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Okanagan Commoner Dec 15, 1921

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 y^  kdtt&  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  Vol. 14, No. 28, Whole No. 713.  Thursday, December 15, 1921.  Subscription $3   per year  Large and Interested Audience  Hear Experts on Poultry  Farmers'   Hall   wes   croAvded,  last  Friday evening to hear the practical  talk  on   poultry  raising  and   the  cooperative   marketing   of   poultry   products, given by C. Traves, representative   of   tho    Provincial   department,  and Mr. Fairley, sent' out by the Dominion     department _   to     co-operate  Avith    the    provincial    authorities    to  carry on  the  work or practical  education along   the   lines   of   a   higher  Canadian    standard     Cor    eggs    and  closer  co-operation  in  the, marketing  of poultry products.  _,    The meeting was called to order by  H.    E.    Waby,   av1i0   gave   briefly   a  ^history of the growth andc decline of  poultry   interest   in   the  district.    He  reported    the   reorganization   of   the  Enderby" Poultry   Association   within  the   past   week   and    prophesied   its  steady  growth  and  ultimate  success.  /     Mr. Traves spoke of the great need  of better treatment of poultry flocks  on  the   farm   and   particularly  urged  "more care in   the   poultry   yard   and  poultiy  house and  also of the birds  themselves.    He. said   the   object   of  the  Provincial  and  Dominion governments is to sIioav the need for greater  production of eggs and then to teach  on  every farm  how to  clean up  the  flocks so as to reduce the number of  ��������������������������� birds kept and at the same time increase" the output. 0  Mr. Traves said the object of the  Provincial and Dominion departments  - was" not to" teach theoretical egg production,' but tp sIioav in a practical  way Iioav-any farmer can-get more  ovt of the birds he's got. There is no  possibility, he said, for poultrymen -to  overproduce; the market is unlimited  for eggs of standard 'quality; -the - gov.  eminent has taken up the problem of  finding the market, and hoped to encourage ��������������������������� every farmer to meet.'the  Canadian egg standard so as to. keep  the- market when once established.  Higher production through weeding  out the flocks, and by. keeping fewer  birds of a better laying strain, was  tho  message  he was  delivering.  The poultry industry^ ne said, is advancing at tiemendous strides in  British Columbia, and is becoming  better organized in every Avay. And  yet the total production Avas not sufficient "to supply more than 65 per  cent, of, the demand in this Province  alone. _  Here' in the Okanagan he was convinced Ave have the best conditions  for poultry raising, and could see no  reason to doubt that on every farm  100 birds properly selected and cared  -for-could-be_made.-to_ pay_the_grocery  bill. Dairying and poultry raising  make  a  combination  that  cannot  be  beat, and these are especially adapted  to this district.  In his journey about.the Province,  said Mr. Traves, -he saAV some doubtful flocks of birds���������������������������many which he  felt convinced were not laying more  than 65 eggs in a year. Scrub flocks  of this kind were a dead loss to the  farmer. It is estimated that a hen  must lay at least 100 eggs a Vear" to  pay her keep. -No hen should be  kept on the farm that is not good for  150 eggs a year.  His advise to anyone contemplating  going into the poultry business was  to go sIoav. Start from the bottom  up. Learn the business. No branch  of agriculture pays better, but, without experience the poultry, industry  affords ample chance for failure. He  urged that the boys and girls on the  farm be given a chance. Turn the  birds over to them; charge up to  them the edst of   feed,   etc,   and   let  at noon every third day mixed Avith a  Avet mash.  Mr. Traves cautioned against feeding poor quality grain, or meat scrap,  fish meal or blood meal that Avas not  fresh and in good condition; spoke  strongly in favor of alfalfa feeding,  and advised care in feeding apples  and' potatoes, which Avere fattening  foods and were inclined to make the  laying fowl lazy.  Dominion Expert Heard  Mr. Fairley, Dominion representative of the poultry educational move-  ment, asked how many in the <, audience were keeping hens. Many hands  were raised. Then he asked how  many had hens Avho were keeping  them. Nobady responded. He then  explained the operation of the B. C.  Poultrymen's Co-opeiative Exchange,  Avhich was noAV handling the product  of one hundred thousand hens. - iJe  was looking forward to the day when  the poultry industry would be the biggest industry in the Province.  In the B. C. Poultrymen's Co-operative .Exchange, Avhich he "said was  operating on similar lines to other  such associations ��������������������������� throughout the Dominion, members have to enter into  agreement to sell. all their product  through the exchange, except eggs  kept or sold for hatchlng.-or for home  use. At the coast this agreement is  entered into covering ��������������������������� a period of  three years. , ^  Mr. Fairley said th's practice was  operating most successfully. ' It enabled-the Exchange to look for a-per-  manent market in any field where  there Avas the demand, in the full assurance, that-the quality of eggs_re-  "qulred"-"'Would'' be "available" When  wanted.  Three reels of pictures were shown  in connection with Mr. Fairley's talk,  showing the effects upon the flock of  care and neglect, the right kind of  feeding and irregular feeding; the  right kind of marketing by co-operative "effort, and the wrong kind, by  the individual basketful, traded out  at the country store.  He said there was a vast difference  in favor of the British market against  that of Eastern Canada. From Vancouver to London, the rate Is 6 cents  a dozen; from Vancouver to Montreal  the express  rate" amounts "to tAventy-,  one cents'a dozen and.the freight rate  ten cents a dozen. Under these conditions the London market offers the  best inducements, and already they  have made carload shipments of eggs  from Vancouver to London, where the  demand for Canadian eggs is1 unlimited.  Mr. ������������������Fairley urged all to join the  newly organized poultry association  in Enderby, and promised that he������������������and  Mr. Traves would do all in their poav-  er to make ..the association pay each  member handsomely for the eggs sold  through it: The motto of every poultryman should be "Help yourself by  helping' the  other  felloAv  help  you."  