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Okanagan Commoner Aug 19, 1920

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 p**  fctttit  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  Vol.  13, No.  26, Whole No.  .672  THURSDAY, AUGUST 19, 1920  Subscription, $!3 a year  DEMANDING   .rtTTRXTlOX  i ���������������������������������������������"������������������  X  y X X X XXXX X X X X XX XXXXXXXXX X X XXXXXX X X X ft X X X X X XXXXXX  FADKRIJY  XEWS  MAKA NOTES  Citixeiis  of  Mabel   Lake  Valley  mid x j? ������������������ j< X S< X X X K S������������������ ������������������ X ������������������ S������������������ X 1< XKKXXXXXXKkXXXK X  Others Get Alter. Department  o  1��������������������������� I     George   Henry   'was   a   visitor  to  it X  GltfXDHOD   NOTES  sm irt it i  WOULD SUPPORT MIHGHEX-  It wou.'.d appear t'hat patience 'has Endenby     friom,     Suunimerland     Has I  ceased to  be a virtue, in  connection! weo]Ci  wlilth the attitude of it'lle Government  repd 'department towards work on  the Miabel Lake wagon road*.    At all  events, itho voters and settlers of  that district, and others who have  to use the iroad., luave concluded to  talk persuasively to ithe Department  Mr. andi Mrs. Horace Neill and  children wenlt .into ca'mip on Mabel  Lak'e this week.  The many fnienlJs of Mr. and Mrs.  CharlesWC'iit'li gathered 'at their invitation to a dance on Friday night,  j Everyone was invited,- incuuding itihe  children, for whose special beiveifit  am aibundlance of ice cream, was provided. Very 'few were abseint, and  a consideilaible numi'ber caniio from  th'e district. The floor was in charge  e,f Wim'. Ooell, w.ho, with 'hiis 'brother  Mii.ss \Winnie *Bell and Miss Marwood, 'of Victoria, are visiting old  En'c'Uirby  friend's.  Conumen/cing     to-diay,     and    until  in fhe   'hqpe   of   getting something ifupther noUce>  the ofRce at the City ^������������������ ^^     } ^^ ^^     ^  more  tiieflmte  and   tangible   on  the H,aJl wi],  be cpen durin,g ,the mofn. I ^ & gUiajr|-a,n(te& ^ th& mjalc airf  hours only. '' m'ana'geiment-W'ais Al. At t'he supiper  Tlhresihli'ng.   at    the     DeHart   and, .interval,    a   large   portion)   of    the  Hassard   ranches   was   finiiehedi   last' bridal cake wias i ut and each guest  week,. the   average    yield-tor   fall .received a portion.    Following seas-  wihe'at was a ton to-th-e acre. |oniable "compliments fhe guests sang  'Miss   Marie   Arkel   .has   been   the j ������������������por They Are Jolly Good- Fell'iows,"  ro|ad   than,   visiting   road   engineers.  ]p  and    vague   promlises   of   something  ibeing Idlone.   ''  Hlliis week a ^statem'enit af the  case ihas Ibeen signed iby the voters  o,f the Ma'bel Lake Valley and other  Risers of itihe roaidi, and'will ibe forwarded t'o Victoria-. In case th'is  'does 'not bring action, other steps  will be .taken to convince the. Department of th-e injustice wihich is  being suft'eredi by this locality in t������������������~  gard to wark on thlis road. Tihe  statement rea'ds:  "We, the undersigned voters and  residents of "Mabel Lake Valley, and  auto .and other veliicle users of  M-aibeL Like roa'di, demianid some  consideration and. definite and effective action by your ~ engineers and  deputies wlhose business ilt lis to  keep this wagon road in repair.  This road is in a worse-condition  now than it has beem at a corres-  ipontTmg seasoni of t'he ye'ar (in the  insist decade. It is not only most  difficult ito drive because of its deep  an'di- friregivinir ruts, but is dangerous to traffic however*^ carefully one  may drive. V  IDeep' holes in tlhe iroald,, dlanger-  pue ruts, and breakways< have' been  allowed tn" exist since sprinig wjith-  "out'-'any effort beinlg made to remedy  t'heimiV Broken an!di battered cortiiu-  -Toys lay uncovered at several_ip0aces  cot the roadl; approaches to coridu-  roy bridges are sinkiinig .away, and  .Ubie 'bridges themselves are girting to  j>ieces badly..  , "It is no credit to th'e Department  or to the di'strict that nio effort 'has  been  ma'd'e   itliiis' season   to remedy  guest cf Miss Jeam Dun oan the past  week, returning to iher bonne in  West   Su_n.mer.liair.il   last   Friday.  A resolution wias passed at the  !',ast meeting of t'he Endenby local,  U. F. B. C. in favor of 'putting a  candiidlate im tbe field for the Yale  by-election. This resolution will be  considered at a -meeting of the Hulj'-  cair local Wednesday, Aug.. 25th, at  8:30 p.m!. ,  Frank Pearson., Finlay 'Brash,  Reg. 'Ruttan, A. Davey and Rae  Oatic left Enderby, for the.'*" harvest  fields rn.th.e-veimiityof Calgary, on  M'on'dlay.  The steady ra'in of Monday and  Tuesday a'cited  as  a  wet blanket  on  'enld'iTig with >t>hree cheers and- a  tiger for the 'bride and- gno'Cimi. The  idlaT.iciing continued into the innorning*  and it was the unanimous verdilfet  .that t'he event ranked with the :besri  we have had  here.  iBob Gray, motored! 'from.. Vernon,  'acC'O'mipan'ied ,by Mrs. Cox -and the  Misses Cox," especiiallyfor thie. 'dance.  Geo. B-utterworfch left on busirtess  Icct Monday for - Salmon Armi, return! n'g Friday. ~  ' Major" Fielding, a recent arrival  from' -the Old Country, /has bought  Mrs. Mioser's oldi 'place. Mr. Jia-m.es,  'has obtained a -position! in Salmon Arm and i's to. remove 'his  f'sjmi'y there.    At present Major amd  KKXXXXXXXXXXXXX X  l'ntriotlc Sentiments Expressed by a  Prominent  Local Liberal  Mr. Wm. Folkard was a visitor to " ���������������������������  Enderby last week. - . 'Speaking on it'he political situation  iMrs. Wm. Monk   went   to   Vernon an  even'ing  cr- .two  ago,   a   promin-  on  business  last  week." " j ent citizen of-the Valley, ana. aim old-  iDon't    forget    the'   basket   picnic time  Liberal,    expressed   senbi'ment*  here   on  Aug.   26th  and   the   diawce that are really worth considering by'  ;imeni of all shade of politics.  I  fine same evening. o  IMrs, L. Stroulgor, who -has beeni . "Canada is to-day in a hard row  ���������������������������away'on business to "the Prairie, re-!'to *h'oe' a'n'd' i>t is problematical how  turned'home this week. .   jthe   Dominion   wiill  .pull'out  cf  the  Mfs. F. Folkard, who has been!difflcultief? *aci*������������������ ^s- ,x ^in'to t'he  stayiin'g    a    few    weeks    with    lhe'r'newr  Premier,,   Mei&hen  Was adopted  daughter,   Mrs.   Fyall,   of   Enderby,  returned 'home, laslt week.  Mr.J.-Kirshifeldt, after a briief ab-  semceon businne'ss Ito. the Prairie,  came ih'onie'last week.. He reo|j:lnt3  ali. the crops on t'he Prairlie looking  very fair. '  the forest fires in the vicinity of Mrs. Feldling are camping on the  Mabel Lake and they are now quite ip^cperty. ~*  under control. Another fire (which | George Bell, M. P. P., took a run  tthreateneefc to sweep into the Oka- :up to see h,iS brother, Jim, on Fri-  niaigian froin! Sicamiious a few days day, leaving agiain on Saiturdlay"on  ���������������������������ago, -is new- amuch. subdued," and the i his way to teach .t'he Scotchmen  danger ^of- any  imimediate  catastro- .prohiibitiion' from . itilne ' viewpointrof  nh'o   condition  of   OlTis   road.     Mabel . .   .    ..    .       ,  Lake ^l���������������������������s  becoming  one  of  the ,most harvested    that    wheat   crop.  ipcpu'i-.ir   .ne'so-rt's   ef   the   Okianaigiain,  = aml  this' wiagon  road leading tq t'lie  phjMs'ovep.     . .      ���������������������������---'.  ''���������������������������  Early ��������������������������� tMs sprim*g the' Soldiers;  Settlement Board turned down the  jpeH'art ranch aa unsuitable for the  returned 'men who wtisihed to buy.  At tWat tiime t'he landi Wais 'planited  to   wheat.     Last - week   Mr.   DeHart  The  yield, was heavy." Indeed, the crop  taken flrcimi Ithe landi wia������������������ -more fhan  lake is used! by half a hundred au-' su'ffi,Cient   to   (have   paid,   the   entire  tcmio biles     each    week    throughout, , . ,    ,   .      it  the    ca.iEJpJ.tfg    season;    itfliey   travel Purchase pni'ce asked   for .the  prop-  the read week days andi Sundays in  ninmibei's of 15 to 25; freight trucks  and firei'g,ht teams carrying supplies  to tlhe lu'in'beir ca.mips and the camps  of fire-fighlters travel Wie iroad. daily  a/ndl in each'case the, loads have to  'be rediuoed tio one-haM" wlli'at they  should be because of the cut-up and  worked-up condition of the sandhills, i  Suniday, the 8th iniat, an auto  cr^T|ry.ng seven persons was thrown  over t'he embankment atlter stnikimg  a deep cut across the road! near.the  St.   George   place;    on   the. 15t'h   a  erlty by. the ow'ner.  J$AWTJlE������������������--J,*JttlWS  ���������������������������A pretty -wedding wias solemnized  at the hotae of the 'bride's iparents,  August 18th, at 11 a. mi., when  Caroline, second faaiuigihiter; c|f Mr.  and- Mrs. L. A. Paradis, was1 married  to Harold! J. Bawtree, son cf Mr.  and   Mrs.   J.   Bawtree.  iThe (bride   Was   attended'   by   (her  freighter���������������������������went___oy_er___t:he_ Ro,b_erts' sister, _Louise; __th'e_.b'r)iljegrooin   by  other   acci- =  one'who has'never .imbibed....   ..  Irene CaidJden-is . spending a few  ?ays visiting at Enderby,.  Mrs. John Folkamdi andi dlaughiter  are at pinesehit visitinig ber mother,  Mrs. Wm.  Oadden, a s'hor^, tiim'e.  .Fred Dean came up on Saturday's  train to finna.ke final arrangements  floir his people to removTe to Vernon.  He returneldi to Vernon Monday. -  iMJairaites wiho .took- in the U.F-  Ipi'cnic at A'nmstroiiig Oast Thursday  speak very highly of the goo^l time  tlhey had'.  X       HULLCAR-BEEP  CREEK       X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  ibhe wiise 'policy in attempting to ce-  menlt the different races -wlilich go to  Imaike up our .citizenship.,   He is  in  the direct line of policy which  was  ever  uppermost  i*n t'he heart  of  Sir  W.ilfrid  Laurier,  whose  great  ambir'  tion was to see. our people brought  together,   mot   as   Frenc'ii-Can'adians,  Iililsh-CaniacliarJs,    Eiuglis^i-Canadiiians  ���������������������������just Canaiidiians!     A job is befiore  us just now, and  we need the combined effort of all our citizens.    The  Mr. amd Mrs. Harry Ardhibald, of ������������������th'er   day   the   new   Premier   used  Vancouver, spent the past week'with | words ^vhic]l-   w"ere   often   expressed  the former's brother, Burt ��������������������������� R.  Calmipbell and faimiily of Deep Creek,  returrjing to the cdast onTridlay. ^ -  Mr. and Mrs.- Harry. A. Grant, "of  Armstrong, wr ��������������������������� Sunday visitors with  Mr. and Mrs. James- Duncan and  Mr. and Mrs. D. Lawson, Deep  "Creek.  'Mr. Dan Martin and ��������������������������� .Mr. Wm.  Parker were business visitors to  Armstrong on Saturday.  " 'Mrs.George Truxler" and daughter,  Frances, of. Vernon, - 'are Visiting- a  WQek iwitb Mrs. W.,B. Hiliiard, Deep  Creek.  5 Mr. George Parkinson went to tbe  coast, recently Jto   receive   medical men. ^ ?ther; Parties, and-pu.t J  by. Sir Wilfrid Laurier wiheni 'he said  th'ait-he believed) there were just as  many loyal and .Law-abiding French-  Canadians as there were Engi'iish-,  Canadians or Canadians -of any  iothei' t}?pe.' TIiiLa, I 'believe, lis the  true Canadian sipirit, ainidtl am of  the opinion���������������������������^-staunton^a Liberal as 1  always bave been���������������������������'that we should  stand Iback of Meiigihem and gilve Mm  a chance to mlake good. If he can't  do it, then we should put Wiim out  and finidi another man.  "So far as the" Yale by-election is  concerned, I  hope, the" Liberal's>will;  join with ithe^ Conservatives and the ,  M.  treatment for hisN eyes.       ~_        -���������������������������    '���������������������������"  J. Master Gordon amd" Berajard"JJE>a*,K-  Robiinsbnf in "by acclaim'ationJ    Jt- is  coTOBng^.to^ "Jr _M/'.  I thiink;. he "has"  been'resiponsible- for   the ��������������������������� iiTit'iiat'iolir  ���������������������������r  ^>|  7st. l^Si^rt &j������������������sfy ivfk I  PXD^HMV  TEXSIS fXJUHXpV  san'd'hlill 'with a -load;  denlts' of a unoreorless serious mla-  tuxe are. occ^ring almost daily owing to tlie condition the road 'has  been allowed! to get into.  "We not only ask your consideration and 'actiom on th'e complaints  made; as ratepayers and voters ;we  demand it. We feel we 'have submitted long enougni- to wihat 'appears  to us .to be gross indiiffcrence to the  district'^ just (requirements; the  Lumber ind'ustry anidl development  of the district are dependent upon  this road for an outlet. These industries aire Important to ithe <d|is-  trict and to the Province; a 'heavy  revenue comes to the Government  annually fromi the Mabel Lake territory, and. we consider we are entitled to something more t/liian visits  ,byj roiad engineers and promises of  work beijilg. done.  "We feel confident if you wiill go  into tlie 'matter carefully you will  agree witli us that immediate steps  should be taken to repair and make  over portions of this wagon road,  an)d we trust to your good judgment  that the necessary work will be  performedi."  Card of Thanks  'We wish to express our 'heart-felt  appreciation to all friends for their  many acts of .kindness and &yim-  pathy extended to us in our great  ibereavemenit, and to thank, all for  flowers audi other acts of love.  iR. J. COLTART,  J. D. COLTART,  ���������������������������H. J. COLTART.  "Another, dlay coming!" So is poverty, man; so is poverty  Mr. H. Aldi'iil as best mlan. The  ceremony was performed, by Father.  Cronin of Armlstronig, under an arch  of greenery and flowers, artistically  arranged, by Mrs. McPherson-.  'The bride wore bridal satin with  Georgette overdress, 'trimmed with  pearls amlj. sihinestones. The veii  w<as a beau'tiiifulLy embroidered net,  and had 'been worn toy the groom's  muother   andi   grapd'motiher.  The bridesmiaid wore a .pale green  satin dreiss with Georgette and gold  beading.  'Many beautiful gifts were received by the bride and groom.  That fronif the groin to the brlide  wa. a dressing set of French ivory,  audi to the bridesmaid a gold brooch  set' wiitfh pearls.  iAfter a buffet luncheon was  served, to which some 36 guests  were seated, Mr. and Mrs. Bawtree  were drive ruby motor to Mabel Lake  wihere they will spend a 'few weeks  caimping.  T.he values of fish c'aiughJt in B.C.  waters during the .month of June  totalled $788,25S, exceeding the  catch of the corresponding mfcnth in  1319. A number of United States  fishermen are operating on the coast  and .'sel ling 'their catches at Canadian ports.  .The local tennis players ivho were  drawn to p'ay Salmon -A)i'm last  Monday oft' that court, were beaten  badly,, beingnmaible to handle themselves on tlhe clay court. They r���������������������������  port being well entertained, however,  anld greatly enjoyed the visit.  -^^I nf-t'li Clo cal^to u r n ey-th e-f ollawi n g  games 'have been played:  Mcii'k Sinjalcs���������������������������  ���������������������������Mr.Speers beat Mr.Lesliie, 8-6, 7-5  Mr-.Dickson beat Mjr.Glibbs,  6-4;   6-1.  ���������������������������Mir.  WJinter beat     Mr.    Hennikei-  6-2;   6-2.  .   Mr.Proctor   beat   E.   Winter,   4-6,  G-2, S-C.  Mr.  Forster beat Mr.  Pearce,  8-6,  G-l.  Wen's Poubles���������������������������  Mr, IJrocitor andi E. Winter beat  Mr.Forster and Mr.Dickson, 6-0, 6-3  .���������������������������Jived poubles���������������������������  "Mrs. Morris and Mr. Leslie beat  Mr.  and Mrs.  Heiuiikior,  6-4, 6-4.  Mrs. Proctor and M|r. Pearce beat  Mrs. Twiiigg and Mr. Forster, 6-2, 6-1  Mrs.  Borrett and Mr.  Speers "beat  Miss   C'hiurch   and   Mr.   Winter,   G-0,  8-6, 6-8.  Ladies'* Doubles���������������������������  'Mrs. Prcotor and Miss Church  'beat Mrs. Borrett anld Mrs. Morris;  6-3,-3-6, 8-6. ,    ''..  IMrs.Henniker and Miss Lees l>eat  Mrs.Forster and Mrs.Twigg, 6-4, 6-4.  mson.  cf the Malber Lake road, are of ,OTOre "development  in   the  Okam-  spending  their   holidays   witb  their ;agia.n iin, parti'cul'ar and3 the * In'teiior:  grandparents,  Mr. amd   Mrs.  fton^Id in, general than- any mah-in tbe Pro-  Lintlsay.. ��������������������������� vince, a-ndi'it-would >be a nice'way, it  . sdems to ime, for us to rgihow our ap-,  K!(jn?K������������������XK������������������>UXXHKH precialtion of .his "work 'by- eliecting  X ' GJtAXPVJF-W UPXCflL ' H,hi.m by aJcclamation-to' fill *h'e umiex-  X K X X X X XX KKKKXXXK pired term of Mr. Burrell."    -*  "Mr. Heatheott, of Salmon Arm,  spent a couple cf days here, surveying Mr. Wim. Torak'inson's property,  recenti.'y  purchased fromJ.F.' Pysart.  Lawison Stroulger returned fromi  Calgary last ^Saturday, where he  spent a couple of weeks.  The gardens are all looking fine  since the iain, 'Which was " i.iuch  noedeck  Mrs. Watkins is visiting -her  daughter. M~s. J. Tiomkinsbn, a few  days.  ORGAM/IXG   f-X>|l   CA^PATCrX  Xationiil   Consirvative-|iibera|   Association 1'^owned in J2������������������<c|erl>j*'  ___>_________���������������������������  IFri'day eveni'nig fast a meeting of,  the   Enderby    Hospital   Board1   was  held   in rtlie  City  Hall.     The  seore--  tary turned'  over  to ithe  Board' the '  report of' Nurse McPherson,-in duplicate, for tlhe months of April, May  and June, amd it was ordered that a  'cheque for $75  be pai'd/ to Mrs. McPherson for the Tntaniths  covered  by  the -report turned in..  ���������������������������THie question of isolation ward was  discussed,   but   definite   action   was  In view of the probability of a  Dominion election being held' at an  early date in the Yale iriding, a  meeting was he'd Monday evening  for the puroose of organizing a local  branch of the National Conservative-Liberal   Association.  Mr. F. Hassard was chosen' president, Geo. R. Sharpe, vice, an'd Chas.  Opipertshauser, secretary - treasurer.  Wednesday, Aug. 25th, was set as  the   date   for   the   next  .meeting   to  ���������������������������postponed   uliit'l-"tliis  weekV'wiheiSVa ���������������������������"  special meeting will be held for the  purpose  of  dealing   with" this   question alone.  A North Carolina man wihcse auto  license number was 13 sent it back-  to the Secretary of State witb a letter saying: "The first tinne I rode  with ilt, I lost $13, and the second  day I lost 13 inr.nes of skin off in.v  leg. Please give me a'safer number. "    Ho got it.  XXXXXXXXXXXXX XX X  x        cm/new sf,rvjqes        x  complete  organization,   said   meeting IX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  ���������������������������Rust    never    sleeps���������������������������keep    your  tools under cover,  If I knew you and you  kfn'ew me���������������������������  If both of us could clearly see,  And with an inner sight divine  The   im,eiam|n'ig   of   your   hearit   ahd  imine������������������������������������������������������ '_     ���������������������������  I'm sure that we shouLd/ differ less,  And clasp our hands in friendliness;  Our       thoughts    would     pleasantly  iagree  If I knew you and you knew me.  to be held in the U. F. Hal!,.  The meeting wias 'attended by Mr.  J. N. Jones, M. L. A. for South Okanogan, who spoke at some length on  the pj-obability of an election in/ this  ridflng at anv early date, and urged  al/1 citizens who wished to identify  themselves with the National party  to join the, organization and push  the local 'association* off w'iitlh a good  start. ...-���������������������������'.;���������������������������  'Mr,. Jones is covering the North  Olcanagami district this week, and  will be in- Grindrod and Mara on  T-limrsday   to   organize  these points.  Accdrding to an amendment to  the Post Office Act the registration  fee on 'letters and, other .mail nilatter  in Oanada is fixed at len cents instead of five cents as 'heretofore.  METHODIST   CHURCH  'Pastor, Capt.  Rev. J. G.- Gibson  Sunday School at 2.30 p.nii..  lEveniing service at 7.30 p.m'. Subject,   "The  O'tfher   Prodli'gal."  iThere wili be a special baptismal  service at 3.30 p.im., immediately  after the. Sun'day school." .Come and  ���������������������������ewjoy the singling; you are all cor-  dialny inviite'd'.  ST.  ANDREWS  CHURCH  (PresbyterSaii) *  Minister,' Rev. John Wi.*Stott, B.A.  'Morning:    "The     Dynamic    Force  which Sets Mem Right."  Evenling��������������������������� "Two  Talent  Men."  Ordlimation,   service,   Monday   eve���������������������������  at S p.m.  CATHOLIC   CHURCH  iThere will be Mass om Sunday the  22nd imst, in the U. F. Hlall, Bell  b'ock, at 10.30 a.im., Father Cronin,  from.   Armstrong,   officiating. OKANAGAN   COMMONER  THURSDAY, AUGUST 19, 1920  <?  i.  ������������������ftanacjan Commoner  In which i.s merged The Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly  Published every Thursday at Enderby. B.C..  by The Walker Press, at  S3 per year; $1.50 six months.  H. M.   WALKER  THURSDAY," AUGUST 19, 1920  Much Ado About Nothing  '"There is nothing funnier thnn lo see.one person .illomplinj* lo" frame a law of restriction to  he affective on some olher fellow. And especially if il hc a law reslricling the olher fellow  from doing the things objectionable lo lhe lawmaker. Wc see so much oi" lhis sort of thing .in  connection with prohibition, or Ihc liquor question. Listen, if you will, to the following words,  words, words relating lo certain restrictions cm-  - braced in lhe proposed by-law wliich will come  before the Enderby City Council at its next mcct-  ing for consideration, ll reads, like a parody,  bii(. .slriclly speaking, il is supposed to cover ail  the legal Vc-qijJYcmen'ts in tiie case���������������������������ancl Ihen  somc. If there is any poinl you feel is nol covered, no doubt thc members of thc Cily Council  would appreciate your presence and advice at  lhc meeting of lhc Council when the matter is  finally considered. Read thc words whether you  get the meaning or not. and remember that in  these words t'he"full meaning of the law is made  clear-���������������������������as clear as mud:  "In all .laces in the ci'ty of Enderby where said, bev-  ciages (near bear) may be soldi, no sale or other dis-1  posal thereof s'h'all 'take pl'.ace therein or on the 'premises thereof or out of or from the ;ame to any .person  or .pcivcns" whomsoever, and no iperson and no-licensee  ���������������������������holding any license for the sia.le of said beverages sha?l  sell, barter or give a^iy such 'beverages from- or alter  rhe hour of 12 o'clock on Saturday afternoon iin til the  hour cf 6 o'd'ock Uie Monday worn ing 'thereafter, and  on all other days of .the week from and after the' hour  of 12 o'clock in Uic afternoon until the hoiif of G  o'clock in the morning tlhereafter. An'di the bar-room,  and store-room thereof are to be kept secures'"}" closed  :_ml locked', nor shall 'amy beverages, whether sold or.  not, ihe permitted: to be drum1., in. any of the said places  during the times m ohidlited by tliis ny-'aw, except by  the occupant or home niemlbc.