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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Oct 25, 1917

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 %  A  V\  PRESS  Enderby, B. C, October 25; 1917  AND      WALKE R 'S      WEEKLY  Vol. 10; No.35; Whole No. 487  ENDERBY NEWS IN BRIEF  Sell your hammer and buy a horn.  Mrs. Chas. E. Strickland and son  returned from a visit to thc Slocan  this week.  A. E. Johnston is spending a few  days in Enderby this week  from  .Vancouver on business.  "Southern Justice," a very pretty  photo-play, was shown at the  Opera House Tuesday'evening.  Considerable gravelling is being  done on the trunk road by the  Provincial Government where the  roads are most in need of it.  Everybody likes to see "Ole 01;  son," and a good house*, is almost  certain to be present at the performance advertised for Saturday  night.        .  Thos. W. Cameron, of Lanarck,  Ont., who has been visiting his  brother,, B. J., and family sSomc  weeks, leaves Enderby for the  coast this -week.  A-social dance was given in K.  of P. Hall last Friday evening to  Lieut. James Glen, who is visiting  his mother on a furlough from the  Hying,line, France.     .<""-  .   When we have pushed the white  man out of the hotel- business we  shall-have made room for..Chinese  hotelmen," just, as we have  made  room for foreigners in our~mines.  Mr. arid Mrs. R. J. Coltart intend  'to leave this week on a visit to the  old home -in .^Ontario, where they  wijl .spend the early winter, returning to Enderby! about - January 1st.  ... MV. Hatt; one. of  the Y; M. C. A.  : secretaries will:speak in the.-Pres-^  byterian   ' Church    "next  .:Sunday  morning-at 11-o'clock and in! the  Methodist ���������������������������Church in the evening at  .7.30.    r"u-   ;"   V ~-/;v ^ f / >.'���������������������������-  A   Conservative I convention   for  naming a-candidate rf or the'Doming  ion'house, will pfoba6lya be! field the  1 last of October or early.",in November. -It now seems quite .likely; that  the .Liberals and Conservatives.will  agree upon a man and thus avoid a  contest.   .,-*.-.-.-        .v ,  Finer fall weahter could not be  desired than that which has prevailed in the Okanagan this season.  There can be no ' excuse for fall  farm work not' being' done this  year, and the man who has taken  advantage of weather conditions is  certain to profit by it. -     "  Inspitc of its, pronounced appeal  to deepest villainy, "The Voice on  the Wire" has a saving human  touch that holds an'audience and  ^keeps^interest^tolthe_highest=,pitch.  This is evident frorii the enthusiastic reception given the film each  Friday night at the Opera House.  Capt. Pearson, for two years  senior, military Y.M.C.A. secretary  in France, will speak in the Meth-  ohist church on Wednesday evening, Oct. 31st, at 8 o'clock. Don't  miss this opportunity of hearing  Capt. Pearson's thrilling story of  Canadian military life in France.  Ghas. E. Strickland added a valuable registered Holstein bull to his  dairy herd a few days ago, having  purchased onc of thc prize young  animals from' the Tolmie herd, of  Ed. Harrop. The mother of the  bull has a record of 112 pounds of  milk in 24 hours, and 25,000 lbs. of  milk in a year,/with' nearly 900 lbs.  of butterfat.  J. C. Dever, assistant district engineer, was in Enderby Saturday  last looking into the needs of the  roads in this section. He visited  the Mabel Lake vailley in connec-  'tion with the many complaiats  which have been 'registered about  the need of repairs to the bridges,  and it is understood he will at once  have the repairs m,ade. Mr. Dever  says the great trouble now is in  getting the men to do the work required on the roads.  The Press is substituting a type  heading for the standard newspaper head 'this week. Tliis has  been made necessary to handle the  Victory Loan advertisement on the  first page. The Government has requested as a special favor that the  display ads for the Victory Loan  appear on the first page, and all  Canadian newspapers are doing  their utmost to meet thc request  and make the Victory Loan a success in all particulars.  CONCERT A GREAT SUCCESS  Thc old time concert given in  thc Presbyterian Church Monday  evening proved a great success, not  only as an evening's entertainment but also from a financial view  point. Thc numbers given by each  and "all taking part were heartily  received and thc audience showed  its appreciation by 'the responsive  hearing givcu to all and the hearty  enchorcs.  Sell your hammer and buy a horn.  ���������������������������r~"��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� t-**M������������������-s t  S  ���������������������������".->���������������������������:  \..  -vv  "JJP to date the war has cost Canada .about $700,000,000.  Canada has spent in Canada over $400,000,000 on her own account.  Canada has spent iri Canada on behalf of Great Britain over $300,000,000.  What Canada spends for Great Britain is really loaned, to Greaty Britain  and will be repaid or credited to Canada later on.  Great Britain, needs sot much ready-  cash to finance her. own expenditures at  home.for herself and for our Allies that she.  s for rent, materials, etc. They must be paid , * _ -  in cash;.oc its equivalent.        :. / "  tlSoJCaiira^ .  must buy on creditf rom Canada, and.from , |   wilPlend you;;the>mone^ so ..that, you can>;; >},  every other/ country where', she ' can get'";' pay "cash to "Cariada'sy producers^ '*"/V,,  ��������������������������� >o  :<r  credit  ���������������������������//Of course Great Britain's, credit/is^S0:'  , good that other .countries, irLosder. to' get;heiV  :'. trade^are quite as willing to/give %r credit  -/as, we areyin.Canada. "���������������������������-������������������������������������������������������.-���������������������������  . " '" Canada wants to help Great Britain  Triot only/because Canada, wants Britain's  trade but because we are Canadaland she is  Great Britain���������������������������both members, of .the same  /great Empire, kin of.your kin, our motherland.    -    '   -.  