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Okanagan Commoner Jul 15, 1920

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 .ss   "S.^YW l v  ���������������������������y&**"-' t^;  ^>v-������������������v  *i!7 1920^  ?A  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  Vol. 13, No. 21, Whole No. 694.  THURSDAY, JULY 15, 1920  Subscription, $1 a year; 5c copy  ASK   REBATE  OK   TAXKS  ISeturiicd    Soldier   Properly    Owners  Waul, Council  to Relieve Tliem  HOSPITAL   i:OAHI>  At Monday night's meeting of the  City Council, a delegation fro_>i the  G  no  government  should   bo  asked,  to  do the impossible, and that so long'    as some men are forced to wo 11 t'lrur  Meeting   Lust   Friday    livening   Do"  Victory Bonds thoy must expect to  'have, to take whatever amount* the  buyer  is  prepared   to give.  'The   mic'igot   mi'.l    resolution  sub-  velops Renewed Interest in Building Propositi.  At Friday c,eveii:ng's 'meeting of  W. V. A. .appeared, representing ! mitled by Vernon local-was referred tho Enderby Hospital Board the sec-  such, returned men of Enderby as,'to t'he Central executive. 'reCary, Mrs. Geo. R. Sharpe. reports'. r'o property owners, aniji .made ap- [ Oyama presented, another rosolu-'ed the following net results o.f the  lilica'Oion  for  rebate   of  taxes.     Thc'lion urging tiho Government to  pass re.cemit, hospital   drive:  matter    was    briefly   discussed,    His  legislation   prohibiting   "foreigners," G-ate   receipts    $    540.83  "alien   enemies,"' amd    "nitiir.'li.-'.Vl  Dinner        250.00  aliens" from ho.ding land under any. Tags         125.65  ficr.m of agreement in Canada.    This Booth   (refreshments)    . . .        90.28  Worship the Mayor pointing out that  if rebate were to be mfade it would  ,hsive to be authorized by by-law, and  that thc passage of a 'by-law would  take "a little - time. Aid. Coltairt  said tihat the Council would have to  have informmation before, them  showing ifhe amount- of money involved 'before any decision could, be  arrived1 at, and the matter was laid  over for consideration at "a later  meeting.  Tho Clerk reported .receipt of  $396 inpayment of the city's claim  against t'he Province 'in! connection  with   the   recent   smallpox   epidemic.  Cominrunicatiions froin. Mr. Lawes  re water supply and T-roni Mr. Bell,  re taxation, were read and referred  to  the  proper  comlmittees.  A petition was received, .from the  .-��������������������������� Enderby Supply Co. and 14 other  business _ houses askling the council  to inaugurate a system of street  sprinkling in order to abate the dust  nuisance, which . was obnoxious to  the public ganarelly and harmful to  the stocks of merchandise carried in  th'e . stores.     The   Council   were   not  - disposed to enter upon' the venture  at this time, as they considered the  cost Would" overrun the appropriation f'oir streets tihis season;. It was  deci'died  to have Cliff street watered  7 from time to time during the summer with the fire-hose.  The following accounts were ordered  paid:0'    ��������������������������� -  ;  - Okanagan   Saw _Mills  Ltd ,. . ..$4 0.44  - Olviana'gan Telephone Co  '. .-. . .   7.05  " A.   C.   Skaling      8.50  City   of   Enlderby   ..........   13.50  C.   E.   Dug-dale    ......'    20.20  Fulton Hardware Co Ltd;  ...     1.50  A'.   Reeves-  .      6.30  Walter   Robinson   ..........     6.00  resolution  was taibled.  AUTO-ttOUILE  1SSOCIATIOV  Annual Meeting Held at Vemoii  Mond.iy Xifjlit���������������������������Membership Fees  Lowered.  Dance  IMPOU SI)I-l 1) WITN ESS  J. B. Gaylord  returned   from Nicola  Valley  on   Wednesday,"  where  he  installed a flouring   mill   for the Douglas  Constable   Bailey Lifts JVosotutioir  Lake Cattle Co. Exhibit No.  I  and Puts It in Jail  ���������������������������Vernon leads in football and base- ������������������ :   ball in 'the Val-'ey league games, and A few days ago one H. Propert,  in lacrosse it is a tie between Ver- employee!! on 'the Glen farm', near  non, Armstrong ancl Kelowna. Enderby,   shot   a  cow   belonging   to  .Mr. and Mrs". Patterson and sister,: the Japanese himiber camp om tihe  formerly of Enderby, motored up'old Fortune place. " The animal,  Wednesday  ancl  spent ia  few  'hours! with   others   belonging   to  the'same  wi'tih  .friends,   returning  to  Kelowna  in the afternoon.  Have  you   paid   your   water  rate?  Today   (Thursday)   as   the   last   day  65.00 ,for the rebate.    If rates are not paid  iby Ju'.y  31st,  the water  will  in   all  l.  Contributions  deposited  Cash   on  hand   ........  Yet to" collect      owner, 'had been getting Into the.  Glen fiel'dis and causing damage to  growing crops. The Japianese had.  beam "-notified, and warned, but to-no  avaiil, an*di finally-Mr. Glen loaded  two shel'ils v.iith 'peas for sllndt and  asked the Prc.perit boy ' to go into  the field and drive the atctle out. A  iAt   the  annual  imceting     of     'the  $1,964.31  In connection with the success of  $1,071.78 cases be cut off without further no-  839.00'ti'ce.  3.53 1     The many old Enderoy 'friends of!shot  was- fired and  a few peas pep-  50.00 jMrs.   Maud   McKenzie   were  glad  tojpered the hide cf t'he cow.  gre-et her  last  week   on   her arrival      lA complaint was laid by tlie own-  from the Coast on  a visit of a  few er  of  the  cow an'cU Provincial  Con-  ~.   __, , ������������������*.__.������������������������������������������������������ ,     r.     _ -.'the  drive  a   motion.  Was placed   on  Okana'ga.n     Automobile     ancl     G-ood ._,,,'  ���������������������������     .        .        .... .._.."_,     .the. minutes   expressing   the   thanks  Roads     Associ at!i am     .held     Monday     ���������������������������    . , .   ,     ,,       \  L  ,    T- -    .   ,.       i of the members of the Board, to a.l  evening   at   Vernon   .representatives j , , *.__���������������������������,        ,    ^  ��������������������������� ., .       _   _,     those   who   contributed   cash  to   the  were  jiosci.l  frc/m  all   pants   of the ,..,,. ,       .      ._,,.���������������������������        r  ,,.._. .       ,,   , .. i  ,   TT     , ,  building fund;   also- to the ladies of  'district.      President   Henderson   and    , > ,'     . .   . ,      ,       .  -   t   ,.  ���������������������������        , ���������������������������      .. .   , fcli^s town  and-id.n3bra.ct  w,ho  donated  Secretary   Martin   reporteli progress,! ���������������������������- ���������������������������       - .     M,   -      ,,  .    .    .   .. ,,.   , ....    , ,       ' to the -hospital  dmner booth on-the  but   both   regretted   th*?.it   more   had. = , , ,   ,     .   . . .  ,   . ,���������������������������_._._._ 24fch  lanid-   helped,  in   preparing   and  mot   beeni  accomplished   in   the  sea- ,. ,  .      ������������������������������������������������������.., .       , .       .  serving the meals *oni the ground,  son's work.     With a nveimbersnup ot  77  lands total   receiipts   for the   year  of   $221,   the  associiation   purchased  v.linclsihiie'ld     emib'ems  for   members;  also  the. necessary  office   sBatranery i  aand suipiplics t'o 'carry c������������������,  and  came!  out-with, <a balance'of $35.     *= ��������������������������� j  It was pointeidt out that the work I  ���������������������������The secretary Was instructed to  write Mrs. McPherson, nurse, asking that the regular reports be  furnished the Board, as soon as possible after receipt' of monthly accounts.  Mr.   Hawkins,   chairman]    of    the  weeks   with 'her  mot'her",   Mrs.   Thos.  Brash-.  