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Okanagan Commoner Aug 26, 1920

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 ^ii  ii  A '-1"{t' * * ������������������.wvfj  -9  &  ner  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  Voi\   13,  No., 27,  Whole No.   673  THURSDAY, AUGUST 26, 1920  Subscription, $Sa year  WORK ON MABEL LAKE  ('ovci'innciit Road Department at  Last Takes Stops to Wetter Road  Condilions for T������������������*avel.  Last Thur'day and Friday Road  Foreman, Shultz was engaged wiith,  a team' and drag on tlhe M'aibel Lake  road between Cookos and the Dale  place, 'and the loose part of the road  ���������������������������bed, was drawn into hhe ruts, amd  the  roadway    bettered   to   soiine ex-  j* rs  ms rs rs  X ,   ENDERIJY XEWS X X MARA  NOTES X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X  'School opens Sept. 7 till.  ��������������������������� |Mr.  and  Mrs.  Roy "Wheeler came  in from their Mabel Lake oamip this  week.  "Mrs. W. J. Wtoodis land family are  returning    from   M'aibel   Lake    this  week". , |  iRev.   J.   Knox  "Win:glut,  represent-'  lilng 'the  Canadian   Bible  Society,   is i  ���������������������������Ben Green was a visitor to Ea-  'derby on Friday.       -    ' .  iMrs. Buitterw'ojth, Miss O. M'assey  and' her cousin have taken up residence   on;   Okanagan   Lake   for   the  POWER  & LIGHT RATES  Okanagan  Saw Mills  Making a  Low  Watt Rate to Encourage the Use  of Morc Juice.  next two weeks.  J. Bell's new house begins to '.oom  tip and it will <b'e a fine addition to  the district and reflects igreat credit'ODast.  X GRIXDROD X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  Miss H. Monk from Vernon paid  a short visit to her parents on Monday. , Enderby has  been 'most fortunate  Mr. Leonard 'Stroulger has gone,in tihe past in the matter of service  to the Kootenays 'for a short vaca-jand rates 'in connection with the  tion. |*elecity*ic   lighting   system   owned   by  Master Allan Tomklinson is spend-,the Okanagan Saw Mills. While  ing a short time with friends at the ���������������������������nlelghboring towns have had.to pass  tent, though the time for smoothing |'l>a.y!ine hiB annual visit to Enderby.  on ^ a,rchiltec.t, .J.. Jcihnson, of En  out the   .ruts   passed   three   .months I'   Mrs. ���������������������������Da-vdd Lawsam of Deep Creek dfepby  a,go and traffic has been "riding the J ,���������������������������'ft Enderby ^on  Tuesday's train-to,     j   Carera Tetxirned f.rom ,the co/ist  ridges" .during the  dry  season.     it'������������������Pend   a   few *������������������* wMl1'  *rfends   at - - .      -      ,P���������������������������������������������n  Sis,  however,   imost   welcome   to   the Ke,owna  settlers  last Friday and reports a grelat im- j  men wihc  strain so Jiang.  .landi, to Endenby,  whereN it is toeing  Other w- -k is going on this week *tored f,or winter shipment,  on  the   road   near   Hupel,   it- being |     ,Miss  Elenor  M^erson,  who has; v-^veVterest ������������������^ "ih^ 'forthcoming  the .intention to rid  the road of thei'been seriousIy -M  *he  past  week or'  i through   periods    of    poor,   service.  ��������������������������� Mr.  G.   H.  Wells  is visiting  re'a- and have had to pay excessive nates,  tives   in  Armstrong    'for     a    short  with  shorit hours,  Enderby  h'as had  a steady, all-night serv.ice,  with the  Mrs.  M. Kile who ihas ibeen visit- most reasonable"^watt rate.  the   intention   of   the  extend the usefulness of  Mr.  Thorn, of itihe  Imperial LuraVits lighting plant.     After trying out  A .meeting was called last Thurs- ,Der  COi   was  in  Grindrod:  on 'busi-'the  new boilers  and  getting a   :ine  on   the  dependable   increased   steam  mr,   most   ...com.   to   the ��������������������������� ������������������_.������������������,���������������������������.   ,���������������������������mJ improvement to  Ms   ayes) and   T>e lng .rlend. at .McKay returned home I     It   le  now  rLsiz ������������������: :���������������������������l.rx: -%��������������������������� ��������������������������� ���������������������������������������������" *������������������ ���������������������������' ������������������" tzrz.���������������������������������������������veatuaMy be a ,,e"m������������������' ���������������������������sMy- r"*aw *��������������������������� -  o   ha\e   had   to   endure   the ,_    .    _  ���������������������������...���������������������������_���������������������������.,.__       ...     '      ,       ent cure.- Mir.  Thorn, nf it,he  Immerial Lum- its lierhtinsr nis  I  Iday'nigiht to o-ganize in the Conser-  imuch-comlemned    corduroy   hridiges !two'   is'   w,e  l������������������iro  'Phased to   report,  Dominion   ejection.     Mr.   Jones,   M.  -   ��������������������������� , ,L.   A.,   was   present,   hut   o*wing   to  Otber Improvements are to be made. showing some improvement. j the   shoTt   ^^   yery   few   of   the  in' that vicinity. A'so ithe culvert at GlaiCl'-v'9 Brockwe.1 will .be seen in: re8ident8 iput" liran appearance. M-  bho Dale spring, which is now 'alli"The s������������������eak," at the Enderby. Opera ^ Mr Joneg h,ad spo,.en> ^venal  but impassible,  i>s to ho .replaced Iby,House   next   Saturday   evening,   iac- oj,  lt,h08e   pveseat   gave  ltheir  views>  ness  this   week.  ���������������������������Mir.  G: D. McEwen' returned from 'facilities, it has been decided ito in- ���������������������������  tihe coast last week vhere 'he spent  a few dayis on  business.  Master Clifford Skyrme, wiho has  been spending his holidays with  friends iat Hailpel, returning home on  Saturday,  som^thinlg   of   a   permanent   nat^ o���������������������������^ bytte^BunaWne Comedy *���������������������������,,   |t   W1 -apparent   t,at-the   old | ������������������^     ^     Mrs.     Kenward     and  familiar sitron'g 'party allegiance was  a  thing  of  the ipast,  and imoire at-  and the road wlid3ned at itlhiis'poin't.    'Mil!'k F������������������'cl Vamp  ���������������������������   .Small fl'ite are to ibe.made.at vari-      lCit,y Clerk R'^oimein is now on va-  ous .polints, and, .it is flipped the bed'Cat'ic'nl UmtSi *hiB return the office tenti,on would have to ge paid to  of corduroy alt the old Bale home- at lt)he City Hai 1 win be ������������������Pen ^"^S. local' miaitters, particular mention bestead ahd ������������������anther east will either thie >m,orninlg hours.only. Miss Hazel -ng nladte 0i. the neglectof the-peo-  be puled up or covered deep onlough . Ros'omi2n lls in ^arge. I pie's interest as, regards the timlber  ito be forgdfcten.. '  |     A .taiWou-gihlbred  Dorset horn raan  umts nQW held..here> ,and  thie neg.  Men wiho have to travel the road lamb w'as receive'di Croim, the Expert- lec(. of the late ,mem,ber���������������������������although  to Mabel Lake heavily loaded, and mentaii Fa,nm,, Agiassiz, Tuesday iby a ca)biin,et rain,lster���������������������������to <do anything  w.ho aHmmost dai'y  have tio unload- a Mr* antl   Mrs*   p*   w'*   Chapmiam for  in   t,he  mlat'ier>     Th     meeting   was ^rj���������������������������'"  -.A-*i ~r   .������������������..   i    _._...       ,.   ....    t.h������������������>   farm   run   T.rvmi  Lak-te I ���������������������������      .. ..-.        .  ������������������       .      Grindrod  Anally adjourned  until  Monday.  TEXNtS '.tft&AAA  p'drtion of the load' and carry it u,p  tlie:r farm ���������������������������n Loott' Lakte.  