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Okanagan Commoner Jul 8, 1920

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 **%$  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  Vol.  13,  No.  21,  Whole  No.  693.  THURSDAY, JULY 8, 1920  Subscription, $1  a year; 5c copy  Dominion Day at Armstrong  Proves Interesting to Large Crowd********  ltasehall  x 1   2   3   4  5   6   7   S   1)  Armstrong    .20130211     -10  Knderby ; . . <0 ,0 0, J. '0  0  3  0  0-  4  a x x x x x x x x y s x x x x x  EXDERHY MOWS  Good  morning!   Save  the surface'  The  greasy   pig  event   w.as  a   dis-!     Thos.   Cameron    went   to   Merrlitt  appointment.      The   'Pig   'hadn't    re-  on Monday. '  covered frcm   'his   disgust   at   being       Paint u.p amd   loolc  up,, no  matter  greased! vuhen the  long line of 'beys'what the price of sugar.  Batteries���������������������������Armstrong,   Gi;a'ham   and J and   men   were   turned   loose   upon      ^Irs.  E.  K.  Gle.n  wi.'l  be at home  r  Making Organization of Practical  Service to the Community  ,.Cadiy;   Enderby,   Cody  aud   Brash.  him*.  The pig made no effort to  get to 'her Triends  on Tuesday, July  i'i,  'away.    He was caught within a few  fnem  3  to O.fO  The Dominion Day  celebration at ^ feet ot- ,tj,e 1)0X lie was bought upon'     The regular meeting of the U. P.,  by Growers, and have'taken ho'cl of  It is, the evident'purpose of the  United Farmers of Enderby Local to  make their organization of practical  benefit to .the "memibersshio an J the  community. They aim to 'bring  about a' closer working combination  botweeif them'selves  and  Uie  Ender-  Aiimstironig was not up to the aver  .age in some respects, rbut in'others  it was ahead of any given in recent  years. Owing to an accident to the  machine at Merritt, Oaipt. Trim did  not get there to .give the flight ad-  vertised, and) t'here was some dis-  appointment  in   this  connection.*-  Iin tlhe excellence of the decorated  floats and autos, .bikes, etc., there  was a source of real satisfaction.  The b'ascbafl -game"between Enderby  and Armlgtiromg afforded, a lot of  sport for 'the spectators. Botb*teams  played weak, primarily' because of  lack o,f practice, but in" spots they  wakened' up and shook a little pep  into the 'game.   .  ' T'he lacrosse game was' the one  big point of interest'that held the  crowd.. From. _ start to finish thc  Vernon teaim bad the best of it. if.  combination and execution they  played a game that was a treat to  watc'h. Armstrong seemed to be  weaik in  passing and slow in check-  t'he   field   in,   and   was   rep'aced   as  Enderby Local,  will be held  in U.F.  quietly   as   if   he   had   been   trained  hal.1. July 15th.  for the event. S.   '- I     There   will  be  no  services   in   St  There was'tine usnal 'racing events George's     Church,     Enderby,     until  which   'were     hotly , contested,  and  Sunday, JulyN2-5th  t'he. .proposition   in " a   way   that  certain to get results.  At 'the last 'meetinig of tho'Local  it was decided to canvass the district  to  secure  share takers  m the   local  The    following    were    ap-  to     cover     the . sections  well run.  In  the   evening  a   display   of   fire  works   wr.o interesting,   wihich,   with  the ���������������������������coiiiCeitti  throwing  and  fun-mak- j     3������������������'hn MeShane, a welf-knlown  timing .by young   and   o",d,   conlchided a  U^r broker of Vancouver, died at his  ���������������������������perfect day, .<\nd prepared the young  home in that city on June 30th.  people   for  the "dance   in   the  Opera j     Mrs.   Ro.bt.  Carson returned  from  House. .   | tire Ocast Monday 'liiighit,  where she  The   dec'o-.cted'  float "by tiie   Insti-' spent a fe'w  weeks  with friends,  tute   I'lai'f'ci'j,   representing   the   <c?\ve S   SMi'- and  Mrs.  E.  K.  Glen ���������������������������arrived  of the sick and  the child,1,-was very  from' the Coast on  Friday last,  aad  artistically  'put   upj   in   color   effect are residing on the Glen farm near  and  in-general   baf-ameer   This'won  TOnderby.       " ,  first prize. ���������������������������*' Second iprize was. won A. A. Faulkner andi family left for  by the I. O.. F. float; another well Mcrritt by auto Monday nrprn'in'g,  gotten up display; and Abe Warner | where they wj.'l remaiirfor the sum-  carried  off third   with  his red  road- -mer.  Rev. ami.il Mrs. J. R. "Gretitoni and Exchange, .as it was considered to  son, Ronald, left for Victoria on ' be the onfy logical" way to carry on  Monday, to stay a few weeks. -     the ipolicy of co-operation-for  which  the    V.Tnited     Farmevr;'      movement  bug.  The W. C  U. car carried off  , 'Mabel Lak'e cis now .ait its 'highest.  Some fine strings of fish are caught  first;' Norman  Fergusons   car  2nd, ��������������������������� by Nimrodis spending Sunday on the  ing and itheir opponents found holes ��������������������������� and that ef Smith & Son, 3rd.       -      j lake.       .   s"  iiv t'heir  Hicime "defense.     The score, I     The   decorated     bike   of   Douglas'     iMiss, Allison King returned to the  -4rl in Vernon's favor tells,the story. [Murray 'won    1st;    that . of   Tointaiy   Coais-t   Wednesday!, /accompanied   by.  There was  also   a   gcodi  game of j Becker 2-nid,, and. of Theo.  Hamilton  ber'cousins,  Miss Dorothy and. Jean  lacrosse   in   the   morning,   when, the r 3rd.   , First for comic  bike .went to. Ke-'tt*i;  Armstrong   high   schobib  team   won j Erifefit F.Jetcher; - 2nd to Harold Pat-1     A������������������   a 'precaution,  every-auto-will  from Salmon Arm', 3 to 1..   -   ,   , ehett.* -   . z  ; carry a' "Turn to the'Right" .placard  .on-the winds'hield  on audi after^tihe  lisiumcnt work. Mr. Hatcher is in-  charge bf the paying end of the  indlustrii'3,1 'school,, for returned men  being condu cted"'by the S."S. B. un-  deiv the general'i ire-establisihment  plan ofr-the Government.  The B. C. Teachers' Federation  mot in convention on Friday.' of last  week at Vancouver-.- The matter  of increased salaries * was tihe main  suibject discussed,, and $1200 was  set as tihe minimum salary.  Mr. Darius McGlure, wife and  daughter, Corene, of Toronto, are.  visiting* Mr.   and   Mrs  stands,  pointed  named;  Mara Road andi section ,W.m. Anderson  and  R. Blackburn.  Armstrong Road and section, R.  J. Coltart and A.  L. Glen.  Hulj'car, M. Dunwoodie and G. H.  Smedley.   -  iSalmom Ar.m Road, R. E. T. Forster and L. J. Proctor.  ���������������������������Mabel Lake, C. Parkinson and R.-  Blackburn. '   . ���������������������������  A resolution -wap passed to be  submitted to - the district convention meeting today at Armstrong,  -urging the Dominion Governments to  ���������������������������prevent, if " possible, Victory bonds  being so'd 'below par. .  > A resolution from Deep "Creek  local was endorsed o'bjecting to the  tax   imiposed'  on   stumping ipowider.  -XEW   U.   P.   LOCALS  Organizer Humphrey Completes the  Establishment of Locals in th������������������  Okanagan Valley. -  On June 25th J. M . Humphrey,  Provincial* Organizer of - tlhe United  Farmers of B. C. unet a representative gathering of farmers In .tlie  Frank Has-j City Haill- of Merritt, .when, the  sard this week. Mr. McClure visited i Nicola Valley Local U. F. VB. C.  on a .plea&ure trip. kyltakenC terjvas formed, wiit'h'B. G. Stewart as  the Okanagan some 30 years ago.'l.presidnt, and R. W. Dodding- secre-  He  is  now  touring  the  Valley  on  a tary.      The   entire   audience   joined  X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X  X MAJtA   NEWS X  X X X X X X X XXXxxxXXX  Mr. James and family are now in  tlite residence on Mrs. Moser's .place,  wiiiich- he recently  purchased.  'Mrs. Moser, one of the- pionieer  women of tihe 'district, left on Friday's train-to" visilt her son, John,  at Lethbridige, ani.1i 's'ho expects to  visit, her other chii'idren before de-;  cidinig   as   to  'her  future   residence.  Mrs. Moseir has been a resi'dient here 'hiittimg the high ��������������������������� spots,  fqr 'upwards   of   30   years',   and,   by j     (Tne   :hot   gp^,   \vws   brought   the  hard wor,k   on   Ithe   pant   of  iherself crop3  Qn   fag-t   and   hay-making   will* improvement   .-under    liis    ~ skillful  and  late 'husiband  and family,  made  soon    j)e   in   ,fuii   swing. ��������������������������� ;A^fairlv. treatment. "     ,-  a   success   of   their   homestead),"Bor-  a00i(1 cr(>1> is"p,r'ed'icted        '/ ' ' 1/    Mr-   and'  Mrs-   Per.c7 -Farmer  are  ' iDon't  forget  the dance  alt Grind ..^oturnlng to  Enderby  as  soon  as'a  rod on Friday. ' -Ihouse can be found for them, to live  The schoof, 'trustees  have   decided 'in-     ������������������'���������������������������  Farmer is engaged  by, the  xx x x xxx x xanxx x xx,  X        r f;Hi\j>HO|> \OTKS x  x xxxx x v. xxx xxx xx x  ^Mfes  K.   Monk'is   visiting  at   lh<!  Coast for a few^ weeks. . I  'Miss Bunn, our school teacher,  returned to Vancouver for the holidays.  .The   church~'be*' 1   was   hung   last  week.  Tom- Morton is the latest -possessor  of  a  Fond.     We  will  now see  Torn  loith���������������������������just tb .remind one.       ,_  "'It's, ih'oit';"- said  a-!friend, .but -as  we are not an authority on bhe-S'iib-  , ject0w^  pass  it  on   for   what   it   is  worth���������������������������it   might   be  news 'to  somebody." -    - i  J, N. Grant and A. A. Faulkner  miotored from Merritt.-to Enderby  v,::i the -niigfcit of June 3.--. leaving  Menritt at 9���������������������������o'c"ock anU-'arrniing in  Enderby at  5  a.m.' ' ���������������������������*.  Mrs. J. P.' Austin, nee Kathleen  Graham., has been seriously ill with  tetanus the ipast 'week. -She is at-;  tended by Dr. Keith, and is showing  pleasure, trip.      - -  " IMrs.' Richard v6oltart', of Vancouver, "i's ' yiisitinig "Mr. and Mrs. R-.  J. Cof.ta.r.t",. coining from the Coast  last wefek.  Mrs.  Coltart will  remain  in Endenby with her husband, .a oar-J-trip^ -fchrougih the Southern Okan-  penter and "builder, who came 'liere Viigaii^- (during" w:hic*h' the foi'liowihg'  some weeks ago.      V .' new  locals  were formedl durin'g fthe  . All export -restrictions on sugar] past Jtwo weeks: PeiaicManld, fop-'  are now off.    As a matter oif fact, an'; lar   Grove,   OWana'ganj   Falls,   Nara-.  dering Mara IJake. Very few" of the  presemlt residents .have any idea of  th'e struggles and 'ha'rdEihi.ps some of  th  ese pioneer women enduredl in the!to" Uiave   tihe'school   painted.,   inside Okanogan Saw Mifls in the account  early  days.     -Some   of -'liter   old-time  friends  wished iher a  pieasant jour-  ney, and a safe return to /her home  _p_hic_e Jnjthe J3.k!a_niagan. 7 J   The mlonithly meeting of 'the- U.  F- was heldl on Monday. As usual a  keen  discussion!   took '.place on sev-  and out,  and  the 'gr.oun'dte fixed, up,  which  will be a great  improvement  Paiintlin'g is the order of t'he day.  _G������������������uwd'i:od^fcIalUisjto^hiave_a=,coat.=^ niing_for_being. drunJkjajt^djsorcLejLy  ing department.  ;Harry Ediwai'ds was locked up  by  Coss'table  Bailey last Thursday eve-  Ottlawa disp'altle'h" says .the 'restrictions automatically lapsed, -with the'  end of, the parliamentary session,  and1 since that- ibinne the "dieparitment  oif justice has been considering ithe  possibility of maintaining 'them u'li-  d'O.V the  law,  but  has-found   that it  could, not do so.  Canada's sugar .problem is a  sweet ''proposftfon. Lalst week,  just wdien - Ottawa was .-telling us  that the Government was' exercising  its power .and had and wou'd continue to prohibit the export of any  sugar   from   Canada,  a  Chicago  dis  mWfip,,   Caiwaton.;,  ���������������������������prfinicert*jdn,   Penticton and Nicola - V������������������f. ley.  Organizer J. M. Humiphrey, left  the Okanlagan last week to complete  the- organization of ithe Boundary  distlrnct, t'he Grand Forks district,  and the Nelson district, East Kootenay and ithe Columbia .Valley.  Victim _������������������*T   a   |������������������ec������������������|i������������������v   Occident  Mrs. jSM. J. CreHiain" was ahout to  step down- from the veranda'h ar the  rear of her residence in Vancouver.  a' few days ago, when she missed-'  patch said that four million, pounds jher- footing and fefl aihout three  of sugar arrived there in the month J>et. She" sustained' a compound  of June from Canada. -That-was last j fracture o������������������ tiie riglit arm, wHiile tne-  - ^ ,  up   ami  showed  a   keen   interest-in  the farmers' imovemient.- ��������������������������� _  "   President    R.    A.- ^CopelanJd "and :  First  Vice-PresideiitVj.   Li.   Pridliam '"  accbmipahi'e'd   Mr.   Huimp'hrey-oii. his ,.  x x x x x x s x x x x x x x x x  eral   matters .brought forward;   also X  several resolutions from ithe various  locals were take up,, and Wie delegates instructed in reference to  them wben they come ��������������������������� p at the district, meeting to be l.-^'-d at Armstrong on the 8th inst. Rupert Davy  amd iiarry Blurton wers selected as  celegates.  Th'e recent hot weather 'has been  the cause of considerable anxiety  to residents u'eair itihe low lands, as  the river 'has now reaohodl a higlior  mark than has been seen . for some  years. ������������������  The crops are improved, considerably since the warm weather, and.  taken generally, there will be better  than an average crpo all round.  