For; Canada it is-both  aifilial   and  /patriotic duty to supply Great Britain's .  . war needs and remember, her needs are our.  needs. Also it is in Canada's self-interest  to supply those needs and thus keep^open  a market for our products.      .   '  o  ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ���������������������������  Now, Britain needs our wheat, our  cheese, cattle, hogs, and many manufactured articles. '   &  Canada also needs many of these things  ���������������������������between the two it amounts to morc  than a million dollars a day in cash.    -  And thc producers must be paid in  cash.  Neither Canada nor Great Britain  could go to a Canadian farmer and buy  his wheat or his cattle on credit.  The farmer and all other "producers  might be ever so willing to give their  country credit but they could not do it  because they have to pay cash for wages,  you ;want.  ���������������������������7 - "I; will/borrow, this, money rfrom.our - .  own people justas you borrow money from' J' ;; "v'~j  ;^uV;^ievr:ti^ir^^:rh^:":. /w  ~ "I will also borrow from the, people of     ,   '"/  */  Canada-money to pay. cash for all the pro-     7   y .  ducts that Cana'da, as well as Great Britain,  needs in Canada." f _*" -'- /  ������������������ That, is Canada's practical, . patriotic  part in helping to win "the war.   -  -  , Without, this credit tlie Canadian producer could hot sell to Great Britain, and  without these Canadian products the war  would,be prolonged.i/ /' ;*_"'"  So it is necessary for Canada to give .  to "Great Britain the credit in order that  Canada's own producers, who need a market,  will have one;   and ih* order that Great  Britainlvhiclrhl^  war, will get them.  Now how does Canada get the money  by which both Canada and Britain can pay  cash for Canada's products?  By borrowing it from the people of  Canada through the sale of Canada's  Victory Bonds to be offered in November.  That is why Canada's Victory Bonds  are offered to the people���������������������������to raise money  to h������������������lp to finish the war.  "Canada must keep her shoulder to the  wheel-even though it be a chariot of fire,"  and the way for Canada to keep her  shoulder to the wheel is by buying  ^uk?~'.  ,-rt  KV  '.'-    iAfe**  ,S'"    ������������������T5^  :. S;%$&  ���������������������������sss^-in  r, -������������������ -*j������������������ -i  fZ-t*^-*"*^*?,  Canada s Victory Bonds  "Next week th's space will tell why Canada raises money  by selling Canada's Victory Bonds  IsiueJ by Canada's Victory Loan Committee  tn co-operation with the Minister of Finance  of the Dominion of Canada.  61 THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY.  Thursday, October 25, 1917  A DIFFICULT PROPOSITION  THE ENDERBY PRESS  AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  II.   M.   WALKKR  Advertising Rates:   Transient, 50c an inch first insertion, 25c.each subsequent insertion.    Contract advertising, $1 an inch per month.  Published every  Thursday at    Enderby,  B. C. at $2  per  year,   by  the  Walker   Press.  THURSDAY, OC, OBER 25, 1917  CLOSING A WORTHY INSTITUTION  It is with sincere regret that wc have to announce that the King Edward Hotel will close its  doors thc end ol* this month. This is thc decision  arrived at by Mr. Murphy alter onc month's trial  of tlie bone-dry law. lhere is not a better known  or morc popular hotel man in the Province than  Mr. P. 11. Murphy and his brother "Jim" who has  had a direct hand on tlie management of the  hotel, i'or several ycars. Thc King Edward has  been thc pride oi' Endcrhy for many ycars, thc  hotel having established a reputation unsurpassed in thc Interior. Mr. Murphy says the hotel  has run behind every day Tor the past month,  and hc feels that it is too much to expect a man  lo keep thc house open: to supply a public need  at a private loss.  , It is extremely unfortunate that Enderby is so  situated as to bc unable to give the patronage required to keep thc King Edward Hotel open to  the travelling public. It will surely mean.a great  loss to the town and district, for the King Edward has been thc only place in the town where  thc door was ever open and a home provided for  the travel-weary. Wc understand that in some  of the Prairie towns where hotels were forced to  close their doors, the provincial government had  to come lo their assistance with a monthly bonus  in order to provide the necessary accommodation  for the travelling public. There seems to bc no  reason for not adopting this measure in British  Columbia. Nol in every case of a hotel having  to close its doors, but only in thc case of the  single hotel in a community having to hc kept  open as a public requirement. Our governments  build railroads and hand them over to private  "individuals to""operate for private gain, and give  bonuses of sundry and great amounts, and they  are lauded for doing so. Why not bonus the  hotels where needed, and thus help out in some  degree the men upon whom the new law operates so unjustly?  STATE  SOCIALISM  It isJno sinecure to be a minister of the Crown.  In these trying times, the man who attempts to  work on the people, with the people, and for the  people through any department of state, must  stand the severe test of criticism, and must make  good inspitc of the people, not with the people's  aid. Just now Food Controller Hanna is coming  in for much abuse because of his ell'orts to'control the production and prices of food and fuel.  That Food Controller Hanna lias succeeded in  some degree all must admit. That there is much  yet to do no one will attempt to deny. It takes  time to bring about the revolution which must  come in our eating and saving habits. Thc people on lhcir part arc prepared to do their part in'  practicing economy; they would readily fall into  the rye-bread, brown-bread or corn-bread line in  order to save the white Hour. But they do not  see the need of doing so, and will not do so,  while thc prices of rye flour, whole-wheat flour  and corn meal are permitted to soar to higher  heights than while flour has reached.  