Taxes Paid on Ghurclies Not  to be Refunded by Municipality  FOSTER'S  FORECAST  Under date of December 10th, Foster's  Aveather  forecast  says:  The Aveek centering, on Dec. 18 ��������������������������� will  be the , coldest of. the month, from  northern Alberta- and Saskatchewan  to the Texas gulf, coasts. A cold  Avave Avill come soutlrward a little before, but no blizzard and not much  siioav;  cold weather and no very bad lhave no means of finding out definite  holding of municipal elections for the  year 1922.  The finance committee recommended,payment of the following accounts:  Okanagan Saw Mills, Ltd $45.24  Avas   reeeiveVlvom "the" Inspector  of 2^*^���������������������������������������������?^ . C������������������; 77777.      Ifo  Municipalities relating to  taxation of _    _.        .  At the regular meeting of the City  Council Monday evening, with Mayor  Barnes in the chair and Aldermen  Coltart, Nichol, MacKay and Gaylord  around the table, the following letter  churches: ���������������������������  Bear Sir:���������������������������  I have your letter of November 25,  with    regard    to    the - taxation  Churches  Good Roads League of B. C. .. *   5.00  Abe  Elliott     20.00  C.   Dugdale    '>.- 13.95  A.   Wilson  ' 5.23  A. Y. Marshall    3.49  ������������������';R.  Waterston  "2.62  A.. Waterston     2.62  The   recent  decision,  of  the   Privy L. W. MacKay ,. -."     3.49  N. H. Kenny      34.94  Council has undoubtedly left this  question in a very unsatisfactory  state and it must in many cases be  embarrassing to Municipalities, but  there does not seem to be any immediate relief in -sight. The most  troublesome feature now appears to  be that the Municipalities do not  know the extent -of their taxation  power   in   respect   to. Churches   and  storms.. ."    -  ���������������������������    ������������������  This condition will cover the whole  continent as it moves eastward to the  ly. The recent decision was that-the  building must be exempt and the  "ground   on  Avhicti  it  stood  including  grain without a snow covering in  northern sections and dry soil southward; bad winter grain conditions.  One of ttie Avorst storms of the winter may be avoided by preparedness.  Not good cropAveather ��������������������������� for winter,  grain. Last week in December will  bring a great high temperature^wave.  K.  OF  P.   LODGE  AT  LUMBY  Atlantic   coasts,  which  it  Avill  reach   th"������������������ ground under the graves.  in three or four days.    This freezing- L While I am, of couise, not in a posi-  weather Avill find much of the winter )&on to ������������������ive tne lesal ruling or legal  interpretation Avhich can'be relied upon, I have no doubt,that the Churches  \vould gain-nothing by attempting to  get their taxes back. The taxes.were  paid in good faith, and were"feceived  in' good faith, and I do not think  that there is any possibility of the  Churches obtaining "a refund nor do  I think that the Municipalities would  be justified  iii giving it.  I have the honor to be, Sir, " your  obedient servant, -   -      "..'*"..  ROBERT BAIRD,  : Inspector  of "Municipalities  Communications _ Avere read* from  the Manufacturer's Bureau.relating to  the Made-in-B.C. campaign; from the  Deputy of Labor relating to unemployment; from the Okanagan-Saw  Mills offering to sell to the city the  electric light plant now infuse, and  from the Vancouver General Hospital  reporting Mrs. Vogel of Enderby a  patient there. ^  All communications were ordered  filed. Disposition of that from the  Okanagan Saw Mills Avas "postponed  to be acted upon by the 1922 Council.  Clerk Rosoman reported the statutory resolution required ordering the  Myrtle Lodge No.'53, K. of P. was  instituted 'at Lumby' last- Saturday  night, 26 member's" of Vernon Lodge,  and thirteen members of .Enderby  Lodge attending to put on the degree;?  -work." Thirty-one members enrolled  on the charter. They are all young  men of the Lumby district and have  the pep and enthusiasm that makes  for progress. The following' were  elected officers: C. C, H. C. - Bun-  stead; V.C., J. R. Gillians; P, W. H.  Brunscombe; M.W., C. D. Bloom; K.  R.S.; RJJ Ward; M. of E., F. Christien;  M. of F., E. S. Meek; , M.A., J. W.  Inglis; I.G., Cr'E. Smith; Q.G. F. Vos-  per. "Past Chancellors, Percy Greaves,  R. A. Copeland, Jno.. Webb, W. J.  Shields.  Qn tfte Qpen Road witti Jfcwk Feklaw  Tliis is CircidarVLetter No. 37 sent out by the  Liquor^Gontrol?f  ^jdf���������������������������-Readmit:   s/f Victoria, B. C, Dec. 9th, 1921.  The Managing  Editor,  "Okanagan  Commoner,," Enderby.  Dear Sir: ���������������������������  I beg to draAv your attention to Section 3 of the above  mentioned Act, passed at the last Session of the Legislature, wliich prohibits liquor advertisements.  For your information I am enclosing copy of the above  mentioned Section.  Yours truly, R. E. HOSE, Secretary.  Section  3  3.    Said chapter 30 is amended by inserting therein the  following as Section 45a: ' ��������������������������� -' '  "45a.    No   person   shallcanvass  for,   receive,  take,   or "power of the autocrat when it aticmpts to COIltrbl  The manufacture of liquor within the Pro-  vinceHs^not^a^crimc^the^sale^of^liquor^within  the Province is not a crime; thc transportation  of liquor within the Province is not a crime; the  drinking of liquor within thc Province is not a  crime; the storing of liquor in one's homc within the'Province is,.not crime. Then hy what line  of argument does thc Liquor Control Board expect to suppress thc publication of advertisements in thc newspapers of liquor for sale?  Aside from' interfering with and invading the  rights and prHilc^sVof private enterprise, the  Liquor Control Board is taking upon itself the  solicit orders for the purchase or sale of any liquor, or ii    ��������������������������� ���������������������������i,_������������������_���������������������������_ S.e r_^l.,__n.;_.:!J.^��������������������������� ���������������������������,k:���������������������������i,  ,iS^   V *  act as agent for thc purchase or sale of liquor, or distri- }"������������������ C^.!L������������������l?(Tr,VS1^ <?f  bute, publish, or display any advertisement, sign, circular  letter, poster, handbill, card, or price-list naming, representing, describing, or referring ^,to any liquor or to the  quality or quantities thereof, or giving the name or address of any person manufacturing or dealing in liquors,  or stating 'where liquor may be obtained, but nothing in  this section contained shall apply to agents dealing Avith  the Government and to the receipt or ^transmission of a .  