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Okanagan Commoner Nov 7, 1918

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 te.  I  P  hit.  ARMSTRONG  B.C.  tttftf  ENDERBY,  B.C.  Vol. XV., No. 44; Whole No. 766  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND ARMSTRONG ADVERTISER.   ��������������������������� ' ~ = ^���������������������������  ARMSTRONG. B.C.. THURSDAY, NOV. 7, 1918  Subscription. $2.00 oer. Arear: 5c the codv  !  li":  r*  J*  I-  ]#.  V  a  ���������������������������t.  i  Canada must not lag. Our cousins across the  line have just closed their Fourth Liberty Loan.  Total subscriptions of $6,896,416,300 from more than  21,000,000 individuals is the record made, with several  outlying districts to hear from. The aggregate oversubscription was 14.14 per cent.  Our Dominion of Canada is asking for $300,000,--  000. It is the aim to overscribe this amount and  make it half a billion. If we do as well as Uncle  Sam's boys, well make it half a billion. Can we do  as well as Uncle Sam's boys? Well, I reckon.  Watch  us!  BOARD OF TRADE  Armslrong Organization Shows  Acti\re Interest in Matters Affecting District ������������������  CROP CONDITIONS  \S  ������������������At the last mccling of thc  Armstrong Board of Trade thc  following standing committees  were named:  Transportation���������������������������Messrs. F. J.  Becker, T. K. Smith, F. Coward.  Land Settlement���������������������������Messrs. I.  Gibson, C. Patten, F. Fowler.  Statistics���������������������������Mayon Wright, E.  J. WJiitc, II. L. Payntcr.  Taxation and Public. Utilities  ���������������������������Messrs. H. Fraser, II. C. Armstrong, M. Hasscn.   ������������������  Returned  Soldiers���������������������������Rca\  Mr.  3;     Stott,    Mayor    Wright,    Reeve  Kcary, C. Creed, A. McPhail.  Special Committee���������������������������H. Fraser, W. A. Cuthbert, R. W. McDonald.  II. Frasi-i brought up the  question of "shipping somc Armstrong celery lo ll e Vancouver  Hosp ial for the use of llu returned Avoundcd' soldiers. He  slated that he had somc boxes  promised and Avanled morc. He  thought thai Iavo or lhree boxes  eac'li wci k would fill lhc bill and  Ihe soldiers Avould pay the express charges. The idea met  Avilh thc wai ni approval of the  meeting, and anybody avIVo Avill  donate celery can lcaArc lo Mr.  Fraser to arrange...- :    *  Mr. McPhail brought up lhc  mailer of individuals IcaA'ing  lhc clislrict on account of thc  farms Avhich lhcy' had purchased proving too small/ He  Avas of lhc opinion that advcritis-  ing about small farms should be  cut out as it was not always so  easy as somc people think to get  a living off them.  The President and Secretary  were empowered to interview  J>olh the city aw! municipal  councils with a request that  thcy give a grant toward some  advertising of tl������������������c district.  A. AfcPhail -brought up the  matter of telephone rates ancj  service here. fle thought the  manager should'he aspect to explain why the j\ites were raised.  It wa������������������ decided to as|c tlie manager of the QJcanagan Telephone  Company to attend the next  meeting of the poard.  f. Yeowartl hrought up the  matter of tlie express delivery  in Armstrong, lie was of the  opinion that slupments should  hedeliyercd free, as  tliis,was  Total Tonnage of. Grain and  Corn Twenty-nine Per Cent  Less than that of 1917.  X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X  X  X  DAD, IT IS UP TO YOU  X  X  NEARING QUOTAS  A  o  ���������������������������'>'  |w.  Owing to the shortness of thc  straw and thc scarcity of timothy and cloA'cr in thc southern  sections of British Columbia, it  is reported lhat 20% of tho  wheat, 37% of oats and 59% of  thi rye Avas cut for hay, as  against an average of 15% in  normal ycars. "In total tonnage,  thc yield of wheat, oats, barley,  rye, peas, beans, mixed grains  and corn for husking in 1918 is  estimated at 58,027 tons against  81,901 tons in 1917, or 29/1 per  cent less.  Thc commercial area of the  potato crop was 1.6 less than  1917, bul it is Avell to point out  that lhc total area of city and  suburban lots in thc Province  Avas approximately 1,800 acres,  as against 1,000 acres in 1917.  According to a report issued by  thc Coast Markets' Commissioner on October 12th, evaporators  and dealers ha\rc bought-hcaArily  and somc districts state that the  major portion of their crop has  been sold. The same report  quotes Avholcsalc prices to thc  retail trade for No. 1 stock only  at $35 per ton for "locals" and  $42.50 for "Ashcrofts," the,average being higher than in 1917  i; X X X J! i! X !5 1! X X 5? X X X X XX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  Thcy sent thc boys oA^er to France to fight thc battles of the Empire.  You could not go.  The boys havc fought, have suffered, haArc bled and  fought again.  Many havc dicd.  . Thousands will never come back.  Other thousands A\dll come back human wrecks.  Some -will enter anew life's struggle at home.     ;  Others will not be fit.  They must be taken care of.  Had it becn your lot to go, you would have gone,  Avillingly, as they Avent.  You would havc suffered  uncomplainingly as  they  suffered.  But you could not.   =  It is iioav your chance.  You can go to the,. Iron t-line  trenches  and relieve  thc boys A\rho yet are fi^ht-ing. *  You can keep faith with those asleep on Flanders  field.  You can avenge the lives they gave. ."  The liAring and the dead arc calling to you across  thc miles.  Thcy need you.  Thcy arc looking to 3rou to help in this, the final  struggle for Avorld denic cracy. i ���������������������������  They havc given all.  You must gi^e, too.  Wc must carry this Victory Loan as they carried  the flag of freedom through thc mud of Flanders.  Wc MUST NOT fail.  DAD, your boys arc calling!  It is .up to you!    .,,-. ... ��������������������������� Vl^<;- ^ V~ V^!"V'*f  XX XXX XX XXX XX X X XX XX X X XX ������������������*  x  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  X  Armstrong and Enderby Districts Steadily Advancing to  Point of Honor Flag  Thc canA-asscrs avIio ha\re in  hand the Victory Loan driAre ia  the Armstrong - Enderby districts are deserving of high  praise for thc steadfast, earnest  Avork thcy are doing. Each dis  trict.Avill he-vc to exert every ef-  for to rcac'i the quotas named  for them���������������������������but .they are not going to fail. The quotas Avill be  reached. We may not wear any  crowns, but cacli toAvn Avill haA'C  an Honor Flag to boast of.  Armstrong's subscriptions total something OArer $60,000,  leaving $20,000 to be raised to  reach her quota.  Endcrbv's subscriptions total  $22,000, with $13,000 yet.to be  raised to reach quota.  . Mara's subscriptions total $2,-  250, AA-ith a quota of $10,000 to  reach.  Sicamous subscriptions, ������������������2,750,  with a quota of S7-500 to reach.  To-day's bulletin states  that war coases at 2 ft.m.  T  H A  N'K     G   O  DI  After hollering3/our������������������olf hoarmo, buy  ������������������rt       Mom Victory Bonds  FLU IN CALIFORNIA  Shortage of Caskets and Dig-  ing Graves by Tractors���������������������������Epidemic Now Under Control.  Havott - mpnoe to ������������������my more.  GOO, DOJTT ir FEEL GOOD I  GOOD  I  "7lbne in much smaller cities than  Armstrong, llie Express Co.  should he requested to gjAre this  service at once, but first statistics should bc obtained as to the  average shipments from this  point both oul and in. It would  be a good thing to write the secretary of Uic Manufacturers' Association in Vancouver for the  support of thai institution. Mr.  Cuthbert staled lhal Armslrong  Avas lhc I bird largest express  shipping point in Brilish Columbia. The mailer was left in thc  hands of the transportation  coin in it tec.  Messrs. Sloll, McPhail and  Lemke were appointed to attend  to getting up thc case for Lhe  Telephone.subscribers in connection Avith lhc meeting of the  Board Avith lhc manager of the  telephone company.  Mayor VV right reported on  the matter of thc Good Roads  ConA'ention held in Penticton.  The matter of a main highway  through Canada A\ras the principal matter discussed and to sum  it up, tlie convention Avere of  the opinion that the highway  through Canada, and B. C. in  particular, should be laid out  Avherever the surveyors reported  the most feasible route. Also  that neither the proArincial goAr-  ernment or the municipalities  had any money to spend on this  main higlway at the present  time.  a matter  do yaw tbwJ*  of business, what  of foe pj*m?  Yoy wxt w farmer.  Cap*cfo i������������������ i, forming cqvwtry.  Can*<te grow* more fooc*} wm ftf  people of Caaw* nreq.  Jo prosper ������������������fre must *t\\ tfwt surplus fooc}������������������"  Grot Pritem is our \bt*t customer  for grain* pork, beeff cheese an4 other  farm products.  pvejy practical man must see h������������������\v  important it is to M4 the British tra4e.  Canada wants not only the profit on  .ji_i-_------s}-^  will in Pritain towards Canadian products and thus assure our export busj-  ness for the future;  At the moment Great Pritain asks  for credit, asks Canada to sell her the  Eroducts of the farm, "on time."    To  old her trade, it is necessary to give  this credit.   This takes capital���������������������������immense capital.  For Britain's purchases from Canada  are huge, and these purchases must be  paid for in cash.  In these times, it is not easy even  for a nation as wealthy as Canada to  procure money. Certainly, no other  country can lend us money. The enly  way now open for Canada to secure  money is to borrow from the people of  Canada.  This is the reason for selling Victory  Ponds*  Can anyone deny the sound business  sense of this plan of protecting our  valuable market?,  from the standpoint of the man  who lends* w|jat better security could  he get for his money ? Where eJse  could he get a five and a half per cent.  return on such security? Where would  he find an investment to pay interest  so regularly and with so little trouble  to_the^le,nderE=-==Certain|y==,Canadians.  have an opportunity to benefit very  directly from this borrowing plan.  And the money Canada borrows is  spent entirely in Canada���������������������������a very large  part of it for the very crops the farmer  pas to sell.  Therefore, if the Victory koan is a  success, business in .Canada must be  good, the nation must prosper and,so  be able to carry on a vigorous war  effort"in France and Flanders.  As a practical man you must  approve of the Victory Loan plan.  Then help it along. Put your own  money into Victory Ponds; urge your  friends to buy; work hard among  your loyal neighbors to make the  Victory Loan 1918 an overwhelming  success.  ONDS  ���������������������������allyou can pay for in caJF/j and all  you can carry oninsStalments,  . ->  Issued by Canada's Victory Loan Committee  in co-operation with the Minister of Finance  of the Dominion of Canada.  imviKwmmjnjmmrm^r^x^-mmriamPWF^  There are 92,000 cases of flu  in California. At San Francisco  undertakers report a shortage  of colli ns; grave diggers arc  Avorking overtime. In one cemetery a tractor is used to dig the  graves.  This was the grim iicavs from  the keepers of the dead since  the outbreak of the epidemic,  according to one of the San  Francisco newspapers..  Where 25 grave diggers put:  in eight hours a day al Holy  Cross .cemetery 45 are doav  employed���������������������������night and day. At  Mount Olivet, where' men dug  graves a tractor iioav does the  Avork.  So thick and fast have come  the funerals on thc heels of the  spread of thc flu epidemic tliat  burials at night, by lamp and  electric light. haA'c become common in, tbe cemeteries about  San Francisco. The undertaking  parlors of the cily have taken,  on extra'help. ._  ,- ^  And now ,there is a shortage  of., caskets    and     thc    casket  factories'    arc     being     called:  on.     Undertakers  said  lhe -demand,:. -Avas-^becoming -greater  than 'the, supply.' ��������������������������� --   y-. 7SS&S^  :. Anolhcr report-sa3's ilic AvcaiV.  ing of gauxc  masks  has been  made compulsory and "that the  gauze preventative mask is responsible for a  sudden," shimo  iliaL has been taken by the epidemic.  "Cases of influenza are steadily falling off," said Dr. William  C. flassler. public health officer,  "but this fact should not influence people of the citv to abandon the masks they have been  wearing. Any Jet-up in precautious against tjie epidemic at  tms time woujef meretv serve to  ,un<fr> all the gobif tJmt has been  done and wouW result in an immediate increase in the number  of cases anc| deaths."  A former fnderby Jacly aatU-  mg from that city savs "tJie  strongest men and .women, ages  between 20 ancl 40, are Jjeinc  taken. Whole families have  che<l. .Generally the parents die,  leaving liflje ones behind.  Young men, -especially in the  camp, are dying like flics. There  ha vc-bcen=-n o^ n u rses=tcrgoraTif f~~  help, so many doctors and  nurses have dicd with the flu.  Wealth authorities enforce the  wearing of gauze masks (gauze  five thicknesses). Since then  thc epidemic lias been gradually  got under control. Anybody out  of doors Avilhout a" mask- is  oinched and fined $5 or $10.  Thc monev goes lo the Red  Cross. Three hundred were  pinched yesterday in Berkeley  alone. The doctors say infection  is only taken from mouth to  monlh. and can he taken at 10  yards distance. Cannot hc carried In clothing or in anv other  Avav."  c-a\  ���������������������������&-  V :i*'  *   ."  Improvement in Flu Condition  Thai the influenza epidemic  has reached ils peak and is now  on the decline in thc West, was  lhc opinion expressed by C.P.R.  ollicials in Winnipeg on Saturday. Employees Avho had bcen  sent lo work at Rcgina, Calgarv  and Moose JaAv owing J to the  outbreak have been recalled owing to improvement in the situation. RaihvaA's are not selling  tickets to one hundred points in  Western Canada Avhich have  been quarantined on acount of  the flu.  Hats for the small boy in  tweed and velvet cords, 90 cents  to $1.50, a I Mrs. Brav's. ��������������������������� OKANAGAN   COMMONER  THURSDAY, NOV. 7, 1918  Any furnace will tnirn  fuel, extract tbe Jheat from  it! But only a properly  built and installed .furnace  will utilize all the heat to  warm your home.  McClary's Sunshine  JFurnace installed the  McClary way is guaranteed  to warm your home���������������������������every  room in it.  Full information about the Sumhire Fuirace will  be sent free to any address  upon request to our  nearest Branch Office  Furnace  London  St. John, N.B.  Toronto  Calgary  Montreal  Hamilton  Winnipeg  Edmonton  Vancouver  Saskatoon  60  ZEALOUS WORKERS  Mi  Mabel Durham Tells What She  Finds- Our Patriotic Wome:i  of Enderby Are Doing  av riling in  Vo\-incc, says of  Mi  iev  .AVlih  X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X  sr X  x CLEANING UP JJ  sr X  X X X X X S? 5? X X ������������������ X X X X X X X  While over in Europe our  soldiers arc making lhc Avorld  safe for democracy, Avhat are-  Ave doing at home lo make  democracy safe  for thc Avorld?  Havc wc bAiishcd or are avc  prepared to banish, thc curse of  Canada���������������������������the  political   pull?  It haunts our democracy; it  haunts our courts ol" justice; its  influence is felt in every city,  provincial or federal oflice. H is  the strength of the political boss  and lhe enemy of every cflorl  to change condilions i'or lhc better.  it hampers the work ot every  honest ollicial and maintains m  his place everv incompetent and  venal man in public place. It  discourages the Avorthy and  ambitious man and piaccs a  premium upon subservience  and se:-vililv. Above, all. it is  llie greatest enemy of democratic governmcnl that exists  lodaAV for it prevents*the strict  justice, lhal is inseparable from  true democr.ie;  11- intervenes  Mabel Durham  Vancouver I  recent visit in connection  llu* Red Cross, o Patriotic Fund  and Trench Comfort Club Avorkers:  Enderby has not bedn behind  in helping to maintain the high  standard reached* by the Okanagan Valley in the number of  men it has sent to the front. It  has not so large a district tributary lo il as some other centres  in the Valley, but in proportion  to its population it has done  as avcII. One of the o'flicials of  the Patriotic Fund told me lhal  more lhan one hundred men  had enlisted from the districl.  