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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 21, 1917

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 ..���������.Wf"\  <..  /)������������������������-  :/  Kettle Valley Orchardist  17TH YEAR���������No   8  GRAND.FORKS   B. 0., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1917  $1.00 PER YEAR  Unionist Government  Endorsed by Big Majority  With Exception of Quebec, the Government Makes Almost a Clean Sweep of  the Entire Country.  (v���������.  ��������� -The returns from'tha general election on Monday indicate that the Unionist-government will have a majority of  between fifty and sixty members. Even-the-most optimistic  supporters of the" Unionists were surprised at the results,  which may be much greater when the returns from the voting of the soldiers is reported, which, it is believed, will affect the .results in some close constituencies where Laurier  Liberals have been elected on the face of the returns by small  majorities, and elect Unionist candidates.  The results which were definite Tuesday night gave the  Unionists 138 and Liberals 91, a majority for the government  of 47, with a possibility of 60 majority when the election results are all.in.    ���������   '  The provinces east of the Ottawa river more than veri-  " tied the prediction of those who believed thas the Unionists  and Liberals would break.about even, but Ontario and the  ,west proved & surprise.; The opposition counted on at least  twenty _ seats 'from.. Ontario and got only.half that number.  ��������� Liberals;thought they, could" count on not less than fifteen  seats hi the west, but only two "supporters of Sir ��������� Wilfrid  JLaurier were elected.',. Two or three,.seats-.in- northern-. Alberta-may still.be in doubt because of the large number of  country polls still-to hear from, but there is little to indicate  the possibility of more than three or four oppositionists being-elected in western Canada. ��������� In Ontario 72 of the 82 constituencies have been won by the Unionists, and all the ministers have been elected by large majorities. The opposition  has been successful only in North Waterloo, Russell, South  .Renfrew, Prescott, South Perth, West Middlesex, Kent,  South Essex, North Essex,-and South Brace.  . Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his running mate, H. McGivern,  were defeated by close onto 1000 majority in the capital, but  the Liberal leader was returned in Quebec East by 6000.  Quebec did even worse for the Unionises than was expected, 62 out of 65 seats going in.the Liberal column. Three  suscessful Unionists in Quebec were Hon. C.J. Doherty,  minister of justice, who won a three-cornered fight in St.  Anne's division, Montreal; Hon. C. C. Ballantyne, minister  of marine and .fisheries, who was elected by a good majority  in St. Lawrence-St. George div:siou, and 8ir Herbert Ames,  who still holds St. Antoine division in the same city. Outside  of Montreal, no Unionist was elected.  In Quebec province alone did ministers of the crown  suffer defeat.1 Hon. P. E. Blondin, postmaster-general, who  is in England, failed to secure election in either the Laurler-  Outremont division of Montreal or his old constituency of  Champlain, while Hon. A. Sevigny, minister, of inland revenue, was equally-, unsuccessful in Westmount-St. Henry,  Montreal and Dorchester. In the latter constituency his successful opponent was Lucien Cannon. The defeat of these  two ministers leaves. the French-Canadians without representation in the government.  In the Maritime drovinces the Liberals have captured  18 of the 29 contested seat. Prince Edward Island elected  four Liberals and no Unionists; Nova Scotia nine Liberals  and five Unionists, while New Brunswick did better by the  government by electing six Unionists out of the eleven seats.  The two members to represent Halifax will be chosen later.  A striking feature of the election has been the size of  the majorities secured by the Unionist candidates in Ontario  and the west, and b^ the Liberals in Quebed. The record  majority was secured, in South Winnipeg by Allan, the  Unionist candidate, who beat his opponent by more than  13,000. The women's vote was doubtless largely responsible  for the abnormal majorities secured by Unionist candidates,  more   particularly  in   urban  constituencies.  in British Columbia  Everything indicates that  Unionist candidates have been  elected in twelve out of British Columbia's thirteen federal constituencies. The missing  pollsaro principally" those . of  outlying districts from which  the returns may not be received for some time, but it is  not proble that- there will be  any material changes in the  results so far returned.  