telegram or letter by anyVtelegraplr agent or operator or *aw-  post office employee in the ordinary course of his employment as such agent, operator, or employee, nor shall this  section apply in respect of liquor within the Province  Avhich is in; the possession of any person by  whom it may laAvfully be sold within the Province pursuant to this Act."  the Province shall or shall not insert in their  columns.  If this power can be exercised by anyone, it is  by the Dominion Government and then only by  refusing the use of the mails to any publication failing to comply with the demand of the  them pay therefor and take the profits to push themselves through col- Jt would appear from this letter and the  lege or to establish themselves in amending section to the Liquor J Act referred to  other lines. that the Liquor Control Board is in the habit of  Feeding a balanced ration with a occasionally sampling the stuff sold in the Gov-  dry -mash always before them and ernment liquor stores. If it were not so such a  plenty of clear water, should put the letter never Would have been written the news  flock in good metal for profitable laying. He advised, for winter feeding  two parts corn, two parts wheat, one  part oats, morning and night, fed in  scratch   litter,  with  the  table  scrap (Legislature.  papermen of the Province. Nor would such a  restriction ever have been put into the Eitju'or  Act, for it is one that clearly goes beyond the  power of either the Liquor Control Board or the  The Provincial Government, and certainly the  Liquor Control Board, has not this power. '  The press of the Province is not more anious  to see liquor sold within the Province than anyone else, and few if anyVire seeking liquor advertisements, but what the press will object to and  will-fight,'is any effort on the part of the Liquor  Control Board to dictate what shall appear in  the newspapers in the ordinary course of  business.  If the Liquor Control Board cannot hold its  monopoly on the sale of liquor within the JPro-  vince without this high-handed procedure, its  members should step down and let more able  men handle the job.  C.  M.  Nelson     20.94  F. Garner          3.62  McMahon & Mack   '.     37.62  E.  E. Harvey   ������������������SS. ���������������������������       5.00  William     H.     Cullin,     King's  Printer    '....���������������������������       5.74  JA.  Reeves    .'     " 4.50  The Walker Press.'    20.00-  The Walker. Press        16.50  T.   Kneal        18.75  Ed.   Sparrow         20.15  J. H. Carefoot ���������������������������     12-67  G. E. Carefoot  .-       6.23  The    Poll   Tax   Bylaw   passed   its  third-^reading; an amending'bylaw to  the building1'bylaw was given two  readings, and. two bylaws governing  the transfer of certain properties for,  park purposes were read the first  and second time. v-  A communication  from, the-Enderby  Rink and  Agricultural  Hall  Company   asking   the   city" to   take'   the  initial  steps  to  close  the  lane  over  which the rink-hali building is_ being  erected   was   referred - back   tb   the  company -with   the   information ;that .  the initial step taken in-this ..direction"  must be- taken 'by-the,..rink company '  whose building closes the lane.  -  ..- The ^matter   of   co-6jperating   with -  other ; municipalities  for  the , development",of * hydro-electric; powerr. within"-  the. district;  either at Shuswap Falls  or Skookum ^Chuck, was. discussed at-  length, all present strongly endorsing  the project and'1 urging action..  PREPARING FOR WINTER SPORTS  A meeting of all interested in-  Avinter sports was held in the parlors  of the King Edward Hotel last Friday'  evening and the Athletic Association  reorganized for the season. E. B. Dill  Avas elected piesident, S. H. Speers,  vice-president, and P. K. Mowat, secretary-treasurer. E. J. Mack was  chosen president of the hockey team  and J. Mackay, manager, and steps  were taken to have the team equipped for play as soon as ice- can be  prepared and the rink ready*!:  MENTAL GYMNASTICS  *%-  -AA\  ^4  *:!  -.  ~~Tf~it takes a four months old wood~  pecker with a rubber bill nine months  and thirteen days to peck a hole  through a cypress log that is large  enough to make 117 shingles and it  takes 165 shingles to make a bundle  Avorth 95 cents, Iioav long will it take  a cross-eyed grass hopper with a cork  leg to kick all the seeds out of a dill  pickle?"  - I  WIN IN BASKET 3ALL  Enderby school boys and girls played  the basket ball teams of Armstrong, in  the Drill Hall Saturday afternoon, and  won over their opponents by scores as  great as those in favor of Armstrong  when the same players met in Armstrong two weeks previous. The home  teams showed the results of faster  training and put up two fast games.  MEMORIAL   PLAQUE  u  SI  T I  0  rl  J. E. Bogert # received a ten ounce  bronze Memoiial Plaque this week  inscribed Avith the name of his son,  Victor EdAvard, accompanied by this  message from Buckingham Palace.  "I join ' with my grateful people in  sending you this memorial of a brave  life given for others in the great war.  George I. R." '���������������������������' V ������������������������������������������������������ '  The selection of Personal Greeting  cards at the Walker Press has been  an attraction to many, and many  more are yet to be supplied.  -SI  ttm ff  OKANAGAN  COMMONER  Thursday, December 15 1921.  ������������������feanasan Ccfimtumer  In������������������which ia merged The Ec-derby Press and Waflcer'* Weekly  Hotel Men Helping Themselves  Published  every Thursday at  Enderby.  B. C.  by tho Walker Press, at  S3 per year; $1.50 six- months.  H. M.  WALKER  (Member of the "United  Typothetae of America)  Advertising Rates  Contract or Regular���������������������������40c a single-caUiimi inch up to  half page; over half-page. 30c an inch each Insertion.  Transient or irregular���������������������������50c an inch; cash to accompany copy to insure publication.  W-a-wt Ads���������������������������20c per line first Insertion, 10c per Mm  each subsequent insertion. Count 6 words to Iin*.  Local Notices���������������������������20c per lino;  Local readers. 10c lin*.  Cards of Thanks. $1.00. ^  Thursday, December 15, 1921.  Future Looks Bright  Let nobody lose heart in thc Okanagan. Ii  ever there was a district favored by nature this  is that district. We. have a mine of potential  wealth not vet touched. Wc havc but scratched  thc surface "of its wealth as a fruit-producer, in  dairy production, in general agriculture, in timber, in scenic beauty, in hydro-power, in metal  mining, in coal, in oil. We havc yet to discover  thc big -things that lie beyond.. Discovery of  these possibilities has been slow in past years, but  will be more rapid in thc ycars to follow. Only  a few weeks ago a gold quartz mining proposition was bonded by a mining man for $95,00Q.  