the Roiberts hill, are hoping that ;the |     Th������������������ Okanagan- Saw Mills fe build-  season's  w-ork   \;m miot  exvd. uautil  aiiin'g  huiLklhcuses  and  other  building  road  i's' cut skirtixg the foot of tlhe f������������������i",a l-a-rge, tore������������������ ofjmen to he eim-  hill land coming into the present Plo>'ed in Camip' Three, near, tlhe - Thie. following men's' doubles are  fiioad atv WThiskcy creek. A blaze 'has;sout^ ������������������n^ of" Mabel Lake *h;is winter to. be-.played ok the End'eiiby^ Court'  already been run for this road, and1 '^r* 'a'nicl M,rs* C' FraV���������������������������l 'anicl "Mr. <>n. the; 26���������������������������th,: .; L.- ������������������: ?r5������������������,tors.and;-Er.  the estimateid cost is dnTy |300 or.aX1'* M'r3- H'orlace" Ne'ill,v'and familiies Winter/.vs.- -Messrs." Sp^rs&Gibbs^  -���������������������������?40'0/ibu.t>-'i!f" it is;diouble;,t!his sum, ������������������re-breaking^caixxp..at .Mabel^Lake.! v -The." fo'ld^lngijm'^'a.singlesL^Lr  or three or four times this amount,  ta/s week-end,'and by 'the .middle of J: Proctor vs. Jas. S. Dickson^ "7  Ahe exipendituine wiculM be -well imia<leine*t wee,c 'a,l the camipers wiio haiveJ,- . Ladites' doubles:  Mrs. Proctor and  X   - -   GJl.'INJIVIJS'iy Jfif  ���������������������������for this-hill-lie" the  big  obstaic'e  in  onJ������������������y������������������|d" a, deiigthiiful.   seasoin " will  Miss-Church   vs  Mrs.  Henniker and  KKXKKXKXXXi  -i-i . J _ tf   j ._____("     x _    *'���������������������������������������������.__���������������������������     *   ������������������     . .    '���������������������������     Iiiqva   **_Q4^.iif������������������n__>ii4   Ihnmio j ^ ' TVTica   T.ooa    ' - ,    - "''_"  tihe>w(ay'of traffic .to Mabel Lake amd have returned home.    ' "*- Miss Lees,  tie   lumber, crimps.     The   low  road       ftfr.   Jaimea-  Ei.lison   writes- from   _  v.v.uld clrao open up a 'beautiful vista Ne>v. Westmiin'ater: "I aim pleased to  -  of  the river  and   make  aviaiilalble  a |,nlfbrm   J���������������������������   lthl3lt   "^  'wife   is   now  interclub tournament to be held on  doHshtfui stretch  of river itnont. for wel1 a������������������ain and sufflciently strong to Vh'e courts of the Saimlon Arm Ten  ���������������������������In- conection   with  the   invitation  cannpin'g cndi  other purposes, al"  of  ' vihii'ch. siiro,u,ld ibe ifcaken into conkid-  . eiri't'ion when develioipi'ing the niaturat  ;ul\'antaiges  of "thi's 'beautiful  val'ey.  WfW* WAVE LAROU CiNPTPATE  small daughter from Revelstoke are  sipeniding a few days with Mr. and  Mrs.  W.' Monk.  Mrs. Clarke and fami'y of New  Bnunswiick arrived in Grlindrod last  week. They intend to m'ake ������������������their  home here on the old Crossman  place.  - ....  Mr." W.   J.   Grefenland!,     one     of  's o'dest' residents, left for  -Edimionton,   Alta.,   last' week, w.here  he intends" to makes his future'home.  * -**1  Mr.  'Greemland ha������������������ been  a  resident  here for some JJten,.year9 and we are  all sorry to see hiim-go.FVi^ ;-'5i-.'-;   :���������������������������.  7 Don't fpriget ,the,.ipicnic' and daaice  he^ro'nijTh,.ursd!ayi'J;26th.''. -ySy7, ^ - -.-  .V-"'_, ,,,. 'A ���������������������������>     ���������������������������., ^T^Tf^b^T-i ?��������������������������� -^'A-r'������������������;.'.^-"."  -*-'eTr-j*.z---~*Tf*-rr'^i���������������������������}-**~r*\<~  ...    - \-~..~      ^--ifJt ".'.���������������������������   UT. i- .  XXXXXXXXXXXxxxxx  < X XXXX  J.   Tomkinson   was     a     business  vislito-r to. Mara ,lia,st Monday.  The settlers are hoping ' that the  road will be conltinuedi through' to  the   Salmon   Arm   road  as   was'JreT  .recommence (housekeeping;.  We have  nis  ������������������.lub   on  Labor  Pay,   Sept.   6th,  taken  up our residence rait 1X19  8th  Henry    Pirks.  &     Sons     Ltd.,    his-'.poTted some time algo as it would be  Avenue for 'the present." kindly   offered   to   'don'ate   ia   sihera great hielp tj 'bhe district, shontein-  The fish were bii'tiing we'l Monday  om Maib'el  Laike.    "\V3itile one disciple  pt  the  great  Nim.r,od   was  taking  a  ln������������������ ������������������lubs have been invited to s<������������������nd-  nice one off  tie hook, his asslistant  a t���������������������������am of one-pair each, Walhaehin,  laid dciwrai her 'pole to 'help, and  in , K-Hinloops, Sa'imion Arm. Revelstoke,  Coining   Py-|^lection   in   Vale   Gives tihie exoiteimemt  of the  occasion  an-  F-nderby,   Vernon,   Kelowna,   Peach-  cba'lenge   cup.     Thle   event   will   be'ing the road to Salmon Arm  about  genltlemeni's doubles, and tih������������������ follow* three mies and giving a much easiter  grade.  i������������������io?������������������ise of OtUev Cimt\itfi,tei*  otlher fisih came ia'iong and "struck" ,1:,TJ$< Sumimerlanl and Penitiicton.  itihe   other   imo,   -takiin������������������   away   pole, I     In     addition    the    Salmon     Arm  reel and the wth'ole works. 'branch of thesG.  W.  V.  A.  has off-  Rev. Mr. Sfcitt of Armstrong, Rev.  ered to give a prize to each' o;  the  augurate a stea'dy 24-houT service,  for he'atinlg and lighting, .-with rates  low enough to mlake it worth whiile  for -patrons to "avail themselves  of the opportunity to make further  use of electricity im cooking, ,he*at-  ing, etc. It is th'e intention of the  comlpany to have on hand a limited  suipiply of electrical appliances and  cooking,   andi   hes'tfing.   uit|en|silfll,   Ifor  A  the convenience of patrons washing  to buy. . .-' ��������������������������� ���������������������������_*",.  ' A flat *ra*be of $3.50 a imonthon  a 750-wiat't water heater will be  nuade, and $4:50, a month on a 10.00.  watt. The mew metre rate will he  for "the first 15 hours, 14c; for the  second- 15 hours, 8c,-for the-third  15 'hours,., oc, Kind ..Cor all over,_'3cJ  'r - At these rates" patrons - will.- find' "'  a".reduction in1 -their- wdrater 'ligh'bing  ooaits���������������������������..vWitlxs the ^Wuinwner^ rate-l.&houtV,-_  A'W;  '-.��������������������������� c  w;is_  heabouit aaJow as thei .00^. 0f, other,  ���������������������������fuel; hiea"tlrifr.W^-::,' "S'-iS-'-a--.  S'^l  l������������������^VS?C4P p^xKWFf'tcV-  * iThe -physical culture director of a  biig ���������������������������a't'h'.Bt'ic' club believes that ifinan-.  cial 'prosperity is p.roducinig"ph.ys;ca������������������:  ibaniknuptcy.'' poth men and wcraer;  he says, are living? "too soft", eating too much, sleeping too.much and  exercising too little.' Even-when  the 'business and professional people   do   deign   to  exercise,  he   says,  they merely play at it.  J. Tomkinson 'is erecting a small      ,He  doeg   not* shaTe' the   ordinrary  silo on his farm  here.     This .'is *he.goLf ,devotee'3J belief that that sport  'At a meeting of. the Einderby Local,, U. F. of B. C, last Friday eve-  Hung, the question of putting  uip a !-*mr.  McKee,  Salmon Arm, ������������������������������������nd Rev.   ^'-������������������nimg pair,  candidate   in    this   constituency   to  Mr. Fnaser, of Vevnon, were visitors  ^ 1 l^the^vacancy_cau_^dL__by^the_res'igV^_Enider)by_Man,day^^  n'jut'i'cn  of  Hon.   Mcntrn Burrei'i,   was jtieii>ate in the services in the Pres-  discussed, the discussion arising out .byitenhir. ��������������������������� Ch,urch���������������������������   when  thle  Rev.   J  JlM������������������03LJM_S6g.  The people of Mabel Lake district  of the announicemient by Mr. Worth- j w   .g^j-t-   jj    a  i'ngon that the miatter of endorsing  tho resolution previously passed by  the Enderby Local, flavoring the ipro-  \iect, wias -to be discussed by Hullcar  Local. Th'e 'meeting was strongly in  ���������������������������favor of .'putting up a candidate,' it  being argued that in this riding the  United Farmers aro the hesft organized, and tlhiat if they have a chance  anywlhere 'it is here.  