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Okanagan Commoner May 13, 1920

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V^?n Vi&$^
Vol. M���������No.������9, Who!- No. 685
Subscription, $2 a year; 5c copy
Will Not Permit Health Act
to Be Violated by Indifferent Parents
.Monday    night's   session,   of    the
City,Council closed at midnight,    rt
hud  to   deal   with,  many  local  problems    of-   a   'moreorless    contentious
mtture.     First,  Health Officer Keitu
reported    on     the    general     health
conditions of the city. On thc whole
these  conditions   were good.     But a
wave   of   measles   swept    over   the
school and  in a  day many children
were-taken down.    It was of a ver.y
mild   nature, "and  he  hoped  soon  to
have  .those   children   attacked   back
to school.    But until the cases now
reported were cleaned up he wished
to    have    a    strict    quarantine    en-
���������    forced.     To   make    it   effective   he
would have to'have the co-operation
of  the  council   and   of .'the   parents.
Some   of   the   latter,   ho   said,   were
disposed    to   ignore  'the    Provincial
Health Act lin  relation  to reporting
infectious   ddseases,   which   had   led
to ithe  present visitation  of measles
becoming     widespread    before     the
3)resence of the disease was known.
Failure  to report,   he   said,    was   a
most  serious  offense,  as  it  was .impossible   for   the   health    officer   to
take the .proper  precautions  to., -prevent the disease becoming epidemic.
With    the  ������o-operation   of    parents
with   tiho   school   teachers   and   the
health board, it was a comparatively easy matter to confine any of the
.children's   diseases   to  -a   very   >fe\v4
cases   if  - the     requirements  of   the
Health  Act  were observed'.
Flagarant violation of the Health
Act was charged against the parent
bf. one ho>nie, who failed to report.
;. his -child sick wlth-.smallpox in- the
recent epidemic, and', at the" same
time the 'parent and"oth"er children
���������were goin'g and coming .from the
sick child to the street " arid to
school. , Even regular milk deliveries were carried on from the 'home
_ to the homes of customers.
The members of-the council decided that t'lris .parent should be
.prosecuted "under the law for this"'
inexcusable violation, and the City
Constable was instructed to proceed
against him.
Streets ami Sidewalks '
Mayor Barnes reported that ths
grader had been ���������engaged on George
street and that the work wo-ild be
continued as far south as tho "Recreation- Ground. Attention would
plso .be given to sor.io of the side
Greets, but that funds for this
work would not permit anything ol*
an extensive' nature being -undertaken. The public works committee,   Aid.   Mackay   chairman,   re-
John Folkard and Thos. Hughes
were named t act as special con-
stab1'es on that day
Mayor Barnes ancl all. the aldermen expressed the hope that every
citizen would heartily co-operate
with the Hos.pial Board and. thc
Celebration Committee to 'make the
Hospital Field Day a huge success,
ft was the intention, of the city, the
Mayor said, to confine the refreshment privileges on the grounds, to
the combined hospital booths in order to give the Hospital Board
and the ladies of Enderby who luave
so heartily entered into the work,
every opportunity to reach their
.Arrangements  Working  Up Well for
a   Itijc   Day.
sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr
rs rs rs rs rs rs  j^ j* ������s rs rs rs ss  #<% rs rs rs
Mr. Lord, school inspector, spent
a day last week at the school and
was- .pleased at the progress of th 3
Irene Cadden came down- from
Armstrong to stay with her parents.
Mrs. Craig of Vancouver after a
visit of a month with Mr. Gray returned home, last week.
Fred Dean 'and Har.ry Blurton 'returned on Saturday rafter spending
a Jew days at "Vernon.
Quite a number of Maraites took
in thle church concert at Grindnod'
on Friday and speak very highly of
it. ^ v      .
Sunday travel is increasing now
the .roads are passable. Geo. Heggie
and family, also Frank Hassard,
were noticed taking a - spin down
here.     . --.-..'
The rea1! estate is quite." active
down 'here, scarcely a day - passes
but some one is looking for a buy.
/Jack Graham has purchased the
Jacques property on Riverside road
through' the Soldier Settlement
"Mrs. Moser has also sold flier
house and land/ to' a .party from Kelowna.  . .
i  '-it \i it it Br sr  sr sr sr  sr sr sr sr sr
s rs js  o rs rs j; rs rs js  n ��������������������������� js rt is
ported 'on \vorl~it was intended to
have clone: that a .portion of George
street now graded' be gravelled, and
that tenders be invited for hauling
shale rock; that a short stretch of
roadway be gravelled with river
gravel to test it in comparison with
shale; that cement mould- bo made
and a supply 'of cement be procured
for making sidewalk curbing, and
that existing wooden sidewalks that
need renewal be replaced by shale
walks'; that the cement wa'"k on the
north side o(f Mill street bo repaired
'and that manholes of drains at intersection of streets bo covered
���������with wooden gratings.
ItvJ was pointed out that this program of work would require the expenditure of a considerable sum of
money, but that the work would
���������be proceeded with as far as- the ap-
"prcpriation held out.
'Aid. Coltart and A'kl. Gaylord
were  appointed   a   committee  to   go
in the
it   is
Mr. Roland Hill, motored to Vernon on Tuesday.
Cutting    was    started    tlhe
week at Hoover's mil1.
A social dance will be held/
hull   on   Friday   evening,   and
understood another one will be held
on 'tlhe 21st.
Mr. R. Howard had the misfor-
_tiui e^on^Mortda y=on o rn i n g^'to -=! osc=-a=
fine cow, the animal breaking its
leg  ami   having  to  be  shot.
Mr. and Mrs. George Woods of
Vernon paid a short visit with. Mr.
and Mrs. B. R. Campbell of Deep
Creek on Sunday.
'Mr. and Mrs. James Duncan, Mr.
and M/rs. D. Lawson, and Mr. and
Mrs. W. B. 1-lill'iia.rd. of Deep Creels
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. I-l.
A. Grant of Armstrong.
Weather favorable Enderby -will
have one of the best days of sport
and .pleasure May 24th that ever
ha-a  been enjoyed  here.
