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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Mar 29, 1917

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 Enderby, B. C., March 29, 1917  AND      WALKER'S       WEEKLY  Vol. 10; No. 5; Whole No.' 457  ENDERBY AND DISTRICT NEWS  Geo. Graham left Tuesday for  Calgary.  D. J. Welsh left on Tuesday for  Victoria.  Joe St. George came in from  Chase this week.  Mrs. T. Fredrickson is visiting  her son at Savona, B.C.  Mr. and Mrs. G.A.Adams returned  from Mcrritt this week.  Born���������������������������March 24, to Mr: and Mrs.  "Win. Clark, Knderby, a son.  Mr. and Mrs. Rod. McDonald returned from the coast Thursday.  Born���������������������������March 2C, to Mr. and Mrs.  A. Adams, Enderby, a daughter.  Born���������������������������March 21, to Mr. ancl Mrs.  Lewis Clark, Grindrod, a" daughter.  Mr. E. A. West and son are preparing to leave for Winnipeg on  Saturday.  George Inch went to Vancouver  last week, to join the Forestry  Battalion.  Nalh. "Mcllwaync returned this  week from Chase, where he spent  the winter. .    .  -  K.J. Jones has.moved to Enderby  from Vernon  ahd   laken  thc  Gay-  ��������������������������� lord cottage-on-George St.- , -^���������������������������  r Mrs.A. Glen returned Wednesday  from a visit of several weeks to  Alberla  and  Saskatchewan-points.  Mr. and Mrs. .Geo. Andrews will  ��������������������������� leave this week for Summrland,  where they expect to spend lhe  summer.  Mrs. Geo.Brown has gone to New  Westminster'lo visit her son, V.  JTebcr, who has enlisted for overseas service.  Some delicious rhubarb and* lettuce was on the local market itiis  week from the Buckley greenhouse  of Armslrong.  Some 5,000 coyote skins have  been shipped oul of Ashcroft this  Auditor Crehan was in lown Ihis  week going inlo thc affairs of the  local Growers' Associ  auditors' report wi  alio n.  Thv  be made pub-  TlIE COST OF HIGH LIVINx  When  lhe  wait-on-yoursclf  idea  world's history.   In two ycars and INCREASE POULTRY PRODUCTS  a half a  nalion of eight  millions,  trained in the arts of peace, indif-  The present year will see a greal  first   hil  the  reslauranls,  ancl   pa-1 for ent to lhe manoeuvrings of war J increase in   the  number of urba  ot war,j  lie at thc annual meeting of the as-|lrons wcrc Siven <Viray and told to j has   become  a  big  factor  on   the] poultry keepers.    The almost pro-  sociation to be held in K. of P. Hall Sct '"'hue and follow one another [battlefield    and    in    the   financial  hibitive prices of eggs and poultry  on Saturday afternoon, when Mi\jlo'lhe cookery counters and select  Crehan will address the meeting on|t,,cir own food> S������������������iaS thence lo lhe  co-operalive matters. (tables to eat it,  there was. a mo-  Anolher old-time Enderbvite has'menlar-v Palest, and individuals  "come back," in the person of W.!who delighted to have somebody  H. Hutchison, who, his friends will!wait on lhcnl> Cllt ,hc cafeterias-  be pleased to learn, has been en-1 and went lo the regular icslaurants.  gaged lo handle the blacksmithingl But thcv soon  discovered  lhat  to  -"lV|hc  waited  on  costs   money.    The  at the lumber mill this season,  is   Mr.   Hutchisonfs'  intentions  during the past winter have caused  many consumers to seriously consider the home production of these  operations on which military success is based. This peaceful energetic neighbor of ours decided  loj  raise an army of 50,000, increased! vei'y* necessary and useful com-  it to '100,000, and is now aiming al; modilics. It is important also that  500,000 wilh a certainly of success, j any efforts put forth in this.dircc-  "A year be/ore the war Canada's tion result satisfactorily. Many  trade balance was $-130,000,000 on difficulties present themselves in at-  the wrong side; its exports for the  templing to rear chickens succcss-  lo  bring Mrs. Hutchison and family!"1 a cafeteria, cost them 50c at the  from Port Angeles, where Ihey J ordinary restaurant. Thc wait-on-  have resided since leaving Enderby | yourself idea soon became popular,  a few years ago. Thousands  of  cafeterias  took  the  An amendment' to' the Provincial' P,ace ������������������r restaurants, and all were  elections act was introduced in the!.making money, ancl at the same  legislature lhis week by the attor-!.limc giving thc people belter meals  meal that would cost Ihem say 25c J present year exceed its imports byl^'hy on a small city lot.    Experi-  at greatly reduced prices,  Thc idea soon spread lo lhe grocery store, and" now hundreds of  ncy-gcneral repealing the woman  suffrage act of last year and substituting one giving women the  same righls ashmen. It* extends the' wait-on-yourself groceries are to  court of .revision until lhe third jbc rPund- *n anv larSc citY- At .these  Monday in .June and extends- the! waJl-on-yoursclf stores ��������������������������� each "cus-  timc for applications'to get on lhe'tomer is -provided wilh a market  voters'- list until the 5th Monday in basket on entering and he is direc  April.  HIGH PRICE FOR POTATOES  Mi-  ted to follow thejinpo.of-.buyers to  the, grocery- tables    and    shelves.  Every package is marked with contents aiid price, and whal you want  R. J.  Kyte, Provincial  seed  you put into your basket.    When  inspector, was in Enderby the past I you have taken all the articles'you  week looking over some Hullcar'desire you go to the paying coun-  polaldes in stock ready for ship-iter and there you settle for whal  ment by Mr. J. E. Crane. Mr. Kyte : you have in the basket and you  was greatly pleased with the qual-J march home with \our purchases,  ity of lhc potatoes shown. He said. There arc no clerks to wail on you,  they were the best he had seen for nobody to lie up your parcels, and:  spring shipment, and on his report no deliveries are made. These ser-  to   lhe  Market   Commissioner,  Mr.'vices   you   perform   yourself.  ������������������3-15,000,000. Though not fully  developed .industrially, ��������������������������� the Dominion^ has been able to provide  fully for its armies, to manufacture  encc' has shown lhat thc best way  for urban poultry keepers to enter  thc poultry business is by thc purchase of pullets in thc fall.    