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Okanagan Commoner Jun 13, 1918

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 ������������������������������������������������������'$&$  rO  ARMSTRONG,  B.C.  ENDERBY,  B.C.  IN WHICH IS.MERGED. THE   ENDERBY  PRESS  AND ARMSTRONG ADVERTISER.  Vol. XV., No. 2 3 Whole No. 744  ARMSTRONG. B.C.. THURSDAY, JUNE 1?, 1918  Enderby City Council Prepares  Somewhat Drastic Pound By-law  A (lie regular monthly meet-  .ing of the iindcrby city council  last Monday* evening, Acting  Mayor Coltart reported that he  had laken steps'to assist the local ofood Conservation committee in an effort to prevent the  demolition of thc Hour mill and  to have same retained in Enderby and operated for the bcnVil  of lhe Valley. In Ihis connection Mr. A. C. Skaling had gone  lo Ihe coasl, lo take Uic matter  up wilh thc men inlereslcd.  Jn answer lo a telegram from  lhe local Food Conscrvalion  Commillcc the following  have been received:  wires  Your telegram 7th. Committee communicating wilh Coles Vancouver. lla\-ordiscus.scd mallei-wilh  Premier Oliver who suggests Enderby city and districl form local  association to,acquire and operate  ami. I'or incorporation see pari  three agricultural act nineteen (if.  teen, section eighty, subsection O  re manufacture and dealing llourt  and leed. elc. Also see amendment  seclion thirteen, chapter three, statutes nineteen seventeen. Such association Avould be eligible for loan  1rom Land Settlement Board under  subsection four, seclion eighteen,  chapter seventy-four, statutes nine  teen .seventeen. Premier recommends this procedure and will facilitate as far ns"possible obtaining  Joan under authority quoted. Committee lias no power to stop Coles'  actions.  limits of the said municipality, may  be taken by any constable or anv  ratepayer, and impounded, and  dealt with, in accordance with the  provisions of this bv-law, and any  person being th^owner or persons  usually in charge of any animal  mentioned in this by-law who permits such animals to run at large  or stray, depasture or trespass, as  aforesaid, contrary to the provisions of any of the sections of this  by-Jaw, so lhal such animals would  be liable lo be impounded under  the provisions of this bv-law shall  he guilty of a breach of lhis bv-law  and be subject to the penalties herein  contained.  (i. II shall be lawful for anv  poundkeeper of this municipality,  or any ratepayer thereof, to in*i-  nound ;niv of the animals mentioned in this by-law if found running at large or straying, (depasturing or trespassing a.s aforesaid,  and. it shall be 'lhe clutv of thc  poundkeeper Io detain all"such animals until the owner or fawners  thereof shall have paid all poundage charges, damages, (if any) fines  and expenses.  7.- The charges collectable under  Secy.   Local   Food-  Committee,   Eiider  . A. C. Skaling,  Conservation  bv, J J. C:  "Presentation of this will serve  as authority for Dunell, engineer  . in charge of dismantling mill lo  '- suspend operations on your written  undertaking to pay actual expenses  incurred during suspension in-case  negotiations do not result in. other  arrangements.  ,   Chas. F. Coles Co., Ltd.  ._ ,y .-FoJlo\ving ..is ..a ���������������������������draft~-of.- tshc  new pound by-law which passed  ,  its first and second reading:  -: A by-law.of the corporation of  l^f citv. of-Enderby, for, thc establishment, maintenance"- and regulation, of pound*  within'-the munici-  , polity,    and    the.  appointment    of  , poundkeepers therefor.  Whereas it is deemed  expedient  tinder the provisions of the "Muni-  ] ci pal" Act" and amending acts to  pass   a   by-law   relating  to  pounds  :��������������������������� as provided for by Subsections 42,  ���������������������������43. I-l and 46 of Section 54 of the  "Municipal Act. 1914." and of Section 13 of -the "Municipal Act  Amendment Act, 1917." -  ���������������������������."Now therefore the Mayor and  council of the corporation of Ihe  city (���������������������������(' Lnd������������������' rj. in open ine''t;i^  assembled,  ciiae?   as   follows:--  1. There   is   hereby   established  within   the  said   municipality  one  ;  Tionnd.  2. The municipal council may |iy  resolution appoint poiuulkcepei's to  , act under the "provisions of this  by-law. who will have power 'to  levy, collect ������������������nc| receive such lines,  expenses and damages as are herein provided for. The municipal  council may also by resolution, designate and provide suitable build-  , ings, yards and enclosures for th������������������  safe  keeping  of  such   cattle  as   it  ���������������������������^may^be^the^diily^of^the^pouiulkeep^  cis t'������������������ impound. For the purpose  of this bylf.w the word "entile"  shall have Hit: meaning assigned to  il by the "Tiespass Act" of the .statutes of the province of British Columbia, that is to say: any horse,  more, filly, foal, gelding, colt, bull,  bullock, eow, heifer, steer, calf,  sheep, Jamb. goat, mule and ass.  3. Any person, in possession of a  dog or bitch, or any person harboring or allowing the same to remain about his house or premises,  shall'be considered for fhe purpose of this by-aw the owner  thereof.  4. Any poundkeeper or constable  of tbe  municipality,  when  a  complaint  having becn  entered   before  either   of   them   against   a   dog  or  bitch on account of its ferocity, or  on account of depredations committed   while   running  at   large,   shall  immediately  request the owner of  said dog or bitch io remove it or to  place it in close confinement under,  chain, ancl  in  case of non-compliance by said owner or owners, or  in case of a= second complaint before either of them, the said pound-  keeper or constable  is hereby  authorized to seize said dog or bitch,  and impound him or her for forty-  eight hours, and unless removed by  said owner or owners, and the expenses,  including  a  pound   fee  of  $2 paid on or before the expiration  of said time, the said poundkeeper  or constable is hereby empowered  to either destroy said dog or bitch,  or sell   it,  and   from   the  proceeds  thereof to pay all expenses, and pay  over   thc   balance,   if   any   to   the  treasurer  of the municipality.  5. From and after the passing of  this by-law any cattle found run-  'iut?  at   large   on   any  street,  lane,  .50  .io  this  by-law shall  be as   follows':  For impounding bull, each   ..83.00  Horse, mare, filly, foal, gelding,  colt, bullock, cow, heifer, steer.  calf, mule or ass, each       1.00  Sheep, lambs and goals when  under ten in number,- each' .. .50  Sheep, lambs and goats when  over ten in number, each ... .25  "When any of the animals'named  in this by-law are impounded, in  pursuance of-the provisions thereof, it shall be the duty of the said  poundkeeper to furnish the same  with good and suflicient food, water  and shelter during the whole time  the said animals continue impounded, and on so doing, he shall  .be entitled to receive, over and  above his fees as poundkeeper, the  following sums:���������������������������  For  bulls    sjil.00  For horses, mares, fillies, foals,  geldings, colts, bullocks, cows,  heifers, steers, calves, mules or  asses   _....-...:   For  sheep,  lambs  and   goats,  .each,   . : ,...   ���������������������������   ���������������������������for each and every day they shall  be impounded. . In case oi" mijk  cows being impounded, the pound-  keeper shall milk each cow at least  tSvicc a day, and for so doing will  be entitled to keep the milk so obtained, for his own use. "  9. Any poundkeeper "who impounds or confines any of the aforementioned animals, and neglects or  refuses to provide and supply such  animals with suilicicnt food", shelter and waier, shall be subject to  the penalties imposed for a breach  of this by-law.  10. Jn*all.cases the poundkeeper  shall  within  twenty-four hours of  the time any of the aforementioned  animals shall Have been impounded  cause a written or printed  notice,  or partly written and partly printed  to he mailed to the owner, if k^pwri  and tp be affixed in some conspicuous "place on said premises, or in  close vicinity thereof,  and  on  the  bulletin   board   of   the   municipal  hall, which notice shall give a particular description of the said distress and  shall specify when  and  where the same shall be sold  and  if the owner of such  distress, or  any  person  on  his or her behalf,  shall not within nine  (9)  days, in  the case of sheep, lambs or goats,  after the said notice shall have been  affixed or put up, redeem the same.  ?>y paying the charges of the said  ���������������������������poundkceperr-and^siich^other^Costs"  a.s may be affixed  by this by-law,  and the penalty or damages which  may bc imposed, if any, it shall be  lawful for the said poundkeeper to  cause such distress to be sold, and  after   deducting   his   own   charges,  and such other charges a.s may die  f'Ned bv this by-law, and the penalty or damages which may be imposed,   if   any.   to   pay   over   the  surplus,   if  any,   to   the   owner   or  owners of such  distress  if known,  and if not known to pay the same  to thc    municipal treasurer, and if  not   claimed   wilhin   three   months  after thc same shall be received bv  the said   treasurer,   the  same  shall  be  applied   by   him   for  municipal  purposes,   provided,   however,   that  whenever   any   horse,   mare,   filly,  foal,   gelding,   colt,   bullock,   cow,  heifer, steer, calf, mule or ass have  been impounded under this by-law  after the same shall  have been   in  the    pound    for    three    days,    the  poundkeeper  shall   in   addition   to  the notice heretofore provided, advertise in one local newspaper'once  before proceeding to sell the same,  and such sale shall not be made before the expiration of six days after  such   notice -shall-have-been   published.  11. It shall be lawful for any person or persons to take or drive any  of the said animals before mentioned, if found running at large,  or straying depasturing, or tres-  oassing as aforesaid, contrary to  'the provisions of this by-law, to the  said pound, and the said pound-  keeper shall impound the same at  the   charges   aforementioned.  12. Any person or persons attempting to rescue or who rescues  any animal or animals when lawfully   in   the   custody   of   thc   said  13. It, shall be the duty of the  poundkeeper to keep a book, in  which he shall enter the above particulars, with the expenses, charges,  sum realized at sale, and penalties  demanded if any, and make return  to the treasurer of the municipality  immediately after each case of im-i  pounding has been disposed of.  14. Any poundkeeper or anv other  person   guilty   of  an   infraction   of  this by-law, upon conviction before  any   justice   of   the   peace   having  jurisdiction,  shall   forfeit  and  pav  a penalty not exceeding twentv-five  dollars and  costs  for, said  offence,  and in default of payment thereof,  it shall he lawful  for such justice,  iconvieting as'aforesaid,  lo  issue,a  warrant under his hand to levy the  said   penalty  and   cosls.  or  penally  or costs only, by  dislresscand  sale  of   offender's   goods   and   chattels,  and  should   there   nol   he  sullicienl  to satisfy the said penally and cosls  or   penalty   or   costs   only,   then   it  shall   and   may   be   lawful   for   Ihe  said justice so  convicting, to  commit the offender or offenders Lo any  lock-up in said  municipality, or to  a   provincial   gaol,   for   any   period  not exceeding six months. All such  penalties are lo hc paid to the treasurer of the municipality.  15.    All     dogs    which    are    im  pounded, and cannot bc sold lby the  vear: 5c the codv  Mickey's News  c-ood afternoon! You can'l  keep; a good man down. That's  why Mickey is so high up in the  world. But not stuck up; in  fact, he is very modest.  It    pays    to    advertise  Armstrong Gity CduneiT Makes  - Effort to Reach Settlement with C.N.R.  lire  regular  meeting  ...of   the  Council   was  ; Armstrong   Citv  pays    to    advertise���������������������������even -|,������������������*i,i .-���������������������������  ftfn r;/   lr ,,   Ar      ,--���������������������������  ���������������������������when you get full and stagger, j^ ft ^^lSaU* %".*/*  That'sAvhen vou get board and aSfrmr, Ir��������������������������� i r^T Wn&\*  lodging free: A^^^f^^^Sory, Hnb  EVen with Prohibition in 'full.'   ^ i  force some of lheUvVo per cent !���������������������������������������������* ^ ������������������' ^ula " "^  registers a good kick ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������' *������������������������������������������������������*���������������������������������������������������������������������������������       *-     ol i^&unu  When Enderby demonstrated  on June. 3rd thai her victories  of "May 2-1 Ih were no flukes one  made  poundkeeper, .pursuant to lhc provisions of this by-law, shall be destroyed   by   him.  Hi. Any by-law heretofore passed  establishing and regulating pounds  is   hereby   repealed.  17. This by-law may be cited for  all purposes" as ."The- Citv of Enderby Pound By-law, 1917."  It was the feeling of thc members of the council that they  would like to hear from .the citizens who havc any real objee-  ions to the proposed regulations  and there will be a full month  elapse before, the by-law receives its final reading, .which  should allow ample time to  study its real meaning.  Thc following accounts  ordered paid:  "fi.   E.   Harvev '- 5  A.C.   Skaling1 ..   H. F. Wilmot  .. ..".'.���������������������������   Empire  l>'av Celebration -. .  A.: Cr Skaling   .J. - Folkard   ...... V   Trench   Comfort -Club   ....  Okanagan Saw,Mills, Ltd.  .���������������������������  IT.. Rosoman V  Fulton. Hardware   Co.    ....  F. TI.   Barnes      Alex  Dale   /..' :   John   Tedford   . .'. *: ....... .  B.  C.  Anti-Tuber.  Soc   Kamloops Pro v. Gaol     RV C.   Carson       Arthur Beeves      Okanagan Tel. Co  . ...s  A.   C.   Skaling , ���������������������������   F.   T.   Turner    "  were  {Vernon   gentleman    (?)  isomc remarks  like'whal .Uncle  I Josh calls ''talking lo lhe Lord.*'  I     When a ccrlain young man of  'Enderby hinted lhal our editor  and a certain young lady were  on   such  close  term's  that  each  was lnnne,d on opposite sides of  Iheir faces, (he said editor tried  to get mad but hc failed because  his rage boiled over and evaporated.   Can he sue for deformation of character?  One facetious young person  suggests that the" reason Vancouver loses so many ball ganiGs  is that thc players "line up for  Vancouver and then play half  of their games on thc other  But then lhc olher teams  some of their games on  side of the line.  Enderby!   The  Okanagan  gateway!  Never another surpassed thee.  Down in a beautiful valley,  Ever a  place of beauty.  Reigns peace and happiness     c  Both welcomed here;  Young and old love' thee from  and near.  _ ��������������������������� meeting  i ay leller was read from Messrs  Cochrane  Council that  lhe rai"  H. vs. Cily of. Armstrong  Armstrong Red  Cross  Notes  'Enormous demand  property  , . for per  sonal property bags." An extract from a letter from our  commissioner overseas.  "On the 1st March there were  ; 14,410    Canadian    patients    in  i& Ladncr advising ii,ei^ng^\'M������������������JHll^������������������^EngUind,  lhc taxed cosls of  way in the case C. N. P.  .were  $93o.(io.   The leller was filed. A  second   leller   from   lhe   above; i|vl,  l-rm   was   also   read,   in   which  Ihey ask lhat lhe Ciiv would  m British Hospitals.  a early all of these require bags,  and the ligures jusl quoted do  nol vary much from lime lo  lime. You will" sec, therefore,  the 11,000 bags you shipped    lo   us,,   during   the   three  side.  plav  this  far  Eclipse of the Sun  Clouds ii  10.501 expected vi  2\{l eclipse of t]  (  314.00  5.00  ' 4.00  5.00 time  1 A.l   UIJJc,  interfered with thc  icw of the moon's  thc sun last Monday,  though the \ darkness as the  eclipse reached totality; between  3> and '4 o'clock, daylight saving  ? l 441 ���������������������������"C' V���������������������������S very noticeable here.  38.50 {-Where the eclipse was observed  <L10|as total, darkness slowly spread  i5-JM over a bell of cbiinlry probably  io._0!r,Q milcs -widc. Birds sought  their nests and chickens went  to roost. A gloom as deep as  that at It" o'clock at night enveloped thc . favored strip of  country at thc moments of to-  commumcavion was received from lhc,cily council of  London, Ont. asking lhis council lo support a petition to lhc  government to provide or assist  m providing insurance for soldiers on overseas service. Consideration was "deferred  -^'���������������������������B.���������������������������The chintz, or similar  cloth. Con these bags need not  bc either new or un faded, provided ii is clean. Make a half-  mcji hem at thc top and run a  lapc drawstring through lhe  hem. On one side of thc bag  near, thc bottom  stick a white  Mayor Wright reported  that  the council had visited thc city  solicitors at Vernon on Thur  day, May 30th, and after  sultation   with   them   had  the following, telegram:    ���������������������������  s-  con-  scnt  &^ num-  To the Tax-Commissioner, Canadian, Northern. Rnilwav, Toronto:  Authorized by Armstrong Council  oner settle without orejudtce- as  Iqllows. -Railway, have ex emu tion  taxes of right-of-way and area actually, required station grounds. You  pay all taxes due-wi'lhin s'ixt'v days  and .defendants'-.costs  to date."   -  C.   Dagg  Dale   ..  1.80  38.75  1.00  12.00  7.95  "7.25  25.00  31.50  10.72  7.00  City pf Armstrong  CEEAN-W PAY  NOTICE���������������������������U is proposed to have  a general CLfiAN-UP of the City  Streets on - Thursday next, ,;Iune  20th. All citizens are earnestly  requested to assist by removing  aiiy rubbish, lefuse, etc., there niay  be around their premises.  