Owing to the teams being late in
organizing in  all the Valley towns,
it has Jjeen difficult to 'get a definite
line-up  of the day's sports, but this
week    saw    the   .following    events
booked  for-the time stated.     Tbe-e
m������y   be   some   minor  changes   when
the   oflicial  program  is   printed  'but
these wi 1 not be material.
, Program   of  Sports.
10 a.  m.���������-Junior Baseball.
10:30���������(Cash   prizes)    Ohiildrem's
.Races   (on  Cliff St.).    Boys'  bicycle
race under 15...
11:00���������Armstrong Band selections.
11:30���������Decorated, bicycle parade
to grounds.
3 2:00���������(Cash .prizes) 50-yard
dns'li; -��������� 100-yard dash; 220-yard
1 p. m.���������League Baseball, Armstrong vs.  Enderby. "
3 p.m.���������Relay race, 4 men, Armstrong,   Salmon   Arm,   Enderby.^'
3:3 0���������Intermediate Lacrosse ���������
Vernon-Salmon Arm..
5:00���������Baseball���������Salmon Arm vs.
7:30  ��������� Band  Concent  (Gift* St).
William   Farnum Jn ���������***" "The    Jungle
Trail," followed by a dance. -
Meals ami Canvassing.
Hospital Field Day at Enderb>v
will be attended, by 'hundreds wiio
will come to see the. sports:and help
toward making the event- a success.
And, judging by the \v-ay- the women
of Enderby and district are co-operating in preparing to serve the
happy but hungry . crowd, its success is certain. Canvassers have
pretty well covered .the field for
eatables for the tables and-the committee feel grateful for t/he liberal
cont-ributions. They are still short
of -pies and meats, and would aiy
preciate contributions of . tjhils nature.
Tomorrow evening the Hospital
Beard will meet to complete final
-arrangements for canvassing the
city- and district for _'f unds in support  of  the  isolation   ward   project.
Seven /hundred doVars- is " the
aim di nt subscribed as a "starter','
for the committee of canvassers
wlho will now take over the work
ancl cover Enderby and. dfstrict between  the 13th ancl  24th.
Grindrod Citizens Give Highly-
Creditable Concert in Aid of Church
ilt is doubtful if a better concert |JS
by' local talent was ever given in
the district than that put on by the
people of Grindrod 'llae't Firjlday
evening an aid of t'ho church bulild-
ing fund. Every number was enjoyed by the large audience. They
were sufficiently diverse to satisfy
aFl, -from the wee tot to granddad
w;hitetop.pe.xl and -mellow in years.
Fulljr 300 people were 'in attendance. It was not until it came to
serv'l'ng the refreshments that the
taeik became'heavy, but even then
the womenfolk of th'e enterprising
little com'm'ini'ity would wot give in
to having mere than' they could
' The objective of the concert was
to clean up 'an indebtedness of $150
on' tlhe new chiMich ibuiklling recently fin&hed. The total receipts at
the door amounted to $13 0, which
cfter deducting an expense'account
of $9.00,. left a balance of $121'to
go 'into the fund.
���������Mr. Morton occupied tihe chair
and fiFedi .it admirably. Rev. Mr.
Grletton toiid of tiho obstacles overcome liii! connection1 'with buildrni?
the church an'cl congratulated the"
people on having overcome them
and 'in ihaMimg so fine a .church
building .in the community. Tt was
open to' afl'i '-denominations that- desired to make use of 'it, he said, and
was" now" virtually free from debt.
Grindiiod people had determined,' he
said, to make 'anything given in connection! with tlie church 100 ..per
cent "service and to  giive
full  value
for   anything   received.     The"' even-
"J>AJ>J>Y LOXG liKGtf"
Will  be  Shown   hi  Fnderby Theatre
Monday, May  | Tt Ii and  18(h.
Mary Pickford's greatest picture
���������ia b'ig 7-reol special. See Mary
Pick'foird ais Judy Abbot���������mothered
by an ash can���������-christened by a telephone directory ��������� reared on the
wholesale .-plan���������liating the orphanage,trustees���������an enemy 'of prunes���������
the  victim   of  a   klindiiy  nature  and
ing s concert was a- sample and* he
was sure everybody in attendance
felt that they had received full
measure and ,running over.
'Following .tihe' ^chaiirmian's .-remarks little Katie Folkard sang
sweety "The Birdie's Ball." Then
a chip off of Dan-McManus 'gave-,
"Peter's Parley" and several little
children followed with "a dream of
Mot'helr Goose." Mrs. Well's .sang
in her usual sweet voice, and Bertie
Pritchard told wihat is going' ������o bake
place "When I Am a Woman."
Grace Crandlemiire charmed the
large audience by .singing in clear
sweet voice "This Latter as tor My
Papa," and Edith Anderson showed
how "Miss Dorothy Entertains the
. Mr. Winter motored a IP the -way
from Armstrong in response to a
pressing invitation to come up 'aiid
give his ever popular 'laii'Mh. provokers.    So much_w-as.JjjL_gp.p.rociat
.Apple  Jack  ���������  Judy .blossoms   into
into  the  question   of  trade   licenses .' girlhood,  the.. riadi'anit     proiduct     of
at   the
with   instuotionis   to   report
next regular imfeeting.
ilt was decided to insure for three
years the Enderby Hospital building in the sum of $2,000.
iRepairs necessary on the grand
stand ancl other work upon the
-ground's, etc., ,were autjhorized fin
order to get everything into proper
shape  for  Hospital  Field  Day,  May j day   and   Tuesday,   May   17th
24tn- [lSith.    75c and 25c.
"Dadcfy Long Legs," her 'unknown
benefactor. Then conies *'tlhe spite
of a hot-house flower and Judy al-
mlost loses 'her happiness wiiifh. iher
heart. Mary Pickford pa'id $40,000
fior the screen rigihts for the story
alone and says this lis her greatest
production. 'See the who|*e story at
Enderby  Theatre,  two  nlights,  Mon-
s: xx xxx xx xxx x
Arr. A. R. Price and fam'ly moved to their homo at Hupel on Saturday.