It now transpires that organized.  L'aJbor is also contemplating .putting  a candidate in the field. At a convention held iu 'Suiinmerlaudi last  Saturday, attended by some 50  delegates, it was decided to ask  Tom Richardson of Vancouver, a  fonmier Labor memiber of the Imperial   parliament,   to   run1   in   Yale  wias  ordamied land la're T>rePa'rinS to %ive',a benefit dance  pioneer silo on the Benlch Ibut it is  expected that there will he several  more in the wear future. Mr. Tomkinson has a ni'ce patch of corn that  he intends fiMinig it with.        v  -  Promising Career Pnded  is all-sufficient. It is all right in  its way, he adim'itst. Put "it is-only  one of the miany. good'things to keep  a man fit. It will not make him' fit  or keep him there if everything else  is  disregarded."  The main thing, he urges, is regu--  Th-e death of Miss Sylvia Smedik  ;,  -lar-^and-^suffioient^'physicail^exertion?  A High-Priced Shortness.  .Dearie���������������������������"How do you like your  new 'dress?"  IGertie���������������������������"It .falls just <a little ibe-  (low my expectations."  Dearie^���������������������������"I natiiced that, too. They  are imiakirig them 'awfully short tlhls  year."  induotedi as pastor of St. Andrews  Church. Following the induction  ceremony woi.ds of fell'owship were  spoken .by Rev. Mr. Glret'fcon and  viisiting ipastors Refreshmecits were  served by the ladies of the congregation to conclude the evenling's exercises.  WOSPITAJi POXATiOXS  ,    , ,    .     ..      -n.  j    .     tr,    -v*-.. 1   Keeping  fit and  getting  fit  me nis  ���������������������������ast  week  in the  Enderby Hospital, y ������������������        ������������������  , . ...      .       .    - daily   vigilance.        It , should   be   as  where she was Ibrought the day be-     ,   *       e    A    ,  _      .'    ,  ,        , ,      . .     ,      mluch a part of the day s regime as  fore   from    her    home   about tweilve i        ,      ,     . ,,  ,,, ,   ,   Tr ,, _*      4.    1 meals,   'business   anJdi   sleep.      Spas-  miles up   Mabel   Valley   .across   *the ��������������������������� ' .   * S  ;...,��������������������������� , ���������������������������.u     modic fits of it will only tire one out  river .from, the   Gossen   iplace.     The- _������������������.,      ,     .,     ���������������������������     ,.1.      T>-_  ! and do nothing for the health.���������������������������Kit-  for "Blind Louie", Saturday night,  Sept. 4th, in the Mahel Lake school  house.  Notice has been sent Louie hy the'young woman was 20 years of aige,,  P#vincial tax col'ector that unless jand up to within a ,few weeks of her  taxes ini arrear on hiis property aro death, 'was in the .prime of health.  iP&id 'forthwith the land will he tak-lshe was.a 'buffil'taint sclholar in school  en away from hlim. "Louie" is a having won the .bronze' medal for  fixture o'f Mabel Lake road. He has general efficiency at Vernon, when  lived there a decade or more. Boat j'graduating ifrcm thle high school.  ���������������������������bU'i'jd.ing for a -tiime afforded him! She afterwards worked her way  means by which he w.ais enabled to through Nonmial and wias teaching  keep even with the world'. In re- school ait Reiswig school, near Arm-  cent years, however, he hasi felt th* stroirifg, when Uhe holidays caime.  pinch"ofl> high .prices more than his, Peritonitis, ifo"lowing aippendioltis,  friends and neighbors  re/alized.     Hejwias,  tho  cause  of death.     She  |was  iNurse McPherson acknowledges  donations from the tfollowing for the  Enderby Hospital; ' Mr. Skelton,  egigs anld   cake ;   Miss  Bowes,  jam;  Mrs. Birrell, oranges an<l eiggs;  Mrs. . ,  Smedley,    chlickens;     'Mrs.   Smediik, ,Bs ,QOW u'l> agamst Jt*    He needs as-,the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs.  chlickens;  Mr. Dunn, roast of tomb;   stance. - It w.M come .liberallyonce A.  Smo(llilk, and ,a young woman of  Mrs.   Grant   Damond, apples;    Mrs.'the  'faiCt   is  /mado   knowl1'     If   y������������������u, very .prom-ieing character.  Wmi.   Peacock,   vegetables;   Mrs.   A. | cannot'attend   the 'dance, the price.  chener Telegraph.  "I should think that you'd be  ashamed to show your face in such  a gown."  "Don't worry, darling; people  won't look at my face."  McPherson,  new beans;   Mrs.J.Johm-  o������������������  a ticket or  two  may be handed  to Joe Cass, or may he left at the  Walker Press for the .benefit committee.  CARP OF THANKS  .To say of a .man that he wiill mlake  a go6d .husband, is much the same  sort of a compliment las'to' sa>y of a  ���������������������������horse that it is 'perfectly safe for  a woman to drive.���������������������������Blighty.  ston, new peas; Mrs. W. J. Woods,  lake trout; Mrs. Thos. Gray, new  peias aaid beans; Mrs. Grant" Diamond, a comiplete' outfit o,f baby  clothes. This gtiift wrais most .acceptable and puts t ihe 'hospital 'im a posl- Permit us in this way to express  tion to care for tlhree -babies with- 'our heartfelt thlanks to all friends  Out the 'moithelrs bringing any iCotih- 'for t/hair many acts of lcliinidness -and  Sngforthe Wt'le ones except what is ?<������������������ms oif ^ ^Kuf*^ 5" ^  -, ^a a  ,e~~  ^ ��������������������������� -    x.S S.t. ,    ,n     ibereavement,    an   the    loss   of   our  needed for 'going 'home.     With. itilie.iLovin,g��������������������������� tiwugihiter.-  .aJdd'iition  of   three    or   .four  ib'aiby's1 - MR. &  vests and  three - shiaiwlls  the  hosipit-  MR. & MRS. A. SMEDIK.  toll's Iba'by's wardrobe would ibe complete.  Coarse    .granulated    sugar    will  make a cake of coarse texture.  The asbestos mine at East  Broughton known as the Montreal  Asbestos has ibeen sold iby its ow.ner,  Maurice  Rousseau,  K.   C, for  |C0,-  000. *   ������������������   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  X CPURCH  SERVICES X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX X  METPOPIST CHURCH  'Pastor, Capt.  Rev.  J. G.  Gibson.'.  'Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.  ���������������������������Bible Class held in conjunction  coveries of the north are becoming ������������������'������������������th the Sunday School at 2:30 p.m.  ... , .1     Divine Service at  .:30 p.m.    Sub-  richer and richer on each ^occasion ject. ������������������The lllght that never fai'ed."  he^vifeits the interior of this country, Everyone cordially invited. Come  and predicts that the day is not-far and  enjoy  the singing. , .  d:ifanlt'ir^l^ ^Zth^O^'    '        ST. ANDlii^k CHURCH  ests will look to northein Quebec ,Minister) Revr. j,o!hn w. Stott, B.A.  (for their raw matrial. The enormous ���������������������������Mtornitog. 11 ��������������������������� "A������������������������������������������������������. contjrast in  water powers  wall supplant  coal  in men."  the production of iron and steel and       Evening ,7:30 ��������������������������� "An opportunity  lost * *  ���������������������������will make Quebec a province of im-      g^nda>y &chool aU10 a,^  mense wealth. j    Hullcar at  3 p. m>.  H. L. F. Blake, representing several- large English syndicates, who  has ibeen exploring Quebec with a  party,   states   that   the   mineral  dis- OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY, AUGUST 26, 1920  ������������������fcanagan Commoner  In which is merger! The Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly  Published every Thursday at Enderby. B.C.,  by The Walker Press,  53  per year; $1.50 ������������������ix months.  