This property is located on thc west side of Okanagan Lake. A stamp mill is being erected on the  ground and it is expected thc quartz deposit will  be put through thc stamp mill, starting the coming season.  Tracing up the rumors of prospective activity  in oil drilling, wc find the outlook bright indeed.  Thousands of acres of land, starting at Enderby  and running almost to Vernon, havc^bcen taken  under lease for their oil contents. And test wells  arc to bc put down early in the spring/  These wells, onc near Enderby, onc near Armstrong and ..one near Vernon, may hit an oil  strata, and thcy may not. Indications are that  lhcy will. Should the conviction of _ the promoters of these test wells be substantiated by the discovery of oil, (and: thcy declare the deposits of  oil shale found here could not bc better,) then  'will the wealth of thc Okanagan bc added to a  thousand fold.  On top of these things, if thc several towns and  municipalities of the North end of thc Okanagan,  can get together and organize as a county for the  dcvclopcmcnl of our hydrq-clectric power on the  Skookum Chuck and at Shuswap Falls, or at any  othcr point where available within the county,  what-big things wc might do for ourselves and  the locality. Visualize if you can the enormous  impetus lhat would be given to every other industry in thc district. Think of its manufacturing possibilities if an unlimited supply of electric powcr were available; think of the industries now dormant that might be brought to life  again.  A new order of things is dawning in the Okanagan. Instead of sitting down and -taking it  easy while waiting for thc government or private  captiol to come in and do things for us, we, as a  people, arc determining to do these things for  ourselves, and that thc profits of such undertakings shall remain to build up thc district instead of going to build up othcr localities.  Poultrymen Reorganizing  Hotclmen at Vancouver are reported lin.-illy  to have taken action in.their own defense in the  matter of serving beer over the bar contrary to  the Provincial Liquor Act. They are determined to take to themselves thc same privilege  that is taken by the various Veteran's Clubs  throughout the province. These clubs sell beer  to members just as of yore, and hotclmen declare thcy can see no reason why they should not  do likewise under the guise of clubs.  Unquestionably the Attorney-General's department will prosecute these hotclmen. It is  difficult to see how thej' can hope to make their  case stick, since thcy are operating under Provincial law, whereas Veteran's Clubs are operating  under Dominion charter.  However, thcrc can bc no question as to the  justice of the hotelmen's claim. The Provincial  Liquor Act seems to be based upon thc single  idea and with thc onc and only purpose of selling cheap liquor at tlie top-notch price for government revenue. At the same time it forbids  hotclmen   to  sell  beer  openly  over  the  bar,  it  f>rovidcs that any man or woman can purchase  iquor at any government liquor store and take it  to the hotel and drink it in one of the rooms.  If, however, the Government liquor house patron  overdrinks himself and becomes drunk, the hotel-  man and thc patron arc held responsible���������������������������not  thc liquor store where the booze was purchased.  This may bc all very well, if the Liquor Act  was framed with the sole object of making it a  revenue producer for thc government. But thc  object of Government Control when thc referendum was taken was not so slated. It is safe  to say that the citizens of British Columbia had a  higher and broader aim when they voted so overwhelmingly for Goverment Control. They  wanted liquor easy of access to the average  citizen, not with the object of making money out  of it, but for thc purpose of reasonable control  and sane regulation. We now have neither.  But as a money-maker for lavish expenditure the  liquor law is a winner. Under it the hotelmen of  thc Province arc forced to be the goat for Government liquor vendors. It is not surprising that  they are objecting and arc demanding more  equitable consideration.    It is coining to them.  Safety and Justice  Poultrymen of Enderby district arc reorganizing thciiV'orccs and getting ready to go after busi-  nrc^r^i7i=tlye^right=wayf====rfhrce=or^four--ycars-ago  they were but partially successful, largely because their organization became demoralised by  the demands of the war for men. They arc be-  gining anew, and havc revived the Enderby Poultry Association. Already its membership is_ over  ���������������������������fifty and soon will reach "the hundred mark if not  climb to 200.  With thc Provincial and Dominion authorities  assisting so energetically and so wisely, the organization should succeed on a far bigger scale  than before. A.s was explained by Messrs.  Traves and Fairley on the occasion of their recent visit to Fnderby, both thc Provincial and  Dominion Departments of Agriculture arc assisting in the marketing of poultry products, with  the object of building up a Canadian egg standard that will compel a market any place, any  where, any lime and all the time.  The farmers and poultrymen of Enderby district are as capable and as progressive as the farmers of. anv. othcr district in Canada or elsewhere.  What thc farmers of othcr districts have accomplished through co-operation and loyalty to their  organization, thc farmers of Enderby district can  do. In reviving thc Poultry Association they are  making a start in the right direction.  The"* Agricultural' Hall and Rink building is  n carina completion. It is a credit to the citizens  of Enderby and district, who co-operated in its  erection. Next summer it may be used for tlie  first agricultural fair held here, or for tlie first  fall poullry show in several years. Tlie building  wall bcadmirablv suited for these purposes.  Gradually lhc building may bc of invaluable assistance in lhe devclopcment of thc spirit of fellowship and co-operation between town and district that must come if-there is to be the right  kind of team work that makes for success.  Many inunicipalities at thc coast are enforcing  laws compelling all vehicles on the roads to carry  lights at night. Such a law should be made  general throughout the Province. For, thc general safety bf������������������ every individual, vehicle and automobile, anyone walking or driving the public  highway after dark without a light should be  made by law to do so at his own risk.  