- of his family. Any per-  .son w.ho sells, barters or gives said .beverages to any  ���������������������������person w.i'thin the prohibited hours mentioned in this  paragraph shall not be 'deemed to be guifity of an infraction of th:is by-laiw i,f s.aid beverages are supplied  to bona fide travel"ers or with meals furnished! in 'hotels and restaurants.^' " " . '  - All of which goes lo prove that while this little  old Two Per Cent hasn't much, of a "kick" in it,  it still is able lo make somebody lose his head.  money and induced them to set lie upon the  rolling hills at Peachland, Summerland and  Naramata. These people had to learn how to  grow fruit; they had the money, but lacked the  experience. Naturally many failed, and for a  time Mr. Robinson had to bear the brunt of their  failures. He had the vision of "what the Okanagan could and would bc made, but could not  supply ambition, experience and vision with  the land hc sold. As is always the case, men  failed, then sought to find somebody or something upon whom or which to thrust thc blame.  .1. M. Robinson was big enough lo know this.  Me did not scold. Hc did not weaken. He slood.  To-day he is a man older under lhc hal, but as  youthful and penetrating in thought and initiative as ever, and hc looks with joy and nol a lillle  pride on the development of thc district founded  Ijy him. Men arc making money; beautiful  homes are made and in the making; an induslry  of magnitude is building up. The Okanagan is  arriving. He has seen his dream come true, nol  in full but in part. Hc will live to see thai dream  fully realized. Then his name will be honored  by thousands who never will havc had thc pleasure oi' knowing him or appreciating lhc real  qualities of lhe man.       n  GviC'Pmo  'Never swap horses in crossing a*  stream,"  If you DO you are sure to ������������������et wet,  And, althou^hi you may let out  a terrible scream,  The dampness willclin^ to  ���������������������������yon yet.  There are PEOPLE Quite WILLING  to swap CIVIC PRIDE  For some Bargains' they've heard  of by mail,  But there Should be a stream  Home Interest so -wide  Theyd shrink 'ere-the Job th  assail.  STUNG  AGAIN?  Why Fear Soviet Russia  According to Leon Trotsky Bolshevism is becoming morc powerful than ever and will soon  spread to other countries. "In a year," hc is  rcpcrl'cd as saying, "all Europe will bc Bolshevik."  Thcrc is "good reason to believe that Trotsky,  Russia's; Minister of war, speaks truly of conditions in Europe. And it is becoming morc apparent every day that thc growth ol* Bolshevism,  which is nothing worse lhan thc rule of thc people, is not confined to Europe. It is felt here in  America, and will be. But what is lhere lo be  afraid of from thc people of lhis or any country?  Governments of the proletariat may make mistakes just as governments of thc ruling class.  Bul thc3r will right themsclve. Unless provoked  beyond all reason, lhc common people of any  country seldom _ lake ext'reme measures. But  protect themselves thcy will, and thcy have  learned how. Thc ' war and conditions since  havc bcen great educators.. The working people  learn fast. They know now that wars arc thc  making of Warmakcrs; thcy know, too, lhat the  makers of war do not fight *4hcm. Thcy, the  working people, havc. to do thai,, while, the men  really guilty go scol free to profit on the misfortune of the men who do thc fighting.  Knowing One's Costs    0  "Lasl week the printers and publishers of thc  Okanagan discovered something. It was shown  ihem by Mr. Conrad, an expert printer's cost-  finding man sent ou 1������������������by thc United T\Tpothetae  of America, employed by them, that their prices  for doing job printing were loo low, and that in  Ihc year 1919 lhcy made a profit of only'5 per  cent" instead of 2o per cent, the standard profit  recognized and demanded as the proper profit  over and above cost, sel by thc master printers  of America.  ft was nol. pleasant news, bul lhc discovery  will prove mosl beneficial, not only for thc printers, bul for lhc communities in which their  printing plants are situated.  Henceforth, working under the United Typolhctae standard ol" cosls and production,  wliich means greater ellieicncy and more production. Ihc ollices of the Okanagan will be able  To "give thxf^bcs-l^scrvicc^possihIcMo���������������������������Iht4i ���������������������������com-  munilics and turn out commercial printing al  :i reasonable profit���������������������������but a profit on every job,  based upon the mosl accurate and thorough syslcm now compiled. Here is thc showing made  bv a survey of lhe 12 ollices of the Okanaaan  Press Guild made in lhe past three weeks by Mr.  Conrad:  Amount   of   money   invested   in   plants $107,GS">  Mfoh.iniral   payrol'- or  Uic   12  'plants      :"2,50-1  Ovi.'rln.:id    expend! Hires      82,1 -1 S  Maifi-iiil   jised   purchased   outside   community. .      2fi,r>22  Totnlrost.   of   mporatiion.  . ��������������������������� ���������������������������     '101,1 (JO  Total   salw       IG0.22I  I'rofit,   (T,   pr/.<   cont)     ������������������������������������������������������      $     S.052  ll should he noted lhal of the lolal amount' received by all lhe Guild ollices.���������������������������$109,221��������������������������� only  *2('>.<S22 was spent outside the district, a total of  s,K> i.()!7 remaining in lhe community in wages  lo printer employees and in overhead expenses,  such as rent, light, fuel, freight, ollice fixtures,  manager,' elc.  Meighen as Leader  Making One's Dreams Come True  Mr. JVM. Robinson, the founder of Summer-  land. Peachland and Xaramata, and Okanogan's  broadest and most wide-awake booster, spent a  few hours in Enderbv Ihis week, slopping-off for  a night on a lour of the Interior, accompanied  bv im..mbcrs of his family. Mr. Robinson "is one  of the big men of lhe Okanagan. Years ago hc  had a mental picture of lhe Valley, particularly  the fruit-growing seclion on Okanagan Lake.  He went to Winnipeg and lhe larger ciiies farther east, and brought from  those cilics men of  While il is loo early to say how successful a  parly leader Sir Arthur Mcighcn is going lo bc,  it is not loo early lo recognize in him a man of  initiative and determination, and onc fully capable of forming a policy and then carrying it oul.  Tn the speeches hc has made since becoming  Premier, hc has made his remarks clean-cut and  definite; he has expressed his convictions, recognizing thc difficulties Canada is facing, yet al the  same lime slating what hc believes1 to hc a safe  way out. Sir Arthur Meighen is a man to bc  trusted lo work oul any policy he foi-imilalcs.  He is nol afraid of an idea, and- if wc arc to  judge by his speeches, he is not afraid to stand  firm for the policy of protection for revenue  only. It begins lo look as if the Pominion election, when it is held, will bc on the old lines of  protection and free Irade.  