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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Mar 22, 1917

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 $f  Enderby, B. C.,,March 22, 1917  AND      WALK E R 'S       WEEKLY  Vol. 10; No. 4; Whole No. 456  ENDERBY AND DISTRICT NEWS  Good morning!    Let us (s)pray.  Mr. T. Al. Lewis returned from a  business trip to Seattle this week.  The world beat the Irish jn an  exciting game of curling at thc  Enderby rink last Saturday night.  Mr. Paradis returned from the  vicinity of Chase the past week,  where he has been employed the  past winler.  ' Remember to do your shopping  early next Saturday evening, as the  merchants of Enderby wish to see  the Battle of the Somme.  Mrs. Hezekiah Elliot received the  sad news of Her father's death this  week. He \vas-������������������a resident of East  Molsey, Old England, aged 84.  The mortgage sale of certain Endcrhy property which was advertised, to be held ycst'ciday, did not  . lake place, an order from the court  having, been . seemed postponing  Ihe sale until certain claims of.the  mortgagor could be heard.  Some practical ��������������������������� joker put one  over lhe bulletin readers the other  day. He, pasted in the window a  price list of ��������������������������� stable commodities  cut from a Montreal paper, show--  ing meat at 3c and Ac a pound,  butter lGc, and other articles of  household use at prices similarly  low. Thc paper from which the  quotations were cut' was twenty  years old, which fact was not  mentioned.  Lieul. E. Evans gave a very interesting and instructve recruiting  lecture al the Opera House last evening to a small audience. The lecture was illustrated! by moving  , pictures of the work and training  camp of the Canadian Engineers.  .Lieut., Evans has covered a good  portion of thc Province in his recruiting tour,   lie reports fair suc-  family together Ihis week and  make the back yard spick ancl  span. Then, as soon as il is dry  enough to work up, instead of Jelling noxious weeds grow, plant a  productive vegetable garden, and  your worry about the high cost of  green stuffs will be no more. The  possibililics of back yard gardening-are almost limitless. There are  thousands of acres of them undeveloped, ancl Ihey may as well be  producing enough vegetables for  the family table during the summer  and, properly canned, enough for  the winter, loo. '  CANADIAN PATRIOTIC FUND  Thc  treasurer  of  the  Canadian  Patriotic   Fund   acknowledges the  following,  contributions    received  since publication of the last list:  C. B. Parkinson   ....  J.  Mackay   ....:....  R. M. Fenton  .......  Miss M. V. Bcattie...  Cv*B. Winter     C. P.  D. J.  Miss St. B. Robinson  Miss-^S;. .Cooke--, -.-.v. r.  .$ 5.00  V 1.00  .    1.001  .'    2.50 j  . 10.00!  MILITARY Y.M.C.A.  A meeting of the local committee  of the Military Y.M.C.A. was held  on Tuesday evening at the home  of Mr. A. C. Skaling. The treasurer  reported lhat the response lo the  appeal made by Mr.II.G. Estabrook,  field secretary, had been most generous. The committee feels that  Iheic are still a good many who did  nol have an opportunity of doing  lhcir bit to assist in the work of thc  "Y.M." In order to'maintain the  work being clone by the Military  Y.M.C.A., it is urged that all subscribe as generously as they can,  and it is hoped that as many as can  will give monthly subscriptions  until the termination of the war.  Thc subscriptions may bc left-with  any member of the committee, consisting of Messrs. Kei lb, Ryan, Fulton,  '"Welsh   and-. Skfiling.       Thc  G. Murdoch       5.00  F.   Fravel   .../ :.   -5.00  T. M. Lewis      1.00  A  Friend        5.00  A.   Fulton    -....    5.00  Anonymous    \.      .50  Miss I. Robinson        LOO  Open,   collection      Mr. and Mrs. Skaling ..  Mr. and Mrs. II. McKce  Mrs.  Mr.  HIGH SCHOOL BOYS' DEB ATI-  All lhe available seats in thc assembly   hall   of   Fortune's   School  were   occupied    last   Friday' evening to hear the debate put on by  a* team from the high school, under  30 ! the supervision of Mr. Welsh, the  5.00 ''high school teacher.   This was the  30.00' '"'St of a series of debates it is pro-  Dow       12.00' Posed to hold in connection with  Ryan ,. 1.00  l,,c  high school work, thc ^object  T. E. French  H.  Bush   ....  Mrs. Piper   ..  ! Proceeds II. S  Mrs.   Strickland        2.00  J. Lambert   10.00  AMERICAN SHIPS'SUNK  Washington, .'March ,19.���������������������������The  United States and Germany are on  the verge of open hostilities. With  treasurer begs lo .acknowledge re- f'a virtual stale of war existing as "a  ceipt  of  the   following .su'bscrip- j result  of  the  ruthless sinking by  Ryan/.  Welch  tions to date  3 oo I J- A. Dow .  5'M> D. J. Welsh.  2.00  2.00  H.  Cooke   .........'     2.50  $34.00'  v-   -,      - '[German      submarines      of     three    $ 5.00 " American   freighters,   lhc   City   of     5.00   Memphis, Vigilancia and Illinois, it  H.  Hendrickson-  5.00 j is now believed inevitable thai the  A. .Reeves y_..' ��������������������������� V .- 50.00 j first-meeting- between., an   "armed  FI. - ByrnesV ."  1.00 j American   merchant' vessel   and   a  E.. Schamahorn   \. 1.00   U-boat  will   mark  the opening of  H.' McMahon    ".  5.00 I actual hostilities.  to gel back while "thc going is good." When thc leaves1 power aflcr having shouldered lhe crush  Russians moved back out oi' Galicia and oul of ing responsibilities ci" Premier and foreign min-  Poland; when the Serbians moved oul ol* Serbia, islcr lor IS months. He retires on the very day  when   lhc  Rumanian  army moved out  oi*  Ru-jwhcn  lhe Franco-British armies gain a  victory  l������������������SSJJlut^l,g<W_st������������������Ongly_tl���������������������������  man who is .physically fit should  join fhe Engineers i'or overseas.  