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Okanagan Commoner Sep 30, 1920

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 'AS  V  i   aj  1920  -V  ���������������������������fl  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  Vol. 1.3, No.  32, Whole No. 678  THURSDAY, SEPT. 30, 1920  Subscription, $!3_a year  WILL  BUILD  AT  ONCE  nndcrhy  Hospital   Board Decides   to  sla)!;  Woik  on   I lieNew  Addi t���������������������������  (ion as Soon as Possible  Last Thursday evening a m*ei.ng  of-the Enderby ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������He? pi tal Board was  hold in the City ilall to hear the report of the l>i:I: ling comm'ttee on  the question of plans and cos4, of the' boxes,  (proposed-   add-on   to   the   hospital  X KNDERBY  NEWS X  XXXXXXXXXXXX X.X XXX  (Roy.:-..J. A. Dow., formerly" Presbyterian minister at Enderby, is now  stationed at Beii'voulin, Okanagan  Lake.  Alterations -in the postoflice.,,'ihav'e*  added   materially   to   the   roonv  and  JOIN   ON   SOLDI Kit   CANDIDATE  United   Fawners   Combine   with   the  G.W.V.A.   'in  .Naming    Colonel  C. TO.  Kdgett as  Candidate  facilitate   approach    to     the   letter.  Indications   are   that -Hhe   co-ming  'by-election  in   Yale   is   going  to be  ihotly contested,  ancl  that  Editor  J.  JA.   MacKelvie,   the Government cam-  Ididate;   will   have   a   "run   for   his  money."     However,   as   tliis   is  just  ,   .,.. ���������������������������     ���������������������������     L. ,   .���������������������������m n.     'Western    superintendent    of    the ]^at",B ineed ed' to .brln gout the best  building.   Mr. Hawkins as chairman .Rank   of   Hamilton    F    E    Kilbert    "uat   s , ...   ������������������,r    ....     .  , _, ... .   .     ,   .  ,   ,,   0<l l   ������������������tM,M[������������������"������������������   r-    Ij-   *vuoeii,|. man1, and as Mr.  MacKelvie  is  ot the committee reported  what had j visited    tlie    Enderbv     branch     last I . ���������������������������   ��������������������������� ._   . .  been  finally agreed  upon.     The ad-  p^J ^^     ^       -   Iabt fan oM campaigner   a good l,������������������ht may  dition   will   be   built   on   the  south-       En,d6rbyite3     who    a,ttended     the!^ ���������������������������* t0 'his kking than a  *a,k"  west corner of the .present building. \Salmon Arm Fair declare it was anj0*!."        .   Fd_Gtt  u   .   voun���������������������������   m,an  It will provide two additional 'wards  r.XCpllent   exhibition   of   the   d.istricts;     VjU1UI1W1    J  ^ TT     ��������������������������� ������������������  . , , , .      , ,exceiient  exiiroiuon   ui   uie   unbiin.it,        ,   served   oversees.     He  is  a  vet  with screened porch;  an extra ,'room ,pr0duce  for. linen   closet,   etc.,   and" wi'l -be  and  served  oversees,  erin-a-ry  surgeon;   and  'Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Dftncan, Mr. 'vernon  is  resident  of  so arranged as to 'be turned into p,an '  isolation   ward   'when   required.  It was estimated tlvatp'the cost of  the addition would ovenrun the  $2,000    on 'hand for  Uie    building,. _  and   the  question  was raised   as to,Davis< mtgored over from Kamloops |didate.  .The  convention, was  called  the    advisa-biH'by    <rf    going    ahead,<���������������������������  s"nd���������������������������   to   *������������������***   thf   da>'   with,*������������������   order   ^  Mr.   R.   J.   Coltart,   as  *=' M iii.n:       r.i.1 tit������������������������������������������������������      t_,.������������������      nr������������������������������������_ :��������������������������������������������� ��������������������������� _i   __ : -__-       #-*p      +l-__^      _���������������������������������������������.-_���������������������������������������������_-__**������������������ f i r\,T*       nr\m~  and   Mrs.   Jno,   McMabon   and   Fred j     sixty-five    United    Farmefr    dele-  Johnson returned from an auto trip ^ ga,tes 'assembled)   at   Penticton   Monto Spokane  this week. \ jday   to  "adopt a  (platform  and   con-  Mr.  and   Mrs.   Horn,,.and  Mrs.  F. "s.der the question of naming a can-  with  the  work until'Spfring.     How- I thei'r sister' M?s- Jas- Martin.' j chairman  of   the   convention    com-  ever, i-t was flnallv decided that Mr. |     /Mrs. Jas. Martin received the sad mittee,. who  cared  for  nominations  Hawkins should see the .manager of' news   of   the   death. of   her   father, for   a   permanent    chairman.  the'Okanaga-n;  Saw  Mills   and  learn j Mr.   D.   Horn,   a   prominent   citizen Makoslde,  wih.ait could- be done in the way of a, and   pioneer   of   Orillia,   Ont.,   last, choice  Mr.  reduction on 'the 'price of lirniibor.  Anot'licli"   mieeting    of   the   Board  Thursday.,  Painting of the bridge at Enderby  -The    .platform-  coin-fined    itself   to  of   Armstrong,   was    the1  cc-m'mittee --wisely  four    important  X XX X XXXX XX XXXX  X ��������������������������� GIUNDROD ��������������������������� X  yxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  ���������������������������A quiet wedding was pe,rforn.*ed  by Rev. Mr. Gretton on Monday, the  27th, when Miss Bower, of England,  27th, ���������������������������wih-eiii', Miss ��������������������������� S. E.-Bower, late  of. 'Sheffield. En0*1., -was 'married to  Mr. II. Halliday, who, it wiill 'be remembered, was , manager of the  Stepney ranch when the war 'broke  out,     and,    wihen    volunteers  BEST  EXHIBIT  IN  VEARS  Fall Fair at ��������������������������� Armstrong'-Proves ������������������ Biji  'Success'in-.Point ol" Exhibits ami  Attendance.  ���������������������������It miust. h^-e been a great 'Satisfaction to the managers of he Armstrong Fall Fair in t'he manner of  support given them ,by the growers  and 'ive stock 'men of the district in  getting together so fine an exhifoi-  were'tion as that of last week. Never in  called for, weht overseas. He was ye?rs to's tihore been such a showing  wounded- in 'battle, and 'it was while of live stock, especially in .point of  in-the hospital that ihe .met his fu-[ quality. 'Some wiho have watched  ture wn'fe, then in 'hospital work in  France.  iShort'y after the wedding ceremony the ihapipy couple drove  to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thos.  Skyrme where a wedding breakfast  was served-. Mir. and Mrs. Halliday  will make their home ifea.r Armstrong, where.Mr." Halliday has one  of the. choicest ifruit orchards on the  Adventist FlaJ.. purchased -through  the S. S. B.  Mr. G| D. McEwen was in Vernon  on business this week.  Miss B. Monk is visiting firiends  in Endenby a fewi days.  flMiss W. Collison of Vernon is  visiting friends   in  Grindrod:.  Mirs.  J.    Smith    of   Vancouver  waT"lie;.d   Tuesda7 evening" of This | is Vivler.way.^ ~The" Provincial PuDlic plamks; - one   favoring  'the   retention       ______  __    _ _____  week   w.hen   Mr. ��������������������������� Hawkins -reported j Works   Department   is   not   slow   to of a protective diuty on fruit to .pre-  visiting her ,fiat,__er, D.  McManus  having -interviewed. M.r.   Marley  and .take  a  suggestion���������������������������if  it  is a  good   ven^ thedum.p'iingof A^^can fruit;     |Misg    M     Pr,itcha|;.d    stayedi    the  had   received   a'ssurpnee   from   'him'ome worth while.'  that the Okanagan Saw Mttls would i ^  Kenneth Stricklan'di was on a few  tie  p'repajred   to ,put "the  lumber   in  day,s v,Jsit to his Endenby homeH*st  for   the'  hospital ^ at   a. .price   that _ week,  from   Mainline   points,   wihere  would   miake  .it  safe  to  proceed   at' ,h     j     emploved -iby   the   C.P.R.   as  .irf*' Canada;   one   demandin-gVegi-sla-  'tion that would require that aU-pjro-  is  week-end with friends in Armstrong.  