ERNEST GROVES, Cit'- Clerk-  To  tality. - "-plcctric lights were  turned on indoors, street cars  and automobiles had their headlights burning.  To this telegram "he- had  ceived the following reply:  "Mr. J. Si. "Wright, Armstrong, B.  C. Company legal department advises exemption-includes right-of-  way, station ground and- vard  sjraces as shown, on plan sanctioned and approved bv Minister  of Railways. Regret therefore impossible accept your offer to compromise 31st ultimo. Thomas D.  Watson, Tax Commissioner, C.N.R."  material.    Who-will help?  Wc know that a large  ber of our knitters have knitted  onc hundred or more pairs of-  socks since the war started. It is  impossible to get this information unless you help us by hand-,  ing ih your name to thc secrc-. .  lary.*" '.,"-* *  Many arc very modest about  the amouni of. work- they haye;  done, but in order" to help the  good, cause along don't neglect  -  this   lit tie _.dii tyV This -inform-'. ���������������������������  a tion. is  asked  for fromVliead-/  quarters. :y _ V ' r  Vote Against. Combing Out -'  *  ..���������������������������-jil  ��������������������������� *.l ^ ^"^ I  r; vl  Okanagan ppeKeepers' Ass'n.  A field meeting of the above  will be jielcj at Mr. A. places  ranch, Pacjc Mountain. Road,  Armstrong, on Wednesday,  June 19th at 2 p.m. Everyone  interested is invited-  I        C. R. Vcnables, ffon. Sec'y.  Registration Notes  Needed  Information  T������������������I4'    Mr.  Graham   "Rosoman   will  The  in  few Words and With No !"'c f "^ ������������������\ J!1? Registration  T ^ jn pndcrbv and district.   We has  Uncertainty of Meaning.  Philip  Snowdon,  Rrilish  La-'  ;bor M.P., wriling in thc British  (Labor Lcad*cr, says "Thc ballot  of thc Miners' Federation on the.  question:of combing out 50,000  men  from  tbe mines  has re-,  suited in a majority against the  r   proposal.    'Jt������������������e fiaurcs of  this  jj ballot arevery striking.' A ma-  On the motion of Aid. Fraser  seconded  by Aid.  Halladay,  ..... .     .  , ~  was,resolved to .endorse the pc-|lorily ������������������S������������������inst thc combing out  tition of the Citv of Toronto,.; proposal has been given in thc  asking the government to takc;^ncas!Vrp om* Cheshire dis-  a plebiscite at the ncxt general :l*'ict. /this result shows a very  election on the question of do  ing away with the Senate  Aid. Frascrrfor the Light and  Water Cbmmittce reported that  "Mr. McNaugbton with Lawson  had put supports under the pipe  in the places that had been  washed out, and the superintcn-  de\\t_ considered .Jhc_.pipc._was  appointed six deputies to assist  in thc work, each of whom is  The persons who arc required'su������������������>l)0S^ l������������������ ������������������">������������������vc four assist-  to register on June 22nd. and.'J,"1?' .���������������������������c registra ion room in  (hereafter  to carrv a  rcifistra- ��������������������������� fnderby will be in lv. ol P. Hall,  -where every provision  will be  In  remarkable change of opinion  among thc miners of,Ibis area  who hitherto have - been-overwhelmingly'on the side of the  government in supporting any  proposals for the continued prosecution of the war. The Federation vote is the more ;emark-  ablc when Jtlie.fact is ta|kcn_[nto_  now secure. cbifsideralioirthat it was under-  Ald. Gregory reported that *torH' l,lat "1C ������������������>cn who would  Cole had made Good work at thc|".rsl ^c taken into military scr-  Ccmetcry and the place was y,cc womW be those who had en-  lookifig well. i Jcm' l'lc mines since the out-  It    was    resolved    to    make Prca,v oi' the war, and  Thursday, June 20tli. a Cleanup day and to ask flic citizens  tcrcd thc  break of the  have bcen expected that thc old  miners   would   have   in    over-  it might  highway, boulevard, park or public poundkeeper, or any other person,  place , or straying, depasturing or for the purpose of being drawn or  trespassing on private property, at taken to the pound, shall be guilty  any  time  of  the   year,  within   the of a breach of this by-law.  carry a  tion certificate at"all limes, arc  those who shall have on or before lhal day attained their 16th  birthday. It has been currently  reported that persons over 60  ycars of age are exempt but this  is not the case.  Without a registration certificate it will be* impossible for  any person to employ or be em- j  ployed, to travel by������������������ train or  steamboat, to vote at; a Domin-<  ion election, or.to procure board  or lodging at any hotel, restaurant or boarding house.  Persons failing to .register will  also be liable to a fine of $100,  or one 'monHi's imprisonment,  with a further penalty of $10  a day for each day on which  they remain unregistered after  the day on which they ought to![he  made to facilitate the M'brk  all tlie school houses of the district a registration official will  bc placed for lhc day.  Wanted-���������������������������5 or 6 male deputy  ofiicei's to assist in taking the  registration. Apply to J. M.  Wright. V .  Tiie Armstrong Home Comfort Club will serve lunch and  afternoon tea on Registration  Day in Simington store (brick  Block.) Come in and help out  the Comfort Club,  need of funds.  to assist in every way possible1 wnc,m,n# "l������������������"kcrs seized the  to make Ihe cily look its best opportunity of getting these  for Pominion Day. j!ncn out of U������������������c industry.    This  The clerk reported that at a has not proved to be thc case."  public meeting held on Tuesday, ������������������<T. ��������������������������� v.. rr'   ���������������������������  May 28th, it was decided that an      ���������������������������    The Yokohama Maid"  organized      fire     brigade     be!     Mr   A    T   w,.;������������������m   ���������������������������,k-.  u  formed    consisting    of    twelvc.'cha-gc  of Vhc  m^al '  members and that the city coun-    ' musical  cil be asked to  cents an  hour  $1 an hour for  sWeration of tliis matter was de-iClub,  reports   the practices dc-  Tho ^X'T[ ^^  I Im   clerk   further   reported everything points lo  that the result of lhe Court of Ja  liinfi a'rm^  who are in  Revision of lhc assessment roll Armstrong ������������������  was that there was a  Reeve W. H. Keary, who has  been appointed to  take charge three  of   the   registration   within   thc  Municipality,  has arranged  for  convenience   of   the   lady  have registered. j voters as well as the gentlemen,  No one is necessarily required I to *have polling stations as fol-  to  register in  his  home  town, j lows: Larkin,-Otter Lake, Plcas-  but all must register, wherever ant  Vallcv,   Bennett,   Mountain  they happen to be on June 22nd  Main line I rains will carry registration ollicials for lhc convenience of people-who happen  to be travelling on that day.  View and Knob Hill schools and  a I lhc Public Hall at Hullcar.  Libsolulely compulsory  males and females over  of age lo register.  It  is   !  for both  16 vears  the opcrct-  succcss.    Thc  -i,- ������������������������������������������������������     'v-i  .   . o-     Wornc      Comfort  of ������������������^1  tan -in Ah, reduction ;Cluh hope and expect to sec a  pi   $1,400 m  the assessment of jnumber of Enderbv friends ������������������0  improvements. down tn ������������������nn nln ������������������n.f ���������������������������     "  id  i   ������������������->   i      .t *���������������������������-������������������        . ������������������������������������������������������-.        viuwii io see tne periormaicc  Rate By-law No. 56 was given will   be     '  .       "  .,     and   was "duly.Theatre  sealed,    lhe rate struck is 23.4  mills;    somewhat   higher ' lhan  that of last year but still.one of  the lowest Lax rales in the Val  ley.  Wilfrid Owen of Mara won  third prize in lhc bicycle race at  Enderby on Empire Day. Thc  name of Abe Elliott was inserted in error.  It  given   in   lhe   Avalon  the.latter part of June.  ���������������������������j. ���������������������������a ,\.ui c.'j.  J i. v  In order to provide entertainment lor the people of thc district who come lo Enderbv to  register on Saturday, June 2"md  Mr. Bobb will put" on a high-  c ass photo play in the Opera  Jiousc that evening. Remember the date and watch the show  boards for particulars as to the  play. It will be one of lhc big  leaturc plays,well worth seeing.  ���������������������������<���������������������������  Lj_i. i.  i_._!._ I  OKANAGAN  COMMONER  THURSDAY, JUNE 13th, 1918.  Valuable Information to Farmers  .L~>  From Dominion Experimental Farms  Mutton Production  ha  meal   was*.��������������������������� placed   before . lhc    birds in open  hopper;  some of  The scarcity of wool and meat   the  eggs produced  during  this  given a new impetus to the  period   had   a   distinctly" fishy  aS to how the disease gets into  the field in the first place, nor  how it is transmitted from one  plant to anolher. It undoubtedly does spread once il becomes  established in a. plantation and  many line plantations have been  known to hc greatly injured by  *.������������������  immmn  |sheep breeding industry in Can-  taste, while others were "entirely  the presence of a largc^ number  ada and once it becomes again free from such flavor,  finr.lv established as a common'periment  lias  shown  farm  industry and  the benefits, possible  of Leal" Curl plants. If the disease corresponds closely with  the mosaic or yellow disease,  one would suspect thai.it is carried    either   by   insect    or 'by  r.QIU.ETT COMPANY LlKiTEDi  SUNSHINE SERMONS  Cheerful Guidance to a Happier, Healthier Life  i By the Philosopher-Physician  GEORGE F. BUTLER, A. M., M. D.  Laughter   is   undoubtedly   one  of   Nature's   greatest  tonics.     It  brings   the   disordered   faculties  and   functions   into   harmony,   It  lubricates "the   mental   bearings,  and  prevents the friction  which  monotonous,   ejecting     business  engenders.     It   Is  a   divine   gift  bestowed  upon us as a life  preserver, a health promoter, a Joy  generator,     a     success     maker.  Life   with   tho   average   man   is  too serious at best.    Never lose  an   opportunity    for     relaxation  from   tha   ptre.s   and   strain   of  your    business    or     profession.  Every draught cf laughter,  like  an   alr-cushiijn,   eases   you   over  the Jolts and the hard places on  life's     hi-hway.     It     tends     to  bring  every  abnormal   condition  back  to the   normal.     It     is     a  panacea for heartaches, for life's  bruises.     It   is  a   life   prolongsr.  "Laughter   is   a   positive   sweet-  ner  of   life,   but,   like   good   coffee,   It   must  be  v/ell   cleared  of  the grounds cf ill will.    There is  nothing   on   earjh   more   delight-  if  ful   to   listen     to     than     witty   k  laughter,  and  nothing  more tor-  t  menting    than     the    silly    and   \  causeless  cachination   of    fools.   ������������������  Between   a   laugh   and   a   giggle  \  there   is  the  width   of  the   horizon."    Commend   me  to  a   good  laugh���������������������������net   to   a   little   snickering    laugh,   but    one-   that   will  sound   right  through  the   house.  Tho  first   duty  we   owe   a  child  Is to teach  It to fling out its inborn  gladness and  joy with the  same freedom and abandon that  the bobolink does when it makes  the  meadow    joyous    with    Its  song.    Learn to    laugh, and to  laugh aloud.  The following laying mash is  recommended for summer  (ceding: -100 lb bran; 200 lb  shorts; 300 lb ground oals; 200  lb Iish, meal; 100 lb feed corn  meal and 'A lb sail.  This cx-  thal  it is  fee'fl a   !��������������������������� ying  mas!:  coming from it arc fully -recog- ^containing  as  much  as  28  per  nized, lhc writer feels confident cent offish' meal or twice  the  that il will not again go down quantity recjuired lo.supolv the j pruning operations.  inlo decline. " ' pro lei n" needed   to  balance   lhe!     Although  too little is known  This class of slock, while cn- laying mash, ll is recommended! about Leaf Curl to advise a cer-  joving lo the full .the benefit of lhat fish meal bc"substituted forjhun    means    of    control,    one    " "     '     " -      - -- -     should  always   remove   the  affected  plants  as   soon   asythey  show signs of thc disease. They  arc of no use in  any case and  are likely to spread lhe disease  lo olher parts of thc plantation.  In  laking out Leal* Curl plants,  one. should,be careful lo get the.  whole"* of Ihe. root system, other-;  wise lhc parts thai are. left will  slarf to grow and will produce  new shoots which will also show  Leaf  Curl.     It  is   possible   lhal  some of 'our Leaf Curl originates from  nursery cuttings and  some care should be laken when  selling <nit'a'".new plantation, lo  avoid this disease.,  the increased high prices.of the beef scrap in  those districts in  \ produclso produced, is probably which the former is-more,easily  ; the onelhal is-least affected by procurable.  ; increased    cost   of   production,  'common   lo  the  products from  j olher classes of stock. This is  due to the fact that lhe feed consumed consists largely of home--  j grown   roughages 'and   grains.  I thus eliminating, lo a. large ex-  | fenl. the purchase, of liigh-priccd  l concentrates. Il is also due in  part lo lhe fuel'lhal very lillle  labor is , required lo handle a  lloek so lhal Ihe increased price  of laor has no! ihe same, offer I.  To m-i-ive al lhe cosl of million produelion many faclors  musl   be   laken   inlo  consider-!-  olechlan Hardware  Go.  ARMSTRONG, B.C.  Dairy Supplies--Butter bowls, butter spades,  butter ladles, sanitary Daisy pail, cream cans, delivery cans, skimmers, crocks from 1 to 0 gallons,  cream separators, etc  prices before buying.  See our stock and get our  In  Raspberry Leaf Curl  of  lie  lion, ll mav be safely considered that lhe value accruinq"  from lhe manure produced and  weeds drslrovedTullv olfsels {belabor expended. From lhe records of lhc* breeding and {ceding work a I the. Central Experimental  interests ol market  gardeners and small, fruil cul-  I iva tors, this note on Raspberry  Leaf Curl has been prepared a I  the field laboratory in Sou!hern  Onlnrio al SI. Catherines, and  is issued by lhe Central Hxper-  imenial  Farm.   Ollawa.  This disease has been known  for some  name, as  Hasnberr  curling oi  Haybg Tools���������������������������Hay forks, hay rakes, scythes,  snaths, steel cable for hay carriers, machine oil, oil  cans, scythe stones, grinding stones.   'We can take  ,    care of your wants  prices  WagOnS���������������������������at $1.25,  each.  in all   these lines   at  lowest  $2.25, $2.-1-0, $3.75 and $0.75  Where.cSilence Js Golden  lime under lhc above ;)]  ���������������������������      -.  "ihis slorv is illustrative of lhe  3  Washing Machines���������������������������Motor washers $24.50, the  Eden electric combined washer and wringer for  3150.00, Have a look at this washer, it is certain lv a lab..r saver in llie kitchen.  well as under Lhal of  "  "yellows.   -Since   lhc  lhc leaves is the oul-  aiisolule   si ience  of  lhe  tvpical  a 1  ..!  onclincss  Farm,    lhe   remainin;  standing feature of lhe disease,  ,.    ,        .    ,, ... i     c       :'  '*������������������������������������������������������'��������������������������� "c!V'-V.i:o If) use Lhc lerm  hrl:;rS.in1.!ll.e.^L.0l.I,,:0<lnCiH:n Raspberry Leaf Curl.  'Hie disease affects the leaves  and shoots and i.s often confined  ef year old million may be lab-  ���������������������������iikded  as  follows:���������������������������  (Cost of feed in m-.-iintaining owe  i from  weaning of one  lamb  lo  'weaning of ncxt   $5.00  Inleresl on value of ewe  ($.'3.00 (Sr G per cent  ..   1.80  Service charges and maintenance of ram      Cosl of feeding lamb from  weaning lill finishing a I onc  vear   old  bush  camp.  '=   Two  men  wore  camping   lo- |     Binder Iwllie  golhcr, bul rare!}' exchanged a  word.  One morning one of tlie men  remarked a I  breakfast: "Heard  PHONE 47  Barb Wire  lo a single bush or part of a  bush, sonic of lhe shoots being  perfectly    normal    and    others  bellow in the swamp just  a co  now. ���������������������������  Nothing fiu'tho  thev went a bo id  was said and  their business  ,..'i>sc!S?2ra=nsii3a������������������������������������scs:s^^  .35  with   the  leaves  affected.    The  j-or u,e rcsi ���������������������������j- Uic dav. Twcnfv-  .aflecled shoots, instead oi   pro-  four hours later, once-morc al  flucmg    normal,    large,    broad breakfast, the second man said:  leaves,   bear   leaves   which   are,     "How d'you know it wasn't a  conspicuously  small  and  badly bull?"  (. ?9 curled downwards. In the carry,     Aguin no comment.   Again a  ��������������������������� " stages  this symptom  is  nol so pause    of    twentv-four    hours.  Wool.Troin ewe (7 lb @  GO  per  lb      9.67  Cost of 120 lbs million  . .  Value of 100 lb mutton in  Spring 1018       17.75  Cost of 100 lbs million . .     8.06  $13 87 pronounced, and while a small xoxi morning lhc first man be  I amount  ol   curling  may  occur gan to pack up his "billv" and  4 r>0 then. Lhe disease is morc nolicc- "swag."  inquired   the  going?"  able on account of.Vhc yellow-j     "You  ing  which   takes   place   dluring other.  the summer because of lhe un-      "Yes." -  healthy   stale   of    lhc    foliage.      "Why?"  Since  yellowing   of   lhc. leaves i  '"Because,"   said    his    friend,    may  he   due   to   a   number   of "there's too much argument in  . $ 9.60 olher causes, such as wet. feet, ibis ca  poor,   soil.  drought.  etc.,   il   is  >o������������������o f-  j) Canada   Food -Board   License  Jj.    -       No. 8-6337  0  imp."  Always in Place  -(j    "Sesqui Matche  fi   Per pkt, 20c %  I  jj Herrings in Tomato  | Sauce  i  my matches  Per pkt... '. 