stable Smith went to -tlie Glen farm  for evidenlce. He roped t'he cow  The Endenby orchestra tis plan-j whose Oiiide waa peppered) with peas  n-in'g am ice cream social on the lawn land .'"ed it into town. She was  at the home of Mr. and' Mrs. G. D.! staked out on the street opposite  Robarge,  for .the  benefit of  the ire- the   government igoal,   where     Con-  organieed/   band,  nounced later.  Date   will   be   an-  stabOe   Bailey -found   'her.      He,"   in  the    absence    of - Constable    Smith,  Mrs.   Percy   Farmer- arrived   this not knowing whose cow it mas, mior  week from CasKegar to join- iher  husband. Mr. and Mrg. Farmer are  moving in t'he residence occupied by  Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Rands, wiio, in  turn, are moving into the Faulkner  house.  ���������������������������Attention! its cal'ied  to*the advertisement of  J.  S.  G-albraith  &  Sons  of t'he 'aissociatioim ithusi far h'ad been  confined   to  pressing  upon  the  gov-   . ���������������������������    _. - . ,   ... ���������������������������,   -   . .. .       .       ,.      ,.-,-,  _   .. _ , . -   for the proposed lsloation' ward and. tion to; give  the0highest  va ues   tor  jennnnent   the   need   of  road   repairs i - - . - - ���������������������������  why  she  was1 there', I'ed  her  to  the  city  pound  andi th ere" retail ned ' her. ���������������������������  Provincial, Constable'.Smith'  finally 'miissed   ilili������������������   st'ar     wiitne'ss' ,   ancl  started  on a  still 'hunt to  find iher.���������������������������  She was discovered in. tihe city lock-"  UP.. - ' ;   -  Wheil   t'he   case   came   up  'before  Miagisbratesi   Barneia   ian.d     Rosoman  I Board,   reported  that   he   had   gone, in  this issue. - This popular firm  of  into the matter of preliminary plans farm implement dealers ds in a "posi- Monday  evening .the evidence ibaken  substantiated!     the .   charge   ' maid'e,  h.cre anid  there, also tihe opening ot-i  would' be abe to report at an early the 'east money in binders, mowers  .���������������������������.      ���������������������������      , .  ,    rs,, ��������������������������� -    j        -     date as to pro*bable cost of building and rakes.  . " -  'tihe Revelstoke-Oklanagam road,  omiy,      , .   ��������������������������� - I     ,T j  n,       T-���������������������������."������������������,      --  r,.,     ,.���������������������������        ���������������������������     ,'.,-,,.        _.   . ,_   ,   m     and equipment. Mr. and Mrs. - Joseph.. Cooike caime  2i nit'les- ofw^oh.as unfinished. The; w   ^ ,tlloro,ugh,ljr. .dis7in ..rom, Victoria on Wednesday,  a,f-  Ascio-ciation ��������������������������� aUo    .had     inaugurated " *-���������������������������   -   "     *���������������������������-:-    i'~    ������������������'���������������������������'--  the iii'ovennent wlricli. evenbually" cul-  minated  in the,'iM^Jatiqn' of    ttie,, ��������������������������� ^--~ ^ y^^ .^"miak^nal .^ch" . Du������������������can'    =June    ^    the That: of  Lome^Vo^ny J*������������������iXc<\: 0,.t  "Siren* Traffic Cops',  by the City ot  A^,nm  ������������������������������������������������������t/%   ;,_   ..,,_,-,,_.   ���������������������������f   ���������������������������^ bride  being Miss  Edith M.-Jackson,  cussed "and left in the hands, bf t'he ter   a   ta?3r1���������������������������"1   tri'P   to   Alastoa.  dhairman to cal;L-the Board together They ^vere   marriied'   in   St.   John's  itlie'ro bein'g no question! as ito the  shot beiiEig fired by tiiie-accusedr.-, A  fine of $25 and-costs was imposed.  DOPY FOVXJ>  WSTWCT  ^F^T!X������������������  y.  p. fi. C. Gather in Twige Xum"  Uevs   at   Annstrong.  At the. idisitni'Ot -meeting of United  Farmers, Armstrong, last Thursday  afternoon., ��������������������������� a large attendance of  men and women discussed the imany  reso'iutions suibmittecl 'by the locals.  Some of these resolutions were inclined' to be contentious. r.ut all were  balked over 'most intelligently and  rteci'd'ed upon on bhe merits of. each  i individual     demand.       Tliere     was  luaiicMieaded reasonin/g and a clearness of, vision in deciding some of  the finer points that was refreshing  to see.  On the question of creamery anral-  ���������������������������gam'ation ib was decided to refer the  whole ini'atter to .a coni'inittee consisting of two representatives from  each of bhe creameries concerned  and two from the United Farmers,  this committee to go flu-Uy into the  question before bhe 1st of August,  at Which time bhey are to submit to  t'he- district executive a report of  .bheir findings, as to estimated capital roquire'dl, plan of procedure, etc.  A resolution from Deep Creek local brough", to the attention! of the  district association the importance  of urging upon the Governimerit the  removal of bhe trade tax of two per  cent on stumping'powder in view ot  the big demand inlade upon farmers  for increased .production-an: iall lines  of agriculture. The resolution was  endorsed.  A resolution from' Oyama "was en-  'dlorsed *ask'in|g thle goverfnmenjt'- to  gazette the portion of the lake front  road n'o.w t'lirelatened to be taken  over by the C.  nVr.  A   resolution   from  Ender.by,  pro-  Vennon,   which   were'   toidlay    .d'o'ing  good- service  in  t'he  interest of safe  travelling.       '.  '  " President Henderson  sia.iidi he was  net   entirely   sJitiafied   all   h'ad   been I th,e last"lfet <VWH ,,  decision  as  to. the   placing   of   new  wand to be built.  Following  aire the  names  of- con-  eldest daughter, of the 'late J. R. G..  Jackson, of Bevre,-. .Worchester,.  Eng. - Mr. "and   Mrs.   Ccoke   intend  tributors to ithe ihospital'drive since Jto.   reside   on   one   of" bhe   'groom's  of JiOg fioom at. Pn^erby.  dome by the Associiation that -might  'hlivo 'baali accorcip ished h.ad greater  enith.usiiaisni been shown by the  memlbers. but ihe was cp-rtain that  u'.vz "p"i-@r������������������ss n:i-.i::eJJ.wias sulficie-nt U'  shiw.v tlua greater itlhings-ibhat mlight  be accomplished 'by an increased  mem.beTSih.'o. anlr'i more en:ih.usilastic  iutereist.  - T.i:e executive, he slaid, iilad -just  puirchiased- enough "Keep to the  Rigiht" wiinidshiield warnings to be  ���������������������������distributed free of charge, to every  lamto owner in the district. These  were to be placed, in the hands of  the local representatives of the Association in every .IocaMty and he  ad vi sed-e veny=.o w n e r='0 f^-a^car^to^se e  tihlat 'hia v'^mdl-.h-ield .bears the warning on 'arid 'after the 15th.  In t'he se'eoliion of memibers of the  exeoutive for the ensuing year, the  names of Mr. Marley amd Mr. Geo.  Rands were chosen for Enderby a.nd  Mt. Winter and Mr. Fletcher for  Armstrong. M ember ship in fche  Associations can be had from ei'bher  of .-the locafi representatives. The  membership fee for 1920 wias set at  $2.00, thlits sum to include a mem-  bersihlip emblem for the windshield..  This -reduction wto nuadc in bhe 'belief thlat lilt would induce a larger  numiber to join Ithe Association.  With 'an increased nremlbership,  there is miuch the association  should undertake that would prove  it������������������ value i'n service to tits members  and bhe di'sibrict.  After t'he general meeting ad-  jouirined the newly-elected memlbers  of the executive miet 'and selected  officers, naming Mr. AV. E. Megaw  presMent, a.nd Mir.. Stewiant "Miartin  secretory.  j me iasc r:������������������t ������������������������������������'������������������ published:  Mr.   and   Mrs.   Robarge   ...... $3.00  Albert   Smidek    .......-.-....?.   3.00  George   Glaitz    1.00  Albert 'Smidek   jr    1.00  ii X X X X X X X X X X X X X X w  X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X.  