Enderby churchgoers are promised a rare treat next Sunday evening when Miss Brigden, a distinguished worker in lhe Department of Social Service and Evangelism of the Methodist Church of  Canada will give an address in the  Methodist church. Miss Brigden  spoke at Armstrong lasl Sunday,  and one who heard her there says,  "nothing can bc said loo highly of  Miss Brigden. She is a noble wo  man, of  The reserved scats for thc Battle  of the Soniine, lo be shown at the  Opera House Saturday evening  are nearly all sold. A few are still  -to bc had, however, and if you desire to avoid the rush for a seat  that evening, we would advise you  to buy early. The house will bc  sold out, all but the rush seats, before Saturday. It is desirable that  everybody having scats reserved  should be in their seat by 8 o'clock  so as not to interfere with others  seeing every incident recorded on  the actual battlefield in these remarkable pictures.  ���������������������������Go to your back window todav.  Wc wonder if you arc looking out  upon what we can sec from our  own back window���������������������������a yard full of  rubbish and .dirt piles. Now,  say, let's clean them up. It has  been a long winler, and a steady  one.   It i.s now at an end.   Gel the  An army has two functions to perform���������������������������onc sivc al some other poinl. Bul wc do-not believe  al a lime. One of thc functions is to destroy thc il will ever bc pulled off. In this connection,. Thc  enemv, the other is to avoid thc enemy. To avoid M;Uin' ,lhc ,catUl,8 newspaper of Paris said only  ,, .   r i     l   ��������������������������� a      i      i ���������������������������       a 'cw ('l,ys a8������������������������������������ commenting on the latest Anglo-  thc enemy an army must retreat.   A retreat.is a Frcnch SUCCGSS on  lhc SonimC) .,nt, Uic-Wirc-  retreat.   An army moves back because il wants lllcni 0f  lhc Briand  cabinet:  '  1.00 : ot ^r- Welsh being to give the boys  1.00 ] practical experience ���������������������������>. in plalform  2.00'WOI'k, in order to develop in th'eni  debate    12.(50 a  faculty for ready, extemporane- -  ous speaking.  Tho question debated was "Thc  Pen is Mightier than the Sword,"  the. affirmative being taken by Jno.-  McKay  and   Elmer  Grant, and thc  negative by William" Faulkner and  Douglas Dow.    The .chair was1 occupied   by   Mayor - Dill,   and -. Dr. -  Keith   and    Cily. Clerk   Rosomani,  acted  in- the  capacity,   of-judgesV  Miss Hartry assisted with a" pi ah p  solo, Miss Paradis and-Miss Langc  ���������������������������"-with   vocal    solos.     Rcv.V J.   E>  G re lion  give  a  brief. but. pointed  .Udk .'^.encouragement -of-Ihe good,  work  inaugurated   by   Mr.-Welsh  and the boys, and in so doing remarked   about   the   policy   of   the  educational department of Alberta,  where, he said, prizes are given by  the   government   and   regular ' debates arranged  and  held  publicly  in    connection    with    the    school  work. , Hc hoped to see thc educational department of lhis Province  adopt a similar course, as he believed there was great need of development in this line of education.  Mr.   Rosoman,    speaking    for   thc  judges    of    thc    debate,     highly  Arislidc Briand praised the work and hoped to see  the good work continued.  - The boys taking pari in the debate   handled   their   subject   well,  ancLdisplaved-C-onsi d era bl o=abi 1 i t-v=  the   Y.   M.   C.   A.   military   fund,  ing, oi* course, is lhal the retreating army moves loo much lo say, or lo hope, thai the real fighting; c.,su in sll|)porl of lhcil. si(lc of lhe  back from a position that has become untenable of lhe war is over.   Perhaps il is loo much lo say1 debate,  lo a new position, easier to hold.   Wc read of all, thai already the diplomats of the opposing forces       '   '      . '    .  kinds of guesses as lo lhc meaning of lhc Ger-'havc really laid the plans for a mutual' adjust-     A collection was taken m aid ol  man army's rclreat from a large portion of thc ment, and lhal the important movements on lhci . .  ;   .  Icrrilory captured in France. And as one guess Western front, and in Mesopotamia, and in {,,nou" mg ,0 ,;,-(j '���������������������������  seems to be as near right as anolher, we arc going Mussia are but the outward signs of whal is  lo make a guess ourselves. Our guess is lhat Lhe; transpiring behind lhe scenes. , It was said some  Germans are going back in order lo get back, j months ago hy a prominent writer lhal lhe firs I  Whal they wili do aflcr lhcy get back remains to;.sign of approaching peace to look for would he  ,'reat charm and power." ^ secn-    ^u' 1'1C enemy has had good reasons, lhal all the men who were in power in lhe several  for moving back. You will remember when llie| nalions originally brought inlo war would step  first offer of peace came from Germany, the re- down and oul and Iheir places would be filled hy  ply of the Allies was lhat Germany must givelothers who would he in a position lo weigh lhe  some heller proof'of her sincerity in claiming!great issues al slake more dispassionately nnd  lhat she had no intention of holding the "occu-i more considerately one ol" the olher. Have wc  pied territory on thc Western front. "Show us," j not witnessed the final consummation ol" this pre-  was the word sent back.    This year, 1917, we; hide to peace enacted within lhc past week or  y  have been assured from bolh Allied and enemy  sources is to bc "peace year." Referring lo the  opening ol* the Imperial war conference in London on the 20th inst, Premier Lloyd George said:  "Overseas representatives have been asked lo attend what aie in effect meetings of an Imperial  cabinet, because wc fell it imperative that the  whole Empire should assist in arriving at certain  impending decisions about thc war and terms of  peace which must bc of decisive importance lo  the future and all ils people." These words were  spoken bul a day or two ago. The Germans know  that Britain means business. They know lhcy  can look for just treatment al the hands of  Britain and her allies, provided they themselves  are prepared lo give proof of Iheir good intentions. The backward move of the enemy may  mean a move in prepration for a powerful offen- nol appear lo be far distant.  two? Britain's change of leaders came with the  downfall of Premier Asquith and Earl Grey;  Germany's with lhc outgoing of lhe original war  lords in.command; Austria's wilh the death of  Emperor Joseph; France's with the resignation ol"  lhe pasl and present cabinet; Russia's wilh lhe  downfall of Czar Nicholas and his bureaucratic  form of government. Finally the world nalions  at war have reached a position wherc the several  peoples may meel on a common footing, and  when Germany, the last of the European empires  to be. ruled "by divine right" bows the knee to the  inevitable, and gives ample proof lhal she, loo,  has accepted lhe dictum that henceforth (here  shall bc no "divinely appointed" autocratic as  ruler of her people, then shall thc peace lhe world  longs I'or come.   