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The Grand Forks Sun and Kettle Valley Orchardist Dec 20, 1918

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 4������������So������*WeS*4ia������������aSEpn  :mm  V   ' ��������� H  Kettle Valley Orchardist  1-8TH YEAR-No .8  ^L  GRAND   FORKS     B.   C,   FRIDAY,   DECEMBER   20,   1918     i^l-me what you Know is true: $100  PER  YEAR  ' ��������� ' . >    1-uj.w I can guess as well as you. ujx.vv   iun    o.xjxxi.k  SOLDO  FEELS IN BATTLE  Inferno of Noise, Confusion and Death���������Gott  Mit the Germans But  Americans  Mit French  Here is a description of a big battle as  it  impressed  itself upon the  rnind of Sergt.  Lawrence  Hopkins,  of Oxford, Alaba'ma.  '���������They're off!.  "It sends a thrill through you as  you bear their cry and rise up and  find yourself in a crowd of men;  pausing a moment to light our pipes  or cigarettes, and as we are hurrying  forward with glistening steel in our  hands to meet the foe.  "If it were not for these other men  . moving along heavily laden to keep  .pace with the barrage one might  well stand in amazement at a wilder  ne^s suddenly become crowded with  swaying humanity bravely attempting to weather the furious storm.  "The   big   guns   roll  like heavy  bunder, the little field batteries answer   with   a   bark, shells scream,  whistle,   howl, - according   to  their  moods.  "The quick s'-jccato coughing   of  miching guns goes  on   un :easingly  all around you and is aw������l owed up  in its echoes.  There is a  spatter   of  rifle bullets as they wh'z by you and  - you wonder that you are untouched.  Barbed wire tears   your   clothes to  pieces;   mud  sticks  them   together  again.   Birds fly at your   feet   and  from the sky winged airplanes swoop  down. Spitfire tanks plod on behind,  crashing   and     crushing;   burning,  ��������� :'boiling'oil sends  flames leaping   to  the clouae;   molten   phosphorus is  poured into    dugouts. There is  gas  to blind and choke you.  "There are laughs and cries; the  laugh of a comrade'us he struggles  on, or the cry of another as he drops  his rifle and puts his hand to his  heart���������his last cry. There is the yell  of the hunter, the wild crying despair of the hunted. The plunk of  the mortars and the buarsting of the  bombs add to the tumult of the I  storm.  "Stretcher- bearers rush to and fro,  running zig zag across the battlefield  with their messages. Then I drop  into a shell hole, the cold sweat running of! my face, and breathe. Take  my compass out, get direction adjusted and when the barrage lifts I  dive into the tornado again���������and so  on. Germans are scarce; they are  down below. 'Moppers up' behind  will deal with them. Over broken  trenches and torn ground, slipping,  self I am on a stretcher and some  one with a smile all over his bronzed  face offers me cigarette.  "Yes, we ran the Huns for six  ;dayp and five nights, and I did not  want to eat or sleep I tell you it was  grand, and if I hadn't been gassed I  feel like I could still be running  them. We started on the 24th day  of July, my birthday, and, mother,  dear, I took no prisoners.  "A German officer said to his  men: 'Why do you run; is not Gott  mit you?' .And the German soldiers  answered: 'Yes, but the Americans  are mit the French.'"  Former Prohibition Commissioner Confesses to  Importing Liquor; Maximum Fine  WILLIAM WRITES  TO HIS SON  C.  mens iss too fat to run any.    Der  Fatherland iss no longer der Father-  - -    - , land. The Germans peoples iss talk-  falling, sprawling, I go for our  ob. ing ijke dem tarn Americans about  Dear Villie:���������Dot's right, run  dot's what your poor old fadder has  done. All iss over for your fadder  und you. Ve are no longer kaisers  und crown princes. Ve is nothings  but jackasses, und pray, Villie.pray.  All peoples, even the Germans, vant  to hang your poor old fadder, und  he never done nothings. I can prove  it by Hindenburg. He done it.  The "Me und Gott" beezness is  played out, too, Villie, ^II worked  for so long mid peoples *vhat mine  brave soldiers vas pointing a gun at.  Ven dem alleys took the guns avay  from mine brave soldiers, it fizzled  out. Even mine brave soldiers, be  ing licked good, could not be fooled  no longer mid it; I hear that cry,  "To hell mid the kaiser," too, so-1  vent to Holland. I don't vant to go  to hell; but, Villie, pray, maybe I  go anyhow.  ��������� Dem dunder blitzen alleys say  I  started this war.   I know I did, but  tell everybody what you see dat  it  ain'c so, den pray. Den, Villie, look  out goodt yourselves.    They accuse  you of   being  mine son.    Say you  ain't,   say   anydings but   that; but  come to tink, dat nose of yours!    If  you vas put in mid a den  of monkeys  everjbodys   could  pick   you  you out. I feats for you, mine son.  I am living in Holland  mid   the  Dutch und the climate is goodt, but  it iss getting warmer for me  all the  times. Yesterdays I meets  up  mid  one of dem tarn Americans. He says  to your fadder, "Bill, I vill give you  dirty dollars a week to go  to Amer.  ica; the boys vant to throw eggs  at  you."    The   Dutch  have disterned  your   poor old father.    I can't go  avay.    Who vants to go   avay?   My  health is not goodt lately.    I see an  ad   in   a  Dutch pader about Lydia  Pinkham's Compound.    Maybe  dat  vill cure me. Since going avay from  Germany so quickly I  feel yellow  from mine head to mine toes.  