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Okanagan Commoner Sep 26, 1918

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 ARMSTRONG,  B. C.  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND ARMSTRONG ADVERTISER.  ENDERBY,  B. C.  Vol. VI., No. 38, Whole No. 760  ARMSTRONG. B.C.. THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 1918  Subscription. ������������������2.00 per vear: 5c the codv  Armstrong's Fall Fair Proves  Most Satisfactory to Exhibitors  '.,        . ..,' ���������������������������������������������i,:k:   Clydesdale Horse Association���������������������������1st,  the show wiui an cxhlbi- a. Havhurst.  \l  The management of the  Armstrong Fail Fair may well  feel pleased at the success of the  exhibition last week. Tlie large  attendance last Thursday made  the closing day a great success.  ['���������������������������All enjoyed thc array of fruits,  vegetables and field grains; the  poultry, cattle, horses, sheep  and hogs.  It would not bc fair to com  \l pare  tion of pre-war days. Every  division showed thc results of  lack of labor on the farms, and  in the fancy work and home  department there was an unmistakable falling olf in thc  number of exhibits, showing  that the womenfolk, too, arc  otherwise employed in the war  work of thc community. Yet,  acknowledging this, thc exhibit  as a whole, was onc of thc most  creditable-  In the fruit division, particularly con the plate tables, there  was a splendid showing of apples, pears, and plums, both as  to size and color.  It was in field truck lhat the  exhibition excelled. Here thc  long tables were loaded with  every variety of vegetables of  excellent quality. In this division an exceptionally creditable  dislrict exhibit was made by  Dec]) Creek, where a fine quality of fruit, vegetables, grains  and grasss grown in tliat locality was gathered togeliicr and  arranged to the best advantage.  In the poultry division, Mr.JH.  E. Waby, poultry judge, is authority, for thc statement, thc  number of exhibits and quality  of the birds was thc best hc has  seen to date, this season in-thc  interior fall shows- Mr. Waby  was particularly pleased with  the quality of thc fowl shown,  and the large number of birds  entered in each class.  The number of entries in the,  horse division was large, and  tlie animals in fair condition.  The cattle exhibits fell below  the average in numbers. There  was, Jibwever, a very gooel cx-  Jijjjit of sheep and hogs.  IVfucJv interest was taken in  fbe field events; horse races,  trick ricjing. etc. IVfany of these  events were for the hat money  collected on the field, and were  SPECIAL PRIZES  Special by Neil & Cryderman���������������������������  1st. Jas. McCallan; 2nd, Jas. Shiell.  Special by Kalamalka Hotel���������������������������1st,  Wm. Witala.  Special by Calgary Review���������������������������1st,  Wm. Witala.  Special by Armstrong Agricultural Society���������������������������1st. Robt. Hornby.  Special to stallion by Gold Medal  Clydesdale Horse Association���������������������������1st,  Steve Dolan.  Special  to  mare  by  Gold  Medal  Special by  Frank Poole.  Okanagan Hotel���������������������������1st,  Cattle���������������������������Div. II  Judge���������������������������E. H. Barton, Chilliwack  SHOItTHORXS  Bull, aged 2 years and over���������������������������1st,  C.  Hardy.  JERSEYS  Bull, aged 2 ycars or over���������������������������1st,  A. Schubert.  Bull, over one year and under  two���������������������������1st, A. Hunter; 2nd, J. F.  Moore; 3rd, C. J. Hopkins.  Cow, 3 vears ahd over���������������������������1st and  2nd, A. W.' Hunter; 3rd, B. Hunter.  Cow or heifer under 3 years���������������������������  1st and 2nd, J. F. Moore; 3rd, A. W.  Hunter.  Yearling heifer���������������������������1st, A. W. Hunter.  Bull calf���������������������������1st, R. Hunter; 2nd  and 3rd, A. W. Hunter.  Heifer calf���������������������������1st, A. W. Hunter.  Best female, any age���������������������������A. W. Hunter. '       j ,  Best male, any age���������������������������1st, A. W.  Hunter. b  - HOLSTEINS o  Bull, aged two years and over���������������������������  1st, G. M. Andrews, Enderby.  Cow, three -years cand over���������������������������1st.  Jas. McCallan..  Cow or heifer under 3 years���������������������������  1st, Sam Fruno..  Heifer calf���������������������������1st, Jas. McCallan.  .   Best   female   any   age���������������������������1st, . Jas.-  McCallan.   -  Best male, any age���������������������������:G.��������������������������� M. An7  drews.  RED   POLLED,    .   ,  Bull, one vear old and under two  ���������������������������1st.  H..E. Waby.  Cow, 3 vears and upwards���������������������������1st  2nd and 3rd, H. E. Waby.  Cow or heifer under 3���������������������������1st,- Joe  Doerflinger   (Mara).  Bull calf���������������������������1st and 2nd, H. E.  Wabv.  Heifer calf���������������������������fst and 2nd���������������������������H. ft.  Waby.     .  Best female, any age���������������������������1st, H. E-  Waby.  Rest msle, any age���������������������������fst, H. ft.  Waby.  .    POLLED, ANGUS     t  Pull, f year and upwarci���������������������������Jst, S.  larmier.  - GRADED   STOCK���������������������������DAIRY   STRAIN'  GRADED   SWINE  Sow in farrow or was within six  month���������������������������1st, F. McCleery; 2nd' A.  W. Hunter.  BLOCK  HOGS  Best pen of three block hogs, any  breed or cross, live weight, 130-180  pounds���������������������������Wilson Cross.  SPECIALS  Special by Bank of Hamilton���������������������������  (H. L. Paynter, mgr.)���������������������������R. S. Horn.  Special by Agricultural Society���������������������������  A. W. Hunter.  Special by E. T. Abbott���������������������������A. W.  Hunter.  Speeial by  F. Marshall.  Special by  J. Anderson.  Special, bankers'���������������������������Wilson Cross.  0 Special by Agricultural Society���������������������������  1st and 2nd, J. Anderson.  A. D. Renault & Co.-  Cochrane & Ladner-  Judgc-  Sheep���������������������������Div. IV  -J. Bullman, Kamloops.  -F.  -F.  Mur-  Mur-  F.  Sturt: 2nd, Jas. McCallan; 3rd, Jack  Lewis.  Heifer calf���������������������������1st, Jas. McCallan;  2nd, H. A. Allison; 3rd, H- Sturt.  -    PUAL   PURPOSE  Cow, three vears old and upward  ���������������������������Jas. McCallan; 2nd, W. T- Hayhurst; 3rd, Joe Anderson.  Cow or heifer under three���������������������������1st,  2nd and 3rd, Joe Anderson.  REEF  STRAIN  Cow,  3  years  and  upward���������������������������1st,  P. S.  Horn:  2nd, John  McCallan;  |,   fuo^in^^^ 3rCow ?o"   hePferaunder 3���������������������������Jst. H  work than competitions. , . _   .  f WIV WINNERS  Pdow is a complete list of the  winners in the various division:  Horses���������������������������piv. J  Judge���������������������������J. Pullman, Kamloops.  ROADSTERS-  ���������������������������=--Y.eJ< 1 , jri ai:<*uo,u=gel din g���������������������������1 s t ,=D.-=--S;  Long: 2nd, H. E. Waby; 3rd. F. McCleery.  -Single Driving Horse, mare or  gelding: 1st. A. Warner; 2nd, A. W.  Hunter; 3rd, K. Matheson.  ypentlemen's Saddle Horse: 1st.  Frank Poole; 2nd, 1). Swanson, 3rd,  Archie Clinton.  Siffciwy Draft, yeld. mare or gelding: 1st, James McCallan: 2nd,  V'abcc Young; 3rd. Dan Martin.  '���������������������������-IVJare with foal at foot: 1st, Wm.  "Vyitahi. (Mara): 2nd, Vance Young;  3rd, .fames McCallan.  ''Gelding or filly: two vears and  Uttder three: 1st, Wm. Witala: 2nd,'  Rlpiackburn; 3rd. Wm. Witala.  "���������������������������Foal of 1018: 1st, Win. Witala;  2nB, Tom Clinton; 3rd, Jas. McCallan.  '-Team in harness, grades: 1st, Jas.  McCallan; 2nd, Vance Young; 3rd',  Dan Martin.  I  filly: 1st, H.  1st, Jas. Shiell;  1st and 2nd, H.  j"-, AGRICULTURAL   CLASS  Yeld," mare or gelding���������������������������1st, Jas.  Shiell; 2nd, A. Hayhurst; 3rd, II.  Sturt.  Yearling   colt   or  Sturt.  Team in harness:  2nd, II. Sturt.  General Purpose:  Swanson;   3rd,  Fred  Leduc.  Gelding or filly, two years and  under three: 1st, J. Martens; 2nd,  J. Kerkup; 3rd, J. Martens.  Yearling colt or filly: 1st. Alex  Leduc.  Foal of 1918: 1st, Alex. Leduc;  2nd J. Kerkup.  Team in harness: 1st, Ii.. Swanson; 2nd, F. Leduc.  Clydesdale pedigreed stallion���������������������������  1st. Steve Dolan.  Yeld, mare or gelding���������������������������1st, H. E.  Waby;   2nd,   Steve  Dolan.  Mare with foal, at foot���������������������������1st and  2nd, Steve Dolan.  Yearling colt or filly���������������������������1st. A.  Hayhurst.  Suckling colt���������������������������1st and 2nd, Steve  Dolan.  "���������������������������FaVCbw"(not in milk) or steer-  Special  bv McLachlan Hardware  Co.���������������������������H. E. Wabv.  Special  bv  Citv of Armstrong���������������������������  Milliard  McCallan.  Special  by Kalamalka  Hotel���������������������������C.  Hardy.  Special by Foreman & Armstrong  ���������������������������A. W. Hunter.  Rankers'     special���������������������������1st,     H.     p.  Wabv:   2nd,  R.  McCallan;   3rd,  H.'  McCallam; 4th. R. Horn.  Snccial hx Cochrane & Ladncr���������������������������  H. E. Waby. ,    "      .  ��������������������������� Special by Agricultural-Society���������������������������  H. E. Waby.  Special bv Agricultural Society������������������������������������������������������  A. W.  Hunter. .     ��������������������������� -."���������������������������".  Special bv Agricultural Society���������������������������  1st, R. S. Horn; 2nd, H. Sturt.   ;  Judge-  Swine���������������������������Div. HI '  -E-. H. Barton, Chilliwack  RERKSHIRES  Boar, anv age���������������������������1st, Frank Marshall; 2nd, Bankhead-Orchard, Kelowna;   3rd.   Fred   Parkhurst.  Sow in farrow or was within 'six  months���������������������������1st, A. W. Hunter; 2nd,  Bankhead Orchard.  DUROC  Jersey boar, any age���������������������������1st, L. E.  Farr; 2nd, F. McCleery; 3rd, R. S.  Horn.  Sow in farrow���������������������������F. McClccrv.  Best boar, pigged in 1918���������������������������1st,  R. S. Horn; 2nd, F. McCleery.  Best sow, pigged in 1918���������������������������1st  and 2nd, R. S. Horn; 3rd, F. McCleery.  Best pen, 4 pigs, under 4 months  ���������������������������F. McCleery.  YORKSHIRE  Sow in farrow, or was within 6  months���������������������������1st and 2nd, Tom Gray,  Mara; 3rd, A. W. Hunter.  Best boar, pigged in 1918���������������������������A. W.  Hunter.  Best sow, pigged in 1918���������������������������A. W.  Hunter.  SUFFOLKS  Ram, one shear or over���������������������������A. Ford.  LEICESTERS  Ram, one shear or over���������������������������1st', F.  Murray; 2nd, W. Palmer, Salmon  Arm.  Two ewes���������������������������F.' Murrav.  Best pen of two lambs of 1918���������������������������  F. Murray.  Best female of any age-  ray.  Best  male   of  any  age-  ray.       0  OXFORDS  Ram, one shear or over���������������������������1st,  McCleery; 2nd. H. E. Waby.  Two ewes���������������������������J. H. Crofts.  Ram lamb���������������������������J. H. Crofts.  Best female, any . age���������������������������J. H.  Crofts.  Best male, any age���������������������������F. McCleery.  %     SMROPSHIRES  Ram, one shear or over���������������������������1st, A.  W. Hunter; 2nd, W. Palmer, Salmon  Arm; 3rd, Fred Ossenton.  Two ewes���������������������������1st, F .Marshall; 2nd,  A. W. Hunter.  Ram lamb���������������������������A. W. Hunter. -  Best pen of two Iambs of 1918���������������������������  1st and 2nd, A. W. Hunter. ���������������������������  .-   Best   female   aji'v   age���������������������������F.   Marshall  '' Best male, any age���������������������������7A. W. Hunter.  , Long wool, graded, two ewes���������������������������  J. H. Crofts. " *       ��������������������������� '   '  .  Short wool, sraded���������������������������rtst. T. Grey;  2nd, J. H. Crofts; 3rd, A. Ford.  Best pen of three lambs of 1918���������������������������  1st, J. H- Crofts; 2nU,������������������T. McCleery;  3rd, F. Ossenton.  FAT   sheep  ,  Rest two fat sheep���������������������������fst, T. Grey;  2nd, J. ff. Crofts.  Special  Crofts.  Special  McCleery.  Special  W. Hunter  Special by  W. Hunter.  ' Special bv  J.| H. Crofts.  Special by  by P.  by P  by F  SPECIALS  J. Fletcher���������������������������J.  ff.  Purns &  Co.���������������������������F.  Pecker, Jpsq.���������������������������A.  Sage & Yeoward���������������������������A.  Reeve W. H- Keary���������������������������  eery���������������������������J. H. Crofts.  Armstrong Cash Gro-  JPouftry���������������������������Piv. V  Judge���������������������������H. E. Waby, Enderby.   AM ER ICAN-RREF.nS   Turkev ben. bronze or brown���������������������������  1<=t. Jas. McCallam; 2nd. Mrs. T.  Mitchell; 3rd, John McCallan.  Turkey Pout Male���������������������������1st, John McCallan; 2nd, Mrs. T. Mitchell; 3rd,  Jas.' McCallan.  Turkey pout female���������������������������1st. John  McCallan; 2nd and 3rd, Mrs. T. Mit*  chell,  '.Pen.male and two females���������������������������1st,7  John McCallan; 2nd, Mrs. T. Mitchell. .' ��������������������������� ' ;������������������������������������������������������  Gander Embden���������������������������Jas. McCallan.."  Goose' Embden���������������������������Jas. McCallan. '.������������������������������������������������������  Gosling Embden. male���������������������������Jas. McCallan'.:   ���������������������������  GoslingEmbden female���������������������������Jas. Mc*  Callan. '  Gander Toulouse���������������������������1st, Mrs. J. W.'  Cross; 2nd. Jas. McCallan. ..>  Goose, Toulouse���������������������������1st. Mrs. Jas.  McCallan; 2nd, Mrs. J. W. Cross.  Goslwig, Toulouse, male���������������������������1st and  2nd, Myles McDonald.  ���������������������������Gosling. Toulouse, female���������������������������1st  ancl 2nd, Myles McDonald.  Pen male and two females���������������������������Mrs.  T. Mitchell.  Drake,     Pekin���������������������������Mrs.     T.   ' Gray,  Mara.  .   Duck, Pekin���������������������������Mrs. T. Gray, Mara.  Cock. Barred Plymouth Rock���������������������������  1st and 2nd, H. A."Allison; 3rd, J.  H. Storr.  Hen, Barred Plymouth Rock���������������������������  1st. 2nd and 3rd, H. A. Allison.  Cockerel, Barred Plymouth Rock  ���������������������������1st, H. A. Allison; '2nd, H. McKee; 3rd, J. II. Storr.  Pullet, Barred Plymouth Rock���������������������������  1st and 2nd, H. A. Allison; 3rd, IT.  McKee, Enderby.  Pen Barred Plymouth Rock���������������������������1st  and 2nd, H. A. Allison; 3rd, J. IT.  Storr.  Cock Plymouth Rock���������������������������S. E.  Thomas.  Hen White Plymouth Rock���������������������������1st  and 2nd, Robert Little; 3rd, S. E.  Thomas.  Cockerel While Plymouth Rock���������������������������  1st, J. E. Britton; 2nd and 3rd, S. E.  Thomas.  Complete List of Prize Winners  Sliows District Well Represented  Pullet White Plymouth Rock���������������������������  1st, S. E. Thomas; 2nd and 3rd, J.  E. Britton.  Pen White Plymouth Rock���������������������������S. E.  Thomas.  Cock Partridge Plymouth Rock���������������������������  H. Abrams.  Hen Partridge Plymouth Rock���������������������������  1st and 2nd, H. Abrams.  Cockerel Partridge Plymouth  Rock���������������������������S. E. Thomas.  Pullet Partridge Plymouth Rock  ���������������������������1st, 2nd and 3rd, H. Abrams.  Pen Partridge Plymouth Rock���������������������������  1st, S. E. Thomas; 2nd, H. Abrams.'  Cock, White Wyandotte���������������������������J. H.  Crofts.  Hen, White Wyandotte���������������������������1st, and  2nd, J. IT. Crofts; 3rd, W. R. Collis.  Cockerel White Wvandotte���������������������������1st,  J. H. Crofts; 2nd, W. R. Collis; 3rd,  R. Arnolt.  Pullet White Wyandotte���������������������������1st and  2nd, J. H. Crofts; 3rd, R. Arnott.  Pen White Wvandotte���������������������������1st, J. IT.  Crofts; 2nd, R. Arnott.  Hen Partridge Wyandotte���������������������������1st  and 2nd, D. S. Long.  Pullet Columbian Wyandotte���������������������������  J. Aldridge, Naramata.  Cock R. C. Rhode Island Red���������������������������  S. E. Thomas. -   -  Pullet"R. C. Rhode Island Red���������������������������  1st, J. E. Britton; 2nd and 3rd, S.  E. Thomas.  Pullet S. C. Rhode Island Red���������������������������  T. Thomas.  MEDITERRANEAN   RREEDS  Cock, R. C. Brown Leghorns���������������������������D.  S. Long.  Hen; R. C. Brown Leghorn���������������������������1st  and 2nd D. S. Lomg. 0  Pullet, R. C. Brown Leghorn���������������������������  D. S. Long.  Cock, S .C. White Leghorn���������������������������1st,  J. Aldridge; 2nd, R. Arnott; 3rd, T.  B. Scott .  Hen,: S. C. White Leghorn���������������������������J. Aldridge, 2nd and 3rd, R. Arnott.  Cockerel, S. C. White Leghorn���������������������������  1st, 2nd and 3rd, J. Aldridge. ~  Pullet, S. C. White Leghorn���������������������������1st,  2nd and. 3rd, J. Aldridge.  Cockerel, R. C. White Leghorn���������������������������  J. Aldridge.      - r-  Piillet, BJ C. White Leghorn���������������������������1st,  J. Aldridge;-2nd,-D. S. Long.    .     -  Cock, tS. C., BufT Leghorn���������������������������J. JJ,  Sheardown.    *  Hen; S. C. Buff Leghorn���������������������������1st, J.  J. Sheardown; 2nd, Mrs. S. Naylor.  . Cockerel, S. C. Buff Leghorn���������������������������  J. J; Sheardown.  Pullet, S. C. Buff .Leghorn���������������������������J. J.  Sheardown.  Pen,'  S.   C.   Buff  Leghorn���������������������������J.  J.  year's subscription (value ������������������2), for  best pen of ducks, any age or breed  ���������������������������Mrs. T. Gray, Mara.  By Salmon Arm Observer, one  year's subscription (value $2), for  best pen. of Orpingtons, any.age  or breed���������������������������D. S. Long.  Special prize and championship  for best male bird in show, any  breed or variety���������������������������J. Aldridge.  Special and championship, for  best female bird in show���������������������������H. A.  Allison.  By Okanagan Commoner, one  year's subscription (value ������������������2), for  ! best pair of Leghorns in show���������������������������J.  Aldridge.  By T. C. McNabb of Revelstoke,  a silver cup to exhibitor taking the  most points, exhibiting in most di-  visons in registered stock in Divisions MV���������������������������A. W. Hunter.  Special by Agricultural Society���������������������������  $5 cash- for best pen of purebred  poultry, 1918 hatch���������������������������1st, H. A. Allison, S3; 2nd, S. E. Thomas, 82.  Special bv Agricultural Society���������������������������  $2.50 cash for best Plymouth Rock  male���������������������������J.   E.   Britton.  Special bv Agricultural Society���������������������������  $2.50 cash for best Plymouth Rock  female���������������������������H. A. Allison.'  -Chas.  Sheardown.  lien, S. C,Black Minorca  Creed." '  Cockerel, S. C. Plack Minorca���������������������������  G. H. Smedley.  Pullet, S. C. Plack Minorca���������������������������1st  and 2nd, G. H. Smedley.  Cock, Silver Campine���������������������������1st, J.  Aldridge; 2nd, Chas. Hardy.  Hen, Silver Campine���������������������������1st, J. Aldridge; 2nd and 3rd, Chas. Hardy.  Cockerel, Silver Campine���������������������������1st, J.  Aldridge; 2nd and 3rd, Chas.  Hardy.  