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 I...  /  Enderby, B. C, January 18, 1.917  AND      WALKER'S      WEEKLY  Vol. 9; No; 47;  Whole No. 467  City Auditor Crehan Tells Enderby  Ratepayers Facts to Think About  City Auditor Crehan, of thc firm  of Crehan, Martin & Co.,Vancouver,  addressed the citizen of Enderby at  the public/nieeting held in the K.  of P. Hall last Wednesday evening,  and in his sharp, trenchant talk, hc  left them a" lot to think over. He  gave in a critical way much information that all ratepayers with  thc interests of the town "at heart  ought to know. At the same time,  his talk, while not intended to be,  was the best possible answer to the  /criticism too often heard of thc City  Hali and the work of City Clerk  Rosoman.  Auditor Crehan'does not mince  matters when discussing municipal  affairs. He knows the ins and outs  of municipal government, and docs  not handle his information second-  handed.    In ' his  reference to  the  . condition of Enderby'scivic affairs  he paid a nice compliment lo City  Clerk Rosoman, for whom, hc said,  he held no brief. But he was forced  to recognize facts, and said, the rate-  payers of this city should consider  themselves fortunate in having so  able a man iii charge of the city  oflice. He defied anyone to find a  more accurately kept, system of  public accounting than that to be  found in the Enderby City Hall. As  he had spent some 15 years in close  touch with the municipalities of thc  Province, he felt that he should bc  in a position to know what he was  talking about. He said it would  probably bc an easy matter to get a  cheaper man���������������������������a $50 a month man.  Other municipalities he could name  which had found these cheap men  and had put them in charge of their  civic a flairs. He knew one municipality   in   particular,   and   lhat  ^imThicipality"was_nowr-cnipl(jyingan  expert at $6,000 a year to get them  out of the tangle into which they  were brought by the "cheap" man.  Auditor Crehan referred to the  condition of'the sinking fund of the  city, which, hc said, was not being  kept up to the mark required under existing bond issues. This condition, he said, was common in the  Province, but because common, was  none the less serious. How long it  would be allowed to continue was  a matter which rested entirely with  thc bondholders, who, since the  war started, had not pressed their  demands upon the municipalities.  But this condition cannot always  obtain. There must come a day of  settlement, and this involves issues  which every ratepayer must now  think about. The deficit in the  sinking fund must be made up, and  the ratepayers, through their board  of aldermen, must find a way to do  it. No ratepayer can shirk the responsibility. Ev ry piece of property in the city could be levied upon  by the bondholders for payment of  the bdnded indebtedness when due.  The tax levy of the past year or  two had been insufficient to cover  the sinking fund requirements. In  recognition of the times, the city  had endeavored to keep the tax  levy down as low as possible. The  Auditor felt lhat this fact should be  understood by the ratepayers. It is,  perhaps, a wise policy while the  war is on, as a means of reducing  thc tax payments required of the  people, but the amount has to be  made up later, and it was a question  in his mind whether the city should  not attempt to economise in some  way in order to permit the laying  aside of sinking fund requirements.  Mr. Crehan took up thc expenditures of the past year, item by item,  but could find no place where expenses could bc reduced in any degree. Here and there, small sums  might be lopped off, such as payments to thc Union of' B. C. Municipalities, which expenditures,' he  thought, were unwarranted by the  results obtained. He did not consider that the Union of B. C. Municipalities was watching the interests  of the municipalities. -' About the  only, legislation that had been put  through of late affecting municipalities, was wholly in the interest of  the' banks, which gave. them a  strangle hold upon'the resources of  the municipalities and enabled, the  banks to tie up the, revenues in a  way never before dreamed of. Another source of expenditure, which  he.believed would have to be cut  down-sooner or later, was in the  educational system, which he believed, -is entirely too extravagant  for times like these, arid,clearly beyond the revenues collectable for  school purposes. He thought the.  educational system should be revised in order to meet the conditions which the war is forcing upon  the country. It is all very well to  have our high schools, and the extensive- corriculum ��������������������������� taught in our  public schools, but he questioned if  it were wisdom for the ratepayers  to keep paying for the high school  4  education of children when actual  sinking fund requirements were not  being provided for. There is coming a time, he feared, when small  municipalities will have to curtail  expenditures in order to meet their  liabilities, and it is time that the  ratcpayers'arc beginning to take an  interest in some clforl looking lo a  solution of lhe financial difficulties  looming up on' the horizon.  the  Auditor Crehan referred to  criticism of the cost of operating  the City Hall, meaning the handling  of the records and general ollicial  business. By way of comparison,  he said thc,cost was about 3 per  cent of lhc revenue collections  handled by lhc City Clerk. In the  average city ollice. he said, the cost  is from 10 lo 12 per cent of the revenue .collected. Something might be  saved the city, but very-little, if the  number of street lights were cut  down 50 per cent. The use of the  long distance-phone, too, might be  discontinued. But these savings  'would be.small, and the wisdom of  it questionable. - He failed '. to ��������������������������� see  where the city could make a saving  in the cost of operation arid comply  with tbe l-equircnieirfs"of ~the-;law:  He said iftherc was to be economy  practiced other than-.that already  in vogue, the only way was to strike  at the root of*the-expenditure evil,  and ask for a school act more suitable to present-day conditions.   He  News Notes of Enderby arid District  Briefly Toid for Busy Readers  Console yourself. Country people  have thoughts���������������������������city folks, nerves.  Charlie Dickenson, who has been  visiting Enderby some days, left for  New Westminster this week.  .  Don't miss the first of the Triangle  picture plays a t thc Opera House,  next Tuesday evening, Jan. 23rd.  