Say, Villie, I tink my army vat I  used to have could lick these Dutch  vimmens worse den they did the  Belgian vimmens.    The Dutch vim-  Vancouver, Dec. 16.���������W.  Findlay,?. former prohibition commissioner for British  Columbia, through his counsel, Alex Henderson, K.C.  pleaded guilty this morning in  nolice~ court to the charge of  importing approximately 700  cases of intoxicating liqnor  into the province contrary to  the recent federal order-in-  council.  Magistrate Stewart said: "I  think this is a case of wholesale importation into the province by one in authority. In  my opinion, I should impose  the maximum penalty. I  therefore fine "the accused  $1000, and in default; imprisonment for six months."  j $50,000,000 will be required for completing the program of fche imperial  munitions board in Canada Fifty  million dollars in addition to what; has  already been arranged will be re*  quired for the purchase of tins year's  grain crop.  The remaining $100,000,000 will  cover purchases of foodstuffs, include  ing meats, lard and dairy products  and sundry other Canadian commodities. Until exchange conditions between England and America materially improve it will be necessary for  Canada to con tin ne laige credits for  purchases of producfcs.  WILL BE GUEST  OF KING GEORG  Victoria,    Dec.'  18���������The  warrant issued last night  for  the.|^rest of Walter C. Find-  \i������y,; former prohibition  com-  missioner,on a criminal charge  of breach of trust, has not yet  served, and it is thought generally that Findlay has crossed  the   border into  the United  States. Official circles are undecided     on    the    question  whether or not Findlay can be  extradited, if he is located, on  the present charge.  'T know that Findlay went  to Seattle," said City Prosecutor Harrison tnis afternoon to  the police commissioners when  they     met     to     investigate  charges  which   Findlay   had  made that the prohibition act  was not being enforced properly in th:s city.    Findlay had  been summoned to appear today before the commissioners,  but there was no  word from  him.  General Petain's stonelike expres  sion frequently relaxes into a rather  whimsicel smile, and,on occasion, he  can speak with warmth of eloquence  which, devoid of all   fine  phrasing,  nevertheless carries his every  word  straight to   the heart.    His   poilus  adore  him   despite his   uncompromising firmness; he is fair in  his  judgments and he knows just   how  td-/mingle  with  his   men.    By his  mere presence and  tact  he calmed  all the agitation which followed  the  offensive of April, 1917, the causes  of which are well known   today and  could easily be guessed then.  Wilson's Visit to England  Will Probably be Made  Before the First of the  New Year  Major-General Edward M. Lewip,  who commands the Tbirteen>division  of the .National Guard troops from  the   Carolinas   and   Tennessee, is a  native of Indiana and, a West Point:  er ofthe class of 1886.    His   entire  career   up   to   the   entrance of the  United into the   European   conflict  was in the infantry, he having served at various periods in the Eighth, | tafcive cjrcles t0 be untrue  Eleventh,    Sixteenth,     Nineteenth  and Twentieth regiments.  He served  in tbe Spanish war as a  captain   of  the Twentieth   infantry   and in the  Philippine campaigns as a battalion  commander of the Sixteenth infantry. General Lewis was a classmate  at West Point of General* Persking,  and these twh officers have been tbe  closest of friends during their entire  army career. He is fifty-five years  years of age.  Frank Nuuich is  of the throat.  ill   with   cancer  London, Dec. 19.���������President Wilson probably will be  the guest of King George at  Buckingham palace during his  visit to England. This official  announcement was made tonight.  The British Labor party has  invited President Wilson to  attend a national gathering of  British labor to be held in the  president's honor when he  visits Londen, according to  the Daily Telegraph. It is  hoped that the president will  accept the invitation.  Dublin, Dec. 19.���������A statement published in London  that the Irish"party'wa^jto"-  send delegates to Paris to discuss home rule with President  Wilson is declared in authori-  It  is impossible to learn whether  the  Sinn   Feiners  will   send  delegates, but this is not believed to be likely in view of  the fact that the lord mayor  of Dublin, who is aSinnFein-  er, is organizing  meetings  to  invite President   Wilson   to  Ireland.  THE WEATHER  CUSTOMS RECEIPTS  R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at  this port, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts  at the head office in this city and at  the various sub-customs offices, for  tbe month of November, 1918:  Grand Forks  $   884.91  Phoenix       344.40  Cascade        53.11  Carson         14.60  Total.  The following is the minimum  and maximum temperature for each  day during the past week, as recorded by the government thermometer on E. F. Laws' ranch:  Max.    Min.  Dec.   13���������Friday  37 28  14���������Saturday  40 34  15���������Sunday  35 39  16���������Monday  29 25  17���������Tuesday  29  IS��������� Wednesday .. 29  19-Thursday  30  20  24  25  lnch(\  Snowfall     2Ai  81,297.02'Rainfalh  0.11  jective. As the curtain of fire and  smoke passes over the village we  make the final spurt forward and���������  dig like h���������1.  