And Ihis happy condition does  WE,  ITIIER FOR FEBRUARY  o  ������������������  ^  "P.  C  ���������������������������7?i  Memarks  1  8  -11  1!)  '6 i/j  Cloudv  ')  20  /  13  1 '/.  Cloudy  ii  28  1!)  !)  Cloudv  ���������������������������i  :m  28  (>  Cloudv  -.)  :i!i  31  8  Cloudv  0  :ui  30  (i  Cloudv  /  38  32  0  PI   clear  8  ���������������������������10  31  !)  Pi   clear  !)  3<)  2(>  13  PI   clear  10  38.  28  10  1'/.  PI   clear  11  ���������������������������10  32  8  Pt   clear  12  -12  23  1!)  Pt   clear  13  38  27  11  Clear  M  30  30  (i  ���������������������������Cloudv  15  38  31  /  1  Cloudy  l(i  ���������������������������������������������I2  20  22  Pt   clear  17  3-1  II  23  Clear  IS  3(i  lo  11  '���������������������������)\  Pt clear  1!)  20  0  21  1  Cloudv  20  12  .2  13  ��������������������������� V:  Pt   clear  21  II  -,)  It)  2  Pt   clear  ')���������������������������)  Hi  -18  31  Clear  2'6  1!)  -1!)  38  'Clear  24  21  I)  21  Clear  2;")  22  -11  3(i  Clear  2(i  77  -1  2(i  Clear  27  27  ���������������������������1  23  PI   clear  28  31  2  2!)  Clear  Do you lake your Sunday dinner  a I the King Kdward? THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  Thursday, March 22, 1917  SNOBBERY AND DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS  is the same as the  "divine right" of  anybody else���������������������������to be  useful���������������������������and they  have no other right  oils  Bolh  THE ENDERBY PRESS  AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  II.   M.   WAl.KKR  Published  every  Thursday at    Enderby.   13. C.  Walker   Press.  ;it  S2   per  year,   by   the  Advertising  Rates:   Transient,  50c an inch first in" e tion,  25c each subsequent insertion.     Contract advertisinif. .51 an inch per month.  THURSDAY. MARCH 22, 1917  A SOLICITOR'S BILL  .    .50  .   1.00  .55  .    .25  .   1.00  .    .50  .    .25  .    .25  100.00  Russia in revolution would mean nothing. But  Russia in successful revolution, means one of the  greatest events in history. Had the revolt failed,  It would have meant only anolher revolt put  down and a few hundred unfortunate patriots  sent lo Siberia or lo a quicker death, and the iron  heel of Russian autocracy sel lighter upon lhc  neck of the people' But the revolution succeeded,  and therein lies lhe difference. Mad it failed, it  would have been considered by Ihe world a crime  againsl lhe stale. lis-success* portends an event  as great as any in history. Whatever ell'eel il  mav have upon lhe war, and il is as yel somewhat  doubtful as lo whal ihis will he, lhe ell'eel will be  | far reaching in lhe life of lhe Russian nalion itself, and upon other countries lying along side of  Russia. 11. means lhat lhe days of the "divine  right of kings" is fast drawing lo a close; lhal  Conspicuous'Wasie and snobbery, all based upon  and having direct relation lo this "divine right"  of lhe. ruling class, has reached iis limiL in the  world, nnd soon musl give way lo something less  costly bul more useful. It means lhal lhe com-  nion"people are coming lo the lop, and lhat lhe  davs of frills and gold braid, crowns and scepters,  are numbered. When Russia, lhe greales! advocate of Absolulcism in Europe, has to bow to  the inevih.ble, lhe bright star of Democracy is  rapidly approaching its. grcalest splendor.  The world has jusl passed through ils greatest  period of Conspicuous Waste in peace. This  period terminated when lhc war began. We arc  now witnessing the greatest period of Conspicu-  Wasle in war. One had lo follow thc other,  lingo u\)en tha! beautiful but empty theory  "the divine right ol" kings." As lhc war has progressed wc have seen lhe belligerent nations cut  out the Conspicuous Waste in everything but  war itself. Finally wc shall see the Conspicuous Waste of war will devour the superficial  wealth of the would, and. of mankind, leaving  only [hose absolutely needful things of life, such  as kindness, cb.aritablenss, helpfulness and personal character, impressed more deeply than ever  upon the heart of humanity, and upon these attributes will the new civilization bc built. Following Russia's example, thc demand I'or a democratic form of government will next be heard  in Germany. Only a few days ago Germany's  leading statesman, Chancellor von Hollwcg, foreshadowed this when he said: "Woe lo the stales-  man who should believe lhal after the catastrophe, such as lhc world has never seen before,  thc scope of which contemporaries and those  directly engaged "in if cannot possibly measure,  hc can* start again from where he left 6IT before  lhe caiasrophc". If hc should try lo put new wine  into old bottles, woe lo lhat statesman."..  Perhaps Greal Britain is lhe most democratic  kingdom   the  world  has  ever seen.    Wc  take  much pride in our democracy. But wc, too, must  prepare lo break away from lhe old customs of  Conspicuous Waste.    We have had a very large.  jidea of that Superior Class, who in years that arc  [gone proved their exemption from any manual  or useful labor by wearing ruffles lhal came over  the  hands,   rendering  them   practically   useless.  They wore dainty slippers with  polished silver  buckles or bows, while stockings, much dainty  and delicate finery.    Corsets were first worn-by  men,   which   forbade  any  useful  bodily  clforl.  Some of these things have been relegated to the.  lie  In thc Salmon Arm Observer, a week or so ago,  some six columns wcrc'dcvoled to giving a .slalemenl of an account againsl lhat city for legal  services rendered, amounting lo some few hundred dollars. Every item in the statement was  no doubt a legal charge, and the whole thing  accurate in every detail. But it could nol be read  " by anyone���������������������������exccpl, perhaps, by the ratepayers of  Salmon Arm���������������������������without the humor of thc situation coming lo the surface. Il was as if little  Bill had the job of carrying a message lo Aunt  Sue, and rendered a slalemenl of the transaction  thus:  'Hiking, message lo be delivered $1.00  Gelling   lin!    .   Pulling  Im!   on   bond      Turning lint around wilb bow on rigbl side.  Opening   door   to   go   Taking slep wilh right fool      Following with left foot     Turning hull' round lo gel oul door   Turning half round  buck  when out of door  Taking 100 steps wiih right I'ool  100.001 IKlsi  others have been taken over by llie women.  Taking 100 steps wilh left foot     :">������������������-M'Bul we had not, up to ..lhe coming of lhc war.  Slopping up door-step on arrival at Aunt Sue's..    .50 ; \)(1Ui] .Ab\c [0 aet away from any of lhe Conspicu-  Kingh g door bell  25 ious  \vasie  which  hangs  lo  thai empty bauble  Ak^'.'JtJ.'.VJSg............ ;_....;_���������������������������..���������������������������_....���������������������������....���������������������������. ��������������������������� ���������������������������_;������������������������������������������������������...... -........ -J3Q j-_ l h calkin e^dgliLoiVkuigs .V���������������������������There, are, .or. have.  Willing it     ���������������������������-���������������������������''���������������������������been,  certain ' unwritten" laws  which   have  held  Are you going to do any  Building-or Repairing'  This Season ?  THE FOLLOWING ARE GOOD VALUES:  No. 4 Flooring, and Ceiling ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������10.00 per thousand  No. 4 Drop Siding,  $10.00       "       "  Cull Boards ���������������������������  ...   5.00  No 2 Dimension, 2x4 ancl 2x6 ������������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������  13.00      "      "  No. 3 Cedar Bevel Siding 15,00  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd. Enderby  King Edward  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  King Edward Hotel, f^JfURPHY Enderby  TLEOF  OMME  The Greatest War Pictures ever shown  to the World, will be shown in Enderby ,  SATURDAY EVE, MARCH 24, 1917.  Prices,  75c, 50c and 25c; no higher  Reserved Seats now oru'sale.    See plan at the office of  THE WALKER r?RESS-75c  EXECUTORS' NOTICE  In  thc   matter   of   the   Estate  George Weir, Deceased  of  Delivering   message      Dolling  hat      Holding hat in hand while message i.s rend  Conversation re. weather with servant....  Saying "Good  Day" on leaving on return  Replacing   hat      Retracing   slops * .*. *   Blowing nose on arrival home     Wiping   ir"7777777".'TV" "777777V7"."".777777  J-M j society  ���������������������������;),) ! canons  1.00  ..   1.00  ,.    .50  .     .50  150.00  .     .50  s:n2.of)  The Duchess ol* Connaughl died March 1 HILd  aflcr sulVering for iihoul  pneumonia.  i wc-.'k irom iiron*.  Ilh  liiiil  PLAN TO TAKE ALL OF CANADIAN WHEAT  The Oll;i\v;i (iovernnienl has received word  lhal the Canadian Council ol' Agriculture, acting  al Ilcgina. has decided lhal lhe whole crop of  wheal in Canada shall he laken for the. British  Government, expressing the opinion that a minimum price ol* $1.:")() and a maximum price of  $1.00 I'or No. 1 Norllurn at Winnipeg should he  fixed, or failing that, lhal a lint, price of $1.70 on  the same ha sis at Fori William would he satisfactory. The other grades down from No. 1 Northern would he valued according lo milling and  haking tests. The price oll'ered hy lhc British  (iovernnienl, il is understood, was .$1.80.  "II* the Brilish Governmcnl needs men lo do  manual Inhor in the old land," asks lhe Vancouver Federalionisls. "why nol hire Chinamen  and hriug them to Fngland?" II adds lhal il  would cosl less lhan laking while men from Canada and importing Chinks lo replace Ihem here.  in chains for centuries. One of tlie fixed  for the man of the Superior Class and all  of his family, has been lhal lhcy shall do no  useful work." Another canon is lhal lhe person of  lhe Superior Class may carry a bag of golf-clubs  or a tennis racquet on thc public street, but dare  not he seen with a hoe. a pickax or a broom.  The manjif lhc Sjipj:MyiorJ^ass_in{iyJ_ole_a \yiolin  case, bul ho dare not touch a coal-seullle in  public. While a woman of Ihe Superior Class  may allend lo llowers. bul she musl nol work in  Ihc'vcgclable garden. Anything, in fuel, lhat has  direclly lo do wilh the maintenance of life, has  been considered bad form, crude, rude, vulgar  and forbidden. In national life and in private  life we have delighted in make-believe. We have  delighled in making ourselves believe wc were  useful when all lhe while we have known we  were nol. Once we thought as a nation thai work,  was a curse. The war is leaching us lhal work is  the only honorable calling; that it is a privilege  lo do something useful. Women of our Superior  Class now make clolhing I'or the boys a I the  front; knil sox. and prepare bandages, when before the war, it would have been laboo for than  il" they made clothing for themselves or their own  family.  II" the war docs noihing more than Avreck lhe  world upon the rock of Conspicuous Waste, it  will have brought humanity a world of good.  And lhe first things lo go of Conspicuous Waste   ie bauble of snobbery and the "divine  NOTICE is hereby given lhat ail  persons   having   claims   upon   the  estate of the late Gcorye Weir, who  died   on   the   twenty third   day  of  September, A.D. 1915, are required  to send  lo A.  C. Skaling, solicitor  for the Executors, Messrs. Tnoinas  Skyrme and  John   Lambert, on  or  before the 2nd day of April, A. D.  1917,- a    full   statement   of   their  claims, and of any security held by  them,   duly    veriiied    by   aflidavil*;  and that after that dale the Executors will proceed to distribute the  assets of the Deceased  among tho  parties entitled thereto, having regard only for the claims that "have  been duly tiled wilh them; and all  debts due to lhe said Deceased are  to be paid to lhe undersigned.  ^r)a-tcliViT^En1leT]JyT"B;CVflti08fli  day of Fcbruarv, A.D., 1017.  A.  C. SKALING,.  Solicitor for Executors.  FRESH  FISH  EVERY   THURSDAY  w  right  lie  ol  Umgs.  China broke oil" diploma lie relations wilh Germany last week.  II is a disgrace lo half do things.  GEO. R SHARPE  WHOLESALE - RETAIL BUTCHER  -��������������������������� _    .  E. J. Mack *  Livery, Feed & Sale' Stables ] \  , ENDERBY, B. C.  