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r������r \
ar*s*ro    j
������End^rby?^B. (J?, .iMarch 14, 1918
V   ^j A -J������r-������ V
Vol. 11; No. 2; Whole No. 542
Cooperation is Necessary
At the annual meeting of the En-1  Steady .Improvement Shown
derby    Growers -Association   held
Tuesday afternoon, Mr. J. A. Grant,
Prairie Markets Commissioner for
li. C, spoke briefly on the market
~ conditions and endeavored to impress upon thc members of the
Association the vital need of cooperation between the producer
and thc selling organization. Hc
pointed out thc dilliculties in,the
way of the independent producer
' when it comes to finding a market;
ana.'1 referred to the absurd practice ��������� of   growers   in   cutting  each
��������� others' throats by their false marketing practices.     -        -
Mr'Grant is cne of the pioneer
fruit-growers of the province, and
*���������"** has'a small ronch at Gordon Head,
Vancouver Island - He' has had
much experience in the selling-of
- .fruit, and  look up^ the  duties  of
Markets Commissioner last rApril."
While admitting that Canada can
&    grow a great deal of fruit and that
.Nova Scotia can grow good apples,
y       he was convinced that the"Okan-
agaa   need   fear   no   competition
from  that .source - We. may .find
. -_ "competition for' =our lower grades,
but no part of all Canada can com-
- '    "pete with our No l's.    V       -. ,/
The  first, duty of:-the,. Commissioner each year is "to visit the pro-
~"-ducing districts to the southland
confer ..with, .\they' ^distributing
Vy houses of the prairies, and help,to
'lay - plans  for 4he  distribution -of
77- the/next��������� crop. - Heyhad, just beeft
-"'-   making a -studyTof "the situation. %r
' "' V. 'Speaking .-of 7m'arketVconditions*
������ ' - he-"?said; he ""sometimes.- found'' re-.
"V  ta'ilers,' who fcould, sell fruit - at^ less
7S/s PTice than^the -wholesalers.- Some
\ V-^veU*;disposed- *growers~were ;con-
S 7 '��������� ^jgningV-their1 if niit \To \\Me". retailerr
7 ������- who>putVji.isJp):^ . \r}r
:S7 f^spectyy^yo^
vV~������after' a; careXulys^y^of^theiwIidJa
/ .   situation, had feoricliuled :wa>Vthe,
right :-priceV^'-,several;- of  the
.  - if larger centers'prices':were4hus ,he-
Ving cut to'piecs. ft is only"by going
j .,* afield, reaching out beyond the ra-
thus of the consignment area,''that,
,    the wholesaler gets his price.', 90
per cent of, the- Qkahagan's; fruit
crop Is shipped in bwlk to theMis-
-    trihuters. yet it impossible for the
other ten ~*per cent to fix" the price
of the ninety.   Consigningyto retailers enables the tail, to' wag the
The individual shippers should
- get the price fa which~they~are entitled- Only in this wayr can the
community be built up. If .this
competition of R. C. fruil could be
had. or, if the price could be pro-
 tectcd from this end there would
be a number of separate shippers.
The market on the prairies; is
growing rapidly, at an almost unbelievable rate. The speaker predicted u great future for .this Valley if the producers would stand
together and take their due reward.   -
Mr. Gnmt said he had been all
over tfoe world! looking for a better country in which to live than
this. Re bad t������ecn unable to find
it. We have tbe best climate, and
the mere people of the right sort
- we can get in here, the better, for
ourselves and for the progress of
our province we -should endeavor
to get the best price*! for our fruit,
for, unless we make fruitgrowing
~ a profitable industry we cau not
get people to engage in it. Only
hy co-operation can we make it so.
������ven the nations find co-operation
necessary. He finds that the shipping concerns across the line are
ready to co-operate with us. They
have promised that if we will let
them know wha't markets we are
going to ente-, to leave it to us.
They think they have a better apple than ours and always ask five
cents more than our price. Let
them think so. There is, nevertheless, nothing 'to equal our apples,
and it is up to us to secure the
markets and get our price.
Wc regret that wc are unable to
give a detailed report of, the annual meeting of " the Enderby
Growers Association this week.
The report of auditors Crehan,
Mouat ,and Co. showed a healthy
advance over the business of, the
previous "year; with the deficit cut
down" from $600 to $300 and a
much'^stronger condition of business and the general <>organization.
The members were_.well /pleased
with the:showing, made and warmly praised' the work done by Mr.
C. Reeves as local manager, and
the-directors.      .... V. -
"Soldiers of the Soil"
Mr .J. H. Miller, of Vancouver,
was in Enderby Wednesday preparing the initial work Tor signing
up the High School .boys between!
the ages of 15 and 19 years in the' that Pte.:ftoy. McLeod, who left for
'Soldiers of the Soil" army which the fronts early Tn the; war, and be-
Born,���������at Vernon- on March 7th,
to Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Jones, a son.
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Greyell
spent a day or two"in Enderby
this week from Vernon.
The Agricultural Committee meets at
the office of-the Enderby Growers Saturday, 3 p.m. to "take, up the seed question. All interested please attend.
' "A Daughter of the' Gods," is a
stupendous photo "production, and
should be-seen by all next Monday
evening when it is to be" shown at
the Opera House. ^    '  - ��������� -
The Si. Patrick'sVdance to be
given at Armstrong "tomorrow," the
15th, is sure to be.a winner,5judging by the number, whoyare" going
to- don the green' on that" occasions
The Ed. Dill rink topped the
score in the season's curling- just
closed. That ~ of y Ed. Mack came
next," with the "balance, scattered
aloig 'the home-stretch neck and
neck. ""   _    ���������"- - ,  ."' ""    .-  _,    ._
Word   was' received   this  week
Cannot Increase Salaries
At   a   meeting   of   thc   Enderby
board of School Trustees Feb.oth,
the   following "estimates   for   the
year 11)18 were passed:
'.   Ordinary:
High School Principal   $
Public School Principal   ..._,
Division  2    :	
Division 3   ^	
Division  4 -	
Janitor    -'
Secretary    -.	
Fuel      *
Repairs to school 	
School  Supplies -.
Boiler Inspection
Sundries   . .\ ..-."..
. 75
- 70
.   Total $ 7,111
Extraordinary: -
Fencing- school Grounds^.:. v'60
Agricultural course 'and * improvement to grounds   -...       350
the government has undertaken to
raise for work on lhe' farms.' * Mr.