30c  Buy your supply now. price  soon to be doubled  Profit per 100 lbs  Tills is a profit of $11.03 bei  lamb if bul one lamb'is raised  best  lo  determine   lhc   disease  i per ewe. '       ! mainly by tlie Leaf Curlsymp-  I -' The above  figures arc based loms. . -        '       -    <= There were eighteen lawyers  ~ 'on an increase of onc lamb per, hi thc advanced stages, Ihe sealed about a lireplace. If was  (j j ewe. When Iwo lambs wcrc'cancs bean no fruit. When first a raw. wet night. A stranger*;'  x''raised practically lhc same re- Slacked Ihey flower almost wet to the hide, came in,J tried  (Vsuits in weight may bc expected normally, but the fruil is small to gel accommodations and  ll al lhc end of the year. In such a.IK* cll'>' iUK- shrivels uj) before found nol a room left. Sliiver-  X:a case lhc first' three, items '"ipening so thai lillle or no fruit ing, thc stranger looked at clhe  II would be split bclwccn the two '.s cvcr produced from an in- fire, bul wc formed such'a solid  cjlhus reducing the cosl to $5.09 fooled bush. Of lhe three var- line about,it that he could not  [J per hundredweight and increase  'H-^'iC^    which     are    commonly gel near il.    Finally onc of the  *M  5  y i the profit Lo $12.66 per hundred- 'grown  m  the Niagara   district. lawyers in a spirit of frivolity,  Pj1 weight. j Cuthbert,      Marlborough     and turned.to him and said:  IJ      Thc.   foregoing  estimates  arc Herbert,   the Herbert seems  to'     "My friend, arc you a travel-  exclusive   of   overhead   charges k������������������ freest from-the disease.    The lcr?"  or depreciation but. these items 0,hcr two varieties arc quite sus-j     "I am, sir.'  I havc bcen all  oiniay well bc overlooked as they' ccptiblc, but onc rarely sees  a , over thc world."  Per can c 2Cc fl  arc almost  negligible  in  sheep siS������������������ of Leaf Curl in the Herbert.)     "You don't say! Been in Gcr-  Si������������������ v . raising owing  toolhe  fact  that;1     So  far as is known  lhc dis- many, Egypt, Japan, and all thc  ardlRCS jvso lillle is required in buildings'casc ]? not ('uo lo anY parasitic countries in Africa and Asia?"  2 for 25c IJ lor equipment..Moreover Lhe es-iorSanis,n- Tl npparcnlly belongs'     "All   of   them;   been   evcry-  p        l     ri        ��������������������������� xjlimates are conservative and al-'lo   t1ial   l>rl)C  ������������������''   trouble  called where."  rieSH   $%tXYUlg : though   Ihcv show a  relurn  of Pliysiological disease, and could  20c ojol least 38.8 per cent on lhe in-"'therefore bc put in lhc class of  fj'vestment of ������������������30 the same mav poach yellows and little peach,  v,be   looked   fm*   under   Eastern !,ntl  'he mosaic diseases of lo  c   Per  can.  Clams  Pilchards  "Ever bcen in hell?"  "Oh, yes, been  there twice."  you  P_r can _ 3c  !conditions while under Western "^does, tobacco, potatoes and so  .conditions even greater relurns 'oi'lh.   No records arc available   y__mav_hc-ro; d j zed     "How  there?"  did  find   things  "Oh, much the same as here  -lawvers all next to thc lire."  Wheat* Oats*  J^arJey, Sprtoar Jiye, \. W.  pent Corn,s Timothy, C Jo vert Vetch, liapPt  8Hi4^tropt bom) |iecl mu\ other H|ans:ei  Tumip mu] |3eet see<| for late awfjenjpar  CioUleu bantam Corn. Hqaasii apfj Citron  Alfalfa Culture  25  c and 30c  0 Phillips & Whitehouse |  Fish Meal for Laying Hens  In   poultry   feeding   for .egg  1  ���������������������������a  Phone 48  t���������������������������>o<=  Armstrong  ���������������������������o<=>o<=>o<:  a  prociuction,   the  source  ol   pro-  ||  Loin has been  largely the com-  >o< nicrcial product known as  high   cost   of  no  heel  lhis  !  ..:..>.>.  ���������������������������:������������������������������������������������������>���������������������������:���������������������������������������������:������������������������������������������������������:������������������������������������������������������:������������������������������������������������������:���������������������������<:������������������������������������������������������:���������������������������������������������>������������������:������������������������������������������������������:���������������������������  MAT. HASSEN  Auctioneer and Livestock  Salesman  ARMSTRONG       B. C.  I hnve n wide :icrjimititance  amonyst buyers. Consult mc  .wIr-h you want to link] a sale.  Also fend me   particulars  of  scrap.      I  j com modify has suggest oil lhat  i efforts be made to find a cheaper  | food substance lhal would provide lhe prolein requirement in  Ihe ration and nol reduce fhe  vahie of thc egg product. Wilh  lhis end in view.an experiment  was carrtied out "'at'-the Experimental Station for Vancouver  Island in which fish meal, a product, easily .procurable-on the  coast, was substituted for beef  scrap. The experiment-was conducted for cioht periods of 14  davs each. Thc percentage of  fish   meal   used   in   the- laving  ri^:ii!li������������������,!!!i!!iJi;!li!ii!ii!jl;i;i!;i:;!iki!;I1iil  'i|j!iiiiii:;i!!,!.-'|iMi;i'i,!l!l  imSm07^''  ii^m^\^s<  Sil!:1!!;;;;:1  Hi  m  ilfP^'  till M11 ;li  g surplus stock you wish to <!isposc % mash varied from 4.4 to 28~pcr  t  ������������������r- j:  cent   and .was   increased   wilh  I        PHONE No. 34  >;������������������������������������������������������:������������������������������������������������������:������������������:������������������:������������������������������������������������������>������������������������������������������������������������������������.  each succeeding period. The  fish meal was not objectionable  lo lhe fowls as Ihey consumed  a grealer quantity'of thc laying  ��������������������������� 'mash  as'the percentage of������������������fish  J-OR     SAFJv���������������������������Aljou'l     1.30    cement! mcal ^nl^iip-and the" trial pro  blocks;   cemcnl   block   nnd   brie  machine  wilh  pellets;  lawn   vase  mould: cement mixer with looks:  .lot and building il' desired; also  good house for* sale or for rent.  Apply J. A. Glen, Enderby.  "When   a   man   i.s   spoiling  fight lie i.s usually loo fresh.  or   a  ! grossed.- Kggs were regularlv  tested for flavor- during all feeding periods and found to bc entirely free from any fishy taste  when the laying mash contained  any aunnlilv up to 28 per cent  of fish meal. During the last  period of H days, straight fish  Pifferent  Kinds of  Heat  Your furnace should not  only give you plenty of  heat, but the right quality  of heat. ""^  Some houses would be  better without any heat  than tlie kind their furnaces give them.  If you study thc Sunshine  Furnace you will know  what the right kind of heat  is and how to get it.  Full information ?-bout the Sunshine Furnace  will be sent free to any address upon request  to our nearest branch office  Subscriptions to tfte "Com-  moner")^ave-come*iri=we}}7  ]3Ut we stiU ftave room i\\  the top for a few more.  Subscribe now~$2 per year  tfurna.ee  London  St. John.K.B.  Toronto  Calgary  Montreal  Hamilton  Winnipeg  Edmonton  Saskatoon  Vancouver R-  wmmmmmmtmm*  OKanag'an Garage  Phone 77 Armstrong I^.C,  Agent for-McLaughlin,  Dodge and  Chevrolet  Automobiles.  REPAIR WORK GUARANTEED.  Tires, accessories, oil, etc. always on hand. Storage  batteries recharged. Prestolite tanks exchanged.  Fairbanks Gas Engines. J.I. Case Machinery.  'St  orage  i>  Use our free air station THURSDAY, JUNE 13th, 1918.  OKANAGAN   COMMONER  Regulations Governing Publicity  in the Press of Canada  Regulations to govern the jo publish he contents of am'  publication of statements, opin- conlidenti-.l document belong-  ions or reports on certain ques- ing to, or any confidential infor-  tions arising out of the state of. to publish "the contents of any  war by newspapers and other 'ernment department or any  periodicals and also orally by person in the M.rvice of cis  individuals are embodied hi an Majesty.  ONTARIO   FARMERS  ANGRY j       The Peril of High Heels  Dissatisfied with Efforts to Fight;     At one of the recent sessions  Conscription,  They  Say  Bad Gf the Academv of Medicine of  Things jParis?  an  interesting communi  cation  pub-  order-in-councl   passed   by   the  government    under    the    War  Measures Act and approved by | upon  the Governor-General.  Under this act it shall be an  offence:  (a) To print, publish or  licly express any adverse or unfavorable statement, report or  opinion concerning the causes  of the present war or the mo-  lives or purposes for which Canada and the United Kingdom of  (2) A;������������������y person found guiitv  of an offence hereunder, shall,  su nil nary conviction, be  liable to a fine not exceeding  five thousand dollars ($5,000),  or to imprisonment for not over  five years or to both fine and  imprisonment.  3. If the Govern or-in-council,  upon the. report"'of the Secretary  Dissatisfaction over the lack f llI;xl uI5on the subject of high  of any tangible result toAvard heels was submitted by Prof,  securing the exemption of their Quenu and Dr. Menard, closing  sons from military service pre- with the ominous warning:  vailed among the delegates^ to; "Ladies, if you value your good  the Ontario Farmers' Conven- health, give up the high heels of  tion held in Toronto a few days'your shoes."  Great   Britain   and   Ireland   or  seized   and  any of the allied nations entered; jn contravention hereof shall bc  upon   or  prosecutes   thc  same,  which may tend to arouse hostile feeling, create unrest or unsettle or inflame public opinion:  (b) To print, publish or, publicly express any adverse or unfavorable statement, report or  opinion onrerning the action  of Canada, lhc United Kingdom  of Great Britain and Ireland or  any allied nation in prosecuting  thc war;  (c) To print or give public expression  or circulation to any  false statement or report respecting  the  work  or activities ofi  any department, branch or of-]  ago. Several hundred delegates! Several years ago Dr. Dagron,  left the convention. There were a noted French phvsiciam called  2,000 present. attention to the injurious effects  Despite the appeals of some of wearing high heels, but his  delegates for' drastic action,-.'warning made little impression,  even to using coercion, to pre-: Since ' then, however, the sub-  vent their sons from being ject has been more thoroughly  drafted into military service, no-j studied with the aid of X-Rays  thing was done by the farmers:and moving pictures by Quenu  of Slate of* Canada so directs, alll^.^^J^1^^"^ ^^1 't?^1}**6- >ThT,!W? inVCSt"  copies of any publication which I loTn?^ un"  has bcen in his iudeement  been , m, ������������������,ct so-af to ex- natural strain  is   placed  upon  nas nccn in ms juagemenvneen |empl. one g^Hed lllan for each the muscles and  ���������������������������ssued,  circulated or published i^qq ncrcs nnf|  arranging  ,   , ,   . i morc thorough organization of  destroyed   by   any.the farmers and their interests-  person authorized to do so by1  the Se<ToUu-y of State, and the  presses,  j.lant,   machinery  an 1  material usecl or to bc used in  (he printing, publication or fir  for a foot, as well" as  tendons of the!  upon leg "mus-'  cles    forced    to    accommodate  __ . themselves to the task of main-  I     "lhc farmers  will  liold   no|taining   the   ecfiiilibrium   of   a  I more meetings of this character body unnaturally raised by the  Toronto,"   Inspector  of  De- heels. The strain caused by this  a. Mcculloch,   vernon, b.c.  Manufacturer and   Wholesaler  ���������������������������of���������������������������  PURE,  REFRESHING,  AREATED WATERS  and  AGENT FOR THE FAMOUS  CALGARY   ''CHINOOK���������������������������"'  BEER AND STOUT  One must drink to live���������������������������to live todrink  And.few things   are   more   refreshing,    invigorating    or    desirable, during othe hot, dusty days of   summer  than   a   cool   drink ;  of   these   PURE,   SPARKLING     AREATED WATERS, or the Ton  ic Qualities;of the non-alcoholic     hop beverages.  Send for Price List  Our Motto:  .        "SERVICE and  QUALITY"  YOUR BUSINESS DESIRED  Mail   and  phone  orders  given prompt attention.  I  Phone 49  Vernon, B.C.  | in  tcctives George Kennedy of  ,ronto said.    "If I had had  To-  cutaiion of any such pubKratniH|M������������������~^  Canada printed or published i        Hall was to havcbbeen f)  for  in  bc  1S-  contravention   hereof,   shall ijJJ pu^^ rfVcnoSndSg the  seized and the premises m government  I  would  have at-  which  the same are  printd  or tcnded amI re.u, them 0rder-in-  ! Council No. 17-  !    "I   would   not  have   allowed  published may bc closed indcf  initely or lor such period as the-  Secietary  of  State, for Canada  may riirrct.  I   For thc purpose of carrying the above provision into ef  | effort is so great that fatigue is  experienced even after a short  walk.  The effects of wearing high  heels are even farther reaching  than" was suspected heretofore.  The altered position of the  foot disturbs the equilibrium of  thc whole body  AUCTION SALE  ficer of the public service or the' fCct the S cretary of State for  service or activities oi Canada's Canada u.t-v issne his war...ant  military or naval forces, which to any person under his hand  may tend to inflame public opin- !inj scaj cl- 0fjicc< directin������������������ _v;\ |  ion   and   thereby   hamper   the  government of Canada or prejudicially affect its military or  naval forces in the prosecution material  of the war;  (d) To print, publish or pub- printed  licly express any statement, re- dosed,  port or opinion which may tend  to weaken-or in any way detract from the united effort of  the people of Canada in tthc  prosecution of the war;  (e) To print, publish, or publicly express any report of, or  to purport to describe or to refer to the proceedings at anv  secret session of the House of  Coinmons   or   Senate   held   in  such publication to bc seized  and destroyed and any such  presses,   plant,   machinery  and  to be seized and the  premises wherein the same are  or    published    to    be  .1        * .    ������������������ ,. . . ���������������������������-----���������������������������     As there is a  them to proceed. I would have tendency to bend the knees the  advised them to go home and, upper part of the body, the head,  continue their work on the land and chest, is thrown back, avhile  and if they had refused I would the abdomen is forced beyond  havc given them an opportunity its normal position. The phy-  to do some work at thc indus- j sicians state tliat the disturb-  trial farm." lances caused  "Let us  have been instructed to offer for sale  by public  ' auction at the Francis warehouse at  130 p.m.  on  .    , , . ,   , by thc wearing of  put down our foot high heels, the disarrangement  and say our sons shall not go to! of the articulated bones of tlie  the front," said C. A. Barwood,' foot and the throwing out of  Owen Sound, at the final session their normal position of the dif-  amid a roar of applause. fercnt parts of the body are ser  ious enough, but that in Avalk-  mg these effects are so aggravated that they cause the most  serious "* internal disorders.���������������������������  .,-   .        , *.    .     .Popular Science Monthlv.  ne  1st   suppressed t1TveVr^9lV^^ ^And every woman will admit  ���������������������������ir    of   St    Tohn's j.    y   J |y15 nin? British sol- all of this, while at  the same  ai,   of   St.   Johns H,m A.oA  every hour,  but in time clinging lo the high Ss!  Losing at Both Ends  It is more dangerous to be  baby in England than to be  soldier in  Under  this  Act  thc  government   on   June  the   Daily  St  Nfld., on the charge of printing  auicles   calculated   to   hamper dicd cvery hour    It is said that  the operation ot  the conscnp- of cver    thousand babies  tion law.    The newspaper insti- ccivcd   two  hl1ndrcd  and  tided   proceedings   against   the dic bcforc birlh or before  provincial officers who .carried  diers dicd  every hour,  but   that.year twelve British babies because"theyYre supposed'toTe  Saturday, June 15th  A quantity of household furniture, etc.,    For particulars see posters  TERMS CASH  C. CREED  1   Real Estate and Insurance Agent.  Auctioneer and Live Stock Saleman  ARMSTRONG, B.C.  con-  fifty  they  .. ������������������  ..    . , -   .   ., ,        ,.      are a year old. .And ten per cent  pursuance ota resolution passed oul the government orders tot Qr all children entering the el-  by the said Mouse or Senate, ex  ccpt surli report thereof as may  be officially communicated by  the Director of Public Information; =  (f) Without lawful authority  unlawful entry upon ils prem- ,Cmentarv schools are physically  lsc|:    ., t. '   ,      ,        * 1       unfit-   0������������������t of the average 800,  -Similar action has been taken 000 babies born vearlv  with   regard   to   a   number   ot  French Canadian" papers in  province orQuebec. loss Gf oneoin eight of the coun  ,������������������(    - - - -   - ���������������������������  the fashion. AH appeals to common sense fall flat in the presence" of her brand of logic.    -  Prisoners of War frurid  The    secretary-treasurer    of  th Prisoners of War department  o* land and Wales. 100,000* di<f bt~ Gf'the "'������������������������������������ rfc^T ���������������������������"^ur"n?ni  the fore they arc a vear old.     The ?f   thC" Rc<\ C���������������������������?s Wlltes .f*������������������m  Vancouver to Miss Beat tie:  "Will you be good chough to  misfortune and a greater" dis- convey the thanks of our corn-  grace. It has been found that mittec to the members of the  among the well-to-do and clean Enderby Trench Comfort Club  and intelligent classes, the mor-ifor the cheque for $50 received  taUty falls to/0 or 80 in the .from them for the work of our  thousand, while m some of the' debarment. This extra dona-  industnal and slum areas, tlie.tion is most acceptable and wc!  rate rises to pearly 300 in the1 "    " ~ -    -  thousand, "poverty, of course,  is the underlying and moving  cause, as it is tlie cause of the  conditions in which children  cannot survive.