W. W. B. Mclnnis, who resigned a county court judgeship to enter the contest as a  Liberal in two constituencies  ���������Comox-Alberni ��������� and Vancouver Center���������refused on  Tuesday night to admit his  defeat in the island seat, but  later returns show that the  Unionist" has been elected -by  over 500 majority  Col. Peck, ��������� Skeena, apparently the only Unionist candidate defeated, is overseas  with his battalion. His opponent, Ered Stork, is a 'Prince  Rupert merchant. Four of the  successful - candidates sat in  the . last parliament���������Hon.  Martin Burrell/H. H. Stevens,  R. F/Greeii and "K S. "Clements.  Harry Link letter was instantly killed in Bertois' camp  on Monday last t>y a falling  tree while.he at working peeling a cedar log. He was  was about sixty years of age,  and has been a resident of  of this community for a number of years. The body, badly  mangled, was brought to Mil-.  ler & Gardner's undertaking  parlors in this city on Tuesday, but interment has not yet  taken place.  Linkletter was alone when  tl\e accident happened, and  the details of it are therefore  unknown. As a high wind  was blowing at the time, it is  supposed, however, that the  tree fell without warning while  the man was engrossed in his  work.  At the meeting of the Grand  Forks Curling club last Friday evening the following directors were elected: J. I).  Campbell, C. A. S. Atwood,  H. W. Gregory, Geo. E. Mas-  sie and A. E. Savage. Eight  skips were chosen, and an ice  committee composed of Ben  Norris, R. L. Hodgson and  A. E. Melin was mimed. The  directors will meet at an early  xemption..of Farmers  Mr. Justice Duff (the Final Court of Appeal) Declares, it is Essential'that there shall be No  Diminution in Agricultural Production.  (Published by authority of Director of Public Information,  "    Ottawa.)  Hon. Mr. Justice Duff gave judgment on December  6th, in the first test case brought before him, as Central  Appeal Judge (the final court of appeal), for the exemption of a farmer. The appeal was made by W. H. Rown-  tree in respect of his son, W. J. Rowntree, from the  decision of Local Tribunal, Ontario, No. 421, which  refused a claim for exemption. ,The son was stated to  be an experienced farm hand, who had been working  on the farm continuously for the past seven years, and  ever since leaving school. He lives and works with his  father, who owns a farm of 150 acres near Weston,  Ontario. With the exception of a younger brother, he  is the only male help of the father on the farm. The  father is a man of advanced years,  la granting the man exemption "until.he ceases to  be employed in agricultural labor," Mr. Justice Duff  said:  . .-���������- "The.JVJilitary Service Act does not deal with the  subject of ihe exemption of persons engaged in the agricultural industry; and the question which it is my duty  to decide is whether ihe applicant being and having  been, as above mentioned, habitually and effectively engaged in agriculture and in labor essential to the carrying on of agricultural production, ought to be exempted  under the provisions of the Military Service Act.  "These two propositions are indisputable :  "(1) In order that the military power of the allies  may be adequately sustained, it is essential that in this  country and under the present conditions, there  should be no diminution in agricultural production.  "(2) The supp'Iy of competent labor available for  the purpose of agricultural production is not abundant,  but actually is deficient.  "The proper conclusion appears to be that the applicant, a competent person, who had been habitually  and effectively engaged in labor essential to such production, ought not to he withdrawn from it.  "It is perhaps unnecessary to say that such exemptions are not granted as. concessions on account of personal hardship, still less as a favor to a class. The sole  ground of them is that the national interest is the better  served by keeping these men at home. The supreme  necessity (upon the existence of which, as its preamble  shows, this policy of the Military Service Act is founded) that leads the State to take men by compulsion and  put them in the fighting line requires that men shall be  kept at home who are engaged in work essential to enable the State to maintain the full efficiency of the combatant forces, and whose places cannot be taken by  others not within the class called out."  n Ottawa, Dec. 8, 1917.  date for the puropose of chos-  ing a president. The members  of the club will be ready for  business  as  soon  as   the ice  gets cold.  D. J. McDonald, of Boundary Falls, was in the city on  Monday! While here he purchased a carload of brick and  other building  material.   He  is apparently making preparations to surprise his neighbors by erecting some handsome buildings on his ranch  near Boundary Falls.  Frank Miller and some  of the city office staff augmented their meat supply by  bringing in three deer from  Lynch Creek on Saturday.. ���O-
THE   SUN,    GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.