Welsh, of the High School, was'appointed to have charge of the work
of getting the;boys signed up, and
the week of March 17 to 23 is: set
for <the great drive for "Soldiers of
thef Soil." -. Tlie- government , has
set', aside $20,000 ~: for'-publicity,
work i nconhection-with tlie movement and yd further vsum of $40,000
for supervision-of the'-boys'after
they are .enlisted.*'in the work. :}- ��������� ~
V'Medals are to be "given to* all. who
sign on \for " the'-- summer'sVwork,
and \ the. government^ undertakes to
put -.they Boys: to -work where',their*
seryiccs-yare^ requirc~d;--and~ tbVsW
that'they are' properly paid.^fed
and. lodged; \> 7.JS77. -;_.-';' <- v" V. \,
^work for>������awd when^they/.wili: be,
rCady-'to*? receive, them-" Tl������e -wages
came a member of. a Highlaid
regiment, recently.,won the Mjli-'
tary_ medal fqr\distinguished bra^
very,,in, action. 7'7~*t^ '-'���������- , *S, -,-~
_ We have -^ been , foi ced to .-hold,
over until ^next ~-issueVmuch local
matter overrunning:"?the y,allotted
space}.'1' sSometimes������th������L. editor-is
sorry-.the-Press is>not three .times
as\ large, , and-Vthen"^ again-^-but
what's .tHe-use?.^/-^- "-*"-- * ";'. 7 ^
V'K7meeting .of-ithef City.lCoiincil
was - held - MondayV.evening, ^Alderman-. Collairtv, acting j? mayor,y'" and
AldVNichol,l.Gaylord; and/.Hawkihs
around^the .table^rTher^'h^??-������f
the., business transacted -are?fof ced
bv^yyuntily,next\">week.y ^7iJ7s'^.SSy
V" Mr'\ R:. R; J Gibbs-reQeiyed ^several
weeV, { hand:mo,ulc|eEiy frjoni^-sam:'
beir g very flne= grain*for- moulding
yM\:Jfep set/'after-the/fepys. haYe:and~"'^exceptionallyVf-hard>'iafte>
be"etn^.a| work'a^-week 6r;two.^ /���������   JiVurnin������"tV-/:y. '^    V v. .'**'��������� ' "-"
1 Total    $ 7,521
The following resolution- was
passed' .relating to High School
fees:;" "That a fee of $25.00? for a
year, or $15.00 for one half year,
be charged to all students attending the Enderby'High School, who
live butside the school district and
the/secretary be. instructed to'.collect such fees-." ."''**" v~ -"���������''?
,Mt the' meeting of Mch. 7th; the
secretary.read a petition signed bv
lhe,/.teachers of.the public school,
asking' for an-'increasV in'"the salaries' paid the teachers. On motion
of "^Trustee "Crane - and",- Trustee
Hawkins, it-wasr decided vthat this
board 'cannot at" present 'grant .'any
increase in the salaries'"now-^paidr\
i '"'Ailetter was receivd^by_.the" board.
froniJMayor- Dill' calling'attention'
to the advaht^esf'of^th^manual
training -coursje:- yTbey matter^was
bn������ niotion V6f' ;Trustee'JHawkins;
Forty-one boxes of trench comforts were sent "to > thd Enderby
boys in France this week by the
Trench Comfort Club. ,
The Club desire to acknowledge
receipt of $1.20 contributed by the
Boys' Junior Club lo the Trench
Comfort Fund.' '   _ ���������       '  y
Amount collected by Mrs H. D}
Baxter: '_   . .-.,..
Mrs. -H. D. Baxter -	
Mrs.   E. -Shute  .    '.
MrV- C.   Ashton V ..
Mrs. Chas. Pailkinson...
Miss Caroline Paradis^;
Mr." F. Peterson... :V. "iS
Miss], E.   Cooke.........:.
Miss   S   .Cooke..' .".
Mr.   H. "Cooke	
Mr. AV., H.   Cooke..;,..-..
Mr.  R.  Cooke.............
Mr. J. S ..Cooke -.'.:
; I
$ 1.00.-.
. 1.00 T
.   1.00  :'
1.00 .
1.00 s,
/1.00 >.,
Those having "given-"chain-teas
in aid of the Trench Comfort Club
inau^ration-and mamturnlng;such
a ^course,', i!t;^as* unwise ^oydeal,
with lhe matterVat pr^ent.;V"i%V;.
dinner^ y Gotq"tht/^iif-^dwiird.
��������� .\
���������&  "���������.   'Sll^-\ vv
J*^PlvwW^ '
Ave now
^tums mv.&t fee fije4 ^ or More 3\$i Mwcfr
ftJZ Pominion Income War Tax Act requires yon to fill in wne or more of
the five special "forms provided before" 31st March, 1918.   In order to
assist the public to understand just what is required of them, information
on" each form is given b^low. -  JSead carefully, then get three copies o'f the
-form that tits your case and flU them In.    Answer  ail questions fully and
accurately,  for making false statements, 4 penalty of $}0,Q0Q ������r iff mftffthf'
Imprtammtnty nr Mh? it provided.
, tlWflvWlielf*���������AJl peraons unmarried, and all w������4������wf or widower* without dependent children'
whose income ii $1500 a year or more, must fill in Form Tl. All other persons whose income" If-
f3000 or more, use the same Form.   Where any income is derived from dividends, list amounts.
_  received from Canadian and Foreign securities separarely.    Fill in pages 1, 2 and 3 only.    Do not'
mark on page 4>   Partnerships, as such peed not file returns, hut the individuals forming the part*
nerships must.
Perperttleilf end lefnt ttOCk ftmtpattftS, no matter how created or organized; shall pay tht .
normal tax on income exceeding $3000.   Use Form T2���������giving particulars of income.    Also
attach a financial statement. , Under Deductions, show in detail amounts paid to Patriotic Fund
and Canadian Red Cross or other approved War Funds.
TmstseSf Extcnter*, Admtntstmters ef Estete* end Assignee* use Form T3.  Full particular!
of the distribution of income from all estates handled must he shown at well as details of amountf
distributed.   A separate Form must be filled in for each estate.
Employers must use Form T4 to five names and amounts of salaries, bonuses, commissions and
other remuneration paid to all employees daring 1817 where such remuneration amounted in the
aggregate to $1000 or over.
