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Okanagan Commoner Oct 7, 1920

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 dj  0tt$t  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  Vol. 13, No. 33, Whole No. 679.  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1920  Subscription, $13 a year  Adopted at the Joint Convention Last  Week   at   Penticton,   and   on  Which  Col.  Edgett Stands  FARMER-SOLDIER    PLATFORM 12.    We     affirm     our     unswerving  loyalty to King ancl Country, and,  while we "deplore the existence of  many conditions, political, religious,  racial and _social, -which are harmful  and pernicious; we also realize that  Following is the platform agreed lasting betterment - can only be ob-  upon by the G. W. V. A. and United tained by the free expression of the  ' Farmers in their joint convention at t will of the people given in a consti-  Penticton, at which Col. Edgett was \ tutional way.  chosen as the joint candidate for this  riding in the bye-election to be held  on the 22nd of November:  5? X X X X X X X X X XXXX X X' an   expert   on   the   subject,   we   have  X ENDERBY XEWs. X studied   mushrooms  some.    We  have  SEPTMEBER   WEATHER  1.    Citizenship.    That   we   unreser-  Rain Fell in Fifteen Days, but in the  vedly commit ourselves to a standard Aggregate  the   Precipitation  of service for Canada and the British  was   Small.  Empire, in  the  work  of  national  de- Date  velopment  as. full,   as   self-sacrificing     1  and as free from personal motives as  that rendered by our army overseas.  2. Pensions. We hold it to be inherently just and only worthy of this  great nation, that the dependents of  our deceased comrades who willingly  gave their lives that this land should  be free; and our disabled comrades  should be given by our country such '  Pensions and allowances as will enable them to live according to the accepted standard of our people. "_  3. Natural    Resources."   We   affirm  our  convictions  that  the  natural-re-,  sources ,of  our  Dominion   should   be i 20  developed   to  the  advantage  of  Can-   21.  2  3  4  5  6  .7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  ada and not for the private benefit of,  22  j 03  the speculator or the financial oppor- j 24  tunist who  has  not assumed  the  re-   25  sponsibility - of ^citizenship.     We   be-   26  lieve that a vigorous policy should be  embarked upon to promote the devel-  27  28  l 29  Max  80  85  85  84  78  78  77  81  61  52  56  64  60  65  54  64 .  73  70  62  63  58  58  60 ������������������  60  60  58-  66  66  68  70,.:  Min  46  44  - 44  47-.  41  37  39-  52  47  44  45  47. ,  4S  47  46  47  54 "  41 #  50  48  46  41  41  46  41  40  39  39 ,  41  47  Range Rain  34  XXXXXXXXXttXXXXXXX  Mrs. Henniker left last week on a  visit to St. Catherines, Ont.  Mr.  F. W.  Horstkoppe of Spokane,  was in town this week on business.  Mr.   Geo.   McEwen  was  on  a  business  trip to Enderby on Wednesday.  seen only one or two of the dangerous varieties growing here, and these  in wooded, damp places. None of the  fungi growing in the fields and along  the roads in this'locality are dangerous, and one need have no fear from  ROMANTIC   SIDE   OF   WAR  Wedding    Bells    Here,    the    Echo    of  Bursting     Shells    and     Shrieking  Shrapnel   Somewhere   in   France  When Harry  Halliday gave up  his  job as managfer of the Stepney ranch  eating them. Here and there we have!and leEt Enderby for France early in  come    across    the     Emetic    Russula,' the  life  of the  Great War,  he  little  Fifty to sixty carloads of fruit and wJth    r^lsh.brown   top , and    whltejknew what he would find in store, for  spores. Leave them alone. And we Jaim in the front-line trenches. Like  have seen the Death Cup or Destroy- a11 the boys who answered the call  ing Angel,  fungi quite similar to the ! for volunteers, he went at the call of  vegetables    are    leaving   the   Valley  daily.  Miss Edna McMahon left for Toronto Tuesday evening to resume her  studies at the art school there.  ordinary   brackets,    or    field    mushroom in its early growth, -but longer  41  1  41  37  ,  37  41  38  29  14  nl 5  ' 8  .30  11  .43  17  .03  12  .17  18  .02  8  .02  17  19  .04  29  12  j09  15  .28  12  .22  17  19  1*  .  .06  19  .03  18  .19  27  27  ._ '  27  -  23  .09  Mrs. H. J. Bawtree will be at home in stem and with . abrupt bulbous  to her friends at "Woodcote," Mabel base. These are poisonous.. These  Lake Road, on Thursday, the 14th of named are the only non-edible varie-  Octpber. | tics we have'^seen here. On the other  Tom. Mandt was down from Majjel hand wo have eaten and heartily en-  Lake this week. He is thinking of joyed all the varieties commonly to  going  into  logging  this  winter, with .be  seen  along  the  roadways   and  in  opment -of   those   resources   with   a  30.  View to adding to the wealth, safety      Total rainfall, 2.12;  clear days, 10;  and prosperity of our Dominion. i ������������������?rt' cl??������������������ U;aKclt}dl'  f eKMe,an  fo.r  ,   ,a_,        . ,-���������������������������       .   ., _.      'the month, 55.85; highest, 85; lowest,  4.    Education.   We ���������������������������< believe     that  37 N; H   KENNY, Observer  adequate educational facilities should  a line of "trapping on the side.  Friday   evening   the   United Farm  ers  of  Enderby  Local  will  hold  one j  of their enjoyable socjal evenings in  their hall, commencing at 8 p.m.  Mr. A. R. Rog*ers, of Minneapolis, is  on business to Enderby this week.  He was accompanied by Mrs. A.  Rogers, who is returning from a  short visit to her Minneapolis home.  - Hallowe'en party is to be given  in the Presbyterian Church, on Mon-  pasture fields.  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  ���������������������������X GRINDROD X  X X X X. X X- X X <X X X X X X  o, Mr. and Mrs. G. Wells' returned on  Monday   from   Kelowna,   whcv������������������.   they  have been staying for aj few days-  Mr.   S.   Gregory   has   gone   to   the  Coast for a short stay.  Mr., and  Mrs. ,G.  M.  Salt  returned  from   their   honeymoon  spent   ia  the  day  evening,  Nov.-1st,  by  the Girl's. Sound  cities  last week.  Guild.    Age  limit,  13  up.  Admission,      Don't   forget   the ,. dance   here   ou  Friday, Oct. 8th.  be . provided   for   Canadian   children,  .and  that  the  ordinary" education  required to prepare a Canadian boy' or  girl   for   life's   work   should   be   pro-  AT   HOME   FAREWELL  /Tuesday    evening    in   the   Presby-  25c. 1  A meeting of the Women's Hospital Auxiliary will be held, this evening, (Thursday) at 8 p.m. All members   are   urgently   requested   to   be  present.            -  '    . ^v  ���������������������������,,      ��������������������������� ��������������������������� . il   .    ,   , - -     . ._.   ,  home aV the CoasU on Monday.  The   following   Enderbyites   visited-   ._,.     _���������������������������. ..   ���������������������������  .  ���������������������������       . J ���������������������������       The million the Skvrme "ranc  the Coast to see the. Fair:   Mr. J. B.  Mr. C. Pritchard came home "from  Armstrong  on   Monday. "  Mr. John Clarke returned from  Kelowna last week. _  Mrs. .John - Smith   returned   to  her  Carlson, -F. Hassard,-Rev. J. R. Gret-  The mill con-the Skyrme Jrahch has  shut down after a successfuloseason's  cut.       .    , ....        ton' Mr" an<? .!������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������-Byrnes, Mrs.P-:    W j.  Monk  has been engaged as  ., ���������������������������  ,        ,.,������������������_.��������������������������� ....     ��������������������������� ;t?pten'"Church  a -social  farewell .was'G. Parmer."   " "     _ - the new nie'chanic in the tomkinson  vided- free  by the  State,  so that all given to Rev. and Mrs. Dow, who are !  s  Mrs.   Robson   and   daughter   and  garage <  may have equal educational facilities, ,eaving  this  Week  for Benvoulln,  on Miss Seymour ar^moving to Enderby      Mr   T   Skyrme- was  in  Armstrong  8.    Land  Settlement. We  stand  for (okanagan  J_ake,  for  the  winter,  Mr.  from their Mt.Jda farm and will oc-  on business last "week.   ,  a   policy   of   land   settlement   which  pow   having   taken    charge   of   the cupv, the Jas.  Dale- place.    They ex- , _____:     ;  shall lead to the fullest development; mission   fielq-   there     f he   sociai   af.        *   tQ  make the change about  tfae   : j  of our agricultural resources by such  fair at the church was  made to  the  miaaie of October    - ,X X X X X X X X X X X X X XJC X  inc of Mr. and Mrs. Dow. who de- ���������������������������.-���������������������������-' K GRANDVIEW   BENGH X  an extension of- the present Soldier  Settlement Act as will create an opportunity for the takiiig up of small  holdings.        ��������������������������� '    ������������������ -  ~6. proportional    Representation. We  -^recommend the principles of election  under the system of Proportional  Representation in all elections in the  Dominion.  7.    |m  institution  ination  and  educational  tesf for  immigrants at the point of embarkation  and   that,   for   the   present   at   least,  immigration   from   all   ex-enemy-alien Broken,  countries, be  excluded,  and  that  thej  _ch_ief._qu_al_ification_XQ''L--Patura_l_ization  I,    Men   will   say. some   funny   things XXX XX XX XXXXXXXXX  when,   for. instance,   they   are   unex-  liking of Mr. and Mrs. Dow, _ who desired   only  to   meet  in  a  quiet   way  and say goodbye to their large cir- "'"c"' i������������������������������������*., ������������������������������������=>"*������������������������������������:. "������������������C-Y ������������������"<= u.i-A- , Scnooj inspector Lord paid a visit  cle of friends-and the congregation Pectedly called on for a speech at. a fcQ ^ gchool recently ajld gaye a  with whom they have associated'and baI?cmet-     ������������������ne   at   a   convention-  of  y8,.y good  feport  labored  for  several  years. , druggists ln St. Louis the other day, j    Mp_   E    ginUh   |a       tt|       quite   a  Mr. and Mrs. Dow are only closing  so ca,led> ���������������������������se and stammered:'>To, I Qf    new    clearing    done    and  their home here for the witter. They  we   don *   keep   any   PostaSe   stamPs  seeded down.  know,  as "do we all, that they leave here-' . .     |    Mr. and Mrs. L. Stroulger and chil-  miqration.    We advocate  the! Enderby hut for awhile, and no mat-!     Petectives   are   finding   great   diffi-  dren   and   Migs    Woods    motored   to  in of a strict  medical  exajn- ter where they sojourn,  their hearts  Cllltv   in   tracing   the   driver   of   the   Sa]mon Arn^ iast Saturday  will be in the little home in the truck that is supposed to have car-j A Udstone purchased a McLaugh-  shade of the birches and- pines, made ried the bomb that blew up Wall Hn car from R Baidwin a few days  sacred  by the tie that can  never be street  in  New  York sonie  days  ago, ! ftgo  shall be the ability to read and write  the English or French language.  S.    Tariff.   We advocate that as  a  -Enderby-Theatre-Chanfles-Hands=  owing, to  the  uncertainty  as  to  the  course he took and whether he went;  iri one direction or all directions.^  HOSPITAL   FRUIT  Mr.   Clancy   Fravel   came   in   from  duty, for good or ill. There he was  thrust in the thick of battle and foil. ,.  shell-shocked and torn, and one eye  gone. He was carried to the dressing,  station, thence to the hospital, where  recovery was slow. ������������������������������������������������������   .  In the hospital was a miss, serving  as  was  her duty,  at the  call  of the  War   Office   for   nurses.     They   met.  On the 27th of September, at Grind"  rod, wedding bells were rung as the  sequel   of  that   meeting.     When   the  armistice was  signed  fighting ceased  and  the soldiers  came  home.    Their  job   was   finished.     Not   so   with  the  noble women who served in the hospitals.     Cannon   and _ shrapnel   may .  tear   down   in   a   moment   what   will-  take   years   of   nursing   to   build   up  again.    Miss  S. E. "Bower, for she it  was he met," was in the service of, the .  War  Office .-two Shears  after the war.  ceased. Only recently did she get her   '  release.      And    when    it    came,   she  turned- her face  toward  Canada  and  booked her passage for the Okanagan  where   her   shell-shocked   patient .of  war days awaited her.*  Last, week   saw   the   fulfillment  of  hopes   long   cherished.      Friends   at >  Grindrod   outdid   themselves, in   pre-'  paring-  the    church, for   the    happy.r  event.-   It.'was- beautifully decorated.  ..  The ceremony ;was performed^ by the  Rev.  Mr. Gretton, with ��������������������������� Mrs.  Gretton  at  the  organ.  .'Miss  Winnie  Coffison'* *  atted as bridesmaid, arid Mr. S. Weir  supported   the    groom.      The   bride,  charmingly  'dressed     in    light    grey "  crepe  de  chine,  was  given  away  by  Mr. Ernest .Skyrme.  At the conclusion of the' wredding  ceremony the bride and groom. and  five cars loaded with friends were  driven to the home of Mr. and Mrsv *  Ernest Skyrme, where, in the warm  sunshine on the lawn a bridal ,feast  was enjoyed throughout the after-,,  noon and well cri into the evening.  The bridesmaid's present froitf Wie  groom was a gold brooch, and that  to the best man a gold scarr pin.     '*  Mr. arid Mrs. Halliday have taken  up their residence on a fruit farm  on the Adventist. Flat, near Arm-.  strong, recently purchased through  the S. S. B., where their many friends  wish  them' prosperity and  happiness.  CLARK���������������������������LA   ROY WEDDING  This week sees another change in Merritt on Saturday and packed his  the management of the Enderbv household effects and with Mrs. Fra-  protection against the resumption ofTheatre Mr jiobarge dropping ou't'vel and children left for their new  the dumping of foreign fruit on Can- and Messrs. P. Farmer, Davy Wowat 1'home in Merritt on Monday. Mr.  adian markets at less than cost of ond. Theo. Adams taking it up as a I Fravel is now yard foreman at the  production, the retention of sufficient joint propo8ltloIU In the short period ' Merritt sawmill. The long residence  duty upon fruit is essential. We Mr Robarge has managed the fllm of himself and family in Enderby  recommend that a Tariff Board beghoffgr he established a reputation won for them many warm friends all  appointed similar to the Hallway for. t..e house in Securing- the best ot whom will be glad to learn of his  Board and that the farmer be repre- fllm plays on the road    Qf ,ate  how.  success in his new field.  