Pullet, Silver Campine���������������������������1st, J.  Aldridge;  2nd, Vance Young.  Pen, Silver Campine���������������������������1st, L. E.  Farr; 2nd, C. Hardy; 3rd, Vance  Young.  Pen Red Cap���������������������������C. S. Hall.  Cock, Buff Orpington���������������������������J. Aldridge.  Hen, Buff Orpington���������������������������1st and  2nd, J. Aldridge; 3rd, D- S. Long.  Cockerel, Puff Orpington���������������������������1st,  2nd and 3rd, D. S. Long.  Pullet, Buff Orpington���������������������������1st, 2nd  and 3rd, D. S. Long.  Cock,. .Plack  Orp.ington���������������������������1 st_and.  Aid ridge.  White Orpington���������������������������1st and  Aldridge.  White    Orpington���������������������������J  Dairy Products���������������������������Div. VI  Judge���������������������������H. Bcatty, Armstrong  Best three lib prints dairv-butter���������������������������1st. Mrs. T. Gray: 2nd, Miss E.  Lynn:  3rd, Mrs. S. Naylor.  Best crock or tub butter���������������������������1st,  Mrs. T. Gray: 2nd, Miss.E. Lynn;  3rd, Miss Matheson.  Best jar extracted honey���������������������������J. F.  Moore.  Best dozen hen's eggs, white���������������������������  1st, Mrs. T. Mitchell; 2nd, T. B.  Scott;  3rd,  C.  Creed.  Best dozen hen's eggs, brown���������������������������  1st, R. Arnott; 2nd. Mrs. D. G. Crozier; 3rd,.Mrs. S. Naylor.. ���������������������������  Best dozen hen's eggs, tinted���������������������������  1st. Miss Lynn; 2nd, R. J. Pringle;  3rd, R. Arnott.  Best, home cured, Ham���������������������������Chas:  Hardy. '"  Best- ten- pounds home cured  breakfast bacon"-���������������������������C.  Hard v.  Best dressed chicken���������������������������Mrs. J. E.  Britton. '-  I      _ .      t SPECIALS -     ; .,  VSnecial by Phillips & Whitehouse  ���������������������������-Miss. Lynn. -"  , Special by N. O. Creamery���������������������������1st.  F. McCleery;. 2nd, Miss Lynn; "3rd,  Mrs. Navlor.  *" Special . by Okanagan Grocery,  Vernon���������������������������Mrs. Craw  Kale���������������������������1st, W. T. Havhurst; 2nd,  J. E. Britton.  Parsnips���������������������������1st, Burton & Sons;  2nd, Mrs. Banham; 3rd, W. Waterman.  Long table beets���������������������������1st. W. T. Hayhurst; 2nd, W. R. Collis; 3rd, W.  Owen, Mara.  Table beets, globe���������������������������1st, L. E.  Sharp; 2nd, W. R. Collis; 3rd, W.  T.  Hayhurst.  Onions, yellow���������������������������1st, Joe Fruno;  2nd, J. E. Britton; 3rd, W. A. Cuthbert. .,  Onions, white���������������������������1st, J. H. Patton;  2nd, Burton & Sons; 3rd, J. Fruno.  Onions, red���������������������������1st, J. H. Patton;  2nd, Burton & Sons; 3rd, Sam. Fruno. a  onions,   yellow���������������������������W.   A.  Pickling  Cuthbert.  Pickiing  & Sons.  Pickling  & Sons.  Shaloto-  lst,  Jas. McCallan.  Onion   sets���������������������������1st,   B  2nd, W. A. Cuthbert.  Garden  peas, green  onions,   white���������������������������Burton  onions,"    red���������������������������Burton  T.   B.   Scott;   2nd,  J.   Pringle;  in  pod���������������������������1st,  2nU7Sf.  Cock,  2nd,  J.  Pen,  dridge.  Cock,,  dridge:  Hen,  Blue    Orpington���������������������������J.  Al-  Al-  and 3rd,  Blue   Orpington���������������������������1st,   2nd  J. Aldridge.  POLISH   RREEDS  . t^cn, Silver .Spang Ham���������������������������J. Aldridge; 2nd and .3rd;'M. Hamilton."  "'..'   GAMES  ���������������������������'.'��������������������������� ��������������������������� ���������������������������      - j      ',,       .-.���������������������������.',      ������������������������������������������������������>'"  Cock,   Cornish  Indian   Game���������������������������T.  Thomas. ' ��������������������������� V  Hen,   Cornish   Indian   Game���������������������������1st  and 2nd, TV Thomas.  .   Cockerel, Cornish Indian Game���������������������������-  J. E. Briton. '  , Pullet. Cornish TnHian Game���������������������������  1st and 2nd, J. E. Britton; 3rd, T.  Thomas.  Pen, Cornish Indian Game���������������������������J- E.  Vegetables���������������������������piv. Vft  Jute���������������������������C;   jp.    J3arJow.    Armstrong.  ,   POTATOES  parlv Rose���������������������������1st. I-., ft. Farr; 2nd.  C. S. Hall: 3rd, Purton & Sons.  Netted Gem���������������������������1st. W. A. Cuthbert;  2nd, A. Puckley; 3rd, J.'E- Pritton.  Early, anv other varietv���������������������������1st. P.  Martin; 2nd, F- McCleery; 3rd,  Purton & Sons.  Rest collection potatoes���������������������������J. ft.  Pritton.'  Up-to-date���������������������������1st. W. T- Havhurst;  2nd, W. Waterman.  Carman No. 1��������������������������� 1st, J. M- Humphrey, Malakwa; 2nd, W. Havhurst;  3rd. J. IT. Storr.  Wee McGregor���������������������������W. T. Hayhurst.  Satisfaction���������������������������R.  J.  Pringle.  Million Dollar���������������������������1st, W. T. Havhurst;   2nd,   Sam   Fruno;   3rd,   W.  \Va������������������erman.    ""H i 11 cres t���������������������������1 st7-WT=TrTravKurstT  2nd. L. E. Farr.  Burhank���������������������������1st, W. T. Hayhurst;  2nd. Maw & Sons.  Vermont Gold Coin���������������������������W. T. Hayhurst;  2nd.  Sam  Fruno.  Oregon Beautv���������������������������1st, J. E. Britton: 2nd, H. Hawkins; 3rd, L. II.  Sharp. ���������������������������  Best   cxhiHf   la rue   potatoes.  R.   J.   Pringle;   2nd,   W.   R.   Collis;  3rd,   Mrs.   Pringle.' c  Garden     peas,    shelled���������������������������1st,    A.  Havhurst; 2nd, J. Moore, 3rd, Mrs..  Cuthert.  Waxed beans, shelled���������������������������1st, Myles  McDonald; 2nd, R. J. Pringle; 3rd,  Mrs.   P.   Kav.  White beans���������������������������1st, T. B. Scott;  2nd, Myles McDonald; 3rd, W. T.  Havhurst.  Brown beans���������������������������1st. S. Fruno; 2nd  R. J. Pringle; 3rd, J. Fruno.       .    .  Parslev���������������������������1st, A. Buckley; 2nd, S. ,  Fruno;   3rd,   W.   R." Collis.  Best collection of shelled beans���������������������������-  1st, J. Fruno; 2nd, S. Fruno; 3rd,  M.   McDonald. ..  Sweet corn���������������������������1st, R. J. Pringle;  2nd. Burton & Sons; 3rd,. Mrs. D.  Crozier. ��������������������������� ���������������������������  Popcorn���������������������������1st, J. E. Britton;.2nd,  W. T. Havhurst; 3rd. L. E. Farr. .  Celerv, white���������������������������J. H. Patten.  Celerv. vellow���������������������������1st, J. Marteno;  2nd, J. IT. Patton. ,  Best California?crate celery���������������������������1st,  J. H. Patten;'.2nd,-J. Marteno.  Best box celery���������������������������1st, J. H. Patten;  2nd, J. Mart'ehov-     '  "r -   <-V. '  Table   Squash--lst,   J.   H.   Docksteader; 2nd, W: T. Hayhurst.  | "   Hubbard*   Squash���������������������������1st,,   R. .   J.  iPriiiRle:  2nd, Burton & Sons;  3rd, ;  W. A. Cuthbert. ���������������������������'  i     Boston   Marrowfats���������������������������1st,   W.   T.'i  | Havhurst: 2nd, G. Fowler.  table Squash���������������������������1st, J. Fruno; 2nd  W. ��������������������������� T.   Hayhurst;   3rd,   Purton   &.  Sons.  '  Vegetable Marrow���������������������������1st, A. Ruck-  ley; 2nd, W. A.. Cuthbert; 3rd, Pur-,  ton & Sons. "  Yellow Pumpkin���������������������������1st, P. ffirsch-  korn; 2nd, J. Stickle; 3rd, G. Fowl-  cr.* i* " ���������������������������  Peppers���������������������������1st, J. p. Pritton; 2nd,,  J. Fruno.       .  Herbs, three or more varieties���������������������������  1st, S. Fruno; 2nd, Maw & Sons;  3rd. T. P- Scott.  Pest crate cabbage���������������������������1st, W. A.  Cuthbert; 2nd, A. Puckley; 3rd, J.  Fruno. ������������������   -  ,. Pest collection of vegetables,  fit for shipment���������������������������1st, Clifton and  Nellie Havhurst: 2nd. W. R.n Collis;  3rd, G. Fowler; 4th, S. Fruno.  SPECIALS  Special by Wm.. McNair���������������������������-W. T.  Hayhurst.  Special bv Mutual Brokers, Ltd,  Armstrong���������������������������W.   T.   Hayhurst.  Special by Armstrong Growers'  Associ aLion=VSait-ul������������������i:u.np.   ' 9" v.. '.  *���������������������������- s'' 3?i  \3I  Field Produce���������������������������Piv. VJff  Bushel soft soring wheat���������������������������1st,  D. Martin; 2nd, W. T. Hayhurst.  Bushel hard spring wheat���������������������������1st,  A. W.'Hunter; 2nd, A. .Ford; 3rd,  Alex.  Reid.  Bushel   fall   wheat���������������������������Dan   Hirsch-.  noi|korn: 2nd, F. McCleery; 3rd, L. E.  breed���������������������������1st  Britton.  tfen.    Bantams,     any  and  2nd,  W.  Hope.  Cockerel, Bantams, anv breed���������������������������  1st. Mary Arnolt; 2nd-and 3rd, T. S.  Patrick.  Pullet, Bantams, any breed���������������������������  Mary Arnott.  Pair of Guineas, any kind���������������������������Mrs.  T. Gray, Mara.  Pair of. Belgian Hares���������������������������1st, Mrs.  A. G. Rogers. Tappcn Pole; 2nd,  Marlics   Hamilton.  Pair of rabbits���������������������������A. Sheardown.  specials  By Northern Okanagan Poultry  Association, silver cup for best  pair of birds in show���������������������������G. H. Smedley.  By Vernon News, one year's subscription (value $2), for best pen  of White Wyandottes, one male and  two   females���������������������������J.   IT.   Crofts.  By Vernon News, one year's subscription (value $2), for best pen  of turkeys, any age or breed���������������������������Mrs.  T. Milchell.  By   Salmon   Arm   Observer,   one  less   than    101b���������������������������1st,   A.   Buckley;  2nd, J. Martins: 3rd, C. S. Hall.  '   Besl ne'w variety���������������������������>-Tst. J. -E. Ri-'d-  ton; 2nd, W. T. Hayhurst; 3rd, W.  Honihv. ���������������������������     ..   .  Early . Bovce���������������������������1st, . D. Martin.  ?v(f. W. T. Hayhurst; 3rd, Tl. J.  Pringle. ��������������������������� y ���������������������������  Mortgage  Lifters���������������������������Sam  Fruno. '  Fate anv other variety-���������������������������1st. J. E.  Rritton: 2nd; W. T. 'Hayhurst;'3rd,  B...I. Pringle. ,|  Cucumbers���������������������������1st. G. Fowler: 2nd,  Wm. Stott; 3rd, W. T. Havhurst.  Ci'rons���������������������������1,st. Burton & Sons: 2nd  W. T. Hayhurst: 3rd, G. Fowler.  Must melons���������������������������1st, Geo. Fowler;  2nd. Burton & Sons.  Watermelon"!���������������������������1st, Burton o  Sons: 2nd. J. Slide; 3rd. G. Fowler:  Table.   Turnips,    white���������������������������W.    T.  Hp^Viin->;t.  Swedes���������������������������1st, Burton & Sons; 2nd  G. Fowler;  3rd, W.  Pringle.  Table turnins. vellow���������������������������1st, W. T.  Havhurst; 2nd, W. Waterman.  Table carrots, short, red���������������������������1st. W.  R. Collis; 2nd, Mrs. Banham; 3rd,  G. Fowler.  Table carrots, half long���������������������������1st. D.  Martin: 2nd, W. T. Hayhurst; 3rd,  J. Marteno.  Tomaloes--1st, Burton & Sons;  2nd. J. E. Biitton; 3rd, G. I. Shear-  down.  Summer   Cabbage���������������������������1st.   J.   Mar  tcno;  2nd, J. IT. Storr; 3rd, W. T.  H.s"'h;!.sL  Winter ( ������������������bbagc���������������������������1st. A. Buc';-  ley; 2nd. Joe Fruno; 3;d, Sam Fru-  Caultflowcr���������������������������1st, W. R. Collis;  2nd. C. Pa ton.  Sovrov���������������������������W. T. Hayhurst.  Sharp.  J     Bushel   baricv,  6-rowed���������������������������1st,  T; Hayhurst:   2nd,,C,   Hardv,  W.r  Mc  Bushel   bai:l'ev,\beardIei������������������s-^-lj>t/.!.T.y  ���������������������������Callan.   '' ' " ' *  T.    Hay  Bushel    oats���������������������������1st,    W.  hurst;  2nd, ..D.  Martin.    ,..   ,   ,.     .'  .-Dort't' Corn, ripe���������������������������IS KV.fart-V ���������������������������*  ��������������������������� "Flint Corn, ripe���������������������������1st, J. E. Brit->  (on; 2nd, T. it. Scott;' 3rd, W. Owen'  (Mara).. ��������������������������� \  Bale  pressed, hay,   alfalfa���������������������������Ch'?is.������������������������������������������������������-  Hardy.  j ' Swede turnips, size to count���������������������������.  '1st, W. T. Havhurst: 2nd; \V.r  |Waterman: 3rd, W. Pringle'.;-���������������������������. '. 'X  I .Mangel Wurtzels, long, r.cd���������������������������1st������������������:  tW. Hornbv: 2nd, A. Buck'lev; 3rd,:  Sr,W. T. Havhurst. ��������������������������� *������������������������������������������������������**'��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������� X  Three Globe Mangels-^-lst; .T. -B.:  Scott; 2nd, W. T. Hayhurst; 3rd, W..  Hornby.  Sugar beets for sugar purposes���������������������������  1st. J. Moore; 2nd, W. T. Havhurst;  3rd, T. B.. Scott.  Sugar Mangels���������������������������1st, J. II. Docksteader; 2nd, J. Stickle; 3rd, A.  Buckley.  Intermediate Mangels���������������������������1st, W. T.  Havhurst;  2nd, C.  S. Hall.  Sludgcstrop mangels���������������������������1st,  Hornbv: 2nd, Jas. McCallan;  T. 13. Scott.  Kohlrabi���������������������������W.   T.   Hayhurst.  Field Carrots, white���������������������������1st,  Fruno: 2nd, W. T. Hayhurst.  Field  Carrots,  red  and  yellow���������������������������  W.  3rd,  Joe  1st, R. J. Pringle; 2nd, W. T. Hayhurst:  3rd, Joe Fruno.  Field Pumpkins���������������������������1st, W. TV Hayhurst; 2nd, Geo. Fowler; 3rd, J.  Stickle.  Continued un on page four OKANAGAN   COMMONER  THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 1918  OKANAGAN FRUIT  Vancouver Wants It and at a  Better Price to Grower and  Consumer  BIG SHEEP SALE  Sheepmen   ofo the   Province  to  Meet at Kamloops, Oct. 16.  Of   peculiar   interest   to   the  icepmpii  of  British  Columbia  is thc announcement that a big  sheep  sale will, bc  held in   thc  city  of  Kamloops   on   Wcdncs-'  ay, October 16th. 'Ecagiuf of Penticton last wk.  Realizing   the   importance  oi  Mayor  Gale stated  that it was  CHARGE OF THE TANK BRIGADE  Okanagan fruit for the lower  mainland was the gist of Mayor  Gale's address in the windup  meeting   of    the    Good   Roads  (Shade of Tennyson, forgive!)  Half a  league, half a  league,  Half a  league  onward,  Move   like   the  scythe   of  Death,  Tanks,  by  the hundred.  Boc he- bullets  harmless   glide  Down  from their  metal  hide,  While   from   that   steely   Hell  Showers  of shot  and  shell  Voiles--'d   and   thunder'd.  Your heating- problem will be simplified greatly if you look over the different lines of stoves we are showing, viz:  WOOD STOTES  "Word -came that a ���������������������������sister battery was iii" trouble "so for hours  our tired bal lory inarched from  the sheep industry and lhe dan- one of his dreams that the fruit  ger of much breeding stock go- grown in the Okanagan Valley  ing to the block this fall on ac- should be landed in Vancouver Was there a Boche that stayed  count of the feed situation, the and retailed, to tiie'-consumer at To see how they were made?  .live stock branch-of the provm- a fair price.   He found that the Not  when  each  Fritzie   felt  . cial * department   ot agricullurc producer in the Valley-received      His   hours   were   numbered.  , is cooperating with the markets from six to eight cents a. pound Theirs not to peek and pr\%  | committee in Kamloops in pre-ifor cherries and the same com- Theirs not to wonder why,  paredness for the sale. modity was on sale in the city Theirs but to sprint, or die.  i     Thc purposes of the sale are at from 25 cents to 40 cents per Straight for Berlin thev lly,  first,   the  bringing  togelher  of pound.   Apparently there was a     Huns by the hundred.  buyers and sellers to so tar. as missing    link    somewhere    be-1   -"'��������������������������� J  ?neil^ tlie   slaughter tween the producer and the con- Tanks to the right of them,  tiuniN   m.   no..i  mi oincr oai   0f good breeding stock; seer  ~  b-ry. Shells loic the road in  front of and behind us, burst  nil around us, bu! by some good  fortune- not a man was hurt.  "At last wc settled down and  began our demoralizing fire. Wc  used,   besides   our   own   guns, ])ia ]Jrecficrs ]ulve expressed  second, sUmer, and to his mind the mid- Tanks to the left of them,  to introduce new blood into B. dlemaii was   the nigger in  the Tanks back and front surround  C. by offering at the sale an mi- woodpile. " |    Fritz, Hans and Herman,  portation Irom Alberla ol high-      Mayor  Gale  gave  assurances Boiling .the wires  straight,  ly bred beef  rams and ewes of thai   the   businessmen   of   Van- Onward  they  navigate,  desirable breeds. couver were willing to deal di- Crushing  each   creature  that  A number oi  British Colum- rect with the producer here.    Itj     Smells  like  a   German.  to  For 22  "   25  "   2S  inch    wood  $16.00  $18.00  $22.0cT*  Tlie   Charm   Universal   wilh  uickle  .o . -  foot rails, uickle swing cover, cast iron  top and bottom, heavy steel body lined  with sheet steel, large feed door. This  stove we guarantee will heat your home  find give your room the tone that satisfies.  WOOD STOVES  wood  For   22  inch  "    25      "  "    28  $12.50  $14.50  $17.50  The Charm Universal. These stoves  are the same as the above less the uickle  trimmings. A very serviceable stove  with a little less beautv.  the  desire   to   purchase   good  was   necessary,   of   course,  and   ewes   of   ce  asc   good   rams have onc middleman, hut by the What is that yellow streak  ?.rtain   specified  elimination of the other two or In thc dim distance? Speak!  seven captured guns and beau-  coup German ammunition. We  fired  night  and   day   for   three brcc(jSj  aml  a  special  eli'ort   is three   the  people  on   thc  coast Ts it a circus freak?  days, a constant rom. men wcic J)cin������������������ ]mK]c lo sccurc such an- would bc enabled to buv Okan-<     Has   Nature   blundered?  relieved. Wc went to a rest camp iimi,s for  lh(J  salc   . To  .,i(,  in agan jVuil .u a fah. ^.^     ^ Hush,    ,Tis th(j kaiscrs kin>  we slVv</| making  the sale a big success impressed    upon   his   audience Trying to follow in  ���������������������������-.iii     i  "      Llie government-is endeavoring  the   necessity   for   greater   p������������������%o- Vain  his  retreating chin.  or grooming  to clo.    l  nail my [o  sccurc  spCciai  rales  for  lhc duclion. at the same lime slal-i    Small blame you wondered.'  first   good   bain   wue   m     he h.uns])Qvhx[k)n of breeding stock, ing lhat lhis could only bc made1  WOOD STOVES  For  22   inch   wood  >>     05      " "  "     2S      " "  111.75  $13.00  *14.90  The Charm Universal.     These  stoves  arc the same  as a'jove,  less the  trimmings and feed  door,  you feed  wood from the top, but it has  the same  heating capacity.  nickle   C   ���������������������������'���������������������������'  d   the   fl   ;  COAL AND WOOD  STOVES $12.   $17 and $21  COAL AND WOOD  STOVES $18, $22 and $25  These are the latest  designs  in  coal  and wood sioves-  These are open face stoves, where you  have no fire place, the Twilight-Herald  fills the bill. You can see thc fire burning which gives the room a cosy appearance.  where  about five davs and held  near  Maolaehlan Hardware Go*  mm*  ramp.    They  ballerv about  two miles  to  a I lhc sale.                    *                     I possible by a betterment of con- 1Jf���������������������������������������������>' the Tank Brigade!  