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Okanagan Commoner Aug 12, 1920

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 V  ���������������������������V Ksf.1 "-.7  f&  </���������������������������  ������������������  S  %  -     V ������������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� -������������������������������������������������������ '������������������'"  /-  ~*SV;- '���������������������������       ... .*--->-������������������'  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE   ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  Vol.  13, No.  25, Whole No.  C71  THURSDAY, AUGUST 12, 1020  Subscription, $!3 a year  MIRACULOUS    ESCAPE  Cur Loaded with Seven Persons  .lumps Mabel Lake Road, Turning  Over  Down  Embankment.  fPh'rJro' are dla.ngeroii[s ipoiiiltys on  1he Ma'bel Lake ro'ad that are .certain to be the scene of fatal accidents sooner or later if the Road  Department does mot .remedy the  serious refects in the roadl, to winch  attention has been- repeatedly ca'Ued  fromi time to tim'e in the ipast season. For some reason, the Provincial Road Department lis showing  shameful neglect of this road. Ten  years 'ago, when, there was not an  aufo driven over th'e road, more attention-ian,d better work was iput .on  this road than is put uip on it todlay.  And, while the caiiwping season lasts  rivero aro from 50 to 75 autos using  the -road, each week, besides .the  da/ily trips miade by the Okanagan;  S>aiw MI'ils tnuck, hauling freight to  the logging catnips and fire-fighters,  nnldi tho regular twice-a-weok service of the Hupel auto stage.  Sunidlay afternoon, w.hile driving  a "tricky" part oif tlie road, whore  one unaccustomed to the road as  liaibilo to relax 'his vigilance, a  Cli'cv car loaded1* with seven ipersons  and driven 'by - Mr. Anderson, of  Grinjdrod, struck the ragged, rutty  bit of corduroy on tho road west of  ' St. George's, amd in the twinkle of  -an'" eye the car look.to the woods,by  the rola'dside. It itappled over the  wooded bank, carrying 'its precious  load wiith it. The car turned' com-  p'et'ely oyer and 'balanced on its  side on-...'tho seconldi time over. ��������������������������� T>n  the first turn-over the scat backs  happened to rest on a 'fallen tree,  thus keeping the weight, of the car  off the. 'passengers, ,not one of whom  received! an injury.  ��������������������������� Thc car was salvaged om Monday  by Mr,. Anderson. It was very little  dla'mjaiged, considering the .nature of  the acckl'ent, which is accounted for  by tiro fact of lhe thick growth of  small trees 'by the roadway over  whiichthe oar roiLled.  X  I  EM>ERIJY XEWS  kk*)(:(x������������������};kki;);xxk a x x  G-oodl Morning! Before "peace was  declared there was one big war;  now the world 'has .thirty small! 'wars  ���������������������������.aiul they- are still -growing. Who  do you want to fight?  Peggy Hylan'd wiill be seen  in  thc  II comedy-drama ."Oaaight  in 'the Act'  i  X X  sr sr sr sr sr sr sr mr sr sr sr sr sr sr nr  jS st  rt  st st st  st st  st st st st st st st  '* MARA  NOTES X  Sr sr  mr sr   s*  t st  sS  rt   st  to  -Mrs. J. A. Miller reft" yesterday  visit 'the coast ci'ues.  Mr..   A.   A.   Faulkner   was  in  from  Merritt the week-end.  iMrsi-Burnh-am   returned   this   week  ���������������������������from a vli'silt ito .tlie Coast.  Mrs. ^Sidney   H.    Speers   returned  ���������������������������from the coast this week.  MJfaster  Kenneth  Burnham   is  visiting relative;, 'in  WarWach'in.  Geo.   H.   Hodgson,   of   Wall hae h in,  i'9 visiiting 'iris slister, Mrs.  Burii'liam-.  ���������������������������at   'the   Endelrby   Theatre   'Saturday  ���������������������������night,    and    next    Tuesday .evening *  Mary Pii.clofond wiill ibe sih'own tn ont-j     'Sid Kell'ett came in on, M|on'day to  of   the   best   o.f   'her    ip Lay's,     "The' vis-it his brother, Harry.  Hoo'dilum." j     Wilfrid   Owen   spent   Sunday   and  ���������������������������Mr. amd  Mrs.  Geo.  Oppertsbauscr, Monday in  Enderby visiting friends.  v.ve visiting  Endenby this  week, ,fh������������������!     Mr.  Jno.    A..   Oavers   left  for the  WOULD   STOP   UOOZE    VENDORS  guest's o.f Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Op-  pertalTJauiser. *"' They arc returning to  their Mla.milboba-liome from ithe coast  cities-, stomping- off .here to see the  "Okla.nagan- and Tilsi'it theft-  an'd  famiily.  The new books  coast   this   week   to   have   his   eyes  treated.  1     A number of Maraites took in the  Vernon    celebration    ,last    Thursday  Wiimii'peg on a holiday.    He in-  brot*her ia'llldl 1'*el)0'r't 'having a good time.  ! , Mr.   W.m.   Oadiden   left  on  Friday  -       ���������������������������      .   ,'        ' f-o-r  have -arrived- from  .',,,. ,.. ���������������������������  ,    .,       ,-,   ,    ,       r ., tends   to stop   oft  at several,  .points  Viator na   and   the   Enderby   Li'brary J       .._,_.  .-._.. ., . ��������������������������� ,    en  route  to vis'it relatives, andi will  Association  will  open  again, on S-at-.,  a     '   I*...       _  ���������������������������> ���������������������������     _.    'be away a month,  unlay, Aug.   14th,  at 3 p.m., .in the;     ..       Tl.  -   ��������������������������� , .   .  _.���������������������������     Tr ���������������������������      _.      ,.,. ,        , Mrs.   Wm1.   Kenyoni  returned  from  .City Hall.     Tim  library has ibeen   a-  . , ���������������������������  A     , .- .  I      . .  ��������������������������� , ,'fhie   coast   on   Saturday,   where .she  great success, and: its 'members have ,    .   ,     '    . ,,. .  ,  ,..     r,     ,,n    ,. -,,������������������������������������������������������,���������������������������..���������������������������   .,,,,     ������������������������������������������������������ I .  _   ,  _, .   ,       o   .     'bad 'been to consuilt an eye special-  Mr.   C.    WI.    Orr in I 'en:i re   -wis an iapipreciiiated  the  very  varied  a.nd  in-  . t       T������������������  .     ..      , -    "       l  Pndierb-v   visitor   from   Grind rod    on'. ...,. i _���������������������������    _ t.������������������        !St-      **���������������������������   1S   "-he   hope   of   ner   miany  r_i_<.t-ii.y   wbnui    i.iuiu   vji.iuu.uu   u" m erp^t-.hig   n-umiber   of   books.      New  ....       _,_._,_.  Wednesday                        ->.                                V r -             friends     th'at     the    treatment   ipre-  ������������������* ct.iii.iro..itij.                         ^                       members are  wenconie i  Mrs. D.  Brash 'and Mrs. J. Nichol, ' scribed  will1, at least check affliction.-  ���������������������������to   visit   relatives  in!     Fnainik Of ner     sold his    40-acre'     At St. Matthews Church, last Sat-  Cily    Council    Considering    Legislation   to   Restrict  Two   Per   Cent  leCt   last   wee!-  Saskatchewan)!.  1 Mr. "andi  Mrs.   Win.   Duncan  into caime at Mabel Lake on Monday  to remain two weeks.  Ncxt regular meeting of Enderby  Local' United Farmers, will -be held  in   the   Waill,   Thursday,   A:ug.   19th.  ���������������������������Mrs.   Richardson   of   Lu.m'by,   has  been    visiting   her   daughter,     Mrs. .  Jno.    McMahon,   the   past' week,   or  excoLent  two. =, farming.  Mrs.     MacDonald    .&f     Wdnnipeg, i   ...Mr.   R.  wiio  has   'been    visiting   iher   sister,' Do,m'*iniicn  ji'iver-f.rcn't farnr, Maibcl .Lake -valley,  urday, .was solemnized' the nraroiage  went'tllis- wcc'k   to  Mr-   Antoino  Zemlis,  a of   Miss   Douglas    to    Mr.   Charles-  fiate   arrival   from- ithe   States:.     Mr.'-worth,   the   Rev.   Mr.   Gretton   offi-  Za.in.is   and   .family   of   six   children,  e-iating.     