sented .thereon.  I ever, the task- bore too heavily upon'  1  With a view to meeting any possl-,hinif 8|ngie-handed, in addition to PLEASE PASS THE MUSHROOMS  ble reduction in revenue which may handIlng the orchestra. The new'  arise from the revision of the tariff  we recommend that the Tariff Commission consider the possibility of  raising revenue from the protected  manufacturing industries by imposing upon such industries a pro rata  tax on the net profits equal to the  amount of protection afforded.  9.    Oriental   Immigration.     We   ad-  Mrs. L. Funk, Mrs. R. Airth, Mrs. B  Hamilton, Mrs. Diamond, Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Walker, Mrs. Allum, Mrs.  Gretton, Mrs. A. Green, Mrs. Mowat,  Mrs. Keith, Mrs. Reeves, Mrs.Woods,  Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. A. R. Robb, Mrs. R.  Carson  and  Mrs. Speers.  Last Friday evening, Oct. 1st, an  vocate a strict policy of Oriental ex- enjoyable time was spent in the  elusion with the debarring of Orient- Methodist Sunday School room when  als from holding or leasing land in the members of the Pollyanna Club  the Dominion, and that all products  of Oriental labor be branded or  marked as such.  10. Re-establishment. We advocate the proper re-establishment of  100 per cent of our returned citizens  after adequate investigation.  11. Just Legislation. We would  expect our candidate to give his cordial support to any just'legislation regardless of the party introducing it.' fellows.'  Nurse McPherson  begs to acknowl-  nurrhsKiP   nf   it.     n>. tr, .i..*__     ........,.__  two   varieties   of   fungi    e\x$t���������������������������pink - ,_....  puicnase   or   an     up-to-da.e    picture  . ������������������   ___,._._. play   of   vegetables   and   fruit,   both  (join   Enderby   and   Grindroo;    froin  ..Irs. G. A. Johnston, cream.   Mrs. O.  Jones, cream;   Mrs.  Thos. Gray,  n.ill?  and  game;   Mrs.  R.  McDonall,  vc.se-  tables;    Mrs.   J.    Mowat,    adjustable.  table (a gift which will be very much  appreciated by the sick.)  machine and  are determined  to give.'^Hed   mushrooms   and,,  toadstools���������������������������  Enderby the  best  pictures  and  best the first edible and the other deadly  service possible.  Pollyannas and Olympics  were guests of the Olympics. There  was not a dull moment during the  whole evening. Everyone joined in  the fun and excitement. At 10.30  delicious refreshments were served  by the boys. At the close of the entertainment three cheers were given  for Capt.-\ and Mrs. Gibson, and the  Pollyannas showed their appreciation  by,singing ''For they are jolly good  I poisonous. They lose sight of the  fact that the pink-gilled fungi is only  one of hundreds of varieties of edible  fungi. This ignorance leads them to  refuse to eat many varieties of mushrooms which are prolific all about,  particularly at this time of year and  in this vicinity. What is more delicious than the ordinary puffball, or  the early inkcap, and the meadow  variety? We mention these because  they are easily to be,.had here. They  can be gathered by the peck along  any of1 our roads and i^ pasture  fields. In not gathering them many  miss making use of much of food  value. There are, indeed, but few of  the varieties of fungi that are not  edible.     While  not  professing  to  be  The ladies of the Hospital Auxiliary  are ��������������������������� pleased to acknowledge receipt j A very happy event took place at  of fruits and jellies for-the Hospital the home of Mr. and Mrs. LaRoy, of  from the following:     Mrs. Jas. Airth, j Enderby,    last    Wednesday    evening,  Sept. 29th, when their daughter,  Sarah Louise, was united in marriage  to Mr. Hubert Clark, of Cornwall,  now a businessman of Three Hills,  Alberta. Capt. Rev. J. G. Gibson performed the ceremony, in the presence  of only the near friends of the family. The bride was beautifully gowned  in white silk, trimmed with lace, and  carried a bouquet of white asters.  She was attended by Mrs. Pearl La  Roy, while Mr. W. LaRoy. the bride's  brother, acted as best man.  The bride is an old resident of Enderby, though more recently she has  been in. Alberta. She is a young  woman of sterling quality. Mr. Clark  was one of the first to join up in answer to his country's call and served  faithfully until the armistice was  signed.'   He is unassuming but a man  CURIOSITY  It is their intention to . return, this  week to Three Hills, where they will  make their home���������������������������until the call of  the  Okanagan brings them thither.  When   the   workmen   own   the   work-1������������������f :*jrpose   and   force   of- character  shops;,, .  And the railroad men the rails;  And the grocery clerks the groceries,  And the mail  clerks own the mails���������������������������  When the preachers own the pulpits;  And the pressmen own'the shops;  And the drillers own the* oil wells;  And the jails are  owned  by cops���������������������������  When conductors own the street cars  And  each  driver owns  his  bus;  Will  you tell  us  common  people���������������������������  Whatinell   becomes  of  us.  ���������������������������La Touche Hancock.  Some never fail���������������������������others sometimes  fail���������������������������No one always fails. Let us all  try for membership in the first class.  ���������������������������J. R. Haycock.  Meat sihould never be put 'in cold  water except for making soup. OKANAGAN  COMMONER  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1020  ������������������luinagau Commoner  In which is merged The Enderby Press and Walker's "Wocltlr  rubliahed every Thursday at Enderljy, B.C..-; by The Walker Press, at  S3 per year; $1.50 six months.  H. M.  WALKER  Atlverti.sinir Kates  ^   -.v O  Contract or Regular 10c a pingle-conum-n inch  up to  half page;  over half-page, '-'Ale an inch eacli insertion.  Transient or irregular���������������������������.">0c an inch; cash to accompany copy to insure publication.  \\"a.ii't Ads���������������������������20c' per line first insertion, 10c per line  each subsequent inser-tion. Count tj  words to line.  Local  Notices���������������������������20c  per  lino;   Local  readers,  JOc line.  Cards of Thanks, ������������������1.00.  Legal Notices���������������������������15c per line 1st insertion; 10c per  tine each subsequent insertion.  Water Notices���������������������������IHO words and under, $10.00; each  additional ~>0 words, $1.00. Land Notices. Tim'bcr Licenses, Certificates of Improvement, SI 0.00 for GO days,  $7 for M0 days.  mer candidate. There is also every indication  lhat the farmer party is to become just as good  a political" football as the returned men's organizations "have been, and if this is so, then the  Avorkcrs have nothing else to do but to attack  the farmers' party."  Fire Prevention Day  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1920  A Splendid Showing  Enderby's  delinquent   lax  vear, and smaller this year.  list was small last  ll is not too much  to hope lhal next year il will bc nil. Ol* the Jour  properties advertised for sale for taxes this year  two of these properties were al thc eleventh hour  kept" out of llie sale by the payment of the taxes  delinquent between the dale of first advertising  tis required by law and the dale of sale. Only  L\vo lots were sold for laxes, fand these were  not bought by thc city.  