A masquerade ball is to bc held in  Grindrod school in aid of the Red  Cross Fund, Friday evening, Feb.  9th.  Win. Clarke came iri from Chase  this week ill with the grippe and is  spending a few. days at home recuperating.  . Stewart' Glenn returned to Vancouver business college last-week",  after spending a few wicks' holi^  days with.his mother.  % Salmon Arm merchants will close  their stores-on \Vcdnesda~y, as,here-'  lofore, and in the Okanagan towns  lhe merchants will- close" Thursday  afternoon as heretofore..'  Parish of Enderby, third Sunday  after Epiphany: Tloly Communion,  8;a.m.; Matins���������������������������and-Litany^ll-a.m.;���������������������������.  Evensong,   7'30*���������������������������'p.ni."   Anthem  at  Evensong, "O Savior of the World."  Many couger have been seen in  pursuit of deer in the woods of Mabel Lake Valley this winter, android  timers tell us.the destruction of the  thought there was a tendency under i deer by cougers this season has been  the present extensive system to  cram the children, and the system  is costing too much.' He believed  the system was too idealistic and  not practical. The practical' would  cost less and would produce better  results.  unusually heavy.  "Can you beat it?" asked a lady  reader of The Press. "Drive a first-  class baker, a ratepayer and man bf  family; out of town, then have to  send out of town for baker's bread  to bc sold in the stores!"  Organized labor in Canada is doing a national:have llie nation's welfare at heart and nol their  service in taking the stand it has iii relation to the  National Service registration plan of the Dominion Government. In various assemblies of labor  throughout Canada, resolutions have been put  through and forwarded to the Government calling  for conscription of thc nation's industries and  wealth along with thc conscription or mobilization of the nations man power.   This, it seems, is  own, when they talk so glibly of conscription."  In these days of stress there is no spirit so depressing and none so shrivelling to the soul as thc  war fruit of hatred. We see men and women,  ordinarily hale, hearty and pleasing lo meet, now  Iranformed into billcr human i'ruil���������������������������short, sharp,  pungent; mean, shallow, impatient; hard, incon-!sincere good wishes of  :-. School'-Inspector Anstey is visiting, the Fortune school this week.  Mr. and* Mrs. J. E. Doerflinger removed their- household effects to  Mara the past week; and "Joe's"  bakery and tea rooms are a thing  of the past. The local stores are  now being supplied with bread  from Vernon , .    .,  Word was ^received ' from Kenneth Strickland thc past week- saying that he has received his first-  class certificate for signalling and _  field telegraphy, and slating'that his  chum Alwyn ".Wheeler* had, also  passed with second-class certificate.  Messrs. Jones and Grant have .the  interior work on the Mara school  house well in hand.   Mr.^Jas./Bcll,  who is inspector of the .work for  the department, says the workman- ,  ship .arid: material, orithc building"  arc the best., ThCrFulton, Hardware;  Company-is installing tlie!. heating-  plant.    " / ���������������������������"���������������������������" ',., yVJ Y 77'  . Rev. Mr. Curry has instituted a  very ..comniendable,...work  for. ,the'  Facts "of'the towri'ih connection with'  the Methodist Church. /He has had;  the old church building made into  reading rooms, and tables have been  installed for games of various kinds.  It is his intention to add a gym apparatus or two with thc idea of interesting the boys in their physical  development as well as social and  moral.  For. the little while thc local  Board of Trade has been revived it  has received many enquiries for information from' prospective settlers  and homescekcrs, and is doing a  good work in directing those inter-,  estcd this way. "Another meeting(of  thc Board will bc held in the City  Hall to-morrow (Friday) evening.  TirilTtlHiriiblc'tliatViirnfenibers^at^^  tend as business of importance is to  be brought up.  Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Williams and  child moved to Philadelphia, Pa.,  thc past wreek, wherc Mr. Williams  will be employed for some months.  He docs not expect to return to Enderby for at least a year. Mr. and  Mrs. Williams  lake  with them .the  i large cir-  crucl.  Organized labor is not objecting to the National  Service plan on account of the men not wishing  to serve the nation and empire, but, as onc labor  journal puts it, "the people of Canada want to  feel that they are playing a mah's-sized part in  these world events. They are not satisfied with  being the mere pawns in a game iu whose ending  they have only a remote and sentimental inleresl.  Conscription has no terrors for thc citizen of a  country who feels that he is not being cheated  and bamboozled inlo being a cat's paw for a class  of parasites who have been his enemies, even in  his own country, and in times of peace. If the  nation's welfare demands thc sacrifice of the lives  of its citizens in its defence, thc lesser sacrifice of  capitalist property for the nation's service should  first be made, as an earnest that capitalists really  fhey are the logical product of the war  spirit of hatred.   Thev have become lop-sided in years and have taken an active in  thought; bigotled in bearing, and loose in their terest in all movements in the inter  menial poise.   They lose lhal fellowship and bon-     ���������������������������    - ������������������������������������������������������    ���������������������������  -���������������������������  which'made  lhc davs sweeter and  life  the only logical position for Canada to take, andjsiderate,    unsympathetic;    unloving,    arrogant, I pi  particularly thc workingmen of Canada.   Similar             '  action was taken by organized labor in England  some months ago, and it was not until thc Government lhere look hold of lhe problem in  earnest and nationalized lhe wealth and industries  as well as the individual, that England really  "struck her pace." Months were wasted in attempting half-measures. Strikes and various  forms of labor troubles were thc result, until the  Government finally had to cut all profiteering  out, by taking over all lines of transportation,  munition factories, and all other industries necessary to the carrying on of the war.  cie of Enderby  been  residents  friends.   