The   church   was   crowded  will   bake   immediate 'posssssiio-n  and wiith,  friends  and.   neighbors. '  Some  intend 'to   start at  'once  to   greatly of   the-young   ladies   had'  decorated  imiij-.-ove   itiheir . iproperty,    which    is tlie  interior with flowers *a*md tbow-s.  ���������������������������'icicoted   on   the   Trinity  Val'ley   side Little Ruth- Dean, looked very ipretty  |of   the   river    oivd    emibr-aces   some as   the  bridesmaid1."   Mr.   Goodridge  ian'c.>   Hand    for   'intensive supported     the     groom:,"   andi    Col.  j Lan'gd'on  gave away  tlie  bride.  Mrs.  F.  Green,  member of the Greltton  presided  at the organ.     As  House    Jcr     Kootenlay,  VfWXOX   STA9|P|S1>F'  Proves   Vory   Siicci'ssful, ~Finiinri:il:y  ������������������s Well as in Point of Sport  The Vernon Amateur-Athlct.c As-  sociaition, uniciwr whose management  Lhe .stampede -was held Hast w*ek,  deserve praise "for the way 'both  diays' sports -were handled. The  event will be remenvbered' !by many  as olio of the :biggest and best cefe-  =b i-.:ilil o ns=e ve r-h eldH n���������������������������the=Q kJa n aga ni=  The Jiaselball and lacrasse games  played on Wednesday were very  goodl, .tlhe score up to the 8th inning in th'e 'ball game between tho  Vdrnon 'and Penticton teams being  l-'l. Then, wiith the bases fiiil'l, a  home run was svvattedi 'for Penticton  which -gave the visitors a- lead .that  cou.'ld not be overcome. The lacrosse  game re'sultod 'Liv a .tie.  The 'big day was Thursday. The  gate receipts , on this day alone  iimount'ed to nearly $1,0,00. Crowds  came from ai'l over the Valley to see  thc rough iricHng' and bucking contests, 'for w'hich iliber'a'l 'prizes were  given. Many of the exhibitions  were exciti'n'g enough to satisfy the  craving of anyone.  Prizes amounting to $4,50.0 were  given in the vairlious events. Not  one .dollar was asked of the city ;by  the athle't'ic .association. The total  receipts of tho two days amounted.  to conoideraible more thlat the sum  roqufiredl, and At is es'timiatedl Iby Mr.  Stratford the assoclilation will 'have  $500 to the good 'after ipayi'ing all  the expenses  oif  the celebration.  Mrs. H.  Byrnes, left on Monday for  visiited the Okanagan the .past week."  the Coast. - " | It   is   mmdorstood   his   visit . was   iin  Dr.   Summer   will   be   in   Eiulanby, j connection   with   the  political   situa-  Moritlay, Tuesday' amdi _ Wednesday  of .next week, 'at his dental -'office,  Cliff street. - -  iMr." and Mrs. .R. J.. Kernagham,  newly, marri'edi/ of Kelowna. were  guests at the King "Edwiard Hotel  Tuesday night.  , (Mp.-A. R. Rogers arrived on Friday last to go into several matter's  in connection: with -his interests here'  tion.. who re  espec'iiaJ'.Iy  w'lth-^tih'e ipro-  P'CSf.d   ca-ndi'dature of  Mr.   McKelviie,  editor of the Vcnnon News.wlho, wo  undcr-jstsiw!',   'hias-J *siigail'fied Vvi-f." '\viill-  J inigin'siss - to- accept    the "n'Circnination  as memitter   for   Vale-Cari'boo.     It^ is  [generally ladmittod that  Mr.   McKel-  Jv.'ie 'is  the ''icgiical  Conservatiive  can-  jdid'a.te    for    this    constituehcy,    and  , t.hc~miainit!e laid, dowin by Mr. Martin  thle h'aippy couple left the church  they were liberally showered with  oonifettii. Afterwards ,a recejption  was he)"d at the 'home of .the bridie."  Both the bride and groom, in their  short residence here, have miade a  host ofi friends, and we all join in  Wiishing ,them _a s J^ong a.ndi _.ha,pT>y  life amongst us. A dla.n*ce was giiven  in their honor by friends-and neighbors lorn Friday evening.  Opens  in this  4Mi   to  wiith Ma.ni.Tger Marley. _ '   ! Bu'iirell  Sidniey; Green spent the week-eml  him.  in    En'd'er.by   from-   Spence's  Bridge,  where he is in charge of-the general  store  at  that ipoint.  ���������������������������The Bell block of buildings on  Cliff street are being re-cap.ped' with  cement, amd are , to be -repainted'  from Tio'of  to   fommdlation.  ,Thc Bank of Hamilton iblock received the-fina!'. touches this week  that mlake it on of the .best looking  business -blocks on  Cliff street.  'There', was a 'full house, and ���������������������������<*  mo^t aipprecilative 'audience to see  the al'l-comedy 'pi'c.ture iplays 'at  the  Enderby Theaitro Tues'dlay. nligiht.   v_  _  a:  'is  .almost  certain   to   go   to  SffOOTIXG   .S^ASOX  Pistrjct on September  ���������������������������MrsT~AT-  who   went  Faullvner  The" game '-egupation's just published oipen the season in this, district,,-  (Eastern) ���������������������������  .Ducks;, Siblipe audi Plover-:���������������������������Sept.  4 th  to Dec.  .1Sth.  Grouse���������������������������Sept.  4 'to Sept.  20.  Bag limit���������������������������Ducks,  20  in one day,  .150   for   season;    grouse   6   of   one   ^ =_      j specie, J2 of, a'll species -in. a day, ^0/their Property near  and   family,' for 90ason.  X ti|������������������HXnRO|>   xqtjss X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXxX  Mr. F. Hoffman was in Armstrong  on business last week.  Miss I. Stoodley, of Armstrong, is  paying a visit here wiith  Mends..  Miss Pansy Price, of Huipel, 'paid  a short wisit to friends in Grind/oct  last week.  iMiss Eva " Hardwick .i's staying  with her aunt, Mirs. H. Tomkinson,  for a short time.  Miss   A.     Little,     of    Vernon,    is  Mayor Barnes 'and Aldermen  Coltiant, Gaylordi and i\T.ichol were in  ���������������������������alttend'au'ce at the meeting of the  City  Council  Monday  evening.  The Mayor ireiport&d briefly on  t'he construction of the 'gravel sidewalk oil George street. .Some information relating to finishing of side-  wlaHks wiith tar and tarvia wag read  but it was decided not to attempt  the use of tin:s m'atenial at itihis time.  The Mayor <rc,ported that 'he had  supervised! the work himself for a  week, but was un'alble to devote any  .more tim'e to it, so 'had engaged  Mr. N. H. Kenny as foreman. He  asked that a rate of remuneration,  be fixed for Mr. Kenney, whicli was  set at COc an 'hou'r. '  Mr. F. D. Abbott appeared before  the Council and 'askodi further time  in 'wihich to iprosecute 'his claim  against the Provincial Government  im connection wiith' t'he 'maintenance  of persons und'er^qu'aramtine in his  hotel before he could "pay the city's  'claim of SCS.20 in connect.un with  the same quarantine. Thirty days'  additional  time   was   al1 lowed.  Oity  Clerk  Rosoman  was  g'ra'nted .  a leave of absence for 'a b������������������r.ief vacation, as has beeni the practice in  recent years.  The finance "comlmrittee reported"  ithe following accounts jagainist the  city: *���������������������������--..-  Okanagan   Saw   Mills  Oklanagan   Telephone  Wl.   J.   Murray   . .���������������������������./.  C.'  E:" Dugdlal'e   .....  B.   G.   Gray    ...... J  Sparrow    ........  A.   Johnson  H.   Hutchison . . .  Co.  $22.34  "   7.20-  5.88* ,  64.64  24.24.  ' 13.75  4 5.,00"  ���������������������������2.SO   ^  spending a few. days wii'bh" h'er aunt,  airs.  L. St'roul'.ger.  Mr.   J.   Carlin   and   Mr.   E.   Stickland  are   busy   building   a   sil'o   on  Grindrod.  to   Merritt   some   weeks ]     Moose-  1  to   Dec.  old,  LluilIs   only,   over  ago   to   stay   the   summer,  returned. olt]l> Sept-  -,   Lo Dcc   15tii..  to their   Euderby   home   last  week. |     ,Mountain   Goat���������������������������Sept.   1  Threshing1   is   well   undonvMay   in   15th.  ���������������������������the    district.      The   yield,    notea-bly j    (Bear���������������������������AU1  kinds, over  1.  year  on   tlie  Hassard   and   Dellamt  farms, j Sept.   IS   to  Dec.   .15.  is reported to be more than satisfac-1     Bag   lhwit-Vone   sheep,  two   goat,  tory. three deor, one doe only, three griz-  ���������������������������Mr. S.  Poi'son returned from Van-!zly  bear.  .couver last Friday.    