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Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly Mar 1, 1917

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 .v;<������������������  y������������������V  m  I  SJ V.\>:  d  Enderby, B. C, March 1, 1917  AND      WALKER'S       WEEKLY  Vol. 10; No.-1;   Whole No. 453  News Notes of Enderby and District  Briefly Told for Busy Readers  ENCOURAGING   AGRIC UL TV RE  morning!  The   Press ~jr������������������  Good  years old today.  Potatoes are selling at $80 a ton  in California.  - Mr.   T.   HI.   Lewis!  left   for   the  coast cities Wednesday on business-  J3orn���������������������������At thc .Enderby Hospilal.  Feb. 2Alb, to Mr. and Mrs. Walter  Lambert, a sen.   -  Born���������������������������At the.home of Mrs. Alex  , Campbell,   Feb." 28th,   to   Mr.   and  Mrs. Roy Lidslone, a daughter.  A business meeting of the Trench  Comfort Club will he held at the  City Hall Friday afternoon at 3.  Gasoline sells at ������������������1 a 5-gallon tin  in California and for $2.50 a 5-  ������������������,\feton tin in Enderby. What makes  the .difference���������������������������and who?  River.ice put up .this year i.s of  very poor quality,'bul that coming  .  from Folkard's lake thc past week  is-equal "loathe"best ever packed. ---.  That is a good move of the City  in  investing the sinking funds in  Avar loan bonds.   It means,a better  rale of interest; the bcst,of security  -and���������������������������helping'to-win the'war.-'  Thc Girl's - Basket Ball club  turned over- to thc Red Cross  ��������������������������� fund this week $4.30, proceeds  from a basket ball game played  at the Drill Hall with thc Armstrong team.  Two Enderby rinks went to  Armstrong last Thursday and won  three' oul of four games played,  thc aggregate of the scores being  53 for Enderby and 31 for thc boys  of thc celery camp.  - Wm. Thonilinson, who has been  in charge of the government mineral exhibit at thc San Diego fair  for the pasl two. years or more, is  returning to New Denver in April  lo develop his mining claims.  Owing lo a severe attack of thc  T^ippe,"MrTGrcgory'ditr not" put "on"  his weekly picture show al thc  Opera House Tuesday night. Hc  advises patrons of the house to  watch thc billboards for the next  announcement.  For an essay on the best reason  why advlrtising pays, Col. R. T.  Lowery, of Ihe Greenwood Ledge,  was a winner in a recent newspaper contest in California, where  the genial "R. T." has basked in lhe  sunshine on the sands by thc sea  at ol' San Diego.  Wednesday morning when some  of the workmen at the mill went  lo work at 7 o'clock, they ran upon  ji large doc in lhe lumber yard.  The animal had apparently rested  on thc sawdust bed during the  night. It quietly walked away and  strolled across the ice lo the  thicket of -the island.  Friday night (to-morrow) is the  regular meeting night of the Board  of Trade. These meetings have  been made most interesting and  profitable in the past and matters  arc to come before the meeting tomorrow night which should receive the support of every citizen  ���������������������������particularly  our businessmen.  Mr. Welsh gave a very interesting  and instructive lecture on India in  the Babtist church Monday evening,  illustrated by lantern slides. The  building was crowded, and the  scenes pictured and talk given  were greatly enjoyed. The lecture  was preceded by a short musical  program, by Ihe choir, and a vocal  selection by Mrs. F. Fravel.  The schedule curling games have  been finished for the season, the  rink skipped by Ed. Mack coming  oul on top. Some highly colored  scientific games now occupy the  ice nightly, skips and skips-to-be  ���������������������������maybe���������������������������getting around them the  best material-for challenge games.  Just now" the-city is-trying to put  the Dill rink down. The city won  the first game and -lost the second.  The lubber is to be played.  Reserved seals arc to be* placed  on sale this week for the Battle of  the Somme pictures. Thc plan pf  seats will be found at the oflice of  the Walker Press. Jhe price of  seats has been placed at 75c. The  demand for seats for these greatest  of war pictures is going to be  heavy, and those desiring to get a  choice of seats, are advised.to act  promptly. Mr. Gregory,is lo-have,  special music for -this occasion,  which it,is hoped will add to lhc'  inipressivcness-oT the battle scenes  depicted. '.        '..���������������������������.'     '    v  ..*: .'4'-'---;-- - !"  * A well-brought-up, ' .pretty 20-  ycar-old-girr in the East recently  offered to marry any man with an  income of over .$50  a week who  would-be kind to her and provide  for herself and her mother, and received 100 offers the next day.' ,  The Department of Agriculture is  purchasing two machines for use in  the digging of ditches I'or under-  draining. It is also debating thc  advisability of purchasing a demonstration lime-stone' pulverizer to  be used in those districts which  need limestone most. ��������������������������� The cost of  the ground limestone lo the.farmer  would bc from $1.75 to $3 per ton.  In olher provinces and states where  this machine is'in" use the farmers  get together and quarry the limestone prior to the arrival of. the  machine. When the machine arrives the farmers arc expected to  supply the horse-power to remove  the machine from the station to the  quarry and back.  A'n effort is to be made to get thc  farmers'of this, district lo become  interested in this project so they  may by thus co-operating get limestone for their land at a very low  price. . It Js doubtful, however,-it'll can be accomplished this season,  owing lb so much' fall' work' being  left- undone last year, and the  general scarcity of farm .labor this  year,, ally of whi.ch,lwill .throw. ���������������������������so  much extra labor upon the shoulders of the men who have-to do il.  "Pigs is Pigs" and Other Topics  ;        Discussed at Meeting of Council  At a specal meeting of the City, by Mr. F. Hassard, who desired him  Council Monday evening, at which (to bring before the Council the  all    members    were    present,    the matter of endorsing lhe building ol*  question of enforcing the cily by-  the    government    telephone   trunk  laws, particularly relating to the, line; hc referred also to a petition  keeping of cows and pigs on city!which had been circulated in the  lots, was brought up for further Deep Creek district asking for an  consideration.   