They have  of Enderby several  lomie wlucli made Hie days sweeter  worth living. Focussing their.thought upon one  thing, and lhat thc destruction of human life and  the destroying of'the best in civilization, lhcy  miss all else. To Ihem il is meat and drink. It is  not surprising, therefore, that they become war  mad. lt is not surprising that they let go all confidence, in neighbor, friend and humanity. It is  not surprising that they demand but one thing���������������������������  go and kill'or be killed. As a commimily, as a  nation, as an empire, arc we nol drifting into that  awful spirit pf hatred? That heart-souring, soul-  killing spirit of thc man-brute?  Thc Dominion Government has rescinded the  order compelling all mail matter addressed to  "Berlin," Ont., instead of "Kitchener," Ont., to be  sent to thc deadlctter ollice. This is another evidence of returning sanity. The original order  and lhe changing of tlie name was about as big a  piece of business on the part of thc government  as thc refusal of a good but misguided soul to cat  cabbage because cabbage is used by the Germans  to make saurkraut of. We've said and done a lot  of fool things thc past year or three that will live  to poke fun at us.in after years���������������������������and all so seriously 1  est of the town and district.  In the voting on the half-holiday  proposition last Thursday, there  was more or less fun for a few. The  merchants concluded early in thc  week that thc vote in the neighboring towns would go for Thursday,  and they worked for Thursday here.  The vole was small, only 31 being  polled for Thursday, 15 for Saturday and 10 for Monday. The voting  for Monday was done more in fun  than seriousness by the men employed about the mill yard.  One hundred and twenty-five Enderbyites and neighbors, from Armstrong and Grindrod way, enjoyed  the annual dance given by the local  Knights of' Pythias in their hall last  Friday evening. Thc dance proved  the ofl-repcated assertion that thc  local Knights know how to make  their guests enjoy themselves. The  music by the Armstrong orchestra  was satisfactory, and the lloor and  refreshments all that could bc desired, and Ihe young people made  1 the most of a very happy occasion.  a  '!,'  wS'Sr*.  ���������������������������    S'.Jklri  Vlf1  "7.   * -&'������������������? I  '    '*. '**'"*?'?0I  VV-?Ss������������������|  ;-* -  'SSu THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY
Thursday, January 18,1917
'-<*%   zf*
Some times,
it seems to me,
these Gods of
Creation become
so jealous of their
enemies that they
hate thdr friends
H. M. mamckk 	
Published every   Thursday at    Emlorby.   Ii. C. at  S2   per   year,   by   lliu
Walker   Prws. 	
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Tlie  New   Zealand   Government   has   creeled
during lhe pasl nine years 5-18 homes for workingmen iiVllial Dominion, under the act entitled
"Workers' Dwelling Acl of 1005," which original-
lv provided thai the homes should cosl no more
than $1,'160 each, and lhe.se were lo be plaeed al
the disposal ol' the workers under a lease oi* 50
vears, wilh a fixed rental"ol" 5 per ccnl oi' the
capital value ol" llie dwelling, plus insurance and
taxes.    Amendments have been introduced from
lime  lo  lime.    The value of  lhe building  lhal
might  hc  constructed Jiy  the  Government  has
been increased, and lhe cost of rentals or payments has also been raised, until now lhe rale of
7 per cenl is collected instead of the original 5 per
cent.   Tlie homes are buill lo cost as much as
$2,()7G. in case of men receiving as much as #12.10
a week.    During 1915 llie Government buill 102
workers'  homes,  and  lhere are  now 88  under
construction in thc Dominion. This is undertaken
in lhe interest ol" keeping down lhe cosl of rent lo
the working people, ancl so far il seems lo have!
been very satisfactory.    It has been a real boon ;
lo lhe working class.
The note of lhe Entente Allies selling forth the
conditions on which Ihey arc prepared to make
peace, was made public by Washington a 1'ew
days ago. They do not materially alter lhc conditions slated in the reply lo Ihe German nolo, but
the note stales more definitely what the Allies
hope to achieve by continuing lhe war. Aflcr
going carefully inlo*- the manner in which lhe
enemy outraged Belgium, Serbia, and Montenegro, lhe note sums up the demands of the Allies
Ihus briefly:
"President Wilson desires more; he desires lhal lhc
belligerent powers openly allirm the objects, which
thev seek by continuing lhe war. The Allies experience no diliicully in replying lo lhis request. Their
objecls in lhe war are well known; they have been
foi-mulnled on many occasions by lhe chiefs of their
diverse governments. Their objecls in the war will
not be made known in detail wilh all lhe equitable
compensations and indemnities I'or damages suffered
until lhe hour of negotiations. Hit I lhe civilized world
knows lhal Ihey imply in all necessily and in the first
instance the lesloralion of Belgium, of Serbia and of
"Montenegro, and the indemnities which are due them:
lhe evacuation of the invaded territories of France, of
liussia o.nd of liumania wilh jusl reparation; the re-
organizalion of Europe, guaranteed by a stable settlement based alike upon Ihe principle of nalionalilies,
on the right which all people, whether small or great,
have lo lhc enjoyment of full security and free economic development, and also upon territorial agreements and inlernalional arrangements so framed as to
guarantee laud aud sea f. ontiers against unjust attacks; the reslilulion of provinces or territories
wrested in [lie pasl from the Allies by force or against
the will of Iheir populations; lhe liberation of the
Italians, of Slavs, of Rumanians and Tcheco Slavoqaes
from for.-ign domination; the enfranchisement of populations subject lo llie bloody tyranny of Ihe Turks:
the expulsion from Europe of lhe Ottoman Empire,
which has proved itself so radically alien lo western
According lo Arthur Sears Hennmg, lhe Washington correspondent, President Wilson also has
before him the definite levins on which Germany
and her allies arc prepared lo make peace, and
these aie now being considered wilh those slated
bv the Allies with lhc object of deciding whether
lhere appears lo be a basis for further negotiations.   Thc terms staled by Germany are outlined
as follows:
1. Restoration of Belgium as an independenl sovereign stale on condition lhal neilher its fronlier nor
Antwerp shall be fortified. .
2: Reparation for Belgium by Germany., reparation
for Greece bv lhe Allies, and reparation for -Germany
and Austria' bv Russia lo compensate for damages
occasioned by the invasion of East Prussia and Galicia.
3. Restoration of Serbia and'Montenegro as one
independent sovereign state under a ruling family
other lhan the Karagcor'gevisch dynasty of Serbia.