mc-     On  the evening of thc sale a ditions in marketing methods    '"-���������������������������-'������������������������������������������������������ "-- "��������������������������� "-������������������������������������������������������ '  bath  house,  where our  clothes sl������������������e0pbreedcrs'   inecling will.beI  ere. steamed and we look a hot  j Honor  (lie  lleet that" made  The day has come," said the' Eve,'-V lasl Bochc af���������������������������'d  ,             1    .1      ,i held aL which addresses will be mavor, "when we must as bus--!     Prussia was sunder'd.  shower  bath;   the  purpose^ was ac-Livc>red on dilferenl phases oVncssmcn realize  lhal  lhe Prov-'Fn(l  al1  ,his sln wilh UlC111'  * "'"    "       " Hon. E. D. incc of British Columbia must llelp us lo win wilh lhein������������������  (o������������������de-house thc outfit, but from  Ihe results lhe boys soon nicknamed it lhe 'incubator.!    *  ' After laking lhc hath and  gelling nicely cindered up wc  were giad lo jump in lhe canal  and clean up. The ncxl day I  was on pass.  "We came hack lo camp to  find our ballcry gone, no onc  knew where, bul as we were on  leave lhat did not worry us. so  I lie sheep industry.  3arrow, minister of agriculture,'he buill up and this can only he 0n  lo  13crlin Nvilh ihem!  n'msclf   a   practical   stockman,!accomplished bv intense co-op-!    Wlir-T-ortb Nvllo blunder'd!  3.xpecls lo attend the sale and toleration and a  lair exchange of���������������������������Vildil   Sauvage   Owens,   in  e?.  address th evening meeting. Thc'ideas  by  all.  sections."     Mayor York Times  members of lhc sale committee Gale derailed the history of the  are alive to their work and arc\Vancouver fish market"and  he  making preparations for tlie ac-jcreated a great deal of interest  commodalion  of thc  thousands'when  hc said  lhat  lG'.OOOtb  of  New  Cause and Effect  Wife���������������������������Really,   John,   1   think  of sheep that it is.expected will fish had been sold in thc markcl >*cu  he offered on this occasion. Par-(building  iii  l -NOI7 y155- *?, liculars rgarding the sale may  \ye prepared ior a goon night's !])C ha(, j addressing Secretary,  sleep, but were soon routed out  j\jai-]cr[s -*  hy a messenger sent hack lo tell j^^"  us lo hike lo meet the battcrv.  onc  morning.  He  We arrived home at two o'clock  ixnd left i'or the front at four,  where wc arc. now. It is very  quiet;, slill they call it thc front.  .'[ can only hope all of you arc as  well and as sa/'c as 1 am."  Can   Food   Hoard   1-iccnes No. S-G3J  ���������������������������I  IJ   Per tin  i  I  Committee, Kamloops,  0,  Want Jitney Law Repealed  was certain thai the policy carried to success in lhe coast iish  market could be duplicated in  thc matter of fruil, and hc was  ready and willing at any time  lo lend his aid and influence to  thc producers of the Okanagan  Vallcv.  ire    onc    of    the   worst-  dressed men  in  town.  Hubby���������������������������And you, my dear,  arc onc of thc best-dressed women, which accounts for it.  Are you going- to do any  Building dr Repairing  This Season ?  THE FOLLOWING ARE GOOD VALUES:  No. -I  Ceiling, Flooring and  Siding    .-.$18.00 per thousand  No. 2 Dimension, 2x4  and 2xG     ' $18.00" per thousand  Green  Blocks      " $2.00 per load  *���������������������������_"'-  Planing Mill Wood        . .V.    2.25  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. Enderby  CAMPBELL'S SOUP jj  5-  8 .  c   .Kitchen brand,   por tin 60c  M0U'ScS        I]  At a largely attended meeting of the citizens of Vancouver  a few nights ago the following  resolution was passed:  "This meeting desires to  draw public attention lo the,  evident combination between "ionth Alter, lhat the institu  the Citv Council and the B. C. Ition w������������������l he used only as a cool  Electric Railway Co. subsisting'erywherc prisoners sentenced lo  Kamloops Jail Closed  Thc. provincial jail in this city  will be closed at the end of this  for thc last Iwo j'cars for the  purpose cf giving, a monopoly  of lhe carriage of passengers  on the streets for hire to that  company and to pul thc jilncy-  men out cf business, at thc  same preventing thc question  from being decided by a vole  of tiie ratepayers;  cally for minor offences will be  kept, says thc Kamloops Telegram. This, in a word, will bc  lie resn't of the carrving .ml  of instructions received by  Warden,A. Noble, Jr., .who will  remain in charge. Mr. Noble's  subordinates, it is understood,  will be offered positions at the  ���������������������������s*  I  PUIK IEA  fi  jj  .KegViOc Special 50c  jj  n  TOILET SOAPS  Wc carry a la rue lino at 25c  aud 3Sc per box  I  i  TRY A POUND f)  i  I  Olive   Soap Now   iu   Stock.   Jc   fi  Phillips fi Whitehouse |  Phone 48   Armstrong       y  "That this", mccling protests Okalla prison. Thc small num-  against prosecutions,'fines andi13.01' ol prisoners now serving  imprisonments under thc bvlaw,shorl sentences here will be rc-  until lhis whole question can bei1"1���������������������������*1 anfl Wlli hc employed on  decided bv  the ratepayers, and lhc P"son farm, which will be  0 ������������������������������������M������������������������������������������������������+������������������o������������������o������������������������������������������������������o������������������fo������������������ 0;  y MAT-Jf ASSPN j    <  Auctioneer and Livestock ;  Salesman  ARMSTRONG      J3. C. i  <l 1 have   a   wide   acquaintance  . >   amongst   buyers.     Consult    me  when yon want  to   hold   a  sale.  Also send mc   particulars', of any  surplus stock you wish to  dispose  of.  PHONE No. 34 t  i  1 PAY CASH for POULTRY  and EGGS  calls upon the City Council to  repeal this present jitney bylaw  and reintroduce lhe same as a  bylaw lo be .submitted to the  ratepayers for  their decision;  "In the opinion, of this meeting the jitneys havc provided a  necessary and mosl useful  means of transporallion and  "o u r^owir^ra tcpapcrs'^vh^r'hlfvlff  engaged in lhis business ought  lo be protected.in il as against  monopolistic claim of thc B. C.  Electric Railway Co.,particularly having regard to the fact that  great sums of city taxes have  been expended on the streets in  making the automobile service  practicable."  Saving Gasoline  The government's appeal lo  automobile owners to save gasoline showed a remarkable assent on the part of the Joyal  population of British Columbia,  last Sunday. There is no doubt  but tliat this will he greatly augmented in the Sundays to come.  Jt is said that there was a saving  of 25.000 gallons in tliis province alone, which may be regarded as a satisfactory saving  owing to tlie short time given  to put out a proper notice. Not  a gallon of gasoline was sold in  Canada. Dealers everywhere cooperated splendidly with tlie  government's request.  transferred lo the Provincial  Home, thc government's institution nexl lo Lhe prison. The  oflice of Provincial Inspector  EcJcns and his stall' will be  moved from lhc present quarters in the. basement of the  Courl House, and will occupy  ollices in the lock-up.  -=-^lIhcrchangej=is^hcing-madcjibyi  thc government in the interest  of economy, il being claimed  that the cost of keeping up the  institution has been out of keeping witli its usefulness in late  years. Henceforth prisoners  sentenced to short terms of imprisonment in the district, instead, and prisoners sent up for  trial will be taken to Oka 11a.  GoMtn Rule to the Mule  Would you have a gentle mu|e?  Then apply the Golden Bule;,  Jf he's fnJI of pep and vim  He'll do to you as you do to  him.;  Cuss him Jess and curry more,  Jfe'll repay a hundred score:  Pet him more and pound him  Jess,  He'll repay each fond caress;  But kick Jum���������������������������and his Muleship  waits  To land you through the Pearly  Gates.  Shipments   solicited   whether  large    or    small.      Remittance  made on day of receipt of goods  al prevailing market prices.  A  E  SAGE       Armstrong. B.C.  Reads Food Control Signs  . The-Smiths had a ben which  Allowing for wastage and re- insisted on neglecting hcr com-  .jections, the American army in fortablc nest to lay a daily eg^  France by July 1 ncxt will num- in the coal cellar,  her 4,800,000, members of the "I can't think." fretted Mrs.  House appropriations commit- .Smith; as shc and hcr small son  tec declared lhcy were told by John hunted for that particular  General March. There arc now egg, "why this onc hen insists  .3,200,000 men under arms, the on using the coal cellar."  general said, and the plan is to, "Why, lhat's casv, mother,"  call 2,700.000 of lhc draft regis- said John. "I suppose she's seen  I ran Is (o lhc colors between now lhc sign 'Now is lhc lime to lav  sl|i.d JLily. jn your coal.'"  J.ET THE COMMONER HEW? VOU 1V?A������������������������������������  BUSJNESS FOR YOURSELF, ANP UOhO TW  BUSINESS OF THP PJSTRICT JN THP PTS-  TRJCT. THE COMMONER JS WW TO H?W  YOU. PY CO-OPEJUTJNG WE CAN flO^P  JN THF PJSTRICT THOUSANPS OF PO������������������-  LARS EACH MONTH, ANp AT THF SAMF  TIME GJVE TO THF FUPLJC THF COM-  PLETEST SATISFACTION AS TO PRICE,  QUALITY ANP SERVICE-  THE BUSINESS IS HFRE.     IT IS UP TO  YOU,  MR.  BUSINESSMAN,   TO   GET  VOUR  -SJJARE^JF-YOU-ARE-NQTr       JT IS UP TO YOU !  HELP US TO MAKE THF COMMONER  AN AJP TO YOU IN BUSINESS.  HFLP US TO PUT THF COMMONER INTO  EVERY HOMF FROM lAffftlN NORTH TO  SJCAMOUS.  WW VS TO MAW Tlf^ CQWH0NJ5R A  BUSINESS GFTTFB FOR FVFRY PVSJNJSSS  FNTFKPRJSE JN TW PJSTWCT.  WW VS TO MAKE IT THF MFPIVM TO  WHICH AW- MAY WOK TO FOH TW ������������������������������������ST  STAPLF GOOPS AT THF LOWEST ^IV������������������-  ANP-LET-LIVF PRICES.  HELP US TO m|i!F EVERY "AP" SPEAK  FOR QUALITY ANP RELIABILITY.  phones���������������������������29 Enderby. 35 Armstrong.  A call will bring our ad man lo see you, wRh  illustrations and suggestions for business-pulling,  interest-awakening, and good-will building ideas.  These will cost you nothing, but advertising  space in the Commoner will,-, cost you 40c per  column inch, transient, and 25c an inch each  insertion on contract.  The rest is up to you.  Okanagan Commoner  Armstrong or Enderby.  ixaxnaxiaQDc aaacscscscscsacsacsa  Lkl  mHOBPEEIB THURSDAY, SEPT. 26. 1918  OKANAGAN   COMMONER  ^  rt ^i ^        rt  r*r* *5* **f ���������������������������*������������������*  *& #��������������������������� # 4������������������ *������������������ & ^ ������������������#> ^ ^ *������������������> *#> ^  Annual Report-Armstrong Home Comfort Club  ������������������������������������������������������$>���������������������������  To donaiions as shown on  list   attached    ...������������������177,  S-J-S3  4  &  #  ^ ^ # ^ 4>*4������������������ 4* ^  6 .    -<V  '*������������������*  .^ .** ,4,,  V   -������������������~   ~C  *  To  tea  charges   . .  To -Raffles  j     Mrs.   A.   Young  j     Mr. F. Murray  .  Mrs.   S;nvvei-    .  10  Saturday,,, Sept. 2Sth, brings!  to a close thc second-year of the  .Soldiers' Home Comfort Clnb.  At the last annual meeting, on  Aug. 29, 1917, the following officer;  At the annual meeting, Sept.  4th, the following ollicers were  elected for a term of six months:^  Hon. President, Mrs. H. J. King;  President, Mrs. F. Becker; vice-  rs were elected ior a term president, Mrs. W. J Smith; sec-  -of six^months:. Hon. President, retary, Mrs. F. Murray; assist-  Mrs. H. J. King; President, Mrs. ant-sccretarv, Miss G. Fraser;  tit a" ^mith; Vice-President, treasurer, Miss W. Wright; con-  S   ��������������������������� St\ge; Secretary, Mrs. vener of purchasing committee,  t   Murray; Assistant-Secretary, Miss K. Brett; convener of pack-;  Mrs.  Mrs.  B.  B.  Young, Sr.  Young,--Sr.  78.80  7.80 j  17.75  11.-10  7.85  15.10  Mrs  Msis  J  Z.  E.  Britton;  Treasurer, ing  ' . $50.90  To Tag Day (Sept., 1917) . . 71.25  To Tag Day (July, 1918) .. GG.50  To proceeds Minstrel Show 109.10  To proceeds Hockey Matches 43.10  To  proceeds  Victory  Loan  com.      13.00  To proceeds meals, July 1   .     Go.50  To  proceeds   dances   ......   105.25  To proceeds Yokohama Maid 123.55  To  sale  of plants  donated  by  Mr.   Gaithbert         12.25  To  .To  $609.50  sale of opere-ttta .music . 11.00  proceeds Baseball Match    17.50  .-     ��������������������������� . ���������������������������s-j committee, Mrs. R. E. Mit-  Levermgton; Convener chell and Mrs. F. G. Su������������������don-  ot purchasing committee, Miss convener of entertainment, Miss  Gamble;   convener  of  packing Binkley.  committee, Miss K. Brett; Con- Wool for knitting socks can  vener ot entertainment, Miss E. be obtained from Miss Binklcv  lurner. - lin    Foreman    &    Armstrongs  At the end of tlie six months store or Miss Wright at the Post bJ E^Abbott*���������������������������"8  Mrs. J. E. Britton was appointed olfice. Socks for the Xmas par- Bv H s' Best " "  c"���������������������������"* ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.....���������������������������   w     Wright, eels are greatly needed ~"     '   "' ~  HARVESTING AND  STORING VEGETABLES  (Experimental Farms Note)  Armstrong  31st,. 1918  $219.'67  Donations Sept  31st, 1918���������������������������  Mrs.   Cox       Secretary;    Miss    W.  treasurer; Mrs. F. Becker, con  vener of purchasing committee,  Mrs.  R.  E.  Mitchell  arid  Miss  Fucnf geld as conveners Of packing committee.    Very recently  Miss Fucnf geld resigned on ac- Mrs. W. J. Smith  count of leaving town. The club Miss  Creed  regrets   losing   such   a   willing  worker.      The  membership  ot  the   club   having   increased,   it  was thought advisable to havc  a permanent place of meeting,  which would facilitate the packing of parcels. Since November  thc meetings havc been held in Mrs  the Red Cross rooms. However, M,s-  it is questionable whether this  has been entirely to advantage,  as the meetings havc not becn  as avcII attended. With thc need  to  conserve .food,   serving  tea  was  discontinued,  but  each  oi  the   members   slill   contributes  ten cents at each  Financial Statement  1st, 1917, to Aug.  Miss  Miss  Miss  Miss  M/iss  Mrs.  H.  J.  Cavers       Fraser      Lindsay      ?  Tompkins   . .  "   Hardy       E. Groves       12.70  .25  .30  .25  .25  .30  5.30  .25  .75  $1067.99 i  Expenditures��������������������������� ���������������������������    0 |  Sept. 1st, 1917 to August  Bv  Foreman  &  63.5n  4.25  Munro   &   Co.    . .  .     86.48  By Phillips & Whitehouse   .  112.60  McPhail-Smith Co.  . . ...  Armstrong Grocery  ...  .1. Iddings   . ..".. ... . ..  Enderby Hockey Team  W.   McNair    '.  expense      music for operetta . . .  moving old papers . ..  Prisoners of War dona  itiion     40.30  By  franc notes        48.00  By 10c pieces        lO.Oj  By  !By  .'Bv  By  i Bv  By  Bv  By  By  .0.40  95.71  J -.ftfl.  5.00  6.00  1.55  22.05  10.00  By  postage  Balance on hand  meeting.  Eraser  C. Hopkins   . ,  Burnstill   . .  King      Mrs. McPherson  J. M. Wright . ..  Mrs. P. Kay . . .  W. Sawyer ....  Miss W. Wright  Miss   Sugden    .  Young   People's ,Club       16.05  Mrs.   Oakland     ':....     1.00  Mrs.   Maundrell,   Si  Mrs.   Main      1.00  2.00  .25  1.00  1.00  11.75  .25  .50  .25  25  2.00  1.00  5.00  5.00  Balance as above   Outstandina   cheques:  Okanagan  Livery      Armstrong  Grocerv   ....  Phillips & Whitehouse   .  W.  McNair   .'   Foreman   &   Armstrong''  Bank   balance  . .  129.18  . . $207.25  $1007.99  ..$207.25"  3.56  . .     3.50  .70  . .    6.00  . .   40.58  $60.84  . $268.09  $69.90  .     1.50  Looks for Speedy End  Notwithstanding thc declination of Germany's peace proposal, -Count von  Hcrtling, thc  During the year, the club has w^A.'c Jhbert   sent overseas 210 regular par-'  :  eels, 150 Xmas parcels, and 48 j  5-franc  notes.    $40.00  in  cash1    Talent Money-  has    been    forwarded    to    the JI,S-^- THiIl   ......  ../  Prisoners of War fund for par-,Mr*. \\. J. Smith, Mrs. A. E. bnperial    chancellor,    is    con-  cels  to bc sent  to Ptc.  Alwin Mrs.  McPhail'  .7. 77.7. 777.'.    3ioo vinccd that peace is nearer than  Holland. Thc letters received in Mrs. L. B. Stokes     2      "  acknowledgement of these par-JM���������������������������:^bbott and Mrs. F. J.     nnnn\fo an address made before theiarid kept watered, they will go  trades unionist leaders in Ger- on developing and, one can havc  cauliflower sfor   some   weeks.  Brussels   sprouts   can   also   be  While vegetables have been  harvested continuously in many  wardens in Canadia since radishes and spinach -.-were' ready  for use in early spring, the J time  has come when the bulk of the  crop must be gathered to escape  hard frosts.  As beans; discolor and mould  very readily, it is important to  dry. them a soon a possible, and  to keep them dry. They should  be spread out thinly under  cqlvci;. and turned every " two  or three days until quite drv. If  it is necessary to harvest them  before they arc thoroughly ripe  thc plants can bc hung up outside until dry.  There will'be many potatoes  which will not ripen before thc  plants are killed by the frost. If  thc fully-grown green potatoes  are picked before being frozen  and each specimen wrapped' in  paper and stored .in closed  boxes, they will hc found, from  tests made at the Experimental  Farm, to ripen better than by  exposing them to thc sun. Even  if put into closed boxes without  wrapping each specimen they  ripen well.  Frequently cauliflowers, are  iust'Tieginning to head when it  becomes necessary to harvest  them owing to severe frosts. If  a. Mcculloch  Succsssor to  A. J. O'BRIEN. VERNON  Manufacturer and  Wholesaler  ���������������������������of���������������������������  All  kinds of   Aerated  waters, cigars and non alcoholic wineS.  Agent for the famous Calgary non alcoholic beer and stout.  Try so:n2 of our hot weather specials, Belfast Ginger Ale, Lime  Juice and Soda, Kola Champagne and Root Beer  Special price on barrell lots  Send for Price List  Mail and  phone orders  given prompt attention.    .  Phone 49  Vernon, B.C.  thc  plants  are pulled  and  re-  ./o is generally supposed, according; planted in boxes in the cellar,  1     Becker  Miss W.  eels,make us feel we are doing  our bit, though small,  to help;MJIs  cheer the life of our boys over-;Miss  seas. Tbe present parcel contains: homemade "cake, maple  sugar, chocolate, honey, lemon,  cocoa, guiii, tobacco, wax candles, trench candles, vermin  powder, writing paper and pencil, soap, towel and socks. Tlie  money to carry on this work  is raised in various ways. The  greater part has been realized,  '-as-'is shown by the report of the  treasurer, from entertainments,  dances,   talent   money,   raffles  Miiss  Miss  Miss  Miss  Miss  Miss  Mrs.  Mrs.  Mrs.  Mrs.  -Mrs.   "  26.00  Wright    2.00                                   ,.       . .     .      ..  G. Eraser  7.50 niany, says a  dispatch  to the  A.   Cavers  7.50 Exchange  Telegraph   Company  Hardy   .............. 6:00 from Copenhagen.    The chan-  E������������������DSJi?SFAd������������������iir������������������������������������������������������"������������������������������������������������������' 6* 5 cclloi"   declared   that   both   thc,  Turner    : '... 3.00 German government and army be left in the ground for some  replanted in this way.  these vegetables may,  Both of  however;  C. Eowler   - 5.50  A. -Fowler   ...... V ...    