H. M.  WALKER  at  THURSDAY, AUGUST 2G, 1920  ARE  WE  DOING  OUR PART?  ncg-  End.erb"-' is missing a rare opportunity by  looting lhe development-of the pleasure nnd  profit 'possibilities ol' Mabel Lake Valley and tbe  popular water resort twenty lour miles distant.  Even now. with possibly the most neglected  piece of, motor road in Ihe province leading to  it, Mabel Lake is attracting hundreds. Fifteen,  Iwenlv and' thirty autos are parked by the roadside and lake front each Sunday during the  months of .June. July, August and���������������������������when the  fall rains are late���������������������������September. For nearly a  mile along the lake front families arc camped,  some for weeks and some for thc season. Thc  s'mplies for these camps come from Enderby.  Every merchant profits, and would profit more,  by the fuller development ol* this resort. Il is  too good a thing to. treat lightlv. If the road  were made easier for traffic and more safe,  there is not a drive in thc Okanagan comparable  with thai to Mabel Lake. And thcrc is not a  iakc in lhe province that provides so many attractions for so manv tastes.  growing  increasing  prosperous  ours    is-   an    incoming    population,  steadily with the years and  and contented in our midst.  In the past, large tracts of our best land were  practically given away to people who could not  or would not use them. The unwisdom of this  has been sadly obvious for ycars. However, the  present ���������������������������-government' is making some effort to  force the holders of these lands to do something  willi them or sell out to people who Avill.  British   Columbia   needs  settlers  badly.   .The  interior population is lamentably sparse, and yet  there is every natural inducement  to settlement.  Our agricultural areas are abundantly sufficient  'to support a greal population in places now al-  hnoist unpeopled.    An energetic,campaign by Mr.  jPaltullo  to induce immigration nnd land development   throughout  B.   C.   would  have   the  en-  jthusiaslic support of every citizen  with  the in-  i tercsts of thc province at heart.���������������������������The Western  Idea.  CANADA  AND  THE  AMERICA   CUP-  OPPORTUNITIES PASSING.  Our people of the Okanagan have becn so involved in building up their own hemes and little  local enterprises���������������������������the load upon each has been  so  pressing and the need so steady���������������������������few  have j centage of native born  Americans  There seems to be a likelihood of Canada challenging for the America euo with,a vessel to be  appropriately named thc "Maple Leaf."    It is to  bc hoped lhat the races will result in something  morc like a real yacht race than thc Anglo-American  contest  iu'st  concluded.    The.  rules   that  icompel  the challenger to spend a million on a  jboal that has to bc scrapped    after    thc    races  j should not affect the Canadian owners so much  jas thcy did Sir Thomas Lipton and his predecessors, as thc vessel will not havc to cross the Atlantic under its own  sail.    It would be sportsmanlike of the holders to havc thc races sailed  r������������������n a less trVkv course than the Sandy Hook one  has shown itself to bc.    Moreover, a larger per-  amongst the  ESTABLISHED     1872,  BANK OF HAMSLf ������������������N  The Human Element  Banking is not all a matter of money, metal  and marble. The-Bank of Hamilton has a certain personality created by-.thc distinctive manner in which it conducts its business, and manifested by the cordial relations which exist0 between the Bank and its customers.  Tbis "human clement" makes pleasant as well  as ellicient banking here. As one of our depositors, you are as sure of receiving courteous'attention as you are that your interests will be protected by financial soundness and dependable  service.   " "���������������������������'**��������������������������� Bank for Your Savings"  JNO. SMART, Local Manager > EXDUUBV,  H. C.  ���������������������������1  felt that they could indulge in the broader view crew would surely render the Americans much  aiuLmcllow up to thc. pleasures .which arc pos- happier in its possession did  their prowess en-  siblc of development on  all  sides.    Few of us able them to retain thc trophy against thc Can-  have had time to play or could afford thc luxury adian yacht manned by a Canadian-born crew.  of a summer's outing.   And, being thus involved.  wc have  failed  to recognize  thc  great possibilities of thc future in the matter of pleasure. Our  < ne insistent Uiousibt has been to business.    Not!  because we desired it to be so but because il had-1  to  be.    Not'  having    the    necessary  capital   to  plunge wc .stepped easy.  It is. perhaps, better that it has becn so  isn't lhe  time ripe for the development of that  othcr side?.   In a small wav we  OUR NATIONAL APATHY.  Less than" cho-third of the two.hundred thousand persons who are qualified to vote in New  Brunswick bolhcred about going--to the polls last  But wcck to votc f������������������r or gainst prohibition. Thc fact  is illustrative of a  thing  that, more "than any-  hav^ ioiM-nevcd t,lins clsc' ^vo,^s iii.urv tp democracy���������������������������namclv,  some wav along the road to playland:    We have f}^1^,.?' flhc, puL;!ic *" rcf \rd to ^c"*lllc  our  little Iroliday   celebrations/Vhichi  by   the "J*8.1., "W *?n| ������������������,1���������������������������t,cnal Idioms.    Between  would be considered hard work if we were S^w      '   ������������������   n-     CalMCUrSC nt govern-  ments, denounce politic?, aand bemoan that bet-  way,  paid -for  earnings  doing" it.    Not  a  few  will  for weeks and months and. when  we  save  were  their  celc-  fer men are not enlisted in public service. Yet.  come to think of it. what can it expect when  more than half of the electorate holds its privileges so lightly lhat it refuses to exercise a citizen's most sacred right? The wonder is not that  thc governments are not better, but that, having  regard  to  public  indifference,   they  are  not  in  bration day comes, spend it in a few hours. The}'  scared}' may know who they arc. how lhcy are,  where they arc, how thcy got thcrc, nor why lhcy  came, but conclude;-thcy must havc had a big  time if feelings count.  "There   hi a   saner  pleasure���������������������������that   out  in   thc <*   .._,i_, ��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������     r<..~i. i   tt      ii  open-in the mounlains-^by rippling waters and f,n,tcl>' "���������������������������"Vsc.-Guclph JleraJd  pI'K'id  lakes���������������������������camping, .fishing, hunting, playing  with Nature in-Nature's way.  The Okanagan Valley is rich in opportunity in  lhis regard. And. as for its financial side, if  we must look t'o. it,  the development    of    this  T;>  Np.ir.e  Mountains  After  Veterans.  The provincial librarian has received a rcoucsl  from the provincial branch of the Geographical  phase of industry by our own people soon would Board for a list of names of distinguished Brit  bring a  rich   harvest  from   tourists  who  would ish Columbia veterans of the great war," and it  be attracted this  ities offering. ,  way by the pleasure opportun-  is likely, that these will bc given to some of the  many    unnamed    mountains in   this  province.  THE LUMBER JACK.  ; Leading the list' no doubt w'i\\. be the names of  'those who won, the Victoria Cross,.    Jn the past  _____ the Geographical Board was none too favorably  Here's  to  thc Lumber Jack!    Do  vou  know 'disposed towards naming the natural features of  him?    