���������J. Roslor.'dion of Rumania, providing Rumania
cedes lo Hungary- and Bulgaria a strip along her
western boundary which, together with a strip Irom
northeastern Serbia, will constitute a connecting link
between iiie Austro-iiungarian empire and Bulgaria.
o. Partition of Albania between Greece and the
combined slate of Serbia and Montenegro. .      "   .
0. Erection of independent kingdoms in Roland
and Lithunania.
7. ' Evacuation of northern France by Germany
without   indemnity. ,.���������.,.
8. Restoration to Germany of her colonies in Africa, Kiaochow and the Pacific Islands.
' !). Agreement of lhc powers upon world peace
guarantees, including disarmament, freedom ol the
seas ancl a' league io enforce peace.
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Every Canadian between llie a<$es ol" sixteen
and sixty-live, should, and no doubt has. conscientiously answered the (jueslions'on the cards
sent out*by the Director o!' National Service. Thc
war has reached a stage where it is absolutely
necessary that the Government should have the
information it seeks by these cards. The procuring of tliis information is simply "a"" step
lucessarily for the firing line, but so that Canada
may be able lo do ber share in "keeping the home
(ire's burning." and in supplying llie needs of
those actually in the Irenches. bearing llie burden
and facing tlie perils of Ibis war. We mistake the
temper of Canadian manhood if lhe Government
experiences Ihe slightest trouble in having these
National Service cards filled in. Let us make our
answer on lhis point bolh practical and unanimous.
Onee more il is desirable lo call attention to the
fact that Canadian women going lo pjigland at
lhe present time are running the risk of being unable If) conveniently return. Al the present juncture of the war it is deemed highly important thai
travel be restricted lo a minimum, shipping facilities being taxed lo the utmost capacity for purposes connected wilh the war. People whose business in 'England at llie present time is nol a mailer of absolute necessily should remain in Canada
otherwise they incur risk, as already slated, of
being unable to conveniently returned, and in addition, the possibility of becoming more or less
of a care to the British authorities.
War or no war, whal we need in Can.ida��������� and
especially lhis portion ol" Canada���������is more farm
produce, and more dairy and beef cattle lo feed ill
lo - now and for all lime.
Requests for the expenditure of public monies
for buiiciing railways and public works continue
to come in \o the Government of Canada and one
wonders whether the people whtf make such re-
ouests have yel heard thai Canada is al war.
the British. Government has made a request for
1,;���������)(}() miles of rails I'or urgent military purposes   ^
in France, and Canada is able lo supply lhe whole |     "fp      J      \\ftan\r
extent her transportation facilities. Tliis is lhc
result of lhc railway policy carried on by the late
administration. There is this justification, however, that ibis extravagant program was originated and developed in lhe piping times of peace.
Today the Government is in receipt of applications for .subsidies, nol ohly for steam railways,
but there is also a demand lhat a new door of cx-
-pei)diUu,c.be-opencd,Jn the _sbape_of ..siiJisMi^JilV.
electric roads.
In view of the tremendous burden of war expenditure, tbe Government has been endeavoring
lo stop completely the building of public works.
It has been endeavoring lo concentrate the attention of the people upon lhe one thing worth while,
namely llie prosecution of the war. But lhe demands" for railway Jniilding continue lo come in,
until wonderment arises whether the people who
make such demands are not more intent upon
these designs than upon the defeat of the Germans.	
Prospects point lo a lively light over thc trans-
provincial auto route al lhc convention at Kamloops of the B. C. Associated Boards of Trade.
This organization comprises the coast boards of
trade as well as those of the lower mainland,
Fraser valley and two or three up-country points.
Lis membership does not include the Kootenay
boards, nor those of the Okanagan. ll is lo bc
held al Kamloops on Jan. 2-llh, and among olher
subjects lo come up is the "completion of the
mlerpi'ovineial wagon and automobile road, linal
location of ils missing links and provision for
their rapid construction." Kamloops, Mcrritt and
several olher districts arc anxious lo have the
route diverted so as to run up llie. Fraser and
Norlh Thompson instead of through southern B.
C    The coast boards which al first favored the I'OR   REN -Bncic   cnh.se;   six
>.,.     mil <.o.i_u _jw_i_ ..n  Miiivu in rooms and surlacc (brick) cellar
southern route, are now inclined lo lake a ncu-     ilU in S0()(, COI,(|j|jon ,)IU| cios0 to
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Coal mining rights of thc Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
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Northwest Territories and a portion
of the Province of Brilish Columbia,
may bc leased J'or a term of Iwcnty-
one ycars at an annual rental of $1
an acre. Nol more lhan 2500 acres
will be leased lo one applicant.
Application  for a  lease  must  be >
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lhe Agent of sub-Agcnl of lhe dis-
Iricl in which righls applied I'or are
In surveyed territory llie land
musL.bc described-.by-scclions.. or_
legal sub-divisions of sections, and
in unsurveyed territory thc tract
applied for shall be slaked out by
Ihe applicant himself. .'/...
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of 85 which will be
refunded if the righls applied for
are nol available, bul nol. otherwise.
A royally shall.be paid on. lhc in crehan tabic* output-of-lhe'- mine at the
rate of five cents per Ion.
��������� The ���������person-operating-JheV11 incl
shall furnish thc Agent wilh sworn
returns accounting for Ihe full
quantity of merchantable coal
mined and pay llie royally thereon.
If Ihe coal mining righls arc nol
operated, such returns should be
furnished at Icasl once a year.
Thc lease will include the coal
mining righls only, but llie lessee
may be pcrmilled.lo purchase whatever available surface righls as mayy
bc considered necessary for lhe
working of the mine, at lhe rale of
$10 an acre.
For full information application
should bc made to lhc Secretary of
the Department of lhe Interior,' Ottawa, or lo any Agent or sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.--Unaiilliori;:cd publication of
Ihis advertisement will not be paid
for.���������83575. ���������
nd                    No
10.'15 lv.
ar. 18.15   /
17.58   \
17.14    i
10.59   (
10.30   1
15.45   (
13.25 ar.