democracy und electing a president.  I said, "Mine good peoples, I vill be  your president," und one swine spit  on mine shoes und the others cried,  "The noise increases, the guus get) "Beat it!" Take your fadder's advice  more angry,   shells and showers  of j und d0 tDe same. Fapdeb.  P.  S.���������Now   Bill. Hohenzollern,  Vancouver, Dec. 19.���������No  further developments were  announced in connection with  the Findlay case here today.  Findlay is still missing and  the warrant for his arrest on  a charge 'of malfeasance of  office is still unserved.  At Christmas lime  mud and dirt are falling all around  you. The devil seems to be raking  out bis furnacas, the sky seems to  crash down on you, then my head  swims, my arms falls to my sides,  my legs grow limp and I drop down  as I hastily don my gas mask. And j  when I open my eyes and find  my-'  Holland.  "I vant some powder.",*..  "Mounen'sr  "No, viinmen's."  *-Scented?"  "No, I vill take it mit mo."  But Christmas is not only the mile-marie of another year, moving us to thoughts of self-examination,���������it is a season,from all its associations,whether  domestic or religious, suggesting thoughts of joy.  A man dissatisfied with his endeavors is a man  tempted to sadness. And in the midst of winter,  ���������,..,,��������� .    ,    ^    when his life runs lowest and he is reminded of the  Ihe minister of finance for the Do-|  minion of Canadian has arranged with  empty  chail'S of his beloved, it is well that he should  the British government for credits a"~ -i i 1  ,      ,, .    e     ���������,  . e , -, -i.     .   ������  u   .. ������.lfmnnnnnn e   .Z   De condemned to this fashion oi the smiling face.���������  gregating about 8200,000,000 for the  coming year.    Of this amount about  Robert Louis Stevenson.  CANADA NEGOTIATES  $200,000,000 CREDIT *r fl������������*M.jrtaK\-m*7ir"*jrrt S'aaM^aTrtw'asfsrj-ic,  l^f^^f^i^*?^*������^  THE   SUN,    GRAND   FORKS,   B. G.  ������he dkattft Sfarka ^u������  AN INDEPENDENT  NEW3PAPBR  G. A. EVANS. EDITOR AHD PUBLISHER  SUBSCRIPTION RATES���������PAYABLE IN ADVANCE  One Year (in Canada and Great Britain) $1.00  One Year (in the United States)     1.50  Address all communications to  The Grand Forks Sun,  TnoNB 101R Grand Forks, B. C.  OFFICE:    COLUMBIA AVENUE AND LAKE STREET.  ernment appears to be ��������� disinclined to enter  municipal politics. It may be different on  nomination day.  FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1918  Next week will bring the merriest Christmas that we have had since 1913. It is a grand  thing to know that the carnage in Europe has  ceased and that peace now practically reigns  over the entire world, and the knowledge that  our arms have gained a glorious victory will  bring zest to the merriment in all homes to  which the conflict has not brought vacant  chairs. The Sun wishes its readers a very  merry Christmas.  The .municipal election will not be staged  until after the Christmas holidays, and none  of our citizens have vet thought it worth while  to lay -awake ��������� nights scheming how to break  into the ci������y council. It looks very much as  if the office would have to. hunt the man this  year, as none of our leading citizens appear to  be  anxious  to  pilot  the  city through 1919.  In the manufacturing, commercial and financial fields tremendous preparations are  being  made in England-to meet the future.  In July,  1916, Premier Lloyd George appointed a special committee, under the cnairmanship of Rt.  Hon. Lord Balfour, to consider the  commercial and industrial policy to be followed after  the war.    While this committee was conducting its investigations, special committees  appointed by the board of trade (which is a department of the British government) were active in consideration of definite proposals  affecting the most important and stable trades.  These included  the iron and steel, engineering, electrical and   non-ferrous  metal  trades;'  the  woollen  and  worsted, silk, linen, cotton,  jute  and shipbuilding industries; the  carpet  associations, the lace and   embroidery   trades  and the cotton hosiery and fabric glove industries.    Inquiries were largely-con fined to supply of raw materials, production and  marketing.   A summary-of the  conclusions'reached  gives significant indication of the trend of industrial opinion.  (T  fVht  "^  We are carrying a splendid line of eyeglass  and spectacle mountings, both in the rimless and rimmed goods  A. D. MORRISON  JEWELER AND OPTICIAN  GRAND FORKS, B. C  ^=  J  Probe's are the order of .the day. The only  thing lacking is a probe to probe the probers.  The people would like to know why the average inquiry lasts so long, why the expenses  are -so high, and why so few facts are ascertains d.  Our returned soldiers will not require much  vocational training to become successful streetcar conductors. Only the brave deserve ihe  fare.  "Well," said Snaggs, "I think many flogs  have more sense than than their masters."  "Yes," chimed in Craggs, "I have a dog like  that,.myself." (And yet he couldn't make out  why they laughed.)  "Here, waiter, this plate is damp!" said a  ���������traveler who was dining in a cheap restaurant.  "Ah," said the waiter, "that's your soup! We  serve only small portions, in wartime!"  ' "It doesn't seem right," said the man with  worn-out shoes. "What doesn't seem right?"  "That a-mere cow can afford to wear all that  leather."  Grand Forfcs Transfer Company  DAVIS S HANSEN, Proprietors  City Baggage and General Transfer  OO  aie  Office at R. F. Petrie's Store  Phone 64  Lost���������Silver watch; 12 and 24 | You can n%t reach The Sun's  hour dial. Finder will be rewarded . numerous readers except through  by leaving same at The  Sun' office. jitp advertising columns  ~ !     Job Printing at  Th<- Sun office-at  Share in tho war for rischt by yav- .practically the s*nre prices as hpfore  ing the food the allies want. the big war Hi.-irt'-d.  ���������  You .can read The Sun one year for  81.00.  In these days of labor shortage, no sympa  thy need be wasted on the man who is posing  as a candidate foe the  distinguished  service  medal for doing alone'for a few days the work  that he should do alone all the time.  Not all high ideals are commendable. The  pug who blackens his tall antagonist's'optics  may also be said to be a purveyor of high  eye-deals.  When you buy war savings stamps you do  not give your money, you loan it at a rate of  interest exceeding 4|- per cent, compounded  semi-annually. You help your government,  but you help yourself even more.  The editor has experienced so much amusement during the past week in grappling with  the grip, that it is quite possible that this issue  of The Sun is a trifle brighter than it usually is.  Our chief of police is also a man of high  eye-deals.  President Wilson is the man of the hour.  All the civilized nations of the earth are acclaiming him a citizen of the world. His reception in Paris was greater than that of a  king, and his visit to London will be welcomed  with equal warmth. Those who understand  the president will not begrudge him the homage that is laid at his feet. All thinking men  believe that he is honest in his desire to see a  treaty formulated at the peace conference that  will do away with war forever, and most nations are beginning to believe that it if he can  not find a remedy to prevent war no other  man can.  A Christinas Supplication  BY LOUELLA C. POOLE.'  For a wider vision, clearer sight,  For boldness to uphold the right,  For light upon our way,  -   For. wisdom and grim fortitude,  -Grant thou, O Giver of all Good,  These gifts to us today���������  For strength to help the fallen up,  For grace to hold the healing cup  Unto the world's sore need!  O not in vain the awful price  Of this vast human sacrifice���������  The cross 'neath which we bleed--  If "through this bitter, bitter flood  Of scalding tears, and sweat of blood���������  This dark Gethsemane���������  At last, though scourged, and bruised and  tried,  The nations, chastened, purified,  Shall closer draw to Thee!  " INDEED WILL I," QUO' FINDLAY  Grand Forks needs a good mayor and four  good aldermen for next year. At present  the best available material for  ii\e city gov-  "Wha is tliat at my bower door?''  "O wha is it but Findky!"  "Then g>i-vyoitr t.'an������. ye'su nae be hen*;"  '���������Indeed maun l," quo' Findlay;  "What mak' ye sae IiUr* u  thief?"  'O come and see," quo1  Findlay;  "Before the morn ye'11 work mischief;"  "Indeed will 1," quo' Findlay.  ''Gif I rise and let you in" ���������  "Let me in," quo' Findlay;  ' Yo'll keep me waukin wi' your diu;"  "Indeed will I," quo' Fiudlvy;  "In my bower if ye should stay" ���������  "Lot mo stay," quo' Findlay;  "I fear ye'll bid-e till break o'dav;"  "Indeed will I," quo' Findlay."'  "Here this night if ye remain" ���������  "I'll remain," quo' Findlay;  "I dread ye'll learn the gate again;"  "Indeed will I," quo' Findlay.  "What may pass within this bower''' ���������  "Let it pass," quo' Findlay;  ,lYe maun conceal till your last hour;"  "Hideed will T," quo' Findlay.  ��������� Koiikut Burns  SYNOPSIS   OF  LAND ACT AMENDMENT  Pre-emption now confined to surveyed  lands only. -'.',...'  Records will be granted covering only  land suitable '. for agricultural purposes  and which is non-timber land.  Partnership pre-emptions abolished,  but parties of not more than four may  arrange for adjacent pre-emptions, with  Joint residence, but each making necessary improvements on respective claims.  Pre-emptors must occupy claims for  five years and make improvements to  value of $10 per acre, Including clearing  and cultivation of at least 5 acres, before receiving Crown Grant.  Where pre-emptor in occupation not  less than 3 years, and has made proportionate improvements, he nVay, because  of ili-health or other cause, <-be granted  Intermediate certificate of Improvement  and transfer his claim.  Records without permanent residence  may be issued provided applicant makes  Improvements to extent of $300 per annum and records same each year. Failure to make improvements or record  same will operate as forfeiture. Title,  cannot be obtained on these claims In  less than 5 years, with improvements of  $10 per acre, including 5 acres t cleared  and cultivated, and residence of at  least 2 years.  Pre-emptor holding Crown Grant may  record another pre-emption, if he requires land " in conjunction with hia  farm, without actual occupation, provided statutory improvements made and  residence maintained on Crown granted  land.  Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding 20  acres, .may be leased as homesites;  title to be obtained after fulfilling residential and improvement conditions.  