At the last meeting, extension  of the government line,  of lhe Council this matter was left  in thc hands of the hcallh committee and the water and fire protection committee to report. Cn  instructions, from the health committee Constable Bailey had compiled a list- of the cows and pigs  kept in town, and he' presented to  lhe council a list long enough lo  start a "slock farm. .After'some  discussion Aid.' Coltart gave notice  lhal he would at*the next meeting  bring in an amendment lo' the*  by-law governing ,lo allow the  keeping",of "two*" "cows' and one- or  two-pigs on.a lot... ��������������������������� : S ' '",���������������������������''  / Aid. Poison, as -chairman .of .the  and also to the project, which has  been on fool some years for an ex-,  tension of the line to Mabel Lake;:,  he further referred to the "difficulty  in regard to connection of the gov- .  crnmc'nt  lines  with   those  of  thc, .  Okanagan Telephone Company.  Thc matter was discussed at considerable length.    Aid. Fravel-did  not think il was a. matter for the..  Council  to deal- with.. .-He-under-"-  stood fhere was*but. one. party-on:-  the ��������������������������� government   line-, from:' Arm--  strong  to  Enderby.  and ..that1, was-.-  Mr. Hassard. "If Mr.-Hassard was"-  representing' the  government" line;  the Council should know it. :. " ������������������/���������������������������'".  Aid. Poison did not feel disposed  ., Si  "?ffe I  S'rS-if; I  -r< -  You arc missing a rare treat if  you fail to enjoy that chicken dinner at the King Edward Sunday  evening.  Men.and Things as Seen Thro' Hank Reklaw's Periscope  vice.    It has some 2000 phone subscribers   and;   .. 'inlcMl^ ^ lhbC govcrn-  these arc given, not only a reasonable telephone ��������������������������� d ���������������������������   ,. |0  rate wilhin lhc towns, but also a  tmilorm  2oc    .      ,   ,. ,,  t���������������������������    .      .    ,.     .    .,            -ii              n         i-           i           i    ii give  a   lull   service   to   the  towns  Ihrec-minulc rate over the entire syslcm.   In thc ,,.,-,   r ,,    ,r,n  ,.           ,.  ,,          ...              n-t     r>         -i  t        i and district of thc Vallcv.  lace ol   these Jaels our Cily Council hao been  iiskccHu-uiulorscrlhcr'poJicr^  ���������������������������    Have  lhc peoples  of  the world  gone  mad?j and is giving the dislrict most satisfactory scr-  With billions of wealth going inlo munitions of ":~"    T' '   ~ OAnn --1  -���������������������������-'      :l���������������������������      war, lo-slaughtcr and maim; wilh olher billions  of wealth in property being destroyed; with all  thc best, in civilization and Christianity thrown  to thc winds; with thousands of women and  -childrcnHn^all-^coun Iricsr^ncu Iral^as^-wel l^as  belligerent, crying for food, and right beside  them munition makers waxing fal on hcllish-  gotlen gains; with ships loaded with food being  sent to the bottom daily, and millions of men  being sent against each other lo murder and  mutilate; each nalion calls upon the same God  and asks His help and guidance���������������������������and each nation believes as firmly as the other thai Hc is on  ils.-side, and its people go lo Him in .humble  prayer lo give thanks for the help lhcy have  received at His hands! Thc god of war has made  cowards of us all! Wc sec the destruction; we  know the evil and the frightfulness of it all; we  know in our own consciousness where il musl  eventually lend us; and yet, in our false notion of  loyally and patriotism, we cry for more men.  more munitions, more ships, more starvation,  lhal we may feed the besl we have, and all we  can get and are as fodder lo the cannon. We arc a  fire   and. water .committee,'  staled  that  in  consequence, of  inclisposji- .to .lake, action, in regard-to:-endor-  tion he'had been uiialilc'lo make tin j smglhe'lwiidin^  inspection  of, certain  smokehouse trunk   line,   but    thought   support  buildings which had been  erected fsjjouid bc given to any application  wilhin   the  fire  limit  contrary 'lo j fof   telephone'   communication   to.  bxw. open up new territory.      -    -  Mayor Dill reported lo lhe Conn-    'Aid.  Nichol   favored   laking  im- -  cil   that  hc  had  been ^approached j mediate action endorsing the reso:  -, flu tion suggested.  'Aid. Coltart believed the proposition should be looked into before  going on record, and he proposed  a'resolution which passed without"  opposition that lhc clerk be-in-'  structed to write the Department  of "Works, Ottawa, asking whether  ��������������������������� "V,  Christian people-   Wc pray loudly and hale each  olher as only Christians can hate.  Let us have a show-down. Thc effort made nl  lhe last meclihg of the' Cily Council' to have a  resolution put through endorsing thc policy of  lhc government telephone builders in running a  trunk line paralleling lhat of the long established Okanagan telephone syslcm, again brings  ii]) the.,q.uestion of public service, and whether it  is right or reasonable for lhe government lo go  to tliis expense of building paralleling lines when  there is so much need for telephone communication in outlying districts. Wc hold no brief for  thc Okanagan Telephone Company. Thc only  question that interests us is that of public utility  and public service. The home Valley company  has established onc of lhe besl systems in the  Okanagan that can bc found anywhere in Canada; the company is a heavy rale-payer in all of  lhe Valley towns; it employs a large number of  people in keeping up and operating its system;  government competing trunk line. Thc main c,eclC(I lo ^Pi'escnl thc Council on  reason given as an excuse for lhc outlay is lhal lhe HosPllal Board,  the local telephone company has rci'iiocd lo give) Tllc question of investing, the  thc government line connection al ils several'sinking funds of thc cily in govern-  converging points. Wc have taken this question ment W!,r bonds was brought up,  up with Manager Dobie this week, and hc in- nnd it was decided that Ihe matter  forms The Press lhal lhis 'slalemenl is not true. be left in the hands of thc finance  The government has never asked lhe local com- committee to bring in a report al  pany for terminal connection at any point on lhc,lbe ncxl meeting.  