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 fi^VM-^r*"- W-
, -V,
Enderby, B. C, October 12, 1916
Vol 9-No. 33;   Whole No. 453
... .*>
News Notes of Enderby and District
. Briefly Told for Busv Readers
, A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
H. Tomkinson, Grindrod, on Sept.
23 rd.
Pte. Harry Preston spent the
week-end in Enderby, the last visit
before leaving for the front.
Pte. Bogert spent a few days with
.his parents this week, before leav-
������ ing with his battalion for the East.
A social  dance will  be held at
' Mara hall on thc evening of Oct.
13th, in-aid of the Red Cross Fund.
A home cooking sale in aid of the
Cottage Hospital will be held in the
Red Cross rooms Saturday, .Oct. __.
It is the intention of the local
hospital board to hold a Hallowe'en
dance in K. of P. hall in aid of,
hospital Tund.
, Ptc. W. A. Russell was a member
of the Gth draft,* Canadian Field
Artillery which left Vancouver for
- lhe front recently. - - , -
- :��������� Mr. and <Mrs.'Bigge, Mrs. Proctor
Vand-Miss Marjorie Mowat will leave
-this afternoon for Montreal,-where
,   they take the boat for England.
'       Last night in tlic;Opera H6~iiscfthe~
wonderful   submarine  movie   pictures which we have read "so much
' about were shown to a  fair-sized,
audience.   They ���������were intensely interesting,    and ' very - instructive,
and it is to bc regretted lhat every
Enderbyite did not see them.
Word has y been * received from
Corporal Airth, now in Scotland,
where he is spending a few days
on leave from duty. He^ was then
in the^town of Airth, and intended
going to see the old Airth castle-the
following clay. He was delighted
with the reception he received in
the old town.
The Red Cross market stall on
Oct. 7th realized $9.30. Thc following arc thanked for their contributions: Mrs. Tompkins, Mrs. Grant,
Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Bigge,
Mrs. Proctor, Mrs. Jamieson, Mrs.
Gaylord, Mrs. Winter, Mrs. E. C.
Wheeler, Mrs. Reeves, Mrs. Landon,
Mrs. Johnston, Mrs. , Mowat, Mrs.
Sowden, Mrs., Twigg, Miss Gibbs,
Mr. Forster, Mr. Collin.
Two of Enderby's popular young
people will.be united in marriage
on Tuesday, Oct. 17th: Miss Jcen
Ruth Sparrow to Mr. G. Ernest McMahon. The ceremony will bc a
quiet affair, at the home of Mr. ancl
Mrs. E. Sparrow. Mr. McMahon has
rented the furnished cottage of Mr.
Albert Johnston, who has moved
his family to Chase, where he has
an extensive logging contract for
lhc Adams' River Lumber Company.
That was an exceptionally interesting movie show at the Opera
House lastvSaturday evening, when
a double bill was given. This week
end will see thc second installment
of that* drama with a "punch" in
every reel, "Trey o' Hearts." The
first chapters shown last Friday and
Saturday evenings, put all who saw
it "on edge" for more. Every feature of this new serial is sharply
drawn, and the staging effect most
���������F. D. Abbott spent a few days in
Enderby this week from Mabel
Lake. Mr. Abbott is recovering
from injuries received in an explosion of a gasoline tank, which he
had emptied and was endeavoring
lo clean for coal oil. He endeavored to burn it out with a fuse, and
after the fuse had long been exhausted he approached the tank
ancl threw a lighted match into it.
The-next thing he was conscious of
doing was to pick himself up from
the ground some twenty feet away.
No bones were broken, but his
body" was badly bruised.
Joe Doerflinger and Chris. Reeves
returned from a trip to Shuswap
Falls Tuesday evening. On;the-way
home they met an upturned auto
which had turned turtle down an
embankment, pinning the occupants, a man and woman, .beneath
it. They assisted in extricating the
victims and Joe motored to Lumby
for-medical aid. The woman was,
found to have sustained a fractured
shoulder bone, while the- man escaped with but a- slight cut oh the
foot from the glass of the broken
wind shield.     , ,   'V"\
*    * *' -. - *>
;Miss Nettie Ticthewey,-who was
brought to Enderby by her. parents,
Mr. and''Mrs. RVH." Tretliev^vof
Abbdttsford- B.C.7,ia-;nionth'^b,--vin>
the hope".that the tchange .'might improve -, her . health; 'passed ' away
Tuesday, morning, aged-' 25 .years.
The body was embalmed by* Undertaker McPherson, and the,-sorrow-
striken"' parents left with it for the
coast-Wednesday. Interment will'
take" place af Vancouver. The deceased young lady was a cousin of
Surveyor G. L. Williams, who has
deeply felt the loss. While in Enderby Mr. and ,Mrs.. Trethewey occupied St. George's vicarage;
Report for month of-September:
Total days attei'dance,' 163; No.
pupils enrolled, 10; average daily
attendance, 8.15.
Fourth Reader���������Betty Baxter.
Third Reader���������Yaroslav Stainer,
Second Reader���������Dorothea Baxter
Yaroslav Stamberg.
First Reader���������Arthur Boyd.
Second Primer���������Paul Staincr,
Joe Miska.
First Primer���������Annie Stamberg.
Perfect in attendance ��������� Betty
Baxter, Dorothea Baxter, Joe Miska,
VIosta Staincr, Paul Stainer. -
Standing���������Betty Baxter, 88 p.c;
VIosta Stainer, 80.2; Joe Miska, 85.7.
Lilliax Triuiuxk, Teacher
A week or two ago when it became known" that Miss Marjorie
Mowat had ' resigned as assistant
postmistress at the Enderby post-
office and was soon to leave for the
Old Country, Mr. George Brown
took the initiative in collecting a
suitable sum to be presented to her
as a slight token of respect and appreciation of the unselfish service
rendered the public' for several
years by Miss, Mowat. On Thursday
Mr. Brown presented to -Miss
Mowat a cheque for -5)152.00, accompanied by this letter;
Miss Marjorie  Mowat, Enderby,'.
Dear-Miss Mowat:.,We regret to
hear that you have severed your
connection -with the' post-office in
Enderby, where you have always
served the public with willingness
and courtesy. **,    *   -
. We would ask you to accept this
small .donation.,($152.00) as a token
of our appreciation.fof the"kindly
ancl pleasant-manner;in which you*
have performed your duties, ancl as
an expression* of ' the - esteem"; ancl
affectionate.-,"r.egard,., in ������������������ which' _we
hold you.   V   --V'"-V .     ^'-:--,V
-Wishing you a"'-pleasant/journey
to - England,- -and/ ii - safe' return Jo
>',    *   ��������� - ''-���������:-'.-. GE_nGE'BROwx'V>
_:   "'  - '_ ���������Fpr-the donors."