He reports that       Mouutiain  sheep���������������������������Sept.   4   to  Nov.  The C." P. R. has built a nice little  year station here, andi our 'people do -hope  jit  will-not  be  allowed -to  become  a  Ho Bo's Rest.  Mrs. Poison and ���������������������������daughter have de-  cidied to come baclc'to the Okanagan  to .live.'  Alice Landon, who has been attending school at Ganianoque, Out.,  the past three years, returned to her  home near Armstrong 011 Satuiidlay,  Mrs. Landon meeting her at Sicamous.  Mrs. H. W. Harvey is leaving for  a two-weeks' visit tb ..the Coast tiie  end of this week. She will return  by the Kettle Valley and stop off  at Kelowna to see her son, w.ho is  15th.  IDocr���������������������������Sept.  4 to Nov.  30th.  All ifur-bear.ng animals except  beaver may. be trapped from Dec. I  to March 31, 1921.  A special note is "attached to the  new g-amie regulations calling attention to the fact that it is unlawful  to trap 'beaver anywhere in the Province; to trap bear south of itihe  main line of the C. P. R.; to carry  firearm������������������ or traps wiithout a license;  to 'use a.ny other .person's license;  to   use  ipitJ!iamips   or  lights   of  any  emlpl'oyed in the Bank of Comlm'erce. rdscrLption at any time for the pur-  ���������������������������Deputy Fire Warden Ashton reports that the fire fighting gang are  in control of the forest fires <uv the  vicinity of King Fisher, 'anld also in  the Hidden Lake distniot. The fire  at Cottonwood is still runnling wild,  and t'haJt along tine Waip "river lis also heyondi corutroll. The fire situation is much 'better than, it was  last week.  Road: engineers went over the  Mabe"j Lake road Wednesday. It is  to 'be hoped!.ithey do something more  itiham go over the iroad, and that the  im|peirative need of som.e ipractica.1  work on the road is forced upon  them.  IMessTiS'. Sk^ning), Martin, Mackie  and Skaling returned from Vancouver on. Mondlay. Mr. A. C. Skal-  dmlg 'returned to Vancouver the following 'dlay. He wiill spend .a *few  weeks in oamp with Mrs. Skaling  at Wihite Rock.  ipose of hunting; to carry loaded fire  arras in. or 'discharge same fjrom.-a-n  automobile or any other ve'hicle;  to 'hunt gamie ibird-s from any sail  or ipbwerbo'at; to carry a ipuim*pgu,n  without a 'permanent plug;������������������������������������������������������to hunt  on game reserves or other ipre-  scribedi.areas; to kill golden or silver pheasants.  Tlie pnize winners in the w.heat  growing contest are Mr. J. Emeny,  8 0%, T. Skyrme, 8S%, R. Fenton  8 7%, T.  Morton S0%.  X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X  X fJRANPVlEW WSXCJt ){  JJ X X X X X X X X X XXXXXX  iMiss Boersli of Grindrod spent  last  week   visiting  Mrs.   L.-Stroulger.  iMr. amd Mrs. T. W. Lidstone attended the celebration at Vernon  last week.  Messrs. Gilbert and Roy Lidstone  motored (to Vcrnion last Thursday  to take in the sports there.  E.  G.  W  G.   A.   Rands    ....'.........     3.00  Walker   Pr-t^s    ............. ." 1 9.70  A.   Reeves      3.-70  Fulton   Hardmlare   Co    ......   11.90  .Neiml'n'sit'O'nl   Typewiirtej"   Co...     4.JO  G.   Rosoma.n., -petty; cash   ....   13.1fi  The Clerk reported that (pursuant  to instructions received from the  special com'inlittee on trade: -licenses  ���������������������������by-'Vjws a, draft of the by-law fo'r  licensing, amd regulating places  where beverages made Crom mial't or  'hops .were retailed, sinnilar to that  adopted elsewihere .in the Province,  :was submitted 'by Messrs. Coohraine  &-LadnG(t'��������������������������� city, soriditoi's, for adoption here. Th'e (proposed by-law-  fixes tlie trade license covering the  sale of near beer and-simi'lar beverages at $50 for every six months,  and restricts the 'hou(rs of sucli  sales to only the morning hours of  "^ch^cFayf'Tlfe^lJ^  there shall ibe no sale of such  liquor between the hours of 12  o'clock noon Saturday and 6 o'clock  Monday morning, except to bona  fide tra;vel.lc|:'s or with meals furn-  ; ished' in hotels and 'restaurants. It  provides, fnrher, that "Ouriinig* nil  the hours and times mentioned,  every bar-room and every warehouse and room .in-wihich said beverages are kept for sale shall be  absolutely closed and securely  locked so that no person may go or  be or remain  therein."  Owing to the full .niuihbor of  aldenmen hot 'being 'present it was  deoide'd   to   -postpone    consideration  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa  X DEEP CREEK  NEWS X  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  ���������������������������Mrs. David Laing Watkins entertained a -party of friends who motored up from. Vr.non last Sunday;  including Ms. William Duncan, Miss  Redgrave; Miss Peairl Redgrave and  Mr.  MacCluney.  "Not a sou, not a man, not -a  guni," is the repTy. of Labor in 'both  Engramld and France to. t'he pro-  posall to sendl troops into Poland to  fight tiie Russian ipeopl-*j>'is army.  And mien of the Lloyd George type  are now admitting what everybody  Was fci'it at he-art, tihat the invasion  of Russia by Poland, backed 'by the  war party of England and France,  was uivjustiifiablo and wiithout the  shadow  of  reason.  of   thc   (proposed,   iby-law  next regular meeting.  until   the  )������������������  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  X CHURCH   SERVICES X  sr sr sr  fc* wr sr sr  sr sr sr  w *r sr sr  fcf %r  rt   st   st   St   Mt   St   S'b   st   st   st   St   St   St   St   st    st  ST.   ANDREWS   CHURCH  (Preshyterian)  ilf you are ia town "next Sunday,  make it your aim' to 'be at St. Andrews Church. Mornjing subject,  "The Perfect Ideal of Religion":  evening, "The Unspoken Word." Mr.  Stott w.ilM  conduct  both  services.  Hulllcar at 3  p./nv.  METHODIST   CHURCH  'Pastor, Capt. _Rev. ,T.  G. Gibson  iSnhject   Sunday   evening,   "Wflien  Will th-e League of Nations Become  a Reallity?"     ______  RAPTIST  CHURCH  Mir. D. J. AV.elsh will preach in  t'he Baptist Church Suaiday, the  loth, at 11 o'clock. OKANAGAN   COMMONER  THURSDAY, AUGUST 12, 1920  fefea-nagan Commoner  In which is mei-ccetl The Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly  Published every Thursday at Enderby, B.C..  by The Walker Press, at  i?3  par year; S1.50 six months.  H. M,   WALKER  THURSDAY. AUGUST 12. 1920  Building Up Civic Pride  "You nuiy send me up a small sack; 1 will not  lake a large sack ai lhal price.    I'm jusl Ted up'  Generator suitable for the burning of debris from  the stores, etc., would not cost tlie town more  than a few hundred dollars . As before staled, it  would materially reduce lhc general insurance  rate and at tlie same time lower the general Jire  risk.  Becoming Desperate  Il is not much that llie people of Mabel Lake  valley and those using the wagon road, are asking of the Govern men I in connection wilh the  repair of the road, "ihev'do not ask the impos-  oii trying to clothe tmd feed a family and have io siblo. -Rul unless "f i-������������������ *���������������������������' , is taken to replace  pay lhe prices charged in this town. I can .send; n,c. Cordurov patches near Hupel and to repair  to tlie coasl and make money by. doing so. I'm | ihc approaches lo some of lhe culvert bridges  tired of hearing this cry. 'Patronize your home;bevond Hupel, il would nol be surprising to  merchant-' 'buy al home," and ali lhal stuff." iR.:u. ()|' these obstructions lo travel being blown  .She was one of these ideal mothers���������������������������earnest,  sincere; a good provider, hard working and  failhftil. She spoke as if she were desperate, and  h;id lost heart trying lo make ends- meet. The  local merchant made no response, and the incident would   have   been   forgotten   probably had  oul some of these days. Possibly the road  foreman supposed lo be looking after the Mabel  Lake road litis overrun lhe thirty cents privately  appropriated for this road; possibly lhe fault is  nol his. bul lhere are some Irenches across the  road leading lo lhe Sl/Gorgc place where one car  iviC'PmD  |heels "that are -turning  Gather no rust!"  