This   clean-up   of  delinquents  was  due  in   no  small   measure   by   the   persistent,   business-like  methods employed-by Oity Tax  man, who left no effort untried  persuade- tax payments  Collector Roso-  o encourage and  It is not a small thing n/rc -  lo have succeeded in-gathering in every dollar bf  lax money-outstanding. It speaks well for thc  cily and well for the, administration of-cily affairs.  Farmers and the Tariff  After a  a IB' other  free trade. When, in any particular locality, they  produce, more of tiny commodity than thc home  markcl .calls  for, and  thcy have a surplus,  thcy  By proclamation, Dominion and Provincial.  October Olh has bcen set lo bc observed as Fire  Protection Day. On that day, lessons on (ire prevention subjects will be given in every  school, public meetings will be held in many  of the ciiies, towns and larger villages, and lhe  owners and occupants of properly everywhere  'Ihroughoul Canada will be counselled to gi\'e  Vnecial attention lo the removal of fire, hazards  from their premises.  Fire waite is one of the most serious economic  problems confronting Canada al thc present  time. Particularly fortunate as Enderby has  becn in this regard, thcrc is every reason why  we should, individually and collectively, lake  heed of the lesson taught by Fire Prevention Day  observance. The public in general is vitally interested, or should bc, lor it is vitally affected by  lhc tremendous losses annually incurred by fire  and the enormous expenditures rendered ncccs-  sarv, lo adequately protect life and property from  ils ravages. Seeing that at least 75% of all fires  are. caused'by carelessness and can therefore be  prevented, it is thc obvious duly of those in authority to bring the matter to the attention of the  people, which is being clone in setting apart Firc  Protection Day.  Some lillle lime, ago, on the occasion of thc  it of inspection to Enderby by lhc Provincial  nspector, wc pointed out in 'these columns  how much ii is ecsling thc businessmen and  properly owners I'or insurance, and how a very  .substantial decrease could bc gained in the rate  bv a few little changes in policy on thc part of  thc municipality; for instance, the burning of  store sweepings, packing material, etc., in the  rear of buildings1, per nil lied by the insurance  board, companies- but.charged   for  at  a   staled  . farmers are nol much different froni  class when it comes to protection and b,.mkcl ralc-charged over the whole, town  CIV ! . ��������������������������� i���������������������������   :  i~\ l,i   k~  .v :_���������������������������_���������������������������,_   l-..  it  want free trade in that commodity in order that  they may gel into a neighboring market wilh  their product without having lo pay a tariff  duty. On the other hand, Avhen the farmers of  any particular section do not havc a surplus of j.'  any commodity, prodiTcing less than the borne!  market demands, thc farmer then favors a pro-}  tective tariff in order to keep out the surplus of j  simple inccncralor could bc provided by thc city  al very lillle cost to wluchscvcry individual could  havc access for the burning of sweepings, boxes,  etc.", which are now burned in the. back yards.  Tf wc arc going to benefit by thc observance of  Firc Prevention Day, why not make it practical  and of practical benefit to each and all?  Labor Federation Takes Important Action.  in   lhat-commodilv  and   to  enable'     Thc unanimous decision by. the Chicago Fed-  It is   neigiujoi*  him to get a belter price for his'product in. the Vra.'ion of r.ab'-r to transfer its funds from local  home market. Thus do we sec thc farmers of banks to the Nonpartisan State 'Rank' of North  lhe greal Northwest,, who   have   an   excess   of Qakola is viewed anxiously by the press of lhal  wheal nnd other grain, and  where lhcy require  where  expensive implements on. lhc farm, demanding  free trade, so a.s to enable them lo gel.inlo the  neighborin.f market free of duty, 'and at thc  same lime he wants lhc duty removed froin farm  machinery so he,may purchase it at a less figure  than ' is ." possible under a" protective tariff.  And in Brilish Columbia, where thc amount' of  I'ruil and other farm produce is barely enough to  sui)!)jv the demand of the home market, the farmer'is for a protective tariff so he may bc pro  ���������������������������ted in lhe homc market against what hc calls state.  city. Tlie Chicago Tribune sees revolution com  itiij close on the heels of this radical move by  labor. That newspaper is unable lo visualize  anything like a peaceful change of thc nation's  economic structure. "Jf capital falls," it says,  "factories will close, pay roils will be stopped,  jroduclion will cease, transportation- will col-  apse, and hunger, sickness and'mob rule will  held sway, thus will startc the revolution of the  proletariat."  North Dakota is tbe Farmcr-J^abor  lir*1 "dumping" of his big neighbor  There isn't anything in onsislent in  human  nal  i.������������������iiiii  sense.  i.s  this.  In urging lhc   transfer  of   all  ai)or lunds to   that   stale1���������������������������estimated  It is numbers    at     $22,000,000���������������������������Secretary  controlled  organized  in   round  Edward.  urc  farmers want free trade  low  that apple  farmers  mixer! farmers -must ask-  I'or free trade in  lhcir  commodities.  If wheal Nockels of lhe Labor Federation said: "Take  in wheat, il doesn't lol- your personal and union funds- out of thc local  and  dairy  farmers and antagonistic banks���������������������������even  if it means a  run  on  those   banks���������������������������and   place   them   in   Ihc  Rank  of  Norlh Dakota.    The banks of the. Uniled States  The Yale By-Election  F.videnllv lhe ollicial organ of organized labor  at Vancouver. Tho R. C. Fcdcralionisl. is nol as  well pleased al the outcome of lhe United Farmers' and O. \V. V. A. conventions a.s might have  been expeelVrl. "The nominalion of a Labor  candidate in the Yale by-election." il says, "has  provided anolher opportunity I'or Mr. Makovski  lo show his versati'ilv. This time be has emerged  as a farmer, and if advices' received from the  Okanagan are correct, then he was able to fool  lhe farmer-: inlo entering the field wilh no other  object lhan securing the election of Ihe Govern-  nu-nl candidate. AVe have repeatedly taken.the  position lhal whenever lhe opportunity offered  iii.- workers should assail the power now held by  the -ruling class by ils control of governmental  powers. The Yale by-election provided ���������������������������such an  f'pporliniilv. providing lhat the working class  candidate stood on a working class platform, and  assumed an uncompromising position so far as  'lhe' s-ires'-nl svslem is concerned. We realize that  the. election of a working class candidate would  nni'bv anv means s'olve'the Labor problem, but  the' opportunity of. an election to . demonstrate  lhc class nature of governments Should x,evcr be  overlooked. The farmer-soldier candidate is the  joint choice of the G. W. V. A., the farmers' con-'  veni'rtn and Mr. Makovski. The. platform of the  Candida ie is of such a nature as lo prove con-  el usivelv lhat: the farmers havc nol yet seen the  position of the working class, and il could easily  lv- tsdnnled bv the Liberals, but we do not consider thai it is too far a stretch of imagination  lo as'sume lhal if a Labor candidate bad not been  nominated,  thai  lhere would  have been  no  far-  are   backing  a    nation-wide    'open    shop'   fight  jf-������������������CIV:iC������������������.P,RJ  **~       No (Boocl action is ever lost,  Said {he man wbo  once stepped aside  .o let a bill-poster go cjukkly past         With bis posWoffaVlCPRlDE  I For the man bad to quit, and he Wanted to sell,  And the market Was rather shy,   Bu.twhe.2 CWQCPME bit the  mm^mmmm%mt^r\oVOn    foT    {k\fr,  men everyone sought to buy.  