Good morning!  Bunapt yet?  Mrs.   Fish'er   and     children      are  leaving for t'he coast this  week.  Mrs. C.-J. Whiten of Vernon, visited Mrs. Jas. Martin Vlast week end.  Mrs. Fred Hardin, of Vancouver,'  is visiting her sister, Mrs. A. C.  Skaling.  Born���������������������������At    the   Enderby    Hospital,  Music by the Enderby orchestra  is becotoinig a feature of the Satur-  diay might shows that is well appreciated:   by uthe    audience,   especially  posed  by   Mr..  Smedley,   urging  the  the cornet sol,os by. Mr. Dodgkiins.  Dominion  Government to  find  some  .  ������������������ ��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������_������������������������������������������������������_____  way to prevent Victory Bonds sell- The iftarmi is n*o place for the lin-  ���������������������������in'g below par was voted down, iV dolent mian; he fits .better in a cem-  being the sense of the meeting that etery.  Ju'y 1Cth, to Mr. and Mrs. Zilki'eT'a"  daughter.  Mrs. Bacon left for Vancouver  Saturdlay to be absent fcr the summer  months..  Mr. and Mrs. Haycock and fami.'y  are "going to Alberta this week to  be gone  for the sunvmer.  (Born ��������������������������� At It'heXr Trinity Valley  home, July 12th, to Mr. .and Mrs.  Louie   Wejr,   a  dia-ugihter.  Mrs. C. G. Piper, after a visit of  several months to 'her home in England, is expected  homo tlhis  week.   ���������������������������  The first practice of^ the re-organized k Ender.by band wi'lll be 'held in  Uhe theatre Friday night, July  16th.  .Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Ruttan drove  in from Falkland Wednesday, wrtiere  Mr. Ruttan established a sawmill  this sprin|g. ������������������ - *,'  Tax.'"tpayim-ents at the city ball  since June 1st amount tO'$19,877.89  which is not so bad for a small towji  like Eniderjby. .  \A 1'2 o'clock dance was given. <in  the Enderby theatre last evening by  the orchestra 'and was.well .attended  ���������������������������and greatly enjoyed1,  Mrs. Fred Garner who 'has ibeen  viiitLng'her mother, Mrs. W. T.Evans  of Burton for the past few weeks,  tils  expected .home shiorb'y.  'Mrs. J. Pacey .and 'children imioved  to Vanlcouver on Saturday, where  '^he intends, to reside, Waving sold  (her, property in Enderby.  Mabel  Lake Valley properties,  Mr. and Mrs. Dan Bush (nee Maud  Massey) of. Cereal, Ai'.ba., are spend,-  ittg a few- weeks on ia lnoneymiooii'  visit to '('heir pancmlts, Mr. and Mrs.  A. Bush of Enderby. It will be remembered that 'at the time Canadian  troops were sent into Russia, Dan  Bush went as a regular.. He became  ill at that time .an'd/ spent several!  monlths since ihis return in tiiie hospital haviing but recently recovered,  lie.surprised the old .folks by. bringing home a bride.  "JftfART  OP  THP  WII4>S"  Mary  pirkforcj  will  lie  Seen  in  this   Surccss,  .Inly 27"2H.  ���������������������������Mary Pi.cMoridi wiill ibe seen in  an entirely new role, as .a .moubain  girl iu God's Great Out-of-Doors. It  is the same beloved Mary Pickford,  with ber smiles ancl tears, 'her loves  and hates, her Whims a.nd winning  ways in an entirely new characterization. What would you dio if you  had sworn to your dying father that  you would avenge bis slayer and  then find bliat he was tiie wan who  married your own mother. The  tragedy of this situation will "ibe  shown in "IleUnt o' the Hills," Enderby Theatre, July 27-2S. Don't  ���������������������������miss it.  CAK11 OF THAXKS  The   Hospital     Board     wishes   to  "(Five weeks ago Louie Novotny, a  Bohelmiiiah,     was     washed   off  a  log  while at work on the King  . Fisher ....  drive  'and carried   down  stream,  by  the swlift current.    ,No trace "of the"  body   wias   found   until   Sunday   last.  wihen^r it   was  diiscoveredi  i^ tlhe   log _  boom   at   Enderby   mill|,   twenty-five  miles   from   the  point  of   tinow-ning.*;  It was denuded of clothing, only'the  shoes .being cm' the -feet, and  was in "  a state  of decomposition. ^        .- '��������������������������� -  Coroner Keilbh, decideidl that an inquest wias unnecessary and! Ithe body  --"  was  wrapped  in sacking <and placed   '  in ia coffiirJ for burial  without being-  brought   into. town.  Little is  loiiown about the unfortunate man.    He was "Ivouie" to all ���������������������������-.  with    wihomi   he   ihad  any   deali'ngs.  So'me   of    hlis   Bohemian    neighbors  .Q  believe 'he had siavedi up a coinislder-  *aib'e sum of money, but he had' no  ���������������������������bank account and aio money was  ���������������������������Eoundj. upon li'i.m nor in or about his.  cabin. It is believed he left a cache  somewhere about bhe place he located upon/ just a few days before his  death.  ������������������Mt. cjmjKovs hopv p.I'Xovpkpi*  ���������������������������Mrs. S. Poison, accomipanied by  Mrs. Speers and. son, feft on Friday  for Vancouver. Mrs. Speers expects  to bo away several weeks. Mrs.  Poison returns to 'her Vancouver  home afiter a few months spent with  ���������������������������her daughter lin Chicago, whose  liusbandl, Mr. J. A. Giiroy, lost his  life by drowning while duck hunting  thank the people who contributed '.ean'.y iini bhe spring. The body was  to the success of * t'he.-Hospital Drive, recovered from the river a few davs  ancl those solicitinig, and: especially lbefore Mrs. Polsion left for .her'home.  to thank,the laldhes whio donated to ���������������������������,,     . ,  _, .  and served, the dinner on the ground The heavy clothing, ,am,mun,i'bion and  on May 24bh. We 'feel, that the wading iboots worn by the drowned  success of the Drive, was largely due man seem to luave been sufficient-to  to the liberaNhearted people of the ,hold me ho6!v olv the V(iitjtom ,and  town and  district,  all  o>f wih'ora' lent.��������������������������� ...   _,_,    ^  ,.*,..     ������������������, ,.  every .assistance possible. ,at w,as only  brought to  bhe  surface  ������������������.* E. SHARPE, Sec.-Treas. 'by 'a. heavy  storm   t'he   day  it   was  Ifoundi on fche  river ibank,' in a  per-  Wm!. Fiaraum. will be seen at tihe.  Enderby TheaJtre Saturday night in  Zane Gray's dramatic story "The  Lone Sb'ar Ranger.-" This is another  Western -photo play iin wihich Wim.  Farnum' is seen at ihis 'best. It is  said to .be the hit of the season, so  'do not mass it.  feot state  of  preservation.  The gross loss susta.i.wedi by. the  U. S. Governmenlt in cpeiiaition of  railroads during federal'., co'ntroil was  $900,47S,000, according to the  finlal report of bhe railroad administration director of finance. OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY, JULY 15, 1920  *V  In which is merged Tlie Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly  1'ublished iV<J  By at Enderby. B.C.,  by The Walker Press.  &l per year; tl.50 six months.  H. M.  WALKER  at  ���������������������������THURSDAY, JULY 15, 1920  CARE GF GOOD ROADS  lhis spring. Uic'Provincial  road inlo Vci-non from  .nrkin  and  made  whal  good   l'otul   for  nulo-  Today. for lhc mosl  upon  which so much  worse condition  than  Thc  Ira flic over  lhc  il is  nol  lhc I'anll of  i.s so.    Th'e road-bed  cul lo pieces every Iwenly or fifly feci  waler which has been, and is being, al-  run   inlo  lhe  road  from   lhc  irrigation  Lasl  fallVind early  road gang resurfaced lhc  lhe  railway crossing al  gave   promise   of   heing  a  mobiles and-vehicle trallic.  pa i'i,   thtil  sji me ?rondway,  has been expended is in tt  was  made  over.  nol  made it so;  ���������������������������kmanship  that it  before il  road has  poor woi  lias bcen  by waste  lowed  lo  syslcm on ike hillside by the Chinese gardeners  who rent kind on either side of the roadway. And  lhc Cliine.se gardeners are nol lhc only culprits.  