Jf not. vou havc missed a  pee]) into  the ,,1C country alter living persons and has  prob-  =wjir< 1 o\v=oIHifc-l 1 iahweubl-rev-caUto-yoiwiwchnr-v������������������������������������ly-rgycjg?j,!. its stand only in tjm one respect.  actcr quite distinct, and onc you never can meet;  ���������������������������  in any olher walk of life.    What is usually seen!    "Rfiuember  thc  Roberts  IJill  when  you  cast  Quality Food for your table  In General Groceries for the family table, where it  never pays to sacrifice quality for price', we can give  the best service and satisfaction. Whether in bulk  goods or package���������������������������coffees, teas, etc., wie guarantee  satisfaction.  ������������������.  We keep a good line of FRESH FRUIT   AND VEGETABLES.  DUNCAN  BROS,       Enderby's Quality Store  In the Country  'there are many places to go.  iwlvich -cannot ibe walked or even  driven 'to. But if you emgago  ci:i& of our autos 'for the lengfth  fo your stay ithere is practically  no pla'ce 'too far 'for a visit. By.  ;; ita aid you,-can more Mian, double  your "pleasure in _ nuany 'way's.  AVe sha'il be glad, to quote rates'  il'or any sQi't of a car for any  :    length of time you  desire.  JIANP'S GAJtAGP PNPETOY  foH Peajfr anc| Repair*.  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  Kin* P4w������������������r4 Hotel    &J^DW*     Merfry  of the Lumber Jack when he hits town may be  summed  up in  onc word���������������������������"noise."-   And some  people judge  him  by  lhat.    Doing so,  thcy fail j  utterly lo know thc character back of thc noise  Meet lhe Lumber Jack in camp, on the road, in  the  woods,  by   the camp  firc.  where jokes  are  made  or  where sorrow   is  felt,  and  you'll   find  him  a  prince among men.    He  may  not know  you by name, but he knows you by intuition���������������������������  he reads you as a  boy reads a  book.    He will  meet  you   more   than   half -way  or  he   will   not  meel you a I' all.    We has shifted the frills of so-���������������������������  ciety  and  shed   thc  tears  of lament.    What he  knows of vou he hides crudely or docs not hide  at all.    What is his is yours so long as it lasts,  and when its gone he is ready lo hit lhc, trail for,  more   and   expects   you   to   do " thc   same.     He1  knows the kiddies and he knows woman, and in  his hands both are safe.    He demands  a  high'  wage and spends it like a child on the thing that |  meets  hi'V fancy  or  that  gives  pleasure   to  his.  pals.     So   raise  your  glasses   and   drink   to   the,  Lumber  Jack.     He's J a   good   fellow.     And   ex-'  pects the same of you.  your vote in the next election," is the slogan of  thc settlers and lumber jacks- of Mabel Lake.  Ten thousand dollars, twenty thousand dollars, spent on the government road to Mabel  Lake is a trilling expenditure in comparison with'  thc incalculable benefit gained by t:h<{ proper  opening up of the valley and the encouragement  of pleasure and profit possibilities of this popular summer resort.  When it is possible il would be jusl as well  for voters to examines t'he list and make sure that  their names have not been omitted by error.  The list will be open for examination for somc  time prior to the silting of each court of revision in order to give an opportunity to correct  omissions and mistakes.  X ONTARIO X  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxX  The plant of the Niipigon Fibre  and Paper Oo. which 'is in- course of  .erection, will have an average output  of 4'0 tons 'per day, which it is expected will be increased to 16>0 tons  within  the next coupi'e of years.  *Af'hough the (total catch of sea  fish in Canada in the month of June  was 2 2,104 cwts less than in" June,  1919, its total value was $576,ul8  greater. The total value O'f the June  the points of landi nig this  $3,58.6,776 as against $3,-  in   the  same    tnionth     last  K-yx  J-v ttf ft;-1*  r*;VvV:;^  y ��������������������������� *-, r?/ \ -'. ���������������������������  eaitch  at  year w-a_  019,250  year  POPULATING BRITISH COLUMBIA.  Wc learn with some satisfaction, lhat thc Minister of Lands is about to take means to have it  recorded how many people come to British Columhia, where thcy locate, and what occupation  they follow. That no attempt had been made  previously by thc government t'o ascertain these  facts  is   surprising.     As  wc  understand   things,  Among the perplexing problems of. this perplexing age, perhaps the most J persistent, one is  that wearisome but vital problem of high prices,  a question upon which the public may be forgiven some exasperation at the difficulty of  reaching any conclusion as to whether or not  that much-heralded "peak" will ever be reached.  the most valuable asset of a young country like print prices.  Pulpwood to the amount of 1,597,022 cords,  valued at '$15,386,600, was exported, the U. S.  taking the whole amount. Manufactured at  homc this would have meant' at least $30,000,-  000 additional for Canadian woikcrs, altogether  apart from the greatly enhanced profits the  paper  mills  musl be  making at  present news-  Thousands of visitors conving from  all distances are being attracted to  It'he farm at Clinton< of Ex-Reeve C.  Stewart to see��������������������������� wiluat 'is believed to  be the largest and 'heaviest steer in  existence. "'Sir Douglas Haig" is a  ���������������������������maiginificent Shorthorn ''measuring 9  feet 6 inches round the chest and  having a girth of 10 feet 6*.inches.  His -present estimated wei'ght is  3,500, lbs., and it is cPaiimed that the  steer surpasses in weight the animal  shown at the Chicago World's Fair.  The great navail seaplane, of the  Canadian Aero Film Company has  left on an S00 mile trip to Hudson  Bay where pictures will be taken  for the Provincial Government and  a survey mfa'de for the Dominion  Government. The plane is bound ifo1'  Belcher Ts'and on the west coast of  Laibraclor in t'he :bay, and stops are  Ibeing made at North Bay, Cochrane  and  Moose Factory-  v.  Tbey  Look Stylish  and fit perfectly. That is the  reason you find the clothes we  sell on the best dressed men in  tov.n.    We ONLY sell  CLOTHING  of dependable quality. Come in  and see if you can find one among  the lot to fit you.  Agents for 20th Century  and Semi-Ready  fnderby Supply Co.  XXXXXXXxxxxxxxxx  X NEW BRUNSWICK X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  A large amount- of lumber 'belonging to t'he British Admiralty, and  whtoh has been stored at St. John  for. some time, h'as been purchased  by a local lumber deader 'wiho shipped same to United States points. s-  .fl  THURSDAY, AUGUST 26, 1920  OKANAGAN  COMMONER  A. REEVES  W.M.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. .0  Regular meetings first  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. in. in Masonic Hall. : Visiting  brethren cordially invited  C. H. REEVES  Secretary  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 35, K. of P.  Meets 1st & 3rd  Monday eve  in Masonic Hall.    Visitorscor-  dinlly invitrcl to attend.  WM. ANDERSON. C. C  H. M. WALKER, K. R. 3  R. J. COLTART. M.F.  EUKEKA LODGE NO 50  I. O. O. F.  Meets every Tuesday evening at 8  o'clock.    Visiting brothers cordially  invited.  W. E; Duncan. N.G.  D. K. Glen, V. G.  H.  A. Teece. Sec  P^Q. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Rbij, Rt,k.    ,       F^NnRwnY.  B.C.  Notary Public  Insurance and  -General Agent  JAS. DICKSON  Bell Block Enderbv  W. A. RUSSELL  CONTRACTOR   &   BUILDER  House bu Tiling and barn framing.  Phone 82 amd get a price on your  requirements. Building materials  below market price.  