consists of a Frenc. terrier,  a  St.  Bernard and :���������  Chineoc poodle.  Court Humor  Judge���������Have you ever seen tho prisoner at ths bar?  Witness���������Nevei. your honor; but  I have seen him when I have strongly  suspected ho haa been at it.  Marconi's woul carries 2,000 m!lQs.  More than that, it carries conviction.  Parisian' Street Barbers -  The Frei ch capital, like , that of  China, has its street barbers. Tu  Paris the perambulating tcnsoriali^t  carries a little box -containing the  usual outfit of t-hcfr calliug.- Their  chief patrons are laboring men. The  street " arber of Paris usually places  his customer upon the banks"of the.  Seine or in some spot aside from the  crowd, covers "his. knees with 'a'"news:  paper and> proceed- to work.'- For  only 1 sou he will 3havc a man, cut  his hair and generally impart to him  a more or less .smart ��������� appearance.  These barbers are ' said ���������" to " mako  quite a respectab! j sum even 'at the  small fee they charge.  I. was  - Complimentary  Th3   idea  of -dozing   while  singing! '        ,.       "  You- were ringing a  lullaby, were  you?  Yes.  Then I couldn't p.-y your art 'any  higher   compliment.-^  - Steel Pens    ' .'"'"'"  The -great-.objection   to   the , steel  pen-when it first, came "into general*'  use was its - ' ���������" .Iness. ,Thore was,.'; ot '  that' 'give', and spring in  the m'etal  pen which characterized the old fashioned goose "quill pan.''  -'This'was  remedied;"    however ; -Oy  ,the-=ide splits whic'.   we.sca'in pens  today,,and for many years'"the-method of slit ting, tho pens by means of  a. press-was1 kept secret by those���������.far'  mous' penmakerr.  Gillott and ; Mason:  ���������   Brir.fly-the method of manufacture  of a steel, pen today may," \ described    as  .follows:    The    blanks '-���������are.  pierced and the slits cut, after, which  the  pen  requires  tc   be  softened  by  r.nnealing.   Then"   they    are^   ralsbfi-  and hardened,.scoured with acid,-;Cbl<" ������������������  ored, varnished and dried, girls'after-  ward   looking over thc~ pens, . throw- -  ing aside the faulty ones and packing the good ones into boxes readj;  for sale. ���������   ,  Thoughtful Husband  She���������Are you wearing those pretty  suspenders I gave you for your birthday, George?  He���������No, iear, : wps afraid the nail  I am using as a button would rust  them.  .A Caution  Darling, I will tell you in poetry of  burning meteor that you are tbe lighc  of my life. '    ���������  \ Al". right; but don't do it with the  gas meter.  Beware of Ointments for Catarirh  , -.- % that Contain Mercury,  as mercury will lurely destroy the gesas ol taneE  and completely derange ttw wholo ayatem wlieo  entering it. through'" tbe . mucous surfaces. Such  artlcHw '������honkI."iiever be used ��������� escept on' preBWlp-  Uoob from reputablfe-pnyalclana, ������������ tbe daraajc ,tb������y  will do-li ten fold W toe good you can poodbly de-  rlvs from them. HaH'a' Catarrh Cute, manufactured*  by F. J. Cheney' k Co..Toied������, O.. contain! no mcr-'  ;ury,-andts taken internally, actios directly-upon  tbe blood and raucous surlacea of tbe syttemo-In  ttra.-Zji  buying  Haifa  Catarrh  Cure-bo sura you eof th������  (Tannine.- ^t la taken internally-and made In Toledo  Ohio, by F. J. Cheney * Co.  Testimonials free. -  Bold by Dru������r'_Sa.   Price. 7oc. per bottle'  Take Hall's family Pllia for consUpat*������.J  Easy   Wot'"  He (bitterly)���������I suppoii you consider it quitt a triumph to "make a  fool of a man?  She���������Oh. dear no! A tiiumph is  Tmethlnar done thai was difficult; of  achievement.  SELF DELUSION  Many People Deceived   Tsy   Tea   and  Coffee  Rules for GoodvTeetk  If yoa wisl to avoid decay of the  teeth'observe these rules:  To children up to two and a half  years of age all starchy or sugary  food, except milk, should bo given in  a firm, or fibrous form to stimulate  mastication. Brea'1 and rusks should  never be soared in milk.  If soft, starchy or sugary food lias  been eaten the mouth and teeth should  be cleansed by food of a detergent na-  taure. Thus fresh fruit should be  eaten after )��������� ilk puddings, jam rolls,  cake, sweet crackers aud bread and  jam.  Three meals a day.  Sweets, chocolate or crackers and  milk should never be taken between  meals or just before going to bed.  ���������  She was augry and her face revealed the fact.  What Is the matter, dear? said her  husbana, as he entered the kitchen.  You see that? she replied vehemently, as she raised a mixing bowl in  which she" had just broken .an egg.  That is tho second bad egg I have  fount-, today. I believe Jim Fletcher  keeps all the bad ones ho gets in his  old i'ore for me! . ���������  Well, you shouldn't get angry about  it, Nellie, sai'd her husband soberly.  You. ought to  have more  sympathy.  Sympathy! she echoed. What do  you mean? Sympathy for Jim Fletcher?  '"No, for tho eggs? he replied. Think  how long thev must have been trying  to be eoorl  We like to defend our indigencies  and habits even though we may be  convinced of their actual harmfulness.  A man can convince himself that  whiskey is good for him on a cold  morning, or beer on a hot summer day  ���������when he wants the whiskey or beer.  It's the same with tea and coffee.  Thousands of people suffer headache  and nervousness year after year but  try to persuade themselves the cause  is not tea or coffee���������becai. tbey like  it.  "While yet a child I commenced using coffcjp ant1 continued iV writes a  Western man, "ur.tii I was avregular  coffee fiend. I drank it every morning and in consequence had a blinding  headache nearly ever,   afternoon.".  Tea is Just as injurious because it  contains caffeine, the same drug found  in coffee.  "My folks thought it was coffee that  ailed me, but I liked it and would not  at'mit it was the cause of my trouble,  so I stuck to coffee and the headaches  stuck to me. ,  "Finally, the folks stopped buying  coffee and brought home some Post-  um. They made it right (directions  on pkg.) and told me to see what difference it would make with my head,  and during that first week; on Postum  my old affliction did not bother tne  once. From that day to this we have  used nothing but Postum; in^place of  coffee���������headaches are a thing of the  fast and the whole familyv-is in fine-  health. "'���������  "Postum looks good. ,smells good.'  tastes good, is gjod, and does good to  the whole body."  Name givan by Canadian Postum  Co- Windsor, Out. Read "The Road  to Wellville," in pkgA  Postum now cornea in two forms:  Reqular  Postum���������must bo  boiled.  Instant Postum���������is a solublo powder.- A teaspoonful dissolves quickly  in a cup of hot water and, with cream  and sugar, makeD a delicious beverage  instantly.   Groc- rs sell both kinds.  "There's a i.eason" for Postum.  Making Connection  Knicker���������Life  is  hard.  Thompson���������Yes, by fie time your  mother stops telling you U eat jam,  the ���������   ctor begins.  A Great Art in Little  Is there really any art in conversing? ���������  Of course; alwarjs say small things  in a big way and big .things in a small  way..  Minard's Liniment Co., Limited.  Gentlemen,���������I have used- MINARD'S LINIMENT from -time to -time  for the past twenty years. It was-re*  commended to me by a prominent physician of Montreal, who called ir/'th������  'great Nova Scotia Liniment.'- " It  does the doctor's work; it is parties  Iarly good in cases of Rheumatism.antS  Sprains.  Yours truly,  "    -/ G.. G. DUSTAN,'  Chartered Accountant  Halifax, N.S., Sept. 21, 1905.  , Good  Train  Service  Talk, of trains and one Is reminfi-  ed|of"the'perfect line. .' Read of,this   -  service . and    applaud.   The    trains .  .come  iu  to the minute ar''   go-' but  t-" the " minute.    The official:;  are  intelligent and polite, the carriages are  g'oo'cl."   . Every station has its waitir������s  room,   where  you 'may  sit and ?read!    -  and drink a cup of coffee that is not .,  6nly_ hot and'fresh, but is; fecogniz-.  ably" the. product or the berry.''    It"  is impossible'to travel in the wrong;,  train.     It is ver   difficui''. riot to get  out at the r:''-;ht station. . The -fares  are  very  reasonable.   The  time  tar*  bles are models of clarity.    No, t". i  references  is   to  no  railway  in-tho  south  of England.     "It is- Mr. E; V.  Lucas'  summary .of the good pointc  of the train sen ice of the liappy- Hot  lander!  Closed Door  Hans von Buelow, tho pianist, at  one time posted on his door a notice  that was quite the London vein:  Before noon, not receiving. Afternoon, oat.  Plenty of Room ab the Top  Knicker���������There's plenty cf room a'.  the top.  Backer���������Yes, but your wife lets you  have only the bottom drawer.  A  little  in one's  pocket is   better  than much in another man's purse.  ScmetiTies  Lurkl.eadedress  It is often impossible to distinguish  silence fro:n wisdom.  Naturally!   Because it io often the  same thing.  Asthma Victims. The man or wo-  man subject to asthma is indeed a  victim. What can be more terrifying  than to suddenly be seized with paroxysms of choking whi3h seems to  fairi; threaten the existence of life  itself. From sio' a condition Dr.  J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy has  brought many io completely restored health and happiness. It is  known and prized in every section cl  this  broad ' land.  His Finish  A politician was describing at tno  club  the death of a rival.  Yes, -ones is dead, he said, and  with a chuckle he held his glass up  to the light, ^es, Jones is dead;- He  slipped .on tho parquetry floor cf his  1-brary and killed himself.  The politic! \ rrave r. loud MugU.  Then he adde-1:  A hardwood finish, ch?  The train struck the man did it not?  asked the lawyer oZ the engineer at  the trial. .  It did, sir, said the engineer.  Was the man on the track, sir?  thundered the lawyer.  On tho track? asked tho engineer.  Of course he. was. No engineer  worthy of his job would *-uj his-train  into the woods after a man, sir.-  SeeldBg ���������������������������Health owrf Strength  V   E6r those ills peculiar;to.yromen Dr.:Pi���������*ce,  recommendshisr-FavoritePrescription, as ,>  ;^THE:  1E1E  ,ual>������peri������K* in tntoting .woman'/ di^asea-^arefufed^ged .v  tovrorik-in harmony withthe most delicate feminine constitution.   ���������'���������!  All medicine dealers have sold it with satisfaction to ens-,  tomers for the past 40 years.   It is now obtainable illiquid or  J^^ated^et format the drug store-or send 50one-cent  ���������tampa for a trial box, to Buffalo. '���������.'���������  -;   ETerywoMn.-miiy write'-folly Md;eontWenti������ny U Dr.,fiwe  .      In^fid^Hotel Bia Snrgi������a Institute BpffaIo,;N. 1.; ������*������������������������&���������.,,  inT������'.th.t.������.er eu* ^tffeceive careful, ������^f������������M������M'^^' .,  eenwiderattavaaa. that experienced medical adTice "Will be fiivea    ...  to berW������������<������lately free. ���������  ..     ������������������.    ���������  &  Dt. Piercm'iPlcmtant PellaU rmgalate andiavigerai������Mamach,tjv~  tTundbownlt. Soger coated, tiny I -<rnaki easy to take au candy. N  ETHE SUN, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA.  v  iimi  ;?| Don't waste time on Inferl-  >vOr salves because they're a  | JCfew cents cheaper.  " %   I  have "proved   Zam-Buk  . .'best for Eczema, Plies, Skin  ������>; Diseases, and Injuries.  As a' mother, - you owe it  k-jto your family  to use the  [.'Ibest, that!s Zam-Buk I  '50c box. AWDwiililt and Store).   ' ���������  mmrnmm  ... _���������       ^P'jJck in Defeat"  : A recerit'Socialist candidate said of  his'defeat/'.; '  '        . ���������   -.'  , At ariy.'f-ate we put .up, we Socialists, a brave -if hopeless fight". ��������� And  now, in our'defeat, we r.re as cheery  as the,"traveler. .lie bought a ticket  and then," going out on tho platform,  said: '  '   Mow soon does the train start?  Why, there she gc es now, said a station'hand. You have just missed  her.  Tho traveler leapt on to the line and  set out in pursuit of the train with all  his might.' But in Lwo or three minutes-he came trudging back over' the  ties.',        ,  , A laughing crowd had gathered, and  the station hand J-aid:  Well; did you catch her?  No, said'the traveler, but by jingo  I made her puff.  UNION LANK  ���������    "    Overheard  After School  "'.What's tlie matter,  Tommy?  Oh, I'm tired of school."    I'd like to  go- to bed for a week.  ��������� Why,- how's that?  Well, you see, I am in a very awkward position. I was next to. the boy  at the bottoD1 of the class���������and he's  left.  PALMISTRY  *'our Life's' In -Your' Hand! , Read  "Jour" Own Future! "Send Postal Note 25  cents and -stamped addressed envelope  tor-Crescentia,- the -well known scienti-  3c-palmist who will mall you chart  from- which you can read yo . .own futures Lt will fully describe your past  and future lifo and' It can be a constant  guide In life. CRESCENTIA, 8, Stobart  ' Slock, Winnipeg."  ��������� PATENTS "'  latent Your Ideas. No delay, and we  Trill sell It for you if the Idea lias merit.  Send >������������������ sketch for free -cport. Information -on patents and list of inventions  wanted mailed fret.  J.   A.'MACMURT-RY. &'CO',Y, : , .  Paten* Attorneys  154 Bay Street,'.Toronto,-Canada ���������  Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.  Good night, said StayJate. 'I have  enjoyed^ myself immensely. Now,'next  Sunday nif.Lt I���������er���������expect to .pass  your house, and ���������:��������� " .  That will be nice. Good night!  And.-she shut the do/>.  Best Liniment oi All  '   Destroys Every Pain  urns  - An -.Interesting .SermcnV' j-  The accustomed gentleman.-attend*  - jd-tho church service. And after it  was'over the pastor hasten down to  .shake hands. I liked your sermon  .Immensely! said tlie new at tender,  Shaving been nudged by his wife. I  am .more tht,n. pleased, beamed the  -parson. Which part,.did you like  t,est?j That part wher.- I dreamed  I had a million dollars! said the new  .member ere his wife had a chance to  judge him again  - Miller's Worm Powders will eradl-  .cate-the worm evil that bears so heavily on children and is believed to cause  aiany fatalities.' They, are an .acceptable.-medicine to children and can be  Jully'ielied/upon to clear the food  -channels thoroughly of these destructive parasites and restore the"inflamed  and painful surfaces Lo health fulness.  They are an excellent remedy for  Ihese* evils.  Every tluia a young mother "reacts it  ���������fescriptkn of the. eugenic baby ������������������.ho  ihJpks a reporter has i-c-en Interviewing her infant while sne was out.  She'Was So Ill���������Restored to  Health by Lydia E. Pink-  ham's Vegetable  Compound.   ���������-  Pentwater, Mich. ��������� "A year ago I was  Teryweak and the doctor said I had a  serious displacement. I had backache aud bearing  down pains so bad  that I could not sifc  in a chair or walk  across the floor and  I was in severe pain  all the time. . I felt  discouraged as I had  taken everything 1  could think of and  was no better. I  began taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Veg������  stable Compound and now I am strong  and healthy."���������Mrs. Alice Darling,  H.F.D. No. 2, Box 77, Pentwater, Mich.  Head WhatAnother Woman says:  Peoria, 111.���������" I had such backaches  thatl could hardly stand on my feet.���������=, I  would feel like crying out lots of times,  and had such a heavy feeling in my right  aide..? I had such terrible dull headaches  -������*y������y day and they would make me feel  jo drowsy and sleepy all the time, yet I  sould not Bleep at night  "After I had taken Lydia E.Pinkham'a  Vegetable Compound a week I began to  Improve. My backache was less and  that'heavy feeling in my side went  ������way. I continued to take the Compound and am cured.  "You may publish this if yoawish."  ���������Misfl Claka L. Gauwitz, R.R. No. 4,  Box 62, Peoria, 111.  ., . - ''v.  Snch letters prove the value of Lydia  ������. Pinkham's Vegetablo Compound for  woman's ills.   Why don't you try it?  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IOvery  community has its l:vlng examples of  the wonderful curative properties of  Nerviline which will cure pains and  aches anywhere in he joints or mus-  cies. It's penetrating. soothing,  warming' and safe for young and old  to use. Get the lai-ge 50c. family size  bottler it's the'most economical. Small  trial, size 25c_ at any dealer's anywhere.  An "nhapp.   Mistake .  During the Christmas morning service at a country ch rch the organist was much hare .���������ed becausp the  organ blower'kej t working the lever  noisily after lie had finished playing,  "his spoilt the en'etfc of his Christmas  music and he > as specially annoyed  as a famous preacher ha.' come down  from London to prerJjcli-for the occasion.  After a particularly loud 'lever interlude, ho hastily scribbled a note to  tlie offender and sent it Tour.d by a  choir boy, who, misunder' -'tding his  instructions, put it into ihe hands of  the preacher just as ho was ahout to  enter tho pulpit. ,'  The note was as folio-rs:  Perhaps you will kindly stop whei  I tell, you to The peoplb have coma  here to Shear my music and not your  noise.     '���������  Has . Splendid Year'.' Quick Assets  Over Thirty-foiirper Cent, of  Liabilities  The Forty-Ninth Annr..'. Report of  the Unio < Ban!- of Canada approved by  the Shareholders at their annual meeting hv3ic in Winnipeg on December 17.,-  is tho best L'i the history of tho Bank.  The "net p/ofits for tlie year after  making the usual deductions: for expenses of mariagernt-nt au'l making  full provision for-- bad cine", doubtful  debts amounted to ?750,095 or $44,000  more than, was earned i:: 1912. Other  evidences of progress ere shown by a  further examiiu-t'oa of. the Bank's  statement. The note circulation  throughout the year increased frorti  $4,/00.000 to $6.������00,OGO. Deposits  gained from ?55,600;000 to ?t'4,500,OO0.  The restv...ccoimt was increased-by  $100,000, making it $3,400,000. Current Loans increased from $45,000,000  to $4G,,<00,00, while total assets show  the large gain of $11,300,000 new  standing at $80,766,532.  A- striking   feature " of   the    Bank  Statement is found in a further examination of the assets.   The Bank possesses an unusually large amount or  gold, Dominion Notes and other quickly available  assets���������these  amounting  to $27,655,000 as, compared with $22,-  790,000 for the previous year.     This  policy of maintaining a large proportion of, the  assets  in a focpi  easily  convoked into cash is a characteristic of this Eank and the present holdings of nearly twenty seven and three  quarter millions .bear a high  propor  tion of the Bank's total liability to the  public.      The  fact  that  deposits   increased du'ing the ,.-dar also calls .for  comment as during ihe past year there  were unusual demands for funds and  depositcrs were more inclined to withdraw funds    -than  to  increase  their  holdings.     The -fact that deposits increased is an indication of the increased confidence on the part of the public  in the management of the Bank.   The  "Bank on its &ide has been'doing' its  full share in catering to -the business  needs of the communities, in which its  branches are locatec.   During the year  the'current loan's'show an increase of  $1,780,000- while  loans  rnd discounts  outside of Canada amount ..o $1,640,-  000 or more than -loublo that shown  for the previous year.   The Bank has  now on  deposit in the  Central  Gold  Reserve $1.300 100 while "i .total assets have attained Ihe very large sum  of'S80.76fi.000 an incrersc ol over $11.-  C00.000 during tIk. year.     The address  of Mr. "John Gait.   President   of-the  Bank, wan  an   p.bio  sumn^rv of fhe  conditions prevailing in  Canada  during the year.      Tn the course of his  address lie touched  on the  trend  of  trade durinerthe year, tlu crons   tho  increased importance of mived" fanning and briefly reviewed th3 various  ereat har.ie indiiFfWes in the several  "Provinces.   Thp    Genera.      Mnnsisev.  Mr. G. H.    Balfour,    in    Lis    address  nointed out that th-> Ban!  has now a  total of 313 branches.      .-Ip alio tnok  occasion to r^m-irk on  the excellent  manner in whirh tlie railwav companies   had   handled   the   Western   erram  cron.      The old "Hoard    of    Directors  was re-electet- and at   a   subspoupnt  meeting of the Poa^d. Mr. Wm. Price  was ele-lcd  Honorary H'psident.  Mr.  John Gait, President, and  Messrs.  H.  'l. Piley and G. II.    Thomson,   Vice  Presidents.  A HOUSEWIFg fS JUDGED BY HER KlTCftEN  for a Bright stove and a bright  reputation. use black kwight.  A P/I3TE j THE F F. DALLEY @. LTD.] No DUST  NoWflSTEl.      Hamilton.Ont.    | No Rust  EDDY'S  "2 in 1" and "3 in 1"  No other - Washboards    H������v������    She  zinc crimped  by 'na method peculiar to   EDDY'S Washboards.  This   patented   process    eliminates:  the  danger    of    torn     linens���������the  abuse of .hands���������the unpleasantness  of  wash-day.'"  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The lubricator seems to be inli lato with the  chain:  That's what I though*, said the  saddle, but I get sat on if * say anything.  I think the lamp '���������nd the oil would  makt a good ���������K'.ir, edded the sprocket.  Yes, except that the lamp smokes,  and goe;; out at nights, whispered the  pedal.  That's why I spoke of th: oil. What  U.e lamp, needs if a good match.  Well, if there's going b 1-e a wedding, said tho bell, I'll famish' the  ring.  Then tho conversation ceased and  not even a wheel spoke.  It is a lorg, tedious fight for the  unfortunate fever victnn, and when  the critical point has beer passed tbe/e  d"e weeks and months required to get  tho strength built up.  The digpstive organs iTre usually  'veak and tho appetite fick.e. Enough  food ���������'- taken to sustain life, but the  body remains weak, and on slight exertion tho breat'i is shore, and you  are   asily fatigued.  Under these conditions Or. 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The express companies every  day are earrying "50-pound  parcels the same distance "for  80 cents. ��������� Victoria Times.-  The $10,000,000 loan bill  has been passed by the provincial legislature. This ensures another successful season of graft and corruption for  the government's heelers. The  finance minister has intimated  that more measures of a simi-,  lar nature are to follow.  , The provincial government  has voted further aid to  the  Canadian Northern, and also  granted an . extension of time  for construction of branch lines  '���������' McBride's railway policy :is a  ,-great   'success���������for the' railways.    ., ���������  .      ..'.-   ">"' , .' '  After all, perhaps the rail-,  ways in this province'are - not  as grasping as they might be.  They'are .given everything  they ask" for, anil there surely  must, be some private property left in British Columbia  that theydo not control.  The McBride government  is ' building the r -; Gahadian  Northern,railway. But after  it is completed, the road will  own the province.  Hockey should be played  on sportmanlike lines. - The  unenviable - publicity given  Grand Forks recently through  fights and bickerings at and  over' games ��������� eutweights the  benents- that come from winning a trophy?-  SINGLE M PLAN  A few days ago Po'stmaster-  'i'General Pelletier (known as  . the greatest political  headsman of all  time)  exultantly  told members of the house  of  commons  that  he  had   "put  one over on  the railway companies" with his parcels  post  bill.    Now  the  railway companies in ' Canada are    also  owners of and operate the express- services.    