School fnspeclor Lord visited tihe
G-rindrorl school last week and was
very pleased with progress made by
tho children.
Mrs. Lambert from the States is
visiting her brother, H. Tomkinson,
Cor a short  time.
Miss H. Beddington returnled
home from  Ve non  this  week.
A.-Tomkinson has closed his mill
for ,i short por'od.
Mrs. Stoodley of Armstrong was
in Grindrod visiting friends for a
short, time.  .,
Mr. G. H. Wol"s and Mr. B.
Charlistli lefit on Monday's train for
the north and will be absent for an
indifferent   period. ��������� ������������������'   .
The people of Grindrod wish to
thank Mr. Walker '* for kindlly contributing the tickets and also they
wish to thank air the other people
who so kindly sold tickets, etc.
'Mary Pickford in "Daddy Long
Legs", Enderby Theatre, Monday
r.nd Tuesday, April 17th and J.Sell.
Chaplin) comediy. Aldmdlssion 7:"o
and  25c.
������d  that he  had  to  appear twice on
ithe   program and   responded   to  en-
' cores  each   time   wmji  the   audience
still calling for more.
Bert Monk told what things were
like in his 'home "When Pa Shaves."
A song by Mrs. Morton and guitar
solo  by  G.  Wells greatly, pleased.
The   singling   by   .Mr.    Harkswoptih
was the surprise of tihe evening.  He
has   an   exceptionally   meT'ow,   easy
voice   true   in   every   note   and
selections were 'well handled.
P.   Price,     C.   Skyrme     and
Campbell'   gave the   dialogue
Train     to     Morrow."        "Lul>
Lather,"  a  darkey  farce-comedy   by
local   young   people,   concluded   the
evening's performance.
Refreshments were served followed by a dance' which was enjoyed
until  the  morning  hours.
. and
s; x x x a a X a X X.X X X X
"Daddy Long Legs.'.'
Mrs.   .Tn|o.   McMaihon   visited
parents  in  Lumby  last  week.
Charlie   Johnson   is   visiting
Ender.by home from Ducks, B.C.
Rev., J. A. Dow is attending a
meeting of the Presbytery at the
coast this week. ,
���������Mr. and' Mrs. S. Stephens left for
South Vancouver Wednesday where
they expect to locate.   . '-
Miss Horn of Kamloops is spen'd-
<ing a short time in Enderby visiting
her sister,  ?.Irs.  Jas.   Martin.
Saturday, May 15th," Peggy* Hy-
land, tho famous English star in
"Bonnie   Annie   Laurie."     3oc.l5c.
Willi.   Faulkner   is     visiting     his
parents  in  En'derby  from  the  coast
where   he   has   been   attending   col-0
Mrs.   Monteith   returned   to   Victoria   on  Tuesday  after  a  most enjoyable visit to her parents and En- ,
derby -friends.
Mrs. Cochrane who 'has /been visiting her sister Mrs. Wlm. Duncan
the past month, returned" to Vancouver this  week.
Jack   Syme'lias   returned* to   Enderby to take up anew the plumbing "
and   heating  work   for the     Fulton
Hardware Company.-
, C. G. Piper and Mr. Vogel are
both busy house painting and the
demand for their services is grexter
than they  can  supply. -,   i1,,-
"*" Coaming .��������� May. 24lth, "afternoon
and evening���������William Farnum,- in
his latest " release".-"T>he "Jungle
Trail". '   Sunshine   Comedy. -
F..W1. Dunn 'is moving this butcher
business to "the old "Walker, Press
building, which has been rebuilt to
accommodate-tlie business.
' Mr. and Mrs. E.~ O. Sveen are
lookli'n'g over tlie Enderby ''district
in th'e hope of buyin'g farming .property.     They  are  from  Alberta. -
Jas.   Ellison   and   son.   . left ~ last
week   for   New   Westminster   wiiere   ���������
he  expects   to  locate  at  least   until
Mrs.   Ellison   has   recovered   suffic- .
ientlyvto return  with  him."
A two-weeds' series of Bible'"lectures will be he"d in the LT. "F. Hall,
Enderby, beginning Thursday evening, May 1 3th, at "8 o'ci'-ock Evan-,
gelist  C.  J.   Rider.
.Teracl Godwin, a returned m'an,
has purchased the Ellison property-
near Enderby, and has taken up
resi'dentco on the .property accom-
p-anied^by-^IrsT^God-Wrn: ������������������ ���������
��������� EXDElllfV  BASEBALL  ChUIi
Let's all chip in to make Hospital
Field Day an  unbounded success.
'At a meeting of baseball enthusiasts Tuesday evening in the City
Hail, the Endterby. Baseball Club
was organized -with a membership
of thirty or .forty. E. B. Dilll was
elected president; A. Reeves, manager; C. Frarvel, assistant manager,
and Gordon, Dun'can, secretary-
Cutting, was started the past week
alt the Ruttan sawmill recently
built  at  Falkland.
rs there anything that wou'd a'dd
more Lo the .comfort of living than
an- up-to-date bath room in your
home? Let us quote you a price on
livstalfting ��������� one. Fulton Haidwaro
Company,  Ltd.
Regular meeting of the U- F. B C.
will be held at 8 in the U. F. hall
on Thursday, May 20th. Impouant
LiiKincss will oe discussed aiid .all
members are urged to attend. G.
H." Smedley,  secretary.
St. George's W. A. will hold a
sale of .'home cooking, candy, plants
and cut flowers, rum ma go stall and'
tea, in St. George's Parish Room,
Saturday, May 15th, at 2:30 p.m.
Any contributions'to rummage stall
may be 'left at the parish room at
any time before sale.
Mrs. S. McPherson i.s being relieved as nurse at the ISnderbj' Hos-
-pital .for a few days ,by Mrs. Geo.
Johnston, and' is taking a well-earned vacation trip to the coast, w.here
she will this week attend the graduation of her daughter, Lyla, as a
nurse from  the Vancouver Hospital.
