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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 6, 1918

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 fe������*tfS������ci2k&a^it^it������^ffif^vi���������;!i.  .^&e*t*������&������m^**?^vr^iVi"\*&.ieKrErtfZMJl5?&&)������<fr  rA^sSSttr  l.;^������mt7.ff^t^t^l_,LCJ_R_.'������������A___V  o__vtfc^<*4i~  .._.M.������__;^.*r^^. ,...,_VJ<  "S,^t^!iffct?,~/r;&sr'S:  /ii  e Valley Orchardist  18TH YEAR���������No  6  GRAND FORKS   B. C, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1918  $1.00 PER YEAR  SCHOOLS UPON  Health   Officer Lifts the  Ban and Board Decides  raising firmness; he is fair in his  judgments and he knows just how  to mingle with his men. By bis  mere presence and tact he calmed  all the agitation which followed the  offensive of April, 1917, the causes  of which are well known today and  could easily be guessed then.  ' Robert Donald, who recently   re  j.   "t������ Aii-n    j    n-     ���������!��������� tired from the editorship of the Lon  to .Reopen All But Tw;.-'^v, n���������n   nu     ��������� i   ���������       o   fo~,���������������  * - _      ���������:,  ucifl^Dauy Chronicle, is a  Scotsman  Divisions  There is a decided improvement  in the influenza situation in this  city, and Health Officer Kingston  has given the school board permission lo reopen the city schools, after  - beiDg closed for over a month.  The school board, at a meeting  on Wednesday afternoon, decided  to reopen the high school and all of  the public school with the exception of Divisions 8 and 9, on Monday next.  There is a shortage of teachers at  present, as both Miss Sewell and  Miss Etter contracted influenza and  have gone home. Miss Sewell's  class will be taught by the principal  in addition to ' his own, and the  other divisions will be combined so  as to make the teachers go round.  FROM THE  "The  German  hand for peace."  pleople  offers  PROMINENT PEOPLE  On one ocsasion,  when he hadn't  any -job,- any moneyrpr --any "-break  fast,   Arthur -Somefs -Roche,-  the  writer and   humorist, sat   down at  his typewriter and  dashed   of   two  pieces of topical verse. There was an  editor on Park Row who sometimes  paid  spot  cash.    But half an hour  later Roche was  quitting  that   editor's sanctum ''still without the pros  pect of breakfast.    By the  time  he  had   crossed   City   Hall park, how  ever, his spirits were  perking up���������  already some new verses ran through  his head.  Hustling into the Astor  house he got them down on   paper,  and  in   a  nearby   newspaper office  borrowed a typewriter.   In   twenty-  five   minutes   he   was back  in tha  same   editor's   office   and had exchanged his  new   "pome"   for   %!.  Next day he landed a new job.  who be|Vf; life as a young  reporter,  made steady headway, and present  ly as editor of theJMunicipalJJournal  in London showed a grasp of public  affairs and a capacity in administration which  eventually   took him to  the   editorial   chair   of   the  Daily  Chronicle.    He   had   a wide experi  ence   in   his   younger days, for he  served.in Edinburgh, London,   New  York and Paris.    For a  generation  the   Daily   Chronicle   had   been  a  famous   property.    He   had as his  friends    philosophers,     statesman,  authors, and the captains  of  indus  try   It is safe to say that no British  editor in recent times had so wide a  rang6 of respect from leaders in  the  various fields of thought and action.  New German Government  Made Strong Plea to the  Men in the Trenches  for Peace  Herbert Adams Gibbons, author  of many important current works,  has been making a speaking tour  among the munition workers of  central France, His subject was  American ideals and" America's.participation in the war, and he talked  in the course of the^tour to audiences totaling about 40,000 workers.  Samuel MerwLn, the novelist is  quoted as saying: "My professional  goal is to learn as much as possible  of the business of writing. I would  like, too, before I die, to succeed in  depicting one or two or even three  or more real characters in fiction. It  would be a great privilege."  Lord Ruthven, eighth baron, pro  vost marshal in London and   an ex  tra king's   messenger, ih July  flew  from   France   in order  to celebrate  his eightieth birthday  with   friends  in- London.  Major General Edward M. Lewis,  who commands the Thirteen{division  of the .National Guard troops from  the  Carolinas   and  Tennessee, is a  native of Indiana and a West Pointer of the class of 1886.    His   entire  career   up   to   the   entrance of the  United into the   European   conflict  was in the infantry, he having served at various periods in the Eighth,  Eleventh,    Sixteenth,    Nineteenth  arid Twentieth regiments. He served  in the Spanish war as a captain   of  the Twentieth  infantry   and in the  Philippine campaigns as a battalion  commander of the Sixteenth infantry. General   Lewis was a classmate  at West Point of General  Persking,  and these twh officers have been the  closest of friends during their entire  army career.    He is fifty-five years  years of age.  Who Told Yon That?  The band of a famous English regiment was playing at a Yanks' camp  somewhere in Blighty. The soldiers  were walking round and round, as we  do round a bandstand. An English  visitor was enormously impressed by  a handsome N.C.O., who bore himself like a young god and wore a uniform which 'would have made a Sack-  ville street cutter feel he knew nothing of smart tailoring.  "Who is that N.C.O ," asked   the  visitor, "dressed like a dandy."  "He," answered the American pri  vate, "is my top sergeant���������the gink  who owns the war."  