Well-  munitions for its allies, finance lhc] matured pullets are the most re-,  payments, lo raise millions for war I''ableWinter egg producers and  relief and to participate in British S11' wcl1 carc<J for wil1 uot only pro-  loans. Starling .out with a-loan on Vhice plenty-of fresh eggs for the  the molhcr country, Canada soon [ breakfast table but also return a  found as lhc result of interior re-j reasonable profit on the expendi-  forms forced by thc war lhal she!111''0- -Ordinarily, well .matured;  could pay her own way and this pullets are,rather scarce, and.ciifli-  she is doing ungrudgingly." ;  CANADA    FINANCIALLY    SOUND  cult to obtain in the fall .of the, year.'  It   i.s   believed,    however,   if" the  matter  were    taken    up   systcmat-'  ���������������������������  , ���������������������������     .���������������������������~ ���������������������������   ".-- -|ical!y-by -poultry -associations,"that  - The Canadian fiscal year which the difficulty could be-overcome  closes on-the 31sl of this month,; an������������������d; incidentally, serve as a means  will show the country to bc in a;6f increasing interest in lhe poul-  prosperous condition and lhe rev-trv industry. Practically every,  cnucs buoyant. Statistics available i;irge town" and-city has 'its local  indicate lhat when this monlh is poultry .association. 11 is suggested'  ended lhe lolal revenue of thc Do-'[hll[ cach .association " give some  minion from all sources will reach | publicity to thc suitability of  8230,000,000. This is about fii Hy ; th riHy, .well-matured pullets for  millions in excess of the revenue of  the previous year, which, in itself,  8100,000.000 grealer than the year  i  vear of the wai  and  Crane received an order for three1.vou draw .down  the pay  fo'r pcr-  15-ton    carloads    for    the    export  forming Ihem.    The pay comes to  market, at .$45 a ton loaded at En-j you in the form of freshly packed  ending March 31st,  1915,  the first  derby  .This  price  should  net  lhe \ goods al something like a 30 per  growers S'10 per ton, which is con-! cent   reduction   in   price.     These  winter, the bounty on which alone! siderable higher than the price bc- j wail-on-yoursclf grocery stores arc  amounted   to   815,000.  __Thosc._Prbhihition ..fellows- arc  profitable   winter   egg   production  and   each  association   i.s  urged   lo  was the highest in  the history of ��������������������������� constitute  itself  a   medium   lo  ar-  Canada. The revenue for lhe fiscal; range for lhe hatching and rearing  year   ending   March   31st   will   be|0r pullets this spring and for their  delivery in the fall.    It should be  announced   that   orders   would   bc  taken   during  the  month  of April  It is said lo be likely that when ;.,nd the first part of May. All those  all accounts are made up, after pay- desiring pullets in lhis way could  always taking the joy oul of life  They now  arc  attempting to   pro-j  hibit the sale of 2 per cent beer!  The bounty on coyotes has been  reduced from $3 to ?2, and wolves  from $15 to $10, by the Provin'.i.il  Government., Thai on couger will  remain thc'saineW ""'  The_Trcnch  Comfort  Club  wit]  hold a meeting in the City Hall Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock to ar-'  range for a "Superfluity Sale."   All.  ���������������������������interested please attend.  A. A. Faulkner returned from!  Merrill camp the past week, having  finished up his season's cut there.  Mr. Faulkner and Mr. Stevens will  have charge of the logging operations for the Okanagan Lumber  Company this season, and arc  starting on the river work this  week.  Mrs. J. E. Bogert this week received the Distinguished Service  medal awarded lo her son, Pie. H.  A., several weeks ago. The act for  which the medal was awarded was  one of distinguished bravery, in  mending a break in the wire entanglements in the face of a rain  of shot ancl shell.  Messrs. H. W. Bischcl and H. J.  Wells, lumber dealers from Alberla  spent a few days in town this week  making purchases of lumber at thc  local mill. Mr. Bischcl says the  farmers of Alberta are already doing their plowing, and they arc  preparing for the busiest season  they have ever had.  be required lo join the association  and_m_ake_,a, small..deposiL.coveriiml  thc number required.   The associn-  ing paid al Ihe coast. To command now quite as popular as the cafe- In������������������ f11 ordinary and capital cx-  thi's market and this price, the po-, terias because they" save the, pcopj.e,Pon(1|1^'.rc.'....t_he _j"c.1_'c;_Ls___Jn*.^-i'-sl  WroeTsTmusrbe^ loVof money on their necessary; charges" upon   war    expenditures,  of regular size. j food purchases. ' | and  all   pensions,  thc  Government jHon could then make such arrange-  Mr. Crane is working up the best!     Beginning wilh April  1st, W. J. *W|11 1)C al)lc lo llc'vole ������������������50.000,000 J menls   as   might   bc   necessary   in  possible connection in the markets-; Woods  intends to adopt a  partial  Awards the payment of principal1  both at the coast, at Calgary, and ' wait-on-yourself policy in his gro-i011 W costs.   This is quite beyond  for  export,  and   hc  is  succeeding eery department. He intends lo put',he n,osl sang������������������,n? expectations ex  in getting the best prices going and. his grocery prices awav down, sell   Pressed by ihe Minister ol Nuance  thc cash on arrival of goods.    In ��������������������������� only   for  cash,  and   make   no  dc- Sil' T1*������������������'1*as While, when he deliv-  facl, for thc potatoes now ordered, \ livery    of    goods.      Thc    market-  cred his lasl budget.  the cash will bc in the bank at-basket idea is coming into vogue. | An etll.iall>" optimistic oullook  Enderby when thc potatoes arc The world has gone lo the extreme cxlsls W1,h. '"cspec-l lo Canada s  loaded  into  the  cars.    There  has! in its food wrapping requirements.  ll'adc  SIll,al|on. .   1-or   the    twelve  Everything has lo be tinfoiied and!monlhs ������������������r lhc ,iscal ���������������������������voal' jllsl e,u|-  Iong been felt lhc need of a commission man to buy produce at En-  hermetical  y sealed in geun-proof  derby, and Mr. Crane is establish-! packages. For all this fancy stuff  ing the market connections Ihaliand the "bug"-proof nonsense, the  will pul him inlo a position where i consumer has had lo pay. The cost  hc will be able lo fill this require- has been   put on  the  article sold  ing  new  menl. What he is in need of at  this time is produce of the right  (Ilia lily.  Hullcar potatoes have long heen  recognized as thc best grown in Ihe  Okanagan dislrict. They mature  better, are free from scab, are  mealy, and have a distinct flavor  which is not found in thc lowland  potato.' They are also splendid  keepers. These qualities will always command the best market  for Hullcar potato growers, and it  is Mr. Crane's intention to establish a market for Hullcar spuds  similar to that established for the  Ashcroft potato.  