The president of lhc Patriotic  Fund committee is Mr. C. B.  Winter, manager of lhe Enderby branch.of the IBalnk of Montreal; the secretary, Mr. A.  Reeves, and the treasurer, Mr.  R. R. Gibbs. Of thc men who  have gone thc dependents of only twelve arc receiving assistance from thc fund, the money  disbursed here being $240- per  month.  Up until the begirjiing of the  present year thc Red Cross Avork  of the toAvn had been done by  a socicly Avhich Avas formed as  i    branch    of    thc    Okanagan  but folloAV  Burnham, Mrs. McPherson and  Miss Forster. Among its life  members are Mrs. F. StCA-ens,  Mrs. Attenborough, Rev. Mr.  Gretton and Mrs. Gretton.  Enderby also has a Trench  Comforts Club Avhose object* is  Lo look after the needs of the  men of the district avIio arc at i  Uic front. It usually has on its  list the names of aboul seventy-  fiA'e men,-to whom it sends parcels every three mcinths. These  always contain a three-pound  fruit cake, a pair of socks, gum,  candy, cigarettes, tobacco, candles and handkerchiefs, and  they are Araried by the inclusion  of ojher thing's such as tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate and oxo.  The Avonien in charge of this  Avork raise thc money to keep  it going by organizing entertainments, dainccs, sales of work  and in a A'ariety of. other ways.  Thc president is Mrs. James McMahon; thc vice-president, Mrs.  Arthur Reeves; and the secretary-treasurer, Mrs. William  Blackburn.  *****  The time to.-strike.hardest is when you are I  winning. Boy Victory Bonds! "  Help wake the  Final Blow a Complete Knock Out  is not of sufficient importance  for anybody to care whether he  goes to jail or not is convicted.  Everybody knoAvs such a man ���������������������������    ���������������������������_     _     ���������������������������.,  is simply doing thc bidding of j Ambulance League,    another; that he has no person- ing lhc example set by somc of  al interest in the election that I die other towns of thc Valley it  brought him to prison and that this year Avas reorganized as a  branch of thc Red Cross Society  the man avJio  or   Iavo   i'or  his  gave  him a  treason  dollar  is   the  between  the de  serving citizen and his  sorts, and it interferes  thc criminal an.! hi-'. ,]  ishment.  Everv  large  city  in  \u'A debet worn  ist pun-  thc  alnd started Avork on thc iicav  reallv guilty parly. Suppose, as basis Avith an enlarged member-  not "infrequently  happens,   thc|Ship list  captured tool confesses and  names the man avIio bought  him, does justice seize and punish him? Wc all knoAv different.  As soon as onc of the men in  The society has a steady  source of income in its lea  rooms, Avhich it maintains in a  store on lhe main street of the  town, the use of which is giA'cn   - - it free of charge Iia- Mr. George  the higher ranks of the political Bcu. M. L-. A.," of Victoria,  autocracy gels into trouble, thcmcrly of Enderby. I had the  1 ���������������������������������������������������������������  for-  op-  black Avings of the pull specter porlvmiLy ol visiting these prcl-  aulomatically drop 'profeelingly, iy rooms, Avhich arc arlislieallv   .1     1.:.-, TK���������������������������    l,���������������������������,wl     nf     llin1  .i.       ii i      c -it -,i  around him.  boss   reaches  and   furnished   with  appointed   Avilh   "dainLv  llie arm of  the judge or pros-,]jnPn and' chjna  cculor;  the hearing of the case wilh  flowers.  The hand of  the] decora ted,  oul   and   touches , tables  and brightened       Il is  one of  the  is postponed, and ultimately a niosl attractive spots * on the  porthole in thc. ship oi* the lawjs[rcci an(| v/c]j deserves the  is  purposely left open and   lhc|p.1i������������������cnagC jl reeei^s.  H is kept open every day,  Avhich menas that A-c-ry faithful  and devoted sorvice ha's been  aiven    bv  Jhe    committee    in  oi the law  left open and the  criminal is set free lo repeat his  odense al the .next election.  Among all the cbimcls in our  political-"ia ils there is not onc  political l30ss serving time for  election crimes, though il is as  plain  everv  charge  Dominion" has had its Scotl machines of ballot staffers such as  that exposed at Vancouver in  lhc last general election. Avith  minor variations.  How often an election is  stolen while thc police look on  and, either through favor or  fear, permit thc election thieves  to stud' ballot boxes, intimidate  voters or otherwise nullify the  efforts of the people lo place in  oflice the man of their choice!  Even when the police arc active; when a sincere effort is  "jqde. - to V]*"^��������������������������� []V7 election  "crinic." how of ten arc tliirgu i 1 ly*  punished?  Once in a Avhile a  man who  of  il  and   lhc   workers  who respond   .o  lhe calls upon  as thc sun al noonday that |hCm. The members  undertake  political crime is planned the management of thc room in  and "ordered and paid i'or by a'turn, from day to day, and pro-  political boss.      o vide all lhe refreshments, Avhich  JPcrhaps the sending of a po-|arc served  in  strict observance  litical boss to jail is not in itself Vvith   lhe   regulations   for  food  the most important thing in the COIlscrvalion.     The    place   has  world, but as  that is the only! become very popular and a sort  ()<=>()-=>0-  C.'in   Food Heart!   I.i  inls.  =>0<==>0<=>0' j|  iconcs No. h -<->.'!.'>7     X  0  s  25c  35c  35<  Pilcli.'irds. per con  Fresh raisins'. 2 lbs for  Bulk currant per lb ..  Cut pool (fresh stock) per pk.   50c  Date? per pl.t    SOc  Fiu's pi-T ])kt  .    lOc  Fresh  ground  coffee, per 11)   SOc  Special bulk tea. per lb  50(  Buy Victory  Bonds  Step    HEAVY    NOW    or  !J   GOOSE-STEP LATER ON  0  wav in which the stealing of  elections���������������������������which means thc digging up of thc very foundations  of democracy���������������������������can be discouraged, those of us who care for  the preservation of democratic  institutions had better exert  ourselves to devise some means  bv Avhich thc Pull AAill bc shorn  of somc of its power.  Perhaps as good a Avay to begin as any Avould be to examine  ourselves and determine Iioav  ^|'h ii^_wa=-a rcu,to^Jj la i n_c- i'or.._the  malign powcr lhal exerts the  political pull. It is certain lhat  lhe honest citizens outnumber  thc dishonest many times over.  This being the case, Iioav disgraceful it is lhal avc permit the  evil minority lo place over us  ollicers to do their bidding!  There arc man who' cannot  be influenced bv a Pull; judges  who will hold Lhe scales of justice even no matter whal a political boss may do.  Make it vour business to sec <  lhal (hese arc. elected. Get into ���������������������������  politics yourself. Unite Avilh  vour neighbors, do nol let the  goblin of party fealtv���������������������������there  'never was a boss who Avas not J  slrong I'or party fealty���������������������������turn  you from the purpose of seeing  tlie best men" chosen and in a  much shorter lime Hum uoav  seems possible the specter' of  llie. -Pull' will be banished, and  with it all the rottenness,' maladministration and, favoritism  Avhich has disgraced the administration of public affairs all  over the Dominion.  A Line on the German Lines  What sort of irony thc Germans Avere putting over when  lhcy named their lines behind  thc Hindenburg puzzles lhc  Boston Globe. "Their choices  arc anything but happy," it considers; and names the queer  headline: "a 'Wolan' line, an  'Albcrich' line, a 'Seigfricd' line,  a 'Brunhilda' line, even a 'Hunding' line. Do all things look  alike to Huns?  "Thc question instantly arises  whether lhc Gcrman Staff CArer  nerused the four librettos of  Wagner's Nibclung Cycle. Hunding Avas a shocking cur, and so  intended to bc played by the  poct-composer. Albcrich was a  sneak and a villain. Seigfricd  came lo a violeint and untimely  end. Brunhilda mounted his  funeral pyre and Avasi consumed  in the dairies. Wo tan is Hie  most unlucky choice of all. In  lhc 'Ring' operas hc figures as  llie. captain of those -heathen  gods avIio had so snarled uphis  own laws and violated his oavii  codes lh>al there Avas no escape  for him from tlie ruin of his  oavii creation.  "Bul thc joke has a keener  edge. If any German genius of  the lasl century Avas anli-Hohcn-  zollern, il was Wagner, he who-  with lhc Social is I. August Rocket, and thc Rusian anarchist.  JBakunin, mounted lhe revolutionary barricades of Dresden  in- 1849: he. avIio had lo dec  from a Prussian vengeance and  dwell in exile for tAvelvc years."  Plain Building  Tarred Buil  paper, best quality,  sq. ft.  itlins paper, best quality,  sq. ft.  $1.25 per roll, of  400  ������������������*  $1.50 per roll of 400  Prepared Roofing, 1 Ply,  $2.85 per roll of 108 sq. ft,  " ���������������������������" 2   ."���������������������������     (Aaiazou),  $4.50  per  roll  of  108 sq. ff  Roof Cement .80c per can  i  Tru Light Lanterns $1.50 each  Koynlitc Coil 0:1 -10c per gal.  Never Fail oil cans, 5 gal .fS.oO  Cocoa door mats $1.25 to 3.50  Large   Clothes  baskets   #1.50  each  Gloss Lamps SOc  to  .fl.00  See our line of Heating Stoves  Ours not to reason why,  Ours but lo go and buy  VICTORY BONDS  Maclachlan Hardware Gom  mm*  mate temperature of 75 Fahr.  Work it down and let it rise  again for lVa hours, or until it  has increased in size by a half.  Mould it, place it in pans and let  il rise until il has doubled in  bulk. Bake thc loaA'cs for 50  or 60 minutes in a moderately  hot  Try to Avoid This Error  "We had to stop our little girl answering the front-door calls."  "Why?"  "Thc   other   clay   when   Ensign  Jones  came  to  call  on  our eldest  dnu'ghter   he   Avas   dressed   in   his  temperature! w,1ite uniform, and when the'little    OA'cn,  or at a  .......  of 360 to 460 degrees Fahr. lie-| one opened thc door and saAV him  move the bread from thc pans J she  immediately  called  at once and  cool it quickly  /~11 1 rl^ 1  Charles Taylor.  Keep   your   l'eel  lit.sir symptom   of  '  Victory Bonds.  -  Avarm���������������������������on  'cold   feet"      upstair};:  JJMJa, how much bread do you want  today?'"���������������������������Detroit Free Press.  the      To    avoid  buy! quinine  and  * 'Bonds.  "flu"    use    camphor,  courage���������������������������buy Victory  Are you going to do any  Building* or Repairing*  This Season ?  THE FOLLOWING ARE GOOD VALUES:  No. 4' Coiling,  Flooring  and  No.  2  Dimension,  2x4  Siding    SI8.00 per thousand  and 2xG    -    ' $18.00 per thousand'  of rcndczA'ous for friends and a  place  Avhere  women   from   the  toAvn  alnd  those  from  thc surrounding   country   may   meet.  Thc room has vielded a revenue  of from $40 to $60 per month.  Anolhcr regular undertaking  has been the holding of month-  ilv market stalls at Avhich fruit,  I vegetables, flowers, butter, eggs,  i jams,   bread   and  all  kinds   of  home cooking, all of Avhich are  donated      by     members     and  fri en dst=-a re =o IX crcd-f or-salcr=Th g-  procceds from Ihesc sales havc  amounted to  from  $10  to $20,  according to  thc season.  Every ^Tuesday afternoon ihe  members meet in the Parish  Hall to sew and lo give out  work, much of Avhich is done  in the homes. In connection  with a big celebration Avhich  was held here on May 2 lib lhc  members of the lied Cross Socio lv served re fresh ments on  the "grounds in lhe afternoon  md iigafti in the evening for a  dance," and Avhich considerably  augmented its funds.  Four  prisoners  of  war  havc  been   maintained   to   the  extent  of $10 per month for each and  ! recently $100 avus given  lo  lhc  i French" Wed Cross Society.    To  Ithe Halifax Relief Fund a contribution of $50 Avas made and  help has becn givefci'-in response  to various .other-appeals.   'Since  the  beginning  of  this year  an  average   of    60   pairs   of   py-  jama suits and 25 pairs of socks  and other articles in llie same  proportion have been sent to the  Corn Bread (3 LoaA'es)���������������������������Onc  and  a  half  cups   corn-meal,   5  cups Aval or, 5 teaspoons salt, 2  tablespoons corn-syruu,  1  to 2  cakes compressed yeast, depending on time allowed for rising,  and   8   cups   flour.     Cook Abe  corn-meal in,l  quart of water  until it is soft. Add the salt alnd  thc   sAvcctcning,   and   cool   thc  mush until it is lukcAvarm, stirring it often enough to prevent  the" formation of a film.    Then  add  thc yeast which has been  softened in 1 cup of watcr.    If  Uic bread is set overnight X cake  of yeast and 61/]   teaspoons of  salt" should bc used.    Add  thc  flour, alnd knead the dough, using as little flour on thc board  as" possible.    Lei the dough rise  for V/o_hours,   or until it has  tloubiciriirijHTikrTf rtirernfp'pro^r-  Dry Blocks   .         $2.5 0 per load  , Planing Mill Wood '     2.25  OKANAGAN SAW MK4^, WE*Ut  SCIENCE AND INDUSTRY AID  VICTORY frQ&S  ������������������  Keep the  Horses  When vou find a good many  | Phillips & Whitehouse I  fl  Ox  Phone 48    Armstrong  0  ������������������>  headquarters in Vancouver  Tlie president of the branch is  things out of condition at the;Mrs. James MoAyat; the vice-  same time, Avith high prices and j president, Mrs. H. W. Keith;  things scarce, you may know secretary, Mrs.A.Skaling; treas-  that the fad of depending upon!urer, Miss F. C. MoAvat; conven-  others lo do Avhat one ought lo|cr of work comnutte, Mrs. At-  do for himself is causing lots of tenborough; ahd the tea room  inconA'cnience.  Wc havc a full line of  horse blankets Avhich  are being offered at  old prices. Don't lose  the Avorking part in  your horses by uIIoav-  ]iig them lo  protected in  They Avork  kept  Avarm.*  sland ulithe cold,  better   if  W. J. WOODS  C. F. B. License No. 8-12980.  Cliff St. Enderby  committee,  Mrs.  Winter,  Mrs.  I. O. F.  Court Armstrong  No. 3429  Meets 1st and 3ad Monday eve in hall in  Brick Block  W. HOPE, C. R.        6E0. MURRAY, FIN. Soe'y  As an instance of how science and industry have; co-operated ini helping; to* m  the war, it is interesting to note that Sir Thomas White, K.C.M.G Minister of  Finance, has made a special " His Master's Voice " Record for the purpose of  actually informing the Canadian Public in his own voice concerning the need ot  thC SSciendceVhfsXsmade it possible for the voice of the Finance Minister to be  heard in thousands of places in every part of the Country at the ���������������������������m**���������������������������?-.*.  The illustration shows Sir Thomas " caught m the act as he made his special  recording at the laboratories of the Berliner Gram-o-phone Company, Limited,  Montreal. m.-.ih  IB  w  &  l;k~.  ���������������������������������������������������������������-  THURSDAY, NOV. 7, 1918  OKANAGAN   COMMONER  ARMSTRONG WOMEN  ESTABLISHED OVER 100 YEARS  Sales N  otes  loileci  Farmers will .save  themselves   much   delay   and A  possible loss by making Sales^  Notes payable at The Bank!  of Montreal.��������������������������� and  leaving  such notes in our care for  Collection.  Splendid Work Done  in the Interest of  Overseas  by Them  the   Men1  WINNIPEG BRANCH  It.    D. R.  \'%  CLAKtvL,  Supt., British Columbia Brunches.  VANCOUVER.  ������������������  E.  J.   White,  Manager,   Antutrong Branch.  BRANCHES IN OKANAGAN DISTRICT  Enderby, ���������������������������       Pentrcton,        ���������������������������       Snmmerlaad.  Kelowna, ���������������������������       Princeton,       ���������������������������        Verno*.  X  X  X  'IT IS UP TO US'  55 X X X X X X X X X X X  X   X  X   X   X   X  X   X  X   X  X  X  X  X  X  In an article in the Vancoirver ���������������������������'  Province, Mabel Durham tells of  the noble Avork our. Armstrong j  womeln arc doing for thc com-,'  fort of thc men overseas:  "Armstrong is another of thc 7q  toAvns of this Valley whose Red  Cross     Avork    is     carried     on  through    the    medium    of    a,  branch of thc Okanagan Ambu-'  lance League.   In thc early days  of thc Avar nearly CA'cry centre  in the Valley had a similar organization   but  many  of   them  haA'e since become regular char-1  tercel branches of the Canadian'  Red  Cross  Society,  t-Jnd  others,  Armstrong also has a Sol-  ! diers' Home Comfort Club, or-  I ganized two years ago Avitli Mrs.  