Okanagan Ldg
tr. P. A., Vancouver   Agt., Endei'ny ������������������  Thursday, January 18,1917  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  MID-WEEK HALF-DAY OFF  The vote in Enderby on the half-holiday question was disappointing, not so much from the  point of general results, as on account of the  small vote polled. Fifty-five votes out of a registered voting strength of 200 or more, does not  indicate any interest being taken. The stores  alone put up any combined effort, and they stood  solid for Thursday for lhe reason thnt neighboring lown merchanls were pulling for the mid-  Avcek holiday and the general desire was for the  day to bc uniform. The question-of'a-general  hallVholiday was never considered in connection  with the vole. Il was simply a question of making the Avcckly half-day oil' for the merchants and  clerks uniform and on a da}r most convenient for  themselves and their customers.  This was the only logical position for the merchanls  lo lake.    The half-holiday Acl as now  drained is not broad enough ever to become a  real half-holiday law.   II was asked for in lhe first  place by the merchants themselves in order to get  thc provincial government behind their efforts to  compel the merchant who insisted on keeping  , open for business when thc majority of them  wanted to lake a half-day off, to ciosc.   It is class  legislation, pure and simple,' ancl as such will  ^ never become popular.   A half-holiday on Wcd-  ncesday or Thursday for  lhc retail merchanls  and their clerks is thc real thing, but it can not  bc made a  popular hall-holiday covering the  schools, the banks, the wholesale houses or tlie  public business ollices.   It is the kind of legislation  lhat penalizes bul cannot accomplish any  useful purpose, therefore it will never bc satisfactory.   Last year bolh Vancouver and Victoria  voted for Saturday afternoon.    This year Ihey  being overworked, or requiring a weekly half-day  off to rest up. Our contention has been, and is  today, that the only logical half-holiday is on a  Saturday, the day generally observed throughout  the civilized world. That the law should be so  amended as to allow the merchants to do business  on* that day if they choose to do so, and the clerks  could be given a half-day oil mid-week if they desire it. The idea of penalizing a man for doing  business on any weekday is contrary to all reason and is distinctly opposed to the democracy we  harp so loudly upon. Did you ever see a merchant of any kind penalized for accommodating  a customer or openly doing business for at least  part of any Dominion holiday? A Dominion holiday is not class legislation, and no penally is provided. Thc Provincial Half-holiday Acl is distinctly class legislation and a penally has been  provided.to force one merchant to meet the  wishes of olher merchants. And thc responsibility  of carrying oul lhc Act and doing the penalizing  is thrown upon the shoulders of the government.  MOST WONDERFUL WAR FILM  ROLL OF HONOR  FOR KING AND EMPIRE  ENDERBY  OVERSEAS  W. A  voted for Wednesday afternoon. Next year lhcy  may switch back lo Saliirday, and thus thc merry  war go on from" season lo season, and all lhe  while lhere will be no real public 1 in If-holiday,  because thc holiday spirit will -be killed.  The position taken by Thc Press on this question has not been onc of personal inleresl, nor  have wc looked upon it purely.as a mater concerning lhc merchants of this or any, particular  community. When thc government steps in to  make a half-holiday if should bc and must be on a  day lhat lhe general public can observe.as a holiday. To leave it to lhc various communities to  vole.on what.day it shall bc, and then declare  that il sliall" be-unlawful for any merchant to  open his. store for business on'^thc half-day his  neighbor may desire to lay off, is bringing the  ."-question down lo small politics and spoiling what  , should be made, a hclpfurinstitution to the community. Wc arc nol advocating,-and would-not  advocate thc closing of the stores oh Saturday af-  ago  or  tcrnoon. In thc old days, say 12 ycars  thereabouts, the towns of the Okanagan observed  Saturday afternoon as a holiday, by mutual consent. Games'were provided, ahd the farmers  came in by the hundreds, when they were not  too busy in the harvest fields. Thc merchants  closed their stores while the games were on and  thc general getting togelher of the farmers and  townfolk each week for a few hours sport helped  wonderfully in developing a clearer understanding aiid maintaining a helpful community spirit.  Aflcr thc games the stores were reopened and the  farmers and llicir friends, the merchants and  citizens generally, got togelher in thc evenings, or  meandered home, as it suited them. Our Enderby  storekeepers Ihen did trebble the business that is  done today,- and  nobody worried much, about  Mark Allerton, in the Glasgow Citizen of Aug.  24th, said,of thc film called "The Battle of lhc  Somme." "It is the biggest thing ever done by  photography. 11 is worlh travelling a hundred  miles to sec. Certainly no adult can afford lo  miss seeing it. It brings the war before your eyes,  thc .war as a monstrous instrument for killing  men. Uutil you have seen it you cannot appreciate  all the sublimity and degradation of what you  read in the newspapers. When you look on thc  screen you will turn sick with horror. II is good  that you should bc turned sick with horror: Those  of us who, arc slaying at home are in need of  something that will help us to understand thc  sheer horror, of war. At the back of our minds  there still lurks the thought that war is rather a  fine adventure, aii adventure in which there is  nobility and chivalry and some goodness. There  are virtues in those who fight our battles, but  there is not onc virtue in war. War is bloody and  beastly, unclean, and gross, and crass, and this  film, 'The Battle of the Somme,' shows you it  without glamor or romance, a horrible plague  thai has fallen upon us, lhat must be prosecuted  to thc end so that it shall never happen again.  -."I need not describe this film, "for you will'see  it. You'must sec it. You must, sec these columns  of, men, all laughing, all. light-hear led, marching  in to-the trenches. You must sec them going 'over  the top.', You must sec for about a minute that  hellish shelling that went on for five days without  interruption. You must sec it so, that yon may  marvel Iioav your kindred can endur.c so much. I  am glad that ho false tenderness lias exercised a  stupid censorship on this film. You-will sec men  being killed. You will see men being mutilated.  You Avill sec men naked in the dressing station.  You. will sec the hasty burial of those Avho have  fallen. You Avill see thc big guns nosing aboul for  lhcir prey. You will sec the earth shattered and  torn and convulsed."  For political reasons men arc slill criticising lhc  Otlawa Government for equipping our Canadian  soldiers with thc Ross rifle. Wc wonder what  other rific they would have had tlie Government  equip the men with? There was nothing better  lhan the Ross to bc had al the time, and the defect  in-'its magazine could not have been discovered  until it Avas given ils practical tryoul in actual  service.  =^TI1E-I1APPY-Ihl BIT-*-  Tell your wife about it'  Charging cruelly and gross neglect, a Brooklyn, N.Y., girl, 19 ycars  of age, lias broughl suit for $50,000  against a home I'or girls.  The nexl problem which i.s facing  the government and will demand  sclllemenl is what is lo bc done  wilh the petticoat town.  Because "two can live as cheaply  as one" the average of marriages in  New York has increased from 100  lo 140 per day since the living costs  have gone' up.  A New York woman wbo thought  she married a Avcalthy baron, found  while she married a baron all right,  he was a pauper, and now she is  suing for divorce.  An Indianapolis man was found  clinging to lhe top of a telegraph  pole. Hc told llie police that he had  been married three days, and gave  his wife $20, his week's salary, out  of Avhich she had spent $5 for perfume, $G for silk stockings and then  left him .saying he was a cheap guy  and that she could not live on his  salary.  A forcAvoman in an Eastern factory testified in court that the skirts  of two of the girls working under  her were so short that she had to  , surround the girls wilh barrels so  the attention of the men would nol  be distracted-from Iheir Avork.  Thc meals of MOO Berea College  students, Avithout coffee, tea or buller, cosl 7 cents a day per student,  and they thrive. Thc meals of ihe  Carlisle Indian School, which is  producing notable athletes, costs  10 2-3 cents a day.  These are the days when the civilized nations of lhe Avorld are al  lhe threshold of woman rule. And  we see some freak legislation demanded here and there, as the women reach out as in the dark for  something they believe the Avorld  needs. A woman in one of the  Eastern cities is circulating a petition for the passage of a laAv compelling men who smoke cigarettes to  walk in the middle of thc streets,  and as a counter offensive some of  the men are circulating a petition in  favor of the passage of a law compelling girls Avliosc dresses are over  six inches from the ground to walk  in the middle of the street also. We  wonder Avhal they will do with the  women who smoke cigarettes?  Habits rule our lives. Happiness  hinges on habits. Therefore, "gel  the "happy habit." Il is lhc possession of those alone who have habits  of industry and wise economy. Our  habits pul us lo bed at nighl and  lhcy get us up in the morning. They  seal us at-.the-table, and lhcy Sel us  ITS��������������������������� work!7 II u blnird onee~sa i d th a t  "the quality of our work turns.on  the kind wc are in the habit of doing." Slipshod, lazy, indifferent,  careless, reckless habits do not produce good results. The.v do ncl secure Ihe lespecl of goo^t people, the  confidence of society, nor the approval of one's own conscience.  These three habits arc essential to  the well-rounded life, and must bc  acquired in order lo gel lhe "happy  habit." Thc habit of health, llie  habit of work and the study habit.  No man can be called educated, eke  woman, who is a parasite on the  community, a care to other people,  a burden lo relatives or a menace lo  society. Sobriety, sanity, hcallh,  good cheer and positive usefulness  arc all primal repuisites in education, and any system of education  which lends to reduce human efficiency, neutralizes and destroys human happiness. "Moreover, any system of education, or wc might say  religion, which is nol a positive  moving force for good is bad.  Some philosopher tells us lhal a  sense of humor i.s more valuable lo  a busy woman than all the latest inventions for making housekeeping  easy.  Robt. Airth, Corporal  S. Allcorn  Edgar L. Bawtree  Henry Arnold Bogert  Victor Bogert  Albert Buller'  J. Irwin Beatty  Arden Bush ���������������������������   -.  Elmer Black  George Buckncll o  H. Judson Byrnes  John Breedon, Captain  Fred Breedon  Hugh Bowers  H. E. Blanchard  ��������������������������� Rein Brown  All". Castle  Charlie Castle  Robert Chadwick  E. II. CraAvford, Lieutenant  A. F. Crossman, Lieutenant  Geo. Calder  E. J. Corpe  Capt. R. B. Al. Cameron  George Dysart  Gordon L. Duncan  Donald Dunwoodie  James Dickson, Lieutenant  Cecil Wynn Dunford  W. H. Embrey  ��������������������������� A. V. Evans, Lieutenant  Leonard Funk  Jack Funk  Sidney Green  Jas.- Green, Sergeant  James Glenn, Lieutenant  Kenneth Glen, Sergeant  B. Garrett  Gcb.Gcight  Fred. Griffith , }  Robert Grasset'  J. Hallmark  Colin  Oliver Harvey, Lieutenant  .1. C. Henniker, Lieut.-Colonel  H. E. C. Harris  John M. Hatch������������������r  E. B. Huffman  H. Milliard  Roy Hutchison  C. IIouldsAvorth  John Jones  Fred A. Johnson' .  W. 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Fred Brecdon  HOME SERVICE  Lieutenant Jas. C. English, Sergeant  Howard  Logan,  Wm. J. Hatcher, Lieutenant  F. H. Barnes, R. Q.