��he dranb Storks Bnn
400 are charity stamps. The others are war-
tax, military or commemorative stamp���including those that Italy has"issued for its aerial
mail service.
Ono Year (in Canada and Great' Britain) ��1.00 ������
Ono Year (in the United States)  ;    1.50  season.
Address all communications to
Tiik Git and Forks Sun,
Phone 101 R "      Gkand Forks, B. C.
We wish our readers the compliments of the
The Candian people on Monday last made
it qnite plain where they stand i.n this war.
They are .in it until the last gun is fired. The
Unionist victory was the most decisive ever
recorded in this country.. The tremendous majorities polled by the Unionist candidates was
the only surprise in the election, which indicates
that - the electors did not wish to take any
unnecessary chances. The government will
have a majority in the house of about sixty
Billy Mclnness should have run in the thirteen B. C. constituencies. The. Unionists
would then have made a clean sweep of the
The United States .cengress has passed a
nation-wide prohibition measure. The man
who cannot live without a wee drap o' the
hard stuff will soon have to take his life in his
own hands and go to Mexico for it, or import
it from the prairie provinces.
But every cloud has a silver lining. * Less
time need be spend in making New Year's
resolutions this year than at the beginning of
former  seasons.
They say a man can accustom himself to almost anything. A few years from now we presume it will seem quite natural to spend
Christmas without the companionship of our
whilom genial friends, Tom and Jerry.
They veiled their souls with laughter
And many a mocking pose,,
These lads who follow after
rWherex er Freedom goes;
These lads we used to censure
For levity and ease,
On Freedom's high adventure
Go shining overseas.
Our springing tears adore them,
These boys at school and play, ���
'Fair-fortuned years before them,
Alas! but yesterday;
Divine with sudden splendor���.
Oh, how our eyes were blind!���
In careless self-surrender
���. They battle for mankind.
Soldiers of Freedom!    Gleaming
��� And golden they''depart,
Transfigured by the dreaming
Of boyhood's hidden heart.
Her lovers they confess them
And, rushing on her foes,
Toss her their youth���God bless them!-
As lightly .as a rose.
��� Good Housekeeping for December.
We are showing a choice, stock of goods suit-
abb for CHRISTMAS. GIFTS. You are cordially invited to come in and see our line.
��� L
Selections from Arabian Poetry
It is positively disgustingly cruel to spend
hours inventing a clever phrase, and afterwards, on picking up some classic, learn that
some fool had the impudence to use the same
words about 3000 B.C.
To Adversity
Hail^thou chastening friend   Adversity!   'Tis
The mental ore to temper and refine,
To cast in virtue's mould the yielding heart,
And.honor's polish to the mind impart.
Without thy wakening touch, thy plastic aid,
I'd lain the shapeless mass that nature  made;
But form'd, great artist, by thy magic hahd,
I gleam a sword to conquer and command.
���Abou Men baa Carawashv-
Mrs. Perkins and the Food
"I-see," said Mrs.. Perkins, whose
meliorations appear in the Windsor
Magazine, "that Lord What's'i's-
ua'ine 'as been a-writing to the pa
pers to tell people to keep rabbits
and grow cabbages in their back
yards to keep up the food supply of
the nation.
''I only 'ope 'e'll do it 'imself,"
and I wish 'itn joy. I don't:want to
dash no 'opes, but I tried it myself
ir. a'umble way, you understand,
last summer.
'"I gave a pair of Perkins' boots
and fourpence for two small rabbits,
and that just left room in my gar
den for a dozen sprouting broccoli.
'"For the first three weeks I
thought the broccoli was going to
die of heart disease; but as soon as
they started to sit up and sprout the
rabbits broke out of their hutch and
ate every blessed one up, and expired next day of internal combustion.
."All,I got out of it was the rabbit
skins, which I will say make a
'andsome necklet."
���' "When I wear it on Sundays I*
'ear people saying, 'Fancy 'er buyin'
them.expensive furs in war time!'
"It's 'ard to bear, but' I. reckon
I've done my bit toward incraaaing
the food supply."