* Following, llie - presentation of
this letter, which was accompanied
by a complete -list of the names of
all donors, Mr. Brown received the
following appreciative' acknowledgment from Miss Mowat: '
Dear MivBrown: You took me
so by surpri.se. yesterday "that I am
sure I did" not thank you half
enough for thc splendid present
you and so niaiiy others have been
so very kind in giving-me, and you
may lie" sure I appreciate it sincerely. If I am not able to "see all
the friends who have treated mc so
generously, I hope you will tell
them just how pleased I am.
. Sincerely yours,
Mahjohie  Mowat.
Germany Carrying Sub Warfare
Acrgss Atlantic to Open Ocean
Last Saturday a German' U man j    "The   importance  of* the   three-,
of war bobbed up in the harbor-at* months' move is not to-be judged
To thc Puplic: I thank you for
the willing cordiality wilh which
youjiietjn e_wlicn_I_w as_ca nvass ing
"for a small prescnFTor Miss Mar-
joric Mowat. You made it a pleasure instead of any labor for me.
'Gboiige Biunvx.
Lasl week at Vernon one of thc
small boys who persistently step on
and off the moving train al the
station, slipped and fell under the
wheels and had a leg amputated.
It is only a question of time when
some of our Enderby boys will
meet with, a similar accident. They
regularly line up along the platform and step on and off the car
steps as the trains pull��������� in.and out.
Parents would to a very large extent put an end to this dangerous
practice if they would warn their
boys and see that the warning is
listened to.
Owing to the steady rise in the
price of flour, we are compelled to
increase thc price of bread from 3
loaves for 25c to 10c per loaf
straight.   At Joe's.
La Diva and D. & A. Corsets; full
range sizes; style and fit guaranteed
���������at Speers.
Following arc a few of the many
post card acknowledgments received from unknown boys at the
front who have received-the regular
packages of smokes sent by the
Overseas Club with funds coining
from lhc "penny catchers" standing conveniently near at every post-
office wicket. These cards came to
Endcrhy donors:
Smokes received. Many thanks
for same. They are always very
welcome, as there are very few
comforts that are more in demand
than smokes. We have lhe I bins
on Ihe jump now and expect to
wind up his little ball of yarn soon.
Received your tobacco and wish
to thank you sincerely for interest
evidenced in those of us at the
In recognition of your contribution of tobacco, kindly accept my
most heartfelt thanks. The smokes
arrived at a mosl opportune time.
1 received your most welcome
cigarettes and tobacco, which you
may he sure I appreciate.
A shipment of flowering bulbs-
tulips, narcissus, hyacinths, and
lilies���������has been received at thc
furniture store. Persons desiring
a selection will have to call early
as they are being sold rapidly.
Newport, and; after delivering correspondence from Germany to the
German ambassador,- submerged
and again put to" sea. A few hours
later the submarincstarted its work
of destruction on British freighters
and passenger boats plying from
America to England. Six or nine
boats with their cargoes were sent
to the bottom in'a single' day, wilh
an officially estimated loss "of $G,-
000,000 to Allied shipping and
trade. Then tlie pirate disappeared
and has not yet reappeared. As a
result, there was a'big drop-in'thc
price of wheat and cotton on the
American market, and marine insurance rose several marks..
The  Allied  powers   have" made
representation.to tlie"United States"'
government- that "in  view r of-ithe
development 'of .submarine navigation and by - reason ;pf ;acts,\wliich
in'.'.the' present - circumstances, -"may
be'unfavorably expected-/fronVen"-_
'emy^'submarines; the'* allied"govern~
nierits. - consider"- "i i-inec'cssar'yv _ in
order- not-only to safeguard 'their
belligerent rights-aiid the liberty of
commercial navigation,but-to'avoid-
risks  of'��������� dispute,* to  urge   neutral
goycrnnienls.to take effective measures, if-they have not already done
so, with a view to preventing belligerent-submarine " vessels, -. whatever the purpose to which they are
put,  from   making use  of. neutral
waters, roadsteads or ports."
The United Slates has refused to
accept the contention' of England
a'nd her allies urging that neutrals
deny the use of their harbors to all
submarines, whether merchantmen
oi- warships. The argument of Sir
Cecil Spring-Rice made many
many months ago on the rights he
claimed for British cruisers to en-
been quoted against the contention'
of the Allies.
Secretary of the Navy Daniels, is
reported to have advised President
Wilson lhat advices so far received
indicate that all the rules of international warfare had been complied wilh" by thc German submarine, operating off the New England coast.
The oflicial "statement issued by
lhc War Office, giving details of the
fighting on the Western front from
the" lfilh'lo 30th of September, says,
"The enemy has fought stubbornly
lo check our advance, and since
September 15th, seven new divisions have been brought against
us and five against the French. The
severe and prolonged struggle demanded of our troops very great
determination and courage.
"At the end of September the situation may be summarized as follows: Since the opening of'the
battle on July 1, we have taken
20,735 prisoners ancl engaged 38
German divisions, of which 29.
(about 350,000 men) have been
withdrawn exhausted or broken.
We hold thc half-moon upland
south of the Ancre and every height
of importance, and so have direct
observation ground to the east and
northeast. Thc enemy has fallen
back upon a fourth line behind i
low ridge just west of the Bapaume-
Transloy road.
' h <
by  the  distance, advanced  or  the
number   of   enemy   trench ' lines-
taken.   It must be looked for in the
effect upon the enemy's strength in
numbers, material and morale. They
eneniy lias used up his reserves in
repeated,   costly, and   unsuccessful^'
counter-attacks without causing our
allies   or   ourselves   to  relax  our-
steady, methodical pressure." 7
During the past \veek the British
troops have made further slight ad-'.-,.
varicc north ol* the Somme. /It is" rc-V
ported that the French are preparV:
ing a new thrust oh the fro lit be-,'
tween Dcniecourl'and'Lihons..    V;.
' On, the" Russian, front",  althoughS-.
the -great' battle  in A7olhynia'arid
Galicia.��������� apparently -.is . coiitinuingV.
with all the- ferocity that .the. Rus-V_,VV',&^S
sians .can bring tojbeaiv, no;appar::������;>:43t|^^
ent' prdgressrhas'beeriVmade in-, theVV   " "*-"-*������������������
��������� -, .^>r$*
.,. < /1..-*.- ���������
-'-?,-.< **>���������
\"rf X j*" '���������>"*";
evacuate the -Trarisylyanian^ city^of������ Tf TSf'y|^0il
Kronstadt,   the-first  Austrian 7city/-  '
captured  by them in their whirl-S
wind rush on" the.way to Constan-y
tinople.. In lhe D'obrudja some advance  against  the  Bulgarian-Turk*-",
German  troops   is   reported   fromV
Petrograd, while Bucharest reportsV
that the   Rumanian" troops which'"'
were  reported  last week  to  have 7
crossed' the, Danube into  Bulgaria0,-
have managed to get back*.   *
.On   the   Saloniki   front,   reports
indicate that thc Allied troops arc
making progress in their efforts-to  "
take Monistar.