���������������������������Canada Weekly.  Mr.  Merchant  e Keep a Goo<4 Supply of  ChicH Food ^Remedies  Baby Chick in,pkgs. or bulk at 7c i>er lb.  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Our vicious, sensual, selfish, irritable thought���������������������������that avc  imagine do not matter, since  lhcy are kept to ourselves���������������������������  bring forth the untoward circumstances that we are bemoaning, may be, today.  From now, then, guard your  thoughts, for if it is true tbat  yesterday's wrong gives birth to  the trials of today, it is equally  certain that today's right thinking will generate joy for the  morrow. Control your thoughts;  let them he of love, joy, peace,  goodness, faith; then you will  deserve all the-.happiness that  they breed, produced by the law  which works with mathematical  certainty and absolute justice���������������������������  "Whatsoever ye sow, that shall  ye also reap." The sowing is  hard sometimes, but "They that  sow in tears shall reap m joy."  ���������������������������Hope La Gallienne. in Light  of Reason.  arc exceedingly grateful. J am  enclosing my receipt which will  you pfease pass on to the right  quarter and also a sjip showing  the amounts paid hy the pnder-  by School."  The next time you require  anything in Commercial  Printing��������������������������� ft  Letterheads  Loose -Leaf &  Standard  UKbeads\  envelopes  ! j re wjar Liters  Business Cards  ���������������������������ptc-, ���������������������������   ,  Tell us your needs and let us give you an estimate on. the  cost.. We can give quick service and produce Job Printing  that satisfies, at live and let live prices.     Phone or \yrite.  17  jSitderfry \  TW CAKY F#������������������SSf  Armstrong    v  New iDflllnn fluW'W Taatwirlwr  JUST INSTALLED BY  completes the equipment for turnining out the  very   best  of "Mea^OwbrOOK"  and "Armstrong"   brands of butter and ������������������������������������������������������A.rciic Velvet" icecream  WATCH US GROW  Okanagan Commoner. Subscribe Now Two Dollars a year OKANAGAN  COMMONER  &  CO  THURSDAY, JUNE 13th, 1918.  ������������������ftanagan Commoner  tn  which   is  merged   the   Armstrong  Enderby Press.  Advertiser   ancl  Published  every  Thursday  at  Armstrong,  B.C.,  at  ������������������2  a year, by "Walker. & Cahy.  H. M.  \VAi.KKn, Editor & Manager.  Advertising rates: Transient, 40c an inch first insertion, 25c each subsequent insertion. Contract advertising, *$1 ��������������������������� an inch per month. ���������������������������:, .  ..THURSDAY, JUNE 13th, 1918.  WHAT OF THE CROP OUTLOOK?  What amount of reason is there for the fcat-  now heard expressed on every side that the crop  outlook in this district is anything but encouraging? In fact, men who arc in a position to  know, make no bones about saying that unless  rains come within the next few weeks' there will  be an absolute crop failure, with dire''heed staring  us iii the face before an,othcr" harvest comes  round.  Undoubtedly there is cause for much of this  fear, but wc believe thc picture has been overdrawn in the minds of most people.    The spring  bas been (hy���������������������������very dry���������������������������with frosty nights and!  bright days, and a light wind to lick up thc mois-1  ture.    As a result, all growth has been slow and,  backward, and those who planted early had their  fields''csiught by the frost and havc had to replant,  some-twice.    Here and there especially favorea  spots  have  not  suffered   to  any  extent,   cither  from the frosts or the dry spell, but on thc low  lands, every grower has.suffered loss.  In addition to losses sustained by damage from  frosts and lack" of rain, truck farmers complain  bitterly of the devastation by cut worms. Certain '  celery"growers havc also lost every plant.    Row  upon row of celery that looked fine a week or  two  ago  has  disappeared  as  if by  magic,   the  young plants having bcen killed by thc celery-fly.  '   Hay men tell us there will nol be half  of timothy and clover, and the first cut of alfalfa  is also sure to be light. , But what the hay crop  lacks in quantity will bc made up in quality, and  if the late June rains come thc second crop of alfalfa will make up for loss in thc first cut.  Looked al from a local viewpoint thc situation  is not so serious, for hght crops will certainly  make easier a solution of the labor problem, but  from a.larger point of view, the situation is really serious, farmers tell us, and they believe everyone should face conditions, not despairingly or  with tuidu'e alarm, but sanely and with a determination,even  the losses aire  men's organization is concerned. It was through  his efforts that the embargo asked for by Canadian manufacturers was not placed upon Canadian wool. This "embargo would have placed  our sheepmen at the mercy of the manufacturers'  organization. It would have meant a drop of 10  cents a pound on the price of wool and would  have deprived the wool growers of access to the  open market /and the open market price.  Only 40 per cent of the Canadian woo! is what  is known as short wool, the only grade our manufacturers are equipped to make up into cloth.  The balance of 60 per cent is what is classed as  long wool. This has to be 'shipped to American  manufacturers.  Our Canadian manufacturers heretofore have  had an embargo placed on Canadian wool just t  as the wool cut was coming in, and the embargo  enabled them to buy up all the wool grown in  Canada at-10 cents a-pound less thaii the open  market price.   Then, in the fall of the year, after  they had taken out the "short wool" for home  manufacture, 'the' manufacturers'   organization  would ask lhal the embargo on Canadian wool  bc lifted and,  their request being granted, they  would  shoot   across   thc   line   thc   60  per  cent  ���������������������������"long wool"���������������������������cut of Canada and reap thc fancy  |"open market" price.  |    All this used to happen before thc wool growers' organization became Dominion-wide.    It is  not going lo hupen again.   Our wool growers arc  wide awake.   They fully realize their power and  the Dominion  government has set the price of  wool as high as it was on thc open market a year  ago.   When the wool growers were at the mercy  of   thc  manufacturers'   organization   a   year or  more ago, and thc price of wool was 60 to 70 cents  a pound on thc American market, our wool men  iwerc paid 35 and 40 cts a pound by buyers repre-  ,'scnting thc wool manufacturers' association. Now  What Our Mail Department Means To You  We give you the same service as if you were in the Store. All letters are opened by  us immediately the mail arrives- We do not send substitutes, but sometimes, when  necessary, send the very nearest. This is to avoid delay, and such goods are returnable. You can write us for samples, prices and also suggestions. Write  we prepay all parcels, exceptions only are Groceries, Hardware Carpets  and China.  us   often;  Linoleums  THIS WEEKS SPECIALS  Black    Cloth   Tops,  ��������������������������� ���������������������������  ���������������������������     ipltOt)  . . .  $1.65  ��������������������������� ���������������������������   ���������������������������    ���������������������������        XaOt)  suit,$2.25  ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ���������������������������       *tfDC  through thc efforts of the wool growers' association our wool men arc getting from 60 to 70 cents  a pound for their wool, with lhe privilege of an  advance of 40   cents  a   pound through the bank  11 T^P on l'lc wc^rldiill when thc wool is shipped to thc  central organization by thc local representative.  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Cabling from London to  the Vancouver Prov-  says the decision of the  i now to plnnt morc lo make good district than thc growing of clover and alfalfa for! national executive committee of the British Labor  ady suffered. seed.    Mr. Hassard has always harvested part of, Party to recommend at  the annual conference  for seed.   The returns were most on June 26 thai thc,organizalion.abandon forwilh  REGISTRATION DAY  On Saturday, June 22nd, a complete registration of every person in Canada over the age of 16  is to be made. The purposes of this registration  arc manifold. While no statement has come,  from the government as to thc definite objects,  it is believed to be the first step in a concrete plan  to put Canada on rations. Wc who arc fortunate  enough to bve in this Valley of peace and plenty,  do not���������������������������cannot���������������������������realize the serious problems  now facing the world. And the greatest of these  problems is that of food and its distribution. "  Canada has so far been only playing at conservation.    We have yet to get down to thc real  his clover crop  profitable  tives during the war. Broadly, the British Labor,  Party has had two objectives: First, to shorten  the war by negotiation, and, second, to organize  a labor government for Great Britain. Any advance toward peace would prove of inestimable  assistance to labor, in obtaining its second objective. The prime mover in the present campaign  is Arthur Henderson.    Working with him are  t    ,i ��������������������������� .���������������������������       -r    tt  ^ ^    .. ,     , . ������������������������������������������������������     .   ^1C P"-������������������rly truce, is a sign of the times aiid indica- Sidnev Webb <iml R.,in<:nv \*,.rwoiri  ^i1^00���������������������������^���������������������������: ^yH:0: English, cliief soil Uvcof lhc confl(lcncc ?abor has in its ability to! *  Webb and Rj,nsa> McDonald  and crop  instructor,  writes  from  since  the Department of  ^U-TloA  n^n^l^^ll^J^r'1 ClC,l'ly dT-i������������������lcnd"li������������������"-    To people in the United States and  h"rJ������������������i^l   VnniPHnvor   J<\     f\i? i  m?y bc i Canada the interest in this decision is in the effect  nar\eslca Irom clover and a 11 a It a under favor  \ictona   that conduct an independent political campaign. With-  Agnculturc purchased oul doubl lhc conference will adopt the recall  able conditions. "Frequently," says hc, "crops  of clover and alfalfa arc cut for hay which might  better be allowed to stand and mature seed and  occasional crops are allowed to stand and set seed  which should have been harvested for hay.  "It should not bc necessary to advise, farmers  of lhc Okanagan of thc shortage of seed of both  clover and alfalfa or of the advisability of saving  it will have on international questions, especially  the policy of  conferring  Look inward! for you havc a lasting fountain  of happiness at home that will always bubble  up if you will but dig for it.  In ancient days censors burned The Book and  with enemy reprcsenta-; expected thus to suppress it!  ������������������������������������������������������%  thing  If nvc mistake hot, the government has now if1���������������������������1, UY? dc.������������������!11 ]lu>;croP {o* seed production.   If  evolved a definite scheme of conservation;    The.in������������������&il,hl wi'ilc -������������������ C"s?rso Bros., Kelowna  people of Canada may nol like it when it is made !      1 nose planning to harvest a crop of seed from  known, but lhcy will submit to it. They will have  to���������������������������or starve. This war problem is getting morc  serious each day. Issues arise1 which never have  come up before, and they requir'c immediate  action. Our democracy is a democracy, in name  only. Wc have had to adopt autocratic measures  to meet the exigencies of war. Our war measures  are as autocratic as those of the enemy we are  fighting. They have, to be in order to gel the joj/  done. And when thc. reasons for thc registration  are made known and people realize that we have  al Jast got down to a. war footing al home as well  as in France, we shall see tlie first real results of  alf the talk and clforl of Lhc past four years. Don't  'one or other of the above crops wi!l:doubtIess be  pleased to learn that the Department of Agricul-  fail to register  TOO LATE!  Too  much  credit  cannol be  given  Mayor   Coltart,   in   conjunction   with  =^=Skalmg=aiulVhcuJocaWEo<x!^  millee for pulling forth the effort made this week  to proven I. the moving from Enderby of the plant  and buildings of the Columbia Pouring Mills.  But we fear action has been laken too laic. Our  business* men and citizens generally should have  wakened up Iwo or three years ago"  While' the Commoner does not wish lo criticise, or to ring in the thread-bare "I-Lold-you-so,"  we, wilh others, cannot bul regret sincerely the  attitude assumed by the businessmen of Enderbv  in the past few years. Their indilTerence to Enderby's. immense opportunities; their lack of cooperation in conjunction wilh the farmers of the  districl; ..their .'apparent carelessness in connection with lhe public inlere.sl, all have combined  ���������������������������to bring upon us the difficulties and.j-egrellable  backward trend from which Enderbv now suf-  turc will operate the clover and alfalfa buller in  the Okanagan again this season. The Department  is now considering thc advisability of utilizing  the buller for the threshing of beans and peas.  ' "Mr. E. W. Hogan of this department- who  needs no introduction to Okanagan farmers, is  planning to visit thc Valley about June 17th and  to spend a week or morc in thc Valley. Mr. Ho-  gan will be. prepared lo assist in determining the  crops which should bc harvested for seed. He will  machinery.  also investigate thc need for seed threshing machinery. c .      ,  "Some seed growers in pasl ycars havc suffered  inconvenience through not notifying this department early in the season of their desire to utilize  thc department buller. Il is hoped lhat all those  lo Acting saving clover and alfalfa -seed crops this season  Secretary will endeavor to get in touch with Mr. Hogan  ^iil(^bo-is---inMhc-AIalle^eithcr-b\���������������������������writ-ingHoHiinr  curec  mors'  I  or through the score  Institute.    Mi-. Hogan is planning to bc in  Armstrong on thc 17lh i:nd 18  1!)lh and Kelowna on the 201h.  "While Mr.  Hogan is planning lo go inlo  question of seed .threshing a I lhis lime, he is  prepared  lo deal  wilh  problems relating lo soil  draingagc, soil cultivation and field crops'. Be sure  lhc  lo profit by his visit."  arv of the local Far-  pi;  Ih, Vernon on the  lhc  also  CANADA  ^G%aL: .'"> --i  MILITARY SERVICE APT. 1917  OH, MY! OH, ME!  Evidently  like to speak  Iish spoken.  lhe Cologne Vojksze'itung doesn't  thc English tongue, or to hear Eng-  In a recent issue it is quoted as say  ing:  fers.  We should understand that in these days,  licularly, all must bury petty differences  pull together if the home comnuinitv is to  par-  and  "Thousands  among  tongues into a- knot  us would rather  over an 'Irish stew'  lie their  than use  thc good Gcrman 'goulash  pros-1 and  drink?  Is it really indispen-  to eat  In  our  dwelling  house  there   arc  siblc that thc English should teach us how  per or even to hold its own     Interest and trade j 'stores,' there is a dining room,' we still cn cum  of: thc district cannot be held by indifference a nd  lack of co-operative feeling.    Trade and interest  go where  ceived.  thev are  mviled  and are warmly re-  WOOL  GROWERS   CONFER  A number of sheep men of Armslrong. Enderby and Salmon Arm, met at Lhe City Hall, Armstrong. Tuesday afternoon, to confer with Capl.  J. D. Wilson, a big sheep raiser of Forres. Sask.,  who is in the Province to explain to our sheep  men tlie advantages of thc Dominion-wide wool  growers' organization. Capt. Wilson was accompanied by Mr. Hay, through whose efforts some  weeks ago this district was thoroughly organized.  Capt.  Wilson is  tbe official representative of  the Dominion  government  insofar as llie sheep- memory.  ber ourselves wilh 'shawls,' 'slips,' 'sweaters,' and  other 'fashionable' things. The German young  woman knows exactly what is 'fair' and what is  'shocking.' Her school friend addresses her as  "my dear,' and the honest German 'handebruck'  is degraded into "shake hands.' At parting it  sounds so much more distinguished to say 'farewell' than 'lebcwhol,' and on returning it is the  correct thing to say 'how do you do?' in answer  lo which instantly comes the retort, 'very well,'.  which is supposed to be. more cordial than* our  'vorzuglich.' These lamentable lapses could be  multiplied into the infinite, for there is not a  single department of Gcrman life which Ihey  have, not invaded. Gcrman people, pray, oh,  pray do honor your own glorious German mother  tongue, and uproot ihe vapid English from your  PUBLJC NOTJCg is hereby given that, by  T the effect of the regulations of the Governor General of Canada in Council of the 80th  of April, 1918, and the Proclamation of 4th  May, J918, recently published, every male  Pritish subject resident in Canada, horn on or  since the |3th of October, 1897, who has  attained or shall attain" the age of J 9 years and  who is unmarried or a widower without children  must, (unless he is within one of the classes of  persons mentioned in the schedule of JSxcep-  Milite  The report rmist Iks addressed to the Registrar or  Peputy Registrar wider the Military Service Act of the  Registration Pfctrict in which he resides (tee below) and  shall be sent hy reentered post, for which po Canada  pottage is required.  Young men to reporting will not he placed on active  service till further, notice.    They mutt, however, notify  the appropriate Registrar or peputy Registrar of any,  change of residence or address.  On receipt of the report an identification card will be  forwarded by the Registrar which will protect the bearer  from arrest.  