GIMN'PYIFW IWXCJff  X  X X ''- X X n!!)U(������������������KKKK������������������KK  This-week,  an   Ottawa ��������������������������� wire  tb-'.   nil   restrictions - against  wrist-   Mrs.   Crehan   is   well   known  and    was    tried     .before    Magistrate  Rcisoman Friday njgfait and a fine of,  $20  and costs imposed..  The   new  regulations  to stop   t^e  rheadlight   nuisance   on   automobiles,  ! requiring   reflecting   .headlights,   aro  ���������������������������E.  Smith,   R.   H.    Stowards    andJnow in force and it is announced by  Jessie    Tomlkii'mson     were    .business jAttorney   General   Farris   that  these  visitors   to   Salmon   Arm   last Mon- regl,iatiions   are   to   be   strictly   enforced.  'A mergeT was affected In Enderb/  week,  states  the"exportf=of='!Ugar-="have="beeii=with-  d.awn.  left    was    broken    just    above    the  day.  '1-Taying    has   commenced" oni   the  Bench,   a.nicl   fh,o   crops   are  'turning re5,taurant,s ������������������this   week,  Ho  Dep  and  Inonig &. Co.,  forming a partnership.  out better than  was..looke'di for.  Mr.   and   Mrs.   Wagner,   of   Canoe Th^7 will cioso thc sm,ali restaurant  Creek,   .visited    re'atives   'here    last  Sunday.  Alfred   Watkins,   of   Deep   Creek^  was a  visitor last  Sunday.  1>cniocratic Xomineo  Mr.Kyle, provincial inispector of  Manual Training in the public  schools,   was   in   Endlerby   the   >past  m  week and interviewed the llocal  School Boaird iim connection with the  proposed.discontinuance of ithe manual training course lhere. It is quite  probable the matter wiill be reopened s and arrangements will be  ni'ade to eontlnife the work ihere one  day a week ifni each branch.    ���������������������������  (THURSDAY NEXT, ' JULY 15 th,  TtyILL BE LAST DAY FOR REBATE   ON   CITY   WATER  RATES.  It took 44 ballots to make a  choice in the Democratic convention  for a main to run as presidential  candidate, and the choice - fihal'y  w'ent to . James M. Cox, once a  .printer's devil an'di three timtes gov- coming up  ernor of the state of Ohio.  heretofore run by Hor.g and increase the facilities for service in  the larger building across the street  which will be continued under tho  fir,mi name of Ho Dep, Hong & Co.'  Enderby baseball teain drove to  Sallmon Arjn Wednesday after,noon  for a game. They report 'having a  gocdi time, but the score 16 to 7, in  Salmon Arim/s favor d.oes. not indicate tany.tlh'inig startling in. the way  of a 'ball  gam'e.     But  the  boys are  AX ViETTE   J���������������������������|3LM3UM AX  Queen    of   Swimmers   mid    Shapely  Curves    Again    to    J*e    Seen  4>y  |3tt<!ci'b.v Theatre lloe.r������������������  WJOTHd-  Mrs. E. B. Dill and daughter,  Rena, were driven to Salmon Arm  If an organized .m'ovement were Tuesday night to catch the west-  made iby the local G. W. V. A. itj-bound train' for the to .Coasmrhp  should not ibe difficult to get the'bound train. They are going to  business people of Enderby to con-1 Spokane, thence to the Sound cities  tribute to  the equipment of a  gym-  ! and back by way of 'Rosslandt, Trail  amdi Nelson, expecting t'o ibe away a  month. '  [L't.-Col.   H.   J.   Hatcher,   of   Van-  nlasi.ti.m in the Drill Hall. It should  be possible to have it running early  in the winter,, wihich would ibe a valuable aid tin 'the deveopment of our! couver,   visited   Enderby   this  -week,  The   most  sihapc'y   woman   in   the  Annette    il-Sellerimnn���������������������������������������������(s    to  * *  be seen again in Enderby Theatre,  Saturday, July 15th, afternoon and  evening, in that masterpiece of film  croft, "Queen of the Sea. This is  said to be tho biggest and best in  which tlhls wolrld-ifamious swimmer  ha's over starred.  The Fox Film Corporation began  June 24, 1917, to make tihis wonderful film story, and endiod im May,  1920. Scenes were taken in Bar  Harbor, Beninuda, Jaimaica, Florida,  Mexico and- California. The "Queen  of   the   Sea"  ihas   nrore  thrills   than  r"  any ipicture story ever  filmed.  In ordr to accommodate all who  wi'l come to see -this thrilling 'picture story, Mr. Robarge, wlio .has  taken over the Opera House, will  give an afternoon performance at  '2.30 amd the eventing performance  at S o'clock. It is urged that as far  as possible the childlreir/ s'hould be  taken to the afternoon, performance,  as there wilil be standing room only  in 'the evening. Fifty cents and 25c  will >be charged   at   either   iperfo'rni-  ���������������������������th.ro u g',hou't=t!he^O kajnagan^as^a^menx^  ber of t'he auditing staff of Messrs*-.  Crejitan, Mouat & ��������������������������� Co., chartered  accountants, who are the auditors  for most of the municipalities, besides a large numiber' of business  houses. She, Is -higihly esteemed for  her lino business and persona!  qualitie.-.. and a host of friends will  regret her serious accident, and  wis'h  iher  speedy recovery.  Have Yowjtefi������������������tere������������������JJ  Following are t'he 'inames of Commissioners   for   Regisuriation.:  'AlsHiton   Creek���������������������������Ohi'is.    Parkinison,  Frank  Hawes, H.  Cooke.  Bennett  Sehoo'.���������������������������Jno.  Bell.  .Deep   Creek���������������������������A.   Hayhurst,   Robt.  Davidson,     Wilfred    Johnson,    Miss  deymour.  Enderby���������������������������Mrs. Chas. Stricklamd,  Mrs. Geo. Shampe, M-ns. S. H. Speers,.  A. Reeves, H. W. Keith, Chas. Op-  pertsiiamser, H. M. Walker, Geo. H.  Sm'edley, K. G\etx, Ohas. Garden, IT.  Hassardl. -  Grandview���������������������������G.  S.  Salt, Ed. Smith  Grindrod���������������������������Mrs.   Jno.   Monk,   C.   S.  Hand'cock, Harry Toniikinson.  Hupel���������������������������Jas.   Baird.  Miabal    Lake���������������������������W.     Clark,   Henry  Torrent.  Mara���������������������������Mrs.    Thos.     Gray,     Geo.  Bubterworth.  young people.  'in connection with student re-esta*b- ance.  The Fraser river is overflowting  its 'banks Jand thousands of acres, of  cultivated) fields in <|>he Sunias Vailley.  are under water. ,  (J.  N.   Grant was a  passenger for  Merritt on Monday.  t OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY, JULY 8,"1920  ������������������feanasau Commoner  In which is merged The Enderby Press and Walker's Woeklr  Fublishcd every .Thursday at Enderby. B.C..  by The Walker Press, at  *' $3 per year: $1.50 six months.  '    H. M.  WALKER  TH U R SO AY, J ULY 8, 1920  The Town Rand  How  sec llu-  ;i Unit*  about?  it. Li-t  you wouli  over wilh  vou ix ve.  many  people  in  Enderby  would  like  to  town hand revived?    There, there;one at  please.     Do you  know  how  lo  bring il  Thai's easy.    