Do you take your Sunday dinner  at the King Edward?  Thc   Union   Bank   is  closing  ils  i'branch in Vernon.  And then we complain aboul the  high cost of living! Bul war is a  greal leveller. It i.s certain lo cul  oul all thc unnecessary costs in  connection wilh the handling of  the necessary things of life. We  are lo see more of the staple articles sold in bulk and carried home  in a market basket. And the credit  evil will go wilh the molor delivery  and the other "displays" which  have added so much to living costs.  A  NOTABLE  TRIBUTE  The New York Tribune, one of  the leading American newspapers,  printed in' its issue of March 20th  the following remai-Kable tribute lo  the achievements of Canada in  the war:  "Canada's part in the war is one  of Hie mosl brilliant chapters in the  ie trade of Canada has set a  high-water mark. For the  eleven months of the year ending  Feb. 28th, Canadian commerce  rea lied lhc enormous figure of  Sl,771,!)05,000 and thc imports  872.1,005,000, a favorable trade  balance of more than 8300,000,000.  IHyh Prices of Commodities  Men foolishly condemn the  government because of high prices  of commodities. At the same time  the same men who complain, if  they have any of the 'high-priced  commodities for sale, are first lo  demand a higher price. Here is onc  excellent   reason   for  high   prices  order lo supply the demand, a  minimum price to be decided upon  for the different breeds and varieties. In thc fall these could be assembled at some central point in  each locality and the distribution  ���������������������������made in time to "permit of the  proper housing of the stock in  permanent winler quarters before  the severe weather sets iu.  THIRD LOAN OVER-SUBSCRIBED  The third Canadian war loan  raised in lhe Dominion has been  over-subscribed to the extent of  $1011,000,000. The Government  called for ������������������150,000,000, and $250,-  000,01)0 has been subscribed, according to thc last report issued by  thc Government. This i.s exclusive  of conversions of other Canadian  bonds. Only the amouni authorized will be accepted, so thai Ihe  banks will not receive any part of  their sixty millions of subscriptions, and others will be consider  ably scaled down. Including the  given by the Saturday Evening! loan just floated, the amount sub-  Post: "Goods shipped from the'scribed by the Canadian people  West months ago are standing on'and   accepted   in   the   three   loans  sidewalks al way stations while  trainloads of munitions are whizzing past, day after day."  Bring along your cream cans, tea  kettles, pots, pans, etc., and have  Ihem repaired.   It will pay you.  totals $350,000,000.  Look at expiry date with your  name on paper. If it isn't up to  date will you hot bring it up to  date? The Walker Press  VI  ���������������������������-T     .    .'���������������������������,.-...- -ll  vyf  sm THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, March 29, 1917  STILL SEEKING TO IMPOSE ITS WILL  Few men can talk  as wisely as they  can look  THE ENDERBY PRESS  AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  ?i., m. *\vamvKi������������������  Published every   Thursday at    Knderby,   B. C.  at  ?i!   per  year,   by   the  Walker   I'russ.  Advertising  Rates:   Transient,  50c an inch lir.it insertion,  23c each subsequent insertion.    Contract advertising. SI an inch per month.  THURSDAY, MARCH 29, 1917  UNITED GROWERS SHOW  PROGRin  !SS  Al the annual meeting oi" shareholders of the  Okanagan United Growers held in Vernon lasl  week, figures were given showing the marked  success (it* the organization last season. During  the year the sales of fruit and vegetables reached  $880,120, not including sales made for Kootenay  growers through the United. In addition lo this  $102,977 in supplies were handled. There were  1G95 cars shipped from Okanagan points during  the season, and 105 irom Kootenay and Grand  Forks, making a total of 1,800 cars of fruit, vegc-  labies and hay. This shows an increase from the  unions over 1915 of 158 and one-third cars, and  including'Kootenay .shipments a total increase in  the year's business ol' 263 and one-third cars.  The Increase in expense due lo this larger volume  of business was only $5,539. or J.5 per rent, on  the sales, while in 1915 it came to 5.36 per cenl.  A skeleton pian of a scheme was'introduced  providing for a separate selling organization for  tlie vegetable end of the business, llie idea being  lhat the vegetable section of lhe organization's  business should be controlled by a section of the  board of directors to consist of one member from  Ike chief vegetable shipping unions, and a sales  manager lo handle lhal part of lhe business.  -The-! In e-o i-a c-l-ve r l-is-i n g-p n-1-o i i M->yV h twVgri cu \-Y  Once again the Provincial legislature is being  asked lo exempt church properly from taxation.  Each year tliis request comes up for discussion at  Victoria, and each year thus far it has been reused by the Government. The church loaders  advocating Ihe measure believe they will be able  lo get favorable action from the new Government. II i.s lo be hoped that the Brewster Government will stand iirm against making any sue!)  concession. The Nelson News expresses lhe  right idea when il says: "Everyone appreciates  ie splendid work of the churches, everyone appreciates lhe financial and olher diHicullies which  Ihey have lo contend wilh. Bul lo exempt Ihem  from taxation, Avhelher the exemption is partial  or complete, would simply shift lhe burden onto  the shoulders of the community as a whole, and  il would involve a departure from the principle  of lhe complete, separation of church -md si,lie,  which is and should remain one of the fundamental, principles of the slate organization of this  Province. The Brewster Government will make  a serious mistake if it allows itself lo be led astray  into granting a special priviicj.'/j which a greal  many people believe would strike af Lhc very  roots' of civil and religious frcedomand. which of  necessity would involve unjust incidence of taxation." "  The superstition thai certain things arc secular  and others sacred, gives excuse lo lhal peculiar  form of graft by which our churches seek lo  evade taxation. Once acknowledge the Irulh  lhal in human service there is no high nor low  degree, lhal lhe woman.