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Okanagan Commoner Sep 19, 1918

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 \>  1  [ARM  STRONG,  ' '..-���������������������������.  B.C.  iter  EN DERBY,  B. C.  IN WHICH IS MERGED THE ENDERBY PRESS AND ARMSTRONG ADVERTISER.  /OL. XV, No. 37 Whole No. 759  ARMSTRONG. B.C..    THURSDAY,   SEPT.   19,   1918  Subscription. $2.00 per vear: 5c the conv  BOARD OF TRADE  FORESTERS' PICNIC  [Business Meeting Held and Encouraging Interest Shown by  All Members Present.  At a meeting of the Armstrong Board of Trade ylast  jrhiirsday evening, in tlie City  lHall, the following members  Were present: Messrs. L. R.  ptokes, G. Lembke, Lee Morris,  U. Iddings, Gullivan, H. L. Payn-  ficr, I. Gibson, J. W. Bincklcy,  IV. C. Kitchen, J. Snecsby, C.  [Patten, R. Fowler, Rev. Miller,  l,T. Patrick, J. McArthur, B.  puthbert, Rev. Stott, H. A. Fra-  Hcr, R. Aslin. Sugdcn, F. T.  [Abbott, president, and thc scc-  'ctary.  It "was   decided   to  hold   lhe  First Annual Event Proves a  Big Success in Point of Pleasure for All.  Upwards of 75 Foresters and  their friends assembled at Long  ARMSTRONG CASUALTIES  The Names of Five Local Boys  Figure in the List of Wounded This Week.  Mr. E. Watson received word  last Thursday that his son; Pte.  Lake last Thursday, leaving Charles, had" been wounded  Armstrong at 2 p.m., where the On Sunday three wires were  first annual picnic of the local received in Armstrong, each  lodge was held, the happy pic- reporting the wounding of an  nickers getting back to town j Armstrong boy. First came  about 9.30. The event was aionc to Mr. W. H. Horrex, tell-  big success. There were races ing that his son, Pte. Dick had  for everybody who could run been, wounded in action; ncxt  and those who couldn't; there,Mr. T, McQuarric received the  were lug-of-wars for the menfolk and the womenfolk; races bcen put. out of action at the  for the children and refresh-,front, and last came a wire to  ments galore for all. Thc tug- J Mr. J. Wilson telling of thc  of-war for the womenfolk ere- wounding of his son Row  TRACTORS ARRIVING  Practical Evidence of the" Advancement of Farming in the  District.  D. A.; Cameron of Vancouver  is in Armstrong this week looking after the Massey-Harris im-  J plan ent company's interests,  and A. C. Potts of Calgary arrived on Wednesday to demon-  strate the Massey-Harris tractor. The Massey-Harris machine is a light traclor, while  that built by the Case company  PEACE PROPOSAL  Allies Not in Any Mood to Accept Austria's Get-Together  Proposition  The Austro-Hungarian government has invited all belligerent governments to enter into  non-binding discussions at some  neutral meeting place, with a  view to bringing about peace. In  extending the invitation to all  thc belligerent governments to  enter into non-binding discussions at some neutral meeting  place,     thc     Austro-Hungarian  ���������������������������cgular monthly meeting of the aic(\   some    excitement  and  a  joai-d on the 2nd Wednesday.    dcal of merriment.    Onc team  Mr. H. L. Payntcr was unan- iWas captained by Mrs. P. Kav  hnously  elected   vice-president,  -,nd onc bv Mrs. Hoag.    Tha"t  md thc following chosen on thc 0f Mrs. Kay won.   In "the men's  executive:,C. Patten, H. Logan, tug-of-war Bill Hope captained  IF. Fowler. . the losers and Harry Hope thc  Thc    President    stated    that winners. - The footraces for all  ������������������������������������������������������incc the-last meeting ihcy had classes  brought  out  some  sur-  hc pleasure of entertaining Mr. prises. Thc great feature of thc  ?.   C.   Wade,    thc    newly   ap- c{ny,   however,   was   thc   abun-  joinlcd agent general for B.C. c!aiU   supply   of . refreshments,  at London, Eng. Mr. Wade was icc  cream,  fruits,  elc.  on a tour of thc Province to ac-|0   it  is   lhe   intention   to  bring  piaint himself with  lhc condi- Uus picnic on earlier in the sea-  ions in every district previous scn, tJIKi t0 prcpare for it on  lo laking up Ins duties, and ho much larger scakf next vear.  jx pressed -himself    more   than ___________  lgrccably surprised at lhc con-:  litions   as   lhcy   existed   here.'    President Abbolt also reported |    qq   Wednesday    Sept    11th  that last week  there  was  sent  thc  rCuular'monllilv  shipment for atlcntioh of thc meeting was  rom Armstrong to the cxhibi- of ho -jlal suppUcs \vas slcnt lo|the  election   of  officers  and  a  tion booth at Sicamous, a con- .Vancouva-.    It consisted of the general discussion   of  the  feed  ugnment    of    limit    and  vege-, j-oliowjng.     15  day rshirts,  25'and   market   conditions.     The  suits pyjamas, 2 quilts, 98 pairs financial  statement  of   thc  as-  , socks. 44 operation stockings, 1 sociation  was rendered  by  the  jacket, 27 property bags. j secretary-treasurer and cnlhus-  Scutemher 25th.    What date iasticallv received by the meet-  is that?    It is a date to-be re-j ing.   All old business being dismembered as "it is the election, pensed .with, the meeting then  .of  ollicers   for  the  Red   Cross jwcrit ahead withitheelection of  of   tlie  members  of  thc Society for thc coming year. It"officers:  which  resulted  as fol-  011  thc death.'within  so js your, duty  to be, there.    As [lows:   Pros., J. E. Britton; vice-  a time of each other, of stated last week, two or three jprc's.. D. S. Long; scc.-treas., H.  two sons who died in thc Gf the more important officers.A. Allison. Executive Comittce:   is  much   heavier.'     Two    Case  sad news that Ins boy Bert had i tractors were unloaded at Arm-(government states that the ob-  strorig this week���������������������������12-25 gasject of thc conference is to'sc-  machincs���������������������������onc for W. J. Rott- cure an exchange of views, that  acker and one for Wm. Brown, would show "whether those prc-  A Massey-Harris 12-25 gas requisites exist winch would  tractori was unloaded at the nuuce the  same time for Hope Bros.  Fawners  interested in  learning the relative merits of these  ARMSTRONG RED CROSS  [tables  which   had  been , kindly  {contributed  by Mcssrs.Buckley,  JJ-uthbcrt and Maw & Sons..        |  A    resolution    of    sympathy 1  [was   unanimously   passed   con-  lycying  to  Mr.  and Mrs.  R.  S.  "recman . thc . heartfelt    sympathy  hoard  jshdrt  their  Mr. Wilson has four sons at  thc front. Two of them arc now  in hospitals from wounds received in action, and another  was wounded1 early in the war  and spent many months in the  hospital:  On Saturday Mr. T. Cox received word that his son, Ptc.  Albert had been wounded.  N. O. Foullry Assn. Meeting  The annual meeting of the  _ Northern Okanagan Poullry As-  a socialion wasTicld at Armslrong  on Tuesday.. Sept. 10th, in lhc  store of Foreman & Armstrong  and was very well attended. D.  S. Long, vice-president, was in  thc  chair.    Thc chief business  the  the'general  25 'and  tractors havc planned to get up  spcedv  of   peace  promising." V  The   Austrian   proposal   sug-  ncgotia tions  gests  that  thcrc will bc no m-  a plowing competition or dem-1 tcrruption of the war, and thc  onstration,  between   them,  and j discussions would go only so far  it is  understood  the agents  of | as , considered   by   thc   parlici-  bolh   tractor    companies    havc!pants to offer prospects of suc-  agreed   to  meet  each, other' at'cess,  thc Stennev ranch, Friday and  Saturday,  Sept.  20th and 21st,  when  thc merits of  thc  heavy  machine and of thc lighter one  will bc demonstrated.  Thc proposal,calls for all  How They Routed the Hun  following letter was rc-  the belligerents to send delegates  i to a confidential and non-bind-  ' ing discussion on the basic principles for thc conclusion of  peace in a place in a neutral  countrv and at a date which  would have to bc agreed upon."  Thc conference would be onc  of "delegates who . would be  charged to make known to onc  Tlie newspaper, however, declared peace conditions must  throttle German militarism and  expressed the belief tliat it will  lead to tlie end of the war.  Pointing out that the peace  offer comes from the quarter  where for tliree years the Allies  have felt it would come, the  Times said: "It comes in a form  which the Allies may confidently believe tliat it will lead to the  end of the war. Tlie custom and  practice of nations demands that  this invitation to enter into the  perliminarie.'; of peace deserve  the most serious and respectful  attention of the governments to  which it is addressed."  Commenting on causes for  the proposal, it said: "For the  actual and moving cause of the  inauguration!proposals we must look lo the  appear battlefields of France. r Tlie  French, British and American  troops, under command of Marshal Foch, the advancing and  victorious legions under Haig,  Pctain and Pershing, have sue- .  cceded in bringing about this  complete change,in the minds  and in the attitude toward the  war- of Vienna and Potsdam.  Thc refluent current that? began  to bear thc Germans back from  thc Marne on Julv 18, has never  ceased its irrcslible sweep, extinguishing their last hopes of  victory. St. Mihiel conies as an  admonition of pending and  resistible  disaster." ..  ires  Commenting on  what  might  another the conception of their .]3C forced froinithe Central Pow  governments    regarding    those  ers,   the  newspaper said:   V'A  peace lhat would leave Germany  master of the East -would be a  Service    of     their     King    and will  not  stand "for re-election, 1H. C. Armstrong, R. Arnott, S  country at the front. . *   Iso come prepared to fill these E. Thomas, J. Storr, W. Hope,  F.    Fowler    mentioned    the vacancies.   -_ I J. H. Crofts; also the president,  Inattcr. of lhc evaporator. It; The next meeting of the!vice-president and secretary for  Wild bc started if there, was a Woman's Club will be held at Armstrong }f. p. Waby. G. H-  Inarito run it., Mr. Gibson the Church of England Parish Smedlcv. JS. Sparrow for Endcr-  jtated that, a wife had conic flail, Enderbv. on Saturday, bv, and J. R. Con wav, J. G; ������������������d-  Ihrough to Mr. W. Watson to Sept. 21st, at 2.30 p.m. Speaker, wards nnd R. N. Clerke for Verbid he was MiSs Seymour,  subject,  "State non.   Show secretary: H-A. AJ-  Ict the plant ready,  [nablc to take it over.    Jt was Endowment of Motherhood."  Iccidcd  to sec  what could  pe  |!one in the mailer.  f\ev.   Miller  brought   up  the  hatter of the drill liall, which  le said was not being used at having severed his connection  Jig present time for any pur- with the staff of the pig Cash  lose whatsoever, and that it Store, fo take up similar duties  ���������������������������ould be best to take up the at New Westminster, Messrs  hatter of its use by the boys of foreman & Armstr  he city and district, with Pr. Iv.nouncc that thev Jiav  Experienced M*wt ta Charge  Mr.   Chas.   M-   Wagget,  As  lison: show superintendent, S.  S. Thomas; Show Committee,  H. A. Allison, J. E. Rritton, D. S.  Long, ff. C Armstrong, S. JS.  Thomas, J. t\. Conway, H- ���������������������������������������������  Waby.  The chief tonic under "New  Business" was the feed question;  and the meeting was fortunatei there are about 12 railway en-  Thc  ceived by Mr. Maw, of- Knob  Hill, from his son. Ptc. Arthur,  of the 47th Battalion, C company: I principles, ancl to receive all  "France, Aug. 15.���������������������������Dear Dad: j communications as,, well as tp  I received your most welcome' request and give frank and can- crime against ourselves and our  letter", last night; also thc one of did explanations of all those posterity. Control -of vast rc-  the week before, but have not points which need to be precise-! qiohs where she could renew  had any time to write, as you ly defined." , |hcr now diminished strength,  will have seen by thc paper that j ��������������������������� A London dispatch says: she must once and for all time  we havelbccn in one of the big-] "Austria's invitation to the bcl- J renounce. The restorations and  gest yejt; Say, >ve sure-routed ligcrcnts to mept-in formal dis-'separation^ to be decreed"in the:  him: out: Have chased him 14] cussidhs^otVpcacc is" given a West"arc equally*'indispensable,  miles up to here, with more to. warm reception in the London hut reiteration has made than  come. We had some. hard 'morning newspapers. Thc familiar."  times,, but I never got a scratch.; warmth, however* is hot that of  We captured all kinds of stuff, cordiality, but. of indignant re-  and ate lots of German dope, pudiation.. The note is seen by  At one place wc made German,commentators as / a. Gcrman  coffee. JHis bread is awful dope trick in which Austria is made  ���������������������������as black as dirt itself���������������������������but the catspaw in ,an endeavor to  some of his tinned meat and gain time to enable the Gcrman  vegetables are not so bad- We (high command to reorganize its  got all his guns, and machine shattered troops. The offer1 of  guns by the thousands. Pclievc peace to Belgium is regarded as. Hospital  me, he- made things interesting a shameless insult. I 'J|  for us, but he is a good runner. I *'The Austrian note docs-not  However, he could not always. bring real peace any nearer."  get away. At one place, not a; says the Express. "Jt is true 'all  thousand miles from here, our peoples long for a speedy end of  cavalry captured a whole train, the struggle,'but the Aliics have  bf Hhiies. Some six hundred, stated their perliminary condi-  They just marched back with- tions. They arc: Withdrawal  out a fight.   At the same station from Belgium and France; ab-  ���������������������������vy  BUILDING A RECORD  Enderby Hospital Already Has  218 Patient Days Recorded  Out of m Days      - ������������������        .  VI  vl  , ately been able lo secu  I vices of Jrl Dawson, who takes  charge of the dry goods, men's  furnishings   and   shoe   depart-  , ments.    Mr. Dawson, who is a  Ldry_. goods. a nd. shoc-m a n^ofVL-5  MacDonald and the Minister  If ISlilitia to sec what ecu Id be  lone in thc matter.    It was to  understood    that    the   hall  Jould be in charge of a rcspon-  Jblc_committee.  -   ^  rMr^CuLlT!J^ri5r6ulh"up tlTc years' experience in some of thc  flatten of the disgrace!ul state; principal  cities  of  the  cast  as  thc windows in   thc Agncul-; wcn as Calgary, Lethbridge and  Jiral   sheds,    lhe   glass   being! olher western .points,   has  rc-  Iniost all  broken, and hc was!CCnlly been an active fraternal  the  opinion   lhat  a   reward j insurance    man,    having    had  liould be offered  for the con-j charge of  the field' advertising  rong an- in having in attendance Mr. Gib-lgn<* all in good running order and  :e fortun- son, director of elementary ag- Well I will tell you about it Jhe  re the ������������������=cr- ricuJtural education from  Vic- w������������������c������������������ I get home. Uon  toria, who gave a short address  and gave thc mccling much valuable information in this line.  The meeting also discussed at  length a_lcttcr_.addresscd_to-this  To BuiJd a Packing House  association  along with  other ��������������������������� associa tions in  The  Kelowna   Courier  slates  that thc_Singer_Fruit .Co., Ltd.?      _   (he ofTEdinonton, will"l)uild a large Hindenburg  the" Prov-1 Packing   house   at   lhat   point., lo pull his armies  all  fction of those who were guilty:and organization work for thc  these acts.   