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Okanagan Commoner Jul 1, 1920

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 ,%r*     i*  $**  3>  <?  i. C-  ,?/' V  i  I  1 ���������������������������-������������������-/> 3  **B   ' Srf1��������������������������� ��������������������������� \  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  VoiV  13, No. 21, Whole No.  692  THURSDAY. JULY 1, 1920  Subscription., $1  a year; 5c copy  U. F. B. C. Would Amalgamate  sr sr sr sr sr st- ss sr sr  sr  <*?  sr sr ss  st   st   st   st   st   st   st   ?������������������ ������������������ rt .1 a st   st  EXDERCY������������������\BWS  an  the Creameries of the Okanagan *****************  Good inorniing! Turn To The Riglvt  er  July   loth,  day  .  Arc   they  getting ithe 'individ-       if  you   haven't  registered.,  now  is  uai support of the membership? o Is the time.  it   not   a   fact   that  too   many   who,      Miijss   Fc������������������rg|us.c,!^  Heft   (on   Monday  have   become  nn em hers  for the manna to <fa.ll?  I'r  tf the  organization  known as the  of the United Farmers are doing to- a,  Tnitcd Fanners of B.C. is to become  'tlie power for good it is intended  to  be   it   must   get   beyond   the   "talk"  stage and into the "do" stage.    It is  pleasing to note that its leaders ar������������������  1'u'ly aware of this .and are exerting  pv������������������.������������������ry effort fo impress the idea upon  tlie membeils of "tho organization.  ' All   'nnovemenls   that  brir.'g, about  practical   good   start   with   a   wave  of' enthusiasm, when men flock together and joi.ii1 up.    Then there is a  period   of   waiting���������������������������a   "do   nothing"  period���������������������������.when the  memibers   sit  and  .'ook   'for    the   manna   to   fall   iirto  their   laps  from   thc   heavens.     The  ionger  they  sit  and   wait  the   inore  impatient they become, and',  flnal'.ly,  if mo forward movement of .practical  good to them is' made, they fall  "away  and'drift  back   into  their old!  General advancement can come  only through 'he individual effort  of every member. And-it must be  unselfish effort���������������������������directed if or the  good cf all, not for the good of the  in dividual iat 'tho expense ot 'all.  Hospital Board Making Plans for  Erection of Isolation Ward  At a mleeting of the Enderby IIos-' Board' to Victoria. This carbon copy  pital    Board     last    Friday    evening,  had xo be kept on file by the Board,  Nurse   McPherson   apppeared   before  as is required in all matters of.busi-  the  Board) to  inquiire  im 'relation  tojness,  andi  especially  when'  handling.  tha   $25   month1.}-   grant   which   the ptiiblic business.    It wias pointed out  Board  ha.di agreed to' give 'from  the. that   making   of    the   carbon    co.py  first of January, but whlioh had not  would- pot  require  any  extra  effort  yet  been  paid  over. for  the  nurse  and  in justice'to  all  It was 'explained to Mrs.  McPher- concerned the carbon copy should be  " *Miss   Beattie   left   this   week '.for'son; that the. grainlt was given on^the  required   and   would-be.     Mrs.   Mc-  Victoriia t'o attend suminer school.,   {same   conditions   that   the   grant   is Pher-son  was assured  that a cheque  jT.h'os".    Skyrme    wias   an   Enderby j given   the   Board   by   the   Provincial   tor   the   fuM   aim'ourit   of   the   grant  are   whiting for her home  in  Midway.  ,     A.   Hoidigkins  'and   family  I ���������������������������*  siding.in  the Cobb cottage.  Ice    cream    weather    cometh  once a year so take 'it coolly.'  are   re-,  but  visitor from  Grindirod Friday last.  Mr.   Mather,  'high   school   teacher,  left on Friday for his home 'in Van-  Toiday   one   of   the   big  ste.ps  tor-  ward   proposed   by   tlie  executive  of  the   United   Farmers  is  the  aimaiga- couver.     <- 'B  mation of 'the creameries of thw & Mrs. Marley returned from a two-  Okanagan. Will the membership wieaks' trip to the Sound cities on  siiipport the movement and see  that Saturday.  'tbe amalgamation is .brought about?' a fitting emd'ing to a ���������������������������perfect day  It is "proposed,  thlat instead  of  hav- is a dinner at the King Edlward after  in'g four or live creameries in operation,   cccli   thr wing .its   output   on  ways  of  thinking and' acting.     This  is the testing period of any organi-j th e mariket in competition with the  ma tion; it is the miost trying (time .other, and adding to the expense of  for its leaders. They find that they j operation,- the numiber be cut down  (.aii not move forward single-handed,! to  two���������������������������one,   say,  alt .Kelowma,   and.  an auto  tniip.  Mi$s Alison King of Vancouver is  visiting* her auntie, Mrs. H.W.Keith,  anvil d'au-gihters.,  [Department of Health, and that the  from January 1st to July 1st-would  be paid, to her immediately on 'her  filing with the Board the hospital  report in duplicate.  Mrs. Sharpe secretary of the Hospital Board, reported the result of  ���������������������������the hospital drive, andi said there  were only a few subscriptions wihich  -had   not   yet   been ipaid.     The   total  Board requ.iredi a carbon copy of the  regular report nilade out by Nurse  MicPherson   anjd   forv.iardfed    by   the  MRS. NELLIE M'CIAJXG  Gifted     Speaker    Entertains     Large  Audience' in  Presbyterian   Church  Bnderby    citizens, "were*  given    a  sample of a new. brand of inspiration  Almedia   Oakes,   teaching  at, Ke'-!from Alberta test,Friday evening in  and   are   unable   to   move' the  great  body of which they are the .head.  owna,    returned    'to'   'her    Enderby  hcime Monday  amount ^realized from the drive  amounted to^ something over $2,000.  There are several amounts yet to  come in.       '       - -  'It wias deoi'died. to iproceed ' to -get.  the Presibyterian Chiurclh. It was d.is-  Itljmbtiive, and,   fcrndi'-'vldiuiail���������������������������quite   th'ejout   plans   for   the., new   wa*r*di, -for  'cover   the   field   completely,, and   by  Jack ��������������������������� Harvey   went   to   Penticton   w'osite frora  the aspiration usual  Any   forward   movemenlt   of   real such   ai comibi'iilation,   pick-up  trucks  Tuesday  to  spend  the  holidlay  wiith  his brother, Oliver.   ���������������������������       - .  ly coming to Britis-h Columbia from  Alberta  wooden -box  cream at  the several  points on jthe  railway   line: from , Sicamous .south.;  A truck is already ini operation run- |  to and   fronu the  SaJ ,mion- Arm ',  Mftss  Maud  Bur nth a.m, returned  to.  her home from F,ernie this'week, for a government seal.    If it were to be  the summer 'hd'idays.  I given a name it would be. known as  rood must come froni the" individual j could, be employed to gather in  the)  effort of every member���������������������������inot of the  ��������������������������� few imen w.ho are put at the head of  . the  organization,   though   it   is   important,   too,    thlat   they jpoinlt   the  ning to ancl   rromi tne  saMnion  Arm  young/giirls of the^enniiscTub'ather |      Every   setaltenlce   was   iain|   inspira  way.-- .    _    s   -.       '7        -    -     'creamery and. has proved very satis- home Wednesday, afternoon.        ." ���������������������������    'tion;   every   thought a'sermon;   yet  That is -precisely"what the, officers  factory. t |     What    an  .improvement  to   Clift "from start to finish there was a vein"   r~ ; ; ������������������������������������������������������ ' Street if every, business house were Qf  packed ' lin   a  with 'a band around-.it and sealed iby Vsum*mer���������������������������is out   o  which the fund was,raised, and. to  proceed wiith its ; construction* so\ as'  to  haye   it  in   readiness  before'the  Mrs.   E,   Harrop 1eirtertaIried..������������������fte1aNellleM,cC!'ull������������������COTd,ale-  ithe  hearing   when lit  was  called! by  Police" Magistrate-Rosoman,and  the  ������������������.4  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  X HUM..CAR  NOTES      Y" *X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  it MARA  XOTES X  given a fresh coiat" Of-paint!  ���������������������������hiamor   anicl    a'- Nellie   McClung  quaintness that captivated and held,  IMrs. S.^Poison- arrived fro.m_.-Chi-Vwl.th.   a   fluency " which ." carried!   the  ca<se - was   ,  .night.      In  postponed!   unitil-  Monday.  -exams., .accepted a-schoo1.' at East  Knd. Sask.,"and- left for that .place  last week.        ' " -  Mr Dave Lawsoiu left on Monday  to. spent a few days with if.r'en'ds in  Kelowna.        '   J .*  Miss  M.   M.  S.  Taylor, ������������������������������������������������������ teacher at  llie  Hul'car  school,   left  last  Satur-  i%  dlai>r .Cor her h'omc near Miission City.  ste'rs -passed, anld as ample proviaion  of ice%creaim was made it was voted'  by-the many parents-the best we  have ever had here.     ���������������������������        '   " ������������������,  Miss Mutrie left to stay a few days  with f.r.iends 'at Grindrod and wiill  then visit Vernon and later go tb  her home  in  Vancouver.  Miss  Giries'p/.'e,   the  principal,   left  to  D  move..."They  wanted more.  M,rs.. McClung   star ted-.with   the  creamery road, lelft on Saturday foir  Saskatoon on a holiday oi\ a few  weeks. ^ '  Dr. Keith returned from, Vain- out of joint wilbh, the*old .world. t It  couver Moivdiay, ,w'here She was in at- was.the result.of too much man nile,  tendance at the convention of .medi- silie saild. -Co-o,peiiat)Joii of the wo-  eal men- ., .men   was - necessairj\     Not   that   the  The quarters of the Bank of Ham-! women   wanted' to   rum  t'h'iings",  ilton are now in order and tlhe bank I they  wanted  to have *a  say' in  thie.-. meantime "OfficerJ.  Bai'ey "discovered StttiaX-AJimimiy Pelix J  had tied" "hils. Jiiorse in. the" tie shed".  fairly --. ore, FrldiayV.nioTnin'g,-' arid  ,itti.eri .proceede'di "to. try/to/eet-'ai little*-:  ifun.-'by.- th'e, cider.,*oute':V-Whiile"^ihe"<;  sed  was'.^thius   engaigeidr1 ��������������������������� aribtihor "' Iiudian;';  ion jtbok'/the' HorVe",Jb"ut 'cff"thV tle^-sKe'idP*  I anld, started) for Salmon River. Local  Iiudiians   met   him   on   the  road'  and '  . ~   - ^ ,-i.^  - -- -rs .-  ���������������������������^-sZ\-������������������3*fii  sfcatemient that thi'iiigis.were decidedly," *ook tl}e horse  away  from < hiim.     It"  was taken to the livery stable" whiere.  <it rem'ained overnigbt.- '    -~   ;v  The,.ease was heandi before Magistrate" Rosoman-Monday evening. The  but charge wias not that of  horse steal-  tjie ing,   but  tlhey  were  helidi to  answer  T<h benefit dance given at the hall for Penticton to take the Kett'e Val-  last Friiday evening was exception- ley line to Spokane _ and contem-  ������������������Lly well attended, the proceeds of pl'ates sipendlng 'her holidays 'in Cali--  wih,ich were given to Mr. Farris, who  forma. <?  Iiad.' the misfortune of losing' his  house and contents by fire recently.  Mr. and Mrs. J. We'ler. Mir. and  Mrs. J. McCaMum of Lansdowne,  and Mrs. Reldgrave and Mrs. Duncan of Vernon, were Sunday visitors  wiith Mr. and  ondi. Mr. and  Deep Creek .   Mr amdl-Mrs  Mrs.  Mrs.  Fred Dean is expected to move up  to Vernon this week to .prepare .for  the fruit pickling .season,, having  joined: the MicNair-Fruit" Union.  Mrs. Pacey of Endeilby <Ls visiting  a  few  days before  in a ipositioni to d,o3a general  bank-1 running.      If   present   world   condW |fr,r 'belia& 'dlrumk and idilsorderly and-  Pacey  ���������������������������frier.icls iher.c   for  James   Duncan .moving to Vancouver.  Dave ��������������������������� Dawson,  _W._C. _ Calh ou n __of  Vernon spent Sunday  Mrs.  B._R.  Campbell.  with  Mr.  and  B.  R.  &  What   miight  have   proved   a  very  serious. i.f not fatal accident happened to Mr. Donald Lindsay while  he was taking some of the school  children to Armstrong ���������������������������ist Friday to  attend) the ceremowies incidental to  laying the corner-stone of the new  consolidated school. While driving  down "Poverty Hill" the bolt in one  whiffltroo broke and "starfed the  hor.'es. Although going at a good  speed Mr. Linldisay managed to guidie  thc   team   until   near the  bottom   of  the hill when  the nolo dropped  and ,showor>' weather.    The dance in  the  amd* ran into tho ground.    Mir. Lind- , evening was also  well attended  and  say was thrown over the front of the'a11  ha(1 a Bood time,  rig,   the   wheels   passing' over   him, I     Mjss McSherry of Enderby visited  whlile the school  chiklreni, eleven in'her   sister,   Mrs.   J- \l-|idstone,   last  A" carload of the young peop'e  took in the Hullcar 'benefit dance,  andi report a very enjoyable time.   ing-'business.  ���������������������������Manager Smart, of the Bank ot  Hamilton went o.ut to nreet Mirs.  Smian't last Fr'diay, returning Saturday -morning.  ���������������������������Wiriting .from Laccim.be, Alta.,  Mrs. H. F. Flewwelling says: "We  Me having nice growing weather,  audi the crops never looked better,  u !.tli O'Ugh the sip ring was late."'  John E. James, recently of Kelowna, who has jpurohased the Moser  pace, Mara, was a visitor to Endler-  X  X  all, were thrown out in the midde  of the roadi, ithe team running for  over a mile, tearing out two tie-posts  ancl mailboxes, on the way. Mr.  Lindsay and the oMldren were badly  bruised ainid shaken u<p an'di were fortunate in coming off Avith but few  injuries.  ���������������������������Mr. Jos. McQueen amd his daughter, Mrs. Don'ald Lindsay, left last  Friday for Winnipeg, Man, where  they will visit relatives^  A n'U'nilber from here attended the  Foresters' parade at Armstrong on  Sunday.  Jno. McMahon left Wednesday .for  Vancouver to attend the convention  of Overland 'die al ers audi workers,  which convenes Friday morning.  by on Saturday.    Mr. James intends  X X X it X  X X X X X X X X  going extensively, into stock  raising.  GRAMIVIF/IV UFLVCff NOTES   X      <Lorne Landon is employed on the  5? SC X y. ''���������������������������t X X X X X X X X X X   Experimental   Farm   at   Agassiz   for  ���������������������������Mr. 12. Pchindler went to work in the' summer holidlays. iLocal hase-  tlie Grindirod  saw  mill. ball   fans   are   wishing   he   had   re-  Miss Agnes Carlson ileft for her turned to Enderby when >the Uni-  home  in  Enderby- last  Saturday. vers'Ity closed.  The surveyors are busy surveying Cutting of the first crop of alfalfa  the new roads here. shows one of the .poorest yie'ds ever  ���������������������������Miss Olga Carlson of Deep Creek harvested, in the district. This is ac-  .visited.her sister last Friday. ecunleld   for  .partly   by   the   lack   of  A very pleasant picnic day was snow last winter and the consequent  spent by the residents here on! freezing of the ground, causing slow  school   closing   day  in   s>pite   of  the' growth.     Cutworms are' also said  to  have d'one considerable damage.  