Several attempts have have been
honor of the names of all men having gone to the front and of those
joining the colors for homescrvice,
giving the battalion, regiment, etc.,
of each man. But all have failed in
getting the details as to battalion,
etc. It is the desire of Thc Press to
make a complete list of the boys
from this district, who, arc scrying
Overseas as well as at home, and
with this object in view we shall
publish next week a list of the
names of all we have been able to
get, and would ask our friends, lo
check over lhe list and send us the
name of any men wc have failed lo
enroll, either for home service or
for service abroad.
Nothing More Appreciated
ctter to the London Times from
Thomas Eraser, a surgeon of
Edinburgh, deprecating the generous issues of tobacco to the troops,
especialy by private organizations,
has evoked strong replies. The
Montreal Gazette's London correspondent cables: "One quotes the
letter of the director-general of voluntary organizations, in which the
request is made to extend the work
by providing even greater quantities of tobacco and cigarettes for
the troops, adding that no luxury is
more appreciated than gifts of this
TurnbiiU's underclothing for children; all sizes. Buy early; combinations and two-pivcc. Al Speers' THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WBEKLY-  Th'ursday, October 12,1915  GETTING TOGETHER  THE ENDERBY PRESS  AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  IT.   ,\I,  AVAtKKU-  Published  every   Thursday at    Enderby,   E. C. at  S2   per  year,   by   the  Walker   Press.  Advertising Rates:   Transient, 50c an inch first insertion, 25u each subsequent insertion.    Contract advertising. SI an inch per month.  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 1916  WHY NOT HELP THE INDIANS ?  For lhc pasl fifteen years or more lhc Indian  reserve situated at Enderby's front door and back  door has been a problem- the white man has  wished to have solved. 'Petition has followed pe-'  liiion lo this Indian Commission and that, setting  forth conditions as they existed al thc time, and  lhree or four of these royal commissions have  visited Enderby and heard thc white man's  story and thai ol* the Indians. And the net result  of it all can hc told in a single cipher. Thc reserve lies as it was ycars ago; lhere is about lhe  same amount of land under cultivation, but far  less produced on it today than came from il say  l\vcnly ycars ago. The Indians live in the same  stale of" development, except that [hey have appropriated the vices of lhe whiteman and discarded lhe virtues oi* the original Indian.  The fault lies nol wilh the Indian, but with the  policy of thc Indian Department. In some ol" lhc  provinces lo the cast of us lhc Indian Department  places an Indian agent on each reserve, with instructors in agriculture there wilh him to leach  lhc Indians how lo farm, what to plant, and how  lo get il to market at a profit. There lhcy raise  thousands of head ol stock on the reserves, which  are fed and fattened for market on what thc land  -pjio_Lui_is.-Vrhus-lhe..in(lians,,are_ taught to be o������������������  service lo themselves and lhe commimily. The  Indian children are given a common school education on the reserve, the resident Indian agent  having power to see that every child of school  age i.s sent lo school.  II* this is good I'or Indians east of us, why does  lhc Indian Department refuse or neglect lo pul  the same system into operation here ? If is true,  some few years ago an ell'orl was made in this  <lii\rti;;nVVrw^  school on lhe reserve, lhe desks were supplied and  a leacher engaged, bul through Ihe machinations  of lhe tribe's spiritual adviser, in conjunction wilh  lhe Indian" chief, lhe children were nol permitted  lo attend-the school, and lhc teacher's services  were nol required. Here i.s wherc the Indian Department fell down. Compulsory education, apparently, is a good thing for white children bul  nol for Indian children.  Is tliis policy fair, either lo the Indians or lhe  community forced lo endure them as neighbors  and IV'Iow citizens ? Is this policy ol" sloth on lhe  pari of the Indian Department lo continue I'or all  lime ? Does the Indian Department never intend  lo take a hand in the development of this Indian  reserve ? Are these Indian children lo he permit-  led lo grow up year after year morally and menially weaker lhan the generation preceding them ?  lias lhe Indian Department no policy looking to  lhe advancement of these Indians ? II" so, in the  name of heaven, why isn't il put inlo operation ?  The. present war in Europe does nol turn on a  question ol" freedom of humanity, nor anything of  tlie sort. It is simply this, one Power objects to an  increase in power on the part of another Power.  This is an unwritten law, among nations as wilh  individuals and conimunilies���������������������������no one Power is  permilled to dominate.  There is to he a ���������������������������meeting of the businessmen  of Canada in lhe near future to go inlo fully the  commercial and industrial conditions here, and  out of il to evolve some system by which the resources of lhc Dominion may be belter developed  and conserved. No doubt this meeting of the big  men of business of Canada will be productive of  great good. Out of it will have to come some  plan by which the country will be able lo weather  lhe storm now brewing. There arc many reasons  why Canada needs this getting together. * "Wc are  not now in any way organized lo enable us to  cope with condilions as lhcy are now or will be  in lhe future. "We are simply drifting along, conscious thaiaVc shall some way "muddle through."  The Dominion is going in debt al lhe rale of one  million dollars a day, and no provision is being  made. lo. meet this debt. Of course, we know il  will have lo bc met, and will be met���������������������������"after the  war.'' But how? Canada's population has decreased enormously since the war broke. If will  become slill less before the tide turns. To cope  with this condition means lhal we must gel together���������������������������co-operate Wc must co-operate at home  and afield. Every community musl become more  self sustaining. There must be co-operation in all  lines of manufacture, industry, trade and commerce. Not that form ot* co-opcralion between  the tradesmen against thc buyer or manufacturer,  or the producer against the consumer, such as we  have seen too much ol" already, but that co-operation in mutual interest that leads to fuller development of each and all, not of lhe few at lhc expense of the many.  We have al our door lhc spectacle of whal lack  of co-operation will do. Other examples may be  cited, bul this onc will do. For the lirsL lime in.  history Okanagan wncal is being marketed  through Atlantic ports. Okanagan grain is thus  travelling 3000 miles to tidewater, in spile bf the  fact lhat a complete government elevator costing  $700,000 is located at Vancouver within a few  miles of our wheal Melds; and inspile of thc further fact lhat the flouring mills of the Valley are  closed and not running, ancl every pound of flour  used in lhc Valley has to be shipped in from Manitoba and the Northwest. Surely our people arc  now paying dearly for their lack of co-operation  in thc pasl.   ll should bc a lesson for thc future.  "Willie," the terror of the Somme, is said to  have lhc length of a city block; hc is not an  armored car, but a walking Tort���������������������������the most  tonishing monstrosity thc war has produced. ���������������������������  as-  PREPARE FOR WORST, HOPE FOR BEST  There" arc certain writers apparently preparing  stories relating to the war, which are cabled from  London each week. These stories arc written by  trained men with lhc obvious purpose of spreading optimism and inspiring confidence in the ultimate victory of the Allies. In Ibis respect lhe  stories arc admirable. But as depicting actual  condilions, or giving any sane conception of the  war and its progress, Ihesc stories utterly; fail.  And it is a serious question if their ultra-optimistic lone has not done more harm lhan good in  actually preparing the people of the empire for  the trials lhat must yet bc endured. Now and  again wc read whal the men in actual control of  a hairs have lo say, and their words have in them  a rebuke for thc "pcnny-a-line" optimists who  declare in onc column that the war will end "before Christmas." and deny it in the next.  Genera! Sir William Robertson, chief of thc imperial stall' at army headquarters, in a speech at  Dalderby, Licolnshire, a few days ago, gave this  sei-i o us-w-or(Lo I Vwarni u g.:____W.__GJ:_j.i o.L j ustiMed,  in expecting to win lhe war unless the service of  every man and woman in the country is utilized  to the fullest extent. We must be under no delusion as lo the end or probable endurance-of the  greal struggle. Wc must be prepared, to continue for a lime which a I present cannot be  estimated. In fact, we must prcparcTor the worst  while"we'hope for lhc best. We have adopted in  the army the principle* of national service. Wc  111 u si sec 111 at w Vpii r i h I o |) iTa c t i cc" 111 a I ~p r i n ci p 1 e;  because we want more men and wc want them  now, and eventually, wc shall want all who can be  spared."  No ollicial figures have been given recently as  lo the numher of men serving wilh lhe Brilish  army. On May 2;~ilh, King George "in signing the  military service bill placed the number raised up  lo lhat lime at :"),() 11,000. In July, August and  September, lhe Brilish casualties were 307,109.  This does not include the French and Russian  losses on the same fronl since the western offensive began. But it shows the price lhal musl be  paid I'or any advance made. II was said of the  Germans in Iheir Verdun offensive that they  could take line after line from the'French if they  were prepared lo pay the p: ice in men, but, it was  argued, these lines ran back actually to thc gates  of Paris. We do nol know how many men lhe  enemy lost in the Verdun offensive. Judging by  the British losses in an advance' covering about  the same number of square miles-, Iheir losses at  Verdun must have reached iud!" a million. If the  Germans are as well prepared ba<'k of lhcir first  lines as lhe French are���������������������������and there is no reason lo  believe they are less prepared���������������������������then it is not dillicull lo compute what our losses must be before  the enemy is driven even oul of France, and we  shall still he the width of Belgium from the frontier of Germany.  Designed this year it will ornament and enhance the  good appearance of the tidiest kitchen in all Canada.  Come in and I'll show you why the Kootenay stays as  good as new long after other ranges have to be repaired  or replaced.  809  Sold by   Fulton   Hardware   Company  Are you going to do any  Building or Repairing  This Season?  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MURPHY  Proprietor  Enderby  SH  EVERY   THURSDAY  GEO. R. SHARPE  WHOLESALE - RETAIL BUTCHER  =<������������������>������������������><M^<������������������*^'<������������������><$*'M><S-^  E. J. Mack  Livery,' Feed & Sale Stables  ENDERBY, B. C.  Good Rigs;  Careful Driv-1  :ers;-DrayJng_Qf_allJdnds..'_:_  Comfortable and Commodious Stabling for teams.  Auto for Hire  | Prompt attention to all customers  Land-seekers  and Tourists invited to give us a trial.  % <$>$x$>������������������������������������3x''������������������<������������������>^^  0.  Baths in connection  H. HENDRICKSON, Proprietor  C.  P.  R. TIMETABLE  Southbound  Noi  ���������������������������-���������������������������Inbound  10.40 lv.  Sicamous  ar.  17.25  11.11  Mara  10.40  11.25  Grindrod  10.24  11.39  ENDERBY  10.09  12.05  Armslrong  15.40  12.23  Larkin  15.20  12.50  Vernon  14.55  13.10 ;  ar.  0  kanagan Ld  ������������������  lv.  . 14.40  H. W. BRODIE        JNO BURNHAM  G. P. A., Vancouver   Agt., Enderby  SYNOPSIS OF COAL MINING REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights pf the Dominion in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and  Alberta, the Yukon Territory, thc  Northwest Territories and a portion  of the Province of British Coininbia.  may be teased for a term of twenty-  one years at an annual rental of $1  an acre. Nol more than 2500 acres  will be leased to one applicant.  Application for a lease must be  made by thc applicant in person to  the Agent of sub-Agent of the district in which rights applied for are  situated.'    In surveyed territory the land  musl be described by sections, or  legal sub-divisions of sections, and  in unsurveyed territory the tract  applied for shall be slaked out by  the applicant himself.'  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of 85 which will bc  refunded if the rights applied for  are not available, but not otherwise.  A royalty jdiall be paid on lhe mcr-_  "clianlable output oflhlVmine aTtlre"  rale of five cents per ton.  Thc person operating the mine  shall furnish lhe Agent wilh sworn  re I urns accounting for the full  quantity of merchantable coal  mined and pay the royalty thereon.  If lhc coal mining rights are nol  operated, such returns should be  furnished at least once n year.  The lease will include the coal  mining rights only, but the lessee  may be permitted lo purchase -whatever available surface rights as may  be considered necessary for thc  working of the mine, at lhc rate of  $10 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to lhe Secretary of  lhe Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or sub-Agent  of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.--Unauthorized publication of  this advertisement will not be paid  for.���������������������������83575.  Are your  Butter Wraps  running low?  Better order some now  1  /p. fr  /Thursday, October 12, 191.5.  THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  BRAINS AND TEAM PLAY  Arc, you a producer? How can you increase  your production? What Canadian raw materials  arc not being used lhat might bc used? What  have you lo say about supervision of industrial  development���������������������������to eliminate wasteful export and  lo encourage meritorious enterprise? These arc  questions asked by Sir George Foster of. thc businessmen and producers of Canada.  Chicago had a greal lire.   Her citizens determined lo make a greater Chicago.   II was not her  strategical position lhat made her great bul tlie  determination of her leaders of industry.   They  thought aboul Chicago.   They Avorked overtime  for Chicago.   Brains, leumpluy and energy will do  for any community in Canada what il did for  Chicago.   A group of men in lhis community willing lo give serious thought and study lo Enderby  problems, will do something of real merit to the  community and the counlry.   Lei those of us who  remain a I home keep our end up with the men in  the trenches.   Wc have no more right to sit' still  and allow lhc community to lake a back scat  than thc boys a I thc fronl would have lo lay down  lhcir arms and bc walked off lhc field as prisoners.  