Okanagan syslcm. On the contrary, lhe local.:' A letter was read from the Pro-  company approached thc government reprc-i vineial Secretary's department to  senlalivc more lhan six months ago, and offered-the cd'ecl thai Aid. Fravel and Mr.  connection, al Pcnliclon, Kelowna, Summerland,J Hobl. Jones bad been appointed  Vernon and Enderby. An agreement was drawn ! members of lhe board of license  up along the lines agreed upon, bul lhis agree- commissioners, and Aid. Coltart  ment was nol sVncd by lhe government rcpie-;and Mr. Hobl. E. Peel members of  senlalivc. By Ihe terms of Ihis agreement, we) the board of police commissioner,  are informed, the local company was prepared lo  give (hc government the regular recognized terminal rale of 5c from any point covered by lhc  government lines and nol by lhe local company's  lines. But the local company was nol prepared  to give lhe use of ils lines lo lhc government for  lhe carrying of business picked up wilhin the territory covered by the local company lines- In  short, the government was offered (he use of lhc  local lines for the carrying of business picked'up  in-territory covered by ils lines, al lhe terminal  exchange rale of 5c, provided lhe local company  were given the same privileges over lhe government lines for thc carrying of business picked up  in the territory covered by lhe local company  lines. This agreement was submitted by the local  company manager lo lhe represcnlalive ol* the  government lines six months ago. And yel wc  are lold lhal lhe government has been forced to  come inlo lhe field with a competing trunk Jine  which can give no adequate service after it is  built, because il has been refused terminal connections by lhe local company. II is time wc had  a   show-down   in   lhis   telephone   mailer.  , ii  Aid. Coltart drew attention lo  the fact lhat lhe charier under  which the city is al present lighted  would expire .in lhree months' lime  His worship the Mayor slated lhal  he had laken the mailer up . wilh  thc Okanagan Saw Mills Ltd., * on  several occasions, and thai the  company is willing lo sign a contract practically idenlieal wilh that  already existing, with thc exception of the penalty clause, but the  company is not prepared lo bind  itself lo continue supplying light  beyond a period lo be determined  at any lime by the giving to the  city of sixty days' notice. The  clerk was instructed to prepare a  draft agreement and to submit  same to llie light committee. II  was suggested also, lhal il would  be well for lhc light committee to  look into the question of municipal  ownership of this utility. THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  Thursday, March 1, 1917  When we hear so much about the need of  having coast buyers come���������������������������into the district to  buy up our field produce, it is interesting to note  what the leading men of Canada think of the  future for lhc co-operative selling organization  of thc Okanagan. This is indicated by the fact  lhat thc C. P. R. has agreed to lend $25,000 to  the Okanagan United Growers, al 6 per cent, for  lhe erection of proper office and storage and  packing buildings at Vernon, and it is understood lhal the Penticton association has been  granted a loan on the same reasonable rale for  like buildings lo be erected there.  Let us understand lhis important fact, lhal  no organization can bc made cll'eclive unless lhe  farmers use il, and sec lhat il is properly run,  and thai the profits go lo lhc growers and not in  keeping alive an institution, which docs not command their unanimous support. ._  Thc thought of destruction which now is a I  large in the world must bring in ils train influences which cannol bul destroy���������������������������nol the onc  against whom ourhalrcd is directed, but the one  who directs and indulges the hale.  VENOMOUS EMOTIONS  THE ENDERBY PRESS  AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  II.   M.   WALK Kit  Published  every  Thursday at    Enderby,   B. C.  at  $2   per  year,   by   the  Walker   Press.  Advertisinfr Kates:   Transient, 50c an inch flr.it insertion,  25c each subsequent insertion. ���������������������������  Contract advertising:. SI an inch per month.  THURSDAY, MARCH 1, 1917  LOYAL  CO-OPERATION  There is at the present lime a prevailing belief in certain circles that our farmers require  competitive buyers  to come in  from   the coast  markets lo bid against one anolher for lhe produce raised in lhis dislrict.   It is fell lhal competition in buying would mean belter prices for  lhc   farmer,  and  perhaps  belter  conditions   of  payment.    This feeling is nol new.    Every cooperative   movement   lhat   ever   was   organized  has had lo face similar condilions.    Il is upon  this rock lhal more co-operative movements are  wrecked  lhan   upon  any olher.    Farmers, as a  general rule, have little confidence in lhcir own  organizations.    They start  ihis movement and  that movement, and all goes along merrily until  obstacles arise .or perhaps until, because of abnormal conditions, independent buyers are prepared to offer them more than they can gel for  their  produce  through   their own  organization.  They are Ihen prepared lo throw down lhcir cooperative organization and lake lhc bait offered!  by  lhe  man   who is  prepared   lo  speculate on  market condilions.  II is ail very well to have one independent  buyer in every dislrict, who, perhaps, can offer  the farmer ready cash for his produce. It keeps  the    farmer., satisfied���������������������������or... reasonably... satisfied.  Tn these Avar days, our newspapers and the  people generally, seem to hold the idea lhal lhcy  musl work themselves up inlo a passion al lcasl  once a day and denounce Kaiser Bill, his submarines, President Wilson or the United Stales,  because of the depredations of war. Wc little  realize the folly of it all. And the saddcsl pari  of il lies in the fact lhal in the proportion wc  indulge lhc passion, and lhc more wc keep lhc  war spirit alive wilhin us, lhe more poison wc  create wilhin ourselves. Anger, fear, anxicly,  arc among lhc emotions or sentiments which  literally poison lhc blood. II has often been  said lhat evil thoughts arc poisonous, the meaning being Lhal lhcy corrupt olher people, but thc  real facf is lhal lhcy poison our own blood. By  losing control of ourselves and indulging in  anger and hale, by yielding lo anxicly, fear and  unwholesome thoughts, wc cause an irritation  or disturbance which, according lo lhc latest discoveries of scientists, has' lhc effect of producing  a poison in thc blood lhat may have serious  consequences.  Naluralists declare lhat the venom of snakes  is generated by anger and fear; lhat it is rapidly  col lee led in a special receptacle and thence discharged at the object of its anger or fear, and il  is further explained- lhat lhc same process lakes  place in thc human body, bul that wc have no  special organ lo receive, il: and il therefore dis-  oclscs in \hc blood, acting against ourselves instead of for our protection. Be lhat as il may, it  is generally conceded lhal we are literally poisoned by the emotions mentioned, and by any  senlimenl or passion which upsCls the smooth  working of our minds.  W you desire some further substantia tion of  what'.scicnlisls have discovered in this connection, jusl keep lab on yourself. Note thc irritability and clouding up and clogging up of your  physical and mental machinery during and following one of your "passion plays." How much  belter" you feel when you keep yourself in harmony with lhe best in your fellows lhan when  you lei fling your haired and indulge sentiments of poison against your neighbor, or���������������������������just  now���������������������������lhe enemy.  