tions  to  the  Military  Service  Act)   report  as Punctual compliance with these requirement* is of  hereinafter directed on or before the 1st day of g'cat importance to those affected,   failure to report  =Junerl 91-Sror-witKiirtand^TTIfter^rTir=l=9tir=withinithe ti*ne4imited will exposethe delinquent-to severe,  .���������������������������-.ii . .  , ,   _      ,    ,, ,      ,,     , penalties   and   will   in   addition   render   him   liable   to  birthday, whichever date shall be the latter. . . ,    ������������������,.,...    , c ��������������������������� ���������������������������  J        .- immediate apprehension for Military Service.  Such report must be in writing and must give his ISSUEP BY THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE,  name in full, the date of his birth and his place of resi- MILITARY SERVICE BRANCH, this 15th day of May,  d������������������-noe and also his usual post office address. 1918.  JNO liLl   The men required to report should address their reports as follows:  ONTARIO���������������������������To the Deputy Registrar under thc Military  Service Act, 1917, London, if they reside in thc  County of Essex, Kent, Lambton, Elgin, Middlesex,  Oxford, Waterloo, Wellington, Perth, Huron, or  Bruce.  To the Registrar under the Military Service  Act, 1917, Toronto, if they reside in the County of  Lincoln, Wclland, Haldimand, Norfolk,, Brant,  Wentworth, Halton, Peel, York, Ontario, Grey,  Dufferin, Simcoe, or in the Districts of Muekoka,  Parry Sound, Algoma and Nipissing north of thc  Mattawa and French rivers (including the. Townships of Ferris and Bonfield.)  To the Deputy Registrar under the Military  Service Act, 1917, Kingston, if they reside in the  County of Durham, Northumberland, Victoria,  Peterborough, Hastings, Prince Edward, Lennox,  Addington, Frontenac, Haliburton, Carleton, Pun-  das, Glengarry, Renfrew, Russell, Stormont, Gren-  ville, Lanark, Leeds, Prescott, or the District of  Nipissing south of Mattawa river (exclusive of the  Townships of Ferris and Bonfield.)  To the Registrar under the Military Service Act,  1917, Winnipeg, if they reside in the Districts of  Kenora, Rainy River, or Thunder Bay.  QUEBEC���������������������������To the Registrar under the Military Service  Act, 1917, Montreal, if they reside in the County of  Jacques Cartier, Hochelaga, Laval, Vaudreuil,  Soulanges, Napierville, Beauharnois, Chateauguay,  Huntington, Laprairic, Argenteuil, Terrebonne, Two  Mountains, Montcalm, L'Assomption, Joliette, Ber-  thier, Maskinonge, St. Maurice, Three Rivers, St.  Johns, Iberville, Missisquoi, Brome, Shefford, Rou-  ville, Chambly, Vercheres, St. .Hyacinthe, Bagot,  Drummond, Richelieu, Yamaska, Nicolet, Artha-  baska, Sherbrooke, and Stanstead.  To the Deputy Registrar under the Military Service  Act, 1917, Quebec, if they reside in the County of  Wolfe, Richmond, Compton, Bcauce, Bellcchasse,  '���������������������������* Bonaventure, Dorchester, Gaspe, Kamouraska, Levis,  L'IsIet, Champlain, Charlevoix, Chicoutimi, Montmorency, Quebec, Portneuf, Sagucnay, Lotbiniere,  Montmagny, Matane, Megantic, Rimouski; and  T^miscouata.  To the Deputy Registrar under the Military Service  Act, 1917, Hull, if they reside in the County of  Timiskaming, pontiac, Ottawa and Labelle.    ������������������  NOVA SCOTIA���������������������������To the Registrar under the Military  Service Act, 1917, Halifax, if they reside in the  Province of Nova Scotia.  NEW BRUNSWICK���������������������������To the Registrar under the  Military Service Act, 1917, St. John, if they reside in  the Province of New Brunswick.  PRINCE EPWARD J6LANP���������������������������To the Registrar under  the Military Service Act, 1917, Charlottetown, if they  reside in the Province ofPrince Edward Island.  BRITISH  COLUMBIA���������������������������To the   Registrar  under  the  Military Service Act, 1917, Vancouver, if they reside  in the Province of British Columbia.  SASKATCHEWAN���������������������������To the Registrar under the Military  Service  Act,   1917,  Regina,   if they  reside  in  the  Province of Saskatchewan.  ALBERTA���������������������������To the Registrar under the Military Service  Act, 1917, Calgary, if they reside in the Province of  Alberta.  MANITOBA���������������������������To   the   Registrar   under   the   Military  Service Act,  1917, Winnipeg, if they reside in the  Province of Manitoba.  YUKON���������������������������To the Registrar under the Military Service  Act,   1917,   Dawson,   if they reside  in   the   Yukon  Territory.  lii THURSDAY, JUNE 13th, 1918.  OKANAGAN   COMMONER  Armstrong District  News in Tabloids  School  Reports  for May  (In   this   department   The   Com-  moneii would be pleased to run the  monthly school reports of the En-  ��������������������������� I derby public school,  as well  as  a  r^^/i  ���������������������������,~.,.,;���������������������������~i  r>   j. I report   from   Hullcar,  Deep   Creek,  -Good morning! Put on yourjMabel Lake, Ashton Creek, North  Imest and���������������������������come prepared to en- Enderby, Grindrod, Mara and other  ,loy 3roirrself Avhen Dominion public schools within the district.  Day rolls round. Armstrong is A" l!?aJ isu required is for the  nrpnorinrr tr, moL-r. *i-,������������������ A��������������������������� .-. i-.;������������������ school teachers lo furnish the re-  prepanng.to make the day a big ports- The publication of these re-  success, [ports each month acts as an in-  ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� icentive  to  the   school   children   as  iMV-   IT A   Tr^-^--i-������������������        ���������������������������������������������-u���������������������������������������������������������������j well   as  an   encouragement  to   the  ������������������Mr, ti.A. Fraser has nurchased parents of the children to co-oper-  Fraser has purchased  a Chevrolet car.  A11 Arm strong stores will be  closed on Dominion Day���������������������������all  day.  Mr.A.E. Morgan of Kamloops  spent a few days lasl week in  Armslrong.  Mr. J. H. Docksteader is visiting his son, A. Docksteader, at  Sunnncrland.  Miss M. Patchett of Victoria,  is visiting her parents, Mr. and  Mrs. G. Patchett.  W. Burnett came in on Saturday from Vancouver on a leave  of absence of onc month.   ���������������������������>  Mr. Geo. P. Andrews of Salmon River, left yesterday for  Penticton for a few days.  Miss C. E. Gamble retnrned  last week from Revelstoke where  she spent the last four months.  Mrs. W. J. Armstrong and  ���������������������������on Leonard returned last week  from..-Montpelier, Ohio, where  they spent the winter.  Miss M. Watson left on Wednesday for Nanaimo, wherc she  expects to remain for some  months.  Born���������������������������At Vancouvcr,on Sunday, June 9th, to Mr. and Mrs.  W. K. Hill, formerly of Armstrong, a son.  Prof. F. M. Clement, of the U.  B.C., spent a few days last week  visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.'E. Britten, of Armstrong.  Miss G. Petar'left on Monday  as delegate from thc local Rebecca Lodge for Penticton to attends the convention there.  Tlie Oddfellows Grand Lodge  __of  British  Columbia  meets  in  Penticton this week.   Messrs. F.  Fowler and F. Sugdcn left on  Tuesday as delegates  ate with  the  teachers  in  bringing  out the best in the-boys aiid girls.)  Armstrong    ������������������  DIVISION I.  Proficiency���������������������������  Margaret  Mitchell  ���������������������������    Marjoire Dimock  Kit a   McDonald  Nellie Wright  Ada Burnstill  Gordon  Patten  Perfect Attendance���������������������������  Margaret Adah-  Alice Kanham  Aita Burnstill  Wilson Cross ',"  Marjorie Dimock  Leila Empey i  Annie Gibson  Edith Lingings  cNeil  McDonald  Evelyn  Murray '  Clara Watson  Stanley  Waugh  'Frank Wright  Nellie Wright  DIVISION  II.  Perfect  Attendance���������������������������  Basil Bailey  ��������������������������� Bernardino Cross .  Irene Eckford  Earnest Fletcher  Molly Holliday  Beatrice Mitchell  Winifred   Osenton  Hazel  Boss  Frances Swanson  Ada Warner  Lucy Waugh  In order of rank for May  1 Mollv Holliday  2 Hazel Boss  3 Basil Beiley  4 Pf*"itrice MitchHl  Robert  Hornby  Ernestina Micieli  Regular Attendance���������������������������  Hatiie Austin  Agnes Banham:  Mabel   Clayton  Vivian Davidson  Walter Gibson  Marie Hamilton       ,,.  Mabel Lingings  Ester Ross  Dorothy Watson  DIVISION VI.  Second Reader  Standing in  Class  1 Noema Maas  2 Dorothy Freeze  3 Margaret Finley  First  Reader���������������������������  ' 1 ���������������������������Helen Holliday  2 Allan Patchett  3 Mary Finley  Regular Attendance���������������������������  Mary Finley s*  Margaret Finley,,  Robert Gibson  Billy  Stokes0  Annie Tanchroeb  Noema Maas  Freda  Aslin  Evelyn Patrick  Edna Wilson  DIVISION VII.  Regularity and  Punctuality���������������������������  Walter Banham  Eva Clayton  Irene Gamble  .lohn Grinton  Rachel Hope  Billv Lembke  Willie Ross  Prvis Smith  Cornelius Tanchroeb  Charlie Wagget   .-.  PS. CHURCH  News Boiled Down  of Enderby District  Everybody must register, and  they can do so at any station.  Mr. S. Poison returned from  Calgary this week where he put  in the past two months seeding  his wheat farm.  Pte. D. W. Bush was in Enderby a few days ago bidding  good-bye to his parents, Mr. and  Mrs. H.Bush before going Overseas.,,  The Popular Variety Store is  putting in a soda fountain this  week, and hopes to be in a position to furnish the most delicious ice cream sodas within  a few days.  Persons in the outside school  district paying school tax to thc  City are this year, entitled to a  rebate of one-sixth of thc  amount, provided payment is  made by .June 30th.  John McKay returned from  the Vancouver normal school  some days ago, to spend thc  summer at home and in soldiering thc soil. Hc says Vancouver  has the "yellow peril" well developed.  The next meeting of the Woman' Club will be held.in the  Church of England Parish Hall  on Saturday, June 15th, at 2.30  p.m. Speaker, Mrs. Robson;  Qg subject, "Some Remarks on Im-  A. MUNRO & Co's  Closing Out Sale Still Coutinues, with very  Special Bargains in Children's wear.  mm  I  Children's Cotton Vests, 2 for 25c; ....15c and 20c each  Children's White Cotton Ribbed Hose, all sizes.. 25c pair  A few odd sizes in Children's Buster Brown   Sister  Hose,  _     Black and White   35c pajr  Boy's Black Ribbed Cotton Hose���������������������������a snap���������������������������at ...  35c pair  SERVICES    gftlmunology.  5 .Hilliard  McCallan  DIVISION III.,  Standing in Class���������������������������  1 Carl Maas  2 Bert Napper  3 Harold Patchett  4 Winnie McDonald  ..  5 Guv Brav o .  f������������������ Calvert. Wagget  7 F hi est Empey  8 Edith  Cross  9 Then Hamilton      --  10 Janet Freeze  <3  .-.  -   fl  The admission for the motion  " picture   shows1 at. the. Avalon  Theatre on Pominion "Day will  be 15c and 25c  For thc hall,  ladies and gents 50 cents each.  Sergt. J.c S. Wilson returned  - from Overseas on Monday. He  was wounded lust October, and  walks now hy the aid of a cancV  Sergt. Wilson looks fine. Only  time is needed to hring him  V|3acjv fo the pinjc of condition.  Tlie celebration of pominion  Pay at Armstrong will l?c one  of. the most attractive and cn-  joyahlc days ever held in the  city. _The committee have not  spared any effort to make up a  {irogram of sports which will  >e fully appreciated.  0 Rev. R. W. Lee, wife and  ily, left on Wednesday for Cran-  hroojv. He preached his farewell sermon in Armstrong last  Sunday. Rev. and Mrs. Lee  carry with them to their new  -ficld-Of- labor- thc_good-will.and  sincere wishes of the people of  Armstrong and' district.  0  Reffularitv and Punctuality,:  Edith Cross  Ernest Emncy  n   Mai-ion   Grinton  Flora  McDonald  Bert. Nappcr  Florence   Patten  !  * SaralVRoss ***  _       '"  Annabcll  Winslow  Carl  Maas  Janet Freeze  '- Marjorie Freeze  PIVJSION IV.  -Yetta '"Wolleh, 359  Howard "Armstrong, 353  Joyce Stokes, 345'  Pe'-fect Attendance���������������������������  Henrietta Banham        *"���������������������������  Louis  Fuenzgeld  Jennie Grinton  Eva Grinton  Douglas Murray  Dorothy Stokes  Joyce Stokes  Ruth Thomas  f.illv Wilson  Yetta   Wollen  Win.* Wright  PIVISION V.  Senior Second Reader���������������������������  Helen Hornby  Walter Gibson  Foster Whitaker  .Tunioi^ScGond^Reader-  Service will be held in St.  fames'.' Church next Sunday  morning at 11 o'clock.  Services will be held at Larkin on Sunday next, at 3 p. m.,  conducted by Rev. W. Stott.  The ladies of Enderby will be  pleased to learn that thc Okanagan Saw Mills will turn on  the electric current every Wednesday morning from 8 to 11,  during the summer months, to  accommodate those households  having electric irons.  Girls' White Flannelette Night  Gowns, to clear at ..85c each  Misses' Colored Striped Flannelette Night Gowns  ..  65c each  Misses' White Cotton Night  Gowns; all sizes in stock..60c  All sizes in White Cotton Underskirts for girls   ....   00c each  Colored Fiannelettc Drawers���������������������������a  snap���������������������������at     40c   pair  Children's White Cotton Socks,  colored tops; to clear at 25c pr  Girls' Pliable Bodices in grey;  Selling,Out Price ... .65c each!  Infants' Cashmere Vests; Clearing  Price    ".    45c  Infants' Ruben's Wool Vests���������������������������a  Snap       50c  Stanfield's Wool Infants' Vests;  Clearing Prices; medium, 50c  Large     65c  Stanfield's Silk and Wool Vests      85c & 95c  Childrens' Amazon Waists for  Boys and Girls   ....  25c each  Infants Woolen Bootees, Clearing at  25c pair  Children's soft Cotton Waists,20c  Feeding Bibs, assorted; 3 for 25c  The services in St. George's  Church,. Enderby, next Sunday,  will be as follows: Holy Communion, 8 a.m.; Evensong, 7.30  p.m. -  Rev. Mr-" Gretton of Enderby  wall take the morning-service in;the hospital some weeks.  St. James' Church Sundav, June  16th  at 10.30.    Sunday School  at 9.30 a.m. .     '-  Eddie Sparrow returned to  his Enderby home from Alberta  this week, walking by the aid of  a crutch. While at work on the  farm of Mr. G. Murdoch, Eddie  got his leg in the way of a small  tractor, and had it broken below  the knee.    He was confined to  Mary Wilson and Mabel Ringings  equal c  J  >o<  >o<  I    DON'T FORGET  i  i  \  I  I  \  i  p  o>-  That May 15th is the last day  for Our Bargains in  shirts and colors  Prices 95c, 1.00, J.25, 1.35 an4 $1.50  Colors 10c each, 6 for 50c  A pair of Fleetfoot shoes, in  white,  sizes 7 and 8, 75c per pair  A. D. RENAULT & Co.  8  S  i  e  i  i  On Sunday next, June 16th, at  Armstrong, united services will  be held as follows: Presbyterian  Church in the morning, conducted by Rev. W. Stott.    In the  evening in the Methodist church jtinguished'himseif hy his bn  tlie service to be taken by Mr.! very in action.  J. Z. parks. The services at  Knob fjijl will he withdrawn on  that day. On June 23rtJ, both  services in the Armstrong Methodist Church and at Knoh Hill,  will he conducted by Rev. f\ j_.  Carpenter, of Salmon Arm.  .��������������������������� An Alarming praNWWy , ... .   *���������������������������                    I Parnes on Salurdav resulted -ro  Two ladies were married to tye Indian heing held for triaj in  musicians. The ope, a frride of We higher court. The Indian  u year, was pushing a hahy car-|was !aHen to Kamloops Tuesday  riage in which were three fine evening  babies���������������������������triplets, all girls. The  other lady had heen in the  bonds of matrimony a couple  of weeks.  . "What beautiful .children,"  exclaimed the newly married  one..  "Yes,"    replied    the    proud  mother; "let mejell,vou the fun-  Major Henniker is reported  to be; inyth'c. lighting line in the  vicinity yof, . Amiens.: . He was  at Cambria with the Canadians,  and was there wounded. After  some weeks spent in a hospital.  Major Henniker was" sent again  to  France,  where  he has  dis  his bra  ery ���������������������������        -  ConstapJe Patten placed an  Indian hy the name of Gabriel  Micheal under arrest last week,  charged with having stolen $250  from one of the men af a  lumher camp in the vicinilv of  King Fisher, and his prclimin  Children's.. 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BUNT1NE  Words, of   Appreciation   from  Captain of His Company  For. several years Robert Bun-  tine  was  a  familiar  character  in    and    around    Armstrong.  When the war broke out Mr.  Buntinc joined j the colors rand  went: overseas.    He quickly advanced to Lieutenant, and commanded a' company of Gordon  Highlanders at the time he"was  killed  in action Tin  the recent-  big push   on   the.. West front.  Mrs. Bun tine has received the  following letter from  Captain  J.   3.   Wood:    "Please, accent  from myself and brother ollicers and all the men of Company   C.   our   most   heartfelt  sympathy in your- grevious loss.  I never had a more - copscicn- _  tious, painstaking and reliable (J  ary hearina before M������������������d8twtci1������������������1m^:'an.5,h,j'OM'w,,8a'8?yerc  CtwpWn in "One A M-"  Charlie Chaplin in "One A.  M." -will be the special attraction  at thc Avalon Theatre, Armstrong, on Monday. June 24lh.  An odd feature of this attraction  niest coincidence. At our wedding supper the boys who played  with my husband serenaded  him, and lhcy played 'Three  Little Maids' from thc 'Mikado.'  Isn't that queer?" I  Al this the other bride turned  pale.  "Mercy!" shc gasped. "At our  wedding  Tom's   friends   scrcn-l  aded   him   also,   and   they  ren-l  dcred thc 'Sextet' from 'Lucia.'  ���������������������������Rochester Times-Union.    .  >o<  >o<  A friend writes that George  Pctrie has bought two (iu/.ui  American and British Hags to  decorate his boat on Otter Lake  to attract German carp when  he makes his Sunday catch.  The idea is not patented.   entire show himself or in other  words he is thc only onc appearing in this funny comedy,  making il a decided novcltv.  There will he a big school children's matinee at 4 p.m. Prices  15c and 25c. Don't miss seeing  "Onc A.M."  mm  nmn  LEE   MORRIS.   Prop.  - Ahmstrong, B.  