-M. Sergeant  Tom Robinson ������������������''  Laurie Long  James Baird  Geo. G. Warwick, Lieutenant  If you have  not paid your  subscription  to the Press  for 1917, it  would be  appreciated  at this time  PROFESSIONAL  Look at expiry date with your  name on paper. If it isn't up to  date will you not bring it up to  date? The Walker Press  The only merchant who cannot  afford to advertise is he. who has  voted to be with the spiders, the  cockroaches and the microbes.  P^ C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk. Enderby, B.C.  SECRET SOCIETIES  J. C. METCALFE  W. M.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40  Regular meetings fint  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Oddfellows Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invited  C. H. REEVES  Secretary  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 35. K. of P.  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Up ion year ogoM.ss  >0U1T PETTIFOGGING  ���������������������������md   where    >hm.mi   ~         .    .      ..     week, -.up i������������������ *l ���������������������������������������������" " ,  ^ arc locals  mated thai lhe majpiuty in laxo, o I ^ Alberln       l.i   o,l^  prohil,ir,on al the   asl cletHo n * ^ j bcC(1 lhcre lhrcc.ye.s- I he  1 ,   ���������������������������..  i^   u> wined out  ������������������>   >-*>,iv' .   ���������������������������,, ,,,V!! sic is oc-  The London Chronicle in a recent  ���������������������������lssuc  complains  ^ ^"1    o  .i..wsi)������������������iihm's   "write   habiluaUy    01  :czr������������������uh ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������.������������������������������������'i^������������������  which must hc vi'i-y cmlwii.'*���������������������������.'"=  ^ Iforoian oDIci." and    - P";  isis were   ol ccn'"������������������.. n,,dorl|i���������������������������g some  Ihi    says she is do-  when speaking on  iiiiim"������������������������������������ .-- -       . |hin���������������������������s shc  has seen  on  the  ^'OOO soldiers' voles, but accbrdmg;some   Ii n��������������������������� .AlUmlk..    For in-  ways been very sens.Inc. J^,^.!^'^^ slcps l0 discover xvr^-\ L"o������������������ * _,, _K shc ca������������������������������������������������������ol un  ways been verv a^n.......,~.  politic lo irritate America by.pedantic procedure without any naval  value or military necessily. Wc are  justified in.scheduling on the blacklist certain commercial firms in neutral countries, but we. fear lhe blacklisting has been enforced in loo  rigorous and intliscriminaling a  fashion^      From    the    commercial  are laking steps tu , ���������������������������    - ,  ,.u.iUeSi which are alreacb cha ac ���������������������������  I  is cl imed lhal there were-.wholc-  XE)V COUNCIL MEETS  ii^uiw...,   ..... * Organization meeting ol" lhc 101.7  fashion.      From    the    commercial | City Council was held Monday lasl,  point of view the blacklist has not;aIKi ulc following aldermen elected  been all gain.   If only our foreign !as chairmen of the several commit-  ollicc would acl in a broad and not:iccs:  Works, Aid. Fravel: Waler &  in a pellifogging spirit in such imit-l i?jrc Proteclion, Aid. Poison; Street  tors all would  be well.    The best j i.iyhiing,    Aid.    Gaylord;     Public| added,  hope for the fulurc of mankind is a ��������������������������� Htalth,  Aid.  Nichol;  Finance, Aid.  complete   understanding  and   sym-j Collarl; Cily Hall, Mayor Dill.   Thc  palhy   and   harmony  between   lhe .first regular meeting will be held on  British     Empire    and     thc    great'i.\������������������h    12ih,   nnd   "���������������������������-.-.rw.,.   nn   \\]C  republic."  ces. In other words, she cannot un-J  destand why there should be so,  many. English officials there when  there are capable Canadians ready  and willing lo fill the posts. Even  in the high commissioner's ollice  there are loo many Englishmen and  too few Canadians, and lhe result, is  that there has been considerable  criticism in many quarters over this  condition of all'airs. The British  Columbia ollice is no exception, she  AgentWanted!  EMPIRE SEMI-TRIMMED  WALL PAPERS  (Patented)  Nationally Advertise.!  The Greatest Wall Paper inttn-  Uou ol the age.  A 1WIST OP THE WRIST  IBIMS    THE    BOLL  No   knife,   scissori  or   itraighl  edge required.  Paper hanging siaAe easy,  quicker, cleaner and better.  An energetic agent is "wanted in  this locality to show samples and  solicit orders from householders.  Haadsemely bound sample books  Bhowinj'hundreds of beautiful, exclusive patterns are furnished  agenti free.  Over  2,100  agents are making  largo profits.  Applicants please state occupation, age, and surrounding Tillages  can canvass, when full particulars  will be furnished.  , 1% EMPIRE WALL PAPER  CO., LIMITED  WINNIPEG 27W  Overcoats  Heavy and Light  A very nice line to select from  Heavy Woolen  Socks  FOR THE LUMBER CAMP  FOR THE CURLER,  FOR DRIVING,  FOR SLEIGH PARTIES,  FOR THE BOYS AND GIRLS  ALL SIZES,  BEST CJUALITY,  PRICES LOWEST.  Leave orders at the store for dry  Cord Wood.    Plenty of it.  GERMANY WON'T REPLY  I-el).  CURLING SCHEDULE,  ' \ the  '; given  generous assistance repeatedly  iii. lhis connection.  thereafter  on   the  | second Monday in each monlh  M   the  outgoing  meeting ol. lhc  ll(H(   citv council, a..���������������������������esoh.t.onw'as  ��������������������������� .     .       .Cecl   Vccognixing   lhe   good   scr  The  local  curlers have  enjoyed ; ^ of lhc ()Uilnagan ^ *  '^  ,iw    Nccllenl ice of thc past wcc*.. (n,lUlil0USly sending the sans plo>N  ?hcv now h .vc two sheets running, 1^. lhc sidcWllk, Ihroughoul   h  n" with only six rinks plu^ng   he | ^        ,    ^idcniig     ^ M;^  unmctlineS     UliOUa-      >J1"   ^ j  rcporl Keith and Mack have me ,|  ��������������������������� V   iv,    *rnve    11-10   in   Macks,  T;'vor  S:oU 1KM Reeves 11-10  D.H| hav, liar ,������������������������������������������������������. ������������������b������������������������������������l  l:ds livmis. skip; Clm-encc lM-nvc , ������������������ ^ womll��������������������������� who slippcn  * ' .    |i,���������������������������   r'i<iix   and   atlNlaCU   U'������������������-  A Berlin report under date of Jan.  10th, says: "Dr. Alfred Zimmerman,  the   German   foreign  minister,  informed the Associated Press today ,  that in his opinion thc Entente re- LOST  ply lo President Wilson's peace nole      '"J���������������������������1  bars the possibility for the present  of  further German  steps to bring!  about peace,   in particular, he said,:  it precluded any  direct announce-j  ment by Germany of ils peace'condilions ;in answer to the terms set  forth in the lalest Entente note. Expressing a profound conviction that  thc program of the Entente powers  never could be carried into effect,  the   German   minister   intimated   a  failure  of  the  Entente's  oljensivei  this year, which hc expected, might  again make it possible lo approach  the subject of peace on reasonable  terms and with some prospect of  If you have tried a side of our  new-cured bacon, or a ham, you do  c. ^  ,r���������������������������^    , ^ i ,not require an invitation to take a  STRAYED���������������������������Io my place, a 2-ycar-|picce home wilh you.   If you have  old steer; black  and brown;  no | not. tried a piece, you do not know  brand.   If not claimed -within 10 'what you are missing,   ll is choice,  days it will be sojd to defray ex- and so delicious in.llavor.   Try it.  penscs.    S. Putuhr; Mara. B.C. .  ,OJ-Black  and  ^hile s������������������ecr,  18  Enderby Opera House  Tuesday, Jan. 23rd  success."  than ever  We are going out of business this time.  Look at these for prices: -  Commencement of the Famous  Movie Service by Messrs. Gregory  & Ashton,  of Armstrong  Opera, House.     This is a 7-reel  service, and the best obtainable.  ~  - ���������������������������          r-.  It is the intention of Messrs.  ll. ,!> u .  ,V. r\,^,.., Mouse. sh<  Gregory  TTslUon lo resume lhe picture  ���������������������������\ r  ll ',. .,,,.1,. diows ol seven  II   IS   lllC   UlllMiLiiiii   w.    na.j.il'S,   VJivjjiiM.,    ^   ....        Ill   lO   l'C.SUIIiv:   mi.   ,/..   plays at the Opera House, showing one of the Triangle shows ol seven  reels each Tuesday evening, provided the patronage .--warrants it. For  TlTeVTc!?lVVw^week^ of the Triangle picture plays  'Tiev will be continued indefinilel ' ^ '^^^^^^^nlr^of^EiHlerbv^-indu'aU  UlliH,   ,,,,,...   =mlLs������������������jiJJx5L-b������������������?l ������������������f the Triangle pictun.- |.m<.,,...  They wm dc v...... _.. in(le(initelyTMluriT^plF"of^Bn(lerb^  by their patronage lhal thev desire it. The charge I'or each performance,  will he 25c for adults, and tOcTor children.    DON'T MISS IT!  FIVE-O'CLOCK TEA SETS, Uptec*  ������������������������������������������������������;������������������������������������������������������  10-inch PLATES, per ,dozen    Rev. H.  >v. i^������������������.   ";  ";:";,;���������������������������,.���������������������������"��������������������������� 11 mch PLATES, per dozen .,   sis ^SS. ^='��������������������������� !iSr^m. ::::v  ACCORJDEONS   .    i ���������������������������  Armstrong-  Rink  cskatinsr everv afternoon and  S|.VBflndrin=attend,-  ...$.2.00  ... 1.00  .75  . .. .65  . 20c up  . 25c up  2 for 5c  ������������������2.25 up)  .1  ance efery Tuesday evening.  O  ^nian.-  VV Hi^k*        ���������������������������  and prices low.  O^MoUo-^VALJTY AND SE^S ^  TEECE    &    SON,        BeUlock, Enderlf  m ^     - ������������������������������������������������������  to move 100 bags of No. 2 patent  Flourat$2.-4S-fef4^fes-  k n      f T7innr ind Feed will arrive shortly.  A Car oi Floui^nd J.cc^ ^flt by ^ ^^ pncc  y  We need the floor  and Groceries  Gents' Fit^nisi^nos _--~-^==^=^^=~ "  77Y7YY^YY.Z7YY^^^���������������������������������������������-������������������''*' "���������������������������  RgVy^STANDARD  FIELDSEEDS  ���������������������������TTYYYYTYYYY^ ^^\sSSSl777SS^ liS'lSV^  i()17     U is the desire ol the . - ������������������ ,f the L.nsuin������������������ year, and we  ,ic rocnee as much as poss, lie du n? tl \\ hl������������������{ Brilish.Core arranging with lhe le (i b ^ us ^. HQy s , ^.  i mbia aiul Allicrta tn ca t> ��������������������������������������������� ������������������"������������������ ^ ,ho choicest il is possiule  I)AIU) l^^'i^^^.i^^hrkets 'I'hey are Government msp.c-  \(id-.\\Tc.lr\.% selected" fen purity. (, ;|(,.  Seeds should be pnrcha.sed   c.ul>   .     P������������������   .<-���������������������������.      ,hc        ������������������c[  dmfm.cr   nOYAI.  STANDARH   J^/-\R.p VyZ  ,|,.i,l,.r I'liiili"! s������������������PI>ly S" NU"C  "  Vancouver Milling & Gram Co. Ltd.  V  *** VANCOUVER. B.C.  nmwmm���������������������������,   |HOSE WHO, FROM TIME TO TIME, HAVE FUNDS REQUIRING  INVESTMENT MAY PURCHASE  AT PAR  DOMINION OF CANADA DEBENTURE STOCK  IN  SUMS OF $500 OR ANY  MULTIPLE THEREOF.  Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.  Interest* payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free of exchange at  any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five per cent per annum from the date of  purchase.  Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and accrued interest,  as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment made under any future war loan issue  in Canada other than an issue of Treasury Bills or other like short date security.  Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.  A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and  stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications for this stock which bear their  stamp.  For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.  DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, OTTAWA,  OCTOBER 7th, 1916.


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