Cows and horses are not allowed
to wander���������or to be tethered or
herder! ��������� on City streets. The
Pound By-Law .wil1! be strictly enforced 'from now on and any person
breaking it will render himself liable to a penalty of $25.00 in addition to having his animals impound-
!ed. 2t OKANAGAN  COMMONER  THURSDAY, MAY 13, 1920  ������������������feanagau 'Commoner  In which is merge.! The Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly  Publish;*! every Thursday at Enderby, B.C.,   by The  Walker Press, at  per year; $1.00 six months.  H. M.   WALKER  IIURSDAY,  MAY  13,  1920  The  Pioneer  Trading Company  Today, in Vernon, lhe Hudson's" Bay Company  will celebrate the-: 250th annivenisry of ils existence. Similar eelehralions ''aro> being held in all  parts ol* Canada, and lhe event would, almost  seem lo her a national a flair. Actually, of course.jl  is nol, hut in lhe development of the Dominion's  outlying domian this pioneer trading company  has played so important ar,parl lhal il has become,  as much an integral part of Canada as any of ils  national institutions. Possihly the Hudson's Bay  Company's principle of doing business comes  neuri r .reflecting the traditional Canadian spirit  lhan the present-day government itself. I  As another has said, "the Hudson's Ray Com-,  pany represents British pluck and daring, patient:  induslry  and   hardy  endurance,  of  wild  adven-.  tuix'   among   savage   Indian   tribes,   and of   ex-j  pnsure  lo danger hy mountain, precipice, scclh-.  ing  torrent  and  wintry  plain."    This  expresses;  lhe dominant  Canadian  spirit  and  is   lhe  spirit  lhat has been uppermost in Canada's upbuilding'  from ils earliesl  history.    Thc development and'  growth   of   the   Hudson's  Ray  Company  reflects  the development a nd'" growth  of  the  Dominion.  Il is this poinl ol* common inleresl lhal makes us  feel more lhan a passing inleresl iii  Ihesc anniversary   observances    throughlout   Canada   Ihis <  month,     ll should be remembered  tliat "in  Iwoj  public, both these trusts have been declared 'not  guilty' by lhe Parliamentary Committee. No tilling illegal nor extortionate has been brought to  [light. The high profits have been found to result  |from an immense volume of business, not from  |an excessive percentage of profit. It has been  .shown to lhc dismay of the Government, thai  Vvhen a man pays $2.50 for a pound of tobacco,  jhe pays $1.92 straight to the Government. In  short, lhc lobacco company is only charging him  j64 ecu Is'for the lobacco. The balance is lax, nol  j price. Aa...'-tobacconist is one-fourth shopkeeper  tmd Ihree-fourlhs lax collector."  i This excerpt tells of condilions across lhe water precisely the same as we find Ihem here.  That McLean Utterance  <  That OI lawn general by lhc name of McLean  who said lhal llie wives of the Canadian .soldiers  in lhe ranks were before llie war "mere servants"  made; an awful ass of himself, ii' lie isn't one. Bu  lhal is no excuse for all the wails of indignation  which havc gone up from indignant soldiers and  l!  others throughout Canada. Only a pitiable sjiob  whose head is too soft lo carry hard sense can  sec anything to be ashamed of in being a servant.  Tc become indignant al McLean's snobbish reference is lo deserve il. Canadian womanhood,  whether wives of soldiers or wives of (he men  who had lo slay al home, do nol x-xced the word  of general McLean lo add lo (heir goodness/ I  ihey were servants before they became soldier's  wives, we'll wager dollars lo biscuits thai thcy  were belter servants and are making belter  mothers and soldiers' wives than general McLean  made a soldier.  full centuries lhe Hudson's Bay Company, under  ils original charter undertook financial enler-  prises of the greatest magniludc, promoted exploration and discovery, governed a vast domain  in lhe northern pari of the American continent,  and preserved to the Brilish Empire ihe wide  lerrilory handed-over to Canada in 1870. For"  nearly a generation since lhat time llie veteran  company has sarried on successful trade in competition wilh many rivals, and lias .shown "the  vigor of youlh. Il is loday, through its many  branches iliroughoul lhc Dominion, llie most dependable, merchandising company, and wherever  established sets up a standard of busin ss that is  an uplift lo ihe community and "an incentive lo  competitors lo fall in line for lhc betterment of  each-and all.  Fn Vernon today there v/ill be field sports for-  the  children   in   the   afternoon,   foil lowed   by   a  dance in   lhc armovv' a I  'Jn  there  i mc  " IIlS.ll  ; lhal  ;an<  1 omphalic and obvious  philosop  useful  of  is  w  began to wash  iv  .service  i  true and comprehensive  is noihing in the way o  menial or to bc despised."    We ali Know  i  towel and girded him  lis disciples' feel" hc gave an  lesson againsl false ideas  ion Jesus 'Took  of whal is low -And what is high.  txr    mr    mr    mr    t*r    mr  sr    mr    mr    mr    mr    mr  st    st    s^    st    rt    st  *r    sr   mr    sr    sr  s*    st    st    st    st  WHAT'S IN A  Billy, C.  mr    ma    mr    fcr    sr  st    st    st    it    st  DREAM  E.  I'm  Billy. C E.    C  cellenIS- (pronounced  did  I " ' "'  E. means "chauffeur  chufur  exccllong)  home  gel  a n<  he  u  given )cr cn:.. o! V.  close refreshments  lhc children.  will  night. Prizes will be  :I:!ren's events, and-at lhc  bc served without cosl lo  knows  .Reaching  un Iknow whv  ncro/  -Hi L.l  about  lot  I'm  Well,  one day  my  him I was.here.  told  ex-  How  Dad  came  Thai's all  mc.    Whal  li ones in  so handsome.  big  The Who, What. Why and Where of H. C. L.  