Corporation U*t* ef Shareholders.���������On Form T5 corporations shall give a statement of aH
bonuses, and dividends paid to Shareholders residing in Canada during 1017 stating to whom paic|*
and the amounts. -< '
v Figure* in every case are to cover 1917 Income���������all Forms must be Wed by 91st March. Fee.
neglect, ��������� fine of $100 for each day ef default may fee Imposed.
Jn the case of Forms Tl and T2, keep one copy of the filled in Form and file the other two with
the Inspector of Taxation for your District. In the case of T3, T4 and T5, keep one copy and file
the other two, with the Commissioner of Taxation, Dept. of Finance, Ottawa.
Forms may he obtained from the PUtrlct Inspectors ef Taxation and from the Post-
masters at all leading centres.
Postage must be paid on all letters
and documents forwarded'by mail
to Inspector of Taxation.
Department of Finance,
Ottawa, Canada
are:^ .   . -   >
Mrs.   Mackay
Mrs.   Speers    .
Mrs?" Garratt _  .
Mrs.' -Campbell'
Mrs. -��������� Cameron   .
Mrs. l>avies:V.,
Mrs. IJugdale*"
Mrs.v Peel   :. S..
Mrs.-Griffiths   .
Mrs; 'fevans*-...
.$.1.35������ \
.    3.00 ?
. ^xl-00 -V
,, 3.50
-    .90
:���������   i:75
V 1.30
Masquerade Bait at Grindrod
^-:" j* *s
-��������� X **,.   in   _,.
'  -S   ���������?*<���������&&������
��������� <-.s-^ *&.
Thet masquerade' ball;* given! ,,atvt"?\
Grindrod,onJ-Mch.":8th;-was>sY greatyrV^
success'.- "A"large, crowd were presVy ^fS.^sl
eiit.V' The" costumes' were^many and">~p0-S%v
varied.^ The.p.izeS'were'rgiv.en-as.= 'r'"~ '"'
>;i* -t,
V*Word'-has" heen1 receive$[ hy'-thPLvi':^..
secretary." ������f the^local.^food; Ser: ^H^t-Tf*
vice comniittee, that-> ������lrs:Mwldrew, y-,-y,?'j
who is touring the?Province, in" .'they^V "
interest' of foot) conservation, and!- ? V
whose' itinerary : hrought, Jlierr'toV;. ���������
���������gnderhy on.the 20th of:March, hasy-  .-
h'een tlelayed'en route, ahc|<, is no^y;^:
schedule to res������chN pnderhy on the - t
22nd, and will hold a,meetin'g;.inJVV"y
"the  afternoon,  the  audi|6riiimi"bf,.;;f.
the"fortune School to he nsed,.on^   <Z
this  occasion,. and  3  o'clock .tluV1" Vy
hour.   tMrs. ~ MuldrW, is   repre-V
senti'ng the Food  Controller's Pe-/ s
pailment and ber address' will he
along the lines of lhe food demonstrations given- here "last weeH hy
Miss Hayes. "*   ���������
,. The ��������� following  wire   is  self-ex--
planalory:' .
. "Mack , and Bands, Enderby:
kindly get in touch with farmers-
wbo can use onc of Henry Ford's
tractors to good advantage, ��������� increasing food production, and advise them to send check for $795,
payable to Hon. Charles Punning,
food control board, or to Wm.
������. Scott, Peputy Minister of Agriculture, Victoria, |i. C. These tractors will be allotted hy the Pepart-
tnent of Agriculture. The supply
is limited.    Act quickly."
Mr. J. II. Hailcy, onc of Enderby's pioneer boys, is now manager
of the new warehouse opened at
Langlcy Prairie by the Royal Standard Grain Growers' Agency, in
whose employ Mr. Bailey has been
for thc past ten years or ��������� more,
filling important positions iri Vancouver and Victoria.
-The next meeting of the Woman's
Club will be held at the house of
Mrs. Duncan, Enderby, next Sat-
urday, March 10th, at 2.30 p.m.
Speaker, Mrs. Gretton; subject,
"Thc State Ownership of Hospitals
in Alberta."
FOR SALE���������Small quantity barley
green   feed;   apply, J.  II.  Teccc,
Enderby. ml4-2 THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  THURSDAY, VMABCH   14    1918:  THE GOD OF WAR  Those secret diplomats of Europe through  whose intrigues and that insatiable yearning for  power and self and national aggrandisement was  responsible for bringing on the world bloodiest,  have much to answer, for. But lhcy are not  known. v We heap upon the shoulders of lhc  Kaiser the blame for it all, yet we know in our  heart of hearts that hc is but onc of thc leaders of  Europe, responsible for his share, of course, but  no more. Great as Kaiser Bill may bc, hc nor  ���������������������������what lie stands for, is not big enough to0have  brought on lhc Avar if thc other leaders of Europe had not becn mixed up in selfish intrigues to  offset those of thc other side. And thc cry of the  war god in us is, "On with thc Avar! Fight till  the last man dies!"  England is perhaps thc least hurt of all the  big fighting nations of Europe, and yet thc curse  of blood and famine is hanging heavy over thc  Motherland. In the London Telegraph a simple  paragraph appears which tells thc whole story  of thc demands of the war god upon thc manpower of the nalion:  "It is impossible to withhold sympathy from  the widow who was praised by thc County Appeal Court, while in the same breath, as it were,  they refused conditional exemption for her  seventh son. The man was formerly in the Burnham district, and lhc local tribunal there excused  him from going abroad. At present he is  serving his country as a soldier engaged in training machine gunners, so it cannot bc said that he  is not 'doing his hil.' But thc military were not  satisfied, and on lhcir appeal the bar to foreign  service has been removed. Six brothers joined  up of whom onc has been killed and onc maimed  while anolhcr is ill; and the mother asked lhat  this lad, her seventh son, might be left in England lesl she should lose them all. But the request was refused."  Here is a brief extract taken from thc same  paper of a speech in thc House pf Commons by  Mr. Samuels.    Thc^spcakcr told the House lhal  if   lhc   war   lasts   another   twelve   months   the  national debt of Britain will bc equal to lhe prewar debt of France, Germany, Austria-Hungary,  Russia and   lhc United States  together.    "Here  loo,"   says' lhc London   Telegraph,^ "arc" a   few  facts  worth remembering:    Between  1904 and  1914 wc paid off onc hundred millions of debt.  ���������������������������> According lo many Hunkers who have applied :Wc now add one hundred millions of debt every  their minds to it,; the problem of food production iwcnly-fiyc   days..     Every, six   months   avc add  is but in its infancy.   Even peace /will not bring! seven "hundred and* fifty millions, to pay the debt  relict* from  thc food stringency for a consider-'! charge of which would take the whole yield of  THE ENDERBY PRESS  AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  II.   