General Petain's stoneiike expression frequently relaxes into a rather  whimsicel smile, and,on occasion, he  can speak with warmth of eloquence  which, devoid of all fine phrasing,  nevertheless carries his every word  straight to   the heart.   His   poilus  TPIE WEATHER  The following is the minimum  and maximum temperature for each  day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:  Max.  29���������Friday  34  30���������Saturday  33  1���������Sundiy  35  2���������Monday  32  3���������Tuesday  34  4���������Wednesday .. 38  5-Thursday  31  Nov  Dec.  Min.  20  29  20  25  30  32  23  Sergt. Robert Campbell, who went  overseas with the 131st battalion, in  a letter to his family in this city,  enclosed a Hun 16th dodger, which  is reproduced below. The dodger is  printed in English on one side, the  reverse side being in French. These  bills, Mr. Campbell says, were  dropped down on him by the hun-  dreds from a German airplane on  October 28, 1918. We print it without comment:  "The German people offers peace.  "The new   German    democratic  government has this programme:  " 'The will of the people is the  highest law.'  "The new German   popular   gov  ernment   therefore   has offered  an  Armistice and   has declared  itself  ready for Peach on the basis of jus  tice and reconciliation of nations.  "It is the.will of the German peo  pie that it should.itve in peace with  all peoples, honestly and loyally.  "What has the new German popular government done so far to put  into practice the will of the people  and to prove its good and upright  intentions?  "(a) The new German government has appealed to President Wilson to bring about peace.  "It has recognized and accepted  all the principles.which President  Wilson proclaimed as a basis for a  general lasting peace of justice  among the nations.  "(b) The new German govern  ruent has solemnly declared us read  iness lo evacuate Belgium and to re  store it.  "(c) The new German government  is ready to come to an honest understanding with France about Alsace-Lorraine.  "(d) The  new  German   govern-  men has restricted the CJ-boat War.  "No passengers steamers not carrying troops or war material will be  attacked in future.  "(e) The new German government has declared that it will withdraw all German troops back over  the German frontier.  "(f) The new German government  has asked the allied governments to  name commissioners to agree upon  the practical measures of the evacuation of Belgium and France.  "These are the deeds of the new  German popular government. Can  these be called mere words, or bluff,  or propaganda?  "Who is to blame, if an armistice  is not called now?  "Who is to blame if daily thousands of brave soldiers needlessly  have to shed their blood and die?  "Who is to blame, if the hitherto  undestroyed towns and   villages  in  Storage Losses in  Apples Due to Fungi  [EXPERIMENTAL FARMS NOTE ]  1 Storage   losses  are   generally   explained as the result of improper storage conditions.     This  is  no doubt to  some   degree   correct, and when   the  losses   occur   in   cold   storage houses  something is generally amiss and neglect   has   occurred     in    maintaining  proper conditions.  But one must  ask,  Do apples which are  properly   stored  not suffer from rot?    The  answer  is  simple enough: Apples will.keep almost  indefinitely up to the  time   when   a  slow   maturing   process���������which   is a  chemical process���������changes   the   composition, and naturral collapse   of the  fruit takes place,  providing   they  are  absolutely    sound    when     placed   in  storage.  The losses in  storage   amount   annually to many thonsands of   barrels,  simply because apples showing   blemishes   of   one   kind  or  another  are  stored with sound  ones.    The   apple  scab is one of the most cammon agents  giving   rise to  decay of fruit kept in  storage.  As long as the   temperature  of   the   cold ' storage  is   kept low���������  about 32 deg. F. or close by���������no   rot  is likely to  show.    But shonld such  apples reach the vendor or   the   consumer, the trouble will begin as   soon  as the temperature changes.    Any injured or scabby surface of an apple is  quickly invaded by the common fungi,  such   as   pink   rot, blue mould, etc.,  and once these fungi commence   their  destructive work, a  barrel   of   apples  is often destroyed more quickly   than  it could be eaten- by an   average sized  family.   As soon as the rot is observed  in   a   barrel,   prompt  action is called  for. Out with all the apples; throw the  bad ones right out, save what can   be  saved   of  partly  s-puiled fi uit for immediate use, wipe the sound ones with  a dry cloth and store them in   a   well  ventilated but cool    place,   examining  them from time to time.    One   rotten  apple   in   a   barrel  will start all the  others to rot in no time.  From the above it will be seen  that, while improper storage conditions���������and once in the hands of the  consumer a barrel of apples will rarely find proper, i.e., cool, well ventilated, but particulorly, uniform tern  peratures���������have some influence in  starting the rot, if the apples are iu  good sound condition when placed in  storage, the consumer will not so  likely be the loser���������and ho generally  is. The time will come when the consumer will be allowed to deduct from  his bills thc losses which are duo to  the negligence of others, particularly  at a time when high prices prevail.  Owes It to the Men Who  Fought to See That No  False Interpretation Is  Placed on Their Ideals  Washington, Dec. 2.