2.00  Britton         3.00,  J. M. Bird   5.00  Morgan    -   5.00  Turner   .....'..."....-..    2.00  Buckley ">     2.00  leaders. desired  ing and peace.  an understand-  fiack to the People  ; $107.20 a,  Revcnue-  $177.10  weeks yet  ������������������If Ciibbage begin to split and  it is not yet time to harvest'them  tlie , splitting wall be prevented  to somc extent by twisting the  today, "when Canada is facing plants   so  as   to ..loosen, them.  _   crisis   and   must' make   her,This checks the flow of sap into  choice for the future, it is inter- the, head: < If the cellar is warm  esting to find that once more and dry and the cabbage, have'  FOR SAtE  Jersey bull calf by thoroughbred Jersey sire,  out  of Vernon Okanagan Bessie No. 10254  c      For price apply  C. CREED  Real Estate aricT Insurance Agent.  Auctioneer and Live Stock Saletnan  ARMSTRONG; R. O^  "***> --1  and donations. . The"1 public lias Sept. Jst,r 1917, to August 31st; 1918 from governments and leaders frost, they will keep well for a  responded most generously  to Sent. t.    To Balance on hand       and   is   about   to   majce   itself """   ' J    '"  "  every call, and has lielpcd .fhe \  g"* ?t Montreal, ......SJOT.fH Jmwifcst trough tfie pj,  club by tticw** g������������������������������������<J w������������������W.' as well,   uasn      ',  > p ������������������a pie.-^*peter I^acArtbur.  as financially.   ������������������    , $11449 of tlie seven seas.  the  real  authority  bas  passed *������������������ *e harvested  owing to  the  -���������������������������'--���������������������������-      ��������������������������� ' -*    '       frost, they will keep well f   Mine if .covered, with leaves,  aln pea-  %   Eh  ���������������������������\\  *S_\.   A      ' t���������������������������\    ���������������������������_ _ I  ^1^ *% m eJ    Ii  mm ikfe  lerL  "Either the Ci$iliai\ population must go short of many  things to which it is accustomed in timt  go short of munitions and other things  feaceor our armies must  lispensable to them,"  NOW, the only way we can  possibly live tip to that obligation is by going without in  order that our soldiers jnay bave.  For the inoney we waste is fiot  money at all���������������������������it is equipment,  clothing, shot and shell that are  urgently needed in France.  3y denying ourselves, therefore,  we enable Canada to procure to  the fullest extent the materials and  labor which she and our Allies need  for the successful prosecution of  the war.  What happens when we fail to  save?  A pull on labor by the Government  in one direction and a pull on labor  by the  people  in   tne  opposite  direction, {hundreds of millions of  dollars are of po use to the country  if goods and services can be secured  only to the extent of eighty millions of dollars. So we must do  everything in .our power to release  both goods and labor for the purposes for which Canada needs  them.  WHCTWEH it be food, coal,  wool, steelv leather, labor or  transportation, tbe result in  all cases is the same. Whoever  competes with the nation by freely  satisfying bis own desires, selfishly  appropriates to bis own use that  which is so urgently required for  our fighting men in France.  Where the accommodation is  poor, celery may be Jcepf outside in the soil well into the  winter by opening a trench, fif-  j teen or sixteen inches wide, and  jdeep enough sp^thal the tops,of  I the celery wij! come about level  jwiib the km? face of the ground.  I'fhe ccici'y plants''are pul close  {tog.tber  > it/and before there  J are severe frosts, a tjhw layer  of straw or 'joav'es is put over  the top;     With colder wcatb'er  :i heavier covering of leaves is  r������������������ul over if it vs desirable to  leave-tfiejcelery"longer, and then  twelve to fifteen inches of, soil  over that.   Py putting sufficient  leaves or soil  over that again  I'rosl.may bc kept out, and the  celci y dug out as required.  Tn harvesting potatoes, any  -\\-hiGh==show==signs=-of=^ decays' ci.ld bc kept from thc rest,  and used first, thus helping to  avoid the development of rot  when stored. Potatoes should  be dry when stored.  Ken onions,dry, spread thinly. Squashes, pumnkins0 and  cilrons should bc kept in a moderately warm, not a cool, place.  \  rw  vY >  ��������������������������������������������� _..  JLfl  :i  Not Strange  For the sake of your country and the boys "over there," spend  cautiously. Thiifk of what Lord Kitchener has said, and ask yourself first, "Is this something I really need or can I do without it?y*i  Published under the authority of the  Minister of Finance of Canada  u  - 1 havc seen women so delicate  that they were afraid to ride,  for Tear of the horse running  away; afraid to sail, for fear  the boat might upset; afraid to  walk for fear the dew might  fall; but I never saw onc afraid  to bc married���������������������������From "Under  Five Reigns" by Lady D. Ncvill.  l,EA������������������Y GARAGE,  D. C. J,EAJRY, Proprietor  FORD DKALKR  Repairs tc nil ninkcs ofenrs.    Pnouc 22  ARMSTRONG, BC.  all  countries.   Ask  for  our INVENTOR'S ADVISER,which will be sent free.  MARION & RXA3ION.  ���������������������������V>  Univ;:-sir.v sv.t ."Ann.u5r;li  Yoii can always  te|| Economy Street'-  it is well painted!  WHENEVER  you see a  street or  block,  in .which the  majority of  the homes arc freshly painted, you may  safely assume that Economy is well-known in that community.  For, nowadays, it is indeed thrift that prompts painting.  The need of home conservation has lifted home painting  out of the luxury class and into the realm of real economy.  Building materials are high���������������������������repairs are costly.   Therefore,  you must paint your house as a matter of necessary protec-  i  The power of the paint brush as a protector of your home  is at its greatest when dipped in  l li other brand of paint so high in quality���������������������������  so thoroughly dependable for great covering capacity and  durability. We know it by its maker's guarantee���������������������������which is  stamped on every can. That guarantee ensures the 100%  pure combination of white lead and zinc indicated above���������������������������  and these, when mixed with pure linseed oil. turpentine and  dryers, produce a paint which must;give the greatest satisfaction. -,A wrf. ��������������������������� ,   ���������������������������  You can buy paint that costs Jess per gallon. But the slightly  higher cost of "B-H.". is counterbalanced by the extra square  yards a given amount of it will cover.  t When you paint, produce a job you can be proud of���������������������������  pve your home real protection against the elements���������������������������paint  it with B.H. "English"���������������������������it pays. J  FULTON HARDWARE CO.  LTD  Enderby, B.C. ->!-"-  THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 1918  s  ������������������feauasau Commoner  In   which   is   merged   the   Armstrong  Enderby Press.  Advertiser  and  GOLD AND ITS VALUE  Published  every  Thursday  at  Armstrong,  B.C.,  at  a  year, by0"Walker  & Cary.  IT. M. Walker, Editor & Manager.  Advertising rates: Transient, 40c an inch first insertion, 25c each subsequent insertion. Contract advertising, $1 an incli per month.  THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 1918  NOTIONS  by  Some vears ago when the world was electrified  / William Jennings Bryan's "Cross of Gold"  speech, lhc claim was made by bi-metallists that  the value given to gold was purely fictitious, ancl  was made by the governments of the world adopting thc single standard; that the real value was in  the government back of the currency system.       j  An article' in the financial column of the London Telegraph would indicate that there is much  truth in Uic argument so long ago used. It has  taken the great financial stress of the war to bring  it out.   The Telegraph says: j  "The  importance  of maintaining   the  present  supply of gold is not a question which merely,  affects a few producers in diffcrcri't parts of the-  Friday and Saturday  Specials  ," r ;,  Orders will be accepted up to Monday for any bf the  following Mail Order Specials  Please note  all Dry Goods  GOODS PREPAID  prepay delivery  on  that we*  Parcels.  Brilish  well pul it in as lo (ill lhc space with something .    , } intensified, so tar as  else." .There isn't any answer ior a mai   *      I    fl������������������   > concerned, by  lhc inflation of our  thai kind of a bug jn his head.    Ihesc mdiwd-|_J^ Tt is unnCcessarv to discuss how  uals do not know lhc real "^Y^^^J,J^;;������������������g;*[>0^ |RVr^rtc^Vncrcosc in the volume of currency is re-  mission.    For the purpose  will sav lhat a newspaper is n publicity medium.  Through ils columns publicity  unobtainable  m  auy. olher way may bc had. A newspaper's existence depends upon its publicity slock and trade.  'As well ask a merchant to hand you his goods  over the" counter without price as lo ask a newspaper to give free publicity. Every line in a news-  ^pajper cosls money lo. produce.    Why should a  "publisher bc asked lo give nway publicity out of  which monev is made by others?  We have, in point a Idler from (lie department  of agricullurc which reads: "In thc interest,ot  thc sheep industry and lhc well-known need of  increased production, I wish to cnclqsc herewith  V news item in connection wilh lhe sheep  sale lo be-held in Kamloops on October 16Ih. ll  vou will kindly make publication oj this m your  paper, either in ils present form, or-as you see  lily it will be very much appreciated."  SMALLWARES  When   you   are   in   need   of -Small wares'  mail you orders in io us; we. carry a* most-  complete stock of everything at "Canada's  Lowest Prices."  ,������������������������������������������������������.    BOYS' HOSE  Just 12 dozen of Bovs' stockings in a fine  ribbed coitton. Sizes are 8, 8V>, 9,9V2 and  10. "Wc recommend this as a splendid hose  for girls also.   Special, 3 pairs for $1.00.  BOYS' JERSEYS  Exceptional values in a Jersey for Boys,  special for hard school -wear, values that  are marked elsewhere at ������������������1.35. Our big  Special, 85c each.  Listen.    Wc are  piiblisl  nng  thc "news item,  free of cosl.   Bul il is purely advertising mailer,  ll gives the best kind of publicity���������������������������lhc most, .expensive���������������������������lo a sale of sheep.   Thc sheep sold will  money  bring big  lb lhc man who sells Ihcnv.   Thc  buvcrs will pay big money for Ihem in anticipation of making big money oul of them. There  will bc no sheep givcnf away, either at this sale  nor bv the men who raise other, sheep from lhc  parent slock bought at thc Kamloops sale. Why  ask  thc newspapers  lo do  lhc publicity free of  TiiSa Is only ahinshVncG:   A 'riotloii.   Wc might  enumerate others-.   It .is unnecessary.  Another notion. This onc docs not apply to  the newspaperman". Just now the local telephone  company operating in the Okanagan is being accused of all kinds of bad things because it is putting into effect a regulation lhat has been in operation in all cities almost since we havc had  voice transmission, but has not bcen imposed in  this and neighboring towns. A feeof 5c oils charged up against thc telephone from which  a call is made bv a non-subscriber. Heretofore  we have felt quite free to allow any friend or  patron to.use our phone free of cost. Thus hundreds of calls have been made daily by non-subscribers and they havc been given voice transmissions free of cost. Now that a nominal charge  is made on these calls by non-subscribers, objection is taken bv manv people of really good intentions. But is'it just? Wc forget that the telephone company is selling voice transmission. We  pay thc company for transmitting our voice over  thc wire. We pay a railwav company for, transporting our person over thc railroad. For instance, it would cost us, well at thc least calculation, $20. and the loss of the better part of two  davs, to make tlie trip to Penticton in person  sponsible for the increase in prices; it is sufficient,  lo observe lhal including Bank of England notes (  wc havc now ������������������.310,000,000 of currency in circula-,  lion, against about ������������������150,000,000 before thc war,]  and that the purchasing powcr of this currency,  in commodities is generally agreed lo havc fallen ]  from 40 lo 50 per cent.   Thc wealthier nations oi .  the world adopted gold as the standard for metis- J  uring values i'or various  reasons,  including  its-  own'special qualities as a metal, bul morc parhc-j  ularly for its own stability of values as proved!  over a long period of vears in relation lo all other j  commodities.   Il is lhis quality of stability which |  lhc gold producers argue, has for the lime being i  been  weakened by government  action, brought}  aboul by thc unprecedented cxigicncics of a long,  war, They believe that (hc government is" striving,  lo maintain on a par. wilh gold an ever-increasing I  quanlilv ol'paper, nominally convertible inlo gold ,  on demand, though for lhc moment it is not so  acluailv, at  the expense of  lhc gold producers.  Their contention, in short, is lhal owing mainly  lo the currency policy of the government that the  value of gold" in relation  lo olher commodities  has .been artiiicially reduced.   They hold that the  large increase in the circulation of legal tender  paper has the some effect as if there had been 'a'ri),   Field   Squash���������������������������1st,   W. T,.  enormous increase in the production of the mclal I ^si.  itself, whereas the CblftUW: !>������������������* occurred, andl--^^1^  that it is for. lhe government in the interests of j hurst; 2nd, W. Pringle;-3rd,  the Stale and in justice to producers, to take such Farr.  steps as may be found necessary after careful inquiry to re-establish thc value.    The question is  one which admits of no delay in coming to an  agreement, because, while some mines have ,al-  TABLE CLOTHS  Best quality Irish and Scotch Damasks in  a large and beautiful range of new designs,  2x2 yards and also larger sizes 2x2% yards,  regular selling lines, $3.75, special 2' pairs  for ������������������5.95.  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E.  readv been compelled to clfiSe down owing tt? the  increase   in  working   expenses,   which   renders  them  unpayable  propositions,   there  are  many  others on the verge of taking thc same step. . *:  *    It is a prevalent delusion that the value--of  in" I gold is fixed.   Thc law compels the Mint tot coin  1Uc|������������������iiy standard gold 916.66 fine into sovereigns at  thc ratc-of ������������������3 17s lOV-d per oz.   This is only a  certification that the sovereign contains a certain  quantity of gold of a certin fineness, and .while  it regulates its value in relation to the gold currency of other countries, it docs not fix its value,  which mav and does vary."  In considering the question it might be asked  "If-the governments  oh  aold  as   a  stand , ���������������������������  should they not own the gold mines instead of  leaving them in the hands of gold speculators?  Sheaf of Oats as dropped from  binder���������������������������1st, Burton & Sons: 2nd,  W\ T. Hayhurst; 3rd, L. E. Fair.  Sheaf of Barley as.dropped from  binder���������������������������1st, W. T. Hayhurst.  Best collection of. forage plants  ���������������������������1st, W. T. Havhurst.  Best Sheaf Fodder Corn���������������������������1st, L.  E. Farr; 2nd, W. Hope; 3rd, T. S.  Patrick.  .     FIELD    PRODUCE    SPECIALS  Special by Armstrong Growers'  Association���������������������������1st,   W.   T.   Hayhurst.  Special bv W. R. Megaw Ltd,  Vernon���������������������������1st, W. T. Hayhurst.  Special by Chas. Hoover���������������������������1st,- D.  Martin.  of the world bv combining ?}cs~},ih   Myl<  lard boost   the  price,   why,M^*^"-,.,,  Fruit-^Piv. IX  Judge���������������������������B. Hoy  Three varieties Fall Cooking Ap-  Myles   McDonald;    2nd,  es Fall Pessert Ap-  & Sons; 2nd, Myles  CAWSJ^SSJ.Y PftAWN CHEQUES  pies���������������������������1st, Maw  McDonald; 3rd, Miss Matheson  Three varieties Winter Cooking  Apples���������������������������Jst, Maw & Sons; 2nd,  Myles McJponald; 3rd, Miss Matheson  . ...  ,    Three   varieties   Winter   Pessert  A recent decision of the House of ILords with Apples���������������������������1st,   Maw   &   Sons;   2nd,  regard  to  carelessly drawn cheques will he oi Miss   Matheson;   3rd,   1'.   Conklin,  The 'telephone company will transmit our voice .interest in Canada, as tlie same principles of law j>^J|}hiV Apples���������������������������1st . Ben  Hop-  the same distance at a cost of say 50 cents m u|aw) equity apply here.    The decision  reversed y^^nJ),  J,  Stickle;'3rd,   ft.  J.  thc judgments of the court of first instance as pringle,  few minutes. Do not jump at conclusions. This  is not a boost for thc telephone company. We are  making use of this to illustrate thc point we desire to make. Friends, in real earnestness too,  argue thc: telephone is not being used when they  well"as the Court of Appeal. It is generally ad- , .Macintosh Bed���������������������������Ut, Pen Hot>-  mitted that the House of Lords acted in accord- fe,;^' V��������������������������� & Sons; ?*' F"  ance with-Jaw and equity.    The plaintiff m the.    Northern Spv���������������������������1st, Maw & Sons;  ���������������������������.w ,  w .    .   case signed a cheque which was only partially 2nd,   W.  T.  Hayhurst;    3rd,   Pen  want to make use of it and tbey may as well be filled out, the amount which should havc heen Hopkins. c c_, o���������������������������,i  using it as not. But that is not the point. We don't stated in words being entirely blank.   A fraucju-' ^^Uul-^rd   Mit Matheson'  say to thc C. P. R.: "You have to run the train [lent clerk   altered   the   amount   m   figures   and p Graven stein���������������������������1st',  Maw  &  Sons;  anyway and lhere are plenty of vacant scats in;wrote in the corresponding Avords, as a result of 2nd, J. Stickle; 3rd, Myles McPon-  and you may as well carry us free of  thc cars  "Cos t."'  Yet this is virtually what is said to thc  paperman   and   lhc  telephone  company,  vou sec the point? It's another notion.  news-  Don't  GENERAL MANAGER FOR KAMLOOPS  which thc bank duly cashed an open cheque for aid.  ������������������1 -20^nste'ad-of^ras~intcndcdr==There--was-no -j���������������������������~������������������-.inter  dispute as  to the. genuineness of thc signature, siieklc/  and thc only question was which of the innocent '   Winter  parlies   should  bear   thc  loss  incurred   through Matheson;  thc fraud of a clerk.   What thc Lord Chancellor  ! laid'down in the present case is in accord with  common sense, which, aflcr all, is lhc basis of all  =Banana���������������������������lst,Ji.=JConklin;  H.   Docksteader;*  3rd,   J.  St.   Lawrence-  Maw & Sons; 3rd, Mrs. T. Mitchell.  Red Beitzhcimer���������������������������1st, Maw &  Sons;  2nd, J.  Stickle.  2o-Ounce Pippin���������������������������1st, A. Ford;  2nd, J.  Stickle.  Maiden's Blush���������������������������1st, Maw &  Sons; 2nd, Myles McDonald; 3rd,  Miss Matheson.  Loiiglicld^lst, Myles McDonald;  2n<l. Maw & Sons:  Canadian Red���������������������������1st, Fred Hitt.  