Today, when, wint-T and summer, auto traffic  bas become so general and essential, it is not only  dangerous but foolhardy for anyone driving a  vehicle or walking in the roadway to travel the  trunk roads without a light showing. However  carefully one might drive an auto, frequently  at night vehicles without lights will be run upon  and often where the road is narrow and dangerous for both- ������������������  Jf, under such a contingency, an accident occurs through a horse bolting or the distance being  misjudged, the onus of the blame falls upon the  auto driver when possibly he has done everything in his power to avert an accident and thc  driver of the rig has done little or nothing.  Today there are few speed-artists or reckless  drivers using the roads and they are becoming  fewer. Automobile owners and drivers ��������������������������� are  earnestly seeking to make the roads safe. Thcy  are^doing==c\rer-ything=-in=-thcir=-powcr-=-to-niinini^  ize accidents, and always are preprcd to share the  costs should an accident occur. But automobile users cannot do it all. Thcy arc today the  highest taxed and least considered of anyone  using the highways, yet_>it is safe to say thcy contribute more to the prosperity and devclopcment  of the Province than all other vehicles on the  road, and should demand that other vehicles and  pedestrians using thc trunk roads be made to  carry lights for their own safety.  This, it would seem, is something for our automobile clubs and road associations to take up.  Thcrc cannot bc safety while vehicles and  pedestrans are free to travel without lights over  roads lhat arc used by autos, and particulary now  under thc new regulations governing headlight  reflectors.  Courage !  Where is your record of yesterday?  Is it near the top, or low?  Well, what does it matter anyway,  If you've watched the score and know?  The biggest men in the wcrld today  Began���������������������������and some jobs were-mean-  But they won because they were willing to play  The game out fair and clean. ���������������������������.  They cared not a whit that the odds were long  For their faith in themselves was fine;  Thcy faced the mark With a courage strong  And headed straight for the line.  It's plajing the big game right that pays,  It's not what you win, but how.  So forget to regret the wasted days,  Start right on a new one now.  Christmas Suggestions  French Dolls  Sleighs  Hockey Sticks  Electric Irons  AMuminum Ware  Community Silver  Pocket Knives  Mouth Organs  Kiddie Cars  Skates .  Flashlights  Pyrex Oven Glass  China  Watches  Foot Warmers  (?  McMAHON & MACK  HEAVY   AND   SHELF   HARDWARE    PLUMBING   AND   FITTING  ESTABLISHED 1673  te-;  BBS  m b  Wil  Many people ������������������ fail to save because  the amounts which they are able to  put to one side seem too small to be  worth saving. Make a: trial. Open  a deposit account with' the Bank" of  Hamilton, and you will be surprised  to find how rapidly your savings accumulate. '     .  BANK OF HAMILTON  L. G. TYLER,  Local  Mtntger  isNDimpY* ������������������. e.  $$$3 f.o.h. Toronto  A year ago "W*e price wm $}460  Pow iBtbaMorpriffrt^wctioB?  Jas. McMahcw & Sow      Ewjarfry  j,eave Qr4ers for yowr  Christmas cajse  Try Owr  SJroit~BrealJ  Mince Pies  Cream Puffs  Bm*  Pastry  Pougjinuts  Graham anil Fruit loaves  Bread is your best & cheapest food; eat wore of it���������������������������J.2 loaves for $1,00  Cliff St.  Xmas Fruit  Full supply of the following just wrived���������������������������FB JS8JJ STOCK  Raisins, Seeded and Seedless  Currants, Peel, Dates, Pigs  Shelled Walnuts and Almonds  Everything you require for Xmas  Teece & Son   Phon* 4* Flow, p������������������#4 %% Ghh.������������������rj#t  KING EDWARD  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  King Edward Hotel     ULItWKlY      Enderby (j/o  Thursday, D_cember*_5, 1921.  OKANAGAN COMMONER  Fresh Xmas  Cooking  Supplies  Raisins  Currants I; V  Peel  Nuts i ������������������������������������������������������  Cryslalizcd Ginger  Dates  Figs '���������������������������' :  Spices 7.   .  Extracts "   '  Ground Almonds  Almond Paste  These articles are thc best on  the market and prices arc right.  DUNCAN BROS.  Phone 75    Enclerby  Ten thousand tons of bulk grain  have been booked for the United Kingdom and the continent during the  last few days.and if the rate continues  as low as it is at present, .in the neighborhood of thirty shillings, grain men  predict a great movement of grain  through Vancouver.  CITY OF  ENDERBY  Revision  of Voters'  List,  Year  1922.  Notice Is hereby given that the first  sitting of the Court of Revision will  be held at the City Hall. Enderby,  Saturday, the 10th day of December,  1921,  at  8 o'clock  p.m., for the pur-  - pose of revising and correcting the  Voters' List of the City of Enderby  and of the extra-municipal portion of  ������������������ the School District of Enderby, and  nearing and determining any application which may then be made to the  said Court to strike out the name of  any person improperly placed thereon, or to place on such list the name  of   any   person   Improperly   omitted  _ therefrom.  Pated e\ the City Hall, Enderby,  this \1W\ (fay of November, 1921.  - ���������������������������:-'���������������������������    CHtAHAM JIOSOMA1C  n!7-4 City Clerk.  GENEROUS  DONATIONS  Over Six  Hundred  Dollars   Raised  to  Aid J. W. Lidstone  .:A week or two ago the home of J.  W. Lidstone, on Grandview Bench,  was burned together with its contents,  and the family escaped with only the  clothes they had on.  Friends at once took up the question of their need. A committee was  organized and Messrs. P. Bradshaw,  Wm. McSherry, D. Patchett, John  Gavin, Edwin Smith and Mrs. Smith  undentook to circulate subscription  lists throughout the district.  The response was most generous,  with the result that over six hundred  dollars was turned over to. aid Mr.  Lidstone to reestablish himself.  Three hundred ancl thirty-one names  were signed t r various amounts, the  lists turned in totalling as follows:  P.  "Bradshaw      $2G6.25  Wm.   McSharry           14.00  D.   Patchett           33.25  John  Gavin        108.00  Edwin   Smith          113.55  Mrs.   Smith      65.75  Given  Mr.  Lidstone  personally    30.00  o 630.S0  Reporting the results of canvass,  the committee gives a complete list  of the donners. These lists are given  in totals above- In conclusion the report reads:  "There are rumors being passed  around that the said James W. Lidstone, had not lost as much, by the  fire as was reported. Consequently  the committee made ah investigation  ���������������������������By courtesy C.P.R.  