The Toronto  Star has been looking into the  possibilities   of   this    much-  vaunted parcels post  service,  and this is what it has discov-  After the Galveston flood, Texas  set an example which has been followed by cities all over tbe United  States. Texas is now at least one of  the leaders in another experiment  which,'if it also succeeds, will affect  the whole population. A half dozen  cities in Texas have afready adopt  ed, with slight modifications, the  Houston plan of taxation. J" '.J.  Pastoriza, of the board of comuiis-  missio'ners of Houston, under whose  t  '  leadership the plan    was   pu't   ijito  operation in that city,' is now working for an amendment fo"thei constitution to give cities entire home rule  in matters  of  taxation.    Advertisements-are being put in the   papers,  and leaflets are being sent around to  business men, declaring that in ��������� the  first six months of 1912  there  were  two   hundred   and  nineteen  more  buildings   erected in Houston ��������� than  in the first six months of 1911: "that  the value of these buildings ampunt-  ted to three times the -value' of. the  buildings erected in 1911;   that  the  new-system   increased   the number  of land sales -without   lowering the  price of land; that cash, evidences of  debt, furniture and other household  effects are totally.exempt;   that,   in  short, Houston offers to manufacturers   and    -merchants   a   perpetual  bonus.    When Henry   George   fir.-t  put his ability   behind   the'recommendation of  this  idea,  the world  laughed.    It' laughs. no    longer.���������  Harper's ^eekly.   -  ALARM CLOCKS  r ,  For these dark mornings  .produce a tendency to  sleep.in. 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Z,  PARE,  Proprietor  1st Doou Noiith of Gkanry Hotel,  Fikst Stkekt.  Don't forget that The-Sun has the  beBt job printing deparrment in the  Boundary country.  Vessels Large May  Venture More, but  Little Ships Must Stay  Near Shore/'  The large display ads. are good  for the large business and the  Classified Want Ado. are proportionately good for the small firm.  In fact many large firms became  such by the .dillffent u*o of the  Classified Columns. Then example Is good-start now.  If you read The Sun you get the  news of the, city, the province and  the world. It is possible fof' a ' Sun  reader to keep abreast of .the times  without the aid of the daily  paperSj  i.V  WBtwsm K  THE   SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   h. C.  Ellis Jones, Ta [ Young Eng-  ' lisli'man. Takes an Over-'  - I'dbse of Morphine  Effortsitb .Revive, Kim, Prove  Futile-���������Was a Musician  ' \.6f Some Note  Ellis Jones, who has been pianist  'at;the Empress theater for the  past  two   or" thfee  months," d ied .at the"  home of Rev. Henry ^Steele shortly  after"3 o'clock this (Satur'day)jnorh  , ing from theeffects .of  an  overdose  of,   morphine.'. Whether  the  drug  vvaB  taken - with   suicidal intent, or  wjiether.the young man was addicted to its use and" accidentally   took  an overdose is,not known!   _���������" ���������   ;  .   Mrs. Steele is inclined to take the  latter view of the tragic occurrence.  She bases this belief mainly on Mr.  Jones' cheerfulness when he returned from the theater on Thurs.  day night. He talked to her hopefully of his future plans for some  time before he retired.  Friday morning ��������� he^did not get  up for breakfast, but as he had been  in the in habit of sleeping late Mrs.  Steele thought nothing of this. Toward she happened to pass his  room," and heard . him breathing  heavily. She knocked on the door,  but getting-no response she opened-  "if. ' She found Jones sittng inched���������  propped up with a couple of pillows.  He was in a stupor and to appearances lifeless. ' Mrs. ,.Sleele' shook  him and asked him if he wanted a  doctor. He managed to rouse himself .sufficiently to answer in the  negative. -Mrs", Steel.e;_basti|y summoned Dr. Truax, however.  Although the doctor worked hard  with the patient all of Friday afternoon, and Friday night, until'-.the  end came; he was unable to revive  him to consciousness*.-   * --     - " ���������  By-Jones', sidein l������ed lay a pencil  and" a writing- pad. There were  some  scrawls ;on   the  pud. hut   no  SECOND STREET, NEARBRIDGE.  Fresh and Salt Meats,-Poultry always**on hand,  Highest market price paid for live  stock.  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MEETS THE NEEDS OF THE HOME OF TODAY  ILLBk ^GARDNER  7 c>  =??&������������+��������� 'C^TVL  vaaS  legible writing. An .unlabeled phial  which had contained morphine was  also found near him.  Jones was a musician of considerable note. He Was an Englishman,  between twenty five and twenty-  seven years af age', and it said that  he was the son of wealthy parents in  the old country. It is also reported  that he was sent to this country on  account of his swift mode of living.  In this city his*worst enemy was his  craving for liquor, but as he was on  the interdicted list there appeared  to be hopeH of his complete reform a-  ation.  Coroner Kingston has not yet decided whether an inquest is necessary or not. Tbe only object of an  inquest, he says, would Oe ascertain  where Jones obtained tbe morphine.  If it is thought advisable to hold  an inquest, it will probably be held  next Monday.  [ OF. DATE  GeheralMeeting of Farmers'  \ Institute Will Be Held  February 21 .  g^������a-^^^aNrrgtMl.^iM������������^g������n)M.������l.'ltlVillgJiaigfg51g<  Elmer Nem?, proprietor of the  Christina Lake hotel, was in the  city on Monday.  Advertisement in The Sun bring  results because it is the peoples'paper  The Sun is the be&t equipped office  in the BouiuUry with faces of ' type  suitable for society printing..  ���������Don't forget that The Sun has the  best, job I'liiilihg (lep.m incut in the  Boundary country.  eo.  assre  Fashionable  Ladies' and Gentlemen's  TAILORING  of Every Description  ' Bridge Street  ,  rand Forts, B. C.  Do^you know  The������)iitFi9s  ���������1  as i*T is to-day ?  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M.     GRACE  Commissioner   of    Public    Work9  W.     D.     L.     HARDIE,     Mayor  ARTHUR     REID '  Co.mmisslor.er  of   Public   Ut!lltl*3  Commission  Government for    Canad-  ian^ Cities  Within the last three years over  three hundred American cities have  adopted what is called the Commission Form of Municipal Government.  The reform may be said to have for  fundamental principles: Fixed responsibility, quick action and experc  service..... It sprang out of the exigencies following the great flood at Galveston, Texas when that City was  nearly effaced and required to be rebuilt without delay. The movement  is spreading rapidly and from time to  time new improvements ar~' devised  as different cities take up with it.  Lethbridge is the first citj in Western Canada to adopt Commission Government aud professes to have excell  ed all previous efforts, in forming, a  city charter.  The Leth',/r:dge chartei provides for  three comir.i.ssione:a. The Mayor,  who is also the Commissioner pi Finance and Safety will have a salary of  $4,000. The Commissioner of Public  Works and the Commissioner of Pub-  lie Utilities will each receive salaries  of'$3,500. Each department is clearly defined and each Commissioner is  responsible for its administration.  The Commissioners git as a council  to enac'. by-laws, etc.  The Initiative Refereiidui and Recall are included iu ..he.plan as are also Woman Suffragi and Preferential  Voting.  The fust eh ction for JommlasiC'n3rs  wa9 held on December 8tli resulting in  v>  the choice of the afo-'ve. There wero  altogether fifteen candidates for the  three position?. To win, a candidate  must, receive a majority of.all votes  cast. In case the first choice of the  voters does not eloct-���������ther- ihe second  choices arc regarded and so on until  ono has the ' required number. in  this election i^ was necessary to count  to tho fourth el- ices in two of the  three cases.  Those elected are all engineer,-.  