Jusl show  lhal  you  want  people   know.     Tell   vour  neighbor   thai  like  him,  lu vour talking it over, somebody elsi  THE "IN-AND-OUTER"  An obvious moral may be drawn from tbe  present market prospects for bogs. It is that the  "in-and-ouler" in breeding and feeding is usually  tbe man who fails. Look at the facts. Last fall  prices for hogs dropped rapidly. Two of the  causes for Ibis were tbe condition of export markets and the high price of feed grains. So much  American bacon bad been purchased by the British governmcnl under war contracts that, in the  few months after the armisli.ee,-* there was an unprecedented glut in Brilain. In. addition, the British people, being'relieved of lhe stern necessity  , of  eating a   class  ol"  bacon   to   which   Ihev  luu  to see the band revived,     lalk it;ncV(M. before been accustomed, refused longer lo  lie is probably as mteresled aSjiHiy jL    The m|uClion of bogs undoubtedly was  accelerated by Ihe unprecedented rise in lhe do-  he will talk  the materia  fact,  it's already  o  nis meslic prices for feeds. Hundreds of hog raisers  lor a j concluded il would be belter lo sell al any price  ralher lhan carry over the winler.    Tbe combination of conditions resulted in a rush o  in  who  band  hoes  will become interested, and  neighbor. In a lillle while  band will come lo light; in  sight. We understand tliat in Mr. Hodgkins  recently came lo Knderby, wc have a Panel i Uh> markcl. Prices went down naturally, while,  leader of experience, and one who is prepared lo!|-.,miei.3 were selling wildly, buvcrs wenTlcmpor-  lakc tip lhe work of re-establishing the Enderby VYilv embarrassed with the slock lhcy had on  band.     All   that   is  required   is  some   indication  htmd. c        r-  from tbe people that they wish lo see Ihe band Todav. however, things havc swung back,  revived and will lend a band to encourage, the Prices have constantly recovered. There is^a scar-  band and popularize the movemenl. cj[v ()f breeding sows throughout lhe Dominion.  Wc  laken  have  lhe building open   to  the  use of  lhe  I'or practices, and also available for band  and   ) ke   cnfertainmenl';   which '.may   bo  from time to lime in aid of the hand slum  re-established.  IJ)  about  bands, and  haven't   lhe space,  ever,   relating   to   I  that  they wish  lo see Ihe band  lend  a  band  to encourage,  tbe  popularize the movement,  arc  informed   by* Mr.  Robarge,   who   has! Young pigs arcVseJling at high prices. Meanwhile  over the Enderbv opera house, lhat he will: ihc man wbo dropped out because hc saw no ini-  bandI mediate   profit   in   sight   must   loday   pay' high  prices lo renewing his breeding stocks.    Had' he  dances  givlen  d it be!  We  fee!   like quoting  whal an  exchange  town bands in  Here  i.s  one  he   fellow   who  llioughtlcss enough  says;  particular, but!  thought,  how-!  sometimes   is j  band '  to ask. "Whal good is a  in a town?"' Before attempting to answer such  a silly question, one. should take an inventory of  lhc person asking the epicstion. But laking the  remark more seriously: one can say thai a  hand is one of the mosl useful- things  communitv can have.    It is.-oner of  only had a longer faith last fall.-he would have  "stayed in the game." Hc would not so readily  have sold hi?: breeding animals. He would have  made a lillle temporary sacrifice lo keep these  over the winter, and have bcen in a position io  take full advantage of'the "rising market.  "Wc find our farmers going into certain lines  of production for a year or two, ami then gelling  oul of thcipi in a hurry, ''leaving lhe market  short." said llie Minister of Agricullurc in the  House of Commons*some davs ago. "An excellent illustration of this is .the hog industry, which  Hogs  Pacific  _..,-.   _.    _., ��������������������������� iv^iu   iiiiioii t:i;un   yji    iiiir>   io _uiL-  I|i',^   iiiiinou ������������������ ���������������������������  s a lown or. rCqujrcs stabilization  lo a ceitain extent,  thc best ad-: have been brought from Winnipeg to the  a big attraction to a  town; it;Coast merely to.meet requirements. Tn addition.  hundreds of carcasses have bcen imported  jibe American  side.    This should  not be  largely due to lack of faith on Ib.e narl of I  rom  ll-is  ���������������������������U'iner's  , vertisemcnts; it is  means more travel to the town, which in turn  brings,, more business to Ihc merchants and a  greater degree of interest centred upon Ib.e town  from Ihesurrounding district. A band composed Jn lhc present markcl condilions."  ol" able players is a tower of strength to anv The ouick change in hog prospects is onl.v an-  communily-: if cultivates thc public car kva high jotlicr proof of the shrewd observation thai the  class of music, and does it right at home; it ere-, producer of Ibe slock who "stays in the game" in  atesi an atmosphere of loyally; it cultivates pult| the-unfavorable-season,-will be best able, to."re-  spirit and community interest. I coup'his losses and make cood average"profits  will boost the home band if it when thc inevitable turn in the market comes.  and the way, lo make il a goodj But the real I raged v caused bv the-"in-nncl-  Dis   to  .give  il   lhe support  and   encourage-,outer" is the way he desfrovs thc markets.-.   Dur-  lic spirit and community  Every citizen  be a good band;  band 0is   to '.give   il   lhe  ment thai will produce lhe best results.  ing a period of high production  the packer ex-   ���������������������������  lends his markets.    He establishes a demand for  The Yoho and Kootenay Parks in British,Co- the product of the farmer's animals. If during a  lumbia bave, by order-in-council. becn set aside,period of temporary depression breeding-slock  as Dominion Parks. Thc former comprises 47Gijs beavilv disposed of. it causes great fluctuations  .square miles and the latter 587 square miles. ,jn supplv. Tbis destroys the'customer's con-  A sixty-million dollar pulp and lumber merger,'fidence. If be cannol secure slcatlv supplies from  consisting of P.iordan companies, W. C. Edwards one source, be. must abandon- that .source and  and Hughson and Gilmour interests of Ottawa,jjook elsewhere. Thus lhc "in-and-ouler" not onlv  is announced.    This will be the largest organiza-;loses money himself but he becomes a seriously  Ip and paper [disturbing factor Ihroughoul ihc whole industry.  announced.    This  tion of its kind in tl  Will  ic world.  ils pulp and  production capacity being 150.000 tons per year. There  Who's Who  Ottawa  lience.  is hoth  virtue and profit  in reasoned  especially in Ib.e live stock industry.  