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Okanagan Commoner Jun 24, 1920

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 I*  13;  .^A-  6  7  rV  ���������������������������*��������������������������� *-'���������������������������"   r\ pV i> s-   UCiif^,- '���������������������������>-.  y \.s  &  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  Vol. 13, No. 20, Whole Xo. 691  THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 1920  Subscription, $2 a year; 5c copy  Educational Value of  Manual Training in Schools  ii x x x x x x x x x x x >  5? EXDHRKY  EDGJXGS  tt   St   St   St   St  About to  Stepney Ranch  j Mr.   Geo.   Heggie  as  manager.     Mr.  Heggie held tints position, fcr a num-  sohool last Friday afternoon, ancl in- \ minded and efficient as A. W. Jones,w-   B-   Gosnell   at  t'heir  Loon  Lake purchase of the Stepn'ey 'Ranch, tbei'ber of years, and under his manage-  "Taacher," asked the young hopeful,   "willen   a  'frog   croaks   does   it  -      - j  Parents and visitors who attended  great  loss  i;t   would   be  lo-.'ose   the.(**e*  the closing exercises in  the Fortune services  of an   instructor  so  -broad-!     'A son  %ra's -born  to M.r.  and  Mrs.  *������������������Returned Men  Take Over  For some m'onths the 'Soldier Settlement Board has 'had before it tlhe  well-known farm close to Enderby.  It wias expected a week or two ago  t'h'f.l th'e do-all would have been put  tbroug'.'.i   by   this   time,   but   cuttin  speoted the work of Lhe school civil- \ Ins proven himself -to be. jho*me on May 7'fli.  dren in the Domestic Science ami j The same may be said of Missi After trying daylight saving for  Manual Training classes, were otillabb. teacher cf Domestic Science,'tTV0 t1ays tae c'ly of Victoria has re-  one opinion:  that "it would  be a dis-' and of  Mr.  Britton,  agricultural in-, turned  to  standard time.  tinct loss to the school and- the com-' structor. In each of these depart-j CThe piver ha!i risen ��������������������������� several, feet^j the first cr0ip of ,ai,fiaifa -was  munity to ' dispense wiith" these de- nuenita tlie school children of both,in the Va������������������1 w"eek. It is now nearly i started this ^ week 'by Manager  partments .in  the  school  curriculum Euderby and Armstrong have mode]13 feet above l������������������w water mark. | Hardy,   ancl  it  is  not   probable-  the  as is proposed, b.v the Board of ( splendid advancement. Here we see1 Bonn At their residence -in Brat- turnover will "take" place until tbe  School Trustees. It is argued that, j practical edu'Cation; the working up .tann'ia, J imp 13th, to Mr." and Mrs, j season is farther advanced, owiiug  judging-by the evidence ithere shown jci' -brain amli bnaw.ii into articles ol',Tel" Beals, (.fo'-merly of Endenby) 110 the confusion of interest tliat  of   the   remarkable   development   of  usefulness,   food  to   eat  and  clothes a son.,. l       . m light  arise   in  connection3 with  the  the .girls  and  boys iin  these , d'asses,; to  wear.     It  may  be  quite true,  as i     -Vernon    'thrs    week    turned    ^e h*anfdling     of     the    'growling     crops  these departments arc the m'ost useful, from the viewpoint of >a practical education, of anly course taught  in t'he school.  .The work done by Miss <RaJbb .in  tea>ch.ing the girls in the Domestic  Science ccla.ss, and of Mr. Jones,  Manual Training instructor, has, in  two seasons,, demonstrated be; und a  doiubt that the sahooTs usefulness  will be depreciated at least one-half  if these departments -aire to .be el-im-  i naitecl.  Lt is understood well enough that  th'e object of tlie school board im de-  some  of t'he  old  school  argue,- that jc-ock brick ���������������������������an 'hour-to standard .time j shc,u!d   fhe:  'board    r.r.tempt   to|   cut  all   boys   do   no't-intend   to   become'a'Rer    tryln*    time- ahead,    a    few  cainpenters and' 'fitters or aignicultur  weeks.  ists.  ncr tho girls seamstresses,  bin \     Thi<3   regular  meeting  of  Endenby  ���������������������������tlhose who argue in tbis way, do not.  I local   United   Fanniers   will   be  'held  realize -tWafrea.'  ed'ucation does not >������������������������������������, Pn!d*>'   ^������������������ning,   July   2,   at   8  rest   in .theory   but   uponi   fact,   and,00"'00*  that unless one can use hii.s -bands to  actualize the output of his head, 'he  is only ���������������������������partly educated. Children  learn to do things 'With their hand*  very rapidiy, -and, once learned, they  never forget.  Messrs. E. Harrop, Wm. Jones  amd T. A. Bryant left on Tuesday  for fche Mayo Olynic, Rochester, for  treatment.        ' _  Jack Funk , returned to "Endenby  this week after spending a few  mon'lihs  Visiting  So,i}thernr Okan'agan  ,1     Mr.   A.  C.   Skalin'g .returned  from  courses,    the   school   .board    should.; Vancouver  last  Thursday.     He  says  ���������������������������have   p/������������������ced -the   matter   before  Che  business   is- gradually   returning   to  ratepayers in a similar way.  HIGH   LAND  RENTALS  When in was- proposed to establish  these courses in the Endenby school, |and American cities;;  ciding to_dispen.se with1'the teacning a public meeting of .the parents and j     Dr-  H-  w- Kei,t^ left ������������������or Vamcou-  <>f  manual training,  agriculture and > ratepayers   wa-   called   -by'1 the   local *'er Monday, afternoon to attend the  domestic science wias to reduce costs  school board, a.nd it was decided ���������������������������to;s>1^t anml'a'l conference of the  Can-  and   keep   down   the   taxes.    "Credit] go  aheadi.     Parents  now  nr.g-u'e that .ad'^ni Medical Association  is   given them   on   this  score.     But, ^before deciding  to discontinue theise  afte'r seeing what the children, JJhave  a'ccoimplis-hed  lih.",t^yo  short  seiasoce,  th'ero is a 'pronounced feeling .on the  .part  of  the .p-aTenlts  and   ratepayers  that  it  wou.ld 'be" better to  pay the  additional amount required for these  courses  and   contliniue  them than to  give   them   up.     All   the   necessary  utensils   amd   .paraiphernia-Ma   to   continue have been provided and .are'rin-  stalled. im the school; the cost would  be   litt":e   greater,   if   anv,   than   last  year, as  the services  of Miss Rabn,  Mr.  Jones and Mr.  Britton could  be  had    another    year    in    conjunction  with Arm-strong on a two-fifths-  'three-fifths basis, as .in /the part.  .Possibly  next  year  the  consolidated  normal.   --In "the   clothing  and" textile stores prices are showing a distinct drop.     -       -    Mr.  J.  Smart, of Vamicouver, who  Orientals   Are   Pitying   ,he  Tui chase'is   in   ch'ar^   ������������������������������������   the   neWly open-ed  bramoh of tlie Bank'-cf Hamilton'in  Endenby, arrived tills week and is  ably._.'assisted? by ..JJr. Watson.', _..of.  Armst'r.on'g,   in   getting  the  business  I'rice     For  Rentals  Lands     in    -Yearly  the ranch up hi.po s-rr.cl ler traiets aaid  put returnd  m'en on it.  fThere is not a 'better known property in the Okaiuigaru than the Stepney ranch. It was first, 4 0 years  ���������������������������ago, owned by Williaim Lu*mby, for  w.liom the town of Lumby ..has been  named, and wias later sold -by him  to the late Sir Arthur Stepney, 'w.ho  'placed cthe property in tbe bawds of   ������������������   tion   tih'e  i  creasingly  X  MARA* NOTES  ������������������xy.������������������������������������x x,x x x mtuxxx x  Wm; Coell is also 'going to Vernon  In a day, or two.      *  -   The   many   friends   of   our   aged  ���������������������������postmistress regret to 'hear that she  lis -seriously ill.  Mrs. Bearecroft of Kiefers camu  in on' Monday on a visit to her 'mother, Mrs.  Moser. '"  Harry cJbell has moved uip4 to Ver-  :npn, Waving acceipted a. 'position- in  tiie ��������������������������� McNair  warebouse ���������������������������   "  iMara-has six pu-p-ils .trying at Enderby for tine, entrance0 .examina-  "tions. - We ���������������������������hope-th'ey-.a'll.succeed. ,, .  