The Mayor is. a Civil and Mining Engineer. Tlu Commissioner of Public  Works is a Civil Engineer. The  Commissioner of Public Utilities is an  Electrical Engineer.  Tho ue\V Lethbridge Government  will become tffective on January 1st,  1914  smfflsaiMi^^ THE SUltf, GRAND FORKS, BRITISH COLUMBIA  !������������������������������������������������������������������������ ***���������������������������$������������������������������������*���������  Two Ma5qiieradiiigi  , 'Cops . .-  ���������   Each Played His G$me  Will  .By RYLA D BELL  *���������������������������������������������'��������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  iVlien I,was a ro ndsman at Arlington 1 was sitting down to breakfast  one moruiu'g when there came a hurry  call forme lo rcrort-nt once at the  Btation. -I. found two or three other  roundsmen there, listening attentively  to Inspector Ilarker, who "was giving,  them instructions.        .    ,���������  "Hello,, Blaney!" he said as soon as  'the tvfo towns being omit up continuously.. I took a trolley car and got  out at tho end,of the route, and a few  steps look me iuto Burtouville.  " The ,uuirorms of tho police of th������  lwo towns were alike or so nearly  ilike that there was not enough difference lo act upon.' This was both an.  idvanlago'and a disadvantage .to us.  (Ve need not bo recognized as Arling-  lon- policemen, but the man wo were  if tor could not' be delected wearing  aur uniform. Indeed, wo did not know  rvliat special uniform he wore, "exceptj  :hat It was a policeman's.  I was but one of some twenty men  ffho'. were covering. the ground,  and)  there was but one chance In twenty,  tf- the criminal was captured at all,,  that I would run across him. Consequently there was mighty little chance  of my doing the Job. But.I kept my  attention fixed upon it Just as keen as  if I knew my man was within reach.  There were two main thoroughfares  lu Burtonville leading from the trolley  -he saw me    ������i jrnnt ^    Oddw hew, -        ^        ^  and listen to a statement or u.case/wq- ob(Jut a mi]<J ^^   x wa,ted to tJJ  bare on hand. -     . -      I BtUyon by one route. keeping my eye  I Joined the row in front of the  : desk, and-.lho inspector continued:  "This morning'an" old man'named  ��������� Heuncssy, who keeps a little store at  , 92 Union street, went to his place of  business at'G o'clock as usual to open  up.    He" kept no clerk,  doing everything  himself.    About  half an  hour  after he entered the store a policeman  In uniform  was seen to como out of  It.   The person who saw'tbe cop was  " on his way to Henuessy's store to buy  some coffee for breakfast.    He found  the    storekeeper    lying    dead,    shot  through the" head, before a little open  safe in which ho'kept his funds.  ���������"The. man who made the discovery  ran   out  for   a   policeman, and   met  -th. JRE HE IS.     HELr ME TO BUN HIM TS.?  O'Neill, who went back to the store  with him, and at once sent in a report  of the occurrence. What money had  been taken from the safe is not known,  6irice Bennessy is dead and can't tell  us how much was there. . ...   .  - - "The queries are: Who.jyas the policeman who came out of the store after  the murder? Was ho one of our force? i  If so, .was ho the murderer? Had he  adopted a policeman's uniform to enable him to escape detection? Is he  ������r has he been a policeman in another  town who has gone to the bad?  "We havo no time to~ lose, because  there is a hope that we enn get hlni;  before he can take off his uniform and  ^ut on citizen's clothes.   I think that if  /I were in his place I would try to get  " out of town as a policeman. HO would  run some risk in taking off his uniform  before doing so, since should we find  it we could work from it to its owner,  or rather to the man who.bad-worn It,:  whereas if the murderer could get beyond our bailiwick It would bo much  easier to get It off and conceal it."  That was Just like- H'arke'r.. He al-  ifcvays began a hunt for a cripiinnl by  . going over tho ground Just as if he was  the criminal himself. But Hacker used,  to say that what >vas tuostvlikely to  throw him off the track was some fool-,  ish move on the part of, the fugitive.  "I shall work on-two theories," be  continued���������"the one that.he remains  for the present in/town, the other-that  he trlesto get away in.uniform.. You  ''men.will.bo used to work on the latter,  theory. You haveone advantage���������you  can hurry, while the murderer can't.  Haste .would give him away. I shall  give each of you so many degrees of  the circumference of our town limits  and trust to your perceptive faculties  to spot the man."  He gave ua our positions, and each  man made his way to where, be was  to co by the quickest possible means,  8ome; going by trolley, some on horsey  'back und come in hacks hired for the  purpose.   I was assigned to a section  iwbero our own city limits met those of  libe..jje3ffhborlng town of. Burtonrllle,  j skinned,for policemen.   The policemen  I belonging to/.tho town had been notified of the Dossible. nres'ence of the  criminal and '.were much 'better fixea  to take, him if he was there than one  | of Arlington, because they knew their  j own,men.,  I said nothing about' the  i matter to those-1 met, conlining my attention to meeting a policeman who  ' by sbme bit of nervousness would give  ��������� himself away.  I    Not-meeting any suspicious person on  i my way to tho station, I walked back .  ! by.the other thoroughfare, which was  j much less  frequented than  the first  ' Meeting a cop, I asked him what was  the hour for change of the force on  ' duty.   He told me that he was then  ' expecting every moment to bo relieved.  .,.1 continued my way back toward the  trolley stables and was walking slowly.  ; along when I saw a policeman coming.  !     Some  of   us -fellows  of  the  police-  " have a way when walking along, especially when entering upon our term of  - routine duty, of throwing our sticks  outward, drawing them  back, by the  < throng that attaches them to the wrist  and catching them.   The man coming  I toward me was doing this.    That fellow; I remarked to myself, whatever  else be is,' is a cop.    He is throwing  his "slick like a policeman and catching  It as if he had been doing the trick  all his life.  When we met I nodded to him, looking him over carefully, as I'did every  cop I passed, for anything that might  give away the man I was after. There  ��������� was nothing in his uniform, nothing  In his walk, which had the elasticity of  a man Just going on duty, contrasting  with that of one just going off duty.  But there is one telltale feature that  ���������;cannot well be covered, though I have  known many persons to do so with  marked success. I refer to the eye. It  is usually a sure indicator. It is the  feature on which one fighting for his  life keeps his own eye fixed without ���������  a moment's removal. Tho man I met  looked me in the eye. I looked him in '  tho eye and saw in it an uneasiness  thnt was in strong contrast with his  careless walk and otherwise confident  appearance.  While there was not enough in this  to wan-ant my assuming that he had  an uneasy conscience, it was sufficient  to Induce investigation.   I stopped for  a bit of chat.  '���������'Just going on?" I asked.  ."Yes," he replied.   "Are you?"  Here was a probable giveaway.    I  knew by sight every person connected  with the police department of Arlington, and this man should hare known  those of Burtonville.  "Let me see," 1 said. "I don't exactly place you. Haven't you recently  come on the;force?"      ;  He saw danger in the question, and  I saw dread in that telltale eye of his.  ,   "Not so 'very  recently.    I've  been  mostly on night duty."    ,-.  1   "That's the duty  I've been on," I  said. In order, to push  him  further.  "It's singular that 1 haven't ever seen  you at the station."  ;   "It is queer we haven't met," he half  stammered.   "But I must go on.   I'm  a bit behind time and have some distance to walk."  "I'll go with you," I said. "I'm not  ���������satisfied at seeing a man on the force  that Inever saw before. I'm going to  investigate you.".  No will power could keep the blood  in the man's face when be saw that  he was in imminent danger of being  exposed as masquerading in the Bur-  tonville.police force, to. which he did  not belong, for this would almost surely connect him with something worse.  But he pulled himself together, saying  Ihat I was Yvcleqine to luvestigatc.hiin  as much as I liked.  Ho walked beside me sullenly. I did  not Jump at n conclusion Unit he was'  my quarry, but I believed there was a  fair chance of It. At the samo time I  didn't care to place myself in n ridiculous position by making a mistake.  "How do I know." be said presently,  "that you are a member of tho force?  I've never seen you before,"  "You'll And that out," I replied,  "when we meet a policeman."  Suddenly tho man 6teppcd to the  curb nnd began to rap du it with hiB  s'ncir." a cop came nurrymg toward  us, and my companion said to him:  "I'm an Arlington policeman, after a  man who is wanted for masquerading  as a member of your force." There he  is.   Help me to run him in."  It was a desperate game to play, but  be had no other. It confirmed my belief that I had got the man I was  after, and I did' not worry as to the  result Tho Burtonville man looked us  both over, then said to me:  "I've -been ordered to look out. for  you myself.   Come along."  "Not without my accuser." I said.  ' The real criminal's eyes were* darting about for some method of escape.  He'put his hand to his hip, but took  It away. I watched him Closely in order to be ready to shoot first If there  was any shooting to .be done.  The Burtonville cop settled the matter by rapping for assistance, and  when it came.we two strangers were  taken to. the station and held till. Barker came out in the police buggy and  get the Burtonville authorities right as  to my Identity. '  The man I had- encountered was taken to Arlington, where he was questioned and.cross questioned till a confession was wrung from bim. He waa  Jried and suffered for his crimaii'  Wor60 Than Weather Forecasts.  - ��������� rle'nd���������You certainly have a snap. '  Dramatic Critic���������Snap? Do you know  what I'jn.trying to do now?  Friend-^What?  Dramatic Critic���������Write a review of  the theatrical season of 1913-14 for the  June, 1014, number that comes out the  first of next month.���������Life. .      ~   ,  THE LIGHTHOUSE,  FINANCING A CHURCH ?  R13P. ROBT. LAIRD UNDERTAKE*  A BIG TASK.  The  Sailor's  Best  Friend   As  It  Is  To-day.  Is a lighthouse a "revolving, ' an  "occultating," or a ."flashing" light?  It is a very simple matter to deter- i    mine.    With a "revolving" light the !  illuminating beam seems to increase    New Secretary of tho Board of Fin-j  gradually in strength, and then  die Rncc Is Another of tho Men From!  away into darkness. j        yova Scotia Who Do Things In!  An   "occultating"   light   shows   a ���������  His Reproof.  Mrs. Voteleigh' (coming home at II)���������  Are the..dear children all right? I  haven't set eyes on'them since morning.  Her Husband���������Huh! Yon go about  airing your views; bettor you'd stay at  home and view your heirs.���������St Paul  Pioneer Press.  Genuine Beggar Poet.  Prance possesses a genuine beggar  poet in Germain Nouveau, ��������� a close  friend of Paul Verlaine, who has pub-  lishod a number of ballads and sonnets over the pseudonym' "Humilis."  'A selection of ��������� these issued in book  form some years ago was very favorably received. In one of the notices  of his work the author was described  by a critic who knows him personally  as "a man soured by poverty, who  declines to ailow his lot to be bettered." Nouveau lives at Aix on  rrovcrice,, mainly -on the alms of the  charitable,'and is frequently to be seen  on Sundays amid the throng.of beggars who line tho approach to tho  cathedral.���������London Chronicle.  steady beam of light, interrupted sud  deuly at regular intervals by short  periods of total darkness. With occultating lights tho period of illum-  'inatlon is always longer than the intervals of.darkness.  "Flashing" lights are of two sorts.  They may show a swift flash of light  at regular intervals in the darkness,  or they may give a steady light with  -frequent intervals of darkness. What  makes a.light-a "flashing" light is  that there is more dark than light,  .while with an occultating light there  is more light than dark.  The correct word for a lighthouse's  period of darkness is "eclipse."  Lights    differ    greatly    in    their'  strength.  The Gt. Orme's Head light,  for instance,   beside   Llandudno,   is .  .visible twenty-four miles off.in clear '  jweather..  The    Flam borough    Head \  light shows for twenty-one miles, the \  ,Cromer light for twenty-three. ^ The j  Cape Wrath light, looking out on the  stormy -water   round   the   north of  Scotland, shows clear for twenty-sev-  'en miles,   the   longest   distance   at  which any British light can be seen.  The Eddystone can be seen for seventeen.  i Some of the newer fashions in  I lighthouses are very curloivs.  !! The great Cape Wrath lighthouse,  ���������for instance, is to be rebuilt. At  present it stands on a mighty cliff  four hundred feet above the sea, and  is frequently hidden in fog. The new-  light will be a quarter of a mile further-out on a low-lying storm-swept  reef. The waters there are so dangcr-  'ous that the usual, steam-tender is  out of the question.  :   ,So a great shaft is to be dug of the  cliff-head. From the foot of this shaft r.iv. eoeert LAina  ,a covered way of reinforced concrete yancouver. fn 1905 he was appoint  'will run out along the top of the reef ed to ^he chair of practiCal theology,  to the new light, the gaps being ; .Q Queen'S University, one more not-  crossed by. steel girders enclosed in j able contribufron from tho premier  'concrete to keep them from being eat- j maritl-me province to the educational  ;en away by. the spray. A lift at the i life o������ the Dominion. The Presby-  lan'd 'end" and a narrow-gauge line jterIail describes him as being "a born  if or supplies will make" the new Cape organizer and abundantly endowed  Wrath lighthouse the only one in the |  world 'with a tube of its own. ]  A new idea in lighthouses"that has  Religious and Educational Lines  ���������He Was Made Professor ot  Queen's In 1005.  The Presbyterian Church in Canada is rich in men of organizing abil-!  Ity. The new secretary of the Board  of Finance is the most recent  example. The' Rev. Robert Laird, ofj  Kingston, is yet one more of thej  bright young men from Nova Scotia,  which is the.cradle of so many of'  Canada's big men. Mr. Laird sustains the tradition for the province,  for lie is big in every sense of the  word, lie has ministered at Camp-,  bellford, N.B.; Brockville, Ont; aDl,  !'  Try a Starch Bath.  7 It comes from Paris, the latest  beauty hint. A society woman of the  French capital has made a wonderful  discovery. It is a staufth^hath. A pound  of starch dissolved .in'a saucepan full  of hot water is poured into the well  filled bathtub at blood, heat and then  the bath is taken for twenty minutes  .With nil but the face 'and hair immersed. The result is quieting to the  nerves, a delightful souse of exhilaration, and a soothing effect upon the  skin. This bath should be taken before breakfast or before dressing for  dinner. For the limp or washed out. it  docs what a laundress does to a crumpled shirt���������Leslie's.  caught-on greatly of' recent years  'might be called that of the "fake"  'lighthouse. Its technical name is the  "apparent'' light. His used for economy's sake, where a light is wanted  Ion a dangerous sunken, reef, and  Where the building of a "proper lighthouse would be a very risky and a  very expensive Job.  