As a prelud'e t'o the lecture by  Mrs. Nellie McClung 'in the Presbyterian church last Friday evening,  two excellently .rendered cornet solos  were .p.'iayedl by Mr. A. Hodgkins,  assaisted by Mr. Robarge on the  violin and Mrs. Hendrickson on the  organ. Mr. Hodgkins is an artist on  the cornet. He is also a recognized  hand leader of ability andi an effort  is now being made to revive the Enderby Iban'd! under Mr. Hodgkins'  leadership. o  The announcement w&s nuade this  week of the marriage on June 5th  at the Methodist .parsonage, Armstrong, by. the Rev." Mr. Miller, of  Miss ��������������������������� Kathleen M. Grahame of Endenby to Mjr- J- P- Austin of Arm-  Mr. Geo. B. Johnston whites from strong. The bride is a native En-  Vancouver that he sees many Eivder- derby girl; the groom served three  by .friends who are visiting the coast j years overseas and is now a resident  metropolis. 'of Arm-strong.  tions Was,'a sample of what nn an rule" 'interfering   with   travel.  cam, do, she thought it was time' the A   Mr-������������������  A-   c-   Skali������������������S   appeared , if or  .women took a hanld..    Certain) y they :,th������������������ accused...   A  plea o'f guilty w(a������������������  couldn't    make-a    worse    mess    of J ma^e for both.    In .passing senteuice  things. -' v      I Ma-gistr'ate Rosoman  warmed  the ac-  ���������������������������The  first  requiremeiit  in jbuikling  cused "and   tlirough   them ^other   In-  a new world was sober men amd wo- M���������������������������*' that 'the pleac of Weing d.runk  nien.    The job is a big one arid requires  the 'best effort, of' every iindi-  week.  Andiy Johnston of Deeip Creek was������������������  a visitor last Friday.  Mrs. Wiagner of Canoe Creek visited h'en sister, Mrs. Schindler, last  week end.  The    Misses    Krebs    of    Canoe  Creek visited friends here last week.  ���������������������������Mr.. J? B. Gaylord left Eiideriby  last week for Nicola Valley where he  will erect amd instal a flouring rm'"l  for the Douglas Lake Cattle Co., at  their central station on Douglas  Lake.  vidual.    There mnist he wo shirking.  Every individual li'as a ,pa.r-t to play.  Mrs. McClung delighted her heaT-  ers with one story after another to  i Irai strate^th e=^ifoi'iits"==6 f "Iier^lectU'r ef  Her long and varied experience in  ipionecninug i.n the Northwest, gave  iher an insight into the inmost lives  of men and women���������������������������into the hiomie  life, the business and sooial life, the  iKfe of the high and the low. Without going into the stereoty.pedi statistics of tho ordinary tem'perance  lecturer, she touched here and there  on. the closer heart-'burnings and  'heartaches tHnat have resulted from  drinik'ing an'di from other forms of intemperance and urged the cultivation of a, clearer understanding between men and women amd a more  charitable diiisposlition with .regard tu  each other's Dai li nigs and possible  differences.  Her whole tai'k was directed toward the making of a truer manhood  and womanhood and- the development of a better community and national life tnrough  the  individual.  oil apple cider would not lessen "the  crime committed' and in future the  law would be strictly enforced not  only against tli^ Indians getting  drunk but also against the persons  through whom the cider or whatever  j't^=mig ht_be,==i s=_pro cu red.==Drin k i n g-=  by  the .Indlia.ns must he stopped.  A fine of $50 wias innpos'eid on  Jimmy Felix, andi $30 on Patrick  Johnny-audi the fines paid.  GJM5X-MATTJWWS  IVfiss   Edith   Msittlicws   and    F!t.-J4.  Kenneth Glen Slurried ������������������t Victoria  TOO  MUCH*CH>tfR  Patrick Johnny and. Jimmy Feix  were ��������������������������� waterlogged last Friday afternoon, an'd while in this condition  forcibly took a saddle -horse from  Leonard Hassard at the city tie shed  and rode away,. Officer Bailey  jamped into an automobile and soon  'overtook the Indians on the Ma.be1  Lake road. They were arrested and  on Saturday were to have been  given a hearing on the change of  ihjorso stealing. Constable Bailey  wias   not   prepared   to   proceed   with  A pretty June wedding took .place  in the Presbyterian church, Victoria,  last Thursday evening, v.lhcn Miss  Edith Matthews was married to  Flight-Lie.ut. David Kenneth Glen.  The church and 'bride's home wore  .beautifully decora.tedi. After the  ceremony at the church the bridal  party .returned to the home wh'ero  a buffet supper was served, following which Mr. Geo. Bell spoke of the  exce'.leiit qualities of the ibride,  whom, he had known almost-from infancy, audi of the groom, many years  a .resident of Emdierby and! a young  man with a war record unsurpassed  Cor bravery and service.  The groom was������������������ supported by his  flying partner of war days, Lieut.  Robt. McCall, ' and both wore their  uniforms.  A pleasing feature of tho service  was a solo sung by Miss Winnie  Bell, the chli'.dhoocl friend of the  bri'die  when resident of Emiclienby-.  ,Mr. and' Mrs. Glen will return to  Knderby this week. Mrs. I. Glen  who went to Victoria to attend the  wedding, returned home on Mondiay  morning. OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY, JULY 1, 1920  ������������������feanajjan Commoner   ��������������������������� *     In which is merged The Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly  Published every Thursday at Enderby, B.C.,   by The   Walker Press, at  $3 per year; $1.50 six moiiths.  H. M.   WALKER  THURSDAY, JULY 1, 102(1  If  bodv  don'l  vou don  ! TURN  want Ao he killed, or  0 THE RIGHT after  lo Kill  ftilv 1  some-  STRONG RESOLUTION  Colonel Fdgell Ml' ;i |)ublic meeting in Vernon  recently, introduced  Ihe following resolulion:  "Whoreas the failure of the Dominion Government to  ivcrgnize ils rrf.j.ons'hil'itiri-; to the citizens of Canada  ���������������������������j-'i-norally iias given rise to a wide-spread effort to dea.-  i-ffectnnlly wMli the pressing problems ol" the ekiy. particularly:  "(a)     The high cost of liviiiR:  "(b) Thc re-cs-ab'Mshment of the returned sol'tli-er,  provision i'cr the cK.-abled. and the care of the widowed  children of those who grave their lives for Canada and  I lie Empire;  "(c) The raising of revenue liy a just and .equitable  system of taxation; but on- t'he contrary, tare displayed  srross igiiornnce in rlcaFng' wiih the returned soldier and  <-al;'ous indifference to bis just claims to be put on an  equal footing vith those who did mot serve, and l'uri.lier=-  more a.re a Ue imp ting- to raise revenue by means of un-  reasonp'ble taxation ihe -'burden cf which is imposed 01.  those citizens who already find ft almost iniipossible to  ccjie wit.h the hig.li cost of living- .and which has left untouched the nccuni'Ui'i.iterl  wciltb  of war -jirofi-teer.'ng:  "And whereas thc present grjve.rniner.it is not .representative of tiie people of Canada generally and no  longer has a mandate from the electors:  "Be it resolved that we, citizens of Verinoin. Brit-lsi.  Columibia, in .public meeting asscm-bled, hereby demand  x.Ivai the Gove-riinmont of Canada do cause a genera7  election to be held within the period of six moiTilhs fro.m  this- date so tiia.t the people -may have an. o-pportu-ivity of  sending to :the House cf Com-mnins at Ottawa 'representative's who will -be able and willing to form urate a constructive ])olicy for the ^levelopmen-t cf Can'ada and the  welfare cf the (Whci'e cf its citizens."  