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Okanagan Commoner Jul 29, 1920

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 .^*  W/l     -r  tf  ?>?������������������*?  i. L 3 I iv?]}  ^#-#.^  :?ssw. v *_ '.'  ^7sORIAs $=b..v"  ' -**ASa-*, ���������������������������;;--������������������--  {/  itagjfttt  iniitiiimet'  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  Vol. 13, No. 23, Whole No. 69B.  THURSDAY, JULY 29, 1920  Subscription, $3 a year  i.  DUBS OUTPI.AYF.O v Let   us   fcak������������������  another  view   of the! XXKXXKXXXXiiKKitXX  from August  2 7th   to  Settember  13,  .  ������������������������������������������������������ situation).     It is  rather Ndiscouraging|j; ISNDKRItV XKWS X and  the  time  allowed' for the  filing  .i.<1������������������'H>ys   Cuhs     lut    It   Oyer   ������������������'������������������������������������ lto   .any   two   or   u.,r���������������������������e   pi.ayers   whoXXXXXXXXXKXXXXKXX  of   the affidavits   of' applications   for  Onee-W users     in     a     A\;iriii . . jrv     *    *  Gainu  Frid.iy   RvcniiiK  ^.practice  regu'iarly to*find  the places  j filled   by    team.m'ates    who    practice  Mr. Percy LaRoy 'returned to Cal-  Jgary   on   Saturday. i  regitsration!   of   voters   "is   extended  ���������������������������accord iiagly."      AVhich    means    until  It    isn't   scientific    'baseball    tihat about oaice in tour times.    How can j     Mi.g-   Vogle   s;.,en,t   l]nal   week   at Au������������������list ] 3r&x-  makes a game most interesting;   it's niauilagers expect the -players to turn. Mrg   Hoffmian.Si ^n  Gr-indrod.  the    spii-i't    of   t'he   game   and -the out w.'hen they  encourage the  idlers  * 'JaB ,an,d  _���������������������������'othy Keith, returned  ainiO'umt oit .pe-p <put into -it.     Ilt  was a 'id 'diiscouragc those -with, a real in-  frQm   th<Q   Coa&t   Wednesday  ���������������������������pop thie 'folks went 'd'own t'o see last' terest in  the 'game?  CAX'T   KORGKT ������������������.  C.  iM;r(s.    Dean   St.,   is   staying   with  ^    -������������������   ~.       ���������������������������   ~  Gerald  Xev������������������ Writes  from  California  Friday     evenimg    w.hen    the     Dubs'     *t   is   admitted   that    games   are  Mrg   j   Folkard  for the summier.       !������������������������������������������������������      as au Admirer, but Xot a  'leaved  the  Cmbs  on 't'he  local   field,  better    practice    than     -mere   fungo,     Mrs. Baird visited   her   daughter,' Booster  While   Uhe   .pep     lasted,    the   Duibs /batting.     Enderby  is, weaker at the' Mrg    "L,umaSj    ,a,t    Revelstoke,   last'  OXE   BIG   OKGAXIZATIOX  Returned Men of Canada I'liitiiiii  Under Banner of Grand Army of  United  Veterans.  A telegram was read from the  -platform: Monday nlight in tihe Endenby Theatre, 'by Jimmy Robinson,  D. C. M., from the lre'adi of t'he Great  War Veterans Association, stating  ���������������������������tihat 'the .returned! men of Canada  were about to u-niLte their various  onglaini'raitions   under  one  head.  This  I     iWlriting  from  Berkeley,   Cal.,   Mr.  ongiaimiraitions   ii meter  one  neaci.   nus  .'Gerald'A.   Neve,   late   of   Grindrod, information   wias  announced   by   Mr  -made    the    Cubs    dust    themselves. \ bat  tham  iini  the  liei^d,   yet  so far  I ,week  But it didn't fast long enough.     In  have  mot seen any  batting (practice. |     m   u���������������������������y  Mllirnw ,wom   lvl-e���������������������������.,t                                                                           Robinson :'.n,  an  address to  a  small  the ifouu.'V.i   time   to  bat,   wiith   score We may have a team in the league ��������������������������� last          k   wher     he  lS,pfent   several, "^f"         .. .  .     ,         , f   .r   ,          -.     vu,ci)ienre c,f   returned   -men        The  -2-3   in   .:h.0   Cubs'   favor,   the   Dubs next year, but under, existing condi-'      eks                                                            |     "*t  certainly  brought   it -home  to.*uc.l.en,.e ot     etturned     men        the  i������������������������������������eKs.                                                           \me |bhiait  j   -vas  in a  dry ,belt lW!hen, speaker dwelt p-move     -particularly  upon    the     wronigs    uneted    out    to  During  the   raiics   the   'hills  June  went   to    pieces   and' "allowed   iillne tions we won't .win- the 'hoiniors. |     Mr   jj   McBride of Let'hibr'.clige,  is  runs   to  'be  -mutf������������������   against    them, in |     'It    is    time   .thlat    favoriteism    be' ^eliding   "a   few    weeks   wiltf.    'hi,3-these Berkeley Hil's  browned  up  in  one dnniing.     It wins an  awiflui  slam,  abolished   in (picking teams  to 'play. ! njl0,ther  iln   the    first   ibmie   u,p,   Robarge,  T   can,   i,f   necessary,   show-   that   fa-j  Adiamfs    and    Avery     (Dubs)     were  voritisim has not ibeen absent in the , =s i,,omie ifrom  Prince Rupert,  wihere  stopped  at   1st.     It   was  a  standoff  past,  n.midi   I   hoipe-it   will   d'isaipipear' sne was teaching school 'try  this  WOu|d   be if  the IPeriod.  of  r-eitulmed!   m>en   'by   the   Goveroumenn.  Mr. Robinson  is an  Irishman' of the  wllien    the   Cubs    went    in    to J bat. altogether in the near future  Brash,   Sparrow   and   Reid    had m.o I     In   the  first  inniing  on  Ju'y  14th  . better lmck.  I errors of  a gross  but excusable  na-  In-the second Fravel hit to Gra-^ure enabled Annistrong to score  ilnaim'andl Avemt out; Johnson simgled fouir runs. After that George Sipar-  an'd igot around-'the bases and scored row was in full control of the situ-  while Jomes and Farmer st-raick out. at ion. He deserved a victory, not a  HainHtoni 'pllayed ibai for the first .defeated. ..Sh-aw, pitch in'-g for Arm-  time in thriteen years. .Und'oubftedly strong," got what lie wlanted when  liiadl it .been-aimything but thiirteen seme oif the locals got sore at" his  Ihe would'-nlot have ,fceen left'on 2nd. .slow and deliberate movemtents.  Maw'at was on- 1st when Farmer i .The 'boyls eventually .solrved his  fanned. In t'his inning the Cubs delivery in the seventh and scored  'fanned!;   Mason,   Dow    and    Gii'ah'am  twiice.    Then caime the fi.nlal imdstake  'going back.to sit c!ow,-n.  "Jn the 'thli.rdl, Rcib'-aTge, Adlamg. and  Avery, repealed, their first offence.  Tine Cuibs Careld better. Rowlands  scored, Pearson stopped at 1st; O.  Jones 'hit safe; so did Sparrow; 'but  " they were left on bases through the  failure 'of Brash ancl Reid to con-  -*nect. ' ;   -  'In   tlhe   ifourth    Fravel   'hit   siafe,  stole  2md .and  3rd anld. almost died,  at home  . he  saw  Joibnsoii,    D  went out  scored   twice,   Dow    and   Rowiamds  .mlakin'g. the .rounds.     Mason; singled  in 'failing to iput in a pinch-lntter.  I 'believe this was due to the over-  flow of managers. One should' be  enough,  surely;  ~ -The crowd that witnessed . the  Same was an enthusiastic one and  did its best to 'help the 'boys to win.  GRAVE!.. WAMCS STARTER  Tims  Tweek < marks -the   iniaugura-  ,,���������������������������.,,      ,      ��������������������������� tii 'diil  green  up tor  a -mcnit-h   or  two,  "?���������������������������'  Mrs.   M-cBri'de'a   daugHiter,   Isabel, ������������������     ,        ' ,, , ri-trht   sort a   man .mellow  in   velars  and   I   thought   w-h'at  a  lovely  coun-  ri&n't  sore     a   man .nrenowi  in   years  and. experience, land a speaker of  no mean ability, who hits straight  from the shoulder���������������������������'arid lands every  time.     He "told   o.f  so   m-niii'y  -things  Mrs. E. Hallam of Armstrong, -re-  green  were longer.     No  w-onder the  yellowi ipoiinp'ies  are t'he state flower.  turned to her home this week sifter Tfae   Berk^ley    Hi���������������������������s   were   co.vered  spending   some   time   with   Mrs.   M'.  La'Royi.  with   them  this   spring.     ...     I   v;lh'ilCh  'Politicians   ha-di  attempted  to  find  it very .hard  to eliminate from   Put over on' TeMme,:!. men thlat one  'Remember   the  shirt   waist -diaqjice ^^   ,the   memi0rfes   of   those  to_be  given1, in   the  theatre   Friday  green   wocded    imCuntains, -   coming  night, -July   30th,   iby   the   Encleroy t  a^yn   tQ   the   ^^   q������������������   thcse  G. AV. V. A;  ���������������������������Numierou'S   deer   hlave   bedru   .seen  beautiful  clear-water  laikes,  that  B.  