M.   WAKKKR      o  Advertising Rates:   Transient,  50c an inch first insertion,  25c each subsequent insertion.     Contract advertising. SI an inch per month.  Published  every   Thursday  at    Enderby,   B. C.  Walker   Press.  at   $2   per   year,   by   the  THURSDAY,   MARCH*   14,   1918.  COMPULSORY FARMING SCHEME  able period; for Avilli thc greater part of Europe1  in.a condition** of reduced production, due not  merely lb war, but lo internecine troubles such  as have,made a good!}7 part of Russia a -waste,, a  lengthy world-shortage in the matter of. food is  certain. Even if peace avci*c signed tomorrow il  would sLi 11 be lhc duly of every Canadian to continue lhcir 'cITorls to vastly increase production  of food. But with no peace in sight, lhc necessity  of Government action, looking toward compulsory production in some form or others becomes  more "and more serious.  Already Llie Federal Government, in conference with tlie various provincial administrations,  has bcen diseasing methods, and it is announced  tliat once morc a census of lhc country's man-  Ihc income-lax and super-tax before, thc war  On with the Avar! Fight .till the.last man falls!  REGISTRATION OF JUAN-POWER  Thc registration board of ."which Hon. Gideon  Robertson is chairman, is Avorking on plans.for  a complete census and registration of-thc manpower of Canada. Thc board has found that lhc  task is a gigantic onc and lhat it AvilJ take at  least hyo or three rnonLhs lo complete organization, and actual registration will .not likely lake  place until May or .rune The present plan is lo  make use of the election machinery of- last December. II is proposed lo open polling booths in  eacli subdivision in Canada AA'here every man and  power, Avilh  reference to  increased  agricultural j woman will be compelled lo register, and Avill be  production, has bcen decided on. When it comes  to devising effective policies, hoAvcver, thc problem is baffling, though nearly everyone is agreed  lhal something must be done.  Naturally lhc question comes .up as lo what  can bc done under the organization newly created for carrying out tiie Military Service Acl.  .A !il<:a < jy__ j h c_. (lovernmenl lias a=| j la .'"L. JaJ d_,.bcjVrc_  il which would  to bring aboul  extent lhe machinery of lhc Act  not only compulsory service on  farms but compulsion of lhe fainier to make his  land yield Uic mosL satisfactory results.'A gentleman who is prominently connected wilh the  operations   of   Ihe   Military  Service  bureau   has  given a registration card. There arc J5.000  polling divisions in Canada and il is hoped lo  complete the work in onc day. There Avill be  penalties for non-compliance. Thc plan Avili.be  expensive bul. lhc board has been unable lo devise a simpler, speedier or more economical  method. It Avill not be of value for mobilizing  agrictil.t.ural.Jabor_j'pr_spring..operations,  bul it  is, hoped to have lhc work completed in lime to  secure farm help for the harvest.  MOTOR CAR A NECESSITY  According   lo   an   eastern    authority,   Avhosc  drawn up an elaborate scheme, using the purely J knowledge of thc prevailing conditions Ihrough-  111  thc Pi evince ol  Me  would   have  a  lane  oul Canada, tne automobile has become a necessity, "not only in. thc city, but on thc farm,  and   it is in its use in thc rural districts lhat lhc  agricultural  coimly ol" Peel,  Ontario,  as  his   illustration.  registration  in  detail of all  farms,  vacant  present   farming   population,   equipment,   seed;biggest development of Lhe immediate future is  stores, elc.    Mc estimates that in Peel county, if j hound to occur.    1 noticed Ibis especially in thc  ~)()0 men were placed on the land, working ali Ihe! wesl. where lhc farmer whose holding is ten, fif-  year round. JO per cenl more land would he  worked, and the maximum production increased  by al least 100 per cenl.  Under lhc proposed plan, farm laborers would  he drafted from medical categories B, C ancl E of  the military draft, and lie proposes placing these  men in barracks al towns like Brampton for per-  liminary training iii farm work, under Qxpcrls of  experience. After tlie necessary instruction, lhcy  would bc distributed on the farms, receiving,  say, $1.50 and board. The Government, through  lhe county director, would pay the men every  two weeks and collect Irom the farmer every  month.  The author of fhis plan proposes that an obligation bc placed-upon the farmer to stimulate  production. He would bc advised, by experts,  and held accountable for a maximum production  on. his land. In the event of thc farmer's refusal  lo give this drafted labor a fair chance, and to  ���������������������������fulfil the spirit of Lhe contract, thc county director would be empowered lo lake such measures  len, Iwenly or more miles from lhe railway, is  by lhe possession of an aulo, placed in as favorable a position as Lhe man avIiosc farm is situated  along ihe right of way. I avouUI like lo combat  the mistaken idea thai there is a prospective  scarcity of gosolinc, which has given rise lo  rumors lhal the Governmcnl may restrict the  use of automobiles as a conservative measure.  Gasoline i.s a by-product of lhc process of refining crude oil into fuel oil. The latter is being  produced today in enormous quantities for lhe  use of oil-burning vessels of the Brilish and  Uniled Stales navies, and as a result the output  of gasoline is per!laps greater lhan' ever before.  There is no intention on thc part of thc United  States Government to restrict the legitimate use  of gasoline, although consumers are being urged  to avoid Avastc, such as is incurred, for instance,  by leaving an engine running during prolonged  stops. Tt has been estimated that if each car  owner by reasonable economy saves 1% pints on  each  filling  of   his~~lank.   the   resultant  saving  as he deemed necessary for tlie effective working would supply lhc entire demand of the Govern-  of his farm���������������������������maximum production for the good! ment.    Thc same compulation would doubtless  the entire community being the aim. 'apply to thc Canadian situation."  