Are you g*oing- to do any  Building- or Repairing"  This Season ?  THE FOLLOWING ARE GOOD VALUES:  No. 4 Flooring and Ceiling ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� 10.00 per thousand  No. 4 Drop Siding, $10.00      "  Cull Boards    5.00      "       "  No. 2 Dimension, 2x4 and 2x6 ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� ��������������������������� 13.00  No. 3 Cedar Bevel Siding  15,00 '     "       "  OKANAGAN SAW MILLS, Ltd E���������������������������derby  ���������������������������"''''^'^���������������������������''���������������������������''''������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������''''''''���������������������������'''^'''''''''^���������������������������'''''''���������������������������'������������������������������������������������������w*****^*^"  kSAYl  A name that stands for the best in hotel service  King Edward Hotel, L^������������������mmY Enderby  p^^i*>w^i������������������*������������������*ag*r.*a*m������������������������������������****������������������**************************i*'*M  LEOF  The "Greatest War Pictures ever shown  to the World, will be shown in Enderby  SATURDAY EVE, MARCH 24, 1917c  Prices,  75c, 50c and 25c; no higher  But to have numerous buyers, responsible and  irresponsible, bidding for the produce of the  district, must spell ruination I'or the farmers'  organization, and ultimate ruination for the  farmers themselves.  Speculators wax fal when prices arc soaring.  They buy al lhe lowesl price possible and sell al  ���������������������������lhe-highest price Ihey can gel.   They are nol in  lhe Held to work for the farmer or I lie district.  They are in   the field  to make money for~No.  One.  and   lhe  producer and  consumer are  lhe  people out of whom Ihey make their money.    If;  one of Ihem happens lo buy produce at say .$1;V  a Ion and can hold il a monlh or two and Ihen  sells al *(0'i ton he makes a clean-up of $2~) a  Ion.    The farmer who sold at $1~> thinks il is all  right: he go I his price, and he expects Ihe commission   man   lo  make a   profit.    He  makes  ih  But if the   farmers   were   determined   lo make!  their own organization effective, and would sell!  through il. the profits made by lhe commission  men could as well he made l>\ Ihe farmers themselves.   The crv has heen thai lhe producers require a market.    They want somebody lo lake j  their produce and self it I'or Ihem.    In lhis way  ihey  make  themselves ever and always dependents. They should do their own selling, and gel  Ihe profits' and thus become independent of the  speculators they now long lo have come around.  If, as some now contend, their selling organization has nol heen Ihe success Ihey expected, it  is up lo Ihem lo make such changes as would  make the organization more effective. If Ihe  management or the policy is not "making good,"  il is iip lo Ihem lo make such changes as nrej  necessary. Only by co-operating, and loyally  working" together can they hope lo command a  market. And only by gelling all Ihe profits in  the selling of Iheir produce can they hope to  make produce raising pay.  There can be no growth where though Is of  hatred are permilled to dwell in thc mind. To  avoid thoughts lhal harm and lo attract those  -I ha Vhel p-uV-we^m us l-keep-ou i-m i nds-4u net Hn  harmony wilh people who are striving lo attain  true success.  ARE "YOU" FOR THE JOB  Here is a story lhal may mean much or little  to lhe reader: II is about o boy hunting a position, lie passed by a doorway by the side of  which there were a number of signs denoting  that several iirms were doing business on the  upper floors. On one. sign was attached a pasteboard bearing the words, "Boy Wanted." The  hoy looked at the sign, and then taking il down  he lucked il under his arm and mounted the  stairs until he reached lhe ollices of Ihe firm who  wanted a boy. Knlering lhe ollice and approaching the desk of lhe manager he said, "I saw your  sign, and I have, come for the job." "Bul, my  boy," replied lhe manager, "why did you bring  the sign up with you���������������������������why did you lake it  down from the board?" "Why." replied lhe  hoy wilh surprise, "I'm lhe boy. What's Ihe use  of keeping the sign up?" And the boy got thc job.  I would hc Irue, for there are ftiose  who trust mc;  I would he pure, for lhere arc those  who care;  [  would  hc  strong,  for there arc  (hose who suffer;  [ would he brave for lhere i.s much  to dare;  [ would bc friend of all���������������������������lhe foe���������������������������  llie friendless;  [ would  bc giving, and  forget the  gift;  I would be humble for I know my  weakness;  I would look up���������������������������and laugh���������������������������ancl  love���������������������������and lift.  ESH  EVERY   THURSDAY  GEO. R. SHARPE  WHOLESALE -RETAIL BUTCHER  The besl things are nearest. Mosl people look  far away for the green lield.s. They neglect lhe  common duties at hand and grasp at llie stars.  There are duties all about us���������������������������now���������������������������today���������������������������in  lhe home, in the community���������������������������which if wc but  do, and do faithfully���������������������������will lead us into lhe pathway lo larger things for us lo do.  We cannol always choose our surroundings  lhal Ihey be congenial, bul we can lend a hand  in making Ihem bearable���������������������������and grow.  II looks as if Ihe submarine blockade is going  lo solve the food problem in Canada and lhe  L'niled Slates.  E. J. Mack  Livery, Feed & Sale Stables  ENDERBY, B. C.  Good Rigs;   Careful Drivers; Draying of all kinds.  Comfortable and Commo- <'  dious Stabling for teams.  Auto for Hire  1 > Prompt attention to all customers  Land-seekers  and Tourists in-  < > vited to give us a trial.  o  Are your  Butter Wraps  running low?  Better order some now  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and  Alberla, the Yukon Territory, lhe  Northwest Territories and a portion  of the Province of British Columbia,  may be leased for a term of twenty-  one ycars at an annual rental of $1  an acre. Nol more lhan 25(30 acres  will be leased to one applicant.  Application for-a lease musl bc  made by the applicant in person to  the Agent of sub-Agent of the district in which rights applied for aVe  situated.  In surveyed territory the land  musl be described by sections, pr  .legaksub-di-V-isions^of"Sections-,-and-  in unsurveyed territory the tract  applied for shall bc slaked out by  lhc applicant himself.  Each application must bc accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be  refunded if lhe rights applied for  are not available, but not.otherwise.  