C. ia fannied the wor'd over for. Arou  this season   on   the   road   to   Mabel feel  ym  are  [n God>s own country.  Lake;  also^ a nunvber of black bear. ^ day ,when ag ^^ iQaipltal ,has  Grouse a'so are plentiful.  "'I entered t'he Okanagan Valley as has  .dibuibted the 'suthsmtlcity Cf all ,h.is  staitemients.. He =wias so clear in his  reasoning, however, and so ipositive  of -his 'facts that o'nie could 'mot allow, tlhe doulbt to linger long. He  told of the magnificent land scheme  i the returned men upset in the Peace  I -       *  t River  dlistrict,  w'hiere the  Domlinion  July. 31st will be the last day of  ^^ ,in^estedl i,n some of these Cal- Ia'",d/ out four  tr:alcts 'adjoining each  grace for water rates. All services | ifo,j.n'j,a vallies, then it wl'.l be the  not .paid for by .Chat date will ibe wonderland of Canada, what with  imlmediiately discontinued by the the 'hydiro-elect-ric (possibilities right  city. j at'your   door,   and   the   volumes   of  .They serve "victory steak" at the'-^ater .there is for '-irrigiation ipur-  King Edwiardi. If you can't guess poseg> i caini just inuagine what  what'it Ls. ask. the chef. "The rose t.lle Californiians -woufd 'have done  by any otdier name would smeT-1 as w-ilt,jv ,j,t# Your ipatienice ;miist have  sweet." .-. '  - j beeni sorely tried by tlie sloiw d'evel-  E.cB. Dill Teturned from his trip ' 0,pmlen,t oif the Okanagan when, you  to' Traj'l,. Nei'sqn and-way ipointsi last hiave" visionied  so'^much.   of_wih'at   it  iplate     It wias dayf-ight   but tionof wjluat is generally considered ^Thursday. ^  He iput  the  Overlandl  4 ought to be, and we have all apjpre-  stars.     Anywaij-,   he  scored. IWiH   be   :the    n,<)S^  a-m^orbainit   step to the test for speed and end'uraimcei,ciiatecj  ,g,-i(m(pses  of^ what  the future  taken iin the economical buF.ding up and thinks it is a marvel  _.    Jones   and    Hamilton ,���������������������������'"V = ������������������-���������������������������������������������"��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� "'"���������������������������"*  "/' i^lu  ������������������������������������'��������������������������������������������� *���������������������������'* a "" Tc- held   in    store -for    the   Okanagan  In this  faming the Cubs '       * Enderby.    AViork  is      il>arge     audiences   greeted     Mary tnro,ug,h the'medium of -your ipaper  n    p   -. ' .nudemvay on t'he first stretch of six-. pickfor.d in "Heart o'  the HiMs," in ���������������������������  foot    graveil    walks,     wiith    cemlent the Opera House Tuesday and Wed-  WIATWP  C7ROPS  lOnap    reports   from   the    Prairie  and was caught at 2nd, Graham Hit ������������������������������������*������������������������������������*.Jto-betaW In *���������������������������    It will nesdiay  evenings, andi general ,slat^-  ,to Hamilton wiho miade a wh-iivwind  J:,Xtenicl  f0���������������������������- PJ1*   ���������������������������*"** ;SOU'th OI1,fiaction w,as expressed by all  , ,       ,��������������������������� ,        .    _     T . ..   the 'west state of .George street. George  Jones  returned  this   week  , catch,. - Pearsons   and   O.   Jones   hit      ,T ���������������������������       ���������������������������        _��������������������������� , ,        ! , _    -   ������������������ Provinces   are    narticularly    encour-  -   1   i ,  -t . , Mayor     Barnes,     through    <wihose f,remi Merritt and spent a few  days rro\inces   am   yciiui/uiAiiy  safe but   'were   lef     on   bases when offloW1 sng.gesbion the ,work ,w,as |n.. ^ tg   in >imlerby.     He."B������������������*.     In' ^e vicinity "of  EdnHonton  Sparrow struck out augurated,   ns   giving   the   work   hisgoe3 to .Kamloops this weelcto play! weather  conditions  are   reported   to  There wasntinuchipep   eft in the peMOnaI   .SUiPervils,iton.      llt   lis   some. ^  the   M^ritt   ,leam    ^^t ,t,he'be  excellent.     In Calgary, dtistnict  a  Duibs w.hen they oalme to bat mi the  __.,v���������������������������lf   ^v,���������������������������__-;i.m,_1���������������������������,tl!1���������������������������   ,���������������������������������������������.   .���������������������������  ������������������������������������������������������0.    ,a,���������������������������,i:,.!_   .���������������������������..____  __  . .heavy yiel'd   of   all   grain   and   Hiay  what  exipe'riimenitail  as   to  cost,  and  big  Interior  town.  fifth   and   last   inning.     Mowat and my<0T   B,arn^s   (les,ires   to   ^  ,m&t  F-armier    and     Blolbarge���������������������������that's    all feood   ,vork  ^  don|e>   g(>  as  ,to   give  there was to .it.   -But wlhen the Cubs the-gravel  walks a  fair try-out.     If  'pranted -fortli for the  final   squeeze ^   liaying.   of   this  stretcli   of   walk  -they  found   -it   easy   Peking.     They ,13r0ves. as economical, and the result  'awlattedl  flies a'';l  av-er tlhe  field and. ag    sa,t.iB1factory   >as   is    .anticipated-,  (nobody 'had  pep enough to get un- a System- of graa'el walks .wiill  have  der them*.    Reid scored once, Mason i^   every,  ���������������������������ulrection,, and   in   a   few  .                  -.__                           ^ been  inaugurated  wihich  wiW  spread  .Saturday   night   in "t'he   Enderby _ crops im anticipated.     In-Letlnbridge  T-heatre Mlaidam T-rlavers will-be seen  district a good average yield  is ex  other. Tract No. 1 -was tb be cleared  by   the ' Government   and   .returned  men placed��������������������������� thei;eon.    Lot' No. 3 was*  to  be oleared  and :uti! ized. likewise.  Lot No.  2   was   not. t'o   ibe cleared'."  It   wias   reserved   by  ,a- syndicate   of  Ottawa ".politicians   headed  by   Hon.'  Arthur  Meiglhen,  now  Priimie  Minister,   and ���������������������������I.<ot   No. ��������������������������� \\ "w|as   to   hiave  been reserved 'for another syndicate  headed   by-Hon.. .Bab   Rogers.     The  re-burned   men   were"  to   'liave   ibeen  used to develop the Tand upon whiic'h  they iliad; located,   thus  bringing   to  " i the block held by Meighen and thia't  held   by   Rogers   a  value   that  they  them'selves   'didl ,  not   turn, a "hand  over, to   put   ifJhere.      The   returned  men's    coiniimilttee    iin    Qttawiai,   - of  which Mr.  Robinson was* a member,  dropped    onto   the   ipoliltidians'   and  grafters' scheme at once and  would,  have 'nothing to do with it.  ..'Mr. Robinson csaid 'hie -was 63  years of age; a veteran, of three ibig  wars an'di was still *prepaired to take  uip arms im defense of British .principles  of. justice  and. freedom;   ibut  twice,     Dow,     Gnaiham,     Rowlands,  ^Peiarsonr'Or^Ton es^an d"^B raslv^each"  aitlldedl  another  to   the   mlajority���������������������������in  the one inning 9: Um all 12 to 2.  'It  was sh'atneful.  Art  Dill ipOayed   umips.  little more  than   seed.     Rain  is  re-  I quired',.       Wimnipeg   district   coarse  the .play, that created such a sensation  wiien  first presented.  ,'Mrs.   Lamlbert,   dauglhiter   of   Mr. . . .  i ��������������������������� ��������������������������� n   ,.i,.   ^,f���������������������������^���������������������������_,,i pasture  is  dry-unig  out;   rain  needed.  Wm.   Tomkunison,   recently   returned  l  !U IW>1-NG U|> A t\\U\r T|3A3f  :(By   ExProelio)  iTo the uninitiated may I explain  that any cognomen is^ Latin for "Out  of tlhe Battle;" im other word's, "Out  of the gaim'e."  ������������������oderby diropped out of the Okanagan Baseball League for lack of  fit material. The statement was  liiad'e thiat it was the intention to  build up a team for next year.      ,  One would nlaturally exipect from  this that all .players were to have  a. show;, yet in the game between  Armstrong amd Endenby July 14th,  eleven Enderby players were on the  field and  nine omly ipl'ayedl.  Yet, excusing tlhe laiok of switching on these grounds, w,hat about  tihe finial ivory iplay: with two down*  and two om the bases im the last  i;n'miinlgs, Rowland/ caime to 'b'at. He  had not dlone anything anp to thlat  time amd eveni the two imamagers  giave tip ihape. In .such a situation  w,hy was not one of the substitutes  sent ini ias ia ipineh-h'iitter? Could  either Wave done worse t'Wan Row  land did or was expected. to do  Was it not worth while chlan|ging if  only for the effect ia oh'ange would  have on the opposing ipitdher?  