A small size lighthouse is fitted up  Instead. But th3 lantern has no light  of its own. It only collects and reflects by means of a mirror and lenses  the powerful beams of a hidden light  on shore.  A still newer idea that the Elder  Brethren of Trinity House (tho light-  They Die Young In Greenland.  Neither old age nor matrimony is at  all popular in Greenland, according to  the latest census of that country,  which alsp sets forth tho fact that civilization has imposed Its restrictions  even on this remote realm with such  effect that during the last decade there  have been so far as the public was  aware but three inhabitants of the region who possessed more than one  wife each. There'are only twenty-six  men and forty-four wjmou who have  passed beyond" tlie age of sixty years,  and In every thousand of the population there are 050 unmarried, 319 tnar-  ried'and 31 widowers.���������New York.Her-  aldL "  "Our stenographer is a wise one."  "How now?"  "While tbe other girls were fooling  around at the seashore getting them-  eel res engaged to ribbon clerks she remained on the Job and got affianced to  the boss."���������Louisville Courier-Journal.  Not What Ma Meant,  fieggle���������if pa was to die. ma. would  be go to  heaven?    Ma-Hush,  hush,  Re������gic!    Whoever  has been   putting'  such   ridiculous   thoughts  into  your  ���������'head?���������Sketch.  . - It Will Come.  Nell���������As people grow old I like to  gee them keep up with the fashions.  Bello��������� Yes, wo never grow too old to  acquire the latest wrinkle.���������Philadelphia Record.  The man whose eyes are nailed no)  on tiio nature of his act, but on tha  wages, whether ft be money or officl  or fame, 1* almost equally low.~Eraer������  eon-  house authorities) are experimenting j Look  with is the use of- wireless in time of  fog. By the use of what is called the  radiocompass bewildered ships can  get their exact bearings by wireless  messages from lighthouses.  Another new idea is submarine signalling. Sound signals, travel far  better under water than over it These  'submarine bells can be Leard ten  miles away in rough weather and  twenty in smooth.  ; The bell.-; are struck by powerful  'clappers being worked by electricity.  iAs- showing the spread of submarine  signalling, it may be mentioned that  eight years ago only one ship was  ���������provided with submarine ears, while  'now there are over nine hundred.  with the grace of perseverance."  At" the Finance Board, h ��������� wi'I  have scope for the exercise of. hie  ability as an organizer. The Presbyterian Church is fortunate in its possession of men of the type of Robert"  Laird. Incidentally, Mr.-Laird is a  brother of the manager of tbe Cana-  dian branch of the National Cash  Register Co., another "born organise  er."���������Canadian Courier.  AYhy Not Short-Haired Dames?  A well-known London hairdresser  would condemn thousands of women  to the barber's shears if he could.  "One woman , in every four,'.' thia  daring man argues, "would improvo  her   looks   by  shortening   her   hair.  at    that    woman    with  Only Sixty-Nine Years.-Ago.  ! It was not until 184-1 that a law  was passod in England compelling  ���������every raiiway line to run one train  each way daily, conveying passengers in cbvered carriages,-at the rate  of a penny (two cents) a mile. The  ordinary speed was to be 12 miles  an hour. In those days," writes  J. C. Wright, "there were three  classes. The third-class coach was' little better than a cattle truck. It had  no roof and no scats. Into this the  passengers were packed and had to  stand during the whole journey, or, if  there was room, to squat on the floor,  exposed to the rain or sun and bom-  garded 'by sparks emitted from the  engine. Second-class passengers were  kindly advised to provide themselves  with gauze spectacles and to sit as  far from the ,englne as possible. As  for lighting ;the carriages at night,  no such luxury was entertained."  Primitive Signalling.  Of primitive railway signalling a'  curious example Is given by Dr. John  Korr In "Memories; Grav.e'and Gay."  He wished/to take traln'at' Ordens, a  siding, on tho Banff branch lino, and  was instructed by o'ne who knew the  methods, of. that line "to. go to the  Biding and Rfl the train approached  set Are to a newspaper and tho train  would stop." On carrying out instructions tho wind prevented tho paper  burning, but a stentorian shout  brought the train to a standstill, end  Dr. Kerr was taken Rboard.  Bu������ine������ of fl Jury.  WilHo-VflW, what 1������ a 3������ry?   r&if  ~A body of men organized to find out  who has tho bost lawyer, mj Ml*  Cincinnati BQQulra.  her  skimpy locks all skewered and  frowsy, or that other'with her slovenly, lustreless hair, that doesn't!  look as" if It had grown on a woman's head. Only one woman In tea  can or does give her hair half fta  due. Cut it short, and you have a  woman.of distinction at once.  "You'd be surprised," declares.he������  "if you knew the number of womeni  who at one time or another have a!  passion to be shorn,-but only the.  masculine woman has the courage'to  submit to the scissors. She. wears  her hair far loo short to prove her  equality with man���������a. 'short cut' to  emancipation. If some of her less  angular sisters would show howj  pretty short curls really are when  they frame a pretty face wo could  make a start on the way to bygiena  and beauty.  "Why do I dissuade women from  surrendering their tresses?" he asked. '.'Well, you see, I have no suicidal tendencies, and I am not yet in  a position to buy back the family,  estate in France." *  Passing Sentence on an Egg.  "Waiter."' From tho tablo by th������  window tho Toice of an elderly gentleman rose in accents wrathfuL  "Waiter!"  "Yes, sir," replied the much harassed  one, hastening forward.  The elderly gentleman, overcome by  his emotions, made several vain efforts  to articulate utterances. Then:  "Take this egg away!" he roared.  "Take it away!"'  "Yes, sir," said the waiter obligingly as lie glanced wistfully nt tho offending article. "And-and what shall  -I'do with it, sir?"  "Do- with .it?" The outraged cus>  ; forocr.rose menacingly from, bis chair.  "Do with It?" ho bellowed flercelj;.  "Why, wring its neck!"���������Fun.  The Right Shop.  Mrs. Newly wed���������Is this the taxt  dermist?  Man (on tho telephone)���������Yes, ma'am,  Mrs. N. Wed���������You stuff birds, don't  jrou?  Mnn���������Yes, ma'am.  Mrs. N. Wed���������Well, how much would  you charge to coin������ up here and stufl!  '���������he turkey we're goiDg to havo for ditt-  aet?    1 don't know bow.���������Woman'B  Home Companion.  y  <;*WP V*r������ rfw w *wai  TOi������aMttaiiaa^ THE   SUN,.  GRAND, FORKS,   B. C,
I"' '
I "^ <
1 .>
it i
Two Teamsters   Are   Assessed $150 for Pounding a Compatriot
An .vicious fight occurred among
the teamsters hauling ore from the
Union mine on Tuesday last at
Fjank McPharlane's place.- The,
principal combatants were Bill Carpenter, Jake HoSer and Joe Johnston. The row started over a con-
��� troversy as the merits of the men's
respective teams.    Unparliamentary
w Gait Coa
Office !
F. Downey's Cigar Sture
Telephones; ~"" '.
Office, R66 -- -    ,     '   Ffr��t <5ti��PPf
Hansen's Residence. R38 lu��i ullcCl
language soon lecl to blows, and as
a result of the melee Johnson drove
into town Wednesday morning with
his face pounded almost to a pulp.
In the afternoon the provincial constable left for the North Fork country for Johnson's assailants, and
they were brought to this city Ves
The trial of Carpenter and Hoffer
has been in progress before Magistrate Cochrane in the police courts
siuce 11 o'clock this morning. Late
this evening the judge imposed a
fine of $100 on Carpenter, while
Hoffer was let off with a $50 fine.
J. PI. Ryly appeared for Carpenter,
and Mr. McKenzie for Hoffer.
Fair Directors Suggest Many
Special Prizes for the '
Fall Show. '.
WANTED���Man   who   understands
market-gardening, dairy cows, and-
general farming, to  work on   ranch.