A movement is on: foot to 'iholdi a  duce  and)   fruits  grown iby  Ctoliiese^g���������������������������^;^  or' Japanese  should   be   so  labeled;   ffla(M||e fpr Ender,by Theatre.  A numiber of friends.paid  a sur-  one .urging the adoption of the prin-  once'. with', the -.work.  - jvr��������������������������� -j,|J-'  t*'s    -  ��������������������������� '' -V;'.\'';'It": was? decided' to have the work'   _���������������������������"_,*  "   -   v   Tc<*nt'irt_-_r__������������������l  *Oift?*i_rfcrt,nl ^iac&   rvrt������������������a1l-iilA ": ,''!������������������>-���������������������������-���������������������������-.  Zegl^r'ZZator   Tnd"-itetton" ciple th^ ^ -6duCaU,?n ,B * "^-"S  Prise^isat 'on'J. ^aG^Tta-t" Sun  telegraph      operator     and      station ^^ an,d| ,th,at  aU  schools  slhoill(J ^^  Wn(1,np, ������������������������������������������������������ ^nmtMW trm(,  ''started-J;a'S'; sbqni iiaJs.-jjpssi'ble,  Weather conditions are now ideal  ���������������������������be' suibsidized   accordingly   by    .the  federal- govenntment;   and   a   fourth-  dajr, spending an endoyable time.  (Mrs. M. Dangle returned holme on  Saturday   from   Vernon,   where." she  the fall fair for many years- declare  the live stock ex'hiibit- this 3rear was  "the>ibest ever." We dio not recall  seeing anything 'better in the .past  twelve  years  or .miore.  The showing of vegetables and  field //fuck was 'up to the average;  the s'howing of fruit below the average, owing, no doubt, to the wet,  ���������������������������coM wea'tlber of the past* three- or  four  weeks.  \ *;The district exhibits of' Deep  Creek (1st) and Grand View Ben.ch  (2nd), were favorably comnnen'ted  uJpon by all. The general arrange-,  menit of both exhibits was similar,  and the vegetables, fruit, grass and  grain ex-hi.b'Ited by each did net  differ *to"any degree. Both showings  were miost creditaiple to the locality.  In the fancy Avork department t'he  wcjrk'-of the ladies showed up better  than usual, and any iprizes wion.were  ���������������������������won' on distinct mierit._        <���������������������������  The -moving of the jpbultjry tbis'  year to the stock barns'enabled the  showing of comirmercial lines of iim~  plements# stoves, churns, washing  machines, automobiles, tractors, etc.,  by'^ocal businessmen and deiilers of  Vernon. The Delco Light people and  imif'-,  and   a>tten*cl,mg  to   the   requirements | o������������������ tbe best.in the Okanagan.    Val-  of the mairse looking to the comfort  of .patients  OJCA&t-GAX IjOOKS GOOp  Geiietal lanugo?' fl������������������M, of tlie |?anl������������������  - of  fTaiiiJlton,   and" Assistant  -tfanagci- Visit Fnderl������������������.v  The Bank of Hamiilton 'iis prepared to build in Ender.by just as  soon as .business warrants it. This  was the statement of Mr. J. P. Bell,  general manager of the bank, wiio,  with Assistant " Manager - Morton,  was driven to Enderby last Friday  by Mr. H. L. rayntqr, local manager of the bank at Kamloops. Mr.  Bell and Mr -Morton are visitng the  Province from the ,'head- office in  "Hamilton; TH^y^"re=^investigatin"g  general conditions in the West, and  pnriculajrly condition^ bearing upon  the bank's  business.  lit was their- filrst trip J-ito the  Okanaigan and they were impressed  by the valuable -acres, they- saw in  crop. Mr. Bell felt more assured  than ever by -what be had seen of  the Valley, and felt confidence in  the bright  future pronvlsing.  /Speaking of local conditions, Mr.  Bell said the fact that a branch had  been established in Enddlnby was indicative of the confidence t'he Baink  of Hamilton felt -in'tho d.istrict. He  'hoped the for a noli would receive  continued encouragement. "We are  here .to stay," said he, "and you  may be sure we will erect a bank  building as soon as the business  grows ..sufficiently, to  warrant .it."  Henry Ford bas announced that  the price of the "Universal Car"- is  to be cut to the prewar price. This  announcement is only the stairt of  price slashing. It is said the action!  of t'he' Ford com(pa;n.y is going to  force down the price of many commodities other than automobiles.  Pete Johnson, working for the  Quesnel Timber & 'TradlLnig Co.,  hanged Ihiimself at a lumber camip,  six miles up the river from Quesiiel  last Thursday.  uable cash prizes are offered in all  departments. All entries close on  the 1st. ,  ��������������������������� The many friends of Mr. and Mrs.  Jas. English, w'ihol'were residents' of  Enderby up to a few years ago, will  regret to learn that their son, Gordon, was at "death's door a 'iiumbelr  of days at the Prince Albert bos-  pital, Red Deer, as the result of an  pleuritic abscess. At last reports, he  was out of danger, and on the way  to recovery.  Patrons of the movie show Saturday might felt t'hat it would cbe a  blessing if somebody iwould repair  that -old machine with a sledge  hammer or steam roller���������������������������anything  that   would   'make   su)re   its     never  iCom i ng-_foac_k Patience-ceases-to_foe  a virtue wihen one bias to sit four  hours to see a show that should be  over in an hour and a half.  ���������������������������  ...     __     _ _..    people  was   held-    wftK   the    convention .of motored to En,cierby for. the ipichire-  Returned Men, when, after adopting-(,show,, .lagt    Saturday    ni;ght    and  of the Okanagan.  Tbe.exlhiibit of work by the school  children, domestic science and .man  ual ���������������������������training."courses especially,, wcin,  a   joint   platform^   when   the   four gpenit   a  vejry -enjoyaib.e  evemiing.   A  planks   dirawn   up    by    the    United gQOd aJicfcure |bufc badly"ipatched  U]p.  ...  Farmers were accepted by the Veter-,     Mi.g_ M   KJle lef(. for fihe Easfc on,'high praise.   a<is, both   Mr.    Copeland    and    Air. Mondav  to  gtay  the  winterV   Later j ~ "  Howe,' whose  names  w^re  to  come M,rs   KiJe bQjpia to come ba,ck ,to'B   H x X X X X X X X X X X XX XX  before  the  United  Farmers  convex c'  aml- make ^ ll(>ine     Many are ^ GJIANPVIEW p^XCff '       X  tion    for   nomination, - withdrew   in s0,rry  to see  her ,go  after so mahy|'K KX1{������������������|(KKKKKKXKHX  favor of Colonel Edgett, the' Soldier y.ears  ^-^^  us  candidate,    w.hose    nomination   was  made unanimous.  pi*_p OF PEART T������������������OVPPF  Mr.   ,J.   W..  Pill   Pioneer   WdsJeoJco  Pusiiicssnian.   Passes   Away   on  Triin at Fernie.  VOV7XG PJSOPJjE'S C|j|7PS  iRov. Capt. Gibbons and bis good  wife have taken great interest in  the young people of Endejrby since  coming bere,- and, between them,-  bave done and aro doing an excellent work, in or������������������aniizi-n<g the girls  in a Pollyann'a Club, the older boys  in the Olympics and the ...younger  boys Jn the Cubs.  These clubs have a membership  of SO or more; they meet weekly,  and a*re shaping up as* educational  and social facto/rs in the life of the  community that-must be recognized.  Capt. Gibbons has secured for the  clubs the use of the Drill Hall, and  there the boys are put through athletic stunts,-"basket ball, etc., that  build   for  better  manhood.  Wihat Enderby needs mote than  anything else, some think, is. a regular athletic association, with gymnasium apparatus, where young and  old could gathejr at least one evening a week and work off on bar  and 'mat any pent-up grouch tbat  may peeve them,. Why not enlarge  upon the Gibbons idea, if it can be  done without endangering the success of _ the clubs now formed ani  doing such good work?  