Tin every, direction; and "iii a few  years will give Enderby a- system  of wide, nicely curbed gravel walks  'Uhat wit! be a joy. to ev^ry citizen  aintcj will cost but a nominal sunn  from year to year for upkeep.  _. . v.,.���������������������������m    ������������������j,������������������.^   ,r,i������������������������������������������������������ Ipected.    Within . a_ 30jmnle circle of  in the   great   prob; em   photo   iplay. -l    V ,������������������������������������������������������,,..���������������������������.,,, _, -i ,   ���������������������������  ?     ,  "W.h t   \v'   Id   You  Do?"       fTihi    is Saskatoon-, farmers ap* likely to get 'he  denou-iuceid  as .vile and  infamio.us  '   '   ... -.      ������������������._..._.   ���������������������������_   _..    soime 0f )-,]ie regislation- iput through.  by   our  Canadiam' Govenniment.     He  grains are  in  heaJithy  condition  but ������������������aid   the   returned   men   were  being  "used"    by    officer   'politicians   wiio  were    mlore   grafters   tiiian   soldiers  -v,lhen:=.'tllie^=;wiar^=iwias=-on7=a'ii'd,���������������������������wlhen^  they oame back to civilian life, they  fro*m:_Washington state.r'is' iplanmiiig  >fAl.^f; l,Alv|-: TAM^V-WO  Last Sunday George Rands' garage inaugurated tlhe regular weekly  ibailly-'ho for Mlaibel Lake. It was tiie  first of 'tlhe season's sight-seeing  trips to ithe lake. Sixteen ipeople  were accomim*odiated. Mr. Rands  has*! im.proviisedl his Ford, truck, and  by carrying a larger 'number of passengers is .a'ble to offer them the  pleasures of the trip at a nominal  fare. The iparty going uip Sunday  had ia thoroughly enjoyable trip  and were able to spend tlhe 'dlay on  the lake sinore, or in b'aiotirtg aud  bathiing.  lit is 'tlhe intention to' make ithe  trip to. Mabe'l Lake every Sunday  during the outing season when the  weather is fair. Reservations will  hiave to ibe ima'de in a'd*van*ce. The  Ford tally-h'o wilH leave Enderby  'at 8.30, and!, returning, leave the  lake at 6.. iThis is as fine a drive as  therie lis in the> Province, in ,the  miatter of scenery and .piieasure. It  takes two hours to .make the trip  one way.  Coarse     granulated     sugar     will  make a ca.ke of coiarse texture.  to erect a coimfortab',e home for herself across the roa'd from' that of  her father at Tomkiiison's1 Crossing.  Mr. Chas. Ha.wik.ins is doing the  work.  =HF'A\-\-l*eoW3-TAX=  .Thirty-five   million   dollars   is   the mamlaged  to   use the   returned   men  amount   of   income   tax   col'-iections' 30 cs t0 beost themselves  into posi-  that is expected from British Colum-  [.jous that enaWed  them, to continue  bia this year, according to Mr. C. H.   bnei,r .tactics.     Theytal'tk  patriotism.  On August 10th ami 1 Uli will  ������������������>e jciendenning; the income, tax inspec-' aIlld i0yaltv and  dem'ocracy, said Ihe,  shown 'at  t'he   Enderby .Theatre   an tQr lfor  the prov,nce,   who iias  Justibut t'he   very   wordls   H'ave   been   so  returned from a visit to Ottawa on polluted that tbey stink to be'aven!  department business. Last year | y\r. Robinson salid tliere could  British Columibia collected $20,000,- not be anything else but unrest and  00.0 in taxes, and under the new sys- j dissatisfaction while the attitude...of  tern adoiptod in the /province for tlh'is graft continued amongst our politi-  year, officials in .the inspector's oflice ca_ leadens.    The Change -imust come  entire evening of comedy, headed by  Charlie Chaplin in "A Day's Pleasure," and Wmling .more laugh-  provoking comedy ithian ever ".was  offered here in a single s'how. Do  Tilot  forget  the dates.  iComiplaints having been received  of tihe piling of ipoles on the Salmon  Arm road, the City Council at its  last imeetiing instructe<l the clerk to  notify Mr. Wm. Blackburn itiWat it  w;as dangerous to traffic to marrow  the roadwlay to the extent it .had  been =" narrowed a.nd for the ipublic  siafety the poles should 'be removed.  ���������������������������The Rev. John W. Stott, of WKn-  iniipeg, has .been called 'by St. An-  tlrewi's C'huciih, Enderby, and wJill  arrive Friday to take up the. work  ���������������������������on Friday. Mr. Stott is a youmg  mian, unmiarnied', and comes 'higlvly  ireconi|menided. He will .Wold regular services im the Enderby Ohiurch  on .Sunday,, taking Hu'llcar In the  afternoon.  'The timie for closing regiS'.-ration  of voters has algaliim :been extended,  this time "accardimgly." Tbis is in  a'ocord with a notice in the B.C.  Gazette, wbioh extends thle diate for  iholdinlg  of   the   Court  of   Revision  expect  to  meet  with little 'difficulty  in realizing the larger amount.  CAX'T SHIMMY OX Tl^A  Levy's Cafe, for tliliry years a giis-  ���������������������������fromi the lieople. It never wiill come  from Ottawa. Returned men iniust  take the leadi in bringing the change  about. They should get iinlto onc  unltted organization, anld not, as  now,,  be  bartered and  sold   by  poli-  tatory lanidlmiark of Los Angeles and ticiiins   Wlh,0  ,make   1Ise   of   t,he   se.v.  known to thousands of the traveling eral  s;o;1(]iers.   associations   for   their  public,  passed   out   of, existence   on own .poHti,cal  ends.     R is no,t ,ri,glht  June  ISiBh,,  when it went under the fchiajt   returned    meil,   shoulcl   ^e   so  hiamlmer at auction. Al Levy, wihio  came to Los Angeles from Sam Francisco, anld with a tamiale -.wagon  started a .business which developed'  inlto one of the Wargest irestaurianits  land cafes in Los Angeles, .smiHe'd as  he watched 'its disintegration, piece  by piece, to itihe 'highest bidder.  "Cafe life is .dead," the siaid. "You  can't shimimiy on tea!"  'Numerous auto parties stop in  Enderlby almtost daily and find tlheir  way to thle taibles of t'he King Ed-  warid).    There's a reasom.  used; wrong that they should allow  t-hennselves to be kept a.part, to be  the "diuipes "of- others iw.ho -wislt to  use fliem.  Mja-ry Pickford iiu "Hoodlums" is  to be seen in Enderby August 17th  and ;1 Sthi. This queen of co"hiied.y in  the .miovies is always the 'favorite.  She will be seen in "H'oddlumis" at  her best.  Metal bowl or spoon will discolor  sugar or shortening.   <-���������������������������  . OKANAGAN  COMMONER  THURSDAY, JULY 29, 1920  0#fantagan Commoner  In which is merged The Eoderby Press and Walker's Weekly  Fublishwl every Thursday at Enderby, B.C.,  by The Walker Press, at  S3 per year: $1.50 six months.  H...M.-. WALKER  THURSDAY, JULY 29. 1920  Mabel I/tike Road  port turned over to tlie Board to be forwarded  to the Government'. In order to have such information available, the Board asks that a duplicate  copy bc rendered with the original report, which  has to be forwarded to thc Department', leaving  the Board with no means of giving the information which should be on hand.  Revelstoke-Okanagan Wagon Road  Ordinarily, al lhis season of the year, there is  lillk- cans.-Vor complaint wilh regard lo tlie condition of llu1 wagon road lo Mabel Lake. It is in  Uie fall, afler lhe lale rains, and when the road  breaks up in the early spring lhal complaints arc  usually heard. This season little or no work has  been done on the road, and lhc upper end, with  here and lhere an exceptional stretch., lhc road1  is in a condition bordering on the desperate. {  In is dillicull lo understand the road depart-j  meal's apparent indilVerence lo lhc complaints  of the people in relation lo lhis road. There are  parts of lhe roadway that have been cut into ruts  thai all but stall a car; corduroy patches cut  ihrough and thc jagged log ends sticking up  everv' wliich way; holes in bridge approaches  where the earth has fallen away from thc cordu-i  l-oy Limbers; nils and pot holes which never  should be. allowed lo exist; and, yet, not af tap of  repair work is being done where-the patching is  most needed.  have   becn   complained   of   since  These holes  earl}- spring,  week to week.  Ihis season of  ever has heen  Okanagan Saw  ma!  They havc grown worse fromj  The road never was so rough alj  the year.    And we doubt if there!  