It was decreed something over a vear ago by  the president of Canada's 'greatest financial institution, lhat capital would nol foot'ihc war bill;  thai the costs must bc-placed upon lhe shoulders  of lhc consumer���������������������������presumably because hc was,  thc more numerous. And the only, way lo get al  Ihc consumer is by adding to the price he has  io pay for the things lie has lo havc in order lo  live, and Ihen taxing the businessman, the producer, lhe manufaclurer, lhe laborer, on thc  amount of his income. "  Excess profits-are taxed, and thcy afford one'  of the Government's big sources of revenue. It j  is important, therefore that there be excess pro-'  lils  lo  tax.    And  there cannot  bc excess  run  I  in Ib.e  hope  family,  made mc so Ibin?  nlrceficld. 1 don't  Anyway, it doesn't  1 have just bcen  I .he res I i;  Friday  art.    it  night I  giving  is  you haven't taken me,, seriously so far.  you some hoi "air.    But  ihe.honest truth.  nearly all night,  onc. man had  commilled a serious crime against a family who  arc friends of mine. The head of the family  came, fo me to enlist my aid in running down lhc  criminal. I started right away. The "course was  over hills and stones. Finally T ran down the  quarry, but he was so, haggard and insane that I  allowed.him lo escape.  The second dream was a pleasant onc.    T had  heard of, bul nol seen, a crippled girl for whom  failed.    In ihc endeavor to do a  journeyed a long wav !o find  was dreaming  I had   two  dreams.    In   lhc first.  every hope hae  mite of jjfood. I  pro Hi  best sp  lhe girl  Tn  Ihe  land   Mr:,,  'as omens.  the  a Irs I procurable.    Under his treatment  u! in  without lhere heing higher prices, and lhe higher,  lhc prices  the greater  the excess profits  to   tax. Irai'('1  Wc in Canada arc nol alone in lhis.    It seems lo;'"^ hvo on Saturday.)  Ihr^vorlcmg-oTi-t-oKn-deep-laid-pla-n-b^^^  was completely healed.  1 morning I spoke of my dreams to Mr.   .    Both  are believers in  dreams  Instantly Ihey warned me lo bc very  my first trip io lown willi lhe car.  (I  -jTu-i-m ���������������������������w o r f cm g=o*m-o i-=ti^( i e e p-1 a i c i-p I n-n=i > y-wi u gI-h  capital seeks lo Ihrow upon the shoulders of thej  greal masses the war burden. Wherever we j  turn lhc same conditions exist���������������������������high prices and ���������������������������  an excess profits tax��������������������������� v- hclhcr the excess be from  T said.  wui  Ihc  I rom  Gov-  o  Ihe  lhere  lo  an  onlv  lal  the  ie firsf  said.   ." I hat   make  aire was lhe appointment [good Ihing you didn't kill tha  punish   shopkeepers   who:seen  blood    in   your   dream  the sale1 ol gooos profucv-! or exchanged or  wages  in  excess of an  -/mount set  hy   the  ernmenl.    The following clipping relative I  situation   in   England   Sells   of  conditions  similar lo our's here:  "The  profiteering  farce  is  now  coining  end.    Thus  far.  il  lias been  found  lhal   Ihe  profiteer is  the Government   itself. an<  main cause of high prices is taxation,  acl of this nroiih "ring f  of   local   tribunals   to  charged excess prices. These Iribunals have nol,  in six months, found one case of notable profiteering.* They have levied only $2,000 in fines,  and they have heen laughed'oul"of existence. The  last case in London was llie*.arraignment-of *m  res la u ran I keeper for charging Hi" cents for a  boiled egg. As fresh eggs are selling at 11 cents  each, the charge was dismissed.  "Thc second acl of the farce came lo an end  last week, when a Pnrlamcntary Commillcc reported'on two of llie largest British 'trust's'���������������������������the  Imperial Tobacco Company and thc Coals Company which controls lhe thread business of the  world. These' were two shining marks, as the  Imperial Tohacco Company had "made a profit of  "Yes, but look out.    Thc first means you  nave   an   accide.nl.   bul   because  you   spared  man's  life vou  will escape.    The second  means  your second trip will be good."  On the way lo lown everything ran smoothly  excepting for a scratching" sound which I believed lo he the rcsull of "gravel in lhe brake  bands. On Ihe way back, the left front wheel  came oil', but nothing more serious happened.  repairs.  I   resumed  the jour-  mishap  I [<i v?M������������������r   o))[;> \nr>/\  nev wilh no furlhci  1 had forgo'}'.  ���������������������������n  aboul the  out  vour  dreams  fi.-'  until  ! more serious trouble."  The second journey was  was mixed wilh. lots of fun.  What's in a dream?  Mr.���������������������������  st dream.    Il'.s a  man.    If you had  vou'd  have had a  QUALITY  SERVICE **> SATISFACTION  Bridal (gifts of  dtoromuntfy Ptotf  iWJmiCIAX, ADAM and MILSKO  PATTERNS  PIECES CARRIED IX STOCK  These goods, pre sol<l  h-.'ouyliout    Canada,  to youi- address  it one l>n<  AVe    deliver  post age  p<������������������  =n  SALE BY  LIC AUCTION  ���������������������������of���������������������������  Choice Dairy Cows  1  am  instructed by Mr.  Auction at the rear of King  SATURDAY,  at i.  P. W. MURPHY lo sell by Public  rd Hotel, Enderby,  on���������������������������  Etfv.  15th MAY,  30 p. m.  1920  Eight  verv choice di  iry cows, 3 lo 7 years old, fresh or due to  freshen ncxl month. These arc big producing cows and anyone in need of reliable stock should visit this sale. Shortage  of pasture only reason for selling. "  Terms, cash. ---'-.-  ������������������.V  lat Hassen, Auctioneer  Armstrong, B. C.  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"One nilc thc uder dav apout a veek ago last  month I heard me a noise by lhe frunt middle of  lhc pac yard which did not ust to pe. So I jumps  lhe ped oud and runs mil* der door and ven T sec I  finds my pig grey iron  mare he was  tied loose,  $2VO00.O0O   lasl   year,  and   lhe   Coals   firm  made $2:1.000.000.    