For. grazing and industrial purposes,  areas exceeding 610 acres may be, leased  by one person or company.  PRE-EMPTORS' FREE GRANTS ACT.  The scope of this Act is enlarged to  include all persons joining and serving  with His Majesty's Forces. The time  within which the heirs or devisees of a  deceased pre-emptor may apply for  title under this Act Is extended from  one year from the death of such person,  as formerly, until one year after tho  conclusion of the present war. This  privilege is also made retroactive.  TOWNSITE PROPERTY ALLOTMENT  ACT.  I'rovisHon is made for the grant fro  persons holding uncompleted Agreements to Purchase from the Crown of  such proportion of the land, if divisible,  as the payments already made will  cover in proportion to the sale price of  the whole parcel. Two or more persons  holding- such Agreements may gro.up  their interests and apply for a proportionate allotment jointly. If it is not  considered advisable to divide the land  covered'by an application for a proportionate allotment, an allotment of land  of caual value selectod from available  Crown lands In the locality may bo  made. These allotments.are conditional  upon payment of alt taxes duo the  Crown or to any municipality. The  rights of porsons tov whom the purchaser from the Crown has agreed to  sell are also protected. The decision of  the Minister of Lands in respect to the  adjustment of a proportionate allotment  Is final. The time for making application for these allotments is limited to  the 1st day of May, 1919. Any application made after this date will not be  considered. These allotments apply to  town lots and lands of the Crown sold  at public auction.  For information apply to any Provincial  Government Agont or to  G. R. NADEN,  Deputy Minister of Lands,  victoria. B. C.  ^JPHE value of well-  printed, neat appearing stationery as  a means of getting and  holding desirable business has been amply  demonstrated. Consult us before going  elsewhere.  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S. you can buy THRIFT  Stamps for 25 cents each. Sixteen of these Thrift Stamps on a  Thrift Card will be exchanged for a W.-S. S. Thrift Stamps d������  not bear interest. Their virtue is that they enable you to  apply every 25 cents you can save towards the purchase of a  Government, interest-bearing security.  "If high rates of interest must be paid on Government borrowings it is but right that every man, woman, and child should  have the opportunity to earn this interest."���������Sir Thomas Whit*.  $5.5? for $4..  CO  ONLY WAY TO SCORE  A Li'i'ty o? vo'unte-rs weir-taken to  tin.; fhoobing range for tho first tim*\  The niPft first fired fit n target five  hundred wards away and not one hit  it.- They "-we nexi'tried at a turgot  two hundred yards away, aud sti 1  everyone missed They were at last  tried at a target just one hundred  yards away, hub no one hit ib  "Arti-ininnF* thundered the drill  MTjjpaub ''Fix bayonets! Charge!  It-'s your only chance!"  FOUGHT GO 'PLANES  SINGLE-HANDED  '"fip.afliiin military headquarters in  Loudon announces tliat the airman  who,������-hil ,il-a erite'y wounded,forighi  ^xLv enemy machines single handed  d 'Si'.'.'viMg four and ' bringing down  sx, is a. ...Canadian, Major W G.  fi;.rV������-r D-S O (r>v(1 bars) D F. (.' .  M 0. (y-'ich bar),-'-and tho Italian  C\--i-< i.f tfouor. Major 13;i.rk������r. who  i- i-i'ooit.r'd dauuei'nusly w:>'.ium'<"1  went ov rsiis with a New Brunswick  u-tit  The story  of   Major   B-ikVs   fight  with a hot de of enemy planes relates  the most astounding individual aerial  combat on record. While our airmen  were harrying the enemy's retreat,  Barker, when over the forest of Mor  val, encountered a two-seater German  plaWat an altitude of 21,000 feet to  evade the fire of British '.Archies,"  and elimed and brought it down. Immediately a Fokker biplane whirled  on him; bullets whistled past through  his machine and something stunned  him for a moment so that his machine  spun uncontrolled. Recovering, his  senses and control, . he found fifteen  more Fokkers hemming in on him  and firing point-blank. Without hesitation he sped to the attack find three  of his assailants fell, but the bullets  were whistlinc past like hail, and a  chance shot shattered his thigh bone.  He fainted and dived seemingly to  his death.    ���������       ������������������  Again recovering consciousness, be  turned upon another fifteen enemy  scouts swooning about him like hounds  One he sent hurtling down on fire,  when another buiiet shattered his left  e'bow.  Enemy machines were now swarming as thick as gnatsou a sunimerday.  He dived and eight of his foes hurtled  like stones in pursuit. Wounded and  half faintinff, yet with his brain still'  alert and cool, he realized that his  only chance of safety lay in sheer  super-airmanship. Enemy craft flew  above aud about him like a cloud of  vultnres, until those watching below  j counted between fifty and sixty. . In  the'thick of them t<this amazing Canadian performer] every ''sbbnb" in-  genuiby sharpened by dire necessity  could devsie.  He escaped by the incredible daring of his offensive tactics. For up  wards of ten minutes he banked,  looped, spun, nose-dived, climbed  again in.a multitude of "star" tricks  until he worked his way right back of  the vultures'midst. Two more fell to  his gnu, then the rest of the flock  spread and fled. He came down a  huddled, insensible, but victorious  hero of as great b-fight as ever 'this  war witnessed in the air.  