-who scrubs is as worthy  of'respect as fhe man who preaches, and the iniquity of this form of favoritism is apparent. It  is a" fact now generally acknowledged lhat  churches are no more necessary, if as necessary,  io a community lhan factories. Indeed, many a  church-ridden community could better turn its  surplus of church buildings into factories. The  church.es have no more right lo ask for exemption from taxation than fhe manufacturer, or the  merchant and business man or the farmer. Lcl  [hose who believe in creeds support them, and  nol fry lo fasten upon lhc community the debt  for their maintenance. All and anything that  ministers lo human happiness is divine. If lhe  churches do this, they do no more than the factory or the shop. Each should pay ils share of  the"cost of communilv government.  If lhe Dominion Governmcnl: is going into- the  telephone business in fhe Okanagan, why nol go  inlo il to make it pay, instead of going into if in  such a way as lo* make if a losing proposition, and al the same lime giving only a backwoods service? The Government telephone in  the Okanagan could no doubt be made to pay if  lhe Government iine had connection af converging poinis wiih thc long established Okanagan  Telephone Company's syslcm. Or, if the Govern  ment desires to gel inlo (hc field, why not buy out  tiie local company's lines and established business instead of building a paralleling line in a  field already occupied and heifer served lhan il  could possibly be served over lhc Government  line?  AN .ODE TO THE ONION  lural Department of the Dominion Government, i  the third ad of which series appears in lhis issue j  of The Press, i.s lhe besl adverlising Ihe'Department has done since taking up lhis work. These j  advertisements, carried as they are by -all the j  newspapers in thc agricultural sections of Uic J  Dominion, will certainly have a stimulating effect'|  and should bring lhis year's'production by ourj  jVnaihjm Jiin^  up lo lhe highest figure recorded in the history ol j  llie Dominion. i  PRESUMING TO SPEAK FOR ALL  When onions were cheap and plebeian any  argument one might put up in their favor did  not seem lo lessen'Iheir vulgarity. But now lhal  lhcy have increased in price lo almost their  weight in gold, perhaps this bit of information  wilf be received wilh some degree of appreciation; Meas"iuvcd_by priceTThe onioTTisThe arislo^  era I of lhe vegetable garden loday Measured by  virtues,, the onion was always the aristocrat of  tlie vegetable kingdom. If ils price had been  as high as ils virtues���������������������������and its aroma���������������������������the rose  would have had lo take a back seal. Onions are  lhc besl nervine known. No medicine you can  buy and takeout of a bottle or in a pill is.so.useful" in cases of nervous prostration, and there is  noihing else -lhal wi 11 -lone up-aworn-ouh system  so quickly. Onions are mosl beneficial in all  cases of liver complain!. Eaten every olher day  lhcy will soon clear lhe skin, brighlen lhe eye,  and drive llie bats oul ol* vour belfry.  II i.s jusl possible we have laken those Prohibition leaders loo seriously. Or il may be lhal Ihey  are taking themselves loo seriously. Anywav.  there seems lo be a screw loose somewhere. The  Vancouver Province's special correspondent. F.  A. McKenzie, one of lhe most dependable men  wriling from London, says lhal systematic efforts are being made by Prohibitionists over  lhere lo repi-esenl Canada as threatening secession if the British liquor trallic is nol slopped.  One English correspondent declares that, as sure  as nighl follows day, Canada will quit her efforts  in I lie war unless lhe drink trade is slopped,  adding that wherevere thoughtful, high-minded  men assemble in Canada today, the conviction  openly expressed is that if the Brilish people are  hopelessly bound lo lhe drink god. Canada will  certainly decline permanent identification wilh  the Empire, and il is asserted thai Britain "may  expect a growing Canadian senlimeiil for withdrawing their support and calling the men home.'  As before staled, il looks like a screw loose  somewhere. If anybody over here were to make  such a fool slalemenl as lhal in public, measures  would be laken lo have his head examined lo  see where lhe putty was loose.  | Don't you Hunk il would show better business  .judgement, and wouldn't the dislrict be heller  'served, il" the Dominion telephone system were  1 buill into unoccupied territory and lhis territory  | given connection wilh the established Okanagan (  'system, lhan for the Government lo buill a paralleling line in territory already covered?  ADVERTISING THE VITAL SPARK.  FARM PRODUCE  There is a big demand now for all kinds of Farm Produce at high prices, and I can handle anything from one  sack to twenty carloads, for the local market in Vancouver or for export.      If you have anything to sell, see me.  If you want to buy anything along this line for seed  purposes, see me.  GROW!    GROW!    GROW!     Make every acre  count this year ! This is the way we can be patriotic,  and do our fighting. Food will be needed this year as  never before !  J. E. CRANE Enderby, B. C.    >]  Are you g-oing- to do any  Building or Repairing-  This Season?  THE'FOLLOWING ARE GOOD VALUES:  No. 4 Flooring and Ceiling- ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� 10.00 per thousand  No. 4 Drop Siding .....................; $10.00  Cull Boards----............................  ...   5.00'    "  Wo 2 Dimension, 2x4 and 2x6 ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������  13.00  No. 3 Cedar Bevel Siding  15,00  King Edward Hotel, ������������������0*^URPHY  raHJaxnaivunc  ������������������������������������������������������i^miiww.'M ������������������������������������������������������ - D*wiut.,j������������������'  l^������������������^"ff i������������������ rnimH ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  ������������������������������������������������������^m*1 ""j Aft***  EXECUTORS' NOTICE  In   tho   mntl"''   ol'   ,vic   Vs'-lc  George Weir, Deceased  of  NOTICE is-, hereby given that .ill  persons having claims upon the  eslale of the late Gcorac "Weir, who  died on lhe twenty third day of  September, A.D. -1915, are required  lo send to A. C. Skaling, solicitor  for Ihe Executors, "Messrs. Tnonius  Skyrme and John Lambert, on or  bei'ore the 2nd day ol' April, A. I).  li)17, a full slalemenl ol' their  claims, and ol' any security held by  them, duly verified by alliilavit;  and lhat after lhal dale tlie Executors will proceed lo distribute the  assels of lhc Deceased among the  parties entitled thereto, having regard only for the claims that have  been duly tiled wilh them; and all  debts due to the said Deceased are  to be paid to the undersigned.  ���������������������������D a I e d-a l^En d e-r-b-vHkGrH+i *s=2-8 Hi=  day of February, A.!)., 1917.  A. C. SKALING,  Solicitor I'or Executors  EVERY   THURSDAY  Realizing  Hint  newspaper advertising is vital  lo Ihe niainlenanee and extension of the selling  Iof fruit on lhe Prairie markets, lhe fruit growers  of lhe Province are responding readily to the appeal for a cent a box on all apples shipped, and  ia half cent on a number of other lines, lo create a  ! fund   for  advertising   purposes,   as   well   as   to  j finance lhe B. C. fruil ('rowers' Association, the  jorgani/calion   which   has  done  and  is  doing  so  I much lo further the interests of the growers in  he various markets.   "This is lhe day of adver-  ising; and Ihe man who does not advertise goes  o lhe wall." was Ihe statement of a prominent  , grower of Summerland in discussing the need of  I newspaper publicity.  GEO. R. SHARPE  WHOLESALE - RETAIL BUTCHER  4>^M������������������$>^>^^<������������������^^*^S><M><^><^<S>'M><$^ <  E. J. Mack  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  ENDERBY, B. C.  Good Rigs;   Careful Drivers; Draying of all kinds.  Comfortable and Commodious Stabling for teams.  Auto for Hire  Prompt attention to all customers  Land-seekers  and Tourists in-'  vited to give us a trial.  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and  Alberla, the Yukon Territory, the  Northwest Territories and a portion  of the Province of British Columbia,  may be leased for a term of twenty-  one years al an annual rental of $1  an acre. Nol more than 25(50 acres  will bc leased lo one applicant.  Application for a lease must be  made by the applicant in person to  the Agent of sub-Agent of the district in which rights applied for are  situated.  In surveyed . lerrilory the land  must be described by sections, or  =lcgat=sub-(li-v-isions-ol'--scctionsr-arid=  in unsurveyed lerrilory the tract  applied i'or shall be slaked out by  lhe applicant himself.  Each application must bc accompanied by a fee of 85 which will be  refunded if the rights applied for  are nol available, but not otherwise.  A royally shall be paid on the merchantable output of thc mine al the  rale of five "cents per ton.  The person operating the mine  shii 1 l-fu rnish-*-! horAgen twi I h sworn  relurns accounting for the fuli  quantity of merchantable' coal  mined and pay lhc royally thereon.  If ihe coal mining rights arc not  operated, such returns should bc  furnished at leasl once a year.  The lease will include Ihe coal  mining rights only, but lhc lessee  may be permilled lo purchase whatever available surface righls as may  be considered necessary for lhe  working of Ihe mine, al ihe rate of  $10 an acre.  For full information application  should bc made lo Ihe Secretary of  llie Department of the Interior,' Ottawa, or to any Agent or sub-Agent  of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy "Minister of the Interior.  N.B.--Unau'lhori/.ed publication of  Ihis'advertisement will not be paid  for.���������������������������835 75.  -1  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. E���������������������������derby  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  Enderby  Live Advertising is a lubricant that  reduces the friction of trade to a point  where progress is possible.   l  c.  P. R. TIMETABLE  Southbound                    Noi  't'hbound            j  10/15 lv.  Sicamous  ar. 18.15           ij  11.18  Mara  17.58            '  11.34  Grindrod  17.14             !  11..10  ENDERBY  10.59           "  12.15  Armstrong  10.30            fi  13.03  Vernon  15.45            (1  13.25 ar.  Okanagan Ldg  lv.15.30            j,  f!  H. W. BRODIE        JNO BURNHAM  tr. P. A., Vancouver   Agt., Enderby Thursday, March 29, 1917  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  E  Y  VERY ONE CAN do  something for his  country  Some can bear arms  Some can produce, food  Some can make munitions  Some can give money  It is the privilege.of all to help.  OU CAN SERVE by  Fighting���������������������������VV orking���������������������������  Saving���������������������������Giving  This is NATIONAL SERVICE  Are YOU doing your part?  ALL EYES turn now to  x\.- the Canadian Farmer,  for he can render the  Empire Special Service  in this sternest.year of the  war.  But���������������������������our farms are badly undermanned���������������������������25,000 men are needed on  the land.  With insufficient help, the Man on  the Land fights an uphill fight to  meet the pressing need for Food.  ITY and TOWN  can help.  Municipal Councils, Churches rind  Schools, rand   other organizations,  both of men and women, can render  National  Service  by   directing  alL  avaiiable^laboiir to tfieXand.  Farmers themselves can exchange  labour.   School boys can assist.  Were you raised on a farm ? Can you  drive a team? Can you handle fork  or hoe? If you can't fight, you can  produce. Spend the Summer working on the Farm.  Let every man, woman and child in  the Dominion who has access to  Land, no matter how small the plot,  make it produce Food in 1917.  For information on any subject relating to  the Farm and Garden write:���������������������������  INFORMATION BUREAU  DEPARTMENT   OF   AGRICULTURE  OTTAWA  DOMINION  DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE  OTTAWA,   CANADA.  HON. MARTIN   BURRELL, MINISTER.  MUST GET BACK  While our church leaders at home are going lo  Victoria and asking the Government to 'help them  evade taxation, or are demanding of the Government prohihtiory measures in the matter ot the  sale of intoxicants, in the face of the plebiscite recently taken���������������������������seeking hy repression and legislation to compel men lo do ihis, thai or thc olher  thing, 'here is a leller from  an army chaplain  which tells of what lhc real manhood of lhc Empire is doing over lhere in Europe, and lells, loo,  what the churches will bc called upon lo do when  these men return to Canada a I lhe close of the  war: "Wc fellows know no dcnominationalism  in the army. We worship together, pray together,  commune logclheivand no*"questions are asked.  Thc Brotherhood of the army is a  wonderful  thing.   And the men at heart arc essentially religious./ Bul how lillle the churches seem to understand  them!    Here  arc  thousands  of  men,  rough on the exterior, many of them, yet with a  profound reverence for our Lord; approachable,  sclf-sacriiicing even lo life itself for a comrade in  distress,  unselfish  lo  the dividing of  their lasl  shilling, manly and brave in thc defence of everything that avc as a najion hold dear.   