Thc  public  were angry irunning mil der staple off.   Whoever prings him  these two  trusts, as the price of even low- ;pak shall pay five dollars reward."  le tobacco has risen  to .$2.50 per pound, and ���������������������������   lhe price of a spool of thread has leaped from  cents to 20 cents.    But to the amazement of fl  A       A  Sydney resident pavs no  lax on his house.  ic and only about $20.00 on his land.  OVERLAND CARS  M'Wc handle lhc Overland -I in Endcrbj", and  will bc pleased to show you its many good points  and lo demonstrate,  ils    standard   quality   as a  Utility car as well as one of stylish lines and easy  ijding..  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Subscribe for the Commoner: $2 a year  OKANAGAN   COMMONER  "Stop, LooK and  Listen" Warning  Tons   of   Steel   are   Harder   to  Stop Than Any Motor  Car Made  Careless and thoughtless driving  ol" motor cars has cost tlie lives of  many people and millions of dollars  damage since the auto come into  general use -in the' United States  and Canada. The railroads'of both  countries have been forced to pay  out large sums of money in damages.  It should be remembered by all  drivers of motor cars that a train  has to run on tracks ancl that .a  motor" car has a certain amount ot  freedom in this regard. It should be  remembered that a motor car can  be stopped within1 a few feet while  it often takes more than one hundred yards *for a train to stop. Always look before crossing >a railroad  and be sure to approach tlie crossing at a speed such that allows you  perfect control of your machine.  Thc growing list of fatalities  from motor cars is alarming. In the  !inite'.l States it has reached such  a stage that the pltc'ic Is crying out  against it and in some cities some  novel plans .of punishment have  been put in force. In Chicago  speeders are sentenced to make ' a  slow trip thrcugh the .morgue under the guidance of a deputy coroner, ln Youngstown, Ohio, speeders  are sentenced to hold watch beside  the dead body of their victim or  at the 'hospital beside the injured  victim. New York C.'ty makes the  speeders go through practical'y the  same procedure on arrest that they  \v uld the most daring criminal.  Photo"grap3 and finger prints are  taken and a "rogues", gallery is  maintained.  Grand .Tui-y Report  St. Louis gi've^p a ',splen!did example of how serious the public are  considering- this- question.. In thai  city a grand jury was in session for  four .months'' and two-thirds of a  lengthy report submitted deaTt with  recommendation's for the safety of  t*he citizens of. the city.  Undoubtedly much of these facts  bear on" accidents on streets of the  different . cities, nevertheless, it  shows how public opinion is shaping  in the United States in regard to  careless drivers. There, is no reason  in the world why a driver * of a  motor car can not proceed along u  city street or a country road with  Cull control of his machine. Automobiles are built for business and  pleasure and not for the purpose of  killing people, but they are not fool  proof and probaWy never will be.  The Chicago ..Tribune, printed an  editorial recently as follows: "In  emphasizing the great number of  deaths and " injuries caused by  motor car accidents, The Tribune is  question-   here   of   tlhe   pedestrian's  rights;   the motorist clearly may be  alt   fault,    but   what   principle   has  been  reinforced after the pedestrian  has been killed or injured?"  At Railway  Crossings  Investigations have cleirly shown  that   often   motorists   will   not  take  proper precautions at railwas' crossings, appearing to act in practically  the samie  manner as  the pedestrian  in the above quotation.    They seem  to  forget  that the train,  thousands  of tons of steel and wood, 'has perhaps   gathered   a   momentum   since  its last stop that woiv'd either send  the   train   tumbling   into   the  ditch,  killing   many   passengers   and   doing  thousands  of dollars  of  damage by  ithe   sudden   application   of   brakes,  or that it might skid  far enough to  mean  the death  of all  those  in  the  motor   car   and   the   'destruction   of  tihe car.  . A swiftly moving "train cannot  stop a.s quickly as a motor car and  a passenger train carries a heavier  load of lniman frieght than many  motor cars can do. Motorists should  Constantly remember this. They  Should slow down and look for approaching trains. A few minutes  at a railway crossing may save your  ''.:fe. Tt may save the "lives of many  passengers. ���������������������������  ���������������������������An engineer will probably be  made unfit wthen he hits your motor  car. ���������������������������;Statistics prove that m'any engineers "become physically unfit for  their positions' through jusjt such  accidents. It takes. , aw.ay their  nerve.  U.S.A. Statistics  According to the annual report  of the National Highway Protective  Society, dated January 1, 1918,  there were 455 persons killed by  automobi'es on the- national highways of New York state, including  New York City, in 1912, and 837  ���������������������������person's killed by automobiles on'  these highways in 1917���������������������������an in-^j  crease of approximately 100 ,per  cent, in five years. The Society's  report furnishes "proof, besides railroad experience and records, 'that  this railroad grade crossing slaughter" wa's :due.,to recklessness and  the assenting" companions, who all-  most invariably accompany drivers,  and that these are tho factors 'to  be dealt w/ith vigorously and rigorously 'it  there  is  to  be  a  cessation  of  street 'and   railroad   grade  crossing accidents.  