more traflic over lhe road. " Thej  Mills  has  ils  own   motor   truck;  ...kino- daily and often two-daily trips t'o Ih.i  lake teTcaiTy'supplies lo the.various camps which  aro running and to lhc river dr;v---rs. The opening  of the camping and outing season has brought to  lhe lake dozens of autos each Sunday. More men  are being employed at and in lhe vicinity of Mabel Lake this season than usual, and the need of  road repairs never was greater.  When we consider the enormous revenue lhc  government draws from Hie limber cut in thc  vicinity of Mabel Lake, and what it means lo the  districl lo have such a force of mc-i employed as  the lumber company employs," it is amazing thai  there should he llie indilVerence shown by thc department as is,shown. Each season' wc hear the  same old excuse���������������������������no money available, but there  will bo nexl year! This "is the standing joke  againsl the present government at Victoria. And  vet the cosl of the overb.cad climbs higher each  season. We seem to be spending so much for  expert advice and .-engineers and assistant engineers���������������������������and the burning of gas between stations  "(hat we have noihing left with which to do thc  work (hat docs nol need an engineer or the advice of an engineer lo say what ought lo bc done.  Wilh .the iinioi.ml of money at thc disposal of  the roods department I'or Ihis di'stricl. il is not  road engineer advice that we need ^so much as  road work.  What is being done in connection with lhc  construction of the Rcvelsloke-lo-Okanagan  wagon road? lias the work bcen slarled? Is il  to be pushed through lhis season? These questions are being asked. Thcy are timely. Wc  understand theVou tract has been let for the com"  plot ion of the road. There is considerahlc rock  work I'o be done. The balance of the road is nol  difficult to construct'.  Completion ol' this wagon road would mean  the convenient linking up of the Revelstoke district" wilh the Okanagan. This of itself would  not be so great' an advantage had Revelstoke an  outlet by motor road in any other direction, as  has Kamloops, and othcr districts lo be reached  from the Okanagan. But in the case of Revelstoke, a molor road- into thc Okanagan would  give I hose people an outlet for week-end trips by  car lhat they havc in no othcr direction. It  would change the relation of Revelstoke district  to Ib.e Okanagan entirely, to the mutual advantage of all. ll would bring sunshine���������������������������Okanagan  sunshine���������������������������to hearts of gloom; bc an open, door  lo our fruil orchards, and lakes; our meadow's  and green fields and lolling hills, fl would mean  ih.c dawning of a new day lo Revclsloke people;  and, while blessing them, it would bless us, loo.  Milk th������������������ Absolute^ Essential  JrT* Ci V i e   p m BE%  __nint to tne wise is sufficienx  Or so -the old. proverb declare s,  But there ace folks to Jhints so deficient  lou're tempted to kick them down stairs.    . .   o hints that a whole -town must  suffer , ._   .      T       .   0      ,  ...  _  When folks do then* shopping outside,  They are deaf; vhat tbey -med is rougher  Encounter with true r^i\ n n   np t pvp  hks  BUV WJ-.ERK  YOU    LIVE  Ai  Riley at Home  A Purely Business Request  V.V sincerely regret lo see lhc deadlock lhal  has existed between lhe Hospital Board and  Nurse. McPherson in connection wilh lhc grant  whicb. wa- made by lhe Board starling with the  lsl of January, of $25 a monlh. The only stipulation of the grant was that il should bc made on  the same condition as the granl is made to the  Hospilal Hoard by the Province. This condition  is,, thai a carlx n" copy of Ib.e quarterly report  furnished the Government be made to lhc Hospilal Board to be kept on file. To this condition  Nurse McPherson lias not complied, hence the  nifTynri SrA^H off r < Mi a s=-������������������ \ o t=-pa i (I =-e-ve i���������������������������U-v-=i n o n t h 1 \-  granl There is $150 awaiting Mrs. McPherson's  'compliance with  the. request of the Board.  We are al a loss lo understand the position  laken by Mrs. McPherson. The condition on  wliich lhe granl was made by the Board is only  reasonable and jusl; it involves no extra labor  on Nurse, McPhcrson. and protects her as well as  lhe Hoard in the matter of giving and receiving  lhe grant. The people have a right lo demand.,  lhal'such a copy of lhc regular report to lhe  Governmcnl be kept on file by the Board, and  the. Board is lhe only body tlirough which such a  demand can be made. Put it anolher way: The  Hospital Board has no right lo make lhe monthly  grant unless a copy of lhe report is on file wilh  il for lhe information of the Board when required.  Today when every account againsl lhe Govern-  menl or any deparlmenl thereof has lo bo rendered, in duplicate and sometimes in triplicate,  businessmen will laughl al Ihe idea ol" anyone  objecting lo giving a carbon copy of any statement ivi-idered. For her own protection, and for  the prolc'liou of Ihe Board. Mrs. McPherson  should keep a copy of her reports I'or herself as  wellcas give one io the Hospilal Board. II i.s  good business. II is Ihe desire of all to bring liie  management of the hospital down lo a business  basV- and lhis is a  real slop in  that direction.  Members of thc Hospital Board desire to re-,  lain Mrs. McPerson as matron of llie Hospilal.  All recognize lhe good work she has done, and  arc prepared to give her credit*. Bill, the Board  has expressed the determination lo be in a position to give to the public such information as it  is entitled to know relating to thc hospital! n response lo frequent enquiries, and such inform  a tion can only be gleaned from thc matron's re-  Some interesting experiments in food.recently  made public by lhc Connecticut Agricullural Experiment Station make il clear thai thc casein  obtained from milk is thc most vital of all the  food element's and the only one of which there  can bc no substitute.  The Connecticut Agricullural Experiment Station has arrived at thc conclusion, after a long  scries of experiments, lhat neither man nor mice  man thrive without fhe food elements contained  in milk and absent from lhc vegetable kingdom.  Albino-rats were chosen as the chief subjects of  experiment because lhcir diet was more easily  controlled than lhal of larger animals. But we  arc assured by Miss Edna Ferry, an expert of tho  Connecticut Station, that the results of these'experiments apply as definitely to human beings as  to rodents.  The rats were fed carefully balanced rations of  the necessary food constituents: proteins, fats,  carbohydrates and salts.Thc proportions of these  food elements were almost exactly thc same as  in milk, but Ihc protein use was derived from  wheal Hour. Thc result in every case was. to  stunt growth or stop it altogether. When one-  third of the wheal protein was replaced by an  equivalent amount in the form of meat, eggs or  milk the animals grew at a normal rate. When  protein from corn was used lhe effect was even  worse than with lhc wheat diet. "The animals  lost weight rapidly and dicd almost as soon as if  no food" wore ealen at all. When sonic amino  acid was added to the corn protein Jjfe was maintained but growth still remained jaacjvward. Tt  required the addition of casein from milk or  cheese to bring thc unhappy rat back to normal  development.  Miss Ferry 'illustrated the upshot of onc experiment in terms of human life. A rat was kept  stunted for about a fifth of its life on. vegetable  protcin-and. then .casein,was_addcd_.to. the diet.  ''Calling a man's span of life seventy ycars fhe  case would be somewhat like that of a boy kept  a.s a healthy infant in arms until fourteen years  of age. weighing perhaps sixteen -. lo twenty  pounds, and who. by a change in diet when fourteen ycars old. attained a man's size and weight  at lhe ago of twenty-one." ���������������������������  The butter fal in milk is also of high importance. If a young rat is fed wilh a normal ration  except thai all la Is supplied come from lard or  vegetable oils it will grow normally for about  eighty days and then decrease in weight, suffer  from sore eves, and eventually die. A small  amouni of buller fat added to the diet restore.*;  health and permits gain in weight lo continue.  Many children in lhe famine-stricken regions of  Europe had heen observed to sulTcr from ulcers  on the eyeball. Il was learned lhat thy had been  led on broad- and skim milk. As soon as thev  were given whole milk or cod liver oil lhcir eyes  began lo recover and most of them were saved  from blindness. For adult rat's and men. however, bul tor fat does nol seem so indispensable.  