J'tesavs. E. B. and A. Dill "ece;vr?.j  Wuk1_ oil Thursday last of the death  of therr^f^herr=aiKVrr"W7"Dilir=oif  the train near Feirnie, wihile enroute  to Nelson from Toronto to visit bis  sons there, and intending later to  co'm'e to Enderby to visit the boys  here. Mr. Dill Esq. was accompanied by Mrs. DiM. He was in bis  80th year, and but recently recovered,from a" majdr .operation which  was undertaken as1 a last resort to  save his life". On his recovery he  determined to come West to see his  boys, with the intention, if spared  in health, to buy a borne and; spend  his last days in the Okanagan.  The deceased was a pioneejr of  Muskoko, Out., where he was .prominent In .business, ch'urch and Mtx^  sonic circles. He was at one time  memiber -of pariiaiment froin Muskoko, and a man. of philanthropic  nature. "It is tbe intention of Mrs.  Dill to spend some -weeks with iher  sons in Nelson before coming to Enderby. After visiting be-re she. will  return to Toronto to dispose of her  propelrty interests (preparatory to  moving to this section.  l- Interment took place at Nelson,  un'der the Masonic Order.  On F'n.turelay, Oct. 2nd*, the ladies  of tbe Hospitail Auxiliary will receive on behalf of tbe Hospital preserved fruits and jellies. 'please  leave at Mjrs. Dunn's. Mark name  on' jars and thay will be ret i"ned.  XXXXXXXXXXX * XXXX  X HA11A  NEWS X  XXXXxxxxxxxxxXXX  ���������������������������School Inspector l/aw: .paid- the  school a visit on Thursday.  W. Elson came down by Monday's  train from Vernon for a visit.  A small group of Maraites took in  the  Fair at  Armstrong on1 Wednes:  day. >  Mrs. Fieldong's sister arrived from  England last Sunday, bringing with  her Mr. and Mrs. Fielding's thr,ee  children.  Mr. Goodrich, GeoVge Butte|r-  wqfrth and Rupert Davy left by car  for Penticton Sunday as delegates  from Marav local to the U. F.*-B. C.  convention.  -The body of Mrs. Campbell's  uncle, who-succombed to injuries received, from a bull on ber far.ni. last  week, was taken to Vancouver for  burial, accompanied ihy his son ancl  daughter, who came from the Coast  for the purpose.  J. Cavers had the misfortune to  lose his sWre .by fire early, last  Thursday morning. About 4 o'clock  he was awakened by a dense smoke,  and 'had difficulty in escaping by a  window. The store and contents are  a comiplete loss, and, being a newcomer,, just starting in business, the  i.loss is very severely felt.  Enderby is to be 'honored next  week-end by a visit from the Rev.  Alex MacMul!an, D.. D., convenor of  the Church. Praise Comlmittee of the  Presibj'terian Chujrch. Dr. MacMiul-  la-n is one of the editors of the recently, issued Book of Praise,-and is  therefore an authority on the subject. He speaks at the morning service  in  St.   Andrew's  Church.  G. Lidstone 'was a fousimiess visitor  to Armstrong last  week.  ��������������������������� .M'rs." Turner   and    Mrs. "Baldwin  visited   Armstrong   last   week. .  Grandview Bench won second  prize fqr district exhibit at the-- Arm.  stron Fair.  R.   L.   Lidstone,    who    bas   been  taking   in   the   ban-esting    on    vhe  Prairie, -returned home" last Tuesday.  _______A__r_oad -meeting__wasJJ.held_in^.tbe_  school house lasit Friday, night. Mr.  K. C. MacDonald was present and  gave  an  'interesting  address..   -  --Mr. and Mrs. Lawson Stroulger,  Miss' Woods and Mr. and ^Mrs. J.  Tomkinson, motored to Armstrong  last Thursday to see the Fair.  ,Our Local U. F. B. C. held its  regular m'onthly imeeting last Sat-  iifday night. It was decided to send  a delegate to -the quarterly con.ven-_  tion at Vornon the 1st of October,  Mrs. Baldwin being the delegate  chosen. The attendance at this  meeting was very good in. spite of  the rain.  Our Eminently  Sensible  Council  Enderby rejoices in an eminently  sensible City Couimcil. After discussing for an hour a (proposed by-law  imlposin'g restrictions on. the sale of  two-;per-cent beverages, tlie Council  concluded to set the measure aside  until after t'he .provincial refeJren-  d-uinii shall hare been, taken on October ��������������������������� 20th Kelowma Courier.  Famous   Affinities'  Antony and   Cleopatra.  H-Iam and E 'gs.  IRomeo  and   Juliet.  Pork and Beans  ���������������������������Adam and Eve.  Corned Beef and Cabbage.  \ OKANAGAN   COMMONER  THURSDAY, SEPT. 30, 1,920  In which i.-f morsed The Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly  Fiiblishrd every Thursday at Enderby. B.C.,  by Th'.' Walker Press, at  S3 per year; $1.50 six months. ,  H. M.   WALKER  Advertising Kates  "..Contract or  Regular���������������������������- 10c a single-co'-nm-n inch up to  h-'lilto .ji;ig&;  over Ivalf-page, 30c an  inch each insertion.  Tivms-ent  or  irroirular���������������������������" Oc ,*in  inch;   cash to  accompany .uvny- to, insure publication. .. ���������������������������  W.iiii   Ad.s���������������������������2(ic   per  linn  lirst  insertion,   10c per  line  .each j.'.-briGt.uont' .in'ser-tion. Count .0 words to line.      f  Loi:-;ii:.Notices���������������������������'20c'per line;   Local  readers,  10c line.  C;i:'i!'.- Qf Thanks, $1.00.  1.(.?.s;:I   Notices���������������������������15c   per   line   1st   insertion;   10c per  'ine (.Mih subsequent insertion.- ., I ;i  W.i.r.r   Nc,iif-(.-s���������������������������1.10   words   and   uiider,   $10.00;   each   ,.'  ,���������������������������,,   -   ,     ...      .   . .        ,.      ,  ������������������ddMioi.:.l   r.u   v.crds.   S1."0.     Land  Xoiices,   Tim'ber  Li-|,ai:efl   nuo   lus   wlnLer   ol   adversity,   ul.en  censes, C'crUiicates of Improvement. $10.00 for 00 days,   editorial   arrogance  are  being  laid  aside  to  make   way  iii Uic increased cost of newsprint, of printers'  wages, of inks, oi' everything which goes in lhe  making of a newspaper," oilers tliis hint:  "Advertisers can-talk policy, to that editor today and  they will 'be at-tentively listened 'to. The editor knows  that advertisers form! theoone class -who can save his  enterprise from financial disaster, and anything those  advertisers ask in reason tii-ey are going to .get. The  I'lictVhat "already .have disappeared from the field such  op supers as The Toronto Times, The ..Peterborough Review; Tlie Saskatoon Phoenix and "Resin a Post is warning'to -alKaiid sundry that in the midst of journalistic  life we are in dea:Dh, and that lie who would survive  um-! heiu-efori-h pay loss attention to the editorial  sanctum und more to the office of tlie business manor.     When the publisher's sum.mer  of prosperity has  tlie  robes  of  I'm-  days.  THURSDAY. SEPT. 30, 1020  il  amuses one  pression  abovil  the  w  (  for   the   ganmei.ts   of   humility���������������������������thou- is. tiie time   for  adver-iisois  to  drive  o  iiard-time  bargain.     They'll  lose  a  wonderful  opportunity  o.f  they, don't."  We'd like to sec lhe color of ihis person's hair.  He musl have a headgear of feathers.    Anyway,  he ought" to ]jc caged.    He's loo" good a tiling to  , .,        ... .   . .he running at large.   What Murray knows about  to. Iiearlne ol t-repealed  cx-j ncwsp.ipoi.   cc|ilors  jsn������������������t  a  whisper Vo  whal   he  larmer in  politics, and whal j (!ocsnH   know%     Hc   undoubtedly-could   write  a  Holding the Right Course  ve may expect oi him il he gels mo power mjbopk on whal hc lhinks he kno\vs,c.lnd lhc hc  .anada Men \ylio were .ajluivs _������������������ their calingLniiihl bum Ulc ctJilion and write another, bul  :d(.iv Ihey gol imo politics ano worse, than n}1 hc coul(, L oul of u AvouM bc lhc bmy u  nilures-aUer gelling inlo poll lies; ol  whom  we h a    .QO(,   [hi       fo]. CaniK,a   lh;ll  lhci:c ai.������������������  nol  failures-after getting into politics; of \\  hear noihing worlh  wliile in lhe  compiishinent.   will   brazenly   tell  matter of ac-1  tis   fo   beware  good thing for Canada lhal there are not  many men of tiie Murray type al large. There  tire a few. of course, just as there ..are a few ol  of electing fanners lo ihe legisl.ilure because lhe; t'Il0 lv["^ of- edi.or he pictures.    