Pays for The
Sun for an
entire year. 'It is the brightest
paper in the Boundary cou .itry
. . . 310-11-12 Hibbcn-BoneBId'd.,
Day and Night Phone 3412.
Wood for aeroplane propeller blades must
be one hundred per cent perfect.   There  can
be none  of the  margin of imperfection that
lumber-grading  rules   commonly   recognize.
When the engines are running at the  rate  of
nearly two thousand revolutions a minute, the
pressure is  many thousand pounds to every
square inch of the blades. That pressure sometimes forces sap from blades that were supposed to be "bone-dry," and  sometimes even
splits th,em.    Ash, white  oak,   maple,  birch,
cherry, mahogany, spruce and  black  walnut
are all used for propeller blades.
The Inconsistent
When I sent you my  melons, you  cried  out
with scorn, - : :
They ought to be heavy and wrinkled  and^
When   I offer'd  myself, whom  those  graces
You flouted, and call'd me an ugly old fellow.
' The country is short of reel meat. Our soldiers and our allies require more than ever
before. The government advocates in every
household, every hotel and restaurant in this
country the substitution of poultry for  meat.
There is a hint for the home in the practice
established in one of the great training camps
of he American national army. When the
men ask for a second helping at any meal* the
food is served as requested, but if any of that
food remains uneaten the plate is carefully put
away, tagged with the name of the soldier
who left it, and the left over food is given him
as his first course at the next meai.
A Little Man With a Very Large Beard
How can thy chin that burden bear?
Is it all gravity to shock? '
Is it to make the people stare?
And be thyself a laughing stock?
When I behold thy little feet
After thy beard obsequious run,
I always fancy that I. meet
Some father followed by his son.
A man like th��e scarce e'er appcar'd���
A beard like thine���where shall we find it?
Surely thou cherishest thy beard
In hope to hide thyself behind it.
���Isaac Ben Khalif.
If bloated indolence were fame,
And pompous e;xse our noblest aim,
The orb that regulates the day
Would ne'er from Aries' mansion stray.
The Sun, at $1.00 per year, gives its readers
three times more reading matter than any
other Boundary paper. This fact accounts
or the rapid increase in our circulation.
-   He Wanted to Be Honest
A congressman who sent free seeds
to a constituent in a franked envelope on the corner of which were the
usual words, ''Penalty for private
usve,^S3O0','' received, a few days
later, says the Guide to Nature, a
letter that read:
"I don't know what to do about
those garden seeds you sent me. I
notice it is $300 fine for private use.
I don't want to.: use them for the
public. I want to : plant them-in
ray private garden. I can't afford to
pay 6300 for the privilege. Won't
you ��ee if you can fix it sol can UEe
them privately?" ,     \"
'(Published Annually)
. Enables traders  throughout  the   world   to
communicate direct with English
In euoh class of (foods. Besides being u complete commercial guide to London and Its
suburbs, the directory contains lists of
with the Goods thoy ship, und the Colonial
and Foreign -Markets they supply;
arranged under the Ports to which they sail,
and indicating the approximate Sailings;
of loading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in
the principal provincial towns and Industrial
centres of tlio United Klnudom.
A copy of the current edition will |>o fir-
warded, freight paid, on receipt of Postal
Order for $5.
JJoalers seeking Agencies can advertise
their trade cards for $5. orlitrger advertisements from $15.
o, Aboliurdi Lane. London, E.G.
Our prices arc
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trade, anebwe^do
have  to  charge,
for the "service"
of-* hunting'] up
��� samples^ n speci-.
���.:* Business cards
Posters       '
Dodgers    ,      .
Ball programs
Wedding invitations,
Price lists     ���
And commercial
and societyjprint
ing of every description.
Cet us   quote
our prices.
The stamp collector is hav'ng the time of
his life. Already the war has brought out
more than   2200   new   stamps.  A thousand
of them are  the  result of invasion and con-| vaifeys.~~No othe7~Boun^
quest, 4-10 are provisional  issues, and  nearly advertisers this guarantee
,  .	