Good Rigs;   Careful Driv-  ��������������������������� ers; Dray ing of all kinds.  Comfortable and Commodious Stabling for teams.  Auto for Hire  x > Prompt attention to all customers  ������������������  {>     Land-seekers  and Tourists in-  <> vited to give us a trial.  $ <$><M><$4>4>#$'4*4><$*^<$>^^  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING REGULATIONS  Coal mining righls of the Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan ancl  Alberla, llie Yukon Territory, the  Northwest Territories and a portion  of the Province of British Columbia,  may bc leased for a term of twenty-  one years al an annual rental of $1  an acre. Nol more than 25(50 acres  will be leased to one applicant.  Application for a lease must be  made by tlie applicant in person to  thc Agent of sub-Agent of the district in which rights applied for aVe  situated.  In   surveyed   territory  the land  must be described by sectioi'iis1_pr_  Me^ffl^sU!Witvi%"iWiT^f"isMl1oiis,"ai*ur  in   unsurveyed   territory   the   tract  applied for shall be slaked out by  thc applicant himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of 85-which will bc  refunded if the righls applied for  are not available, but not otherwise.  A 'royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the  rate of five cents per ton.  The person opcrating: the���������������������������:mine_  shall furnish the Agent wilh sworn  'returns accounting for the full  quantity of merchantable coal  mined and pay lhc royally thereon.  If Ihe coal mining rights are not  operated, such returns should be  furnished at least once a year.  The lease will include thc coal  mining rights only, but the lessee  may bc permilled to purchase whatever available surface rights as may  be considered necessary for the  working of the mine, at the rale of  $10 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to lhc Secretary of  thc Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or sub-Agent  of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy "Minister of the Interior.  N.B.--Unauthorized publication of  this advertisement will not be paid  for.���������������������������83575.  C. P. R. TIMETABLE  Southbound                    Northbound  10.'15 lv.       Sicamous  ar. 18.15  11.18                  Mara  17.58  11.34              Grindrod  17.14  11.49             ENDERBY  10.59  12.15             Armstrong  16.30  13.03                Vernon  15.45  13,25 ar.     Okanagan Ldg  lv.15.30  H. VV. BRODIE        JNO BURNHAM  ii. P. A., Vancouver   Agt., Enderby ^  /  Thursday, March 22, 1917  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Food Supply  and Help  Make Victory  Sure  I AM assured that  my people will respond to every call  necessary to the success of our cause���������������������������with  the same indomitable  ardour and devotion  that have filled me with  pride and gratitude  since the war began."  His Majestv Kjng George  is ������������������  UR soldiers must be fed; the people at  home must be fed. And���������������������������in spite of  Germany's murderous campaign to  cut off the Allies' Food supply, by sinking  every ship on the High Seas���������������������������an ample and  unfailing flow of food to England and  France must be maintained.  This is National Service-  Not to the Farmer only  But to YOU���������������������������to everybody  This appeal is directed  WE must unite as a Nation to SERVE  ���������������������������toSAVEand tc PRODUCE. Men,  women ancl children; the young, the middle  aged- and the old���������������������������all can help in' the  Nation's Army of Production.  EVERY pound of  FOOD raised^ helps  reduce the cost of living and acids to  the Food Supply for Overseas.  For information on any subject relating  to the Farm and Garden, write:  INFORMATION BUREAU  Department of Agriculture  OTTAWA  PLANT a garden���������������������������small.or large.  Utilize  your own  back  yard.'    Cultivate the  vacant lots.    Make them all yield food.  WOMEN of towns can find no better  or more  important .outlet for their  -energies than Lin cultivating  a  vegetable  garden. ,   t -  * '"**'*,  Be patriotic in act as  well as in thought.,  Use every means available--  Overlook nothing.  Dominion Department of Agriculture  OTTAWA, CANADA.  HON, MARTIN BURRELL, Minister.  THE INDIAN AS AN AGRICULTURIST  -A-Avriter-in-the-Vnneonvcr-World, one in c.losc-  touch wilh the work on the Indian reserves of the  interior oi' thc Province,  tells al length ol' the  progress thc Indians arc making.   "It is a popular  idea," hc says, "both in this Province and elsewhere through Canada that thc Indian is a failure  from an industrial point of view; but Canadians,  like many other people in lhc past, have had lo  revise many erroneous  notions  from   lime  to  lime, and let us hope Ihey may also have to do  a little revising iii connection wilh our Indian  brethren."    He tells of the encouraging results  from lhe farm competitions held under the direction of  the  Inspector of  Indian   reserves.   The  competition is for the besl kepi land, most land  under cultivation, and the best showing in stock  raising, dwelling and outbuildings, care of implements, dairying, orchard and gardening.    In  all cases where the Indians have entered these  competitions,  they  have shown  great  interest,  and the character of their work has been painstaking and thorough.    This writer says the reserve in  the vicinity ol" Enderby contains  thc  most land for lhe population and" the best land,  but the Indians themselves, he says, do not live  up to their opportunities.   "When the condition  of some of thc bands in this agency is compared  with what it was twenty years ago," thc writer  says, '"the retrogression  is  only  too  apparent.  This does not seem to he due to any onc cause,  but to a combination of causes, and the greatest1  of all is firewater."  her the truer freedom, to inspire her with a real  ideal of nationhood. He was not onc of those  who deride the idea of a League of. Peace, but il  was our business Lb" carrv lhis war "through lo a  successful issue lhat could only bc attained in  onc way���������������������������hy force of arms.  