Thev tire so few.  Jan.icr is   lor grc.t.;) govern men l  and   lhere ore, howcVor,   Uial we may laugh  al  his  suggestion  will  pass  no legislalion  that is nol  benchcial  l������������������:.an.} <?.nv wood  Lhe farmer class, wilhoul regard lo the cd'ect the  l '         '  J  v.  II  legislalion may Ivive on other industries and  other classes of workers. ���������������������������Tbis sort of talk is  given willi the object of discrediting Ihc farmer  movement. In fact, however, il does more lo  discrediL-.the man wiio makes it lhan any other  utterance he could make. The average Canadian farmer is about as intelligent as Die average Canadian politician or average Canadian of  any other calling. He is as honest anti trustworthy as any of them and a heap more so-than  some. And on matters of real importance in the  life of (he Dominion we believe Canada, could  trust  a  ^For tbe second lime -this month the price of granulated sugar- wa.-. reduced by tho V-ancouvejr Sugar Refinery, nvaking the price to the retailer $10.50. If  these b'3g ^reductions continue granulated sugar will be  on a prewar 'basis by the end of the year 1950,  My Friend  Several contributions of poetry by local  writers have been contributed lo - the .-'Vernon  News recently wliich are of real merit, and  government of farmers as safely ,as a-command a sccondV reading by-anyone inter-  governmem of lawyers-'or safety-vault _ poli li-jested in lhc fuller development" of thai side of  '������������������������������������������������������;i.'i5-:.p Hv the w;:y, here is an expression by Mr. j character and appreciating whal its growth in a  Copeland, president of lhe= United Farmers, on'community portends, but' here is one, conirib-  thc question of orientals that is abo&ut as conser-.uicd by George Hopping, which deserves more  valive and reasonable as any statement -we have'/than passing'notice. , It" sho wis the hand of an  heard or read by any of our big fellows: n iartist in poetic expression:  Spt-iiking ..i-.ecial'.v of the Chinese and Japanese: ��������������������������� . <-.'  why  are  they' flockiVg  to   this   Pacific  Coast?     For -per-j ' all>   "SfU'-niy, -slim,  .sonal   train,' not  ���������������������������with   any   iclca   of   becoming - Canadian i Some, people laugh a.t -him  eAizeus.  even  if the  way were open" to  t-hem  to  do so. 1Allcl _say th,at "h"e is ������������������wl"���������������������������rd 'ancl uncouth,  They  conic- simply  l'or  finanoi.il  gain,  clubbing tpgeuhor! Blit- if Ule-V 01lly knew lh? truth;  and rc-ta:r.':n-g their habits of thought and life; in other  words, creating a young China or''Japan in our midst  and instead of being oleva.t.ed a,nd ennobl-r-d, towing the  seeds of tiie dog-r-ncrauion cf their oriental life amongst  us as seen in their general lui'bifs and specially _in ith-eir  uiuv  t.:s!C.!-:ard of our Sabbath sacredness a-iiid our laws  ���������������������������:.ov. nnng  "Tlicy  alrc'dy   A-  A'l 'honor  unfolding  are   one   '.  1'.:.-���������������������������     \S'.*-������������������������������������������������������'  tho same. ' ,..  .*ro i'..._ wi'thout keen executive a-bility, and  'k is 'iie.'ng scr..'n in their co-operative work,  to them -for this, but why not use it in the  of   their   own   land   and   people,   where   -they  ���������������������������>.u re  thoug-h-t  and  .nuopo.se.  hey   :/.-::   not   wanted  mo not m  and where already the deep thunder ro'l of coming trouble is clearly h'ar.i by these wiio are carefully listening to tlie  ijuiv'.; :i:-:l seeing  tlie signs of th-e  times.  "Surely it is lvi'-gh time th:at the leg's'ators of our  iar.-i ami all C.ii.-.ulian citizeus should wake up fo the  ���������������������������(-   r.-c:    i ��������������������������� U-re   it   is   loo   late,   and   safeguard   now   the  . nefj  great   land   for   the   Canadian   ancl   his  n'.'   1  : .   i  by  Ctn;:!>:'  par  .   of   C n  :!''i-fn   :v:d   h's children's oh-ildren. ~V  W(. would vidvocate no injustice, but the  full  jirr,ctice  :i   l-fr.le. doing ���������������������������s we would  ":!;e to be done  ."''ally   we  have  no  right  to  monopolize  any  a   or   J.ipanV   Kveu 'in   tlie   nics.-:age  of   tiie i  :-r-ai.   i i -'.-:   is   rn'.y   to   hel|i   unt i-l   they  dy to lead  and- teach  themselves, so we be-   Vernon  ive  no   right   to   the   possess:'.n  of  lnnds  or   P0II1t  ii   liiis   nation   any   more   th:.n   we   have   in  lie is a Kiivg,  I\!y  friend.  Black hair itinged wiith  gray  That Hows in waves t'he way  Thc swells upon'the ocean fall and rise,  And in the brownesss of his-eyes  Tremendous  faith,  My friend,  i ��������������������������� .  Deeply dimpled clvin,  Stranger to  a'l  sin,  Mis character made-up of human love,.  His crooked mouth with scar above,  Se(rve but to mask  My friend'.  Truth is all  the creed  That answers every need  Of his bri glut life, and  would that T may  =A-<^d^i-a_m>___,t.n.d--.fi n o- ;i- m n n - a k -'h e.    he's  be  For he's a  man,  My friend.  i.  able and  i  ic.il    e--I_i!i  li.i-lr'   .  [.'������������������������������������������������������ i'li-i:! I'.' I'i'*1'. In g:''hc>  v,'.'.ii us, by w-iiicii tlu-y may  'n i '���������������������������:��������������������������� ir f' n !:m i ������������������������������������������������������ mi I'linm.  in ;l: i, -I'll:,: hi\ "f';.- n !i!;i 1'c.  of it   for il.    Ori'-ntnl."  Can  any of you  cxiiluin   w'hy it  is that we always get  aro j anyih'ng having to come Ihrough  the customs house at  I Ti or 20 d>ays after receipt of tlie goods at that  ���������������������������  v.hai   help  i'h'v  ran   \\hilo  iho  better In!.)  thomsolves  !iii'"r own  people:   bur our  - tlie Canad;.in a nd  no part.  The Secret of Successful Farming  'I'lli.s is whal a plain farmer said to Farm and  Home, and il contains much wisdom: "Work is  al a premium loday. Farming, is a reasonably  profilnhie business loday if a man works. Look  al   the Chinaman riding in  his-McLaughlin, car.  1!  PROS  metier tlie day is Letter "the cLeei  /���������������������������}'--.'.rrrW.-"   But any'dull day will do  Ijlp^ To pay just a lit tie business hsed  jal^To Wha-fc We Ave Tellind You,.X  118  I he man ���������������������������wko is shy oi ���������������������������   c* ��������������������������� ��������������������������� sl���������������������������.,^  Or* blind, -tohis towns good name^jJ^lS  Is rowind against R-osperity's tide  ������������������  BUY WHERE  YOU    UIVC  m  ^^���������������������������������������������y *^___aatf*������������������*��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� -  rBilSJ*.*"^  ~1  ItSBette?  to FAINT*  r^'^HE- purpose of paint is two-  p fold J��������������������������� it should beautify of  J&- course; but, also, it must fully  pj-otect the surface to which it is  applied. Th-e high' cost of repair-  work has made us all fully realize  the extravagance of letting a building "run down" for lack of a coat of  peirit.  It is-equally important to understand the extravagance involved in  the use of peer paint, and toknow  that there's one paint which leads  all ethers in the matter of economy:  Tr.   ri  "EiiaUsh"  70*^ Pure While Lead  li   M''-��������������������������� i T-������������������.-rr������������������     (E-andrEra's Csiiulr.c S.BO  i-jT'lLk i A..l\ i   30c/r Pure White Zinc  100%- Pure Paint  No other paint can match it in  covering capacity���������������������������no other brand  can equal its record of permanence.  Affording real protection over a  long period, it has removed the false  notion that a house must be*repainted every year. If you use this  "���������������������������pai"nfc*^of^extreme=dur-abilit-y==-your-  house is protected for years.  For Sale by,  FULTON   HARDWARE  CO,  Enderby, 13. C.  _LjfMw^M������������������^iiUj*^>^.uj_ius*j^iajj__u.'u.^i.:_n      kj    " WM������������������imwii������������������' wv . il.ih.mb wsmw  ' t***wr������������������na^y*������������������wwi_lit^.ib_J^<.^.^.UU3^J?-^lJ^l*^^^X.^  MONTnCAU MALirAX Cl.JOHN T&PCN^O      " WIMNIPCtt  MEDICINE  HAT CW.CARV KdmOnTON VAMCOUVKW  ������������������^r.VK!������������������.uf t'&TmXZJXK^-'J'SXTx^tiBiMrsrit-i.mt-Trm'Jvuim  V  /-  Hon.  ('���������������������������.���������������������������iiit.,'  Ijo'ritk'ii  (���������������������������r.ircVii:  :u.   tlio  li    111.'    ol  in..'.--or.; o  ���������������������������ngu of <S-I  ,!:ii  ' Vi  years.  him.   We will not associate]  him as' our eijunl. but* he j  rrovincc aiui one of uhe nmst ���������������������������<mi-i has lhal car because he slaved in the fields early  !.oi:n. died .suddenly .on Ropt. l Stli, i morning and Into al night while you and I "were  Rol.oi'i    lioitvon,    rormor    preniif. r" of    lii-iti^li j Vou and 1 do nol  like  ..*:'..<��������������������������� .!"'���������������������������-:''>���������������������������   S1   y.. m'.s  a   le:idi'i.^   lim^-r.   in   the-Wiill   him   HOI*   regard  fr:  A Bright Idea -  ! 11.-  n:il!it'(  .���������������������������'.da,   v  ?.'������������������;  \\A  mlo  pai-eiacc<t  r.y.x bree Pre::-s tells ol a. person  Murray, ojieraiing in Iv-islern Can-  as acliieved'notoriety of late by his  attempts to corrupt lhe. Canadian  JVInrrny's 'oright idea is. lhat advertisers should dictate editorial policy; when llie  edilor refuses to come to heel, lhe advertising  conlracls are to he -withheld until such time as  he is prepared to "write to order." Thoplan is  simViVV itseU': Mr. Murray spent considerable  eli'ort propagating it some months ago (with no  success il is Io bo noted), and he is now back on  the job. Mr. Murray writes a letter, indeed, he  has wriHen several Vllers,  lo advertising agents  :inii   mam  Uers.   in   wliich.  after  ciling   (he  difTi-  resling. Secretly within our hearts we_ admire  lhat Chinaman.because we know lhal his wealth  and his car has been the direct outcome of hard  work. We do not cheer him on or pass a resolution at our public meeting approving ol' his-effort. He did not talk poli tics nor Vvritc letters  to  the press, finding.-fault���������������������������he just worked, .and  so his  il.  jor has been rewarded  "Women are ki'ling more men than ever 'before, and  som-cbody wants to know if the world is. getting 'better  (jj:- thc  women  aro shooting, str-aigh-ter  The   reason   wo   -Irave   such   iboini'titf.ul   crops   in   the  Okanaigan   is  that   so   m-ainy   men   andi  women/ are  .pre  pared to take their :place in the sun.  ,    "Have   any   of  our   reade'-s   ever  seen   a   bow-legged  girl   in   a  bathing  suit?"  asks  an   exchange.     It  cawn't  culliis newspaper publishers are having to meet, be did.  Suggest ions  When  you  buy  canned  goods 'be sure you get the best,  have tliem, and our prices are right.  We  KOAST BEEF  _SAR.1>IXES  SOUPS  CANNED  FRUITS  t_=  SA'LMOX  CORNED   KEEP  PEAS  AND CORN  TOMATOES ,*.*'-.���������������������������  JAAJS - -.���������������������������.'������������������������������������������������������  EVERYTHING   TO   MAKE   HOUSE-IvEEPl^G EASY.  Wre keep a good line qf FRESH FRUIT-AND   VEGETABLES.  D U N.C A N  BROS,        Enderby's Quality Store  $.3 pays for the Commoner y���������������������������  You get the home news in the home paper.    Keep in  touch with the doings of town and district. 4  THURSDAY, SEPT. 30. 1,920  OKANAGAN COMMONER  The Tearful Toad  -1 met a weeping toad today,  And: 'bitter were his woes,  I paused a moment onr my- way,"  As tears coursed, d-owr lvis nose.  "Oh, tell me, toad," quotih I, "I pray.  Why art so 1'ach.rijTiose?"  "I can't rest-pain 'tihe acrid tear."  Sobbed  he  with   streaming chops,  "For bankruptcy's .my lot, 1 'fear,  Despite the -best o'r crops,  For since there is no-sale i'or .beer  I cannot sell -my' .hops."  ���������������������������J.   K.   Bangs, An  Life..  Forty-Eight Years in "Canada's Western Empire  99  p----R'aipe is a splendid' green yep for  hog pasture. It may be sowuu thickly -in- rows at the rate of about 3 lbs  per 'acre. If sown at success'ivo intervals a continuous supply of green  pasture may be. provided all "sum  mer.  COXTi.OJj   OF   SWAKMIXG.  It is lMi'mored that a Toronto syn-  diicato ihas purclvased -ai large slice  of the Car!in property, but theiKj is  n'otliinlg tangible to foe yeen to su.b-  Btan-t/i.ate the rumor.  ;A spiineless farmer never hobnobs  with a weedless farm.. =  Regulation Army  Blankets for Sale  Delivered to any express station  " or Postoffice "in British  Columbia"  An allotment of the surplus stock  of Army- Blankets ordered for-the  Impelriial and ,Canadian Army forces,  and of. Naval Hammocks ordered-for  transport service, has been "secured  and is now offered for sale in B.C:  The blank'ets and 'hamimocks "are-in  first-class ' conditionl and are excep-  .'tiorial ib'argains at .the prices- quoted.  . .Delivered3 to any point in ll.C.    '  *   To -ensure Mie, "Widest.-possible <I_s-  tfiibutton   arrangements    have - been  made forthe delivery of Jthe. supplies.  : iby, parcel post or-express. AH orders  ��������������������������� must.be accompanied .Oy, Money Order   or - Exipress   QrdeJr   (payab'e   to  "Army   Sup.plies")..      Give'.name  of  'both. Postoffice and  Express Station.  Trires Jnclmle Pelivery Clwge  "ilmipG'r.ial 'Service ��������������������������� Blamkets in  .brown, light grey and light blrown,  about 60x90 iin.; weight 'about 4 to  4Vj  lbs.  ,$ff.35 cjicIi.  Selected Canadian Service Blankets,-in grey, plain "or witlv red,or  black striip'e; ''albout 60x90 in; weight  about 4 J/{.  lbs;  J>������������������0.50~eacli.    ���������������������������  -Canadian Service        Blankets;  weight aibout 4 to 4 y> lbs; same  colors as -selected grade above;  JH.������������������5 each. ������������������  (Mixed Grade pianvkeits���������������������������all good  quality, at wonderful value; $3.73  ami $4.25 each.  Naval Hannmiocks���������������������������Genuine Flax;  complete; will last a( life-time; 1st  gtr'ade $5.75;   2nd grade $4-75.  .Special price on orders for 50 or  more in one shipment.  As the "prices at w-liic'h these supplies are offered is exceptionally low,  readers    of   the   Commoner    slhould  -place���������������������������'theiiii^=5-'orders-i=-at===oiice?======All-  cirders  are to be addressed to���������������������������:  Pepartment 7,  566   Richards  St.  Army Supplies  .Vancouver, B.C.  BEEVES  W.M.  A.F.&A.M*  Enderby liodffe No. 40  Regular ' meetings firs!  Thursday on or lifter the  full moon i������������������t 8 p. m. In Masonic Hall. Visitinpr  brethren cordially invited  C. ��������������������������������������������� REEVES  Secretary  - Swarmimig ils the bees' natural  method of-increase, audi the irtsthict  to swarm is particularly strong under the extremely favourable conditions for bee activity, of the Canadian   spring and isuinmer. "  T:he uncentiainty of swarming, the  loss of 'honey folMowing the division  of the workim- .force of tlhe colony.!  (tiho possibility, of swarms escaping,  and, the difficulty , in preventing  swiarrning in many parts of Canada  with'out considerable; labour, all  make the control, of swarmiing quite  the greatest problem iin bee 'management.  To encourage work " in the hive  and! to discouraige .the desire to  swarm, plenty of room, both dn the  broodi ehiaimib(Jn and in .he buper,  and large entrances slhould be given  to all .colonies as soon as conditions  are favourable; but th'ese measures  wilM-not always be enough to. prevent swarnrinig in many jp.la.ces especially "in the north-.  If" the apiary can be watched all  day, it is a good plan to clip the  queen's wings at fruit" bloom time.  