BUY WHERE  YOU LIVE  r  It Had to Conic  a ga i i x s l-o rga n i zccMvo rkcrs.^  Come This Way, JJSric  Down at the Coast they are hunting mosquitoes  in seaplanes. Major MacLaurin of the Canadian  Air hoard piloted Mr. Eric Mearlc, lhc Dominion  Government mosquito expert, as far a.s Slave  River lo investigate lhe breeding piaccs and lhe  life hisicry of "lhe lillie pests."' '  " Strange a.s it may read. Major MacLaurin and  Erie, saw a number of swamps and breeding  ponds of the mosquito, and Ihey were photographed, ll is proposed lo lly from Ihc Coast to  the Interior and lo investigate the districl about  Douglas Lake, in the iVicola Valley, if we may  be.'permitled t'o suggest, we'd like to point to a  place on lhe map named Sicamous "which we  feel sure ought lo interest the mosquilo expert.  And there arc spots' here and there aboul Mara,  and'along lhc Mabel Lake road, that arc not to  bc sneezed al as breeding piaccs for mosquitoes.  Fact is. if Eric Hcarle really wants to know the  last word of the life history of the mosquito, be  ought to ask Daddy Dale or Charlie Wallin.  They've lived among 'cm.  Ten inches of rain fell at Vancouver in the  monlh of September. Enderbyites who complain of September's dampness will be*interested  in knowing that the rainfall here for lhc monlh  was only 2.12 inches,     q..  "Owing to lhe shortage of houses," reads a  sign in thc dining room of a New Orleans hotel,  "no collage  pudding will  be served  to  guests."  'And no,w some good women of  Vancouver ihav-o dmaAigurated a,  -movement having for its abject a  war on tlie "jimmy- piipe" and- "tobacco in. any -form. c "It is the intention of preparing a bill���������������������������some-  tention of preparing a bill���������������������������something like the Prohibition Bill���������������������������  which will be submitted to tlie gov-  orninient after a time. The government is to be asked in, the nvean-  time. to discourage th'e use of -tobacco,", says  one of  the  women.  ���������������������������All    women    are   not   constituted  like these good- women of Vancouver, thank God. Here's one, a Mrs.  F. Conroy, also of Vancouver,^ who  no isoo*n*e-r- 'had she heard tof the  proposition than she sends a communication to the Province telling  her misguided sisters to "com������������������ oul  of it." "if these "women 'would  submit a bill to the government,"  she says, "���������������������������askin'g that wo mem be  stopped from standing on their verandahs, gossiping and scandalizing,  many of them r-ugiving in at the last  moment to cook .their 'husbaui'd's  supper, they would be doing a very  good/thing. Leave the men alone.  Let  them, smoke."  =n  We have a tlumbef of 6-hole  McClkry Ranges  yet in stock lhal wc can sell you at last February's prices. Get  vour range now before Ihev go.  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Well, you  ���������������������������won't he able to sit, either, when I  get-throu'gh with you."  I/AXI)   REGISTUV   ACT  Re  an   undivided   half  interest  in.  Legal   Subdivision    15   and   part   of  Legal Subdivisions 9, 10, 16", Section  27, and .part of Legal Subdivisions 1  and S and part of South-east .'/J, Section  .34,      Township    1/8,     Range   9  west   of   Gth' Meridian,   Province  of  British   Columibia,   save   and   except  . part   of. Legal   Subdivision   10,   Section   27,   "Towinshiip   .18,     Range   9,  west   of   6th   Meridian;   Province   of  British   Columbia.       -     .     ,      -*  ; Whereas iprcql" "of   loss  of  certificate   of   title   No.   3 7] 19a- issued   to  -.Pa.tr.ick H .Murphy and covering .the.  above land  has been  filed in this of-  t) ce. ��������������������������� -' ' - ''-.'-.  Notice is hereby given that .at the  -expiration of one" miontl*- from the'  J. first publication -hereof, 1 shall issue  ������������������ duplicate of Mice said-certificate cf  Title umless in the meantime valid  objection hereto" he made to me in  writing.' -.  Dated at the Land Registry Office. Kamloops. B. C, this 13th day  of September, A. D., 1920.  H. V. CRAIG-,  SICrot .   District-Registrar.  NOTICE  To Whom it May Concern:  After this date T w-ill not be responsible for "anyl!. debts ��������������������������� contracted  .in my" name, or charged against  any mem-ber of my fawily, nni'ess  goods are supplied on written order   from  me." '   ���������������������������  W.   H.   GOLTGHTLY.    "  Enderby,   B.C.,   Sept.   23,   1920.  '   '".   '    s23-4p  W. A. RUSSET  CONTRACTOR   &   BUILDER  =_fcto_use_=T> uildhig_._aix.rl���������������������������barn -framing.  Phone S2 amd get a price on your  requirements. Building jnateniaU  below market-price.  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The Recall System on Trial  When lhc United Farmers were successful al  tlie poll in Ontario, avc heard a lol from lhe professional politician on lhc horror of it all and  how certainty Ontario would rue thc day when  farmers lock lhe benches in thc Ontario House.  These fears and forebodings have nol conic lo  pass. Indeed, nol withstanding thc handicap under which il look over lhe reins of government in  Onl'ario, the United Farmers' parly, in carrying  oul its pre-election promises, has exceeded even  llie mosl sanguine expectations of the people.  11 lias encountered some criticism, of course,  but this has been largely from its opposition.  On the other hand, Ihc commendation whicli has  been showered upon ils individual ministers for  work already accomplished has more lhan outweighed tlie fault finding. Thcrc is one plank in  the United Farmers', parly thc cITccls of which  undoubtedly is proving an impetus lo ministers  and members lo remain alert in thc carrying out  of (hc funcl'ions of lhcir- various ollices. It is  llie plank providing for lhc recall. Should a  member of lhc Government at any lime during  his tenure of otticc fail to perform any duty that  is in thc interests of his constituency "or carry on  in any way not ih accordance wilh lhc wish ol  lhc people-who elected him lo office, he may be  :mmediately petitioned to resign. " In favoring  iiiis plank the United Farmers in Ontario have  beoir quite consistent. Touching upon it recently  lhc Farmers' Sun, the ollicial "organ of the party,  said editorially:  "The old-system of electing men lo parliament  raid then leaving Ihc'm .alone for four or" five  ycars has bcen onc of lhc most prolificrcauses of-  Lhe xevy unsatisfactory government wc have had  in lhis counlry. The people whe elected t'he men  to parliament lel'l. them alone, bill-the lobbyists  of the Big Interests never ceased their attentions  day or night. That explains why many seemingly  good men elected t'o parliament went wrong and  betrayed lhcir trust, li' thcy had been forced lo  keep in touch wilh the people back home these,  things would nol have happened." _    ��������������������������� ' j  In  tl.is   connection,   thc   Kamloops   Telegram j  says: "Thc Dominion is undoubtedly keeping its J  eyes on the Qnlario experiment and it will not be,  long before the recall system will be introduced  in other provinces and into federal politics.    