A royalty shall be paid on thc merchantable output of the mine al the  rale of five cents per Ion.  The person operating tlie mine  shall furnishlhe-AgenVwith sworn -  returns accounting for lhe full  quantity of merchantable coal  mined and pay lhc royally thereon.  If the coal mining rights arc not  operated, such returns should be  furnished al least once a year.  The lease will include the coal  mining righls only, but the lessee  may be permilled lo purchase whatever available surface rights as may  be considered necessary for tlie  working of the mine, at ihe rale of  ������������������10 an acre.  For full information application  should bc made to the Secretary of  Ihe Department of the Interior," Ottawa, or to any Agent or sub-Agent  of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.-Unauthorized publication of  lhis advertisement will nol be paid  for.���������������������������83575.  C. P. R. TIMETABLE  Southbound                    Norfchbeund  10.45 lv.       Sicamous  ar. 18,15  11.18                  Mara  17.58  11.34              Grindrod  17.14  11.49             ENDERBY  10.50  12.15             Armstrong  10.30  13.03                 Vernon  15.45  13.25 ar.     Okanagan Ldg  lv.15.30  II. W. BRODIE        JNO BURNHAM  u. V. A., Vancouver   Agt., Enderb> ���������������������������w  /  4  Thursday, March 1, 1917  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  Ji  it  It"  THE     MINISTER     OF     FINANCE  REQUESTS  THE    PEOPLE    OF    CANADA    TO  BEGIN NOW  TO   SAVE   MONEY   FOR   THE  NEXT WAR LOAN  JAN. B. 1J17  DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE  OTTAWA  V'  'WOMEN���������������������������A HATE SONG"  I hate Women- u-  Thcy get on my Nerves.  There are the Domestic Ones.  They arc the worst.  Every moment is packed with Happiness.  They breathe deeply  And walk with large strides, eternally hurrying  home  To see about dinner.  They are the kind  Who say, with  a  tender  smile,   "Money's  not  everything."  They arc always confronting me with dresses,  Saying, "I made it myself."  They read Woman's pages and try out recipes.  OU/how I hate that kind of women.  Then there arq the human Sensitives Plants;..  The Bundles of Nerves.  They are different from everybody else;  they  even tell you so. .  Some onc is always stepping on 'hciryfcelings.  Everything hurls them���������������������������deeply.-  Their eyes arc .forever filling with tears.  They always want to talk to me about the Real  :  Things,  Thc things that Matter.  Yes, they know they could write.* <���������������������������  Conventions stifle them.  They arc always  longing to  get away���������������������������Away  from It All!  ���������������������������I wish to Heaven they would-  And  then  there are those who arc always in  Trouble.  Always.  Usually they have Husband-trouble.  They arc Wronged. _  They arc thc women who nobody���������������������������understands  They wear faint, wistful smiles.  And, when spoken to, they start.  They begin by saying they must suffer in silence  No one will ever know���������������������������  And then they go into details.  JChftn^tlip-rp., aro-the-Well-informed .ones   They are pests.   .  They know everything on earth  FEED THE CROPS ON THE FARM  Thc prevailing high prices of feed have a tendency to discourage certain people who arc just  making a beginning in thc handling of live stock  ���������������������������more especially in those cases where ample  facilities do not prevail for thc production of  home-grown feed. In considering whether or not  it will, bc advisable to decrease the number of  head of stock maintained, it is well, among other  factors, to consider thc conditions which arc  likely to prevail after peace has been declared.  Wc are justified in anticipating a very great reduction in the price of grain, and there is every  reason to believe that under ordinary conditions  iri most if not all of the Province, thc most profitable method of disposing, of our crops will bc  to feed them on thc farm.  No one can effectively deny that thc live-stock  industry shall continue to.be the base of permanently - successful agriculture, and in a Province such as British Columbia natural conditions arc such as tp encourage mixed farming  rather than thc one-crop system'. S:      /  "If, however, there appears good reason t,why  any particular farmer should decrease the  amount of live stock his farm ,is carrying, let  him seize the opportunity ^of raising the standard by weeding out inferior animals." In any  class of stock onc may find animals that arc  profitable and those which are not. Where  high-priced feeding-stuffs arc being used, it becomes more and more important that only thc  best of animals be handled.���������������������������Agricultural Journal.  r\  nd will tell you about it gladly.  They feci it their mission to correct wrong impressions.  They know Dales and Middle names.  They absolutely ooze Current Events.  Oh, how they bore me.  There are the ones who simply cannot Fathom  Why all thc men arc mad about them.  They say they've tried and tried.  They tell you about some one's Husband;  What hc said  And how hc looked when hc said it-  And then they sigh and ask,  "My dear, what is there about mc?"  ���������������������������Don't you hale them?  There are thc unfailing Cheerful ones.  They are usually unmarried .  They are always busy making little Gifts  And planning little surprises.  They tell me to be, like them, always looking on  the Bright Side.  They ask me what they would do without their  sense of humor?  [ sometimes yearn to kill them.  Any jury would acquit me.  [ hate women.  They get on my Nerves.  ��������������������������� ���������������������������Henriette Rousseau, in Vanity Fair.  Some of the business blocks in Edmonton consume from 5 to 18 tons of coal daily. We are  dad we do not live in Edmonton.  ������������������ ____���������������������������__���������������������������   When you have learned to rely upon yourself  for support and happiness, you have learned one  of life's greatest lessons.  It is a disgrace to half do things.  And now the Prohibition leaders at the Coast  threaten to demand that thc Provincial Government shall forthwith prohibit the sale of liquor.  It. is now conceded that thc soldiers' vote has defeated the Prohibition measure voted on at the  last election, and the "drys" are not disposed to  accept the verdict.  