When tihe colony swarms, iremove the  hlive to a new-stand* and place on the  old stand an empty hiive, to. which  the swarm wiill return, the queen  Waving been meanwhile picked up  and placed in a cage in the new hive.  The J field bees will! join "the swarm  and the. parent colony -jvill. be so  muc;h weakened by their loss that  it is not likely" to swkrm agaiin. : V  Where the . apiary ". cannot r be  watched.," the pTian of 'preventing,  swarming by examining every brood  oomb .in every colony every weak,  and destroying all tlhe-queen cells  Js very laborious and not always effective.1 A simpler ppan is to remove  the queen- at .the beginraing of the  Clover lh*oin.ey flow and eigiht or nlinie  days later, destroy all the queen  cells except one, or' destroy al!l- and  give a ripe cell of sefect parentage.  In this w'ay a young queen is obtained! wihich. wiill not swarm and,  besides, will be more prolific in the  Call and next year than t'he old queen  and will be less likeO-y to swarm next!  year. This ipj'am." 'however, causes a  certain amount of loafing, until tihe  new queen slbarts laying. This loafing can, be much  reduced by intro-  FORTY EIGHT YEARS AQO  Colonel John.S. Dennis, C. M. Gf,  rho . rode the plains of Alberta,  laskatchewan and Manitoba 48_years  igo, when Indians and buffalo.were  plentiful, knows more about - "Cafi-  ida'sA Western Empire" - than . any  ~i������������������ther man. He killed and ate the  buffalo, narrowly escaped being  scalped by Indians oh at least one  occasion, suggested and built in  Alberta the largest Irrigation -sys-  -tem in North America, -recruited  thousands of British and Canadians  In the'Untted States during the recent war anti not.only Volunteered  for but saw service with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in7Siberia.  Now  the ' four^ western   provinces  of    Canada ; have a population    of  Rockies    and  reservations.  the' Indians, are on  There are nearly 20,-  000 miles of railway iii the ' foui;  provinces, or one .mile tort "each 125  persons and of 225,000,000 acres of  good agricultural land, but 35,000,-  000 acres ere at present occupied  and cultivated- Of the balance,-190,-  OOQ.OOO acres, some 30,000,000 acres  He within fifteen miles of these railway lines waiting for sett? ers.  "Think of it," says Col. Dennis, "and  the world crying out' for food." His  view is that while Canada has won  a standing among the nations by her  work" in the recent war so that today- the name "Canadian" is recognized, as.;distinguishing a. citizen  of a-progressive and virile cuntry;  8,500.000, the buffalo are"to be found I Canada's share in the great struggle  Wtfy   In   parks   In   tho   Canadian Ihas involved her in financial obliga-i  tions  which  can only be  met and.  discharged by increasing her population    and    developing    her    vast  natural   " resources     which,     while-  ample security for many times her ���������������������������  war debt,- must be made _ .oductiv������������������J"-  of wealth through development. -  Between    1905   and. 1914    about  2,500,000 - people   settled in Canada,  the largest" proportion in the  four.'  western provinces.   They left Great"  Britain, the United States and other.  countries .for their new home, and -  Col.   Dennis   believea   that / 500,000,  each   year   may,  follow   them   until-  these . provinces . have a total popu- ,  lation" of 10,000,000. -Canada, he fur*  ther believes, "is- destined to be _"th������������������ --.  keystone in the.arch of the British ',  Empire," ?���������������������������_. ._-."..   ��������������������������� ,.   r- >���������������������������,. a'. .-:���������������������������{'  .VV  _V-ij_l  What About ft, Indies?  "We often thinkwc arc'neglected and say our  husbands clo pot care for our company, when it  is really our own fault," writes a,wife and  jno Iher in Farm and Home. And then she gives  this good advice:  "\vhcn Sve-werc^ girls, do you remember how  wc used to dress in pur prettiest things and put  a rose in our hair and do it up so nice and look  our prettiest to draw our. young man's attention?  'Wc would meet him with ������������������ bright smile and  ] make things as pleasant for him as we could. Of  course, how could he help loving us when wc  were so winning?-  "Hojy many ol" us now" meet our dear husbands 'with ,a smile when he comes in to dinner,  ducing a ,nipe queen cell at 'the time \ tU'Ccl  an<*  )^n^y. -but,   instead,   scold, him   for.  this c������������������niing with  muddy boots  and   causing morc  work, and scold  the  children  for being in   lhc.it anv more than papa docs and.will seek pleas  ENDERBY   W)PGE  No. 35. K. of P.  Meets 1st A 3rd Monday eve  in Masonic Hall.   Vlsitcfracordially invited to attend.  E. G. GRA-Y. C. C  H. M. WALKBB. K. R. S  .. R. J. COLTART. M.P.  EUREKA LODGE NO 50  J  O. O. F.  Meets every Tuesday evening at 8  o'clock.   Visiting brothers cordially  invited.  W. E. Duncan, N.G.  JD..K. Glen, V. G.  H. A. Teece, Sec.  ^C. SKALIIMG, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  -,  Bell Blk. Enderby, B,C.  the qiieen is removed, and if  is done early enough before  preparations for swarmiing have been  started, the bees are unlikeTiyto  -build^further-=queen=cellsf==AV-heref  however, one prefers to use .the  surer method, only those colonies  that are actually -preparing to  swarm should be treated, and some  means for quickly ascertaining if a  colony is building queen-cells in  preparation for swarming should, be  employed!. One of the best of these  is to have 'the brood nest occupy  two chambers, and then by prying  up the upper chamber,.one can see  at a glance af the queen cells are being buil|t along the lower edge 'of  the combs in this chamiber.  In m'any parts- of southern On-  .tarJo, southern Quebec and simiilar  regions the desire .to swarm is  strong only during the first two or  three weeks df the honey"flow from  clover, and. the separation of queen  and brood by a queen excluder, the  queen- being put into a '-'.ower Chamber containing omly empty eomibs  and foundation, imlay be enough to  tide the. colony over this period-. Another good plan that imiay ibe enough  to prevent swarmiinlg in< tlhis region  is to use two brood chambers and  confine the queen' to the lower one  early in the 'honey flow, at whiich  time tlhe combs -in. this chiaaniber  usually contain a large munvber of  empty   cells.  .���������������������������  F.   Ws.   L.   Sladen,  with a bright smile and some bright words of  cheer, so he will forget that he is tired aihd pick  up the baby pr help with getting dinner oh "the  table.  "And you will.make him the happiest_man in  the world". Wc do not always need to be told wc  are loved. J^ct him sec by our cheery .ways that.  we lov'; him. and he will "meet us more than half  .way.   rhavc tried it out myself and so I kriovr.  "Do not worry over thc work; if you cannot  get' everything done lel.it go undone. Do riot.tirc  yourself scrubbing so that you feel cross-   ; ���������������������������'_"  "Jfte will think more of a bright smile than a  clean floor.   Jusl try it oilt,and see for yourself....  "Wjiat is the use of living if we do not get all&.  out of life that there is in it for us?   ft is there if  wc-only"dig for it.  "If. everything has to bc 'exactly right and  straight and jio litter around, children do hot like  Experience teaches a dear school  but she never lacks /for pupils on the  fiarm!.  way when wc could make them useful by getlingiire"elsewhere.   We often drive our children and  them to help get dinner, for papa, and greet' him husbands away with our strict ways."  ^^^MCE^vil���������������������������  When you want the J3est  Meats and Service, go to  GEO. R. SHABPE  Wholesale  and   Retail   Bulcher  Enclerby, B. C.  