In  ;ko present contingency it would bc a very useful lever if it were in the hands of the people to  ������������������������������������������������������in ploy. Certainly much of lhc doubt that seems  lo exist.as to.whether or nol it is the.wish of the  people to elect its parliament would readily be  removed.    With the system in operation; parties  as well as individual members arc required,for  W.  their own sakes to keep in touch willi. lhc people  and lhcir constituencies. They find they cannot  look forward tp Iheir sojourns a'l the seal of  governmcnl as an enforced holiday."  An Independent Liberal  Mr. Maxwell Smilh is Ihc lasl to get lhc political bee in his bonnet.    Me is out in a circular  :letter staling  lhal  hc  is  prepared'  lo  enter  lhe  political arena in the next Provincial election as  a "clean-cut Independent Liberal candidate, free  from  parly afiilialions, and  pledged  lo  use  my  'besl endeavor;  lo promote  the Agricullural, In-  jduslrial and Commercial development of Dewcl-  incy   District   in   particular   and   tlie   welfare   of  British Columbia in general."  ! In presenting his case Mr. Smith states that he  j did what hc .could to defeat the Conservative  party in 1910, as was his duty, in thc public interest, "and no party ever assumed the reins of  power, at any time, in any province of Canada,  ! willi more outstanding and rapidly unfolding opportunities for the exercise of true statesmanship Iha'n did the Liberals a I Ihaf time. Bul a  policy of 'drift' seems to havc rendered .the Govern nfen I impolenl to rise above thc jordinaiy, or  lo satisfy the expectations of the public by fulfilling pre-election'pledges1 ancl instituting necessary icforms.. Much has occurred since Uic presenl incumbents of thc treasury benches gained  .control lo stultify progressive' Liberalism and  bring into ridicule the high standards of public  morality for wliich thc parly in this- Province  hitherto "consistently and-vigorously contended.  Thc Ship of'Stale is still maimed by a captain  and crew of the old school, on a new and unr  chartered sea of troublous times, wiio seem to  lack vision to -set their course by the stars-of  human destiny, or lhc capacity lo' successfully  deal with llie 'extraordinary- conditions extant,  trusting lhat 'things will right themselves,'  ignoring the fact that pre-war conditions will  never return;- and that new conditions demand  new,- prompt and* carefully prescribed ��������������������������� treatment."   -. .  GONE  FOJ?  KEEPS  The world has been looking a long time for  a meaner man than the onc who avails himself  of the pleasure of reading the home paper a  number of years, and then orders it returned  to lhc publisher marked "refused." At last tlie  search has been rewarded;:-c- A. scientist some  place'down in Georgia recently put a setting "of  alligator eggo under a heh that;wanted to set.  Of course it Was: for . scientific purposes;.. He  wanted to study hen psychology'.^. The first egg  brought out Avas chough for Biddy. She started  north" and js still going.. V    .   r   ;  Most' things come back that go  away; our ships come sailing to the  shore; the blooming flowers come  back in May, the bird to its accustomed s-p-ray, but money burned  comes       back       no   " more. Ch,  often* ��������������������������� wihen old age is here,  tihe man of sorrow walks -the  floor, and tli-nks of joys that-cost  him dear, of spendthrift courses  year by year, but money -burned  comes back no more. To' think or  chances Large and fine he wasted,  makes the dotard sore; had he put  down his coin in brine 'ho miight "'possess 'his tree and vine, but m-onoy  buirned coniies back no more. Old  bhiou-ghts come back to break his  heart, old memories ot days of yore,  when he forsook the sho-p or mart  to joy-ride in a jgprtgaged cart,' but  mioney burned comes back r/o more.  And tfoe re were gay enameled maids,  w-ho heliped him . blowr his scanty  store; (heir forms come back -from  out the shades, and mar eh alon'g in  dim- parades, but money -burned  comes -ba.ck fio more. There's ni'O-  thtag sadder 'neaiifli. the sky than  seeing one whose head is itiotar bewailing roubles he made fly, ��������������������������� recalling oh-a-nces with a sigh; and. money  burned comes black mo more. So let  us from the weekly wiaige salt down  nine plunks, perchance a score^ then  we'll enjoy our green old aige, if wc  still loiter on the stage; but'inoney  burned comes back.no nnore.���������������������������Walt-  Mason. '."'.'"  Photos by Courtwy C.P.R.  (1) Lord and Lady Burnham, Chief David Yellow Horse in the centre, after the ceremony  of making Lord Burnham a chief, he is wearing the regulation dress and carrying the  pipe of peace. Lady Burnham is also wearing the Indian dress presented to hei by t...  Indian women as a Souvenir of the occasion. . Chief Yellow Horse is wearing his.unifor..,  of office and  medals presented to him by  the British Government and Imperial Pre,;;  (������������������f Ceremony of conferring chieftainship, of Black Foot Indian upon Lord Burnham by  Chief Yellow Horse.  If yeu 'have a bit of news  Send  it  in;  .Or  a joke  that  will  amuse,'  Send it in.*  A  story that is  true,  An iinci'flent that's" new; ������������������   -  We w.ant to heajr. from you���������������������������L  . Send it in.L  - '  . -���������������������������  ; Public  Auction;  LIVE STOCK; v  I   am.   instructed " by! Mr.   13.'"Hi.  Morris.-and Mr.  F.  E.  Links,  tosell J.  by PUBLIC AUCTION,"-at Mr. Tank's',  farm,. 2. mules north  of Enderby; on'  Mara Road, on���������������������������. ../--' r  THVfi&MY, OCT.  7tfi, at J.30p.m.  3ryea-r-oid Grade Shorbhornx. heifer  due to  calve early Spring/       ��������������������������� ....     A  2-year-old  grade  S':-orthor_n .."hec'fer -.  due to calve early spring.  O-year-'old. grade Shorthorn-  Hereford  Cow.   fresh.1 .J      ..'��������������������������� V "  i4-ye:_r-o_d   Grade   Shorthorn   Cow. '  mi-king,   due   3rd  Decemiber.     '  -   9-year-old-    Grade"'  Jersey   "CowV  milking:- due 27tfo-February.  -,.     "   .  7-year-old-.Grade Shorthorn Cow'.,  milking,  due-.1 It'll   March."  3-yeair-old Red Poll "Cow, milking,  due  29th  March. _. ���������������������������  5-year-old -- Registered ".   Ayrshire  Bull,      "Laikevi-cw   " l.uckv   ,-Santdiv.'!  4G9G0.   from   the   Rj .NfJSS^ STOCK,  ���������������������������  Calgary. All.-bired cow-s foave  been  served  by  this'--biill."--.  3-year-old Grade Holstein Cow,  milking  3  monts. and  bred, " ��������������������������� "  4-year-old Grade Holstein, Cow,  fres'h. ������������������  1-year-old   Grade   Holstein   hoifer.  4-year-old Grade Jersey" cow,  .g?J.lJ-_iHg_3___m_onthg^                  'Two   2-year-old: Steers,  fat.  This is -a nice bunch of stock in  very good condition, and being overstocked is the only reason for selling. If in need of cows attend this  sale.  .J-������������������  MAT HASSEN  Auctioneer Armstrong  Vi/il  S^St-SSS^S .'"V--Vv^Vv..    '  When you want the Best  Meats and Service, go to  GEO. R. SHARPE  Wholesale   and   Retail   Butcher  Enderby. B.  C.  