A Weary Old Fellow at Forty  Speaking at a war loan meeting at Nottingham recently, Lord Robert Cecil, Minister of  Blockade, said wc were not lighting to crush Germany. We might as well talk about crushing the  Equator. The Germans were a great fact," and  must ancl would bc recognized. We did not wish  lo annihilate Germany.   Our wish was to show  Hc didn't have time to chew  Thc food, lhat he had to cat,  Bul he washed it into his throat  As if time as a thing to beat .  Al breakfast and lunch and dinner  Twas a bile and a gulp and go���������������������������  Oh, the crowd is so terribly eager,  And a man has lo hurry so!  A bile and gulp and away  To lhe books and the ticker.   A bite  And a drink and a smoke and a scat  At a card table half ol" lhc nighl;  A pressure, a click and a pallor,  A clolh-covcred box and a song;  A weary old fellow a I forty,  Who is deal* to the noise of Lhe throng.  at least fifty per cent to their income from tlie  same number of cows, but it must be from  those that are known to be efficient. Your average'may he 7,000 pounds, but in three years  perhaps you can make it over 10,000 pounds, but  it"7won't be unless each one is up to a good standard. Write the Dairy Commissioner, Ottawa,  for milk record forms."  PLEA FOR INCREASED PRODUCTION  For two ycars and a half, war, red and ruinous  has raged through the world, and slill no decision  has been reached. There is reason lo hope that  before 1017 closes thc struggle I'or liberty will  have been won, or bc greatly advanced. Amid lhe  varying phases of lhis titanic conflict the fact  stands out clearer lhan ever that agricullurc  is of supreme importance. Extraordinary measures are being taken'by thc allied countries to increase and encourage production. II is earnestly  hoped that every farmer in Canada will strive to  increase the food supply of the Empire. A slill  powerful and unscrupulous enemy openly avows  its intention to try and sink all ships carrying supplies to England during the coming year. In the  tremendous strain yet lo come a vital factor will  hc an ample and unfailing flow of food to England and France. No matter what difficulties may  face us the supreme duty of every man on thc land  is to use every thought and every energy in the  direction of producing more, and still more.���������������������������  Martin Burrcll, Minister of Agriculture.  "God Bless the Ladies"  Writing from thc front, Sapper C. G. Piper  says: "Will you please convey my heartiest  thanks to, the friends in Enderby who so kindly  contributed to the parcel I received hvAl condition a few days ago. I have been travelling  around some since November, hence the delay  in receiving it. Thc cakes were in splendid condition and lhc other articles.were a most careful  collection. I say, God bless thc ladies! From  Vancouver to Halifax, and from one end of the  counlry to thc other lhcy are making greal sacrifices and doing their level best to give thc boys a  taste of home, and wc appreciate it very much.  Many of us will bc mighty glad to sec little old  Enderby again. Leah, tell you it looks good from .  here.. I think myself the fact of the boys from  Canada-., being over here is one, of'ihe biggest"  boosts, the dominion has.had, and there, will bc^  lols of fresh blood there after the war- is over." y ;  Sir. John Simon, a former attorney-general lor'  Great Britain, after-taking three weeks to'^look.  into.the mailer, has decided that all b.dlols polled"  in thc deferred \oting by soldiers on the Prohibition question must bc counted.    He thus has  disallowed the contention of the 'drys' that, some  2'100 votes cast hy thc soldier j were invalid.   II"  the Prohibitionists had succeeded in having these  2000 soldiers' votes thrown.jjul, it would have  left no doubt.bul what.Prohibition had carried.  We cannot always choose our surroundings  lhat they bc congenial, but wc can lend a hand  in making them bearable���������������������������and grow.  When you.have learned to rely upon yourself  for support and happiness, you have learned one  of life's greatest lessons.  There is a big demand now for all kinds of Farm Produce at high prices, and I can handle anything from one  sack to twenty carloads, for the local market in Vancouver or for export.      If you have anything to sell, see me.  If you want to buy anything along this line for seed  purposes, see me.  GROW !    GROW !    GROW !      Make every acre  count this year ! This is the way we can be patriotic,  and do our fighting. Food will be needed this year as  never before !  Good Cows Plus Fifty Per Cent  J. E. CRANE  Enderby, B. C.  Our Groceries Stock  Is always fresh and of the finest quality.   Also a full line of  Robin Hood Flour, Feed and Cereals at the lowest possible  prices.  Ous Motto-"QUALITY AND SERVICE"  TEECE    &    SON,        Bell Block, Enderby  The dairy commissioner al Ottawa says in a  circular- letter from his branch: "The man  familiar with cows may make a fairly close estimate ol" what any onc in a given herd will give,  possibly per day, per monlh or per year. Does  it follow shc is the 'best' cow, It depends somewhat on what the owner is after. Hc may look  for a large How of milk, he may require plenty  of cream, or, wisely, hc may expect a substantial |  profit above thc cost of feed". So your cows, as a.  herd, may 'average' 0,000 pounds of milk and 200 j  pounds of fat, b V is each one earning a good j   profit? Cow testing, checking up each individual,!5  --   -������������������������������������������������������     -ml      -    _r          m~       ~  will answer lhis and many other questions. II will|ReiieW    TOY    LliQ      FrGSS,     &������������������    Der    Year  also help, as it has helped many dairymen, to add| xv^  Live businessmen advertise; others don't need to. THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  Thursday, March 22, 1917  STILL   MOVING   BACK  yet no thoughtful person here considers it more lhan a prelude to  ihe great, decisive campaign in the  West. In any case, the British  thoroughly realize that they are in  for a lol of heavy work this spring  hey    are    ready    I'or    the  A PROFITABLE SIDE LINE  Frequently it is the businessman's side line which brings him  the readiest profit. It is the same  with   the'manufacturer.     The   by-  London,  .Mar.   19.