C.  blow to the Company and me  personally. ������������������ On the 2Jst of  March, when the battle first began, he was a pillar of strength  to me, and weathered the storm  in a way that proved the metal  he was made of." On the 28th  he was wounded while doing an  urgent '" reconnaisancc during  the battle, but in spite of that  he brought bis report to mc,*  which was satisfactory in every  way. I got hiiii bandaged up  and sent oil* in charge of some  G  * Camera fti*  et it tarlv and begin enjoying  delights "of picture taking as  soon as you can. We have one  of the most extensive utocks of  cameras and photo supplies in  To'vn. Oiirexperience enables as  to help aid the amateur and to  help insure skill in the art.  PricfB $25 to $27. 50  .is-that-Gharlic=Ghaplinfgivcs^heTstretcher-bcar^^  r  WEDNESDAY     NIGHT -The  Great   Butterfly   Picture  "A  Social Boccacio".  SATURDAY   NIGHT;   MATINEE  AND    NIGHT���������������������������"The    Mystery  Ship."   7th Episode "One Minute to Live."  MONDAY,     June    21th���������������������������Charlie  Chaplin in "One A. M."  DOMINION DAY���������������������������The great  water spectacle "Sirens of the  Sea." Contnuous shows from  1 p.m. io 9 p.m. Grand Ball  at 9.30.  "Get the Morris Habit."  the last I saw of him.    Hc was  verv    checrv    then,    and' #onc ft  could scarcely havc lold he was, [j  even   wounded.       On   the way  to  tlie- dressing sla Lion  hc  was  again   wounded,   and   also   the  slrolchcr-bearcris      who-     were  carrying him down.    Two more  bearers continued the task, and  they also  were wounded.    Our  doctor lold mc Lhat% hc was severely   wounded,   but   wonderfully cheery, and hc got a little  sleep in thc aid post before being   carried   further   down.     I  saw yesterday Llie doctor of the  Field Ambulance who attended  him.    He was an old M. O. of  ours, and oaid n;irli'-Ml:i'- i\llo^.  tion to your husband.   He said  be never saw a man so cheeriul  and brave, and he, like all of us,  was   very   much    surprised   to  hear the sad news.   It is a commonplace saying  lhat  the  true  test of a man is to see him in  action.    No onc ever stood the  test and came through it better  than   did   your   husband.      His  men   would   do    any tiling   for  him.     Please   accept  from   me  and all in your husband's Company our sinccrest sympathy in  your sad loss."  ^rTrAPBOTT  ARMSTRONG. B. C.  i  ><)<  XX  o<  Second hand slump pullers���������������������������one  hand power and one horse power.  These machines have been slightly  used bul are as good as new. iloth  machines have given every satisfaction. E. O. Manchce, 123 Bay  St., Toronto.  SECRET  SOCIETIES  Stump Pullers���������������������������onc only: hand  power, slightly used but in excellent condition. Only reason for selling is that every stump on farm  has been pulled. Write quickly. E.  O. Manchce, 123  Bay St.,  Toronto.  A.F.*A.M.  Enderby Lotfjr* Her. 40  Itciculfcr mtetinr* fir*t  Thursday on v* sifter H������������������0  full moon at 8j>. nt. in Mm'  HOnie     Hnll. V initio J  brethren cordially  invit������������������4  C.   H. REEVBS  Secretary  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. SS. K. of P.  Mo#ts every Monday e-veninf  In Masonic Mall. Viii tors cor*  dlally invitod to attend.  CHAS. HAWINS. C. C.  H. M. WALKEJ/K.R.S  R. J. COLTAKT. M.F.  PROFESSIONAL  ^- C; SKALING, B. A."  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk. Enderby, B.C.  iii 6  OKANAGAN   COMMONER  THURSDAY. JUNE 13th, 1918.  A pessimist is one who has  been'intimalely acquainted with  an optimist.  Poultry in season  AH kinds of fresh fish and moat  G������������������Q. R. SHARPE  ���������������������������WHOLESALE - RETAIL BUTCHEP  We    will  pay   you  CASH  lor your  Wool  ���������������������������CO  Sermonette on Buying Within the  Home Town or Home District  THE CALL TO YOU  '(Registered in accordance with tlie Copyrigut Act)  When you want to buy an. instance, the great essential as-  article   of   anv   kind  of   goods'sel   which   true   economy   cm-  i    t ���������������������������.,-,   ,,.rtn   ..a  ! bodies, ahd lacking which vour  whatsoever,   vou   arc   well   act- - ���������������������������=>  Have vou heard it ? The world '-  m^  DOMINION DAY CELEBRATION  vised to take your cash in your  hand  to  the,, merchant  of .your  home  community.     He  is   en-  , titled   to -both   your  cash   and  j your confidence.    There-can be  no   gainsaying   this   statement.  | Were   it   not' a   fact   that   thc  I home  merchant  or  the  district  !merchant gave his customers a  four-square deal, then he could  remain  in business but a very'  short time. V  There are a thousand good  reasons why yoju should buy  every possible article" * of goods  from the home ���������������������������merchant while  there is not a single reason why  you should sacrifie your home  interests to build up a part of  thc country lhat has absolutely  no interest in you apart from  thc cash il is able to extract  from your pocket.  No constant patron of a  city catalog store escapes  frequently victimized in one  way or another and it is a peculiar paradox of human nature  lhat people will stand from a  stranger what they would not  tolerate for an instant from thc  business man of their own com-  munitv.  I home community  1 a sorry figure in the country's  i great onward march.   ������������������  I*    Individually  and   collectively  'it is up to YOU!  '     By being loyal to the business  institutions of your home community you are being loyal to  yourself  and  your  family  and  your nation.  Take your cash���������������������������always���������������������������to  the man you-know at home.  If" you desire credit appeal, i'or  a change, to the big catalog  store.  Without question thc ways  of some merchants leave them  open to criticism���������������������������sonic of  them will even send away from  home -A'or goo(\s which could  easily have been obtained lo-  But these arc the execp-  You havc no honest alibi  call���������������������������penetrating     the    hidden  places in the hearts of all men ? , *&*  will cut" but litis shouting your name.    In a!4������������������  .new-voice���������������������������in almost a new lan  guage.  4*  big  being  cally.  tidns.  there.  Wc  all  know-  that it is thc  business .."men of a community  who keep the ball rolling.'  ��������������������������� They arc the backers of every  good movement���������������������������thc 'mainsprings of advancment and reform.  j     Thousands and  thousands of  ,��������������������������� people in this country have becn  rn , . ,,   ! helped over the rough places in  fake .your   cash   constantly lheir livcs by the leniency and  of  the  local  to the home  ant  thc  and������������������give  life distant  and   consistently  merchant and������������������s  mail  order  establishments  go-by.  You will reap a heavy interest  on the investment, both directly and indirectly, for such investment embodies the first  principles of true economy.  The permanent prosperity  and progressive development of  "accommodation"  merchant.  Ever stop to think of that?  Fortunately    for    everybody  the cash system is very rapidly  Listen! Out of the shambles j ****  of death, across desolate No*-;6^  Man's-Land, comes the call of  j life. The life lhat must be saved  ���������������������������to save the world. Some*of  us will have to go through the  valley of death to answer it���������������������������to  find what life has to give us.  In   a   dying  world   the  only  thing worth'saving is life.   Life  unbound, unbroken. So, life has  called out. expectantly. To you, I  to me, to all of us.    Asking us  lo  bc  free  from   thc  things  ofj  'death.    From thc things of in-;  {justice, cruelty and death..  To begin over again; to see a  new world with new eyes. Asking us to keep it fair and clean  and joyous���������������������������a place of smiling  welcome and abundant opportunity. Death is onlv a castina  olf  old  and slavery, old impossible beliefs.  That's what the wreckage of  Europe is made up of. All the  tattered, rusty paraphernalia of  worn-out systems and ancient  codes. Life asks us to look to  ourselves���������������������������to save only what is  true and real���������������������������to cast off the  old feudal tyrannies of mind  or heart.  Thc world is going to be new  again���������������������������must be new, for death  and   destruction   have   claimed  ; 4" ��������������������������� " ������������������&  ���������������������������*r  ��������������������������� **.  T  "*.  *?���������������������������* '*  tr  ���������������������������$������������������  *  SPEND DOMINION DAY  WITH YOUR FRIENDS  IN ARMSTRONG. BIG  PROGRAM OF SPORTS  AND ATTRACTIONS  ARE BEING ARRANGED  JULY FIRST AT ARMSTRONG *  of old .things���������������������������old habits, 4*������������������*.4*^������������������fc4,^4,4.4.4.&&^^^^^^^^^^  debts and prisons, old tear  replacing thc credit system; but the old order.   The epidemic of  Are you goin  Building- or  This Season ?  to do any  epairing-  THE FOLLOWING ARE GOOD VALUES:  the cash system  to accomplish  its true destiny to growth and  economy must bc one that cir- ishness  eulates  a  community's cash in!away,  thc community to the extent ol  your home community is in this every possible/dollar  The Policy of Game Protection or Lack  - of Protection by Provincial Government  Just about  the lime of year]  .when  the illegal, shooter could'  around    comfortably  get  British   Columbia   has   spent  good deal of  money on  thc  thc j protection of game.   It" is a pro-  government of B. C. abrogated 1 vincial asset; Recently the Game  tlie Game Act, made wholesale; Department  has  been  self-sup-  dismissal of game wardens and porting, and.has even yielded a  surplus,   lt has, also been as ef-  le'ft game without any protection whatever. The consequence  is that now Indians drive  through towns bv davlight with  thc carcasses of dear in wagons  and pack deer along public  roads. And if white men are  not doing lhc same thing and  shooting nesting birds, it is not  because there is thc least prac-  the  tical  thc  govern vm ent  ficicnt as was possibleimdei  circumstances.    <?The  was susceptible at the cost of a  greater expenditure but not with"  a" lesser.  y The curse of game protection  in lhis province is thc Indian.  In the case of while men. game,  regulations'arc largely enforced  by,public sentiment. In thc case  of thc Indians, the breaking of  game laws is approved by Indian sentiment. . No Indian respects seasons", much less a limit  on -what hc kills.   He kills as hc  regeneration reaches out to all  thc nations���������������������������east and west. Self-  and vanity arc wearing  Pomp and power arc  stricken wilh shame. The institution of profit is gasping, even  as it gasps, even as it grasps. Thc  old authorities collapse upon  their thrones and in high places.  The new voice has spoken  their fate. It has proclaimed the  new order. The Golden Rule is  to be rcburnished. Life will bc  simple and secure, measured by  it- There will bc enough for  all, and no onc to forbid, cither  by trickery of trade or might of  arms.  Thc  old  inequalities -will  be  evened; lhc casle lines cut; pre-  ,r .   .   'jjudice forgotten. Men who have  cincjcncyibccn c]uUlcjS5 pawns ami cxiics  are  lo  live,  humanly,  as  men.  And women shall fear them nol.  Cull   Boards       10.00   per  No.  2  Dimension,  2x4 and  2x6       15.00   per  Green  Blocks    =    $2.00  thousand  thousand  per load  2.50  Dry  Blocks $  Planing Mill Wood     2.25  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. __*������������������--  Classified   Ads  Cost little but reach   many,  and are��������������������������� first-class pullers of  business.    Trv one in The COMMONER. 2c & lc a word  ���������������������������sEirxcT���������������������������  Rubbers  11. V. Sauder & Co  [j   Conic  Ot       Sfllll'llTt  R:iilw:i v      A venue  N"e;ir   C.l'.K.   Depot. Vernon.  Hon   217. Phone  ^ l'let'erence?:   Koy.-il Batik.   Vernon  5  hindrance,   so  far  as  is concerned.  In a pre-election care for economy Liberals proposed to do  away  with  game wardens  and  place   game   protection   in = the  hands of provincial police. The,'has always killed, as much as  police were to do thc work. This-he can use, or as his poonlc can  proposal was parllv half-baked: use. If hc can gel enough game  and wholly hypocritical. It was jhe lives on it all thc year, behalf-baked because efficient pro-! cause he is built that wav. If  lection of game by thc present; the remnant of game is to bc  police force would simply mean saved, in thc districts where tbe  withdrawing men from popu-iIndian lives, hc must be made lo  lalcd streets and sending them j obey thc law. The onlv wav he  out info the hills. Game can-'can bc made to obey'it is: bv  nol be protected by patrolling making punishment for its in-  sJJlQct s_and._tra yelled xoads._And_fra^tmn_c_ertain...Thc-ganic.niust.  That's thc message of tlie new  voice���������������������������of life, triumphant, calling from thc tombs of the kings,  calling from thc battlefields of  idcalh. Calling your name. Asking you to live���������������������������that life, itself.  shall not die.���������������������������Geo. E. Brown  in the Public.  lew  of' the.  police know beans  abouj  game,   or  ils   protection,  or   the  country where  it  lives.  ���������������������������Further^   thc  police   would  not-  even   attempt  to   protect   game  with their present force, nor-i.s I  it -desirable- lhal   lhcy*'should.'-  Additional  constables   could   be  ppoinlcd.  bul  if  lhal  is done.  Ptnot .".nd - ' where, i.s the economy?    And so  The Merchant's Puty  j  >o  ���������������������������������������������  o<  >o<  >o<  J  3  P..C.  an  r I  V  LEARY  GARAGE  DC   1EARY,   Proprieor  FORD DEALER  l?enairs to all makes ofcars.    Pncne 22  ARMSTRONG, B.C.  E. O. WOOD, B. C. L. S.  Armstrong and Salmon Arm  lhc proposals were hypocritical,  because, these things were quite  well known to the Liberal politicians who made.ihem.  Instead of onc provincial  game warden the, government  created a commission of four.  The head of the commission is  the curator of a museum. Possibly a'museum would be an  appropriate place- for lhe com  be made not worlh  lhc candle,  so  to speak-  No one -man' can protect the  game from the depredations of i  a tribe of Indians. If he goes up  one creek, hunting is quite safe  elsewhere. When meal is jerky,  il is jusl jerky. If may be deer,  elk or moose, even sheep.  Scraped hide is jusl scraped  hide. If a game warden arrests  an Indian under suspicious circumstances, hc is up against a  very excellent line, of evidence1  by the Indian and all his friends.  It is very hard to obtain a con-'  viction. The lol of lhc game  warden is hard. If he arrests  an ��������������������������� Indian, hc cannol convict  him, in mosl cases. And if hc !  arrests  and  convicts   lhc presi-  A lady who understands advertising says, "No lady wishes  to'"be looked  upon  as  a  shopping fiend; she does not care to  go into a store and bave a merchant show all his stock in order  to  find  out  whether  he  keeps  what   shc   wishes   to   purchase \ ^  and whether the article is sold  at a price shc can afford.    Il is  much  easier and pleasantcr  look��������������������������� througlr-4he=advertismen  of a paper lhan it is to be bored  by the clerks and waste her own  lime.    Ncxt  to  thc  local  news  items,  thc advertisements in a  paper   staling   articles   for   sale  with prices, will keep much of  tbe money that goes lo the  cities al home."'  lls^x-  lai-gc  Keeping Young  mission. There may be a certain!dent of a Liberal Association he  Subdivisions, Mineral Claims, Timber Limits, Pre-emplior.s. Drainage,  .Irrigation and Road Surveys, Maps  and plans. 0  Phone C2 Salmon Arm, B.C.  -_a������������������-<r<ik������������������.  PROMPTLY SECURED!  all   countries.   A?U   for   our   IN" VENT-  TOR'S ADVISER,winch will be sont free  MARION &-- -viAKIOff.  ^-4  University     . .   Mon'rA-l  is fired.   It is a cold world  I     Under the old Game Act we  had three game wardens in Columbia.   We now havc only one.  fitness in that. Anyway the government gave them a free hand,  dismissed everybody connected  with game, protection and told  the commission to go to it. One game warden in this terri-  Thc commission went to it bv;tory is  no more use  than  one  holding    sittings.      Apparently; firecracker in Flanders.    Is the  thev did not know what to do,! government going to limit game  for* they  called   on   men   from j protection here to onc man?   If  various parts of the province to il is going to appoint others why  drop in  ancl give, them advice, the delay?   Wc havc good men  And Liberals in various parts of i available, who know the \vork_  the province wired the commis-jand thc country.    But'while'it j "Is it right  sion that these men didn't know | could   secure   the   services   ot icustomary,  much, and not to lake their ad-ilhese men,  the game Commis-  vicc.   So the commission had to!sion merely sits in its museum,  stagger along by itself, and it isior   elsewhere.     It   is   not   the  slill     staggering.       Meanwhile'stuffed elk which requires pro-  One of thc secrets of kecpng  young, vigorous and supple is to  1 continue, to practise the activities of youth, and refuse lo permit thc mind lo stiffen thc muscles by ils suggestions of age  limitations. If men like Peter  Cooper and William E. Gladstone, who kept up the vitalizing  exercises of robust manhood far  into the eighties, had succumbed at forty to the thought  of old, age, how much of * their  valuable life work would have  remained undone!  One On,Mamma  there is no game protection.  teclion.