���������In his annual message at the opening of congress, President Wilson gave his reasons for attending the peace conference as follows: "The gallant men of  our armed forces have fought for  ideals they knew to be their country's  ideals. I owe it to them to see to it  that no false or mistaken interpretation be put upon them. It is now my  duty to play my full part in making  good what they offered their life's  blood to obtain. I can think of no  call to service which would transcend  this."  Democratic members and large  groups iu the galleries rose and cheered as the president concluded this part  of his address.  CANADA NEGOTIATES  $200,000,000 CREDIT  ^..Ottawa,    Dec. 3.���������The. Canadian  minister of finance has arrauged   with  the British government for credits aggregating about S200,000,000 for tho  coming year.     Of this  amount about  ������50,000,000 will be required for completing   the   program  of the imperial  munitions    board   in Canada      Fifty  million dollars in addition to what has  a ready   been   arranged   will    be required for the purchase of this year's  grain crop.  The remaining $100,000,000 will  cover purchases of foodstuffs, including"* meats, lard and dairy products  and sundry other Canadian commodities. Until exchange conditions between England and America materially improve it will be necessary for  Canada to continne laige credits for  purchases of products.  CUSTOMS RECEIPTS  R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at  this port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts  at the head office in this city and at  the various sub-customs offices, for  the month of November,   1918:  Grand Forks   8 884.91  Phoenix   314.10  Cascade   53.11  Carson  14.60  Church ..> Services Sunday  <: |{|_h'tKe'churches in the city will  hold services on Sunday, the Stb  inst., after being closed since the  influenza epidemic set in.  At the Methodist church Rev.  Gordon Tanner will take for his  morning topic, "The Lord of Battles  and the Christ of Peace.'.' In the  evening his subject will be, "What  Is Happening to the Soul of Canada?" Sunday school will be held at  the usual hour in the afternoon.  Total  $1,297.02  For Sale���������Handsome grey   horse;  good   driver, saddle and work.   Also : "It's meself that's just being   down  In Ireland  A Frenchman was waiting at a  railway station in Ireland when a  couple of natives sat down beside  him. Said one:  "Sure, Pat, it's down to Kilmary  I'm been and I'm on my way back  to Kilpatrick."  "Ye don't say so," said the other.  France and Belgium sink iu  ashes? bay mare, aged horse (very cheap for  to Kilkenny and I ston  here  a   bit  "Who is to blame, if hundreds  of S������������d home)������ and S!lddle   P0"^ al1 ,!lt befosc I go on to Kilmore."  ��������� l_,,���������������������������j��������� ���������r      . i very low   prices   for   immediate  sale, i     ,.,..,   f ... ,  .       ,  thousands of unhappy   women and ^ f^fJ ^^ rf)Qt pu|per| Cyclonc      "What assass.ns,"  exclaimed  the  adore  him   despite his   uncompro- Snowfall     2.8 to hunger and freeze?  /nc/icjcbildren afe driven from their homes  weeder, etc., and a  y-passenger Ford  Frenchman.   "Would   that 1   were  car���������a Snap!  Apply E. F. Laws.  safely back in France." THE   SUN,    GRAND   FORKS,   B. G.  Uht (jfatfr Jfarfes &nn  AN  INDEPENDENT  NEWSPAPER  G. A. EVANS. EDITOR AHD PUBLISHER  SUBSCRIPTION RATES���������PAYABLE IN ADVANCE  One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) 81.00  One Year (in the United States)    1.50  Address all communicatio- s to  The Grand Forks Sun*  ] hone 101R Grand Forks, B. C.  OFFICE:    COLUMBIA AVENUE AND LAKE STREET.  FRIDAY, DFCEMBER 6, 1918  Announcement  is   made  that the government  will  inaugurate  a  war savings stamp  ��������� campaign. The first war  savings  stamp  has  just been issued to his' excellency the governor-general.    The government will become the  repository ofthe notion's savings up to a total  of fifty million dollars. Savings will be placed  with the government by means of war savings  stamps.   The  stamps are to be redeemavle in  1824.   They are to be sold by the government  at a price which works out to an interest rate  of somewhat better  than  4| per cent compounded semi-annually or 5  per  cent simple  interest if computed at the end of the period.  Thus in December, 1918, or January, .1919, a  five dollar war savings stamp may  be  bought  bought for four dollars.    After January  the  purchase price of a war savings stamp will be  increased month by month, but at the end  of  five  years from  December,   1918, all .stamps  will be redeemed at S5 cash.   Stamps of lower  denomination, to be known as thrift  stamps,  will be on sale.  When sixteen  of them   have  been accumulated they can be exchanged  for  a war savings stamp worth five dollars at the  end   of the  period.   The  plan is expected to  work out to the great advantage of  both  the  people aud the nation.  patriots has  been   started', by  the American  Red Cross society. It enrolls these boys and  girls as junior members, and  announced   recently the close of a  prize-winning . furniture  competition in which these members took part.  Red   Cross  convalescent  houses  were built,-  last spring, in fifty camps and cantonments in.  the United States. These were to be used as  rest homes by those men who have been either'  ill  or wounded  and  are not yet sufficiently  strong to return to active service. High school  boys and girls were asked to design and  fur  nish working drawings for the furnitvre  used  in  these  rest houses.   Two boys from Nashville, Tenn., one from Chattanooga, one   from  North  Carolina and  one from New Haven,  CoiTn., received prizes on draftsmanship.    In  the list of prize winners of design appear  the  names of one girl from Mount Vernon,   N.Y.,  two boys, from the same  place  and  one  boy  from New Rochelle, N.Y.    