Milk contains all the needed food elements in  due proportion and that is lhc only food whicb  .does so. Milk sugar has the same food value as  cane sugar. Milk protein i.s as good as meal protein, and milk is far cheaper, than meat in proportion lo the protein .supplied. Milk fat, as can  be seen from lhc price of buller, is one of the  mosl valued fa Is. Milk also contains valuable  mineral salts which are inadequately supplied by  mosl foods. Finally milk contains all three of  of the vilamines which are essential to growth:  the fat-soluble vitamine, the water-soluble vita-  mine and the vilaminc which prevents scurvy.  "Civilization." savs the Connecticut Report,  "follows thc cow."  An Iii'clii'ana>polis lawyer, with ,a  fniewd, motored down to Greenfield,  Indiana, the birth'plajce of James  W'luitcomb Riley, the Hoosier :poet.  Tbey h'adi Jdinner at the hotel, and  thought tih'ey wknild like to see itihe  hoso where Riley Hived, so t'hey  asked 't'he hotel  man:  "Where 'is   the  Riley ihous<e?"  "I  don't  know amy 'hotel  by that  name,"   he   replied,   "'fchiough   there  may   be  some  such   boarding 'ho.ise  here."  "I    mean   ithe_   James    Wlhitcomb-  RiiHey.   ihouse,"     said     the     lawyer,  fthlinking    his    host   had    nils understood. _ "-  "1 don't know Mm; you may be  aible to find 'Ms name in the ci'fcy di-'  rectory."  "I guess h'e's moved," said t:he  lawyer, as he aim'essly th*umbed the  directory.  "Probably," lhe 'hotel keeper  cominen'ted. "Some of tlWem Ir.is-h  don't stay lonig in one place."  We can supply the goods  you need at the  1 o  present time  BINDER TWINE  BALE  TIES  LOGGING TOOLS  GARDEN TOOLS  SCYTHES  LIME PLASTER*  ROPE  HAY FORKS  ELECTRIC IRONS  LAWN MOWERS  SICKLES  CEMENT  SJIARPLES'   SUCTION   FEED   SEPARATORS  RAILROAP PEL!VERY CANS  MILK PAILS and PANS  ^'Wc carry one of thc most complete stocks  of general hardware lo bc found in Okanagan.  ;C3'Plunibing and Heating and Watcr Systems.  Tinsmithing. .  Plumbing" ��������������������������� fteating Tinsrriithing  ������������������NP������������������|l&Y, p. c.  ESTABMSfJEP     J872J  Th  K-W'tfAMifctfON-  e Human pjeroent  Banking is not all a matter of money, metal  and marble. The Bank of Hamilton has a certain personality created by the distinctive manner in which it conducts its business, and manifested by the cordial relations which exist between the Rank and ils customers.  This "human element" makes pleasant as well  as efficient banking here. As one of our depositors, you arc as sure of receiving courteous at ten-  lion as you arc that your interests will be protected by Jinancial soundness and dependable  service. "A J3ank i'or Vour Savings"  JNO. SMAItT,  Local Muiiugi.r K-VPIJUtV, IJ. C.  Try Us when you have  Car Trouble  An * expert  Motor  Media a in  lin?  ehiairg'e .P'f our repair shop.     Any  car  a sepcialty,  and  all  work absolutely guaranteed,.  'Agents   for    OVERLAND.    GRAY-' DORT,   CHEVROLET,   MCLAUGHLIN    and     MAXWELL   CARS   and   TRUCKS.  Jas. McMahon & Son        Enderby  ���������������������������       ��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������  ���������������������������      ������������������������������������������������������       ���������������������������    ��������������������������� ���������������������������      ���������������������������..������������������.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Subscribe for the Commoner: $3 a year #  THURSDAYr, JULY 29, 1920  OKANAGAN  COMMONER  A Finish That Lasts  WHEN you paint it is with the idea of  "conserving" your property, as well as  beautifying it. And you wish to avoid  constant repainting. If it's to be a white surface,  you want it to stay white. And it will���������������������������if you use  "*"*l?*r_-t re������������������_r **  70%Pur������������������Whli*U*l  EtTMjI.l'Sn    i������������������,.���������������������������Jr.*fr Crisis. B._l)  K&IiN I KJbH Purt P4lm  This really superior paint gives a brilliant finish  that will not fade for a long time to come.  Whether in white, or,, in colors, it will give protection, and will continue to look "fresh" for a  long period. This result is obtained by the use  of finest ingredients in just-right proportions.  The white base for it is that superb pigment  known for two centuries as Brandram's Genuine  B.B. White Lead. By using this, and other ingredients of similar high quality, there is maintained  in B-H "English" Paint a standard of paint  quality that other brands have to envy. It excels  in "body/' brilliance, covering-capacity and per- .  manence.  This store is proud to be known as  B-H HEADQUARTERS  giUB'-JUJigj,  '���������������������������'Wl.L'WtttJJjl  WATER NOTICE  diversion and Use  TAKE NOTICE  that Albert Simidek,  w'lvose   address   is   Enderby.   B. .C.  will apply for a licence to take and-  'use 160 acre-feet per annum cf  \va-  ' ter out of. an unmanned' stream which  _lows~N.  W.- by, N. 'an'di drains  into  ��������������������������� <       Shuswap    river    about    300     yards  north of the centre point of.the line  between tlie N. W.   &   S! W.   1-4  of  . sa iid.  Section   21. *  The w(aber will be diverted frum  the   stream1   at   a   point   about   1-s  mile south   of   N.E.   corner   of   -- W.  1-4, Sec. 21, Tp IS, R. 7, W. Ben Al.,  and wiill be used for irrigation purpose upon the land described as S  W>. 1-4, Sec. 21, Tp. -18, K.Y, W. Gth  Mer.  This notice was posted or the  ground on the !>th day of Ju'y, 1920.  ' IA copy of ���������������������������this notice and an application pursuant thereto and to  the "Water Act, 1914," will b-j filed  in> tihe office of the Water Recorder  at  Vernon,  B.  C.  Objections to the application may  be filed" with the said Water Recorder or w.ltlh 'the Comptroller of  Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C., within thirtv <lajs  *afiter fche first appearance of this  n'otice in a local newspaper.  A.   SMIDEK,   Applicant  The date of the first pub'ication  of this-notice 'is July  15th,  1920.  _iI3.oiW.duiham, -to- be���������������������������served���������������������������_cold  USE MOI.E DEANS  _.hou 14  cool  in  the  pot.     It  will  be  more delicious.  A. REEVES  W.M.  A*F.*A.M������������������  Enderby *M>df.e No. 40  Regular meetings - first  Thursday on or after thc  full moon nt 8 p. m. in Masonic Hall. ViHilinR  brethren cordially invited  _     .     C. II. REEVES  Secretary  ENDERBY   LOPGE  No. 35. K. of P.  Meets 1st A 3rd Monday eve  in Masonic Hnll.   Visitorscor-  dially invited to attend.  WM. ANDERSON. C. C  H. M. WALKER. K. R. S  R. J. COLTART. M.F.  &UH.&K.A hOpGB NO 50  JO. O. F.  Meets every Tuesday evening ,811,8  o'clock.   Visiting brothers cordially  invited.  W. E. Puncan, N.G.  P. K. Glen, V. G.  H. A. Teece, Sec.  J^C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk. Enderby, B.C.  The ripe bean is a form of food  very much neglelcted iiu Canada,  l^ack of. variety is one of. the serious  faults im our national diet. Many  'People seem- Inclined" te use a "very  limited number of foods and., as far  as posslbre, to make each day's meals  ���������������������������resemible,. .tihat of the 'day ibe-  Pcre; whille in many caises the dull  ���������������������������routine of a seven-day cycle prevails'  It is a well-known fact that a varied  diet is more wholesome than a restricted one, and, especially in these  times when good food- lis scarce and  high in price, it is really deplorablc-  to.note the neglect of some of the  best Canadian-grown fotod materials,  such as beans, peas, Indian corn and  barley, - while ain imported product,  rice, remailns quite popular in spite  of.- Its inferior quality as food and  the commercial obligation that Canadian money must be senlt to some  other country to ipay for. it.   -  Of all the neglected foods, the  bean Is perhaps the most important.  It contains a large percentage of  protein (approximately double that  found in cereals) and protein is the  mlost expensive Ingredient which we  cdntenme. Th'e bean may fairi'y be  -said���������������������������to-=r.ank=fir!_t^-amon*g^the=com-  mon foods of vegetable origin; peas  are of almost equal value, but wheat  ami barley fall far below. Oats are  distinctly inferior on the whole.  