pa-  Sir  Robert   Borden   has   a I   lasl   definitely  announced his  retirement as  leader of  tbe  Union  Government. Il looks as if Hon. Mr. Mcighcn j gin exploitation of the deposits, of sodium sul-  may bc selected to carry on as leader., bul a.shejphatc as soon a.s machinery can be installed. The  is recognized as the mouthpiece of the old group'deposits are aboul four feel deep. The plant will  of reactionaries wbicb has held sway so-long at, be inslr.Hec! in units costing fiom $10,000 lo $25.-  Ottawa. il is doubtful if be would be acceptable 000 each with a capacity of 500 tons per month.  A syndicate of English capitalists has acquired  rights on =hvo and a half sections of land about  thirty miles norlh of Calgary. Alia., and will begin  exploitation of  the deposits, of sodium  phatc as soon a.s machinerv can be installed,  i  lo "a"nyo lie "oiitsKl^tlTe^"i"iTiW?^iTCJ?:"=="CltOuShfg  a leader just now is not an easy task, especially  as he has noihing tangible to lead.    The National  Liberal    and    Conservative    Parly,    now    being  launched by the old group, is cerlain to come lo  an abrupt  ending.     It bas more name lhan  platform.    The people, do nol want to have anything  lo do wilh something they do  nol  know where !\v;).s  lo find.    They   want   something   more   real.     ll, remain  is common  knowledge  thai  these  political  com-' road-bet  filiations,  are simply  the joining  up  of cerlain'  political  leaders of both or all old  parlies, each  helping to keep the olher in power and all combining lo prevent  Ihe election  of anyone outside  Ihe   "inner   circle."     Such   combinations   are  so  well  understood lhal  it is doubtful  if  ���������������������������will   longer  submit   to   being  impose<  having  these  sell'-appoinled . leaders   thrust  upon  them,    l.'ndei- Ibis democracy of ours, lhe people  should have something lo say in the seleceiion of  Iheir -leaders  instead of being forced  to  take as  leaders men  chosen  by a   handful  of  politicians  who   have   no   mandate   from   lhc   people  given  Ihem for lhc purpose.    Let us get back lo the old  popular   convention   idea.     Canadians   ought   to  he privileged to have a voice in  lhe selection of  the'men to lead them if they are lo be called up-  on   to   vote  for   Ihem   wilh   only  a   hazy   understanding of  what   these  men  sland   for, and  no  well-defined parly policy laid down.  Loj  Bridges a Menace to Travel  >.Iany years ago. in building Ihe wagon  lo Mabel Lake from Enderby. three or four  big-logged corduroy bridges were laid over  lying  wet  land  along  lhe  river  near   Mime  roa<!  long.  low  I.     li  nevei** intended that Ihese log brid._-  shine.  | than a  [wiv. 12  still  remain,  lo travel the  ie peop^!government.  upon,   bviwt.ll drained  Serial wilhin  or other heavy  or.  Ihe roadway  aboul  lime  the  vs should  onger   man   was   required   I'or   lhe   low  lo be drained and made dry by Ihe sutill  vas considered cerlain  lhal  nor  m-MV  season or Iwo would be required.    Tbat  or  15 years ago.    Those old  log bridges  a  menace lo every vehicle tbat bas  road, and a disgrace lo any modern  The r;;adway is dry. the low land  there is splendid road-making mail few feci of lhe road, Jand no rock  work.    And still  the*?e-menaces  are allowed  lo remoin.     Isn't  it  long-suffering settlers niv.'d * lum-  icrmen  and  motorists generally.-who have had  to suffer I'or thc Government's neglect, demanded consideration for lhis particular pari of  Mabel Lake road by the road work department?  More  irrigation  than 100 men will be employed on Ihe  project' between Vasgeaux Lake and  Osyoos by midsummer according to the latest reports. The system i.s heing put in for soldier  settlement land, and Ibe main ditch, which is being concreted, was finished Jasl month.  Indians on the Piapol reserves, about twenty  miles northeast of-Regina, Sask., find themselves  in the fortunate position of being possessors of  $150,000 in cash as the result of the sale of 24  sections to the .Dominion-government for soldier  selllement.  A motor trip will he'made from Montreal,  Que., for the purpose of mapping out the shortest and besl route between the Pacific coast and  lhe Canadian metropolis.  DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS  IE 01 IKE ROAD  Notice is hereby given that in accordance with the provisions  of the "Highway Act" the Rule of the Road is as follows:���������������������������  In Traffic District No.   1.  In Traffic District No.  2.  KEEP TO THE LEFT;  KEEP TO THE RIGHT,  on and after July 15th, 1920.  Tlie said traffic districts are morc particularly descri'ljed -iix Section cfi  qf the "Highway Act Amendment Act, 1020,'' and shown on. Rule of  the Road -Map    posted  in public .buildings.  I3y Order  Department  of  Parliament   Building  June   10th.   1920.  Public   Woks,  s,  Victoria,   B.C.  J.  H.  KING  Minister of Public Wlorks  "Tur  to  the Right"  Printed in red on Cotton, for windshield; convenient size; little  space, but large"ehough. Printed both sides. Get one; it may  save you injury; and repairs cost mrney. 2SC EACH  THE WALKER PRESS.  A Varied;  Assortment  of high class crockery and china is.  characierlsbic of our 'burling methods. 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McMahon & Son        JEnt)erby  The Tire  Doctors  We are open to buy a Metal Turning Lathe and a Drill Press. Our  Cycle Repair 'Department wants  500   old  Bicycles,  any  condition.  Armstrong Vulcanizing Works  Subscribe for the Commoner: $3 a year z>  St,  THURSDAY, JULY 8. 1920  OKANAGAN COMMONER  Trout      Fishing  ��������������������������� *  in  Canada  in Manitoba. $54,200. or I .'J per  cent'; and iiVBrtish Columbia,  $22,455i or (5 per cent-  Give   Hens   Clean   Litter  FurKirxg near sj^t  Mfrrflueri'  More benefit is derived from recreation in the open country th&a from  mvry other form of anauBemcnt, and  fi&hlng.is one of the happiest and  most health giving of pastimes.  Bummer le fishing tirap. and Canada  has numerous lakes and rivers where  there is a-buadance of fish of all  varieties to tempt the angler. Trout  fi3htas is amongst the most popular  forms of this sport. _._ -  To fish successfully for trout his  habits.must be known. His habits in  one-part"vof the country will be different from the habits of his brothers  In the. lakes and streams of other  different sections of the country. The  trout . loves clear swift running  strer..:r..s, whether;large or snail, the  bottoms of which are filled . with  boulders ��������������������������� and gravel.. He is-wont to  hide under the overhanging banks of  the streams and under and along  fallen trees in deep holes made by  these obstruction's of,the current. -1  Is.particularly advantageous to look  for trout .among the fast moving rapids, or'in the eddies along the banks..  The trout feeds jnrgely on insects.  