Wilfred- Owen wOio has ibeen attending King Georige hOgh school ih  V'anr,ou->rer t-ho -past year caim*e home  thlis  There-is  no  secret  in  -connection  with'    the    Oriental   'truck    farming  lined 'up.  ���������������������������proiblem-.     The "white land  owner  is{     A 'benefit  dance will  be given- iby  nrpmarrd   to   turn   hits- land   over   to'tire  people of  HuL'&air in   their  hall i  _' *  Y   "V '���������������������������"'" J "** /"'"*w, .* *"'".  pici.Jrtiu.il  .io   nun   ins   iciiiu   u>ei   io,     ������������������=��������������������������� .i     L '   .  ���������������������������     ,   -,       ,     on  Tuesday   to  spend  this  holidays.  .   . ��������������������������� ���������������������������      ������������������ ������������������ * >   ��������������������������� !     LJ****** ilrl.nir      nurvhi     mi      .a   I  ri        n.l-       JII-ia      fulflrl        *. rs        *-.   -. ��������������������������� ~  "���������������������������The kiddies are looking forward  to nlhe closing Cixy at schooil, the .peo-  ,p.!e having decid'ed ' to continue the  old custom of-a social time with the  parents and kiddies on Friday.  ���������������������������Many of the -esSdents are feeling  uneasy   owing -to   the   rapid  rise   of  t;:e Chinese ta.rdeners because the; Friday night iin aid cf tlhe fund to be  Ghiinsse gardeners can pay ���������������������������h.im more' raised to assist in re-establisbi.ng  as irent for the land than he could J. M*- Farris and family, who losi  mlxke off the 'and if be worked it; t'heir home and contents by fire  school  at Armstrong will-be "opened .himself,   and   the  Cbi'iiese ,gardeners J two" weeks ago  and  the  full time  of  these  instrnn-! are prepared  to ipay. this  high  land \s .'Mrs. Nellie" McClung -is,-to lecture-  tors  may  be  required there,   but in | rent  because they  can  pay thc rent  in   t,he  Presbj-teria-n  ch.u.rch,   Ender-  ment the Stepney ranch  became one  iof 'the best developed in the district.  Eight or "ten years ago, when the  property was sold rto a Victoria syndicate, Mr. Heggie went-as .manager  to the BeTgian Syndicate at Vernon,  and Was aince made that -property a  phenomenal   ipnoducer. " a  'A few years oigo Mr. 'Chas. *H'.  Hardy bec'aine 'manager of -the"  Stepney ranch, a*nd under bis direc-  property bas become in-  'profitaible, last year's,  crop bringing a net profit of $11,-  000. Fall wheait, alfalfa, oats and  barley are planted tbis year, and  Mr. Karciy says the crop will easily  ba worth $25,000, to say nothing  of Vibe imcrease in the livestock  wiiich aire on th'e ranob.  "Valuing th'e crop at $25,000,"  said Mr. Hardy, "at the iprice quoted  the board would be getting the land  at approxim'ately $65 per acre, and  it is cheap ait the price."  This property would 'make -an  ideal subdivision for soldier settle- ,  m'ent purposes. As one citizen >has  said; "If the board 'buys that rancix  at the price 'mentioned, it win be  one of the (best pieces of 'business  tbey-have ever put over Ln this province. I 'Wave knowji tbat place for  many years, and I, know there is not_  a better pieoq of land anywhere drf  the Valley. It is in the primest kind  of condition land hias alwiays produced the  best crops'%,  'The p'roperty^consists . of 1316  acres/ -wiith 700 cleared and under  cultivation. Thle proposed purchase  price is $110,00.0. --,  tiitno make a better '1>J"> tbis  {Thursday)   evening on the;.,        ,. ... _.,      .  inmt, mdive d. j������������������li^i i   ., \ o the   -i.'iver   and   fhe   reported   abun  ������������������eaeonl3   work   than  subject,      Building   a   New   World,   i , ,. ,, .  >fciu.unia   ������������������o.. iv   uwu  ,,,'���������������������������, . ,       .   ���������������������������       -i  .   Ida-nce cf snow in  tne 'mo.unta:;ns.  Jl  v 'fbprn  work-in e- .for  Mrs.   McClunlg   is   one   of   Canada S',,     _.    .        , ..       -       ... .  y   u.em wormug 'io. - tne  ,]10t   w^atlier   continues   a   shori  time of instructors between the two  places would keep down the costs  of .carrying 'on these  courses.  At Armstrong, where, in conjunction   with   Vernon,   the   teaching   of  case,    arrangement    could    no and at the same  doubt 'be  entered into  with   Salmon l profit   on   the   se:  Arm  similar  to  that now  had  with I could.'be made by  Armstrong  whereby   the division  of  wages   for   the   white   land   owner. ibr.M'.iant    women    and    one    of   the  And so long as both are satisfied  broadest-minded and giifted speakers  tbsre   can" be   -no   solution "to    the on Ule 'Public platform.   <���������������������������.  valuable "problem." - I    Presentation    of    "Clecipatora"    in  liars an acre .per year for 3 years is jhe Enderby Theatre last Saturday  the rental Mcihael Hereron, a Kei-' evenin& w'a������������������ greeted by a crowded  ovna rancher, will receive for a 16- house. T.heda Bara is particularly  acre tract   'he    leased    to  Orientals \ S00/(i   in  lver   interpretation1 of  this  Domestic   Science,   Man*iial_Train'ing  fm. n^iijT^v^grmring This  is. said  to 'cunniinig wanton  of history, and  she  ind   A'gricultuire   was   started   three jbe  the ,h=<v,i105t;  rental  evei-  paid  for  was ^rgeo"uslF^o^viiid=:1;6 ilfdw^beT  f  short  while longer many on the low lands  will suffer.  Mr. and Mrs. Cowan came in last  wieek, an<| are stlay'':n-g \Xf.h Mrs.  Cowan's brothers, the Graham brothers, on tbe Cadden place. They  were very, pleased to get away from  the severe������������������ weather of_ the i^orth,  and, are, looking ._over.the.j,'ario.us_10r_  years  in  advance of Enderby, these _ farnJ  ,anrrs ln  Caliada.At Armstrong  charm   and   wiisomeness   of   person. - .f  courses  have   become   more  popular | C]linese   cc.!2ry   g110,vers   are  paying The   picture  play .was   miarveously ��������������������������� fouad'  than    any    taught    in    the    public  frcm ?60 ,.0 ������������������?0 ftn acre for bottom  staged,  true  to .history  in so "many *          cations   about   here,   and   no   doubt  a   suitable   place   is  ���������������������������school. The advance of the children,  as indicated by t'he exhibits on clos  ing day, has been truly phenomenal  j particulars  and   fascinatingly clever.  F.  J.   Bossley  returned  last  Mon  lands���������������������������and making money..  ���������������������������On the hillsides leading in to Ver-'  .non, where the land was a barren'' f,W f"10'm a triP 'to lth'e Prairie wlhere  The sewing exhibits toy the girls in Bt,e a few yeairs ago and ^ouunhe spent "a week on business. Mr.  tbe Enderby school, and the exhibits ^ liaye b.eelj bou.ght outright for less Bossley sajis (Jhe crop outlook  in "'woodwork   iby   the   boys   in   the  ������������������hnn   $_ ,an ^.^ 0rIentals a,,e ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.' throughout the North-west was never  renting   it  at   from   $20   to   $50   an  THANKFULLY RECKH EU  ��������������������������� Manual Training class, were exceptionally interesting, and surprised  the .parents oif these children, but  tho exhibits at Armstrong, -where  the 'boys have had three years' more  training -and thoy have hard woods  to work in, t'he more advanced boys  Wave turned out some of the finest,  pieces of furniture to ibe seen anywhere: inset J trays, book and music  stands, hammer ���������������������������handles, tables,  stools, picture framing and shelving'.  Tbey have on exhibition a fumed  oak taible, which -w^as made to be  presented to the school trustees,  that, is as substantially ;butfit and  Hooks as well as any assembly table  turned out 'by the manufacturers ot  high-class .furniture. In fitting,  joining and ado-nment the table  shows advanced t'a'ste andi workmanship. And when one stops to realize  that the manual training course is  teaching the school :boys to handle  their hands and heads so as to produce, such high-class, practical results,  'one  cannot   but   feel  what   a  better.   ' Fa.r.mers   are   looking   for-  acre and are matting snia)'!  fortunes I vru,'I- to ,?- J"ie!cl  as S'I*e-'a|t 'as lh'at of  each year in the growing of  onions  and potatoes.  1914. W'hiiJ'.e in Calgary Mr. Bossley  intercsited Mr. W. D. Craig in the  post and pole business of Enderby  On Wednesday next, Juno 30, be-1 district   and   Mr.   Craig   will   arrive  ing tihe last day of Enderby city and   this week to look over the supply of  schooj   taxes  at  par,  the   collector's  poles  aVailaib'-e  oflice at the City Hall wil 1IL be open  air day���������������������������from 9 a.m. to 6  p.m. and  aigain in dbe evening -firo'in 7 till 9. George BeilV senior >memiber of  On   July   1,   as   required . by   Pro-j the' Provincial   Legislature  .for '.Vic-  vinciaft Law, tihe increase of  ten per  toniia, and for'many years a resident  cent goes into  effect.  WJLL   CAWA1.GX   SCOTLAND  of JDnderby, has been��������������������������� .''Chosen one of  the  two 'representatives  of, the  Do-  "Every    dr.eamer    expects . to   ac- minlion  Alliance  wlbo' 'will  campaign  icomplish  soimet'hing  when iie  wakes  up."    Thank God that is so, -friend  for Proiiibltiion in Scoti'and this 'fall.  Mr.  Bell will' sail for Scotland on  "Commoner;" and let every dreame-Jthe Corsioan on August 21, with an  er take courage, for no-mighty work (eastern colleague. Mr. Bell has car-  has ever yet been accomplished, ried "On campaigns in New Zealand  which   was   not   first   the  dream   of j and  Ontario -for  the prohibitionists  some dreaimer,  'Dear    Teacher:       Please    excuse  Mary.     She  got "wet in a rainstorm  Donations to the Enderby Hospital since 'ast report:  iNIrs.   Ed   Gray,   eggs;   Mns.   Sme:l-  ley,  jelly;   A  Friend,  por.k;   Mrs.  J.  Jo'bnston,   eggs;    Mr.   Win.    Currie,  work packing ice;  Mrs. Welsh, milk;  Mrs.   George   Johnston,   milk,   cream  and   eggs;   Mrs.   Eric   A.   Robertson,  6 months  subscription to 'magazine,  t.wio stand covers -a-.nld one tray cloth;  Mrs.    Dagg,    two   sets    dresser   and ,  stand covers, three tray cloths;  Mrs.,  Wi3.":kor, .  child's     nightdress;     Mrs. j  Foster,   childs   nightdress;    English  church W.  A.,  three  bed  gowns for  child;   Mrs McN'aib, milk land cream.  Mrs. McPherson wishes particularly to thank the ladies wih'o responded -so quickly to supply the  need of b'e,d -gowns'for. cbi'dren in  ���������������������������the hospital.  New Zealand plans to spend about  $2,500,000 in the development of its' and  caught  a 'bad' co.'.d   in the  a.m.  water, power resources. 'and a chill in tlhe p.m.  .In the Cit}-: Police Court on Friday  James C. Dagg answered to a charge  laidi by Constable Bailey of allowing  his cow to pasture on tbe str,eet,  contrary to t'he City Pound By-Haw.  Accused pleaded giuil'tyvand 'promised not to repeat the offence. Sentence suspended.  RAVTS-RORXE  XUPTFALS  ������������������������������������������������������-��������������������������� "o  The' imanriage of^ Miss Nellie"-.--  Home,-sister of'Mlrs. .Tasl Martin, to  Mr. Frank Davis, >bo'tih popular  j-oung people of Kamloops, was -celebrated at the ihome of her sister  laeit Saturday evening at S o'clock in  the presence of twenty-four guests,  two canioads of whom' metered 'from '>  Kamloops to wi/tness, the. liaippy,  event. Tine ceremony was 'performed  by Rev. D. J. Welsh who motored' up  from   Sumimerland for the  occasion."  The  home  was "beautifiul'ly   decoJr-  ated;   the   drawing   room' in  -white  and   green,   the   hallway   in   yell-low  and green, and dining room in'pink,   '  wihite  and   igneen:     Tine  'bride   was,  given   awiay   iby.  iher   brother-in-law,  and was preceded toy, her little neice,  Bepina   Martin,   as   .ring-bearer"   who  :strewed=^flowers=oni=,the~pat-hway=-to=  tbe   .marriage   bell,   hung   from   an  arch of spirea  a-nd  backed  by  ferns  ancl   Oregon. grape.     The  ring   was  carried in the heart of a rose.  Mrs. Hendrickson played the  wedding march anld,- during the  m'arriaige 'ceremony, "A Bower of  Pansies."  The bride's -gown was of white  georgette," embroidered in vope.si.'k  and pearfis, over satlnv with bridal  'veil and orange blossoms, her only  ornament being a ncckla-ec- of pearls,  ancl sho carried a 'bouquet of roses  and  iris.  At the close of .the .happy ceremony al'! were seated at the hiiidai  table, airtistiically decorate'.:! with  ferns and orange blossoms with  streamers of satin ribbon and tulle  leading from the taible corners and  arched oyer the c.a.ke in the centre.  After a - dainty ftunch and a happy  hour or two with their guests and  fiends the happy couple left by auto  for Vernon, intending to extend  tbeir honeymoon trip -to Okanagan ���������������������������  Lake and .thence to the larger cities  across the border.  IBeautiful and 'many were the gifts  to the :bride and -groom. ���������������������������  A  pearl brooch  was given  by the  groom  t'o the -pianist,  and gold  lin-s  gerie   olasps    ware,   gifts -"from    the  bride ��������������������������� to   four   of   her   friends   w.ho  served. ���������������������������  !  if OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 1920  ��������������������������� ������������������Itanagau Commoner;-  In which is merjred The Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly-  Published e^-ery Thursday at Enderby. B.C.,  by The  Walker Press, at  per year: S1.00 six months.  H. M.  WALKER  'Who Won the War?"  THURSDAY".TUNE 2-1. 1920~  News On Taxes  Benjamin Franklin lolls of-slopping at a street  corner where a crowd was gathered for anauction. The crowd was conversing '"on lhebadness  61' llie times." 'nnd one ol' llie company called to  '"Prav. Father  limes? Wiil  the  countrv?  mon  'hers  -We  o  a plain old man willi while locks:  Abraham, what Ihink yon of Ihe  not ihese heavy taxes ([idle rain  Whal would you advise us lo do?"   .  "Friends,"'   he   replied,   "lhe   laxes   are   indeed    very heavy, and il* lliose laid on by the govern- j riunTbers.'  ment were the only ones we had to pay. we might  easily discharge -hem, but we bave many  1 much more grievous lo some ol" us.  0 o "We are laxed twice as much by our idleness,  lhree limes as much by our pride, and four times  as much by our folly; and from these laxes lhe  commissioners cannol' ease or deliver us, hy allowing an aba lenient.  "However, let us hearken to good advice.'and  something may be done for us; Clod helps Ihem  that help themselves, as poor Richard says."  Franklin died 130 years ago but his words apply as much today as they did in Ihc Limes of our  grandfathers.  The followingJrom "Chalmers Gomes Back.',  by W. J. Dawson, is the latest contribution to aj  question which has hccn widely discussed andi  "has been the cause of not a little ill-feeling: j  "I am an American, so don't think lam cap-;  able  of  disparaging America.    No  armies have'  fought  with   finer  devotion   than  our  American!  boys.   Tbey are equal lo thc best. But lhcy didn't!  win llie Avar. Tbey came too late for that.'   Thev j  helped turn the scale beyond doubt.    That was n i  great  thing  to clo.    But if you  will  look  at  the  casually list of lhc last three months of fighting,  you  can, easily  see  who  bore   lhe brunt  of  llie  struggle.    I'or week  afler week  lhe Brilish  casualties ran a I  thirty to forty thousand.    I'm  nol  saying  lhal   the American  forces  wouldn't have  "miahl as well, bul Ihey weren't there in sufficient  n  ���������������������������ie  .1  ������������������  $$5������������������E  10.  Tbey held one end of a long line, aiu  At least twenty tractors havc been purchased  wilhin the year in the counlry within a radius  of len miles of the cily of Peterborough, Ont.,  and al,least five per ccnl of Lhc dairymen havc installed milking machines. Anolher progressive  factor is Lhe general use of three-horse teams on  the farms.  