W. A. RUSSELL  CONTRACTOR   &   BUILDER  House builiding and b������������������rn framing.  Phone 82 and get a .price oh your  requiirememts. Building . materials  below-market "price.  Concrete rndxer to rent;  also floor  scraper and poMsher.  Notary Public  Insurance and Ge-nertal Agent  JAS. DICKSON  Bell Block Enderby  C    O    M    E      T    0  Penticton Exhibition  October   6th   &   7th  Fruit & Vegetable Section  $750*00 in Prizes and onc Challenge Cup  Stock Section  $650.00 in Prizes and two Challenge Cups  Women's Section  $150.00 in Prizes  Schoo) Section  $100.00 in Prizes  J3aby Clinic  In  charge of thc Women's'"Institute.  Enquire of- local agent for   rales.  Prize Lists and entry form s mailed on application.-  Entries  close  1st  October.  T^H. WILSON  4 Secretary, Penticton, B.C.  Thc man wilh a new idea is a crank until theidca succeeds. OKANAGAN COMMONER  TKURSDAy, SEPT. 30, 1920  mr  sr  \4    sr  sr   mr  sr  mr  mr  sr  st  *> jS -i", sS  st   st   st  st  sS  st  ������������������������������������������������������������������������  S< CHURCH   SERVICES  CIVIC   IMPROVEMENT  sr   sr   sr   ,._   Sf    _r   .5   sr   ;f;   sr   sr   sr   sr   sr   jr    k; , Ml JJ'gCSt I Oil S  iS   st   4t   st   J"������������������  ST.  ANDREWS CHURCH j  Minister, Rev. John.W. Stott, B.A.  Morning  at   11:, "Church -Prai.se," j  Dr.  MacMullan;   evening  at  7,   "Our:  is   to   Better   Methods.  Proposed     by     Enderby     City  Council for Convention  After   plac-ing   itse'f  on  .record   in  Source, o'f Comfort-and  Cheer." Sun- ; Su..>pc<rt   of   certain  reeonnniendation'S  INCREASED   PHONE   DEMANDS  JWhat the Growth of the ATalloy Has  A.   Been in Past Year as Indicated  ,.     by   Increase-.in" Telephones  day   School  ii   p.111'.  at   10   a.m.;   Hiillear  at  Possibly  the  best  evidence, of  t'he  rapid  development of  the Okanagan  Ml-.TJIOIMST CIU'RCIIJ*  Pastor, ('apt. Rev. J. G. "Gibson.  Sunday School at -2.30 -p.m. .DiVe  Cass in conjunction wi'ih Sunday  School, leader Mr. Teeee. Divine  sf-rvic- in ihe oven.i.iig at 7.M0:..' .siih-  jed, The second-series of "A Triune  View." Soloist, of the evening,. Mis*  liunleson, oi" Fur gus Falls Methods..!   Church,   I'.S.A. ,    \  Want  which came -from Revelstoke City j Valley in the past'year can be found  Council, and which" are to go before | in the large increase in the nu-miber  the annual convention of B. C.|0f telephones wliich are now in use  .Municipalises to bo held at Nelson j in the Okamagan Company'.; system,  on the fith, 7th and St.li of October,, This growth is not confined to any  Iv'Tderby City 'Countil makes -these \ one -locality, .but is general over the  suggestions, which will be heard in'entire system, with the largest  conjunction: with the recommenda-l number, or cousro, at Vernon and  tioii3 along similar lines Jroni llov- j Kelowna, with IVnticton- a close  elstoke; j third.     And   this   increase   has   not  In   the   matter   or   local   improve-j been   anything   like   what   it   would  ments   -it   'is    suggested     that     this j'havc been  if-the telephone company  -should   be   made possible  on   the   initiative of thc property owners inter-  Jested and  mainly   at   their   expense,  3c a word first insertion, 2u a word, each in!=er- ',   ...       ,. ,    " .        -        ...  tion thereafter:   25c minimum chariro:    10c extra , tll!S   tell dung     tO     promote     emulation  whore cash docs not accompany order. = bet-WCeil      different      Sections     Of     the  YOTXcTpTg^^ 'in     thG     improvement  "on weeks old; from $7 to $9. de-Ja-nd beautifying of their (respective  livered in Enderby. Apply, R. W.j localities with-uit unduly burdening  Large,   Hupel,   B.C. s22-2c '.general  taxation.     To 'insist  on  sub-  VJJJJTJJ   JJJJJTm       -.-  , '-,     JJJV ,     .     m'itting all such schemes to the vote  FOR   SALE���������������������������High   grade   Holstein, " -  heifers-from 2 to G months old.;01 Ule rate-payers at large would be  Harry     Worth,    ^Trinity     Valley,' to   retard   development   a.nd   discour-  ���������������������������Lumby,  P. O.  Sep 1 G-tt'  A" $:i.r..00 I-IOT ������������������LAST McCLARV  ���������������������������wood or coal heater, for $18.00:  Little used and in first-class con-  diLion.-   Apply,   Walker   Press  .   TEAM FOR SALE���������������������������Weight 2,C00;  true workers. J. Mollis, Deep  Creek. s23-tf  .'r'V^^  is^ssi^Typs^ A^s^y, m  sa y  GOOD  SPORTING  SHOES  are among  the" models  we. offer/    If,  you  want'Shoes that are shaped  for  comfort and w-ill stand a little water  ���������������������������har.d    walking���������������������������or   all-round   service,  try a pair of our ^  SATISFACTORY SHOES  If you  want a .pair for dress wear  or   more   elaborate . occasions,    you !  age civic pride and  enterprise.  A recommendation from Revelstoke,.: council urges the classification of ���������������������������..mainieiipalities, with a * separate Municipal Act comiplefe in itself for each class. This recommendation is endorsed by Endejnby.  as" its adoption "would clarify  municipal administration in a way  that nothing else could, enabling thc  smaller municipalities to carry on  their-affairs much more easily and  intel/igeii'tly than is possible under  the one  general  Act."  (Another ireconnmendation is made  iby Enderby wiith rcgaird to education  i which was first proposed by this city  but is now becoming the popular  view.. It maintains that as municipalities do not keep u.p the ,pu:blic  and" hi git schools merely for the  benefit of the people living within  iheir own areas,, but for the 'bone/it  of Canada at largo, therefore education is essentially a national 'matter  | ancl E'hould be substsiiiitiially subsidized by the Dom/nwon Government.  This pvinci'ple lias already been 'admitted in tihe grants made .for agricultural teaching,' and there is no  good reason why its " application  should not be extended.-  A ihl'rdi important '.recommen.da-  t'ion made by Endeirby urges the es-  'Agents for 20th Century  and Semi-Ready  .  JLnderhy Supply Co,  Wampqle's  Cod Liver  Oil  is essential  to  the child or  summer's heat. Now is the  time to ''-'build up" for the  winter's hying time.  A  could .have supplied the equir-inout  required to take care of the new  ���������������������������business offering. QBut il -has been  impoE'Si'ble to get the phones and  .other equipment fast enough; nor is  the company prepared today to take  care of the new installations as rapidly as they are demanded.  District Manager A. 13. Godfrey,  of;' the Telephone Company was in-  Enderby last week, after a trip to  the Coast, where he went into thc  matter of increased equipment with  the company iheads and the Nor.thern  Electric su'P.'Ply company. So urgent  are the requirements, that Mr. Godfrey was given a free -hand to push'  work oil a fifty-foot addition to be  erected in connection with the central oflice at Vernon,, to make, room  for a new switchboard to rep'-ace  that at presfent in service, ancl wihich  has be em1 completely outgrown.  It is going to cost a big sum of  money to increase the equipment,  build the new oflice, and extend the  company's lines to open up the new.  territory look'ing for telephone conveniences, and to find this money-the  com.pany will increase the slock circulation���������������������������let-in new shareholders.  