The motion was seconded bv Mi  LAND SETTLEMENT FIGURES  The latest figures of the operations of the Soldier Settlement Board of Canada show the .following results up to May 8lh:  Total 'loans   approved,   ?64,5S5,09S,   for   t'he   following  purposes: . S  \ i:\i\i\ Purchiise���������������������������  Amount   for   purchase    *$3.j,321 ,70S  Amount   for  iimipi-ovemonts        4,752,291  Stock   and   equipment   .  .     '1-1,221,904  Total   .$54,290,903  Cliinws on  Dominion  l.;tn<ls���������������������������  -  Amount   I'or   improvcmeints    $1,C2S,952  Amount   for stock and  equipment         4,042,390  Total ..$G,171,34S  Mortyjws ������������������oii  Privately Owned  Lands���������������������������  Amount .for  removal   of  enciMiubr.anccs. ... $1,930,S44  Amount 'for   improvements     ....������������������������������������������������������     70S,449  Amount for stock  and. equipment  ........... 1.47S.464  ������������������.-    Total  .'". $4,11 7,847  Grand   Total  .$04,585,09  Nnmiber of loans appproved    ......... 24,S:)4  Average   loan     ..-������������������������������������������������������..  . ��������������������������� ��������������������������� $3,945  Sterling  Up   to- April   30th.   the   Agricultural   Branch   recei.ved  51,S77   appl"'ic-auons   for   qualification   certificates  a.nd   o  these c-3S,l.r.7   were   approved, from   the   following   provinces.  British   Columbia   .     4,007  Alberta    . 1 0,453  Saskatchewan     .-.....'....  .   9,01 0  'Ma-ivitoba    0,039  Ontario    .     3.5 2 5  Quebec     .  ;   1,00 3  * New' Brunswick ..............       979  Xo Va' Scotia  ..        779  Prince  Edward   Isliam'd   .  ..'.'. ...       442  fM (gifts  Silver  Silver* Plate  TEA SETS  CASSEROLES  E/iTREE DISHES  PIE PMTES (Pyrex)  BAKMG DISHES, Etc.  Take advantag-e of present opportunities as  prices are likely to .advance.  and finally passed.    Just   what gain  J. Harwood  can  be  expected from such a resolution'one-is al a loss lo  know.  a verv  C 3S.5 17  The Board also reports a total of C.886 Soldier  Grant Entries up .to May" 29. Tliis" means an  acreage of approximately 1.,600,000.  It docs, however, express thc thought of  great number of citizens, who  Look whore we may in the Okanagan. wc can  see.wilh a discerning eye the future rich in prom  !!  eci lhat oj^jf  change is necessary and' arc anxious to bring if"1 "'  about, whether, right or wrong.  oi  merger,  brighter day���������������������������a day of plenty for  . ^Legislation enfranchising the .Indians, of'Canada passed in the. Dominion parliament la's" I week.  With' thc privileges of, citizenship will go the responsibilities and in this way th������������������c Indian question  will eventually be settled right. Compulsory education, property righls and privileges', taxes and  the right 16 vote���������������������������these things will "make respon-  THE DIGNITY OF LABOR  arming becoming recognized  cssions,"  With  ll-e "learned pro  pre.-ii.-Jicrs and  succccss  farms,; seeking rest  till-  ()-(i   HHILX   Oi  awriv  as one of.  \yu:i lawyers, doctors,  ul .busincs;]  men buying  and   recreation   in   farming,  passing  n- o'f! idea of lhc degradation o? labor is  Thc use of brains in combination wiih  sihle. people out of hitherto irresponsible wards -muscle lends dignity to toil. The various agencies  of lhc government who havc heen handled by tFie at work to educate" the farmer become not only  Indian   Department   like- poorly-kept   cattle,   the factors in improving his financial condition, bul  vastly improving his sociaPcondilion"? Il has been  Hardware Necessities  MUataaBaam-HMNwr u/-.^- -.-���������������������������-n"T.v.l -mf.at-itgsr^-nfTasiM^La- ���������������������������***H^BB^***'^aM^a^''MiaH^''''HaHMHHH''M''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''H'MM  Plain doublc-twisi  galvanized Fence Wire $6 ior 80-rd spool;  Pumps, .$6.00 to $18.75.    " -  Linoleum, $1.65 per sq. yard.  Feltol floor oil cloth, 90 cents per sq. vard.  Scythes, $2.25 each  Scythes, $1.90 each.  Kay Forks, $1.50 each.  The Red Star.Washing Machine; a child can run it, Price $25  Lime, Plaster and-Cement. . '  Another car of Cement will   be here in a  few days.  .Wc carry thc largest slock of general      Hardware    in    lhe  Northern Okanagan. =   .  and   Plumbing   Systems and  Repair Work.  Heating  ECO.  Plumbing .  -   .       Heating  ENDERBY, & C.  Tinsmithing  prey of every  monger.  g������������������"  d'ler and lhc dupe of everv viee-  A FARMER IN SPITE OK HIS SCHOOLING  There are more, agencies a I  work  truly stud: mere are more, agencies ai worse io  educate thc farmer lhan ever before in the  world's history." Nol only is scientific investigation dciug'wondcrful things for agriculture, but  We want to act thc bovs and girls in the public J���������������������������"}' "S^ics ������������������rc at work to bring lhc Individ-  i,~~i.\ i~ ,,������������������. '7.     : -...:.,: .si.��������������������������� <��������������������������� ._..._  ...., ual   farmers   to   an   understanding   oi   scientific  schools to get an  inspiration  lo be farmers and  farmers' wives.    1 went to lhc public schools for  a  good   while.     It   took   me a   long  time   lo  gel  through,    ft was largely the fault of the teachers,  I know, bul 1  was there a good while, and yet F  never have, any recollection of any teacher saying  lo me il would be a fine thing for me lo bc" a'farmer tmd to havc Ihe ambition lo bc a belter farmer than niy father; and 1 am living on a prairie  farm with my wife mid family today, in spile of  whal 1 was laught .by the teachers 'in  Lhe public  ���������������������������**=*nc1 rcro 1 s^aJ^tlTc-rpTOTiTTC^^  been the trend of our public school education all  over this continent���������������������������lo inspire the boys and girls  wilh an ambition to gel awa*' from the land and  get   what   is  called  an  education,   in-order  that  lhcy may enjoy whal is held oul to Ihem as lhe  allurements of life.  Now.  we  want   these  boys  and girls  to gel  a  ��������������������������� heller   and   more   honest   understanding, of   life  lhan Ihey have been gelling in the public school,  and \\L' want some, of the advantages and satisfactions  of  farm   life  and   home life  out  in   the  counlry   placed   before   Ihese   boys   and   girls,  so  lhal Ihey will have a.s good, as wide, and a.s keen  a  knowledge of the opportunities and  privileges  lhat   farm   life   affords   Ihem.   as   wc  have,  been  dinning into Ihem  in  the pasl  lhat living in  lhc  town  and   Ihe  ciiies afforded;  and   when  we.-do  that we will change lhe face of things and keep  .more of the boys out on  the land and gel these  Western Prairies settled up and make Ibis-North  American   continent   the   finest   aggregation   of  farm   homes  that i.s  in   the  world���������������������������and  we  can  have   no   greater   nor   heller   national   ambition  lhan lhat.��������������������������� Mon. Duncan Marshall.  methods. Nol only is it true of the farmers of;  today, but still morc is being done for the farm-J  ers "of the future, for the fundamental principles1  of agriculture arc being taught more or less in all;  primary and intermediate, schools throughout Ihe j  land. Industrial training forms an.important pari j  of thc course ol* study in our most progressive!.,  schools and thc boys will no longer plod along in|^  the old ruts just because it was thc path Iheir'j c  falhcrs trod. The farmer of the future will want'  t p. k no w-" the.-reason..wi'l v.