With thc close of lhe war an army of say lhree  hundred thousand Canadian soldiers will return  ' and seek their places in lhc industrial organization ol* their country.    Every community must  then bc prepared to undertake its share of thc  burden of taking care.of thc men..   Over 400  Canadian factories will cease lhc manufacture of  munitions and the services,.of the organizations  of workers who have become expert in these lines  will no longer be required for thc purpose.   These  workers must then direct their attention in other  channels.     Every   community,   however small,  must then be in a position to. provide the means of  livelihood for its share of these industrial workers  until such lime as thc various industries can readjust themselves in order to launch out into thc  manufacture of other lines of goods. '  In Europe 20,000,000 men will lay clown their  arms and return to the avocations of peace.   Hundreds of thousands of these men will, for a time  at least, hc unemployed.  A large number of them  unquestionably will look to this country as their  place of opportunity.   Thc march on Canada will  be.magnificent���������������������������if wc arc ready.   But the men  who wiU come will be empty-handed.   It is up  to us���������������������������everyone of us���������������������������to get together and solve  our community problems.   Let us not,sit still and  wait for thc war to end.   It is not going to end���������������������������  in the sense lhat conditions will return to normal.  If wc have, not "normal conditions".now we shall  not.have "normal condition" then. * Wc must, in  each and ', every community, organize to j make  'present cbndilionsv"horinal.""Aiid'tb meet'any  other conditions in a normal way. This cannot be  done by thc Government.    It miist be done-by  each.community���������������������������by the businessmen and citizens generally getting together while the war is  on and, by co-operation with the producers in all  lines, so shaping and controlling local production  and markets as to give to every citizen the chance  to do something for himself and the community.  Wc should discontinue much of .the present  duplicating-effort; cut out many of these various,  and sundry appeals for alms by this organization  and that; reduce our religious whims to meet  actual requirements and, in general, combine to  produce more, save more and want less.    We  should remember lhat thc more goods we buy at  home and the more we make to send out of the  district-lhc richer thc community becomes.  DEALING WITH EFFECTS, IGNORING CAUSE  For thc past year or two we have seen in thc  Provincial press communications pro and con  dealing with Christian Science and the growth of  lhat church and religion. Orthodox "ministers  grow billcr in lhcir denunciation'of ihe Science  religious school, claiming lhal this more recent  church is against lhc teachings of lhe orthodox  church and can claim no fellowship with lhc established church or lhc teachings of Christ The  few Seen lists who have taken any notice of the  denunciation by these priests of the established  church, do not appear to worry much aboul lhe  "lack of fellowship" wilh lhc old order ol" religion, bul claim emphatically lhal lhcy follow  closely in lhe footsteps of Christ, who taught lhat  lo relieve the sick, cure the blind, and otherwise  make thc spirit of Christ a practical, everyday  thing, was nol only thc privilege, but lhc duly of  every faithful follower.  Controversies of lhis nature arc nol new. Some  lit*tech ycars ago, when Science churches began to  establish themselves by the hundreds in all the  large cities and in the small towns of* the United  States, priests of the orthodox churches raised lhc  same cry lhere as wc now hear in this Province.  While orthodox churches were losing followers  by,thc hundreds thc Science churches waxed fat  and built larger and larger in order to accommodate their congregations. They continue to do so  loday. Every . knock by thc orthodox priests  proved a boost for Christian Science. Today it is  the leading church, in wealth and influence, and  in making practical thc teachings of thc Lowly  Nazarcne, on thc American continent. Instead of  stopping to argue the point with their, orthodox  Juvenile Prophet  "Some day, my son," remarked  the patroizing gentleman, "you may  be president of the United States."  "Not a chance," replied the small  boy. "By lhe time I'm old enough  women will be running politics.  Tell it to sister."  SECRET SOCIETIES  Department of Works  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  Mama School  SEALED TENDERS superscribed  "Tender for Oyama School," will be  WHEELER  W. M.  A.F.&A.M.  Enderby Lodge No. 40  Regular meetings first  Thursday on or after the  full moon at 8 p. m. in Oddfellows Hall. Visiting  brethren cordially invited  "W. J. LEMKE  Secretary  brethren, lhcy have gone right on "doing the will  of thc Master;" healing thc sick, making the blind  see, and, in general, helping lhcir followers and  brethren in thc practical commercial and home  .life of thc nation.  In a recent article in the Westminister Gazette,  a magazine published at thc coast in thc interest  of thc beiter life along orthodox lines, the editor  concludes a lengthy discussion on the waning  influence of the Christian Churches, and their  failure to grip, control and direct the impulse of  mankind, with these words: "What is wrong  with thc churches today is precisely what is wrong  wilh thc home life of the people. In other words,  the condi lien of the churches will always reflect  the condition, of llie homes of thc land. If in the  churches there is spiritual indifference and stagnation, it is because thesanic thing exists in home  life."; i _ ,.        ,.- ,; ���������������������������-      ���������������������������   ...;.,  ,.. This summing up is true.^Bul it'is not the kind  of admission thc churches are prepared to make.  Such-an-admission proves that the churches have  not fulfilled their mission. -And. in., attempting .to  place the. blame-for the churches': waning influence upon lhc home is merely sidestepping the  cause while pointing to the effect. If the churches  had entered inlo the homes and the lives of their  followers in the true Christian spirit, there could  not have grown up in.the home life of the people  that indifference the churches now complain of..  England slill refuses to give Ireland home rule,  but, just the same, when England wants a .particularly strong man she has to go over to Ireland  =_a mLpiclcsomcpi nlv^cliccIvcdJDoy.^AsJLmcolmsaicL  about thc rat hole, "This statement will stand  looking into."  CANADA'S WAR EXPENDITURES  "Bruce" McConncll has had to give up thc publication of "J. P's Weekly." Hc says the suspension is only until the war ends,"when hc hopes lo  bc able lo get book paper on which to print. We  arc sorrow to sec "Bruce" quit. He is a strong  writer and a fearless one; He will not go out of the  limelight entirely, however, for he has beeir employed by the Vancouver Province on feature  work, and will conduct' a department in that  excellent newspaper.  MORE AND BETTER STOCK  During thc six months ending September 30lh,  Canada spent $60,000,000 more for war than she  did during the corresponding period last year,  while her expenditure for thc month of September  isjust double what il was in September, 1915. Al  present thc war is costing thc Dominion just aboul  a million a day. Since September, 1915, thc ncl  debt has been increased by nearly $200,000,000.  