DRASTIC  MEASURES  -I Ms-ob viou s-tha Uthc^s ubm arin c_bl ockade^of  England is being seriously felt by thc allied  countries- It was pointed out by Mr. Lloyd  George in thc House, of Commons a few days  ago, that thc ultimate success of the Allied cause  depends on thc solution of thc tonnage difficulties with which the nation is confronted. Hc  said thc stocks of food in Great Britain al lhc  present time arc lower than they ever have been  before, and it is essential for the life of thc nation that" every possible effort bc made to increase home production. Thc Government, he  said, is hopeful of finding means of dealing with  thc submarine, "but wc should bc guilty of folly  if wc rested tranquilly upon the expectation of  realization of that hope."  In order lo save tonnage for other purposes,  all fruits other than oranges and bananas, arc  to bc prohibited importation, and many other  drastic steps have been taken to cut down thc  tonnage requirements for purposes, other than  war purposes.  As an encouragement to home production the  Premier announced that the Government would  guarantee a price of 38 shillings G pence for oats  this year, 32 shillings for thc next two years and  24 shillings for the three following ycars. The  price of potatoes would be guaranteed for lhe  coming season only at ������������������6 a ton. Thc opinion was  expressed by the Premier lhat food prices were  not likely to decrease for a long time after the  war. For wheat the Government guarantees the  farmers the following minimum prices per  quarter: For 1917, CO shillings, for 1918 and  1919, 55 shillings, for 1920, 1921 and 1922, 45  shillings.  What a pity that thc truth is thc most disagreeable thing onc can say about thc Avar!  Discipline is more healthful lo the child than  indulgence.  FARM PRODUCE  There is a big demand now for all kinds of Farm Produce at high prices, and I can handle anything from one  sack to twenty carloads, for the local market in Vancouver or for export.     If you have anything to sell, see me.  If you want to buy anything along this line for seed  purposes, see me.  GROW!   GROW!   GROW!     Make every acre  count this year ! This is the way we can be patriotic,  and do our fighting. Food will be needed this year as  never before !  J. E. CRANE Enderby, B. C.  "PRODUCE MORE IN 1917"���������������������������Hon. Martin Burrell, Dominion Minister of Agriculture.  ROYAL STANDARD  FIELD SEEDS  We arc extending our alread y extensive field .seed business for,  1917. It is the desire of the Canadian Government that the people produce as much as possible during the ensuing year, and we  are arranging with the leading dealers throughout British Columbia and Alberla to carry a complete line of ROYAL STANDARD FIELD SEEDS. These vseeds are thc choicest it.is possible  to secure in the World's Markets. They arc Government inspected and carefully selected foi purity.  Seeds should be purchased  early  as  prices  inevitably  advance as the Season progresses:-    In all probability tfie market-  will be short and it will bc dillicult lafter in the year to make purchases.  Order ROYAL STANDARD Field Seeds NOW. If your  dealer cannol supply you write us and we will ship to you  direct.  WRITE  TODAY  FOR  FULL INFORMATION  AND   PRICE  LIST  Vancouver Milling & Grain Co. Ltd.  - f-  VANCOUVER. B. C.  MAKE YOUR DOLLARS  FIBHT  AT  THE   FRONT.  BUY  DOMINION OF CANADA  THREE-YEAR  War Savings Certificates  _$_2_5.00_^o_flV$_2J_.SO^  50.00      " 43.00'  lOO.OO      t4_ 86.OO  INDIVIDUAL PURCHASES LIMITED TO J150D.  FOR FULL PARTICULARS APPLY AT ANY BANK  OR ANY MONEY ORDER POST OFFICE  JAN. 9.  1917  Pinanoe   Department  Ottawa   --     -   -  -  - *���������������������������: ** I  If you have  not paid your  subscription  to the Press  for 1917, it  would be  appreciated  at this time  Look at expiry date with your  name on paper. If it isn't up to  date will you not bring it up tp  date? The Walker Press  PROFESSIONAL  ���������������������������^ C. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk. Enderby, B,C.  SECRET SOCIETIES  J. C. METCALFE  VV. M.  A.F.&A.M.  /  Enderby. Lodge No. 40  Regular ��������������������������� meetings first  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Oddfellows Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invited  C. H. REEVES   _^  Secretary  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 35, K. of P.  Meets every Monday evening  in K. of P. Hall.   Visitors cordially invited to attend.  J. F. FRAVEL, C. C.  H. M. WALKER K. R. S.  R. J. COLTART. M.F.  Hall suitable forConcerts, DanceH and nil public  ���������������������������ntertainments.    For rates, ������������������tc, address,  F. FRAVEL. End.rby  I   ' THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY-  Tlmrsday, March 1, 1917  Girls somelimes flirt with homely  men merely from, force of habit.  MORTGAGE SALE  UNDER-unci bv virtue ol* thc  powers of s;de contained in a certain Indenture of* .Mortgage, which  will he produced at the time of sale  lhere will be sold on  WFDXHSDAY, MARCH 21sl, 1917  al 12 o'clock" noon at the  KING EDYYAIU) HOTEL,  ]-:ndi-:hj3Y, J3.c.  Ihe following lands and premises  in the Province of" British ..Columbia, namely:  Firstly���������������������������Part of the Southwest  quarter' of Section 20, Township  IS, Mange V), west of the Gth  meridian, more particularly described as follows: Commencing at  the point of intersection of the  west boundary of said Section 20  wilh the south boundary of Johnson slreel, in the Cily of Enderby;  thence south along said west boundary 18.773 chains; thence S. 89������������������  -17' easl 12.877 chains; thence JN.  OVV east 6.00 chains; thence N.  28-'i3;V easl '6.1 A chain's; thence N.  l������������������3lj' east 2.21 chains; thence N.  2N<V9' west 2.(505 chains; thence  N. 23W east 3.11  chains; thence  LETTERS FROM THE FRONT  The Trench Comfort Club is in  dative leUers from Enderby boys  Overseas:  C. Hutchison: Just a  you know I received  0. K. on the IsL of  I have no words wilh  which lo lhank you for lhe" many  useful things il contained, and you  can never know the feeling il  brings forlh lo open il and find the  CO-OPERA TIVE    EXPERIMENTS  The   Provincial   Department   of  Agriculture  proposes  lo  distribute  SPRING   INSTITUTE   MEETINGS  Everywhere   one    hears,   and  particularly the man on the land,  Pie.   Hoy  line   lo   let  your   parcel  this month.  free samples of seed of the leading, that grealer production is neces-  varielies of lhc common mixed! sary if we are to lower the high  farming crops to members of; cosl of living. The "Rt. Hon. Lloyd  Farmers' Inslilules throughout the! George, in an address a short lime  Province, subject lo certain rules.; ago, asked the farmers of the Em-  jiml regulations, togelher with a; pi re to put forth every effort lo  lisl of the varieties of seed lo he produce increased crops this year,  distributed. The seed distributed ,The Hon. Martin Burrcl is making  will  be  the  best  available and   in  the same appeal, lo the farmers of  Canaila.    