Where Secrets Are Kept  The marquis of Marlinglon tells an episode  from llie war days when the spy scare? was al ils  heigh I according lo a writer in the Halifax  Chronicle.    Certain confidential information  Ihnf  Llie military authorities wantecMo keep absolutely secret was se.nl around bv trusted couriers in  locked   dispatch   boxes,   wilh   elaborate  'prccau  held il splendidly. Thej" did'greal things in the  Argonne. Bul do you know lhat up to'thc very  end of the war hardly an American airplane was  in the air? They weren't ready. The American  aviators flew in French and 13rilish machines.  Sometimes they had refilled them with American  engines, but lhal was all. '  "Thc fact is���������������������������and it's a splendid fact���������������������������lhal  America had laid her plans for a long war. She  built railways right a'cross France lo supply her  Iroops wilh food and munitions. She had organized wilh tremendous eflicicncy for at least i'ourj  years of war. Obviously il follows that when!  Lhe Avar ended suddenly.-.she had not puL forth  her strength. It v.-as there but il wasn't mobilized. Therefore it is nonsense to say lhal America won the war. She helped immensely by her  wealth and her unsuspected military efficiency  and thc eli"ec,t these tilings had in destroying the  morale of Germany. She helped lo the'utmost  of hcr opportunity in actual fighting. Isn't il  enough lo say lhal wilhoul parading all the.  streets wilh placards 'The Yanks Did Tt?'  "1 should bc a very poor American if I didn't  do justice to mv comrades in arms. T don't suppose'yon knowVl' for lhc world generally doesn't  know it yel. but lhe Canadians were the hammerhead in all lhe great final attacks. Thcy were  always'pul into tlie place of grcatesa danger.  Thcy used lo bc called "Foch's Pels.' Bul I've  never heard (hem boast' lhat Canada, won the  war.   For four years-and a half .ihcy fought from  in Sterling Silver  and   Silver  Plate  TEA SETS  CASSEROLES  ErtTREE DISHES  PIE PLATES (Pyrex)  BAKMG DISHES, Etc.  Take advantage of present opportunities as  prices are likely to advance.  S7S>' ' ������������������/ey^a^^^^y^^.  lewe.  \y,f7es'zs?i  uzsimyn-  lions of signing ,-md countersigning and checking, Ypres lo Drbcourl. and' T havc never heard them  every stage. No one below ihc rank of major- j boast aboul il. Il is tliis spirjl of boasting T-.dis-  genera!  was cn Trusted with   the knowledge,  and y ike.    It's petty.    ftV parochial.   . 11, isn't worthy  "of America. VL is jusl because 1 am an American  lhal f hale lo hear any American lalk boaslinglv  about his own doings.i'n lacit disparagement'ol'  those   who   fought;  much   longer-  lhan   hc,   and  It will pay you to  inspect the new model  COM ft  IX AXI)  SKR*THft   10-0   VO Kl>   CAKS.    A   CARLOAD   HAV1XG  JUST JiEEX JtECtilVftD  Here  are  sonic   oi'  thc  new  features  of  this  every   popular car:  One-mian Top���������������������������Double rain-vis on ' Ventilating Windshield���������������������������Snap  Curtains, in sections���������������������������Demountable Kims, spare ,riin and carrier���������������������������  Tiniken Jloller-bearings in front wli els���������������������������Heavy Upholstering*���������������������������deeper  seals���������������������������"Rleclric S tartar anld Instrument .Board���������������������������Electric Headlig-hts-;  from   storage battery. ' ��������������������������� ?    .  i'liiCM,  JviiJJKi.OO  f.o.b. Endes-hy . - "  O.  RAND'S GARAGE  ENDERBY  Ford Dealer and Repairs.  even  these were bound by licmcndous oaths of:of  \flcr a   time  it  was  printed  Jound   thai .these  circulated  j>n  =sec*i'eev.  Aveiighly   decuman Us.   which   were   uu-uwiui  /  form,  were bcino- sel bv ordinary print  * ���������������������������> sr V 1  ,'ho  were'under  no  obligation .to  preserve  ers,  who  secrecy, and, Jn fact, Cool: no precautions whatever against leakage. However, nothing did leak  oul. but I he military mandarins, it is said.' shuddered Avhc7i lhcy' realized the risk Lhal had been  "run." (Editor's Nolq-  ol* pledging printers  hands.)  againsl  far more terrible odds."  -Thcrc is never any though  t'o secrecy."   Thcy never divulge  thc nature of copy passing  !hrough  their  -Local experiments are being carried on in  building houses from-marble (fust and sawdusl.  Tt is claimed lhal thc cosl of the- house iu construction wil! be 6 cents a foot in place of GO  cents a foot for ordinary bunding materials. The  new materia! is claimed lo be durable, and will  take a  high polish. <****  week  i,.  i j >  Your Opportunity!  Let us call your attention lo lhe fact that on  ���������������������������luly 1st lhe subscription price of lhe Okanagan  Commoner will be advanced lo $3 a year.  All old subscribc7\s may lake advantage, of the  =j|i2=]:a4i^=^������������������wo=dQlia^s=p^^  advance   your  subscription   one   year   from   lhc  dale of expiry.    Afler Julv  "?.') a year.  This rale has been forced  and continuous advance in  used in   the production of  I  We  hope  sideralion.  Don't Want to Be Tax Collectors  The Rc-lail Merchants'- Association of lhc Province, in common 'wilh like associations -throughout the Dominion, is- not laking Idndjy lo the.  new business, tax imposed by the Dominion Government. Thc following resolution was passed  by Jhe advisory co7nmitlcc of the Association last   Vk. and forwarded to thc Dominion secretary:  'Following    resolution    unanimously   adopted  provincial   board   and   advisory   committee  meeting, lonighl.  "Whereas lhc general public show an intense  antagonism to thc. suggested taxes and method  of collecting sa7iic;  "And whereas wc as relailei's emphatically object lo being made lax collcclo7-s. 'And whereas  lhe proper inspection and collection of these  taxes will employ a host of officials tending lo-  ward the bureaucratic syslcm prevailing in Ger  many prior to the war and would materially in  crease ib.e cost of eivjLscryice._whic.h_is_alrcadv.a  The Tire  Doctors  AVe are open to buy -a Metal- Turning La'the -and a Drill Press. Our  Cycle " Repair Department- wants  5 00   old  Bicycles,  any  condition-.  Armstrong Vujcawzing Works  Cps^s=M  ly  1st  the rale will  be  upon us by tbe. rapid  price  of  everything  he newspaper,  lo have your co-operation  and  con-  Pa len I.s have becn g-vVd from Ottawa lo :!.  Gauvin ol" Saskatoon. Sa'>k.. covering insulated  wall construction. The suilabilily of ibis type of  wall const rue! ion lias, i! i.s claimed, been proven  by Mr. GauviVs experiments on his own home  buill on the cold storage principle. Tho bouse  was healed entirely1 by eleclriciJy al nominal  cosl and Mr. Gauvin believes''be patented insula-  provo   more  turn  lion   process   wil  any other  type of construction, and   will   reduce  coal  bills and heal bouses  more comforlablv.  economical  .i  When   Hens  Revert   to  Type'  One of our friends has just gol'back  from  a  trip through Ihe northern interior and lie tells of  staving with a band of Indians al Tagish Lake.  "The. funniest hens 1 ever saw were around  thai Indian village,"' lie says. "Tbey were so inbred dial Ihey looked more like crows than hens.  Once ir- a wid!"- durin>f the summer a hen laid an'  egg and the Indians thought il .was wonderful lo  get lhis egg.  "These  hens  were  wild   wiry  poultry,  no good  t'o eat and surely a poor proposition  from a" laying point of view.    Bul lhe Indians kept Ihem on  I wonder wli; ' ' " '  bred blood w  "burden on lhc country.  "This associalion goes on record as reaffirming!  our previously-staled resolution which advocated  Ihc imposition of a gross sales tax collectable on  every commercial transaction in Canada, be  lieving lhat ibis will produce a larger revenue  be more easily collected wilh existing machinery  al  no additional  expense.  "Furthermore, if'il is the government's inlen-  lion lo force lhis scheme of taxation on lhc coun  Iry for lhe purpose of checking extravagance we  suggest (bal Ihe minimum of value be raised and  lhe lax collected on the excess only."  eas in Bulk  or in Package  blends on the market at right prices  j DUNCAN  BROS,       Enderby's Quality Store  .British wealthy  in   large  numbers  ol  classes are coming lo Canada  lo settle  in   the  Bucklev and  ' British Columbia. On thurs  Xechako valleys ....   ...   day of lasl week twenty-farm seekers from 'North  oakola passed through- Winnipeg on their way  lo settle in lhe Wesl. Forty-three per cenl of the  passengers wbo came from British lands, crossing on Ibe Kmprcss of France, arc on their way  lo Brilish Columbia. ' V  OVERLAND CARS  Another carload of Overland 'I's n the way. Order yours before they  are all sold.     One and   %-Lon  Maxwell  Truck  for Hire.  Expert motor mechanic for any ma Ito of car in charge of our Repair  Shop.  ACHX'I'    FOR c  Overland. Gray Dort, Chevrolet, MeL'aiighlin ami Maxwell cars and  Maxwell Trucks.  ,n^nnvrs in Avcslern hnu] have estimated lhat  40.000 land seekers, 35.000 of whom will become  settlers, will come from ihe United Stales  through Winnipeg in the next' three months An  invasion of 10.000 monthly for May, June, July  and August is figured on from enquiries on'hand  and excursion arrangements made.  Tbe wool crop of the western provinces based   ��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������-  ��������������������������� ��������������������������� i^ ...v... w...  on last years production is as follows: Manitoba  al,would happen if some good pure- 300,000 lbs.; Saskatchewan. 800,000 lbs.- Alberts]  /as injected into the Hock 1 saw."      j2,120,000 lbs.; and Brilish Columbia ,J6b000'lbs  Jas. McMahon & Son Enderby  WARD  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  King Edward Hotel   V���������������������������KURPHY      Enderby  Subscribe for the Commoner: $2 a year &  THURSDAY, JUNE 2-1, 1920  OKANAGAN  COMMONER  British Columbia's Great  Wealth of Opportunity  Aft-cut   Coneia!,    F.   C.   Wade,   Tells  Londoners Some Interesting Facts  -covered' for ithe 'ecc.nioni'ic 'deve"op-  lnent of her great beds of magnetite  eQiiul to il'he best Sweden cire.  " 'What oil wall contribute in energy is as yet'.prciblomatica'l. Show-  <ings have been discovered ait many  (points on tho maiinland, and elaborate plans for -boring have a ready  ���������������������������been estaib'felhed, and are at work in  thc   Peace  River  district;  Mr. F. C. Wade, K. C, Agent-Gon-  c|-al for British Co'umibia, is back  from his triip to Canada, which was  undertaken from thc .point of view  of health. In the course of an in-  aeresting ehat I had with ���������������������������him last  week at British Columbia House,  wiritcs "Imiperialist," ini the London  Finiimcicr of May 2 5th, ihe'bad much  to   say   aibouL   recent   developments       " 'The people of the  Provinice are ,--,-,  io   say   -luum   "-���������������������������- A ,���������������������������,���������������������������.-���������������������������,������������������!���������������������������(������������������ tn .-Piiiyp wiv-it th������������������ vicut    livdrome'tr-ic     department    anld  in the  Province, and expressed  hun-  just commencing to ieaii/.e w Mat tne    - "      -  ^ lo&3 to understand why torture hold, in store for th'em, and much valuable aivformiauoi, collected  Pritis^ ca-pltol 'd,id net fu,n more not,Wateuidlns the war -and fhe re-|ou the water flow of Seton Lake  attention to -the marvelous resources -aationjiry   feeling   wliich   always  fol- Q'lld  tnc������������������se  uiver.  Activo Uiisiness  Conditions  " 'The people of the  Provinice  HYDRO-ELECTRIC   POWER  Once "again the 'hopes of hydroelectric ipower fo*- the Okanagan are  revived. Recent reports state that  ithe Bridge River Power Co. is pre-  iparini? for the install'-ation of a large,  up-to-date plant, the 'total capacity  of which will .be 175,000 horse-power, and which, when completed, will  cost 'in the meighibo* hood of $12,-  000.000. To *beg!.n with, a pl'lanit of  4 0,000 h.p. will 'be erected, and this  is expected to be finished in 'two  years.  A survey of t'he ground has been  made and for several years observations have been -taken by t'he Doniin-  of   'tihe   coifhtry   instead' of   ���������������������������".easing  lows,   t'iul e  them "to   be   exploited  .by   American liopofiulr.ies  is  '.ir strong   'feeling  of  and   a  ibiroyancy   Which  Measured  ���������������������������ton  Lake is  i   T-  ���������������������������in  a sttfalighit line,  Sea-  about SO  miles west of  arc  neflected everywhere jn, 'tlie un- Kamf.ooips.  Jt is intended to run a tunnel 12,-  S00 feet dn length fnoni,Bridge Rive  under   a' .mounltaiiu   to   t'he   Seaton  capital. ' , ,.  -     BrJti&h   Colaimb'ia,   ihe   said,   had , usual'y   active   business   *coiiid'iticins.  been   hiimorouslv   described   as   the  Tn   Vancouver   business   was   never  -place  Where-Canada  ke*ps  -lirSv   ell-, better -L-hr.-n it 'is today, and the same  mate' and he foundVt so in Feforu-  is also applicable to  rijince  Rupert,  Lake   slope.     Then   the   *atei    ������������������ l.1  ",lt'   a ,   .     ^.       Ti-���������������������������t.fmi-.-i-,4-a,.  nnri   v:������������������i-prii   ,tiio ibe piped idown to ithe power station,  ,a,,y,   for aftet-being storm-bound mi  ^JV^iKe,   and   Viaoi.ia,  the     e^l  I ^^ ^^    ^ ^  ^  New   York   he   arrived   a.f.er   a   six  a;^^ hJ-posed tio  be  erected  on .the  P.G.E.,  d'ars'   iouriney  -aciicss   the   Continent!-        lhe   'demand    icu    iiimoei    nus   .    In    brPllaiit    sunshine,    and    found jHcacbad a ,pLtd, .never known before |about midway of the north shore of  m,.mr  of-  Lhp   aurir-  tiowcrs  in .full  For the first time the United stiates  -eaton  Lake.    .     , ^  many   ot   the   .pu>.3 , ^    ^^   ^^   ^^   becom   I      A start AVlill be llllacle on ;t-he con-  iieavy    pui.c-his-sers   as   \vel-l   as   the! struction   of   the   plant   during   the  Prairie5 Provinces,   and   all  addition    to    our    immenlse  trade.    Tihe estimated stand  bloom-. Tho change was certainly  romar.kablo, but then ;"t. muot 'be re-  momlbered fihat the Japanese 'Ciu-  rent and course of imountain chains  and tidal  change affect  the  climate  handling   and   marketing   facilities,  The '.proposed ip'an embodies two  iplans of -more thaiu 'ordinary interest. One is that the 'farmer who  joins the association assigns to it  the right to market his wheat. He  signs a hard and fast contract, running for six years, to deliver all 'his  w/heat, except feed and1 seed', to the  association, to, be sold -for him when  and whea-o the best prices can be  secured. The other is that the wheat  ���������������������������o.f all the contracting growers will  be pooled according to grade, the  net -proceeds to be -pro-rated'-back to  the growlers according to the amount  de'ivered to each '.pool.  A- REEVES  w m.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40  Regular meetings fit at  Thursday on or afler the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Masonic Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially  invited  C. H. REEVES  S.'rrptarv  S������������������S  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 35, K. of P.  Meets 1st & 3rd  Monday' eve  in Masoiiic Hall.   Visitoracor-  dially.invited to attend.  WM. ANDERSON. Q. C  H. M. WALKER, K. R. S  R. J. COLTART, M.F.  this in  ' export,  of siaw  is  over  or summer of next year, it is  of British Columbia. The average, timber 'in British Colnmlbia  teiaparailu'ro in the coldest month, 1400 billion feet, board measure,, and  (January) " is 30 degrc.es Fahr. at as the Ameirica-n smpply ds rapidly  Victor! a,-which last ye'nV 'had 2.06S I Saving out oo-ni'e li'd'ea may- be gath-  h'ours of bril'liant sunshUr.e, or nnore  ertsd   of  the  gigantic  nature  of  the  than'  in-''Britain    *or    the   Channel  Islands.  "'There is no diuy in the year,'  Mr. Wade went oi* to say, 'in wliich  industry "of any kind cannot be carried   on   v.ilth   comfort   in   the   open j  ta.sk cf furn'-'shing 110,0,00,000 'peo-  p"ie wiith a'ip 'odu'ct wfhicli they formerly were ai'ole to "supply themselves.  . American Capital Flowing In  "A  great  dea:'.  of American cap-  air, aud the stock 'require no shelter, ital is being rapidly invested in tim-  except from rain; there is no dlay in ',ibercltmits, auid unless-British oaipital  tlhe year >in ^ih,:.ch'lJlie ocean 'ports ^bccom'es alive to it-We situation the  are not-open to ��������������������������� comini'erce.. Thos* day is r-niot 'far" distant-When Britain  are facts which "give Brltteh Colum- w>;u be .paying -fou-r times ^th'e 'pres-  ��������������������������� Ma   100   -per   cent   advantage   over ent ipr'ice  to  American's for'lumber  most other countries.  l'roj.*f ess of the Province  '* 'These     great     climatic    aJd.van-  taiges, - compled   with  British   Columbia's  'marvelous   productiveness   and  , ��������������������������� her strategic  position, on   the Pacific  - coast   cannot  "but   guarantee  a   nidi  niiild piroaperous f'uture.  "'Thau" the Province .is making  licadway may be 'best illustrated by  - ti- few figures. The poipuVation, be it  'rcmomibeTsid, is still unidler 'half a  miil'lion, or about one .person! to the  square mile, yet this hand Cul of ,peo-  ple, so to speak, ha'd to their credit  last year aigr.icultuir.ail products to the  value of ������������������ CI, 00 0,0 0,0 am:l forestry  products to the value of $70,000,-  000. The mineral output in 19IS  was valued at $41,7S2,474, and the  iis'hcries" in! 1917 produced $2 1,518,-  59 5. Fish exceeded the Nova Scotia yield by $7,050,276 -and .all t'he  rest  of   Canada   by   ?11,150,941.  -v Vnhio^or^tlic^l-anama=.Ci������������������nal ���������������������������  " ' Sin'ce Coiiwrnbus gave to man  t'he 'Godlike gift of half the world,'  no geographical event 'has equalled  jn 'importance the cutting of the  Panamla Canal. The twentieth century is ifoir Canada and the -most  notalbl-e event of t'he century wi:'l bo  the opening up and development of  the 'trade between the races t-h-at  surround the Pa'cific Ocean -annong  t-hemiselves lanltl with other coun-  tr.ies. The building of the Panama  Canal made this possible by bringing E'ritish C ���������������������������lum.bia wiith in S.S9 2  miles of Europe, instead of nearly  15,000 mi!'es, as it was via Cape  Horn anid t'be Straits of Magellan. |  " 'The imiporttinco of this great  ohan'ge wiill soon be felt, and the  question 'is w'h'a't will British Columbia -be able to contribute toward this  world deve1 o-pment. Developunent by|  land and se^a, I take it, depends on'  fundaairental energy and iron, and  British Col'iimlWia possesses these to  an almost incalculable idiogree. Her  76 billion metric tons of coal! and  ���������������������������her 3,000,000 -ascertained 24-hour  Water power constitute a world energy almost beyonid the ipower of  imagination to conceive.  Viist  Mineral   Itesourccs  " 'Her stores oif iron, will soon at-  - tract jpublic -attention-, as they never  .   lilave "before,  n'ow that limjoniite a.nid  heman'iite -liave ibeen found in vast  quantities 'in the Whitewater River  sejetion of tttio Lilodet aniintog dii-  vision, and process-es have ibeen dis-  11 on  Oainod'ian soil. The aaime ap.,p,'ies  iri.->a .lesser degree with regard to  coal, 'water-diower, .pulp areas, minerals and land. * .       -  " 'It -is k'o answer to say 'that if  those resource������������������ are good Camadiaiis  should nurchji������������������<e 'tih"irn>. C-ainada is a  country almost -as" ibig -as Europe,  wiith a popiulation less than* that ol  London. S'he 'has.a wiho'e"continent  it-o develop  and  a  two billion, dol'ar  sprint;  stated.  It win be the largest 'hydiro-elec-  itric power plant in the -province,  ���������������������������when completed. Thc outpot of the  present B. C. Electric Railway -plant  at La'ko Buntzen -is 47,700 horsepower and that of the Western Power Company" of- Canada at Stave  Lake, is less than that.  From Seton Lake to Vancouver- is  105 miles in a straight line, and 135  miles 'following the pro.ba0ile course  w.hicli would have to ibe' chosen. In  California today one power comipany  'tran.sar.rits electricity 5 17 'miiles-. AJii-  other big fie'd tor ,t'her-id.istribut-ion  of elec������������������ric 'power wlill-'be for irrigation in th'e dry belt. In "the event  of tlie C. P." R. -electrifying-its system-, the Bridge River Power Comipany would -probably be one of.the  main sources of supply.  SETjMXG co-operatively  1A111 experiment in wheat marketing w.hlich is being tried in the northwestern States will be of -interest to  wieisteirn farmers. The farmers have  ���������������������������formed an association  to dispose  of  wa.ivdebt, in aidditiom to'h'ar national j their, wheat co-operatively 'instead of  debt,  to  carry.     Slie ihas, therefore,  throwing it on the market in the or  When you want the Best  m  tt  Meats and Service, go tb  GEO. R. SHARPE  Wholesale  and  Retail  Butcher  Enderby, B. ,C.       <.  EUREKA LODGE NO 50  I. O. O. F.   .  Meets every Tuesday evening at 8  q,'cloek.   Visiting brothers cordially  invited.  ' W. E. Duncan, N.G. -  D. K. Glen, V. G.  H. A. Teece,  Sec.  A.^' SKAL1JNG'.B- A-  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public. ���������������������������  INSURANCE  Bell Blk.  Enderby, B.C.  Farms for Sale  I have several good hay and stock  anehes   for*sale,  from   130   to   330  acres   each.-- Apply   for' prices   and  erms.   "        '��������������������������� '- - , --   ���������������������������  Tl. G. JIORKE  Pox ^71    .<  Enderby  net the .fir&e. capital npces'sary to develop 'her resources.  ���������������������������' 'It as essential that British capital shou-'d . be invested l'avishly in  Canada. It is no good the ipeoiple of  this country throwing their caps in  the .air and-t'hout'inig 'Empire.' That  ���������������������������is useless wiithout Ein'pire develop  ment.  " *If one tli'ousandtli part of the  energy disiplayed in tlhiis1 connection  -Gould--be^d&\:oted^toi-studyJng_icojidi==  'tions overseas amd organizing the  unused weailth within the E imp ire  tor ic'.ovo'.c.pmeut, results would be  obtain&d which coii'd scarcely be imagined  CAvii cannot ibe  described.  " 'If, on tho contrary, we a're content to do the shouting and let some  ofher country annex the resources  of the Domiinions t'lic future has  very litile in store for us.  r������������������lp AVootJ in Abundi'.nce  " 'Take the matter of 'pulp-w.oo-d,  for .instance. Eleven: years ft'go  IBriitish Co'.umbia' ipivoduced no ipa-  ���������������������������per. Shc now produces about 7,-  000,000 tons annually. The pulp  mills are nearly all in the -hands of  Americans, ancl the great bulk of  paiper iproduct'ion finds its way to the  limited   States.  " 'The 'whole w.or'd needs newsprint, and pulpwoodi 'is more plentiful in BritiS'h Colum-bfia than any-  wlhere else in the world. I cabled  the other day for CO tons of mews-  print for Europe, only to find that  all the ipulp had been contracted tor  a year -ahead. A few days ago I  read an editorial in the Times a*d-  vodating the /production of *pulp  from- the baobab tree, wMi'cli' is to  be found in the imore open iparts of  the Afmcan' busih. Could anythimig  be imo*re futile than to pass -over 'the  65 million acres of ti'niiber���������������������������mi'iidi- of  it on the seasoast���������������������������in British Co-  lunnbia 'and chiase aifteir the baobab  ;tr,ee linl the African *bush':?' "  dinary way. It is pllalined to engage  expert sa-Iesmen to sell the -product  to niii'lenT-amd exporters. Speculators and .profit takers will be eliminated and all the 'proceeds, miinus  handling dharges, will-come back to  the igrowers. The .general outlines  of the p'an -have been w.orked out  and whether or not* it is adopted will  depend on the farmers themselves.  