His Excellency Lord Byn?  of Vimy, Governor-General of Canada, placing a wreath oil  Montreal'sCenotaph to the Unknown Soldier, Armistice Day, 1921.0 General Charlea  Armstrong G.O.C. of Military District No. i. In foreground.  eports    were     tabulated,'    but     he  modestly  declared   that   It   was   his  and found that the rumors are false.' staff   who   should 'be   complimented  If there are any who have .donated  and are at all dissatisfied, and wish  their donations returned, please communicate with the secretary.  "The' committee   takes   this   opportunity of thanking the givers.-  "DELPHINE  PATCHETT,   SecJJ"  nd not' himself.1  was  Place your order early to avoi4 being 4i8appomted.   Supply limited  GPQ. R. SHARPE  WJfoJesaJe ancl  RetmJ Butcfoer  Pn derby. 13. C.  JS. WATP&SQN  ENPERPY, H. C  Estimates given on any Job of brick  & stone work; building of Are places  and chimneys, etc    father.  For years  and   years  he  has  been  rustling   around    to    get " things    to  service on Tuesday night by the Ok-lgether     Neyer once ^ag he ffliJca to  anagan  Telephone Company and  the        ^ rjght tWng by :you    Re tWnkg  local  staff of   the   Canadian   Pacific you afe tQe greatest ,)oy on earth ������������������������������������������������������  telegraph office." non^  ev<;n  though  y0ll  piaster your  "The first poll to-report was'Hupel ,mir backf w?ar sm^ clothes, smoke  cigarettes, and fail to bring home ,a  cent   He  is  the man  who  won  the  ove and life partnership of the greatest woman on earth, your mother.  He is "some" man and not "the old  man."   If you win as good a wife as  jhe did, you will have to go some, boy.  ���������������������������The Silent Partner.  A0r3-^AUNG,B!_A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary public  , insurance:  Bum* Pik.       flNPEftsv. p,c  Notary PwWic  Insurance and General Agent  JAS. PICKSON  Pelt PJocK Encfcrfry  ENPERPY  JAJPGP  No. 8S. fC. of P.  Meet* 1st * M M������������������>Uw ������������������Jt  In Masonic Kali.   VHfamf-  diallyfnvlted toatteni}.  O. A. RANDS..C.C  H. M. WAUtfSlUe.!  fc. 3. COWFABT. H.  EUREKA tOPGE NO 50  %. O. O. F.  DAD  He may wear a, last year's straw  !hat, his finger nails may need manicuring; his vest may hang a little  loose, and his pants may bag at the  knees; his face may_show signs of a  second day's growth," and the tin dinner bucket he carries may be full of  Speaking   of   the   splendid   service dentg  and  doughnutsr  but  don,t  you  given  by ^Okanagan  Telephone  Com- cM  Mm  ���������������������������the  ol(J   man/,   He-g   youp  PHONE ELECTION RETURNS  pany, the Vernon News says:  ���������������������������--"Vernon   and   the    Okanagan  given " an ; 'excellent    election   return  which was received at ten minutes  after six. Returns from this point  last year did not come until the next  day, but the report was sent in over  the new line which had been" built  this summer.  "From that time on the .returns  came thick ancl fast from all parts of  the riding while Eastern reports  poured into the Vernon office where  they were tabulated.  "Subscribers were quick to take0ad-  vantage of the service and the calls  kept eight phones busy. All the company's offices worked overtime.  "Vernon had a staff of sixteen on  duty and everyone was kept on the  iump_from _ 6:30. _till _ nearly__ midnight  answering  the   many  Inquiries.  "It was a service that was greatly  appreciated by the public and the  splendid manner in which the returns were complied and 'retailed' to  those inquiring showed that much  thought and time has been given by  the staff in completing arrangements  to serve the public.  "Manager.A. B. Godfrey was highly complimented during the evening  on the efficient manner "in which the  ������������������������������������?>������������������>.*?���������������������������"'������������������ S'CT&s7C������������������*"7<*C':  %U. -<J>L_ _,*^_  nWIHNSI  _<**.  ������������������.*"  ������������������s  , ,.   .- ll  unrmtjrinjTTrf'rrmi  mjVim������������������un'������������������ij.ft_<  M$ets every Tuesday evening, tfJ.8.  o'clock.  Visiting brothers tordtally  invited.  G. S. DUNCAN. N.G.       E. A. 9PARBOW.V.G.  H. A. TBEOB, See.  Uttle P't Short of Wind  "Everything in tbe dear old village  seemed the same to ��������������������������� Jones after his  absence of four years.  ~The old church, the village pump,  the ducks on the .green, the old men  smoking while their wives gossiped^  it was so restful after the rush and  bustle of the city.  Then he suddenly missed something.  "Where's Hodge's windmill?" he  asked in surprise. "I can only see  one mill, and there used to be two."'  The native gazed round thoughtfully, as if t0 verify the statement.  Then he  said  slowly:  "They pulled , un down. There  weren't enough wind for two on em."  = .==  n  m  Travel Service  Whether yowr path liee *cro#s  the Pominion or in other lanch,  yon can obtain from u> safe  an4 convenient travel fowl* in  the form of fitter* of Credit  or mevtr*affy accepted T^veJ-  Jen'-Cheque**  particular* xmy he  ofttameA from smy  branch of the Panic,  >���������������������������������������������������������������������������������  FpWMWW  PSTAPWSHPP MORE THAN }0O YBAjA  Enderby Branch: J. ������������������. LESLIE, Manager.  Armstrong Branch: C. B. WINTER. Manager.  o  He meant- to insure his house but  it burned before he got around to it.  Endeifar Ud*? N* JO  Regular mpetjnft flnft  Wednesday on or afwr ���������������������������������������������������������������  Wednesday on  full moon at 8 p,  *ovR������������������J  W. J. LBMKB  cordially li  o,iy!i2f  ���������������������������By courtesy C.P.R.  His Excellency Lord Byng of Vimy, at the unveiling of Montreal's Cenotaph on Armistice Day.    Directly behind Lord Byng, in silk hat, is Lieut.-Col. Hamilton Gault.  Immediately in front is Lord Shaughnessy, Mayor Martin, of Montreal, and Lady  Williams-Taylor.           INFORMATION  For the finest possible workmanship.  Pianos restored to Factory Standard.  ALVIN ������������������. PERKINS  Will be in Enderby in a few weeks,  and comes strongly endorsed by the  best authorities in Canada, amongst  them: Heintzman & Co., Morris ,&  Karn Co., Gourlay Piano Co., Dominion PianQ Co., Newcombe" Piano CoJ,  Fletcher Bros., Gerhard Heintzman  House, Vancouver; Prof. J. D. A.  Tripp, Vancouver;:Mason & Risch Co  So long as the people, allow themselves to be led away from the main  issue, by petty jealousy," party feeling, side issues and misstatements,  just so long will they lemain the  hewers of wood and drawers of water  Don't leave off ordering your personal greeting cards until too late. It  is to your advantage to order early.  