This is a Proverb,  Accept which,we must.  nd here is another V  Whose truth is as wide;     ', i  A TOWN CANNQT BUST /V  That has true CIVIC PRIDE! * ^V  iioj: the wa.il of a mother's heart sounded louder!jumped lhe road inlo the bush on Sund'ay, turn  in the ears of the scribe lhan the words uttered  Perhaps this was only Ihe echo of the cry thai  comes from hundreds of mothers' hearts as they  strive, from day to day t'o manage the household  and clothe and  leed  the. home brood.    And  the  BUY WHERE  YOU    LIVE  ritiCHS   OV   TUXTU/tiS  In  ,'tiiiis   connection;,   Mr.   H.   C.ay  ing over twice down the embankment, lhal never  should have been made by him in the first place.  and   when   made  should   have  been   repaired   by   filler,   .president;   oi'   the   American  him even if lie had to do it On Ids own lime. The National  Wholesale  Dry  Goods  As-  hoie in   lhe approaches  to  the culvert  bridge be- sociation', says:     "No sane man can  bought came   lo   us:   'Are   prices   in the. home jyond  Hupel and  that by the Mabel Lake school reason    that   ithese   unconscionable  town  high"? Are  the home merchanls  laking nd-i.u.d  over Whiskey creek,  have  bcen  allowed  to P'nces of textiles can endure, and. no  vantage of conditions and pushing up prices, or!grow more dangerous for weeks and not a tap of, Juggling ot"  figures' can  justify  tho  are.    Ihey   endeavoring    lo    work    co-operatively Twork has been put on Ihem. j fact tliat tiie prices of textiles are  wilh  Iheir patron's n't a  fair margin  to build up      'fhis season, with so much danger from forest relatively   higher   than   any  lhal spirit of frindship and civic pride without  which lhere can be no permanent growth or development?-  Some few years ago this paper spent something over a hundred dollars for _i series of cuts  and articles "oiv the subject of patronizing llie  home merchant and building up civic pride. At  lhal I'i me it was no led by someone more observant than wc lhal some of Ihe home, merchanls  were, themselves among the biggest olTenders.  Of thai facl we are not in a position I'o say.  Vidav   the   Commoner   is   conducting  anothei  any   costs   of  (ires and the quick movement of numbers of (ire.commodity,  lighters so imperative' one would  think  the De-'  parlmcnl would do something to remedy conditions.  than any other  I do not believe thai  material   or   la.bor   can  Editors of Uivifed States western  dailies and weeklies wiill spend a  niioiiitli iin tiho Domiiniion as guests of  th������������������ governniiient diiiring tlie present,  sunnnreir. - A special train wi'll be  fiHUiisihed to visit t'h.e wood'pulp reserves of Canada.  The new Coundii-y and machine  slioip of the Roman Machine 'aii'dR-o-  pair Comipany has coniimenccd o*p-  er,atioiis at Moose .law 'and  will'; turn  be put into a product tiifrt will make'out ���������������������������aiitom'o'bile -moulds, castings, a.nid  it   500   to   COO   per   cent ���������������������������above   nor-! other  accessories  for  can's  ami  tr.'ac-  On the Verge of Another War.  inal.'  tors.  In spile of the certainty thai I'he world is sick  war. and thc probability lhal the greal mass  people in ali countries would refuse to  light j  each olher al llie behest' of their "leaders." it is  well tis the buver of lhe. uoods lie has "to sell. lhc lui ' Wc lm;'c ^('. cllou������������������!1 lf lh,s "?M:- "ll  In lhe mailer of price, qualilv tmd-service. As !"'������������������'c lhan ���������������������������������������������������������������M.h-- !l is not.however. the Hnt-  we. write our eve. Calls -upon" lhe imprint-of a]���������������������������)}.wil?PIi1|,c l'^<mgVvar but lhe .Russian Bolsne-  Toronlo prinlim, (inn on counter cheques and vik)' lh% tn'cl ,lus . ������������������>o"ienl invading Poland  billheads of three local merchants, wliich sln_;und. trampling down ilsircedoin  tionerv   could   have   been   obtained   Ihrough   thel,   * !ie Manchester Giiarcuan recently gave an ad-  (f^)0(|, jpo:dress bv Lenin al an All-Russian congress wliich  "The Soviet government  mess to conclude pence  considerable  .concessions  local   printer al' as   low  a - price  and  as  qtialily  as.   if. nol   belter   lhan.   (hat   shipped   jn ij-fves llie missian vic\v. "  frem 'lhe East. Jl is" not the loss of these orders|nas s"w������������������ consistent read  ihal we regret so much as  lhe lack of evidence,.    ,  ,, ���������������������������,,���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������_- .  .-     ,      ,  of  lhat  spiril   of  civic  pride  which  would  have!1"1    Uic capitalists ol  hranccand Lngland eggec!  inspired   those  mei'chnnls  to sav  to   lhe canvas-1   o]iIH)(l  lo refuse our peace oiler     .  ���������������������������      ��������������������������� -    - ileaders ol Ihe entente are no doubt very  or  vou   lociav.     v\'e  Have  a I  Quality Food for your table  In General Groceries for the family table, where it  never pays to sacrifice quality for price, we can give  the best service and satisfaction. Whether in bulk  goods or package���������������������������coffees, teas, etc., we guarantee  satisfaction. '   ���������������������������  Wc keep a  good line of FRESH FRUIT   AND   VEGETABLES.  DUNCAN BROS.  Enderby's Quality Store  Fhe  wise and  sing salesman  of eastern   printing houses.   "JXoJ ,.     , ...   ,   ,.  we  have no  order  for  vou   lodav.     We  have  :. Valient  men.   _rtul -Ihey commit  one  piece  o  busineses;   it  dav  i"  pr  is  good   logic.  Fire Insurance Costs  TI...1-1I-   .-.-.n".   H,\^.i Ibe League of Nalions���������������������������a league lhat onlv exists  1 mi nil  \ou,   goon 1    . ���������������������������- ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� V       t    _���������������������������      11*  on paper, bul in reality is a band ol  robbers, an  association of bandits who only squabble'among  It is estimated  lhal il costs  Enderby property  owners at least '25c on  Ib.e hundred doliar value  of properly insured for lhe privilege granted the  businessmen of burning slore debris in  llu; back  ��������������������������� Vai;_(Loi:_.al.lev_\vavs-iiisU'a(l..._of...in_._;i._i)ub.iic.__inc.eji-j  themselves an*,  slightest."  I  do  not   I rust   each  olher  in   the  Putting Down Fruit WithoiU Sugar  Now  eralor. Ibis reduction in llu1 rale, ol" insuitince.  as well as many olher smaller J reductions, could  be made provided properly .owners looked more  carefully inlo their insurance rate and found and  remedied llie little-defects'for ��������������������������� which the insui-  ance companies penalize lhe insured properly.  This information was given by J. A. Thomas-  lire prevention olnecr. representing the:/.Provincial (iovernnienl, who was in Lndei'by lasl week  looking inlo (he lire risks, here..    Mr.. Thomas .re.-.  ial lhe fruit canning season is on, lhe  price of sugar litis jumped over the"25-ccnl per  I J-UU-i ul-r;il<'--A i-l hi s-price,-and -wi 11 l^lhc-pricc. o f.  fruil. also high, many a housewife will have lo  "go. slow" in her buying. The apricot tmd peach  season is now on.0 -"-These are the best fruits lo  can. and they are the easiest to put up'.wilhoul  sugar, and the most "-'-delicious .when so canned.  II isn'l:. the -sugar in lhe fruit thai keeps il.  Sterilization is the most'important.in preventing  canne/l. fruil" from, spoiling, The "cold pack''  method   of  We wil} strip  your car  right down to the running gear  if" we must in order to..get at the  "seat of even the slightest trouble.  In other words, our auto repair  work is absolutely thorough.  When an auto leaves here you  can be absclutely assured that it  is.in as good condition as it can  be put.  