The other day we overheard a housewife discussing the food proposition after asking a merchant the price of these commodities. "They  tell us to save white bread flour by eating rye  bread, brown bread, and corn bread," she said,  "Yet when wc go to buy these flours we find the  prices have jumped to a point higher than that  of white bread flour. And these substitutes are  not so good as white bread flour. It is all well  enough to appeal to our patriotism to have us do  these things, but we cannot be expected to pay a  higher price for an inferior flour when while  flour is more plentiful and at a less price. If they  want us to eat more inferior bread flour and  save the white flour, they will have to give us thc  inferior flour a I tlie inferior-flour price."  PAYING THE PRICE  Sincere men and women prohibitionists have  declared that they will die fighting thc liquor  traffic. And they believe a great victory has been  won in thc enactment of the liquor laws which  are in vogue in Canada and some of thc states to  the* south of us. They forget that wine and  women have gone together- since before Christ's  lime, and will probably continue a long time  after, our puny bodies are laid away and forgotten. What the prohibition law,has really done is  not to prohibit liquor drinking, but it has  simply done away with the license system. And  in discontinuing the license system we have only  stopped public drinking. AVpiinstcr is credited  with saying that he considered: the new law the  finest thing that ever happened: now one can  walk into a house almost anywhere along thc  road and get a drink, whereas under the old law  onc had to wait until hc got to town. There is  no little truth in this sly remark. This, however,  is not the point we wish to make. In doing away  with Uic public bar wc have lost control of this  root of evil Avithout killing il. This, ^ye understand, is rather an unpopular subject just now.  Sort of a post mortem, as it were. All men arc  prohibitionists today.' Prohibition outside the  house,, but with plenty in the cellar. Not all are.  But'those loudest in their praise of the new law  are the'.most ready to take advantage of its operation." And, while they gloat over the tremendous accomplishment in its passage they ignore  the blow dealt the communities affected. They  sec only the outward appearance of victory: the  s u p p ressio n=ofVone=ha 1 L,the=coiimiimiLy=J3y=J hc_  predominance of the other half���������������������������the man who  never frequented thc hotels of the province and  lias no need of a hotel home, legislating for the  man who did frequent the hotels and knew the  requirements of a hotel home;    *  CANADA LEADS  These are days when there should bc no more  of tlie ostrich* policy of attempting to escape the  I ruth by blinding our eyes to it. Surely we have  suffered enough from it and have lost morc than  enough through it. Canada has done wonders  in coping with the changed conditions of war  lime. In many respects Canada has outstripped  even some of the larger and farther developed  nalions. I3ul Canada has yet much to learn in  llie policy of slate socialism she has set out upon.  We call il National Service���������������������������lhe individual for  lhe nalion���������������������������voluntarily or by compulsion. And  lhe object is lo make all private interests subservient lo the interests of the nalion. It is the  essence of Socialism, but, under the name of  National Service wc do not recognize it as such.  Socialists as well as others, complain about lhe  inconsistency of National Service under our professed Democracy. Yet does not Socialism, followed lo a logical conclusion, lead directly to  the state���������������������������for all?  "Sell vour hammer and buv a horn."  ""The efforts of the Canadian Government  through the Military Hospitals Commission on  behalf of the returned soldiers is receiving recognition in olher countries. For instance, iir the  house of representatives al Washington the Hon.  Simeon D. Fees, in the course of a speech on the  Soldier's Insurance Bill urged that thc United  Slates should adopt methods of re-education for  their returned soldiers similar to those which  have been so successfully employed in Canada.  In describing at some length what has been done  in Canada he said, "As is well known, Canada  has accomplished more in the field of re-education of the mutilated soldier than any other  countrv."  Another zep raid was carried out on Friday  night on London and outlying districts, and the  London News is quoted as saying: "Another of  our fond war delusions���������������������������due, wc suppose to thc  phlegmatic perversity of our national character  ���������������������������was shattered. Statements from authoritative  quarters made at Various times had led iis to  believe the airship menace had bcen mastered.  How far this is from being thc case is shown by  the ollicial report. It may be pointed out that the  moon���������������������������a feeble one���������������������������set at eigth minutes past  seven. It seems, therefore, that the moon is not  thc factor in German air calculations which  most people suppose."  "Sell your hammer and buy a horn."  A Convenient Range  The Kootenay Range has a ventilated  oven, with nickeled steel walls, drop  door, tested thermometer and a flue v  system that directs the heat twice  around the oven. The grates are  easily shaken, dampers handy and  fire always under perfect control. Write  for booklet.  KOOTENAY RANGE  LONDON     TORONTO      MONTREAL      WINNIPEG      VANCOUVER  ST. JOHN, N.B.     HAMILTON v   CALGARY 18  SASKATOON     EDMONTON  For sale FULTON HAR DWARE Cd, Ltd.  Are you going to do any  Building- or Repairing-  This Season?  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Enderby Lodge No. 40  Regular meetings first  Thursday on or after tht  full moon at 8 p. in. in Oddfellows Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invited  C. H. REEVES   Secretary  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 35. K. of P.  Meets every Monday evening  in K. of P. Hall.   Visitors cordially invited to attend. .  CHAS. HAWIN9, C. C.  H. M. WALKER K.R.S.  R. J. COLTART. M.P. .  