Canadian Reinette���������������������������Maw & Sons.  Pewankee���������������������������1st, Myles McDonald  2nd, Maw & Sons; 3rd, JJ. Stickle.  Roxbury^ Russett���������������������������1st, Maw - &  Sons.  Yellow Bellflower"���������������������������1st, Maw &  Sons.  Winesap���������������������������1st, Maw & Sons.  To 1 man Sweet���������������������������1st, Maw & Sons.  .Wcismer Dessert���������������������������1st, J. Stickle;  2nd, Maw & Sons; 3rd, Wm. Pringle. ���������������������������"-  York Imperial���������������������������1st, Myles McDonald.  Canadian Baldwin���������������������������1st, Myles  McDonald; 2nd, Wm. Pringle.  King David���������������������������1st, Maw &' Sons.  Black Twig���������������������������1st, Myles McDonald.  Vanderpool Red���������������������������1st, - Myles ..McDonald.  Ben Pa vis���������������������������1st, Maw & Sons;  2nd, V. Conklin.  Gano���������������������������1st, Maw.& Sons.  Wallbridgc���������������������������1st, Maw & Sons;  2nd, Miss Matheson.  Stark���������������������������Ut, Myles Mcponald; 2nd  J. Stickle; 3rd, Miss Matheson.  Salome���������������������������1st, Maw & Sons; 2nd.  J. Stickle; 3rd. Pen Hopkins.  Mann���������������������������1st. J. Stickle. ���������������������������  .       -   w  Phode Island Greening���������������������������1st, J.  Stickle; 2nd, Maw & Sons; 3rd.  Mrs. Qflerhaus. ,  Baldwin^-!st, Maw & Sons; 2nd,  J. Stickle* --  Hyslop Crahs���������������������������1st, L. E. Farr.  Martha Crahs���������������������������1st, U E- Farr.  Siberian Crabs���������������������������1st, Maw & Sons  2nd, b ff. Pocksteader.  Transcendent���������������������������1st, b. E. Farr;  2nd, J. H- Pocksteader.  Any 'other Variety Crabs���������������������������1st,  Pen Hopkins; 2nd, Maw & Sans;  3rd, W. T. Hayhurst.   peabs   J.    Stickle  Al   a   recent  Kamloops Cily  business mana<  manager \v  vi  meeting  of   lhe  Cily   Council   ol  Clerk f. J. Garment was appointee  gcr of lhal cily.    Thc duties of lhc  he fixed by a bylaw which will hc (J  prepared and passed bv lhc council.    The salary!  of the imsilion  was fixed  at $3,000  per annum.!  Thc  aldermen   will   henceforth   cease   lo   receive  remuneration for Iheir services.    It is understood  lhal   Mr.  Garment  will  retain   the ollice  of city  clerk and will be city trca-surcr, but will nol be.  expected lo do any o'f the clerical work in these  departments.    Me "is to bc simply general supervisor of lhe business of the municipality.  This action of the Kamloops Council marks  whal i.s no doubt thc most important advance yet  made, in municipal organization in Brilish Columbia. This plan of civic government relieves  thc the council of a great deal of work, thereby  doing awav wilh onc of thc principal causes of  thc dillicully experienced in getting suitable men  to serve, on councils. Busv men cannol spare the  time lhal is demanded. Thc idea underlying it is,  of course" "unity of command"���������������������������co-ordination���������������������������  system���������������������������clarity; these things arc thc basis of efficiency in public administration. It is along the  line of municipal government already in operation extensively in "the Stales, and in somc parts  of Europe. No doubt other larger cities will  adopt a similar syslcm, with the possibility of it  becoming general throughout thc Province.  Every" dollar  saved   now  and  deposited  in   a  bank means a dollar more for the Government  when it is required  to prosecute thc war.  good law.    lie said shortly:  "If is  the duty of a  customer,  in  cheque,   to   lake   reasonable   and   ord  cautions against forgery.   If, owing to  2nd,  Mvlcs  McDonald.  'Snow���������������������������1st,   A.   Ford;   2nd.  & Son; 3rd, Myles McDonald.  Warner���������������������������1st,   Maw   &.   Son;  Bartlett���������������������������1st.     Myles    McDonald;  ���������������������������.      2nd,    JF.   Conklin;    3rd,    Mrs.    T.  1st, Miss Mitchell  3rd  Maw  Beurre D'An.jou���������������������������1st, R. J. Prin  gle:  2nd, J. Stickle.  such precautions, if is put inlo the powcr of  any dishonest person to increase the amount by  forgery the customer must bear the loss, as between "himself and the banker. It is no excuse  for neglecting such duly for a customr lo say  lhal he had absolute confidence in a clerk. Thc  'dufv' is not a duty lo have clerks whom lhc customer believes to bc honest; il is a specific duty  as to thc preparation of the order upon thc  banker."  .Fred   Hilt:  3rd. R. -I. Pringle.  a'     Delicious���������������������������1st,  Ren   IIopkins;2nd  nvirv   nrn   . T- Yetlon: ^rd. Maw & Sons,  nan    pic,     Blenncim   orange���������������������������1st,  .I.Slickle;  lhe neglect 2m,   Miss MS,ihu.son.  drawing  1st,   Ben  Malhc-  i     Cox     Orange     Pippin-  Hopkins:  2nd,  F.  Conklin.  I     Sutton   Beauty���������������������������1st,  Miss  son. .  I     Yellow     Newton     Pippin��������������������������� 1st,  Maw & Sons;  2nd, Miss Matheson;  Sons:  J.   H.  ��������������������������� ���������������������������ii  MY  CREED  would be true, for thcrc are those who trust mc;  I would he pure, for there are those who care;  would be strong, for there is much to suffer;  I would be brave, for there is much to dare;  would be friend of all���������������������������the foe���������������������������the friendless,  I would be giving and forget the gift;  would be humble, for I know my weakness;  I would look up���������������������������and laugh���������������������������and love���������������������������and lift.  ���������������������������Howard Arnold Walter.  To do without a thing, until you can pay cash  is sometimes gofrd business pdlicy. You get  the article at a lowen price and so save money;  you also get interest on the money while you  are accumulating it  3rd, J. Stickle.  Spitzenberg���������������������������1st. Maw &  2nd, Myles McDonald; 3rd,  Docksteader.  Ontario���������������������������1st, Myles McDonald;  2nd, Maw & Sons; 3rd, L. E. Sharp.  Grimes Golden���������������������������1st, Dan Hirsch-  korn; 2nd, Maw & Son; 3rd, J.  ^tickle.  King' Tompkins���������������������������1st, Maw &  Sons; 2nd, J. Stickle; 3rd, Myles  McDonald. ^ ,.  Golden Russett���������������������������1st, JK Conklin;  2nd, Maw & Sons; 3rd, A. Ford.  Ribston Pippin���������������������������1st, J. Stickle;  2nd, Miss Matheson. '  Rome Beauty���������������������������1st, Maw & Sons;  2nd, Ben Hopkins; 3rd, D. Hirsch-  korn. . ' ��������������������������� _,.  Any other fall variety���������������������������1st, Miss  Matheson: 2nd, R. J. Pringle; 3rd,  Myles McDonald.  Any other winter variety���������������������������1st,  W. E. Hoult: 2nd, Maw & Sons;  3rd, JMJvles McDonald.  Duchess of Oldenburg���������������������������1st, J.  Stickle;  2nd, W. Owen;  3rd, L. E.  'Alexander���������������������������1st, W. T. Hayhurst;  2nd. W. Owen; 3rd, .1. Stickle.  Wolf River���������������������������1st, J. Stickle; 2nd.  -1st,   J.    Dock-  Conklin;    3rd,  McDonald;  Jersey���������������������������1st,  Flemish Beauty  n , slender; 2nd, F.  9n(kjMvlcs McDonald.  Howell���������������������������1st,     Myles  2nd. .1.  Stickle.  Louise     Bonne    de  Maw  & Sons.  Winter Nelis���������������������������1st. F. Conklin;  2nd, Myles McDonald; 3rd, L. E.  Sharp.  Winter Baiilett���������������������������1st, J. Stickle. ^  Anv othcr variety���������������������������1st, L. .E.  Farr;' 2nd, Mrs. Oll'erhaus.  Anv other fall variety���������������������������1st. F.  Conklin; 2nd. Maw & Sons; 3rd,  Mvlcs   McDonald.  Collection of Pears���������������������������1st, F. Conklin; 2nd, J. Stickle; 3rd, Myles  McDonald.  PLUMS  Greengage���������������������������1st, Ben Hopkins; 2d  L. E. Farr; 3rd, Myles McDonald.  Victoria���������������������������1st, L. E. Farr; 2nd, T.  Yetton.  Bradshaw���������������������������1st, R. J. Pringle.     ������������������������������������������������������  Coe's. Golden Drop���������������������������1st, Maw &  Sons. ���������������������������       ���������������������������"'" ,,  Columbian���������������������������1st, Miss E. Kneller.  Damson���������������������������1st, Maw & Sons.  Grand Duke���������������������������1st, Maw & Sons;  2nd, Ben Hopkins.  Lombard���������������������������1st, Myles McDonald;  2nd, Wm. Owen; 3rd, Miss Matheson. _   ,   *  Pond's Seedling���������������������������1st, W. T .Hayhurst; 2nd, Myles McDonald; 3rd,  H. Hawkins.  Yellow Egg���������������������������1st, W. T. Hayhurst  2nd, L. E. Sharp; 3rd, Miss Matheson. ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ..  Anv other variety���������������������������1st, T. Yetton  2nd,*L. E. Farr; 3rd, J. Stickle.  Collection of Plums���������������������������1st, Maw &  Sons.   pnuxp.s  German���������������������������1st, Maw & Sons;-  .  Italian���������������������������1st, F. Conklin; 2nd,  Maw & Sons; 3rd, J. II. Docksteader.       , r   ^  French���������������������������1st, J. Franc '7 '���������������������������  l-F.ACHP.S>  Any variety���������������������������1st, A.-Ford.  "������������������ CHAPES "*j  Blue or purple���������������������������1st, D. Hirsch--  korn.  Green or white���������������������������1st, D. Hirsch*  korn. \- :.-,  HOXKD   AND    PRESERVED'FRUIT  Box Fall Apples���������������������������1st, Myles McDonald;  2nd, Maw'S Sons.  Box Winter Apples���������������������������1st, Maw &  Sons. ,  Best packed box Pears���������������������������fstV  Myles McDonald; 2nd, Miss Mathe.-  son. --  Best packed crate Plums���������������������������Isf,  Maw & Sons; 2nd, Myles ^McDonald; 3rd, Miss Matheson.  Best" packed   crate   Prunles���������������������������1st,  Miss Matheson; .2nd, Maw & Sons.  specials - ;v  By Wm. McNair���������������������������Maw & Sons.  By Leary's Garage���������������������������Maw & Sons.  By J. R. Iddings���������������������������Maw & Sons.  Py  W.  P.  MeGaw  Md���������������������������Maw  &\  Sons.  Py Lee Morris���������������������������Maw. & Sons.  Donald Matheson Memorial Cap  ���������������������������Maw & Sons. t  Special . for best pint Plack-  berries���������������������������fsf, b. p.. Sharp; 2nd. A.  porleous; 3rd, f- E- farr. -f  Y\qw), f\n* Arte, *t&-3Hv.- x  Jucjges���������������������������Mv*' G. SJiarpe; Mrs,  ������������������. J. White.  Pesf collection Wild JFJowers���������������������������  |st, 4- Moore.  Pesf collection ���������������������������Cut Flowers���������������������������Jsf.  J. Stickle; 2nd, L- p. Farr; 3rd, Mrs  Cuthhert.  Pest   oil   painting,   original   or.  copy���������������������������1st, Mrs. Jp. Norman.  Best oil painting fruit or flowers  ���������������������������1st, Mrs. E- Norman; 2nd, Mrs.  Creed.  .Pest _oi 1 pai nti ng figiires���������������������������1 st,_  Mrs. E. Norman.  Best water colors, original or  copy���������������������������1st. Mrs. Creed; 2nd, Mrs.  Norman;  3rd, Mrs.  Banham.  Best pencil drawing, original or  copy���������������������������1st,  Mrs.  E. Norman.  Rest collection of photographs,  portraits and landscapes���������������������������1st, J.- E.  Britton;  2nd,  Miss E.  Lynn.  Best collection of photographs,  portraits, landscapes and proofs������������������������������������������������������  1st. M. Holliday.  Specimen hand painted China,  amateur���������������������������1st, Mrs. E. Norman.  Best collection roses���������������������������1st, T.  Yetton; 2nd, Mrs. Cuthbert.  Fancy Work���������������������������Piv. XJ  Judges���������������������������Mrs.   G.   Sharpe;   Mrs.  E. J. White.  Battenbtirg Lace���������������������������1st, Mrs. E.  Norman.  Toilet   Lace���������������������������1st,   Mrs.   Norman.  Crochet work on cotton���������������������������1st,  Mrs. Offerhaus; 2nd, Mrs. T. P.  Scott; 3rd, Mrs. Fifer.  Crochet work on  silk���������������������������3rd, Mrs.  E. Norman.   V  Irish  C'ochet���������������������������1st, Mrs. E.  man; 2nd, Mrs. Offerhaus.  Netting -1st, Mrs. J. Moore.  Embroidery on linen���������������������������1st,  Fifer; 2nd, Miss E. Pringle;  Miss F. C. Watson.  Embroidered     Pillowslips -  Miss F. C. Watson; 2nd, Mrs. Fifer;  3rd, Miss Fuenfgeld.  Embroidered    Pillowshams���������������������������1st,  F. C. Watson. ���������������������������  Embroidery on flannel���������������������������3rd, Mrs  E. Norman.      ' ���������������������������'.������������������������������������������������������*  Evelet v.ork���������������������������1st, Miss E. Lynn;  2nd.' Miss F. C. Watson.  Shadow work, colored���������������������������1st, Miss  Fuenfgeld.                   ���������������������������,     M  1    Tatting���������������������������1st,   Mrs.    E.    Norman;  12nd, Miss Matheson.          Nor-  Mrs.  3rd,  1st, THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 1918  OKANAGAN   COMMONER  Judges  Tea  Cozy���������������������������1st,  Mrs.  Fifer;   2nd,  Miss F. C. Watson; 3rd, Mrs.Creed.  Tea Cloth���������������������������1st, Mrs. Fifer;  2nd,  Miss   Fuenfgeld;    3rd,    Miss   F.   C.  Watson.  Centre Piece���������������������������-1st, Mrs. J.Moore:  2nd, Miss E. P. Pringle; 3rd, Mrs.  Jno. McCallan.  Sofa pillow embroidered���������������������������1st, Mrs  Jno. McCallan; 2nd, Miss E. Lynn.  Sofa   Pillow,   any   other   kind���������������������������  2nd, Miss F. C. Watson.  Set Table Doilies���������������������������1st, Mrs. Offerhaus; 2nd, Miss F. C. Watson;  3rd,  Miss  E.  P. Pringle;  Set Table Mats���������������������������1st. Mrs. Offerhaus; 2nd, Mrs. J. W. Cross.  "Mount   Mellick   work���������������������������1st,   Miss  E. Lymi.  o   .  Child's    dress,     hand-made���������������������������1st,  yMrs. P. Kay; 2nd, Mrs. Banham.  Child's dress, summer, machine-  made���������������������������3rd,  Mrs. D.  G.  Crozier.  Fancy table cover���������������������������1st, Miss F.  C. Watson; 2nd, Mrs. J. McCallan;  3rd, Miss Fuenfgeld.  Wallachin Embroidery���������������������������-2nd,Mrs  P. Kay.  Hand-made set Baby's Clothes���������������������������  1st, Mrs. P. Kay.  Hand-made Corset Covers���������������������������1st,  Miss E. P. Pringle; 2nd. Miss Matheson; 3rd, Mrs. J. W. Cross.  Cotton Night Gown���������������������������1st, Mrs.  Fifer; 2nd, Miss F. C. Watson; 3rd,  Mrs. Offerhaus.  Cotton Night Shirt���������������������������1st, Mrs.  Fifer.  Embroidered towels���������������������������1st, Mrs.  Fifer; 2nd, Miss F. C. Walson.  Rambler   Rose   Embroidery���������������������������1st,  Miss E. Lynn; 2nd, Miss Fuenfgeld.  Modern Cross-stitch���������������������������1st, Miss E  Lynn;   2nd,   Miss   Matheson;   3rd,  Mrs. j. Moore.  Best Fancy Apron���������������������������1st, Mrs. J.  Moore; 2nd, Mrs. P. Kay; 3rd, Miss  Fuenfgeld.  Best collection fancy work���������������������������1st,  Miss' Fenfgeld;. 2nd,' Miss F. C.  Watson. -  Baby's Fancy Bonnet���������������������������1st, Miss  Matheson.  Best six button holes cn linen���������������������������  1st, Miss E. P: Pringle; 2nd, Mrs. J.  W.  Cross.  Best kitchen apron���������������������������1st, Mrs. J.  McCallan; 2nd, Mrs. D. G. Crozier.  Knitted (by hand) mitts���������������������������1st,  Mrs. T. B. Scotl: 2nd; Mrs. P. Kay.  Knitted (by hand) socks or  stockings���������������������������1st, Miss E. C. Watson;  3rd. Mrs. T. B. Scolt.  Hand-knitted > gloves���������������������������1st, Mrs.  T. B. Scott. - *>  Patchwork quilt, silk���������������������������1st, -Mrs.  J. W. Cross.  Bedroom' slippers���������������������������1st, Mrs. P.  Kay; 2nd, Mrs. T. B. Scott.  Drawn  work���������������������������2nd, Mrs. P. Kay.  Best fancy pin cushion���������������������������lst,Miss j Gregory  F. C. Watson; 2nd, Mrs. Fifer; 3rd,  Mrs. E. Norman.  ���������������������������   Raffice   work���������������������������1st,    Mrs.   J.   Mc-  f Callan.     Burnt work on wood���������������������������1st, Miss  Fuenfgeld: .  -'Wood  carving���������������������������1st, Miss Fuenfgeld.  , .:_     ;  '���������������������������S4      -    CHILDREN   14  AND  UNDER  Best white laundered dress���������������������������1st,  Alm= aWatsan; 2nd, Alma Watson;  3rd, Parbara Piggott.  ? Pest six button holes on linen���������������������������  1st, Barbara. Piggott; 2nd, Miss  . Banhan; "3rd, Alma Watson.  -' Pest darned pair worn stockings  ���������������������������1st, Miss Banham.  Pest  hemstitching���������������������������1st,  C, Watson.' -_ .- .   -'".-.-   ;,   0;: .������������������������������������������������������  = Pest, trimmed work basket���������������������������2nd,  IT1 Miss Pansiam. . V :  Best pin cushion���������������������������1st, C. Watson  2nd, Barbara Piggott; 3rd, Miss  Panbani.  Pest drawing in black and white  ���������������������������2nd, Miss Banham. ���������������������������-  _Pest   drawing  or  painting���������������������������1st,  Miss Panham.  CHILDREN   17  AND   UNDER   -  Pest six button holes on linen���������������������������  Jst. Jftfiss Panham; 2nd, Miss Cross  Household Arts���������������������������Div. XII  -  Mrs.   G.   Sharpe;   Mrs.  ::  E. J. White,  Best six varieties -preserved fruit  in quart sealers���������������������������1st, Mrs. Banham; 2nd, A. C. Fulton; 3rd, Mrs.  P. Kay.  Best six varieties jelly in glasses  ���������������������������1st,. Mrs. Banham; 2nd, T. B.  Scott.  Best four varieties of pickles in  quart sealers���������������������������1st, Mrs. Banham;.  2nd, Mrs. J. W. Cross; 3rd, Mrs. T.  B. Scolt.  SPECIALS  x ENDERBY NOTES  x  sr     w s*     Kf    %**  *>r sr    %,r     sm  js    ss ��������������������������� st    js    st    ss    ss    ss    sW  Jas.: -Disk-son  has   opened  real   estate   oflice   in* tlie  Block.  Thos. Harkins returned this  week from Nakusp to resume  work at the Okanagan Saw  Mills.  Judge���������������������������W.  T.  Hayhurst,  Arm  strong.  Best exhibit white potatoes���������������������������1st,  Sarah Marshand; 2nd, Susie Shuttle worth; 3rd, Isa Harris.  Best exhibit red potatoes���������������������������1st,  Susie Shuttleworth; 2nd, Mrs. Harris; 3rd, Isaac Harris.  Best exhibit six short carrots^���������������������������  1st, Sarah Marshand; 2nd, Frank  God freyson: 3rd, Mrs. Harris.  Best exhibit six table beets���������������������������1st,  Mrs. Harris; 2nd, Susie Shuttle-  worth; 3rd, Isaac Harris.  Best bushel fall wheat���������������������������1st, F.  Gregory;  2nd,  Isaac Harris.  Best bushel oats���������������������������1st, Isaac Harris; 2nd, Frank Godfrey-son; 3rd,  F. Gregory.  Best exhibit six onions���������������������������1st,  Isaac Harris; 2nd, Mrs. Harris; 3rd,  Susie Shuttleworth.  Best exhibit of two cabbages���������������������������  1st, Isaac Harris; 2nd, Mrs. Harris;  3rd,  Susie  Shuttleworth.  Best yellow table pumpkin���������������������������1st,  Lome Marsh'and; 2nd, Frank God-  frcyson.  Best plate five fall apples���������������������������1st,  Susie Shullleworth: 2ndp Mrs. Harris; 3rd, Sarah Marshand.  Best pair plain moccasins���������������������������1st,  Mrs. Harris��������������������������� 2nd, F. Gregory.  Besl plate live winter apples���������������������������1st,  Mrs. Harris; 2nd, Susie Shuttle-  worth.  