though they contain much more fat  than beans. While It is not true,  as has ibeen asserted, that vegetable  protein, as found in beans, can entirely take the place of animal pro-  tejfrt, as foundi irt meats, eggs ot  milk, ncverthe'ess t'he vegetable proteins have a high food value and the  bean could, ln many instances, - be  advantageously substituted for 'part  of the meat ration., Considerable  economy would be attained in this  way, ais beans are very cheap indeed  in comparison with many animal  products. It must be noted, 'however,, th-afl beans "canm/ot be eaten  freely by anyione.* - There are a .few  inidividualls for whom they seem  quite unsuitable; (but the vast mia-  jojritoy of .people would have better,  cheaper and more enjoyable meals if  bea'ms- were used more often. Matters of diet are so ofteta settled .by  customs of the country rather than  by intelligent thought that it Is very  hard to brinlg about chanlges, however desirable. Yet there seeims no  good reason why the r������������������.gulair use of  beans should ibe restricted to Massachusetts aind a few other favored' localities.    Im> these days wihen, owing  to the high  cost of living,-many individuals are inclined to break away  from   some   of  t'he   older-and   more  expensixe  customs,   the  introduction  of the,bean as a regular" article of  diet   offers- an   opportunity   for   the  j display J of   a   little   originality,, and  .-the- exercise of>"judicious .economy at  jthe;.sa*me time.-^^Ohas.  E.  Sauniders,  Dominion Chemist.  WATCH CAXADA  Regard for the tr.uth compels the  admission that Cainada. which really  started'itte Fire Prevention -work only after theo United States-���������������������������or,, some  of them'*���������������������������(had been working ^at It for  a score of years, has at owe bound  passed beyond anything accomplished in this country In the/way of  laws,   organization and   co-operation.  ���������������������������It is too early to say what the result will he. or how soon Canada -n '  surpass this country in actual prevention of Fire Waste; but unless  the United States and the states  thereof wake up, Canada will pass  into the ranks of Fire Safe countries while this country is still struggling with the A B C of thus problem.  Canada is dioing on a national  scale will at Cincinnati���������������������������and a few  other cities���������������������������'has done on a municipal scale ;it is, interesting its people  ���������������������������in every walk of life, and giving  them something to do to meet the  burden of their own responsibility  for fire. As a result the ihardheaded  men of Ontario, for instance, supp'y  real money to the Fire Marshall of  that Province in order that he may  print" 'huniSirec'js of paid 'advertisements in Canadian papers to inform  the people of the facts involved in  Fire Waste, of methods of Fire Prevention aind to educate them, as to  their own responsibility.  Perusal- of the summary of Fire  Prevention!, day ��������������������������� activities throughout this ooimtry and Canada, 'bears  ample evidence of the fact that Canada has had: fiinm hold on the main  factor in this problem. It. remains  ony for-the people of this country  to say wihether, having originated  modern Fire Prevention work" and  laid the foundation tor the structure, they, shall permit Canada to.  wiest the lead from them. now.���������������������������U.  S. Exchange. _ -  arjEA^ECAKES  There is more ereergy  in a_ pound of good  bread ma.de in the  home with Royal Yeast  Cakes than in a. pound  of meat. Breadmaking  is a. simple operation  and requires no previous experience. Full  instructions in Royai  Yeast Bake Book,  mailed free on request.  S^  E.W.G3LLETTCO.LTD.  TORONTO  instead   of   trying   to   wriggle   along  with 'both legs in one as they have  in   recenft; 'years,   would   make   tlhe^  fair  ones far  more 'graceful.   .  A   MODEL   MEETING  TWO THOUS_i.il LEGS  THE POCTOR  The c doctor felt my, throbbing  wrist, whose pulsebeats seemed to  (lope; he said, "You have the hives,  ' I wit, and I'll prescribe 'some dope."  And w'hen I got tlie doctor's bill,-a  painful 'hour was mine; a sort of  raw and clammy chill went up and  down any spine. I said, "It Is a ,sin  'and "shame to tax-me such a sum,  ainldj I shall climb that sawlbone's  frame, when- next I see him come."  And ��������������������������� w.hien I thought of ail the toil  It took to make him wise; he  studied by tihe midnight oil until he  spjraj.ii.ed his eyes. He thad to "paw  old misfit bones, and listen by fche  d'ay, to lecturers, whose musty tones  would m'ake a corpse turn gray. He  had to physic pauper gents to iget  his hamd'in right, and if 'they paid  him fifty cents lie wept from pure  del ight.==iHe.=JiiacL=-to.=iit ravel^mu d d y_  roads in 'mid.nng'ht rain and storm,  while I wais writing nutty odes, serene and fat and waxim*. He often  lacked a goose to eat when caime  his Christmlas day; and if he's* now  in Easy Street, he surely foiugh't his  way. "He's charging for the skill,"  I said', "that lomg hard years have  brought, and, so I will not puncii ihis  head, or spoil his dome of thought."'  According to a London correspondent, trousered freedom for women,  long-sought revolution launched py  world-famous Dr. Mary- Walker in  the United - States "a generation ago,  wili'i at last come-into its own if a  fas'hion revolt being .agitated there  by -M*jis*s Marie Wii'Isoir^, iprctaiinent  designer, succeeds. Miss Wilson predicts woman's sartorial emancipation   by  1925.  Already former war 'service women, farmerettes, conductoresses,  elevator girls and other women  witiom the war forced into men's positions and who 'have continued  their work into peace days have permanently   adopted   men's 'garments.  ���������������������������And  wihy  not?     Two .trouser regs  Some folks in the cit'eis may think  that men on the land, not being used  ito 'parliamentary discussion, make a  poor job of carrying out the work  of a pu'blic meeting. " - To one who  has attended public .meetings for fifteen years in all, parts., of Canada  from' Montreal west, the conference  at Kelowna seemed.an ideal kind ot  meeting. There was an absence-of  the 'high-falMitin' barnstorming oratory, one usually  hears at meetings  4_ . . . _  wihere .many.-farmers attend anld -the  speakers are trained lawyers or professional politicians. The work of  the conference went along "smoothly  andi orderly. We cannot rememiber  of any speaker taking more than  five-minute's to express-himse'f, and  we could-not but. admire the honest,  plain' contmonsense, down-to-earth  methods of the imeniibers of the'eon-  ference.���������������������������r-Fairim  &- Home.  Give flens Clean fitter  A ppultryinan with 440 hens  fount) that, when the jitter in  the poultiy house, was clean  the egg production, was. 2JJ2. per  day. b\e left the sariie Utter  six weeks and during this  lime the eggs fell to 80 a day..  14c then put in clean litter and  changed it regularly and in two  weeks the egg yield went up. lo  over 200 a dav.  JT TAKES SKJJ^  to repair am auto properly. No ordinary <_neoh.aii>ic can do such work.  You wouldn't send your watch to a  blacksmith for repairs. An auto is  just as medianiealfy delicate *s a  watch.     So don't  send  yours to  in  experienced   people.      Sertdi  'it   here  where it will be treated  by experts.  RAND'S OARAGE  ENPERBY  foH Pe������������������>er and Repair*.  'Ili'itous   Xevei-  Shall   lie  Slaves"  Gee! these fcimies are Interesting!  The Dominion government taxes  food anitl profits; the provincia.1 government taxes the 'means by wihich  profits are made, and the municiipa1  government taxes the .building and  ground wihere the plant is located  that produces profit������������������.  ' Just 'one thing left that is free���������������������������  tlhe ozone we breathe to sustain the  life  that pays  the  taxes.  Experience 'teaches a dear school  but she never lacks for pupils on the  fiarm*.  Notary Public  '  Insurance and Generai Agent  JAS. DICKSON  Bell Block Enderby  KING fPWARP  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  King Edward Hotel  P. H. MURPHY  Proprietor  Merby  The Tire  Poctors  We are open to buy a Metal Turning Lathe and a Drill Press. Our  Cycle Repair Department . wants  500   old  Bicycles,  any  condition.  Armstrong Vulcanizing Works OKANAGAN  COMMONER  .THURSDAY, JULY 29, 1920  x  GRINDROD .VOTES  sr   sr   sr   sr   sr   sr  JS   j;   JS   J .   