PANP'S GARAGE PNPERPY  poH Pealer anc| Repairs.  practiced.  canning   should   be .more.: generally  '���������������������������'��������������������������� apricots-and���������������������������.peaches are  more  Boln  ported lo lhe city, suggeslnig llie erection of a Idelicious"cold packed"' than when preserve(l in  public inecnondor in which could be burned all jst-Vir. Let none of this fruil uo to'waste. Food  Ihe deoris which now gainers m the rear of our ! ;s |j|;c.|v. lo'j,P |V()l|, scarce and high in price nexl  -slore  buildings   and   is   burned   m   alleyways   or -j winter.' ;,nd   il   is   the   economic  dulv  of  every  back  yards.      Ibe   Mainland   Hre   Underwriters f;,milv to pul ti|> all��������������������������� ���������������������������x-unjlus I'ruil. , Peaches and  .association   ol   British   Columma   issues   policies |n!)rjcols require, verv lillle sugar when dished up  grauling Ibis privilege lo lhe' insured in view ofjj'.M. t..,iing when  preserved  without sugar,  lhere not being a public mceueraior here, bul ther    ThoroiWhlv   sterilize   thc   jars.     See   that 'the  privilege,   lie  said,  carries   wilh   it  a   penally  of  ��������������������������� probably 2">c on lhe hundred.  t'nder llu; Insurance Acl of Canada, said Mr.  Thomas, every properly owner c  ante is entitled lo receive from (lie insurance  company'carrying the policy a slalemenl as to  how .the; rale, is arrived* af.** Tor insfance, the  genera!  cily   rale, is  so   much.     To   Ihis  musl  lie  added lhe extra charge for insurance on account j Miev are lifted from lhe boiling wafer. Thev do  ol the delects in wiring, housing, etc.. in connec- j not" rccruire ' further cooking!' Large peaches  lion wilh tne buildm_r insured.    Il is the general should be allowed  lo boil eight or len minutes.  fruil is fully ripe and sound. I'-"ill. the. jars with  liie fruil, Ihen pour into, the jars cold water to  cover lhe fruil. When all arc packed in this  rrying Jiisur- NVay set in a boiler wilh a piece*of wood on the  boltom and pul inlo the boiler enough cold water  lo bring-iI up to lhe. lop of Ihe jars. Put on Ib.e  fire and let Ihem come to a iioil wilhoul caps on.  > 5 If-   Small  apricots  may be * laken  oif and  sealed  ct. 1  conditions  lhal Mr. Thomas looks into;  if is upjAli stone fruits   are   better  !o the individual insuring lo apply lo the insur-iwith the stones,  a nee company and have ;i copy of the levy sent  'um showing tlie various penalties imposed. The  'ie.  aflei  cooked   in   this wav  wise luismessman. said I  Ihese penalties are. will  Iherebv reduce his annua  learning  what  ^s?s SSTABLISHED     18 72^  II  z&  TATTi^Mi  BANK OF HAMILTON  The Human Element  Banking is nol all a  matter of money, metal  aud marble.    The'Bank of Hamilton has a cerlain personality created by the distinctive manner in which il conducts its business, ai  fested   by   the  cordial   relations  which  <  Iween  the Bank" and ils customers.  This "human element" makes pleasan  as ellicient banking here. As one of our  ors. you tire tis sure of receiving courteo  lion "as you are that' your interests will  tected by financial soundness and de  service. " "A Bank for Your Savings"  .1XO.  SMAHT,   Local  Maii-i^ci- K\I>E.U-  i..n  Try Us -when you have  Car Trouble  There won't be any war with Russia.    If  the  workingmen of one countrv will not fight against  overcome   them   and  the workingmen - of   another   countrv!   who will  premium. | fight?    Possiblv the best wav lo end wars is lo  Mr. Thomas staled lhal lhe cost of a public in- k-f Ihose who make Ihem fight Ihem  An   expert   Motor   Mec-han:.-   lia?   charge O'f  our  repair  sho:p.     Any  car  a sepcialty,  and  all  work .aS3so.I11t.oly guara-nteecl..  Agents   for    OVERLAND.    GHAY-   DORT. ��������������������������� CHEVROLET,    ]\[,:f.A L'U/-[-  L'IN������������������ ancl     MAXWELL   CARS   &:v\   TRUCKS.  Jas. McMahon & Son Enclerby  - t &  THURSDAY, AUGUST 12, 1920  OKANAGAN  COMMONER  DISPARITY   BETWEEN"   SEXES  They  Look Stylish  and fit perfectly.      That is the  wound 'have been  enlisted.     One expert  said   thlat  the natural 'chiivalry  England  Said   to"-Bo'. Seriously  Con-   of mien .touM. lend itself  adimlira-hly  sidering- 'tlie   Problem to tire uses of 'leap year, and 'th'at if  "    '        ______ ' a giir.l .*li'ad it'he n'crve. to''propose she  TJie 'diisparity between the sexes V-Fuld. rai'el'y bo rojetod. On the  in Great Britain Js causing not a'' other hia-nid a more sutphi'scait'ed '-a.il-  little concern aimon'g it'hose Who are thority stated ���������������������������tlliia.t in a sense every  interested in social 'problems. Thalt "'year \v|ais le'aip --.year; \;tih:ait, 'women  there 'are a 'mall'Loir or more women* leacl ,he ma'n u,p t������������������ the point where  on the Ishind who never caii hope the ������������������"b' logical''or ���������������������������-aippposiiit'e 'remark  for  marri^e  is felt to  be -a matter j1:0  can   nvake  is:   "Wi'Ll  you   bo  my  .wife?"     If   a   man   is   mJnnoeuv������������������i'ecl  ino  thi's .position   What  difference  is  of surious  national   importance.     Al  though   no   member   of   the   govern  jir.erJt or'proiniucnt politician has yet  jt w������������������'&ther ithe  man unakes  the pro-  niiado a ipronouncem'ent on the ques-i l1-0^1'1 or the g'n-Yt    Advocates of the  j lion},   there  tlmve   been   sugg.estji.ons 'letl'11 yc,a'n 'ic]ca say lth'a,t ir a sirl loves  ! from   t';.mje   to  time   Dooking-  to   iUIic1*1 ni'an  tihsre ought t'o .be mo. reason  town.  We ONLY sell  CLOTHING  of dependable quality. Come in  arid see if you can find one among  the lot to" fit you. -    *  Agents for 20th Century   ,,  and Semi-Ready  Enderby Supply Co.  j.solution of the .problem from mer-: Vllhiy s'1"16 s'ho'^lcl 1101 tell him. 'so,  reason you find the clothes \ve!soll8 slI,iieici_tlv enilJnent to' com-' especially if 'his bash tun ess makes  sell on the best dressed men m m.a.Uid at least a resi)eot)f,ul ,h,eiaringJ it difficult for hiim. to utter the fate,  "iho 'latest of  thdso schemes  is  that'f'ul  wor'd'3 that would lead naturally  of  W'innifrccl  Gnalham, the  novel isit, to th'ilS modest avow-a.l  who advocates tho establiisihiment of  an international marriage bureau.  S'he believes thi.it cciumtries' like Can-  Hex Predcterni ina tion  .A  furtiheiv-aggnavaition icf  the s*it-  uiat'ion is-'t'hiat o' -af,l Euroip'o,a.i_i coun-  ada, Austiralia and Sou.th America, '��������������������������� trics. Britain h'as the sm^'i'lest pro-  whero women 'are..in th-c .minority! I P'������������������rit!ion of 'boy b'abic's, so t'hat eli-  could have their deficiency iii; th'is' S:ble sipiiiiElte'rs w.'ho are w.ai-tiing for  respect    made    good-    in    this    way,.the next ffeneration. to grow u.p are  V.'ATEU NOTICE  Diversion and  Use  TAKE NOTICE that Albert Sm.dck,  wiliose address - is" Enderby, B. C.  w,ill a.ppl'y I'or "'a Licence to "take and  use J GO acre-feet per ah.r.ium of water out of an unira'.mccl' stream' w-lrich  flow's  N.   \V.   by, N. iaiudi drains  into  O  Sluiswajp j'iver about 300 yards  north of the centre point of the line  between0the N. W. & S. AV. 1-4 of  said   Section   2.1.  The wjater wiill be diverted from  the stream at a point aibout 3-_  mile 'South of N.E. corner of ..'NY.  1-4, Sec. 21, Tp IS, R. 7, \\"_ etu.JYi.,  and  will 'be  used  for irrigation  purpose   upon   the  land   described   as   S  "W.  1-4, Sec. 21, Tp. IS, li.Y, W. Gth  Mer. -  ���������������������������This n-otice was posted or the  ground on the 9th diayof Ju":y, 1.920.  iA" copy of this .notice and an application pursuant thereto .and to  the "Wafer Act, 3 914,'.' will b-j filed  in tihe oflice.of t'he Watcr Elecordec  at  Vernon,   B.  