That   Ihe   farmers  of J "J  C will do their share there is no  names ol so many ol ones friends  .Kl(lilion lo assisting growers lo de-  who  are so good  and  kind  in   re-  lerininc    which    variety    i.s    best  membering  we   boys  who   arc   so-suilc.(|  lo nieir local conditions,  il | doubl, but perhaps some arc" nol as  Again f lhank you one should  prove a valuable source of j familiar wilh some phases of farm  lhc   depths   of   my  ar away  and   all   from  heart."  Ptc. Leonard Funk: "Just a few  lines lo thank you for your parcel  which I received today. Everything in lhe parcel was in excellent  condition. The candy and cake  were fine; also thc smokes.    Other  things in  the parcel  loo numerous' (|11C, thc tcsl JIS Iong ,1S thc sllJ,p]y  lo mention, were all very welcome- j |as(s:  good seed for those wishing to im-1 ing and fruit growing as Ihey  prove (heir crops. Should any i should like to be. To help farmers  olher variety be favored locally, it and fruil growers lo overcome  could he tested oul wilh those supplied  by  llie  Department.  Following quantities of seed of  Ihe varieties listed will be supplied  lo  those  members  chosen  to  con-  N. JOft-24" east 1.08 chains; Ihence  M. afiooii' east 2.-19 chains more* or  less lo the said south boundary of  Johnson -street; thence N- 89'^-to'  west along said boundary 17.01  chains more or less lo point of  commencement, couliining by admeasurement 20.3 acres, as contained in certificate of title No.  7'15-lal.  Secondly���������������������������Part of thc southeast  QuarLer Section 20, Township 18,  Range 9. wesl of the Olh meridian,  described as follows: Commencing  at tlie point of intersection of lhe  easl boundary of s;:id Seciion 27  with the south boundary of Johnson street, in Ihe said City of Endcrhy; thence south along said cast  boundarv 18.773 chains; thence  X. 8!)o|7' YV. 20.123 chains: Ihence  N. 0'.'03' easl 19.058 chains; Ihence  S. 8!J"-1;V east 0.-10 chains more or  less to the west boundarv of thc  Cily of Enderby; thence S. 0������������������.38'  west along lasl mentioned wesl  boundary .909 chains lo the south  boundary of said Johnson street;  thence S. 80r>.-1 f>" east along said  boundary of Johnson street 13.715 {  .chains more or less to point of;  commencement, containing by admeasurement 39.0 acres more or  less, as contained in certificate of  lillc No. 7<I5-Ia2.  Thirdly���������������������������Part of the soulhwesl  Quarter of Section 20 aforesaid,  more particularly described-as follows: Commencing at a point on  lhc south boundarv of Johnson  slreel      aforesaid      distant     2.09^1 ! i������������������nd te  think it was about one of the  best-assorted parcels I've seen."  Pte. Jack Morton: "1 received  your parcel some days ago, but  as we were then in the firing line  I had no chance to lhank you for  it until now. It was a greal surprise to me to get it, but needless  to say, a very pleasant one. I saw  Harry Bogert a few days ago. He  has the Military Cross, as you probably know, and no one deserves it  more than he does. He is with the  division signals now. ' I hear Sgt.  Glenn is in England still, but just  aboul  ready  lo   come  back   again.  10-lb.   samples  of  Marquis,' Red  Fife and Blucstcm seed wheat.  their diflicullies, the Department of  Agriculture, co-operating with the  College of Agricullurc of thc University of British Columbia, has  arranged an itinerary of meetings  throughout lhe Province, where  members of the two staffs will talk  on agricultural matters.  Thc first of these meetings will  10-lb samples of three varieties j be held at Grindrod and Enderby  of seed oals to bc selected from the j next Saturday, Mar. 3rd, at thc  following: Banner, Scger, Carton same hour���������������������������2 p.m. The meeting at  No. 22, Leader and C. A. C No. 72. j Enderby will bc addressed by Prof.  10-lb samples of  three varieties J. A. McLean, on Live Slock, and by  be addressed by Dr. A. Knight on  Live Stock Ailments; Mr. E. Hogan  on Soil Treatment and Crops, and  by Mr. J. R. Terry on Poultry.    -  Mr. Terry needs no introduction  to the poultrymen of this dislrict.  Mc is one of. the. most energetic  "chicken men" in the Province and  is ever alert to the needs of the  poultry farm.  Dr.   Knight   is   chief   Provincial-  velerinarv  inspector,   and  hc  can  give  valuable  information   on   the  treatment   of ailments so common  amongst live slock.  Mr. Everett Hogan, soil and crop  instructor, will conduct a seed  cleaning demonstration, which will  doubtless bc one of thc most interesting features of the session.  of barley.  15-lb samples of three varieties  Oi' potatoes to bc selected from the  following: Burbank, Carman No. 1,  Gold Coin, Netted Gem and Eureka-  Several 1-lb samples of seed of  thc early maturing varieties of field  corn.  5-lb samples of two varieties of  He has been pretty badly laid up, I .\?\ax Seed, i.e. for the production of  believe. Well, I fear I will have  to close. Thanking you again and  hoping you will lhank everyone  else, I will say good-bye."  Sapper R. Chadwick: "I received  your parcel on the 20th January,  and I lhank you all for your kindness in sending same. I cannot  describe to you my feelings when I  looked over the contents, but it  made me feel very happy I know,  that you people back there in Enderbv still  think of its boys who  flax fibre and flax seed.  2-lb samples of sugar beet seed  (provided wc are able to secure  same) to live members of any Institute.  Free seed samples of any one  kind of crop will be supplied to  two members of any Institute except in case of sugar beet seed, unless there is seed left over after all  regular applications have been  filled. Where more than two applications are filed  from  any one  left   lo   do   their  bit.     I   am   sure  institute, they should  be listed  in  the members of your Comfort Club  are doing their bit loo, by giving  what   lhcy  can   to   make  the  boys  happv and  comfortable.    And  vou!  i  have very little idea how we prize j  Ihe order in which recommended  by Ihe Institule, all such to be subject to the approval of the Department. No onc member may conduct  more  than  two  experiments,  T.   A.   F.   Wiancko   on   Dairying.  Prof McLean is recognized as one  of the leading live stock authorities of the continent. He came  from New England to take thc pro-l  fessorship of ai imal husbandry at j  the College of Agriculture of the  University. Mr. McLean has given  several addresses since coming lo  Brilish Columbia, and his remarks  are always replete wilh practical  live stock ideas and suggestions.  Mr.   Wiancko,   diary   instructor  with the Department of Agriculture  CANADIAN PATRIOTIC FUND  Thc treasurer of the Canadian  Patriotic Fund acknowledges the  following contributions received  since publication of thc last list:  Mrs.  Stoward    $    .50  J.  