Notary Public  Insurance amd General  Agent  JAS. DICKSON  Bell Block Enderby OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 7, 1920  x x t(. a x x x a x ss x a s; s; xax  it CHUaCH   SERVICES it  XXX X SS SS SS SS SS SS SS 55 SS SS SS SS  MirrnoTiiST church  Pastor, Capt. Rev. J.  G. Gibson.1  Sundav   School   at   2.30   p.m..    Bible  LOCAL    GOVERNMENT    BOARD.  T_ie -Provincial   Governxxient   is   inclined   to   establish   a-  local   government   board   for   the   handling   of   all  ouuu...    _ui.;������������������.   ....   u..>.,   j......    "'������������������--  municipal  matters.     This  proposal  is  Class in conduction with the'Sunday i not accei.ted with favor by the muni-,  School.     Persons   who   are   unable  to;   . .       -. <>   _���������������������������      . *���������������������������     .,,���������������������������  attend  the evening service would en-l: cipahties   m    the    Province- for   the  joy   themselves   by * attending ��������������������������� in   the*j reason  tliat thcy see  in it a regular  is  the Presbyterian   political   machine,   the   operation   of  which   might   lead   to   conditions   far  ADDING  TO  THE  OVERHEAD  afternoon.    As  it  Anniversary next Sunday, there wil! j  be no service in the Methodist;  Church.      The    Methodist    Church  new  and  Eii-  yourselvcs. It only comes once a year  is i worse than at present exist in muni-  desirous to express congratulations'cipal affairs. Tn the recommenda-  and fraternal greetings on the Anni-j ..tions submitted by the Enderby  versary Day, and urge all .Methodists' CRv Couilcil to Lhe Municipal Con-  to* attend the Presbyterian Church | - x<���������������������������i,���������������������������., ..,._.  .next Sunday evening. Oct 17th is: vention which meets at Nelson this  Thanksgiving Sunday. On that day | week, the case is well stated,  the Harvest Home of the Methodist-1 instead of setting \\\,  Church will be held. Monday night, cos,.]v l0Cfll govojrn,ment board,  Oct. ISth, a first-class concert will be , j^v suggestg ,-ctaining the -present  given. Refreshments will be served.' - , 7 ��������������������������� .-. ��������������������������� i .., . ,���������������������������..,.,���������������������������  Mark   the   date.      Come    and    enjoy  established -institution and that it" be  Culler   developed   and   improved   by  degrees as the needs require.    "During   the   years' wihich   have   elapsed  since t'he ap-pointment of the Inspector   of   Municipalities,   Mr.   Ba:ird,   a  Ibeglnini'.n'g     'has      lieen  made," it is argued, "and mnich good  work  done towwrdis  the building  up  of   that,  centre    of    inspiration -and-,  j general    usefu'ness,    of    wihich    the  | municipal' life  of the  Province  is so  Jgrea'tly    in.   need.        That     all     this  should 'be set aside, ancl ��������������������������� Mr. Baird's  services   lost   to   the   municipalities,  would ia:ppear  most  unwise   and   regrettable,   a   step   altogether   in   the  wrong   direction."  ST. ANDREWS CHURCH  Minister, Rev. John W. Stott, B.A.  Anniversary   Services:    Morning   at  JJ.;    ev.ening   at   7.30.     Rev.    Lennox,  Fraser, Vernon, will  i:reach.    Sunday j substantial  School   at- 10   a.m..     Monday   evening  at   S   o'clock. ,  Lecture   and   concert.  Doors open at 7.���������������������������'!<);  admission 50c-25c  Want Ads  o  3c a word first insertion', 2c a word each insertion thereafter; 25c minimum char..o; 10c extra  where caih doei not accompany order.  FOR EXCHANGE���������������������������Alberta improved  farms. "We trade everything."  Wittichen's   Limited,   Calgary. "~o7if  One good reason for the high cost  of living is the added cost to. the  overhead of bookkeepers and accountants to keep and make out  records to be forwarded, to the government���������������������������Dominion, Provincial, or  tariff commissions, workman's compensation board, Bradstrcet', Dunn's  and numerous others���������������������������all wishing to  know how much you've got or expect  to have; what you did with it or intend to do with it; what you owe ancl  what others owe you; who you deal  with and where ancl why; how many  dependents you've got and where you  got them, -and why; how much. you  pay out in salaries ancl how much  you have left to pay yourself; what  it cost vou to make it���������������������������really we  could go on a column or two and  then not be finished. I-Tow can a man  expect to have any .income if he can't  stop long enough in answering" qucs-  tionaires to earn it?  In  WANTED���������������������������Customers,   for    milk    inj  Fnderby.     Box   R-., "Commoner. oTtfj  GRINDROD    STORE    SOLD  FOR    SALE���������������������������Fine  grade;     milking;  ' |    An   important   deal   was   made   at  sToSrnf1 sl^Orindrod last week when Harry Tom-  cash.  Box  S.,  Commoner.      o7tf  IN-BOARD Gasoline engine for  sale* for sm-all 'boat;' 2-h.p; Canadian make; in good condition;  price $75.00. W.-alker Press, Enderby.  FOR SALE ��������������������������� High grade Holstein  heifers from 2 to G months old.  Harrv Worth, Trinity Valley,  -Lumby,  P. O. Sep 16-tf  A   ������������������35.00    HOT    T3J_.AS'T    McCLA'RY  . wood-or1 coal   heater,-for   $IS.OO;  Li uic  used   and   in   first-elasv.  con-  '  dition.     A*pply,   Walker   Press   ;  TEAM FOR SALE���������������������������Weight - 2,600 ;  true workers. - J. Mellis, Deep  Creek. .. ��������������������������� s23-tf  mem  GOOD  SPORTING   SHOES  are among the models we offer. If  you want Shoes that are shaped for  comfort and will stand a litt'e' water  ���������������������������hard walking���������������������������or all-round service,  try a  pa.ir of our  If you want a pair for dress wear  or more elaborate occasions, you  can easily lind just the right shoes  a.'iiur.ig the many styles in our varied  .si ocl..  Agents for 20th Century  and Semi-Ready  Enderby Supply Co,  kinspn sold his storc^ property, residence and outpuildings to Messrs.  McCoshland & ' Spence for !?S.000,  practically all cash. The new proprietors hail from Penticton, where  Mr. Spence was manager of the cooperative" store. Mr. McCoshland  is in "the second-hand business in  Penticton, though he lately came'_ to  tlie Okanagan from Peace River,  where he sold extensive land holding's.- It is understood the new proprietors will continue the business  along progressive lines. .Mr. Tomkinson has not decided his future course  of action. He may go to the Coast,  but. the probability is "that he will  stay close to the field where he has  clone so much to help in --boosting the  locality  of  Grindrod.  PRESBYTERIAN        ANNIVERSARY  ��������������������������� The following musical program is  to be given at-the Anniversary Services,  Oct. 10th and  31th:  Sunday���������������������������morning: anthem by the  choir, and solos l_y0.Miss Bortleson  and Mr. Geo. Calder. Evcn;n^: anthem by the choir, ancl solos by Mrs.  Ii.g ancl Mr. Calder.  Monday���������������������������Selections by the orehes-  tra. anthem by the choir, solos by-  Miss Bertleson, Miss Lang, Mr. Calder, Mr. Winter, a chorus by the  girls, and a vocal duet. Mrs. Hendrickson and Mrs. Dill will be the  accompanists. The seventh number  m^th^progranVwilHie-t-ho-ad-verUsecL  lecture by Rev. Lennox Frazer, of  Vernon.  SS SS X SS 5! 