Whilemen who own and operate orchard kinds  on the upper side of the road are equally guilty.  Merc is a case in point wherc a great deal of  damage to ���������������������������thc roadway could be slopped if the  road department had a reliable roadman stationed tst this particular poinl lo travel up and  down thc road nnd make repairs, and  lhal  PLAIN TAIKING  at the  same lime sec lhal thc properties using water  for irrigation look after it and do nol permit the  waste wider to gel. into the road.  II is Ihe worst, of folly to spend thousands of  dollars on  roads and   I lion   allow   them    lo   be  The Toronto Financial ,Post has in tbe past  forced Canadians to think seriously on subjects  which were not Agreeable. From time to time  it shows up glaring wrongs in the handling of  public affairs and they, are righted. It is a fine  ���������������������������thing to have a periodical so outspoken and so  jusl in ils criticism of public men and policy.  'This is lhc way it handles the question of  wasted horsepower in thc Province of Ontario.  Some of ils remarks would apply equally well  here in  the Province of Brilish  Columbia:  "There is a serious powcr shortage in Ontario.  Factories arc closed. Workers arc idle. New  developments arc held up. Sufferers arc afraid  lo complain. There is absolutely no hope for  improvement for a long lime���������������������������things will only  become morc serious.  "Yel two private companies havc idle equipment from which lhcy tell us they are able and  willing lo lurn in on short notice aboul 35,000  horse-power, which will greatly, if not completely,  relieve Ihc present shortage. ��������������������������� v  "Sir Adam Beck is responsible for this condition,-���������������������������responsible for keeping this 35:000 horsepower from Uic '"manufacturer sind workmen of  lhis province. If not, it is J'or bim lo s;n- who is  ���������������������������hc is controller; to say why this power is not  turned3 on; to say why-lie refuses Iq, use waste  water which costs the province nothing and with  a coal famine in sight builds an expensive sleam  plant:"  SANITY  w  lied a win-  in a single night.  If the individual  Chinese and white men cannot bc held accountable for the damage done by this"'waste water,  certainly the owners ������������������of lhc properties can find  should bc. And thc road department should ,take  steps if) pul a slop t'o the practice, which is becoming more prevalent as morc use is made of  thc irrigation system. ������������������  MODERATION LEAGUE  -  While nobody would  Ih.c  bar,   with   ils  trail  iii'icrwalh,   lhere  is  a  heart of nearly every mar  hibilion wc now-.have-has  there is  the wav  ! like to see lhe return  of  folly and   ruin  as  feclino- oi'  disgust  in  oi  an  a...._  __.   ihe  i'A  thc Way  Ih.c pro-  been enforced.    Arid  ti'deeper disgust in  the heart of all  at  lhc prohibition stool pigeons opera ling  particularly in Uic Coast cities and Id n lesser de  grce in lhe towns of Ib.e Interior, who arc making a business oi"preying upon the weakness, of  lhcir fellow's. Thcy are worse than sneak Thieves  and a common safe-cracker is a prince along  side of thc pious pimple who steals evidence  lo prosecute men lhal be might bc paid Ihc blood  money an evil law provides. _-  -    There is a moderate course in dealing with this  11   loo  in   their  a lillle woman to set lhc men right  thinking at the dislrict convention of  United Farmers at Armslrong lasl Thursday afternoon. Oyama was endeavoring lo push  Ihrough a resolution asking thc Dominion Government! to pass legislation that would prohibit  "alien "enemies," whether "naturalized citizens"  or nol. from owning.or even-leasing land in Canada. Such expressions as "alien enemies,"'."foreigners," "naturalized aliens,", etc.. were lossed  about quite freely, and one was forced lo wonder  how. much longer Ihc. Avar was going to bc continued although the fighting nations have becn at  peace for morc than a year.  "I understand," said this'; little woman, "thai  a ciiizen of a counlry, whether a naturalized  citizen or a citizen by birlh, is entitled to the  rights of citizenship and onc of these rights is  lhc privilege of owning land if hc has lhc money  to pay for il.    Am I not right."  Then thc menfolk quit, their-cheap talk about  "alien enemies," "naturalized-aliens," etc.,- and  voted to tabic thc resolution.  "A MAN WHO TALKED WITH GOD'  question of sli  .!.-  ong (irmli. Wc sec on every hand  mc results of llie folly of attempting to suppress  human tendencv.    "It can'l bc did."    But bv rea-  o and  They arc directed lo a  I   a   Siincr   method   of  son and intelligent action individuals can b  tire being made better,  safer   road   lo   travel  ai  thinking and acting.  In   the approaching plebiscite on  lion question wc shall  era I ion  League.    This  iv? the greatest  lav and order  lhc law be lax.  lhe prohibi-  iear morc about the Mod-  league  holds   thai   liber lv  lhat  If  Proclor was a consumptive in early life. That  is the reason hc came, west and settled fn lhis  small community, doing all his studying out of  doors and ������������������ pending much time on lhc little farm  his church gave him.  ITe never had a salary.   His people simply paid  his bills and supported his homc.  [JChc writer used  to go  lo Independence  when  factor in  human' happiness;  arc  lhe guardians of liberty  license takes the place of1 lib  and if liberty be repressed Uie law will ne broken  and order destroyed.  The. open  bar was an  example ^)l' a   lax  It  The  Prohihition Acl  is iin example ol  -la-w Httlh-;ini-I'nndiimen l;illy-.bad  againsl  lax  law  a  reprcs-  Th.c   Moderation   LcngU'-   is  bar nnd  ii  is againsl   'Are  Prohibition  league  i.s  I'or Governmcnl    sate   and  spirituous  and   mail   liquors   in  sealer  II  is   i'or sane   legislation   a.nd  against  legislation.    II is for liberty, guarded J  order.  lhe  . iCl  ccnl  open  Thc  homc from college on summer vacations, lo visit  Proctor, and one ���������������������������summer look up his boarding  house, across thc street from the old prophet in  order lo spend part of each day in his socicly.  Proclor would walk lo lhc gate when his visitor  was departing and thank lhe young man for  coming to see him. Think of that! Such modesty,  mixed with conscious powcr. would lit a man lo  "walk wilh kings���������������������������nor lose lhc common touch:"  If was wonderful how the great and graceful  gentleman would welcome lhal young student  a.nd spend an entire afternoon talking with him  and. l_)_him_as_ if _he__wcrc a._whole class of men  A  o  I   packages  emotional  liv law and  GOOD ROADS ASSOCIATION  li should  er   in   Ihis  member of  Associii lion  service   in  maintenance  goodwill  an.  aim of every automobile own-  Ihe  Okanagan.  lo   become   a  oniobilc Club and Good Roads  is endeavoring lo lie of puhlic  gelling   of   good   roads   and   the  of    safe,ly    to   travel    and    general  liberalitv in  dealing- wilh till  ma'l-  hc lhe  pari o  lhe An  which  llu  lers of ;i conimunily nature.    Thc Good  Association' is in a  field quite distinct aiu  from any olher organization" in lhal ils member  ���������������������������ship is not confined lo any one particular local  Roil ds  apart  ity .and .the service il renders is nol so much m  tlie inleresl' of its members, us in the interest if  Ihe general* public. It'has a wide field of usefulness. "There are eleven hundred nulos registered  in the Okanagan north of Kelowna. Of This  number only 77 became members of the Association lasl year... Add a cipher to this, and  we have ihe number that should become  members -��������������������������� a membership large enough to  make the association of practical benefit to  evervonc in Ihc district and of service to auto  visitors from till parls of the country/who are  coming lhis way to enjoy  the far-famed Okanagan.  