The Yale Election  "^IMs^now'^jiiitc^ccrlain^lhal^lhe^by-clcclicnHn  this constituency���������������������������Yale���������������������������to fill the vacancy resulting from thc retirement of Hon. Martin Burrell, will bc held sometime in October or early  in November. Thcrc is noihing definitely known  as lo the candidates who will be in the field, ll  is certain the candidature of Mr. Mackelvie will  meel some opposition. In fact, Mr. J. M. Robinson, of Naramata, has definitely slated lhat hc  has bis hat in lhe ring and his name will go before the convention for the nomination along  wilh lhal of Mr. Mackelvie. There is the probability, loo.-thai lhe Liberals and Great War  Veterans will have candidates in  lhc running.  Looking for Property  Mr. F. C. Haycock was a visitor of Enderby  on Monday. Mr. Haycock was looking for farm  properly for sale. Hc lold the Commoner that  lie is doing an extensive real estate business in  the sale of farm lands lo sclllers from the Northwest, who arc coming in to look over the country  and arc buying lands all over the District and  making good. Mr. Haycock hopes to get a list  of Enderby and districl properties thai he ��������������������������� may  list. He will endeavor lo keep in close touch  with lhc dislrict. Many enquiries are being received by him relating to properties, in this locality, and hc would like to havc a listing of all  farm land available, for sale.  Thirteen hundred dollars was paid for a four  and a, half acre farm recently at Creston, B. C.  constituting another record price in lhis district.  Thc purchaser is an old resident of the locality  and well acquainted wilh the productive qualities  ol* thc soil.  BUY WHER  YOU    l������������������l>  NEW  MOTOR  TAX  The new basis for lanravm'g at the  value pf miotor cars in order to fix  fhe amount of license fees ito be 'paid  annually by owners, is set tfonbh 'by  the regulations just promulgated by  the vi.e>uten;ant-g6vernor-i,n-coun:cil.  These regulations are issued unider  the new Motor Act passed ait the  recent session of. tihe Legislature,,  and the 'provisions 'of whiich will be-,  come effective om July .1 next. Under the act t'he fees called for are a  registration fee of $15 alt'tlh'e time  of first registration only, andi 'thereafter an annua.' ������������������������������������������������������Meerose fee based on  the "ibaxaifion units" cc;m*nu;ted by  adding the weight of the motor in  pounds to lire value in. dollars. On  eabh motor representing 2,500 taxation unfits cr less, an annual fee of  $16 be 'charged; on those over  2,500 taxation! units a fee of $15  plus 60 cents for each 100 taxation  units in excess of 2,500. '���������������������������  There is a decline 'in cheese pro-  ducion 'all over AjineTiica. This 'does  not indicate *a decline im dairying.  It 'simply "means tihat nvilk Wnat once  went to cheese factories is being d:i-  vtorted to other channels B. Road-  house, Deputy Miiniister of Agriculture for On.tha.rio.  .Horses that show too much 'impatience when taken: to .tiiie stable at  noon should be given- th'oir hay before  tho grain.  . Sunrise    inspiration. and    midday  perspiration aire alike needed on.' the  fiamm.  FrUlt   JafS Have   W  PtSKFECT  SEAL .       I ECONOMY "  Pints. ...$2.00   per   dozen Pints $2.10-per .dozen  Quarts   ........   2.25   per   dozen        -Quarts" ..:.....  .2.40   per   dozen  Half-Gallons. . . .   2.75    per   dozen     |    (Half-gallons   ....   3.00.-p������������������Jr  dozen  Electric   Toasters',   $5   &   $5.50   each Electric   Irons   ....$7.75   to   $10.50  Bale   Ties,    13-guage   single-looip, $10.75  "par   100   lbs  We have just -received' a Targe new   stock   of   English   Crockery,   and  caii' sup'plyi you  with Dinner Sets from    ........... .#120.00   <o   .$33.00  11XO   RUGS    . . . .#18.75   to   #20.55 LINOLEUM   . . . .$1.05  |>ei'  sq.  >ai<l  Pl.t/rOL  n.OO!t  OIL  CLOTH         ....:......   OOc   s.j.   yard  A  large  assortiniicnt  of patterns1 to choose from.  ;c5rYv)e represent the Great West Saddiler.y. Co. ia tihis Distinct and  stock harness parts of ia'11 kindis and oan supiply you with 'any style of  lvanness at lowest  market .prices  Paints .and  Oils   for  all  purposes. .  ��������������������������� Plumbing,   Heating  aoudl  Tinsmithing.  ithing  ENPfWY, P. C  Get  "*��������������������������� your supply  Flour & Feed    nq*  Another carload now in stoefc.    X-ay in a supply of feed to carry  you over until the new crop is harvested.  Gents'  Furnishings Five Hoses Flour  Groceries  KING MPWARP  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  King Edward Hotel    L^rRPHY      Enderby  Try Us when you have  Car Trouble  An   gxpert  Motor  Mechani:*.* has. chiairge' of our repair shop.    Any  oar  a sopcialty,  and  all work  absolutely guaranteed..  Agents   for    OVERLAND.    GRAY-  DORT,   CHEVROLET,   M^LAUGH  LIN    and     MAXWELL   CARS   and   TRUCKS.  Jas. McMahon & Son Enderby b  i  THURSDAY, AUGUST 1   ,1920  OKANAGAN  COMMONER  ������������������s  They  Look Stylish  and fit perfectly. That is the  reason you find the clothes we  sell on the best dressed men in  town.    We ONLY sell  CLOTHING  of dependable quality. Come in  and see if you can find one among-  the lot to fit you.  Agents for 20th Century  and Semi-Ready  Enderby Supply Co.  MANGEL   GROWING  The  growing  of  mangels ihas  re-  Empire Press Delegates in Evangeline's Land  When you want the Best  Meats and Service, go to  GEO. R. SHARPE  Wholesale  and   Retail   Butcher .  Enderby, B. C.  <___���������������������������     _fc^������������������^^B^���������������������������Mmm^m  ".Little    Bssie    had    just    returned  from a birthday party, and' was, tell-  , ling the .family what a nice time she  " had had, adding:   "But Virginia diio  --��������������������������� not  want me at, all."  ."How do you know Virgimia didn't  want you?" iher moltlher asked.  Bessie:   "She told me so herself."  Mother:   "Why, Bessie, you ought  to. have come  right  straight  home:  That   is ;what   I. should  Wave   done  -when I was a liittlejgirT."  Bessie: ."But", mother, times have  changed since you were a little girl.  I" just slapped her in. the *flace���������������������������and  stayed."  A-W3EVES  W.M.  A.F>A.M������������������  Pnderby todge No. 40  Regular meetings "first  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Masonic _ Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invited  C. H. BEEVES  Secretary  ENPEUBY   U>PGE  No. 35, K. of P.  =Meet3-lst=&_3rd^Monday__cve  in Maaonic {fall.   Visitorscor-  dially invited to attend.  WM. ANPERSON. C. C  II. M. WALKER, K.B.S  R. J. COLTART. MF-  EUREKA LODGE NO 50  |. O. O. F.  Meets .every Tuesday, evening at 8  o'clock.   Visiting brothers cordially  invited.  W. ������������������. Puncan, N.G.  P. K- Glen, V. G.    ff. A. Teece, Sec.  A  C. SKAUflG, B- A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Pelt. Blk. Enderby. B.C.  Notary Public  Insurance and General Agent  JAS. PICKSON  Bell Block Enderby  W. A. RUSSEU-  CONTRACTOR   &   BUILDER  House -bul!iding and ibarn framing.  Phone 82 and get a price on your  requirements. Building anateiriials  ���������������������������below 'market ipjrice.  Concrete mixer to rent;  also floor  scraper and pojMjsher.  ee.ived' a great im.pe!tus in 'many districts  owin'g  t'o   the  serious  loss   of  turnips,   caused   by   club-root.     The  mangel is attacked by very ifew .insects or .diseases, and when successfully       griown.     produces     .immense  yiie1 ds of succulent feed, so necessary for livestock t'lirough the winter and spring months.  