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anch  home in  the  Kettle and North Fork
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The 1917   copper  output of   the  Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelt,  ing & Power company will fall short  by over 5,000,000'pounds- in   com-  .parison with the   preceding   twelve  months,   owing   chiefly   to curtailment "at" the  original" property .at  Grand Forks.  When the   miners  of  the Crow's Nest Pas's Coal company  ���������wenton strike last spring' they   tied  up the smelter in this city   for   lack'  of fuel, and   since ' resumption   the  lilant has .never run at full capacity.  In addition to this condition,   lower  grade of ore encountered also played  . its part in leducing production.  ���������   Although   unable   to   establish a  record   in   production   the Granby  cmipany will have distributed to its  stockholders   a  record   amount   in  dividends,        the       disbursements  amounting to 810 a share,  as   compared with.������7 in the .1910   calendar  period.    Of   all the urge  American-  controlled copper   companies Gran-  , by alone still clings to " June  30   as  the date for winding up   the   fiscal  year.  The Granby occupies "a position  among the copper companies shared  only by the Greene in that it will  not have to pay a tax on ��������� its excess  profits to the United StaU-s treasury  because of the fact that it has a Canadian charter Despite 'this advantage, the directors have been very  conservative in the matter of dividend returns, having maintained  the quarterly rate at $3.50 a share,  although earnings weie far in excess  of this amount.  Although it has spent more   than  S3,000,C00 in building up a mining  and smelting organization worthy of  the name, the Granby management,  in the fulfillment of  its  plans,   has  other large expenditures  ahead   for  the betterment of the properly as  a  whole   and   the   enlargement of its  scope of operations.    This   will   be  financed entirely from earnings and  at the same time   the   management  expects to be able to  maintain   the  present dividends of 810 per annum  Assuming an average cost of production of 14 cents a,pound,Granby  could, on an output   of  40,000,000  pounds   a   year,   show   earnings of  over 820 a share on 23������ cent copper.  The 1917. production   will   approximate 38,000,000 pounds.  December Cosmopolitan, now on  sale, will prove a mental stimulus  to those who love good literature.  Articles, serials and short-stories by  the world's foremost .writers, illustrated by the most brilliant artists  of our time���������are not only interest-'  ing and entertaining, but highly in  spirational as well.  "Fannie Hurst, with her charac-  istic skill, has ' woven a beautiful  tale, of true arid unselfish love in  "On the. 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The increase, however,  is   a  mere trifle���������twenty live cents   a year,  making    their   new   rate $1.25���������and  with the year's subscription they   will  include a copy of this great war   map  free of charge.' This is certainly a gen  erous offer, and   one   that   Canadians  will    appreciate.     Many   expected'a  much larger increase in the   subscription price of The Family Herald, and  are   surprised   at   the   small" extra  amount charged. ^  The enormous circulation of The  Family Herald and Weekly Star  should he still greater when this offer  becomes known.  SOUR, ACID STOMACHS,  GASES OR INDIGESTION  "Papc's Diapepsin" neutralizes excessive acid in stomach, relieving  dyspepsia, heartburn and  distress at once.  Advertise in The Sun.   It has the  largo.?t local circulation.  PICTURES  AND PICTURE FRAMING  Furniture   Made 'to Order.  Also Repairing of all Kinds. *  Upholstering Neatly Done.  R.CMcCUTCHEON  WINNIPEG AVENUE  Time it! In five minuto3 all stomach distress, due to acidity, will go.  No indigestion, heartburn, sourness or  belching of gas or eructations of undigested food, no dizziness, bloating, foul  breath or headache.  Pape's Diapepsin is noted for its  speed in regulating upset stomachs.  