J .   JS  Mr. J. Kirshfeldt left this week  on an: extended- business trip to Alberta.  Miss E. McAdani ha= gone to her  home at vhe Coast, .accompanied by  her  nephew,  Dick  Rashliegh.  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Thorn paid a  short visit, to ' Grindrod on Monday  from Calgary.  Mr. W. A. Crandi'emlre had a bee  last week for the raising of his  barn. There were 25 to 30 men at  work.  The hay crop has turned out far  heavier   than   farmers  anticipated.  rs #^ rs js #. -������������������s *. js  J? MARA  XOTES 1!  sr  sr-- sr  sr  sr   sr  sr  sr   sr sr   s������������������  sr  sr  sr  sr   sr  ���������������������������������������������>>   ���������������������������������������������>������������������  iS   -������������������**">  ������������������   js  *>  ������������������   j.   ������������������   iS  ���������������������������������������������.   ������������������  ������������������  ������������������������������������������������������%   rs  Miss Massey, cousin of Miss Olgy  Massey, from Calgary, is spending  the  holidays 'here.  'To Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Robertson, a  baby girl. Ed is now busy receiving the. congratulations of his  J friends.  Mrs. Talmer arrived from Victoria ilast week to visit her daughter  Mrs.  John  Rogers,  a short time.  Elsie Witala,  who has been taking  Is  They  Look Stylish  and fit perfectly. That is the  reason you find the clothes we  sell on the best dressed men in  town.    We ONLY sell  CLOTHING  of dependable quality. Come in  and see if you can find one among  the lot to fit yotv.  . Agents for 20th Century  and Semi-Ready  Enderby Supply Co.  a   business   course   at  Vancouver  home  for  the  holidays.  1     -Will'Ahier stopped off here on his  way clown  the Valley on  a .vacation]  trip.     His   m'any   friends   were   gi'ad  to  see  him  looking so  well.  Miss A. Stewart is the new principal, and' Miss V. Lloyd the new  teacher  for the'Mara School.  The Mara pupl's taking the entrance exams did>wepl, four out of  five passing, and we expect a fair-  sized high school class next term at  Mara school.  The Graham1 Brothers 'had' the  misfortune to -meet wiith a nasty nac-  oident  last  week.     Their  team:  taken to prevent its spread. The  smult 'masses should be cut out during the .growing season. They should  be removed 'before they have broken  open and spread their pores. They  should not be left lying -where they  can reach manure or refuse and be  carried back to the soil but should  be gathered and burned. Rotation  of crops is also valuable in preventing corn  live long in the soil and will  attack any other crop, so time  should be given for the smut to die  out iii the soil before another crop  ol' corn is planted. Seed treatment  has not 'been founkl to be of any use  in corn smut.���������������������������:W. P. Fraser, Plant  Pathologist.  1  $;  DEEP  XX  Mrs.  smut.    The smut does not j f rough Ivayimj  in   the   soil   and   will  not  this week.  CREEK,  NOTES  sr  sr  sr  sr sr  sr sr  s  js rs rs rs  ** *V,** *  Miss   Enoch    is   staying   at  Watkins for a few weeks.  MrSs Tilkie and infant daughter  returned to their home on the Loon  Lake road last week.  ���������������������������Mr.   Jenkins   of  Vernon,   who   has  been     staying    with    Mrs.    Watkins  returned to Vernon  A LITTLE FA KM PHILOSOPHY  'Added tools often  stand  for multiplied efficiency on the farm,  Rust    never     sleeps���������������������������keep  tools under cover,  "Another diay coming!" So is poverty, man; so is poverty  Spin a good yarn to the hired .mian  occasionally and  see him laugh  and  grow    fat.       The    hired    man    wiio  es (boarding places  with every  took ���������������������������! %  fright   after   passing   a    motor    car i  , T    .   . . .      |new moon always looks lank and inl  and ran away.    Jack escaped with a ,  ,    ,, ,' .. , , .    happy,  badly     scratched      tace,      but     ivis   -    ..       ,       .,       ,        ,      _   ,   ,  Alas foir; the three-handed' .farmer  brother. Will, clid not fare so we'l.  He fell ancl tho wheels of the 'wagon  passed over, his shoulder, spraining  it badly. It was at first thought he  had a rib broken. AJ"though painful, his injuries are not serious. He  is rapidly Improving and -we hope  to see-his around again soon.  Mt tie  He w.ho will  may have help  Jack Frost mav  Beat the  Flies  It is not so difficult to overcome  the fly pest if you take early precautions. We' can supply your  requirements in all kinds of fly  poisons���������������������������Stick Paper, rolls and  fiat���������������������������poison pads and powders-  fly swatters���������������������������in short, everything  to help clean up the fly nuisance.  *������������������r   sr  sr  sr  sr  sr  sr  sr  sr   mr  sr  sr  sr  sr sr   sr  st   st   st   st   st   st   st   st   st   st   st   st   st   st   st   st  ?X C'R-AN'DVIEW BENCH    X  ir   sr   sr   sr   sr   sr   sr    sr   sr   sr   sr   sr   sr   s.  ,s   rs   js    js- js   rs    rs    rs    js   rs   jS   rs   js   ri ���������������������������    ,  . , . ,  .  ,,,.,���������������������������     ,   . . , _ _   ���������������������������    _ , i thing -about a .lured  Clittord   Lidstonie  spent  last  week'  .,  itite.  witii 'his  parents   here,   returning   to'  Ok'ana'gan   Centre,   where  he  is -employed',  last Friday.  J. Baldwin, who 'has .been" work-  ins at Mara, returned 'home l'as-t  week.2  . -Mrs. Watkins "oif Deep Creek, was  a visitor 'last Wednesday.  Our local U. F. .held its regular  monthly meeting last Saturday evening. Tt was decided to 'get' up a  c'istrict exhibit for the Fair at Armstrong this Fall. Mrs. Baldwin,  delegate   to   the   qua.Tf.e5rIy   iconven-  ���������������������������-right hand, left  hand, and a  behindhand.  Be       thorough���������������������������give     Nature  square deal.  Sunrise    inspiration    and    mi!delay John  perspiration are alike needed on thej visit his father and  feim. | day last.  Dame  Nature  seems   to  smile   on       The   connivunil.  the industrious fa-nmer ancl give him  first aid.  Sometimes   the  -most   work-brittle  Mr. and Mrs. Bernard' Scott, of  Canoe Creek, were visitors ,to Mr.  and Mrs. Reginald Hadow last-Sun-  clay.  Miss Hooper is visiting 'her sister,  j "Miii.   G.   K.   Smiley.     She has  come  i from   England   for   her   health   and  in*ends   to   stay   some   time in   this  country.  Mr.     and   Mrs.   Plii'ip-May    Qiave  bou.g.ht   the     Don'd'oneau ��������������������������� place   on  Salmon    Arm1   road   andi   intend    to  your j move  there from the old  Salt (place  next week.  Mrs. Anderson, from. England,  and Mr. and Mrs. Onpen of Victoria,  v ere motored over from Car.oe  Creek by Mr. Saville on Sunday to  visit   Mrs.  Robson.  D. L. Watkins, who is on .the Peel  ���������������������������place, is through 'haying for the  present. The fi'iose presented, a fine  appearance when't'he hay was in the  coil.     I,t"is a .splendid   crop.  'Owing to the mosquito plague at  Ka-mlocps   Mrs.     John   Jamieson   is  staying at  the Jamieson ip!ace.     Mr.  Jamieson     motored   over   to  mother" on  Sun-  Want Ads  3c a word first insertion, 2c ft word each insertion thereafter: 25c minimum charge: 10c extra  where cash doe������������������ not accompany order.  FOR SALE���������������������������'Grade Jersey cow;  heavy milker; bull calf, and black  pony. Owing to accident must  sell. No reasonable offer refused.  J.   Gardner,   Enderby. jly29-tf  LOST���������������������������Small gold crescent brooch,  set with diamonds. Finder return to Post Ollice, Enderby, and  receive reward. ���������������������������!���������������������������  FOR SALE���������������������������Gelding. -1-year-old;  broke single or saddle; or will  trade for .cow. Geo. D. Ferris,  R.R.   2,  Armstrong. jly29-2c  FOR   SALK���������������������������A   few  and siiingles.    W.  thousand   lath  A.  Russell,     lt  NOW is your opportunity to put up  a good warnin stable cheap. Fine  lb rick bats, $2 a load in the brickyard:    Ender.by Brick & Tile Co.  FOUND���������������������������On the road near Grindrod, auto side curtain ^ Owner  miay have same by applying at  Walker Press and paying for this  ad.  