I hc matter was|]n(|cpcm|cni Order of Foresters  1 ferred to the Agricultural So-,j-or  t|,c  Pacific coast  territory,  incc in regard to a Jiifi convention to be held in thc board of  trade rooms iri "Vancouver on  Sept. 20, dealing wilh the two  big problems confronting the  poultrymen in this Province at  the present time, namely: the  procuring of sufficient feed  to  together. Nc-|  This decision was reached as gotiations mean a practical ar-  the result of thc laree business misticc. Germany's note to Bcl-  donc at Kelowna this season ! gium is another Brest-Litovsk  by thc Singer Company. This scheme, and part of lhc same  will bc interesting io many in scheme of preserving thc powcr  Armstrong, where, it was" bc-'of the Hohenzollcrns. They who  licved, lhc firm would make ils drew the sword arc scheming  hadquartcrs.    It was Mr. Sing-'lo   save   themselves   from   pcr-  notc  Nurse McPherson has made  good as matroi. of thc Enderby  At least it" would  seem so from the number of  patients, she has cared for during the short time shc has been  in charge, and tlie general satisfaction expressed by patients.  Two hundred patient days have  becn reelcaiced, since Che hospital was reopened. It is thc  purpose of the Hospital Board  to apply to the Government for  hospital aid as soon as the rc-  ,,      r.    ,    ,   n ^^-li quired 300 patient days arc re-  thc   Central   Powers   will cor(iccj f  agree to these conditions. It is, Doila{ions^cceLvecl since opening  just an invitation to a secret of Hnspjtnl on April .22nd, 1918:  conference at which bargains. Crenm���������������������������Airs. .Tones, Mrs/ Ifornell,  can bc Struck and'the destruc-i , Fruit���������������������������Mrs. Woods. Mrs Nichol,  tion nl' milit'irkm nrpvonlnr! Mls- -'ohnston. Mr. Aldin, Mrs. Har-  tion   .^_UHmdl'SUl   Picycnic.(l._|ljs   yU.s^QPperishaiiscrrMrsr*ai<>\^  wants tunc ;!t.  rogation   of   the   JBrcst-LitovsJ;  Bucharest    treaties,    etc.  'here is not the faintest sugges-.  *5  the following contributions re-  .question   as;-.-tO!ceived..si        publication - e the  ;neiis of the hot- last m.  impe  fo\\ers and produce dealers of  [e city and district.   This mat-  ��������������������������� evoked' considerable discus-  pn in which many members  fok part, but it all simmered  i>wn to lhe question as to  nether the ow  |m land would refuse to rent  Chinese.    If  they did  this,  ]e< who-lie question would  be  lived.  J Messrs. Gibson and Iddings  loved that H. A. Fraser and  [ryor Wright be appointed as  jlegates to the Good Roads  Invention at Penticton, and  pt they be instructed to bring  the noffce of thc convention  Is utmost desirability of the  [vernment taking in hand the  |>rk of constructing that piece  road, yet unfinished, be-  leen Mara and Sicamous Junc-  ln.  Enderby Patriotic Fund  convention will be addressed by  the most expert authorities in  rp,    .        , ^     ...1    n       v     ithe" Dominion,   further   details  _ pie treasurer of the Canadian.of   which   wilV be   announced  Patriotic    Fund    acknowledges jt  company  W. J. Fenton   ......  A. Reeves   .........  Mrs. ;* Reeves   . ......  Miss Laing   . .   Okanagan Saw Mills  T.  M.  Lewis   ......  F.' Davies      J.   Nichol   A.   Black   .....   T.  Kneale      Sing   .   Luka  Singh      Total   .   P 2.00  2.00  2.00  -t.no  10.00  10.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  2.00  1.0*0  Last week Mr. W. W. Rogers  shipped two carloads (35 tons)  of fruit to the Singer Fruit Co.,  of Edmonton.  carry-j came.within a few hours of thc  to  speech   of  Vice-chancellor~von  erect a warehouse here to take  Payer,"   Mr.   Balfour  said.     "I  aire of the produce to be ban- cannot -believe it is the enemy's  warrant lhe  ing out its  original intention  Vegetables���������������������������Mrs. Jones, Mrs.  Johnston, Mrs. Rosnnuui. Mrs.  Walker, Mrs. Folkard, Mr. Gretton,  Mrs. Gray.  Chicken���������������������������Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Miller  and  Mrs. Pacey.  Flowers and Plants���������������������������Mr. Gretton,  Mr. Sparrow., Mrs. Reeves, Mrs.  Matcher. Mrs. Raxter. Mrs. Gray,  Mrs. Faulkner, Mrs: Robbs.  Ire���������������������������Mr.   Win.   Woods.  Euqs���������������������������Mrs. Gray, Mrs. SniecMcv.  Linen���������������������������Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Miller,  Mrs.   Spcer.s.  Rath   Sheets���������������������������Mrs.  Stevens.  Raby  Rasket���������������������������Mrs.  Walker.  Wood���������������������������Mr.  Rands. Mr.  Kenny.  Repair Work on  Red Spring and  Fracture  Cradle���������������������������A.  McPherson.  Alcohol Lamps���������������������������Mr. A. Reeves.  died by the company.  Mr. Frank Conklin, of Vernon, is a Fair exhibitor this  week, and is the guest of Mr.  and Mrs. D. G. Crozier.  sr sr sr sr  ...���������������������������s    ���������������������������    ���������������������������    ���������������������������  X  . $33.00  The auction at J. C Adams  Jewelrv Store will be continued  on Friday Evening- and Saturday  Evening.     Everybody Welcome.  X\  X  fcr  x  JS  hi-  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXxx2  X  X  FALL  FAIR    TODAY  Armstrong's Fall Fair is today in full swing. A most  satsfactory exhibit is packed in Agricultural Hall, and  the attendance is, if anything, exceeding expectations. In  every department an excellent quality of exhibition stock  is shown, with competition keen.  The poultry exhibit is said to be the largest in many  years, and the live stock section is far ahead of last  year's display.  x  x  X  t������������������ %������������������ it it it it \i \t \L VL it  fc' ** ������������������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������>������������������ <.rsr  *s rs rs  #^ rs  *s js is rs rs js js  #% js  #s js jsjs  X  desire to arrive at an under  standing which we can'-possibly  accept. It* is an attempt to weaken the forces which are proving  f00 strong for .-thein in the field.  I am sure it cannot produce  peace, and I am just as sure it  can not divide the Allies. When  the Germans try to dress themselves up in President Wilson's  clothes.or'try to play a part they  think Wilson wants them to  play, they are clumsy actors."  U. S. Opinion  While it is reported that the  United States willhave nothing  to do with thc Austrian proposal, the New York Times in  an editorial urged that the Allies age. Wealthy  accept   the   Austrian   proposal,  a   good   crop.  B. C.'s Fruit Crop  .The apple crop in thc inland  valleys of British Columbia will  average about ten per cent less  than- in   1917  but  is  of better  quality and si/c.    Weather conditions have becn     particularly  favorable.    In  thc west end di"  thc "Kootenay Valley there was  considerable frost  injury early  iin the season, but in othcr parts  I of thc Valley there will be an  ��������������������������� appreciable   increase   over   last  Ivcar's  output.    It is estimated  Lhat thirty-five cars will bc sent  from Grand Forks.  In lhc Okanagan Valley there  is a slight decrease as compared  wilh last year. Jonathans arc  particularly light, and mosl  later varieties  are below aver-  ind Mcintosh arc OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY,   SEPT.   19,   191S  SUNSHINE SERMONS  Cheerful Guldtnc* to a Happier. Healthier Life  By the Phlloeopher-Phyeiclmn  GEORGE F. BUTLER, A. M., M. D.  Laughter  I*  undoubtedly  ene  of  Nature'*  greatest tonics.    It  brings  the   disordered   faculties  and  functions   Into  harmony,   It  lubricates  the   mental   bearings,  and prevents th* friction which  monotonous,  exacting    business  engenders.     It   Is  a   divine  gift  bestowed upon us as a life preserver, a health promoter, a Joy  generator,     a    6ucce������������������s     maker.  Life   with   the  average   man   la  too serious  at best.    Never loso  an  opportunity    for    relaxation  from   the   stress   and   strain   of  your    business    or    profession.  Every draught of laughter, like  an   alr-cushlon,   eases  you   over  the Jolts and the hard places on  life's     highway.     It     tends     to  bring- every  abnormal  condition  back  to  the   normal.     It o is     a  panacea for heartaches, for life's  bruises.     It   Is   a   life   prolonger.  "Laughter   is   a   positive   sweet-  ner   of   life,   but,   like   good  coffee,  It  must0 be well  cleared  of  the grounds of ill will.    There is  nothing   on   earth   more  delightful   to   listen     to     than     witty  laughter,  and  nothing  more tormenting     than    the    silly    and  causeless  cachination  of - fools.  Between   a   laugh   and   a   giggle  there  is the  width  of the  horizon."    Commend   me to a  good  laugh���������������������������not   to   a   little   snickering    laugh,   but    one    that   will  sound   right  through  the  house.  The  first   duty  we  owe  a  child  is to teach It to fling out its Inborn  gladness and Joy with the  same freedom and abandon that  the bobolink does when It makes  the  meadow    Joyous    with    It*  song.    Learn to    laugh, and  laugh aloud.  '11  jj    C;in   Food    Hoard   Uiconcs No. S-6337    XJ  I   SWEET PISCUI1S    8  fi   Speoinl per tin 23c (J  CPSHE PRAWN'S  I  I)   Per  tin 40c  =  5   PORK AND Pf ANS  X   2 tins for 25c  tyAUMNS PEST,    jj  I       EXTRACTS  5   2 ox.  bottles   25c U  j ���������������������������   MALKINS PEST      jj  I    BAKiNG POWDER    jj  (J   Per can      SOc  s  8   STRONG  PICKING   8  jj -VINEGAR- 4  1!    IV.r km 1    75c   fi  ;i Piiips ������������������ Whitehouse |  fl        Phone 43    Armstrong        v  Q)<=>()<���������������������������>0<=>0<=>O<���������������������������:_>(X=>0<  .������������������������������������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������������������r**������������������* *_**���������������������������.**���������������������������������������������* *  !  I  t  i  MAT. HASSEN  Auctioneer and Livestock  Salesman  ARMSTRONG       B.C.  I li.'ivc a wide acquaintance  umongst buyers. Consult me  when you want to hold a sale.  Also send me particulars of any  surplus stock you wish to dispose  ol".  ���������������������������1  PHONE No. 34  KK"!'W*������������������>W'4<"!������������������MKMM,*WW  I PAY CASH for POULTRY  and EGGS  Shipments  solicited   whether  large    or    small.      Remittance  made on day oi* receipt of goods  at prevailing market prices.  A   E  SAGE       Armstrong. B.C.  Canadian Crop  Conditions Improved  Reports' on conditions of field  in  Canada at the end of  rops  iugust  just issued by the Dominion Bureau ���������������������������of? Statistics are  cf interest.  In the Atlantic Provinces, hay  crops will bc up to average. Thc  small fruits are medium, crop  early. Harvesting started with  indication of heavy crop. Slow  growth in corn. Potatoes promise an excellent crop. Nova Sco  tia: Roots and grain  parts of the central districts  frost has inflicted serious damage, varying,, from 5 to 75- per  cent. Indian Plead: All grain  has filled exceptionally well; no  damage from frost, hail or rust  reported from this district. Seventy-five per cent of wheat cut.  Conditions have improved a  great deal and yield* will be  heavier than first expected,  while sample will be exception-  made ex-'ally good.    Scott: Fine weather  the casualties reported were a  heartrending  percentage.  '"Geographical remoteness  from tlie scene of conflict has  made Canada's..war -work, dillicult. Her achievements have  given added lustre by the dillicullies overcome. As the former President says: 'She has  spared neither sons nor treasure  lo help licr alma mater to save  the world.'"  Provincial Tax Sale  Thc  date  for  the  tax sale of lands in  taxes due to the  to and including December  Provincial  arrears of  up  31,  government  cellent   growth      Potatoes   and prevailing; some rain late in the -1915, has been fixed for October  -       -" - -   in potatoes month.   Wheat harvest well ad- 24 next.   Announcement to this  Blight  beans fair  prevalent. Hay slightly below  average, but cured in good condition. Turnip, feed ripening  nicely. Grains which are an  excellent crop .have ripened well  and considerable has been harvested. Roots are looking well.  Potatoes havc shown considerable early blight. Apples a  nieduim crop. New Brunswick:  Conditions good for an average  hay crop. Grain ripening well.  A record yield of wheal and oals  now assured. Corn is generally  good quality bul yield is disappointing. Turnips good where  not attacked by aphis.  Quebec. Robcrval: Hay harvest has becn comparatively  good. Fres Is in certain places  has injured tobacco and potatoes. Cereals are ripening well  and promise a good yield, especially wheal. Ste. Anne dc la  Pocalie-re: Weather condilions  favorable i'or "ripening of cereals, lhc first sown of which  are very good. Laic sown cereals will probably nol ripen. Potatoes injured by blight and  drought of late dale lessens the  prospects of a general and a  heavy yield. European plums  a failure: apples half a crop.  Hay good. Cap Rouge: All the  grains very-good, except barley  which is good. Early potatoes  are extra; late potatoes arc beginning to , sutler from late  blight. Apples arc poor and no  plums to speak of. Roots I'or  stock arc good, but corn for  silage, is lhc worst crop in years.  Lcnnoxville: Hay, average crop.  The grain harvest is onc of the.  best for some timcV Roots are  promising; silage cor,n poor.  Makamik: Haying done; qualj  it}', fair. Yield of early sown  corn probably 15 per cent above  average; late sown very ' poor.  Vegetables average, though potatoes badly frosted in places.  o Ontario. Thc Ontario department" of "agriculture reports fall  wheat is a 50 per cent crop of  good quality. Barley, oats and  spring wheat arc well harvested  and the yields and quality of  grain are excellent, and straw  is clean. Peas good; beans fair;  silo corn promising; early potatoes fair; late ones poor. Roots  arc now recovering from  drought, pastures arc reviving.  The labor situation during harvest was nicely met. Ottawa  (Central experimental -farm):  The harvesting of grain is nearly completed, and thc threshing  yields arc extra good, being decidedly above average. The  corn crop is not quite up to the  average; it is very good in some  sections, particularly near Ottawa, but _in other _placcs_il is  "hoi so good, owing to-the unfavorable weather and poor  seed. Rods are a fair crop, recent rains having benefitted tur-  nins and mangolds very materially.  Manitoba. Mordcn: (Experimental Farm): Probably fifty  per cenl of lhe grain crops are  already cut and nearly as much  in slook. The heads arc especially well-filled and the kernels  are plum]). The wheal crop will  be above, average in lhis section  wilh oats and barley bumper  crops. No hail or frost injurs",  but rusl prevalent. Rust and  weather have combined to make  harvest dillicult. No threshing  has been done. Potatoes, promise to he a record-breaker; at  least 40 bushels to the acre on  this farm. Many vegetables  slow lo ripen on. account of cool  weather and great rainfall..  Saskatchewan. Thc Saskatchewan department of agriculture reports lhat lhe recent rain  has changed conditions in tlie  southern and central parts of  the province for thc belter, and  the crop yield will be more than  anticipated. The southwestern;  and west "central sections report  that while thc rains came too  late to increase the crop yields  to any great extent, yet the later  sown grains will he greatly benefitted and will result in much  more feed than was thought to  be available. In the northwestern, northeastern, and northern  vanced, but extremely light; the effect was made by HonVJohn  early oat crop is poor.    Some Hart, minister of finance. It has  late crops will require three or been decided that townsites will  four weeks free from frost. Bar- not be put up for sale this year  ley improved.   