Hall suitableforConcerts, Dances and all public  entertainments.    For rates, etc., address,   F. FRAVEL. Enderby  PROFESSIONAL  ^ C. SKALING, B. A. t  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk. Enderby, B.C.  Coal mining rights of thc Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and  Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the  Northwest Territories and a portion  of the Province of British Columbia,  may be leased for a term of twenty-  one years at an annual rental of $1  an acre. Not more than 2560 acres  will be leased to one applicant.  Application for a lease must be  made by the applicant in person tp  the Agent of sub-Agent ot the district in which rights applied for are  situated.  In. surveyed territory the land  must bc described by sections, or  legal sub-divisions of sections, ahd  in unsurveyed territory the tract  applied for shall be staked out by  lhc applicant himself.  Each application must bc accompanied by a fee of $5 which will bc  refunded if thc righls applied for  arc not available, but not otherwise.  A royalty shall be paid, on the merchantable output of the mine at the  rate of five cents per ton.  The person operating the mine  shall furnish the Agent with sworn  returns accounting for the full  quantity of merchantable coal  mined and pay the royalty thereon.  If thc coal mining rights are not  operated, such returns should be  furnished at least once a year.  The lease will include the con!  mining rights only, but the lessee  may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights as may  be considered necessary for the  working of the mine/at the rate of  $10 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of  the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or sub-Agent  of Dominion Lands.  . W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.--Unauthorized publication of  this advertisement will not be paid  for.���������������������������83575.  ���������������������������j- $  i  Thursday, October 25, 1917  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  \  FOURTH WAR LOAN COMING  THE TRUE BENEFACTOR  Exemption Tribunals.  ���������������������������   o  Exemption Boards have been chosen in' such a way as lo make them absolutely independent and  removed from all influence.   There are over 1,250 boards throughout the country, each composed of two  men, one appointed by the county judge in the district concerned and one selected by a joint committee of  Parliament.   Being familiar with local conditions where they sit, the members are well-fitted to appreciate '  such reasons for exemption as are put before them by men called up.  _ Exemption will be granted to those who can establish that it is in the national interest that they remain 9  in civilian life.   This is for the Exemption Board to decide after having received full information in each case.  The grounds on which exemption may be claimed- (which are similar to the grounds recognized in  Great Britain and the United States) are as follows:���������������������������  (a) That it is expedient in the national Interact that the man should, instead of being employed in Military Service.be  engaged in other work in which ha is habitually engaged.  (b) ' T.hat it is expedient in ������������������he national interest that the' man should, instead of being employed in MiIitaryService.be  engaged in other work in which ha wishes to be engaged and far which he has special qualifications.  . (e)   That it is expedient in the national interest that, instead of being employed in Military Service, he should continue  to be educated or trained for any work for which he is then being educated and trained.  (<0   That aerious hardship would ensue if the man were placed on active service, owing to hit exceptional financial or  business obligations or domestic position.- ****". "������������������������������������������������������--.  (e)   III health or infirmity.    '  Af). That he conscientiously object* to the undertaking of combatant service and is prohibited from doing so by tenets  ' and articles o'f faith, in effect on the sixth day of July, 1017, of- any organized religious denomination existing and  well recognized in Canada at such date, and to which he in good faith belohgs. ���������������������������  (g)  That he should be exempt because disfranchised under the War Time Election Act.  . -,' No Claim for Exemption should be put forward unless one or other of these grounds in fact exists,  and no loyal citizen should assist iri, or allow himself to be made a party to, any Claim for Exemption unless  thoroughly satisfied that it is.made in good faith.  Exemption may be - applied for By the men selected themselves or by their parents, near relatives or  employers. Application-for-exemption must be made oh printed forms to be found at every post office,  yrhich are to be filled in and left with the' postmaster if exemption is desired. The postmaster will forward  the form to a Registrar,; who will send it to the appropriate Exemption Board. In due time, then, the  Applicant will get notice as to when he must present his case before the Board. ;   / *  Issued by The Military Service Council "  138  It is ab.oIi.tely essential in tlij  interests of the counlry that llie  Fourth Domestic War Loan to be  floated in November by the Dominion Government, should be a complete success. The loan i.s required  not only to finance Canada's further participation in thc war, but  also to finance the purchase of  food and other' war supplies in  Canada by Great Britain ancl her  Allies. Unless the Canadian Government is in a position to arrange  credits in Canada for these war  purchases, dispatches tell us, they  will have to be made in othcr  countries in which such credits  can be arranged. The failure or  merely partial success of tliis Dominion war loan would have a  very serious effect upon thc agricultural and industrial prosperity  of thc country.  And he gave it for his opinion  that whoever CQuld make two ears  of corn, or"two blades of grass, to  grow upon a spot of ground where  only one" grew before, would, deserve better of mankind, and clo  more essential service to his country than thc whole race of politicians  put  together.