������������������������������������������������������And _m11 -pf-l his-will-  Teas in Bulk  or in Package  Whichever way you wish jt, we handle the choicest  blends on the market5 at right prices  DU (NCAN   PROS,       Enderby's Quality Store  tend lo bring lo honest labor thc dignity which is  its due.���������������������������C. L. Smilh (Farmer Smith).  DEMAND FOR CANADIAN WHEAT CERTAIN  The Dominion government" has at last concluded lo curb sugar profiteering. By an order-  in-council passed last week, the retailI..price cannot go higher than 23 cent-a pound' for granulated, and may be made, much less il* thc cost oi*  ra^v comes down.  Money is the cheapest thing in the world jusl  now . ft i.s a good lime lo pack il away for nexl  winter's use just as wc do eggs when thcy are  cheapest.  John McCormae. in a cable lo thc Vancouver  Province, says:" Whether Canadian  grain is  to1  be sold collectively this year or not, there will bc  no trouble in disposing of lhc exportable surplus  I in Europe. 'Iliough deliveries under contract  for  I lasl year's crop are by no means yet completed,  lhere are already a number of enquiries for 1920;  wheat.    France. Belgium. Greece and Roumania.;  which were all buyers last year, are .again in lhe J  market. * ' j  The action of Argentina in putting an export  lax and temporary embargo on its ..grain has'  made the purchase of Canadian wheal inevitable,  no mailer what lhc price, and even Britons, who  refused to buy much of it when its'price went  over three dollars, will probably take a considerable quantity. The only question is whether Canada will require all purchases to be for cash as  she did last year. If shc insists lhere'is no doubt  she will have her way, as there is no probability  of Russian grain this vear.  A name that stands fqr the best in hotel service  King Wward Hotel    ^S2lUEPHY     Ewfcrfty  Bonuses of $15,000 and $8,000 respectively lo  Nell Shipman and David Hartford, leading'actress and actor in the Canadian-produced' picture  "Back to God's Counlry" were voted at the meeting of the Canadian Photoplays. Thc picture has  bcen a huge success and is to" be followed by thc  production of two of Ralph Connor's novels.  The Tire  Doctors  AVo are open Lo buy a Metal Turning   Lathe   and   a   Drill   Press.  Cycle     Repair.    'Department  , ... -"-  oOO   old   Bicycles,  any 'Condition.  Our  wants*  Armstrong Vulcanizing Works  Remember thc new Rule of the Road.  the right aflcr Julv 15th.  Turn to  Butterwraps U  Another jump of 60 per cent in cost of  .   stock forces the price up to $4.50 for  500; $7.00 for 1000, printed and'delivered to your order.  THE WALKER PRESS &  THURSDAY, JULY 1, 1920  OKANAGAN COMMONER  VERNON  Pays Cash for each  shipment of your Cream  Also sends statement showing weights and test.  We pay transportation charges and return empty  cans.  Our policy is to test cream every day around two  o'clock, and we invite 3'ou to come and see your  cream te3ted.  Write for prices or for anything you do not understand, or call and see us when in Vernon.  urns  VERNON, B. C.  Co., Ltd.  1 -j  tity of burnt limestone just before  the'1fiali:=r'a!ins comim'ence.. Parasitical  troubles oan 'be conquered.' to.a cer-  ta/Ln extent by spraying tlie soil with  a solution of sulptruric acid' occasionally."  "Wllilere *ulie continuous 'house is  usfi'di fcr the laying- -stock and a  norWi-and-soutli rii'ii, system is used,  the soil wii'Uhin t'he filmed Late 30  fecit of the back and front O'f the  house should bo treated with sulphuric aoid aiinuul'il^ Yirds should  also 'be swept occasionally wiheru the  runs aro dry. A good green crpp  slicukl be sown in  v hen possible. (Wle clo  oats,  but -rather  rape or  SHEPHERD OP THE FLOCK  prices paid for unskilled labor);   6Q  cents if or 'four hours  of 'hiarse labor  at 15'cents;  $6 for upkeep on--timid-'  ings,   faxes   and   inniscs'laneous   ex-  ipenses;   and   $3V60   for   24  'hours   oi  'his   wife's  labor  in" the  home  at   15  cents 'an homr  (w.hich is also low as'shepherd,   and   his   con-gregafcion   to  may be dte'terniDned by hiring domes-  the    sheep,    he   -put    tihe   'following  tic   laiboi-);   anld   j:ou  'have   a  grand  question.  'totalj cost of $64.45 for tihe Co ibs. of  butter produced.  'A clergymian famous for his begging abi: i:.tiei3 v.'as once catechizing;  a Sunday-school. When comparing  hiinsel'f as pastor of the ohuTOli to o  Yet the farmer will be fair with  you. 1-ie 'wjll .deduct .frcm this cost  $7.50 for the calf raised., and will  subtract also .$9 for the three tons  of nvanu're produced. That brakes  not advise the total! cost $47.95. Divide this 'by  kale.) .65,  uhe num'ber of pounds pf butttr  to    the    children:     '"What  dices tlie shep'herd do for his sheep?"  To  the confusion   of the  minister  'a  small  boy  in  the  front row  piped  out:     "Shefars  them!"  green  the alternate runs  to  SOIT..-COXTAM IXATION  K.v  H.E.Upton,   District   Poultry  stinctor  In  growth of -the poultry .industry" .d.ur-  ing the last fifteen, years, it' has De-  come ineces-sary 'for the poul'tryman  to understand-^ in full detaliil many  things thlat iie^has never' given 'attention-.to in years^'gone hy. It is  we' 1 known among ipoultryni'en. Itiha-t  this faecal matter gathering for an>  length of time on soil v������������������1iere 'breeding stock continue to run, or .-where,  young stock are reared - year -after  yea-r, that the strength "oif the stock  is   gradually  weakened   and   troubles  '.frcm', disease  ing "  feel that }ve  out  duty -if   we  increas'e   yearly.  would- noiL_be_do-  did   net  outline  to  v. lay   'to   prevent   .the.  trouble  increasing.-   -We  advise  a sys-  farm   wfhere"  We do not  ive attention to flocks num-  ivome  from  tem. of rotation on any  -over 200 he&d are kept,  [need  Many diflicu't problems are now  presenitiing themselves on tho majority of 'poultry -plants of-long standing that can* cliiiefly be attributed to  dirty or contaminated soil. - As is  we'il known, no faecal 'matter of any  anii'in'al contains such .a high percentage of nitrogen as- d'oes. that  passed by the. domestic Co wil. History oftentimes repeats itself, and  we find in British Golum'bia-as in all  oibeV sections. Where poultry has  been reared on the same igroun'd for  ' any number of years, thai tihe ordin-!  ary. poultry a I's 'aro becoming more  troublesome1.  We  do wot  intend   giving"a  treat-  bering  under   200   birds,   because  of  ise  on  diseases, :but  wc   must  point  "out at this time that this  one cfues-  tion:  of   poultry-miaivure   lyiing   on   a  .^maill acreage for years 'and years���������������������������i.s  gradually beginning to have -its ef-;'^,11 notice, -however, *thalt .in _ the  feat on the .'pom'try plants on the larger flocks' thit the breeding stock  western pant of t'his coniti'ment in '������������������,nd veiling stock are given much "the  '���������������������������he -manner thlait it has on the east- siame range every- year. To overcome  orn part bf the conit.inent in- -years ' tn'!3 'diffie.urty'we have drawn' a plan  130110 by.-In t'he old days when poui- | of rotait.ioni for either 10 or 15 acres  Miy was kept as -a-side-line," with for tihe operaition of a coni'mercial  ii'Utle attention being paid to the-egg farm-. M one is -in the business  commercial, .end of the business,' more extensively so .that they have  poultry ills ancl profits' wero sd'doiVto keep 'a great number of 'breeding  considered.       Owing   to    the    great. fowls,   they   ca.ni   easily  -work   out ,a  I system   much -along  tlie   same   lines  i as the one outlined.  