A. Ross as president; Mrs.  Van Klecck, vice-president, and  Mrs. F. J. Murray secretary. Its  object is to look after the men  at the fronl from the district, as  far as lies ifn its poAver, and to  provide extra comforts for  them. Thc club has on its list  at thc present time the names  of about 150 men, and every  fortnight parcels are sent to 12  Ihem  KING  EDWARD  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  UJ  i>  y  j ii,  ti -  The olher day a Victory Loan  canvasser OArerhcard onc sugar-  barrel critic speaking to anolher. f,  "It is not my war���������������������������or youus.  It's lhe rich man's Avar. Let  hini pay for it," said hc.  = And a man in overalls bulled  in.  "Where did you get that  hunch, friend? Vxc three sons  at thc front iioav. All have bcdii  Avoundcd in battle. Two arc in  thc hospital iioav. Thcy may  return to us. Thcy "may not.  Wc hope lhcy do. Rul should  lhcy not, lhcy Avill haA'c done  their duly. And wc shall Iciioav  lhal Avhat avc have given is only  Avhat many a rich man's home  has given in the same cause.  Rich a'licn's sclns arc fighting  side by side Avilh our sons���������������������������  sons of ,poor men. Oa'ci- there  Ihcy do nol���������������������������cannot���������������������������distinguish one from the other. Ch'cr  here avc haA'c no right to."  "But thc rich men are making money out of lhc Avar, are  Ihcy not; and aren't avc paving  for it?"  "Somc rich men arc making  mclncy. Some arcn'l. You Avill  notice stocks arc dropping. That  hits them.    When  it comes  lo  guess  paying for thc Avar, I  arc, all  doing our share,  income   tax    lhe  supertax,  AV.1  the  are now contemplating a simi-j^11^ ^ Christmas par-  lar course.    But the work here ,~7 ,J,\*?\.,,, tfx nll-  is done under the old svslem.       afl lhcfh������������������ont' .buJ, l������������������i  "Thcrc arc thirty-five women |slron������������������ mcn In Enfllun  in the league here Avho havc un  dertaken   lhc  making  only to those  the Arm-  s...... d as avcII,  Avhich made a total of about  250. These parcels included  Christmas cakes and other  SAvccls, and many lillle extras iln  thc way of food, as avcII as socks  excess profits tax all hit thc rich 'funds of lhc society by the peo-! an.ir?lJlcrl "scfIuI iirliclcf-       Vf  ���������������������������-���������������������������,���������������������������.   ,ino  ������������������������������������������������������l,.i.;11,,'in' ,.r-  ii'     ��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������,���������������������������   ���������������������������;    i   ,V     '       I     "lhe   club   has, spent   about  Ol   coiusc   the  woikini! pic  ot   thc   town  and   lhc  sur-1 mQ lMs Vay uv\0\hc first of  August. Thc money has been  raided in A'arious ways. Las/  spring each of tlie members Avas  onerous   duty  of  thc   collections   cf   the  regular   monthly   subscriptions  which   arc   coin fribu led   to   the  These sums!  man.     ut   course  man pays, too.    And I reckon rounding district  Avc'rc going to continue, to pay arc lnot large, as in nearly every  a long time yet.   I like to think case the subscribers are giving  I'm hilling Kaiscrism a poke in!also to the Patriotic Fund, and  the eye every  time I light myJrcsponding    to    the   numerous  giA'en  arc  other calls  that  being  made/necessary  exigencies of the Avar.  constantly  bv the  But al-  pipc. And Avhcln it comes to the  mailer of bujyng Victory Bonds  I reckon Avhat you and I could  buy Avouldn't feed the boys over'most everyone gives something,  thcrc a great Avhile, but I'd hate,so lhat lhc-donations aggregate  lo think of onc of my boys com-J a sum Avith Avhich the members  ing home and finding no Victory of the society.havc been able to  Loan button pinned on mv do a great deal of useful work.  coal. I'd buy one if il look my j "Ahd lhc contributions arc  lasl ceinl.    I Avouldn't have the:steadily ifnercasinsf. as is shoAvn  reports,  year   the., total  re-'r  I'  ^increasing, as is  nerve to look a returned man in!from    lhc    treasurer's  the  ex.- if my own conscienr-ej During  lasl  didn't tell me I'd done my pari  iu helping to Aviln this Avar.  cLct  the rich man pay, yes; but icl  lhe poor man pay, loo.    Good-  da v!" *  a small sum from Avhich  (she^Avas expected lo make a  profit of $2 and in this way $100  Avas raised. A "barn dance"  brought in a ccjnsidcrable sum  and there haArc been concerts,  dramatic performances and  olher cnlernriscs. The society  is paying $5 per month toAvard  the support of a prisoner, of  Avar." ���������������������������     -s-3|-ii&  King Edward H3te!,  P. ������������������. MURPHY  Proprietor  Enderby  I  mn agent  (Jompanys  doing  of one  of the best Sickness  and Accident  business in Canada,  c The name of this company is tho ''Sickness and Accident Bianch" of the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Company of E.iglaud,  a company 120 years old .  Just call in and see uie about a policy,  animation necessary.   Very low rates.  No  medical  ex-  C. CREED  Real Estate and Insurance Agent.  Auctioneer and Live Stock Saleman  ARMSTRONG, B. C.  **~"  Enough Avork is done in  lhc  ceipls of lhc socicly amounted  lo $2,104, Avhcrcas this Arcar upl  to the first of August over $2,000 i  has been taken in..Somc of this  had come from special donations, thc society frequently benefitting- by entertainments arranged by othcr organizations.  The league itself has not attempted to raise monev in this  WWrxWxWi\WxWWtF^  & '���������������������������'���������������������������-.  ss  F1  Avorld to produce enough for all. I  Enough Avork is Avastcd by bur;  system   of  competition  to  feed J^X' ils 9llhT income outside of  moulh and lo cdu-  B  every hungry  catc everv man's children.-'  having  V"    '   ' '(Bids Is Bids"  T  k iioav a  Man  Who 'Ihinks   Prinlcrs  are  Crazy  And--Just to prove Thcy are Grazy  ii   "Whenever   tic   Needs! Any   print Lug  Pi   He Avrilcs to Half a dozen Printers  Ami  Asks, them  lo Quote.  Thc Other Day hc had a Job-  And So as usual he Avrotc for Bids.  Tlie Lowesl I)id Avas ^ -  One Hundred  and   Sixty-five Cents  And tho Highest Bid was'    .  One Dollar and Ninety Cents. '  lie spent Twelve cents for postage  In  getting His  bids  and  lie  Spent  Three   Cents   for   Envelopes  And   he  spent  Fo'ur  Cents   for  his  "Wriling paper  And   he   Paid   Eighteen -Dollars   a  Aveek to the    - .  .  Clerk   who   Avrotc   the   letters   and  Licked the Stamps  And So                                      v  He sent thc Job to the LoavcsI    -  Bidder,  AVho  bid   Onc-sixly-iive,.  But it Cosb-Him Tavo-fourteen.  T Thank You.���������������������������Albert  M.  Freeman.  _iii-l'-Tlic-Amcrican .Printer." _ _    B  What Victory Loan Means  The 10<7 .Yiclory Loan ^enabled  the Dominion Government lo advance SI00.000.000 to finance last  year's wheat crop; also ncarly-an-  olhcr S 100.000,000 to finance . the  sale of stock surplus to Britain; also nearly $'10,000,000 to finance exports of cheese to Britain.  Thc 101S Victory Loan Avill cnr  nblc the Dominion Government to  finance thc sale of the wheal crop  lo Britain; also io finance thc sale  of beef, pork .and other live slock  products; also to finance exports of  cheese.- hiitlei:. eggs .and condensed  milk 'io Britain.  Britain will lake Canada's agricullural products but cannol pay  cash.  K  k  Asked lo name the six greatest men in Germany, a Portland  schoolboy submitted' the names  of Von Turpentine. Gen. bllh-  denburg. Bethman Bowleg, Gen.  Diss Order. Glen. Bum luck and  Uic Turkish cmbarrasser.  52:  Put more faith in yourself and  less jii  the promises of cLlicrs.  NOTICE TO SUMMERS ON HARVEST \U%  Attention is directed to a recent announcement published  in the Press by the Military Service Branch, Pepartment  of Justice, regarding extensions to be granted to men  EXEMPTED AS FARMERS.  It is pointed out that this DOES NOT IN ANY WAY  AFFECT MEN WHO HAVE BEEN ORDERED BY THE  REGISTRAR TO REPORT to Depot Battalions and who  have thereafter received leave of absence from the Military  Authorities.  Once a man has been ordered to report for duty by the  Registrar he leaves the jurisdiction of the Registrar ahd comes  under that of the Department of Miiitia and Defence, and is to  be considered as a soldier. This applies to men of the 20 to 22  Class who have been ordered to report by the Registrar in  virtue of the cancellation of exemptions by Order-in-Council of  the 20th April last, as well-as to those ordered to report in the  usual way on refusal of claim for exemption, or on expiration  of exemption granted.  All 'men, accordingly, who have been ordered to report, and  are therefore SOLDIERS, and who have subsequently been  granted harvest leave by the military authorities, MUST,  NOTWITHSTANDING THE NOTICE ABOVE REFERRED TO, REPORT ON THE EXPIRATION OF  THAT LEAVE, unless they are notified to the contrary by  their Commanding Officer or by general notice published by  the Department of Militia and Defence.  DEPARTMENT OF  MILITJA  AND  DEFENCE.  its 'regular   collcclic|.is  becn dcriA'ed from a series- of  afternoon  teas.        f.    .  -"On account of thc extensive  J area coArered "by the; league, it  jhas not been found practical to ij^  have much of lhc. scAving done  at the headquarters. , Thc so7  ciety has been di Aided- into a  number lrof' circles through!  Avhio.hmcsl of the work is done.;  Each of these has:its leader who J ������������������*  conies lo the weekly, meeting, i%  bringing ihe finished work bf  her circle and _ taking aAvay a  fresh supply of material. Each  circle meets Avcekly ..at thejij^  homes of'the members, a'ndjpfe  everyone does a certain amount} ^  of work in her oavii home. A i j^..  Dorcas committee superintends'"  the Avork of (lie circles.  "There   arc   seven   of   these ^  groups    of   Avorkcrs,   including i|p  the Kitchener Scwihg Circle of Lbs  Avhich Die leader is Mrs. Empey; I  [lie Bvng Circle, wilh Mrs. Mc-I  Lachlan  as leader;   lhal oi' the.  Creamery Road, of which Mis. j  Phillips is al thc head; the Poav-i  or rlquse group, Avilh Mrs. T. J.1  Phillips in charge; thai of Pleas-1  a n ly=Va lley;-H cd-Hiy-*-**^ irsT=Pe lo r ;TBsy  lhal   of Larkin,  of Avhich  Mrs.  Dalziel   is   director,   and   Mrs.  Graham's circle.  Since  the league Avas organized il   has sent forward  1.350  pairs of socks, 1,345 operation  stockings,  Ul   Avrisllcls, 27 hot-  Avatcr-botlle   covers,   7   knitted!  scarfs,   3   pairs   mills,   1   pair!  gloves,   89   pillows.  107  pillow-!  slips, 14 quilts. 363 kiplings, 671  personal    property    bags,    181 j  stretcher     caps,     47      nurses'!  aprons,  30  cup-covers,  44  bed  blankets, 6 cholera belts. 9 Bal-  aklava  caps. 6  tablecloths, 310  handkerchiefs, 3 bundles of kid  gloves, 18 bed socks, 30 bulndlcs  of old linen alnd flannel, 4 towels. 07 knitted face cloths, and,  27,750 mouth wipes. It has also|  sent sugar and other articles ol J  extra food for men in hospitals, j  and contributed a large quantity |  of apples to the shipments that,  haArc  gdnc  from   this  province'  from  time lo time to the men  in the trenches.  The -president of thc league is j  Mrs. II. J. King; the first A'icc-!  president,   Mrs.   T.   J.   Phillios; {  second      A'ice-presiden t,      Mrs.!  Brett; secretary, Mrs. Inglis and.  treasurer, Mrs. B.  S. Freeman.  The Dorcas committee is com-|  nosed of Mrs. C. J. Becker, Mrs.  T. Ball, Mrs. Gott and Mrs. A.  McNair.  b  Speaking;-low and confidential-like  w^  C  Vi  Jill  o  lO  ubscribers  s.  est to our friends,  that NOW is the  time to get a receipt from us fojj; the  amount of a year's subscription to  THETTJOlOiaNFRr =I,ook up  the expiry date on your name label  an4--Jet's whisper it���������������������������we nee4 the  *-*-* **. ������������������~* *-*��������������������������� *m We have a new pencil and a new receipt bock  JTXOnBy   .       HAVE YOU THE TWO DOLLARS?  Okanagan Commoner  ENDERBY  ARMSTRONG  <?.  ���������������������������'���������������������������' .���������������������������'-$]  tii THURSDAY. NOV. 7, 191&  -&.  ������������������feauagau Commoner  in   Avhich   is   merged   the   Armstrong  Enderbv Press.  Advertiser   and  Published everv Thursday  at Armstrong, B.C.,  a year, by  Walker  & Gary.  H. JM. Walker, Editor & Manager.  at  Advertising rates: Transient, 40c an inch first insertion, 25c each subsequent insertion. Contract advertising, $1 an inch per month.  THURSDAY, XOY- ?> 1918  RED TAPE  .Mluin..,  Red tape is mighty poor road-building material.  It does not fill ruts, gravel clay road-beds,  bloAv out rocks or build bridges. But red tape  is thc most costly part of the roadwork done under the present road-buikliug policy of our Provincial Government. We have under the present  system Road Engineeers and Assistant Road Engineers, eacliVvith a staff of otlicc help and a  weird amount of red tape lo wind, unwind and  rewind. The overhead cost ol lhis system, iu  salaries to engineers and assistant engineers, and  ollice stall' is so greal the governmcnl has no  to spend on" the roads,   The overhead eats  all up. ...  g The science of roadma'king by this corps of  engineers seems lo bc onc of guesswork. We  mound up dirt in the center of thc road, in summer this dirt is dust, in Aviuler mud, Any road  where ibc dust rises in a cloud who'll an automobile runs over il in the summer is a bad road, unscientific, unsubstantial, costly. Tbe road is being lifted inlo thc air and scattered over the landscape. It is a question of only a Jcav months or  years Avhen that road is well-nigh impassible.  We do not have lo drive far in the Okanagan  these days to prove this. And yet'Our Okanagan  roads have been good average roads as i'ar a.s average roads run. How long will il take us, under  the present "engineer" system, lo Avcar these  roads down -until avc havc nothing left but lhc  overhead?  llu  gOA-  dams  It  loan to the farmers. Before attempting  ernmental construction of the enormous  Avhich have been ccnslructed in recent years, the  Federal Governmejnt said io the individual states.  "If you Avill irrigate the lanes of your state, or if  there are private individuals" avIio will do th--  work, Ave Avill give you whatever land you desire  up to.onc million acres each, and set it apart for  two years Avhile you0try the experiment."  , Though this may seem to be an over-generous  method it has proved most successful in populating and developing iicav land. In doing lhis Avith  so kmsh a hand, the Government has been guided  by a purpose���������������������������-'the land given Avas to be converted  from wilderness into homes. TheTand AA'as given  to the homesteader Avilh a condition���������������������������the land  was to be used. Forests Avhich were being sAvept  clean or monopolized Avere held out for the mass.  Use. Use by as many as possible! And superior  use! The homesteader may haA'c 320 acres, if it  is dry farming or grazing laud. But he cannot  haA-e it as a speculation. Ii must be made a home  and brought into the body of thi country's producing area by cultiAration. The"American GoAr-  crnment Avas generous, but it had no intention of  being a spendthrift.  Contrast this policy with that folloAvcd by the  Canadian Government. Here avc havc tudncd  over to promoters for private speculation millions of acres of the best of our public domain.  This land is still being held by speculators and no  use is being made of it. In many cases these  speculators are nol even paying lhc wild land tax.  FLAG OF THE ALLIED WORLD  MUST PAY ITS WAY  At the prices for newsprint recently fixed by  the Paper Controller for Canada, the annual paper bill of the Okanagan Commoner Avill be  jumped up a Jew hundred dollars. Similarly the  ajnnual freight charges on this Avhile paper has  been raised "15 per cent. These two charges alone,  lo say nothing of other increased costs���������������������������:(labor,  fuel, eLc.)���������������������������will add considerably lo-oun weekly  publishing cosls, which we must collect from our  readers and advertisers. ' ,.  