Potato crop gen  era lly very late.  There has not been a Provincial tax sale for a number of i  Alberta.    Thc Alberta depart- years   and   there   has ,a ecu mil-  ment of agriculture reports that luted a large amount of arrears  thc harvest is in full swing m  thc province and a fair crop is  being reaped. Outlook in Peace  River <lislrict very optimistic,  j Weather somewhat irregular;  {considerable rain having fallen  in mans' parts. Outlook for the  livestock problem promising.  Lacombe: Rains havc greatly  benefit led green feed and pastures and relieved thc feed situation very materially. Later  grain i'or -threshing also filled  holier than expected at time.  Lethbridge:    Thc wheat harvest  \lbcrla is  i  thc greater portion of which the  government hopes will be realized at the forthcoming sale,'  either through owners paying  "up before the sale or through  purchase money paid at the  lime of sale.  Two Per Cent Too Strong  Major  Megraw,  inspector   0?  Indian  agencies,  has written  a  strong letter lo thc Vernon Cily  Council   protesting  against   thc  sale of 2 per cent beer and cider  in southern Alberla is well ad-l 1������������������   Indians,   who   imbibe   these  venccd.    In  many localities, in] drinks   in   unlimited   quantities  drier districts, ii is already completed, and threshing in isolated  CHARM UNIVERSAL  HEATERS  For 21% foot wood  "   2rvt>   "       "  27K  $16.00  $1S.00  $21.00  These stoves have a heavy  p'olshcd . steel body, cast , top  and bottom, heavy 11111115,  nickle swing top, end door,  side foot rails and air  dampers.  tight  Stove pipe, stove pipe elbows, stove board?, stove pipe  wire, stove pipe  T's, roofssheets, etc.    We are well stocked in   all'these  lines  and   will  be  pleased to give yon prices.   rMcClary steel ranges always on hand  Maolachlan Hardware Co.  ARMSTRONG, BC. PHONE   47  cases started,  province  will  This part oi" thc  produce enough  wheat for seed next season and  have some lo spare, but the oat  and barley crop is almost nil.  British Columbia. Agassiz:  Unsatisfactory harvest weather  during August. Precipitation,  7.941 which is 5.3 higher than average for last 27 ycars. Grain  badly discolored; a quantity  germinated in sheaf; straw only  fit i'or bedding. Roots promise  good crop. Potatoes blighted.  Second crop of clover much improved. Invermcrc: Crops  generally under irrigation arc  very good; dry farming results  poor. Heavy crop of second cut  clover and alfalfa has been cut.  Wheat, barley, corn and roots  very good; oats fair. Summer-  land: Apricots, <pcachcs, plums  and pears exceeded expectations. -Winter apples, owing to  size, may reach". 75 per cent of  last year. Much hay was harvested in poor condition on account of rain, but rain has assisted dry farmers. Some farmers who expected nothing will  be able lo cut grain for hay.  Sidney, V. I. All crops harvested  in good condition. Quarter of  threshing done. Very dry. Difficult to plo-\y. Pasture short;  extra feeding necessary for  dairy cattle. Live stock being  slightly reduced. Feed of all  kinds high in price.  Iwhen opportunity offers and  frcciiicntly become intoxicated.  lie urges That as the sale of  any intoxicant to Indians is forbidden hy the Indian Act. hotels  and olher piaccs dealing in  drinks should bc prevented from  selling to Tndians.  He asks thc council lo issue  orders to thai effect and to pass  a resolution asking thc Federal  government to amend the act  so as to :inakc the sale of near  beer and cider lo Indians  Are vou groingr to do any  Building- or Repairing  This Season ?  THE FOLLOWING ARE GOOD VALUES:  No.  -1  Ceiling, Flooring and  Sit  No.  2  Dimension,  2x<l  nnd  2x6  .$18.00 per thousand  Green  Blocks      Planing .Mill Wood  $18.00 per thousand  ..    $2.00 per load  2 2^  illegal.  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. Enderby  Well Pone, Canada  Commenting on the speech of  ex-President Taft printed in the  Philadelphia Public Ledger, thc  Seattle Posf-lntclligencer says,  editorially:  "Well done, Canadians. You  a re=a^gr-ea Upeople,-a n cUyo iumay:  proudly stand among the nations who are saving the world.  "In these words Williai- Howard Taft, in lhe Philadelphia  Public Ledger, pays tribute to  Canada's magnificent contribution in thc war. The record is  both brilliant and inspiring.  Wilh a population of 7,500,000  she has seal nearly -=100,000 men  overseas lo date, and this number is increased lo -1-10,000 by  the expeditionary force now organized and ready to sail. A  home forcc of 1 .'5,000, an aerial  force of 1.-5,000. and many auxiliaries* further increase the total  contribution of man power to  180,000. This means that  six and four-tenths per cent of  hcr population has in four years  been drawn into the Allied service.  "To duplicate this record the  United States would have to create an army of 6,400,000 men.  "Canada's outlay for trie war  already exceeds a billion dollars  and she has raised ninety millions by subscriptions to the Red  Cross and kindred causes. In  casualties she has suffered griey-  iously. Statistics eloquently bespeak the fact that her part in  the war has bcen a fighting part.  The aggregate number oi' Canadians killed, wounded and  missing is 160,533, or about 46  nor cent of thc whole overseas  force of 400,000. The heaviest  losses were sustained in lhe big  drives in 1916 and 1917, when  -  fininreipgmm^  J,ET THE COMMONER WW YOU MAW  BUSINESS FOR YOURSELF, ANp H0J4) THE  business of the pjstrjct jn the pis-  TRICT. THE COMMONER IS HERE TO HELJ������������������  VOU. PT CO-OPERATING WE CAN jfQEP  JN TPE PJSTPTCT TJJOJJSANpS OF POL.  J.AJIS EACH MONTH, ANP AT THE SAME  TIME GIVE TO THE PUBLIC THE COM-  PRETEST SATJSFACTJON AS TO PRICE,  QUALITY ANP SERVICE.  THE PUSJNESS JS JJERE.     JT JS UP TO  YOU,  MR.  BUSINESSMAN,   TO   GET  VOUR  SHARE.   JF YOU ARE NOT,  ^JTJSUP TQ'YQU!   HELP US TO MAKE THE COMMONER  AN AIP TO YOU IN BUSINESS.  HELP US TO PUT THE COMMONER INTO  EVERY HOME FROM LARKIN NORTH TO  SICAMOUS.  HELP US TO MAKE THE COMMONER A  BUSINESS GETTER FOR EVERY BUSINESS  ENTERPRISE IN THE PISTRICT.  HELP US TO MAKE IT THE MEPIUM TO  WHICH AUL MAY LOOK TO FOR THE BEST  STAPLE GOODS AT THE LOWEST LIVE-  ANP-LET-LTVE PRICES.  HELP US TO MAKE EVERY "AP" SPEAK  FOR QUALITY AND RELIABILITY.  I  *%���������������������������  Phones���������������������������29 Enderby; 35 Armstrong.  A call will bring our ad man to see yon, with  illustrations and suggestions for business-pulling,  interest-awakening, and good-will building ideas.  These will cost you nothing, but advertising  space in the Commoner will cost yon 40c per  column inch, transient, and  25c an inch each  insertion on contract.  The rest is up to you.  Okanagan Commoner  Armstrong or Enderby.  fsmssmm aaasaaaaaaooa aapraaraanaooaa! THURSDAY, SEPT. 19, 1918  OKANAGAN COMMONER  ���������������������������������������������? *r *** *s* *t* *#��������������������������� ������������������s������������������ # .*������������������* *fr ������������������������������������������������������ ������������������?.���������������������������? *r *r ������������������c" *** '������������������* #*���������������������������  n *J *) *2 *$  The Real "U" in Community Upbuilding y  ^ ^ % ^ # # # ^ # # *������������������ 4 es*' ^ 4t 4s # # 4,4, 4* 4. *g* 4*,  That each one of us must play j of home consumption, in order  our part, must do our share, to that thc necessary nourishment People  hands.   As we stand at tlie base j  of a mountain wc arc. awed l)3rj  ils majesty: having topped it wc J  recognize ourselves as its mas  ler.     Get busy!  make our community life as  near to the ideal as possible, is  very true. It takes all classes  lo make up a desirable and pro  for healthy home growth be at  hand.     We   should   make   this  our permanent patriotic policy  ���������������������������our unalterable resolve���������������������������and  BIBLE NOT A TRICK BOOK  Spiritual  Cannot    Do  Stunts With It  grcssive community.    But who \ we should glory in the sland, for ; itu- plexus blow,  is it, after all, who is really in- it will bring rich rewards !  welfare   of |     Starve your home trade and parativcly  Sometimes      thc  theological professors get a  says  thc Rev.  Charles Sickle, because a corn-  regular"  so-  Who  is  it  dispcnsible   lo   the  your  home   town?  who is the real "U" in commun-'dwindle on an empty stomach 'lot more about the deeper truths  lty/���������������������������lsil not lhe man of busl" aml    shattered    hopes.      Don't of the Bible and religion  ncss?     Certainly!     In  this  age  think  you   can   get  by  if  you they do.  g    is    subservient    to simply buy the essentials of life i     This   reallv  should   not  sur-  you   must   "hit   the   trail"   or j proves   that  uneducated      man  he   understands   a  than  what to do in a particular case,  the case of political and business have his headquarters  in D  lhat isn't what the Bible is for advance under prohibition, Mr. jctlin and Mr. Bayley in Palm  ���������������������������it   isn't   a   irici  which    you    can  stunts.   "The  onlv  book,   wilh Bayley logically unfolds the san- ston North.  )un-  imcr-  do    spiritual ity of fhe movement, while Mr.  way  to  find Simpson carries thc Labor men  everything    is    subservient    to simply buy the essentials of life j     This   reallv  should  commerce.  Commerce,  deny it at  your home business  piaccs, prise   them,   because  the  Bible  as you will, sets the pace���������������������������and while  you  send  away  for   the itself   tells   us   God   sometimes  ���������������������������������������������n.?\l 9ome tumbhng after.       (cream of your requirements. No hides thc truth from "thc wise  lhis is a national truth, and;one can bc half drunk and re-' and the prudent" and reveals it  a  communal  truth.    Wc must'main wholly sober.      The half unto   babes."     It   wouldn't   be  ,bow to the fact.    Kill off your,drunk man can't fool his family fair to confine spiritual wisdom  community commerce, and you and   friends   long;   neither   can   to  those who for various rea-  havc left���������������������������stagnation���������������������������decay,     ithe   half-hearted   home   patriot sons find it impossible to take  Wc arrive, then, at thc point fool thc local businessman or, expensive courses of study in  where it behooves each onc of,more properly, local business great theological universities,  us to ask ourselves "What must conditions. 0 " ' "    "  out what is the will of God is to all thc way with him in his ap-  study His book as diligently as   peals   for   their  support  for  a  s  3tou  can.  expecting  no  miracle measure  of  such  of  revelation  to  come   to  you. ��������������������������� vv'orking masses  God has already shown His "will!     Mr  value   to   thc.  Simpson is to be the rover  in the Bible, and it's plainly up of  thc parly and will give his  to you to study thc Bible to find entire time to lecture tours, and  out what His will is  Increased Fish Consumption  I do to preserve the commercial  life of my community, so there  Thc consumption of Atlantic  because spiritual growth is the fish in Ontario for tlie first six  As thc mainstay of the com- most necessary thing in every j months of 1918 was 50 per cent  in unity,  thc businessman must'man's   life,   and   God  wouldn't  over that of last 1 vear.    In  the  1        ��������������������������� .1  4* a       1    ��������������������������� 1 ��������������������������� a Hi 1 ��������������������������� . _. _ _ 1 . ��������������������������� \������������������  Messrs. Bell and Bayley will  have in charge one area each  for organization purposes as  well as speaking.   Mr. Bell will  The New Zealand parliament  meets in December and thc immediate activities of the Proliib-  itionists consist in securing a  monster petition to parliament  in favor of submitting a referendum to the people on immediate National Prohibition. An  efficiency board set up by the  government has reported strongly in favor of thc measure, and  it is on this report that the drys  are basing their demands.  will be advancement and life in-1 have evidence of stability on all handicap a man in the develop- | western provinces the consump  stead   of ^rust   and   stagnation,'sides.    No merchant can afford ment of his spiritual life mere-1 Hon of Pacific fish has also been  Heavy Cuts On High Prices  Heavy cattle and high prices  bring   large  returns,   but   light  Thc answer is nol far to seel:. (these goods.    The businessman never placed a premium  upon I week standard recommended*by  In order to preserve intact com- must   have   confidence   in   the  wilful ignorance or laziness.        the Canada Food Board in order  munal attainments and institu-1 town in order-to go the limit of j     It may not be necessary to be'to save meat supplies,  tions, and lo stimulate thc dc- his community usefulness.    Wc an expert on the history of rc-  vclopmcnt of thc germ of com- musl back him up or hc cannot  ligicn  and   general   theological  merce wc must all  perform  a back us up.    The arrangement subjects in  order to have God  simple economic duty���������������������������thc duty must bc mutual���������������������������thc co-opera- speak to you lDiit, othcr things  every man and woman owes to tion  all-embracing.     Commun- being equal, you will understand |  his  community 1    Each  one  of ity pride and community loyal- more   about" the   Bible   if  you j     H, .        . ,-  us must assist in thc generation j ty  make  for  permanency  and study it at least intelligently as'-J.?      i*       S *n I)ncc destroy  of home trade, and in circula-1 growth  and  confidence.    With vou study anv othcr book You'll P���������������������������llls-   It pays to pasture cattle  won't you?-that often  when lhc season has been fair,  J _ .-^..     \*riIn     ctnry.ri     pninc     ot-irl     rt/-.r\A     ]")oc_  Sep-  little  put lortJi now will make  4 i possible putting on an extra 100  pounds pei- head, and secure a  better price for the cattle also.  The   Canada   Food   Board  and  ; the British Purchasing Commission state that the beef situation  in the .Allied countries makes it  ' important  to , discuorage sending unfinished cattle to slaughter.  ting lhe wealth of thc commun- such a spirit, almost any com- confess  ity within thc community  greatest   possible   extent  must conserve at home the  I' -  A4t/2ti  By the United States Military Service Convention Regulations,  approved by the Governor-in-Ccnincil on 2Qtb August, J9JJ8, Mtyfn  Citistm* of the ynJtwJ dWw in 0������������������b������������������4*, wifW������������������ f>h* *f*i for tlio  time heing *pe<4fi*4 hf W* J**** of tlw VfffWf Utatfl prescribing  compulsory military service, except tbo������������������������������������ wlio bave diplomatic exemption, m wwtt iwtytet m4 W ?������������������ flWItwry fffrrfet to 0*n*4%  ������������������n4 btpom* wWm to exaroptfon pr 4Ww**# ttfriflm wmMt tht  ffepMlM fc#ww #*4 Jfaww** Tht. rtfniktiom governing ttfr  liability are pwbjwbeq" m tto Canada Owtte (jBxtra) of 2}������������������t Aug.,  J9J8? copy wbereof m*y b������������������ obtain^ upw wrattoattw ttrowgb tt������������������  post to tb������������������ Pireotor of tha "Military fim'm ftranch of tb* popart-  ment of Jwtfce at Qttnw*.  