of  IS THE WORLD'S BEST CHEW  It is manufactured  tobacco in its purest  form.  It  has  flavor.  a  pleasing  It is tobacco scientifically prepared  for  man s use.  Are you going to do any  Building- or Repairing:  This Season ?  THE FOLLOWING ARE GOOD VALUES:  ... 915.00 per thousand  ��������������������������� .. 10.00 pdi* thousand  ...  15.00   per  thousand  2.50  Mo  4 Flooring and  Ceiling,   Cull   Boards   ! -:.....   No. 2 Dimension, 2x4 and 2x6   Dry  Blocks .   .$  Planing Mill Wood ..:'.     2.25  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. ���������������������������������������������defb,  g  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  KingEdwataMotei,LH-MuKPHY fchderby  SUNSHINE SERMONS  Cheerful Guidance to a Happier, Healthier Lift  By the philosopher-Physician   ' * *"*"  GEORGE F. BUTJ-fctt. A. MS M������������������ P.  _The time seem* to hav* pasted "when the average man can  euceeed by modest and unassuming methods. All the nice  things that have been Mid In  favor of modesty fall to stand"  the test when brought Into the  pull and haul of every day J if e.  There is/now and then a modest but,, an intensely tamest  man who makes a great success  in life, but such men are the  exception. |f you are going to  make yourself Known it is no  longer the thing to quietly pas*  out a card���������������������������you must advance  with a trumpet and blow ^  brazen-blast to shake the stars.  To stand with a lifted hat and  solicit a hearingsavors of mendicancy and an humble spirit.  Bold assurance while it disgust*  some of us will win nine times  out of ten. The_modest and dif>  _fident_man_may__st3r.vc_ln_a-gar-_  ret, there is but little chance  for him in these strenuous days  of the world's existence.- There  seems to be nothing now-a-days  so conducive to success as  cheek, and the more cheek the  better. Modesty may"~ be 9  good and beautiful thing, but experience seems to prove that if  we wait for our turn In this  world,' oi'r turn never comes.  But oh, that we might pass out  of this age of sordid self-seeking and Impudent assertlveness  Into something larger and sweeter and finer. Give us less yeast  In our bread and more substance; fill our cups with wine  rather than froth, and for sweet  pity's sake hang up the trombone and the bass drum and let  "silence, like a poultice, come to  heal the  blows of sound."  Are your  Butter Wraps  running low ?  U fuUline of Fresh Meats,   fjqme  rendered   Lard nnd   ftonie  fed P'acbn  CpQ. R. SHARPE  Wflom*SALP - RPTAJL ppTCWPtf  SECRET SOCIETIES  S. H. SPEEIIS  W. M.  A*F*A'M'  Enderby   Lodge     No.  40  Regular     meetings     first  Thursday on or after the  f u|]-moon-at-& prmr-in^Ma*^  fonic    Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invited  C. ������������������. PEEVES  Sectclaiy   '  ENDERBY   J.OPGE  No. 85. K. of P.  1 3 >ar  t\���������������������������^    Meets every  Monday evening  iiY-_>������������������Sr    in K.of I'. Hall.   Visitors cordially invited to attend.  CHAS. HAWINS. C. C.  "  H. M. WALKER K. R.S.  XI. .1. COLTART. M.F.  Hull suitable forCuncurls, Dunces and all public  cintertainn.cuts.     For rates, etc., address.   -  F. FRAVEL. Enderby  PROFESSIONAL  A ^C. SEALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary "Public.  INSURANCE  Pell Blk. Enderby, B.C.  MAT HASSEN  Auctioneer  ancl   Live  Stock  Sales-  ancl   Live  man  I Farm Sales my specialty.    See me  about   your   sales '  Armstrong B. C.  of  the day we celebrate  =<a 9������������������2_3-V83S-!____7__R  sw;^^!!^  THURSDAY,  MARCH   14    1918.  THE ENDERBY  PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  ������������������?  'IC  .-^'  If with pleasure you are viewing any work a man is doing,  If you like him or you, love him, tell him now; u  Don't withhold your approbation till the-parson makes oration,  As he lies with snowy lilies o'er his brow.  For no matter how you shout.it, he really won't care about it;  -   He won't know many teardrops you have shed;  If you think some praise is due him, now's the time to slip it to him,  - For he cannot read his tombstone when he's dead.  More than fame and more than money,-is the comment kind and sunny  And it gives you heart and spirit to the end;  Perhaps he's   waiting,    yearning,    sighing; and the' days- are  swiftly flying;    <   -    ,������������������������������������������������������<-- -   -   -  While the "ups and downs" of life his ways attend;  If he earns your praise: bestow it; if you like him, let him know it:  Let the words of true encouragement be said;  Do not wait-till life is over and he's underneath the clover, c  For he cannot read his tombstone-when he's dead.  POOD CONTROLLER  -���������������������������^SAYS>^_^  Subdue the Submarine  By substituting economy for waste,  co-operation  for  criticism;   know-  . ledge of prices- for' gossip about  profits; cornmeal and 'oatmeal for  white flour; fish for beef and ba-  ~ con; vegetable oils' for animal fats;  the garden hoe for the golf-stick;  ? performance for argument; service for sncers;"patribtic push for  peevish puerilities; perishable for  prcservable foods; greater production for a German peace; the beef  you do not eat for the rifle you Van  not   carry;   conservation   for   con-  ��������������������������� yersatibn;-common sense for'common gossip; marketing .for telephoning; -production for , pessimism.    ��������������������������� . " v., ~  n: "  :j-  the latest :cable from the British Ministry of Foot} regarding  conditions in Europe makes - it  "clear that a drastic, reduction^ in  theproposed ration -for-Britain  may be expected,by the, en4 ������������������f  this month. The supply of fats is  need is the greatest of all. -The  people of Italy have been on  uread and sugar rations for some  time and severe restrictions have  been placed on their consumption  of meat.  By marketing and not telephoning orders, the housekeepers  of Canada can do more to control  the price of food by competition  than any other agency we have.  Maple sugar makers never had  such a demand to fill as now. The  shortage of beetand cane sugar  makes maple products of greater  use as substitutes. Every sugar  maple tree available should be  tapped this' spring.  