When wheal went up, the price of bread Avent  up. When leather went up, thc price of boots  went u]). When wool avc-iiI up lhe price of clothing  soared.    Tt had fo bc.    lt Avas lhc only yvay.  As publishci's of lhc Commoner, our position is  identical with-that of thc makers of bread; lhe  makers of footwear alnd clothing. Wc musl collect fro.m our, readers and advertisers���������������������������lhc only  buyers of our merchandise���������������������������our, higher manufacturing costs. Thc newspaper that serves its  community best���������������������������bolh readers aiid advertisers���������������������������  must be able to pay its Avay at all times.  Under the. circumstances, wc Iiua'c decided to  place all adA'crtising on an advertising basis. Not  only display advertising. This has already been  put on a fair basis. But all notices advertising  church services, club meetings, socials Avhere a  charge of any kind is made or collection laken,  sales, leas, elc. etc., which has heretofore been  published free or at a nominal charge, will hereafter havc to bc paid for at the rate of len cents  a line each insertion. Wc shall establish a department under a special head where all such advertisements may be for<iid each Avcc-k. No exception shall bc made.    All must pay.  Churches, patriotic societies, fraternal societies,  clubs, etc.. may find it cheaper and more satisfactory to" carry an inclv space each week, which  may he had1 en the basis of 25 cents a week, payable monthly. /  THE CALIFORNIA OF CANADA  When the Avriter first set fool in lhc Okanagan  lie christened it "the California of Canada." Tile  wanted to salisy a feclin' in his heart that noihing  else could salisi'v.   California i.s called the land of  ��������������������������� SO--av;is- no  The Hag of lhc allied Avorld, with the stripes,  alternately red and while, Avilli.lAvcnly-lhrcc stars  ,in a blue field, Avas unfurled al thc UniA-crr-ity of  Chicago a few days ago. Its creation Avas inspired by former President William H. Taft, the  chairman of the Lc.guc for Peace, and the banner Avas designed by Prof. Paul Hunter Dodge,  of the chair of English poetry of Purdue uniAcr-  sity, who dedicated the emblem Avilh flic IoIIoav-  ing verses:  , o  "In Ihe Stars and Stripes I glory,  Floating o'er the brave and free;  Crimson stripes each tell the story  Of a Avar for Liberty.  Trail  lhc heavenly constellation!  Silver stars in field of blue;  Sovereign states in onc great nation,  Union firm ancl slrong and true.  Long live France ancl brave old Britain!  One our colors; onc our cause. " _    -.  Be the bond forever Avritten,  Ancl united, lands ancl laws!  Let all lands lhat love sAvcet Freedom  Form one flag of all God's'stars!  With good Avill nnd peace shall He come,  And the Avorld shall rest from Avars."  Thc five bails, or stripes, represent the five  great allied nations, ararnged in alphabetical order���������������������������America, Belgium, France, Great Briiaih  and Itary.  On a blue field twenty-three stars'���������������������������onc for  each nation in the conflict���������������������������are grouped in concentric, circles, lhc center star representing the  country in which the flag is floAvn-^-in this "case,  America.  The priniplcs���������������������������liberty, equality, fraternity, federation and arbitration���������������������������Avere selected by former  Governor Samuel Ralston, of Indiana, as.partic-  ularly appropriate to thc respective allies and  expressive of their common purpose.' These  words have been used in the final form of thc  flag, beneath the names of thc five leading allies.  Thc nations represented by the stars arc America, France, Great Britain, Belgium. Italy, Portugal, Greece, Rumania, Serbia,"Montenegro, Liberia, Japan, Siam, China, San Marino," Brazil,  Cuba. Gualcamala. Haiti, Honduras, Panama,  Russia and Costa Rica.  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Both are real leather Boots. We are positive  of the values in these two lines of Foolwcar.    Sizes 8, 8 Ms, 9, 9 Ms, 10 *  ancl 10K;.  PRICE PER PAIR, $3.95 ������������������  For   big   boys   this   is   selected. It   is  made   of  r     Leather. Best for British Columbia, a sole that Avill  cedent Avear. Mere's a boot lhat AvilialloAV him- to go  sizes 1, 2, 3, ���������������������������!, 5.  RELIANCE  pliable   Urns   Calf  last  ancl  give ex-  through watcr. In  When ordering any othcr lines of footwear remember  lhe very largest slock of Footwear in   Brilish   Columbia  coast cities.  TELL US  that avc have  excepting the  Whal you require in your letters;  on us lo send you the very nearest  give sizes and price. You can rely  or exact.  WE ADVISE YOU  To buy your rubbers Avhen you buy your new shoes,  these is j-joav complete and they are  the   best   obtainable,  Cross.  We assume that you'linvc bought your VICTORY BOND. Keep your  patriotism up by buying in thc Valley.  Our stock of  A'iz���������������������������Maltese  THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY  Mail  Order  Department  H. VERNON, B .C.      BRITISH COLUMBIA INTERIOR STORE  Canadian  Food  Control License No. 8-21018.  Two Epidemics  C!  PEAKING AHEAD OF HIS DAY  _npwici:s._u nd-lhc. J'ellar. -tha L_ca 1 led_i 1.  liar. He  ncArer he  nlwaj-s a-  was a truth  ird a naliAT-  boosting, a iu  ul man aud a  knock California,  crowing, and swe  :U  like p:  sit up  gls  h<  home.  come4  do."  a  mighty  warm   handshake and  sav  pnrdner. tell all the folks back home  lo God's counlry, and be glac" "  'em they've onlv gol one 'life to liv<  Booster. You  i hey re  mi>' out  Perhaps no man avus ever more misunderstood  lhan Robert G. Tngcrsoll. Todav aa-c are jusl introducing into our schools the work hc advocated  ia quarter of a century ago. "In all schools." said  he. ''children should be. taught lo Avork in wood  and iron._ lo understand the conslrucMon ind use  of machinery, lo become- acquainted wiih the  gi'eaU'orcc-sJhat man isL usmg_lp_do_his work._ In  this aviIv"15ovs~wbuIc!  er-pigeons as soon as they see a stranger  and  |-ake notice.    And when  ihe stranger  .mesick   and   says   "Goodbve,   we're   going  they only laugh a   tantalizing laugh and  hack with "Oh, you'll come back���������������������������they u)I  So thev skin vou on the back and give"vou  hey slap you on  "Goodbye,  o come out  icyYe-livii.g. Tell  and thev're  ������������������oing Ihrough for Ihe last lime. Tell 'em if "the  Pilgrim Fathers had landed on Ihe Pacific coasl  instead of on (he Atlantic, little old New York  wouldn't he on the map."  And coming down to lacks. Bill, that's just  what we ought lo say r.boul the Okanagan��������������������������� par-  'icularly. the Armslrong-Endcrby districl���������������������������and  do, most of us.  And those who go away will come back���������������������������if  thc ilu d'oesn'l, polish them oil' in thc meantime.  to (level  unple  earn their aptitude���������������������������Avould  Avhat   Ihey  are.  fitted   i'or���������������������������Avhat   thcy  It would1 nol bc an experiment, but a  ilion. Education should increase a bov's  The real good of it  raiment, opportunity  full and  the less  wav  ascertain  could do.  demolish  chance for gelling a living.  is lo gel food and roof and  op the mind and body and live a  life.    The more real" education,  A London Times cable to the  Vancouver Province says: "A  Salamanca physician, Dr. MaP  donadc, alter long research has  succeeded in isolating Avhat hc  believes to bc thc specific microbe oi' thc so-called Spanish influenza. Contrary to the general belief this germ is not bacillus pfetter but one approaching in character to that of the  bubonic plague.  . "If'this theory which lias been  extensively examined by thc  cpidcmological section of the  National Institute of hygiene, is  confirmed, it adds to thc significance of the letter by Professor Simpson to the. Times, and  would explain the extremely sc-  Arcrc, and, in many cases, rapid,  fatal symptoms of the epidemic. The morphology, coloration of the cultures, etc., of the  iicav bacillus are almost identical with lhat of thc bubonic  plague, but that il is different is  proved, according to Dr. Mal-  donade's theory, by ils failure in  pathogenic action in animals of  known susceptibility lo lhc bubonic germs.  "Other authorities in Madrid  incline lo the opinion thai there  arclwo epidemics, onc lhc ordinary inllucnza and thc other a  far more severe disease Avhich  jhas symptoms of sceptic pneu-  ym o ni a-a 11 c W'rec {11 cn l-l-y=pro ves4'a-  lal in twelve hours. Thc disease  is on thc increase.  "Professor  Simpson .of London University Avrotc the Times  a Aveek ago saying there doubl-  Avas an epidemic of infiuen-  Gone Fluey  I'm lluey, and soon everyone  Avill be the same. Our knowing  health board havc decreed this.  All car windows must be open.  This gives thc germs a chance  to get oul of lhc cars Avithout  crushing or croAvding thc passengers. The conductor docs not  bother stopping thc car for  them.  AnyhoAv, drafts arc Avhat Ave  need. We havc got used-to 'em  since Avar was declared. Best  thing in thc Avorld for an undertaker, although the und-i'-takers  ride in autos.  Our Aviso health board! You  leave it to them; thcy will fix  you���������������������������know just what you want.  Ncyer you mind; masks arc just  the things for those germs. fty  Avearing the' masks in suU'cionl  numbers avc fool thc germs���������������������������'���������������������������  looks too much like a harem  for them. Thcy have been to.  Turkey; thcy know.  The flu; thc cars; thc Avin-  doAvs; thc draft; thc doctor (another draft); the druggist (another draft); thc undertaker  (another draft). Damn the  kaiser.���������������������������Fluey.  Wife���������������������������Dear, I really do think  slice]) arc the most stupid, fool  ish  creatures living,  don't you?  Husband* ���������������������������   (absent-mindedly)���������������������������Yes,* my lamb."   Still Strong in Vancouver  Influenza is slill abroad in  Vancouver. Thcrc Avere 107  cases on Friday, Avilh fifteen  deaths. Saturday morning 311  n c w=ca ses=were=repor le( h-bcf ore'  11 a.m., together with seven, additional hospilal deaths. Saturday's total was 3-11G, Avilh 202  hospilal deaths.  crime-���������������������������the more homes the fewer prisons.  ARE THEY PLUNDERING THE PUBLIC?  as  prices  answer  a I  lo  is  MAEvE THEM USE THE LAND  Thc American  Government, has "given over a  hundred million acres of land to the peoples of  the-world who hiivc been called in md tendered  homes. Now, out of an area Avithin lhe United  Stales of a billion and a half acres'of public domain, lhcy have left as public lands subject lo  oo,,>os;il ;,s lloniesleads and olhcnvisc less lhan  280,000.000 acres, probablv onlv one-half of  which will ever prove to be cultivable. All the  revenue irom the sale of public lands "(loss five  per cent which goes to the. stale) goes inlo a fund  lor the huddling of irrigation works to reclaim  the desert. Over a hundred million dolk  becn so spent which is, howcvei  grcc  oral t  there  no m  rs have  ���������������������������re than a  Specialists, wilh the necessary oITicial data  hand, are going deeply into the subject  whether or nol thc presenl abnormal  various foodstuffs arc justified. Thc  lhal they arc not justified. Or lo pul i.s fairly and  squarely, the consuming public is in a great dc-  V'ing robbed. The impression is xevy genial the country is short.of cattle and SAvine,  ore lhe excuse for boosting the price of  these meats to nearly double the old scale. The  fact is that in 1917, the last official figures available, we had in Ihis country nearly two million  more milch coavs, beef cattle, sheep and  than m 1915. To particularize: 536,000  milch cows. 319,000 other cattle, 508,000  and_ .331,000 more '-Veep than avc  1915. fl may also be noted in passir  crease in the United Stales beUvcen  tods mentioned avus also as striking, with the  sing e exception of a flight decline in'lhe number  sheep, so our neighbor's alleged shortage car-'  veslige of weight as an excuse.  zn bul asking "Is it lhc only epidemic iioav  raging.  Loa'cIv pure avooI cap and  scarf sets for ladies and children, $3.75 up, al Mrs. Bray's.         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Hunter has taken a  position     in     tlie    Maclaclilan  Jardwarc store.  tv x  JS>Mr. Sutherland and family of  |Vob Hill, left yesterday for Kel-  .'wna, AA'here they Avail reside in  i'.iture.  >,  ..-. ���������������������������,  1  C. D. Thornton, secretary, for  iwn and .country work of the  k m. ~  It^rby-  X  X  X      Complete, effective surrender X  X of Austria-Hungary is provided X  X by  the Allied armistice  terms, X  now operative, and made pubhc  by the Washington State Department on Monday.    The terms,  stripping her of her last shred  of military power, provide for  total   demobilization,   including  AvithdraAval  of  Austro-Hungarian troops from the west front;  for surrender of half her divisional corps and army * artillery Vernon,  and equipment, for withdrawal!'Saturday  from all invaded territories; for'  Allied   occupation   of   strategic  points in Austria-Hungary; for  surrender of a stipulated num-  XXXXXXXXKXXXX  ENDERBY NOTES  xx x x x x x xx x  When  in  Enderby take  dinner at* the King Edward.  x  Wm. H.-Hutchison has started  a blacksmith shop at his old  stand in tlie Hutchison block.  Miss  P.   Garatt  spent  a  few  X Autocracy's Knell  X __L_  X Mr. Herbert H. Asquith, for-  X mer Prime Minister, in a speech  X at Glasgow a few nights ago, alluded to Uic striking change  taking place in Europe today���������������������������  "The collapse, complete and irrevocable, of autocracy."  "At the outbreak of tlie Avar,"  said Mr. Asquith, "the greater  part of Europe and a large part,  of Asia paid allegiance to three  C. A., is covering the En-! ber of submarines, battleships,  Armstrong  district  this  [Veek, surveying the field with  ic object of organizing the dis-  iJ'ict.  ,.  lV x  '<;' Wc learn avc were in error in  tating that Nurse Moberly avus  I' jilting up talking to olher nurses  [ y her bedside avIicii thc collapse  ���������������������������oni    ilu    came   followed    by  eath. Shc was lying doAvn. Miss  [.ilobcrly   had   volunteered    for  ���������������������������yerscas service, but whui  ibc  I'u broke out shc avus detailed  ;.>r service in  the military hospital at Coquitlam.  returning  Georg-e Weaver, piano tuner, of  Kelowna, is in Enderby for a few  days. Phone care of King- Edward Hotel for appointments.  Wing's restaurant may soon  be a thing of the past. Wing is  going lo move to Chase, Avhere  he Avill establish a short-order  rooming house.  sr  Pie. R. A. E. Harris returned  K x  At noon today,  cruisers, etc.; for Allied supervision of tlie balance of her fleet  arid Allied occupation or the big  Austrian naval base at Pola.  These terms and others put  an iron clamp on Austria. From  Ihem may bc deducted thc nature of terms to bc me led out  to Germ a ny.  Germany  Avill  have  lo  meet  requirements equally as slrong received  I iri thc mailer of demobilization,   ' ���������������������������,, .     x  'surrender of material, surrcn- .,\l\c J'Cg'ilar evening service  der of submarines and major ~?iJ h9 IlcU1 in th.c Presbyterian  craft,   and  occupation  of  stra-  days at her Enderby home from emperors. Where are these em-  south on Iperors today? One of them, Ave  should remember, avus our good  and faithful ally. He has been  deposed and murdered by his  people. The Austrian emperor,  to all intents and purposes, is a  waif, astray. The third, at that  time the most formidable of all,  iioav is said to be hovering on  the verge of abdication.  "These arc thrones Avhich,  whatever may be thc terms of  peace, cannot be rebuilt. We  may  say  Avith   confidence   that  The Time is Getting Nearer  the evenings  from England on Salurdaj*, in-ithe Avar has buried beyond hope  valided  home  a    thc result  ol  shell shock and gcwshot -wound  in action.  i).,  C.P.R. Agcnl  harpc Avas officially reported to  tegic points.  