Besl pair fancy moccasins���������������������������1st,  Mrs. HJraris; 2nd, Susie Shuttle-  worth.  Besl p-.iir plain glovn.c���������������������������1st. Mrs.  Harris; 2nd, Mi.-;   Gregory.  Best pair fancy gloves���������������������������1st. I1'.  Gregory; 2nd. Mrs.1 Harris; 3rd,  Joseph" Marshand.  Best 3 1-lb prints dairy butter���������������������������  1st, Mrs. Harris.  CATTLK  Best grade dairy cow, 3 years old  and upwards���������������������������1st, Isaac Harris;  2nd, .Frank   Godfrcyson;   3rd,   F  Id,   a -.mining H  font., is visit- Q|  a  Mr.  B.  W.  Todd  By A. Munro & Co.���������������������������Mrs.Banham "mail from Butte, Mont  Indian Exhibits���������������������������Div. XIII     ing his sister, Mrs. Turner, of  Turner ������������������& Donaldson.  The Enderby Presb3rterian  Ladies' Aid..will hold another  home cooking stall iri the Red  Cross rooms, Saturday afternoon, Sept. 28th.  Mr. and Mrs- J. F. Fravel returned this week from the East,  where they spent the past year.  Mr. Fravel takes charge of the  Vernon office of thc Okanagan  Saw Mills, being checked in by  Manager Lewis on Tuesday.  Onc of those pretty but odoriferous cats was found in a back  yard by some Enderby ladies a  few   evenings   ago   and   after  BCSK--lEa-aEllLJkJklklk^^  You   Going   fo   Let  this  Opportunity go by?  You will  ne verv have   another  _    ������������������go  touching   pussy   up   until   she'  drew upon her perfumery they  called up Constable Bailey and  ordered the cat out.   Shc went.  Messrs. Turner & Donaldson  made their first shipment of,  cabbages this season on Tuesday, through thci Enderby  Growers' Association, amounting to a toil and a half. They  expect lo ship something over  ten tons. Thc present price is  quoted a I $70 per ton.  Several lawn tennis enthusiasts of Armstrong came to Enderby Salurda}' afternoon and  enjoyed some excellent playing  Prices are eut below present day cost  Monday is the end of the month  A. Munro & Co.  Armstrong, B. G  X  XX   X  X   X   X   X   X   X  X  X  X  X ������������������  K      ARMSTRONG NEWS      ������������������  sr    sr   >r sr    sr    sr    *r *r *������������������m  St    St   'SS)    st    ss    st    st    st    s\t  sr    sr    t#  st    st    rt  EDITH   TURNEK  PLEASANT,VALLEY  Mrs. McOni of Victoria is vis-  iting'Mrs. A. F. Solly.  Mavor Wright  returned  last  on the local club's court���������������������������    OncjgJ���������������������������������������������"   j��������������������������� PcnUcton.  thing  Enderby has kept  going      -i     ~J ^   r.    ���������������������������.,   ,.cl c.  horses  . Best grade heavy draft or agri-  cuiiir'al mart'���������������������������1st. Isaaco Harris:  2nd, F. Gregory; 3rd, Frank Godfrcyson.  -liest Indian saddle horse���������������������������1st,  Frank Godfrcyson; 2nd, F. Gregory  3rd, Isaac Harris.    _  ���������������������������RACES  Indian   horse   race���������������������������1st,   Morris  Brewer;    2nd,   Franc wa   Gregory;  3rd, Ernest Brewer.    ''-  '��������������������������� Bucking    contest ��������������������������� 1st,    Ernest  Brewer.  Watch for the Big Serial  . Manager Lee , Morris of  the  Avalon Theatre, Armstrong has  secured the great western serial,  "A Fight  for a Million,"  which will Ftart on <or about  Ocl. 12th.   The serial is considered one ot lhe best ever produced and Matures such well  known Hars as William P mi-  cap and Edith Johnston.   \\ <*  full of. hair hreadtlv escapes md  ^%^S^Tl^%^S^ toughnWe * Nations. Watch lhe  MiSlUmi!"* a"y "mW%   Ut,Ti?Rpr and Ul hoards for *������������������-e  t������������������_rJ__J���������������������������* -i_i.- ...jAm.������������������.. ot first episode  The r^u������������������a* Thursday night  shows will start again Thursday night, Oct. 4th-  The great  since the war started���������������������������the ten  nis court���������������������������while those of neighboring localities havc becn allowed to grow up in weeds.  Thc Harvest Thanksgiving  services . will be held in St.  George's Church on Sunday  ncxt, Sept. 29. Holy Cummun-  ion, 8 a.m.; matins and Holy  Communion, 11 a.m.; evensong,  7.30 p.m. The offerings of  fruit,and vegetables will be sent  tojhe Returned Soldiers' Home  in Calgary/ V ...  J   Last Thursday afternoon , tlie  four-year-old child of Mr. and  Mr. L. E. Smith left Sunday  for a visit to points in Saskatchewan.  Mrs! Fisher of Olds, Alberta,  is here on a visit to her sisters,  the Misses Fuenfgeld.  Major T. Leduc left last Monday .for Victoria to enter the  11th Garrison Battalion.  Mrs. Shary of Calgary spent  a fe\v days last week with her  sister, Mrs. J. Simington. .  Mr. R. Tilton left for Kamloops last Tuesday, where..he  expects to remainytor a time.   ,  Mr. and 'Mrs. ������������������. Groves re  Mrs/ Rudolph  Kqsar  fell  into turned last Thursday from , a  "thei'triver at  the flouring mill two weeks' holiday at Penticton.  point.   An elder child ran home  to" fell Mrs.  Kosar, .. who,. with  Chief  turned  PS OS  Strudwick   re-  to '   Esqiiimalt     after  Mrs/Jas. Evans, hurried to the|spemljng a two weeks' leave ih  Kcono.   Between them they res-1������������������' *:.������������������-^  scene  cued the body, and Pr. "Keith  r -    - -       B*r%       i      l   ���������������������������     ���������������������������     ii 1*11 11  Armstrong.  Master   Jacjc   Wolfenden   of  was notified, hut the^chiid.could Vancouver spent a few days  not he resuscitated. The mother jast\WeeK with his aunt, Mrs. A.  has, tlie deep sympathy of all simington.  Trained Corsetiere:-  Mis's Turner will be pleased to  call upon ladies to demonstrate the  Spirilla Corset. New season's  models washable and unbreakable  made-to order corset. Guaranteed  to fit and wear.  Please, send post card or call  distance no object.  Miss Turner is also agent for the  A. F.,C. Toilet Articles. Blouse  and dress patterns cut to measure  Armstrong.  ���������������������������>T.  Bulk Tea  and Coffee  We are continuing to sell,our old-  standard' lines of lea* and ^ofTee in  bulk;." excellent  in  quality  ajidVat'  bulk  price.     No. need   to  pay- for  fancy .packing.tins'.when.-you cari  get equally as good quality in bulk.  tfulk Tea 77777.':.  Bulk  Coffee  "..."..  .55c per tt)  .40c per  11)  Hand-made set girl's underwear  ���������������������������2nd, Miss panham.  Pedroom slippers��������������������������� 2nd. M������������������ss  Panham.  chuphkn tt anp vxnm  J.aiwdered dress���������������������������Ut, Nfary Arnott; 2nd. E<lna Seward; 3rd. M������������������ss  panham- >.     -   A  i Patching on worn garment���������������������������*st������������������  p. Pringle; 2nd. N. fvay.    y  Plain sewing��������������������������� UU Nesta M?������������������  2nd, p. Pringle; 3rd, Plfreida Piggott-  Plain knitting���������������������������1st, Mane Scott;  2nd, Edith Pringle; 3rd, Nesta Kay.  ,    pest    dressed    doll ��������������������������� 1st,    Jean  Jpulton; 2nd, Edith Pringle.  =Best=d a rncd=P������������������i P=wor-n=-stoGk i ngs-  -1st,   E.  Pringle:   2nd,  Miss  Banham; 3rd, Nesta Kay.  Best drawing in black and white  |���������������������������1st, E.   Pringle;  2nd,  Nesta  Kay.  Best    drawing    or ' painting   in  colors���������������������������1st, Nesta Kay; 2nd, Edith  Cross.  Sl'KCIAI.S  Bv Hudson's Bay Co., Vernon���������������������������  [Miss E. C. Watson.  By .1. Z. Parks���������������������������1st, Miss Banham  1,2nd", E. Pringle.  MANUAL   TIUINMXO  , Music cabinet���������������������������1st, Neil McDonald: 2nd, Cordon Patten; 3rd, Waller Patten.  [    Tray���������������������������1st, Eddie Patten; 2nd, T.  IJFowler; 3rd, Bobin Peylo.  the community."   Mv. Kosar is  serving at tlie front in France.  IVfrs. James, who for so long  a time has heen in charge of the  pnderhy   telephone   exchange,  resigned hcr position awl Jeff. ^Wv^WoT^T^ Mh  this weeH tp jom her h^hmA |eftVst Friday for Victoria. We  m Wisconsin, accompanied hy *-*- ^-���������������������������-*-? ir t^__.._.! ___.il  her. children.;       Mjss . Jiwti  Simingh  George Scott, son of Mr. Jas.  Scott of ,HuM������������������w% had the misfortune to fall ont of a wagon  breaking his arm.  ftenoldson Ford* sop of 'Ifr.  , The services - at St. Joseph's  Catholic cfiiircli  at   Armstrong  last Siindajj! were conducted'by  the Revji^^^her-Mclntryre who  lias^beeirscti^ by the archbishop'  to take charge- of Lumby und  Arnistrbhg;   ulso   of   Ender! .v, r..   ,  Mara, arid the Mabel Lake and' c"n M  Trinity" Valley district*. Fal!.������������������:r  If���������������������������������������������-In tyre'^ will in future he iu  Armstrong lhe first and second  Sunduys of ctn-h month, remaining in tlie district for two wee^s.  C. F. B. License No. 8-12980:  ���������������������������-"-"��������������������������� - Enderby  Fnderbv |?ed Cross  I  pine pird pictures will be  shown at-the Avalon TheftU'f?  Armstrong Tliis will give those  patrons who cannot attentj Saturday nights an opportunity to  see only first class pictures. Saturday nights will he given to  the great western serial, "A  Fight for a Million." Pon't forget   Thursday   and   Saturday  ii iglijts, bfigi n ni ng=VThursday,  Oct. 10th at 8.30 sharp.  "The Storing and Cooking of  Vegetables," "Home Canning  and Preserving of Fruits and;  Vegetables," "Bread Recipes,''  and "Fish Recipes," the four  books published by thc Canada  Food Board, are now on sale at  Abbott's al 5c each. The books  arc of approved and tested recipes, and arc well worth many  times thc purchase price.  White, of Jfejowna, is now in  charge of the Enderhy office  and is maintaining the high  standard of service heretofore  given  SATURDAY NIGHT���������������������������Sept. 28���������������������������the  great Blue Bird picture "A Jewel  in Pawn," featuring pretty Ella  Hall; and a good comedy. Matinee at 2.30.  Enderby Theatre  Lee Morris, Prop.  Saving brings ils own reward  compounded.  i FRIDAY      NICHT���������������������������Sept.      27���������������������������thc  great Blue Bird picture "A Jewel  PSTARWSH1SP    \B72j  BANK. OF HAMILTON  Money saved now is twice saved because it  will buy more, after prices go down again. You  can get high prices for labor or produce. Pon't  spend the money now. Save it, and buy when  prices are low. Open a Savings Account with  the Bank of Hamilton.  ARMSTRONG BRANCH  H. L. Paynter.  in   Pawn;"   and  comedy.  a   side  splitting  "Get the Morris habit."  Certificate Cases  If you are still carrying around  your Registration Certificate without a proper case in which to  carry it, you should secure onc of  our neat Certificate Cases.  Made of leatherette, and with a  transparent front so that the certificate is shown full size, but is  always   clean   and  in   good  shape.  Only a few dozen left.  The Popular Variety  Store  CWFF   ST. ENDERBY  C. F. B. License No. 10-92S7.  has joined the Siheriaii con tin  geht.  Mr. A. N. Ra Hedge is away to  Sugar J-ake on his annual hwnt.  Mrs. FranK Williams has  charge while Mr. fratjedge is  away.  Last wecH Mv- C. H. Patchett  installed two of his Afoore  Lighting Systems, one for ���������������������������������������������  M. Chambers and one for N. A.  Hayes.  >t  Members of the \V. C. T- U.  plcase-taJte=note-that=4heir���������������������������regular monthly meeting will be  held on Oct. 2nd at 3 p.m. in the  Methodist church.  Mr. W. Bone, representing  thc Graham Co. of Bcllvillc, Ontario, arrived in Armstrong on  Monday on business in connection wilh thc local plant.  Mrs. G. A. Fuenfgeld left for  RccMands/ California, last Saturday where she had hccn summoned on account of hcr hus-  bands's illness. Hc now shows  improvement.  The Soldiers' Home Comfort  Club was benefitted by thc sum  of $59.15 at thc auction sale of  vegetables which had hccn donated by exhibitors and auctioned off by Auctioneer Creed.  Mrs. Lee Morris received a  wire from her brother, Albert  Docksteader, of Summerland,  stating thai his youngest bov,  Allan, died on Friday, thc 201 h.  Albert Docksteader is the only  son of Mr. and1 Mrs. T. H. Dock-  slca tcr of Knob Hill.  Looking Over District  Mr. A. Noble and Mr. Walter  Gardner, of Kamloops, were in  Enderby this week looking into  the possibilities of the district.  Mr. Gardner is a pioneer of the  Okanagan and knows the Valr  ley from end to end. He is  pointing out the good points of  each locality.        -  The annual business meeting  of the Fnderhy Hed Cross So* r  In fntnre, beginning Friday, Oc- ciety will he held at 8 o'clock  tpher 4, services in St. Joseph's sharp, Tuesday, Oct. 1st, in the  Cadiohc chwnch at Armstrong city Hall- The reports for the  will he as follows: week days,'yeqr of qle c^cnt ewmntt*  S 8^^4e^Mnf^0^ ^ wi������������������ *������������������ rea* ������������������w| tlie <*������������������  to^4 45 2m- m������������������U and inV������������������ members are recited fa  sions will ha heard Saturdays at !*?** *������������������ IN citizens of JSmlerhy  7.30 p.m., also on Sunday morn-'������������������ extended, so that Uicy may  ing������������������ up till 7;50 and on alUther Hnow the good work that lias  evenings and mornings Father,h?cn accomplished py fois ao*  Mcjntyre is in town. ' ciety.  i p. wmtm  STANnElD'S  Underwear  Stands  Strenuous  \  XI  ���������������������������{*��������������������������� "-, ^1  >rV'3''"  f.?~' y'.v':~?.'s.v>*t-| /  OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 1918  X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X  TOOLS  sr   w- sr    Sf Sf *������������������ ^   ** J? J; ������������������ sr   sr    Jr jr sr   sr    ~J    sr  JS        JS       JS        JS        -*1*        JS  Sell Your Old  Iron  Payment on Delivery  I. V. SAUDER CO.  Will pay you $7.00 per ton for old  iron and steel, etc. old implements  free from wood, deliverd to John  Tedford. Enderby. Hope J-iros.  Armstrong, or ut his own yard in  Vernon. B.C  In a pass in the rocky mountain side  Some men are working, like bees in a hive;  Canuck railway iroops.. wilh shovel and pick,  You scarcely see ihem, they move so quick.  A Fourth Battalion brave company's task  Bail  from rock to sever;  A Fourth Battalion, brave company's task  "The Maple Leaf Forever."  Now these railway men, arrived saTe in France,  Led the German pigs a most lively dance.  Coming o'er a hill, soon they .saw some Huns  Who said "You will see, all these mothers' sons  Will drop their tools and run for their guns."  But the men at work, when they saw the Huns,  ���������������������������Went at* the double, without any guns.  A pick crr.vshed into a big German's head,  And the shovels made a big heap of dead.  The Huns a machine gun brought at full speed;  This they were quite sure, would do the deed;  j At work in tlie rear, their mutes heard the nise, (noise)  With a mighty big cheer, they went up the rise.  A man and lorry now came into sight,  And thought that lie, too, would help in the light;  And the echoes ring as they loudly sing  And made, pretty soon, almost dreadful smash.  Oil, they wildly fought! and old Canada won,  And  routed, quite, the astonished Hun.  Then back to camp they wearily went,  And proudly they told of thc great event.  A few got astray, after the light;  And  so lost their way full many a-night.  Bul safe back al last, Ihey smile with delight,  r.   As the tale is  lold of their gallant fight.  When tales of this war are written ancl told,  And routed the Huns with pick and shovel.  Surelv some one will this yarn unfold;  turc economies.  If thcrc is anything wrong with your commimily, start in right now to find out just where thc  fault lies and then give your fellow citizens the  best that is in you fo assist in. correcting thc deficiency^.    Thcrc is not much wrong with* a community where ils citizens  arc loyal in  a  unanimous degree lo die interests of thc community.  In the first place, then, sec lhat you arc loyal.  Don't grouse and grumble about the olher fellow.!  Get your own house in order, and then proceed to !  do a little diplomatic missionary work in leading  your erring neighbor to the light of community j  expansion and progress.    Sometimes* wc wonder j  howJ.it is that .a neighboring town always seems j  to "get there" although it hasn't half the natural j  advantages of our own town. Any town that gets j  there has the "get there" spirit.    If your town is  courageous, ambitious and loyal it possesses the  essentials that nothing can daunt.  But don't figure you can be''disloyal or halfhearted toward thc-mainspring of your town���������������������������-its  business institutions���������������������������and still retain the spirit  that wins. That's as impossible as an elephant  getting religion : Never forget what you owe to  your comiminity. If we all keep that strictly in  mind it will never come that we'll have to worry'  about "what the community owes us." <  When North Dakota was being settled up by  farmers, great assistance was given the new settlers by the retail traders of the towns that sprung  up. The farmers were hclpd over the rough  piaccs���������������������������their credit was always good with the  merchants in a bad year or times of hardship.  Soon, however, alter thc territory proved its farming worth, thc farmers forgot all about the local dealers who had bcen their main standby,  and started sending their cash oil' lo somc big  catalogue stores that sprung up in cities in othcr  states. Whal is lhc result today? Norlh Dakota  has thc poorest assortment of towns of any slat?,  in thc union. Farm land's arc not worlh a quarter a.s much as they arc in other slates that keep  lhc fires of community patriotism burning brightly.   Heed the lesson f  Wc can't pay our taxes. We must have thc money. You win,  i we lose. .*������������������������������������������������������.*''.  The City refuses to sell for taxes so we must.  Within the next two weeks we will offer for sale at public auction  without reserve, between thirty una forty desirable City Lots. These  you can buy at your own price. We will give Indefeasible Title to these  lots���������������������������the best title possible to secure.  -���������������������������     ft  How About  Your Understanding  ���������������������������of our large stock of women's, iwn's  and children's shoes? flOnly reliable  goods handled. IJOur specialty solid  leather,     'j Repairing    in   ah   branches.  J. Z. PARKS  The Shoe Hospital  ABOU BEN  BAD MAN  A War-Profilccrer (may his tribe decrease!)  Awoke one night, from"a nightmare of peace,  And saw within the moonlight of his room,  Making il rich and like a fire in bloom,  Thc  Devil, wriling on asbestos foil.  The names of those paid for unrighteous toil,  Exceeding wealth had made Ben Bad Man bold  And, wishing to know what thc book did hold,  The Profitcercr quick to the Devil said:  "What writcst thou?"   Old Satan raised his head,  And spake: "The names of those who cheat the  poor,  Ancl politicians with thc dollar lure,  Then to keep the public from getting wise,  They poison thc people with blutling lies.  Forgers, robbers, thugs who muixlcr for gold.  Who rob thc grave and burn thc orphan fold."  "And is mine one?" asked Abou.-  "Nay, not so,"  Replied the Devil.   Bad Man spake more low,.  