And yet, Oh  thc pity fo it! thc churches have bul lillle place  for Ihem because Ihey fail to subscribe to certain  hidebound theological tenets. When will wc wake  up to thc fact that il was not a church that our  Lord came to establish, bul a Kingdom, and in  lhal Kingdom I am nol sure thai He meant lhat  wc must all pronounce the same 'Shibboleth.'   I  cannot write you all lhat is in my heart about  this, bul the churches back home should bc made  lo realize lhat the 300,000 or 400,000 Canadian  men who will return to Canada alter this awful  struggle is over will shape thc destiny of thc nalion and of the churches for weal or woe for  generations io come.   .  V .   Thc churches must  have leaders, leaders who are in touch with men  as well as with God; leaders who arc not slaves  of mechanical organization's, of traditions or.ruts,  or fearful of enterprise in new departures/  Men  who are in touch with their limes; who have  caught lhc Christ vision of humanity at large;  who are not afraid lo do Iheir own thinking,-and  to phrase their thinking in their own words."  MAKE THE BEST OF IT  A merry heart, a merry laugh,  A face with lots of sun in il,  A merry longe with merry chaff,  And quip wilh lots of fun in il  If trouble comes, and trouble will,  When others make a guest of il,  Keep on a smiling face, and still  Strive on and make the best of it.  And if the worst comes lo the worst,  And life has no more zest in it,  Well, there are fewer clouds lo burst,  So why not make the best of il?-  i Q  Then learn lo leave behind you care���������������������������  A fool bul walks abreast of il;  Don't bc a victim of despair,  But always make the best of it.  Thc brother of an exchange should take heart.  There arc not so many of this kind of women  that lhcy cannol finally bc exterminated. ,Hc  mourns: "Some wives being much taken up with  the rights of women, forget that their husbands  have any."  WHAT- IT MAY MEAN  Here is a pointer worth following: In April or  early in May set forty potatoes; in twenty put a  bean In each, and in thc oilier "twenty put a pea.  You will have a good crop of peas and beans, and  the potatoes will-, be-free, from .disease,: wilh an  average of thirty tubers." -   ' v ''������������������������������������������������������'  DIFFICULTY IN GETTING RECRUITS  In his remarks before an Enderby audience  last Wednesday evening,  Lieul. E.  Evans,  for  thc Canadian Engineers, spoke strongly on the  question of getting more men for.overseas-service.   Thc need of more men, and more men, remains insistent, and there is little likclyhood, he  said, that lhc call for men would bc materially  lessened for some lime lo come.   He pointed lo|  the heroic lighting done by the Canadians on. the  Somme and wherever lhcy had been placed, and  j pleaded for more men  to fill  thc gaps as  the  ranks   were   weakened.     Hc questioned if.lhc  people in all seriousness realized lhal a war was  on.   Hc felt sure the general public did nol realize'what great issues were, a I stake and how important, it was for Canada lo have an army in  training for immediate service when called oul.  Lieut. Evans urged, lhat a looal recruiting committee be formed, for thc purpose of speeding up  thc work of getting more men.    Thc  pictures  shown ..were. takcn_ at _lhc .training, camp _al_Uic  In an effort to explain the military meaning of  the recent German rctcal on the Somme front,  Frank Ii. Simonds, the American military expert >  who is now on thc Somme, says: "The retreat to  thc Hindenburg line can be explained as purely  strategic and made in accordance with German  plans.   This has,a degree of truth, and if it were  followed by a smashing German offensive else- '  where might lose importance in all eyes with  little delay.   If Germany has "shortened her line in ���������������������������  thc centre to enable her to attack in Lorraine .or'������������������������������������������������������  Flanders, in Russia, the Balkans, or Italy,'and if'  shc docs attack successfully, her retirement will  have no material meaning and will represent a  sacrifice of valueless ground on onc front-to wih-  a decisive victory elsewhere.   We shall bc able to  appraise the German operation more accurately  a little later.   Now il is only possible to estimate:���������������������������'  its immediate possibilities and-in doing this it is.  wise not to magnify too greatly thc .consequences.V  According to the recent statement of Hon. An- ':  drew Bonar-Law, -chancellor of exchequer,': the'>::  total vote loiy war. measures for the past year ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������  was $10,050,000,000, and since, the war 'began/ 7  $18,960,000,000. ....     -:. .. ; -. ��������������������������� - ������������������������������������������������������   ��������������������������� - '    - -'- --J .'  SSf  ''."St;  PINK LINGERIE AND THINGS  coast and gave a splendid idea of the thoroughness of the engineer's training. Lieut. Evans Vc-  cruitcd Sid; Waby and John McPhcrson. Thc  medical examination is now very severe, and few  men are able to pass. Owing to ihe dillicull food  problem confronting England, only men who are  (il lo undergo lhc severest test will be taken overseas.  .   Ping llingcrie lhal resembles a valentine is as  out of place on a  woman as milled pantalets,  would bc on a horse.    And women don't wear  crepe dc chine unmentionables because they like  'cm, bul because they want to make themselves  attractive to men.   These arc some of the startling things said by Mrs. Charlotte Perkins Gilman  before  the  college  club   of   Chicago. ���������������������������   . "Styles  change," shc said, "because women have lo make  a constantly new appeal to those who arc eventually to support them."   Mrs. Gilman .predicted  that the end of the.European war will mark.the  end. of marriage with the economic relation as its  underlying motive.  Thc home garden is not something in which a  particular   class   only   may   indulge   and   from  - wl i i c hvi 1 ho Hicfsitrr"crl iff iter IWA n yon c a n d c~vcTy-~  one who has, or can gel the use of, a few feel of  land should make it grow something to cat.  DOES IT PAY ?  Statistics   recently   compiled    by   Bradstrcels  prove that 84 per cent of llie failures are among  ,-x . ,,        . , ��������������������������� non-advertisers.    