At thc end of last month il stood at $680,275;'! <M,  as against $484,841,633 on September 30, 1915.  The increase in thc debt for lhc month "alone was  over $20,000,000 as compared wilh August.  The total revenue for the six months is $103,-  589,680, an increase of $30,346,166 over thc corresponding last year. Customs receipts arc responsible for $20,000,000 of thc increase; excise  for $2,000,000; postollicc for $800,000; railway receipts for $5,000,000 and miscellaneous for over  $1,000,000. ��������������������������� ��������������������������� *  TliatTarmcrs arc realizing UiaTlivc stociris~llic  basis of true agriculture is plainly evident by thc  applications which arc daily coming in to thc  Board of Agricultural Credit Commissioners asking for loans for thc purpose of acquiring live  stock, erecting slock buildings, constructing silos,  etc. This is a very_encouraging sign of thc times,  and farmers can rest assured thai applications for  farm loans for this purpose will receive favorable  consideration from the Commissioners. During  the last year several co-opcralivc creameries have  been incorporated and arc making tfood. What is  your- district doing towards development on  mixed-yfarming lines? Keep more and better  stock. Grow ensilage and fodder crops. Make  your farm as much as possible sell* supporting and  grow your own stock-food.���������������������������Agricultural Journal.  When you sec a tom-cat wilh his whiskers full!  of feathers,-it isn't sale to cry "canary," Jest he  take offense.  What we shall do and be, as a community,  "when the war is over" depends upon what wc  are and do while the "war is on.  W. J. BRANDRITH PASSES AWAY  W. J. Brandrith, a pioneer of the Delia, and for  thirty years provincial fruit inspector, died at his  Burnaby home last week. During his term of  oflice as fruit inspector he represented the Province at many important fruit conventions in  Eastern Canada. On several occasions he had  charge of provincial fruit exhibits at Toronto and  Winnipeg exhibitions, and he had an established  reputation as an authority of fruit and fruit pests.  CANADA'S ARMY STILL GROWING  An Ottawa, dispatch says lhat during the last  two weeks of September 3043 recruits were raised  in Canada. The total number raised for the month  was 6351, as against 7267 for August and 8675 for  July. Thc total number of men enlisted to date in  the Dominion since Avar commenced is 365,867.  The Montreal district heads llie list for the fortnight and for the month with 856 men for the  former and a total of 1563 for the monlh. Brilish  Columbia comes next with 434 for the fortnight  and a total of 984 for the month. Canadian casualties recorded during September were double  the number of men recruited in Canada during  thc monlh.  Salt sprinkled on a range will absorb all grease  splullerings.  received by the Honourable the  Minister of Public Works iro to 12  o'clock noon of Tuesday, the 17th  day of October, 191G, for the erection and completion of a two-room  school-house and outbuildings at  Mara, in the North Okanagan Electoral District.  Plans, specifications, contract,  and forms of tender mav be seen on  and after the 28th day'of September, 1916, at the oflice of L. Norris,  Government Agent, Vernon; J. Ma-  hony, Government Agent, Vancouver; W. Owen, Secretary of School  Board, Mara; and the Department  of Public Works, Victoria.  Intending tenderers can obtain  one copy of plans and specifications by applying lo the undersigned wilh a deposit of ten dollars  (������������������10), which will be refunded on  thenvreturn.'jn good order.   -  Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque  made payable to the Honourable  the Minister of Public Works, for a  sum equal1 lo 20 per cent, of tender,  which shall be forfeited if the  party lendcring decline to enter  inlo contract when called upon to  do so, or if he fail to complete the  work contracted for. The cheques  or certificates of deposit'of unsuccessful tenderers will be returne'd,  to them upon the execution of the  contract. "     "      .   ,.  Tenders-will not be considered  unless made oul on Jhe forms supplied,.signed with thc actual*signature of-thc tenderer,, and enclosed  in thc envelopes furnished.'-;   . "-"���������������������������  The lowest or any tender not  necessarily accepted.-  * .I.Er, GRIFFITH.: .  -Deputy Minister, and -Public  Works Engineer, Public Works Department. -" "  ��������������������������� Victoria, B.C., September 26th,  191G.  ���������������������������  ENDERBY   LODGE  No. 35, K. of P.  Meets every Monday evening  in K. of P. Hall.   Visitors cordially invited to attend.  W. G. PELL, C. C.  H. M. WALKER K. R. S.  R. J. COLTART. M.F.  Hnll suitable forConcerts, Dances and all public  entertainments.    For rates, etc., address,  F. FRAVEL. Enderby  PROFESSIONAL  ^iC. SKALING, B. A.  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary Public.  INSURANCE  Bell Blk. Enderby, B.C.  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'V  ButterWrapper  Parchment  ,.V^jf_f-  'W-zI'j-J&I  \'Ss7sm.%\  v'' '��������������������������� .*   ,-rt5������������������l  ���������������������������,;*"*"-i'* Al  *'  '^.^;sS?,|  f"*, r     ���������������������������./-���������������������������-"--'T>h.,y3  L  ' .s 't. I ���������������������������r*CT I  .   ���������������������������-.- ��������������������������� **���������������������������  f*7,|  ; ��������������������������� >Sj-*;  The Dominion  butter without tbe  'Greamery-B u t tcr'-  law against the selling of  words "Dairy Butter" or  ^asHho'case^riay-be���������������������������printed  on the butter wrap, is a blessing in disguise to the  average farmer. In the first place, if his Butter  wrappers are neatly printed with his name and  ihe brand of the butter on the label, thc storekeeper can readily sell llie butter at 5c a pound  more than hc can get for butler wrapped in paper  thai is not printed, and the bultcr-makcr gels lhe  advantage in 5c a pound more for his butler from  the merchant. _ __    _.  It is the duly of every bullei\makcr to comply with the law in this matter. Some butter  makers.have only a cow or two, and make so little  butler lhat it does nol appear to them that they  can all'ord lo have lhcir buller wraps printed.  They do nol like lhe idea of having 500 or 1000  butler wraps on hand. To accommodate this  class of-butter makers, The Press has printed up  a quaiilily of "Custom" Butter Wraps. They arc  printed wilh lhc words "Fresh Dairy BuIter" but  do not bear the name of lhe maker. However,  these wrappers fill the requirements of the law  governing tliis point, and can be bought.in small  quantities at the rate of 50c a hundred'in 100 or  50 lots. If you do not require butler wraps, in  larger lots, take these wraps in lesser quantities.  ���������������������������  i  ,          ir.  .  -  v���������������������������  ;  ���������������������������   i\  '       _  '  ���������������������������*  /  In lots of 500,  In lots of 1000,  $2.75  3.75  The Walker Press THE ENDERBY PRESS AND WALKER'S WEEKLY  Thursday, October 12,1915  ^'*_r'm*^_*i;w_^:&;> 'ii^ur  I  1tI_^1_uL*_i*^^^-*C'1^j*-*   i  I  777/17' UNHAPPY WRIT  "Supposing lhat Mr. Brewster  docs go on willi liis writ and that  he succeeds, whal Ihen is going  happen?" This was thc reply of  the Hon. Lome Campbell, minister  of mines lhe '.olher day lo a representative, of the Vancouver Province, who had asked him for an*  expression of opinion on this phase  of the political situation.