���������������������������Swill.  Thc B. C. Market Commissioner  at Calgary, speaking of British Columbia prunes, compared to those  shipped from Oregon ancl Washington, says: "Advertising will not  make quality. Gel quality first.  Then advertise."  ,iThree inches of snow fell at Calgary on Tuesday ofclast week, and  17 degrees of frost was registered  at night.  Chewing  IS THE WORLD'S BEST CHEW  '���������������������������������������������������������������������������������a  ��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������  i COPENHAGEN!  i.A SNUFF ���������������������������'���������������������������$'  ��������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������  It is manufactured  tobacco in its purest  form.  It has a pleasing  flavor.  It is tobacco scientifically prepared  for man's use;  /  "7J{\  SiT^dl  ^7m  '--'���������������������������   ���������������������������.'.-^X-Mk  ������������������������������������������������������  IF  OTHERS  DID  LIKEWISE  Ready-made resolutions are going in to the Government and to.  the food controller from some  churches and women's organiza:  tions, demanding that the use of  grain in the manufacture of intoxicating liquors be prohibited, and  adding, "we respectfully decline  further sacrifice while the Government permits the use of the nation's food supply for such purpose."        .     ���������������������������  Devotion to. the prohibition  cause can hardly justify such a  decision on the part of those who  signed the resolutions. Where  would the civilized world be today  if oijl' soldier?*! had declined to  "makey^sacrifices-nntil^certain^sec^  ondary and subordinate matters  had bcen solved to their personal  satisfaction? What if our soldiers  overseas who are opposed to prohibition should go on strike because several provinces and municipalities passed measures of prohibitive legislation during their absence? V- ____: V_���������������������������S^.V^S_^.  trolled and shamqlcss newspapers,  and;wifh a public that acquiesces  in a controlled press? On editors  a great and lofty������������������task is imposed���������������������������  the teaching and guidance of the  Common People in the direction of  purity of, life and high achievement.���������������������������Printer and Publisher.  A "CONTROLLED" PRESS  Canada has numerous "controlled" newspapers���������������������������by "big interests," by department stores, and  by corporations. We all know this,  wink at it, sometimes defend it,  and wish wc owned the newspaper. Yet, when it' comes to Germany, we are enraged at the  thought of a "controlled" newspaper. ,  Editors who are not controlled,  or muzzled, or bought can render  Canada a~ service of tremendous  and lasting value by arousing the  people to; a knowledge of how  things stand in Canada; and they  have right now a good time to begin, for there is abroad everywhere a "house-cleaning" spirit  and purpose. Party politics, profiteering,' corruption, and malignant selfishness are becomi g  odorous. Would .. that we could  make them odious, as well. Our  chests swell, our eyes gleam, our  brow is noWc, when we talk and  think and declaim about the Canada that is to be; but how can we  have a Utopian Canada with con-  CONCISELY STATED  It is stated in an Ottawa dispatch  that Hon. Martin Burrell, now secretary of state in the Unionist cabinet, will come west to manage the  nomination of candidates to run  on the. Borden-Unionist ticket. In  a recent letter Mr. Burrell concisely stated the position of the Government on the question of the  =disfranchisem\mtwof~"Canadians~"of  alien birth. "There is a good deal  of criticism in the House," said hc,  "on thc disfranchisement clause'.,  but it seems clear to us that men  who have been born in enemy  countries and had not been naturalized here for, more than a comparatively few years should not be  allowed- lo vote during���������������������������the -war.  Such men would naturally have  sympathies with thc jand of their  birth and their own kith and kin,  and onc cannot criticise them for  that. At the same time such people  would not bc open to enlistment  tuid therefore as they cannot perform the highest duty to the state,  viz���������������������������defending its prin^iplels on  the battlefield, it is right that they  should not exercise fhe privilege  of saying how the State shall bc  governed during the time that we  are at war with the countries from  which they-come."  OUTLOOK  NOT FAVORABLE  From all registration centres under the Military Service Act come  reports of satisfactory registration,  but inordinate applications for exemption. Quebec presents the  most glaring instance of. this sort,  where 200 registered and without  exception, all asked for exemption.  At Brantford, Ont., out of 119 registering, all but three asked exemption. According to figures published a few days'ago from all the  registration centres, out of 8,109  registering, 7,039 asked exemption.  WHO 'S TO BLAME?  .Printer ancl Publisher, one of the  trade publications of the Maclean  Publishing Company, of Toronto,  with an eye on trade conditions  .throughout Canada, says in thc  October number: "Thc Eaton advertising is getting inlo daily and  weekly newspapers that aforetime  declined to insert this advertising,  and in some cases fhe publishers  frankly state, in their own columns  that the reason is that local merchants will not support the local  newspaper adequately. The publisher is often in a most trying position; he wants to bc loyal to his  [own community, and yet he must  make both ends meet. If local mcr-  "chants^wilhnohgive^himHhe^neces-  sary encouragement, by the purchase of his white space, to remain  loyaj to his ow;i community, then  the publishc may have, for self-  protection, to accept the advertising of the big mail-order houses.  "One thing should be very clear  to both publishers and local \ner-  ch'ants, Jiamcly,. the :morc���������������������������a_com-  munity shops with mail-order  houses, the poorer the community  must become as a trading territory.  