Thc   terms  of  arc lo bc carried  thc   armistice  out under the  doAvn Avith influenza. It is direction of Marshal Foch, avIio  ^resumed hereontraded the dis- will designate material to be  rVisc from sonic of thc C. P. R. turned over and supervise thc  [yoat crcAV. Quite a number of; movement of Austro-Hungarian  Ve crew of the "Sicamous" arc forces to the rear. All German  AY Avith the epidemic, and yes- Iroops in Austria-Hungary, II-  Mrday morning only onc deck aly or the Balkans must bc out  |imd was left. No freight was or interned Avithin fifteen days,  on.���������������������������Summerland    Re- Destruction of any property by  ding forces is  specifically  liken  ICAV.  ������������������ Mi". R. Buhner who has as-  slcd   in   successfully   nursing  cr   mother,   Mrs.   J.   Crozier,  jirough hcr recent serious ill���������������������������  UJess received word  lasl Saturday   that   hcr   eldest   daughter,  Viary, was ill Avilh pneumonia.  Vary   had   been    a    volunteer  fiairsc at  the King Edward 'flu  hospital,   Vancouver,   and  con-'  [(���������������������������acted the disease. Her mother  [lift  immediately  by  the afternoon train to the bedside of hcr  Jl'a lighter.  x  Woolcii toques, sweaters, etc.,  : Mrs. Bray's- .   V  Armstrong^  "The Armstrong Dramatic Sorely started rehearsals last  l';eck for their ncxl production,  'hich will take place on or  Ijiout the first week iri Pccem-  ir. The play to be produced  |{ the rip-roaring comedy cn-  t\a\ "Nearly, a faro." jhis  ]������������������incdy was originally written  IOopikI the Spa nish-America u  K\r period, but Mr. Lee Morris,  [idcr avjiosc direction it will he  -odiicecl, has rcAisecl it to fit  l;ouwJ the present Avar.. Every  l,|t,.of which there arc three, is  im full of humor from  . finish.    The following well-  "iown Armstrongitcs AAill ap-  ar in the cast,of players: Mrs.  [ilison,   Miss   Winnie   Wright,  ���������������������������s.  Buckley,  Miss Bcrta  Mc-  lcrson.   Mr.   Bcally,   Mr.   C.  ced, Mr. DaAvson, Mr. Allison,  \>\ Dan Leary, Mr. Lcc Morris.  ccial scenery will'be built for  U*j  production,  and  everything  ne Avill bc for ils success, as  retreating  forbidden.  Ships lo be surrendered include fiflccn modern Austrian  submarines, three light cruisers,  nine destroyers, twelve torpedo-  boa Is, onc mine layer and six  Danube monitors to bc designated by the Aliics.    All olher  Church on Sunday ncxt, Nov.  101b. Thc Sunday school Avill  meet in the forenoon at 11.  sr  Thci-c is not a case ol flu. in  Enderby yet. Those in the vicinity of Armstrong are largely  confined io outlying districts.  They arc of a mild type and arc  well cared for.  x  Mr. and Mrs. David Inncs and  children arrived in Enderby  last Aveek irom McLcod, Alta.,  and Avcnt direct to thc Lowes  farm, Mabel Lake Valley, rc-  cenlly purchased by Mr. Lines.  x  - A. Dale had 'he misfortune  to brcdi his h'g on Salurdav  while loading the saw mill machinery at Grindrod, Avhich has  been bought by the Pacific Tie  of  resurrection   autocracy  and  ils satellite���������������������������militarism."  North   Enderby  School  Report  Money collected for Comfort  Club for October, $4.00.  Pcrf cc t a ttendance���������������������������Jancltc  Maqk^Mary Mack, Willie Wilson, Martha Anderson.  Proficiency ��������������������������� Jr 4 th: Mary  Turner, Effic Turner. Jr. 3rd:  Edwin Olson, Janettc Mack,  Willie Wilson.  Sr- 2nd: Sp ncev Turner, Martha Anderson, Arthur Olson.  Jr. 2nd: Mary Mack.  2nd Primer: Doris Metcalf.  1st Primer: Lucy Turner, J?.s.  Mack, '\unie Arderso'i.  Enderby Patriotic Fund  craft arc lo be concentrated ?nc' Timber Company and is be-'1 Rev. J. A. Dow  Thc treasurer of lhc Canadian  Patriotic Fund acknoAvledgcs  lhc folloAving contributions received since publication of the  last list  when you will not be able to sit outside  are growing shorter.  What could make your home happier than���������������������������  ���������������������������THE���������������������������  NEW  EDISON  DIAMOND  AMBEROLA  SOLD ON TERMS AT WINNIPEG PRICES  If you have children in your home' you realize the  hard task you have keeping them contented and satis-  lied. Being young and full of activity and youthful  spirits, they are constantly demanding entertainment  and fun. If they can not get it in their homes lhcy  will go clscAvhere. You naturally do not wish your  children to do this.  BUY THEM AN EDISON DIAMOND AMI3EROLA and  watch the magical effect it Avill have on  them.    You  Avill find that they Avill be contented and happy.  NO NEELES TO CHANGE���������������������������UNWEAlVABLE RECORDS  Sold only  at  The Hood Stationary Co.        Vernon, B. C.  Social Distributors of  \TSfie  NEW EDISON.  Public Service  war  and    disarmed     under    Allied  direction.  Free navigation pf all Austrian waters by both the Avar  and commercial fleets of the Allies is provided for.  Tihe Danube route is to be  kept opcrf^by the occupation or  dismantling of fortresses, to be  selected by the Allied commander.  Thc existing blockade of the  Allies against _ Austria remains  unchanged, Austrian ships being . liable to capture AA'here  found except where a commission, to be named later, provides  otherwise.  Soldiers' Home Comfort Clup  mg shipped lo Hope, B.C.  Alec .Tones, who i<- lying at  lhe Hospital with a broken leg,  has a horse Avhich he AAill sell  for very little, as he has no feed  lor it and cannot-look aflnr it.  Htrse is said to be about VI  ver-.rs old and weighs abort  1200 lbs. Sec-J Constable Bailey:  x .  E. R. Bobb and family'moved  this Aveek onto thc 12 acres of  land purchased- by' him from  Arthur Tomkinson, situated oh  the intersection of the Salmon  .8  TT   ���������������������������  r G.OOj  PI.- E.  MoAvat      2 00  C. B. Winter        10.00  F. A. Adams      1.00  S.   F.   Hartrv         1.00  Miss M. V. Beattie   10.00  $30.00  An Unanswerable Question  , "Where Avill I be next year?"  is a question not one of us can  answer.- But onc thing, wc do  know, ythat'we are here'today.'  And it'is possible for us to.so  AA'ork tojday���������������������������the greatest day  the world has ever< seen���������������������������as to  Tlie man who thihiks out  Avhat hc AvanIs to do, and then  AA^orks and works iiard Avill Avin,  and no others do or CArcr have  or can���������������������������God Avill nol have it so.  . One cannot note the steady,  sure advance made month by  month by C. J. Whiten, the  jcAAreler, at Vernoln, without  having a thought somewhat in  line with that expressed above.  When tlie Avar broke out hc was  just then buddnig out as;a>manufacturer of jewelry. J The AArar  took both assistants hc then had  employed. Tins did not put  a crimp in his. purpose,,-but-it  did crimp his service for a time.  Gradually he'made his readjustments in business. "Silent sales-  inen" took the place of the other  kind, and "C. J." staid close to  his Avork bench. Business came  back; business Avcnt ahead. Todav hc has had lo increase his  floor space fifty per cent, and  cabinets for onc of thc finest  lines of silvcrAvarc and jewelry  carried in the Valley line both  Avails of the interior. All this'  has been ddnc in Avartimcs, too,  when most jcAvclcrs have had to,  reduce stock and curtail service.  At the last meeting of tlie club  the crocheted centrepiece dona-  tec! by Mrs. JAfcKecn ancl the  crocheted yoke by Mrs. ft. f?.  Young, Sr., to K raflled were  start drawn for. Jhe ticket holder of  thc lormcr, No. 54, Avas Miss J.  Wilson and the latter, No. 10,  Avas held by Mrs. Wagget.'  The club would appreciate it j sick  if friends and relatives of bovs  overseas would notify Miss W.  Wrighl, at the postoffice, of any  change of address at as early a  dale as possible. Club meelings  will bc discontinued till fur ther  notice.  Arm-Grihdrod roads. Mr. Bobb prove that avc arc here. A Vic-  worked the E. ft. Peel ranch the tory J-oan.button on tlie lapel of  past season, ffis recent pnr-ione?s coat will be a badge of  chase is ricli Jiottom land, and h������������������n������������������r in totei* years when we  he intends to go more extensive-. l������������������ok back and reckon Jioav much  ly into vegetable. growing. ������������������r b������������������w JitfJc we did to help tb<'  lwie. r  wt    *    i    i    ii        ������������������nipire-in the bour of Empire  Mass C. Wood, avJio bad beep need.  ���������������������������  nursing  lormcr experiences.  [I Avill  given under the auspices  lyTIomc=6omfurVGlub~. :  ol  Unkind Fate  Honor Roll, Fortune School  |Word.Avas received by Mrs. D.  O.ozicr, Tuesday, lo thc effect  [it hcr brolhcr-in-Iaw, Mr. W..  laser, had passed aAva>r at New  h'stmin'Icr.      No    particulars  as yet a I hand.    He Avas 37  ,irs of age and leaves a Avifc  |,:l   Iavo chidrcn  iioav  a I  Mrs.  Riser's   mother's   home;   also  lb  brothers,  Harry and  Ron-  \ in  British  Columbia.    His  "cuts   and   anolhcr   brother,  Irbcrt.  live in London,  Eng.  rate has dealt unkindly Avith  fs. Crozier, for il is but a 1'cav  Inibs   since   that   liei   sisler  [d, and Avitlun the last three  iks she has had the ucavs of  death of a dear aunt, a near  [1 dear cousm, hcr brc thcr-in-  and Mr. Crozier's nenhcAv.  Mr. Fraser AAras Avell-knoAvn in  pistrong. He AAfas ,on the staff  the "Advertiser" in 1905-6;  'Endcrhy Press" the follow-  3rears;    afterwards  on   the  imon Arm "Obseiwer," "Kei-:  ha   Courier,"   "Golden   Star"  If K'-unlfops* "Standaro-Sen-  :1." He had just left the ranch  the winter and had recently  in  in   ChilliAvack,  Avhere  hc  intended to make his future  I ne.    The funeral took place  'Sunday.   Much sympathy is  uncled   to  Mrs.   Crozier  and  . Fraser.  '      DIVISION    II  Senior   Third���������������������������George  Rena Dill, Mamie McKay  Junior Third���������������������������Belly Bryant,  by Drasching, Jean Keith.  Carefoot,  Ru-  at Salmon Arm, contracted influenza last Aveek and  on Sunday night passed aAvay.  Shc was 23 years of age; a  young woman, of strong char-  ctcr and a nurse Avhose whole  aim seemed lo be to serve the  in  hcr care.    The funeral ilJiv;si< n  took  place  from  her   Enderby ��������������������������� division  home Wednesday, Nov. 6th; interment al the Enderby cemetery.  Prisoners of War FuitfJ  Donations to the Prisoners of  War Fund by Armstrong Public  Srhool for October:  - H .G. Mann is>a visitor lo Enderby this Aveek from Brcmer-  taking  Good  nets nov  stock of children's bon-  ������������������������������������������������������ in at Mi's. Bray's.  Try a cup of our  coffee  Take  a pound  home with you  . the next   time  you buy  vStar ffaHery  Armstrong, 3. C.  Ion, Wash. Mr. Mann is  a 1'cav days' rest from lhc siren  aious=-AvorkHnH i i s^ga rage=a lillie  Pugct Sound naval base. Since  going from Endcrhy a year or  more ago Mr. Mann has built up  a .business of greal magnitude.  His garage and machine shop  | now employs 14 men. Hc has  18.000 feci of floor space occupied by machines, new and being repaired.  II is, perhaps, loo laic iioav lo  undertake any road Avork Avithin lhc city this year, bul certainly Enderby cannol a fiord to let  another season slip by Avithout  gravelling thc approaches Avithin the cily of lhc cast and avcsI  roads lo Salmon Arm and the  Vernon road. These thoroughfares loday are almost impassable, and each day of soft Avca-  thcr makes their condition  Averse. Even iioav a fcAv loads  of gravel might help somc.  ,  Messrs. Dobie and Curric motored  over from  Salmon   Arm  on -Wednesday   lo   attend   thc  funeral of Miss Woods.   It avus  she avIio nursed Mr. Dobie back  to health when attacked b}' flu.  Later she Avas attending Dr. Arnott Avhen tlie fatal germ laid  her  Ioav.     In  her  OArerworked  condition  she  had  not  the  reserve  to  overcome the disease.  Dr. Keith has been called to  Salmon  Arm  many   times   the  past  Aveek,  he  haA-ing  to   take  over the flu patients in the ill-  j ness of Dr  Arnolt.  Division  Division  Division  Division  Division  I   ..  II  III  FV  V  VI  VII  You  pointed  Avill   never   bc  in the meals vou  .. $2.50  . . 5.25  . . 5.00  .. 1.25  .. 1.35  . . 2.10  .. 1.20  ������������������18. Go  di sap-  get at  The Thought of  the King Edward, Enderby.  ���������������������������^-"-Silk^ncck^scTirfsT^si'anipetHins  ens, infant's' Avcar at Mrs.Bray's.  A 10 p. c.  Piscount  Will bc given on all  shoes and rubbers purchased at - Ibis slorc  during the Aveek ending Nov. 16th.  and   of -lasting   peace���������������������������doesn't   it  carry a thrill? ' '  The expectation of Victory  touches our fondest hopes, our  deepest purpose, our pride.in doing  our part. r  Victory means freedom, orosper-  ity. a clean and happy world to  live in.  And Victory Bonds are vital to  Victory! They equip armies, build  fleets, supply the very 'sinews of  wa r.  Be   able   lo   say   afterwards   that  vou did your part..  " Space   donated   to  help   the Victor v  Loan   committee  by  Behind Uic ������������������un the Man. Behind  the man���������������������������YOU. Make your dollars  fight thc Hun.  Up-to-date Jewelry  Armstrong  NOTICE  Commencing .Nov. 10th, C.P.R.  Freight Shed hours will be as f ol:  lows:  .- Daily except Saturday, .7.30  A; M. to 5 P. M-, Saturday 7.30  A. M. to 1 P. M. -No freight will  be accepted "or delivered outside  of these hours..     .  c SPHWXA COHS1ETS  PJtASSlERJES, PTC  Made to order. Flexible and"  unbreakable. Every hair guar-'  antecd. ".  . Corsetiere  Armstrong  ft. C.  <i.J  jas, 8jptaMi  Real Estate and Insurance  List your Properties and Houses,  for Sale or Rent.   Enderby, B. C.  ZION  PRESBYTERIAN  Armstrong,  CHURCH  B.C.  Worship al 11 a.m. and 7.30  Sundav School al  12.15.  YpresvCIub, Monday at 8 p.m  p. in-  I  Canada Foorl Bonrd License  No. S-9SC  GENERAL  MERCHANTS  T  Is several weeks distant, but overseas parcels will soon be on their  way. "over' there." ..When'packing  vo-:rs don't'forget to put an extra  C.hristmfis touch by jnchidtng a  aire Christmas  Card.  "Wc arc ���������������������������ybowing a nice selection  at prices a.s lovy as one cent. Others  ;it 3c, 5c, Sc, 10c and  15c.  The Popular Variety  Store  CI,IFF ST. :-: ENDERBY  C. F. B. License No. 10-9227.  A. P.RENAULT (SCO.  Arm-strong, P. C  Sweater Coat*l  fpov Protection  ���������������������������Comfort  -Convenience  Now's the time to buy onc of these useful  Winter apparel  All wool sweater coats, shaul collar ������������������7.75 to 14 CO  Children's all wool Jerseys from   SOc to $2.B0  i  f\  Men's Allwool Shirts  Grey wool with separate collar    $1.75  Khaki"       ''       " u      ............ y ............ ^������������������  Dark grey wool, attached collar ��������������������������� ��������������������������� 2.3o  Light  "        " ������������������v u      ......   ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 2-35  Grey Flannell, " V .��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� 2>2rj  u u ���������������������������������������������  1.85 OKANAGAN   COMMONER  THURSDAY, NOV. 7, 1918  Timely Warning  . Thc dairy herds of the Old  World are ijepleleci to an appal-  . Ting degrcc.There is not a country in Europe where the people  have enough dairy products and  the process 'of depiction is going  on every day, every week, and  everv'month, and will continue  to go on as long as this horrible  war lasts.  When the war is''finished we  will find the world With a demand for dairy produc i.s, twofold, fourfold, tenfold greater  lhan thc supply. Europe will  come to us with outstretched  hands���������������������������every country in Eur-  ope���������������������������a nd say lo us: "We mus t  have milk; give us canned milk;  give us dryymilk; give ns buller;  give us cliccse; give us dairy  cattle; give us animals lo build  up our dairy herds again."  And unless America has stimulated the production of dairy  products, has increased our sup-  Winter Apples and Their Care chateau,    built     twenty    years]  earner,     ai?:l     lua     caretaker sj  :::'.*;   Ihe  siables,  houses  and  Help that is Worth While  (Experimental Farms Note)  ��������������������������� ,-���������������������������'(-���������������������������-���������������������������������������������������������������������������������      The  -whole   estate  is  ���������������������������~ kept right up all the time.    In  -As winter  apples  arc  cxpen- ,--., i-.