A Mount Vernon  boy took the one prize offered.for both design  aud  draftsmanship.    A  Red   Cross seal with  the name of the school construcing the furniture will be placed on the back of each piece  of furniture placed in the homes.  (T'  We are carrying a splendid line of eyeglass  and spectacle mountings, both in the rimless and-rimmed goods  A. D.MORRISON ,EWEGKSiICIAN  ^  J  By thrift and industry the French people  paid over the huge war indemnity of 1870 to  Germany in an incredibly short space of time.  The same thrift and industry, if exercised by  Canadians now, will reconstruct and make  Canada a prosperous country. To achieve  this end there must be individual vigilance.  Watch food advertisements. There is always  a best and cheapest place to buy any commodity. By watching the advertisements of  foodstuffs in local papers, much can be accomplished. Merchants do not advertise unless  the price and quality of the^-goods are attractive; they know they can not retain the business of the public unless they "make good."  Help the most progressive merchant in. your  locality by following his advertised pi ices and  patronize him. Competition does more to  regulate prices than anything else.  With the return of peace our debt to Rou-  mania must not be forgotten. By entering the  war the little country on the Danube compelled Germany to withdraw thirty-four divisions on the western front, and thus, by relieving the pressure on the gallant French  army, saved Verdun. In eighteeu months,  fighting until it was completely surrounded  and Overwhelmed, it lost by war and disease  eight hundred thousand people, a number proportionately equivalently to the loss of some  eleven million Americans, says the Youth's  Companion. Now the time has come for the  fulfillment of its great desire to liberate from  the Austro-Hungarian yoke the three million  Roumanians of Transylvania, Bukovvina and  the Banat.  The employees of the Canadian government  number approximately 50,000,  not  including  postmasters. The average received by all from  the ������5000  to  the  S500  men and women, as  shown in the civil service memorial  of October 8, is $3.60 a day.    This is forty cents  less  than common day-laborer pay in  Ontario  today. For the government to  continue  paying  such wages to the men who are engaged in the  job of running'the country, from the heads of  great departments like  those of agriculture,  mining, fisheries, customs, finance, and  public  works   down,  without  providing a   general  measure of emergency relief is unexplainable.  Inaction   by  the  government, in  the face of  such a coidition of affairs and a  soaring  cost  of living which makes the situation more acute  every  day, would   be  unbelievable if it were  not true. The request for a war bonus of $350,  so temperately yet so firmly presented  to "the  government by its employees on the 8th, gives  the government an opportunity to prove  the  sincerity of its expressed belief that civil servants should be so treated that  they  will, be  proud   of their occupation.    Since  the War  Measures act gives council power to deal with  such cases at once, the people of Canada  will  see no reason or excuse for any postponement  in granting the full measure of so moderate a  request until the'next session of parliament;  Grand Forks Transfer Company  DAVIS # HANSEN, Proprietors'  GityBaggage and General Transfer  Office at R. F. Petrie s Store  Phone 64  Lost���������Silver watch; 12 and 24' i You can not reach The Sun's  hour dial. Finder will be rewarded numerous readers except through  by leaving same at The Sun officeJ itp advertising columns.  !     Job Printing at The Sun office at  Share in the war for ric;ht by   aav~ : practically the same prices as before  ing the food the allies want  You can read The Sun one year for  $1:00.  the big war started  Theodore Roosevelt, the self-appointed  critic of the American adminstration, talks  too much. He can make make no political  capital by his attempts to belittle Wilson.  A   splendid  scheme  for   converting   high  school boys and girls into live  and   practical Kingdom.  The Dominion of Canada second Victory  loan was oversubscribed by $176,057,867.  The total subscriptions were officially announced at Toronto as $676,057,867. The objective was $500,000,000. Every province  went over the objective. New Brunswick went  five and a half million over, and Nova Scotia  $10,600,000 more than its. quota. Prince Edward Island shows two hundred thousand  over its objective. Ontario exceeded' its objective by $79,079,000KAlberta, $3;i89,6000;  Manitoba, $10,639,900; Saskatchewan, 88,889,-  000; British Columbia,, $16,396,660; Quebeo,  $79,000,000. Ontario heads the totals for the  provinces with^329,679,000. The totals for  the other provinces aire: British Columbia,  $35,396,667; Alberta, $18,189,600; Saskatchewan, $23,889,000; Manitoba, $43,639,900;  Montreal, $143,433;050.' Quebec (outside Montreal), $32,861,700; New Brunswick, 810,500,-  000; Nova Scotia, $30,101,500; Prince Edward  Island, 82,900,000. Of the proceeds of the  loan about $175,000,000 will go to meet floating indebtedness incurred in the provision of  credits for munitions and so forth during the  past few months. Of the remainder, between  two hundred million and two hundred and  fifty million dollars probably will go to the  provision of credits for wheat, foodstuffs and  other purchases  on  account  of the  United  SYNOPSIS   OF  LAND ACT AMENDMENT  Pre-emption now confined to surveyed  lands only.  ..Records will be granted covering only  land suitable for' agricultural purposes  and which is non-timber land.    .  Partnership   pre-emptions   abolished,  but parties of not,more than four may  ��������� arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with  .Joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.  