It is the surest, quickest stomach sweetener in the whole world, and besides it  is harmless. Put an end to stomach  distress at once by getting a large fifty-  cent case of Pape's Diapepsin from any  drug store. You realize in five minutes  how needless it is to suffer from indication, dyspepsia or any stomach dib-  order caused by fermentation du������ 0  excessive acids in stomach.  You   can   not   reach   The Sun's  numerous   readers  except   through  I the columns of The Sun.  ifr  Isnt the news of your  store something like the  nsws of the whole city?  There is news every week  in. Grand Forks ��������� some  weeks more than others ���������  but every week there is  news.  Isn't there news in your  store every week? Isn't  there something to advertise?  Your customers are shopping   every   week.    Aren't  you losing   many   of them  the weeks you  do not  advertise?  It's the steady trade that  counts with a store ���������it's  the steady advertising that  brings the steady trade.  RESOLVE���������To use news  paper space regularly, and  be sure it is in The Grand  Forks Sun.   r  BflBBBmw������WaUIUllBffliaM������  EnBsPPBlSKEBBSBB  tii&maii.uam&imumewsms& ���������HJJ umUfMUtXlt M  THE   SU1S. ' G-RAND   FORKS,   B.C.  e WHITE IS KI  Of all present-day Sewing Machines.  Why buy* a machine at which you -have  to sit in an awkward position, when you  may just as well have one with which it  is a pleasure to sew? The White Rotary  Sit-Strate is just the machine you want.  Sold on easy monthly payments by*  cTWiller C&> Gardner  Complete Home Furnishers  G  Hi  "CASCARETS" WORK  WHILE YOU SLEEP  For   Sick   Headache,   Sour   Stomach,  Sluggish  Liver and  Bowels���������  Take Cascarets tonight.  cantata consists of four divisions,  each descriptive of incidents in the  birth of Jesus, viz, the prophecy,  the quest of the wise'men, the birth  of . the King, the worship of the  King, and the musical setting is of  the highest order. Among the outstanding musical selections may be  mentioned a female- chorus by ten  adies, -'And Lo! the Star"; a sex  tette for six voices, "There's a Song  in the Air"; an "alto solo; "Silent  Stars", and a soprano' solo, "Break  Forth Into Joy." The church willl  be suitably decorated and a cordial  welcome is given to all.  Furred Tongue, Bad Taste, Indigestion, Sallow Skin and Miserable Headaches come from a torpid liver and  clogged bowels, which cause your stomach to become filled with undigested  food, which sours and ferments lika'gar-  "bage in a swill barrel. That's the first  step to untold misery���������indigestion, foul  gases, bad breath, yellow skin, mental  fears, everything that is horrible and  nauseating. A Oascaret to-night will  give your constipated bowels a thorough  cleansing and straighten you out by  morning. They work while you sleep���������  a 10-cent box from your druggist will  keep you, feeling good for months.  B  ���������"���������N  <n������.  For largest selection, choicest designs  newest goods- go to ���������>'  THE QUALITY  JEWELLERS  Jewelry, . Watches, Clocks, Wristlet W'atches,  Parisian Ivory Dressing Table- ware, Silverware,  Cut GlassK Photo Frames, Brass and Silver Fern  Pots and Jardiniersin great variety at lowest prices  METEOROLOGICAL  At the annual meeting of the  Grand Forks Agricultural associa-  On Charistmas day the post office tion, held last Thursday afternoon,  will be open as follows: Morning, 9 ' the following officers were elected  till 10; afternoon, 2 till.-3 only. | for tne coming year: President, A.  Mail for boxes will be sorted as ' s. McKim; vice-president, W. Lid-  usual upon arrival of trains, idicoat;    secretary-treasurer,   F.   J.    j Lake; director, H. \V. Collins, James  Lin Newby visited his brother \ Rooke, R. W. Hughes,Robert Mann,  Tom in this city for a, few minutes e. c. Henniger, F. J. Miller, P. H.  today, being enroute to the coast Donaldson and D. C. Manly,  from     Albprta.     Lin   was  one   of  Judge Cochrane has received a  telegram from toe Royal Flying  corps headtiuarters at Vancouver  saying men proficient in the following trades are required immediately.1  Coppersmiths, engine fitters, master  mechanics, tinners, tinsmiths, sail  makers, tailors," shoemakers, cooks  and policemen. Applicant"are to be  from l9'.to 40 years of age, and must  be in medical category A, married  or single. - .        .   .  