We wil\'.' divide  nine  acres  of the  ten   in  rhree   different-sections'and  . .'number .them _1,. 2 -an'd -3 .... 1 ii^s_e*c_tion.  iTlie  diseases   giving  at the present time in  are    pracit/caly    a'll    attributable  sc.il-conta.mii.nia tion.  Coccidiosis is a d'iscase that seems-,  to gain hold after the chucks are  from ten. days to three weeks old,  causing a great mortality without  apparent reason. An acid 'diet 'has  assisted .many poiil'try-keepers to  check 'fchiis trouble in their- young  flocks, ibut soil contamination is  chiefly to biaime for the spread of  the  disease.  ���������������������������Aspergillosis 'is becoming more  ccniiin'oni ^ibhan it Jhas -been for some  years. Sour 'grain, collect!nig on the  ground or undeveloped, grain Tying  in the "sorl ifcr any length -of tJme  wiill caiuse this trouble ^aiid spread  same amongst ithe fleck.- As is seen,  soil-contam'.'.niation is responsible 'for  the peve'iop'ment 'an.-d. spread of this  d/iscase.������������������ - -    ''      ���������������������������  'Tuberculc-siis a.nd .many of the /prevailing diseases -are spread -through  conioa.ni)in!atert soil, "and ifor ipratec-  tion to the'investments the poultry  men 'have nva.de mo,re detailed atten-  tic-ni to 'the soi 'is demanded, if, tlie  best, results .arc ito be osbtairiScl  A ful'i list o.f ,puibli'c-a'l/'on's cn poultry 'and other matters may vbe had  by writing to the Department of Agriculture,   Victoria;   B.   C.  most   troubl'e produced,  and  you   will get so  near  this province to   73   cents'a pounidi   that  you   had  jivsii as well call it that.  THIS  SEY\   WOMAN  Little    Bssie    had    just   returned  from a birthday party, and was teT-  "in'g the'family what a nice time she  .jh-arl  had. 'a.cxl'ing:   "But V-ir.g.inia d-iu  i not  want  me at all."' .,  j     "How cT'o you know Vi,rgin,;.a didn't  want you?" 'her maiUier ask.ed.'  Bess'ie:   "She.told me so herself."  Mother:   "Why,  Bes'sie, you  ought  to  have  come right straight  home:  That   is  -what   I   should   'have  'dtone  when I wias a. liittle giif."  (    Bessie:   "But,  mloither, 'times -have  qhaivged simce you  I just slapped her  stayed."  were a little girl,  in the fiace���������������������������aind  OBJECT TO TIIAXSIENT THADERS  Cost of Producing a Pound of- Butter  At a meeting of th'e Vancouver  printers' section: of the B'oard of  T-rau-e, a com.miittee -v.'as apporBted  to imvestigaite imatt'ers relating to  transient traders operating in Van-  'douver. The cciminilMtee wias -in-  s'truetcd to draft an ' amendment- to  'the Ti(a'nis-i.ent Tralders' By-.'la'W so���������������������������  that Vancouver retail pointers would  ���������������������������be protected, fronn .outside firms -who  receive outside, orders- ani'd pay no  local  civic  license.  Was It a  Holstein?  the   fact   that   the   owners   of   small  flocks  are   usuaTly  able  to, and  'do,  ' iiij,ve  room' to  .rear   their   chicks   on  ; different   ground   every   yeiar.      One  will  Ko4aks  i  %X\f\ Kodak Supplies  You never will know the full  enjoyment of an outing  until   you    take   a  Kodak with you  A. Reeves  Druggist and Stationer.  ENDERBY  NEW MUSIC  lAnytli'inlg in music can be obtained  here. Air the popular songs*.and  ���������������������������ais*r.u*menta(!' pieces together with  s'.tandarid sbiiig books and ins'truction  books. ;  . If .'Ave are out of -the particular  j-iece you require we wall get it fo.r  y-ou.  We   also  have   a   supply   of  'good  mouth   organs,   violin   strings,   pegs,  1- nidges, etc. x  THE   POPULAR   VARIETY STORE  Postoffice one door East  ENDERBY, B.C.  1, for e:: am pie, we wall rear our  J young stock. In section 2. we will  have so mo l--.'nd o.f a" grain crop, with  clover coining on, so that the-grain  ���������������������������*.\tfl(>'. be harvested- and the straw  saved for litter; at. the same time  a g'ood greem inst will be coming on  for our stock to thrive on in 192 L.  In section 3 we will have some root  or op grov.-liiig, so that the s-oil will  be in good workaibTe condition for  J-'jo grain and clover crop 'to provide  a good green .mat for- the young  chicks to thrive on i.n 1922.  In 1921 plot number 1 wiill be  s'0'.vn.' to roots or some other 'heavy  feeder of pou/try 'liTanure, so that  tho ground will become swe.elened  wihiic grain and 'clover are growing  in plot nuniiber 3 and the chicks are  om plot .nnm-ber 2.  Tn 19 22 chicks will ibe on plot  number 3 while the grain and clover  will grow on plot nuniber 1 and the  roots are clearing up ppot number 2.  Itjis- w-eM .known that it��������������������������� iis' practically .impossible for one to make a  comanercial success of the .pouVitry  business- on less t'han ten acres of  "ground. Fro.nn twenty to thirty acres  of grounid shiould be provided: if the  poultryman engages in the iliiatcMng  of eggs,, amd young chicks for sale to  any great extent. --  The soil abou!': a colony house .that  is to ibe used for rearing stock con'ld  be  well treated -with, a small  quan-  Tn these days of^70c and SOc butter the .city consumer, figures it- out  that the farmer is reaping- a rich reward- The ��������������������������� fiairni' management de-j  partnient of .the Missouri College ofj  A'gnicrJ'iture investigated, the cost of  ���������������������������-pr.oici.ucing butter in that state, November to April inclusive. ... The figr  ures given are 'based upon ^c"osts obtained 'from a Ilarge nuniiber of far-  mors, aind ish'Ow that the average  cost of producing a pound oif .butter  'daiir,i.n!g this period was 7 3 cents. The  case .for the farmer is sumimia.rize'a  as follows: %  In those six months-'he produced)  Cu pounds of butter per cow; He  spent $4.35 for 2.9 .bushels of corn-  <at $1.50; $12 for half a ton. of hay  at .$24; $7.20 .for 0.9 .oi������������������-a ton 'oif  silage at $S; $C30 for nine bushe's  of oats at 70 cents; $1.63 for fodder  noughlaige; $5.75 for mill feeds, and  $1.27 for pasture and stalks. Ad*d  for .mian laibor at 25.  (whicrh is   very   low  , One of our exchanges advertises  a cow for sale"jas fellows: "Fu'l  blooded cow for sale,, giving "-milk,  .ten tons of hay,- a lot of -chickens  and.several stoves." Wliile- we 'have  always had" the greatest respect for  ���������������������������meek-eyed gent'e bossy, we never  suspected for a 'imoimemt .t-hat.she  wiould branch out into t'he .juirk-shop  bit's in ess.    And she a full blood, too.  QUA LITY  HATS  ���������������������������Straw   Hva.ts   worthy   of-   mention.  We   believe   we   are   t'he 'only  folks,  who go in for the nifuiest   ������������������  STRAW   HATS  that can be,p   :chased anywhere.  ."We have all sizes, and. can give  you any kin'd of a iband that ,you  prefer. Get .busy and get a Straw  Hat.  Enderby Supply C  gWheri, in 'needi of ;_a- choice-,cut of  meat 'of"any kind give us a call. -A  full assortment of fresh, smoked ancl  s^Jlit meats oil' 'hand. 'Also laftl. "Green  vegetables   fresfli   every   day.. S  Flresh" Fish  for  Fridajr.    :-        ,: -"  Oirders   called   for   and   ijiiromiptly  delivered from '  THE  CASH  MEAT MARJvET  Phone 63  '���������������������������.  to th'at $16.75  conits   an   hour  QVERLANEJ)  of Overland 4"s   n tho way.   ^rder yours before they  any make  of  car in charge of .our Repair  Another carload  are all sold  Expert motor mechanic for  Shop.  AGENT   FOR  Overland,   Gray   Dort,   Chevrolet, McLaughlin  Maxwell Trucks.  aud   Maxwell   cars   and  considering   the Mmreasonaibly   'high  4as.