The  merchant  who  docs  not  Do-you know that eight persons out ol cvciy |believe in the use ol* printer's ink has"never ad-  ten cat too much, and die earlier than they other-1 vertised' right. The failure to produce results is  wise would have; and nine persons out-of everyjnol chargeable against advertising, but againsl  ten eat too much meat���������������������������and thereby suil'er in j n,c manner in which it is done. Advertising is  health and pockel?  WAITING FOR CUSTOMERS  Renew for The   Press,  $2 per year  "Get the Dollars in Your Cash Drawer" is the  title of an article in the Monthly Review, an advertising periodical for live business men. written  by Mr. Sam Gompcrs, an advertising'manager.  In the course of his writing Mr., Gompcrs says:  "There are thousands of merchants today wailing  with their hands folded for customers to enter  their store, and, if you would know the truth,  there are too manyX There's 'no reason why business men shouldn't wake up to the fact thai time  Hies too quickly to wait nowadays. . . If you  want to sec your business grow and more dollars  come into your cash drawer, start to advertise,  and il will be only a question of a short lime thai  you will realize lhat you have added the body'  to your business. You cannot point out one successful business concern today lhal does not owe  its success lo lhe assistance*of newspaper advertising. Good business men advertise consistently  and they back it up wilh service and good mer  chandisc at the right prices, which are the necessities required to make your sales increase and lo  assist your advertising."  lie  modern  w  creative force, positive and  potent  -a force that has produced two blades of  here  bul  one  has  grown  before..    Il  is  grass  the  flowering of industrial evolution.    It is the conqueror of unfair competition���������������������������the promoter of  right  dealing���������������������������the  solution   of  the  mail   order  | problem.    Ils basic principle is frankness.  BOOST!  Boost your cily, boost your friend,  Boost the lodge lh;il you allend,  Boost tlie slreel on which you're dwelling,  Boost lhe goods lhal you are selling.  Boosl the people round about you,  They might get alcng without you,  Bul success will quicker iintl Ihem  IT they know that you're behind them.  Boost for every forward movemenl,  Boost for every new improvement,  Boost the man I'or whom yon labor,  Boost thc stranger and lhc neighbor.  Cease to be a chronic knocker,  Cease to be a progress blocker,  If you'd make your city better  Boost il to the linal teller.  , ���������������������������Exchange. THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  Thursday, March 29, 1917  LATEST'WAR SUMMARY  All interest the past week has  been centred on the Somme fronl  where the German forces have apparently reached Ihe Hindenburg  line and have slopped lhcir retreat.  The severest open lighting of the  war on lhe Western fronl is laking  place at this point, in which the  French and Brilish forces have  thus far had the best of il. The  new German line is under direct  menace from Allied forces al  several points. The battle now  raging on  this  front is said  to  be  BATTLE OF THE SOMME  Enderby Opera House held the  largest crowd last Sakuray nigh!  lhal ever was packed inlo. il Tho  crowd came from all nans of the  district, all'intent upon seeing the  Baltic of the Somme. Ihe greatest  real battle film ever shov\u. There  was some disappointment expressed by a large number of those,  present. Many * expected ��������������������������� to see  more of Ihe real activity of bailie  lhan was shown. However, ihe  pictures were very clear, and give  a.(rue story of wliaFthe British and  A certain drill sergeant was  deputed lo give Ihe pretty nurses of  a certain hospilal some drill instruction, and after teaching them  how to sland at attention, form  fours, etc., he spoke as follows:  "Ladies! Arms arc to hang easily  from lhc shoulders as straight as  the natural bend of the arm will  allow, but wilh lhe thumbs behind  llie seams of llie . :���������������������������-    Ah,  hem!     I  mean  by your sides.    As  you were!    Dismiss!   Good  night!"  FOR SALE  the -most important in months if | French troops accomplished 'on the  not of Ihe war/for upon its' results j Somme; what Ihcy endured, and  will depend what the .future of lhe! how Ihey fought.  Tin- British Gov-  enment sanrlioned This* Jiliu as an  ollicial historical record of one or'  German   line   it   means   thai   they ! lhe greatest episodes in Brilish his-  armies is lo be.    If Ihe Allies succeed   in  driving a  wedge  inlo  the  will eventually.-.break through. If  they fail it will mean a victory for  Hindcliburg's* strategy and must  lead to many months of pounding  with heavy artillery.  CA NA DIAN.-.PA TRIOTIC FUND  Three purc-bre'cl * Pcrcheron stallions; Iwo 2-years-old, one 3-ycars-  old. Will exchange for -work horses  or callle. Will give lhe'right, particulars at the lime of enquiry.  M. L. I3HIGHT,  CAY.Blackwood's   Barn,   Kelowna,  B.C.  PROFESSIONAL  ^ C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk. Enderby, B.C.  SECRET SOCIETIES  J.C. METCALFE  W. M.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40  Regular me^tinus first  Thursday on or after lhc  full moon at 8 p. m. in Oddfellows Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invited  C. H. REEVES  . ���������������������������    .Secretary  The.* treasurer .* of. the Canadian  Patriotic Fund acknowledges lhe  following conlributions received  since publication of the last list:  ���������������������������f.   Folkard   V. .....:.......$< 00  J. D. Olson  .... ......   ....    1.00  A. H. Olson  ...............    1.00  lory, and il is lhe first war film  thai was ever allowed to pass without coming under the, oflicial British censorship. The authorities of  the War Ollice ordered that no  change, or cuts, be made after the  film was once issued for public.ex-  hibitPon. According to the newspaper* reports of the early exhibitions of the film in London, it took  two hours and a half to show the.  full number of reels. It required  about one hour and a I half to show  the   Somme   reels   Saturday   night,  n  E. Olson   ...      1.0) land  il was apparent  that  the pic-  O.  P.  Olson. ..........   ... .2.00 | lures  had   been   slightly  censored,  O. Olson   ....... .'V..V. ....'.. .     S(;!V| presumably for recruiting reasons.  Mrs. G; M. Andrews ... .....    2 00  FOR SALE  One horse, weight aboul 1000  lbs; in good condition and sound;  price, -S50.00. One delivery wagon.,  price, S-lo.00; onc set single harness, price, $15.00.  FULTON HARDWARE CO., Ltd.  $9.ul)  POWDER AND SEED  One h unci red cases of powder  were shipped on lhc 10th lo the  Farmers' Inslilulc ancl should be  al Grindrod lhis week. The price  will be $8.50 per case, caps $1, and  fuse 55c. Seed orders can bc received up lo April 1st; delivery  about April 15lh.  C. W. LITTLE, Sec.-Trcas.  FOR SALE  GROCERY PRICES DOWN  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 85, K. ������������������f P.  Meets every Monday evening  in K. of P. Hall.    Visitors cordially invited to attend.  J. F. FRAVEL. C. C.  H. M. WALKER K. R. S.  R. J. COLTART. itf.F.  Hall suitnbleforConcerts, Dances and all public  entertainments.    For rates, "tc., address,  F. FRAVEL. Fnderby    -  On and after April 1st, all sales  al our general merchandise store  will be spot cash. Prices are going  lo be cut down to the closest possible margin; no charges will bc  made and no goods delivered. Tn  this way our patrons will be able  lo save dollars on living costs. A  car of flour and feed jusl arrived.  YV. J. WOODS, Enderby  Bring along your cream cans, tea  kettles, pols, pans, elc, and have  Ihem repaired,    ft will pay you.  Pure-white Guinea Fowls, S2.H0  pair.    Three-year-old  Jersey bull.  F. W. COLLIN, Enderby.  O&llflftB nrrm high grade tested onion seed  UlUSl attU AT ONS DOLLAR A POUND LESS  till WB1    VbhU THAN LAST YEAR. SOW 5 IB 8. SEED  PER ACRE.     AVERAQE CROP 500 BUSHELS PER ACRE.  Yellow Globe Danvers Onion, black seed. .oz. 25c, lb. $2.10,  5 lbs. $9.25.  Giant Yellow Prizetaker Onion, black seed. .oz. 25c, lb. $2.10  5 lbs. $9.25.  Large Red Wetkersneld Onion, black seed. .oz. 25c, lb. $2.00,  5 lbs. $9.25.  Market Maker Golden Globe Onion oz. 25c, lb. $2.10, 5 lbs. $9.25  Early Yellow Danvers Onion, black seed. .oz. 20c, lb. $1.90,  5 lbs. $8.25.  Southport White Globe Onion, black seed. .oz. 40c, lb. $4.00  Red Globe Prizewinner Onion, black seed. .oz. 25c, lb. $2.10,  5 lbs. $9.25.  Select Yellow Dutch Onion Setts .. lb. 35c, 5 lbs. $1.70  XXX Guernsey Parsnip, fine smooth roots. .Pkg\ 10c, oz. 20c,  4 oz. 53c.  Detroit Dark Red-Table Beet (round) .Pkg. 5c, oz. 20c, 4 oz. 50c  Chantenay Red Table Carrot.. 1.. .Pkg. 5c, oz. 25c, 4 oz. 65c  Rust Proof Dwarf Black Waz Butter Beans lb. 50c, 5 lbs. $2.25  Early,Whits Cory Sweet Tabic Corn.. lb. 35c, 5 lbs. $1.50  London Lcnf*- Green Cucumber (great cropper) Pkg. 5c,  oz. 15c, 4 ozs. 40c.  XXX Solid Head Lettuce Pkg. 10c, oz. 25c, 4 ozs. 75c  Improved Beefsteak Tomato Pkg. 10c, y2 oz. 35c, oz. 60c  XXX Scarlet Oval Radish (mild, crisp) .Pkg. 10c, oz. 20c, 4 oz. 50c  Little Marvel Garden Bush Peas, very early.4 oz. 15c, lb. 40c  Early Branching Asters, Crimson, Pink, Wbite or Mixed.Pkg. 10c  Mammoth Fringed Cosmos, mixed colors Pkg. 10c  XXX Mammoth Verbenas, superb mixture of colors.Pkg. 10c  XXX Spencer Giant Sweet Peas, all shades mixed. .Pkg. 15c,  oz. 35c.   e  "Pakro" Seedtape.   "You plant it by the yard."  2 pkts. for 25c.   Ask for descriptive list.  Rennie's Seed Annual Free to All.  Delivery Free in Canada.  Order through your LOCAL DEALER or direct from  RCNNir'Q CTC^ Wtro.RENNIE Co..Lfoi8fted  ilLgllllt C \W\LLUO    1138 Homer St., Vancouver'  Also  at To'ronto "Montreal       Winnipeg  a  le   <        I  GIHL 24 years of age wants general house work. (Miss) Philo-  menc  Ashton, Enderby,  J3.C.  CITY OF ENDERBY  NOTICE is hereby given that the  first silting of lhe Annual Court of  Revision of thc "Municipality of thc  City of Fnderby for the year 1917,  will be held at the Cily* Mall, Enderby, on Monday, the 23rd day of  April, .1917, at 7.30 o'clock p.m.,  for the purpose of hearing ancl dc-  Icrmining complaints againsl lhe  assessment for thc said year, as  made by tbe Assessor, and revising  and correcting the assessment roll.  Any person complaining against  the assessment may, personally, or  by means of a written communication over his signature, or by a  solicitor, or an agent authorized by  him in writing to appear on his behalf, come before the Court and  stale bis complaint; ancl the Courl  may confirm or correct the assessment;  Provided he shall first have given  notice in writing to Ihe Assessor of  the ground of his complaint at least  ten days before the date of the said  first, sitting.  Dated at the City'Hall. Enderbv.  this 17th day of -March,. 1917.  "���������������������������"���������������������������~-~GKKHlffif7^0'SmTx8r~  City Clerk.  Pit!  Now is the time to protect your buildings by a coat of paint.  '"    Our stock is complete.  We have paints for houses, inside and outside; paints for barns  and roofs; varnish stains and,family paints in small tins; EFKECTO  Auto Paints for your car or buggy; Alabastinc in all colors.  Complete assortment of Paint Brushes.  Raw and Boiled Linseed Oil, Turps���������������������������anything and everything  in the paint line, at the lowest market prices.  FULTON HARDWARE CO., Ltd  MAKE THE VACANT LOTS PRODUCE  Plant More!   Grow More!  Wc can supply you with package seeds from the following  ���������������������������Rennies', Steele-Briggs, McKenzie's and Seimners���������������������������  Now on hand.  Bulk Garden Seeds, Mangles, Sugar Beets ancl Turnips.  Alfalfa, Red Clover, Alsikc ancl Lawn Seeds.   D������������������LLJBRQS._ _  Gents' Furnishings  and Groceries  You like to hear your Friend's voice?  So does your Friend like to hear yours.  Whether  West,  East.  North  or South, Long  Distance will help you.  OKANAGAN TELEPHONE CO.  Our Groceries Stock  Is always fresh and of the finest quality. Also a full line of  Robin Hood Flour, Feed and Cereals at the lowest possible  prices.  Ous Motto-"QUALITY AND SERVICE"  'PHONE 48  Bell Block, Enderby  TEECE & SON,  t&MJMJMt  [hose who, from time to time, have funds requiring  investment may purchase  AT PAR  UNION OF CANADA DEBENTURE STOCK  IN  SUMS OF $500 OR ANY  MULTIPLE THEREOF.'  Principal ropayable 1st October, 1919.  Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free of exchange at  any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five per cent per annum from the date of  purchase.  Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and accrued interest,  as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment made under any future war loan issue  in Canada other than an issue of Treasury Bills or other like short date security.  Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.  A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and  stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications for this stock which bear their  stamp. >.  For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.  DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, OTTAWA,  OCTOBER 7th, 1916.  'gssrosaaaMi^^


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