The salvation of a counlry weekly  or a small city daily is a great volume of local trading, with its accompaniment of local newspaper  advertising; and a good local and  tributary population. The foe of  local, trading is the metropolis  department slorc with its highly-  organi/.icl   mail  order  dcpartmcnl.  ^VbV.:  !'��������������������������� i. ���������������������������.-T.'-Wl  r v*-"' 'rp*Bl  r.*- _v^V   --F^l  The busierlyou keep your Telephone line, the more  business it will bring.you at a profit:  Time saved in business is money made.  You can't make money out of your Telephone if you  do not make it serve you.  We are always prepared to cheerfully do our part if  HE  CERTAINLY  WAS  A soldier in the British armv  wrote home: "They put me in barracks; they took away my clothes  and put me in khaki; they took  away my name and made me 'No.  575; they took mc to church,  wherc I'd never been before, and  they made me listen to a sermon  for forty minutes. Then the parson  said: 'No. 575;,,'Art Thou Weary,  Art Thou Languid?" ancl I got  seven days in the guardhouse because I answered that I certainly  was."  I believe in the little homely  of everyday life.  you will do yours.    ' 'Central" ca'n put you on "speaking  terms" with any phone^user in the Okanagan.  OKANAGAN TELEPHONE CO.  When you need anything in the line of  Commercial Printing, 'phone the  Home Printer THE ENDERBY PItESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  Thursday, October 25, 1917  MADE  IN  CANADA  *IAGIC  BAKING  POWDEB  From The Edenograph, Oct. 19, 1904  MAGIC  BAKING POWDER  ��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������.���������������������������"���������������������������. f ���������������������������   ^  CONTAINS NO ALUM     .  NEED OF REINFORCEMENTS  Otluwii, Oct. .2.1.���������������������������All Canadians  should understand thoroughly llie  kind of military organization  which Ihe Allies depend on Canada  to maintain overseas. Since news  stories in the press mostly, always  recount, lhe activities of the fighting'men, tlie public at home is apt  lo overlook the essential work  done by the many thousands of  men behind the lines on whose energy and devotion to duty depends  the success of 'those in the trenches  Behind the Canadian lines in  France, for ii.slancc, there are Canadian soldiers engaged in forestry  corps, railway corps, entrenching  battalions, labor battalions, railroad supply . detachments, salvage  companies, field butcheries, field  bakeries, depot units of. supply, reserve parks, casualty clearing stations, hospitals both stationary and  general, depots and laboratories,  dental corps, mobile veterinary  sections, veterinary hospitals, ordnance corps, "army. pay. roll corps,'  training establishments,hcadciuar-:  ters,   ollices,   c a nips',   etc.     In   all'  there are over 25 different and  necessary branches of the military  organization lo bc maintained  back of the lines by Canadian  soldiers.  The brick walls of the Sharpe  block have reached thc second  story.  A. Dale has given his restaurant  fhe euphonious name of "Royal  Cafe."  Win, Hutchison will soon have  his restaurant block ready for the  finishers.  The new storage room erected  by the Columbia Flouring Mills at  Enderby is '10x100 feet.  There are just three property  owners in Enderby who are openly  opposing   incorporation.  Thc Bank of Montreal will reach  Enderby sometime next .-month. A  branch is being opened at Kelowna  this month.  Thc plasterers wiill finish the Bell  block today. Contractor McDonald  expects to have all the rooms ready  for occupancy in ten days.  Thc   Rifle   Association   is   aboul  lo close ii very successful season's  .shoot by holding the annual two-  day shoot on Oct. 27th and 28th.  The Kamloops Lumber Co. i.s  shipping a car and a half of lumber per day. This is to bc largely  augmented as the winter advances.  The Enderby Trading Company  is putting the storeroom in its  new quarters i i shape for business  ancl will move thc stock in another week.  The juice will bc turned into the  lights at thc Enderby Hotel'tonight  ancl that popular hostelry lighted  by thc force that makes the world  go 'round.  Thc meeting which was called  for last Thursday evening to consider the subject of establishing a  public reading room did nol materialize.    Mr. Rosoman was pros  Our Month-End Sale  Every month end we aim to dispose of all odd lines which  accumulate in such a busy store as this. The prices are  so reduced to effect a quick clearance. Do not delay in  mailing in your orders.   READ:  -  Men's Sweater Coats  A   dozen   remain"   of  suitable  for work or  a   splendid   weight,   most  business.    They  are  well  made;    Formerly, $3.00; .Month-End Sal  ���������������������������������������������$L95  MUST HAVE WHEAT FLOUR  Thc   Allies   must   have  a   wheat  Hour basis for iheir war'loaf.    Unless thc people of Canada and the  United Slates arc willing lo substitute other cereals for pari of the  wheat   flour   which   they   normally  consume,    they   will    be   denying  even war bread to many thousands  of peop,le.    Substitution of at least  one pound of olher cereals for one  pound  of wheat  flour weekly, per  person,  would   save   a   very  large  quantity  of wheat for -export,    ft  would .still be'far short of meeting  Ihe   normal   consumption   requirements of* the'Allies, but  it would  save the situation.  -rar-JJouse���������������������������  Saturday   Night  Oct. 7th  ent, bul nobody else attended.  Bob Bailey- gave thc first oratorio oratorius in .the hall of thc  Bell block Monday, at high noon.  It was an immaculate rendition of  "The Holy City" with vibrations.  It didn't crack the plaster. Bul il  knocked lhe type down in our  printing palace.  Thanks to the good, hard work  and mechanical eye of- Win. II.  Hutchison, and Ihe attractive pres:  encc of good old Daddy Bailey anc  numerous friends who so kinclh  assisted in bossing1 the job, wc  moved The Edenograph througlu  thc end of a building aud up i  (light of stairs withing pying a line  of type this week. "We arc now  looking for the man who invented  the idea that it is cheaper lo  move than pay rent.  iUnderwear for Men  Best quajity, heavy cotton, fleece-lined, shirts or  drawers.   