C. ������������������������������������������������������  Objections to. the application may  .be filed with the^sa.id Water Recorder or with the Com-ptro'ler of  -Water "Rights, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, B.C., wit'lvin thirtv rlajs  afitei* tho first appearance of this  notice iii a local newspaper.  j A.   SMIDEK,   Applicant  The dale of-the first puVication  of  this notice 'is July   15th.   192.0.-  v.ihilo at tho same time the over--  cjr.owded Bivrtis.li miaiUrimonoal' mart;  would bo.relieved. She .proposes that' 9Cicnlt,ific bas,!s> 'tl:,at a'"er a war the  likely, to bo baffled.    There is ah old  ildea,    proUaibUy    without    the   "east  Britis'ii consuls sliail'l be tlh'e <go-be-  tweeen im inia.il.Lnig these ���������������������������miaibdied,  and to fores/jail objection s'he points  out that consuls are a.ppo.:'nit.ed to  transact far Pss-s 'imfportaii.l bus*iiisss  Uhan  the purveying  of-wives.  Arthur S. Draper, tho European  conreajxmdent of t-he.N-ew Yor,k Trd-  bun-e, osays: "One remedy thaif has  been seri'ously suggested" is - -tih'at  every Britoim solec.t one wenam to be  tlhe nvclblier. of h'.'is children n.nd: the  other his "intellectual comipanion."  1-le 'adds that this .plan is dismissed  by som.e wiho are cpiposed to polygamy���������������������������and it is refreshing'-to know,  that thlere su vivo..--some -of these  Last Ditchers���������������������������and' by oUhers who  contend t'liait n'c't every Briton' needs ! ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^.^  an intellectual coniipaniion. There is! Cost of Producing, a I'ouiul of Butter  another argument .that the high cost! " -. -' ������������������ ' " '  of living-would pu|t a muffler on "this! "In tl.iess daj>s '91"700 and 80c b������������������t-  suiggesti'ou.'' Th������������������ chief defect of this1 .ter Ll1^ city consumer figures it out  plan., 'hov.'ever, wou.Id a.ppear to iJe j that the farme'i- is, reaping a rich re-  Mi'at" th'e miillion 'Briti'sli women wiho \ ^iaT<J- "Tll'0 .-farm ���������������������������m.ianaigera.cnt ..de-  iia.ve little'prospect"of gettling Brit- 'Payment of_ the Missouri College of  is^i liiusblaskls aro not willing to com-  ton'dency of babies wias Ito ibocojne  boys rclllher 'fhan girls, wiith the 'idea  of restoring the baianice. This leads  to the old question, of the 'predeter-  n_.m:itic:n.' of sex. So far 'as one can  tel"i from live stock experiments,  thie tendency is 'for naifuTe to 'produce more m'afes when the mia:le is  ithe weaker of the paiir, rani:] m'ore  J femiales wihlsn th,e ifemlale is the  weaik'er. S;peculations to this effe'et  aire, not likely to aissuage the anxiety  of tihe miillion of British women who  as a result cf the war, are Hkel'y to  rsmajin husbah'dles'S.- They may be  better off, but no. statesman is likely  to have the courage .to try to prove  it  to  theim.  at 15 cents; $6 for upkeep on -buiild-  ings, taxes- and . ���������������������������imiisceflaneous. ex-  ���������������������������penses; -and ?3.60 for 24 'hours oi  'his wdfe's labor iin the heme at 15  cents 'an ho'ur c(wiluich is also low as  may be -dJei'ter-mllined by h.ir'ing domestic laibor);" amid you luave a grand  total'.' cost of .$04.45 for Uhe 65 l'bs. of  butteir 'produced.  Yet the farmer w-ill be fair wLt-h  you. I-le w.ill deduct from this cost  $7.50 .for the calif raised., and will  subtract also $9 for fhe three tons  of man litre produced. T'lvat .makes  the total1, cost $4 7.95. Divide this by  C5, t'he ���������������������������n*u-m'ber' of .pounds of butttr  prodaiced, and you will get so near  to 7 3 cents >a .pound' that you had  jii'Sit as well call it that.  An earlier start is necessary if  Enderby is to make next year's celebration of Empire Day 'the big success it ong1h:t to be. Why n'Oit start  now?  Ge35af*="  When you want the Best  Meats and Service, go to  CEO. R. SHARPE  Wholesale   nnd   Retail   Butcher  "Enderby, B. C.  He who w-ill not nTant in season  nuay h.ave help im the (harvestiing���������������������������  Jack Frost may be on the job.  surfaC^  and  ^ e  x>  <& r**sre  ^t- ^'-aAgSrOSt  V  .tA  e^  A. .REEVES  W.M.-  Eiulerby LoHpre No. 40  l'cjriil:.r mcc-t-ings fust  Tlnu-sday on or after the  full inoan nt 8 p. m. in Masonic Hall. Visitinp  brethren cordially  invited  C. H. REEVES  Secreta ry  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 35. K.of P.  Moots 1st & 3rd  Monday eve  in Masonic Hall.   Visitorscor-  dially invitud to attend.  W.M. ANDERSON. C. C  II. M. WALKER, K. R. S  R. J. COLTART. M.F.  yenxise ���������������������������cn. .the   baio'iis   of  intellectual  A'gricui'itu-re 'investigated the 'cost  of  'proiducing  butter In   that -state,  No-  :omipan'ionsh:'ip.     It may, be  so  that VQ1"ber to April inclusive.    The^ fig-  -EUP.EJvA-fcOn>GEVSTO=50  I. O. O. F.  Mecls every Tuesday evening at 8  o'clock.   Visiting brothers cordially  invited.  W. E. D.uxcan, N.G.  P. K. Glen, V. G.  JjJ. A. Tkece, Sec.  ^C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  insurance  Bell Blk.  Endkrry. B.C.  Notary Public  Insurance and G-eneral Agent  some of till qui are not inte'liiectual at  allv At 'any. .rate we und ers band the  problem to .be the corraling of husbands, not t'he development of initel-  iectual f-riendshilps. So tihis serious  sirg-geston th!_yt- Mr. Draper reports  ���������������������������falls dismally -in. his efforts to' bc  serious. As the Eng1 iish man .would  s:iy, it's a  bit thick.  fiivl IfoWs Tnmn������������������  The fact th'at this is leaip year  was expected iin ;some quarters to  ten'd toward the 'so'kition of ithe  pro'blenu. It was hoped that at least  batchelorlvood would be laibolilahed.  Every o'"ligible man wouild be ln'ar-  ried, and wihile even th'em there  would .bo a iforniidab'le surplus of  AvhaUGeorge^Gissing=called^the~odd=  women,'  ui;es given are based ii,poni costs ob-  tiaiin'ad 'from >a Iiaiige numlber of farmers, and show it'h'at the average  cost of producing a'pound oif butter  dnnrinlg t.h'isJperiod was 73,cents. The  caiae .for the far-mer 'is summiarizetl  as .follows:  In those six months he ;producedi  65 pounds of butter iper cow. He  spemt $4.35 fcr 2.9 .bushels o.f corn  'at S L. 5 0; $12 for half a torn of hay  ai $24; $7.20 .for 0.9 .oif a "ton oif  silage at $8; $0.30 for nine bushels  of oats at 70-cents; $1.63 for fodder  ���������������������������l-ougiWaige; $5.75 for mill .feeds, and  $1.27 for pasture an<J stalks. Add  to that $16.75 'for .mian labor ait 25  cenlts an hour (wlnic'h lis very low  coji'Sidering thie un'reason'aibly 'high  priGos=,pai d���������������������������f o r���������������������������u nslei ll".ed=labor-)-^C 0-  ������������������&m  l?TS������������������s?������������������j  ������������������������������������li  M&  Vi  How much will it  A  ft KtMoX  "will  :ast  t  'AKE your home attractive and  give it a protection that will prevent deterioration���������������������������arid do both7 "  these things economically. The man who  jenows paint asks the two questions above,  and his search for paintof provon economy  must lead him to  all     possible     husbands   cents if or 'four hour  JAS. PICKSON  Pell Block Enderby  W. A. RUSSELL  CONTRACTOR   &   BUILDER  House bui'idang and- 'b'arn fram'ing.  Phone 82 aimd get 'a ipiiice on your  requirements. Bu'ildiimg /m-at-emi-als  ibelow 'markeit price.  Concrete miixer to rent;  also floor  scraper and pojliisher.  The provincial government  revenue from.'forests in.British  Columbia exceeds $2,700,000  annually.  IN CONNECTION  WITH OUR STORE  We have installed a fully  equipped  Manufacturing- and  Repair Department, which is  handled by thorough and  practical workmen.  We would be pleased to have  you visit, our factory, which  will convince you of our  capabilities and also of our  sincere endeavor to live up to  the highest possible standard,  by giving satisfaction to our  customers.  ���������������������������t.  English '  707.*fcr������������������Whft������������������U������������������4  lBi.iir.Ht. Ctn������������������.r������������������ H.a)  MJrttMWrm?'  Scientific investigation reveals a higher  percentage of finely-ground white lead in-  p-H than in any other brand. The B-H  guarantee stipulates 70% Prandram's  Genuine p.B. White J-ead (famous for  two centuries) with 30% zinc white. Added to this is pure linseed oil and turpentine  ���������������������������all correctly mixed with the utmost care  in a plant equipped with every modern  evice which ensures paint purity. These*  hings all contribute to the J3-H results,  which is not only beautiful to look at when  freshly applied, but also- satisfactory to  contemplate long after surfaces covered  with ordinary paint have cracked and.  peeled and chipped away.  Fulton Mm ii ltd  ENDERBY  in iTimwi jiii .im    i    iii milium ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������>���������������������������_���������������������������������������������>     B    Ummrmmmn   in  ���������������������������������������������m _. ^_-..y-.q     ������������������  .WINKttMlia        I  MgNTniu.    , HAUnW fT,������������������������������������OH������������������������������������ TOROHTO  MEDICINE MAT CAlGAJtV CDMONtOH V/.NCOUVIH |  in<-tJT������������������c"_u-i^.T.*f im  Tiui if ii rwi'*' >w ~ ri-rtiTB^  OUR TRUCK  now has regular days for collecting.. cream in nearly  all the outlying districts. Write us and we will arrange to collect your cream at your door or as near  to as possible.  BURNS' CREAMERY  VERNON OKANAGAN  COMMONER  THURSDAY, AUGUST 12, 1920  SELF  FEEDER I'OR   SAVIXE  One  often  hears   that it  does  not  AT   THE   TENNIS   COURT  Salmon    A nm    tennis    enthusiasts  pay to give ipigs m'ore than the most drove over hist Thursday 'afternoon  ordinary "attention and the farmer'and- enjoyed a��������������������������� trouny wi-tih .. Ehclier-  can scarcely be blamed'" in this re- by players. The visitors weire de-  ppef-t if his'lv lp is inexperienced and righted wit'h the Endierby count and  has yer to be paid as high a wage as carried away wiith them t'he besi? of  a   real  good''experienced" man. j the playing.     Owing to ithe excessive  Tim keeping of a few pigs is prac- heat the games were not finished,  tieally always a paying proposition] The visitors woitt ifoivr sets to En-  but-to make it more so, means musl derby's two. Next Monday Messrs.  be resorted to whereby tbe labor Bigge and Dickson and "Winner and  ran. be reduced to a miniinrum, par- Speers will dirivc to Salmon Arm to  ;:i-ir'arly as -the pigs -are .nipt to re- play t'he men's double finishing sets  coive the small'est o.f attention in and Mr. and Mrs. Proctor and Miss  ,-my case. Toward this end, then,'Lees mvd Mr. Forster wiflM p'lay the  ir.  se.ras only  natural   to try  to  find fini'S.iing   mixed-double  sets.  out   just   how   well   pigs   will   thrive    if   a'lowed   to   feed   themselves.     By; Local    Toi.-i-uniiieiil  feeding themselves is meant the' The Pocal tennis tournament will  r:'cptic.'__, of a, scl,f-feed;i'nlg iineOliod start today. FoRowliii'g is the draw:  whou'eby   the   p'igs   are   allowed   ac- Ladies' Singles���������������������������  PASSING   OF  A  PIONEER  ces..-.  to a limi'.ted  suipply o-f dry feed  whenever     they     feel     so     inclined.  This,,  system    is    of    value  to    the  breeder  who  goes   in 'for swine-rais-.  ing on a 'arge scale and also  to the  .-���������������������������mall   r.'.Timer   who  has  other  countless  duties  to  perform- but finds  t'he  feeding   of   pigs   the   worst   chore   of,  all.   The  latter  -miight   find   the   self-)  feeder of great value .particularly in j  reducing expenses. j  ���������������������������Wsi-t-ii  a view  to gettin'g 'some definite 'information   on. -the  use  of  the  self-feeder    for    swine,    experiments:  have  been carried- on   at the Experimental  Farm  at Agassiz .for  several,  ment.?./    Farm   at    Agasssiz,    B.   C.J  . for   several   seasons.        Comparisons  have   been   made   in  the  use  of   the;  pelf-feeder   as   against   t'he   'tjroughT*  feediwg  method.     As -far  as  cost  of  feed is,concerned results go to show  v&ry liltl'io difference one way or the  ot'lier,   but   when  the   labor   question  is   considered   the  value of  the  self-  feeder cannot be ignored.  This comparison   of the   self-feeder   with  the]  trough-feeding method   is beinlg con-  tinueli-   ui;ifil|   absolute   and   -defiiiiite  rc-sui'ts  a-re obtained  but up  to  date,  however,  the advantages o^ the self-  feeder 'have been  strikingly  evident.  AVilh  -aVi  classes  of  feeders  this  device can be" used to advantage wihile  it'also- may be used in tho feeding of  young    sows    up    to ; breeding    age,.  AV-it'Ii   mature   -b-reed'ing   stock,   however, -it  is  weLl   to  avoid   the  use   of  tiie   self-feeder.  Thie self-feeder for swine has a  number of features to commend it,  one of the lii'csit important being the  fact Uia-i, of all farm animal's-, none,  adapt {hornselves to-^t'his .ne't'hod of  feeding so profitably as 'do swrine.  When, only -two or three, ipigs are  kept, the use of a self-feeder can  hardily be recommended but, with  more than, ten pigs the adoption of a  self-feeder is well' worth a. (trial. As  a mean1:- toward the reduction of the  labor expense, the self-'^ee'der has  a distinct advantage over .hand-  feeding .mc'J'nods.���������������������������K. McBean, As  .-.istanr. Superintendent, Experimental  Farm, Agassiz.  Miiss Church  XI5  Mrs. Tw,'j gg, X],;,   3 0  'Wednesday morning, Aug. 11th,  at the 'home of her son, Mr. R.* J.  Cor..tant, Mrs. Laura M. Gunter  passed away at t'h'e age of S6 yean-s.  Mrs. Gunter has ibeen gradually  going since a plaralytic stroke two  years ago. The recent 'hot weather  seemed to oppress 'her, and it -wias  nptliceahle 'thajtj shej:i gradually) became- weaker asi one' warm day succeeded ano't-heu".  Mrs. Gunter -was a native of New  Brunswick-; Durby being the 'place  of her birth. She came west very  eairi'y, in its life, cumdl with Mr. Gunter,, her second, 'husband, located on  the property kno.wn as the Gunter  place, adjoiniing the Law.es land  on the east. Air. Gunter, who  died some four years ago, was one  of the pioneers of the district.  Announcement of the time of the  funeral   will   'be   made   later.  We  Have    Them  Mrs.   Henniker,   Scratch  ���������������������������Mrs. Froctor, owes 4-0  ���������������������������Arr-s.  Bajrretit, X   \'.,   30  'Mrs.   Morris,Xl 5  Aliss   Lees,   owe   y.   3 0  Airs.  Forster,,  X Y_.   30  .Men's Siiiftles-T���������������������������  .Air.   Leslie,' owe "���������������������������/���������������������������!   1">  Air.  Speers, owe   y.   IT,  Rolled Up. I'aled Hay  -Mr.  Winter,   owe  15  'Air.   ilenniker, Xi/.   30  Mr. Dickson, owe  15  AIM'.  Gibbs. scratch  -Air.  Air.  Mr.  i.Mir.  Pearce. scratch  Forster,   owe   y.  15  E.   Winter,  Xy,   30  Proctor,  owe   y>   '10  Af;r.   Bigge,  owe   */,   ^0  Air. AViillett, Xy,   30  Air.  Hicks,  o.w-e  15   (a bye)  Ladies'   Doubles���������������������������  'Airs.  Barrett,  Airs.   Morris,  X   15  Aliss   Church-,   Airs.    Proctor,   owe  V.   30  Aliss    Lees,    Airs.    Ilenniker.   owe  y,   30 ���������������������������  -.-Mrs.   Twigg,"  Mrs.   Fdrster,   XI5  Men's Doubles���������������������������  _    Air.   Leslie,   Mr.   Pearce,- owe   l/j1~j  Air.-  Bigge,   Air.   Hicks,."owe   y.>'10  -   Mr."  Proctor,   Air.   Winter,   scratch.  Afr.Diekson,   ADr.Fcrster,   oivei,-_30  Air.   Henniker,   Air.   AVil-let-u,   X15  P.ev.    Grettonl,    Al.r.    Vv'inter,    owe  Vj  3 0  Air.  Gibbs,  Air.  Speers,  owe ' '/_   15  I Mixed  Doubles���������������������������  Miss  Church,  Air".  