If enough, support is secured to guar-  ���������������������������ffn- innnnail���������������������������volume -Of���������������������������1,00  bushels  steps will .be taken -to  proceed   wiith   the   scheme 'anidi   provide  TflE ENDERBY HARP WARE CO. J  Was n Gootl J^ine of-   ���������������������������  Cream Separators and Churns  ]  No. 12 De Lavoll at $125.00; 500  b. capacity. -'"���������������������������',  1   No. C Viking at $100;   GOO  lb. capacity.  1 No. B Viking at $S0;  350 lb. capacity.'  1  No. A Viking at $00.00;   200 lb. "apacity.  These  machines  have  been  well   ricd   an'd, are   giving   good   satisfaction.  We also 'have two second-hand'machines:   - '..-.' -  " "  1   Magnet; .400  lb. capacity, cash  ?35.00  1   Magnet, 400  lb. capacity;  good as new,   cash    ............... $50.00  1   Second-hand  Butter  Worker    ..������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.. '. .    $5.00  Kevolving Barrel  Churns���������������������������  No.    1 '-...      *]3-00  No     2     $13.00  No.    3 : '     *15-00  1   good   12-inch   Plow   with   D   End Coulter         $36.00  "Lea v e~~y 6UnVor di5iT1foFiar6^v*Wi^R*ep^lrsJr" ���������������������������  Headquarters   for..Bicycle   Repairing  IN ORDER TO VOTE ON THE FORTHCOMING PROHIBITION PLEBISCITE ANP IN PROVINCIAL OR DOMINION GENERAL ELECTIONS  YOU MUST REGISTER  AT I PREVIOUS LISTS OF VOTERS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. THE FACT THAT YOUR  NVME WAS ON THE LIST LAST YEAR DOES NOT COUNT. NEITHER CAN YOU VOTE  AS A PROPERTY OWNER WITHOUT REGISTERING.  Make Your Declaration NOW!  BEFORE THE REGISTRAR OR AN ELECTION COMMISSIONER, POSTMASTER, JUSTICE  OFMTHEi PEACE, MAGISTRATE, CONSTABLE OR BEFORE OFFICIALS AT ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICE.  Registration closes on July Fifteenth next  REGISTER TO-DAY  BY ORDER PROVINCIAL SECRETARY OKANAGAN  COMMONER  THURSDAY, JUNE 24, 1920  CANADIAN"   NEWS  27 feet, owned by the Canadian Concrete   Shipping   Company,   has   been  carloads  of  settlers'   effects' successfully    launched. :   Her    sipeed  the Swan   River Valley.  One/ wi*n bo  10  knots'per hour loaded.  i-������������������i  One of the biggest deals in grain  storage space ever transacted here  was consummated When, the Laitch  McLean Company - completed the  inircha.se of seventeen e'evtors from  the  Imperial. Elevator  Company.  Thirty   home:, seekers   from    Wis-  oonsMi   and   Northern   M'Lnmesota   arrived ar. "Winnipeg one day last week  and   5 S  reached  land   company   is   settling   100   families   in   tiie   Swan   River   district,   a  number of whom expect to get crops sr  this year.  The Western Canada Colonization  Association has succeeded in raising  $500,000 toward the financing of its  project cf settling 'twenty ni-ilMo.n  acres of vacant prairie lands. The  objective of the association is ?1.  .".00,000.  For the year ending March 31st  over one billion pounds of raw sugar  valued a-tj .m.ore t������������������haun j$GS,000,000  and over one million lbs of refined  sugar va'med at $110,190 were imported into Canada for consumption.  The diinty on these consignments  ���������������������������anwun'tcd to nearly fourteen and a  half  million  dollars.  their product to Montreal, and arranging for its sale by the Board of  Trade.  A seven-story hotel is to be  erected at St. John, N. B., containing several hundred rooms and it is  claimed itawili be the most imiposing  r.otel structure in the Maritime Provinces. It will be directed by a large  ���������������������������'j.  S.  hotel  corporation.  A new  concrete ship,   127 feet bv  sr  sr sr  sr  sr sr  fc������������������*  ������������������s  js  js rs  ������������������������������������ rs js  X .ALBERTA NEWS'  sr  sr sr  sr  sr  sr  x  PROVINCIAL MOWS  J.,    JS    JS    js   JS  JS   JS   J^   JS  A   d.rir&r  'fo-r   tihe   Petrol   Oil   and |  Gas    Comipany   struck   a   well   iesti-'  mated   to  be  making  45 barrels and  ",3 00 feet of .gas daily.  A .silver fox fanm, on the Gallqu-ps>  island's between Kingston, Ont., and  Capo Vincent is to be established by  caipitaMsts from New York state.  The situation is said to be ideal, the  nirrnals being -permitted- to rove in  their m.tive haunts - without any  dunfr'?r   of  their  getting away.  Plans are under way to -make  Montreal not only a centre for the  cheese uucton business of Quebec  provir.ee but for the sale of the On-  ttrio cheese product. The United  Dairymen of Ontanio are eliminating  the rural cheese boards1, sending ali  ICodal  ss  |,' The northern ipor'tion of the  Prov-  j iirce  is  on  tlie eve  of'a  tremendous  I boom,   according   to   the  Hon.   T.   D.  i  I Patu''Io, Miniister'of Lands, wiho re-  -jcently spent about three week there.  Settlers are ���������������������������pouring' -in on every  train and boar, land is being cleared  ���������������������������and settled everywhere, amd a spirit  of optimism, pervades the whole  country.  Two new industries wiiich -have  leased acreage from the Harbor  Board wiill com.m'ence on the operation of .plants on Granville Island  this summer. . Both are interested  in the 'development o'f the natural  resources 'of the Province. Tlfe  Al unite Company w.ill manufacture  potash', alum, aluiiitev -alum" fertilizer amd g'ass, obtaining the raw  product's from the great deposits of  a 1 unite 'reck in Brin.-teh Columbia.  T.iic Silica and Talc Company, wMch  owns lar.ge deposits of talc on Vancouver Island, Wiill ,preipare the raw  product for tlie market at the Vancouver ,p!"ant.  ���������������������������The Dim Waters estate at F-intry,  near Vernon-, which consists of 12.-  000 '.-iicres, of which over 100 acres  are in orchard, will spend $50,000  on i improvements this year. As well  as extending th'dir cattle breeding  activities, the proprietors 'intend entering into fruit -growing-on a much  larger scale... ���������������������������    -���������������������������  Twen'tyrfive families ..from thc  L'n'ited "Stages ���������������������������a,iir.iveid dunning last  week amid, have Poeaited- on farm's in  the Salmon River Valley.  A report just "issued by .the provincial government shows an excellent crop outlook it'll rougHiiouit the  (province. Wheat seeding has been  finished for< some time, and ni'ost  of the other grain is ��������������������������� aid...in. Practically all the wheat is above ������������������round  'anld we'll rooted. T-he grass, on the  ���������������������������praliries is til\e besit in years and live  stock is in: excellent shape.  Bu ���������������������������Tiding' continues to be very active .in the city of Calgary and, during t'he month of Many, .permits  were issued to the value of $43G,-  500. The total value of .permits issued since the 'beginning* of the year  now   amounts  to   $1,24 5,50 0.  'During tbe week, several families  who formerly resided on the prairie  and left to take up farms in Aus-  ���������������������������tr-al'ia, arrive'd back to 'purchase new  he)'dings iiu the jpraiinie provinces,  that Western Canada offers better  agricultural condition's and assures  greater prosperity.  . Seap laming is to be one of the  chief sports in the Canadian Roddies  this summer, " and -guests at 'tbe  Banff h'otel can book their flights to  view and snapshot the Rocky Mountains from 'the 'a'ir. Heavy bookings  from; tourists on both sides of^'the  ���������������������������line 'have already been made and  many are including the seaplane  flight in thelir reservations.  Hardware Necessities  MmmB^g^i^i^^i^mma^M^^^ga^mB^mV^mmmt^^mmi^^^mi^imi^mm^immtMimaa^i^i^mMMMMMMMMMMMmmBmmmmmmtimm^mmmm  ��������������������������� - O .      " ' ..    .*'"  Plain double-twist galvanized Fence Wire $6 "for 80-r'd spool.  Pumps, $6.00 to $18.75.  Linoleum, $1.65 per sq. yard.  Feltol floor oil cloth, 90 cents per sq. yard.  Scylhes, $2.25 each  Scythes, $1.90 each.  Hay Forks, $1.50 each.  The-Red Star Washing Machine; a child can run it', Price $25  Lime, Plaster and Cement.  Anolhcr car of Cemcnl will   he here in a few days.  We carry'Ihc largest stock of general      Hardware    in    the  Northern Okanagan.  