tyrftal fftfttw Plttoftf of tt* i]moripim tfarmW wbo wtrt to  0a������������������������������������4������������������ on Wtt W, mi, torn ftoty fry* frm Ml 1*1* wfttto  SMf^^Wf^**MI ^ ���������������������������?wm tt tnfiit or mm to ttt tmn of ttt  Vn\W ftttttft or tt rottn������������������ tt ttt wffltft ttttti; w4 tbose wbo for,  any reason lllJwtfTOt^y bteow* HtWt tt WNttTT H'Hloo to PtWk|#  tyvo ttirtr fay* from ttt m* of ttt toorfftog ������������������f mh V*mtf  within wbicb to exercise tbe Jik������������������ option. |t is stipulate^ by tb������������������  Conyeption also tbat certificates of diplomatic exemption may be  grafted Mtb'm tbe optional periods aforesaid. IJvory oftifW of ttt  Fnitefl Statw tt wbom ttt regulation* m\y fa rtqwIrM to rtpon  to tbe ^es^strar unfler tbe "WiHt^ry Service Act, VKfrt for tbe province or district witbin which lie is, in the manner by the regulations  pr_escribed,^witWn4en-4ays.afteMbe=expii7-of-bi8=optional-perioc|,���������������������������  a. Mcculloch  Succsssor to  A. J. O'BRIEN, VERNON  Manufacturer and  Wholesaler  ���������������������������of���������������������������  All   kindsJof   Aerated  waters, cigars and non a'coho'ic wines.  Agent for the famous Calgary non alcoholic beer and stout.  Try sot12 ol our hot weather specials, Balfast Ginger Ale, Lime  "    Juice and Soda, Kola  Champagne and  Root Beer  ~ Special price on barrell lots  Send for Price List  Mail  and  phone orders  given prompt attention.  Phone 49  Vernon, B.C.  T  Prohibition in New Zealand  and will be subject to penalties if without reasonable excuse be fail  so to report. For the information of those whom it may concern,  Sections 3 and 4 defining the requirements of registration, with  which it will be necessary strictly to comply, are set out substantially as follows:  JtEQUJRJHVIJIWTS  8. Every male citizen of the United States within the ages for the time  feeing s>p<_eificd in the laws "of the United States i������������������reseribing compulsory  military service, not including those who have diplomatic exemption, within  ten days aflcr the expiry of the t.ine limited by the" Convention within which  the CiovernmciH of tho United States may issue him a certificate of diplomatic exemption, shall truly report to the Keg-istrar by registered post, an������������������J  hi writing which is plainly legible, his name in full, his occupation and tho  dale of his birili; stating also whether he is single, married or a widower;  and if the latter, whether he has a child living, also if married, tho date of  his marriage; and stating, moreover his place of residence and usual post-  office address in Canada; and, if he reside within a city or place where the  streets and dwellings are named and numbered, the name and number of his  street and dwelling; or if he reside in another place, the lot and concession  number, section, township, range, and meridian, or other definite description  whereby his place of residence may be located, having regard to the custom  of the locality in which he lives; and if without reasonable excuse he  neglect or fail to report In the manner and with the particulars aforesaid,  within tho time limited as aforesaid, he shall be guilty of an offence, and  6hall be liable upon summary conviction to a penalty not exceeding Five  Hundred Dollars, and to imprisonment for any term not exceeding six  months, and moreover, he shall incur a penalty of |10.00 for each day after  the time when or within which he should have registered during which he  t,hall  continue to be unregistered.  4. Every United States citizen who has diplomatic exemption, although  not otherwise subject to these regulations, shall within ten days after the  granting of the same truly report to the registrar, in like manner and with  tho same particulars as required by the last preceding section; and in addition he shall embody in his report a true and complete statement of tho  particulars of his certificate of diplomatic exemption. Neglect or failure  without reasonable excuse to comply with the requirements of this section  shall constitute an offence punishable in the manner and by the penalties,  provided in the last preceding section.  Issued by the Department of Justice, Military Service Branch.  A dispatch to tlie Vancouver  World from Sydney, N. S. W.,  says: "James Simpson, vice-  president of Canadian Trades  Congress, George Bell, M. P. P.  of Victoria,,' and W: D. Bayley,  vice-chairman of the Winnipeg  Labor party, have made a great  hit in New Zealand during tlie  o first ten days of their stay there.  **pnhUc receptions presided over  hy the mayors have heen ten-  dered them in AncHJancJ, Wellington, Pahnerston North ������������������n������������������J  petone. Similar events await  them in scores of cities antj  towns in tbe Pomimop. Presa  imports are generous in tbeir  praise of tlie tliree speakers,  giving to each a specif sphere  of influence.   Afr. pe|| present*  o.  C. CREED  Real Estate and Insurance A?ent>  Auctioneer and JJve Stocjc Sa|e*m*fl  m  Pvery frou*e well paint?*} in a  bou*e protected*  umnm  ffli  II'X'H'E paint-protected house if ft we������������������ther-proof house.  f   The paint-neglecte4 building cannot escape deterioration and t-ecay.  With building materials costing what they do to-day,  yoq simply cannot afford to leave your house without the  weather protection which only a good paint ensures.  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Editor & Manager,  B.C.,  at  c2  Advertising  tion, 25c  vertising,  The United States and Canada have an ample  supply of gasoline i'or home use, but a tremendously increased demand for this fuel oil incident  to the increased and enlarged war activities on  j thc pari of thc. American army and the Allies in  j Europe lias come at thc height of the motor sea-  rates:  Transient, 40c an inch* first in.scr-jscm-     TIV'S   ^  ^quired  immediate   schemes   of  each subsequent  insertion.     Contract ad-  conservation   to  be  adopted  by   these   countries,  ���������������������������SI an inch per month.  THURSDAY,   SEPT.   19,   1918  RULE OF THE ROAD  against  the United States alone  sh  For a number of years the feeling has  that the rule of thc road 'prevailing in Briti  Columbia���������������������������-turning lo thc left���������������������������is obsolete, particularly in. face' of the fact that tliis is now tbe  only province in North America where such a  custom prevails. Efforts have becn made from  lime to lime lo have thc law of thc road changed  so as lo conform to the custom so universally  prevailing, but 111 tic .headway, has been made.  Opposition to the; proposed change has come principally from Vancouver, where ..the B." C. Electric  Company has put up a(.slrong fight to retain thc  old custom owing, as the company claims, to the  greal cost it would entail on it lo meet the new  requirements on its tramway system.  Evidently something is to be done this year, to  bring about legislation in the right direction. In  this connection the Summerland Review says:  "fl is quite to be expected that the adoption of  the universal rule:;di* the road to "keep  lo  the  right' would again'be' advocated at the coming  Good Roads Convention. The announcement that  Mayor   Gale of Vancouverwill come out as a supporter of thc movement to have thc. regulations  altered so lhat the traffic on streets and roads o  British Columbia will keep to the right instead of  lo lhe left will bc welcomed by advocates oi' lhal  change.    As wc havc stated before   'keep lo fhe  right" is llie rule in the prairie provinces and in  the Stales of the Union.    The exception  to  this  rule which exists here in B. C, is doing us injury  bv verv eonsiderabv discouraging lourJsl traffic.  jand strict regulations are to be enforced  ��������������������������� Sunday pleasure riding.--'  It is estimated that in  105,000,000 barrels of fuel oil are consumed in a  year, and, acording to the Bureau of ������������������������������������������������������'Mines,'41,-  000,000 barrels, are wasted in a year. It is'estimated by... thc Oil Conservation Bureau that lhe  annual losses of petroleum and natural gas in  America now approximate onc billion dollars a  year. ���������������������������  An official of the Fuel Administration volunteers  the opinion  that if people  avoided waste  ���������������������������during  the  week  there  would  be  no  need  for  ��������������������������� mo tor less Sundays.   Il is estimated that 1,500,000  I gallons a day, or 10,500,000 gallons a week, could  be saved if the following don'ts were observed by  everybody:  "Don't spill any gasoline.  "Don't perm it,.leaks..   ���������������������������>  "Don't use any for washing. '  "Don't leave tanks or cans open.  "Don't waste lubricating oil.  "More than 67,000 J gallons of gasoline are lost  by tank-wagons daily through carelessness. About  108,000 gallons are daily wasted at garages.  Motors running idle use about 150,000 gallons.  Leaky and poorly adjusted carbureters mean a  loss of 271.000 gallons. Ail this, together wilh  897.000 gallons in the needless use of cars, makes  the total of 1,500.000 gallons of daily waste. This  -, We have selected the following from our Big "Up-to-Date" Stock of New  chandise, as an inducement to our out of town customers.  * J^^tt7?^���������������������������^8   to   llsMark same "MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT."  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It is understood thai the chief obstacle in  thc way of adoption of lite universal practice has  been the B. C. Electric. There is fur!her considerable satisfaction in lhc fact lhat lhc mayor of  lhc chief cily in which this company operates ils  street raihvays is lining up wilh those who arc  pressing   for   the   saner- practice."  _&  ���������������������������^ ���������������������������  THERE WILL BE NO SLUMP  lhe  all  ih  ic. following pathclic letter written  "on  !run" in France will be read wilh inleresl by  admirers of the writer:  On (he Run, Somewhere in France.  August  20   limes.  Dear Papa:���������������������������I am wriling on the run, as im.  bravo and glorious soldiers under my command  haf not seen der Rhine i'or so long lhat Ihey huf  begun, back that vay? and of course I am goino-'  mil dein.  Oil, "papa, dcre has been SOliiO oflel doings happened here in.Frtlilcc. First, i slarled in my big  offensif lo crush der fool Canadians bul dcy kno\v  so little about military tactics that dcy vill not be  crushed just like I vant 'cm. I scntnly men into  ,        , , ,der fight in big vafes and ven dev got to der Ctm-  -Now and then wc hear thc thought expressed Indians, dev all said "Boo" as lotid as- 'dcy Could  thai aflcr the war wc i,nay look for a tremendous holler. Veil, accordink to vot vou haf alv&vs told  slump in all industries in Canada. But such men , mc, der Canadians should haf turned SMi Tun like  as Baron Shaughnessy do nol share this belief, j blazes. But vot vou tink? Der Mish Can-  Recently this big man oi thc Dominion expressed Indians don't know"' noddinks about var. and in-  the belief that Canada would sec a period ol pros- s[CiH\ Gf running der odder vav, dev come right  perity after the war as a result ol the .continued towards us. Sonic of dein vos'singfng somed'ing  demand for supplies from lhc stricken countries about "Wc won't come back till "its over, over  of Europe, and because of the Hood of immigra-, there" or some odder fool song, and some of dem  tion that Mould pour in from these countries. jvas ]0 fling Tike fools. Dev arc so ignorant, but  "This is not a period ol reconstruction," said ,]cv arc 0fful reckless mit'dcr guns and ven".dcy  Lord Shaughnessy to the Vancouver Province,'come tovards us it vos den dat mv men took a  "and while we have plans lor the west, these .notion dev vim ted  musl wail,"' he added.    "But I-wish to say thtit'Rhine     Ve doi  thc time is appreciably nearer when there villi bc-|4,nvhow. And, oh papa, den Canadians used such  a great period ot development ior us m Canada, loifel language. Dcy know noddink of kultur. and  to whose resources and irecdom thc steps of so'say such offe.1 tings right before us, and dcy:ta'llc  many will turn.- ,    ''       . , .     I blasphemy.   Vot you tink dev said right close up  Thcrc is much meat in these tew words, coming jn j-ront uf my face? One big huskv from a place  as they do from a man in .touch wilh world af- dcy call Blyth, he said: "To hell mi t der Kaiser."  lairs and acquainted with every progressive move- pid yOU cffcr hcar uf anyting so offej? I didn't  ment in the Dominion. They should inspire con-������������������tink anyvun vould sav such an ofTeJ ting. Jt made  fidence in thc iaint-heartcd. and make Canadians ���������������������������1C so mad I voodn't stand und hear such an offel  bend every energy toward greater -achievement; ting, und {turn und run mit der odder bovs. Vos  and a more substantial development.   Ours is the J right, vot?   Und ob, papa, you Jcnow der brest  can you send some to  .     e n ���������������������������   r\     ��������������������������� ���������������������������        ,. ��������������������������� .   ,,-.���������������������������_.._���������������������������, T.���������������������������T~ ���������������������������ou know ve arc going  parts of this Dominion,    it is up to der odder vay now and brest prates are no good  for der cowardly Canadians are shooting us right  soft Hose in Fall weight.    The dye is   , "... 61.4S  Splendid Boots for Boys��������������������������� ~!At  200 pairs of the very best All Leather BooLs made for boys. We guarantee this lo bc made of  all leather and ol good sound wearing qualities for the British Columbia weather We would  like your hoy to try a pair of these. They are excellent. Sixes 11  to 5, price $4.95.    PREPAID  to 13, price $3.95.    Sizes 1  .  ���������������������������ANY  to  like der  go  back  to der dear old  little old Marne River,  Mail  Order  Department  H.  Canadian  VERNON, B .C.        BRITISH COLUMBIA INTERIOR STORE"  Food  Control License No. $-21018,  c,m������������������ .1 ..u^Miuswiiiwi uutiuutuiiuu. ^ui7> is uic j ngm, vot 7 Und Ob, papa,  biggest and best undeveloped country in America,,pjalcs Vot vou sent us���������������������������cai  And this favored district ol the Okanagan is one put on our backs?    Vot? Yo  of thc. best parts of this Dominion,    it is  each of us to dp his part to prepare for the days  of reconstruction which soon will come.  -:>   .  WRALPS Of TW������������������ NJEW AGE  in der back. Some uf our boys took off der pMcs  und put dem behind, but der fool Canadians-are  playing "Per Maple j-eaf foreffer" mil machines  on der plates. You remember you said in your  In ill nrros  when ������������������orirtv Ind dnwn n hl'inkof sJ)Ccch *1������������������* nocMings could stop or stand before  over ihe^ue &Sh#lifcfwhe"Ue^eet ^tf?^?^?*' ������������������h> ���������������������������?' * d������������������n'* *?  were built up and to meet these needs far pnie-rZVZ..^  tices bid to he   idontpd- when Hiurrh -md st-itoICan l >ou scnc' dcni somc ut >ou speeches right  uces naci to bc aclonled, ^ticn church and state'avay?   pcy dont knQW hpw tcrrib|c?vc arc CaiVt  uj) ana to meet tnese nceas lar pruc- Qin't vou  to be adopted; when church and state'.,v,lv?"   ca cl i^h a (Ufa 11 cn^i n t o^the^supe-i'fi ci a l=wa y s^o l^t he-'"  world; some great catastrophe has been sent to  bring the peoples of all nations back to Nature  and in tune with Nature's God.  Whal    these   catastrophies--  of  brou gi  war o,  there1  boldly  Jand  the  is bringing  il about m  today  men   who  are  of the new era  Llovd  ago,  ancient   times  the great world'  In his annual report, given lo  thc mccling of thc B. C. and  Yukon division of thc Canadian  Press Association, Inc., al Vancouver recently, President Bobb  Sutherland, made onc statement  among others, that is fraught  with significance���������������������������and shows  plainly the difficulties newspapers havc had to contend with  in this counlry since the kaiser  let'loose his war dogs four ycars  ago. The statement is" that 41  newspapers havc occupied a,secluded spot in the journalistic  graveyard in the Province since  the war started.  