Single man   preferred.    For   parfcicu
lars apply to P. O. Box 200.
i      I B
WOOD     AND     ICE
I have re-opened a harness   shop at my  old. -
stand on Bridge street, and will manufacture
N^w HWrnPcc and  do a11 kinds  of
I1CW  4Icli uc:or> harness repairing. All   ���
work guaranteed.   Your patronage is solicited.
/\o        /\*     1^ 1C
Yes, We Are
Stock- Taking
L,ook Our for
Everything to Eat and We&r
Real Estate Investments
and Business Sites
Insurance in
o4.ll Its Branches
Established 1901
, A full meeting of the- hoard of
directors of the Agricultural association was held in the office of
Secretary Hadden on' Wednesday,
afternoon-, February 18, when-many
matters of greatinterest were brought
"P- ' ';    ��� "
Tbe tenders for the fence posts
were opened, and after discussion
were left in the hands of-the building and grounds;committee for their
acceptance. '
Many special prizes for the coming fall fair were suggested, and
August Schrritter,' who represented
the local association at the annual
convention^ the British Columbia
Fairs association, which was held in
Victoria, made his ,full report.;
The report was full of,-details and
suggestions.     -    " /_   .-
-The prospects ,for ��� the t annual
September fall fair-this year are
brighter than they ever were.'    "   '
Death of Mrs. Brown
Mrs. Isabella Beatrice Brown,
aged 57 years, died at the Cottage
hospital-Thursday morning, February 19, following an operation for
ca .cer, frorii which malady she had
been a sufferer for some-time.
Deceased was a- native of England. During tbe past eight- years
she resided in this city, 'where she
had a wide circle of friends,.who
respected her very highly. She is
survived by a family of five children���one daughter and four sons,
one of whom.George C, lives in this
city. .
Coming���Dr. Kilberger, Eyesight
Specialist, representing Toiic Optical Company of .Vancouver, will be
in the Yale hotel on February 20
and 21.    See notice on page 5.
We Have Jhis, Week.
,   Launched  our   business    into., *
<lA Strictly Cash System
,We believe the credit system is wrong���'it
: .     works a hardship on the merchant, and an even
greater hardship on-the consumer.
We have $7,341.57 of bad debts on our books.
-    - The manufacturer has been paid for the goods ���
���the "goods  have' been paid for by. the con-.
- sumer, but not by those who used them.   Our   ^
record for bad debts is light in comparison to
some business concerns in'the province, but it
-   is sufficient to prove the eredit system to .be  -'"
r. ' wrong. " .        " -"'-:,       _       ������',:..
Now we'Tiave changed. things, and hereafter
Grand Forks will have ���  \"
for Men's Furnishings. . The prices'will be   .'
lowered to a cash basis. --      .; :       *  ,--.���//"'
Ah important addition to our cash store this ' ���
" season isTa new line of -~ ���    -      -    _ ���
Uniori-<^VIade Clothing
. -.which-will'be made to TIT-.T,PIE-FORM in,
;     .the highest-grade-material shown in the "West.
We have secured this agency for the ��� wbole of ���
;.-      the Boundary district.   'Before  buying your
���   spring suit see this new line of clothing���the
.  Union Label on "every garment. _    . -    ���
BARN 815 weekly at home evenings,
mailing catalogues for large Canadian Mail Order House. Representatives wanted wanted in all cities,
towns and country. National Supply
Co , Windsor, Ont.    ,
Preparations are under way by
the local committee of the Lnymen's
Forward Movement for an interesting time n>jxt VV��-diH'S'lay, both at
the afternoon conference and the
evening supper.    See the handbilN.
If you are bothered - with -headaches, squint or.cross eye, or if the
glasses you now wear are unsaatis-
factory, consult with Dr. Eilburger/
specialist, in the Yale hotel on Feb:
ruary 20 and 21. See notice on
page 5.
Geo. W. Cooper left on   Wednesday   for   Prince   Rupert and Fort
M. Frankovitch visited his daughter in Nelson last Sunday.    ���.      .   "
Arrason the shoe man has removed
to'his new, stand, corner Bridge'and
"Fourth" "at ee'ts, **   .   ' . "\   i
'. Highest "cash prices'paid for old
Stoves and. Ranges. -E. C. Peckham,
Second-hand Store.  ^
'Pape's Diapepsin" makes Sick, Sour,
Gassy Stomachs surely feel fine
In five-minutes.
The Sun only costs SI a year,
prints all the news.  -
Save your Hair!   Get a 25 cent bottle
of,Danderine right now���-AlsoT
stops itching scalp.      \
- If what'you just ate is souring on
your stomach or lies like a lump of
lead,-refusing to digest, or you belch
gas and eructate sour, undigested
food, or have a feeling of dizziness,
heartburn, fullness, nausea, bad'taste
.in mouth and stomach-headache, you
can get blessed relief in five minutes.
Put an end to stomach trouble forever
by getting a large fifty-cent case of
Pape's Diapepsin from any drug store.
You reaHzo iu five minutes how needless it i'i *���? suffer from Indigestion,
dyspepsia or any stomac^ iisorder.
It's the ouickest, surest stomach doctor   in   the   world.     It's   wonderful.
Thin, brittle, colorless and scraggy
hair is mute evidence of a neglected
scalp;  of dandruff���that awful "scurf.
There is nothing so, destructive 'to
the hair as dandruff. It robs the hair
of its lustre, its strength and Its very
life; eventually producing a feverish-
ness and itching of the -scalp, which
if not remedied causes the hair: root'-'
to shrink, loosen and die���then th
hair falls out fast. A little Dander; .
tonight���now���any time-^-will sr.:
save your hair.
Get -a 25 cent bottle of KnowltonV
Danderine from' any drug store. You
surely can have beautiful hair and lots
of it if you will just try a little Danderine.     Save   your   hair!    Try   it!
Grand Forks people who. have stom
ach and bowel trouble should guard
against appendicitis by taking simple
buckthorn bark, glycerine, etc., as
compounded in Adler i-ka, the German remedy which became famous by
curing" appendicitis.      JUST   ONE
I DOSE relieves sour' stomach, gas_on
the   stomach   and   constipation:  IN--
,,STANTLY because this siimple mixture   draws   off  such . a   surpris'ibg
.amoun^tof-oldfourmatter from." the
body.    Woodland e^Quinn, druggists
No need having piles ,any longer!
No need of suffering another day!
Steam's Pile Remedy (complete with
tube) will help you or. IT COSTS YOU
This remedy is a combination of the
lately discovered, high-priced-Adrenalin Chloride with other powerful curative principles, and IT STOPS THE
, So sure are we that Steam's Pile
Remedy will benefit you that we will
not satisfied.
& Thi3 is -the only pile remedy that
v��-e can guarantee and we know you
will thanlc us for telling you about it
We have the exclusive agency.
NeW Year
The majority of'.cases of sickness are caused
by unsanitary plumbing. Avoid this risk by
having your plumbing work  done  by        -
Heating and Sanitary Engineer
���Many so-called specialists make
extravagant statements about their
methods and cures. My record of
j 6-years' experience in this treat
-ment of all chronic, nervous, and
special ailments'of men is sufficient
proof of my ability to affect a cure,
when a cu.ie i.s possible.
No man can afford to consult
any but the best in regard to his
physieal welfare. Life and. hap
pin ess depend on good health. I
have cured thousands of men aud
I can cure you, if.your case is
curable. ...   ....
MY OFFERl 'Absolutely free expert medical examination 'and consultation. Absolute guarantee Of coihple'te cure of every case I u'nder-
takej and moderate.price.    Call oh pi* write for booklet to
"DR." KJBLtBY.y. 210 Howard Street, Spokane
I ^


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