Sizes, 36 lo 44.   Month-End Sale-    OyC  each  Casement Cloths  Willi   colored   borders;   ideal   for  side   curtains  and formerly sold at 40c per yd.  Month-End  Sale      29c yd.  Table Cloths  Beautiful   designs;   excellent   Irish   Damask;   a  weave  with  ah   appearance   and   strength  for  wear; $3.00 and $3.50 values.   Month-End  Special             ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������2.69  Dress Goods  Pure Wool Serges; British make and dye; make  good Suitings; Black and Navy; 42-in. wide.  Formerly,  $1.25.    Month-End  Sale    -QSCvd  WaisT; Special  All new waists in Voiles and Muslins; nearly all  sizes. In colors, but mostly white. Formerly  up 'to $2.00.    Month-End  Sale   .... ��������������������������� '.    7Qp  tit Hudson's Bnu(Tompnnii  INCORPORATED 1670  HERBERT E.BUflBIDGE SlOttS COMMISSIONER  VERNON, B. C.  NOTICE TO MILK PATRONS  We have found it necessary to  discontinue our regular daily milk  delivery after tiie 31st of October.  Chas. E. Stiuck'land, -  Lone Pine Dairy, Oct. 24, 1917.  TO FENCE SCHOOL PROPERTY'  THE CYCLONIC  ���������������������������SWEE-DISH FARCE  OLE  OLSON  UPROARIOUS  COMEDY '  CLEVER SPECIALTIES  PRICES  Adults, 75c  Children, 25c  Including Amusement Tax  At a meeting of the Board of  School Trustees this week tenders  were opened for thc building of a  picket, fence   around .the-.Fortune  Thirteen Zeppelins took part in  the recent raid on London and  other English cities, and of these  five were shot down or disabled in  returning over the battle lines in  France.  DO ITS NOW!  WANTED���������������������������To buy, a driving horse  - H.-W. Keith. Enderbv.  V  school grounds. , Two lenders were  in: one from S. S. Graves, for $4(io,  and one from Chas. Hawkins for  $4()fl.0(). The board decided, in  view of previous satisfactory work  done by Mr. Hawkins, lo accept  his lender.   The fence will bc built  CITY OF ENDERBY  Compilation   of  Cily   Voters'  List,  Year 1918.  NOTICE   is   hereby   given   that,  under thc provisions of the Muni-  , , cipal   Elections  Act,  Householders  oul or capital account, there beingiiU1(| [jccn.se Holders desiring to  a-balance on hand from the build-1 have their names placed on thc  ingfund Tor fhcViurposc of fen- Voters' List  for the year 1918 arc  ring the properly,  FOR SALE  One 2-ycar-old Registered Holstein bull; sis registered Yorkshire  sows, 7 months old, and one Jersey Siiorlhorn cross cow, second  cull*.  ED.  HARROP, Enderby  required to make a statutory declaration of qualification, which  declaration must be delivered to  the clerk of thc municipality  within two days aflcr it is made,  and not later than 5 (five) o'clock  in lhe iil'lernoon of thc 31st day of  October, 1917.  Form o'f declaration can be obtained at the City Hall.  GRAHAM  ROSOMAN,  City Clerk.  Take   advantage  Sale Prices at  of the  the  Enderby Music  MUST CLOSE OUT THE BALANCE OF.MY STOCK BY THE  "15th OF NOVEMBER. WHILE THEY LAST WE" WILL  SELL���������������������������  Water Glasses at'.. .50c per doz 6-inch Plates..... .50c per doz  8-inch Plates ......65c per doz 10-inch Plates .... .75c per doz  Cupsv;and~Saucere-$'hl0-per.-doz"'Electric--Shades~r.T-rr"r7r'r"15c'r  Sheet Music and Folios, 50 per cent off.   .  Everything Else at Cost or Less  FOR SALE  Pure-bred  Bull" Wyandotte Cockerels,  from  excellent laying .strain  as  supplied   lo  me  by   B.  (.1.   Live  Stock    Department.      *l.f>0   each.  GRACE  WORTH,  31  "rinity Valley  MEN:  It's Time to Think of Winter Clothing  Notwithstanding the fact that it i.s difficult to procure many  lines of Woolen Goods, wc arc fortunate in having for your selection  a full range of the following reliable makes:  Curss Pants���������������������������-the same as they  always   were,   THE   BEST.  Stttnficld's Underwear, in all weights; still all wool and unshrinkable.  (Harks Wool Shirts���������������������������a full range of greys, etc. Also a few of the  double-breasted  und  back  miltons*  Lumberman's Rubbers���������������������������Buy the onc wilh the white .sole. Wc  guarantee it lo outwear any other rubber made.  Full range of Gloves and Mills, in both wool and leather.  Inspect our range of new Fall Suits; from $18.00 up.  DILL BROS.  Gents' Furnishings and Groceries  J. E. CRANE  Enderby, B. C.  WE CARRY A FULL LINE OF  Groceries, Flour and Feed  AVHICH ARE ALWAYS FRESH, AND PRICES LOW.  Oue Motto-"QUALITY AND SERVICE"  'PHONE 48  Bell Block, Enderby  TEECE & SON,  MAT HASSEN  Sales-  Auctioncci  and  Live Stock  man  Farm Sales my specialty.    See me  about  your  sales  Armstrong  B. C.  Are your  Butter Wraps  running low?  Better order some now  Renew your subscription to The Press  Don t be a Slacker to the home community paper. It is working for you  whether you like it or not, and it needs what little help you can give, just as  you need its help.   Two Dollars "a year.  Z"  tw������������������to*wM*W3������������������riwww-ai^r.������������������������������������������������������p-ft������������������^^^ 11.  Enderby, B. C, October 25, 1917  ta������������������t'  DON'T MISS THE POINT  There is a man in this part of  the world "who represents a pretty  good average -of ��������������������������� human nature.  Whenever the preacher .in his  church delivers a very hot sermon  against some special kind of sin,  this man gets enthusiastic and goes  around to the vestry to tell the  preacher what a, fine sermon it  was. Then he goes home and repeats it to his brother, andjthey  talk over the points and ;th# people the sermon hit the hardest. But  : this particular man never \see>  when the. sermon hits Aim.  