The average man is apt to  think thc, publisher of a newspaper has one sublime path of  1'oscs; that, generally, he has an  easy row to hoc and that he is. in  the habit of making, loads . of  cash at any and all times. As .a  matter of fact, exactly opposite  is the case as those ni the business are only too painfully  a"\yarc. Possibly tbere has been  no calling so bard bit by tlie war  ���������������������������and yet there is no real complaint.  Speaking of the entire craft,  every one of them bas stood loyally behind the government,  provincial and federal, in all efforts at prosecuting the war.  They have "given an almost unstinted quantity of their space���������������������������  the thing they have to sell to   , , ���������������������������_, ma k-G=_auJ ivi n g^ta^lielp^in^tbe.  you move my army back to Belgium vcrc ve got great cause of humanitv and  all der glory? My men can vip all der vimin und;right, and thev are still doing it,  children vot dem Belgians can bring up. Papa, |for the most part without monev  il ve arc not der best fighters on earth ve arc sure jand    without    price.      Dailies  long  to pass now.    Here and  leading  the  nations  speak  already dawning.    In ling-  George  several  months "ago   spoke [  of the new world lo come;;inyAmcrica^yPrcsident!  Wilson lias given expression lo the same thought,'  and only a  few days ago so. practical a man as  Admiral Sir David Bcally gave voice to a similar,  vision   when,  in 'reply   to-a'���������������������������message"  from   the  Trades  Union  Congress, he said  that the grand  der best runners.    Let mc know vot to do right  avay by return postoflicc.���������������������������Crown Prince Willie.  feStABUSttttt OVfctt 100 YEAttS  Batik Money  Orders  For settling small accounts  ���������������������������where it is not desirable Jl  to pay by.-.cheque���������������������������many  Business Houses as well as  Individuals, regularly use the  3ank Money Orders issued  hy The Panic of Montreal.  rf  ft. CbAftK.fl,  Supt., British Columbia Bn������������������pchc������������������.  VANCOUVER.  VI  ������������������. 4- Wki������������������t, Hmftr, Amttrwif PrwcV]  |(UHCH������������������ in OUUQA* PUTKICT  -  CAUP Of THANES  Mr. and Mrs. p. S. Freeman  wish to thank the many kind  friends for the beautiful expressions of sympathy received in  their recent double bereavement  SPECIAL MATINEE  Beginning Saturday, Sept. t4tn,  the Avalon Theatre will give regular matinees at 2.30 sharp, ancl continuing- each Saturday. Blue Bird  -features-���������������������������wiIl^be^shownt====AtIultsr  20c;  children,  10c.  Pears are a very large crop,  at least 50 per cent larger than  last year. PJunis and apples also  show a lbig increase, fomatpes^  are coming along well and wlty  be a hfS crop if they escape Wr  jury from the frost. About 2CK  cars of mixed fruits and vegetr  ables are leavng the Okanagan  daily.  Mrs. $. W. Winter and child-  ren. returned on Wednesday fronV-  Kelowna.  NOT ENOUGH LAND!  Through thc Hon. Arthur Mcighcn thc Dominion has becn forced lo confess thcrc is not enough  land available in Western Canada to even meet j  lhe present demands by returned soldiers.    Thcj  admission  was made at a  recent convention in'  Heel was convinced complete victory would crown  Kegina of the advisory boards under the Soldiers'  the continued efforts of thc Empire"and lhc Allies Land Settlement Act." This led to the passing of a  and  the sacrifice will bring forth a new world !rcsol*-llion emphasizing the need  for immediate  wherein  all   that is best in humanity  can  have|actio.n on tbe part of the Ottawa authorities to  acquire the necessary land.  If there is not now sufficient land available for  the few thousand men who have returned, what  chance is there for thc thousands yet to come,  to say nothing of the multitude from Allied countries who may havc visions of settling in Western  jCanada. and have becn led to anticipate exceptional opportunities? asks the B. C. Veterans'  Weekly.  price.  and weeklies havc steadily  gone by thc board in  the stress. Not a few members'  of thc profession have donned  khaki and somc havc made  glory for themselves. Their re-!  cord is onc of which no member  of the profession has reason lo  feel ashamed, for Ihey havc  simply done their duty.���������������������������Trail  News.  free development.  SAVING MONEY  W  e.  are living-in a period of war prosperity,  where much "easy money" is in circulation, and  when too little thought is given to the days of  depression almost sure to follow the cessation of  war activities and during that period of uncertainly between the close of the war and the commencement of thc era of reconstruction which  must follow.  Trying times are certain to follow as soon as  peace is declared. This may not be soon, but it  is near enough for us to start to prepare for���������������������������bv  "saving money for a rainy day." There will come  a slump in salaries immediately following war  work. Now is the time to prepare for the slump.  Save monej?.        ......  An inspection of the army overcoats awaiting  shipment to the American army in France has revealed thc fact that slightly over 51 per cent were  u_!!fil f������������������r service. They were manufactured by  nineteen different concerns. Eighteen per cent of  those made by one firm were defective, while in  several instances two out of every three coats  examined had to be rejected.���������������������������From New York  Times.  YOUR PART AND HERS  Good telephone service depends  not only upon the telephone equipment and the skill and intelligence  of, the telephone employees, but also upon the co-operation of the  telephone USERS.  It is the responsibility of the calling person to be sure to give the  operator the right number, speaking slowly and distinctly.  The operator's responsibility is,  in turn, to answer the caller's signal and to give the desired connection   quickly  and   accurately.  Still further, the called person  co-operates toward good .service bv  ANSWERING PROMPTLY; and  each helps by speaking distinctly  and by practising courtesy and  patience under all conditions.  Okanagan Telephone  Company  EPISQ1YS AMPEBQU  $2 QASH; $2 PER WttK  For one week only, we will sell  a   limited  number of  latest model Diamond Amberola on these terms.  this  mi ma ti  DESCRIPTION   OI-*   INSTRUMENT  Herb is the neatest, most compact  little phonograph that has ever,  been placed on the market. It is  finished in golden oak, contains alt  the mechanical features that are in  the models 50 and 75. It has the  same genuine Diamond Point reproducer and plays the same Blue  Ambero] records as in the other  models. It is the most remarkable  instrument for its price that Mr.  Edison has ever put out. When you  realize' the constant pleasure this  instrument will afford you it is a  remarkable bargain.' It is very light  and can be easily moved from place  to place. You can hunt the markets far and near and you will  never find a phonograph that will  give you the constant satisfaction  and pleasure that this wonderful  instrument will.  HOOP STATIONARY CO.  The Edison Distributers  Vernon, B.C. THURSDAY,   SEPT.   19,   1918  OKANAGAN   COMMONER  ARMSTRONG NEWS  ENDERBY NOTES  ii  X  $������������������  DRIVING BACK THE ENEMYj gBBKHSraami^^  Fred ���������������������������Parkhurst  Armstrong.  is  vLiting  m  Mrs. N. D  ing a few weeks  Ferguson  in  is spend-  Vancouver.  Mr. H. D. Winger, of Hogcrs-  ville, Ont., is visiting his aunt,  Mrs. N. G. Carv.  Mrs.  Jas.  from Mara  B611 was  ;  Saturday.  Miss Edna McMahon  i visitor  ft for  on  a  Mr.  daughter  and  Ver-  and    Mrs.    Wollen  were autoisls to  non last Saturdajr.       __  %r ' "��������������������������� -~  Mrs. S. McKee of Langley  Prairie, B. C, is visiting her  parents, Mr. and MrsM. Heard.  Vancouver    on    Tuesday  vacation of a few days.  sr  Mrs. Horace Neill is enjoying  a few weeks' visit with her sister, Mrs. Turner, in Vancouver.  Mrs.  A.  C.  Skaling returned  Interesting Letter from an American Soldier Fighting at  Chateau Thierry  "T  from  where  ter.  Ffevelstoke  on  she was  visiting  Saturday  her sis-  Oka n a gaii  returned  a    two-  lake  Miss    E.     Turner  last    Saturday    from  months' visit to  points.  X  Mr. D. Leigh has returned lo  his home at Didsbury, Alberta,  after spending a week in Armstrong.  sr  A. King of the Bank of Montreal staff, returned on Saturday  from a week's holiday at various points on  thc lake.  x  Steele Fisher returned lasl  Friday from Soap Lake, Wash.  He   reports   lhal    his   mother's  health  since  has  going  greatly  there.  A new sidewalk was laid this  week on the west side of Belvedere street from Mill to the  Presbyterian church.  sr  Aid. Nichol left on Monday  for Penticton where he is attending thc Good Roads and  Municipal conventions as delegate from Enderby.'  The new bridge crossing thc  river at Trinity Valley road is  now open for traffic. This replaces the bridge burned out a  month or morc ago.  The Faulkner camp is now in  full swing in the vicinity of thc  King Fisher dam, where repairs  arc being made prcpara-  improved tory for next season's drive.  Mr. Gordon French of Pcnliclon, has returned for a time  to Armslrong. Hc says the  lumber mills in thc southern  country are all closing down.  A carload of slock and poullry was sent from Grindrod lo  thc Armslnong fair on Wednesday, and another carload of  ' exhibition slock and birds was  sent from Mara,  v Wc regret to hear that Mrs.  Oatcs (nee Miss Kingslcy) a  former resident of Arm strong,  is very ill and has bcen taken to  California in the hope of gel-  ting back her health. .        '  Thc names of Sgt. J. E. Sea-  ton, Lieut. J. A. Crcsswcll and  Ptc. J. A. Conn, all-of Vernon,  appear on the casually list of  wounded this week; also thai of  Lieut. O. J. Thomas of Kelowna.  know you have heard of  the doings of our division in the  past two months, and of the  several records and citations we  have earned.  "We were at a rest camp on  May '30..lirfin  where  'I   wrote  | you, but all packed and read}'  jlo   trot   off���������������������������orders  came,   and  'we detrained near the Chateau  Thierry front, but still far from  the    line.     A    thirty-six    hour  march on roads lined with refugees,    old    women    pushing  baby    carriages,    we    reached  camp in  the evening,  and  left  next morning to the firing line,  to stop the Germans* drive on  Paris. |  "The marines came up in  trucks, passed the rctrea ting  French, hopped off their trucks,  with fixed bayonets and charged  forward; forming thc first ���������������������������  thread of the web destined to  des troy the crown prince's  ���������������������������army.'���������������������������.*��������������������������� The artillery came up  more slowly, but our telephone  wagon went ahead to lay our  lines; We galloped between  lanes of yapping 75's along a  crest with the wavering battle  lines in full view in thc valley,  dodging shell holes and broken  wagons.  "Wc ran into a town and  were balled by" a Frenchman  who would nol let us go farther.  Wc couldn't understand why,  so rode on lo investigate, and  came back satisfied to trot the  other-way.* * * Thc Germans i  were less than 200 yards away,  jand still advancing. * * * B bal-  ore  And  then   what  will you do   if  you have not taken advantage of  our  2i  An observant citizen, according to-.the Vancouver- Province,';" ***��������������������������� "'"~������������������s  estimates    lhal   motor! .lCV>' im,f ? a accord_by pulling  roughly   cslhn.atcs    thai   motor .   . ... ,  _ .       .  cars have increased church al-iJIlto P������������������?lllo������������������ and firing ils first  per  cent and  dc-*roui?d \ust Jwo j101,11'8 i?flcr  per ccnl i received orders to breal  Li  CLEARANCE SALE  To secure your Fall needs at  Bargain Prices  ANTS OF ALL  tendance  10  creased, it 25  we  camp  I We had broken camp and pulled  On Tuesday evening, Sept. J cut in twenty minutes���������������������������another  24th, Rev. T. Kcyworth,vof Vcr-' record. '*" * \ ^  non, will give a lecture in thc j "For fortj'-cight thunderous  Enderby Methodist Church on.hours our four dogs sat in an  the subject of the Panama!open field and barked at Wil-  Canal,    illustrated    wilh.   good helm,  playing  havoc  with   the  lantern-views.  X  Secretary Groves, of the local school board desires to notify parents of school children  that every child between- thc  ages of 7 and 14, inclusive, shall  attend school during the regu-  !Ei ^ISSi ..'A���������������������������8ti ^Cry SCr������������������o11SUPPCT^Tli"^ conducted  day, subject lo the exemptions! 5#  provided for in Sec. 142 of the     Mr. -Harry Worth, of Trinity  Public Schools Act.  Sunday evening, Sept. 22nd,  Rev. J. Wesley Miller will  preach in the Enderby Methodist Church, at  the   conclusion   of    thec service  the   Sacrament   of   the   Lord's  Valley, is a patient at the Eii-  _, .. _ ,, derby   Hospital.     He   had   the  tbe. -regular monthly meet- misfortune-a-few davs ago of  mg ot the Women's Missionary!breaking a leg, and was driven  Society ot . /ion Presbyterian' over the Trinitv Valley road fS  Chm-cli, Armstrong.will be held miles to Enderby. A fractious  Friday afternoon, Sept. 27tb, at horse reared and fell backward  3 ocjocfc, m Uic Church Hall., with Mr,. Worth on its. back,  the presidents address, whicb and tbe leg was broken in the  was given at tbe Presbyterian fall, between tbe ankle and the  meeting m penticton, will be knee. fle is getting along well  read, also a paper on Korea.'and bopes to be about in a .few  fioJl call word, '^Consecration." weeks.  comunication lines, but the Germans didn't fire a. single shell.  As soon as possible we went up  As soon as possible we went into  7 on    ������������������v.i, ������������������i     a ��������������������������� a   cannon   flaged   position   and  /._u o clock. At, coniinllC(i our destructive fire. It  jwas in this place that we had  our - only casualty, one jinah  wounded above the eye.  "I was soon sent up to the  observer's post, and saw Bois.de  Bellcau turn yellow with smoke  from pur shells, ancl become  Bois de' Marines. Also I -saw  Voux while our artillery was  preparing, and we could sec for  iX-fri:  P3TABU8HEP    ia78l  BANK.OF-'HAMILfON  The price of everything yon buy is high. Put  so is tbe price ot everything yon sell. Now is the  time to do without unnecessary things. Tbe  money saved now will buy more when prices  again become normal.  days the German activity as thev  got ready for their big drive. **  * * We were relieved and  sent back to the reserves for a  rest. \: Ncsy orders came and a  hard march found us encamped  just hehind the lines near Sois-  sons. This was the evening-of  July fo. We rested there in a  real flans Anderson forest, tall  trees, well groomed ground,  fairyland  streams,  and  rustic  ARMSTRONG RRANCfl  If. L. Paynter.  DEMONSTRATION  You are invited to attend the demonstration of  the Massey-Harris J 2-25 oil pull Tractor, yand  power Lift Gang Plows, on Friday and Saturday,   September   20th and   21st at  the Stepney Ranch.  We  are pleased to advise that  the Massey-  Harris outfit  took first  honors at the Brandon  Fair, out of a field of over forty entries,   Nuff  Sed.  