A Victoria cross is secure.  GIVE "SYRUP OP FIGS"-  <������������������ TO CONSTIPATED CHILD  Delicious "Fruit Laxative" can't harm  tender little Stomach, Livec  and BowelBi  Look at the toiigue, mother! If  coated, your little one's stomach, liver  and bowels need cleansing at once.  When peevish, cross, Jisfcless, doesn't  sleep, eat or act naturally, or i3 feverish, stomach sour, breath bad; has sore  throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give a  teaspoonful of "California Syrup of  Figs," 'and in a few hours all the foul,  constipated waste, undigested, food and  sour bile gently moves out of its little  bowels without griping, and you have a  well, playful child, again. Ask your  druggist for a bottle of "California  Syrup of Figs," which contains full  directions for babies, children of all agea  and for grown-ups.  NOTICE  40lbj. Potatoes.  I4lb-r other Fresh Vegetables.  (vse Vegetable/- freely)  JOlby. FlOVRS  (use as//me WAearffcn/r  lOllvr.CEREAL/inotherforrnj WID/ FRUIT  i5v6s/*tt/fe o/fiercerea/j for JV/teJ/Jjxit ACCORDING TO SEASO/V  focookinq Fat 'JiiKillll^  NOT1GB is hereby given that application  will be made to ihe Legislative Assembly  of the Province of British Columbia at its  next Session on behalf of the t'asoade Water,  power & Light Compiuy Limited, n' Company  incorporated by the Legislative Assembly of  the Province of British Columbia under Chap.  51, Statures or &. C 1M)7, for nn Act to be.en-  lituled''TlieCns'ade Wu'er, Power & Light  Company J-imfted A<* 1S97, Amendment Act  1918" giving it power to reduce its Capital  :roni time to time as it may see tit by veto of  a majority in value nf tin* shareholders prc.--  <>nt or represented by proxy nt u meeting  called for that purpose, and also confirming  the reduction of capital heretofore made by  the Company on or about tiie Grh November,  1907, and also en'anging the time of the holding of the Company's ordinary General  Meeting from tho. tliiid Wednesday in July in  ufioh year lo the third Wednesday in Ocober  in each year, or on such Other date in each  year as. the Directors may from time to time,  determine upon; and also empowering the  Directors of the Company to make bylaws,  rules and regulatiens to be observed by all  persons using ihe wtiter, electricity or elec-  trieal appliances or other property of the  Company; uUj rules'and regulntions for the  maintenance of tne Company's undertaking  and for the collection of rates for electrity or  water supply und rents for electrical lines and  appliances let for hire, and for fixing the time  or times when, and the place or places where  the same shall be payable and in case of, default of payment to provide remedies for en-  furring .the payment thereof; and for such  further and incidental powers as may be  necessary.  Dated at Victoria, B.C., this 9th day of De-  cembor, 1918  BaUNAKD, KoBBl'.TtiON, HiilSTEKMAN & TaIT,  Solicitors for the Applicant.  BOOT   REPAIRING  TAKE  your  repairs to   Armson, sboe   re  pairer.    The   Hub.    Look  for  the   Big  Boot.  THE  Quarts  wKole  MILK  ltb.cort\Jyrvp  Molar/e/- orHor\ey y ���������  ^EAT&KEAT/UaniTUTEr  at least 2 lbs. FRESH RSH  w!lb3ALTFISH.  ID������.BGGS.2H������.DR1������P_.  .*5PU7r-������ASJ!b.Clt���������E5t.  HsuSxee 4lbs. Lean Meat  WHEAT. MEAir^ FAI/>e H������������D������������ QVER/EA/:  ���������/AVE THEM IN EVERY PU/TIBLE W^T  IOWONDIRECTORY  (Published Annually)  Knubles traders  throughout   the   world   to  communicate direct with English  MANUFACTURERS & DEALERS  n each class of goods. Besides being ft com-  I etc commercial guide to London and Its  ubiii'bs, the directory contains lists of  EXPORT MERCHANTS  with the Ciuo'is they ship, aud the Colonial  and Korcign Murketsthey supply;  STEAMSHIP LINES  arranged jmtler the forts to which they sail,  and indioutingtheapproximate Sailings;  KKOV-TSCIAL TRADE NOTICES  of leading Manufacturers, Merchants, etc.. In  the jiriiieijuil provincial towns and Industrial  centre*of the United Kingdom.  A copy pf the current edition will bo for-  '���������.���������(>il<-i1, freight paid, on receipt, of Postal  <>r'!*r ''or S5.  !t^ii!'"' -<"-l������iiig Agencies can advertise  i-lwir truiif CMi'ds for $5, orlnrgni advertino-  im"ii'^ fro1.'.' 315.  THE iMltili DIRECTORY CO., ^ LTD i  ���������">, AiieiiiH'eii Italic. London,  K.C.  aSi  ���������'������   ���������������"     ������  BVEMTISING  That Brings  the Stea<  Trade to  Yon  Isn't the news of your  store something like the  news of the whole city?  There is news every week  in Grand Forks ���������- some  weeks more than others-���������  but every week there is  news.  Isn't there news  in  your  store every week? Isn't there,  something to advertise?  Your customers are shopping every week. Aren't  you losing many of them  ihe weeks you do not advertise?  It's the steady trade that  counts with a store���������it's  the steady advertising that  brings the steady trade.  RESOLVE���������To use newspaper space regularly, and  be sure it is in TIIE GRAND  FORKS SUN, the paper that  reaches the most consumers  in this valley.  ^  The GRANDFORKSSUN  leaders  <Yom  r  V  You   Every   Week  %  -if .-/i.^.bo^v.w/iss'&i^^^^^^  tf-WjiEMataaiyw***  'T-ttj^jijtmvjWMt'^  THE   SUN.    GRAND   FORKS,   B. C.  Of all present-day Sewing Machines.  