���������������������������Golden Star,  "Mamma," said Willie tlie  other day, "did you tell Norah  to say you wrere not in when  Mrs. Jones called?" "Yes, dear."  to do that?" "It is  Willie." - "Well,  mamma," said the boy after a  thoughtful pause, "how would  you like it if God should tell St.  Peter to say that to you  you got to heaven?"  1  fi  i  1  0  I'  i  0  More Profit to lhe  Ptillerm^er  The pominion law against the selling of  butter without the words "Pairy gutter" or=  "Creamery Putter"���������������������������as thc case may be���������������������������printed  on the butter wrap, is a blessing in disguise to the  average farmer. In the first place, if his butter  wrappers are neatly printed with his name and  the brand of tbe butter on the label, thc storekeeper can readily sell thc butler at oc a pound  morc than hc can get for butter-wrapped in paper  that is not printed, and the butter-maker gets the  advantage in 5c a pound more for his butter from  thc mcrehant. Add 5c a pound to theJ)iitlcr_you  "soil. Sell TOO pounds alnfllic additional amouiif"  you would get for your butter in printed wraps  means $5.00 in your pocket. -$4.75 or 34.50 will  pay for 1000 butler wraps nicely printed wilh  your brand, name and address thereon. You will  sec. therefore, that lo have your buttcrwraps  printed means money in your pocket.  Il is the duty of every butter maker to comply with thc hnv in this matter. Some butter  makers havc only a cow or two. and make so little  butter that il docs not appear to them lhat they  can afford to have their butter wraps printed.  They do not like thc idea of having 500 or 1000  butter wraps on hand. To accommodate this  class of buttcrmakers, we have prinlcd up  a quantity of "Custom" Butter Wraps. They are  printed with the words "Fresh Pairy Butter" but  do not bear the name of the maker. However,  these wrappers fill the requirements of the law  governing this point, and can be bought in small  quantities at the rate of 65c a hundred in 100 or  50 lots. If you do not require butterwraps in  larger lots, take these wTaps in lesser quantities.  MO  I  8  1  a  I.  I*  H  0  fi  y  i  500, Single Order,  1000  ������������������  ii  $3.75  475  When   run    with    other orders, $3.50  and  $4.50  THE WALKER PRESS  Enderby, B.C.  THE CARY PRESS  Armstrong, B.C.  wheni 6  0>C������������������<K=X  Od^OC^C  o<=>o  fi  0  i  fi  i  i  i  fi  ���������������������������0  I  0  i  s  5        1 THURSDAY, JUNE 13th, 1918.  OKANAGAN  COMMONER  1  SERVE  Canada'sTood Control Board.  LOOKING AHEAD  CANADA  IT  What  a  Canadian  Banker  Believes Will Take Place After  the Wa:  licved the meat and bacon short- pound given   lo  thc support  age  in  Great Britain  and  havc our armv and our Allies. Eve  The Canada Food Board is in Mercantile Marine in conference  receipt of a cable from the Brit- with Lord Rhondda have agreed  ish Ministry of Food containing to a reduction of 50 per cent in  ing lhc splendid news that meat their meat'allowance. . __..  economics in Canada and the Every pound of- food saved  United  Slates  havc  greatly re- bv  each   Canadian   citizen  is  a  of  ���������������������������cry  made possible lhe restoration of pound wasted or eaten uhncces-  Ihc  normal compulsory ration- sarily is a pound withheld,  ing.     0 '���������������������������      Vnj|.iu(I  i?   \q  poiiuuiisn - sr  ]\    .  Thc necessity of building up (men will be needed for the har-  a reserve of food as a prepara- 'OOO'OO lniIl onuuuiuoo A.nrjii.-nu  lion againsl any contingencies vest ill Canada,'from August 1  is emphasized, however, and it to September 1.  is urged lhal there be no slack- Mr. J. D. McGregor. Director  ening in Canadian efforts lo pro- of Labor, Canada Food Board,  vide food for lhc Mother Coun- savs  lhal seeding was never so  well advanced in the history of  the West as it is lhis year. 11 is  up to the men in non-essential  industries now, to plan lo help  with the harvest.   ������������������  f  Labor For the Harvest  Mr. J. D. McGregor. Director  Labor. Canada Food Board.  says lhc seeding of thc "West ha.s  of  been managed very  co-opera lion of thc  well  men  by the  in the  fry- The cable reads:  <-> "Thanks lo thc splendid response from Canada and lhe  United Slates, the shortage that  was threatening in beef and in  bacon is now no longer as scr  ions as if has been during re  cent weeks, and the meat ration  which was reduced, from thc  workingman's point of view, almost to the vanishing point, i.s  now restored to lhc normal  amouni under thc compulsory  "rationing syslcm. Thc willingness with which lhc population towns and cities, of the boys^cn  as a whole bas accepted compulsory rationing and the success  of lhc rationing arrangements  have produced a marked decline  in consumption, and this also  naturally eases lhc food situation.  V'Sunplics of butler and cheese  arc still inadequate-to meet thc Anti-Loafmg Law  requirements, however, but it is  hoped that imports from Canada will remove anxieties as regards our position in these commodities.  "The fact that it is now possible to maintain the scale of  compulsory rationing musl nol  bc taken" to-mean" that there is  anv "surplus of ..food in the coun-  "Your president has asked me  to say a few words to you regarding the present financial situation as it appears to a banker,  and   to  give my impression  of  what thc conditions arc likely to  be after thc war.    Prophesying  is a thankless task, but all business is more or less based upon  our ability to guage lhc fulure.  I may be wrong, but in my opinion   the  process  of  reorganization aflcr lhc war is likely to impose a greater strain upon  the  country's financial interests than  any Ihing   we   have,   fell  in   the  past.    Al present-practically Lhc,  whole machinery of lhc country"  is directed lo lhc prosecution oi  war���������������������������this condition of all'airs i������������������.  abnormal  nnd  musl  sooner  '.������������������.-  later come to an end. When thai  end comes ��������������������������� vh.-cli we hope will  bc   soon���������������������������manufacturers   musl  face about and direct their energies first to lhc pi eduction an<������������������  Ihen- lo the sale  of a" different  class of goods.    Thc machinery  which   is   now   making   she its'  n\ust  be' used   to  make  some-'  thing    else    or.,   il    must    bc  scrapped.   And if il is scrapped  il will only bring scrap prices;'  if used to make products used  in ordinary life a market must  lie  found  for  them   after  they,  ave. produced.    This means or-!  ganization for selling as well as  producing,  lhe war is  DATE OF REGISTRATION  | 1918  CANADA    REGISTRATION    BOARD  SSTTIES   NUMBER  MONTH DAY YEAR  1. Namoinfull surname last) ?_  Address (permanent) ?_____  CARD FOR MALES  TO BE FILLED IN S������������������ DEPUTY REGISTRAR  :t and humscr  rural Druvrnr or pcst office  TOW.'I CB CITY  2. Age?               D=te of Birth?                   Country cf Eirth ?  3. Raco?                         Speak E.i3!bh (Q cr French (r)?         '  4. British subjact?            Ey birth?             By Naturalization?  5. If not a British subject, to what  country do you owe _!le^iinc3 ?                                              -  If nz'.-jrdlied, Which ycer?                         Whatplaco?  7. How many children under 16 yaars ?  6. Single (G), Marrbd (."), Wiclswer (\7), or divorced (D)?  8. Physical disabilities, if cr.y?  9. If restored under Military Servica  Act, what is your serial number ?  listed in thc Soldiers ol* thc Soil,  and by men secured from the  United States. "1 have thc assurance of the government,"  said Mr. McGregor, "that measures will bc adopted to assure. ,  vou thc ncccssarv supplv of hclp!\pt'r V'V "'-an lnok forward to aj  for  harvesting  the  crop.    The,",0111411, - ,  has   worked |"lt,l "lls country produces  If.  to  on the other hand  on-for another  go  10. (a) Present occupation (if any) ?   (b) What Is your regular occupation?   (c) What other work can ysu do well?-  Lcn:������������������.h of  oxperianco in  11. If an omplcyoo,:  Address   ;tato employer's nana .  ..Nat-jro cf business.  12. Do your circumstances permit you to servo in tho p.-ccant national crisis, by chanjing your present occupation to some other for which  yeu era qualified, if the conditier.s of.'crcd bo sal':."'.���������������������������/? (-) Wheroyoucan return home d-Iy ? (b) Away from hemo?   13. (a) Woro you brought up on a farm ? Until what 330 ?  ^       (c) Aro you retired farmer? (d) Can yeu handla horses?  (0) ������������������ra you willirn to do farm wcrl<?  W::ero?  (b) Have you worked on farm? How long ?  Drivo tractors?                   Use farm maehinory ?   Durim what periods ?  / affirm that I have varif.cd tlie above enszzers c.:d del lhcy era true  Signature of Jlcgisircu t  roce  On Juno 22nd every person residing in Canada, male or female, British or clien.cl sixteen years or over,must alt end  one of. the registration booths located in his or her district, and there observe the procedure explained below.  Where to Register How to Register . 0  Every person required to register has the privilege of        The   procedure   of   registration   is   simple.     The  registering at any of the public places provided for that        questions upon lhe registration card can be answered  purpose.    The   location  of  all   such   places will  be        very easily, but they must be answered  truthfully  specified in proclamations posted conspicuously. and fully.  The   card   shown   in   the' illustration  is a facsimile of the registration card  for males.    An  advertisement  showing the card for females' appears in another paper..  Study the questions carefully so that you will be able to answer them prompily when registering.    If you have  any special qualification, or feci that your services would be morc beneficial to the country in some other line  of work, say so.  While all are compelled to register on Registration Day, it is not contemplated by" the Government  to force the sick, feeble and aged to turn out. If such persons will notify the Registrar prior to June  22nd of their inability.to attend at a place of registration, an effort will be made to register them 'at  home, provided the request is reasonable and justified. t  RemembertheDay���������������������������June22nd���������������������������Remember the Hours���������������������������7 a.m.to 10 p.m. Remitter early and get your Certificate for your own protection.  Issued by authority af  24M  Canada Registration Board  everything  cs-  wondcrs and idle foreigners and P.ccially for the products of ag  sports   havc  disappeared   from  Keep Gold in Canada  1  the streets of the West,  arc at work on the farms "  They  els   or   less,   lhc  Canada   Food should thc shipyard employers  Board havc arranged with  the-want to hang on to more profits  .     The   government   has. placed United States Administration of. when  they.arc already making  riculturc,    but    these   products an embargo upon the export of Food that shipments not exceed-! a great deal morc than a whole  must bc paid for in cash or its gold coin, fine gild bars and gold in������������������ the above quantity will be battalion     of     men     in     the  eauivalent if the country is to bullion unless under license ob-.auOWcd    importation    without. Irenches?  I     Hon.  G.  C. Robertson, labor '.benefit.   If wc can make, as ap- taincd from thc finance depart-' permit.    Parties wishing to ob-  renrescntative   in    the   govern-1 pears likely, shells for the Amer- menl.h   Officials of the various riain sniau shipments under onc  try.     Under conditions 'of war  -such as. I his it would obviously  he an elementary, precaution lo  build  lip as  large a reserve of  ment, stated in thc House of  Commons .that an arrangement  had been completed with thc U.  S. Department of Labor and the  Canadian Department of Immigration and Colonization for thc  interchange ._of farm laborers.  Several  thousand havc alrcadv  ican  Government these will be departments    arc   being   bom- hundred bushels are to instruct  pair!  lor in  cash  or equivalent barded .today by enquiries as to, shippers to make application to  credits in New York.   If wc sell what goods havc been.placed on . tnc War Trade Board. Washington,, and export licenses will be  food as possible in anisland that entered the Canadian West un-  is menaced bv submarine block- der this arrangement.  adc.  No such reserve is yet in  sight and there should, be' no  slackening in   Canadian   efforts  to provide food for  Country."  the Mother  Short of flour  A Moral Certainty  There is a possibility that  Canadians may have to go without any wheat flour at all for a  period before the. next wheat  crop is harvested and ^milled.  The above important statement.  was made by Mr. J. W. Gibson,!  "(British Columbia representative  of Uic Canada Food Board, at a  recent mccling. -'-  Mi*. Gibson said an order had  been issued to all milling companies to turn over for "export  a 11 thciiysiirplus stocks of ywliea t  "and   above  A young man fell into a state  of coma, but recovered before  his friends had buried him. One  of theni asked what it felt like  to be dead.  "Dead!" he exclaimed. "I  wasn't dead. J knew J wasn't  because mv feet were cold  and I was hungry."  "But how did that make vou  sure  9"  over  milling  weeks.  their.  "Well, I knew that if I were  in heaven I shouldn't be hungry, and if J was in the other  place my feet wouldn't be cold."  Short Apple Crop  =^"Pi!Css_reportsJrom=Nova_Sco-  tia  predict a  very short  apple  spraying operations.  normal  requirements for four!cropin lhat province with indi-  J his might mean that calions ot- an ni���������������������������lost complete  within a wee* now all the wheat iaill)rc. Frost in S0111C scctions  available for milling in Canada hlsl Mondav night destroved thc  would have been milled and it.Mossoms Gf tlie carlv varieties,  nught also incan lirat thc people.Prospccts look so discouraging  of Canada might have to go' thu, manv orchardists arc aban-  without wheat Hour altogether,<ionjnfr "  until the ncxt harvest. ��������������������������� ���������������������������"  Mr. Gibson told the cold truth  about   lhe   food   situation,   ancl!  quoted Mr. Hoover to lhc effect |  lhat if people will not respond ^  to the appeal lo conserve foodj  then democracy is but an  outworn faith that will havc to bc  discarded for thc very methods  wo arc waging this war to discard.  Soldiers Producing Food  shortage  recog-  Thc food snortage js  nized as so serious in Europe  that the soldiers are'.cultivating  50,000 acres between tlie lines  in France, 7,000 in Salonica and  approximately 700,000 in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Palestine and  Cyprus. In Egypt, Palestine and  Salonica the British Armies will  this year grow their own vegetables and a large part of their  hay and forage. All the military  camps in England are being cultivated also. At Aldershot 28  acres were being cultivated ' 18  months ago, 1,200 are being cultivated now.  Representatives of the British  QUEEN'S  UNJVe&SJTY  KINGSTON  ONTARIO  AUTS  MEDICINE        EDUCATION  APPLIED SCIENCE  Mining,  Chemical, Civil, Mechanical and  Electrical   Engineering.  HOME STUDY  Arts Course   by correspondence.    Degree  with one year's attendence or four  summer sessions.  Summer School     Navigation School  July und August December to April  19 GEO. Y. CHOWN. RegUtr������������������r  ������������������  our -wheat and othcr farm pro- the prohibited list. The, order  f'ucls againsl payment in New in-council, .however, has not  York the country will be ahead been returned from Niagara,  to that exiciil, but if. on the where it was sent on Friday to  other band, these-products are bc signed, by thc Governor-Gcn-  sctllcd for by loans from Can- eraK Until these arc returned  adian banks or the Canadian formally signed it can nol.be  govern men1., thc result may be made public,  a curtailment of mcscaniiVj However, it is confirmed Ib-V  bankingycrc'Ms unless through'automobiles costihg'ovcr .$1,200  currency irif!:,f;on thc burden is t arc to.be barred as well as fruit  shifted on to Mic Canadian o;o-! which is grown in Canada such  pic as ii whole. When thc war'as cherries, peaches, etc. There  is over our taxes must be he.iw, jis also included in the list cer-  granted freely  Sugar  canning  i'ving  for Ci  Sugar for preserving -will be  available lo.all, according to advice from Ottawa. The "success  of thc Canada Food,Board in  chartering ships "to carry raw  sugar, to Canadian ports, together with the saving which is  being effected by consumers  and which conservation must bc  continued, is confidently expec  Keep Smiling  Though days-, be dark and  tradc'bc tough, it'sPalways wise  to mafic a bluff," to face the  world wilh cheerful eye, as  though'"thc/gobse"; were hanging-  high.-. No merchant ever-made  a friend by dire complaining  without end. And people never  seek a store to hear a grouchy  merchant roar, they'll patronize  the wiser gent who doesn't air  his discontent.���������������������������Walt Mason':  tGS  Questions Por and Con  being  bc forthcoming.    r\be public as is given out ollicially  a   whole  will  ha\;e  diminished Speaking of  lhc question  of.  purchasing power,' seeing  that Ihe  restriction of imports, Sir     There is an argument  lower prices will have to be ac- Thomas   White   said   that   the bandied about that runs some-  ccpted for products  without  a people   of   Canada,  were   con- thing-like this: Whv should the  corresponding reduction in cost suming too great an amount.of shipyard   employes" strike   for  of production, and we shall at imported goods particularly of more pay when they are already*  the same tinfc have to face a dc- the class which arc-not esscn- getting a" good deaf higher wa������������������c  dining  market  for  goods  car- tial.    They are also consuming "than  the men in the "trenches ?  tied."                           ... and using more than is neces- Here's another argument: Whv  A Great Place to Go To  A bishop once visited a Sunday school and cave the children  a little talk on "Darkest" Africa.  '"It is a terrible thing, children,'"'  hc said, but there arc out therei  thousands and thousands of i  miles where there arc no Sunday schools. Just think of it,  my little friends, not a single  Sunday school in all those miles.  Now. what shall wc do with the  pennies and shillings that we  save? Who can tell mc what all  kind and good little boys and  ,girls should do wilh" their  money?" He paused expectantly for thc reply, which fame  wilh tremendous spontanictv.  tickets and all go  to Af-  "moderate"  tial.  sary of  other  goods  which  in  -quan ti lics^are^esscn-  Dining Car Employees  _____        (  The    loeked-out    dining  employees of the C.  P. H.  still looking forward to an c;  I PAY CASH for POULTRY  and EGGS  "Buy  rica!"  Shipments solicited whether  large or small. Remittance  made on day of receipt of goods  at prevailing market prices.  A. E. SAGE       Armstrong, B.C.  Avalon Theatre Dominion Day  The doors of the Avalon  Theatre will be opened at 1* on  Dominion Day and a continuous  motion picture show: will be  given every hour until 9 o'clock.  !Then the floor will be cleared  and a grand ball will be given.  Excellent music will be furnished. Dancing as long as vou  like. Excellent meals will" be  served during the dav, and in  lhc evening by the ladies of the  Red Cross and Home Comfort  Club.in Simington's former greedy slore opposite the theatre.  settlement.    After  grams   had   becn  mother  Crolhcrs.  cided   to  appoint  tion board to look  sons whv  thc  C.  car  arc  uly  several  lcle-|  sent   to   old.  shc has de-j  an   investiga-  into the rca-l  P.  R.  locked; j  out ils employees and replaced  them with colored men from  thc States. The G. W. V. A. of  Vanvouver sent a protest to Ottawa, bul it is believed that Senator Robertson, who is in thc  city in collection with thc shipyard strike, has brought enough  pressure upon thc old woman  to bring about the above decision.���������������������������B.  C. Fcdcrationist.  MAQE IN  A1W STRONG  lUdies* Suits  Men's Suits  Clothes Cleaned, Pressed  Altered and Repaired  *  \  i  ll  (  \  s  s  \  s  Al^X. ADAIR  Seed   Corn  Owing to a very large number  of applications for .import licenses for seed corn covering  cruantities of one hundred bush-  CAN YOUR FRUIT AND VEGETABLES  Pres-  cataloguc  Ment or fish by the Steam  sure   System.     Send   for  sind- prices of Home and Commer  cial Canning plants.  Equipment Dept.  Vancouver Island  Fruit Lands. Ltd.. Belmont Bldg.  Victoria, B. CS  King Edward  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  .Bcegh U������������������e of Moir's  <JUoco|iites.!N*t in.  Armstrong, p. C*  J. Z. PARJCS  Shoe Repairer  Every class of repairing done  Hand suwu work a specialty.  Come in and see   my  special  liiu-s ot boots and shoes.  ���������������������������'Leckie's*' Best in   thc   West  *  in many varieties  Also many other well   known  make's in stock  The Shoe Hospital  Armstrong :-: 13. C.  i  -  ii  ���������������������������I  M  ii  Cing Edward Hotel, &op*5  MURPHY  Proprietor  Enderby  BULL FOR SERVICE  Registered  grand dnirv  ���������������������������*2.00.  Holstein  records.  Bull,   with  Service  fee,  TURNER   &  DONALDSON,  Enderby. OKANAGAN   COMMONER  IPRF  PRESENT  Scythes, each,  Snaths, each  Hay Forks.  .  Hay Rakes   .  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Turner A  Donaldson,  Enderby. j  in.stru-  PIAXO    FOR   SAL!:���������������������������Good  ment;   reasonable   terms.    Apply, '��������������������������� '   Mrs.E.A.NormaiuArmstrong.   -13lf ,FOR   SALE  KOP" SALE���������������������������One   molor   truck;   82  horse-power engine; 11 new tires;  all   in   running   order.     Can   he  seen at  Fletcher's Garage. Full on  ���������������������������Hardware   Co.,   Enderby.       -l-l-W  FOR SALE���������������������������Young sow due to farrow during July. Young Berkshire pigs; can bc registered. Enquire of A. J. Fowler.       ���������������������������     -1-1-21  Children's and  Misses'    whits     hosiery,    sizes   5   to  30c   pair.  10  LOST���������������������������Heavy mackinaw coat; .Tnc;  Jst; on Vernon Boad, near Cam-'  bell's.   F.   Fowler.  YOUNG   PIGS 'FOR   SALE���������������������������Ready \   lo     wean.       Applv,    J.    Toward,'   Armstrong."      ��������������������������� 43-tf     ,FOR   SALT  Young pigs; 5 weeks  old; also 15 goslins and 3 geese.  Apply Geo. lloltby, Armstrong. 2  WANTED���������������������������General housework by  the day. Mrs. Iked a, care K.  Jmanaki, Box 210, Enderby. -13tf  -NOTICE���������������������������The   Clvdesdale   stallion,  JIM  BELMONT will stand  at the  Fifteen-fool rowboal:  complete with oars and sail. !?20.  McRhail-Smith   Hardware   Co.  Stepney Ranch lhe balance of FOR SALE���������������������������Onc lop buggy in good  lhis season, Friday afternoons! repair; 1������������������set. single harness; a  and   Saturday   forenoons. .   Geo. I     Hurcules-slump puller, complete  Slowanls.  43-1-  Apply G. H. Fowler,  Lansdowne.  EXECUTOR'S NOTICE  In  the Matter of the Estate of  John S. Johnstone, Deceased  NO'lTCF IS HEREBY. GIVEN lhat  ~r.-,U persons having claims upon.- the  *.state of the late John S. Johnstone,  who cli������������������d on 'lhe,17lh day of Msiy^  &. D. 1018, are. required to send to'  :.\. C. Skaling, solicitor for the executor, Geo. Gray Johnstone, on or  "before lhe 10th 'day of July. A. D.  ff/iS.- a full statement of their  rhiiins, and of any security held by  WATER  NOTICE    s-  .Diversion and Use  TAKE NOTICE thai Tom P. Andrews, whose address i.s R. R. 1.  Salmon Arm, B.C., will apply for a  licence  lo  lake ahd  use  Lhe sprint  y    Children'   black school   hese,  sizes  5   lc 6  12,  20c   pair   x  sizes   7  to  8,   35c,   8 1-2   to  TO   40c   pair.  iV6. Chas. G. Murdoch writes'(j  , j   , ,i ������������������������������������������������������     i ,,.,   j ias    follows:    "'I   received   vour x  parcel up between   then .JiuV-l k..ml r<> IMlsliluT  lhank   von   again   lor  and 1 expect tbe boys in my platoon   in  France will  share   lhc  a  parcel a few  (1 .  . ���������������������������      ��������������������������� v_.ini re poslm  mmkinMdays ago and  todav  1  received  to  d  ol   inc.    V>u are very gppd .������������������; | ,hJ I>ui*cL in fincshJpe. 1 wish l<  sending   11k pc  parcels.     1   ������������������ot juiank the conli-ibutoi-s, one am  he other  one  O.K   and  wrote    ���������������������������   f      lh .    kinthlcss;   A Ca|1  to    hank yon ior it   but  I  cx-j    ,. { ���������������������������      , aopreci-  pect  you   never  got   the  leller.        d ^ u     , > VCJ. ,^ ���������������������������  getting on  O.K.  and  ex- - J  Armstrong Home Comfort Club  of water out  of the  S.E.  of 3(i-  17-11 west of (ilh. also known a.s  the McTavish Spring, which remains stationary or drains into  adjacent soil.  The water will bc taken from tlie  spring at a point about 2000 feet  from  the   N. \Y.   corner   of   Momc-  Ihcm. duly verified by allidavit, andjstearl, N.W. ''���������������������������>/, of 30-17-10-0, and  ���������������������������{hat after that date the executor j NVill be used for domestic and irri-  -������������������v?II proceed to distribute the as-iffniion purposes upon land desse Is of lhe Deceased among the cribed as N.W. Vi, 30-17-10 West of  '.parties entitled thereto, having re-; Ot'h meridian.  tt*rtl only  for t'-.c claims thai have  TJeen  duly  filed  wi'th  him:  and   all  ���������������������������debts due to  eu  wrtu   ii  thc sain  ci  icccased  arc  B.C.,  this  7th  This notice was .posted on thc  -round on the 23rd dav of January,  101S. o  A copy of this notice and application  pursuant thereto and to the  | "Waler Act,  191-1,"  will be filed  in  the   olTice   of   the   Water  Recorder   I sit Kamloops.  !   Objections to Ihe application may  ,.,,       r.     , , i-   ������������������.      i- he   tiled   with   the   said   Water   Rc-  Jhc   first  annual  meeting  ol   cor(I(!1.   or   with   ,lie   Comptroller  Chc_Grindrod,Ear,iners,__ flail.Ltd..of. Water,. Rights. .Parliament.Bui Id  ;{o be paid to the undersigned  Dated   at   Enderby  <_nv of June, A. 1"). 1918  A.   C.   SKAI.ING.  'iA-H       Solicitor   for   the  Executor  will he held June 17th. when in- ings,   Victoria,   B.C.,   within   thirty  corporation   papers,   stock   ccr- J1 "Vs  :,,;!cr !ht'  n.''st /'PPearance of  .,-nl   . ,      '    -if i     ���������������������������     I        ir       this notice in a  local  newspaper,  tmcates. etc.. will bc in hand lor TOM P. ANPREWS.  the  ollicers  then   to bc elected. .M-5 Applicant.  HOT WfATHER SUGGESTIONS  I  am  pect to be home before long."  Ptc. A. Bush writes from another Canadian Hospilal: "T received a parcel from you a few \y*'  days ago and f wish to thank  you all who so kindly contributed lo it- It is certainly fine  lo think lhc people at home slill  remember us.l have completely recovered from-my..wounds  received last fall while in  France, and have been working  in a hospital since and am gelling on fine, and. and.am looking forward lo the time when  I mav return."  Pte. .T.x L. W. Funk writes  from France:'"Many thanks for  your lovely parcel which 1 got  yesterday.'- Some of you know  what wc want in our parcels. If  1 had ordered it myself it would  havc been   just thc same.    The _ _   __  war is still going on oul here.   SUNSWNE SERMONS  as I suppose you know. As Jong i Cbwiw ouW������������������������������������c������������������ to ��������������������������� H������������������pp**r, HwitMtr urt  The dance in. J. C. .Hopkins'  was a success in every way  and wc wish lo thank all those  who  helped  to make it so, cs-  pcciallv   thc    band.      Proceeds,  AI thc sale of bedding plants  donated by Mr. Cuihbcrt, the  demand was greater than lhc  supply. Amount realized, $12.25  and in addition lo lhis Mr. Cuihbcrt gave $5 as a bonus.  The yoke donated by Mrs. F.  Young Sr... brought $15, and  was Avon by Mrs. Clemelson  with No. 65.  The next regular meeting of  the Club, Wednesday; evening,  June 19th.  Ox  .Extra quality ladies, summer  finish    with  or  30c  vests.  lisle  without sleeves,  each  Specia  Gossard  Brassier'ies  Special  Price  Size    '62,   to 4-1.     r  05c  and  75c each  Sec our   now  elastic corsets  for   ladies, Crompron   make. ' ~  s  8 -I  8  i  SUNSHINE SERMONS  Cheerful Guidance to a Happier, Healthier Lite  ; By thc Philosopher-Physician  GEORGE F. BUTLER, A. M., M. D.   I  MENS FURNISHINGS  STRAW HATS  SPORT SHIRTS  CANVASS SHOES  BELTS, ETC.  B.V.D.  UNDERWEAR V  BATHING SUITS  LIGHT-WEIGHT HOSE  GROCERIES  Lime Juice, Grape Juice. Raspberry Vinegar, Lemonade, Orangeade, Lemonade Powder, Pickles, Olives, Catsup, Canned  Meats, Canned  Fish, Etc/  <������������������������������������������������������  *    The Slorc Cor Quality and Quantity.  ,       :J_>II_,I<  ENDERBY, B.C.  We are equipped to give you good service at a  live-and-let-live price.  Address���������������������������  THE WALKER PRESS  Enderby, B.C.  THE CARY PRESS  Armstrong, B.C.  as thc home folks keep cheered  up   we   don't   care  how   many  Huns come for us to put to rest.  A good many of them will never  see Gcrman soil again, not even  for. a last resting place.    I have  had   a   letter   from   Jack   McMahon and am  glad to sav he  is still as well as ever and doing  his bit as wc arc all trying- Our  battalion  will  soon  be all  Ontario men and no men from old  B. C.    We arc all out here for  thc same purpose so it matters  little  where  they  come  from."  ^'Co rplr^Df^MT^PiuYworali cf  writes  lhis interesting acknowledgement:     "Just  a   few  lines  to   thank   vou   and   thc   other  members of thc E. T. C. Club  for thc fine parcel which I received  yesterday.    I  was quite  surprised to gel it for I'd begun  to think that bud luck was following my parcels as I haven't  received any for mon Ihs and  1  know  several   have   been   sent.  The sox were dandies and  the  fellows   who   got  some  of   the  caUcgand.   other   things   say   lo  send their thanks to the people  who  helped  make  up  the  parcel.    Well your parcel finds mc  in a quite different selling than  the last onc did.   I've been back  to England and Ihen over here  again.     This   lime   I'm'  so   far  from  thc. lines tliat only on occasions can wc hear life sound  of   the  guns-     I  am   in   charge  of lhc shipping at present and  havc a  prelty good  time.    We  cut and ship  lumber and railroad   sleepers  for   use   at   the  front,  but about all  we see of  the war is a few Fritzic prisoners that thc French use on their  farms   aro<md   here.     Wc   are-  cutting in a big park -bclohGing  to a rich French familv.    Then-  chateau is only a  few'hundred  yards from  thc camp.    No-:.one  lives in it but an old ladv'and  her  servant.    It is  quite a  big  building  but  is' no.l   verv   old.  Py *!��������������������������������������������� PWk>#oph*r-'PbyticiiM������������������  OPOROE   V. PUTLER,  A.  M-  ������������������. P.  Good *le#p iff ���������������������������btolufely ���������������������������#-  stntial to good health. Prokon,  Irrtgular slop, if long contln-  wt4. If bound to r������������������������������������ult In ntrv-  ou������������������ and phytic������������������l brtakdown.  pifftnint p*op!������������������ rtqulrt dlfftr-  tnt amount* of ffltop, but th������������������rt  ar������������������ vtry ftw whd can koap  htalthy ������������������nd ������������������lo tbtlr I>m| work  en lata than fight Hatirf' firap  In tht twanty-four. Contlnuouf  curtailing of thf tltap, tvf n If it  ba flight. If mora ������������������������������������������������������rioua than  thf oceaflonal loff of many  "howrf.="l t^Ttndfff=^thf =^m I nd-  heavy and flugfllfh; If tnakea  ont Irrltablt and Impatlant, and  grtatly dlminiahft tht powtr to  do good work. 8lttp must bt  natural, draamlaat, rtttfwl. tveh  a altep cannot bt produced by  druga; ntlthtr will It comt to  tha man whotatttnd drlnkf to  exctft ittt at night. Tht act Iva  buaintaa or profaatlenal man  who loaea aleap, or who dooa not  gat good aleap, and who eat*������������������  drinka tnd amoktt to t-ctfi, It  breeding a bunch of trouble that  le bound to.overtakt him fooner  or later, almoat Invariably about  middle lift, or toon after. The  irregular lift of tht tociety man  or mmn about town cannot bt  combined with that of the atren-  uout bueineea man with impunity. Pruga and atimulanta  won't help you. You cannot  drug youreelf Into aociety or  bualneaa.  s' It is really astonishing how  few people there are who properly estimate tho value of" the  sun's rays. A valuable lesson  on this point may be learned  by observing the lower animals,  none of. which ever, neglect an  opportunity to bask in the sun.  And the nearer man approaches  to the primitive condition/ the  more ht if inclined to follow the  example of tht animals. It ia  a natural Instinct, which civilization hat partially destroyed In  the human raea. Tht effect of  eunehine If not merely thermal;  ita rayt havf chtmlcal ������������������nd tleo-  trlctl function*. It If mort  than poaalblt that twnthlnt pro-  duett vibrationt and chtnget of  partlcltt In tht dttptr tittutf  of tht body at tfftetivt ������������������t thott  of tltctriclty. Many Know |������������������y  fxptrltnct that tht rtlitf it ������������������f-  fordf to wtartng pain, nturtlglo  ���������������������������nd Infttmmttory, if mtrt tfftetivt tnd mtrt letting then  thit ef tny tppllcatltn whtt-  tvtr." Thett who htvt ftce-  ���������������������������eht thould prove ft for th*m-  Wlvtt, fitting In ��������������������������� tunny win*  dow, where tht warmth ft! It  full en tht chttfc. For nervout  d'tt^Mlty end tittpitttnttt tht  trtttment ef ell other* it rett  In tfft twnthlnt.  fODpyrtffct,l������������������*=by-w.-o.-Ch������������������pTOu������������������.>  NOTICE  To Whom it M;iy Concern:  Tiikc notice tliat,on unci after this  date I will not he responsible f'or  :iny tlebts contracted or labilities  incurred by Mrs. G. E. Scott, of  Armstrong, 13. C.  j Signed ������������������������������������������������������ Geo. E. Scott.  Dated,  London,  Eng.,  May  22nd,  1918. - " .      -���������������������������  Icture Post Cards  Will always be in demand,  especially  if. they, arc new  lines-     At. this   store   you    ,  will alwavs find  A LAflGV VAIUETV  including  new local  views  and Comics.  The popuiur Ywivti  &tov*  PH^.PATPHPTT  Shop   Work   of all   kinds  26 yttn' txpt Hi nt t. ������������������������������������������������������tl������������������t*8tl*n | uannli m  JMJM,JJIIIIII!llimjJL  (Copyright, 1910, by W. O.  Chapman.)  iMVibRJs <M  \W_   '  Your every want i������������������ m Hardware, fimUm and  Heating fine can K supplied by ns  at tlie fewest prices  0    Puritan White Enameled Refrigerators $17.00 and $21.00  Screen Doors  . $240, $2.25, $2.45  Screen .Windows .... . . * . ....... .35c antl 40c  Famous   Florence   Automatic   Wickless   Oil   Stoves  m three burners   . ... . ... . .-. . . ..................  $17.50  Daisy Parrcll  Churns,  No. 0,  $11.25;  No.  f, Ml.50;  ��������������������������� No. 2, $12.75; No. 3, $13.25  Wood Butter Bowls  ............45c to $2.00  We stock the Maytag Multi-Motor washing machines witb swinging reversible wringer  This machine is run by gasoline engine under the tub.  You can wash and wring at the same time. Also will run  Separator or any other small farm machinery.'"--*':' This is a  labor-saver that .will be appreciated by every farmer. Call  for practical demonstration in our store. * ..* V "���������������������������  PLUHVUSJM^H m\ NGyflNSM ITH1 NG  ENDERBY, B. C.


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