Lee Morris, Proprietor  SATURDAY NIGHT. Sept. 21���������������������������The  great  Blue Bird  Feature "Hands  Down,"    and    a    good    corned v:  Matinee at 2.30.  Featuring   Monroe   Salisbury.  Etujerpy Theatre  Lee Morris, Prop.  FRIDAY    NIGHT,    Sept.   20���������������������������The  great   Blue   Bird   Feature,   ancl   a  good    comedy,    "Hands    Down,"  Featuring   Monroe   Salisbury.  Certificate Cases  If you  are still carrying around  I your Registration  Certificate  witli-  " out   a   proper   case>.in   which   to  carry it, you should secure one of  our neat Certificate Cases.  Made of leatherette, and with  a  transparent  front so  that the certificate  is  shown   full   size,  but   is  always   clean   and  in   good   shape.  Only a few dozen left.  The Popular Variety  Store  CUFF ST. :-: ENDERBY  C. F. B. License No. 10-9227.  cottages. But all night and all  day while we slept,-tanks, large  and small, the 'Cavalry of Hell,'  jarred past;   *   *   *. The-afternoon of the sixteenth it rained,  and later in the blackness like  black molasses; we,set out for  the lines.   We could not see tlie  wagon in front of us; we could  not see .the puddles and; shell  holes tlirough which we strug-.  gled. BWe could hear, and feej,  but :not see the long lines of  doughboys who passed us when  we. paused to rest the horses.  The rain poured down in rivers  and the lightning Hashes seemed  only -to congeal the night's ominous black.   *   *   *.: Tlie first  piece, stuck in a shell hole, mud  up to tlie axle. Steaming, straining horses, and muddy* sweating cannoneers pushed it onto  the rpad again,   file inevitable  happened;  the stream  of forward. _.   moving     armies     was  bTotikecl^soinewhere; ��������������������������� some one  was badly stuck.    An hour of  cursing delay.   *    *    *   On, on,  no time to lose.    Fourth piece  in thc ditch, a wreck.   'Leave it  thcrc, no time to. lose.'    It got  lighter,   thc   storm    was   over.  Doughboys everywhere ready to  go over die top.    The morning  ol' July 17, and wc were poised  cn our marks: watches all along  thc   front   licked   snail-like   toward  tho   time.     *    *   *      Tho  moment  came.    The  Adam   of  prises roared all along thc line.  Thc earth quivered beneath the  maiiclenc.l  infantry.    The  verv  sky vibrated to lhc exultant roav  of unloosened vengeance.    The  scream of sIkUs overhead was  mcracd into one grand cry.of  freedom.  "The Germans had retreated  out of range of our guns���������������������������we  must pull ahead, an eight kilometer advance, not a shell fired,  and wc received notice that our  division had advanced 15 kilo,  and was to bc relieved. Another  all night march back to camp,  all day to rest, then thc German  resistance,, hack to the-line for  us. All night we marched, along  shell torn roads, through lanes  of unburied dead.    The wagon  bounces,  wc,   following it,  trip  over a Gcrman .body.    Into position.   Too far advanced to get  ammunition, we retreat between  lanes of stretcher bearers*   .      '  -soiro-TVjwsfi  f l-EASAN? VAW������������������Y  Trained Corsetiere:.  .- Aliss Turner will be pleased to  call upon ladies to demonstrate tbe  Spirilla Corset. : Newt season's  models washable and .unbreakable  made tp order corset." Guaranteed!  to fit arid. wear.; <   "'V ,-���������������������������..  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OKANAGAN COMMONER  THURSDAY, SEPT. 19, 1918  32nd2  mu&mmmmmmmmTzm  OPEN DOOR POLICY  TOWARD RUSSIA  Importance      Emphasized  Eliminating Entirely Commercial Attitude Which the  United States Bears to Nation  Sell Your Old  Iron  Payment on Delivery  Washinglmi. D. C���������������������������Tlie timclj  has come when public men,  conversant with the general situation in Russia and this country's relation thereto, feel that  observations should be made on  a subject they consider to be Of.  the most importance not only to  Russia but to the future relations of this country wilh its allies. After consulting thc competent authorities -dealing .with  Russia, tliis bureau finds lhat  the situation referred to may  best  be staled  in  The policy of the open  established  by  John  Hay,  felt, must be followed as' a fun-  0Vdamental in all future relations,  ibut  "policy,"  which  at  best  is  '��������������������������� mere diplomacy and expediency  imust give way to a relationship  I that     will     go     farther     than  | to   maintain  an   open   door���������������������������it  will remove  the door from  ils  lingcs.���������������������������Christian Science Monitor.  THE WAR  Frank H. Simonds in the Vancouver Province, Isaiyis od' the  war situation as it  "The   words   of  d������������������������������������.r | ilary decision in tliis war. Thc,  if 1S \ German armies havc suffered a  disastrous defeat and have retreated in some disorder and at  high cost. Yet all lhis happened  to our Allies in March, April  and May, and yet did not prevent Ihem from making their  recent offensive with such success, o  "It is not even certain that we  shall be able to drive the'1 Germans to the Belgian frontier this  year, although the signs remain  promising. Everything now depends upon the weather. Last  year and in 1916 bad weather  robbed the British of the fruits  of them desperate campaign  in Flanders and at the Somme.  now stands: Equally bad weather would pro-  vcjn 'Burian \ bably  hold  up  Foch  now  and  SITUATION  I. V. SAUDER CO.  Will pay yon .$7.00 per ton for old  iron and steel, etc. old implements  free from wood, deliver!-! to John  Tedford, Enderby. B'opi; tiros.  Armstrong, or at his own yard in  Vernon B,Q  tions which considered together  will bring out the truth which  lies at the door of thc United  States entrance into Russia.  Thc first of these propositions  is as follows: All the speeches  of President Wilson since the  war began and his private utterances, stated in their simplest  terms, pledge the United States  unreservedly to absolute unselfishness in fhis war, and especially in deah'ngs with oppressed  and defenceless peoples.  The olher proposition is: Various trade and commercial interests are seeking representation on lhc economic mission to  and    thc    rumors    of    cabinet save the German  two proposf-1 changes in Berlin are not to be J  ��������������������������� "Pending--a military decision  negotiations   are   nonsense,  and mean nothing more nor less  -read without careful relation to all  the  military  situation.     Unlike  the Allies, the Germans make no lhrtn deciding how great a vic-  disUnction between diplomatic torv we shali allow the German,  and military weapons in pursuit while the armies in France arc  of victory���������������������������absolute or relative. linbroken,all Gcrman proposals  "What wc now have is thcjare mercly an extension of the  beginning  of   thc   German at- front arc military manoeuvcrs  WATCH FOR POSTERS   NEXT WEEK  tempt to extend thc front. To  take an illustration: Several  times during thc war thc German has chosen to relinquish  his offensive, or the effort to regain the offensive, on the west  front in order to conduct an  operation elsewhere, which he  j deemed more important. Thus  in 1915, and again in 1916, after  tlie .Hindenburg  Russia with a view, first, of as-) the Verdun failure, thc Gcrman  sisting in the extension oi' aid to'assumed a defensive attitude in  Russia, and. second, of profiling;France and Belgium while hc  luler from the trade relations J concentrated, his reserves on  that might grow out of lhe grat-jlhc task of disposing of Russia.'  iludc from help given in a lime-' "Im 1917 thc campaign slral-i  of dire distress. ' legy was a liltlc different.    This  As thc real friends of Russia | lime    the    German    undertook,!  |Ivicw these two propositions they .while  maintaining  his   western  are.   diametrically,   opposed    lo  front  al  the  cost of   thc slrat-  each oLher.   The "type of unself-! cgic retirement  to  thc Hindcn-|  ishness which thc president has burg line, to attack Allied corn-  sought to impress on the world munications by his ruthless sub-  as the United States' motive in j marine warfare, seeking victory,  Uic war is that type which does: through   his  campaign   on   the,    .  good for the sake of good, radi-lsca.    It was only '" ������������������'-^ ,iwcmt crick  atcs help because it knows no-j  thing  else  to do,  and  with  noj  How About  Your  Understanding  ���������������������������of our large stock oi" women's; men's  and children's shoes? IJOnly reliable  goods handled. 'iOur specialty solid  leather.    ..$ Repairing    in   all   branches.  as frankly as  retreat of 1917.  j "Thc worst possible mistake  now conceivable would be the  assumption that Germany is  beaten and has quit. So far the  German armies have nol been  as heavily defeated in the summer as were the Allies in the  spring. German peace agitation  now is only a change of strategy  wilh the preservation of the essential purpose, which has always been and remains���������������������������profit  foi' Germany a.s u result of the  war.  "Thc Gcrman has shifted his  policy. He has abandoned the  Napoleonic idea of conquering  Europe and dominating the  world. He is now concerned  with the Frcdcrickan conception, comprehended in the fact  that having seized. Silesia, Fred  ,t ��������������������������� v,..t> in the present ctick . the Great kept it in the  vear, after thc Russian collapse *aco ol all Europe and throug.i  that Ludcndorff returned to the a   seven-year   war.    We    may  a seven-year war  hope, nor suspicion of hope, of ideas of 1914, the pursuit of an have beaten the would-be Nap-  reward. The president would absolute militarv decision by dc- olc������������������n> but wc shall accomplish  raise Russia to her feet, wipe'cisivcly beating*the French and,nothing unless we dispose oi the  away Uie. memory of those darkjBritish bef0re America cuM ^tnmnnmrv FmHrnA. Anv  days,  and  go  his way empty- arrive."  handed. The trader, profitcercr j "This campaign has failed. No  and exploiter would raise Russia absolute military victory is pos-  to her feet to sell her their goods sible now or hereafter for the  and buy her leather and wheat. German.   But a relative, an ap  contemporary Frederick. Any  gain for Germany as a result of  this war means a lost war for  all of us."    .  The  best   wav   to  learn   the  J. Z. PARRS  ( The Shoe Hospital  PIP a CAXAHITY  like this ever happen to you? .We can  help yon out when yoti break your  glnsFeti, ior we duplicate broken lenses  and  fiill prescriptions.  We are also heabqnarters for the best  OPTICAI, GOODS.  ���������������������������HI  J.C. Acjaros  Armstrong,   B. C.  E. O. WOOD, B. C. L.  Armstrong and Salmon  S.  Arm  Subdivisions, Mineral Claims, Timber Limits. Pre-emptions, Drainage.  Irrigation and Road Surveys, Maps  ancl plans.  Phone 02 Salmon Arm, B.C.  As the situation has becn ex- proximate victory may yet be heart  j plained to the Christian Science had if the situation on the west-j with  Monitor this is the actual con-'ern front can bc stabilized for a  dition, Thc observation here is time and during this time the  that if llie president's altruism diplomatic attack upon the Ah  can find expression in deeds lies, exactly analogous to the  that will convince, the Russians submarine campaign of 1917,  of the sincerity of the United 'can bc pressed.  States, the foundation will be I t4G6rhiariy now seeks to save  latd for the defeat of Germany's, her gains in Russia, and in the  purpose in Russia, but pcrlim-, Ralkans! If shc succeeds in do-  inary even to propaganda to win ing tliis she will have won the  the confidence of these people,' war, even if she evacuated the  and perliminary to all missions, \ occupied territories in France  economic or otherwise, order and Belgium, cedes Alsaee-fJSP-  must he restored. raine  to  France aud  compels  Tlie thought uppermost with Austria to make concessions to  those in close sympathy with'Italy in the Trcntino and about  the president's purpose not only Trieste.  includes tlie Russians them- "Rut while the diplomatic op-  selves, but involves the only safe eration goes forward it is neces-  fundamental for the future re- sary that the German lines in  la tions with other nations. Whe-.i France and Re)gium hold, and"  ther the United States may the interdependence of military  avoid the situation or not, it is and diplomatic operations is op-  regarded   as   a   certainty   tliat vious.  what this country will accomp-l "German strategy is patent.  Iish in tlie way of assistance enough. It is now thc mission  and thc rescue' of tlie masses of thc army to check or delay  irom the perils besetting them'the Allied-advance for the; bal-  =svi 1 Lea usc_a=s.en ti ment-of. grati-lance-of_ thc-prcsent_campaign���������������������������-  tude toward the United States,'eight weeks at the outside. At  which will lay wide open the' Uic end of this time German di-  vast treasure stores of Russia to plomacy���������������������������using thc formula of  tbis nation if it wishes to cx-.Kuchlmann now repeated by  ploit them. I Burian  and   by  every   German  Public men see in this event-'commentator, that no military  ualitv both an opportunity and decision is possible���������������������������will point  a great danger: an oppoutunity fto still unbroken Gcrman lines  lo" demonstrate   thc   president's and demand a conference���������������������������a ne  of a boy is  to converse  him  often  in  a  friendly  wav. .  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For  instance, if the leather trade of  Russia is worth 1.000,000.000  rubles a year, the United States  may have it all, and the present  allies of Lhc United States can  bc shut out of participation in  this trade if thc profitcercr and  commercial interests havc their  way. The purpose of the president, however, as the logical  result of his doctrine, would be  in such circumstances, a statement to Russia like "Your trade  gotiation or discussion around  the table.  "Now all this must bc clearly  foreseen and guarded against.  Thc Gcrman peace offensive,  like all previous Gcrman man-  oocuvrcs, is a war offensive. He  has mercly begun to change the  method whereby hc will continue to seek a victory in this  war, a profit from thc contest,  that will leave him in a stronger  position than hc occupied when  Lhe war began and from which  hc can again resume thc war  after hc "has again completed  his preparations.  "We arc then approaching a  far graver crisis than that which  in leather belongs not only to us \ existed before the second battle  but to Britain, France, Italy and;of the Marne. Then Foch was  South America���������������������������wc desire only in reserve ready. . We have no  our snare.'  The point made here is that  if commercialism, shall be permitted lo lake advantage of  this country's peculiarly advantageous position, jealousies in  oilier nations will be engendered  that will cause trouble in thc future.  Foch  del'eni  to  ;c.  direct the diplomatic.  Wc have no unity of  command, and it is doubtful if  we have quite achieved a unity  of purpose comprehended in a  determination lo achieve a military   decision.  "it   is   emphatically   not   true  that we-havc yel achieved a mil-j  -  Cut sweets  and trim  subs  0  0  ffepEd in. Ariristrqn;  City Lots at !oop Own Price  Wc  lose.  can't  pa}'  our   taxes.     We must have thc money.     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If you do not require buttcrwraps in  larger lots, take these wraps in lesser quantities.  500, Single Order.  