Pre-emptors must occupy claims for  five years and make improvements to  value of $10 per acre, including clearing;  and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.  Where pre-emptor in occupation not  lass than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he may, because  ot ill-health or other cause, be granted  ' Intermediate certificate of improvement  and transfer his claim. v  Records without permanent residence  may be issued provided applicant makes  improvements to extent of ?300 per annum and records same each year. Failure to make improvements or record  same will operate as forfeiture. Title  cannot be obtained on these claims in  less than 5 years, with improvements of  ?10 per acre, including 5 acres cleared  and cultivated, and residence of at  least 2 years. ���������,  Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may  record  another pre-emption,  if  he  re-  ?[uires land in conjunction with ��������� - his  arm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and  residence maintained on Crown granted  land.  Unsurveyed areas, not- exceeding 20  ��������� acres, may be leased as homesites;  title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.  For grazing and industrial purposes,  areas exceeding 640 acres may be leased  by one person or. company.  PRE-EMPTORS' FREE GRANTS ACT.  The scope of this Act is enlarged to  include all persons joining and serving  with His Majesty's Forces. The time  within which the heirs or devisees of a  deceased pre-emptor may apply for  title under, this Act is extended from  one year from the death of such person,  as formerly, until one yatir after the  conclusion of the present war. ~v This  ���������privilege is also made retroactive.   .  TOWNSITE PROPERTY ALLOTMENT  ACT. ���������  Provision is made for the grant to  persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of  such proportion of the land, if divisible,  as the payments already made will  cover in proportion to the sale price of  the whole parcel. Two or more' persons  holding such Agreements- may group  their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointly. If it is not  considered advisable to divide the. land  covere.d by an application for a proportionate allotment, an- allotment.of land  of equal value selected from available  Crown lands In the locality may. be  made. These allotments are conditional  upon payment of all taxes ��������� due the  Crown or to any'municipality. The  rights of persons to whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to -  sell are also protected. The decision of  the Minister of Lands in respect to the  adjustment of a proportionate allotment  is final. The time for making application for these allotments is limited to  the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will not be  considered. These allotments apply to  town lots and lands of the Crown sold  at public auction.  For Information apply to any Provincial Government Agent or to  G. R. NADEN,  Deputy Minister of Lands,  Victoria. B. C  ���������Printing  THHE value of well-  " printed, neat appearing stationery as  a means of getting and  holding desirable business has been amply  demonstrated. Consult us before going  elsewhere.  Wedding invitations  Ball programs   \  Business cards  Visiting cards  Skipping tags  Letterheads  Statements  Notebeads  Pamphlets  Price lists  Envelopes  Billheads  Circulars  Dodgers  Posters  Menus  And commercial and  society printing of every  description.  Let us quote you our  prices.  New Type  Latest. Style  iFaces  THE SUN  Columbia Avenue and  Luke Street  TELEPHONE  R101 K^iiCfcjuc&w^fr;Ci^&jL]^^  m t/V Mrt h ������tf_~*_isw������/_-nM **  si ������kivt urt*iv������l m1** at im,  r*������=~'*'W_**rtSe,-_1  ii.������*f<ir.^������W/i-i������^*?3������^V_������^  tMwoM^<,4,  -r*j������y*,--  '1   -r���������f"^������   THE' SUN,   GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.  CANADA  AN EXTRAORDINARY v  WAR JOURNAL  WAR-SAVING  The Canadian Government offers interest-bearing  War-Savings Stamps  Issue of 1919���������-Payable Jan. 1, 1924  ORDER-IN-COUNCIL P.C. No. 2462 authorizes  the issue of War-Savings Stamps for the purpose of assisting in the financing of Government  expenditures.  As Sir Thornas White, Minister of Finance, points out, V/.-S. S.  will provide "an excellent investment for small savings; arid a  strong incentive to every-day economy." _*  $5.00~for $4=00  Until January 31st, 1919, War-Savings Stamps will be sold by  all Money-Order Post Offices, Banks, and other authorized  Agencies, for $4.00 each, and on January 1st, 1924, Canada will  pay $5.00 each for them.  Registration Against Loss  A Certificate is provided for the purchaser of a W.-S. S. On  the certificate are spaces to which 10 W.-S. S. may be affixed.  A certificate bearing one or more W.-S. S. may be registered at  any Money-Order Post Office, fully protecting the owner against  loss by fire, burglary or other cause.  The Certificate also shows the Cash Surrender Value of W.-S. S.  at various dates before maturity.  SOLD WHEREVER THIS  SIGN. IS DISPLAYED  Canada,  recover.  They   will   all  eventually  Tilson   Rooke    Invalided  Home After Spending  Months in Hospital  In an argument yesterday between the tbe chief of police and a  prominent rancher over some interned cattle, the chief is said to  have used prize ring tactics with  considerable effect. The case will  be argued in the police court tomorrow. There are indications that it  will be oi great interest.  Tilyon Rooke, son of Mr. and Mrs  .Limes Rooke, returned from overseas last Friday.    He  G B. Garrett, local C.P. R. agent,  has recovered from an attack of influenza.  