Scuii'di   fires h   plump   seed/   should  be   socuredi  and   largo   quantlities   of  the  very   best  home-grown seed  are  now   on   the  market.     The  'mangel  requires    plenty    of    moisture    and  should be planted in good Wiell tilled  land  early  in  the season,     lt works  we'l w.ilth the 'fc'llowing five-year rotation:        Early     or     mlixed    ������������������rain,  mangels,   grain   seeded   with   clover  or grasses, 'hay, 'pasture. .  About one  h'alf  of -tlhie  manure   (12, y.   tons)   is  applied   tio   the_ 'barley  stubble   and  O^owfed   under   in   tlhe   autumn;   the  balance,   (12y.  tons)  is wiorked into  t'hie^l'amd 'as scorn as lit is fit bo work  in  the spring.     When  the  land  has  been   worked  so   tihat   it  lis   mellow  and friable it is thrown- up into low  drills -30   inches  apart  and' the  tops  of it'hese 'dragged off with a po'e or  fence nalil.     Tlite seed is ithen sowed  about ly,  inches deep, at ifroim 4 to  6 ipounds per acre, according to the  quality  of  the  seed.       The  "Planet  Junior"   cultivator   and   seeder   is   a  very satisfactory implem'smit for 'this  work.    This is followed  by a heavy  roller   firrniing   t'he   earth  about   the  seed   so   that   it   may   get   sufficient  moisture-for  germination.  During  a  dry .period at is  well  to seed in thie  evening so that the earth miay remain  damp  around  the  seeid  for  a  Ton/ger, tiime.     The   m'ost   'important  point 'in  gettin'g a good caltch is  to  have the seed damp enough, so that  it will not dry out, ia nidi to lhave the  soil pressed firmly 'about tlhe seed.  It pays to take extra time and  trouble to put theseed in wight even  :iif it 'is necessary "to na'a.ke a trench  for the seed wltiii the hoe and to  cover aimd pack thie earth, down with  the feet. '  iA.3 soon, as the plants are up in  rows they sluoulid be ediged' with a  hoe or hand cultivator. The latter  will straddle the row and do both  sidles at once.     The horse cultivator  shiould then be run through the involving many consignments  rows every week.or after every rain' considienaible value,  until the tops cover the ground.} The subject 'oif .pi'fer.ing fen rail-  Thorough, persistent cultivation will ways has been taken up in England  add 'greatly ,,to the crop by conserv- by tlhe Nationall Umion of Railwaying .moisture amd destroying weeds.' 'men,' wthiich bias recently circular-  The plants slhould be thinned to 10,ized its 'branches, pointing out the  inches apart in the ,rows 'by the time moi-al obligation that devolves u,pon  they get foiur leaves, and h'oed a thelm to check the practice and help  second time before the roots swell, j to remove the stigma which threat-  Mangels' should be harvested be- ens thejir pres'tige. The branches  fore severe frosts occur. fheyj'h'ave respoaideds very ifavq.ably to  should not  be topipeid so close that'this  appeal, .with  'beneficial  results.  they    will    Meed,    and    should    be   -       -  handled carefully if they are to bej .Building construction in the prov-  stored far a long peniod. They ince j;or tne first /four months of the  shiould receive pi'enty of ventilation' year amiounted ito $2,468,600, the  when In" storage. The "Yellow In- suni of $216,000 representing frame  termediate" Js easily harvested'. It buildings, $1,352,400 brick edifices,  ���������������������������is___i_ie_QL't'_?e_begt yleldeTs and oon-',and_$900,0.00__concrete___struatures._  (1) Delegates taking a bucket  of--water5 trom Evangeline's  well. ���������������������������  (2) The Statue of Evangeline  j list after the unveiling by  Lady Burnham.  Five "-continents were represented  at the unveiling of the statue of  Evangeline, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia.  Nearly all those presenl belonged  to the Imperial Press Conference  party, and the unveiling ceremony  ���������������������������was performed by I.arty Burnham,  who said :  "Evangeline is the beautiful conception of an American poet whose  "erses we learnt to read on both  sides of the Atlantic when we*5 were  children. History has shed another  light on tho Acadian story. We see  today that British policy was not as  black as it was painted. Whatever  may be the truth of this story, as a  tvoman, and an English woman, I  shall always regard it as one of vhe  most painful episodes in our annals.  Thank God those cruel old days lie  behind us forever, and from the fate  of Evangeline has sprung a great  wave" of sympathy which has been  carried on the healing hand of time.,  It is a good omen that the beautiful  nun, God's healing hand, should be  resting i.pon us all  today,." who are  here  to  do  honor    to    that    sweet .. ...    "-  woman     Under those  rays in your j Lvangeline." f  ���������������������������wonderful land so full of beauty and J ' The statue, which Is of bronze, is  promise the old- hatred is dead T I the work of Henri Ilebert from'. a  pave now the great honor and j model by his father the late Philippe  ���������������������������"privilege of unveiling the statue of J Hebert, a   descendant  of   the  Aca-  diansof whom Evangeline, was one.'-  tt is a magnificent work .of"art, and'  was .presented to the Park at Grand ,  Pre by the Dominion Atlantic Railway, which is now part of the C. P. R.  of m  tains a large ipencentage 'of dry mat- During the imontli o'f-May, constructed���������������������������J. A. Olark, Superintendent ,of tion actually commenced totalled  Dominion Experimental Farm.Char- $735,694 In va^iue.  lottetown.  FHQSPCUTJNG  PILFERING  iin view of the considerable losses  incurred through .pilfering and careless handling of goods in transit,  losses which aimiounit in a year to  close  on   three  WATER XQTJCE  Diversion ami V&c  TAKE  NOTICE that Albert Smddek,  whose   address   is   Enderby,   B.   C,  will apply for a licence to take and  .use 160  acre-feet per annum of wa-  miillion  dollars,  the ter out of an unnamed stream which  Canadian    Railways    have    recently Jlows N.  \V.   by.  N. andi drains  intto  been conducting an active campaign Shuswap    rjver    about    300    yards  'north  of the centre point of the line  I between  the N.W.   &   S. W.' 1-4  of  aglainst such robberies, not only in  their own interests but also to "protect the merchants and shippers who  naturally suffer great inconvenience  even though the 'losses Ibe made  ���������������������������good. The loss of portion, of a shipment frequently renders the balance  of a shipment useless or depreciates  its value, and. affects 'the business  of the merchant. As a result of  this campaign, bhe C. P. R., for instance, have recently 'brought into  court and secured convitions against  several offenders. Thus at Ottawa,  Ambrose NLlks, 'a iteamster cf a  to twelve mionit'hs' imprisonment if or  ibreaklng iin to a freight car and  stealing a case of igin, while at Mc-  Adami Junction three men were condemned to five years' penitentiary,  twio yearis' pei'tentiary, and four  years' reformatory, respectively, for  a series oif thefts from freight cars  said Section  21.  The w(ater wiill be diverted from  the stream at a point a'bout l-l  mile south of N.E. corner of _���������������������������' W.  1-4, Sec. 21, Tp 18, R. 7, \V_ (jtn Al.,  and will 'be used for irrigation purpose upon the land described as S  W. 1-4, Sec. 21, Tp. 18, Vi.l, W. 6th  Mer.  