the beautiful drives of  out under the trees and in the deep summer  grass.  Onc needed only lo ask him a lew questions  and-thai would start him talking���������������������������wonderful  lalk!  One Saturday Proclor was pruning his vines  and lending his (lowers, Avhen a neighbor preacher��������������������������� ;i Seventh, Day Adventist. in long black coat  and while lie'wilh a limp hack'Bible under his  arm���������������������������passed by and jokingly said lo lhc sage:  "Brother Proclor, don't you know you'll nol gel  lo heaven working on the Sabbalh'day?"  Proclor looked up and smiled and answered.  "I'm in heaven now!"  Vou couldn't slop a man like Ihnf from going  lo heaven; he was already there. Like McGregor.  wherever he sat was Ihe head of the table, and  wherever hc went hc look heaven with him.  Me would Ihrow back his great leonine head,  which looked like a Greek carving of Zeus or Jupiter, and he would say-* concerning some idea,  "Thai thought goes cleaving Ihrough the infinite"  or hc would smile and say! "I sit out here under  these trees, among llie birds and the wind in the  leaves, and I talk lo God."���������������������������Burric Jenkins in  Farm and Homc.  ksa^ESS&3fci  But remember that Paint p^r  Quality varies  WI  if!  43$=**. ,.��������������������������� -   ������������������.^S5������������������S2*S"=\fr3  "Y"OU cannot save the  J- surface with a poor  paint���������������������������unless you re-paint  frequently. That is extrav-  agant���������������������������so you naturally  seek the paint of utmost  durability.' Your search for such a paint  will lead you ultimately to the pure  and permanent  "English **  70 % PureT^hlte lead  (BranJrjm'a Cerium* B.B.)  JM)% PizreWhiteZine  100% Pur������������������ Point  Its outstanding merit is primarily due to .  its white base: zinc white and BrandrahVs  Genuine B.B. White Lead, which' for two  centuries has beenthe standard white lead-  of the world. The purest linseed oil (from .  our own ^mills) with best turpentine, aids  in giving a tough air-tight coat. You cannot prove these high claims until you've  used the paint���������������������������but you can meanwhile  accept as your guide the experience of  your neighbors.   Ask any man'who ever  used B-H if it is not true that jt goes far- -  thest���������������������������and lasts longest.? You will find  unvarying conviction among experienced -  paint-users that the quality and durability  of this brand are such as to make it the  supreme surface-saver. You will probably  find in your.neighborhood houses painted  with J3-IJ long ago that look as if they  were painted but recently.  J^ocal Agents:  ENDEJWY, B. 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This not only saves you 10 per .-  cent on your purchase, but also  saves shipping charges. All  ���������������������������mail orders will receive prompt  attention.  x    To local patrons a further discount of 10%   on all other  purchases  J. C. WHITEN  Manufacturing Jeweller THURSDAY, JULY 15, 1920  OKANAGAN COMMONER  In flic Matter of the Special Surveys  Act, and ia the Matter of Special  Survey of Portions of l_ol ISO,  City of Enderby,  , NOTICE  is 'hereby given  that ..t'he  ^)lans of the Special Survey of t'hose  portions  ol District  Lot 150,  Group  1, Osoyoos Division of Ya>'e District,  situate   \v It'll In   the   Corporate   limits  of  the City  of  Enderby,  and  shown  by   Plans  No.   21 L,   211A andi  2MB,  and 'Hiat 'portion of District Lot  14 9,  Croup   1,   Osoyocs   Division   of  Yale  Dislrict situate  within   the limits of  the City of Enclerby,  ami  shown  on  the  official   plan  ol'  tho  Government  Town.site of  Belvedere,  according ito  l a pi'an deposited in t'he L'anidi Registry* Office  at Kamloops,  wliich   were  directed  to  be specially surveyed* 'by  si'ir. order  o.f  t'be Honourable the At-  tornoy-Geliiieral, 'doted   tlie  2 7t'h day  of   Septera'ber,    191C,   for   the.-.purpose of conreeling -amy error or sup-1  posed error, in respect of any existing survey or plan, and efcorrcctin'g  or    adjusting    any    discrepancy    between   -fill������������������   occupau'cy   of   the   Jaittl  aiul  'any   registered  sub-division   or  lifans  of  such   lan.rl,  ami of  plotting  land not before subdivided,  and, no:  showitii on   any   plan   of  sub-.'ivision,  together with a tabulated l'st of oc-  DAXGEROUS PROPAGANDA'  Union   Party   Member   Sees   Danger  In Progrcsive Party  DO NOT PAIL TO REGISTER  A warning that the .propaganda  of the "Progressive Party is a dangerous ���������������������������fornn 'Of doctrine which was  being preached by the rulers of ..the  Grain Growers and the Council of  Agriculture, wns issued by H. H.  Slovens. M. P. i'or Vancouver, i*n an  addiress he delivered to tlie Progressive Club at Montreal a few days  asp.  Mr. Stevens said that 'the Progres-  It is possible that a few ipeoi^e do  not realize the importance of registering as voters lit' they wish to exercise the privilege of 'Uhe 'franchise.  By the act .ipassed last session all  lists Wave been cancelled, every per-  'son must make a fresh aipi.licatio.n,  and the new ilists w-ili close on July  15. All British subjects of either  sex not under the ago of twenty-one  who 'have lived six miomtihs in' the  electoral district for which they  wish to'register'are eligi.bie, ami application   slvould    be   made   to   any  sives' .platform was a, menace.' Ho postmiaster or 'magistrate, or to one  believed its "first idea was the social-1 of the numerous comimissioners ap-  Ization of the grain, industry in' Can-/pointed  to   take  these  'applications.  cupied or improved lafucTis,- the boundaries of wihich appear as altered by j thlat. there   w,as   no  'chance  the said  p'ans, have been filed  with  mdnorities   in   etich  the    Pro.vinci.al    Secretary    and    the  ������������������ said' plans  will be submitted for the  approvel   ��������������������������� of   the   Hon'ourable,     the  Lieutciaant-Governor'.     in      Council.  ..nd   that,   any   coin points   that" may  b  made against such   Special ,Survey  or plans by any person interested  in  property    thereby    affected,    will    bt  heard   by   Godron   Lindsjiy,   Esr.uire,  Uarristcr-at-Law,   at/ the   City   Hall,  Knderby,   B.C.,   in  t'he   Province   of  British    Columbi'a,    on     Friday,    thp  IGth  day of Juf-y  next",  at the  hour  of  ten  o'clock  in the  forenoon,  ancl  ^that' t'he  cost  and  expenses  of  such  enriuiry by tlhe sai'di Gordon, Lindsay.  Esquire,    together    \vitih    the- total  amount   of    compensation    allowed,  an'd   any   other    incidental    expenses  jiecessary    to   complete    the   Special  -Survey win be 'added: .to a.nd'bencmo  .part   of   the   costs   and   expenses   of  the said Special Survey.  ���������������������������  Dated  at Victoria, B.C., this  17th  clay of June, 1920.  J.  W.   deB.  FARRIS,   "  *"' * *     .   Attorney-G-eneral.  Statement  of   Costs   to  Date  Proportion   to  be  borne  by  t'he  Cor-  . iporatio'ii:  of ct-he  Ciit}r  of   Enderby  ���������������������������in respect of the area of la,ivd contained     -in     streets     'and   . lanes  i...'. . . .���������������������������    "...- ?96.44  Proportion-to be taxed .against owners   in   res'pect   of   "lots or     land  .