*.  "On the other hand, supposing hc  does not obtain nt favorable decision, do you think for a moment  that the liquor people are going to  let it stand there after spending all  Ihe money Ihey have in the recent  campaign  against prohibition?''  "1 am not a legal man, but the  matter stands this way, according  to  my way of thinking," said  the  minister.   "If Mr. Brewster wins on  his writ in the.courts then everything done after March  i-llh i.s illegal.   There will he no Legislative  Assembly, and  it will  then  rest in  the  hands of the lieutenant-governor on whom he will call to form  a government.   Personally, i think  lhat if there was another election  lhc result would be jusl the same.  The people wanted  a change and  lhat is all there is to it."  " 1 cannot I'or the life of me sec  how Mr. Brewster is going to get  out of proceeding with the writ.  He must take it to the courts ancl  get his decision there. There is no  olher course open to him, but whatever the result, there is going to be  a condition of affairs that no one  looked for. If thc writ succeeds,  the prohibition people will fight; if  it does not, the liquor representatives will tight, and there you are."  WILL SCOTT COME BACK ?  John T. Scott, erstwhile Provincial Liberal organizer, and tlie man  i'or whom lhc Provincial police  authorities issued a warrant following the disclosures made at the recent legislative inquiry into the  election frauds at the Vancouver  by-election in February last, will  probably bc back in Canada within  a short lime. His return will be the  result of tlie extradition proceedings instituted by the United States  immigration authorities following  the attempt of onc wing of the Liberal parly in Vancouver to secure  his return so that the "election  frauds might be cleared up. The  proceedings before the Li. S. authorities at Seattle, where Scott i.s  now under bonds, were halted  some time ago when Scott* claimed  he was a citizen of the United  States. His case was referred to  VVashTngion, wITitTfTlias refusecl'W  entertain his plea.���������������������������Victoria Colonist.  ..CITY COUNCIL MEETING  His Worship the Mayor, and Ah  dermen Sharpe, Fravel and Nichol  were present at a meeting of the  City Council Tuesday evening.  Thc report of the committee  meeting held last week, when the  matter of tax sale was'dealt with,  was read and adopted.  Alderman Fravel and City Clerk  Rosoman were appointed delegates  lo  lhe  Municipal  Convention  held  to | at Vernon this week.  Aid. 'Fravel, chairman of the  board of works, reported that he  had laken a trip over lhe road to  thc Lawes hill ^property, and found  it to be in what he considered  fairly good condition. The rock  point complained of by Mr. Lawes,  might be put in better condition,  but would require considerable  work in blasting, and, considering  the little use that this road is put to  he did not feel that, under existing  financial conditions, the city would  be justified in doing the work at  this lime. The report was adopted  by the council.  A communication was read from  the Superintendent Stevens, of the  Government telephone and telegraph service, asking permission .to  set poles along the Vernon Road  within the city limits to connect the  line now building from Vernon  with the existing line. The request  was granted, subject to the ordinary regulations with regard to the  protection of existing wires and  to the approval of the board of  works.  A communication was received  from the hospital board asking the  council if il had any suggestions to  ofl'cr as to the mode of procedure to  follow in the selection of members  of the new board lo be chosen at  thc expiration of the term of ollice  of the present board, the end of  lhis month. It was pointed out in  the discussion lhat followed that it  was lhe understanding ofthc city  that the hospital board was to have  been duly incorporated under thc  Provincial Act, and that all procedure as to selection of the board  would be laid down in the charter  of incorporation. The matter was  left in lhc hands of thc Mayor and  City Clerk who were asked' to meet  the members of the board and point  out to them thc recommendation  made some month ago before them  bv Provincial Auditor Crehan.  FROM THE FRENCH LINES  We had the pleasure of seeing a  number of snap shots taken by  Lieut. James Glenn, of the Canadian  Royal Flying Squadron, now at the  front, a few days ago. Many of  these pictures were laken from different altitudes, and show parts of  Ireland, England ancl France. Lieut.  Glenn is now doing scout and raid  duty over the German lines.  Many interesting accounts of his  air exploits are told by Lieut.- Glen,  chasing Hun machines, bombing  enemy supply stations, etc. "Just  got the secret service reports yesterday of the bombs I dropped  ������������������������������������������������������-7 says he.   "Rather gratifying  lo read the property damage, but  somewhat sickening the number of  people you are responsible for killing and injuring."  He tells of a visit to the firing  lines in Alsace, and of seeing a battery of the famous 75s in operation,  and of being within 100 yards of  German parapets and seeing them  disappear in clouds of reel dust as  the result of heavy shells thrown by  the larger French guns. But of all  that he witnessed, nothing was so  fascinating as the unexcelled gallantry and hospitality of the French  ollicers he met on his visit to the  firing line.  POTATOES NOT MATURE  WOULD LIKE A BOX OF APPLES  The growers' Market Commissioner at "Calgary writes that hc  would be very'grateful indeed to  any growers who can ship tn him  apples I'or judicious dislribu-  BIG SEASON CLOSING  The Okanagan Saw Mills will be  forced by low water to close the  season's cut within a week or two.  The year 1910 has been a very busy  one for lhe company, particularly  in the shipping department. When  the season opened they had some  14,000,000 feel of lumber in the  yards to start wilh. The shipping  department has disposed of the  surplus then on hand ancl has in  addition kept close up to the saws.  Strles^Managcr- iJewi^s-ayiriyc���������������������������lrar  some 150 carloads on order, and  that when these orders are filled hc  will have less lhan eight millions of  feet in the yaid for winter and  spring'shipments.  The lumber market is most promising for next season.  Ansk(dkLA0Sll!.l^_.7Y>!l^ni^ioI1^  some  lion at the Soil Products Exhibition  to he held there Oct.  17-10, inclu-  According to a writer in the Vancouver Federalionist, the labor  sivc. By lhe handing oul of an ap-'paper, "from north to south, from  pie to inquirers and others who dis-least lo west, in Australia, conscrip-  play some inleresl in Ihe show,: lion is denounced. The miners, thc  many friends can be won for B. (V farmers, the seamen, and olher  apples. Those who can sec their. workers of Australia���������������������������both in town  way clear to send a box, will be; and in village; in cily and bush���������������������������  helping Ihe work of the display. All have joined forces against the con-  transporlation charges will be spiracy which sought to place them  paid at Calgary end. beneath the iron heel."   This writer    Vays  that  at   a   meeting  in   Sidney  New Bishop for  Vancouver Island- attended by (10,000 laboring men, an   _   ...   