Why buy* a machine at which you have  to sit in an awkward position, when you  may just as well have one with which it  is a pleasure to sew? The White Rotary  Sit-Strate is just the machine you want  Sold on easy monthly payments by'  cTVliller C& Gardner  Complete Home Furnishers  THICK, GLOSSY HAIR  FREE FROM DANDRUFF  Girls! Try it! Hair gets soft, fluffy and  beautiful���������Get a small bottle  of Danderine.  1    A visitor in the city from Brides-  ville last night stated  that  there  is  only one man in that place at   pres  ent who has not got the  influenza.  News of the City  The Kettle Valley line on Wednesday brought down two cars of  Rock Candy ore from Lynch Creek,  and left three empties for next  week's shipment. Tbe ore is now  shipped to Indianapolis, Ind., for  treatment.  If you care for heavy hair that glistens, with- beauty and is radiant with  life; has an incomparable softness and  is fluffy and lustrous, try Danderine.  Just one application doubles the  beauty of your hair, besides it immediately dissolves every ' particle of  landruff. You can not have,nice heavy,  healthy hair if you huve dandruff. This  destructive scurf robs the hair of its  lustre, its strength and it's very life,  and if not overcome it produces a fever-  ishness.. and itching of the scalp; the  hair roots famish, loosen and die; then  the hair falls out fast. Surely get a  .small bottle of Knowlton's Danderine  t'roih any drug store and just try it.  JUST ARRIVED'  A Complete Stock -of New  Goods Suitable for Presents  Everything that can please and charm your friend.  Before going elsewhere, give us a call and inspect  our stock.  Timberlake9 Son & Co.,  "Quality Jewellers'  Bridge Street, - Next Door B. C. Telephone Office  Mrs. S. J. Miller will leave tomorrow for Malta, Mont., where she  will visit her daughter during the  Christmas holidays.  Since the influenza struck Trail,  seven weeks ago, there have been 64  deaths, 60 of which were directly due  to influenza or  resulting pneumonia.  J. R. Mooyboer is ill in the Grand  Forks hospital.  ���������The  farmers' meetings scheduled  for   last  Saturday evening  and for  this afternoon  were   postponed  in  definitely   owing   to   the  influenza  ban.  Word has been received in this  city that Mrs. G A. Griffin died at  Pasadena, Cal., on the 5th inst. She  was a resident of Grand Forks for a  couple of years. The remains weee  taken to Wenatchee, Wash , for  burial.  . Hrs. E. Habn. of Columbia, on  Wednebday night had the misfortune to break a leg by falling on the  slippery sidewalk. She was taken to  the Grand Forks hospital.  Robert Thompson and Miss Lindsay, both of Cascade, were married  in this city yesterday, Rev. Hillis  Wright, of Knox Presbyterian  churah, performing   the ceremony.  It is not yet known whether or  not the influenza ban will be lifted  so as to permit of holding services  in the city churches'on Christmas  day,  Mike Bachynski, section forem.an  at Eholt, was brought to the city on  Monday, suffering   from  influenza.  Our citizens who maintain that  the mayor has no right to suspend  the chief of police, evidently overlook the fact thnt the late John  Houston, when mayor of' Nelson,  suspended the chief in that city,  and he   made  his   action stick.  Sneak thieves are said to be  oper  atfng in Greenwood.  For Sale���������Good  fresh, cow  and  calf.  Apply Grand Forks hotel.  The provincial sped fair, advertised to be held at Kejowna on De  cember 4 and 5, 1918, has been  postponed, and will now be held on  January 13, 14 and 15,1919. En  tries should'be consigned to R. L.  Dalglish, Kelowna, and phipped so  as to arrive by January 10. Put the  entry form in the. package containing the seed, or mail to Mr. ��������� Dalglish.  Christmas and New  Year's Dinner served at  the Kettle Valley Restaurant from 5:30 to 7  p.m.   Price 75 cents.  Home - made Mince  Meat and Plum Plud-  ding.for sale.  When the Operator  Says 66Don*t Answer"  It is easier for the operator to complete a telephone call than to report "They do not answer." Be  assured that the operator is trying  hard to do her part and that her  effort justifies full confidence and  consideration.  A. B. Buckworth, of Vancouver,  who is interested in the Grand Forks  Townsite company, arrived in tbe  city on Wednesday, and well spend  a few days in tne district.  This year more than 300,000 tons  of crude ore and concentrates have  been shipped to tbe Trail smelter.  The Near Example  The master of a board school was  presiding over the reading lesson of  the third standarnd the other day,  whan a child whose turn it was to-  read came across   the   word   "hire  ling-"  "What is a 'hireling?'  teacher.  asked the  Jack  McLauchlan,   formerly   an  employee at the Granby smelter, ar-      The b������y thought for a moment or  rived in the city on Tuesday for a two'   and   Shen   replied, "I  don't  visit. He is now a prairie rancher.     I know." The questiou was next pro    I pounded to the entire clas?,with like  J. H.Ryley will spend the Christ-  result. The  master  explained   the  mas  holidays   with  his  family at  meaning of the word as lucidly as be  Queens Bay.           * j could, and at the conclusion of  his    explanation   repeated the question  The Mann Drug company has' "Please, sir,!' replied the boy ad-  disposed of its stock and retired dressed, "youare a hireling because  from business. I you are paid to teach ue."  