At the Walker Press. -VG?  yjf  OKANAGAN  COMMONER  Thursday, December 15, 1921.  X CHURCH   SERVICES 55  KXXKXXXXXXXXXXXX  METHODIST CHURCH  Pastor, Capt. Rev. J. G. Gibson  Sunday school at 2.30 p m.  Bible   class   in   conjunction   with   the  Sunday school, leader, Mr. Piper.  ���������������������������   Evening Service at 7:30 p.m.    Subject:    "The   Sword   at  the  Gate."  Come and enjoy the singing.  ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH  Minister:   Rev.  John W.  Stott, B. A.  Services 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.  Sunday School at 10; Hullcar at 3.  STOTT   IS   PREACHING  ERMONS  TRAIGHT  FROM  THE   HEART  TIRS  YOUR   HEART  OUL SAVING  Plan to be there Sunday.    It will not  hurt you;    it might help you.  X  ST.  GEORGE'S CHURCH  Rev. Cecil A. Blay, Rector.  Mara   11   a.m.    Grindrod   3   p.m.  derby 7:30 p.m.  En-  Next  11 a.m.  CATHOLIC   CHURCH  mass   on   Christmas   Day,   at  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  X COMING    EVENTS X  X All ads under this head, 15c line X  X X X it it it X X X X X X X X X X  Jap.    Oranges   $1.10   a   box.    Don't  wait  too. long.    E.   B.  Dill.  X  The U. F. B. C. North Deep Creek  are to hold a basket social on Friday,  December 30th.  ' New car Five Roses Flour and feed  just in.   -E. B. Dill.  X  Remember the sale given by the G.  L. O. W. Girls of candy, dolls ami  children's clothing, etc., on Saturday,  December 17th at 2 p.m. in Mr.  Dickson's  office.  Have   you  greeting   cards  yet?  X  ordered  at  your   personal  the   Walker Press  Want Ads  ��������������������������� 3c a word first insertion. 2c a word each insertion thereafter: 25c minimum charge; 10c extra  wh������������������re cash does not accompany order.  STRAYED���������������������������To our place, red year-  , ling - steer, white stockings. No  marks. Unless claimed by January  oth will be sold to pay costs of  keep, etc. Joe Olich, Ma hie Lake,  dl 5-1 p.  -I  FOR SALE���������������������������Registered Yorkshire  pigs. J. C. Hopkins, Newcombe  Ranch,  Armstrong. dl6-2p  Anyone wishing a good team for  winter work apply to T. W. Robinson,   R.   R.   4,   Armstrong.       dl51  STRAYED���������������������������To my place, near Mara;  rowan cow, branded VS" with a bar  over it, on right shoulder, and  right ear clipped. Mrs. M. Yv'eier.  dl5-t.f.  FOR   SALE���������������������������A   new   range,   refrigerator,  fireless  cooker,  set of dishes,  ' and  other articles.      A. A.  Rogers,  Enderby. dS-tf  FOR SERVICE���������������������������Pure-bred boar from  now until January; terms $2.50  cash.  M. A. .Dangle, Grindrod. dl-2c  WANTED    IMMEDIATELY���������������������������A   piano  ���������������������������to^en.UQr=b u_>__l___Larm s=_a ne_sa ti__fa____  tory. Apply, Sec.Enderby Local TJ.F.  STRAYED���������������������������To my place; one red  steer; slit in left oar. if not  claimed before January Gth, will be  sold t0 defray cost of feed and this  advertisement. O. Zettergreen,  Mara. d S-lp  BRICKS���������������������������$20.00 per thousand cash;  at the yard. You can drive to tho  yard and get them any time, from  the foreman who is living there.  Enderby Brick  Co., Ltd. o-20tt  FOR LIMITED SERVICE���������������������������A young  Jersey bull. I. J. Gold, Enderby. a2Stf  SLEIGH-&  CUTTER   REPAIRS  I have'just received a stock of hardwood   and   sleigh   shoe  steel   and   am  prepared to repair cutters and sleighs.  JAS.   McMAJ-TON  ENDERBY   BRIEFS X  ._��������������������������� sr    sr   sr    sr    sr    sr    sr    sr   sr   sr   Br   %r   u  n    is   rs   is   rs   rs   rs   J*    ^   Is   rs   rs   n   rs  Few things come to those who wait  for  others  to  bring  them.  Fresh stock raisins, sultanas, currants, and peels. J E. B. Dill.  Rev. Mr. Blay wenta'to Sicamous  Monday,  returning  Tuesday.  Enderby will have a "covered rink"  after  tonight,  with the ice to  follow.  Thc North Enderby School will hold  thoir Christmas concert on Friday,  December 16th, at S o'clock.  Arvid Antiila came in from the  coast on Wednesday, spending the  day with his parents in Enderby.  I-I.  E.  Hall,  a  resident of this  district  for a number of years,  now  of I  Kelowna, spent the early part of the  week   in  Enderby.  R. E. Best and Isaac Johnston of  Vernon spent Monday night in Enderby, leaving Tuesday for the Mabel  Lake district to spend the trapping  season.  Mrs. Charlotte Marshall, of Deep  Creek, returned this week from  Rochester wh^re she has been under  medical treatment some time. Mrs.  Marshall is in robust health again.  Enderby's school children will entertain the public at the Opera  House tonight in their annual Xmas  concert which promises to be the  most " successful ever held. Don't  miss it.  It isn't too late to order your Personal Greeting cards". We are printing another lot on Saturday and would  be pleased xo have your order left at  the Walker Press not later than Saturday noon. . - - .  Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Fraser and son,  Laurence, and Miss Ostrander of  Cleveland, O., visited Mr. and Mrs.  Frank Hassard the week-end. They  were driven to Salmon Arm Sunday  to catch the train.  W. A. Andrews, who has been employed at the C. P. R. station some  months, will leave Enderby on Friday,' going to Kelowna. Mr. Andrews  won many friends in Enderby who  will regret to lose him. ,  L. O. Tyler, manager of the local  branch of tho Bank of Hamilton, left  for the Coast on Saturday to ainder-  go surgical treatment. Mr. Watson,  of Armstrong branch, is relieving Mr.  Tyler, who expects to return about  New Ycars.  The call recently made by the Enderby Growers' Association upon  shareholders for funds sufficient to  purchase the building and property  heretofor held under lease, ������������������ was  promptly responded to, and the purchase of tbe property was consumated  this week.  XXXXX  XXXX  X X  x x  X  X ft  on  NORTH.DEEP CREEK NOTES  o         There was a nice gathering at the  social held by the U. F. of B. C. on  Friday night, a sleigh-load of visitors  coming from Hullcar, also some  from Grandview Bench. Miss Hampton, of Grandview Bench won the  ladies' prize; Joan Enoch consola-  tionT AHTe^t==Sh"frrrT^wl?h"^tlre==gerit  prize, Wesley Watkins consolation.  After cards, refreshments were served,   followed -by dancing.  Miss Barbara. Johnston is visiting  her   brothers   for  the   week-end.  Mr. A. Ford was a visitor at Deep  Creek this week.  J. Tomkinson and two sons visited  Mrs. J. W.  Watkins last week.  