The alarming increase in * tihe  number of accidents to motors at  highway crossings with, the attending shattering of the nerves of en-  ginemen and their incapacitation  Cor the very responsible duties of-  their positions caused the Illinois  Central Railway Company sometime  ago to have observations made at  certain highway crossings on their  system fcr the purpose of noting  the conduct of persons about to  cross the'i" tiack. It was seen that  seventy-five per cent of the people  neither stopped, looked or listened  for approaching trains but crossed  the railway 'Without apparently the  slightest thought for the safety of  either  themselves or anyone else.  NOTICE  In    tlie    Matter   of   the- Estate" of  George Inch,   Deceased.  Notice lis hereby giiven, tliat all  persons having claims agaiinst the  estate of the late George Inch, wiho  died on the 20th day of January,  1920, are required to send* to A. C.  Stealing, solicitor for Sarah Inch,  the administratrix of the said estate,  on or before--the 26th' day of May, .  1920, a full statement of their  cla'ims, and of amy securities held by  them, duly verified, and that" after  that date the' adTniiindstraitrix. will,  proceed to distribute the assets oi-'  the deceased -am*ong the*"panties entitled! thereto, 'having regard-only to  such-claims as have been duly filed.  Dated 3rd day of May, 1920.  ,. A.  C.   SKALING,  Solicitor   for  Administratrix.  %wmm+  Mary Pi%for4 in "Patfdy JJjong ^egs"  1  JLbfti  SHARPIES  *l, fj.oo.ii   S .i������������������_1.1.������������������..:- Fe*; J���������������������������  S"%-Skims ._k. hi at.   >n/ Spticd" g-<-w  EJJRARATOK  EA80.  cream nowfest oy alTother  5 Bulletin No. 116) because it skims clean  at widely varying speeds, .pelivers even cream  at all speeds. Simple Tubular bowl���������������������������no discs.  Come in and see it work I  Enderbv. B. C.  FULTON HARDWARE GO.  trying to bring home to the average"  motorist that a great majority of  mishaps are the result of carelessness.  Pedestrians   Careless  "It is an aphorism that an aulo-  mobilist must not only watch him-  se'f but the other fellow as well.  Dd'ivors oflUen are 'Viictjims of the  carelessness of others. And this is  just as true of pedestrians as motorists.  "Too many pedestrians fail to ou-  serve the simple precaution of  'stop, look and listen.' . Too -many  pedestrians insist upon personal  privilege :to Che point of disastrous  collision with an automobile. A  motorist may plainly be beyond his  rights by speeding, by thrusting his  car over a crossing, or by driving  on the wrong side of the road. The  fact that a motorist is guilty of  gross law violation hardly compensated the pedestrian1 who -persists  in martyrdom to establish the legality of his position and: Ithe lawlessness of motorists.  "A pedestrian, haughtily conscious of his right-to cross a street,  ;\vill saunter casually, -though, the  pavement be slippery and though  there is not the slightest assurance  that the approaching m'otor, tons of  steel, will not resist the brakes and  skid down upon 'him.    There is no  Enderby Theatre, Two Pays  May   1 Tf.lt  mul   JStli  r  Christie's Sodas,      Puffed Rice,  Keiller's Old Country Marmalade.  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For a full two miles where  it was grave"led in* the fall dit is in  a disgraceful condition and has  been allowed U> remain so several  weeks. From the Stepney ranch to  Lansdowne it reminds ono of the  evangelist's version of the road of  life���������������������������"there isn't a good .piece of going from  the cradle to the grave.  OKANAGAN  COMMONER  CAXADJAX   AVJFTEAT   BOARD.  THURSDAY, MAY 13, 1920  IMKTV   DOLLARS   HKWARI)  Will be -paid to anyoncl giving  such hi'f.elnr.at'ion as will lead to  conviction for malicious Jibe] of tlie  person or p:-:-;;ouH rC'sponsibe for  thc Kt.iiemf.ii thr.t I have blamed  my Comrades for the sabotage at  the Okiiiuigaii'. Saw Alills on .the  nigtit of April 30-^ay 1 an'ti I take  'this opportunity ol" denying abso-  liiftelv such report.  M L3-!t   -     Jelin   Gilder.   G.W.V.A.  It  is hereby ordered  by the Canadian   WheiatJ   Board   tliat,      "after  midnight,   May   8th,   19 20, (the -price  of Wheat grown in. the provinces of  Manitoba,   Saskatchewan and  Alberta,  sold locally from country elevators  in  the  said   provinces,   for  use  as   seed   or   feed   therein,   shall   be  $3'.15   per  bushel,  basis ,No.   1   Nor-  i them,   in store  public  terminal  elevators   Fort   William   and   Port   Aril hur,   and.   licensees   of   the   Board  Isol'iing such   wheat "shall*'pay to  the  | Board  the sum  of  $1.00  per bushel  for each   bushel  of  wheat so  sold."  FOUND���������������������������A  pair of nose eye-glasses  on   crossing   opposite   Rev.   J.   A  Dow's   'house. ���������������������������   Owner   nxiiy   have  isa.me     by     applying     at"   Walker  Press and. paying  for 'this  ad.  CITV   OK   KXJMOIJBV  Subscribe   for   the  Commoner  and  get it ho home news.  "Daddy   Long Legs.'  FOR TRUNKS AND  "UEATKKR ISA OS  you cannot do better than  select from our fine assortment. These, goods are as  lasting in their wear as they  are  ATTRACTIVE   IN  APPEARANCE  We have been able to-purchase a large line, made of  strong materials, to be sold  to you at a prico that is decidedly cheap,  cided.ly  cheap.  ENDERBY SUPPtYCO.  Enderby. B. C  Tenders   for   Haul ina; nnd  Spread inn'  '      Ciiave!.    */.  Tenders aro hereby 'invjte'd l*or  Uie hau'ln-g and spreading of 300  (three hundred)��������������������������� or more if re-  (Hiiirod���������������������������cubic yards of gravel; to  be taken from Smith's giuvel pit  and* spread 6 (six) incites deep aiml  12 (twelve) ifcet wid'e, where direct-  eid, from a point near Knight Street  along  George   Street  sout'iiward.  