Owing to the   very   heavy   snow  has seen con    storms in the mountains of the coast  One of the most, extraordinary pa  pers ever issued is the Wipers (Ypres)  Times. Patrick MacGill, author.of  The Great .Hush and other popular  books, and now a soldier in France,  describes its unusual beginning:  In the early part of 1916 a major  and a sergeant of the British array  discovered an old printing house in  the city of Ypres. Part of the house  was blown into the street; the remainder was lying on the printing press,  and the type was scattered here and  there The sergeant, who had been a  printer in private life, declared that  he could get the press to work if the  offieer would give him permission and  find help. Both were obtained. The  soldier dug the type out of the mud  and- washed it, and somehow they  found paper and ink. British officers  became journalists, printers' devils  and proofreaders. Soldiers in khaki  forgot hate of the Hun for the time  being and set themselves to work to  produce the Wipers Times.  They edited one number in a case  mate under the ramparts built by  Vauban ages ago; they* produced an  other in the ('loth Hall, with the air  full of gas shells. Printers' devils had  to stand to in gas masks, and the editor had to correct proofs while a battle  was raging  This brave little paper has never  been printed outside the front area;  once the "works" were aboveground  seven hundred yards from the front  line. The strangest thing with regard  to this publication is that men who  were being bombarded night and day  could find time and inclination to  produce a paper written in such high  spirits.  coast have been from two to twelve  hours late this week.  With 27 cases of influenza still, in  Pentiur.on, that town was to take off  tbe ban this w-ek.  aiderable service as   stretcher-bearer range, Kettle Valley trains from the  at the front,   and   he was wounded  last summer,   receiving  p   gunshot  wound in the leg     Sirica that   time  be  has   been   confined in a   conval  ������.-fceut hospital.  Pie  Rooke   was   with   the   Can j  -fiianH at Lene,' and   he  has   many  iiiitH'Siirig   reminiscences   to   relate!  of   miraculous,   escapes s from    lie  ini'erno of    Hun  shell   fire  at   that  battle.  The  stretcher-bearers    did     ��������� ot  cany   any'  arms, but they   had   to      Time it!    In five minutes all stoiu-  iollovv the other s ldiers when   ihey   ach distress, due to acidity, will go.  ' No indigestion, heartburn, sourness or  belching of gas or eructations of undigested food, no dizziness, bloating, foul  breath or headache.  Pape's Diapepsin is noted for its  speed in regulating upset stomachs.  It is the surest, quickest stomach sweetener in the whole Avorld, and besides it  is harmless. Put an end to stomach  distress at once by getting a large fifty-  cent case of Pape's Diapepsin from any  drug store. You realize in Ave minutes  how needless it is to suffer from indigestion, dyspepsia or any stomach disorder caused by fermentation du������ *o  excessive acids in stomach.  SOUR, ACID STOMACHS,  GASES OR INDIGESTION  "Pape's Diapepsin" neutralizes excessive acid in stomach, relieving  dyspepsia, heartburn and  distress at once.  went over trie too.  Strg . A. N. Mowat, after havirg  be^n two months in a hospital at  Birkenhead, England, can now walk  with the aid of a cane. He expects  to be several weeks in a convales  Gjnt-camp. Sergt Mowat had two  brothfrs seriously wounded in the  last fight, and one was sent back   to  Distribution of Seed  Grain From Dominion  Experimental Farms  By instructions of the  minister of  agriculture, a free distribution of su  perior   sorts   of  grain will be made  during the coming winter and spring  to Canadian farmers.  Samples for distribution will consist of spring wheat (about 5 lbs ).  white pats (about 4 lbs.), barley  (about 5 lbs), and field peas (about  5 lbs.). These will be sent out, free,  by mail, from the Central Experi  mental farm, Ottawa, by tbe Do  minion Cerealist, who will furnish  the necessary application forms.  Only one sample can be sent to  each applicant. As tbe supply of  seer) is limited, farmers are advised  to apply very early,  BOOT   REPAIRING  TAKK   your  repairs  to   Armson, sboe   re  pairer.    The   Hub.    Look  for  the   Bij  Boot.  i&  THE  "SOLD OUT".  No more oleomargarine today.    Food supplies in Great Britain are  often  so  short that  even  the  weekly  allowance  of  four  ounces of margarine is "postponed".  L0ND0NDIRECT0RY  _    . , (Published Annually)  -nables traders  throughout  the   world   to  communicate direct with English  MANUFACTURERS & DEALERS  n each class of (roods. Besides being ft com-  lete commercial guide to London and Its  uburbs, the directory contains lists of  EXPORT MERCHANTS  with the Goods they ship, and tho Coloriinl  and Foreign Markets they supply;  STEAMSHIP LINES  arranged under the Ports to which they sail,  ami indicating the approximate Sailings;  PROVINCIAL TRADE NOTICES  of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc., in  the principal provincial towns and Industrial  centres of the United Kingdom.  A copy of the current edition will he forwarded, freight paid, on recolpt of Postal  Order for $5.  Dealers seeking Agencies can advertise  their trade cards for $5, orlurger advertisements from S15.  THE LONDON DIRECTORY CO., LTD  o, Abchurch Lane, London, K.C.  IT'S THE STEABY  Tliat Brings  the Steady  Trade to  You  Isn't the news of your  store something like the  news of the whole city?  There is news every week  in Grand Forks ���������������- some  weeks more than others���������  but every week there is  news.  Isn't there news in your  store every week? Isn't there  something to advertise?  