He-is -'. lively forrvver1 for food, and  he  is-often  seen' chasing tha  small  '"minnows during- tho middle' of tlie  6av. r,:id n'o-,v sr.A thsa-leapir.^ in t'r.e  air- for- black  files, and-, mctb.3. '  He  _Uke������������������ plenty of -Wfc'SVv *-n^ ds'.ishts  WW���������������������������  Ji "Trout Fumttyg at Ba^ry^  In the white-capped fcaming- waters  below a fall in the stream.  Kaslo, B.C., is the" headquarters for  trout fisher3 on the upper Kootenay  lake. Holiday makers who are visiting beautiful Banff-may. catch excellent, trout in the Bow river.. Splendid trout flBhing may be had at Nibl-  gon|-> Ontario, and in the rivers anS  lakes among .the Laurentian Mqim->  tains, Quebec;, in fact there is trout  fishing to be had In-nearly all Can a--;  d:ai waters of any great extent But,  those who are seeking a big -haul  should.go to places that are AOt.tcq  much freouented..  A poultryman wilh 4-10 hens  found that" when tbe litter in  the poultry bouse was  the egg production was 212 per  day. Mc left Ibc 'same litter  six weeks and during tbis  lime the eggs fell to 80 a day.  lie. then pu! in clean,.Utter and  changed il regularly and in two  Weeks thc egg yield went up ���������������������������lo  over 200 a day/ ^'  .   '  HEAVY  INCOME TAX  Thirty-five million dollars is the  amount of income -tax collections  that is expected from British Columbia "this year, according to Mr. C. H.  Clendenning, .the tin come tax 'inspector I'or the province, who .has just  clean I r*eturnetl from a viisit to Ottawa on  department business. L>ast year  British Columbia collected $20,000,-  00 0 in taxes, aiud'under 'the new system adopted in the .province-for itlh'is  year, officials in the .inspector's office  expect to meet -with, little 'diifficulty  in realizing t'he larger amiount.  HOUSEHOLD   H1XTS  Meat should n'ever be put 'in cold  water except far making soup.  Broiled green peppers miake a delicious finds Wing touch to a steak.  ���������������������������Pastry shourd be . rolled lightly,  fchait fche air may mot be .pressed, out  of it.* '  " U-se a dlougihnut cutter next time  you'- make ginger cookies .and you  will  have some nice jximibleg.  ���������������������������Metal bow.lo.r spoon will disco'or  sugar, or shortening. .  Qoarse granulated ,. sugar . will  make a. caice c.f course" .texture.  -���������������������������Manufacture of Clover Silage  cut.     up more   easily.     There    .. lis also the advantage of obtain-.  Wc are but beginning to up-ling an earlier second, crop.  predate the value of clover Only as much should be cut at  silage in modern stock feeding.'one time as may be placed in  When properly made clover tbe silo during the clay. The  sihifjo is an. excelled I feed i'or--mower-sbould_.be. started early  nearjy aJJ classes of live stock, in. thj>m.oniin<v and 1'oJJowed at  the.  higher  protein once by file vajce. -  The clover  1 ������������������" *     -i .1 1**.. ���������������������������**��������������������������� _i 1       '  be  an increase of 170,000 head of  all kinds.   '-.-'-  Thc provincial government  revenue from forests in British  Columbia exceeds $2,700,000  annually. -  Victory boan Cost,  A  total of $1,JJ 10,402.37 -was  jf paid-out   by   the minister   o  -,-,,- sevee wHUni doe, ,,ko pla?c,; f^- ������������������'^"'"j���������������������������^<������������������ X  bandied thc lasl Victory Loan  Aside  from   ..... .   CT    .......  content, it has _ an advantage should not bc left to wilt  over "corn silage in point bfitv/ccri cutting" and siloing  lower cost of production.  vields of clover compare favor- better  results  arc  obtained  by  ably with   those of  corfcylieii :"M;������������������c* water. Tbe clover ought  feci wet as it drops in the  lo. Frequently attempts, arc  Seldom arc fields seeded to a made to make sijagc out of  purely clover mixture. Usuallv clover after it is spoiled for hav.  some" of the standard grasses This is a poor policy. Partly  arc added. On tbe Agassiz Farm spoiled clover makes very in-  wc   use   a   mixture" containing i'crior silage as it loses: its .color  red, alsikc and while Dutch clo- and likely decay has set in.       ,..      - hs;rn-nlion     T��������������������������� Saskatchc-  ver. and Italian rycand orchard      Clover silage has been m^c.^^  Afc&AJM  Eridei-by- Lodge,'" No. 40  [tegular meetings first  Thursday on or a������������������ter. the  full moon at 8 p. m.'in Masonic Hall.; ' .Visiting  "brethren cordially  invited.  A. REEVES  W.M.  C.  H. REEVES  Secretary  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 85. K: of P. '.   '  Meets 1st & 3rd  Monday eve  in Masonic Hall.   Visitoracor-  dially invit������������������������������������d to attend.  W.M. ANDEItSON. C. C  H. m. walker; k. R.s  -    R. J. COI.TART. M'.F.  EUREKA LODGE NO 50.  imji j u ji ii        iiii'o*u      ������������������-' *        \_ ������������������,n i (t    n   n*o|i  the land has been equally well to  'prepared. ���������������������������? .'''-. ^\b  These fees run proportionate-       ��������������������������� *��������������������������� u- u- v-  7   higher- in   Quebec  province  \Ie.els. every Tuesday evcnin������������������ at 8  i      -1,���������������������������. .     cqSo Of;o 17 o'clock.   Visiting brothers cordially  um       elsewhere;     5}>d52,Vlo*s.l / invited. *  ���������������������������lv  th  i\vas paid on this head in Que  bee, representing 22 per cent of  thc total subscriptions tp_ the  Joan.    In Nova Scotia, $57,575  ,was paid out, or 20 per ccnl of  QUALITY HATS     :.  Straw   ihtaitsi'worthy''of 'mention.  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TUP CASIf MEAT >JAJ������������������vET  Phone  63  is there less liability of clover  spoiling v\bcn cut into short  lengths but it can be placed in  the silo and also removed wilh  Greater ease. Thc knives on tbe  eull  sel  Tbe most common practice is iivh lengths.    It is a good plan,  lo   cul   Ibe.  clover  fcr   the  silo where    possible    when    siloing.  when   in   full   bloom,   tbat   is. clover, lo pu  when    right  Care must he  the easier it is to make a silage  of good" quality. The. grasses  arc inclined to bc more wiry,  stiff and dry, thus requiring  more webihl t'o press the mass  firmly into the silo to exclude  the ail'-  m- must  be kepi sharp and  lo   cut   approximately   half  for    nay making,  taken not to leave  clover,  ton to  below  it a la ver of corn on  weight down the mass  ind   r.oi'iire   a   (borough  (hc harvesting period loo laic, packing and thereby also a bet-  Tt is heller lo err on tbe early  Icr  quality   of  :/ilagc. ��������������������������� W.   11.  side rather than lo posloonc lhc Hicks.    