Concrete mixer to rent;  also floor  _ pcraper and  po'isher.  When yoy want the Pest  JVJeats and Service, go to ^  gpg. \b shahpe  Wholesale   and   petail   Pujchcr  Pmlerby, 0. C  Afnisirpng A������������������*o Tire & ViUcafiizing  WorKs,\m%U-  REPAIRS  TO  Auto Tires  Batteries..  PICYCLES.  Work ' Guaranteed  DKl'AUTMENT   OF   MILITIA   AND  DEFENCE  Notice   to   ex-nienvbors   of   the   Canadian  Expeditionary   Force  55 X X X X X X X XXX X it X  X PROVINCIAL   NOTES X  X XXX X XX XX XX XXX X  The area .planted to tobacco in  Okanagan Vail-y "this year is about  65 acres' and reports0 are that the  crops,, are doing very well. "'"*-���������������������������  iCon'sideraible hemrp is 'being grown  for seed purposes and the crop is already over six feet high. Sufficient  advancement has bec-iii made to ensure maturity  before   winter.  A sma'l pulp mill is to be. erected  at Nelson at the cost of $f)00.000.  An engineer and mill manager Hiave  been engaged 'and pulp wood for the  plant will be secured from ������������������ocal  ranches.  Plans are under preparation for  uhe installment of a largo hydroelectric of 175,000 h.p. on "Seton  Lake, wihich. when completed. wi-"l  cost "aibout twelve million dollars. It  lis being constructed iby the Bridge-  river Power "Co., with the Eastern  Canadian   capital   heaivily interested.  British Columbia shipped 29.000,-  000 feet o'f lumber durimg the first  six' montihs of the [present year amd  hiaja -orders for approximately 36,-  000,000 feet including 2.90Q.000,  feet for South Africa,' 14.000,000  ���������������������������feet for tihe United Kingdom, 7.0Qj-  000 feet for Suth America, 18,000,-  000 for Australia, an'd. 3,000,000  feet for -New Zealand.  xxx axxxxxxxxxxx x  X       "       ALBBRtA XEWS X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  A new hotel with an initia"'cdst of  $30,000 will .be erected at Calgary  in the near future by the Calgary  Brewing Comip'amy cn the sit������������������ of a  hotel which was burnt down last  winter. ,   ���������������������������  "The discovery of igyqsum is -reported in the Port McMurray district  by Processor J. A. Allen of the University of Alberta. He reported,  tl'e deposits were located at a dtpth  of 510 feet, when, dr-il-'iing for salt. ~  Fishing in the lakes along the line  of the A,l.berta and Great Waterways  Raii'iway has commenced and indications point to a giood. season's catch.  Large consignments of wihite fish-  will be exported-to-- Eastern Canada  and. the United States, markets.  i\V!ork is proceeding .on tlie grain  elevator and flour mil? of the Alberta Flow Mil's ������������������t'Oailigat y which  is' stated to-be second in size only  to one of the toSUs t.% Rfinncapolis.  It occupies, a s!t������������������ 2,000 feet long  and .250 feet deep. Ol*- ccwip'et'on  it will have a ca.psci'ty' of j,000,000  bushels of wheat and fan mill a capacity of about 8,000 barrel* of flour  in 24 hours.  ���������������������������W.. A. Buchanan. M- P-. speaifcing  at the cpening of the Western Canada. Irrigation Association) convention dea't wjith. the economic pn&ses  of the irrigation extension *a'giI,tation*������������������  and pointed out that if the projected  Leth'bri'd'ge Northern project had  been under the "ditch last year it  "ould have produced. $7,000,000  worth of .produce or more than  enough   to  construct     the     scheme.  THE  FRINGE'S   HORSES  ARRIVE  (X) C ������������������. Q. S, tyontcmro arriving at l\fon%reai,navm% on txwnj frorsot  ymw of Wales' Stock Jlwch near Calgary, Alta.  ,(3) Prwc������������������ of Wales' pomes for fu* CajwJiw ranch.    A p&vpmoor pony  \omv* tf*t Jw *t tb* CX p. 0. S. Mtwtcalw, hpob her arrival to tim^~  Ikm- fsruf about  all  This would *be -merely iproduction at  the same rate as other irrigation  projects in Alberta had in 1919.  K������������������)<KKKKKXKKKKXKXK  X MANITOBA x  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX H  It  is estimated  by a chairman  of  tihe  City   Housing  Corotnission   that j  2,000 houses' .must 'be built each year ,  to ta.ke care of the normal iricrea.se  in  the Winnipeg poipulation.  The  Walsh  Land   Company,   Winnipeg,,  makes  the    -statement     that  NOTH'K   is   hereby   given   10  concerned   thlat   ex-mcmibers   of   the  nearly   one   hundred   thousand   Am-  Canadian   Expeditionary   Force  wiio  erican   farmers   have .purchased   a,p-  KXXKUXXXXKKKH  X - R*g|t4TCBJ3W4N 9������������������ft|J3F8 H  XXKXXXXKXXXXXXKX  IA 20-ton plant for the production  of the .sodium sulphite deposits- at  Fusilier. StM*K., is now under' ������������������on-  ftfiruction to- the Wm. -Livirogston  Corporation, the sum of $20,000 being spent on the initial operation.  As a result of the Swiss 'delegation w.hich. has 'been ��������������������������� irvest'ig-atin'g  lands and _ industrial oipenilngs in  =WestJern^Ca_a'ad-a,-=it--=is=jpir"ab'2ib''.e^-that=  there will be considerable seltleme-ni  of Swiss agriculturists in some .parts  of the West.  A considerable rau.ir.iber of returned soldiers are finding their way into   the   teaching  profession through  the assistance of the Department of J  Education.    During the first h'arif of,  the year out of a total of 253 grad-j  uating teachers of both sexes, 7 4 or  pipciToxim'Rtely  30 per cent were re- j  turned men. I  1  are entitled' to and (who require  :post-di:sch'ar*ge - dental ireaanient  must submit their applications to  the District Dentai'i Officer, at. Headt-  iiu-a.rtei's; o'f the' District in which  they reside, on or ibef ore 1 st Sep-  ttmiber., '1*9-20*. Applications for  dental treatment received after 1st  Reptemibeir,' 1920, will not be con-  SiWl'-fircdi  7 (Sgdi) EUGENE   FISET,  ,*.".���������������������������*- ���������������������������>*.-"--   ���������������������������-.-..' .      . Miaj'or General,  Deputy   Minister,   Militia   &" De-feiiice.  Ottawa, August 3, 1920.  Note���������������������������Ne\v-spi3ip'ers. wil',' not be  paid for 'the ad.ventis'eimient if they  insert it without authority fromi the  Department. .--���������������������������..'  (H.Q.   3361-1-22���������������������������ag   19-2)  Kinicker -���������������������������. Maibel has a pretty  waist line.  ��������������������������� Bocker���������������������������Yes, she calls it the line  of :'.ast resistance.  ���������������������������proximately three million acres of  ���������������������������'and in Western Canada since "the  beginning of'the year. Most of them  wiill come across to settle ne:.t  spring and summer.  .Every sort of  business  in     Mani-  An expedition consist-'ng of the  provincial mine9 inspector, chief  land surveyor, and a geoogist has  left for the Lake Laronge country  to explore for coal deposi'ts or other  natural resources. The party has  been sent out by the Saskatchewan  government to make a complete survey of-.the area in wh-icli it is clai'm-  toiba is on the increase, and. there ;ed 'man>' vai'iua'ble resources abound,  has 'been greater activity during the Considerable success has attended  ���������������������������past eigiht -months thlan .during the i the fox farming .project of the Re-  whole of 1919, according to theighia Silver Fox Company which is  'books kept in  the Provincial'. Secre-! considering  the  extension     of     the  tiary's office showi.nig new comJiianies  iiiiconporated and increase of capitalization of old, firms. During the  .past eight months, licenses were issued for eomipanies 'having an aggregate caipitiaiization" of 'Sixty million dollars. The total for the whole  of last year was fifty-seven million:  dollars.  