Your customers are shopping every week. Aren't  you losing many of them  the weeks you do not advertise?  It's the steady trade that  counts with a store---it's  the steady advertising that  brings the steady trade.  RESOLVE���������To use newspaper space regularly, and  be sure it is in THE GRAND  FORKS SUN, the paper that  reaches the most consumers  in this valley.  d_#  Readers    Want   to   Hear  From   You   Every   Week  ������_-������M*iw������yjU---i_(-���������������������-ii^^  MIIM_IU^J������lJUimUtU^lWBil^J_IJWWUUJIIIlll_I.^UMHJm-<������ll4_MiW������IU THE   SU_v    GRAND   FORKS,    B. C.  GflVE "SYRUP OF FIGS"  TO CONSTIPATED CHILD  Of all present-day Sewing Machines.  Why bu^ a machine at which you have  to sit in an awkward position, when you  may just as well have one with which it  is a pleasure to sew? The White Rotary  Sit-Strate is just the machine you want.  Sold on easy monthly payments by  oMiller GoX Gardner  Complete Home Furnishers  Delicious "Fruit Laxative" can't harm  tender little Stomach, Liver;  and Bowels.  N ewsof the City  A district oonventiun of delegates  from F; rmer8 L.stituteb' in District  F will be held in this city on Fri  day, December 20. Anyone inter-  (Sted in any hjanch of agriculture  will be gladly welcomed at this con .  vention, which is to be held in the  court house at 2 p m. Tb'N convention has bjen called at the request of  the minister i f Hgdculture.ami is for  the purpose ol electing a representa  live to the advisory board, which is  t'> meet in Victoria in January, and  for the consideration of such reso  lutions as may be brought before it,  and for the discussion of ways and  means for the betterment of agriculture in general and .this district  in particular.  campaign in this city.   An organize  tion will be formed in   the near  future.   - .      "      '      .  V. C. Simmons,'original owner of  the Inland Empire mine at: Paulson, was in the city on Saturday.  Look at ihe tongue, mother! If  coated, your little one's stomach, liver  and bowels need cleansing at once.  When peevish, cross, listless, doesn't  sleep, eat or act naturally, or is .feverish, stomach sour, breath bad; has sore  throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a  teaspoonful of "California Syrup of  Figs," andi in a few hours all the foul,  constipated waste, undigested food and  sour bile gently moves out of its little  bowels "without griping, and you have a  well, playful child, again.' Ask your  druggist for a bottle of "California  Syrup of Figs," which contains full  directions for babies, children of all agea  arid for grown-upa.  GAVE THEIR LIVES  FOR THE EMPIRE  The Cascade school reopened  week.  last  A nnmbpr of expert deerslayers,  including Fred Russell, have been  spending the past two or three days  in the North Fork country They  arc expected back tomorrow with a  winter's supply nf venison or a win  ter's tale.  W. A. Pounder returned on Wednesday from Copper mountain,where  he has been working for the Canada  Ceppor company. He will leave next  week for Clark county, Wisconsin,  to visit his stepfather, who is 92  years of age. This will be Mr  Pounder's first trip east in twenty-  two years.  C M Tobiassen, the prospector,  returned on Tuesday from a trip to  Vancouver and other coast cities.  The following is a corrected list  of soldiers from Grand Forks who  gave their lives for the empire in  the Great War. It is believed that  the list contains the names of all  tbo.-se who made the supreme sacrifice up to the time of the signing  of the armistice:  |g__Sffi_2__3__Ei__33g!  JUST ARRIVED  A . Complete  Stock  Goods Suitable-for  "\  Everything that can please and charm your friend.  Before going elsewhere, give us a call and inspect  our stock.  Timberlake,Son & Co  ������  9  "Quality Jewellers  9������a  Bridge Street, - Next Door B. C. Telephone Office  . Coasting nn upper Bridge ptrpf-t  furnished amu=pment for the small  hov nn tn this morning, when old  Sol carried away, the snow.  The provincial seed fair, adver  tis^d tn he held at Rplnwna on D������.  cembor 4 and 5. 1918, has been  postponed, and will now he held on  January 13, 14 and 15, 1919. En  tries should be consigned to R. L:  DaTglish, Kelnwna, and phipped so  a? to arrive by Januarv 10 Put the  entry form in the package containing the seed, or mail to Mr. Dalg-  lish.  Annual Meetings of  Farmers' Organizations  The Annual Meeting of tbe Grand  Forks Live Stock Association, to receive the annual report, for the election of officers and for such other  business as may be brought before  it, will be held in the Farmers'  Room at tbe Court House on Satur  day, December 14th, at 2 p.m.  Also the Annual Meeting of the  Farmers' Institute will be held* on  the same day and at tbe same place  at 3 p.m . to receive the President's,  Secretary Vs and Auditor's reports, for  the election of officers for tne ensu  ��������� ing year, for tbe election of a dele  ! gate to the District Convention, and    I for   the   transaction of   such   other  Police Magistrate   Neil McCallum   business ae may be brought, before it.  left yesteaday for  the   Arrow   lakes!     All members of these Associations  . j are   respectfully requested to attend  dlstnct- ' [ these meetings," which  will   beheld  '��������� punctually at the specified time.  Mayor Acres has been   appointed j C. C. HEAVEN,  Another car of fluorite ore from  the Consolidated company's Rock  Candy mine was brought down from  Lynch Creek by the Kettle Valley  ine on Wednesday. The ore will  be ahipped to the States for treatment. Itisstated that a car a week  will be snipped in the future  Frank Hicks  Ed Coy  William Baker  Robert Dinsmore  Wilson" Fleming  H. W. Jones  Harry Williams  Alfred Heaven  Robert Lamond  Auly Munro  H. D. Barlee  Robert Newbauer  H. E. Dixon  Joseph Livett  Joseph Lewis  Richard Arnold  George Traunweiser  Timothy Allen  James McDougall  Walter E. Hadden  Robert Rowell  A. Hobbins  George Birt  Robert McHwaine  T. A. Chew  Pte. Crotty  George Devlin  George Shepherd  chairman of the war savings   stamp j  Secretary-Treasurer.  