Wimler,  owe  15  Mrs. -Baiirelt.   Mr.   S.peers,  X 1.   15  Airs-. Morris. Air.  Leslie, owe  15  Airs.    Henniker, ���������������������������   Air.     Henniker,  (scratch.  Aiiss Lees,  .Rev.Gretton,  owe   y.30  'Mrs.  Proctor,  AHr.Pear.ee,  owe  30  ���������������������������Airs.   Forster,   E.   Winter,   N'/j.30  ���������������������������Mirs.Tw.gtr,   Air.Forster,   owe   y>lo  'An i improvement on the familiar  rectangular bale of hay and straw  is Qjaim'e'di by a Nebraskan who has  developed a rounded baler. The hay  is -pressed in cylindrical form by  means of a web -belt, which rolls up  the hay I'ike ,the big snowiballs or  jelly rolls. The round bailes are  said to be more easily handled! and  stored', o Al'iso, the machine uses  twine 'for binding instead' of wire,  which 'will ibe an limiprovement  everywhere,   but  on  tho  small   farm  .-   " a- wire is..the ".mend-all"  in so many repairs.  PERFECT   SEAL  Pimits    ......... $2.00   per dozen  Quarts   *. ...'. . ...   2.25   per d'ozen1  Half-Gaulons. . . .  -2.75   per dozen  ECONOMY  Pints   .....  Quarts    . .-.-.  Half-gallons  .������������������2.10 per dozen  . 2.<10 per dozen  .������������������ 3.P0 'per  dozen  Electric  Toasters,   $5   &   $5.50   each Electric   Irons   ... .$7.75   to   $10.50  Bale   Ties,    13-guagc    single-loop, $10.75   par   3 00   lbs  AVe  have just received  a. ������������������ arge new   stock   of   English   Crockery,   and  can   supply, you   with   Din.iter  Sets  from    .............^20.00   to   *$tt-">.0O  11X0    RUGS    .....*��������������������������� J8.75   to   .S*2!)..*>.*> LINOLEUM   . . . .$ 1 .������������������5   per   s<i.   yawl  FEi/i'OL   FLOOR  OSL  CLOTH     ������������������>Oc   sq.   yawl  A   large  assortment   of ipatterns'  to  choose from.  , .tff'AVIe represent the Great West Sadd.lery Oo'. in tihis Distinct and  stock ha rn oss parts of ail kin dis and can sup'ply you with any styYe of  harmless  at  lowest  market .prices " ,  Paints  and  Oils   for  al'l   purposes.  .Plum'bing,   Heating   ani'dl   Tinsmiithing.  ECO.  Plumbing  Heating  ENDERBY, B. C.  Tinsmithing  Beat the  Flies  It is not so difficult to overcome  the fly pest if you take early precautions. We can supply your  requirements in all kinds of fly  poisons ���������������������������Stick Paper, rolls ahd  flat���������������������������poison pads and powders-  fly swatters���������������������������in short, everything  to help clean up the fly nuisance.  A. Reeves  Druggist tmd Stationer.  ENDERBY  FOR SALE  :ic a word first insortion. 2i_ a. wonl each inK_r-  tion il.i'rcnfii'r: '.!."������������������: mi:ii(nun. clinr^o; 10c extra  w!;..r. cash f!oo-& not. iw<v#M.;>.'iny on.l������������������':\  si-:\'F-:\ vor.\'<; 5'k.s !'oi: s.\lk���������������������������  :���������������������������!   inonilis  ol-l.   Kisby  .v;-   Elling-son.  bite   Hi*i!j-h   raiwli.   I^nderby.      lip  FOil HALF Grti-rry ;ind Gents'  Furnifrttiings biisiin'S.s. For i>:ir"-  l:'cilia is utli'A.-\s.-.-. P. O. Hox 5-1,  Fndfi-by.  ii I 2-1 f  .!������������������������������������������������������()li  SALIO���������������������������.Om.-  Uty  m.-ire,   T-ye.-ir-  V)ld: Jiro.ul  driver or sail die.   Pniee.  ���������������������������'���������������������������   $iHi.00.   !���������������������������:,   II.   Dill,   Fnderby.  a 12  W.ANTFD���������������������������TO      P.l'V���������������������������-A      secondhand     bike    in      good     condiiion.  ������������������������������������������������������Hox   I TH,   En'd'cr.by. 1 tp  NOW is your opportunity to put up  a good warm stable cheap. "Fine  ���������������������������briele bats, $2 a load in the brickyard.     Fnderby  Brick  &. Tile Co.  FOR   SALK���������������������������Cheap���������������������������Three   six-foot  .-binders,   No.   4    &. :5.      Appt'y   the  Coldstream.   Estate   Co.   Ltd.,   Ver-  iion, B.C.. j 1 y22.1  ���������������������������Saskatoon district is experiencing  a shortage of farm labor, and 100  men could easily be placed on farms  nearby at SSO a month.  PlGtoila! Mew  I'Oll   SRPTI'J'MIWK  on   Sale   FRIDAY,   AUG.   13th   at  WILSON'S  JJIK   POPULAR,   VAWPTV STOP. 10  Postoffice one door  Bast  ENDERBY,  B.C.  UNITED FARMERS OF BRITISH,  COLUMBIA,   NORTHERN   DISTRICT-7VSSO 6IATI0N   ���������������������������  Will   hold   their ���������������������������  First Annual Picnic  IX  ARMSTHOXr..  THURSDAY. AVCUST 12lh  .The picnic will be hold under thc auspices of Fnderby, Grindrod,  Grandview Henc-h, Mara, Hullcar, Deep Creek. Salmon River Bench,  Armstrong,      Vernon      and      Oyama. Loca's.  ���������������������������The   following   speakers    will    bo present:  R.  A,   COPKLAND,  president  of    ho U.  F. or Ll. C.  .7.   :\L   HlJ-MPIfRY,   organizer  of the  U.  F. of H.  C.  A. T. HOWE, president of Vernon  Local.  L.   \V.   MAKOVSKI,  pros-iden-t  of Armstrong  Local.  MAYOR FRASER of Armstrong will deliver the address of welcome.  This will" be a Basket Social' Picnic and dinner wiill be served in picnic  fashion  at  1   o'clock.  A  LACROSSE MATCH  between Venn-on  and  Armstrong to  decide  the  chamipionship   of the  Okanagan   will'be played- in: the Sports Grounds at  4  p.m. ' ���������������������������  ALL   FARMERS,   whether   members or  not of the U. F.  of B.  C, are  invited; to attend.  ARMSTRONG   CITY   BAND   in   attendance.  'Pri'me   conditiion���������������������������'best   quality   oak���������������������������recently,  eniipt'ie'd!���������������������������well   Hiooped���������������������������extra   cfteaai'.'  Rye Whiskey  Barrels��������������������������� 12-galIon    ....$5.00  Wine  Barrels,  42-gallou  ,3.50  Scotch Whiskey quarlcr casks, 27 lo 36 gal. 3.50  French Brandy Barrels, GO-gallon      4.50  Large Oak Alcohol Puncheons. 150-gallon. 12.00  Mixed Barrels���������������������������all sizes���������������������������having ��������������������������� previous-'  ^nes  or  Spirits. Siv   3.00  ly  con la in ed  W  Promptly shiipped on receipt of 'above (prices  iwith 50 cents added1 on each barrel to cover  Prep-iid  Freight charges.  ���������������������������For Alcohol! Punchieonis ad'cL $.1.00 each to  cover" 'freight charges.  GOW 'SWU Wmite4  1:J7. \V:it<������������������r  Street,  ���������������������������Va neon ver,   Jl.C.  xtmmmr*  mAna  =?  Binder Twine, 2\o }lpi  ENDERBY   LOCAL   HAS   A   SUPFLY   ON   HAND.     TO   MEMBERS,   21c  PER   POUND;   NON-MEMBERS,   25c-  GEO.   M.   SMEDLEY,  Secretary.  Wie Grocer  feeds the world. You may be a  vegetiani'an, or you miay live 'mostly  on a meat diet, .but just the same  you co'ine to the grocer 'for the  things wilii'ch- .make yotyr meals more  .Lppet'izin.g. We take great pains to  soil only groceries that arc known  for their puri'ty.  \Y.  E.  CHAI'I'1,15  President N. O. D. Ass'n.  FOR    SALE���������������������������A  a.nd  s'hingles.  few   thousand    lath  W.  A.   Russell.     It  P'.OR SALE���������������������������Two acre block; fine  building site; on river bank; now  in alfalfa and fruit trees; all  fenced; ten miniutos walk froni  Postofiice. Apply YV'., Commoner  Oflice,   Enderby.  .J.NO.   li.  BROWN  ���������������������������Secretary   N.   O.   D.   Ass'n.  WILL HE IN E.VDE'.coY,  EAST OF THE WALK El  WEDNESDAY, AUG. 'LGlh  MENTS   EARLY.  AT HIS DUi'AL  t PRESS BLOCK,  ,   17th   and   IStb.  OFFICE,   THREE   DOORS  MONDAY,     TUESDAY     &  ' LEASE   MAK E * APPOTNT-  Teece & Son      Phone 48    Flour, Feed&Groc  enes  The Tire  Doctors  We are open to buy a Metal Turning  Lathe  and   a  Drill   Press.     Our  ���������������������������Cycle     Repair     Department     wants  500   old  Bicycles,  any condition.  Armstrong Vulcanizing Works  3 pays for the Commoner  one  year


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