Superintendent    JSxper-  long.  culling    too  plants are young the stalks and  leaves    arc    morc    tender   and  NEW MUSIC  AnytMii'g in music can he obtained  bore.     AU   the   popular   songs   -and  When    the imental [Farm. AgasSiz, B. C.  Farm   Acreage in  B.   C.  The. total acreage under grain  cull'ivalion  in  British Columbia  in   1919  amounted   lo   193,000  acres.   ������������������Tlie total yield of grain  ���������������������������iii'sfcr.umentar    pieces    together * with ' of all descriptions was 6,420,000  standard son'g books and instruction  bushels,   ix   figure   far   in   excess  books. | of   1918.     The   acreage   under  if  we. .arc  out  of  the  particular hay amounted to 140,000 acres.  .piece -you require we will  get it  fori anti   the   yield   to   230,000   tons.  you. I The  acreage  under   rootp   Was  We also have  a supply of  good 32,000 acres, and the yield Was  mouth   organs,   violin ��������������������������� strkngs,   pegs, | over . 200.000   tons, of  which   50  bridges, etc. J per   cent   was   potatoes.     The  the   popular '.vAiuety store'-amount of livestock in the prov-  Postoffice one door  East  ENDERBY, B.C.  incc shows a small increase. An  estimate of  the poultry reveals  IN ORDFAl TO VOTE OX THE FORTHCOMING PROHIBITION PLEBISCITE AND IN PROVINCIAL. OR DOMINION GENERAL ELECTIONS  YOU MUST REGISTER  ALL PREVIOUS LISTS OF VOTERS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED.     THE FACT THAT YOUR  NAME WAS ON THE LIST LAST YEAR DOES NOT  COUNT.      NEITHER CAN  YOU VOTE  AS A PROPERTY OWNER WITHOUT REGISTERING.  Make Your Peclaration NOW!  BEFORE THE REGISTRAR OR AN ELECTION COMMISSIONER, POSTMASTER, JUSTICE  OF THE PEACE, MAGISTRATE, CONSTABLE OR BEFORE OFFICIALS AT ANY GOVERNMENT OFFICE.  Registration closes on July Fifteenth next  REGISTER TO-DAY  ,        BY ORDER PROVINCIAL SECRETARY <-^J  OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY, JULY 8, 1920  SAVE MONEY  TIME AND  TROUBLE  By shipping your cream lo the  BURNS CREAMERY  And  vou  VERNON, B.C.  you   know   exactly  arc    receiving    for  what  your  send  statement showing weight's and  lest- for each shipment. We  also pin* transportation charges  when arranged  for.  Write for prices, cream cans,  etc. Wc will be glad' lo correspond wilh yon.  cream.    Wc pay cash anc  showing  P.'Burns & Co.  VERNON, B. C.  ?  Ltd.  COMMUNITY PLATE  TO OUR PATRONS  Owing lo the large stock of  Community .goods in Adam  and Patrician design at present  on band, wc bave decided -that  .during lhc rest of the present  monlh lo sell these goods,at the  usual, list prices. Wc ourselves  Avill pay lhc' tax required by  law.- Wc will also a I our expense pay shipping charges to  any part of British Columbia  on above-mentioned lines only.  1'his not only saves you 10 per  ccnl on your purchase, but'-also  saves shipping charges. All  mail orders will receive prompt  attention.  X  To local patrons a further discount of 10���������������������������/'    on all other  purchases  J. C. WHITEN  Manufacturing Jeweller  VERNON, n. C.       O  For the Warm Weather  SALMON  . (<h:m:i)  iMMF.I)  I1KRK  .- \L.\I)   OKKSSINC  1)1,1 VK   OIL  I'l.MIKXTOS  .-..\l! DINKS  I'liAiiS  W<-  Un,.], ii  ,;or>d  line ol'   KRKSII   FI'U'IT   AND   VKfJETA UUCP.  DUNCAN BROS,  Enderby's Quality.Store  BRICK  YARD   SHUT  TtOWS  Tn Face of Big- Demand  Eiulei'by .Yard Cannot  ated at a Profit.  for  Bo  Brick  Oper-  Manager   Gibbs,   of-the   Enlderby  Brick   anld   Tile   Company,   lvaid    to  close down;   all   work   at   the brick,  yard   a   week   ago   and   is   not   contemplating     operating     again     this!  season, or until* the labor market is j  more   settled.      The   400,000    brick!  ordered    for    tho   Armstrong  school  are   ready  for shipment.     The  yard  will   -have    mo    brick    for   sale   this [.  season*,   though   there   is   a   big   de-;  mand for them. {  This, it woul'.d appear, is 'the con-1  diition facing all Lhe brick yards in;  tihe Interior, and some of them in j  Alberta. Even wiith the demand j  ���������������������������I'or brick unlimited, they cannot be j  miaai'ufactured 'at a,profit even, at tih-c  increased price being charged for  t'hem.     ,_  j     trim slvut-down is t'he direof result  ; of  the   "won't   work"  policy   of  the  I men  employed   in   the  yards:     Man-  ! ago'r Gibbs  was paying 50c an hour  j for comimon labor, -and the output in  ''actual   results   was   a   liitO'e   better  J than, one-tiliird 'that of ipre-wair days  [ with the rate of wages half that of  I tod-ay.     Men   drifted   in   and 'drifted  out;, non������������������ seemed  to  be disposed to  stick on the job only from  hour  to"'  pour.  The hi'gh cost of fuel1, of repairs,  ancl of labor put the manufacture!  XT brick at a .profit almost an impossibility.. All of the brick yards  in the-Interior are either s'hut down  cut ire-" y or are operating on a scale  that can be 'handled 'by the proprietors themselves,  with  little 'help.  The Best Investment  You can make  is an up-to-date water supply and plumbing" system for vow home.    '  You do not havc to live in  comfort   and  water supply  in vour home  labor-saving  and  plumbing  town lo havc all thc.  conveniences of a  and healing syslcm  Let- us figure  need. We have  others now for  on a system for your particular  heen putting in these systems for  fifteen years; why not for you?  Maying and harvest tools.  Building material; lime, plaster and cement.  Another stock of barb wire now on hand.  Keep the Hies oul: screen doors, windows and  wire cloth.  Sharpies' Snction-fccd Cream Separators.  Delivery Cream Cans;  Thousands of small articles of Hardware.  keep  our stock up,  We arc doing onr best lo  Vol.  13,  No.  21,  Whole No.  fiOli.  and the prices arc lo>v as possible,"buying direct  from thc manufacturer when possible.  Plumbing  Heating  ENDERBY, B. C.  Tinsmithing  IT TAKES SKILL  THE  VAlAiU  OK   PRACTICE  (By One of the Players)  Too often we depreciate tiie  ce'ssity of practice and forget  vane  of  it.     But  we  very  often1'  ii e-  the  get  to repair ami. auto pr openly. No ordinary aneoh,ani.c can do such work.  Yen wouldn't send', your watch to a  i'blacksmit'h ;l'or repairs. An auto is  jjus-t as mechanical, y delicate as'a,  | watch. Sb don't send yours to in-  ' experienced people. Semdi 01 here  '.where it- will  be .treated  by exports.  lessons  that teach "better than "mere  Edivico  can   clo.  Here is one .iiista.nice. Last year 1  wa.s aslcedto tea'ch 'baseball to a"  school. Two or three ' weeks after  beginning 1 wished to show my  sponsors 'how quickly ithe chWdiren  were progTensinlg. W'e cWaMenged  a school that did not kntow any more  about the game than my. school had  kmown two weeks ^before. The game  was stopped in* the second inning  "ith the sco'i-e 33 "to S in favor of  niy school. It happened "that my'pupils were bigger than, their opponents and of course this -was offered  ������������������������������������������������������.!