^ McMahon &Son^���������������������������^pnde^by^  IN ORDER TO VOTE ON THE FORTHCOMING PROHIBITION PLEBISCITE AND IN PROVINCIAL OR DOMINION GENERAL ELECTIONS  YOU MUST REGISTER  ALL PREVIOUS LISTS OF VOTERS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. THE F\\CT THAT YOUR  NAME WAS ON THE LIST LAST YEAR DOES NOT COUNT. NEITHER CAN YOU VOTE  AS A PROPERTY OWNER WITHOUT REGISTERING.  M NOW!  BEFORE THE REGISTRAR OR AN ELECTION COMMISSIONER, POSTMASTER, JUSTICE  OF THE PEACE, MAGISTRATE, CONSTABLE OR BEFORE OFFICIALS AT ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICE.  Registration closes on July Fifteenth next  REGISTER TO-DAY  BY ORDER PROVINCIAL SECRETARY % OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY, JULY 1,1920  We unhesitatingly recommend M&J;ic Baking  Powder as being the  best and purest baking  powder possible to  uce. It possesses  of   food  thai  TOWEIH 1,200   MILES  lU-inat-kablo      Feat      Performed  Capt. Koliinsou,  Son of Mrs. T.  Robinson,   .Enderby.  I)}'  A,  p:'i'.  A  elements  have to do the building  up cf brain,  and nerve  matter and is absolutely  '   e frorrv alurrv or  The following clipping "rom an  Old Country newspaper gives the  particulars of a notable achievement  by Capt. Robinson, eldest son of  Mrs. T. A. Robinson, of  Enderby.  "Amongst tho many notable records which stand to the credit of  the IJritish Mcrc-antFe Service, that  | chronicled recently, the towing of a  j helpless ship 1,200 miles across the  i Atlantic holds a t'oromost place. Pe-  u-uliar local interest attaches to tlie  h'eat, inasmuch as the captain of the J and  to which the Port Stephens finally  towed the Tashmoo, into presenting  a very troubled appearance. The  Cld-ye Shipping Co.'s tug Foam was  awaiting the Tashmoo's arrival at  Daunt's Rock, but Captain Robinson  decided to stick to his salvage prize,  and did not let her go until he saw  her saifely anchored at Spike's Point,  the tug Foam lending valuable assistance ���������������������������   a ...  Capt. Robinson whs congratulated  on the successful cding to his long  and trying salvage work, and an expert in business of that nature said  hc ha'd never during his long experience seen a similar job undertaken  uivclt-r more difficult circumstances  >coiiidmcted       so     successfully  otner injurious  substitutes.  WXSMmm  '��������������������������� rescuing ship is the son of a former J through all its stages up to the final  i vicar of Jiewish (Rev. T. A. Robin- anchoring in the harbor.'"  son), and is well known in Weston-  Vuper-Mare and district. During the  ! period of the w.ar, Capt. Robinson  '.served in the ntivy, and played a distinguished part in the capture of the  I German  cruiser 'Dmdien.'     It will be  Jr   sr  s   rs  PROVINCIAL .virus  Here is Your  SAVE THE LUXURY TAX  For TWO WEEKS we will allow you your pick of  any man's hat in stock for $5.00 or any pair of shoes  for $9.00. Plats include Panamas, Felts, Etc.; shoes  priced as high as $13.50. Buy early; the best will be  sold quickly. tl o-  E. B.OILL  Gents' Furnishings Five Roses Flour Groceries  COMPLICATION   OP   MH.-\SL"ES  playing one  door,   whenii  day  tlie  Little Wil'.ie was  with the girl nexx  la'titer   exclaimed:  "Don't   you   hear   your   mother  <alling you. That's tihrce times she's  <lone    it.      Aren't    you    going   .in?  Won't she whip you?"  "Naw!" exclaimed Wilf'ie in disgust. "She ain't 'goin' to whip nobody. She's got company. So when  I go in she'll just say: 'The poor  little man bias been so deaf since he  had  the measles.'" "  I recalled that we published at the  'time a dramatic account of the cap-  I tu-re of fhis vessel as forwarded by  j Captain Robinson, in a letter to Hi is  friends in Wesion-'saiiper-Mare. Brilliant, however', as was the Service  rendered by our merchant captain.-*  in time of war, -it is doubtful  will ether any more magnificent feat  or' seamanship, as well as test of en-  diunanoo an'ct pluck, has been performed in' time of peace than that  which the gal la-rot captain of the  Port -Stephens 'has p.'aced to his  cred.it. A Cork contemporary, in recounting 'the incident,  states:  " 'While on, a voyage from the An-!  I ne  dolent  etery.   tipodes to  Mull, by  way of tlie  Pan-  farm  is   no   place for   the iin-ania   Canal,   ancl   calling   at   Sidney  man:  he fits better .in a cem-  A. REEVES  W.M.   =  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodpe No. 40  Regular meetings first  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Ka-  ponic .-Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially  invited  _    "    C. H. REEVES  Secretary  331  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 35. K. of P.  . Meets 1st A 3rd  Monday eve  Jn Masonic Hnll.    Visitorscor-  dially invited to attend.  WM. ANDERSON. C. C  H. M. WALKER. K. It. S  It. .T. COLTART. M.F.  EUREKA LODGE NO 50  Meets  o'clock.  invited  I. O. O. F.  every Tuesday evening at  Visiting brothers cordially  W. E. Pun-can-, N.G.  D. K. Glen, V. G.  H. A. Teece, Sec..  . ^C. SEALING, B. A.  Barrister. Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE   PELL^BLK FiNI>ERBY,J3.-C.  Cape   Breton,   the   Cunard   steamer  fort - Stephens    fell   "in     with    the  American   steamer   TasJi'moo   (Moore  and    MjcCormack    Line)     bountl    to  Cork, Dublin  anl Be-fast,  from  New  York, o She   was 'bringing  a general  cargo   for   these  ports,  and   was 'due  at Cork on������������������F.ricliay last.     "When   fallen in -with by tbe Port Stephens she  had   then,   owing   to   boiler   trouble  find consequent stoippage of her ma-  cliineryj  been  at  the mercy  of  wind  "and   waves   for   two.days.     Ca-plain  Robinson,     commanding     the     Port  S'epiien-s,   saw   that-there   was-"' nothing  for  it   but  to  attempt,   if  possible, Ho  tow  the distressed  steamer  to port. Queens'town was 1,200 miles  distant,   and   his   ship,   one   of   (1,179  tons, not too we"! adapted for undertaking such  a task, but, on humanitarian   and  economic  principles,   the  effort was worthy of any mariner deserving of the name.    With as little  delay as possible steel hawsers were  passed   between  the  vessels, anl  the  long    and    dillicult    towage    began,  which,   after   five   days   of   continued  effort   and   the   exercise   of   the  best  seamanship and ski'l, resulted in the  Tashmoo   being 'brought   off. Daunt's  Rock ��������������������������� Lightship    on    Saturday,    the  last stages of the trying journey being   made   in   the   teeth   of  a  strong  easterly   gale,   which   'had    by   then  I lashed._ the...waters  of   Cork   Harbor,  The Rat Portage Company has  sold timber limits containing fir and  some cedar on the soutiiwiest of Vancouver Tsland to John W.. Blodgctt  ! or Grand Rapidis, Michigan, for  ?-10 0,0 00. A mi:i wiill be erected  on  the .property.  A.pple ship me nits from the Okanagan VaHey .to Britain during the  ���������������������������p'a's-t season amounted to 320 car  loadis as cb'm'ipaireid with only 8 5 in  the best prevSous year. ,- Inquiries  ���������������������������indicate that shipments to Britain  d.uring the coming year will greatly  exceed even -this envi'alble record.  Several large British buyers are on  their way to British CoUiniibia, iin-  eluding the representatives of both  tlie' English and.' Scottish Co-operative Societies w.ho Wave not. previously 'been* interested.in the Pacific  coast orchard products.  