ranch by 28 more pens. The company was formed- last October with  30 -pairs of foxes imported from  Prince Edward Island. A numiber  of pups were raised this year and  the officials of the comipaniy be'ieve  that they can produce a higher class  of fur than the Maritiime iprovince  owing  to  the colder  winters.   r���������������������������Erime^-cond iti o n���������������������������'besfc=^quality-^oak���������������������������recently.���������������������������-'���������������������������  eni.ptied!���������������������������well  ihobi>ed'���������������������������extra   tfean.  ���������������������������  o  Rye Whiskey -Parrels���������������������������42-gallon $5.00  Wine Barrels, 42-gaJIon    \  3.50  Seolch Whiskey quarter casks, 27 to 36 gaj. 3.50  French Brandy {Barrels, CO-gallon     4.50  [.urge Oak Alcolioj Puncheons, {50-gqjJon. 12.00  Mixed Parrels���������������������������all sizes���������������������������having previously contained Wnes or Spirits  3.00  Promiptly shiipped on receipt of above prices  with 50 cents added on each barrel to cover  Trepiiid Freight <:tuiri$������������������M.  For Alcohol1. Puncheons ad'd $1.00 each to  cover freight charges.  GOW smU timitea  )H7  Water  Stiver.  Vancouver,  JJ.C.  if your farm  is for sale  Try     '  F. C. Haycock  Salmon Arm  Give'fullest details and best price and terms  Subscribe for the Commoner:" $3 a year V     I'I  OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY, AUGUST 26, 1920  Want Ads  3c a word first insertion. 2c a word each insertion thereafter: 25c minimum charge; 10c extra  where caah does not accompany order.  When Little Towns Grow Old.  ! When littf e towns grow old  jThey seem to  fall  asleep beside the  road,  | And Nature  tucks  the grass around  t'heir feet,  one of these tmbe's allows the air to  ipass in amdi a cap ..over this opening  is regulated 'by the throttle of tihe  machine. Tiie nrore the caip is  naiisedi and. the more air that is allowed to 'pass into r.he tubes, tlhe  faster the engine runs. There is not  one drop of oil of any - description  used-  in! tliis .mew- process,   and,  the  RANCH   FOR   SALE       oO   acres   a* | And all bh.ds are glad, to come'back'J overland'������������������������������������������������������^Mrlah"M-rT: BuiidV  used, ' a  Grindrod, B.C., ail fenced,  acres in hay and fall grain. Sj  acres more ready to plow-. Good ]  bui'dings. Suit returned soldier. j  Stock and implements for sale at j  valuation-; For terms apply Box ���������������������������  B,   Okanagan .Commoner.     a.2 6-2t  home  And   nest   once   more  imemibered nooks.  .model   of a*bo*ut   10  years  ago,  runs  in   sweet   re-!as smoothly and evenly'as* the most  expensive  ni'odel  car  on  the  market  today.  At present t'he regular car engine  is being used, but the iniveutor now  has under way an engine which, wil'  VOl'NG   BIGS   For  Sale,  l.awed.  ry     about    one-third     as  The days are .lon:g and vague   ,,.  And fu.ll  of sleep,  George   R.' And ln lhe d-us-k                                           occupy     on                           .  a2C-3c  .... .,              .,   ������������������������������������������������������, . .     ,,,  ;,. ,,���������������������������_-������������������. much  space  and which  is especially                             Ihc oU1  men  Slt outside  their doois ac]3|)ne[1i to   Lhe   oxygen   ,,)0lWei.  VT0.  FOR  SALE���������������������������One   bay   mare,   7-year-  And dream long dreams, jooss.     It will  weigh  not over oighty  old;   good  driver or saddle.  Price,  And  -all   the   dear   dead   days   troop  pounds,   will   'have   no   spark   pi'iugs,  '$60.00.   E.  B.  Dill,  Enderby.  a!2   -     #i,acit '.asal-ii i111    carburetor    and     the     numerous   ��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������ ! ... , .,   ,. ��������������������������� , ...,��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������,  'other contrivances, necessary on itihe  NOW  is your" opportunity to put up, And down, cn e .path irom out the set- gasoUn.e   motor_      rhe   eilgine   ,s -a  a good   warm  stable ������������������heap.     Fine'     ting sun ;     | series of rotary  cells  through   w.hioh  $2 a load in the brick-, Come those who on-'y live jthe   air   is   forced   by   the  cheim-icaid  jwihen.  we   w-no   love   them tihink   of and   w-ill   occupy  !     tjlrem  again.  ���������������������������brick bats,  vard.     Enderby Brick & Tile Co.  jAnd   when  the     cold  across the hills  FOR   SALE���������������������������Two   aero   block;    fine  building site;   on river bank;  now  -    in    alfalfa    and    fruit    trees;    all j  fenced;    ten   miniates   walk   from |The old men go inside  Postoffice.     Apply   W.,   Commoner  Office.   Enderby.  wind     'blows  And  bar   the  doors   that  once- wer-e  For Sale  -.12 acres partly improved, -with 3-  j-oom house: on Government road,  between Enclerby ,and A-iimstrong.  "Water piipedi in kitchen; telephone;  plenty of water: school, near. Must  sel! cheap, for cash. Returned Officer, leaving country. Apply, Box O.1  Okanagan   Com-mon'er,   Eiwlerby.  {     flung so wide,  When ligiht and laughter lived there,  !     long a__o.  [And   love  ni-ade  warm  the dusk  j And   then   the   mis.t  creeps   down   ';  | Anw bakes the vai'ley in its chill em-  j     lb race,  ! And  one,by one 'the lights wink out  | And 'all is still.  \ For   only   darkness   and   the  dreams  i      it brings  Ccmes with the night���������������������������  When litt/e towns grow old.  J. P. McEvoy   in  Chicago  Tribune.  Beat the  Flies  It. is not so difficult to overcome  the fly pest if "you take early precautions. We'can supply your  requirements in all kinds of fly  poisons ���������������������������Stick Paper,' rolls and  flat���������������������������poison pads .and powders-  fly swatters���������������������������in short, everything  to help clean up the fly nuisance.  Kunxrxo air  a space lfot more  th'an 9x1 S inches and will furniis'h  one horsepower for each .pound of  weight.  With the same chemicals to diraiw  the air c_mi lilies, a flame- with sufficient 'heat to cook over, or to warm  a -house, is1 'produced ancl Mr. Bundy  this morning also demonstrated tihis  ���������������������������process. A. _.J. Peterson, oasiiier of  tlie Webster Oity Savings- Bank, ancl  one of the promoters -of th'e Bundy  invention, plans to use these chemicals in his furnace this winter, 'and  will o.rder no coal if it is found sufficient he-at can be produced-1 to  warm1 the house. The cost of ^'eating wit'h the chemicals wi'.l be only  a. fraction cif 'per cent of that for  heating with coal'.  MEAT   SUPPLIES   SIIRIXICIXG  Drop of One-Tlii''d Since Jiiimary of  This Year. aiul Only One-Half  That of 19J9.  There are about 3 VL>  lbs.  of meat  An    Invention    Which    Promises    W> tor   every Iperson   in   the   Dominioni  Supplant  Gasoline   for   Autos  now ready in co"d storage throughout Cana'da.' ' That is less than ten  days' normal consumption. Returns  ���������������������������as compiled-by-the Bureau of Statistics, Ottawa, for July..-were:  All   meats  . .52,40-3,200 i'lbs.  Less- meait in  cure. .   21,0S4,35S l'bs.  A. Reeves  Druggist and Stationer.  KNDERBY  SPECIAL   OFFER  for School opening  To everyone buying ������������������1.00 w-orth of  School Supplies we will give all of  the 'following:  One  l^eii  One   Pencil  Otic  Eraser  One  Scribbler  -at-   W&SQNZS���������������������������  THE    POPULAR    VARIETY   STORE  Postoffice  one  door  East  ENDERBY,  B.C.  R*  dViitlt'   Query   of   a   Disciple  I'/.iiiik  Walton.  