*-��������������������������� an 'alibi for defeat. 1 was rather  nettled at this and asked^for an-  ot'ier grume. It came cn closing rta>  Ihis year. The boys of that schoo.  .-a me to t.his school to .p_aycour t.';:'r.  oT four'boys and four -girls. Three  uf -.hese eight did not 'belong to our  team at all, excepting as substitutes.  One of the three was eight  old. Some of our opponents were  Jiigh school boys Ours were frewta  Junior Fourth to Second Primer.  Thc adva.nitage of size was with  the  ether side this time.    At the end. o  _______  RAND'S GARAGfe ENDERBY  For-H Dealer and Repairs.  A name that stands  King Edwarc| Jflofel  for the best in hotel service  Mefby  P. H. MURPHY  Proprietor  by  Plans "No.   23 1,   211A 'andi 21*115.  a'lvd 'that portion of District Lot 14 9,  J Group   1,   Osoyocs   Division   of   Yale  I District  situate  within  the  limits  of  the City  of Enderby,  amd   shown  cn  the offi'ci'al   plan   o-f   Uhe  G'oive'Vn,n:������������������nt  ; Tom in site  of  Uolvedcre,- acco'i-dins to  a pi'ian deposited in  t.'he Lumdi Registry  Oflice   at  Kamloops,   wliich   were  , directed to be specially surveycdi iby  (-r.iiT. order  cm!  t'he  Honourable thcvAl-  years *torney-Gelii,eral, 'dated   the   27t'h' day  'of" Seplember,    1016,    for   the   .purpose of co'.u-ecting-'a'.i.y error .or supposed error,  in  respect of any ex.'st-  iii'g survey or plan, .and, af correcting  jor    adjusting    any    discrepancy    be-  r twoen   the   ocoiipariicy   of   the   laimd  =}-a ndV-a n-y-=regi st eu&cl���������������������������su b=d ivi si o n^=_a:i  ' i i.'unns  of  such   land,  and. of   plotting  ���������������������������* ' Jantl  not befC'i'o subdivided,  and. no:  shown-  on. .any.'Plan   of r.ub-:livision,  cculd  together with 'a tabulated 1'st of oc-  cui)ici'.l  or improved  lr���������������������������.:���������������������������''"���������������������������,  the beam-  {Cotters  ajuj Ivoc}a}i Supplies  the eighth we were 'leading rt-to CT  Then we allowed them, to score 3  while we put three out Lit second  base.      Two    of    th  have  been, cut  off  u..  ....*.   _........_  ....._.   .    .        ,.     , . . ..       . .  , danes oi wihich appear as alcrtd by  our policy been t'he prevention ol!tnesf,id pfnns. 'have been filed with  runs. .       ' | the    Provincial    Secretary    and    The  !t   develo.pcd   afterward   that   our  said plans  will  bo su.bmiUtcl  Tor the  opponents on seeing the littleness hi   aPProvel     of   .the    Honourable,     the  . , , ,  . ' l.ieut&ivint-Oovei nor      in-      Council,  size   ol    our    (cam*   had   oxc aimed; : iI1(]   thaL   any   ccinpoints   t'hut   mnj  'This is a snap," but even  the eighty,  imule against  such  Spot'tal  Survey  midget    hit.   safely    three-"!' phins by nny person interested  in  ti mes  year okl  times c;ut of live  This, to me, is  tion of the value  lice,   however,   is  up.  a splendid illustra-  of practice.    Prac-  not   enough.     We  Want Ads  8c a weird first insertion, 2c a word each insertion thereafter:' 25c minimum charge: 10c extra  v,-here cash does.not accompany order.  STRAYED���������������������������From the Reserve; gray  liorae; branded "J C" on left shoulder; $5 reward; address, S, Walker  Press. .        '  WANTIOD���������������������������Small cook stove, suitable for siini'inw kite-hen, in good  repair.     Mrs.   David   Watkins*.  FOUND���������������������������On the road near Grind -  rod, auto side rmrtaln.7 Oivhit'  miay    have   sarnie    by   applying   at  Walker  Pre.sw and  paying tor this  a.d.  IMPOUXDHI)  know that it is harder to steal home  than to steal any otiier base, yet in  tho game 1  speak of the home plate  prO'porty thereby affected, will be-  heard by Godron Lindsay, Ksqulio.  Barfister-at-Lnw, at thc City Hall,  hinder by. II.C, in tho Province of  British Columbi-a, on Friday, thr  1Gth day Of Jufy next, at the hour  of ten o'clock in the forenoon, and  that t'he cost and expenses of s.uch  en.'iuiry by uhe sno.1i Gordon  i.iivds'ivy.  You nevei* will know the full  enjoyment bf an outing  until  you    take   a  Kodak with you  A. Reeves  iggist and Stationer.  UNDERBY  4.1  NOT1CI-: is hereby given that the  under-described catt(!e have been  iinpouuded:  One Holstein cow, with calf about  (!  weeks old;  no brand;  One   Holstein   heifer,   no   brand*.  One  Jersey  steer,   branded   H:  One   Jersey  'heifer,   no  braiiid.  The said cattle will be Sa\l on  Tliiirsclay.    tlie    15th    day    of    July,  A.D.   "I 920,. at ,the  hour  of  2   in   tlie  afternoon,   at   the   City   Pound,   Enderby,   unless   the   same   shall   have  sooner    been     claimed!   and    all   ex-'  penses  in   connection'  with   imipound- j  ing    paid. ROBT.    BATLEY,  July  5th,   1920. City   Pound  City   Poundkeeper.  Jifly Oth, 1.920.  ip.'ayers steal  for four -runs, j Esquire,    together    wioh     the    tolal  amount of compensation alio .'.������������������������������������������������������;.:!.  and ar.y other incidental expenses  necessary to complete the Special  Survey wr'l be added' to 'a.nd become  part of the costs and expense's of  the said  Special  Survey.  Dated, at Victoria,  B.C.,'fhis  17th  day of .Tune,  1920. rt  ���������������������������J.   W.   deB.   FARRIS,  Att 0 rney-G-ener a 1.  saw our  One, or even two, home steals may  bo excusaible but w.hen borne is  sto'.eii at random, it shows that the  defense needs not only .practice .but  also head work. Us'e your bralins.  That's   w'hy   brains 'aire 'giiveni  to   us  In (be Miitfer of the Special Surveys  Act, and in the Mil Iter of Special  Survey of Portions of I^ot 150,  City of 'KmleH.y.  NOTICE is -hereby given that tihe  plans of the Special Survey of those  portions of District Lot 150, Group  1, Osoyoos Division of Yn''e District,  situate within the Corporate limits  of tlie City  of Enderfiy,  anti sfrown  Statement   of  Costs  Proportion to be borne  *po*ratio*n. o;f the City  in respect of the .area  tained      in.    streets  to  by  Date.  the  Cor-  of   Enderby  of l'a.n'd con-  ���������������������������and     lanes  ,.     $"96.44  Proportion to be taxed against owners   in    respect   of   lots or    la'w.l,       $253.5G  When you want the Best  Meats and Service, go to  GEO. R. SHARPE  Wholesale   and   Retail   Butcher  Enderby,  13. C.  Notary Public  insurance amd  Gene'nai  Agent  Bell  JAS.  Block  DICKSON  Enderbv


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