1000  ������������������  U  $3.75  4-75  When   nm  with   other orders, $3.50 and $4.50  THE WALKER PRESS  Enderby, B.C.  THE CARY PRESS  Armstrong, R.C.  lassified  Cost little but reach many,  and are  \77i������������������::7   Try one in Tlie COMMONER. 2c & lc a word!  Ads  first-class pullers ofI THURSDAY, SEPT. 19, 1918  OKANAGAN COMMONER  MADA  daughters of the soil and so the  national strength bends but docs  not break.  Our Dual Nervous System  Cross  Canada is reaping her harvest!given.by Professor Scripture, ol  of increased returns and money:Yale, to the results upon the oris being made as never ���������������������������before. |gans of the opposite sides.of the  Our farmers are earning the:body from exercise of a limb or  gratitude of all inntheir splendid; organ. The simplest instance is  efforts.at production. That they!that a gain of /U per cent in the  will carry into their  equal   foresight   in  savings  conserving J exercising it alcne causes a  Never perhaps since tlie opening of the war have the Allies  had more sound reason for op-1  Itimism than at the beginning of (  [this  last  quarter  of   the  year.'  mankind   than   the   selfish  and  ,   ~~ .   ������������������ , pessimistic,    who,    centred    in  education  is  the  name themselves,    lese    their    better.  part of life, the joy and the  strength that comes from giving  themselves to others.  'lhe power of love is "often illustrated in a delicate'.mother,  who walks, the floor, night after  night, whose days pass without  recreation or change, week in  and week out, and who feels  more than compensated if she  an.strength of the night hand from  gain  their surpluses" against the fu- of 50 per cent iii the unexercised  ture days of darkness and lower deft hand.    The law holds  not    ^  prices   will   be   equally   praise- j only as regards strength, but hvCan only' 'Tjrocure^relief Tor Tier  worthy. He is well advised who,othcr qualities.    The fact helps suffering little onc  saves his extra dollar until he'to explain why in right-handed j    jn no������������������other way than through  sees which way the wind will j people,   for   instance,   the   left'the marvelous pawcr of love can  The enemy has been defeated in KpW     t(TT7TV\      Adversity hand retains so much strength wc  account for  the wonderful  S ���������������������������..���������������������������"_"?_._   _r i."*r���������������������������   __"_'blows a chill blast when there and  expertness  la succession of battles on the  VWestern front. His successes  >f the spring have been neutral-  lizcd and his campaign upset,  million and a half men have  Ibeen added to the Allies' military resources from the United  States. Tlie submarine menace  [has greatly declined. The number of ships for carrying  is no dollar in tlie savings.  Constitution of Japan  ��������������������������� n    .,    ^le  questi00 miracles of endurance presented  also arises if other organs than ��������������������������������������������� *>        --*���������������������������     >   ���������������������������    -  [plies has ben greatly augmented. Safeguard of  iThe efforts of this continent to ~    --  [keep  the soldiers supplied and  [fed   and   stave   off   threatened  ��������������������������� .. - x by mothers who bring up large  the corresponding ones may not families.    Think   of  a   mother  be influenced, for example, the carrying about> perhaps for the  left foot by means or exerciseSg^er part of a dav and the  ��������������������������� . .        .. .,     ot   the right hand.     (Why are nirrht     following      tho     e-imo  Speaking at a meeting of the richt-handed   soldiers   reouired     8w7u,  }ouoy,mfi*     "ie     same  ������������������irS/.on   no,   Ae������������������wi.i������������������inn    t > * gn,     n���������������������������     ^"f���������������������������   ���������������������������$u*re.weight, in merchandise or some  to step  off with  the  left  foot other matter, as that of a sick  . _   .,       . ,-      She could not stand the  ~ i              ...          ,                ..t^,     ui the detective cuisses of men- etr.nn     ci,^ wn���������������������������ij  up m  :n  .>  s"P-| Japan in his address on  "���������������������������" strain,    ane would be ill in a  American   Bar   Association,   T. _ _  iMiyiaoka of Tokvo, Japan, gave 'fi^st"?)1 Filially "tlie "development "nild  !a review of the Constitution of \n tho ripfp.rtivn rinssra nf mon- _*_.,V  "The  Civil liherties in. ^ "d ���������������������������������������������ral characterislics by ishort  time.    But  love  cimi i^iDerues in systematized   phvsical   mstruc-  Japan.      Mr. Miyaoka said the ��������������������������� tion which teaches order, accur-  constitution   was   promulgated j acv?   rhythm  and  judgment  is  .        ..       ���������������������������     x,r   , p. ..n.by Emperor Mutsuhito on Feb.: explained  and  put  upon a  ra-  starvation m Allied Europe till,n,  1899,  and went into effect Uo'nal basis.   t������������������c clJms of lhc  the new harvest became avail-, on    the    November    following  able have hccn  gloriously sue-,Two paragraph  cessful.    And, further, harvests;an idca 0f thc vlsip��������������������������� ol mat iar->experiments at  thc  Elmira reel Britain, ot France and of It-;sightcd  statesman:  "Liberty  ot formatorv thus elicit thc great-  Conscience     and     Liberty     of |Cst  interest.    How  far it  Speech, ^Writing  ff; 'manual  training advocates  are  and made clear.    Thc  [aly   have,   in    some   measure,  [overcome thc disadvantages reported  earlier  in   the  year  by  treason   of   weather   conditions  [and  arc being  safely  garnered  by the help of womn, boys, civilians from thc cities, prisoners  lol"   war,   and   soldiers   released  from active service at the front  for short periods. Greater than  all  these factors  of success in  "food fighting" will bc thc mag-  'nificcnt harvest being reaped by  farmers  of   thc   United  Slates.  This   year's   harvest   promises  to bc the greatest on record.  , ,  It cannot bc too emphatically  Urged, however, that thc necessity  for  conservation  of   food  and'   increased . production    of  food will continue iri this countrv while thc war lasts and for  and   Publica-  may  tion.  On thc first of these subjects,  Mr. Miyiaoka said: "Thcrc is no  law in Japan lhat gives preference to any form of religion.  Thc. wording of Article 28 of  thc Constitution of Japan is so  simple that it requires no supplementary legislation ta give  effect to its provision. Freedom  of religious belief is only limited  by the conch tion that thc belief  shall not bc prejudicial to peace  and order, nor incompatible  with thc duties which an, individual as a Japanese subject owes  to  the sovereign tv of the Em-  lightens  her load and makes self-sacrifice a pleasure.    She can bear  , any burden, even poverty, disappointment, or suffering, for  the sake of tlie loved one. This  sublimely unselfish mother-love  is a prototype of thc most exalted  creative love  that  enrap-  , lures the universe, that invites  us to bc partakers and dispens-  bc  possible  fo  educate  into   a crs of this WOrld-tonic, this pan  range  Four-Way  Range  When you buy a  why not have  the Kootenay?���������������������������  tested four ways for:  Easy Management  Economy of fuel  Durability  Best results.  For Sale By Maclachlan Hardware Go.  MeCl������������������yS  Kootenay  Range.  London  St. John, N.B.  Toronto  Caigary  Montreal  Hamilton  Winnipeg  Edmonton  Vancouver  Saskatoon  degree of normality the weak  minded, criminally inclined, and |  even thc idiotic, becomes an important study. Professor Scripture calls this "the principle of  character building by motor activity."���������������������������American  acea for all thc ills of mankind.  Magazine.  We Have to Make Good  pire.  * "T  'In none of the laws of Japan  ,     ���������������������������, lis  there anv restriction on  the  some tunc afterward, lhe cn- legitimate enjovment of the  couragmg news as to lhc release freedom of speech. The laws of  oi the strain which was viewed public safct Ucc and      bli_  so seriously so much earlier m ���������������������������.,t;~.,   ���������������������������������������������. ���������������������������,���������������������������n ..��������������������������� *i,^ ^.,^.,��������������������������� i������������������������������������������������������, i  Herbert Hoover of the American Food Administration, who  visited England and France to  confer with the food controllers  of the Allies, says that this continent next year will have to  supply thc Allies with 4,000,-  000,0001b of fats, 900,000,0001b  of beef products, 500,000,000  bushels of cereals and 1,500,000  bushels of sugar. In addition  to   the   former   responsibilities  overscas,'ncxt year there will be  41 , . |, ��������������������������� ,, , . ,, ���������������������������e . .cation, as well as thc press law, the feeding of an enormous Amine year, should not lead us to providc that mattcrs relating to erican army in Europe.  the perliminary examination of j "We have to make good,"  offenses, shall not be. discussed says JVIr. Hoover. "We can do  in public speeches, in printed it if.we simplv have the will to  books or pamphlets or in the .live with every economy and  press; that criminals shall not waste nothing."  be made objects of public econ-  i ium  or  approbation;   that  no-  Why not make your  meals a pleasure by  using Marigold Tea.  relax our efforts, now, except  insofar as the Canada Food  Board may revise thc food regulations as circumstance's warrant from time to time. The  results whicliV havc^ been . obtained on this continent by the  Afflicted France  use of substitute foods for those r lhing  intended   to  subvert  the  | required overseas arc the basis poUtical   institutions   or   other-     The war has knocked things  ;ol the ophmisUc outlook ot the Nvise lcac, to a breach of pcacc> out of plumj3; our comforts go,  (allied food situation in Europe or any thjng contrary to good privations come; but let us on  today.   The situation of the im- nidrals,   shall  be  publicly  dis- our woes bc dumb, and think of  mediate future is based on the Clisscc|> , France.    Jt costs a lot to buy  continuation ot these effoits "fa this great war, on'which our rice, our succotash and  lhe food reserves of the world the attention of all thanking men 'prunes and ice, but let us  2i ^a������������������o"ave been exhausted. js centered, it is whispered here promptlV pav the price, and  | the Jt9f8 crops in Allied, coun-, and  there whether Japan   hasVthinJv  of France.    Our. towns  Canadian   Food   Control   License  Nos  5- 860, 8-9939  Star B  Artnstrong B. C.  must not be relaxed. | laconic brevity of niottocs and I no rights  There is grave danger always slogans there is alwavs danger ��������������������������� "flhere is  when a crisis has been passed 0f thc vulgar and the imthink-  of falling back into the condi-. ina misintcrprelina thc meaning  tion from which we have es-' to be conveved. When President  caped, through the relaxation j Wilson declared this war was a  of our vigilancte and our cn-!war of democracy against auto-  crgy. The food controllers otjeracy, manifestly he did not  the Allies have warned us olimcan tMs was a war of republics danger. We should be alsoj Jicanism against monarchism.  he   warned   of   persons   who   The people of thc United States  nevertheless  -the.,enemy,  to  Jwcll-meaning   but  Ij n==Lh CL=i n teres.t^o L  lurgc lhat all efforts to conserve  and   produce   arc   now   supcr-  Ifluous  and   that   thc  danger  is  Ipassed.      The    danger    is    not; selves  Ipasscd. But wc have found a  [way of overcoming it and wc  [must follow lhal safe path till  |tlie war is over.  arc the last on earth to deny to  .aii3'==othcr=people-=-the-==-right==to=  choose for themselves that form  of government which the latter  think is best adapted lo them-  Is not Germany's denial  Farmers Saved the Day  right  sovcrcign-  to some of lhc unfortunate pco  pic under ber sway of th  to choose their own  ty onc of the crimes for which  we hold hcr responsible?    Tlie  United States went into tbis war  because   the   German   warfare  The saving farmer is a  na- against commerce was a  chal-  Itional    asset.      Canadian    pro-jlcngc to all mankind.   It is for  |gress  today in all lines attests the vindication of human rights  magnificently   to   thc   splendid,that this nation is stirred to thc  dualities   of   thrift   that   have core. Japan has thc same ideals  marked the farmers in all thc ] to which you are dedicated. Wc  provinces.     The   total   returns stand for "the rights of human-  from   field   crops   and   animal,ity.    When it is suggested that  (produce could only havc been Japan is misplaced in this strug-  Tpossiblc because of thc disposi-! gle,  because  this is  a  war  of  Ition to make use in an cconom-1 democracy against monarchy, I  lical   way  of all  thc wonderful see thc subtle work of Gcrman  fcifts of Providence in this good propaganda. Germany is detcr-  Tland of ours. | mined that Japan and thc United  The   same   was   abundantly,States shall not hc friends; Ger-  Itrue after 1870 in France when I manv todav is sowing thc seed  Ithe  frugal,  thrifty farmers  of of distrust between us with the  lhat fair land made it possible same insistence that has marked  ror the-Republic'to pay off that, her   activity   in   that   direction  liated   German   war  indemnity ever since Japan became a.fac-  )f two'billion francs levied upon j tor to be considerd in world pol-  - *- *   rr"-  ��������������������������� " itics.    If you  will  recall  with  hut think of France,  no stranger on our  shore to paint the landscape red  with gore and make some Jiusy  Bertha roar, but think of  France! When I'm inclined to  droop and mope, and lose my  hold on faith and hope, discouraged by some speiler's dope, I  think of France. Some old-time  luxury I miss, some vanished  comfort spoils my bliss, and  thcn=Hioot^myseff=and=hiss^and  think of France. I hear men j  growl, with artic feet; thej' find  it hard to make eniTs meet, and  then my message I repeat: "Oh,  think of France!" I hear dames  grumble here and thcrc because  they havc no rags to wear, and  I remark "Oh, ladies fair, pray  think of France!" Our ills are  trifling things and brief, in onc  short hour they find relief; if  wc would know thc soul of  grief, we'll think of France  \Vai.t Mason  ) FouUgJ  '-'X  ."������������������������������������������������������'-Jl  WHY YOU DON'T ANSWER  i> V  --^^^_^         ~ When "Mrs. Sniith" filled the tele-  The story of the telephone com- phone bells so they might not ring  pany who requested its subscribers and wake-the baby, it caused "Mrs.  not to place their-spectacles on top Jones", to/ report angriJy (to- the  of^the^telephone was true, because' telephone company that she knew  any metal laid across the wires or "Mrs. Smith"-was home and that  binding posts on top of'the teie- "central" would not ring her-wheny  phone will short-circuit the line so she called. 7 ' "'  "central" can't ring-the telephone.'      Take care of your Telephone.   7  C. F- B- License n0, 9.3409  Choicest meats obtainable  Quo. R. Sharpe  Wholesale and Retail Putcfter  Fnderby  them.    The same spirit of na  tional thrift built up France for  Ithe extreme test tpda}r���������������������������a  test  that is being tried by fire.  Thanks he, French heriosm is  [proving true. The line is holding.    The blood of the farmers  Is  flowing  thc  !JL.ove As a Tonic  Pr- Pent lias opened one of  the most modern Dental Tar.  