With this object in view, a block of  chares will b-e offered in the Okanagan Learly in October���������������������������shaires -that  are paying S .per cent -dividends annually. a--  can "easily  find   just  the  right shoes  amor..g the many styles in our- varied J tablishment of some sort of advisory  stock. jco-o,Tdiiiating,'  standardizing   author  ity, to. whom, the municipalities can  ���������������������������at''any time turn for technical information and assistance. "If we persist in going "forward to meet the  ���������������������������problems awl responsibilities of ad-  m.iiistrat-ion .in the spirit of oppo'-r-1  tunism, dealing with them in the  mere 'light of nature' and in disregard or the vast body ot knowledge  already  l^RXCI]  VIEWERS CASK  A.ppeals from' the decision of the  Fence Viewers .Court are seldom  taken to the -higher c.O'iirt,and in the  matter of the decision of the Fence  Viewers in connection w-ith certain  water which0 was -r-unningpover -land  belonging to .Messrs. Bell, and others  and which, was until recently embraced in the farms of.Messrs. Clvna  and Geo. Little and Mr. Bell,-Mara,  there would have -been the makings  jof an i.n-te'reS't-ing case had Judge  I Swanson decided the case on its  imer-its when it was 'before him at  Vernon last Thursday. The appeal  of Mir. Bell against the decision of  the Fence Yjiewers was. however,  dismissed   on   a   technica-'-ity,   Judge  an  gained,   -in  certaii  result  in   waste  of   effort,   loss,   con  Swanson   holding   that   the  -A'ct   re-  experience    already    gained   an;     .r03 thflJ.  all .parUes .interested  in  this  important field, it is certain  to;^  1&nd   involved  ,sh,all   be  notified  in case of an appeal, -and that in this  case the plaintiff cr bhe iregisirar did  I iiot 'notify the Soldiers' Settlement  Board, therefore -the case could" mot  be-he.ird_._ _and_.__the_ a-in?_9jil___W|������������������i3   d-is-  (rovorsy   and   dissatisfaction'  most serious kind."  of-  the ���������������������������  Public  Auction  LIVE STOCK  D.  TT.  mussed.  KEGiSTKY   ACT  eeves  !.;  Dru.ygi.sl tnxd Slalioner.  r_Ni)i-:i.nY  Re  an   undivided   half  interest   in  Legal   Subdivision    15    and    part   of  to_ sell j Log-,] Subdivisions 9, 10, 16, Section  I.:iij-:'s . 27. and part of Legal Subdivisions 1  0,1 jand 8 and part of South-east >/,, Sec-  ! tion    34,     Township   IS,      Range   0  T   am     instructed     by   Mr  >rri.-   and   Mr.   F.   10.   Links  by  PCBLIC AUCTION, ai   Mi  farm,   2   miles  north   of  Enderby  M'sra Road, on-���������������������������  THURSDAY.  OCT.   TMi. ::i   t.:iil  p.m. j-west   of   Gth   Meridian,   Province   of  i-vnn.-.oicl  Grade Shorthofni  liolfer' lii'itiBli   Columbia,   save   and   except  -year-  duo  to calve early Spring.  part  ,     J-vear-oId  grado  Shorthorn  heifer! tion   27,     Tow.ris-hip   IS,     Range   9,  I duo to calve  early s-iirinw. I wc-rt   of   Gth   Meridian,   Province   oi  J      9-year-old.        grade        Shorthorn-! British   Columbia  I Horc.i'ordJ Cow,   fresh  TI^ESH-STOCK  GOOD 'VARIETY  WILSON'S  THE    POPL'L.Ut    \AI.JETV  STORE  Postoffice  one door  East  ENDERBY.  B.C. ���������������������������_  il' your eyes (rouble you, let  jne Lesl them. 1 hsivc every ap-  .plianec* for doing so. and will  ^uamiUt'c every fit oT glasses  iiitKiC, iiv me. il nl'lev wearing  my glasses 15 days you are not >^)������������������'S'03_ months.  Cow,  year-old   Grade   Sho! thorn  miking,   due   3rd- IJcceniboi.  9-year-old     Grade     Jersey  milking, due  27th  Fob.ni.iry.  7-year-old   Grade   Rhorihorn  milking,   due   11-tTi   March.  3-year-old Red Poll Cow, milking,  fine  29th   March.  -"-year-old Registered Ayrshire  Bull, "Lakevicw Lucky 'Sandy,''  ���������������������������IC9GO, from the ���������������������������ranch of Messrs.  Stack, Calgary, All bred cows have  been  served   by  this bull.  3-year-old Grade Holstein Cow,  milking  3   monls. .and   bred.  4-year-old Grade Holstein, Cow,  fresh.  1-year-old   Grade   Holstein   heifer.  ���������������������������'-.-year-old      Grade     Jersey     cow,  ,     Whereas   proof   of   loss   of   cerlifi-  Cow. irate   of. title   Xo.   17119a   issued   to  I Pairlck  II  .Murphy ancl covering the  Cow,; above land  has been  filed in this office.        ������������������  Notice is hereby given that at the  expiration of onc mion-th from- the  first publication .hereof, I shall issue  a duplicate of the said certificate of  Title unless in the meantime valid  objection hereto be m-ade to me in  writing. *  Dated- at the Land Registry Office, Kamloops, B. C, 'this 13th day  of September, A. D., 1920.  I-I. V.  CRAIG,  S.16-5t District Registrar.  satisfied.   1  money b.acl  will  give  ,vo   2-vear-okl   Steers,  fat.  %0  JEWELER  Cliff   St.  you   your:     j^\s  js .a  nice bunch  of stock   in  | very good condition, and .being over-  . Koury j;naf-.  :VND      OPTOMETRIST j    . MAT   HASSEN  Enderby Auctioneer Armstrong  i stocked   is  If  in  the  only  reason  for sell-  need   of  cows attend   this  a XOTTCE    .  To W'hom  it May Concern:  After this date I w.ili not be responsible for any debts conitnaeted  in my name, or charged against  any member of -my .fawily, unless  goods aro supplied on wiri'tten or-  cler froni' me.  W.   H.   GOLIGHTLY.  Enderby,   B.C.,   Sept.   23,   1920.  s23-4p*  We have a number of 6-hoie  McClary Ranges  yet in stock that we can sell you at last February's prices. Get  yoiu; range now before thcy go.  "'���������������������������Heating Stoves and McClary's Pipeless Furnaces in stock.  Our stock of Crockery is the  best ever shown in Enderby.  Dinner Sets, $22.00 to $35.00.   c     .    ,  Present assortment of Fancy  China.  Large slock of Saws, Axes,  Wedges, Saw' Sets, and all logging tools, just arrived.  Paints and Oils for all purposes.  -- Lime, Plaster and Cement;   Window Sash and Doors, Window Glass,'Roofing and Building Papers; Builders' Hardware.  -Plumbing.  Heating  and  Tinsmilhing.  Phone or mail your orders lo us.   ��������������������������� * :_.,  Plumbing  Heating Tinsmithing  ENDERBY, B. C.  "ESTABLISHED 1872  M.  mi  WINNIPEG  OKFICE:  TBE   DOMINION   GOVERN-  ment is ma kin's special efforts  this year to stimulate agriculture throughout Canada. Thc  Bank of Hamilton..:.' will do  evtryhing possible to help thc  Govc?;nmcnt by its favorable al"  tituclc towards" all legitimate re-"  quiremcnls.  BAI^DFHAMSLTQN  JXO. SMAKT,   l^ocal Manager  EXHERUV,  B. C.  E^*S������������������_CS-3_SS?<  inter Clothes  We handle the famous STANFIELD Underwear for Men. Our  new-stock unpacked this week. Prepare for winter = by buying  now when selection is complete.,. Remember, these goods sell fast.3  Also a complete line "of Rubbers, Boots and Shoes,   Hats, Caos  and Gloves, of* the most dependable makes.   ^        - .  e. -B.- mix.  Gents' Furnishings  Five Roses Flour  Groceries  Try Us wheq yow Jiave  Car Trouble  An   expert  Motor  Mechanic  ha*?  cha-rge o-f our. repair shop.     Any car  a sepcialty,  and  all work absolutely  guara-nteed...  Agents   for    OVERLAND.    (JttAY-   DORT,   CHEVROLET,   MCLAUGHLIN    and     MAXWELL   CARS   jw!   TRUCKS.  Jas. McM&fan & Son       Enderby  fflE?   YES, WE TAKE YOUK  ^Eg order py phone  rnTT^J*"----?J?<l fillj't proiui^tjy and correct-  pjj^ny,willi flic sanie carcVis "ihouglT1  you cainc -hci'c personally, to  have it tilled. Just give us thc  list of.whal you want and every  thing will be ���������������������������'delivered to you  exactly as you wish,wilh prices  right, of course.  \ ���������������������������     s>  Teece & Son      Phone 48    fjoiir, Feed & Groceries  EDWAR  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  King Edward Hotel     ������������������.3.*���������������������������"*    - Enderby  Expert Work  Only  s permis'Si'ble on any automobile.  The other kind more often harms  than helps. Our auto repair equipment and experience lead��������������������������� us to sug-  est that the next time your car.  needs attention this would be a good  place in which -to have the work  clone.  RAND'S GARAGE  ENDERBY  i  W  ���������������������������i  *  \


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