The, new Pure Maple Sugar  Law gives the public protection  against adulterated maple products. The scarcity of cane& and  beet :sugar: this - year will 7 also  make-it less profitable-: to mix  them-.with' maple .flavoring exr  tracts.. The markets- of; Canada  and the .JJnited States are .eager  for^pure* maple,syrupr and - maple  sugar.;.and t(he;new,Maw, has. restored public confidence;,. - ' -  VNotfyof, the available0 manle  ,T���������������������������_ T���������������������������_TTrT,. TT      TT_ trees m Canada are being tapped. 1 katchewan.$73 and $4*t; Alberta  low and increased imports may Statistics show that out of 55,003 $76 and $44; British Columbia  produce maple sugar at all, only  very few tapjnore than J of the  trees available on their farms.  This 25 per cent production is  worth $1,500,000 annually. This  amount might easily be doubled.  One man can take care of boiling  the sap from 5,000 trees as easily  as from 500.  Sugar maple trees are a specially valuable asset to a farm this  year. Regular commercial sugar  is scarce and high/There is money  in maple sap, and beyond the  work it is practically all profit.  You don't have to plow, or harrow, or fertilize the ground for  the maple harvest; you don't have  to do any spring seeding and you  don't have to wait patiently from  spring to fall. The maple season  comes at a time when farm work  is slack. The trees require no  spraying, pruning, fertilizing or  watering. They stand as a -rule  on untillable or rocky land." The  maple tree was a Godsend to Canada in the early days. It is no  less so now in the war scarcity  of sugar.  Wages of Farm Help  The. average wages paid* for  farm help during 1917 have increased substantially since 1916  and have again reached the Highest level .on record.   In- many  cases they are double what they  were before the war. For the  whole of Canada the wages ^per  month during the summer,'^including ���������������������������* board, .average $63.63  for male and $34.31 for, female  help, as compared with $43.23 arid  $22.46 in 1916. For. the year 1937  the wages.averaged $610.60 for"  males and $364 for females, as  compared with $397 for males and  $228 in 1916: The average value  of board per" month -is- $19 for  males and $14 forfemalesas.com-  pared with $17 and.$l3s in. 1916.  .By, provinces, thej average wages  permonth for males and females  respectively, including boards in  the summer���������������������������seasbn,y were as'-f61-"  lows; prince Edward Island ^ $57  and'$28; Nova Scotia $53 and'$26;'  New 'Bruns\vick'$5?and $28; Quebec $59 and $28;. Ontario $59 ahd  $31; Manitoba $67-and" $40; "Sas-  For Better GardsM  f^ vegetables"���������������������������says the Food Controller's Bulletin. Market Gardens  VERY back yard, should be used for the cultivation'of fruits and  ays the Food C  :d to capacity,  the seeds sown are capable of producing sturdy, vigorous plants.  must be worked  But all this effort is wasted unless  Rennie's War Garden Seeds and insure a full crop !  7 Oabbage p*������������������. fcoi. %o%.   oi.g   *n>  . Danish Summer Roundhead .10       0.90  2.75  Oauliflow������������������r  Rennie's   Danish    Drouth- S  Resisting.. .15ft.25   1.00  1.85  3.5010.00  Celery  Paris Golden Yellow (Extra -   ������������������ a "*  Select) ....*. 15 N .60  1.10   2.00  Onion-., pkt."    oi.      Kib.  Rennie's Extra Early Red..05 .35 1.00  ftAdifth���������������������������Cooper's Sparkler .05 .20. .65  Tomato���������������������������Market King  .10       .60 "   1.75  Rennie's Improved Beefsteak .10       .75   V2.50  Paney���������������������������Renuie's XXX Exhibition Mixture .  Sweet l������������������eae���������������������������Rennie's XXX Spencer Mixture ...,  Nattturtlum���������������������������Rennie's XXX Chameleon Mixture,  Stocke^Rennie's  XXX  Large" Flowering   Globe  Mixture! :-.   ;.:. .20  -��������������������������� lb.  .3.75  2.20  . ~ ��������������������������� >���������������������������  cpkt..  . .25  .15  .1.0,  LOOK FOR THE STARS-  ***  Our 1018 Catalogue should be in your hand by notr. It is your patriotic duty  -to consult it at every opportunity. cOur Government Inaltta we must pro.  duce men. Start right, then, and b- sure and sow g*ed seed���������������������������fttNNlE'S  SEEDS. I,ooic for the Special ���������������������������tar.border bargain* in our Catalogue���������������������������it  will pay you to do so?       - ,-'        * ' , * - -    _  ^ ��������������������������� -���������������������������������������������-  - V  ^T2   GRANVILLE    S'    VANCOUVER  B  C.  A  I.   S   "  MON    t  W I NTSi I ('ETC  .J.-  -Tftl  >M  .-&'  I      -������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������-' J* .j.  - " In order lo hold the creamery,- business  in" the  northern .end  of,^ ;  -the Okanagan,"and'to maintain the"highy,standardy/oT excellence Ave at"  'last;have won for.our butter; wc' ihiistyhave the sup'pbrfof *eycry"ypro-,' -_, >r^  ,ducer of cream-iri:the-district.' '"->V;- --    ,"���������������������������-������������������������������������������������������  -,*- . -'���������������������������jS/''S,\- ---' :\:'7t-S^~777'7':77*7  '   ' 'SAYe- feel'that'every cream producer^should^g^  'for it- is oh' vitar"im'portance:to;they'district^" and lof incalculable! berie->*r^^4?r^  >fit to eYery^dairymanVhowever^arge or-small hisyoutput",yto;tove"the&^^'^^  *creanieYy..'at'rAVmstrong in operation'.*.. S7'    - ���������������������������-.. V .:-:}   S"S77:7%t:S77-7:7^^^7iSs  -P-l  i  e urgently nee4e4. fbe Itellm farmers in Eastern Canada who I $78 an4 $48.  >o<  ���������������������������(>������������������  >0<  H)  (X  HH  ()���������������������������  ()���������������������������<  *������������������(><  ���������������������������(>���������������������������  Wheve -flM tjoes ffie. work of Qb2S}  Wp w*p flQinp ^p Mwce ow Stock $5{0QQ dMring March  ������������������n4 wf:fp\\omnfi pricw are ^amg to c}o it:  Suits marM to seU at $^5.00; C������������������s|i Sa^ Price. ;.,   Snits marked to sett at $20.00; C������������������w������������������|> Sale Price ,   Suits marked to sett at $22.50; Casfc S^je Price ^   TimcsVm Sme^nci ���������������������������fiotted^ctgerreg^tar-$^D;-nQW -;.,-;...