FOR SALE���������������������������Two acre block; fine  building site; on river bank; now  in alfalfa ancl fruit trees; all  ifenced; ten miiuutes walk from  Postofuce. Apply W., Commoner  Oflice,  Ender.by.  ���������������������������man is his app.e-  not p'ant in season  i.m the {harvesting-  be on the job.  Take time for sleeep���������������������������the candle  ���������������������������bunned at'both end;s gees out in the  mi did.le.  A. Reeves  Druggist ancl Slnlioner.  tion  at  Armstrong,  gave "a  very interesting report. ���������������������������  i������������������"i������������������ it it 'ti it *������������������* *' fc������������������ ������������������������������������ ������������������������������������' *������������������ ������������������������������������ *r ������������������������������������ *������������������  **   rs   ������������������   j*   #*   ���������������������������*   js   #������������������   _���������������������������>   ������������������������������������   _-..   I*  ������������������   #.   rs   rs  X Dr. 'Sumner; dentist, will 54  5' be 'in Enderby, Monday;"* Tues- X  5? clay ahd" Wednesday of next JJ  X week (Aug. 2-3-4J) Please X  X -make   appointments   eaivy. X  sr sr sr sr sr sr sr --��������������������������� ������������������-* " ������������������������������������������������������-  rs rs #������������������ ������������������������������������ * . ������������������������������������ rs  vi 1-1 be glad t>.>  hear that Mr. and Mrs. Sharpe expect 'to receive their inlfant son' this  week -from Ewderby Hospital, where  It has been attended many ' weeks,-  nursed back to normal health.  'OR SALE���������������������������Cheap���������������������������Three six-foot  (binders, No. 4 it 5. Appl'y the1  Coldsiui'ea'm Instate Co. Ltd., Ver-  'iion,  B.C.. '      -.      jly22.L  Sheep For Sale  it it it ii  *������������������ _* sr sr sr  ������������������r sr sr sr  kr sr sr sr  ..  #^ __. ^_ _^ ^ #< ^ jj j������������������ j^  CORN SMUT  Twenty-five Thousand Cars  According  ENDERBY  Enderby Scenes  of  -tern   or   leaves.     These  are sometimes quite large  t'he   smut   very   conspicuous.      They  are at first covered  by a thin  membrane,  which  soon .breaks away  and  j exposes   the   black   mass   of   spores.  ! The    mass    soon    becomes    pow-dery  , and   the   myriads   o.f   snores    which  i *  each mass cc-'nttalns are readily  blown about by the wind. It is these  ���������������������������spores w.lnich spread tihe disease in  ^of" "p 6 stT^er^Sr o***������������������*������������������*ir' g"*"*^ e ase n j=ja-nd^=ca-F-r-y=-t-h o^  Enderby jsmut over the winter to the next  crop.  In   many   o.f   the   smuts,   nis   the  smuts of oats and the stinking smut  or bunt of wheat,  (.lie spores get on  tiie    seed    and    When    t!he    seed    is  planted   begin ��������������������������� growing   with   it  and  attack   the   young   seedling.     Treatment   with   a   solutio'ii  .of   formalde-1  for photo po^t cards, specially laken '��������������������������� hyt!a     i.s    effective    in    killing    thej  We    do  developing  and    printing.   !=1)0res   on   the  seed   and   preventing!  I'OITL.AR   VAKIKTY  STOItH;in,r<,f:llon   of   lllG   young   p'ants.      In  Postollice one  door  East j Ule ca-scs oC the loose smut of wheat  ENDERBY, B.C.-     , I nnd   the   loose   smut   of   barley   the   :                         '" ! spores  are  blown   about  at  blossom-  ling time and get into the very young  J seed.     The   hot   water   treatment   of  ;(he seed is used to kill tihe snpit in-  Vide  the seed.     In  the  case  of  corn  ���������������������������jsmut seed treatment of any kind has  Ibeen  found, to  be o.f no use,  as the  smut spores live over in  the soil or  iin  manure rather than  in  or.on  the  seed. So the only way to control the  'corn   smut   is   to   prevent  the   smut  | .spores  getting   into the   soil   or  the  |,manure.    Not only do the spores live  to   officials ol'   the  Molor Licensing section of thc  provincial    police    department.  '^V, there arc now-in operation con-  "jsidcrably  ever. 25.000  automo-  jbiles in British Columbia.Plates  The  smut  of   corn   is   well   know.n  :to fanners.    The smut masses which  usually     appear     as     swollen     om-j  growths may -be  found on  the  ears,  Outgrowths j . ,        (s- r.r\rv i      ���������������������������  nd inakeirunnin������������������ UP to__2/,000 are being  We have a good vai  cards showing scenes  ancl surronding  district.  5c.  l.acli  Why not have a picture taken of  your home to send- to those friends  who asked   for  one.  ���������������������������Si. -���������������������������">   per   dozen  issued at the Victoria olTice. and  thc Vancouver staff is busy with  a   scries  culminating  wilh  30,-  000.     While large numbers ol'  trucks arc being pul inlo commission, by far thc greater pcr-  jcentage of the new licenses are  i for    low-priced    touring    cars.  !There arc approximately  1,000  mcto rcy cl es   jicenscs    now    in  forcc    in    the    p ro vince '  many additions to the roll every  week.  Till-  For Sale  Upright   heater   stove    (Marathon  Oak)   coal or wood.  FolriirJg bath  cabinet.  Fnnitrify   closet.  Two coal oil li eaters.  2-bunier   coa'i   oil   cooker.  Sav.- vice.,  Heavy vice.  'Brusii  scythe  Three axes.  Two   ')-galIon  pump.  'Sliding   door  ���������������������������blade,  oil    cans,    one   has  track   ami  hangers,  for half-  When you want the Best  Meats and Service, go to  GEO. JR. SHARPE     .  "Wholesale   and   Retail   Bulcher  Enderby,   B.  C.  j in the manure pile-'for some time,  'but they may actually increase rapidly in number if the conditions are  favorable. ,,  Corn smut is found in all parts of  Canada where corn is grown, but is  more common in Eastern Canada.  Generally it is not very prevalent  and the losses are not great. Wihere  it   is   common   measures   should   bc  Two small sets of blocks  inch rope.  Bricklayer's  level.  Carpenter's, level.  'Four  stone liaminiers  and   sledge.  '.Dozen shovels.  Some 6 nnd  8-Inch . rubber, belting  Two pr swinging door "hinges.  Two  pr   ornamental *door   hinges,  heavy.  Doz������������������ii brass butts for house door-a  .'Dozen pair shelf  brackets.  .Cairoenter's bench screw.  Cella.n   puiinp,   (self-aicfcinlg,*   -water  power.  .Sr>  feet 3-4-i'n  rope.  Four  halter siianks,   1-2   inch.  oO  Sacks.  Three   plastering   trowels.  ���������������������������Qu'antity  windtow   sash   weights.  If you live in the country why  not enjoy some of the comforts of  living in town. A water system and  bath room in your house saves more  labor round the house than anything  you can" think of. Every -" farm  house can have a domestic water  supply and, bathroom. Consult us  as to the best means of obtaining  ���������������������������this in a satisfactory way at the  smallest cost. Fulton Hardware Co.,  Ltd.,  Enclerby,  B.  C.  SMAJLIj  FLOCK     HIGH-GKA.DE  ,   SHEEl*  Eight   ewes,  registered, ram.  1   wether,  Apply���������������������������  bred��������������������������� by  OKANAGAN   GATE   RANCH,  IjJnder.by  Use a doughnut cutter next time  you make ginger cookies and ,yoa  will  have some nice jumbles.  W. A. RUSSEJ4-  ,   CONTRACTOR   &   BUILDER  House bui:d'ing and barn framing.  Phone 82, and get a price uon your  requirements. Building materials  below 'market pirice.  Concrete mixer to rent;  also floor  scraper and -poi'ilsher.  An Appropriate Set  for the Occaww  For after-noon teas or special "occasions, you need special sets of porcelain. The finer' the set, the  design and coloring, the greater  the impression among your guests.  Our sets are unsurpassedl 'in beauty  and  a.t all  prices..  T^ece & Son     Phone 48    Flour, feed & Groceries  Keep Cool  anc} to tbe  RIGHT  Our Summer Underwear is the correct weight.  It will help you to be comfortable ancl to keep a  level head. Come in and select yours; the  weight you want is here, and the price is right.  Gents' Furnishings  e. 3. rnijfj  Five Roses Flour  Groceries  W. A. Russell  ENDERBY, B. C.  =n  For the Warm Weather  'SALMON*  COIIXED BEEF  imiED  BEEF  SALAD DRESSING  .    ,    OLIVE OIL  riMTENTOS  .SARDINES  ORABS  We keep a good line of FRESH FRUIT   AND   VEGETABLES.  DUNCAN  BROS,      Enderby's Quality Store  ;a  o 14  'I'll


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