And said, "O, thou from storm-swept Hades sent,  Write mc as one who cheats his government."  Thc Devil wrote and vanished.    The next night  from Hell  He came again, with a great awakening smell,  And showed the names whom hate of God had  curst��������������������������� =  And lo, the Profitecrers name was thc very first!J  ���������������������������Carl Andreas Hansen in the St. Paul News.  WATCH FOR POSTERS   NEXT WEEK  Armstrong-Okanagan Land  Company Limited  THE LILT OF A LAUGH  I've toiled wilh men the world has blessed  As I've toiied with men who failed;  I've toiled with men who strove with zest,  And I've,toiled with liicn who wailed.  And this is thc talc my soul would tell  As it drifts o'er thc harbor bar-:���������������������������  Thc sound of a sigh doesn't carry well  But the lilt of a laugh rings far.  a  Oh. the men that were near the grumbler's side,  They heard not thc word thatTic said;  But the sound cf a song rang far and wide,  And they listened to that instead.  Its tones were as sweet as thc talcs they tell  Of the rise of the Christmas star.  Thc sound of a sigh doesn't carry well  But thc lilt of a laugh rings far.  If vou would bc heard at all, my lad,  Keep a laugh in your heart and throat;  For those who are deaf to accents sad  Are alert to thc cheerful note.     ~  Keep hold of the cord of laughter's bell,  Keep aloof from the moans tliat "mar-���������������������������  The sound of a sigh doesn't carry well  But the bit of *u laugh rings far.  ���������������������������John Stafford.  1������������������r7������������������  DID A CALAMITY  like this ever happen to you? Wc can  help vou out when you break your  "lasses, ior we duplicate broken lenses  and full prescriptions.  We are also heabquarters for the best  OPTICAL GOODS.  J.C  Adams  Armstrong;   B. C.  CANAPIANS ON THPH* HONOR  In some quarters it has been suggested that  Canadians be put on rations and not on their  honor as regards food.  Do Householders in Canada seek to evade thc  food regulations? Arc thc merchants of Canada  conniving at the evasion of the food regulations?  The main objective of thc Canada Food Poard  is to supplv Great Britain and the Allies with vital  foods. With this .in view food regulations arc  made, which, if respected by thc people of Canada, will enable Canada to keep faith with the  Allies on food.  Do thc people of Canada want to keep faith  with the Allies on food. They do. Arc thc people  of Canada keeping faith with the Allies on food?  Thev are. To take any other position is to suggest  tha l_ _lhc .people ..pJ'..Canada_y\yould  ra ther  keep  THE POQUf OF THIS MJNP  With fhe shuttle of thought in thc loom of the mind,  We are constantly weaving each thought of its kind  We are constantly weaving; each thought of its kind  Sending out its vibrations of weal or of woe,  And no one can tell how far they may go.  The patterns we weave in the loom of thc mind,  With their Mendings of color, we surely will- find  Reproduced on life's canvas, some time through the  years,  With their angels of joy or their spectres of fears.  And always our shuttle clear-threaded must bc,  Or blemish in weaving wc surely will see;  Tor, remember, each thought sends forth ������������������of its kind  From this wonderful, wonderful, loom of the mind.  ���������������������������./. Elizabeth Gates.  Boost your city, boost your friend.  Boost thc goods that you are selling.  Boost the people round about you,  They might get alcng without-you,  Bul success will quicker find them    0  If they know that you're behind them.  Boost for every forward movement,  Boost for every newt improvement.  Boost the man for whom you labor,  Boost the stranger and the- neighbor.  Cease to be a chronic knocker,  Cease to bc a progress blocker,  If you'd make your cily better  Boost it to the final letter. ���������������������������Exchange.  xx  ������������������><  ���������������������������o<  ������������������x  >o<  ������������������x  AMBITION  Cromwell, I charge Ihce, fling away ambition.  E. 0. WOOD, B. C. L. S.  Armstrong- and Salmon Arm  Subdivisions.  Mineral  Claims, Timber Li nuts. Pre-emptions, Drainage.  Irrigation and Itoad Surveys, JMaps  and plans.  Phone 02 Salmon Arm, B.C.  SECRET  SOCIETIES  a I the front?  A.F. &A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40  iteKiilar meetings first  Thursday on or after tht  full moon at 8 p. m. in Masonic Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially  invited  C. H. REEVES   Secretary  ENDERBY   LOD^E  f~^������������������ No. 35. K. of P.  ^ Meets every Monday even ing  mr,   -a^3* '" Masonic Hall.    Visi lord cor-  ������������������Si$2S"iJy dially invited to attend. .  ^^ CHAS. HAWINS, C. C.  ������������������*fl H. M. WALKER, K. K. S  R. J. COLTART. M.F.  s. h. i ri-1 as  W.  M.  PROFESSIONAL  K C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk. Enderby, B.C.  army "-n <-"^ iiwni: i-y.  The hearts of lhc people of Canada arc sound1 x  nnd in Lhis war lo a finish. Food is a first class  munition of war and Canadians so view il. It.  will he lime enough lo go in for rations in Canada  when the people of Canada refuse to  conform lo national efforts lo conserve food for  Brilain and the Allies and the Canadian army al  thc front. When thai time comes a policeman,  not a food controller, will be needed.  Let all the ends thou aim'st al be. Ihy counti  y  Cod's and   truth's;   then,  if   thou  fall'st,  ! Cromwell.  Thou fall'st a blessed martyr!  K. Hen. VIII., Act 3, Sc. 2.  O  AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION  Thc city of Chicago has outlined a scheme for  spending several million dollars in a Citv Planning enterprise to be started immediately after  the war. Had Chicago barkened years ago to  the warnings of then-styled "cranks" on city planning, the citv, it is now computed, would have  saved to its taxpayers many-millions.  This is-likewise the story of hundreds of other  cities on the American continent. Heedless of  basic principles, regardless of ultimate results,  the people of many of our greatest municipal corporations arc now paying for their laxity in sums  lhat are fabulous, and that will create great debenture deb lis for lhc succeeding generations lo  discharge. Thc Irulh and forcc of thc old adage  about "an ounce of prevention" came loo laic for  these piaccs.  But there are many smaller piaccs that should  start in right now to give heed to present and fu-  A lew Canadian speculators, not unfriendly to  I'd.'mkm1 governments, now ��������������������������� ���������������������������onlrol 2.118,230 acres  of the most desirable uncultivated land in thc  prairie piovinces, which lhcy intend to sell onlv  at their own price. Similar gentry now living in  thc United States havc. 1.240,200 acres more. Over  11,000,000 acres are in the hands of the Hudson's  Bay Company and other corporations. Going a  little further, the minister might have revealed  the fact lhat within ten miles of the railways now  operating on the prairies there are 12,710,039  acres oT alienated lands; with in fifteen miles,  15,296,4(54 acres; within twenty miles, 16,893,981  acres. The most lamentable part is that, even  after paying little or nothing for this land, the  gamblers are largely exempt from taxation.  Man's hair is not naturally short any more than'  a woman's. In everything in.nature, thc male has  long hair. It is simply that we in our infinite'-wisdom have decided that men should havc short  hair and women long, and so we see women  everywhere with sad, disorderly mops on their  heads. They say long hair oil a woman is beautiful; even thc Bible says so. But is it?���������������������������Charlotte  Perkins Gilman.  0  0  5  5  5  More Prof it to the  ���������������������������..'���������������������������Mwwlw--''-  D  5  i  o  S  5  ^ ���������������������������  i  ...  O  OX  The Pominion law- against llie selling of  Sutler without llie words "Pairy gutter/ or  "Creamery Putter"���������������������������as Uic case may fee���������������������������printed  on the butter wrap, is a blessing in disguise to tne  average farmer.  It is the duty of every butter maker to comply wilh thc law in this matter.    Somc butler  makers have only a cow or two, and make so little  "JSuttt^Ui^t'^lucs^  can afford to havc their butter wraps printed.  They do not like the idea of having 500 or 1000  butter wraps on hand. To accommodate this  class of buttcrmakcrs, we have printed up  a quantity of "Custom" Butler Wraps. They arc  prinlcd wilh the words "Fresh Dairy Butter" but  do not bear thc name of thc maker. However,  these wrappers lill the requirements of thc Jaw  governing this point, and can bc bought in small  quantities al lhc rale of 65c a hundred in 100 or  50 lots. If you do not require, butlcrwraps in  larger lots, lake these wraps in lesser quantities.  500, Single Order.  1000  ������������������  U  $3.75  4-75  When   run  with   other orders, $3.50 an4 $4.50  THE WAUCPH PPPSS  Enderby, P.C,  THE CAPYPPPSS  Armstrong, P.G.  ���������������������������CO  o  i  I  ii  y  ������������������  I  n  i  j  !  i  i  >o<  MX  MX  MX  MX  Classified   Ads  Cost little but reach  many, ancl are  first-class pullers of  business.    Try one in The COMMONER. 2c & lea wordj THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 1918  viKANAGAN  COMMONER  FALL CULTIVATION  FOR WEED CONTROL  (Experimental Farms Note)  The 'plowing of the land in the  fall is desirable as a part of  the regular Work  of the farm  OUR ROADS  ' I travel much in autos; bjr  woods and fields and grottos 1  take  my  stately way,  arid  see  the  highway builders  blow  in: were called democratic governments.    'J J������������������eir philosophers and  It is useless for us to try to  learn political lessons as to "true  democracy from the ancients.  Rome and Athens wercboth. at  dift'eienl   periods,   under   what  Fearful of Consequences  our hard-earned guilders on  roads that do not pay. They're  always fixing, fixing, the dirt  and rubble mixing, all the sum  statesmen spent much time and  thought on devising the perfect  system    of    government,    and                    ^ Plalo thought he had found it  be  got into proper  shape  for there comes a torrent���������������������������the fact j in his "Republic."   But the fact  since it enables the ground to mer they have toiled; and then  sowing the seed in the spring  considerably earlier than would  otherwise be the case. But it  is perhaps of even greater importance as a means of keeping  weeds in check. In the case of  perennial weeds the mere turning up of the rootstbeks to tlie  action of the frost will serve as  a considerable check to the  weeds in cases where they are  not killed outright. Where it  is desirable to collect and burn  creeping rootstocks this can be  11101*0 readily accomplished  where the ground has btcn pulverized by the action of thc  frost and snow of winter.  In thc case of annual weeds  these aijc of  two classes from  | the point of view of their life  history. _ Onc group requires a  resting period before the seeds  'will  germinate  and   this  holds  good even if the conditions with  [regard to moisture and temperature are suitable.    These nor-  'mally germinate in  the spring  I of the year after Ihcy arc shed,  I but in many species the gcrmin-  lation   can   bc   delayed   several  j years if the seeds arc buried to  [a considerable dcplii in thc soil.  This is true of such species as  I wild   oafs   and   wild   muslarc*.  Each   time  thc  surface _ of   thc  jground   is   disturbed   somc   of  these seeds will germinate ancl  \if no othcr seeds arc allowed lo  fall into the soil in thc mcan-  timc,-lhc ground will eventually  (become iclcar of them.  remains lhat all their schemes  were based on the existence at  the bottom of the scale of a vast  assemblage  is most abhorrent���������������������������and all their  work is spoiled. Their road is  washed to ���������������������������thunder; and they  repeat their blunder, they build  it up again; they cut their bootless capers with graders and  with.'scrapers,- misguided sons  of men. 7" Tlie roads are dragged  and graded arid manicured and ment calling itself a democracy,  spaded, and when it rains'and yet provides for slavery as  they're done.   Tlie money that's an essential part of its operation  Ambassador Page told at a Pilgrims' luncheon in London a  story about a Devon gardner.  He said he met the gardner  at a Barnstaple lriarkct ordinary, and asked the old fellow  over the cider and '--mutton:  "Well,    Hodge,    how's    your  family?      How's    your    pretty  daughter? Doing well, I trust?"  "Oh, yes, ver honor," said old  Hodge.    "We all be doin' well.  Darter's a glide girl, and she be  _     of   human   beings doin' verv well indeed, sir; only  who were in virtual or complete [with all "these air raids on, she  slavery- and the slaves were a never knows at wot minute, sir,  recognized class under tlie an-' she may be hurled into materni-  cicnt conslitulions. Any govern- ty."  been squandered on roads o'er  which I've wandered, in gold,  would weigh a ton. Our roads  arc dreary fizzles, although with  planes and chisels -we smooth  them, year by year; for money  can srarcelv be looked to as a  Then and Now  Time was,  and  not so  long  model for lis. with our changed, ago, when armis went away to  ideas and ideals.    Any govern ��������������������������� j war and left interested and en-  imnl that is a good government, thusiastic nations behind  them  no matter what its form or lis largely detached from military  name, if under it the ordinary activities.   Not so today.   Now,  always calling, they're good till man can get a chance to live, to whole nations go to war.    Mil-  rain v is falling,  and  then   they be happy, and to provide fo his itary progress rests on civilian  disappear.      When - this    grim his  home.���������������������������Canada  Weekly.     j order, industrial peace and ac-  The Reai  Proof of  a Range  The firebox of your  range is the first and last  proof of its usefulness  and durability.  The Kootenay Range  firebox is made of tough,  pure semi-steel���������������������������in nine  pieces to allow expansion  and contraction and to  prevent cracking.  war is ended methinks it will  bc splendid if wc get down to  tacks, and build some modern  highways, forsaking muddy byways, and rutty cattle tracks. I  One Thing iri His Favor  ) tion, agricultural effort, scientific eflicicncy. The need arises  at home, as well as in camp and  field, for quick mobilization of  masses,   huge   outpourings   of  The Los Angeles Times has a  travel much in motors and oft icw J"11" words-tor thai- ?it-be-. c,icrgv imci an directed to one  I sec thc voters sunk shoulder ,ralcfl ?,H }varnor' v?n Hinden-  dcep in mud; respect for morals burS:, Before many moons arc  losing, thc language they arc Pf!ss������������������l> thc illustrious old yon  ' J -   -    Hindenburg will bc sorry thev  Old  governments cannot  using  blood,  frcezc  would  ireeze  a  Walt Mason  arc  purist's  end.,   War  afford to wait.���������������������������Montreal Daily  Star  False Ideas about Democracy  In anolhcr group of species British government"is monaiv  known as-winter annuals, thc.fal jn form and machinery; 1  seeds     '-" '-       -1' -���������������������������--,--' ���������������������������    Somc people seem to havc the  idea lhat the. modern insistence  about the value and necessity  of democracy means that the  onl3r possible form of government under which democracy  can flourish is the republican  form.   This is not thc case.. The  rch-  . .  .., but  germinate    immediately, jn essential principles and in op-  alter they arc scattered and pass'oration/it is the most democrat-  [thc      winter      as      a      small,jc jn the world.   It is quite pos-  sccdhng plant  which   survives [siblc that a republic can be des-  thc winter under the snow and poiic and autocratic in reality,  fresumes.-growth m the follow- cvcn whcn most democratic in  ,ing spring     Belonging  to  this theorv.    Mexico under thc rule  ������������������roup are the following weeds: Gf Diaz.is a proof of this. Dcm-  IChcss,    purple    cockle,    night- ocracy has nothing to do with  Iflpwcring - catchlly,   stmkwced, (he form of gov     "           ���������������������������shepherd's purse, false flax, ball  (mustard, wild radish, hare's car  named thc line after him  Von weights a ton, looks like a  gorilla, has thc manners of a  South Sea pirate; but wc arc  not entirely against him. Wc  can't help remembering that he  wouldn't stay in thc German  army if he had to have the  crown prince on his staff. When  we go whacking through his  dinged old line, wc will remember that much in his favor."  Setting Prisoners to Work  [mustard;  tumbling  mustard,  It is estimated that there arc  50,000 prisoners rotting in idleness ih United States prisons because they havc no employment. They are degenerating  morally, mentally and physically while their country and the  reople of Europe need the work  nng io oo wiin thcy wouW bc glad tQ giy6     A  eminent, nut ns|-m������������������vcmcnt  now  l1IK]cr wav0 to  f>rr-  Why not make your  meals a pleasure 1 y  using: Marigold Tea.  spirit.    Any toriu.  ox  govern- jchange this condition of things,  ment where the Demos the pco-;aml *mixc thch. scryiccs in W*P.  >,pie have the say as to their laws ���������������������������.       fc th t ,vill not conflict with'  ~ and  where   the   common   man  Ipeppcrgrass,   , worm seed    mus  Hard, corn gromwcll, blue bur orfhas a'diancc'to livcand wbrk  bbekweed; and stinking may-'and make his way upward, is  Kvcccl.- It is in the case of these a democratic government, whe-  Weeds that autumn plowing is Uier the head thereof be a King  specially desirable tor if they or a President. H. G. Weils, of  lire turned wider Ayith the plow j course, .is.quite wrong in insist-  [md covered sufficiently deeply, hn������������������r th������������������t democracy can  Very.Jew of them5 will be. able " ~ *     '  Canadian   Food   Control   License "Nos  ,.; .   \      5-S60. S-9939  Star Baliery  Armstrong 8. C.  ;annot cx-  legitimatc labor. Congress will  be asked to enact legislation to  tliis etXcct.  lie Was  Mr. Gnaggs-  Jo continue their growth after  lhc snow melts.  r ��������������������������� o        ���������������������������   .  Conditions of Peace  Tlie American delegation to  |hc Jntcr-AJlicd ILabor ancl Socialist conference in London  WesentccJ proposals that the  [onference endorse ,the fourteen  joints laid down by President  Hlsori as the conditions on  finch peace may be established.  The fourteen points arc:  lOpcn covenants of peace; frec-  lom of navigation upon the  pas; establishment of equal  fadc__conditions^among^na tions  in sen ting to thc peace; reduc-  |on of armament; impartial ad-  istment o f colonial claims; the  /acuation of all Russian tcrri-  l������������������ry anc| tlie erection of Russia  lito a free nation; the evacua-  jon and restoration of RcJ-  ium; the surrender of all  [rench territory anc| the wrong  Alsace-Lorraine to he  [gbteel; readjustment of the  honlicrs of Jtajy, the peoples of  [Ustria-HMngary to he given  Ye freest opportunity for aw  toommw development; flow-  [ania, Serhw wwj Montenegro  be evacuated and restored;  ttionalitie* under Turkwb rule  be awured scenrity of life  id thel Pardanelles to he free;  independent Polish state to  erected with access to the  i; a general association of na-  >iis fo be formed to afford  lutual guarantees of political  dependence and territorial in-  ~ity."  