$253.56  ada, that the government s'hould  market all the 'grain -amd tihat there  should 'be no private dealings. Elevators, the Oanadiian Pacific Railway  and tine banks would also -be taken  over .by the government under this  platform, Mr.  Stevens said.  Al the farmers in the 'prairie provinces clad .not uphold this platform,  but the system of representation on  the Council of Agriculture was such  of   the  district   makin.  themselves  heard*.  Without sharing the alanni ex  pressed by Mr. Stevens, we would  like to enquire if it was mot the  TF'ni_o:i Government that inaugurated  governnieiit control of the wheat,  sel'ing, and, further, did not the experiment work out satisfactorily?  The fact 'is, the experiment Was been  so satisfactory that .a second, year  of government control and' sellimg is  to be 'inaugurated.The question tihen  arises, if the tplan works so well the  first year and" second year���������������������������so 'much  better than the' old plan���������������������������wherein  '*ies the danger of continuing, it?  These solemn 'warnings 'given iby  old-line politicians _ u're ' .not taken,  seriously "by the ipeople of Canada  any more.' They cause a smile, and  aro'forgotten.  Registrations the past week have  been more numerous. There are  stii'.l a great number oif citizens who  have mot yet . made application.  There is a nrisaippprehension on- the  part of a few citizens who have the  idea that a cluairge is 'made by commissioners for taking the'ir applications-- and having their names .placed  o'n .the voters' list. This, ,of course,  is not true. The whole transaction  requires but a few minutes aiid it is  at no cost to the applicant.  Register  today!  The Best Investment  You can make  is an up-lo-dalc water supply and plumbing system for your home. "  You do not havc to live in town to have all the."  comfort and labor-saving conveniences of a  water supply and plumbing and healing system  in your .home.  Let us figure on a system for your particular  need. 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Abbott, .proprietor of the Union Hotel, stating that  the city water was s:hut off from his  premr:.=cs from Dec. 22nd until April  l'ot'h, and asking.th'at this t-hne 'be  dediuctecr from the period covered  by the mext. water levy.  Tlhe clerkJ reported thlat' the regular waier service to the Union Hotel  w|?.s shut off .by .the city .mmcdiai.ely  after the 31st of January, 1920, owing to non-payment of the rate for  th'e" 'preceding half-year. ��������������������������� This was  in 'accordance with the bylaw governing. On payment of said rafe in  April., 1920, the wiater was turned  on again. In accordance with - tht  bylaw the rate ceased to accrue dur-  i ifg^tlfe^i liter VWi ifg'iiyef.iordJ  The clerk .reporteid, that it *\yas expressly -rrovided  in  tho Waterworks)  Regul'P't^fc-K Bylaw that rates should  be  levied   'n   oil  cases  to  cover the  period   between  date  of  tvritten order of pro.pcity-owner to,turn water  on, .and  date of similar  order  from  him to turn off;  and that no dteduc-  tio.ni shou'd  be made in any case in  respect   of   .interruption   of   'Service  through freezing of pipes or for any  other cause  whatsoever.    Any interruption of service whicU might 'have  occurred   previously   to   the   end   of  Januiary,   when   tho  water  was  shut  off; nnust ihave been iclue to 'freezing  of -pipes,- and the rate  would   have  ceased   then,   if   the   owner   of  the  property,    or   agent,   had   filed   the  usual   order   for   dfiscontinuance   of  service.    As they did not do.so, the  office 'had no alternative 'but to collect  for the  entire -period*.     In any  case,  the  clerk .added, the 'property  had    not   ibeen    without   water,    as  there, was an old unrecognized supply ipipe entering the 'grounidis of the  hotel at the back, from the saw-miiTl  Foreign Rail ways and  Rates  , During December, 1919, and January, 1!>_:0, tj_e Italian railways' advanced iheir lust-class passenger  lares Si) per cent, liie-ir second-cla=3  lares oo ;.er cent, and their third-  class lares 60 per cent.- Both freigut  end passenger rates already during  the war had been advanced SO to 4u  per cent.  The passenger rates-of the French  railways, two of whicli are c. neil by  the government'and ail ul waich aie  being operated under governmeat  control, were advanced 40 per ceat.  dining the- war aau ihe treigot rates  30 to 37 per cenu Because of the  deficits wnich have continued to be  Incurred proposals for furtner advances " have been under conoideia-  - tion. -  Thc advances jin ratesLon the Austrian railways since pre-war uaya  have been enormous. The increase  ot 30 c per -cent .made in February,  1920, made tbe total increases about  .330 per cent. .   _  In September,    J919, freight    and  passenger rate's in .Belgium nad been  increased 40 to 50 per cent since prewar times.    Further increases have  been made since then,  j   In-September,   iyl9, freight   and  passenger rales in The Netherlands  I were advanced 50 per cent.  |    Very   much   the   largest   advances  [reported in any  country bave been  made in Germany, wheie, it is well  :known, practically  all  the  railways  are owned and operated by the government.     Repeated  advances   were  made during the war and still fur-  jcber very great advances bave been  made since the signing of the armistice.   The passenger rutesnow average about 700 per cent higher -ilian  before the war, and the freight rales  about 800 per cent higher.  j    Large advances in rates bave also  ���������������������������had  to. be  made in many  countries  which were-remote from tbe seat'or  hostilities.    For example, ih December, 1919, all freight and passenger  - rates on the South African Government raihvays were advanced 25 per  -cent���������������������������while-in August. .1919-a raise^  Plumbing  Heating   v  ENDERBY, B. C.  Tinsmithing  -IT TAKES. SKILL  to repair am auto properly. No ordinary, meehanic can  do such  work.*  You wouldn't send! your watch to a  'blacksmith, for 'repairs. An auto is  just as mechanicalfy delicate as a  watch. So don't send yours to inexperienced people. SeiDd' 'it here  where it will  be treated  by-experts. '  RAND'S GARAGE ENDERBY  Ford Dealer and Repair*/  A name that stands for the,best in hotel service  King Pdwarf Hotel   '&&������������������*?**      Me/ty  property, 'through wih'ich. .he understood, Mr. Abbott ihad a continluous,  although unauyiorized, service.  - Is fanmiinig some day wTiioil'ly ito .be  abolished?' O-wing *o the rus'li to (Jhe  cities, the airnouailt of hired labor on  the farms i's now only 72 iper cent *of  whtait it wias before !tihe war.  ot 20 per cent in both freight and  passenger rates was made in Brazil,  and iu October or' the same year  additional increases were proposed.  Even in Australia, which was about  us remote from the theatre oi hostilities as any part of the world,' all the  government railways have sufiered  severely from the effects of the war  and have had to make advances ia  tbeir rates.  The railways of Great-Britain were  placed under government control at  the beginning of the���������������������������war and are still  being thus operated. During the war  the passenger rates were advanced  50 per com, while the freight rales  were not advanced at all, and because the increases in expenses  greatly exceeded the increases in  rates the government incurred a  large deficit. To reduce or wipe out  this deficit advances in the freight  rates of.the British railways ranging from 25 to 100 per cent were  made effective on January'.15, 1920,  and extra charges were added to  rates which cover the collection and  delivery ot freight at stations as well  as its transporlaii-OTi. In'March. I!i20,  the demurrage 'char?'