Along  about,  this  time  of  year  I   think  nf  wafers brown  and  clear.  And   mossy banks  where one can sit  At:if)   watch   tho   n.-st!ess shadows  flit.  A.nd ��������������������������� is ten   to   tiie swishing  Of balmy bree:'.<?s in the boughs  And   lazily   relaxes  and   drowse.  Whi'.-o  in   lhe ripples  tral s  the line  To coax t'he speckled  trout to din  I   want  to  go  a-Hshing!  1  have a  book  of .silken flies  To  tempt  the Wariest  finny  prize.  1   have a nifty rod  and  reel,  And   new,   capacious   willow   creel���������������������������  But  wih-at's  the  use of  wishing?  The sportive -perch  and  red  fin  may  All   unmolested  lea.p  and  play,  The -sunfish,  in .tiie  shal'ows  bask.  AVithout  the old-time  pocket  flask  How can  I go a-fishing  ���������������������������-Mi-runo Irving in N.  Y. Times.  , fs it .possible that the mellenial  days for -auto-nnab'ii'es are 'at hand?  increasing costs of gasoline and  repeated stories of the shortage of  this universally used connmoditv  makes any invention that promises  t'o su.piplaiiit gasoline of interest .to j'Ready for market -.. 33.378.S42 lbs.  everyone. The following" artici'e Th"e average consumption is 137  ta-ken-from an authentic (publication ]bs/ a yea(1. for each tperson. A  in ..Webster City, Iowa, will be par- yen r's requirements, iierefore, total  ticul-arly interesting: .'1,233,0-00,000  >"ibs.     The-quantity  of  Without  a   drop   of  gat'oTine   orj,meat in, storage all told  is  equal   to  olil   of  a'aniv  khi'd   and   securing   all d      , ,     f      th    Do,minion  ���������������������������power  from-  t'he   oxygen   of   the   air,        '- ,, ,      .  Arthur   Bundy   yesterday   drove   ania-nd   the   quantity  actually -ready   is  Overland   truck   about   the   city   the! equal   to  'dy2   days'  supiply..  entire  -dlay   and   thus   demonstrated       jt lis  faise   to   assume   th'at   there  ?,OJ?!?id_^.U-l?,,L0J1.   ^iP^^i^Vihasi   been   am   i'ltoreiase   ibeoaufee   ,by  with   June  retu-ras only  of .litis invention-���������������������������using the oxygen i  of tiie air for all power. The oxygen  is drawn from the C;ir by certain  chemical's which Mr.Mmuly Hias com-  'pounded, and not only will it .produce power but light ancl heat 'also  are obtained-' by .the same (process.  'The cliG^niioais -are inexpensive,  ���������������������������and' running bhe truck t'he entire  day cost just 5 cents. "The chemicals are taken from the natural! resources tihat are all .about us," declared Mr. Bundy. "They cost-practically notlh'ing. They are not im-  flarn.nrnble u-ni ess there is air pressure; not ex.plosive, ancl a child may  d.rink them aiuL it will not hurt  ���������������������������him." *-  The generator contaiiiiim-g the  chemicals was placed oji Uhe side of  the.Over and truck and a sirtall tu-be  co-nnects=it^avitth -th-e -1 aa:ge^u.i-lT.es^.Q.f-  t.he car engine.     A smaM  air-hole in  comparison  an increase has been shown jn .pork,  mutton and lamb. The decrease in  't'he.qu-an.tiity of -beef more than outweighs that increase. In' fact, the  net drop in -a\\ -me'at supplies is 5..18  per cent compared with a month ago  and the net increase comparrd with  a year ago is less than -one-sixth of  one per cent. -  There are now i-m store in. all the  warehouses in Canada exactly 'one-  halif fhe supplies of meats there were  in January, 1919. The drop since  January ^ast even .is  one-ahircl.  Meat sihoukl  never be put in  cold  water except for making soup.  The    "clog    days"    are    over,  there is no close season  i'or growling  about  the  weather.  Sometimes   the   most   work-brittle  thing about a hired  man is his appe  tite.  QUALITY  is .hi. keynote which ever  is before us when our slock  is purchased.  SERVICE  Untiring effort and prompt  attention i.s given all visitors   to  cur establishment.  SATISFACTION  is the result of all repairs  .or purchases made at our  store.  Mi^iid  STshTAZRKm^gmm  'CONTAINS:- .- l ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������   -'���������������������������'*^-:^  -^g!~y;j:<ia^r;?*a/yfl  |jHy������������������HIU������������������T. LIGMtHl.  MAGlf l  Itlilllllll  He-who will not pi'.ant in season i Take time for sleeeip���������������������������'the candle  miay have help Liv the (harvesting��������������������������� buiined at'both eiiclis goes out in the  Jack Frost may be on the job. middle.  Fruit Jars HaveWeThem  PERFECT  SEAL j ECOXOMY  Piints     ?2.00   per   dozen Pints    ��������������������������� . ��������������������������� -?2.10   per' dozen  Quarts    ........   2.25   per   dozen Quarts   ........   2.40   per   dozen  Half-Ga!'ilons. .. .   2.75    per   dozen     |     Half-gallons   ....   3.00   per  dozen  Electric   Toasters-,   $5   &   $5.50   each Electric   Irons   ....$7.75   to   $10.50  Bale    Ties,    13-guage    single-looip,       -     ........,..$10.75   par   100   lbs  We have just received  a- i!arge new-   stock   of English   Crockery,   and  can  supply, you   with  Dinner Sets from    ........... .$20.00   io   $35.0o  JINO    RUGS    .'. . ..*.18.75   to   JJ525I.55 LINOLEUM   ....*$!.05   per   sq.   yai-il  FKLTOL   FLOOR  OIL  CLOTH  ?.     ������������������Oc   sq.   yard  A   large  assortment  of patterns   to choose from.  .'fcsrWle   represent  the  Great West  Saddlery   Co.    in   tlhis   District   and  stock  harness pairts of ail kinds and can   supply   you   with   any  sty*.e  of  lva-iTi'sis  at ..lowest  market .prices '-' ���������������������������  * - * -  Paints   and   Oils   for   all   purposes.    v  I-Mumbing,   Heating  amdl  Tinsmith ing. ,. .  FULTON HARDWARE CO.  .   . Plumbing ' Heating .*       Tinsmithing  ENDERBY. B.C.  Get  ve noses your 8uppiy  Flow & Feed    ^  Another carload now in stock.     ������������������������������������ay in' a supply of feed to carry  you over until the new crop is harvested.  Gents' Fwrn  E. B. VUjIj  ushmgs fixe ftoses fjowr  Groceries  Try tJs wfrea yow bwe  CdtrX TroUr5Te  An   expert  Motor  Mechanic,  ha?  charge of - our  repair shop.    Any car  a sepcialty, and  all work  absolutely guaranteed..  ' Agents   for    OVERLAND.    (}RAY-   PORT.   CHEVROLET,   MCLAUGHLIN    and     MAXWELL   CARS   _i:id   TRUCKS.  \a&. McMahon & Son       pn*4erhy  Wze Grocer  feeds the world. You may be a  vegetarian, or you miay live mostly  on a meat diet, but just the same  you come to the grocer for the  things w'hi'ch make yoiyr meals more  appetizing.* Wc take great pains' to  sell only groceries that are known  for their purity.  Teece & Soil     Phone 48   flour, Feed & Groceries  SPECIAL SALE  Call and see our special SATURDAY SALE of Groceries unci  Hardware.   Everything   at   a Reduced Price.  Terms, cash.  Sugar,   Granulated   ... .lO-l-'h,   $2.50  " " 20-lb      "o.OO  F-ngar,   yellow,     10-? b        3.35  Burns'   Lard   Comp,   3-'ib   tins     1.05  o-Lb  tins       .1.80  Rein'deer Milk, reg. 35c,       2 for 55c  Economy Pr.nit  Jars,  cits,  $2.25 doz  Barbed   W!re;  reg.   $8.50,   for $7.75  Axes reg.   $3.50,  for. ........ .2.90  Shovels, reg.  $2.25, for    i.75  Nails,    .     9c   per   potmrl  Stove  Pdpe,  reg  35c,  for   ....     30c  Eiibows,   reg.   40c,   for   ......     35c  Bucksaws,   reg.   $2,  for   ......   J.50  Water  Pails,  reg.  $1.25, for. .     OOc  Perfect  Seal,   qts,   . 2.15  do/.  BAUGA1X  PRICES  OX  OVERALLS. SMOCKS,    MITTS    .VXD    GLOVES.  *3TTHESE   ARE  ONLY  A FEW  OF  OUR   BARGAINS.  All other goods reduced.  JOHN CAVERS,        Mara


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