^nsieur Eticine offered a  sVeU is important that the buy- V e   iurmshed   room , each   lo  c-r and consumer should, wlk-n ,Capt,'Brooks and mysel    ii  we  laving in the winter supply,*oh- cared to live there  (in ihe- old- ihojtsamls   m  Unn^rieues^hatwmbeinbestcst cha U*u) *^^8������������������^ SSs t whom These people  'rendition successively through aie >\eil lixcd wiui looms line b,]y. ])v cre.lti)lg in this way a.gen-  tho winler He should also keep! near our oihee, so we won t er.;, prosperity throughout Canada.  f-'V  "lll^x- Cow' move ��������������������������� 'I     Wf   lif-ilris   Csinadian   soldiers   by  his apples so as to lose as lew i11"'^  Thc man who buvs a Victory  Bond helps himself by encouraging  the saving habit, by geting a high  rate of interest on his money, by  .securing an absolutely non-speculative investment.  Mc-helps himself and his fedow  citizens   bv   giving   employment   to  Canadian    muni I ion  jvinig  trade  to   the  m  ��������������������������� .3 Willi  A m m    "*-'��������������������������� ., , ,. ��������������������������� -.���������������������������<���������������������������* 1 Tnd'iv AT "Riiene and Af-idsm^ the'encouragement which they ocas possible irom over-npeness loda, M. luci.c ari 1 M,uu,in. t from the knowledge lhat the  or rolling. As soon as thc fruit (invited the imajor, McCoy and ^ j^1^ are heiping������������������to win the  ^received it should be put in myself ior luncheon. It was a ��������������������������� v r. by the munitions which en-  hecoScst^ jlceAvailable1 Willi-imightviiice  affair,  just like a sure  them-ay bountiful, supply  of  out frost  32 to  there js cr uiun-t m ui>- i.s,���������������������������~~..--- ^ .  fh.,1   with   the   m'oister   atmos- has  a brother,  a  general,  who army overseas.  that   >viin   tne. moisici    tl1"'";   :,        }   e          m-isoncr  of war ill Me helps Britain and her allies by  phcre, such, as a cellar without lias occn a piisonci   01  A\ai  ll1 ���������������������������. ��������������������������� Britain's finances which  x furnace,would be thc better .Switzerland    ior    three    years, conscnin������������������    Tlie success or failure of a Creamery depends  largely on the amount of Winter Cream that can be  secured.  We have made a success of the Creameiw during the Summer ancl if we can, this  cming  winter,  ".keep up the output success is assured..  ��������������������������� Our''-Directors appeal/to you as a patron to  take advantage of the high prices which must be paid  for butterfat during the coming winter. Make preparations now for winter cream.   '_   V  Our Directors also appeal to the small producer to continue patronage even though the amount  be small. A large number of small producers can  help out the output to a wonderful extent.     _ ������������������  "CARRY   O 2XT>  w  '':,  i  ^������������������uVirh<  of rot   thev  should!a  personal   friend   oi   Generals;    Mc helps civilization by hcipm&  ^"orl^  specimens wrapped in tissue pa-| much honored.    I have been at ^^'Vics'betweeh Canada and all  ner'cr newspaper which lessens; the  Elicnc  home  a  great  deal tl      ,Ues> -  die Sn^er oT any rot spreading Imvl always show them any nev, ���������������������������   -   ��������������������������� ���������������������������  .1 ������������������ n  beln  If the room is very drv it is bul- 'pictures I gel o! home and thcy  icr lo pul Ihem back in lhc bar-.always ask how my iamily is.  LL        ! .    .     . 1 ^\K]ay  t)L  the   table  Monsieur  pimlnclsVuis increased our sup-   - -1 wrapping  as I Today  at  the   table  Monsieur  ]>ly of dairy annuals lar ncyond    ������������������01   1, .f������������������ d Eticnc offered a  toast  lo  "Ma-  u'nything in the past, we will be   ^J1.;'%c^ i������������������i,Vr,.-lant  lo dame" Prince.    Aflcr luncheon  And   a   help   like   that  is  a  worth  while,  isn't  il"?  Balance Needed  utterly unable to supply this de  manck Wc will supply as much  of il as wc can. because Ihcy arc  going lo bc willing to pay prac-  ticaliv any rcasosablc price for  our live-stock; and wc will sup-  pi}- so much of it lhal our own  resources    will    bc    exhausted  lo "the air. Tl is important lo  keep the fruil-in clean receptacles, otherwise thcy may absorb unpleasant ilavors.  . Among thc besl varieties of  apples-i|n good condition early in  the winler arc Farmcusc or  Snow,    Ribslon    Pippin.    Hub-  resources    win    ne    exnausieu. :-������������������������������������������������������ i           n~ c,,���������������������������xS TV-m-il-in*  Then  lhis countrv wll bc wilh- bardslon     Nonsuc  , iomk ns  out sufTicienl dairv products.- K,n^"fi���������������������������^" 11^  v-.... tt    r:..:i.!i ci..!    and  Mclnlosh   lied, inc. rai-  Cairl .Vrooman, United States assistant <*>ecrclary of Agriculture  Schools' -r������������������t the Front  j.  '���������������������������Xcar  mouse and Mcintosh Red arc  two of thc most popular dessert  varieties. Thcy are bolh in good  conditiflri in November, bul.  while the FarmeLisc docs net, as  a rule, keep we'll much, after the  New Year, the Mcintosh grown  in sonic districts will keep in  .....good condition lilt March, flib-  90 Is ton   Pippin,   Hubbardslon   and  Tt requires real character  lo  -------- .     . .      c  sund lhc test of success.    Why  11c   took  several  pictures Jj^^^ mcivwhcii thcy gel  oi us all.      .     o o a YiWAe posilidn, remain hkc the  an CreameryUss'n.  Miid an  A -Missouri man was sent to  rest   of   lhc   world,-inslead   of  climbing on the lops bt* moun-  jail for sticking a fork inlo asuu'iis and glowering at the um  'mule's hind leg. There mustjverse? Success spoils them,  havc been something the mal-MUrns their heads and kills their  ter with the mule's hind leg, or souls.    H would bc. disgusting,  the man would have been sdnl  to thc cemetery.  average  man   docs  lnot  The  amouni   to  much  when   mcas  ured bv his neighbor's standard  were it not so pitifully serious  in -ils effect on them and ch  others through the example set  If you wish a thing avcII done, \  do ifyourself.  Im Offered in Armstrong to secure  Citv Lots et Your Own Price  lv 10.000 ;>t'udcnls have  --��������������������������� i,..v! ���������������������������-;iir   Ihci ^haki  Uni-  reiijslcred amiii   mil. y+.  ���������������������������j       ;,t    -Riufi'iT'       ticciarcd  ventv    ui    Jingia.^.j ���������������������������  Capl. Gilmour. "and m arte district alone in France Ib'^,   ,        LUi.   ,.nj  Io schools in operation, wnn ^"iiTomkina" Ki'im arc Ihrcc more  instructors aiid a reg.slralion oi j k ,. hi .h'llavor fov Novcm-  600J    Ih the forward arcntllCic    V ,     ������������������      TlWcthpUi  whiic  is  onc school'with  an  avPraiie.W .. V '.,'!;!:, ;,V.   ,1 Can-  allrndnncc of 18:- t\\\S, iSven \Ah^- grown lo "J,^1"^^  1G libraries   'in    operation    and'?da, .oulsV^  blilibh   LoKllllb-ia'  the number of books loaned is  Avell over 3,000."  No   Help  A man was rebuked in court for  endeavoring-to confirm a palpably  absurd story told by his wife.  "Vou should bc more careful."'  the judge said, '"f 'tell yon candidly I don't-believe one word of your  wife's stoiw  is shipped Easl in boxes. It also  "comes from th.c Western Stales  and can bc depended upon until  about  thc New Year.    H  is  a  handsome apple of good crualilv.  After lhe New Year lhe North-  1 em .Spv is perhaps lhc mcsl pop-  pImi- nnni" in r--.;-.da b'Ti as the  simply-is limited and they can  J)'/ko!>1 unlit iale in the winler  or isnrir.es. sonv1 of lh^ s^'ls 'A^xi  <i<. not keep well much af'LcrVhc  nTiddle of winter or sprang may  "J'he man looked at the judge and,*j-,c u?oxl first.    Amona such ;v.v  siirlicf! mournfully':1 11.\Ii,-t(-To " Islsuid    (jreenins.   Bald  "Tiu't's   alt. very   well,"   he  said.'  "You  mav do  as  you  like, but  I've  tfSIIatary Service Act,  *> <2   era  iS Jf* h ������������������������������������������������������������������������  got    i:i.  Krauh."  "���������������������������IMltsbui-g   Chror-ic-  cnbur'g.  i'eenmg  For  lale  van lei  % Sp'' 'r-  and  On Kis  \ 1 c.  suring. in afkliliuu lo ;\ovi\v.-'\i  Spx'. vuriclies whirh arc nsuallv  .iv.,;i..',!^    ;>rc    Golden    Rus?.el,  i <^i  n'ussCL   01  A   colcved  to lhe l-ain  pro.* |>c;*ti'������������������ e  a   I'ri'.Mirl.  conscrijii   on  his  way!  ,vilb a n'.UMheiyof oliiei  .(vliiiers wa.s hi ���������������������������.���������������������������etc.! !:���������������������������;.  v.vb  ana   1'ien  D.  :���������������������������:���������������������������;   I'r'.T;-!    lhc  ���������������������������l.-n.      \V;ni������������������-  Non|iareil.  ��������������������������� vis, S--A. in  Vc.'s'.  YeUov.  n.  AYine  I V 1.  ^]:  Slnvm-'iii  Beau 1 v.  I aid p."  bonis  :m:i !  mi',"  goin"  an  ,'������������������������������������������������������������������������'  iH'r-' you go in  no phi'je..   'J'hey's  .vered    JMose SI. |  -.t-Dispalch.  least  ������������������������������������������������������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������.';e*'  ' < i - r m : 1  There  ana    ju-iuc  , . vi/,-'ii Davis ore Ii;e  desirable for dessert puv-  a'vi Si-.rk 7s. not" acid  dp i'or Ih.c i:e?.l cooking.  ��������������������������� atv oilier nood  varieties.  **rP7TTrs'^K*^v. i,i-''t*i^i-'r^rrsri'^^^J'^^*7Tf^t'^r'^'''^^'\^."Z^r^   :  Lieut. Frank Prince in Clover  Kxlracb: from a lelier writ!on  !7> 11 ie by I-ic'uL"i~"7 K. Prince"wiff  be of inleresl  lo his many En  derbv fi  ll  -.eiKl  1.  ih  is now  wi i h  EUPIOYHEIT ������������������F  MIEM IB OEFHIILT  <ws r��������������������������� iife bj w ������������������vs> !������������������.  /^i> '  SECRET SOCIETIES  A.F. &A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40  iieKular nieeliriKH first  Thuradny on or after the  Cull moon at 8 p. m. in Masonic Hall. VisitinK  brethren cordially  invited  C. H. REEVES  ,  ^ Secretary  X     ENDERBY   LODGE  f'^-jh No. 35, K. of P.  %r Meets every Monday evening  TB^a' -VsJ-iS    in Masonic Mall.    Vi.-.itorscor-  ^&&7?7&      dially invited to attend.  N-^,f^^������������������ CHAS.HAWINS.C.C.  H. M. WALKER, K. R. S  R. J. COLTART. M.F.  . H.SPEEHS  W. M.  PROFESSIONAL  A  C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk. Enderby, B.C.  ie 20th Fngineers in France:  "I have lind anolher change.  Am now wilh Brooks in piyic-  lically Ihe. same locality as the  Company IJ) silo, but in much  more pleasani surroundings. I  am slill in charge of lhc same,  operations which, by the Avay,  are growing in size daily.  "I mentioned the,man who is  manager  for  estates  here,  and  of some wc are culling on. Yesterday he took 'mc to sec an, old  chateau on one. of his properties  just a short distance from  my  present  location.    Thc place is  sixty years old and built entirely   of  stone,   a   regular   castle.  The original owner and grandfather of thc present heir was a  count.   Thc latter is now in the  army bul has never lived in thc  place, which has been uninhabited for thirty ycars.    It is in a  wonderful   state   of   prcserva-  ticln.    Even pictures and papers  arc ju'st as they were left thirty  years ago.    There is onc map,  on the wall of the office, of the  war of 1870, placed  there during that. lime.    In  thc office is  also a chart of  Lhc game shot  hy   the   count,  season   by  season,  I'or  thirty years.    The old  hunting  pieces   and   horns   are  all   theVe,  just  as  if   thcy  had  been left the same day we saw  them.     Then   there   is   the   old  . The following Regulations, recently Approved by  the ' Governor General in Council, impos.e stricb-  oblfeatibns upon every employer TO ASSURE HIMSELF THAT EACH OF HIS EMPLOYEES OF  MILITARY AGE AND DESCRIPTION IS IN  'POSSESSION OF DOCUMENTS PROVING  THAT HE IS NOT IN ANY WAY IN DEFAULT  UNDER THE MILITARY SERVICE ACT.  An employer who .is charged with having a  oVfaulW in -his employ must be able to prove  Xr-TAT THE MILITARY SERVICE PAPERS  TSSUED BY THE REGISTRAR OR MILITARY  AUTHORITIES TO THE EMPLOYES IN QUES:  TION WERE PRODUCED FOR KIS INSPECTION at the time when the employee was taken into  his employment, and that it was reasonably established to "his satisfaction tliat the man was not. in  default under the Military Service Axt. It should be  clearly understood that the Canadian Registration  Certificates given cn,June   22,   1918,  at   the time of  We can't,   pay  our   laxes.     Wc must havc the money.     Vou   win,  we lose.  The Citv refuses to sell I'or taxes so wc must.  Within "the next two weeks we will ofl'er for sale at public auction  without reserve, between thirty ai:d forty desirable City-Lots. These  you'can buy at your own price. We will give Indefeasible Title to these  lots���������������������������tli'e best title possible to secure. r.  i  V  ! -1  WATCH FOS POSTERS   NEXT WEEK , |g  Armstrong-Ok-anaoaii'Land ,;  Company Limited  -d"  general registration, in no way define thc  man under the Military Service Act.  status of a  REGULATIONS.  " 106. Every    person    who  employs or retains in his service  anv man who has deserted or  is absent without leave from  tlie   Canadian   Expeditionary  Force, or who is in default in  the performance of any obligation or requirement for reporting or for military service,  imposed upon him by the Act  or Regulations, or any proclamation   thereunder,   shall   be  guilty of an off enccpuni.shable  on summary conviction by imprisonment not exceeding  six  months, or by a penalty of not  less than One Hundred Dollars,  and  of  not   more  than   Five  Hundred Dollars, or by both  such   imprisonment   and   fine,  unless such person prove that  he   made    due   inquiry   and  that THE MILITARY SERVICE PAPERS ISSUED BY  THE REGISTRAR OR -THE  MILITARY AUTHORITIES  LO    THE    MAN    SO    EMPLOYED   OR   RETAINED  V HIS    SERVICE  WERE  RODUCED FOR HIS-INSPECTION, and that it was  reasonably  established   to  his  satisfaction   by   such    inquiry  and papers that the man was  not a deserter or absent from  the force without leave, or in  default in respect of any of the  obligations    or    requirements  aforesaid."  " 106a. Every   person   who  HARBOURS OR CONCEALS  OR IN ANY WAY ASSISTS  ANY MAN WHO IS A DESERTER      OR      ABSENT  WITHOUT   LEAVE   FROM  THE    CANADIAN   EXPEDITIONARY     FORCE,     or  who is in default in the performance of any obligation or,  requirement  for. reporting   or  for   military   service  imposed  upon him by the Act or JRcgu-  lations   or   any   proclamation  thereunder, shall be guilty of  an   offence   punishable   upon  summary   conviction   by   imprisonment not exceeding six  months, or by a penalty of not  less than One Hundred Dollars  and  of  not  more  than   Five  Hundred Dollars, or by both  such   imprisonment   and   fine,  unless such person prove that  he was not aware and had no  reasonable ground  to  suspect-  that  the  man   so   harboured,  concealed,  or  assisted  was  a  deserter   or   absent   from   the  forces   without    leave    or   in  default in respect of any of the  obligations    or    requirements  aforesaid."  MILITARY  SERVICE  BRANCH.  fnQ|. iHtle Wc reach 'many,  and are   first-class pollers of;]  bneiness.   . Trv one in The C0J\1MJONER. 2c & lc a wprdj  Defeating Famine  The i-frciR danger, which bul  1'ew realized, that lhc Allied nations iln Europe would be forced  , lo make peace by food shortage  jhas by  the resolution  and sclf-  !sacrifice of  the people of Canada and lhc Uniled StalesJbeen  averted.    The  food situation in  Brilain,   France   and   llaly   has  ,j.)a������������������sed-t-hKOU4j-U=Lhc=woisLjihu.ses.  and   the specter of famine  bus  vanished. A very large"measure  of credit for Ibis must bc given  lo the food boards at Washington and Ottawa, but thcy could  have done nolhilng without  thc  hearty support of the people.  As Man to Man   ,  ������������������Ynur   wife   says   you  have   hcij  terrorized."  "Honest.   Judge���������������������������" v   # .  "L clo not ask ihis in my ouiciai  capacity, but as man  lo man.    Del  you understand? '  "Yes, your Honor."  S     "What's   your   see'rcl?"