This notice was posted or the  ground on the 9th 'day of July, 1920  :A copy of this notice and an a.p-  jplacation pursuant thereto and to  the* "Water Act, 1914," will b'j filed  in tihe office of the Water Recorder  at  Vernon,  B.  C.  Objections to the application may  be filed with the said Water Recorder or with the Comptroller of  Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C., wi'thdn thirty dajs  aftter bhe first appearance of this  notice in a local newspaper.  A.   SMIDEK,   Applicant  The date of the first publication  o.f this notice is July loth, 1920.  Fq&saw:  1  Prime   condition���������������������������'best   quality   oak-  emipt'ie'd*���������������������������well  Ihooped���������������������������extra   cfean.  -recently  tfye Whiskey ^rrcls���������������������������42-gaUon   .V $5.00  Wine Parrels, 42-gaJJon  3.50  Scotch Whiskey quarter, casks, 27 to 36 gal. 3.50  French 3rancly Parrels, 60-gallon .._... L1._ 4������������������50  "Drfgc^OalrlVicohol^Puntheons," l50^gal!onTJ|.2:00":  Mixed Parrels���������������������������all sizes���������������������������having previously contained Wnes or Spirits  3.00  Promptly shipped on receipt of above /prices  .���������������������������with 50 cents added on each barrel to cover  Prepaid Vrei&ht charges.  For Alcohol! Puncheons ad'di $1.00 each to  cover 'freight charges.  GOMJ'SEAh limited  137  Water  Street  Vancouver,  !*.C.  Wie Grocer  feeds the world. You may be a  vegetanian, or you may li%'e 'mostly  on a meat diet, but just the same  you come to the grocer for the  things wliich .make yoi^r meals more  ''appetizing. We take great pains to  soil only groceries that are known  for their purii'ty.  Teece & Son      Phone 48    Flour. Feed & Groceries  $3 pays for the Commoner  one  year ,o  OKANAGAN   COMMONER  THURSDAY, AUGUST 19, 1920  HINTS  ABOUT  GASOLINE  d bijuvvn \  T-...      :.-- ..iVrfJ"���������������������������li  keep  course   for* an" irregular   suppi'y   induces   scouring. .-_, The   salt  tends   to  thle  sheep  in  a  good   stalte   of  ancl   they   are  better  able  to  ward off an at'iek of disease or  internal      *parasit}es.        Furthermore,  J sheep fed plenty of salt shear a bet-  qualiity  and! 'heavier   fleece  than  mo   salt.  In the case of cows'owing to their  gallon' being  much larger, animals  and  the  fact that t'hey give daily large-quantities   of   milk   which   contains   considerable   salt,   a   heavier   ration   of  alt is needed'.     For cows being fed  the stable up to  two  ounces  per  ay   is   reco'mim'eiKlecl.      While   cows  force to S.366 pounds of giv-in-g.a heavier flow of milk require  | an  abundance   of   salt,  at  the  same  danger-1 time ithe <clry,..,pneignant cows should  and'nQt   be ^overlooked.     Cattle   on pasture   usual'.y   require   less  Gasoline,  unlike the >ather heavier  petror-eum   proiducts,   throAvs - off   an! health  i explosive   vapor   constantly,   even  at  | extremely   Ioav   temperatures.  Five  gallons  of 'gasoline will *gen  ���������������������������prate  S.O0 0  cubic  feet of ������������������as, wthicJi *fr  ! ;-i.Cn ignited, expands to 4,000 .times. *<>; ^heep  Reiving  jthis space.  j     The  explosive  fiorce  of  one  | of gasoline properly mixed'and compounds Olf  salt  itllian  To   -destroy    a    neAvspaper,    even  though  it  is   a   week   old,   sIioavs,  in  ihe  opinion  of ithe  Chinese,  a  gross  lack    of    character;    to    crumple    a  printed     advertisement    shows     the!  haste   of   unreason;   to   toss   a   book,  carelessly on  the  floor shoAv& a 'tendency   toward   violence;   to   tear   a.  ��������������������������� printed   page   shows   that   you   are \  mentally deficient.    It is a sad com-���������������������������  rventary  on  the part  of so  much  of  our reading that Ave of the Western  ���������������������������world,   where   illiteracy   is   so   rare,  have    so    little    reverence    for    the  printed page.  1 in  I dynamite.  Gasoline is, 'in  fact,  more  ous   to  'handi'o   than   dyuuamite,  ihpro  is an ore  liability of an explos  ,on Dy,,n���������������������������ito  will only explode from those indoors and the amount nece.  two  or  three  causes,   which  may  be  casilly   .guarded   aigaiirtst   an|d    whi'Ch,  must occur in its i-ni'medfcite vicinity.  The vaipor .from gasolne Is heavier  than air.     Lt settl'es t'o the floor and ���������������������������,.,������������������������������������������������������ 1.1  oi useid but in  either case it should     ^  placed   in   a  receptacle   in   which   it  sary varieis with,, the nature of the  soil and the vegetation. On this account it is advisable to have a supply before itheimi ait all times. Either  rock   salt   or   ������������������round   sai'it   may   be  be  One of our exchange's ad.vertises  a cow for sale as follows: "Full  blooded coav for sale, giving milk,  .ten tons of hay, a lot of chickens  and several stoves." While Ave 'have  '���������������������������always* had the greatest respect for  meek-eyed gent'e bossy, Ave never  .suspected for a" moment th'at she  w.ould branch-out into t'he junk-sljop  business.    Ancl she a full blood, too.  Dame Nature seems to smile on  the inciustrioAis farmer and give him  first aid.  Want Ac|s  3c a word first insertion, 2c ������������������ word each inser-  tion.thercaftcr: 25c minimum charge; 10c extra  where cash doen not accompany order.  >.���������������������������������������������^^������������������*^.w__.^i������������������ii^^^_^  'ruits   along" m|udh   as   a   stream  water w.ould' only  that it is an invisible si ream.     Thlis vapor  avIII  settle  ancl   remain   in   a   depression   in   the  floor or under 'the  floor 'for days  or  oven   weeks,   unless   disturbed   by   a  circulation    of    air,    until    a    spark  causes  tihe accumulation of vapor to  explode.  ' Tliis spark docs not ncces-  s-arily  have  to   come  from a   lighted  fire, but may occur through a perso ,  striking   a   nmil   lini  their   shoe   on   a  nail 'in 'the floor or other similar unavoidable  causes.     The  record^  sihop  that  und'cr" contain  at in o spheric  conditions   spontaneous   combustion   wi,":l  occur  in  this accumulated  vapor un-i  der   ceritaiin.   atmospheric   conditions J  A .case  is  O'li .record   where the  gasoline -fumes  Avere carried, omtsiid'c  of  a  building  to a  lighted lamp  thirty,  i'eet away  from-the building, taking  fire  ancl  flashing  back 4o 'the build-j  _  insr,  which  Avas entirely consumed.     !      A  poultryman -Willi 440  hens  Jf you are handling gasoline In J'ound that when lhe litter ill  sir.v way'but the right way, -you are"the poultry house was clean  iin just this position and you can lhc egg production was 212 per  never forsee when" the blow avIII fall.;.day.' .   He   left   tile/.same   litter  ���������������������������Kerosene,  is   not   as   clanlgerous   as'six     weeks-    and      during      this  at a tempeiiaiture of-70. lime  the eggs fell, to SO a  day  will  'b'e  sheltered   from the   rain  an'uch    of    it    Avill    be    lost.     Young  growing   animals   usually   require   a  larger   percentage   of   s  maiturc animiails.   ���������������������������  Horses are no exception in the  matter of salt requirements Here  again it shoul'd be regularly supplied. A ca.ke bf rock salt in the  corner ol! itj'ue ' manger w,he'.i'e the  horse can get at it will he: tihe best  m earns of provision. Horses at heavy  wonk require more than those that  are idle or at light work. An allowance of tAvo ounces per day is gen-  erairy recommtendied.