55 SS X SS X JS SS 55 SS X X  X    CONCERTS   AND    MEETINGS    SS  55S5S5 55 55 55 555SSSSSSC5555J5X X  To avoid future misunderstandings,  persons desiring special calls for  meetings of any kind: church or society notices, announcements of entertainments, concerts, etc., in tho  local columns of the Commoner, will  kindly note tliat the prevailing rate  for advertisements of this nature���������������������������  purely business locals���������������������������is 15c a line  first insertion, 10c a line ea-ch subsequent insertion. Owing to the prevailing high costs of production, and  of living, a newspaper can no more  give its space to boost other - enterprises free of cost than it^can go to  other enterprises and ask them, to  finance, the newspaper. All any newspaperman asks is Fair. Play. And in  times like these he" must ..have it or  go under. The Commoner is not going to go under.'  Offering Shares  of   Treasury   Stock,; to   the-  residents   of   the   Okanagan  Valley,  the  Company  wishes  to  have  its   Stock held'"by  the subscribers to its service.  SALIENT  FEATURES���������������������������  ^   Better interest returned  than bank deposits.  Earning power of Company will be greatly increased  by additional working capital.  The    Company   has    been    well    and    conservatively  managed.  Increasing demand for service.  The Company's representative, Major P. H. Smith, is now  in the Valley and will be in this district shortly, ln the  meantime, all information desired by prospective investors will be gladly furnished by The Walker Press, Enderby.  Okanagan Telephone Company  A.  B.  GODFREY,  Manager, Vernon,  B.C.  Milk, crushed stone, sand and  ������������������ravel <are the* only commodities  which are exemipt under the 35<^  increase in freight rates from B. C.  points.  . Painters are .busyQon 'the walls of  the King "Edward" Hotel - office and  hallways.  -   CITY  OF. ENDERBY  NOTICE is hereby given' that, under the provisions of the Municipal  Elections Act. Householders and License Holders desiring to have their  nsyixes placed on the Voters' List for  tha-- year 1021. are required to make  a statutory declaration of qualification, which- declaration must be delivered to the clerk of the municipality within two days after it is made,  aiid not. later than 5 (five) o'clock  in the afternoon of the 31st clay of  October, 1920.  Form of declaration can be obtained  at the City  Hall.  leap year pohtrv  T  Wampoie's  Cod Liver  Oil  is essential to the child or.  adult "run down" bv the  summer's heat. Now is the  time to "build up" for the  winter's trying time.  .eeves  Druggist ancl S la I i oner.  ENDERBY *  Some never fail���������������������������others sometimes  fail���������������������������No one always fails. Let us all  try for membership in the first class.  ���������������������������J.   R.   Haycock;  TeM us not in idle jingle,' "marriage is an empty dream;" for the  ..iri is dead that's single, and things  .ire not what they seem. Life is real,  life i������������������ earnest, single blessedness a  fib; "man thou art, lo man return-  eth." has been spoken of the -rib.  Not enjoyment and not sorrow is  o.-r destined end or way, but to act  that each tomorrow finds us nearer  ���������������������������AO'iciing d-ay. Life is long and youth  is Peeling, and our hearts, though  light and gay, still Like pleasant  drums "aro beating wedding marches  all iho day. In the world's-'1 broad  fields of battle, in the bivouac oT  1 iio. be not like dumb driven catt'e  ���������������������������be a heroine, a wife! Trust no  fi.tu.re, howe'er. pleasant; let the  dead past bury its dead;���������������������������act���������������������������act  in the living present, heart within  and hope ahead. Lives of m*anried'  folK-s remind us we can live our  lues as well, and, departing, leave  behind    us   such,   examp'es   as   shall  ���������������������������ti'il"���������������������������such examples that another,  wasting time in idle sport, a forlorn  unmarried, brother seeing, shall take  her.:*t and court. Let us then- be up  and doing, witih a hean-t on triumiph  set;   still   contriving,   still  .pursuing,  and  each  one a husband get.  NOTICE  : I have sold my stock and ��������������������������� business  at Grindrod to Messrs. McCoshland  & Spence. and will not be responsible for any debts contracted in the,  name of the business after this date  H. TOMKINSON.  Grindrod, Oct 1. 1920.   SATURDAY,     OCTOBER     Oth,    1920  PEGGY   HYLAND   in  "A    REBELLIOUS    BRIDE."  "*��������������������������� Prices,   15c   ancl   35c  ���������������������������ftri$!ma$ Presentation Apples for  tbe Old Country  r - .  Wc deliver all charges paid to any part of  Knqland, Scotland and Wales, a box of FANCY  EXPORT APPLES for $5.50. Orders must be re- ���������������������������  ceived by us not later than OCTOBER 18, and  accompanied by express money order or marked  cheque, wilh exchange lidded.  WRITE THE ADDRESS PLAINLY so as to    -  avoid mistakes.  -   OKANAGAN UNITED GROWERS LTD.   *  VERNON, B. C.  Fall & Winter Clothes  We handle the famous STANFIELD Underwear for Men. Our  new stock unpacked this week. Prepare for winter by buying  now when selection is complete.    Remember, these"goods sell fast.  Also a complete line of Rubbers, Boots and Shoes,   Hats/Caps  and Gloves, M the most dependable makes.- .  Gents- Furnishings  E, P. PJJJL  Five Rose* fjowr  Groceries  Try Us wfce a you fcave  Car  Any cz r  An   expert  Motor  Mechanic  ha?  chair,.������������������ of our repair shop,  a sepcialty, and all work absolutely guaranteed..  '.     Agents   for    OVERLAND,    GRAY-   DORT,   CHEVROLET,   McLAUUil-  L1N   and     MAXWELL CARS  and   TRUCKS.  4������������������w. McMfthow & Sow      Ewterhy  The Crooks' Lense  ! At the recent Optometrist Convention at Los Angeles, Dr. Charles  'Shoard    referred    to    the    wonderful  .value   of   tlie   lens   invented   hy   Sir  ! William Crooks, the great British  scientist.    These  lenses  are specially  ���������������������������valuable  in."cutting out the harmful  | ultra  violet  rays."  !     It is-a pleasure for me.to state that  Jl handle Ihese lenses, ancl am prepared to test your eyes and fit them  with the Crooks' lense.  N. A. JCoury  JEWELER'..   AND      OPTOMETRIST  Cliff St.  Enderby  Just Received  A   SHIPMENT   OF   FANCY   CHINA  HAND-PAINTED  There   are   many  beautiful   pieces   in  this lot, every one suitable for a gift.  ���������������������������at���������������������������  WILSON'S  THE   POPULAR   VARIETY  STOKE  Postoffice one door East  ENDERBY,  B.C.  . flower of the  Wheat  igwgfg!^ is_our_ Robin__Hpod_Flour. _ R's wlijte:_  ness is of the winter snow; its purity  is nature's own; its wholesomeness,  fineness and lightness are part of  the grade of grain. Order some from  us and test its merits. Carload just  in!    Prices  lower.  Teece & Son      Phone 48    Hour, Feed & Groceries  KING EPWARP  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  King Wward Hotel    fcJWP*"*      Mwby  /A U'70    .  REPAIR  Leave it to Experts  and avoid all care and responsibility in  the repairing of your auto. That is our  special job an'd we will do it to your  satisfaction and at very reasonable  rates. You can come to our repair shop  and watch us at work on your car if  you like.  RAND'S GARAGE  ENDERBY


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