���������������������������The  Germans  ���������������������������continue Iheir g.eal withdrawal on! now exist  blow products are mostly profit. If this  wherever it falls. They blockedj'* l,'llc of' business and manufac-  Ihc wav to Calais once when lhcy] hiring, why nol of Ihe farm? In-  weie poorlv prepared, and lhcy'deed,, in the New England and  can repeal the performance under \ Southern states where the farmers  the more favorable condilions thal'hjivc made tobacco a side line lhcy  have found il most profitable.   The  Although there i.s much rejoicing j ssimc-in Eastern Canada. Then why  over    the   success   ol  "push", experts point  river.    Pressing close on Ihe heels j turning bjick  from untenable posi-  of Ihe retreating army, the l-'rencli  lions lo others, doubtless  cai efully prepared.  and  and   British   Iroops  occupied   mile  aflcr mile of open ground, and arc!    still pushing forward. The Cerman ��������������������������� CANADIAN   WAR LOAN SUCCESS  retirement     reached     ils    greatest'  proportions   wilhin   the  Arras  and j  Noyon"salients,   which   now   have  been nearly eliminated.    At points' ",fc>  the Somme fronl, yielding over (iOO  square miles of territory to the over the success of the Allies' | ������������������"l here in the Okanagan, where  British and French along a fronl of, "push", exports poinl oul lhal lhe j U ..can be grown of such excellent  nearly seventy miles, extending1 German retreat was not a headlong! quality? In lasl week's issue of  from  llie Arras sector lo the Oisc! flight. 1ml a methodical, systematic j the Prtss mention was made of Ihe  proposal submitted to Mr. Holman,  of Kelowna, by Mr. S. Baxter, and  to anyone else who would plant  tobacco. The proposition is lhat  seed will be given, and instruction  furnished to anyone who will agree  to plant and bring the weed to  maturity, and an agreement will bc  cnlered into to lake the crop at  the highest market price for a  period of five years.  in this connection lhc Dominion  Department of Agriculture journal  says: "After thc small tobacco crop  of 191G, it is lo be expected that  the manufacturers' demand for  Canadian tobaccos will be keener  and more widespread than heretofore. This si dial ion oilers an excellent inducement for lhc development of tobacco-growing in all  those parts of Canada where the  crop can bc successfully grown.  Tobacco requires a soil well  drained,   rather    light,   deep   and  Sir Thomas White, minister of  finance, has given' out Ihe following slalemenl: "The progress of the  in the former seclion, the British ! lllird(. Canadian war loan is entirely'  advanced to a depth of len miles i Silllsh,clor-v ;md c'lllU: .UP !������������������..our  while Ihe French forward movement   reached   a   depth   of   twelve,  within   lhe Novon   "d . aggregate   amounts   those   rc-  best   expectations.      Subscriptions  lo   date   exceed    both   in   numbers  miles  al  places  loop.  To gain lhe best idea of the extent of French territory evacuated  in the lasl three, weeks, il i.s only  necessary to stale lhat il amounts  to more than three limes lhe area  of ground won on the Somme fronl  during the eight months previous.  Not since the first days of the war  has there been so much activity on  bolh sides of the line. What is go  ing  on   in  :ccived  for lhc same period  of the  ! last war loan issue and we expect a  I rush   during   the   closing   days   of  : llie offering.    II would not surprise  'me if this issue proved lo be Canada's    most    spectacular    financial  achievement.    I  only  hope-  that  il  will   not  go   chiefly   lo   tlie   larger  moreyed   interests  who   now  have  I half of the securities and arc sub-  ' scribing  on   a  scale  much   greater  V   The Town Without a Paper  The ordinary newspaper editor  in* a small town is considered a  very callous cuss���������������������������something to be  hit wilh a slutted club quite frequently in order ease the con-  cience of those ignorant of his  worth. Almost any editor will ad-  mil this. And, so, here is one from  the Kaslo Kootcnain: "The value of  a weekly local paper lo any small  town or cily can never be measured in dollars or in cents.    If the  dozens of communities are today  realizing what sort of a sensation  thai is, through having short-sighted ly ������������������starvcd their papers into the  jou.nalistic cemetery. Moreover,  Ihey feel it in a dollars-and-cents-  way, too."  Juvenile Poetry  Will  you  please put this in The  paper, Mr. Editor:  The soldiers are lighting thc battle,  Their parents are feeling so bad:  Oh!   hark   at   the   guns  how   they  make such a rattle;  public service they render, despite [Now don't you think this i.s quite  the mistakes Ihey sometimes make,  could be paid for al ils actual cash  value, many publishers of such,  without a second pair of pants lb  their name, would be today the  richest men in Iheir community.  The lown without a paper is completely  ofi'   the    map    loday,   and  CITY OF ENDERBY  the   German   ranks  can :'lhnn  in .lhe pns1'    Whilc "PPrccia-1 rich in humus.    According to con  NOTICE is hereby given that the  first sitting of the Annual Courl of  Revision of Ihe Municipality of the  City of Enderby for (he vear 1017,  will be held al lhe Cily" Hall, Enderby, on Monday, the 23rd dav of  April, 1!)17, at 7.30 o'clock p.m.,  I'or lhc purpose of hearing and determining complaints against the  assessment I'or the said year, as  made by lhe Assessor, and revising  and correcting the-assessment roll.  Any person complajning against  the assessment may, personally, or  by means of a written communication over his signature, or by a  solicitor, or an agent authorized by  him in wriling to appear on his behalf, come before the Court and  slate his complaint; and lhe Courl  may confirm or correct lhe assessment;  Provided he shall first have given  sad.  The Germans were going to beat us,  The British were going to lose;  But now lhal the Brilish arc gelling  the stronger,  Which of the two will you choose?  ���������������������������Elsie Lucas.  GIRL 2A years of age wants general house work. (Miss) Philo-  menc  Ashton,   Enderby,   B.C.  PROFESSIONAL  ^ C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk. Enderby, B.C.  SECRET SOCIETIES  ...���������������������������   v,,.   ,���������������������������   i..^   i.i........   ....,���������������������������.,   v������������������- cfiMinrnim "sunnnrt    I   nm    V. ., . ,       ,        JTovidcd he shall tirs   have given  only be imagined, but some appre-j,m- lhcl . e "   0l,s ^'PPo.t, 1  am|(ll|lonSj  lhc gI.0WCI. shoul(,  devote nolicc in wriling l0 ,he Assessor of  ciation   of  their  siiuation   can   beimxious      ilL   l,lc   CU)/0115>   w1111. "I his attention to producing wrapper ' the ground of his complaint al least  gained     from     incidents     of  French   and   Brilish  relrcal  in  the  few hundred dollars shall nol miss  ..    ian   investment   opportunity   which  summer  of  19M.     Morelv   moving! wiU  nol come lohiin again.    It is  'quite within the limit ol  probabil  ity that inside of two ycars these  bonds may be selling ten points in  the wounded  and  transferring the  field dressing stations is a task lhat  requires almost superhuman labor.     , ���������������������������   , .  ..   .    i,   ii       .i       n \       i advance o   the issue price.    I con-  Undoubtedly    thc    Germans   havd     .      ,, ,   ,    .        V,. ..... ..-.,...  drawn   back   most  of  their  heavy  artillery long since, perhaps weeks  ago, as during the past few weeks  the German guns have replied bul  feebly lo the fire of the French and  British guns. News of the Allied  advance has now taken tlie proper  perspective as it is fed to the people of England and France. A  heartening movement for fhe Allies  ceive il my duty to point out to this  class of the public lhe surpassing  atlracliveness of lhe securities now  placed before them I'or subscription."  LOST���������������������������Sunday, March 11, near  Arm-ilnn-g, ;i bay mare will  saddle on; while palch in face.  A reward of -SIO will be paid for  delivery of horse to Pierre  .Johnny,    Spallumcheen    reserve.  tobaccos such as lhe Comstock  Spanish or lhe large-leaved pipe tobaccos like the Connccliculs or lhc  General Granl."  Il  will  bc  remembered   lhat ihe  Provincial   Department of Agriculture, in conjunction with Mr. Holman. some four year:: ago, endeavored  lo induce our farmers  to go  inlo tobacco growing.    Free plants  were, furnished and these were distributed  to a number,of men who  had   land   in   various   parts  of  the  dislrict,   who   undertook   lo   bring  the plants lo maturity in order to  test the quality of the land for tobacco growing.    Only onc of these  men   succeeded    in   carrying   thc  planls   through   the    season.    -The  leaves    from    these    plants    were  stripped  according to  instructions  and sent lo Mr.. ITolmon, who pronounced Ihe quality Al in every respect.   So pleased was Mr. Holman  wilh lhe quality of ihe leaf that he  made Ihe trip from Kelowna lo ^>ee  where the plants were grown and  ���������������������������uidcr what conditions.  ten days before the date of lhe said  first sitting.  Dated at the Cilv Mall. Enderby,  lhis 17th dav of March, 1917.  GRAHAM ROSOMAN,  Citv Clerk  C. METCALFE  W. M.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40  Ilegrular meetings flint  Thursday on or after th������������������  full moon nl 8 p. ni. in Odd-  follows Hall. , Visiting  brethren cordinlly invited  C. II. REEVES  Secretary  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 35. K. of P.  Meets every Monday evening  in K. of ]'. Hall. Visitors cordially invited to attend.        -,  J.F. FRAVEL. C. C.  H. M. WALKEKK. R. S.  U. J. COLTAKT. M.F.  Hall suitable forConcerts, Dances and all public  entertainments.    For rates, etc., address,  F. FRAVEL. Endorby   '  Now is the time lo protect your buildings by a coat of paint.  Our stock is complete.  We have paints I'or houses, inside and outside; paints for barns  and root's; varnish stains and family paints in small tins; EFFECTO  Auto Paints for your car or buggy; Alabasline in all colors.  Complete assortment of Paint Brushes.  Raw* and Boiled Linseed Oil, Turps���������������������������anything and everything  in the paint line, al the lowesl market prices.  FULTON HARDWARE CO., Ltd  You like to hear your Friend's voice?  So docs your Friend like to hear yours.  Whether  West,  East,  North  or South, Long  Distance will help you.  Protect Your Trees and Plants  Wc have just secured lol),000 y ards of excellent cheese cloth for  covering fruit and olh'.'r trees as well as bushes, flowers, plants, elc.  By use of Ihis material frost canuolell'ect Ihe fruits or blossoms. In  order lo dispose of our entire shipment quicklv, we are oll'ering this  cheese cloth AT Till-: BFMAKKABI.Y LOW PBICF OF IV'V I'KH YD.,  F.O.B. Vancouver.  Fruil growers and others should order a supply AT ONCF in order  lo protect Irees from frost bile.      Write loday I'or full information.  DOMINION IRON &   METAL CO.  11)120 Main St. Vancouver, B.C.  'iT-uinffP'  FOR _SALE  Three pure-bred Pcrcheron stallions; two 2-years-oId, onc 3-ycars-  old. Will exchange for work horses  or cattle. Will give the right particulars at the;,_tinie__of enquiry.  M. L. BRIGHT,  CAY.Blackwood's   Barn,   Kelowna,  B.C.  Fresh Stock every  week   ���������������������������   .   .    ���������������������������  Kippered Herring, Salmon,  Cod and Haddie.  Salted Herring, Black Cod and Mackerel  now in stock.  Dl  Gents' Furnishings  HOSE WHO, FROM TIME TO TIME, HAVE FUNDS REQUIRING  INVESTMENT MAY PURCHASE  AT PAR  DOMINION OF CANADA DEBENTURE STOCK  IN  SUMS OF $500 OR ANY  MULTIPLE THEREOF.  Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.  Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free of exchange at  any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five per cent per annum from the date of  purchase.  Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and accrued interest,  as the equivalent of cash, in payment of any allotment made under any future war loan issue  in Canada other than an issue of Treasury Bills or other like short date security.  Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.  A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and  stock.brokers on allotments made in respect of applications for this stock which bear their  stamp.  For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.  DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, OTTAWA,  OCTOBER 7th, 1916.  sraflWraE^jB,m^^  4  and Groceries


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