A.  Carlin     1.00  J.  Mackay         2.00  S. F. Hartry     1.00  D. J. Welsh     5.00  A.   Reeves        8.00  Mrs. Reeves     8.00  Miss  Lang        4.00  $29.50  PRICE LIST OF SEEDS  is one of the best-known dairymen in thc Province. He has addressed the farmers of Enderby  district before, ancl always has  given valuable information.  Thc meeting at Grindrod will bc  held in the school house.    It will  For the information of members  of the Farmers' Institute, Secretary  Chas. W. Little states that he will  have his spring price list of seeds  out Ihe first week in March, all  orders to be in by the 15th of the  monlh, and delivery to take place  aboul the 1st of April.  Tt will be impossible, he states, to  get fertilizer in this season by the  carload, and thc best he can do is  to quote on the basis of the L.C.lf.  rale.  FOR SALE���������������������������Bay colt, 3 coming 4,,  very  gentle;  good  driving stock,  Address, Chas. Ashton, Enderby.2  and appreciate thc kindness of you ' wjth tilc exception of experiments  all.    Kindly convey my thanks  to   Xq, q iU1(| x0- 7#  all  those who added  their til-bits:    in  making application Tor  lo my parcel.    I wear my sleeping; seed   i'or    experimental  cap when  I am  on  night work  in  Sfate clearly Ihe kind of  lhe Irenches. it is dandy and comfy! wjsh to experiment with.   No spe  free  purposes,  crop you  chains westerly from Ihe boundary of High slreel; Ihence N.  80������������������-J5' wesl along fhe south boundarv of Johnson street .-194 chains;  thence S. .r>(ic>39' W. 2.49 chains:  thence south 10-<2 1' W.1.08 chains:  thence south 23H9" W. 3.11 chains:  Ihence south 23*20" easl 2.005  chains; thence S. 1<-3GV W. 2.21  chains; thence S. 28*35' W. 3.14  chains: thence S. 8!V47* E. 3.39  chains; Ihence N. 30<>05' east .874  chains; Ihence S. S9'V7' E. 3.503  chains more or less to lhe said west  .boundary.-oL-J Hull���������������������������street:���������������������������th en cc  I tell Mr. Stevens his socks were  just fine. Kind regards to all Enderbv friends."  A woman known as "The Dia-'  nionrl Queen of Chicago," who dis-1  appeared over 12 years ago after'  having given away over 8300,000 to'  charities, was recently found living j  the life of a recluse in poverty. She |  declared "I haven't enough now lo  buy a music-box."  N. 0f'22'  E. along said west boon-1  darv   8.303   chains;   Ihence   north  89<>38'    W.   2 094    chains;    thence,  norlh  (K>2'  E. 3.712  chains  more j  or less to lhe point of commence-;  ment.   conlaining    by   admeasurement   0.25  acres,   more or  less,   as  contained in certificate of title No.  745.|a3.  On thc properly there is said  to  ���������������������������"^frX-ECCTORS'-NOTrCE^-  In   the   matter   of   lhc   Estate  George Weir, Deceased  cial application form is necessary,  bul all applications must be endorsed by the Institute secretary,  where Institute exists. Where an  Institute does not exist, free samples will be sent to farmers, subject to the approval of the Department.  All those applying for free seed  must guarantee to save whatever  produce is fit for seed for 1918. All  applications should be made as  -soon^as���������������������������possibIc-4o���������������������������facilitate���������������������������the-  work of distribution.  Paint Your Car Now  With EJTccto Auto Paints & Ef*feclo Auto Seat & Top Dressing.  The very best paint made for this purpose.    One coat of this  paint is belter lhan two of any other and costs less money.  Sold in 50c, 95c. and $1.75 tins.  THE CITY QUEEN: C-holc No. 9 Range; high closet; large  copper reservoir; llie best value ever offered in a range.  Price, onlv $45.80 cash, $48 .50 on terms.  FULTON HARDWARE CO., Ltd  of  A CARLOAD OF  Robinhood Flour and Feed  Just arived.   Prices as low as possible.   Try a sack of the following for falening:  Oil Cake Meal ... .-3.10 per lOOCocoanut Meal.. $2.65 per 100  Calf Meal    1.45 per 25 IbAlfalfa Meal  3c per lb.  " Ous Motto-"QUAL1TY AND SERVICE"  Bell Block, Enderby  TEECEhfir-SQNr  frame dwelling and  a  frame  condilions   of   sale  known al the lime of  co li  ne a  barn.   Terms am  will be made  sale.  For further particulars am  i Ii I inns of sale apply lo���������������������������  Messrs. Williams, Walsh, McKim & Honsser,  ,  Vendor's Solicilors. 132 Richards \  Slreel,  Vancouver.  B.C. j  Daled this lolh dav of February*  A.D.  1917.  WANTED-To rent, a farm with  stock ancl buildings. Apply to  Box L., Armstrong. B.C.  j    NOTICE is hereby given lhat all;  j persons   haying   claims   upon    tie;  j-eslnlc of the late Georuc Weir, who j  jdied   on   Ihe   twenly third   day   of*  j.September, A.I).  l!)lf), are rcmiired (  ���������������������������lo send  lo  A.  (!. Skaling, solicitor I  | for lhc  IVeculors,  .Messrs. Thomas  Skyrme  and  John   Lambert,  on  or  before Ihe 2nd day of April, A. D.  I!)I7,   a    full    slalemenl    of    their  claims, and of any securily held by  Ihem,   duly    verified    by   allidavil:  and  lhal after thai  dale lhe  Kxec-  julors will proceed lo dislribule lhe  'assets of Ihe  Deceased   among llie  parties entitled  thereto, having regard only for llie claims thai have  been duly filed wilh Ihem; and all  debls due lo the said Deceased are  lo be paid lo Ihe undersigned.  Daled al Fnderbv, B.C.. lhis 2Slh  dav of February, A.D..  1017.  A.  C.  SKALING,  Solicitor for H.xecutors.  FISH  Fresh Stock every  week   ...    .  Kippered Herring, Salmon,  Cod and Haddie.  Salted Herring, Black Cod and Mackerel  now in stock.  DILL BROS.  Gents' Furnishings  and Groceries  I HOSE WHO, FROM TIME TO TIME, HAVE FUNDS REQUIRING  INVESTMENT MAY PURCHASE  AT PAR  DOMINION OF CANADA DEBENTURE STOCK  IN  SUMS OF $500  OR ANY  MULTIPLE THEREOF.  Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.  Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April and 1st October by cheque (free of exchange at  any chartered Bank in Canada) at the rate of five per cent per annum from the date of  purchase.  Holders of this stock will have the privilege of surrendering at par and accrued interest,  as the equivalent of cash, in paymen-t of any allotment made under any future war loan issue  in Canada other than an issue of Treasury Bills or other like short date security.  Proceeds of this stock are for war purposes only.  A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed to recognized bond and  stock brokers on allotments made in respect of applications for this stock which bear their  stamp.  For application forms apply to the Deputy Minister of Finance, Ottawa.  DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE, OTTAWA,  OCTOBER 7th, 1916.  xx-m?-_KS_-__-_������������������sr*im  _-m-_mmt\m-_^^-vwmBmms_KBB3_\


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