You women are  ist in the Empire until wc have' so inconsistent.. You used to  changed io a republican form of say f was the Jast man in the  government./.The answer to him-world you wonJd marry,  is that essential-democracy doesj Mrs.' Gnaggs���������������������������Well,' you  now exist in the JSmpire. were, weren't you?  * WWW TW V0YS C0MP HOME *  xxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;  As |a; a.= wc m America are concerned, *\e might be pardoned  if wc thought it was a pretty good old wo"id'as it was, ancl that  wc were not in need of such an awakening as the hideous horror of this war has brought about.  Let us clear our minds of error.   And Jet us thank God that  we have been prevented from falling   into   conditions   toward  which wc were drifting fast enough.  ==sWhen_ouiuboys-com c-hom c=a g; i i n*=n o���������������������������Ion ger^boysr^a nd=wc=  r Foffiyf  C. F. P. license No. 9-3409  Choicest meats ohtainahle.  Wholesale and Retail Pwtcfier  Enderby ,  God Knows  ,i,ttle Harry (after eating his  liager ration of bread and  lirgarine)���������������������������"Must I say grace,  lima?"  Tarn a���������������������������"Of course, darling."  Little*     Harry���������������������������"Well,     you  Id God could read our minds,  Jl if I say I'm thankful He'll  |3w jolly well what a  'bom-  ble  Is.  little  liar  I  am!"���������������������������Tit-  shall meet thc knowledge they havc gained with the knowledge  wc bave also gained, while thcy were away, you may be sure  America will he a better America than it has ever heen before,  tt shall be a new world for us, also.  Jt is not likely, for instance, lhat we sball soon depart from  these tsosjns in saving and thrift that ve have learned through  the war. We had hecome, hardly wiijmut knowing It. an extravagant people. We look hack on it now with something JiHe  horror.  The social parasite, the idler and the trifler had becom*  such common features of life ������������������l������������������.i| we |wd hegtui to pay no  heed to them. They have gone, ������������������wd Ihey must never he permitted to return.  There was too much mouthing everywhere; nohody can deny  thnt. Every wild theorist, every rottje-hrained (ad#*t, every  freojc that had an wi������������������m," found snug quarters and ready hearing among nt. Tlie *tern hu������������������toies������������������ w war will surely pwt an end  to these inanities.  Socialism will have a hard time surviving the murder of  unhappy Russia.  Only the hand of God, laid upon us through suffering and  sacrifice and blood, could have saved us from much that menaced our souls and sucked like leeches at our hearts.  Most of all, however, and hest of all, let us rejoice that in the  new world in which we are to live, religion, apove all things  else, will come to its own.  In the wars of the past, religion has heen tlie greatest sufferer, in this war it has made greater progress than it has made  in any thousand years of peace.  A new world without religion would be worse than the world  has ever been in the past. The people who lived in it would  4ive in moral death. There could be no real joy in it though its  streets were paved with gold. For, when you take God out of  a man's heart, you take the throb out of it and its faculty to be  glad. Search the highways of the ages and you will find that  they who were lonely there, and hopeless,- were those without  religion.  And, let us pray God that it will be true religion, free of bigotries and hates and strifes.  This is the^kind cf religion th at thcy will bring home with  them���������������������������foot and dragoon, soldier, sailor and marine who ground  the Hun to dust and made safe for liberty the four corners of  the earth ,.  Pf- Pent h" opened one of  the most modern Dental Tar-  lors in tbe JfHterior of ftritisb  Columbia in the W.. ft.  Smith t*locfc, above tbe Ok-  anngw Grocery, Vernon, J3.C,  VSpecial attention to out of  \       town patients,  Pbonf 343 or wmt for ���������������������������ppoint-  romt?.  DR. PENT  pwtut  vernon, r.c  mw in  ARMSTRONG  ladies' Suits  Men's Suits  Clothes Cleaned, Pressed  Altered and Repaired  j ALEX. ADAIR  for Sile By M icljoWan Hird/Vire Co.  r  Mcdajyi  London  St. John, N.I3.  Qang&  Toronto  Calgary  Montreal  Hamilton  ' Winnipeg  Edmon ton  Vancouver  Saskatoon  78  ;   -WHY-YOU-DON'T ANSWER ~ '    :.r,":?-^-* '%    .    V  .'  ^��������������������������� ' y    When "Mrs. Smith" filled the tele-  The, story-of the telephone, com-_ phone bells-.so they, might not ring  pany who requested its subscribers and wake the baby, it caused'"Mrs. .  not to place their spectacles'on top Jones" tb) report angrily (to the  of the telephone was true, because telephone s'company that rshe knew  any metal laid across the wires- or "Mrs. Smith" was home and that-  binding posts on top of the tele- "central" would not ringjier when.-'  phone will short-circuit the line so she called. - - -  "central" can't ring tlie telephone.      Take care of your Telephone.  mm.__w__\Sk  fetter swfcsctflae for  qp^e Commoner  -pew wWJe-tfte  subscribing is goo^  ^^^0*0***0*^***^^+**^^^0^0*^**'^*^**^*^0*^*B^'U������������������**^+*^0^*&^^0B*^0**^^0+***^*^^*^0*^^^^^^^^^^^  $2.00 Year  Armstrong and Enderby  Winter Crwm  The success or failure of a Creamtry Qcptntfa  largely on the amount of Winter Cream that cap be  secured.  We have made a success of the Creamery during the Summer and if we can, this coming winterf  keep up the output success is assured*  Our Pirector* appeal to you as a patron to  taHe advantage of the high prices which must be paid  for butterfat during the coming winter. Make preparations now for winter cream.  Our Pirectors also appeal to the small producer to continue patronage even though the amount  be small. A large number of small producers can  help out the output to a wonderful extent.  Nortftgrn OKanegan Creamei^ Ass-nv  Help Boost the District  by getting your friends to subscribe for  The Commoner.   ?2.oo hv tho vw. _i oo six months.  i,-.  t2--..4-  fr.Z-Zl  J11 8  OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY, SEPT. 26, 1918  If  The Corner Hardware  Electric Lamps   Tar Paper,  per roll   Building Paper  .. .....  Goil Oil, per gallon   Potato digging forks   Sack Twine, per lb. ........  Lanterns, each   : Flashlights ....... . ��������������������������� ���������������������������   12 ga. Shot Shells,   per box  22 Long Cartridges    "    "'  22 Short " "    '*  .......SO and-60c  ......... $l.SO       ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������   $1-25    *���������������������������-\JC  .......... $2.85  65c and$l,00  ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ��������������������������� ���������������������������   5p A ��������������������������� "53 v#  $100to$2 25  ... $135      SOc   40c  SPECIAL  FREE TRIAL  ������������������X  ���������������������������o  >o<  >o<  >o<  >o  ������������������><  ������������������><  ���������������������������o<  ���������������������������<o  ��������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  MacPhail-Smith Hard'e Go. Ltd.  CORNER HARDWARE ARMSTRONG, B. C.  PHONE 33  AVALON THEATRE  ARMSTRONG, B. C.  Wednesday, Oct. 2  Special Atti'aotion  Benefit of Soldiers' Comfort Club  8.30 P. M. SHARP  The Famous English Entertainer  LESLIE GROSSMITH  Refino.l   Humor,   Monologics,   Musical   Sketches.  Piano .Classic and  Burlesque/Songs, etc.  Admission���������������������������Reserved seats 75c, Unreserved seats 50c,   Children  half price.    Plan at Abbott's Drug Store  Reserved Tickets Admit to dance!!  We will send  this  new  EDISON DIAMOND AMBEROLA  and  selection  of  the  world's  best  music   to   your  home   for  FIVE DAYS' FREE TRIAL  If,  after so  hearing  you   decide  to buy it, you can pay cash or arrange    easv    terms    at    Winnipeg  prices.    Write TODAY to  THE HOOD STATIONERY CO.  Vernon,  B.rC.  The Ed son Distributors of  NEW EDISON  No  needles  to  change���������������������������unbreakable records.  I Our Mail Order Department  1:  v Is being: taken advantage of by more people every day���������������������������   y \  x   our choice is good���������������������������our goods guaranteed���������������������������if goods shipped   jj 1^  i)   are not satisfactory as regards quality and price, we will ac-   $ yff  cept .return  of same  and refund your money.   We prepay J -j*:  postage on all goods except groceries.   Let us demonstrate  |  the value of this department to you. U  8  I  i  0  0  5  0  0  5  0  i  5  jj  MEN'S SWEATERS  Mod's all wool knitted sweaters ���������������������������a very special line in large sizes only���������������������������very soft wove  but heavy and warm.     Sizes 40, 42,   44 ..  !������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������      ���������������������������  LADIES' HOSE  1  ���������������������������-***������������������������������������������������������  $8.50 S  1  I  c    j>l  50c  CLASSIFIED ADVTS.  2c a. word   first insertion; lc a word  thereafter.    25c minimum  HAVE a modern furnace-heated,  8-roomcd house, Kitsilano, Vancouver. 1 minute from water  and parkV- Will exchange my  equity for farm land near Armstrong. Apply Box K, Commoner  oflice,  Armstrong. GO  i* ���������������������������^��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������.  FOB SALE���������������������������Spring and fall oats  and rye;' 1G shoe drill; strawberry plants, good varieties. Apply Chub & Pemberton, Enderby  JL.OST���������������������������A M-k gold locket with "C  S." "either in Enderby or Armstrong. Finder kindly return to  A. (V Ska ling, "Enderby.  TOMATOES���������������������������Ripe or green (Beauties) 501b, 81.25. Order now a.s  thcy are at their best. Y\re deliver in town. Maw & Sons.  Phone F3009. 00-3  ^V^V^I-En^ln^rant^pIcassuiL^Lau-se.  and  rooms and board with piano  for   would   rent   same)   close   lo  centre of lown. Also to buy used  "typewriter  and   desk,  and  slightly used  car with, .starter.    Apply  SS'lifr.   Graham,   evaporator.   FOK     SALE ��������������������������� A-   few     vegetable  -. mr.rrow.     Splendid   for.  preserv-  ���������������������������ing, or a.s    a  vegetable.-- Mrs.  D.  (V Crozier,   Armstrong. GO  TO   LET���������������������������Thrcc-roomcd " furnished  house, -in..   Eastvjcw'.       Mrs.    0.  , Piilchett,' ArmslronU. GO  EOH SEH VI CI-:���������������������������-Purebred Yoi-k-  shire hoar. Turner & Donaldson,  Enderby.        ���������������������������  >   ���������������������������  Want a Tie Shed  Penman's special cashmere hose for ladies, in all sizes. The best value in cashmere hose you can  procure today. The dye in these hose is somewhat im perfect, try a sample pair at our risk 4������������������| aa  all sizes,    Having bought a very large quantity of these we can quote a special price of   ^l.UW  BOYS' HOSE  Boys' Rock rib and Hercules hose.    The best that money can buy.    Very strong, durable  rib wtth double knees, heels and toes     WOMEN'S GLOVES  Women's fleeced lined gloves, in grey and white, a very durable  glove  with a  very soft  fleeced lining, especially good value at ...". '��������������������������� ��������������������������� ���������������������������  SHEETINGS  Special value in 72 inch sheeting, bought early and in large quantities and following' out our  usual practice, we give you thc bendlit of our saving, A very fine quality and only *Js\c  oue bolt left    ':         f *,C  60c I  ^        VI  0  n  ? 'it  x    A  MIDDY CLOTH  bsautiEiilly finished   soft, even   weave,   without  a   flaw.  c     38 inch Turkish towels, special value.  TOWELS  Don't lose this one, per pair  Remarkably  good  value     AKn    v   * I  M  vi  60c  Try a special ial Morder.     If any article is not to your satis-   (J  faction, return it and your money will be cheerf all r efitnded   x  c   K  M  A petition was circulated ancl  signed by thc businessmen ancl  other ratepayers of Enderby  this week calling upon thc City  Council to erect on a suitable  site in thc city a tic-shed, with  ���������������������������the proper watering trough in  connection. It is understood  that Manager Lewis has volunteered i'or the Okanagan Saw  Mills, to furnish thc lumber if  tlie cily will build the shed. This  is a long-felt need,, and when  crectccrwill be greatly appreciated by all within the district  who havc occasion to drive to  Enderby- Another Jong-felt  want is a drinking fountain for  pedestrians. Thc City Council  some weeks ago look up this  matter, and it is understood is  progressing favorably.*'  (���������������������������'OR SALE���������������������������Three Jersey heifers;  hvo-ycar-olds. -Apply, -J. Mini-  sell,' Armstrong. 58-tf  VVANTEI)���������������������������100 hands for the Armstrong 'Evaporator; particularly  engineers, helpers and foremen  with experience; also bookkeeper  and stenographer.' Apply A." Carey,  manager. 3t  Over in thc Hood River, after  I ItcTTTnTffytnrT; Hi fwbor f y^crop^is1  harvested each season, the  growers set out tomato plants  between the rows of strawberry  plants and harvest tomatoes at  the rale of GO pounds from eacli]  plant, which they sell lo local;  canners a I $9 a Ion- ��������������������������� .  There are many people who  praise Cod from .whom all bless--,  ings flow and then proceed to'"  waste Ihem. ���������������������������;  Mr. Leslie Grossmith, the illustrious English society t entertainer, who is now making his  1918-19 tour of Canada under  thc management of G J. Dyke.  Mr. Grossmith is a member of  thc famous Grossmith family,  known throughout the English-  speaking world as entertainers.  Mr. Grossmith is giving a recital  in Armstrong on Wednesday,  Oct. 2nd, under thc auspices of  thc 'Home Comfort Club, and  will be followed by a dance..Mr.  Grossmith gives a varied program which is never tiring and  thorough lv enjoyable in every  part. The entertainer recognizes  thc value of humor, and his.one  hour ancl a half simply sprinkles  wilh a plentiful supply of clean  wit and mirthful laughter. His  program consists of what has  become known as "pianologucs"  ���������������������������musical sketches, songs, piano  .classics=amd ��������������������������� piano ..burlesque.  Thc recital will be given in the  Avalon Theatre.  Thc measure of. your love of  freedom is your .willingness to  deny yourself so'lhc strength of  the nation i'or war effort will.be  increased.  ' Self-denial must fake thc form  of inoncy'-'siiVin-g���������������������������thrill.  "We Okanagan Garage  Phone 77  Armstrong, B.C.  AVANTHD���������������������������Will pay cash for 10  good fresh cows. Must be heavy  milkers and test over 4 per cent.  C. M. Henderson, D.V.S., Phone  30-4,   Armstrong. 50-tf  I have a large list of enquiries  from the Prairie Provinces for  Blixed Farms and Stock ttanches.  Mail your'descriptions of properties direct to-the oflice.  GEO. MrCKLEBOROUGH  Box 3OH Vernon  LAYRITZ NURTERIES  Victoria, B. C.  I am now taking orders tor fall and  ���������������������������spring delivery.  H. A. ALLISON, Agent  Armstrong, B- C.  EVER HEAR  about thc auto owner who spent the  first year under his car seeing why it  didn't run instead of running it?  Well, lie never heard about thc expert  work in repairing done at our  AUTOMOBILE GARAGE  When wc fiix your car you know that  expert work has been done. It's the same  when we furnish supplies ancl accessories  vou know vou will be satisfied-  GROCERY BULLETIN  O^ilvie's   fleur  now  ia  stock,  also  tho   following substitutes: white corn flour, barley flour, out  flour and a full hue of cereals  Ready cut macron i in bulk, 2 pounds for 25c. Pickling spices of every "kind  Wilson. Lyth & Botlgorow vinegar in bulk, white wine or English malt, 75c per gal.      Tho most  reliable vinegar for pickling  Fresh fruit arriving- all the time  I  Foreman & Armstrong  Genera! Merchant!  The Pig Store  Send us vour  Armstrong, J5. C.  Can. Food Control License  No.- S-2i,3G6  >o< =*><>������������������  ><>  ���������������������������o<  x     ll  !!  I  j:  1-  ���������������������������1  j  >o*  >o*  4TUI*  WE AW ENGAGED  in procuring" for you the finest  Diamonds, Signets, and Wedcins?  Rings. Our line is complete ana  -i ncludes-the=finest^designs_ m  stone set rings for ladies and  gentlemen.  It gives us pleasure to snow  yoi our stock, and to tell you  whether you are ready to buy or  or not/ about our:  Subaerlptioua     |  ourl favorite    newspapers   rt  and magazines. IJ  Wc will  be  your  (j prtvnto Secretary  6   And save your time  and expeuce  -  of writing. >  fj Qur Prwg Srore Service  Is vours for  the asking.  UL  j, 8. T. APPOTT  .fUnrti gs,-Sta tioncry,.. aiid_Tobacco__St -i  K Armstrong, J3. C.        fl]  Shoes and Rubbers^ . Q.  Good Assortment.  Prices to fit you purse.  Children's Grain Leather Shoes, ill  Special prices $1.60 to $1.80. 11  Storm  Rubbers, all sizes. 1  Dry  Goods,  Hardware  and  Gro-\f  ceries. ' ,1  Drugs, Stationery and Toilet ac-/jl  ccssories.  ik  GX^WHA't MVP7CWAX  I  Up-to-date Jewelry  I  Armstrong  McLaughlin and Chevrolet Cars  TUNGST0NE STYLUS  Needle will play from 50 to 200  records  without changing.  Victor Records  90c for two selections  H. S. BEST  Armstrong,   B.C.  Court Armstrong  No. 3429  Meets 1st and 3.ul Monday eve in liall in  "���������������������������.-..���������������������������'  Brick-'Block'  WHOP*, CR.  FOR SALE.  Apply,   N.  Enderby. .  *Ti:' K.eh'.hy,  Giji-5't *���������������������������  10 MEN WANTEP  10. men wanted for concrete work  af Kelowna, B.C. Job will "last  untiil freeze up. Wages $i. 25  per 9 hour day. Apply F. W.  ,.,,_,,    . .Groves, District. Engineer,rKel-  6E0 MURRAY FIM 800'y' 0Wna������������������ B' C' 01' ������������������h'0ne W������������������ R' Reed'  GEO. MURRAY. FIN. 800 yK]owii^. fi  c  'fJTJ.isT your,Properties and House's;!  fo;; Sale or Rent.       ��������������������������� ���������������������������'  omNix o  Retail  Merchants Reorganize  Mr. Geo. S. Houghnni, Provincial organizer i'or the Retail  Merchants' Association of Can  We can supply your wants during    the. hunting   season.  Guns and Ammunition.   Heating Stoves, Cook Stoves, Ranges, ,-  --.;-������������������������������������������������������    - *      t    -"Furnaces; Pipes, .Elbows, Dampers..     We can satisfy all your ;,  Valley for the purpose ot row-. wants'in? tlie* heating-line.   **  ������������������������������������������������������ '  ganizing   the   several   branches, piunibing goods.    Granitware, Tinware and Shelf Hard  estabhshed in the Valley a lew ���������������������������     Estimates furnished on Plumbing and Heating work.  Mr. Hougham was  ada, is  visiting  the Okanagan  years ago       ^  in Armstrong on Monday, and  that evening thc merchants got  together and elected the following oflicers of thc reorganized  association: Prcs., H. C. Armstrong; 1st Vicc-Prcs., T. D.  Whitchousc; 2nd Vicc-Pres., E.  T. Abbott; Treas., A- D. Renault  and Sec, A. M. MacPhail.  FyiTON Hardware (i) I:  PLOMBING.HEATINGJINSMITHING


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