<?.v imposed for  holding a car one dny beyond the  period oi free time were increased  100 per cent, t.nd the char sas for  subseauent days 200 per cent. '  for the Warm WeatHw  COKXISP V'EEF  WHEP mZF-V   .       '       .'  &.\X.A\) PU^SSfXCJ  OMVID OITi  aAUPTVPS  cTtAKS  We keep a good line of FRESH FRUIT   AND   VEGETABLES.  PUINCAN  0R06,      Enderby's Quality Store  Reports now corning in "indicate  that the cattle and other stock losses  in Alberta 'during the wiinter and  spring have been unusually heavy.  According to a Calgary, ip!aiper the  losses reported so far total, over 4,-  100 cattle, 1,050 horses, and 50.  sheep. These losses are diue almost  entirely  to the scarcity of 'feed'.  REEVES'  W.M.  A.F.&A.M  Enderby Lodge No. 40  Regular meetinpa lirst  Thursday on or aft t the  full moon at 8 p. rr. i i M;i-  fionic     Hall. V.i'ins  brethren cordially i ivltci  G. II. KEBVES  Sf?*f*r*ot i*"v  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 35, K. of P.  Meets 1st & 3rd Mondny ev������������������  In Masonic Hull. .Visitorjcor-  dially in.itcd to attend.  WM. ANDERSON. C. C  H. M. WALKER. K. R. S  R. J. COLTART. M.F.  When you want the Best  Meats and Service, go to  GEO. R. SHARPE  Wholesale   and   Retail   Butcher  Enclerby, B. C.  Notary Public  Insurance amd General Agent  JAS. DICKSON  Bell Block Enderby  EUREKA LODGE NO 50  I. O. O. F.  Meets every Tuesday evening at 8  o'clock.   Visiting brothers cordially  invited.  W. E. Duncan, NG.  D. K. Glen, V. G.'  H. A. Teece, Sec  ^C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk.  Enderby, B.C. OKANAGAN  COMMONER  THURSDAY, JULY 15, 1920  !J20H.LETT COMPANY L"5l2  Toronto. can-a������������������a  People   Not   Behind   Prosecution  Indicative of the unpopularity of  the Government's prosecution of the  Winnipeg strike leaders, at least  five of t'he men now in jail as a. result of the prosecution, were elected  over Government supporters in thc*  recont election \hold in Winnipeg.  Labor candidates were elected in  rho   Asr-inaboia     Brandon,   Dauphin,  Kildonan, Springfield and. St. Clements constituencies. Dixon, the-labor spokesman, '.while yet Jn prison,  received G.000 votes over all other  candidates in 302 po.Ms out of 318,  wh'ii'e" Hon. T. H. Johnson. Attorney-General, the strong man of the  X orr is Government, received only  4,000  votes in the polls referred to.  In   lovinu'   memory   of  .Authui-  W. Emeny  and ou'hera also, that have passed  away .whom, we have k*n!o\vn an 1  loved-..  We cannot think of mhcni as dead  Wiho  walk   with   us no 'more;  Along the path  of Life  we tread,  They have but gone before.  ���������������������������>E: E.  Stop the Mosquito  Bites and Insect  Stings  'o  Is it wise to go into the woods or  to the lake without a bottle of  our preventative with _yru? It  is recommended to keep them  away and.to- take- the joy out of  life���������������������������for them.      Give it a trial  S? MARA   XEWS X  a a x x a a a a st a x x a x s; x  Miss Webb of "Armstrong is visiting her friencl, Irene Cadden, for a  few days.  Mr. King has been looking over  'his .pro'perty here with tlhe 'intention  of ''bringing. Mrs. King and . faimr'-y.  who have not been in the best of  .heal-tih  mer   months.     ITe  returned   to  Vernon   on   Monday.  Win. Coell paid' a hurried visit to  Mara as a respite from the intense  heat in Vc.rno.nL  ALL,  MUST  BE  BUSTLED  Jaist picture, girls, the awful  plight of Mister Howard Figg, engaged in swatting H. C. E., and with  it all, no <pr!ig. The national garment  folks tod'ay* sent models fair to see  the 'foresiajicl Mister Figg in Mister  Palmer's lair.  These ma.n.moquins, in. knee-length  to   recuperate   for   the   sum-   gowns,   were   beauteous   to 'behold;  their   underpinning  shapely  left  nothing to be told.  ���������������������������-a "W.hat    ho!      Look    weU'"   their  mentors cr.ield, "Here's clofhing con-  i servationi!      If   we   can   keep   styles  Quite aTumbcr  of  Karaites  took I short 'this fall, much jack we'll.,save  in  tihe" Grindrod  dance andi claim  to i  t'he nation.  ���������������������������have   had  -a  verv  enjoyable   time.      j     B������������������'t   Figg   looked    up,   and   F.gg  The   registration   of   the  voters   of jlooteetl   '5������������������������������������wn,     bllt    ���������������������������*W   rto���������������������������  this   district   htis   been     thoroughly Rooked lie.   He lam.ncd beneath each  done and  Mr.  P> utter worth   '.Hid  Mrs.  Gray are to be congraur'ated on tihe  coinpleteness  of  t'he  lists.  Wim. Owen was re-elected, as'trustee of the'Mia ra school board,. A  more than usual interest was taken  ,in t'he n imu.il meeting Oast Saturday  and it was decided ..to have a high  school class nex_ term.  'AH fears of -higih water for this  season  are  now  settled as the river  kilted   skdrt  a  neatly  dimpled   knee  Attorney-General's   aides   are   calm,  and master fill o.f 'poise; 'but with the  stirring of a breeze, IT. Figg let out  this noise:  "No! No! No! No! It can't be so!  Fair better that girls pay wilvat .now  they' must for garments than to go  about this way! This is not <1 lark est  Africa, nor yet a- Scottish moor;  knees must 'be draped: in  these here  done.  is facing and very little damage wasistates>   though   prices  keep   us .poor.  iV u   might   get   by   witlh   skirts   like    Uhat     in     France,    Sit     Longchamps  s ., js ^ ������������������ ������������������ ������������������ S; ������������������ ������������������ X S? X j races.;   but   in  the  d}ry   old   U.   S.'  A.  ������������������ 7-IUr.l_C.AK S'i you  can't kick over traces."  X X X X X S? X it it X X X X X X X j .   Tiieni Figg turned pink, then Figg  Haying lies commenced-in the -diis- j turned red, and murmaire'dl ".pressing  ESTABLISHED     1872,  .BANK, OF HAMILTON  The Human Element  Banking is not all a mailer of money, metal  and marble. The Bank of Hamilton has a certain personality ,'crcated'.by the distinctive manner in which it conducts it's business, and manifested by the cordial relations.,which exist between the Bank and its customers.  This "human clement" makes pleasant as well  as ellicient banking here. As one of our depositors, you are as sure of receiving courteous attention as you arc that' your i'n teres Is will be protected by financial soundness and dependable  service. " "A> Bank for Your Savings"  JNO.  SMART,   Local Manager l.XDKUIiV,  B. C.  twlj-  Let Us Take  Your Order  for some of our .nigh-class groceries  ���������������������������and taibl-e luxuries and we know we  shall have a sim.i'ar .pleasure many  times hereafter. Fqr the quality of  our groceries is so sure to prove  satisfactory and the .prices -so evidently low that you'l", raose surely  cleciide   to   'make   this   your   grocery  trict.   0 ���������������������������=���������������������������   o  Mr. and Mr*. Henry Hill -motored  "to   Verncn   fast   week.  Mir. F. O: Coniklinjc', of Vernon,  was a recent visitor wiiuh M.r. Sharpe  cf Knob Hill and Mr. ancl Mrs. B. R.  Campbell" of Deep Creek.  ���������������������������Mr. ancl Mrs. .lame's Dun cairn a.nd  .Mrs. D. Lawsau o.f Deep Creek spent  Sunday lest wiih Mr. and Mrs. J.  McCallum   cf   Lan.vidowne.   -  business." "Oh 'do stay and ibe  til meel witihi *u's!" tihe .nro-dels cried;  but dlizziness had seized, t.he foe of  T-I. C. T-.., and out a door Ihe hustled;  so girls, next fall you'll 'have-to dress  like grandma, and be bustled!  THE   MRIGITRX   CAIHXET  Teece & Son      Phone 48    Flour, Feed & Groceries  _=_=  Following are the  men  chosen  hy  Canada's new premier as his ri.i.b-'.r.st  The regular monthly meeting ofj.