Mrs. George B. Russell has re"  turned home from a visit with  friends in Vancouver,  - Mrs. W. J. Cook has returned  from Anyox, where she has been  visiting her son, Thomas Cook, for  a month.  the first settlers in Grand Forks, hut  . has now been a resident of the prairie province for sixteen or seventeen  years.  Mr. G. E. Atwood and family left  this week for Toronto, where they  will join Mr. Atwood. They will  make their home in that city, after  residing in this valley for a decade.  The best wishes of their friends  went with them.  In keeping with the usual custom, the Christmas season will be  fittingly observed at the Methodist  church on Sunday, the 23rd inst.  At 11 a.m. the music will be led by  the junior choir, and the pastor's  subject will be "The Message of the  Manger." At the evening servicej  commencing at 7:30, the senior choir  will render Benjamin W. Loveland's  sacred cantata, "The New-born  King."   The   arrangement   of   the  A report from the from states  that Ernest Harrison, formerly of  the goverument office in this city,  was wounded in the Passchendaele  drive. He is at present in a French  hospital, and is progressing satis  factorily. George Sheppard, another  Grand Forks soldier, was also slightly wounded in a xecent engagement.  His 'brother Harry, who enlisted  with him at the same time, has been  invalided home and is at present in  Toronta.  James Remple and Miss Mary  Radau, both of Renata, were mar  ried at the Presbyterian manse in  this city last week.  A. A. Frechette has returned from  Vancouver, where he superintended  the construction of a couple of cattle guards, a recent invention of his  They will be given a practical test in  the sping on the C.P. R. in this  vicinity.  -   Mr. and Mrs. R. \V\ Michener, of'  Paulson, lift this week to visit   rela  tive's in Charlottetown, P. E. I.  At the recent provincial seed   ex  hibition at    Armstrong C. C. Heav  en, of this city, was awarded a   first  prize for sweet corn peed and a third  prize for beans.  It will take virtually all the labor"  of the country to do the work di'  rectly. en indirectly needed for the  armies. When you save you stop  setting up your personal demand tor  goods against the'demand of the  government, and so release labor,  and you put yourself into a position  in which, by buying bonds or pay '  ing taxes, you can help the government pay for the labor so  released.  Miss A. McEwen, of the public  school staff, has gone to Mission to  spend the Christmas holidays with  her parents.  a  Grand Forks'-Big Store  We are showing n most complete  range of acceptable  CHRISTMAS GIFTS  In Men's and Boys' Wear.  Men's Ties, from 50c to $1.50. Men's Neck Scarfs, $1  to $3.50. J\Jon's Fancy Erases, in fancy and assorted  boxes, 75c to $1.50. Men's Handkerchief, from 10c  to $1.50. Men's Smoking Jackets, Men's Dressing  Gowns, and many other Gif's of a similar nature.  BOYS  Boys' Ties, many kinds and colors. Boys' Handkerchief's, fancy and colored. Boys' Mitts and Gloves, all  kinds. Boys' Mackinaw Coats, specially priced. We  carry most everything the boys require.  Grand Forks' Big Store  It Works! Try It  Tells   how   to   loosen   a  sore,  tender corn  so It lifts  out without pain.  t  i  i  5 I  Good news spreads rapidly and druggists here are kept busy dispensing  frcezone, the ether discovery of a Cincinnati man, which, is said.to loosen  any corn so it lifts out with the fingers.  . Ask at any pharmacy for a quarter  ounce of frcezone, which will cost very  little, but is said to be sufficient to rid  one's feet of every hard or soft corn or  callus.  ."' You apply just a few drops on the  tender, aching corn and instantly the  soreness i3 relieved, and soon the corn  is so snriveled that it lifts out without pain. It is a sticky substance  ���������which dries when applied and never  inflames or even irritates the adjoining tissue.  This discovery will prevent thousands of deaths annually from lockjaw  and infection heretofore resulting from  the culcidal.habit of cutting corns.  The Sun rend is   read   by  every  body in the Kettle valley.  BOOT    REPAIRING  TA.KK  your  repairs  to" Anuson, shoo   repairer.    Tho   Hub.    Look   for the   Biff  Boot.  SECOND-HAND   GOODS  HIGH KMT CASH PRICES paid for old Stoves  and   Kimgus.    K. C.  Peolchum,   huoond-  hund Store.  