-...-.. , v-.^$2,60-  Men's Over JUmbers, regular^$t..40; wow......   $t45  Men's Over PuMer, jotted Pdge, reg'wtar $t.50; now   $*t,20  \  Poys' Over "ftup^ers; rcgutar, $ .90; now :   $..75   j"  Poys' jumper ^uppers, and att otters 20 per cent discount [  Underwear  Summer and Winter Weights, Mb cotton and wool 20 per cent discount  and will payzexpress charges both ways, on large or sinall "shipments   .  Our fwJ) Mne of VefetaWe wd fjowlr  See4������������������ b^ve frrny^-- fwfa$e ������������������n4"PM|^  . Ajsof imothy, Alfalfa and Clover Seed.      -     -     V  /        ' '      We sell at Jennie's prices. . VV  A few sacks-of ^arquis Seed^Whedt for sale. _ *;  Marmalade Oranges now fa  TEgCg & SON,   ^WSnll^  ".#,-1  Jumpo Knit, heavy wool, regular, $Off; Sate fVice      $7.20  Close Knit; heavy, brown and maroon; rcg. $6.00; Sale Price  .$4.80  A]\ otiier lines, 20 per cent discount  ROOTS & SHOES  Press Oxfords and Shoes; heavy work hoots, and driving shoes;    all 20 per ct. discount for cash  PANTS  Carss; all wool, worth today, $6.00; Sale Price..   $4.50        All other lines 20 per cent off.  HATS & CAPS���������������������������A good range io choose from; all go at 20 per cent discount.  Shirts, Ties, Collars, Eraces and Notions  all 20 per cent off  GROCERIES  5 per cent cash discount on all Groceries except Sugar, Flour and Feed; eggs and butter.  SPECIALS  Canned Tomatoes, Quaker and Empire solid pack, per tin -.. .20c 5  Canned Corn, Quaker Prand ��������������������������� 20c.  Sugar, Kogers' pure cane, 100s $10,65    20s   $2.15 V  Government Standard Flour; 50s    $2.90   Harvest Queen, white Flour; 50s .. $3.00  Crisco, the best shortening '. ".  50c   K  We deliver your ordert anywhere in town or neighborhood. Watch for other specials jj  T>lhh BROS.  fi  GROCERIES  MEN'S WEAR fi  ���������������������������CM  ������������������><  >()<  >o<  ������������������><:  ���������������������������������������������<><  ���������������������������o<  (1  Valvet of farm l**fi<*Jt  According to the returns received, the average value of farm  land for the whole'of Canada, including land improved and unimproved, together with dwelling  houses, barns, stables and other  farm buildings, is approximately  S44 per acre as compared'with  $4i for 1916. The average values  by provinces are as follows:  Prince Edward Island $43.7; Quebec $53; Nova Scotia $33.6; New  Brunswick $28.8; Ontario $53.3;  Manitoba $3X; Saskatchewan $26;  Alberta $26.7: British, Columbia  $149. In the last named province  the higher average is due to  orcharding and fruit growing.  When a man is spoiling for a  fight he is usually too fresh.  CITY OF ENDERBY  - NOTICE is hereby given that the  first sitting of* the annual Court of  Revision of the Municipality of the  Citv of Enderbv for the year 1918,  will be held at the Cily Hall, Enderbv, on Monday, thc 18th day of  March, A.D. 1918, at 7.30 o'clock p.  m., for the purpose of hearing and  determining complaints against the  assessment for the said year, as  made hy the Assessor, and revising  and correcting the assessment roll.  Any person  complaining against  the -assessment may, personally, or  by means of a written communication over his signature, or by a  solicitor, or an agent authorized by  him in writing to appear on,his behalf, come before the Court and  slate his complaint; and the Court  may confirm or correct t,he assessment; provided he shall first have  given notice-in writing to the Assessor of thc ground of bis complaint at least len days before the>-  said first sitting.  Dated at Ihe Cily Hall, Enderbv.  this   11th   day   of   February,   A.D. ���������������������������  1918.  GIUHAM ROSOMAN,  City  Clerk.  Notice of Pissolution of  Partnership ^  Grindrod Saw Mills  Notice is hereby given that I  have disposed of all my interest in  the lumber, pole and post business,  formerly carried on by me, the undersigned, and Henry William I3is-  chcl, under the firm name and-  style of Grindrod Saw Mills, to 'the  said Henry William Bischel.  \AI1 debts owing lo the said partnership arc to he paid to tbe said  II. AV. Bischcl at Grindrod and all  claims against the'said partnership  are to he presented to the said H.  W. Bischcl, by whom thc same will  be settled.  Dated    al    Enderby,   13.   C.   this  27th day of February, 1918.  ARTHUR TOMKINSON,  per his solicitor A. C. Skaling. THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  THURSDAY, MARCH   14   1918.  *&  MPS*  litllUTT COMPANY U*2  .EATS DIRT  flADE ."ffji-:  . CAWAfD'A'?^-��������������������������� y*i  GltlUETT^S  ;;siiye *.  CLEANS-DISINFECTS���������������������������USED FOR  SOFTENING WATER���������������������������FOR MAKING  HARD AND SOFT SOAP ,FULL  DIRECTIONS WITH EACH CAN.  "A Daughter of the Gods"  The actual cost of the picture is  one million dollars.  Total number of people appearing in the picture���������������������������21,218.  Largest number used in a single  scene���������������������������19,744.  Morc than two hundred mermaids.  Three hundred dancing girls and  women of the Sultan's harem.  Twelve hundred women were  employed  in  Jamaica  to make the  magnificent costumes in  'A Daugh  ter of the Gods."  Annette Kellerman, star, of "A  Daughter of the Gods" and the  great water-sprite of the century,  is a native of Australia.  Twenty thousand persons appear in many ' of the stupendous  scenes of William Fox's million;  dollar picture!  Shipbuilders were brought from  Egypt to construct the curiously  fantastic Byzantine vessels which  are in "A Daughter of the Gods."  More than a thousand tons of  properties and costumes were sent  from the United Stales to Fort Augusta, where William Fox's million  dollar' Kellerman spectacle was  screened. <>  Why Blame the Pig?  -An old farmer and'his wife were  standing l by'their pifi-sty looking  at their;1, only pig, X when the old  -���������������������������woman said:     V  -'     -  "Say, John, it will be our 'silver  wedding tomorrow. Let's kill the  pig."  John replied with disgust:  "What's   the   use   of   murdering  thc   poor  pig   for  what   happened  twenty-five    years    ago?"  