���������������������������Katysasj  , Cilv Star. ..__  LEARY VJ5ARAG'F*J  D. C  JvBAllY,  Frcprietor  FORD DliALUR  Repairs lc all makes ofears.    Pncnc 2.j  ARMSTRONG, JP C.  WE ARE IN THE  MARKET AND WILL  PAY   YOU   CASH  FOB  ���������������������������RAGS  ���������������������������OLD RUBBER  ���������������������������ana AUTO TIRES  ���������������������������COPPER  ���������������������������BRASS  ���������������������������LEAD  ���������������������������IRON  ���������������������������of every description  delivered to���������������������������  J.  Tedford, Enderby  Hope Bros, Armstrong  or our warehouse, Vernon, B.C.  i������������������������������������H3IlI������������������  ������������������n all countries. Ask for our INVE.NJ  TOR'S ADVISKR.which will be sent fret|  MAJUON ������������������ ������������������tATOQNj .  fttfO|J]plW������������������ti������������������lfw    *��������������������������� -     ***"****-***'  ���������������������������*t������������������  1PV6  1. V. SAUPEB CO.  E. O. WOOD, B. C. L. S.  Armstrong and Salmon Arm  Subdivisions, Mineral Claims, Timber Limits, Pre-emptions, Drainage,  Irrigation and Road Surveys, Maps  and plans.  Phone 62 Salmon Arm, e.c  |M as a Fire"  of JSwK������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ rrwklto coi������������������t*i������������������������������������ ������������������  |������������������������������������of������������������n������������������**������������������������������������ _ .  t  *J������������������?Zm*������������������ tor ��������������������������������������������� ������������������W ��������������������������� "H5���������������������������������������������  Houm WW ��������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������c������������������rc* b������������������t mm*1 m.  ^THURSDAY, NOV. 7, 1918  OKANAGAN COMMONER  I'j.'  Weed Literature  '     Every farmer  should  endca-  ������������������������������������������������������vor. to "familiarize himself with  the habits of thc various weeds  / occurring on his farm.    When  "}ihc understands clearly their na-  iturc and thc methods by which  ij thcy  spread   hc  can   seP about  i'i lhcir control in a rational and  .^scientific manner.    It is clnly in  . thc winter inonths that thc av-  , eragc farmer lias sullicienl leisure  to devote his  time  to  lhc  study of weeds and with this in  ivicw"   the   following   Dominion  yand Provincial publications arc  i quoted   in   the   hope "that  thcy  i'liiay be of service to him.,   For  i, further advice or thc names of  :"\vccds   he   docs   not   know   he  '/should write to the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa. Packages of seeds weighing less than  |." twelve ounces cajii bc sent free.  ' Thc Dominion bulletins can bo  ���������������������������I obtained free from thc publica-  '\tions branch at Ottawa.    In the  ���������������������������\ case of  Provincial publications  ���������������������������>farmers should write to thc department of agriculture of their  -1 own privincc.  Dominion   publications���������������������������Bulletin 28 by James Flctcheri; Bul-  lctiii    S-S,   Weeds   and   Weed  Seeds by Geo. H. Clark; Exhibition Circular No. 45, Do You  I; Know Your Weeds? by Miss F.  Fvlcs;   Seed  Branch,  Pamphlet  |i'*No.    1,    Cleaning    Seed; ��������������������������� Seed  "/Branch, Thc Seed Control Act.  Saskatchewan���������������������������Bulletin     No.  31,  Farm  Weeds  and  How  to  Control Them.  Alberta ��������������������������� Bulletin No. 1,  Weeds of Alberta.  - .British Columbia���������������������������Circular  Bulletin No." 18, Noxious Weeds;  Their Identification, and .Eradication.  THE DECISIVE BATTLE  War Was Won When Hindenburg Line Was Broken by Allied Armies  pose of Turkey at its pleasure,  and there was already foreshadowed a new front, the front of  the Danube, from which Hungary could be invaded and by  which /ilie; enemy could gain  communication* with, Rumania  and thus automatically.'release  the little ILatin state from the  Frank H. Simonds sums up slavery imposed by the treaty of  recent developments on the 'Bucharest and en list halla mil-  fkditing front with these words:ill0n -Rumanian troops in a new  "���������������������������Whatever be the future attack upon Hungary, this time  course of events, it is no longer wiln assured communications  to be doubted that Ihc.conlcstjWiUiils western allies,  which ended in the breaking of I l������������������c Foch strategy has to be  the Hindenburg line was the dc-.?ccn ^hole to be appreciated in  cisivc battle of the world war.llts l"11 splendor.    He co-ordin-  Practical Christian Work  ment is still to bc disclosed, but j result was  the magnitude of  the  triumph climax  j is patent, and it has  Towed  promptly  by  been fo.l  i  Gcrman  the most wonderful  of   any   military   campaign.    Damascus,  Bcyrut,  Us-  kub,  Nish,  Lille,   Douai,  Cam-  Wilh music and movies the  Y.M.C.A. is out to conquer the  monotony and isolation of the  lumber camps on Queen. Charlotte islands where aeroplahe  spruce is being manufactured  for the government.  A combined hotel and recreation hall has been erected at  Thurston Harbor, reports Mr.  D. E. Hall, tbe "Y" secretary for  the Moresby' Island group of  camps. The building is 32 x 32  feet, two storeys, with cottage  and quarters i'or thc secretary,  and shower baths. Upstairs are  ind- one large room  by transients. Mr.  gc of the building,  :i|nd he meets the boats which  arrive at night and early in thc  morning.  During  proposal for an armistice, which ^ai, and St. Qucntin fell, not at more   camps  confesses  lhc loss  of  the war, the same time, but in rapid sue- the  Masset  I  August  the score or  and sawmills of  Inlet dislrict were  although it docs not yet forshad- cession; the world, German, as visited three or four times by  ow unconditional surrender. WCH as Allied and neutral, bad tbe Y.M.C.A. secretary, M. G. R.  "In a sense all that is to come ^1C sudden impression of the Welch. His addresses on pat-  hcrcaftcr must be' an anti-cli-!^8^0 collapse, thc smiultan-'riolic, moral and religious lines  max' Thc Hindcnbur" line is!cous collapse of all the various were well received, and thc lit-  unciucstionably thc ������������������Greatest elements in thc Gcrman world era lure he distributed,, including  - -l ������������������   as it!empire.    In thc second' week of sex pamphlets, was eagerly wcl-  Scplcmbcr that empire reached coined. At headquarters at  the Jordan and thcEuphratcs on Buckley Bay a tent has been set  thc south aiid touched Uic North up and equipped and this will  Sea on thc Belgian coast. By fill the bill until permalncnt  the end of the second week of quarters can bc secured.  October it stopped at thc Danube and was rapidly receding  from the Belgian coast. Its Aus-  ESTABLISHED     1872,  BANK. OF HAMHLT������������������  The present is a good time to sell tilings, whether labor, produce Oor merchandise, at high  .prices. It is also a poor lime to buy anything  that is not absolutely neccssaiy. Earn to the  limit.'.-Save to the limit. That B is the road to-  prosperitv. Onen a Savings Account with the  Bank of Hamilton.  ARMSTRONG BRANCH  H. L. Paynter.  , battle of thc present war,  is the most tremendous conflict  of all human history.   And in it  has been revealed onc of Ih supreme    soldiers    of    all    time.  Henceforth, and because of thc  achievement which has just unrolled   before   our   own   eyes,  Foch will bc recognized as onc  of the half dozen great commanders of armies,  thc master of  the greatest  armies in human  history,     and     the ' successful;  weildcr  of   thc  most  and  colossal  military  , Success is fuil of promisc un-  iJJlil men gel it; and-Ihen it isJast  year's nest from which Uic bird  has flown!'���������������������������Bcccher.    "   '  trian faction was crumbling to  of which wc have any knowledge. His three months from  the Marne to the ^Schelt, his  campaign in Northern France in  July, August, September and  October of thc current year,  with his three great successes,  second Marne, third Somme and  the battle of thc Hindenburg  line, musl bc memorable for all  later    generations, of    soldiers, .-  who  study  thc  method   or- of capable on thc military side of  who enjoy the benefits, repeating   Napoleons    achicve-  ruins and its Bulgarian and  Turkish depaitmcnts were in  dust and ashes.    Belgium and  from the  was rapidly clearing of Gcrman occupation���������������������������for thc Gcrman thc whole  world had turned upside down  all of a sudden���������������������������for the rest of  us it was assuming its normal  position.  "TJic battle of the Hindenburg line won the war. The  Germans still have unbroken  armies, great resources in numbers and in material,. thcy are  Victory Loan Necessary  trccmen who enjoy  'Such, then, was thc battle of  the Hindenburg line as^I sec it,  lhc Lcipsic of the Gcrman imitators of Napoleonic ambitions  as well as of Napoleonic strategy. But even this tremendous  campaign was but one phase of  thc Foch strategy. He set out to'  drive lhc Germans oul of Flanders and France,  to rout ihem  the decisive  Don't let the German peace propaganda interfere with the success  of thc Victory Loan.  Canada's' war expenditure today  o    i ��������������������������� ~:n~ r~~.-., ������������������u,J is sro'*������������������tp������������������- than ever before.    There  intricate | Serbia were emerging from the  are  75000  niore  Canadians  over.  machine! German waves, France was rap- seas than there were a year ago.  |    They are slill going over as fast  as Canada can send them.   _  I     Even if peace came tomorrow it  would probably take from 12 to 18  I months to bring all the Canadians  back.  They would have to be kept in  the meantime.  Pav and allowances alone cost  over'-S14.000,000 a month. '  Transportation expense -would  probably amount lo ������������������15,000.000.  To demobilize the Canadian  troops would undoubtedly cost over  $250,000,000.    '  ��������������������������� .<F500,.000,000 is needed through  the Victory Loan, no mailer what  comes."or goes.  Canadian industry and the army  both need strong-financial support.  March. 1017���������������������������Total subscriptions  $270,708,000;   subscribers  40.800.  Victorv Loan, 1017���������������������������Total subscriptions. $419,289,900; subscribers,  820,035.  ment after Lcipsic and lighting  one more campaign. Whether  thcy clo or not depends on the  home front, not thc military  front."  Money Loaned to Government  Last year  ada ploaned  lhc, people of Can-;  to. tbe government  . Tlie prices of shoes have soared and will  * go still higher," buy  now.   Ladies cone  , n and sec that High Cut Chocolate Tau  boot with either Neolin or leather soles,  J -vou will like it.    Rubber's like shoes need  "to be best quality, wc   only   handle th  best.  Repair* of all description 4oi������������������e  Jfce Home of %\\e Solid feather  ,   S^oe  Buy a Victory "Bond!    t  ..:.<������������������.:,<.������������������X������������������;������������������;..;^*.<.':*<������������������^>^:������������������<������������������KK"X";  I MAT. HASSEN |  13'  | Auctioneer and Livestock %'  Salesman $  ARMSTRONG      J3. C. f    j  T have   a   wide   acquaintance f*.  amongst   buvcrs.      Consult    nie y  when you want  to   hold   a    t-', ������������������|.  Also send me  particulars of   i iv 5)  surplus stock you wish to  dispose ������������������*  of. " 4*  %  PHONE No. 34 I  "    i  if be could, lo win  battle in. any event,"and in this $419,000,000 to conduct the war  he held on to lhc familiar theory,Out of that sum were spent  of the 'westerners,' lhat only in large sums to finance the- pur-  ihc wesl could the war be won chases of thc British Governor lost-. But in doing this he ment in Canada for food and  did not forget the east. On the munitions. Since the war began  exontrary-hc timed his western j the Imperial Mutations Board  operation to coincide with two has awarded contracts-in n'"  Restrict Your Telephone Calls  Spanish Influenza has emphasized the necessity for telephone service to meet emergencies.  Telephone Operators are subject to this disease  as much as any other person.  Subscribers can help us, themselves and the ������������������  service by reducing their calls to the lowest possible number their necessities will permit.  '   Tlie situation is urgent.    Please think" twice  before making a call and, if possible, OMIT IT.  C. F. B. License No. 9-3409  Can  ada amounting to $1,200,000,-  000 and about. $600,000,000  have hccn advanced by the government and banks. Besides  that there were heavy advances  to assist in the export of Canada's agricultural products.  These   sums   have. <t heen   the  cause of a tremendous expata-  grcat   campaigns   in   the "Near  East.  "In ithis respect his calculations were clear. Gcrman victory in the war depended on two  things: the defeat of the enemy  in the west and the preservation  of the empire in the east, whjch  was known to all thc woftd as  Mittcl Europa.    If the eastern!sion of' industry.,   Fanners as  empire collapsed then only a de-|welj   as   manufacturers -|ia\c  cisivc, a new western Sedan of .jjeen able to sell their surplus  the enemy, would bring victory products to Britain and to gel:  to Germany.    J3ut if tlie east,the monev at once.   Thev have  were held Germany, could put;gone on multiplying their e1 forts'  up with nothing better than a;and-doing their part in winning  deadlock  in   the   west,  a   long the war, for Britain had to cat,  drawn out and much magnified while her soldiers  were away,  rcpitition of the Somme oi 191(5. |fighting.    Jn the past yen* lhc'  Shc-could-calculatc���������������������������that-unless-govcrnmenHias-advan^cd-$!00iV  the Allies would win a decisive 000,000 to finance, our agricui-j  victory in the west they would tural  and   animal  products   to,  bargain with her for peace in'Britain.   Thc baccbi output was  tbe coming winter, and in that: entirely  handled  out   of  Loan  bargaining shc could trade hold-j funds.   And this year thcrc %vi|]  Choicest meats otyainaWe.  Qw. R. Sharp*  Wholesale awl Retail Puttier  Fw4erhy  Better subscribe for  ' ��������������������������� ' -1" si.'  The Commoner  now while the  subscribing is gooel  - *  i  $2.00 Year  Armstrong- and Enderby V  ���������������������������.-;������������������������������������������������������������������������  ings in the wesl for eastern conquests.  "Accordingly, before hc  launched his greal western battle, Foch threw Allenby against  be some heavy calls out of thc  1918 Victory Loan. Canada has  a surplus of cheese for export  amounting to $40,000,000. Butter,'eggs  and'condensed   milk  J PAY CASH for POULTRY  and EGGS  Shipments solicited whether  llarge   or   small.     Remittance  I made on day of receipt of goods  |at prevailing market prices!  |A. E SAGE      Armstrong. B.C  possible, j may better  Palestine mendous ir  hy  understand the trc-  mport of thc Victory*  comparing tlie agricul-  Turkcy in Palestine and D'Es-^vill amount to $10,000,000  percy against Bulgaria in Mace-:more. Thc Victory Loan will get  donia. Thc results of tbese Iwo'these to lhcir only markcl, Brit-  Ihrusts were immediate and ii-.tii|n. The exportable wheat crop  nal. By the former Turkish will be 100,000,000 bushels, and  military ,-ower was broken and ibc value $225,000,000. Victory  the eventual occupation of all Loan money for the most part,  the Turkish lerrilory easl ol" lhe' will finance ibis. |  Cicilian Gates, everything save-     It is a big story.    Perhaps wc  Anatolia,   was   made  Mesopotamia,   Syria,   P  and Arabia were instantly  to thc Turk and Armenia  open to invasion.  "But thc victory over the Bul-  ~v lo  lhe  battle of the Hindenburg line  had reached its decisive ph:ise  Berlin knew, not merely that  Turkey had been crushed, but  also that the, Bulgarian at my  had been routed and that Bulgaria had surrendered unc-u di-  tionally. Thus all landward  communication with the beaten  Turkish army was abolished,  the enemv would be able to dis-  Pr- Pent has opened one of  =the-most=uiodertifDentaUPar--:  lors in the Interior of British  Columbia in the W. H.  