^ oT Vi-llonU w!tll n.rcc .exception's,  the ITm'ted Farmers o.f this district j _ver0 ,memibers 0lf L.ie Burden ad-"  was ii eld in the hai'.l on Wednesday j,rajni strati on.V The new miinlsters  evening of last week, the meeting I a-.,& n w_ wig-more of S(, j0,hn, N.  being^Airowcd. by a whist drive and jB< F B M-cOurdy, M. P. for Col-  refresh ments. I Chester,  N.S.,  and   13.   K.   Spinney   of  Hocv&r's   mill   vMil.l   finish   cutting' Ya.nniout'h, '"N. S.    The old' members:  operations'   this   weok. ,.Mr.   Hoover   Hon    j    A    Calder,  Hen.   Sir   Sa.in.es  hns   hl.d   a  very   successful!   run   put  tinig     ihrougih     soime     six    'h*und.red  t'housand     feet,     averaging    twelve  thousand   a   Cay   with  ten   men   cm-  loyed.  GJfAXpVrKW REXCH  X  A. Reeves  Druggist and Stationer.  KNf)!.-:ilBY  Enderby Scenes  We ''have a good variety of post  cards showang scenes of Enderby  and  surronding district.  W  your  who  I'or |  We  'I'I IK  5c.  T_nch  'hy  not  have a picture  t'iken  of  home  to  send  to   those  friends  ���������������������������asked   for  one.  !������������������! 1.25   per   do/.ei.  )hoto post c-nrds, specially taken  do   developing   and    printing.  I'OITI.AIt    V.AUIKTV  .STORK  I'ostoflice  onc   door  East  I.NDKRDV,   B.C.     -  Want Ads  He si word first inH'-rtion. 2c n word each inser-  tiur. there.-iftor: Cfio minimum clmrvo: 10c extra  where chhIi rinrt not acoonipuny ordor.  STRAYED���������������������������From   the   Reserve; pray  horse': branded   "J  C" on left .shoulder; $5 reward;    address. S,  Walker  Press.  iThe 'homestead ..inspector visited  our district lxst we^ek looking over  sevcnnl  pmces here.-  A couple of loads of our young  folks attended t'he circus at Salmon  Arjm   la ft Saturday.  T-'he an.nniai1 schcol meeting laist  S.Ttur.diay was ratllier (poorly attended.. It seen~,s too bad t'h.at .pemple  do not take sufficient, interest to attend such an important meeting as  the annual school meeting. Mr. J.  Gavin  was tho new trustee elected.  Lougheed, Hon. C. C.^ Ballantync,  Rt. Hon. Sir Goofgo Foster, Hon. Sir  Henry Drayton, Hon. Hugh. G-uthr.ie,  Rt. Hon. A. L.. Sifton, Hon. J. D.  Roi'dl, Hon. Gideon Robertson, Hon.  F. B. McCurdy, Rt. Hon. C. .7. Do-  'herty. Hon. Sir Edward Kem.p. Hon.  P.  E.  Blondin, Hon.  S.  F.  To'mi.ie.  Paniieious  Sidewalks  KXDHIlllV   WKATHKIJ    KOI1    IL'XK   _'_..v___^...__H.__i'_.Teu.ney,_ Observer   Date  i o  ���������������������������i  V,  7  S  !*)  . -\  I 1  12  \?.  1-1  1~>  M ax  -1,  i .j  7<>  SI  7G  72  li."  i ���������������������������>  1.1  71  7U  fill  79  r  "WANTED���������������������������Small cook stove, suitable for summer kitchen, in-good  "repair.     Mrs.   David   Watkins.  FOl'ND���������������������������On   the   road   near   Grir.nl-  i-od,   auto   side- curtain.)      Owner  may    have   same   by   applying   at  Walker  Press and  paying for  this  ad.  !l  IS  19  20  21  22  2'.',  24  Min  3 7  ?, C  -17  ���������������������������IP,  ���������������������������I:"i  ���������������������������I."  4 2  ���������������������������IS  4,2  4 7  ���������������������������;:',  ���������������������������ir.  .-.2  r.:.  4!)  r, i  4 9  ���������������������������IS  4 4  r,o  R&n.je  4 0  v.u  ?,::.  2S  2 '  2 4  2f!  IS  i r,  2?,  24  ?.0  2 0  ���������������������������r.2  2S  (-.'!. in  ���������������������������   . (I ':  .07  . ?, ~>  .02  '"What does the city propose to  do with, thes? is-idcwa-'ikfi?" This  question was asked, the other day by  a. friend who had' fallen .into one of  the nuimerous holes ancl met with a  slight injury. Several .peo.ple hay'e  tripped and fallen as a result bf  brea.ks in the walks. Unless they  are rep aired the city may be put up  a'gauist a dannage suit by somebody  injured. AY'hat is the city .g.oiirg to  do wiith that gravel-walk i.rlea  ���������������������������which was proposed last year and. in  tho main, met with favor from the  rnte.pay.ers?  Rev. Mr. McKeen of Penticton. will  occupy the pulpit in the Presbyterian  Church Sunday morning and evening,  and Hullcar Sunday afternoon.  WATKK  XOTICR  Diversion  iiml   Use  FOR SALE���������������������������Two acre blc.;:k; fine  building site; on river bank; now  ���������������������������in alfalfa and fruit trees; all  fenced: ten minutes walk from  Postoffic-e. Apply W., Commoner  Office,   Enderby.  -,74  7<!  78.  SO  7">  lift  02  04  7 ���������������������������'���������������������������>  ���������������������������79  SO  S7  90 57 3:  S    clear    days;     18    par  cloudy. Mean temperature for m  00.20;   h^gliest.,   90;   lowest,   30.  25  2 0  27  28  29  30  3S  4 0  4 0  r,-\  4 8  47  23  21  3 I  33  ���������������������������> o  .09  ,13  .05  c ear,  on  In lhe l.akeview Hotel with Jas.  Bowes as proiirietor, Kelowna has  an asset that w u.ll be hard to beat.  As an addiiti'onal asset, the deHg-nt-*  fully situated -park on the lake  front, with bath house and dance  paviiion conveniently near; wihat a  place for a few weeks' outing in the  summer season!  TAKE NOTICE that Albert Sm*:d?k.  whc-HO addroPa is Enderby. IJ. C.  will apply I'or a licence to take and  uso 100 acre-feet per an.r.mm of water out of an unnaimed stream which  How... N. W. by, N. amdi drains intio  Sliiiswap river about " 300 yards  north of the centre point of the line  between the N. \V. & S. AV. 1-4 of  said:  Section   21.  The water wiill -be diverted from  the ���������������������������stream at a point about l-t  mile south of N.E. corner, ol: -' W.  1-1, Sec. 21, Tp IS, R. 7 , W; litci Al.,  and wiill be used for irrigation purpose upon the land described as S  W. 1-4, Sec. 21. Tp. I.S. R.7, \V fjtii  Mer.  This notice was. posted or the  ground on the 9th 'dny of Ju'y, 1920  'A copy of this notice and an a-p-  ipllilca.f'ion pnrsua.nt theireto and to  the "Water Act, 1914," will b-j i'i loci  in t.he office of the Water Recorder  at  Veiyion". *B.   C  Objections to the application may  be filed with the said Water Recorder or with tlie Comptro'ler of  Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria', P.. C, w.iifhiin thirtv davs  'iifiter the first aippearance of this  notice in a local newspaper.  A.   SMIDEK,   Applicant  The date of the .first pub'ication  of  this notice is July  15th,  1920.  Try Us when you have.  Car Trouble  ���������������������������An   expert.   Motor   Median:;'   haf   -r-.hairge cf our  repair  shop.     Any car  a sepcialty,  and  all' work  absolutely''guara-ntced.. -  Agents   for    OVERLAND.     URAY-   DORT,    CHEVROLET,    MCLAUGHLIN    and     MAXWELL   CARS   S:\<\   TRUCKS. :- ���������������������������  Jas. McMahon & Son Endei:t>y  and to the  K/"^ 1   and to the  eep Cool RIGHT  Our Summer Underwear is the correct weight.  It will help you to be comfortable and to keep a  level head. Come in and select yours;_ the  weight vou' want is here,- and the price is right.  Gents' Furnishings  e. b. mix,  Five Poses Flour  Groceries  Tne Tire  poctors  We are open to buy a Metal Turn-  ing Lathe -and a Drill Press. Our  Cycle     Repair     Department     wants  .->00   o 1 lV~~B~icycles,  any  condition.  Armstrong Vulcanizing Works  McCormick am)  Peering Binders  $255.00 each  A fe-w McCormick an4  Deering cMowers an4  Rakes left. Will clear at  COSt. Full ad next week.  ���������������������������'- a ; ,  J. S. Galbraith & Sons  i Implements, Tractors, Automobiles  ���������������������������   ���������������������������        ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������    ������������������������������������������������������   ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  II UK  VERNON


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