MICKEY'S NEWS  A certain young lady, well-  known in Enderby, characterized  the last edition of the News as  "perfectly dear." Therefore, this  edition is oul ahead of scheduled,  time. You know the old motto���������������������������If  at first, etc. But when you do succeed, keep it up.  Our census man is just in. He  says that one half of Vancouver's  population, is Chinese, onc third is  Jap, one third Greeks and Dagos,  onc fourth' other foreigners and  the rest are white people of the  English speaking races.  Jinx (speaking of the home paper)���������������������������"I wouldn't read the dirty  rag, I wouldn't pick it up if you  paid me for it, the editor is crazy,  he's the dirtiest little rat in town,  why he's' even pro-German, and he  hasn't- got any real news anyway,  ���������������������������say, Binks, if I come over tonight can I take a look at your paper? I want just a little squint at  the front page. That's a good fellow. .Thanks. .(Comical, but they  do say the truth's stranger than  fiction).  Armstrong evidently pulled ofF  r-r-r-revenge in the second Ender-  by-Armstrong hockey game. It  must have been sweet, too. But it  is no disgrace to Enderby'to be  beaten by a team such as Armstrong put up." And evidently thc  referee's rulings weren't always  obeyed. So, -what else could have  bcen expected? .'  Ladies, why don't you ship your  meat from the coast? The price  of sausages here is higher than !the  price of the choicest piece of meat  in thc local meat shop.  The last spark of life in a dying  town is the determination^to keep  a paper going. When the home  town is so dead that'it can't support a . newspaper it's time for  every live person to get out.    .  Readers of the News- will remember that' at the time of publishing the.last edition the devil  was in .charge.' Well do you know,  everybody was - so anxious to see  what he.looked like,that they paid  their subscriptions, and he got so  rich he disappeared and left lis  in a worse mess than ever. Tliis  is a queer old world; eh, what!  Vancouver, Mar. 10, J.9J8.  Prepaid Values  Special Purchases  White Turkish Towels  300 pairs of a splendid grade White Turkish Towels, 40c value for     29c pf  Lisle Hose  In two grades, medium and fine; Penman's  and���������������������������English makes; black only. d������������������^ OC  SPECIAL, 3 prs for <f> 1 t^O  New Voiles  40-inch, fine Chiffon-Voiles', in new checks  and plaids; a grand purchase of $1.25  qualities   for          98c yd  200 lbs. of best 4-ply Khaki Yarn, the best  for soldier's comforts; more wool is  needed every day; price   ?   2.75 lb.  Prints  900  yards  of 36-inch  Indigo  Prints;   fast  colors. -. SPECIAL          25c yd  Work Boots  For   Men;   a  .very    special    grade,   -solid  Leather; in black and-tan; bellows tongue.  special  4.45 pr  Spring Moplins  Mercerised English Poplins, in sand, rose*  sky and white; double width; ittt-. -~-X\  Price-.. ��������������������������� ;.. voc ya  Anita King, who, in support of  Wallace Beid in "The Squaw Man's  son" will' be seen at the Enderby  Opera House on Saturday. Mch 10>  has thc distinction of being the  only person in lhc great lilm colony of Los Angeles who is an official of that city, having the position of City Mother, in charge of  the hundreds of film aspirants who  weekly seeks success in the west".  By a satrnge coincidence Miss  -King ���������������������������plavs-the-Indian-������������������irLin_!lThc  Squaw Man's Son," a character  practically thc same as one which  first appeared in Lasky 'productions, in lhc original photodrama  of "Thc Squaw Man."  When a merchant has finally  dispensed with the notion that  advertising is an expense, to be  regulated by the amount he can  spare for it, he has hurdled the  most difficult  of  his handicaps.  CEMENT  FOP SALE ��������������������������� Two upholstered  rockers, onc couch and one-kitchen range. Enquire, G. Hands,  Enderby  Mail your orders in; We prepay postage or express  to your address  HtlKftt e.BUSMW 3������������������������������������S CONMlSSiQtitft  Mail Order Department tL  VERNON, B. C.  BRITISH COLUMBIA iNTERtOft StOftfi  Don't :Mfcs tins won4e*fW  pro4w^on. Ten Pee|s! 8 o'c|pc^  Greatest, most magnify  icent tw4; stupendous  _ photoplay ever eriaeta}  - will bevsfcowri at tfa  - *i$erl>y^Qpero ftouae  2m*  \  We want to make up a carload  shipment. Let's have your order.  We cam save you money on .it.  Members only.  N.  O.  Farmers'  Institute,  C. W. LiTTu:, Sec, Mara.  WE HAVE A COMPETE LJNE Of PAJNTS FOR AW. PURPOSES: FOR ROUSES, JN-  SIPE ANP OUTSJPE; HOUSE VARNISHES FOR ALL RJNpS OF WORK- PAINTS POR  WAGONS, WJGGIJSS, IMPLEMENTS ANp OUTRU1LPJNGS. HAVE YOU TRJEP OUR  EFFECTO AUTO FJNJSRES ON YOUR CAR? $2:50 WORTH OF THJS WILL MAKE  VOUR CAR 1,00ft AS GOOP AS NEW. THjS JS THE PEST AUTO PAJNT ON THE  MARKET.  There are a lot of people who  would do what is wanted of them  if they were tactfully asked, instead of being crudely told what  to do.  Singer Sewing Machines  And accessories, write or call on  the agent at Camlpbell Bros., furniture store, Vernon, B.C. Letters  promptly answered.  G. A. McWILLIAMS,  General Agent  -    Box 342, Vernon  FOR SALE���������������������������A Bell organ; cheap  Tor cash. Apply, Mrs. J. Nichol,  Enderby.  i  Ox  We stock wear-ever  Aluminum ware  cooking utensils  and our prices are exactly the  same as quoted by the catalogue houses in Winnipeg. It  is cheaper to buy at home, and  no       bother. (Investigate.)  PAJSV PARREL CHURNS  SHARPIES    Suction-FeetJ  SEPARATORS  PUTTER POWLS  CREAM CANS  MILK PAILS  AGENTS FOR COCKSHUTT  PLOW COMPANY'S FARM  IMPLEMENTS.  cJVfcClary flanges  an4 Furnaces  OUR MOTTO: "THE RESIGN EVERY LINE, AT  THE LOWEST PRICES."  ��������������������������� -<--' i  VP'J  WHILE THE COST OF HARP WARE, like everything else, PAS GONE UP, WE ARE ENPEAVORING TO KEEP  A FULL STOCK, TO GIVE THE BEST POSSIPLE SERVICE TO THE PUPLIC AT THE LOWEST POSSIPLE  PRICE. IN ORPER TO DO THIS WE MUST CURTAIL CREPITS TO A STRICTLY 30-PAY PASIS  fl  PLUMBING, HEATING  ANP TINSMITHING.  Mail your order tous.   They will   receive prompt attention.  Fulton Hardware Company, Ltd.  XX  XX  XX  XX  XX


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