Smith Block, above the Okanagan Grocery, Vernon, B-C.  Special attention to out of  town patients,  Phone 3-t3 or write  incuts.  i'or  appoint-  PR- PPNT  PENTIST  V������������������RNON, 3. C.  I  garians was even more cosl!  the Gcrman.    Even before  lost | Loan  laid tural and animal exports with,  four years ago. In 1915'Canada  exported of these $209,000,000.1  Last vear the figures grew to  $740,000,000, because the Dominion Government was able to  find the money for thc handling  of these exports. In manufactures exports have increased  from $85,000,000 in 1915 to'  $636,000,000 in the last fiscal  ��������������������������� year. Many great ; Industries  have been built up. The whole  country has felt the impulse to  greater endeavor. Tliis is thc  spirit that is winning tlie war.  I  MADE IN  ARMSTRONG  ladies' Suits  Men's Suits  Clothes Cleaned, Pressed  Altered and Repaired  ALEX. ADAIR  More Profit to#  pHtterp^r  JS  -a . "A  JL  I-  i  i  s  6  ll  i  s  i  s  II-  !  I  The pomihion  butter without the  "Creamerv Butter'  law   against the selling  words   "Piiirv   Butter"  of  or  -as thc case may be���������������������������printed  on the butter wrap, is a blessing in disguise to the  average farmer.  It is the duty of every butter maker to comply with the law in this matter. Some butter  makers have only a cow or two, and make so little  butter that it does riot appear to them that they  can afford to havc their butter wraps printed.  Thcy do not like the idea of having 500 or 1000  butter wraps on hand. To accommodate this  class of butlcrmakcrs, we havc printed up  a quantity of "Custom" Butter Wraps. Thcy are  printed with the words "Fresh Dairy Butter" but  do not bear the name of the maker. However,  these wrappers fill the requirements of the law  governing this point, and can be bought in small  quantities at the rate of 65c a hundred in 100 or  50 lots. If you do not require butterwraps in  larger lots, take these wraps in lesser quantities.  500, Single Order.     -    -    $3.75  1000   "      "   -      -        4.75  When   run    with   otber orders, $3.50 and $4.50  !  I  i  fi  \  fi  fi  i  fi  THE WALKER PRESS  Enderby, B.C.  THE CARY PRESS  Armstrong, B.C.  >o< OKANAGAN   COMMONER  THURSDAY, NOV. 7, 1918  Coal  Oil���������������������������by   the  gallon,  out  of  our  Bowser  Tank���������������������������correct  measure, and filtered.    Price 40c per gallon.  Stoye Pipe--24. in. long, 50c: stovepipe, elbows 40c; stove  pipe wire 10c coil;,Gypsy stove blacking. 15c;   stove  pipe  Vcirnish 25c  %.-:V,;J';:,0Jy;;%  Electric lamps, 25 and 40 Watt Tungsten  lamps, SOc.     GO Watt 60c i  nV.^S^g^ToO Watt Nitrogen   lamps   $1.50,     100  Nitrogen $2,00  Apple Parers���������������������������Why waste your time paring apples with a knife  when you can get a machine to do this for $1.75  Utility   Scales���������������������������Just   the   thing   everyone   has   been wanting.  Weights to 15 lbs,, very accurate.    85c,  Keep your feet dry���������������������������Use neats foot oil   U5'c:   viscol   at  50o   or  dubbin at 10c on your shoes.    This .will waterproof any leather,  Keep a tin of pine tar in the house     Keep some boiling on the  stove all tlie time, it is a great preventative  of  colds aud   incidentally the "flu".    Price 25c and 35c  BUY VICTORY BONDS  Buy from local Canvassers. The commissions  they earn are divided among, Red Cross, Y. M. C. A.,  Home Comfort and other war institutions.' A year  ago some $280 was thus divided. When you buy  through the banks this commission is lost.  Lanterns. Plain tin, with 'short or long  globe. AY ill stand any wind. Price  $1.50.  Similar lanterns, japaned and rust proof.  Price $1.65.  HEATING STOVES  18 in. sheet iron airtight hopters. double lined, cost damper and  Jigs, price 33. 75.   21 inch size $4. 73.-  31 inch cast box stove $20.00.       SG   inch size   $24.00.  20 inch fancy airfcights with front feed door, cast base  and  top,  handsome nickle trimmings at {J5 1 S.OO  o  Coal   stoves    at-   $1500    aiid    $19.GO  Coal oil-heaters $3.50 and  $7.00  Stove pipe drums $4-.OO  Bring your coil oii can and let us fill it.  4QC a gallon  CORNER HARDWARE ARMSTRONG, B. C.  PHONE 33  CLASSIFIED ADVTS.  2c a  woi-fl   in-sL insertion; lc a word  thereafter.    25c minimum  .FOP, SALE, CHEAP���������������������������Four milch  cows and six spring calves; four  horses.    Win.  Lowes.  Enderby.  I'OR SALE���������������������������Ii good Berkshire pigs  -I months old: also "W. Wyandotte  cockerels (Martin strain) apply  T. (���������������������������. Phillips, Power House Road  FOR SALE ���������������������������Lady's "Standard" bi-  cyc'le, i.n good condition. Cheap  for cash. P. 0. J3ox G-.'O, Arm-  ���������������������������slrnng.  21  LOST���������������������������l-'riday.  Oct.  25lh,  on   Main  St.,   smali   gold    feather   shaped  hnioch.     P.ewai-d   if  returned   to i  Wilson's A'ai-iety store. (if).  FOR SALE. CHEAP���������������������������Well bred  .Jersey cow. Milking; to freshen  early in spring. Apply G. II.  Fowler, "Armstrong. (io  LOST���������������������������A brown mare with "H"  branded on left hip, and a strap  around neck when she left home.  _-���������������������������?���������������������������! 0--rewa.ixVfor^an_y_=;pei.son^re-  turning same  lo W. H. Norman.  Armstrong,  gj  FOR   SALE���������������������������Pure-bred   while0 Wyandotte   cockerels   from   Guild's  bred-to-lay strain.    $2 each.    AV  R.  J-".  Collis,   Lansdowne. ���������������������������    Gl-tf  WANTED���������������������������A good Holstein cow,  -Lor 4 years old. Coming in next  .June   or   July.     Write   J.   Large,  Mupel P. 0. * '  EO n ; SER VICE���������������������������Pu rebrcd York-  shirc boar. Turner & Donaldson,  hnderbv.  WANTED TO RENT-Piano,  careful tenant. Apply P. 0.  Box US, Armstrong.  Only One Week left to  .FOR  salj-:-  nio'nths   old  dcrhv.  heifers,   2! 'to   27  II.   F".   Cowan,   En-  (M-3  J-'DH SAL.lv���������������������������Two heifers, nbotit lo  freslien; also cows. AY. JT. Norman, Armstrong. G-l  FOR SALE ��������������������������� Cheap ��������������������������� 7-roomcd  house, wilh bath and hot and  cold water; good barn; centrally  located; easy terms. Apply P.  E. M.p Coin moncr Oflice. Enderbv. (i'l-tf  WANTED ���������������������������A girl for general  housework. Apply, Mrs. P. If.  ���������������������������Murphv.  Enderby.         (i-l-If  FOR SALE���������������������������Red hrindlc cow; due  to calve 12lh November: heavy  milker.    Apply, J. C. Henson. 02,  I have been appointed one of the  Victory Bond solicitors, but may  not be able to call on YOU. Call  at the Drug Store. In this way  we may help each other.  E. T. ABBOTT  Druggist and Stationer  Armstrong, B. C.  We Okanagan Garage  Phone 77 Armstrong, B.C.  Don't  ast-e Time  fussing,   yourself.    It's ten to one  .our experts   can   save   you   time  I work   and .money,    because   they  j'"know how."  Chsr Automobile Garage  J is   worth   knowing   about,   if  you  ; are anxious to have your car   kept  j.'in the best possible condition,  i    We never do "amateur" or makeshift work in cleaning or repairs.  McLaughlin and Chevrolet Cars  ������������������������������������������������������0<=>0<"=������������������<)<=>()<=Z>0  THE THOUGHT OF LIFE  A Sermonette to the Congregation of Zion Church, "Armstrong, by the Minister.  Seeing lhat we shall not be able  to meet for worship next Sabbath  may I through the courtesy of thc  editor of the Co mm ox i;iV address  you through ils columns.  , The thought of death, i.s one that  eArer ancl anon intrudes itself into  the placid round of our existence.  It is a thought that is treated largely as taboo in ordinary conversation. Tt seems to suiraest gloom to  'lhe average mind. That is partly  because this life is attractive to us.  Tnspite of the experiences which  ,wc lerm woes and about which we  '.sometimes whine and sometimes  'curse, this life is after all a state  which men do not desire to bc rid  of. And yel lhere i.s no . reason  whv the thought of death should bc  a  dismal one.  I     Very early in my ministry T -was  called upon  to conduct two funer-  ; als   connected   with   deaths   which  (were what we call tragic.    In each  case it was also a case of deep personal  loss.    11 rather broke me up  on   both   occasions.     Thc   day   following ihe second of these a young  j banker look me aside lo talk about  '.it.    He was  abort my own  age although    older    perhaps    in    experience.     He  was   a   non-church-goer  :������������������s a  regular thing, bul didn't mind  being    frank    abo-.il    these    things.  He said  among other things":   "You  ��������������������������� know an  old man  conducts a i'un-  eral   service   better  'than   a   young  (man.    Dcalh doesn't appear lo him  j as .such   an .n wfn 1   lb i ng.     He   has  (seen  his  friends pass, "and  he realizes better than-,some of us younger  j fellows do, IhaUdealh i.s something  l.lhat wails  for every  person  as he  {rounds some corner and  he knows  [that   it   may   be   any   corner���������������������������any  ] stage  of his  career.'   He is accustomed  to  the thought."-  Perhaps tlie mini.stcr and the  undertaker more than anyone else  in the community, realizes that  truilh. The undertaker sometimes  becomes calloused lo it.It's his business. The minister too sometimes  becomes professional to it. Put I  think that if he be at all true of  soul, his life becomes richer and  the unseen more real a.s he tries to  show others the Eternal Father and  the life beyond. Certainly death  becomes less and less a terrible and  also more and morc a wondrous  thing. It becomes just about the  same thing as the shedding of 'die  leaves iri the fall. That is not the  death of the tree; it or ly signalizes  the end of summer. But there will  be spring again, and the tree will  keep  oh  growing.  Familiarity with death i.; common in our day. The men overeas  shrink not from it. .All is in the  hands of lhe Eternal God���������������������������though  :sMe~o'f^HJh em���������������������������u strath"e^wo r tl���������������������������Fa t e  instead. "When they write each  others' epitaphs they say: "It is the  way he would prefer to go: i. c.  facing fearful odds, and hc is still  carrying on."  And to those who have been  called.-upon .to give their sons and  brothers    in     this    great    struggle.  re have just received a consignment of all the newest furs  in all grades. Beautiful models and qualities. As these furs have  been shipped for approval we will have them on display  FOB ONE WEEK O^LY  You will find amnng this stock all this year's favorites.  Racoon, Wolf,  Oppossum, Natural Rat, Natural Wolf,"Black and  Taupe Fox, Alaska Sable, Persian Lamb, Prairie Fox, Dyed Skunk  Marmot and Coney.  These come in Stoles and Capes, Throws and Ties with Pillow,  Melon and Oval Muffs. PRICES will range from $8.75 to $85  Come early to get the choice onces.  1  ii  0.  I  8  5  8  8  I  I  0   Have You Bought Your Victory Bond?  8  Positively, Only One Week  <\  Foreman & Armstrong  General Merchants  The Big Store  Armstrong, B. C  SXTX)  O'  >o<  :>o������������������  Can. Food Control License  No. S-22,306  ()<=>0<=>0<=3KX=X)<  THE_NEW  TINGS-TONE STYLUS  Needle* will play from 50 to 200  records  without .changing.  Victor Records  90c for two selections  H. S. BEST  Armstrong,   B.C.  something of thc nature of victory  grows into clearness. The nolc o'f  disaster-is swallowed up in the  note of triumph. It isn't a matter  of when death occurs"; the big thing  is that the.life has beer, nobly lived.  And then there is the faith growing  ever dearer in distinctness lhat  life goes on. And thus the thought  of death gives place to the thought  of life.    "Death is swallowed up."  So   far as" wc  have  been  able  lo  learn   I he  local   epidemic  of  influenza has developed mild cases only.  Jn   other  places  il  lias becn   much  more severe-and many deaths have  occurred.     Jn   almost   every   paper  there lire-'rules given -both  for prevention   ancl   cure.     Bul   lhere   are  two   great   'IhoughlSi to   which  ;all  others   are   subservient:    "Do   not  fear it," and "Take sensible care."  Might   I   mention ' two   life-giving,  fear-banishing thoughts. First, consider what this life i.s for.    It is for  building the foundation of an eternal structure. We work beneath the  ground   as   it  were   and   while  we  r/e,joice An   the   sumriight,   still   wc  have not the glorious view we shall  have when we reach the surfr.ee of  the ground.    What we call death.is  the emergence at thc top.   It is possible of course to come to the surface without having done the work  and   then   it  may  be  that   the   intended plans will fall through. Put  meanwhile  it  is  ours to  obey  thc  Master Builder ancl prepare for the  emergence.    Second: I^earn to be a  worthy child  of the  great Father.  We   may   have   failed   as  servants.  But even the disobedient and wilful child���������������������������the prodigal who shirked  his duties���������������������������has a place La the Father's heart equal to the one who  builded industriously.    And .whenever   our   face   isN turned   to   Him,  whatever   we   have   made   of   our  past, there ils a place for us in His  home. __ And _if__thc__timc _comes_tp_  us   when   we   are   weighed   down  with    heavy    cares,    or   if   illness**  comes, and weakness, or doubt,  it  is slill our privilege to turn to the  divine   support   and   lean   on   the  Everlasting  Arms.     Thus   may  the  sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr sr  js js js Js rs rs rs  ������������������% rs  3^ j* j% ?* rs  j^ rs js  ^ [dined.  J; i win  h;  ligM  He returns a man.  vi7i       4.u   r������������������     /-> tt ���������������������������,...-������������������ sec things in  a new  When the Boy Comes Home -wiicn hc comcs homc.   what'd^l  "you think lie would say���������������������������in hi}  heart ii' not ;\vith his lips���������������������������if b(  should return and sec no Vic'l  lory Loan button on the lapel oil  Thcrc   arc.   limes  open   expression   of  when thc  a father's  more lhan  a boy. Thc  love would bc worth  church or sermon to  onc supreme time in lhc life-of  your boy coming homc from  France will be- when he re-enters thc. home life from which  hc was taken, to go lo war. Hc  went to light for thc freedom of  .that home. Tlie father could  nol go.   Hc has suffered and en-  Dad's coal?   . 1  Armstrong Poulty Show  Get your "birds ready for tl.���������������������������  big Poultry "Show to be held i\  the Drill Hall on December life  and 12th. Just five, weeks morj  to get ready. Prizes also" ,'fo'J  boys and girls under 16.  _._  H. A. Allison. Secretary-  Your Pwty to Yowr Cowntii  buoyancy of life be restored to us.  nnd" the certainty that all is well  become our faith.  Your PM to Yoiir Hwi  J3>.  13. PJ*M*  IVJen's Wear  Groceries  WderfryTPrcr  Canadian Food Coutrol License No. 8-J17J7Q.  Exceeded Their Quotas  da  Buy  For  thc week  ending Satur-  Nov. 2, lhc firs I week of the  Victory Loan drive in Brilish  Columbia, lhc following points  and dislricls exceeded lhcir  a no las and arc entitled to fly the  Honor Flags:  Powell River  Swanson  Bella Coola  Allenby  Van Anda  Sandon V ' '    '   .  .     Kaslo  Nakusp  North Bend  Mill Creek  Alert Bay  Okanagan   Centre  Naramata  In verm ere  PIANO TUNING & REPAIRING  CHARLES QUINN  Direct from Toronto factory and  authorized    Tuner    for    Mason    &  Risch, Ltd.    Will be in Armstrong  and   districl   during  October.     Ad  dress Box 98.    Kelowna.  Pont Waste Your Time  and Energy Using a  Poor Pump  Buy a Beatly double-cylinder stock pump. This  will give you the largest volume of water in "the  shortest time with the least effort of any piimpon  ihe market.  Now in stock.   Price . ............... $33.50  Single Cylinder .......... Si .*.'���������������������������   ������������������15.00  Only another week more in which to] buy  Victory Bonds.  Fulton Hardware Co. Ltd  ENDERBY. B. C.


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