Thc basket social to bo held Dec.  30th is to be the event of the season  and all are hoping that the weatherman  will  be on his best behavior.  XXXXXXXXX.  xxxxxxxx  X GRINDROD   NOTES  XXXX XX XXXXXX  Come and see the "Love Germ"  December ( 22nd.  B. R. Clarke drove over to Chase on  Thursday on business.  R. E. Hyam is-now laid up with a  seveiely sprained wrist.  The inside of the G-. F. Hall is now  completely lined, work being finished  on Tuesday night.  A party of Grindrodites drove over  to Canoe on Monday night to take in  the dance held  there.  Tho Grindrod orchestra drove to  Salmon Arm on Friday' to play for  tho Hockey Club dance.  Mr.   Jago,   of   the   Orange   Lodge,  came into Grindrod last Thursday  to  hold   a   special   lodge   meeting.    New  'officers    were   elected   and    one new  member initiated.  W.   J.   Bladon   had   the  misfortune,  rt.  Avhile working in the mill yard, to run  a nail into, his foot, blood poisoning  setting... in. However ho"' is now  progressing as favorably as could be  expected.  'THE   MARK   OF  ZORRO"  GRANDVIEW   BENCH    NOTES  The local  their annual  night   with, a  United Farmers held  meeting last Saturday  very   good   attendance.  After the legularjjusinoss and considerable amount of political talk, the  election of officers for the coming  year took place with T. AV. Lidstone,  president, Jesse Tomkinson, vice-  president, R. L. Lidstone, secretary,  Mrs. P. Bradshaw and Messrs. P.  Bradshaw and F. J. Dysart directors,  Mrs. R. L. Lidstone auditor. It is the  intention of this local to try and increase their membership as much as  possible this year.  A. E. Dysart of Enderby visited his  brother Fred  on Wednesday.  J. Tomkinson was a visitor to Enderby  on Wednesday.  C.SIMS  The   Ideal Shoe  Repairer  Mail orders our specialty.  Rubber Boots half-solcd and  'heeled with leather; cuts repaired with pure rubber.  Skate grinding and fitting.  We also -Cc'iiT}'"Men's and Boys  solid Leather Boots.  LOW PRICES  P   O. Box 636 Salmon Arm, B. C. with business, an' that's printer's ink. j take he blames  it on the. induction;  There's  only  one  thing  that'll  mix  Another Fairbanks special will be  shown in Enderby Opera House, Dec.  26th and ,27th.^  Those critics who have viewed "The  Mark of Zorro" have proclaimed that  Fairbanks has excelled any of his  previous performances. This is due  to some extent to the ingenious story  and the opportunities afforded "Dcmg"  to make the greatest use of his athletic ability.  _The_backgroiuid qf the story is cen  tered around early Southern California of nearly a century ago when its  destinies were zealously guarded by  the Spanish settlers. History records  tho occasions when the Spanish emigrated to the southwest of North  America in a climate somewhat similar to that of their native country.  They brought with them not only  their customs and art but always  manifested an alluring spirit of romanticism, chivalry and glamour that  has never yet failed to make a strong  appeal to oven those of another race.  We have always known tliem to bo  a rollicking type, over fond of their  wines, their native dances ahd music,  and strongly imbued with a love and  adoiation for those whose lot it fell  t0 perform , valiant deeds. Extreme  courtesy under all circumstances was  a virtue endeared to the hearts of  all; hence their intense love for the  chivalrous.  No present is so acceptable as a  Xmas gift as a personal greeting  card, nicely printed with your name  and address. Order early from the  selection at the Wajker Press office.  "And what is an egg?"  teacher, who was testing  knowledge.  "An egg," said the boy,  en not yet."  asked  the  his  pupil's  'is a chick-  When  an  electrician makes  a mis-  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  X MARA ITEMS X  X X XXX XX XXxxxxxxx  Mrs. Collinson returned to Vernon  last Saturday for a short time.  The final an angements for the  Xmas tree were made at a well attended meeting on Tuesday night.  Joe Doerflinger spent two days  here, newspaper canvassing and he  claimed to have obtained good results.  Our hunters, after very fair luck  deer hunting, were fortunate enough  to come upon a band moving down  to lower levels. Ole Zettergreen was  fortunate in getting a 13 pointer.  Mr. and Mrs. Rogers loft on Saturday for Okanagan Lake points.  Mrs. Rogers and son going to Kelowna and Mr. Rogers to Penticton.  They expect to be away until next  April.  Christfelt Bros, of Grindrod have  j become the owners of the Rorick  place, having purchased it tost week.  They contemplate entering upon the  place at once, and will make considerable improvements.  The contractors expect to finish the  Sicanmous road in a few- days but  there will have to be considerable  portions of the road gravelled, particularly the soft spotsrand rocky places,  which w-'ll no doubt have to be delayed until spring.  Useful Christmas 6ifl$  When buying for HIM why  not consider the times and buy  something substantial in the  way of wearing apparel,  wear, handkerchiefs,  mufflers, suspenders-  ceptable gifts.  E. B. DILL  Neck-  gloves,  -all    ac-  Men's Clothing, Boots & Shoes  Groceries, Etc.      Enderby  ��������������������������� t  1  for  Christmas  Jewelry is a lasting Gift���������������������������something  to remember in years" to come. See  my new stock���������������������������and, BFAR THIS IN  MIND, am offering my Christmas goods  at 20 per cent discount for cash. Here  are some suggestions:  Wrist Watches  Ladies' Watches*'  Men's Watches  " Alarm Clocks  m  Baby Necklets  Bead and Pearl Necklets  Brooches   (Gold)  Community Plate Silver  Diamond Rings  Military Brushes  Autostrop Razors  Ivory Clocks  French Ivory  Ingcrsoll Watches  N. A. KOURY  ^    ' ...  Jeweller & Optometrist .   Enderby, J3.C.  mum  XMAS!   XMAS!   XMAS j  WE HAVE A LARGE ASSORTMENT  OF GOODS FOR MAKING XMAS  GIFTS THAT WIUL PE APPRECIATED.  G-  We ae\\  for kess  Cliff Street, Enderby  Mora?  5-cwiiCy m SFer$  f������������������r-Cftrtetonas���������������������������  JLet this Christmas he long  remembered ns "the Christmas  Pad bought the font car.  It is a gift that every member  of the family will appreciate���������������������������  not, for _a_ few flays or weeKs���������������������������  but for years to "come.        ""^  Our deferred payment plan  puts the FOJIP within the  reach of even a moderate  purse.  Call in and let ns talk it  over.  Price F. O. B. Enderby  $780.00  GEO. A. RANPS, Ford Peajer  Encjerb  VERNON CREAMERY  wants cream  Price, 43c lb. butterfat  Cans furnished on application.  Express charges paid.  H. W. KNIGHT, Proprietor


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