Healing;  and  Plumbing   Systems and Repair Work.  FULTON HARDWARE CO.  Plumbing Heating  ENDERBY, B. C.  Tinsmithing  A >*e\v  Lemon Is a Giant  ancj Kocjak Supplies  You never will know the full  ��������������������������� enjoyment of an outing  until  you    take   a  Kodak with you  A recently developed lemon tree  grows ii'riuit about the size of the  ���������������������������grape-fruit/ and lis so lieavy th-at  the slender branches of the itree  .must be oaireifiuly- su'p.-pc rted by a  trellis. In -flavor, the Ponderosa  lemon is rather niiild, but it may be  used an all ways like the commercial  (lemon). T'he tree may be cultivated  indoors.  mr  st  mr  st  ss  +*   sr   mr   sr  sr  sr  sr  sr  sr- sr  sr  st   st   St   st   st   *t   St   st   st   st  s/t   st  sr  st  X  sr  *���������������������������>  S.A S IC A T C li KWA X XOTES  -  X  ur  >t  sr  st  sr   sr  sr  mr   mf  sr  sr  sr  sr  sr  sr  st  st  st  st   st   rt  st  st  st   st  st  st  st  sr  st>  m*  St  The Provincial - Department of  Highways is awarding cash (prizes  for every stretch of road entered  for the road dr.a'g competition, and  there are ai'ready .15 0 entries.  Stretches of road entered .in tire contest  range   from.  3  to   6   miles,   and  Summer Underwear  FOR MEN AND BOYS  You will find our stock complete in every detail, and our goods the  most dependable for summer wear.    Let us show you.  E. e. J3ILL  Gents' Furnishings  Five Roses Flour  Groceries  USB KOlilX HOOD FLOUR  for all kinds of baking. It is the  best .family flour, that can be milled.  Likewise it is highest in food values.  It makes the finest kind of bread,  cakes and pies. And it is so well  blonded that even the lloast skillful  baker gets -splendid results from its  use.  TEECE  &  SO:N  ENDERBY, B. C.  Report  Koi- May,  Min.  A. Reeves  Druggist nnd Stationer.  EXDEHBY ^  _ 3c a word first insertion, 2c' n word e.-ich insertion thcre.-iftcr: 2.~c minimum charKo: I Oc extra  whoro cash dw������������������ not nccumpnny ohKt.  WANTED���������������������������A good prniile saldlo  pony. a.boiit 1)00 pounds. Kenneth  Worth,  Trinity Val'ey. .In   1 fi-3i  FOR SKItVICK���������������������������Refc'isicrpd Jersey  'bull. Mablo Lake road: 3 m-i'os.  ll.   Aldin. Th.    i _,i  ll.   Aldin.   FOR SALK���������������������������.Six k.c.im  iage, on Russel street  foniimonor   Office  Jly   1-p  tho 'pnizes awarded  about -?2 0 .per mile  som'e ? 10.000.  work    out  or   a   total  at | v  of  QUALITY WATS  .Straw   ihats   worthy   'of    mention.  We   believe   we   are   tiie   only  folks  ho go in for the nifitiest  A raw potato will remove mud  stains like m.-ag'ic. Brush off t'he sur-  p.Ius dust, then appf'y the .potato.  Don't be afraid to  rub, and  mlake a  clean  slice  as one  until  dry and  then  is  soiled,  ���������������������������brush   off.  Leave  brick    cot-  Apply W.,  Knderby.  FOR SALK���������������������������Two aero block; fine  building site-;, on ������������������������������������������������������ river bank; now  in alfalfa and fruit trees; ail  fenced; ten mi mut as walk froni  I'u.-toflice. Apply W., Commoner  Oflice,   Knderby.  'OR* SALK���������������������������Winchester magazine  rifle.. Bought Jan. 1920. Perfect  condition. Also 7,000 feot 'assorted lumber; well seasoned. Apply Jas. Dixon, Bell Block, Enderby. 3t.���������������������������  STRAW   JfAT**  that can 'be -p  : chased, anywhere.  ���������������������������We have all sizes andi -can give  you any kintf of a- tend that you  iprefer. Get ibusy and get a Straw  Hat.  pnejerby Supply Co.  n  .NOTICE   TO   I'AIXTEKS  Tenders will be received 'bv the  undersigned on or before the 30th  of June, .1.920, for repainting (two  coats) and decorating the Public  School  at Grindrod.  Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  It-  T.  TWIGG.  Secretary Grindrod School! Board.  INSTEAD OF CHURNING---MAKE MORE  MONEY WITH LESS TROUBLE  Burns Creamery  VERNON  Mails Bank Money Order and tests  showing results of each shipment.  Also  pays  all  transportation charges.    *  Cream Cans and Shipping Tags  can be had, on request  P. Burns & Co., Ltd.  VERNON, B. C.  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  1 1  12  13  14  15  l(i  .17  1.8  19  20  21.  22  23  24  25  26  27  2S  29  30  -?Sr  28  33  3C  39  35  38  44  4 4  46-  4S  i 37  4 6  4 2  38  i39  4S  GS  ���������������������������>6  09  6S  71  G6  CO  ������������������2  ������������������1.  G3  SS  03  60  64  GG  69  G7  GO  Gl  (i G 3 3  Clear    ci'ays,    G;  38  32  ���������������������������41 .  33  44  33  29  36  -50  3 4  3 1  37  Range  35  .,31  .- 2-7  30  3 6  40  3S  3 1  27  25  31  20  27  30  32  IS  23  24  2 9  ���������������������������22  25  19  27  . 3 5  30  19  33  .    '29  24  i33  =35���������������������������  1930  Rain  SOTICI3 Ol^ SAIjK  .  -Pursuant to the order of the Honorable   the   Chief   Justice' of   British  Columbia,  lnade on Ithe 31st day "of  May,  1920,  tenders'will .be received  by me irp to a.ml includinig the 30th-  of  June,   1920,   for Uhe 'Purchase of  the fol'lo'wdng property,  belonging to  H. G. Davies, a mriss'ing iperson, wiith-  in Lhe meaning of the Curators' Act.  J.    One F.'ord  automobile,    "  2.     One motor boat amid engine,  i     3.     Miscellaneous"    lot.   of   house-  ���������������������������2S,'hold  I     4.  .10'  .02  effects,  Miscellaneous lot of oflice furniture,  |     5.     Lot 4, Map .14 71, (being a sub-  (division of -palit of Section 22, Town-  ���������������������������i:Vsliia)   20,  Range  S,   West  of  the  Gth  ���������������������������0u'Meridian,  situate -it  Mara Lake,   B.  'C,  conlt-aini'iig  10.23  acres',  -02       iFractionaL Lot 7 and   Lot S,  Map  14S2, being a subdivision of part of  the southeast quarter of Section  21,  Township    3S,   Osoyoos   Division   ot  00 Yale       District,     containing     12.65  {acres, .more  or  less.,  situate on the  . JEnderby-Sa+nion- Arm road1, about  2  miles from Enderby.  ���������������������������For  if until er   particulars   ap.ply   to  Graham   Rosoman,   Esq.,   City   Hall,  Enderby,  or to  the 'undersii'gneid.  _ ,_T'ne 1 owest_. or_'an;y tender_._not_  .0i  part    clear,  for    m on tli.  -t0-+  23:  .72.  cloudy,  2.  Total raiiiit'all  Mean .temipenaturo, 52.-! 0; higlicst  'tenijiieraituro, S2, on the 7th; lowest  temiperaturo, 2S, on the lsl.  necessari'y accepted.  .���������������������������Dated  at Enderby, B. C, this 9th  dav cf June,   1920.  A.   C.    SKALING  Solicitor    'for    Graham     Rosonran,  Esq,,   Curator   o.f   tho   Estate  of   the  said H. G. Davies, Enderby, B. C.  NEW MUSJC  A-nyt'lrini? in mii'Piio enn be olit.a.iued  here/ AU the po.pul-.ir i-ongs and  iirp/urum-pntar- pieces tcgether with  standard son'g books and instruction  books.  If we are" out oj' the particular  piece you require we will get it for  you.  We   also   have   a   supply   of  good  mouth   organs," violin   strings,   pegs,  bridges, etc.  THE   I'Of'ULAU   VAWETY STOKE  Postoffice one door  East  ENDERBY,  B.C.  House For Sale  ��������������������������� Storey and a half frame house,  partly furnished.  Goodl three-roomed shlack with  cellar.  ���������������������������Three large lots all .planted in  garden, and fruit trees.  Shade   trees���������������������������Chicken   houses.  JThis property for sale at a bargain ip rice to the man with the cash,  or will arrange easy terms.  See  me  and talk "business'.  Box 4 3  C.  G. PIPER  Plione F 30;  arfd  When  in  needi oif a choice cut  meat of any kind give us a call  full assortment of fresh, smoked  saillt meats on (hand. Also lard. Green  vegetables* .fresfli   every   day.  ,, Flres'h  Fish   for  Friday.  Orders   called   for   and   ip*ro*miptly  delivered from  THE CASH MEAT MARKET  Phone  63  Jas. Dickson  REAL   ESTATE,   INSURANCE  GENERAL AGENT  Bell Block Enderby  M  ��������������������������� -1  -v    ���������������������������  I  t


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