Early in November the biggest  public campaign ever put,von in  Canada will be opened to get; subscriptions for the fourth Canadian  war loan, the Victory Loan.? The  thing our people must bear in niind  is f that the appeals are directed to  each and every one of them. It  is not merely the well-off men .and  women who are being asked to invest. It is everybody. The little  sermons which will be "preached"  in the advertising should not be  taken as hints to the well-to-do  people only. Every man and woman should watch for these advertisements and start now to gather  up the necessary money to buy  either a fifty or a hundred or a five  hundred or a thousand dollar bond.  In the United States there were  about four subscribers 'to the first  American loan out of every 100  persons. They only received 3%  per cent. In Canada for the last  war loan there were only about 41,-  000 subscribers, or say 4 in every  700. Yet in Canada the interest  was much higher���������������������������on the Victory  Bonds that will probably be issued  to yield about 5%.  The first thing anyone should do  ���������������������������in our opinion���������������������������is 'to get rid of  the idea that there is any sacrifice  involved in investing in this loan.  While it is true that the patriotic  spirit is appealed to and it is  equally true that a great and generous response is expected on that  ground, it should not be forgotten  that the new war loan is a straightaway business proposition: safe,  profitable and convenient.. Every  man and every woman with as  much as fifty dollars to spare  should own one of these bonds,  and not only that, but should help  to show others the worth of these  bonds by recommending them  everywhere. The readers of-the  Press are among the most thrifty,  prosperous and public spirited, in  Canada. Many of them have contributed liberally to earlier war  loans, and we feel sure when the  subscriptions to the; Victory Loan  are added up from the various dis-  tricts-and-^sub-districts-they���������������������������will-  show that this part of the Dominion has been true to its traditions  arid just to its opportunities.  GOING TO TEXAS  Within a few weeks Canada's big  aviation camp at Deseronto wijl  have been moved to Texas for*the.  winter. Since the beginning of  October, drafts of trained men���������������������������  both pilots and mechanics���������������������������have  been embarking from Toronto  headquarters bound for Texas.  With one of these drafts Pte. J. N.  Grant, of Enderby, has already  been sent south. It is said that it  will not be long before a miniature  Canada will be situated not far  from Fort Worth, where the work  of grouping suitable buildings and  aerodromes for "the Dominion's  army of airmen has been proceeding for some weeks.  Ole Olson.  THE PRINTER'S DREAM  Alpha Beter, Railroad Telegrapher  Last evening 1 was talking  With a printer aged and "gray,  Who told me of a dream he had  . Just after Christmas day���������������������������  While a-snoozing in his office T  The vision came to view; ~  He saw an angel enter, dressed  In garments white and ncw.^  _.  Said the spirit, "I'm from heaven;  The Lord just sent me down.  To bring you up to glory;   ,  Put on^your golden crown.  "Many    merchants    you've    made  richer,                      . " ��������������������������� ��������������������������� *     r".  (From few received full pay);  While  you've   grown : poorer and  .poorer,                  ,.;     ,,   ,.'  Your business did decay, s.-  .-��������������������������� .  The cyclone farce corned y,~th at  for the past fifteen ycars has set  the entire country in an uproar of  laughter, is the attraction Manager  Bobb announces at the Enderby  Opera House for Saturday, Oct. 27.  The play is in four acts, with  clever singing 'ajid dancing specialties introduced during the action, and serves to introduce to  local playgoers, Mr. Dave-Williams,  a comedian of the first water. Mr.  Williams, who hras assumed thc  title role since the play was first  produced, is supported by a company of no little acting ability. If  its a sure cure for the blues you're  looking for, don't fail to see "Ole"  and his merry makers.  THANKS FOR PARCEL  The ladies of the Trench Comfort Club are in receipt of the following letter from Ptes. Gordon  Duncan, Fred Johnson, Leslie  Mackay: Wc join in sending our  thanks to you for the parcels we  received from you a few days ago.  They were all in fine condition and  the contents most acceptable.  Thanking you once again and wishing your club loads of success in  'the future."  Where Did He Get the Idea?  Nurse���������������������������"Goodby,    Freddy;    I'n  going to church."  Freddy   (aged   four)���������������������������"Tell  Go  I was a good boy."  Nurse���������������������������"But I cannot; you were  not a good boy."  Freddy   (meditatively) ��������������������������� "Well,  fool Him."  "So we need you up in glory ,'r.  ~~ For you have labored hard  Until your brow is hoary���������������������������  You've earned a great reward.'  Then the angel and the printer  Started toward thc glory gate;  But when passing close to hades  The angel murmured "Wait���������������������������  "Here's a nook I wish lo show you:  It's the hottest place in hell,  Where   the   dubs   who   beat- the  printer  In awful torment dwell."  The printer saw before him  Old patrons by the score;  An easy chair and fan he grabbed,  And asked for nothing morc.  Hc sat and sat and watched them,  Saw them sizzle, scorch and burn;  And his former debtors saw him  Whichever way he'd turn.  Said the angel: "Come up higher,  And the pearly gates we'll see.  But thc printer only answered���������������������������  "This is heaven enough for mc.  A Petrograd dispatch states that  the provisional government of  Russia has decided to reduce thc  number of men in the regular  army, the reasons given being that  the country needs them on the  farm, and in the work of reconstruction at home.  Thc tighter the Allies put the  blockade on the enemy on the  western front, the more territory is  opened to him on the eastern front.  Indians in the vicinity of Kelowna are getting drunk on lemon extract. Several were taken before  the beak a few days ago and fined.  There is a penalty of $300 for selling lemon extract to the Indians.  It is said to contain 90 per cent  J alcohol.


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