At a mtoeting of seventy, representatives of Boards of Trade, from  Goldem, Windermere, Fort Steele,  Cranbrook, Fernie and Creston. the  Associated Boards of Trade of  Souith En stern British, C���������������������������olum*bia was  formed for the purpose, of-promoting  ��������������������������� Uh.e   interests-  oJf -the   combined  idis-  '    ,.. . .i  itracts.  OUR AUTO  ii  LIVERY SERVICE  **���������������������������  yourg   to   co mini and.     Just   phone  amid  we'll have an up-to-date car.  your 'door when you want it. TelP  how   many   are   to  ride  with  you  andi where you  propose to go. We'll  supply   the  right   .machine   at . the  lit price.      - *  RAND'S GARAGE ENDERBY  Fcrrl Dealer an<J Repairs.  DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS  ��������������������������� x  x amvfrtX news v       -x  sr  sr  sr sr  sr  sr sp-  sr  st  sr- sr  sr  sr  sr sr   sr  ,-.,   .s  .,s  .s  js  rs j:  .��������������������������������������������������������������� js  .#* js js  rs rs rs   rs  That the West could absorb  at le'ivl!'. 20,000 m'eiri' for rail'way con-  's(ruction, farm work and mining,  was the statement made by "Grant  Hall.' vice-presideir.lt of the C. P. R.  I-lo is'ta'ted that the extehsHon of-'rail-  wiay conslt.ruction was consiid/erably  Tetlardeid-by 'the .dearth o'f laibor.  . A 'half-mli'llioiv dollar theatr-e wil-1  be 'built ait Calgary this summer by  the Famous Play'ers Corporation,  Ltd:, and construction will be started  as soon, as the city Was issued the  necessary permit.  The federal gvcrnnnsnt/hlas Tnla.de  a gnant of $2.n.00 toward the expense of securing moving 'pictures of  the activities north of the Ai'.berta  boundary. A film .man. with a geologist, has arrived! at Ednvonton and  will travel, 'niorth over the Peace  ���������������������������^R-iverr^tiie-^At'ha-bas'Oav^Great^Sl'a-ve  Lake, and' the Mackenzie River to  TTerschcll Island, in all covering  over 3.000   miles.  Settlemionet on an unprecedented  s>cale is taking place in all t.he irrri-  sat.ed irlistrifcts in southern Alberta,  in the ini'mcdiate vicinity of Patricia, a new. town -on the C. P. R.,  7,000 acres of irrigated land have  'been put into crop. There are also  jj.000 head of cn'ttle in the district.  Most of. the settlers  and all the pl'oughin  by   tractors   exclusively.  A Varied  Assortment  ; of high class crockery and- china is  characteristic of our 'buyling methods. We -pleaise everybody by seTing  t'hem pleasing merchandise. Beautiful  tb look at, anld "seiwiceable.    Do  _ you  need  a new  dinner or tea set?  Any  - and  old  pick  dishes to fill  them out.  in? Come here  Teece & Son    phone 48  Flour, Feed & Groceries  1 ������������������"'-  i*  is rs is rS i^  jsrs rs is  X       SASKATCHEWAN   NOTES       SS  X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X  'According to'tlie mlanager of the  Canla'dian Co-oJperative W;ool l-Growers, Ltd:-, for the .province's <-of Saskatchewan and Ma.nlito'ba, more t'han  ."97,000 lbs. of wool are already in  slight for'the-J f>20 wool crop for the  two provinces. He estimates tihat  there will be 100,000 lbs. more woli  for  Saskatchewan this year.  A company has been formled with  headquarters at Prince Albert for  the coiiistructlioin of silos, which will  be " known as the Sunflower Silo  Company. The farmers of the district 'are very -Lmtereeted in the pro- FOR  duction of sun flowers for .fodder and  ���������������������������tdiis plan is 'proving, very successful,  wiDh prolific yeilds, throughout  Northern -Saskatchewan.  Coal from the new field 'in the  Lani'pman district \v.i,*l scon be on  the market according to officials of  the Farmers' Coal Mining Company,  who are operating the mine. The  IfHTiSiiarfJ^VtinFWsri^  a 'depth of 170 feet.    Wlh-em fully de--  3c a word first insertion, 2c ������������������ word each insertion thereafter: 2oc minimum change; 10c extra  where cash due������������������ not accompany order.  WANTED���������������������������Small cook stove, suitable for suni'mer kitchen, in good  repair.     Mrs. David  Watkins.  I FOUND���������������������������On   t'he   road'  near   G.ri,ni:l-  rod,   auto   side   curtain:( .   Owner  inlay   have   sanne   by   applying   at-  Walker Press-, and .paying for this  'ad. "  FOR SALE���������������������������-Nine Rock 'hens; -first  iyear laying; $1 e'ach. Apply H..  Commoner Oflice.   SERVICE���������������������������Registered Jersey,  bull. Mable Lake road; 3 "miLes.  H.  Aldin. .  -   Jly  1-p .  FOR SALE���������������������������Six room brick - cottage, on Russel street/ Apply W.,  Comimioner   Oflice,   Enderby.  voi'oped t'hd mine is expected to .produce  1,000 tons of coal per. day.The  FOR SA.LE���������������������������Two acre block; fine  j building site; on river bank; now  | in alfalfa and iruit trees; ali  i fenced :_teii���������������������������miniuites__ .walk __f rom,  Postoifice.     Apply  W.,   Corn'mener  Oflice.   Enderby.  CJi-jukI Oilicors A. V. sir.;! A. M.  ��������������������������� Notice is herebv given that in accordance with the provi sion  of the "Highway Act" the Rute of the Road is as follows: ���������������������������  In Traffic Di������������������trict No.   1.  In Traffic District No.   2.  KEEP TO THE LEFT;  KEEP TO THE RIGHT,  NO   CSOXjT)   I51MCKS  on and after July 15th, 1920.  .The said traffic "districts are more particularly described in Section 3  of the "Highway ?Act Amcndnnent Act, 1920," and' shown on Rule of  the Road  Map    posted in  public  buildings.  By Order  Department  of  Public  Woks,  Parliament   Buildings,  Victoria,  B.C.  J. H. KING  June   10th,  1920. ..Minister of Public Works  At the last meeting of the City  Council it was decided that the city  should not take ...advantage o.f the  goldbrick haiicledi" to .municipalities  'by the Provincial'. 'Government, in  the -.poll tax and am use ment tax  amendments. *  The Council .felt"*that owing to the  small amount ot any revenue wihich  might- be denived from mlie imiposi-  tircii of these faxes, and the fact that  the coilection; ef road tax would  have to ibe given tup and that the  cost of collect'on would be considerable, it would u.Ojt (be worth while  to take any action under the provisions of these amiendimg acts.  The Masonic grand Lodge cleolcd  officers for the ensuing year >at the  anmual convention held Inst week in  Nelson, as follows: Grnnd master,  M. L. Griinlmetf., Merritt; 'depii'ty  are Americans I grand master, \V',.G. Terry, Victori.a;  is being dinne'senior grand warden, A. "Ale. Cro'iry,  Vancouver; jiuii-nr wnrdeii. C. 1-.  Tisdall. Van co u vcir; grand treasurer.  \\r. A. De-wcJif smith,. Now Westminister: grand tyler, J.If. H.ugives, Van-'  couver.   ���������������������������  Will  Not Permit Export of Su^'ar  A spineless  farmer never hobnobs  with   a  weedless farm-.  Accor.diing to a letter received by  Premier Oliver .from Rt. 1-Ionorable  Sir George Foster, .minister of tna.de  and commerce, ithe Dominion gov-  er.niment is exeroising its .power of  control of experts a nidi i������������������ not granting any periiiiiit for the export ot  refined sugar from Canada. The letter further .points out that no 'permit lias been granted .for several  months, amd tihat the customs -authorities are vigorously working in  support of the government's  decree.  When you want the Best  Meats and Service, go to  Jobless  days  o*ni ithe   farm   are  scarce as hens without a cack'le.  as  GEO. li. SHARPE :  Wholesale   nnd   Retail   Btilchcr  Enderby,  B.  C.  Notary Public  Insurance amd  Geneiai Agent  JAS.  Bell Block  DICKSON  Enderby


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