In the report  of tbe fruit   com.  missioner at Vancouver   on   Satur  day it was stated that 20,000 barrels  of apples will be exported  to Great  Britain   during   the course of  the  next few days. Vancouver and Victoria prices: Delicious, $>3.50; Wine-  saps and Yellow Newtons, $2.50   to  S2 75; Northern Spy,   $2.75;  Spitz,  #2 50   to $2.75;  Winter  Bananas,  $2.75; Wagner, $2.25 to $2.50; Jon  athan,   $2.50   to  $2.60;   Baldwins,  Greenings, White Winter Permaine,  $2.25; King David  and  Ganos,   $2  to $2.25;   No. 2 apples 25c a box  less. These prices are for single box  lots, a reduction of 10c a box   on  5  and    10 box   lots; No. 3 apples and  crated stock from  $1.25   to   $1.75,  according to quality.  B>  Wmritm  Tlo^  ,fcND  Fob Sale���������Handsome grey horse;  good driver, saddle and work. Also  bay mare, aged horse (very cheap for  good home), and saddle pony; all at  very low prices for immediate sale.  Also feed cutter, root pulper, Cyclone  wceder. etc., and a 5~passenger Ford  car���������a Snap! Apply E  F. Laws.  perior sorts of grain will he male  during the coming winter and spring  to Canadian farmers.  Samples for distribution-will con, '  sist of spring wheat (about 5 , lbs )  white   oats (about   4  lbs.),   barley  (about 5 lbs.), and field peas (about  5 lbs.).  These will be sent out, free,  by mail, from  the  Central Experimental farm,   Ottawa, by   the Do  'minion Cerealist, who  will   furnish  the necessary application forms.  Only one sample can be sent to  each applicant. As the supply of  seed is limited, farmers are advised  to apply very early,  Yale  Barber Shop  Razor Honing a Specialty"  SOUR, ACID STOMACHS,  GASES OR INDIGESTION  "Pape's Diapepsin".neutralizes excessive acid in stomach, relieving  dyspepsia, heartburn and  distress at once.  P. A  Z. PARE, Proprietor  Yale Hotel, Fikst Street  AUTO LIV  AT YOUR  SERVICE  "CASCARETS" WORK  WHILE YOU SLEEP  .^-r'on^n'of^6'^  Native  Jo**  ������������������ Cl������  For  Sick   Headache,  Soup   Stomach,  Sluggish Liver and Bowels-  Take Cascarets tonight.  Time it! In five minutes all stomach distress, due to acidity, will go.  No indigestion, heartburn, sourness or  belching of gas or eructations of undigested food, no dizziness, bloating, foul  breath or headache.  Pape's Diapepsin is noted for its  speed in regulating upset stomachs.  It is the surest, quickest stomach sweetener in the whole world, and besides it  is harmless. Put an end to stomach  distress at once by getting a large fifty-  cent case of Pape's Diapepsin from any  drug store. You realize in five minutes  how needless it is to suffer from indigestion, dyspepsia or any stomach disorder caused by fermentation du" *o  excessive acids in stomach.  Modern Rigs  and Good  Horses at All Hours at  the  Model Livery Barn  M. H. Burns, Prop.  Phone 68 Second Street  11 b i r 111H o U H  GENERAL TRANSFER BUSINESS  AND DEALER IN  "iuUt Srifubnt Bijippn. Is a reliable and accurateMarket  Report and price Hit. issued at every chant;* In the Fur Market.  It i������ lomethlna more than merely "something to rood." It is tha advis-  For, friend and aum poet to the right road to reliable market information  and accurate market quotation!. "������Jb* ftfanfant &Hmirr" is received by  huadred������ of thousands of trappers and Fur shippers all over North  America. Never was a serious misstatements of facts published in  "Sift fW)ttb*rt &b1(jftrr" and this character of aenrncy and reliability  has demonstrated that such information i* absolutely essential to the  soeceififul trapper and Fur shipper. You should read "2!b# IMjnbrrt  tUfipptt"���������we want your name on our mnllini; list.  Fill in th* Abovt Coupon NOW-and Mail it-AT ONCE  A.e.SHUBE! VLT./hc.  Wit lAicisr HoJiT in fkt Woblo dialing t7ciysi\hr in  AMERICAN     F&A.W     PURS  X5-17 W. AUSTIN   AVE.       -     .   CHICAGO.    U.S.A.  Furred Tongue, Bad Taste, Indigestion, Sallow Skin and Miserable Headaches come from a torpid liver and  clogged bowels,'which cause your stomach to become" filled with undigested  food, which sours and ferments like garbage in a swill barrel. That's the first  step to untold misery���������indigestion, foul  gases, bad breath, yellow, skin, mental  fears, everything that is _ horrible and  nauseating. A Oascaret to-night will  give your constipated bowels a thorough  oieansing and straighten you out by  ���������morning. They work, while you sleep���������  a 10-cent box from your druggist will  keep you feeling good for months.  ; Distribution of Seed  j    Grain From Dominion  j Experimental Farms  By instructions of the  minister of  agriculture, a free distribution of su  AND PICTURE FRAMING  Furniture  Made  to  Order.  Also Repairing of all Kinds.  Upholstering Neatly    Done  R. G. McCUTCHEON  WINNIPEG AVENDF  Oi-'Kke!  F. Downey's i,igar Stun;  Hrst Street  New Management  Dad Odell, who has been   rHvi^  1 th^ bwizsjuac vvftgoii'fur V,ni! IV .-.,  bat? rented the  Province Hotel Bar  Where he will serve >dl   ki'iii-   "f  cool, refreshing tcmp^rHiice.i-iiiiik'j  dud the c.liitii'.est h run dp of  ci^iir*  When yi'ii sire hot and in   need of  'coo'ir.g off. OH 11 find see me  A Inn-pool arid billiard pallor in  connection.  Look for tiie Biggest Brick Block  on Bridge Street  You   wi!|   hIwhvs   find   trie    "At  11  nine.


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