BiRiii  V^lTHOOT  Er4D  &r-  lo*W  ������ *!__,  N.B-s-^.  ,-.c\&  Wm. J. Reid  Accidentally killed en ���������  route for overseas.  Robert Green  Invalided   home   and  died of disease.  Hubert Broad  Died in England.  "CASCARETS" WORK  WHILE YOU SLEEP  For   Sick   Headache,   Sour   Stomach,  Sluggish Liver and Bowels���������  Take Cascarets tonight.  ���������$&U^:&^Ml0j.mOiPAy$i  Jut _>i)ubrrt &l)lpprr, iiareliableandaccuratcMarlcet  Keport and price list, Usued at every change In the Fur Market.  It is something more than merely "something to read." It ii the advis-  'or, friend and aign post to tho right road to reliable market information  and acourate market quotations. "Xb'c,t &l)ti!|n1 t>Hnatt" ia received by  hundreds of thousands of trappers and Fur shippers all over North  America. Never was a serious misstatements of facts published in  "Olj������ 0bubrrt &ljip������ier" and this character of accuracy and reliability  has demonstrated that such information is absolutely essential to the  successful trapper and Fur shipper. You should read "JJb������ 01juti������il  fbiflpptt"���������wo want your name on our mailinc list.  Fill in th* Abov* Coupon NOW-and Mail it-AT ONCE  iST^Aicesr tfoy\ . .  AMER-lCAN  ittl W. AUSTIN   AVt.  MU 13 _=������ ESLT  V   THC_ WORLD    DEALING   CXClt/SJ  R.AW  CHICAGO.    U.S.A.  , /JVC.  Furred Tongue,  Bad  Taste,  Indigestion, Sallow Skin and Miserable Headaches  come   from  a  torpid   liver   and  clogged bowels, which cause your stomach   to   become   filled  with   undigested  food, whioli sours and ferments like garbage in a swill barrel.    That's the first  step to untold misery���������indigestion, foul  gases, bad  breath, yellow skin, mental  fears,  everything that is horrible and  i nauseating.     A   Oascaret   to-night  will  i give your constipated bowels a thorough  | cleansing   and  straighten   you   out   by  ! morning.   They work while you sleep���������  a 10-cent box from your druggist will  keep you feeling good for months.  When  Names Are Not,  Listed In Directory  Ask for 66Infoi>  9  mation  99  The furnishing of prompt and effective telephone service is possible only  when calls are made by number, following consultation of the directory.  If the name is not listod, ask "Information." She is always willing to help  you.  Not on the Muster Roil Yale  Barber Shop  During   the   British   advance on;  Jericho, says the American Medical ]  Journal, an enemy shell struck an  ancient tomb and revealed a skeleton.- When the official archreologisst  attached to the British staff made ]  their investigation the evidence  seemed to indicate that the skeleton  was that of a historical figure, John  of Antioch. Accordingly, they dispatched a cable to the war office in  London:  "Have discovered skeleton supposed to be that of Jon of Antioch."  The war office replied: "Can not  trace John.Antioch. Send identification disk."  Razor Honing a Specialty  A. Z. PARE, Proprietor  Yale Hotel, First Street  THICK, ULOSSY HAIR  FKEE FEOM DANDRUFF, j  AUTO LIVERY  AT YOUR  SERVICE  Girls! Try it! Hair gets soft/fluffy and  beautiful���������Get a small bottle  of Danderine.  If you care for heavy hair that glistens with beauty and is radiant- *vith  life; has an incomparable softness and  is flull'y "and lustrous, try Danderine.  Just one application doubles the  beauty of .your hair, besides it immediately dissolves every particle . of  landruff. You can not have nice heavy,  healthy hair if you have dandruff. This  destructive scurf fobs the hair of its  lustre, its strength and its very life,  and if "������t overcome it produces a fever-  ishness and itcliing of the scalp; the  Hair roots famish, loosen and die; then  the hair falls out fast. Surely get a  small bottle of Knowlton's i)ondenne  from any drag store and just try it.  Modern Rigs and Good  Horses at All Hours at  the  Model Livery Barn  M. H. Barns, Prop.  Phone 68 Second Street  GENERAL TRANSFER BUSINESS  AND DEALER IN  AND PICTURE FRAMING  Furniture  Made  to Order.  Also Repairing of all Kinds.  Upholstering Neatly   Done  R. C. McCUTCHEON  WINNIPEG AVENUE  Office!  F. Downey's Cigar Sture  Ffrst Street  New Management  Dad Odell, who has been driving  thp baggage wagon for Vant Bros.,  has rented the  Province Hotel Bar  Where he will serve all kinds <-f  cooj, refreshing temperance drinks  and the choicest brands of cigar*.  When you are hot and in need of  cooling off, call and see me.  Also pool and billiard pallor in  connection.  Look for the Biggest Brick Block  on Bridge Street  You "will always find me "At  Home."  *,  {��������� ������������������  iuubhiji   am   ��������� a _ !������������������_������������������������ in ki ��������� ni n��������� .     w _��������� u m ���������������������������  ������������������ ������������������ an>_n     m ���������   _��������� _v ���������_���������- wmm ��������������� ���������_ ������������������ i jr   ������.    >ii ���������      _ _mi ���������������������������hii      ar .1   n ��������� ������������������������   _��������� _nn wa  ��������� ������������������ n* ������������������        ������������������*��������������� ������������������   ��������� _ ���������   ���������_��������� ��������� jn _&���������* _ ��������� .    ib ri*uu������   &     mmm a r ���������_ ������������������������������������ ������������������������������������   .������������������ u ��������� ���������   .  ^m*^MW^M&&-


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