CITY BAGGAGE AND TRANSFER  FORSALE  Office !  F. Downey's Cigar Store  Thlki'honks;  ���������Offick, K������6 pfpet QtrPPt  The following is the minimum  and maximum temperature for each  day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:  Max  14���������Friday  31  15���������Saturday   .... 32  16���������Sunday  45  17���������Monday  44  IS���������Tuesday  52  19���������Wednesday ..,37  20-Thursday   lo  Dec.  Min.  22  16  3S  S3  32  33  \]6  Inches  Rainfall ."...-. 23  Yale  Barber Shop  Razor Honing a Specialty  Major Curwen, the military representative on the ..local-exemption  tribunal,?has returned to his home  in .Vern'on, being- accompanied by  his wife and daughter.  GIVE "SYRUP OP FIGS"  TO CONSTIPATED CHILD  Delicious "Fruit Laxative" can't harm  tender little Stomach, Liver;  and Bowels.  Look at the tongue, mother! If  coated, your little one's stomach, liver  and bowels need cleansing at once.  When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't  sleep, eat or act naturally; or is feverish, stomachy sour, hreath bad; lias sore  throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a  tcaspoonful of "California Syrup of  Figs," and in a few hours..all the foul,  constipated waste,. undigested food and  sour bilo gently moves out of its little  bowels without griping, and. you. have a  well, playful child, again. Ask your  druggist for a bottle of "California  Syrup of_ Figs,", which contains full  directions for babies, cliildfen of all-ages  and for grown-ups.  P.. A.  Z, , PARE,  Proprietor  Yale Hotel, Fikst Street  AT YOUR  SERVICE  Modern Rigs  and Good  Plorscs cat All "Hours  at  the    -  Model ��������� Livery Barn  M. H. Burns, Prop.  Phone 68 Second Street  MPERIAUK PARLORS  BRIDGE STREET    . >     C  WE SELL .  res  ooaccos  All Leading-Brands of Cigar's  Soft Drinks^ ��������� ;  W-   J. - Meagfier, Prop.  nit iF ewot \Jm fixciusiyedpeciamesL  THE GOAL EVERBEARING APPLE���������The only everbearing  apple in existence. A delicious all-the season fruit. Fine  trees, each SI.00  THE VANDERPOOL RED APPLE���������The great export apple and  keeper.     Each   50c  THE OMEN-CO APPLE���������The best dessert apple.   Ench  50c  THE YAKIMENE PEACH-APRICOT���������A remarkable combination of the apricot and peach.  flardy.  Each SI.00  THE V ROOM AN FRANQUETTE WALNUT���������Produces food of-  great nutritious value on a highly ornamental tree. Each $1.00  THE SOUVENIR EVERBEARING RASPBERRY���������The  greatest everbearer.    Hundred S14.00  Special Sample Offer'  We will send PREPAID to your nearest station next Spring one  of each of these splendid trees and a dozen of Souvenir Raspberries on  receipt of a S5.0.0 bill, orC.O D S5.50. -Orders should be placed NOW  for these or any other of our well known stock. We do riot ship into the  interior in the Fall.     .  ��������� We issue a SEVENTY PAGE CATALOG of Fruit and, Ornamental  Trees, etc., also an ARTISTIC ROSE CATALOG: These will be sent  on request, together with a pretty colored calendar for this month.   \  We have a vacancy for a full-time salesman, also for one   or  two  men  with spare time.  N.B.���������It is MOST IMPORTANT that ORDERS be sent in AT  ONCE.    The stock must reserved NOW.   -  '������eBritish ColumbiaNurseries Co.,Ltd  1493 Seventh Ave. W��������� Vancouver, B. C.  Nurseries at Sardis.  JUST ISSUED���������Most Complete New War Map of Fight-  ^ ing Area in Europe���������a marvel of detail; of special in  terest to Canadians; every point of interest easily located;  size 2ix3;]- feet, in four colors. Map is embellished with  Badges Representing all Canadian Battalions. Eaeh rn>ip  in cover of very neat design The very map our Cnnadi;m  soldiers will eudorse, and the map thut makes the war understood. Progress of armies easily followed. Could not be  produced under two dollars a copy,     It is  Free Witfi the Grand Forts Sun and The  Family Herald  Weekly Star of Montreal  Canada's Greatest and 'Best Weekly���������new subscription  price $1,25 a year���������every homo in Canada should have it.  Don't be without a War Map���������without it, the war is a  mystery.  The Grand Forks Sun  The Family Herald and Weekly Star  and the War" Map   and  ���������4  [


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