break  up  lhc  The Very Rev. Charles de Veber  Scholield,  I).I)., Dean of Columbia.  is the new Bishop of Columbia.   He  effort  was  made  lo  break  up  meeting bul, "the sturdy bohunks of  labor  had   prepared  well   for  any  such attack by standing in a huge  was elected at a special synod 'it | oilT|c ten dccp w:lh tir,ns locked lo-  Chrisl Church, Victoria, the past ��������������������������� h(ip jn ���������������������������uch ., numner lhill a  week lo fill the ollice vacated on; ,m..lk.|gc AVas impossible. The  June 120th lasl thiough lhe death of;... ..       recoilcd beforc thc iinked  Bishop Soriven. The Diocese of  Columbia includes all of Vancouver  Island.  FOR SALE���������������������������White Leghorn Roosters, bred from winners of the  International Laying Contest.  Price S2S)\), Geo. IL Smedley, Enderby. 2t.  Choice cakes and cookies���������������������������Joe's  arms,  and   fell   back  with   sundry  i knocks and bruises."  I    H. P. Henry, of the U. S. Dept. of  Agricullurc at "Minneapolis, writes  as follows to our B.C. Markets Commissioner: "Your letter of Sep-  20th received. In reply will say  that the Canadian potatoes origin-  aling mostly in lhe Vernon and  Armstrong districts, cars of both  red and white stock were received.  Most of.it was of good quality and  fair size, but rather immature. I  am informed thai it was necessary  to rcsack some cars because of bad  condition due to immaturity. The  price ranged from $1.40 to 81.50 to  the grocer, I understand that many  cars have been turned down aj. the  border because of scab," and I hoard  one complaint of scab in cars on  arrival here, but this complain! was  from a firm not -handling Canadian  potatoes, and I have no method of  checking it up. It does not seem  possible that scabby potalbcs could  get by the inspectors.'  .  VALLEY POULTRY SHOW  The Okanagan Valley poultry  show is to be held this year in Penticton, according lo a decision  reached by delegates from the various poultry associations of- the Valley, who met at Kaledcn last week,  says lhe Penticton Herald. Il is  the intention to hold the show early  in December.  Fancy candies, delicious cakes  ancl cookies, cooling ice cream and  sodas, always will be found at Joe's  LOST���������������������������In Enderby on Sepl. _(ilh, a  black cocker spaniel, female:  collar with brass studs and name  plate. Anyone returning the dog  will be suitably rewarded. Wm.  Monk, Grindrod.  We have a full line in stock, and  are always pleased to show the  goods. No longer necessary for  you to send out of town for boys'  clothing. Bring the boys with  you; we'll fit them out snug for  the cold weather at a price that  will convince you it is better to  buy at home.  In Groceries  We always can meet your needs  with the best goods on the market  and at right prices.   Try us.  W. J. Woods  LET US "SHOW YOU, OUR NEW NO. 9 6-HOLE STEEL RANGE  Vlie CITY QUEEN  This range has all the best features: Bright Burnished Top, Oven  Thermometer, Large High Closet, Six 9-inch Cooking Holes,  Large Copper Reservoir, Size of Oven 18x19x14 inches. Look this  over; then think of the price; only, $45.80 cash, $48.00 on terms;  and you will be convinced that this is the best value ever offered  in a range. .4 guarantee by the Manufacturers goes with every  Range.  We have-also the largest line of Wood and Coal Heaters and Box Stoves  ever shown in Enderby.   The prices   are   low   because  we buy  "direct from thc Manufacturers for CASH.  Old Heaters relined ancl all kinds of repair  work   done  at  reasonable  prices.  We can supply you with repairs for any Stove, Range or Furnace on  .receipt of particulars of same.  We are pleased to give you -quotations on Heating and Plumbing and  all lines of Hardware.   Mail orders receive our careful and prompt  attention.  FULTON HARDWARE CO., Ltd  We beg to apologize to all who have keys on our Kitchen Cabinet  for our inability to continue the drawing.  A wave of "protection to our weaker fellow beings" has taken hold  of certain citizens, with the result that we are threatened with legal  proceedings if the Cabinet contesl is continued.  Wc know that the same contests   are   taking  place  all   over  the  country without interference, and it is with keen  disappointment to..  ourselves and to those who have their eye on the handsome Cabinet,  that we are forced to withdraw it.  However, we arc still doing business with the largest and freshest  stock of Groceries and Gent's Furnishings to be found in the city, wilh  prices right. ' 5  A car of feed and Rose Flour j ust to hand.  DILL BROS.  Gents' Furnishings and Groceries  MR. MERCHANT  j When you want. Counter Check Books, or anything along that line, you can get them i'or as little  money through Thc Press Oflice���������������������������and more  promptly���������������������������than by sending away for them. We  arc here to serve you. We are one of you. The  canvasser for the coast printer, or the eastern  printer docs not spend his dollars with you; does'  not contribute to the upbuilding of your town;  docs not pay taxes; does not bring dollars into thc  town. He takes them out. 'Phone 29 the next  time you are prepared to renew your printing  orders.  THE YELLOW STREAK  With a pocket full of money  Any coward can be brave;  When the sky 's bright ancl sunny  Any man his flag can wave.  But the test of every fellow  Is disaster's sudden-blow,  And if he 's streaked with yellow  It is then that it,will show.  You will never find a quitter  If he's leading in the race;  _t=is=AV-hen^the=fight-gi-ows-bitter=.  And another makes the pace  That the coward starts to bellow  Ancl to whimper at his woe;  If a man is streaked with yellow  When he 's pressed it 's sure to  , show.  Can you stand the gaff of losing,  Can you battle to the end;  Takellier culling and the bruising  Ancl not let your courage bend?  For the test of pluck is never  When you're leading in lhe race,  Bul are you game as ever  When another sets thc pace?  Electrical  Goods  and Fixtures  THE VERY LATEST IN LAMPS AT  Turnbull's underclothing for children; all sizes. Buy early; combinations and two-piece. At Speers'  CITY OF ENDERBY  Compilation of Voters' List,  Year 1017  NOTICE is hereby given that,  under the provisions of the Municipal Elections Act, Householders  ancl License Holders desiring to  have their names placed on the  Voters' List for the year 1917 are  required to make a statutory declaration of qualification, which  declaration must be delivered to the  Clerk of the Municipality within  two days after it is made, and not  later than 5 (five) o'clock in the  afternoon of the 31st clay of October, 1916.  Form of declaration can be obtained at the City Hall.  Dated, October 2nd, 1910.  GRAHAM  ROSOMAN,  City Clerk.  MODERATE PRICES:  HOT POINT IRONS  HOT POINT GRILLS  HOT POINT ELECTRIC STOVES  HOT POINT HEATERS  ELECTRIC SHADES NFROM 25c up  LACO NITROGEN &  LACO TUNSTAN LAMPS, 35c up  J. E. CRANE,  Proprietoi  FOR SALE���������������������������Thoroughbred Shorp-  shirc ram lamb. Apply, George  A. Andrews, Enderby.  GRAIN GRINDING AND WOOD  SAWING. Apply, R. D. Murdoch,  Enderby. ol4  SHOOTING is absolutely forbidden  over my property. Any person  trespassing will be prosecuted.  Signed���������������������������   GEORGE R. LAWES  EGGS���������������������������Guaranteed   strictly   fresh;  35 c per dozen.     Mrs. E. Gray.  1  i  J  I  MATERNITY NURSING.   Mrs.West,  Enderby. m4-tf


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