Jors in the Interior of British'  Columbia in the W. H.  Smith Block, above the Okanagan Grocery, Vernon. B.C.  Special attention to out of  town patients,  QMM6AN mflfflPflK  '-Ml  '-^1  ��������������������������� ?l|  -'    -.'i|  -��������������������������� ��������������������������� 'HI  ' ^^^**^^^>i^*WN0MN0NMA0*0N*N0**^0^N*MMM^W^M^0  Petter subscribe for  j\\o Commoner  pow while tjie  suj-jscrityng is goo4  ,$2.0QJ������������������ear,  Phone 343 or write  ments.  for   appoinl-  l  All through the Bible arc passages which show that love is a  health-tonic, and even lengthens  life.  "With long life will I sat-  him," says thc Psalmist, "because he hath set his love upor������������������  mc." Love is harmony, and  harmony prolongs life, as fear,  jealousy, envy, friction and discord shorten it. Who has not  seen the magic power of love  transforming rough, uncouth,!  men into refined and devoted,  husbands!. There is no doubt;  lhat those who are filled with:  the spirit of love, which is the;  PR. PPNT  PINTIST  VERNON, 3, C.  =Armstrong-,and=Enderby=  what punctilious observance of  the  rules   of   civilized   warfare Christ spirit, whose sjmipathies  Japan fought her wars you will J and tenderness are not confined  perceive that we place justice  and right over material prosperity,      military      efficiency      or  to their immediate relatives and  friends, but reach out to every!  member of the human family, 1  tlu*ough  equally    as    well j achievements"in natural science] live longer and are exempt  veins  of France's * and art.' a greater extent from tbe ills  to  of  MADE IN  ARMSTRONG  ladies'Siiits  Men's Suits  Clothes Cleaned, Pressed  Altered and Repaired  ALEX. ADAIR  Winter Cream  The success or failure of a Creamery depends  largely on the amount of Winter Cream that can be  secured.  We havc made a success of the Creamery during the Summer and if we can, this coming winter,  keep up the output success is assured.  Our Directors appeal to you as a patron to  tak_- advantage of the high prices which must be paid  for butterfat during tlie coming winter. Make ore-  parations now for winter cream.  Our Directors also appeal to the small producer to continue patronage even though the amount  be small. A large number of small producers  help out the output to a wonderful extent.  can  Northern Otanap Craamery Ass'n.  Help Boost the District  by getting your friends to subscribe for  The Commoner,   s2.00h.vthe.y������������������ir;$iob mvmonttis 8  OKANAGAN   COMMONER  fc-ea(U  1.15,   1.40,   2.00,  batteries and lamps  Flashlights.    We carry the fam-           ous Ever Ready line.   Prices 1.00  2.25    and   $3.50  ous Ever Ready line.      We   also carry   extra  Special in aluminum  sauce  pans 1 qt. sizes 40c  We carry two makes Massey  and Standard. There wheels  are worth to-day S55.00 but  we are selling balance of  our stock, at 850.00. Buy  one for your boy and let  him   wheel to  school.  Lanterns at  ������������������1.50 ea.  Wheelbarrows���������������������������Buy  one  5-00, 7.00, .7.50 & *7.75  ftf  S  Fruit  Ladders  '4.50 and  SO. 25  -e-  Royalite Coal, Oil.    In bulk at-40c per  gal..   Five gal.  galvanized oil cans with tap for carrying coal oil ea 2.50  Handled Axes at 2.00 and $2.'50  ' Building and Tar Paper in rolls  of 400 -"sq.   ft.    Make  your buildings warm by covering with paper.    Saves  fuel, saves  vegetables from freezing.-   Building Paper  1.25; Tar Paper 150 per roll.  We have a snap in floor mops  the "Marvel" at 75c This will be  the last time we cam sell polishing  mops i'or this price.     Ocedar  Oils  at 25c 50c ancl ������������������1.25 pea bottle.  THURSDAY,   SEPT.   19,   1918  The Corner Hardware  Armstrong  No better time for painting. Lumber is in the  prime      of       condition.  Whether it is a house, barn, buggy or auto we can supply  the paint.    Ask for color card. "  Electzic Lamps  The season is at hand when you will have to  renew your electric lamps, our stock is complete  with Tungsten and Nitrogen lamps 15 to 40 Watt  Tungston SOc each 60 Watt - 60c;- 60 Watt Nitrogen ������������������1.50; 100 Watt $2.00  Beautiful lamp shades for electric globes in all  shades each 50c   ���������������������������  ll  >o<  o<  o<  H)<  u  i  8.  genuine bargains are scarce enough these war times���������������������������so take ad-   (j  tage of these pre-war prices. Buy early to avoid disappointment,   X  vantage  disappoi  THEJNE, W  TUNGS-TONE STYLUS  Needle will play from 50 to 200  records  without changing.  Victor Records  90c for two selections  H. S. BEST  Armstron g,   B.C.  90 Pound Potato Bag  Ladi. s' Sweater coats���������������������������Only a small stcck, at  last year's prices. Most all of the popular  colors, very smart styles. Knit ahd ^brushed  wools from $6 OO to $10-50  Ladies' autumn aud winter weight underwear  The famous Peerless make, in separate garments and combinations. This underwear  laundries particularly well, at from SOc to  $3.7S  1  I  I  5-  8  Children's "'Kosyuite" sleepers. A beautiful  soft fleecy suit, made in all sizes, comfortable  and roomy from JJJIOO to $1.4-0.  Men's Khaki Drilloverall pants--a very special lino in excellent quality 2.00 & $2.25  While 90 pounds bas been the  legal standard for a bag ol" potatoes in Canada for a number  of ycars, and has been generally  adopted  in  most  of   thc   large  commercial     potato     districts,  thcrc has not until Ihis season,  been   machinery   i'or   enforcing  this standard.    Thc Sections of  thc Inspection and Sale Act inspecting thc -weight'of a bushel, j [j  bag  or barrel  of certain  com-! x  modi tics, as given in  detail on   fi  modities, havc now been Irans-'jJ  ferred for administration to the i ft  department of agriculture,  and o><=><><=>������������������  thc   Dominion   fruit   inspectors ' ���������������������������    arc  charged  with  seeing   these,^  sections arc complied -with. Any , if  onc,   whether   grower,   -jobber,  wholesaler or retailer, who sells  or oilers for sale notatccs in anv ���������������������������  An       Exc ptioually  wool    work    socks,     good  durable 30c  good  weight���������������������������  ice    of  very  Girls school shoes in Boxed Calf- Boxed Kip  grained leathers, neat looking strong shoe for  growing girls, all sizes at 425 4-50  4.8a to $5 SO  La lies fine shoes���������������������������high tops laced in black  with fawn tops, mahogany with fawn top-sand all mahogany with Neolin soles-- high  medium aud low heels at 8.50 9.00  9.25 and 8.50  Womans line Dongola   house slippeis��������������������������� low  heels  and one stiap2.75  Al en s Merino-���������������������������Fall weight underwear soft  and fleecy when washed��������������������������� all sizes in two  piece suits��������������������������� at per garment 95c  ���������������������������i  *>s   .  ���������������������������I  *���������������������������*"-*  1  'I  I  ���������������������������+J0  \  \  \  *****   o  ���������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������____������������������������������������������������������^������������������������������������������������������-������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������_���������������������������������������������������������������������������������_���������������������������_���������������������������_���������������������������_���������������������������_���������������������������_���������������������������_���������������������������������������������������������������������������������^      ^  Peaches, !EU ens. arriving now-$1.25 crate     fl  ���������������������������^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������____������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������^���������������������������_������������������������������������������������������_���������������������������_���������������������������__������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������_���������������������������_���������������������������_���������������������������__ ^  i  ll  GROCERY NEWS  flour  and ' cereals  coming iu a few dtiys.  We have a car of Ogilvio  Local   grapes fine flavor 8 lbs. 25c  Try   Invincible   Shortening,   a vegetable fat  substitute for butter 5 lb. p?iils $1.75  Genera! Merchants  th  e iiig Store  Armstrong, B. C.  rong  Can. Food Control License  No.  S-2L\366  o<  0<-"->Q,  :>o  t)0-0<  fi  HO  bag    containing  pounds,  renders  less ' lhan   00  himself  liable  CLASSIFIED ADVTS.  Ce a  wovrl- first insertion; lea word  thereafter.    25c minimum  God Knows  lo  lhc penally provided by thc  Act.  The lack of uniformity in thc  weigh.I of potatoes has becn a  Thc Endcrhj' Presbyterian  Ladies' Aid will hold another  home cooking stall in the Red  Cross   rooms,   Saturday   aftcr-  59-2  grievance in the trade for years c     .   00,,  as in many cases bags of pota-.noon' Sc?L 28cth   'toes sold as being of standard'FQR SALE_A fcw vegctable  weight, proved, when weighed, j mKrrow. Splendid for preserv-  to contain as little as 74 pounds; ing, or as a vegetable. Mrs. D.  and in somc cases even less. In1     (���������������������������'���������������������������  Crozier, Armstrong. 00  most cascis thc failure to give  the full standard weight has not  been with intent lo defraud, but  Little Harry (after eating his  eager   ration   of   bread   and  'margarine)���������������������������"Must 1 say grace,  'mama?"  Mama���������������������������"Of course, darling."  Little Hurry���������������������������"Well, you  said God could read our minds,  and if 1 say I'm thankful He'll  know jollv well what a 'bom-  inable little liar I am!"���������������������������Tit-  Bits.  SMOKE TMCKRTTS  f&B PLUG  TO   LET-  Are you prepared for the Fall Fair. We have leg-  brands for hens, bull rings and leaders for cattle: and  millc bottle for exhibiting milk-  Lhc effect on the consumer is the  same.  ; Then, again, -many retailers,  receiving bags weighing less  Uian SOfb instead of lhc 901b as  required by law, havc perpetuated the evil when selling by  the peck or gallon. Instead of  selling 151b'to the peck many  purchasers havc found they only  received 12fb. _ One purchaser  who bought a gallon of potatoes  a-few days ago found when he: WAN  weighed them that he only got  Gib 10 oz, instead of thc /Vbtb  to which he was entitled; in  other words he had paid for 14  oz of potatoes hc did not get.  With the weight of a bushel of  potatoes clcarfy defined as 601b.  there is no excuse for a peck of  less than. 151b or a gallon of less  than /J/jJTb being offered to or  accepted by any purchaser  potatoes in  these measures.  -Three-roomed  house,    in    Eastvicw.  Patchett, -Armstrong.  furnished  Mrs.    G.  . 60  wool.  JUST   ARRIVED���������������������������Imported  felt   and   velour   hats;   bc  range    of    colors    and  Prices from ������������������3.50 to -S12.50J, Mrs  'Bray,    Ladies'     and     Children's  Millinery,   Armstrong. 60  fi  Send us vour  Cnuti?ui ft    - Subscriptions  ^Jf-MSi   For   your  HAVE a modern furnace-heated  8-roomed house: Kilsilar, one  mile from water and park. Will  exchange my equity for farmland near-in. Apply I3ox K.  Commoner .OTice,  Armstrong.  60  fl  favorite   newspapers  .'ifid magazines.  We will   he   vour  pay  EIJ>���������������������������Clean  cotton rags. Will  oc vo.lOc per pound, according   to   condition.     The   Walker  Press,   Enderby,    or    Thc    Cary  Press,   Armstrong.  of  FOR SALE���������������������������Three Jersey heifers;  two-year-olds. Apply, J.1 Mnn-  sell,   Armstrong. 58-tf  STRAYED���������������������������A   sorrel    mare.     Last  headed for Deep Creek. Branded  "U" on flank.    Beward paid  for  Bobbitt, Endcr-  60  bringing to Mrs.  bv.  *4vncb-iHiIl--A-nniversaryLi  Twines  Standard (500 ft. to lb.) at 32c lb.  Sack twine per lb- 65 and ������������������1.00  You will waut heaters  before another t\yo weeks  better buy early. See our  line. Also remember s'ove  pipes, stove pipe wire, stove  polish and enemel, elbows  stove mats.  i Annivcrsarj- services will be  held in thc Knob Hill Methodist  '��������������������������� Church on Sunday, Sept. 22nd.  i Rev. T. Kcyworlh. of Vernon,  will preach al 3 o'clock in thc  'afternoon and 7.30 in the evening. Special music a I both  services. On Monday evening,  Rev. Kcyworlh will give an illustrated lantern lecture on lhc  Panama Canal. Several musical numbers will bc rendered  and   light  refreshments  served.  i Rev. T. Kcyworlh, of Vernon,  will speak to the hoys and girls  al the morning service in the  Armstrong Methodist Church,  and a special invitation is given  the young folk to attend. There  will be no evening service..in  this church.  FOR SALE���������������������������About 3 acres of good  cultivated     land.      Within     easy  =*--=r"ea"ch^6T'=En-cl-cTby^  splendid site. Terms: 10 years;  no interest: light taxes. Applv  B.G.,   Commoner,   Enderby.       58  WANTED���������������������������Will pay cash for 10  good fresh cows. Must be heavy  milkers and test over 4 per cent.  C. M. Henderson, D.V.S., Phone  39-4,  Armstrong. 50-tf  FOR SALE���������������������������Three good milk cows  Apply to Mrs: Percy Kay, Armstrong.  ft Private Secretary i  C' And save your time  and expence   (j  fl of writing. g  jj Our Prwg Srore Service (]  IJ -Is yours for  the asking. r  | ft. T. ABPOTT  j    Drugs,  Stationery   and   Tobacci  fWe Okanagan Garage  Phone 77 Armstrong, B.C.  8  Stationery   and   Tobacco   s  Armstrong, ft. C.  A F^YJNG JWACJJINJJ  may go faster, but the automobiles that ,  leave tliis Garage  cannot be competed  with.  We can   tell  yon   of several   satisfied  customers and  they   will   tell vou   how  well they are pleased with the treatment  '  their automobiles received at  TJ**S GARAGE  One trial means a continuous patron.  McLaughlin and Chevrolet Car*  Canadian Food Control License No. S-J7170.  I have a large list of enquiries  from thc Prairie Provinces for  Mixed Farms and Stock Tranches.  Mail your descrip'.icns of properties direct to the office.  GEO. MICKLEBOROUGH  Box 398 Vernon  C.  H.  Patchett is building a  ���������������������������; coal shed for JR. J. Fletcher.  Loaded Shells  1.35 per box  n  acPhail-Smith We Co.  CORNER HARDWARE ARMSTRONG, B. C.  PHONE 33  SECOND HAND  TIMBER  FOR SALE.   Apply,   N.   H.   Kenny,  Enderby. 00-5t'  LAYRITZ NURTERIE5  Victoria, B. C.  I  am  now   takiny orders tor   fall and  spring deli verv.  H. A. ALLISON, Agent  Armstrong, B. C.  10 MEN WANTED  10 men wanted for concrete work  at Kelowna, B. C. Job will last  untiil freeze up. Wages #4.25  per 9 hour day. Apply F. W.  Groves, District Engineer, Kelowna, B. C. or phone W. R. Reed.  3404, Kelowna, B. C.  Jas. S, Dickson  Real Estate and Insurance  List your Properties and Houses,  for Sale or Rent.  I have a stock of this year's Straw Hals for Men and JBoys  which I do not wish lo carry over. Am offering these hats at  25 per cent oil' regular price.  This Fall's Hobbcijlin samples just received.  Complete slock.of Stanfield's underwear and Clarke's Woolen Goods, Shirts and gloves  The Store for Quality and Quantity.  J7&.   JE$9   I>XJ^Jv  ENDERBY, B.C.  Guns and Ammunition  We can supply your wants during the hunting season.  Guns and Ammunition. Heating Stoves, Cook Stoves, Ranges,  Furnaces; Pipes. Elbows, 'Dampers.-*. We can satisfy ail your  wants in the heating line.  Plumbing  goods.  Granitware, Tinware and Shelf Hard  ware.      Estimates furnished on Plumbing and Heating work.  Fuiton Ha������������������re (o!  PLUMBING, HEAMNGJINSMITHING  >?


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