Gravel to be measured and work  subject to inspection, the whole to  be completed' to 'tihe satisfaction of  the Board of Works, by t*h'e 30 th  Scsptemibeir������������������ 19 20. All 'dues for  gravel1 to be -paid by the successful  tenderer.  Tenders to be enclosed in sealed  envelopes, marked "Teaidor", and  to reach the undersigned, niot Itnter  than Saturday the 22 ml May, 19 20.  The lowest or any tender Wjill not  necessarily   be  accepted.  Bv oi'der  of  the  Council.  GRAHAM  ROSOMAN,  City O'erk.  ���������������������������; Citv ��������������������������� Hall, Enderby, B. O, M'ay  1.3th,  19 20. -  ml3-2t  CLEARANCE SALE BY  PUBLIC AUCTION  10  Head  ofpFinc Stock.  Farm  Implements ancl Furniture.  1 am instructed by Mr.- Ge.or.ge  Lynn to so) 1" by public auction nt  Hullcar, 7, miles N. W. of Armstrong,  on  THURSDAY,  20lh  MAY,   1920  1   o'clock   sharp.      Full   particulars  in posters. - '   " -  Terms' on *live .stock, "awd 'imiple-  menits. Sums of $25.00 -and under  cash."' Over that amount 6 moroMis'  approved jiont notes. Furnliture  cash.     Lun'Ch   provided' before   saP.e.  MAT HASSEN,  AUCTION JO BR-  A-rniKtriong, J3. C.  A. REEVES  W.M.  A.F.&AJVL  Enderby Lodge No. 40  Regular meetings first  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Masonic Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invited  C. H. REEVES  Secretary  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 86. K. of P.  Meets 1st & 3rd Monday ere  in Masonic Hall.   Visitorscor-  dially invited to attend.  WM. ANDERSON, C. C  II. M. WALKER, K. R. S  R. J. COLTART. M.F.  EUREKA LODGE NO 50  I. O. O. F.  Meets every Tuesday evening at 8  o'clock.   Visiting brothers cordially  invited.  W. E. Duncan, N.G.  D. K. Glen, V. G.  H. A. Tkece, Sec/  ^C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk.  Enderby, B.C.  Enderby Branch G. W. V. A.  The Enderby hranch of the G. W.  V. A. meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday in the Drill Hall at 8 o'clock  p.m. All visiting comrades are welcome. E. :A.  Rohertson, Sec.  Order vour p^een blocks now for  winter .burning; $3 per load. Okanagan Saw Mills.  When you want the Best  Meats and Service, go to  GEO. R. SHARPE  "Wholesale   and   Retail   Butcher  Enderby, B. C.  Willard's  and Neilson's  Chocolates  Ice Cream  THE   POPULAR   VARIETY   STORE  Postoffice one door East  ENDERBY, B.C.  Jas. Dickson  REAL. ESTATE,   INSURANCE  GENERAL AGENT  Bell Block Enderbv  MEN'S CLOTHING  \Vc carry thc best in each line lhat can bc procured in Canada.  Stanfield's Underwear needs no introduction.  House of Hobberlin made lo order Suits.    Guaranteed.  Glarfcc's. Shirts and Gloves made for service.  Leckie's Shoes will outwear any shoe made in Canada.  W. G. & R. Fine Shirts, starched and lounge collars.  Boulter \Vaugh Hats and Caps, made in Canada.  Gents' Furnishings  Five Roses F|owr  Groceries  ANKRU  TfiilvFBo^Krtfirstoclr^^^  ware and Gents' Furnishings.    All clean No. f stock, bought witbm the las* seven months.  Compare these prices with what you are paying to-qay:   OltOCKIUKS.  PHY   GOOPS  Canadian   Boiled   Dinners   .....2."ic  I'..   ('.    lied   Salmon    (Challcns:')  Brand.)   2  for   .    ''���������������������������"jr.  Pilchards,    y.s,   per  'tin     -10c  Sardines,    1 2" tins   for $1.00  Spices all   kinds,   per  tin...... 1 Oc  II.  I\ Sauce,  2  for 65c  Hird   Seed,  per  package.  .Malcolm's   Best   Baking  per   tin       Malcolm's   Best.   Lemona'  der,    per   tin    ......  VcrniiciiM'i,   per   package  Conn   Meal,   per  lb   Powder,  de   I'ow-  20c  2 0c  7 c  Cream   of  Wheat,   S   lb.s.  I'or... 40c  C'KXTS"   iTRXISJIIXLS  Men's  Work  G'loves and * Mitts.  75c   to   $2.00  10  dozen  Men's Merino  Undershirts  and    Drawers,   per   garment. . S.1...10  i:>  J (j "dozen  Men's Bal bri gga.n  Undershirts and  Drawers, per garmemt    f������������������5c  Men's  Socks,   per  pair  -J0c   to   line  Men's   Overalls '....���������������������������....  . ��������������������������� ��������������������������� .  CJiroy   Flannelette   Sliects,   big   sizes.  Table   Oil   C.'ot'h,   colored,   per   yard  W'like Oil Cloth, .per yard      Ladies'    Cor&etis       Ladies'  Hose, per pair  .   Flannelette,   coloa-ed, /per yard   Hucabnck   Towel's,  each      Children's   Hosiery,   per   pair.......  Coats'   MacMne  Thread!,  sizes  .12   to  Pearl  Buttons, .per  card   .........  20  d'ozen  Children's Pleeco-lined Und  $  ,30c   to  .2  ii C     to  !}5c  to  30,  erw  per  eaT,  Spool  ... i-).-���������������������������..  to clear, per garment.  3.25  G9c  75c  1.75  C5c  37c  75c  65c  .   5 c  .   5C  ,G9c  U A UP WAKE  , S2.25  Ruimrons,  boots axd shoes  20   pa'ir Girls'   Long Rubber  Boo-ts,  per pair   . ? 1.95  This is the best buy in the sale  so don't forget to see them- w1:en  you are here.  1 1   pair  onily  Girls'   Shoes,   per  pair ' ���������������������������..........*..  ^2.50  20   pair  Boys'  Shoes   . . .  .$2.00   to   ������������������1.00  Several! pairs Men's Shoes at away  below  cost.  100   tins  Mica Axle  Grease,  peir tin ......   Bni'Sih   Hooks   . "���������������������������**��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ���������������������������  G-ardien   Rakiels   Sleekene  Condi.tion  Powider   for horses   a.ivd  stock.  Several   other snmll  lots  at  bargialin .prices.  2   for  . . 15c  ,$1\10  . .65c  . .35c  lEveryt'hi-nig soSd  for  Cash  only.  Prompt attention to all mail orders.  Sale starts  Fri'd'ay,  May  14th.  UTTERWORTH - the Busy Store - MARA  mm  <������������������jmBm  m%mmmM


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