���������������������������G. W. Muir,  Asst. Dominion Animal  man.  Husband  Give  Hens  Clean  Litter  gasoline, yet  FOR     .SALE���������������������������Grocery  Fu middlings   business  ticulars   a'didiress,   P.  Enderby.  and     Gents'  For   par-  O.    Box 064J  al2-tf  FOR SAL Isold: good  S60.00.   E,  -One i:  driver  IS.  Dilil,  ;'ay  or  mare,   ."-year-  sacldle.  Price,  Enclerby.  al2  NOW is your opportunity to put-up  a good Avarm stable cheap. Fine  'brick bats, $2 a load in the brick-  .    yard.     Enderby Brick & Tile Co.  FOR RALE���������������������������Tavo ' acre block; fine  building site; on river bank; now  in    alfalfa    and    fruit    trees;    all  temperature ,    degress or over it- throws off an ex-He Ihen put in clean litter anil  plosive vapor/   At a higher temper-; changed it regularly and in two  alure, say SO  degrees F., In order tofwecks   the Cgg yield went  up  ven ti'fate  a   room   in.,'which over 200 a day.  ami   open   tank   of   kerosene; "        !  V,V      . ���������������������������     ,,���������������������������ii���������������������������J     Be        thorough���������������������������give  there should' bc kept up a cr-"1"*'"  to  properly  till ere   is  Nature   "a  of air equal to 200 cubic feet  m'inute tor each gallon of the  posed oil.  These figures vary, of course,  per  ex-,  Avith,  the volaiti'.ity of the 'oil ancl the "temperature of the air ancl ol!. Such  circulation of air is not practical in  t'hle usual manufacturing establishment.  Hence t'he necessity is apparent  for evap'oratio.n-pioof, scientifically  correct storage for kerosene as well  as for gasoline.  square deal.  : Armstrong Auto Tire & Vttenizli  Works, ApflNL Pi  SALT   IN    MVK    STOCK   RATIONS  Common   salJt  fenced"!   ten    miniates  PostofOcc.     Apply   W.,   Ooni'moner  Oflice,   Enclerby.  ,-_^.,, =,-- =-���������������������������.=_.]ilays^aai_^ii.m noilt_ant  walk   fronr^'  Beat the  Flies  It is not so difficult to overcome  thc fly pest if you take early precautions. We can supply your  requirements in all kinds of fly  poisons ���������������������������Stick Paper, rolls and  flat���������������������������poison pads and powders-  fly swatters���������������������������in short, everything  to help clean up the fly nuisance.  Ood.ium    chiton: clo)  i.art.in.._the. dietl  REPAIRS   TO  Auto Tires  Batteries  BICYCLES.  Work   Gxiarantieed  BocJSale.  ii  '10  IN CONNECTION   ^*  WITH OUR STORE  We have installed a fully  equipped   Manufacturing  and  Repair Department, which is  handled by thorough aiid  practical workmen.  We would be pleased to have  you visit our factory, which  will convince you of our  capabilities and also of our  sincere endeavor to live up to  the highest possible standard,  by giving satisfaction to our  customers.  If your farm  is for sale  Try  F. C. Haycock  Salmon Arm  Give fullest details and best price and terms  improved,  wit'h o-  Government   roru-.  ���������������������������and    Armstrong.  of   imost!   clrjsscs   c;f   rair.ni/   an-imaf!.-  Tills will be better'appreciated  if we      '12  acres partly  stop to consider tihat of tho minerals '*oom   house:    on  in   the   fluids   of   the   body,   salt   is between    Knderby  present  in   the  largest  amount.  Salt Water  P'ltpedi in   kitchen;  'telephone;  does   not   contribute   directly   to   the'Plenty   of   water;   school near.   Must  energv of the body as does the  food sell  cheap,  for cash.     Returned  Ofb-  consu-med.    but    ���������������������������nevertheless    it    is" nor, leaving country.    Apply, Box O.'  necessary in   the iproper .nutrition  of Ok'nnagan   Commoner,   Enderby.  the  body.     Ir  a'so stimulates  the so-  A. Reeves  Druggist nnd Stationer.  ENDERBY  Fresh Chocolates *  Jellies, Bon Bon, Etc  ,    WILSON'S  TH!-]    VOVVLMl    VAHIKTY  STORE  Postoffice  one  door  East  ENDERBY,  B.C.  cretion of digostiivc juices, .promotes  good circulation of the fluids of the  body and prevents* digestive disturbances.  Of the common cla.sse of, farm animals, namely horses, caittle, sheep  and swine, tlhe latter 1vave the least  need of salt. This is in all probability due to the difference in diet,  that of swine usually consfe'tlng of  grain, whereas other cllafeses 'consume large quantities of roughage  in which less salt, is round. Too  'arge Quantities of salt derange thc  stomach and bowels of swine, causing gases, diarrhoea, convulsions  and paralysis, often resulting in  cleMth'.Nevertheless 'pigs should have  access to salt, the heist .means of  providing it 'being to keep before  them at all .times, in a covered receptacle it* outclc'ors, charcoal, air-  slaked lime. bo.nejmeal and wood)  ashes   or  soft  coal   cinders.  For sheep salt is very n.e'cessary.  Keeping it before thorn at 'all times  is   'here   again   :tih;.������������������   most   iadvisable  j&.  ;*������������������������������������.  ^-"0 est  IJKPART.MIONT    OF    MILITIA  DI2FI0NCI3  AND  Quality Food for your table  .-V  In General Groceries for- the family table, where it  never pays to sacrifice quality for price,. we can give  the best service and satisfaction. Whether in bulk  goods or package���������������������������coffees, teas, etc., we guarantee  satisfaction.  We keep a good line of FRESH FRUIT   AND   VF.GETABLES.  DUINCAIN  PROS,       ^derby's Quality Store  Wewi||*trip  your car  right down to the running' gear  if we must in order to get at the  seat of even the slightest trouble.  In other words, our auto repair  work is absolutely thorough^  "When an auto^leavesT'hefe you  can be absolutely assured that it  is in as good condition as it can  be put.  RAiSP'S GARAGE PNPPRBY  ford Ponfer and Repairs.  Notice   to  adian  cx-niemhers   of   the   Can-  Kxpodltionary  Force  all  the  NOT I CMC is hereby given to  concerned that ox-memibers *o>f  Cnn.aiMaii ICxiicdltionary Force who  are entitled to a.nd 'W'hio rec-mire  po..-:t-d;Kc.h'ai'.gC! dental IJr'eatnnent  must submit tho'I'r applicatioms' to  tho District Dentai't Ollicer *a.t Hoadr  du.'irters of the District In whiich  they reside on or before 1st Sep-  liuimber, 19 2 0.. Applications for  dental treat in cm t. received nif.ter 1st  Septenvber, I!)2 0,"will not be considered*.  (Sgd) ICUOENE   FtSICT,  M'ajor C! en eral,  Doputv   Minister,   Militiia   &.   Defence.  Ottawa, August ?.,   19 20.  Note���������������������������News'paipcrs     wil',',     not    be  paid   for  the   ad.voriti<sem*ent   If   thfey  insert  it  without authority fronn the  Deiiiartmeirt.  (II.Q.   3MG 1-1.-22���������������������������ag   10-2)  ESTABU5HEP     \B7ZA  AMK OF jHA.MILTO:  The Human Element  i tal  Banking is* not all a matter of money,  and marble. The Bank of Hamilton lias a cer-  tain personality created by the distinctive manner in which it conducts its business, and manifested, by ihe cordial relations which exist between the Bank and its customers.  This "human element" makes pleasant as well  as etTicient banking here. -As one of our depositors, you are as sure of receiving courteous attention "as you are that your interests will be protected by. financial soundness and dependable  service.  ' "A Bank for Your Sayings"  JNO. SMART, local Manager ENDERBV, JJ. C.  Subscribe for the Commoner: $3 a year  ������������������3


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